Urbis - A World of Cities

by J¨ urgen Hubert June 15, 2007
Playtest Draft Version v3.02 Author’s Email Address: jhubert@gmx.de Website: http://juergen.the-huberts.net/dnd/urbis/index.html Urbis Mailing List: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/urbis/


Author’s Note
Urbis is a fantasy world I first conceived for the Wizard of the Coast Setting Search of 2002. While I did not make it past the first round, I liked the basic concept enough to further develop the setting on my own. My ultimate intention is to one day publish this setting professionally as a PDF at an online store, but so far, the setting is not finished yet. Nevertheless, I kept on expanding on it until it reached its current size more than 120,000 words have been written for it so far and I am confident that I will be able to finish it in the not so distant future. Until recently, all the material I have written for it so far was published on the Urbis website, and my original intention was to simply keep on adding material to it until it reached a volume and coherency appropriate for a “true” playtest, as I did not want to spend the time and effort of converting the text into a different format. However, the setting has gained a small but vocal fan following, and several people have asked me for a PDF file containing all existing material. Furthermore, several other people have stated that they would be much more willing to give Urbis a closer look if only it were available in PDF format. So I gave them one. At first, I simply copied and pasted the entire website to OpenOffice (a freely available Open Source program with built-in PDF conversion abilities). Two different PDFs were created this way, but as of late, I became dissatisfied with that approach. For one, the resulting PDFs became hard to read. The formatting was identical to the website, which is not the best solution for PDFs. A table of contents was absent, and an index not even dreamt of. This made the playtest document fairly unapproachable, which partially defeated its purpose. For another, the accumulated material was beginning to reach a size where it became vital to impose some sort of structure to it - otherwise it would never be fit for professional publication. Finally, I found a solution. I decided to convert my entire material to LaTeX, a powerful and freely available text formatting tool which I was using frequently during my day job as a research assistant when writing scientific papers. For publishing purposes, LaTeX has a significant advantage over conventional word processors like OpenOffice Writer or Microsoft Word in that it keeps the text separate from formatting and layout, allowing me to change the layout with a few, simple top-level commands if I don’t like it without having to change every single page by hand. Furthermore, references to page numbers do not have to be entered manually as LaTeX will generate them automatically - thus, a table of contents, an index, footnotes and iternal references do not cause any extra work even if the length of the document changes. Thus, I can add illustrations or other new material in later phases without having to redo the formatting of existing work. What you are reading now is my first attempt at creating a LaTeX-based manuscript for Urbis. The final publication will be written in LaTeX and a further development of the same document. Thus, I am not only interested in feedback for the content of the text, but also for the formatting and layout! But as before, the text is the main focus of this document, and the new format only makes it easier to see just where the existing material is still lacking - despite more than 20,000 words of new material, Urbis is still far from a “complete” setting. Thus, I am still interested in any feedback you can give me logical inconsistencies in the existing material, suggestions for improvements and expansions (unlike printed RPG products, I have no upper word count limit, and thus can always use suggestions for expanding the setting), and perhaps experiences from any playtest campaigns (here’s hoping). You can reach me either at jhubert@gmx.de or at the Urbis Mailing List (see the title page). News relating to Urbis, including the creation of new playtest drafts, will be announced to the Mailing List. Now have fun with the document! J¨ urgen Hubert Addendum: Recently, a Wiki supporting Urbis was created. It is intended to support all those running Urbis playtest campaigns and will allow them to centrally store information about PCs, NPCs, locations, organizations and more pertinent to their campaigns. Feel free to take a look - you can find it at: http://atze.walismus.de/englwiki/index.php/Main Page J¨ urgen Hubert

Author’s Note . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Contents 1 Introduction 1.1 Welcome to Urbis! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Characters 2.1 Character Races . . . 2.2 Character Classes . . . 2.3 Feats . . . . . . . . . . 2.4 Languages . . . . . . . 2.5 Joining Organizations 3 Magic 3.1 Nexus Towers 3.2 Spells . . . . 3.3 Magic Items . 3.4 Spell Legality . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . i 1 3 3

5 . 5 . 9 . 12 . 12 . 13 . . . . 18 18 21 22 23 25 25 25 26 27 27 28 29 31 40 40 44 47 50 52 56 57 59 61 62 64 65 68 71 73 77 79 82 84 86 89

4 Equipment and Services 4.1 Identification . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.2 Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.3 Tools . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Life 5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4 and Society Time and Seasons Class and Station . The Great Game . Transportation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

