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Laser Eye Center: Better Homes and Gardens

Laser Eye Center: Better Homes and Gardens

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Published by Dr. Dean Dornic
Dr. Dean Dornic and Laser Eye Center were featured in Better Homes and Gardens. Dr. Dornic has pioneered laser technology in eye surgery.
Dr. Dean Dornic and Laser Eye Center were featured in Better Homes and Gardens. Dr. Dornic has pioneered laser technology in eye surgery.

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Published by: Dr. Dean Dornic on Jun 29, 2013
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Thanks to the precision of lasers, many sightimproving procedures can be performed more quickly, accurately, and safely than ever before.
asers give us the ability to operate inside the eye— an organ that’s only about an inch in diameter. e maneuverability is re ned enough to etch a human hair. We can’t do anything that precise with a blade,” points out board-certi ed ophthalmologist Dr. Dean Dornic. He explains that di erent types of lasers have di erent purposes: cold lasers make incisions, while hot lasers cauterize. “Hot lasers can treat the leaky blood vessels of vision-threatening diabetic retinopathy without the need for a surgical incision,” Dr. Dornic describes. “Patients come in for treatment and walk out in the time it takes for an eye exam.” Cold lasers can open new drainage channels to relieve the intraocular pressure of glaucoma and are used to replace scalpels in cataract surgery and corneal Scan to learn transplants. more about “By using a laser,” Dr. Dornic your vision explains, “the edges of incisions correction options. t together cleanly and form stronger bonds that heal more Get the free mobile app at Visit http://gettag.mobi to get the free mobile app quickly than is possible with http:/ / gettag.mobi surgeries that use a blade.” Laser-assisted surgeries are quicker, too: it might take several minutes to create the corneal ap for LASIK with a blade, but it takes about 15 seconds with a laser. “Lasers allow us to perform more surgeries in the o ce or in ambulatory surgery centers,” adds Dr. Dornic, “reducing the potential infection risks possible in a hospital setting. “Laser eye surgery is one of the more important developments we’ve seen in ophthalmology, and I’m proud that the Laser Eye Center of Carolina is on the forefront of this ever-advancing technology.”

Dean Dornic, MD Founder Laser Eye Center of Carolina


Dr. Dornic attends several international ophthalmology conferences every year to gather information about new laser devices and techniques. He pays particular attention to unanticipated complications and how surgeons in other countries have dealt with them. He examines case studies and consults with surgeons who have used more than one type of laser in treating a condition to help him evaluate which will be best for his patients. This thorough research means Dr. Dornic can offer new technologies without delay after FDA approval. He was the first eye surgeon in the area to perform all-laser LASIK, laser corneal transplants, and laser-assisted cataract surgery, and he is one of the few in the area to use laser technology in the placement of Intacs® corneal implants to treat keratoconus.
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