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Myth Chronicles v2
Myth Chronicles v2

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Published by: Will Harper on Jun 29, 2013
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Volume 2 Number 1

Articles in This Issue Religious Traditions

as weak and dogmatic. Any worship from the barbarians is given to the chaotic deities.
Cadewyr LG Oghmos* LN Adagus LE Aelyra* NG Daenura* N Malanir NE Maethemyr CG Maevus* CN Madiric CE

r Religion of Mythosa s

Religious Traditions
The Divine and the Devoted series depicts the Nine Gods of Mythosa based on how they are interpreted in the “Western Marrshite” tradition. Other races and cultures view the gods differently. Their pantheons (for want of a better term) are detailed below. Names marked with an asterisk (“*”) indicate the deity is female in that pantheon.

The Runic pantheon has traits of dualism, but it adheres to a hierarchy of sorts, taking the divine “square” and rotating it such that Balthor is on top and Melarr is at the bottom. The Runir generally see the world as a struggle between lawful good and chaotic evil. As such, Balthor is their highest and primary deity. After being freed from the Hearthstones, a popular belief among the Runir is that their imprisonment was the will of Balthor, to preserve them for a future conflict (or to avoid a prior one). This was undone by the Enemy, the chaotic evil Melarr.

Note: “Western Marrshite” refers to the Southern
Kingdoms west of the Sidra Peaks, the Emerald Coast, and Ambia. It includes all Marrshites outside of Syrhaat. The names and details of the gods are described in the Divine and the Devoted series and are not included here.

Orcs, ogres, and their kin are generally partial to Azakhar, Shaarizad, and Aadu, though the names they give these dark gods vary greatly from race to race and tribe to tribe. References to the neutral and good deities usually adopt a name from another pantheon. Shadrathu and demon lords are also popular targets of worship for these races.

The inhabitants of Calythir and Khazrani have the same names for the Nine, but their views about the gods are quite different. The Calythirrans are generally more open and accepting of all the gods (except the evil ones and especially not Adagus), though their worship tends towards the neutral and chaotic. The Khazrani dismiss the lawful gods
Runir cleric of Balthor

The Runic pantheon consists of Balthor on top, supreme among the gods of good. A typical Runir would have an attitude of “Helpful” towards a follower or clergy of Balthor. The next tier holds those who are one step removed from the


These faiths are halfway between the ultimate good and complete evil. Note that Verhild is considered more-or-less to be an unattentive. the square is tilted towards chaos rather than law. and Kalthira. though many of them also follow Allyreth. but it has no “tiers” like the latter. who shys away from full lawfulness due to an overly compassionate personality. The lowest and final tier of the pantheon is reserved for the hated Melarr the Destroyer – diametric opposite of Balthor. Sylvari druid r2s . Baltur LG Halgrim LN Azakhar LE Astrid* NG Verhild* N Khaand NE Skafurd CG Asera* CN Malarr CE Sylvari/Drakari The structure of Sylvari religion is somewhat similar to that of the Runir in that it is akin to a rotated square. Given their veneration of Lyranis. Patterns of worship tend to be similar to those of the Western Marrshites. Malera. though the other two dark gods aren’t considered to be much better. and his son Halgrim the Lawgiver. Azadrimir is treated as the ultimate enemy of the Sylvari. The Sea of the Frozen Dead spawns numerous destructive storms.philosophies of Baltur – his daughter Hasrid the Healer. an earth and nature goddess. they are indifferent to Iseldarilas. who lets his obsession with order blind him to the misdeeds sometimes conducted in the name of lawfulness. The Runir are “Indifferent” to the third tier. uncaring deity. Runir who tend to fall here by faith or action are either considered not worth bothering with or “lost sheep” who need to reconnect with their Runic nature – the community of law and good. and Daedir. and Skafurd the Fool occupy this tier in their pantheon. the Sylvari respect Valenthe for his goodness if not his lawful nature. Runir are “Unfriendly” at best to the adherents of these gods. but one who simply sets things into motion and thens steps back to let them develop on their own. however. They recognize her as Balthor’s sister. Most Runir are “Friendly” towards these two religions. Verhild Stonemother. and revels in destroying that which the Runir take delight in creating. Grimthor the Tyrant (commonly worshiped by the Duergar). slain when the Chaos Orbs shattered the Hearthstones. Balthor LG Halgrim LN Grimthor LE Hasrid* NG Verhild* N Khaain NE Skafurd CG Asera* CN Melarr CE Skalnir The Skalnir pantheon is similar to the Runic. with the exception of Malarr. For the Sylvari. Sindyrin. The fourth tier of the pantheon has those who are three steps from Balthor – or just one step from Melarr. Melarr represents all that dwarves hate: he is evil and chaotic. They include Khaain the Shadow and Asera the Harlot. His cult is also held responsible for the deaths of countless dwarves. so appeasement of Malarr is common in the North Realms. Lyranis is the chief god of the elves. however. and they are hostile to the Dark Triad: Azadrimir. Outside of the principal four gods. which are those who are two steps removed from Balthor. There is no rigid hierarchy like the dwarves have.

the three are all female. Those few who do adhere to that faith simply refer to the earth goddess as “the Mother”. It is believed to have been a minor power. and Ushura the Huntress. r3s . Syrhaat Syrhaati religion is essentially dualistic. worship of Kalima has surpassed that of Yadra. and Kalat the Destroyer. each with three aspects. but druidism is not common there. His aspects are Atazikan the Tyrant. but it has either abdicated its role or no longer exists. In some regions of Syrhaat. References made to the gods use their Khazrani name. particularly the city of Ulem. Qadhim LG Khalhir LN Azakhar LE Azara* (Nesheri) NG Khameena* N Shaarizad (Sethamikis) NE Atahzia CG Jhadara* (Shemrenebi) CN Imlis CE Yadra. There are two primary gods. and worship of deities is a sign of weakness. but who has been growing in power over the years.In general. The exception is the Kargyr. equal to Sira (both of which were weaker than Yadra and Marus). Ayana the Healer. Legend has it that she was one of the dark powers that engineered the fall of the Drakari and the ensuing civil war with their surface brethren. She encompasses all three of the good deities: Varya the Judge. they believe that there once was a genderless god of law named Sira. The enemy of Yadra is Marus. The first is Yadra. the Drakari reject the gods. god of evil and darkness. there is Kalima. Ulthia Only one god is revered in the Ulthian Imperium. They acknowledge their existence but believe that people were meant to look after themselves. Valnysia The Valnysians give no veneration to the gods. Goddess of Light The Syrhaati don’t acknowledge a LN deity. Marus and his aspects are all male. Finally. As Syrhaat slides further into decay. References to any of the other gods use their Khazrani or Western Marrshite name. Like Yadra. the genderless manifestation of amoral chaos. but a small number are partial to the shadowy goddess Malera. leftover remnants from the twilight years of the Khemsan Empire. Kalima-worship continues to grow. Varghani Varghani religion differs little from that of the Western Marrshites save for different names. They believe this explains the continual degradation and lawlessness that the world has been succumbing to over the years. Dravanas the Shadow. Some more remote areas use older names for some of the gods. goddess of goodness and light. that being Azakhar (which is the name he is known by there). who draw strength from their unholy pacts with the dark powers. Valenthe LG Iseldarilas LN Azadrimir LE Allyreth* NG Sindyrin* N Malera* NE Lyranis CG Kalthira* CN Daedir CE They do recognize a neutral earth deity. Why she doesn’t have a greater following among the dark elves is unknown.

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