6 Geography 6.1 Alliance of the Pantheon . . 6.2 Avareen . . . . . . . . . . . 6.3 Desert of Thunder . . . . . 6.4 The Eternal Storm . . . . . 6.5 The Flannish Cities . . . . 6.6 Gawaris Desert . . . . . . . 6.7 Gol Algor . . . . . . . . . . 6.8 Gol Grungor . . . . . . . . 6.9 Gol Murak . . . . . . . . . 6.10 The Great Southern Chaos 6.11 Hamajan Mountains . . . . 6.12 The Hobgoblin Dominions . 6.13 Lake of Dreams . . . . . . . 6.14 The Lands of the Dead . . . 6.15 The League of Armach . . . 6.16 Malundi . . . . . . . . . . . 6.17 Narevoreen . . . . . . . . . 6.18 Norfjell Wastes . . . . . . . 6.19 Parginian Rim . . . . . . . 6.20 The Siebenbund . . . . . . 6.21 The Snake Kingdoms . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 Adventuring in Dartmouth . . . . . . . . . . . . 8. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The Verdant Coast . . . . . . . . . . 7. . Thenares . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2 Building the City . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 127 11. . . . . . . . .26 6. . . . . . . . . . . 12. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10Secondaries . . . .4 Spell Legality Table 13. . . .2 The Astromantic Society . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7 Timeline . . . . . . . . . 13. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 The Gemeinschaftsbank . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2 New Monsters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11The Triumvirate . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 History . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1 Demographics . . . .1 Standard Monsters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27 6. . . . . . . . . . . The Worlds Beyond Places of Legend . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Appendix 13. . . . . . . . . . . . 135 135 135 136 136 136 137 137 137 138 138 138 140 140 140 141 144 153 155 157 14 Open Gaming Licensing Information Index . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3 Stock NPCs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 The Circle of the Crumbling Tower 12. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12. . . . .9 The Gurions . . . . . . . 2 93 94 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 103 103 103 104 104 104 104 105 105 105 107 110 112 7 History 7. . . 12. . . . . . .2 Life in Dartmouth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3 Residental Locations . . . . . . . . 7. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 Feudal Age . . . . . . . . . 8 Dartmouth 8. . . . . Sunset Province . . . . . . . .5 Resources . . .6 Modern Age . . . . . .Contents 6. . . . . . . . . .2 The First City . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1 The Dartmouth Protectorate . . . . . . . . . . . Distant Shores . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3 The Children of Mercy Orphanages 12. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6 Dragon Cults . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 The Cryptozoological Society . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12. . . . . Turaveen . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1 Campaign Advice . . . . .25 6. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22 6. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 Age of Empires . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1 Deities . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3 Geography and Neighborhoods 8. . .1 Creation of the World 7.2 Cosmology . . . 9 Cosmology and Religion 113 9. . . . . . . . . . . . .28 6. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23 6. . . . . . . . . . 113 9. . . . . . . . . . . . .2 Sample Societies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 120 10 Running an Urbis campaign 10. . . . . . . . 8. . . . . . .1 The Athanatos Club . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 129 12 Organizations 12. . . . . . .29 Star Mountains . . .24 6. . . . . . . . . . .3 Age of Legends . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7 The Fate Club . . . . . . . . . . 123 123 124 126 11 Monsters 127 11. . . . . . . . . .

