Correct the verb errors in the sentences below. Some sentences may be correct as is.

1. I runs a marathon every year. 2. You looks sleepy. Does you want to sleep? 3. Jenny and April will meets on saturday. 4. Does you leave today?

5. I cook dinner for my friends last night. 6. Adobo are delicious. It come with rice. 7. Jim’s car run fast. 8. We don't stay here. 9. Mark listen to music. 10. He will learning English next year.

Fill the blanks with the correct form of the verb 1. The hikers 2. They (climb) Mt. Everest last year. (go) there with their tents and hiking bags. (be) very cold, so they (bring) their

3. The weather there jackets. 4. There

(be) no restaurants or eateries in the place, so they

(cook) their own food. 5. They (go) there again this year.

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