getting caught up in struggles between crime families.if the player characters bring it to light.of masses of desperate people huddled together in ramshackle apartments who had not only work themselves to near-death. and thus make the vast cities with all their splendor and magics possible. Urbis is Urban Fantasy. Urbis is Realistic High Fantasy At first glance. Something has got to give. from hunting monsters in the sewers. they promise near-limitless magical energies to those who control them. “realism” and “fantasy” do not often come together. As the name implies. below it are intrigue. Urbis is a new fantasy setting currently being developed for the d20 System. As the cities grow ever larger and the differences between rich and poor more pronounced. Instead small groups of warriors try to sneak into enemy territory so that they can take out key installations or people before the other side notices.Urbis is heavily inspired by the time of the European Industrial Revolution. feudal age. Raise dead has a real effect on the social structure of the setting . thus also becoming the Satanic Mills that many people imagined the early factories in our world to be.or even earlier periods . Urbis is a Magical Industrial World While most d20 fantasy worlds draw their inspiration from the Feudal Age or Renaissance of our world . There are plenty of things to do in the cities. Fireball and other spells have radically altered the face of the battlefield. There are few new rules you have to learn to use this setting. but in the scope of the setting. some sort of radical transformation or even outright revolution becomes more and more likely. Instead. indeed. they didn’t. great care was being taken to add as few new rules to the Core Rules as possible to make entry easier.Chapter 1 Introduction 1..1 Welcome to Urbis! drag upon the very life of all those who live nearby.the rich and powerful are unlikely to die permanently of anything except old age. fighting for social justice for the downtrodden masses. or even millions of people! While there are plenty of wilderness and frontiers left in the world.of scientific and technological prowess. and it seemed that there was nothing that humanity couldn’t do. On the other hand. No longer is a battle fought with tight infantry formations that just ask to be killed by area-effect spells. What this means in the context of Urbis is that for all the magical trappings of the setting there is an inherent logic to it. Gone are the quaint market towns of other fantasy worlds these belong to an earlier. and hidden wars that could turn into open bloodshed at any moment. nothing in here exists in isolation from the rest of the setting. but also had to send their underage children to the same factories to keep their families from starvation. represent both of these extremes. they Urbis needs Heroes While the cities seem calm and civilized on the surface. Where Urbis differs from other d20 fantasy settings is not in the rules. On the one hand. cities are central to Urbis. On the other hand. the iconic image of Urbis. Most of them were brought to this world from other planets. to highstakes games of diplomacy and intrigues between the rich and powerful of the cities. social unrest. On one hand. the time when cities came into their own. To sum it up. After all. these are not the main focus of this setting. The only question is: In what direction will you push it? 3 . the world is divided into a multitude of city-states with populations ranging into hundreds of thousands. Everything affects the rest of society in some big or small way. it was a time of wonder .. or at least has the potential to do so . The nexus towers. well. And all those monsters that look like they couldn’t have possibly evolved in an Earth-like environment. it also saw the rise of the urban poor . this seems to be a contradiction in terms.

all of these are only a starting point. It also makes adventure and campaign design much easier for game masters. On the other hand.. However. . you can introduce them to the more alien aspects of the setting that lurk just below the surface. Urbis also has a large number of obvious similarities between many of its regions and real-world countries and regions throughout various periods in history. Urbis introduces some fairly novel concepts (such as the nexus towers) and also tries to rigorously examine the effects of these and of standard d20 magic on society. But remember. which has far more written material than all published fantasy worlds together. most nonhumans still exhibit most of the common tropes associated with them (although I hope I have managed to introduce some new twists that make them interesting in their own right) so that the players will have some basic ideas about what to expect of the role of these beings in the wider world. Likewise.. Once you and your players have become familiar with the basics. INTRODUCTION 4 Author’s Note On one hand. but throughly alien fantasy world. Yes.CHAPTER 1. which in many cases produces a rather alien culture compared to either real-world societies or the “standard” fantasy worlds published for the d20 system. having so many parallels to our own Earth is not entirely realistic. who can freely borrow ideas and plot lines from history. who don’t always have the time to familiarize themselves with massive amounts of setting information about a realistic. especially if you consider the effects of magic and non-human intelligent beings must have had on the history of a world. it makes the world much more accessible for players. This is intentional.

which thanks to the reduced threat from their non-dwarven neighbors can afford to take more time when deciding matters of policy. They are longerlived.and in some cases. These dwarven enclaves are often ruled by a so-called “Hidden King”. don’t need to sleep. and rarely rise to the peak of their professions. However. and Lake of Dreams regions. usually more attractive. and usually donate a large portion of their income to support the war effort of their distant home. These areas have often hidden traps and defenses . and they are free to pursue a new profession . with their followers locked in vicious fights for dominance. In practice.. However. Usually.a prudent measure. all dwarven professions are open to both genders. or (in the case of many younger dwarves who were born and grew up in human cities. However. for then he will cast you into debt and force you to sell your own children into slavery. there might be two (or more!) Hidden Kings in a single city. and a member of a certain profession can be expected to be judged on his or her merits alone. Hobgoblin Dominions. where non-dwarves are seen with suspicion and all wealth is carefully hidden from outsiders. dwarven women tend to have less time to develop their skills in their chosen craft.such as the Alliance of the Pantheon. as well as expatriate merchants) openly rebellious and contemptous of dwarven traditions. and Thenares. Dwarves from Gol Murak tend to be subdued but hard-working. dwarven women are subject to considerable social pressure to marry and give birth to and raise at least two children. In the best case. Elves Elves have a lot of advantages over humans and other shorter-lived beings . What he lacks in stature he more than makes up in malice for humankind. and often dwarves from a different origin are seen as second class members of the dwarven community. the Hidden King is a member of the cultural group whose members represent the majority of dwarves in the city.. Sometimes they are actual exiled nobles from the dwarven realms. After this. these dwarves are elder statesmen. suspicious of changes and outsiders and usually isolationist from the rest of the city. Dwarves from Gol 5 Grungor tend to be either staunchly conservative. this means that over the spans of their lives. Hidden Kings are most common in the following regions: Desert of Thunder. Flannish Cities. because of the low dwarven birth rate. Another important aspect of expatriate dwarves is from which dwarven realm they can trace their ancestry.Chapter 2 Characters 2. Hidden Kings also exist in the Eternal Storm and Great Southern Chaos. their obligations towards the continuation of the dwarven race are considered fulfilled. Elsewhere. established families who have lived in the same city for centuries are more common. Lake of Dreams.1 Character Races “Trust not the gnome. Dwarves from Gol Algor tend to me more outgoing and freely mingle with gnomes . Do not take his money. In theory. Parginian Rim. but members of old.even divorces are common and acceptable after this stage if the marriage was one of duty and not love (and such a divorce has no effect on the inheritance rules for their children). since there are infrequent pogroms against the dwarves when the human majority is looking for some kind of scapegoat. dwarves have faced persecution in the past. a dwarf whose actual name is never revealed to non-dwaves. in regions where dwarves from two different kingdoms are represented in roughly equal numbers . dwarven expatriate communities are usually ruled by a Council of Elders. In all these regions.” . judges.and they know it. since the political situation there is too unstable to allow dwarves to prosper without any firm leadership. League of Armach.ghettos that are often walled from the outside world. the ability of a single ruler to act quickly during times of crisis has proven very useful during in times of persecution. In the worst case they are nothing more than crime lords who extort their fellow dwarves and ruthlessly crush all dissent. and might again do so in the future. and respected advisors to their communities. Do not listen to his witty banter. signed by “Veritas” Dwarves Dwarves who live in human cities tend to congregate in their own neighborhoods . and thus most dwarves support the system. even humans who appreciate their skills. are .Anti-gnomish pamphlet.

In either case. And once they have enough insight to create a masterpiece. Typically. and when they do. the highest achievement is to come up with something truly original. Those going abroad tend to be in the former category.young elves (usually not more than a century or two of age) go there to celebrate. The intrigues of the latter type should be watched especially carefully. or are resentful for the changes humans have brought to their realm in recent years. the gnomes say. irrelevant. so how important can a single one be? Avareen elves travel to human cities and realms more often than one might expect . and generally “sow their oats” before moving back to their home and assuming a position of responsibility (as much as there are positions of responsibility in Avareen). then she won’t be able to work effectively in her job and she will make few useful contacts in that profession. for the attendance of a well known elven artist can make or break a party. gnomes seem to have much in common with their cousins. However. but if the human population of the city she lives in has prejudices against female soldiers. CHARACTERS very talented in the magical arts. which tends to give gnomes a large amount of political power behind the scenes. but if a gnome manages to prosper in a job despite such obstacles. industriousness. Few elves. and miss no opportunities to learn something about it.after all. even those of a generally benevolent nature. which has disillusionized the views of some Narevoreen elves of humanity. a gnome who forges a masterwork axe will either search for ways to make even better axes. a child playing with an ant farm. and people with similar interests which whom they try to keep in contact as much as circumstances permit.either for some crime. On the whole. For gnomes. pets. in the hopes that this will provide them with new insights. Another important aspect of gnomish culture are their large and convoluted social networks. they tend to travel far from Tuvareen and keep their distance from human society. Most common are halfelves who are the offspring of elven fathers from Avareen . and human attitudes towards gender roles tend to mystify most elves. Gnomes On the surface. The attitudes of elves towards humanity varies depending on which elven kingdom they hail from. Gnomes won’t discriminate against. And since there are few settlements where gnomes are in the majority. whether through regular activities of a club they are both members in. or a threat to their way of life. elves from Avareen see humans as interesting toys. Sometimes this has resulted in violence. or turn his attention to different kinds of blades. Every gnome has a long list of friends. many humans from the Parginian Rim have adopted a patronizing attitude thanks to their victory over the Narevoreen navy. observe these interesting little creatures. and the experience accumulated over the centuries of their existence means they can do just about anything.while it may be the greatest praise for a dwarf to be told that he can forge blades exactly as his great-great-grandfather Half-Elves Half-elves are rare. the dwarves. it’s usually to steal small children. On the other hand. Avareen tends towards the matriarchal while Tuvareen towards the patriarchal (with Narevoreen showing no preference). warfare. There they usually dabble in the arts. The upper classes especially seek out the elves dwelling in their midst. or a noble playing out war strategies with tin soldiers except that the tin soldiers are usually flesh-and-blood humans. A true genius. 6 could. gnome men and women tend to cluster to professions accepted for their gender by the population of the majority race. they tend to study a broad range of subjects in their chosen area of expertise. but most positions and professions are open to both men and women. acquaintances. or self-imposed over disagreement with the policies of the kingdom. Human city dwellers close to Avareen usually view elves with a mixture of awe and distrust. irregular meetings in pubs or each others’ homes. or politics. For this reason. they will move on to the next project. and expertise in their chosen fields. Yet their focus is different . the number of important and influental contacts a gnome has tends to be more important for his marriage prospects than personal wealth). she will get a lot of respect for her shrewdness. Elves from Tuvareen rarely travel abroad. for their attitudes can be described as a cat playing with a mouse. custom and tradition expects men and women to develop seperate and gender-exclusive social networks which only interact at rare festivities and celebrations (which tend to double as match-making events for gnomes coming of age). either out of guilt or because they expect to be hated for the activities of their kin. and thus only rarely create a significant subculture of their own. The remainder tend to be exiles . shouldn’t limit himself to what others have created before him.CHAPTER 2. gnomes (as they would put it) would never insult their ancestors’ memories by trying to slavishly imitate them. Both tend to value craftsmanship. a female gnomish soldier. or through lengthy letters they write to each other at every opportunity. providing it with a large power base useful for a young family (and indeed. While a dwarf weapon smith who creates excellent axes will often be content to create one masterwork axe after another for the rest of his life. it is also true that a large number of favors is traded regularly through this network. The purpose behind this is to allow a newly married couple to effectively double their social networks. take humans seriously on an individual basis . and do it with style. While the generally congenial nature of gnomes explains parts of this behavior. Gnomish society does not place any gender restrictions on the kinds of professions gnomes can pursue as such. Most gnomes try to avoid situations like these and pick their professions accordingly. Gnome adventurers should pick one area of expertise that they are interested in above all others (or constantly look for such an area if they haven’t picked one yet). say. there are hundreds of millions of them around. while at the same time resenting the long life spans of the elves. Elves from Narevoreen tend to see human society as fascinating for its modernity and quick pace. elven culture is fairly egalitarian when it comes to gender.

It is dishonorable to use more resources than one’s opponent.whenever an extended family moves to a city. they usually take jobs in industries that few people pay attention to. the fathers leave raising the child to the mothers1 . For them.CHAPTER 2. must be dealt with quickly. but little actual penalties. members of the high society frequently believe that most or all people from the lower classes have some orcish blood in them. The transgressor will only actually be rejected from halfling society if this aberrant behavior continues into middle age. since it is generally expected that he or she will eventually settle down and raise a family like a good halfling is supposed to.and frequently the strange rules of heredity produce individuals that fully qualify as half-orcs. CHARACTERS who “rough it” in human cities.the few exceptions are the children of elven sailors who traveled abroad even when the islands were still off-limits. 7 the woman is expected to be subservient to the man in all things.most elven woman know herbs that prevent unwanted pregnancies. In case when a pregnancy does occur .especially in the northern climates. and property . where half-elves are raised as equal members of the tribe . or running inns and pubs. in fact. hirelings. their codes of honor. brewing beer.if they even learn of the birth. There the child will be raised by the sylvan community. and thus rarely suffer from the kind of pogroms that the isolationist dwarves in their ghettos have to face on a regular basis. unless his partner has lied to him about the facts . changeling legends frequently claim that savagely beating or otherwise mistreating the changeling will cause it to reveal its true nature and force it to return the original child. and punished with exile or death. Typically. hearth. and their organizational skills. If he has agreed to do something for someone. humans are quick to blame them when odd accidents and supernatural incidences occur. As a result.the mother usually retreats to the elven kingdom of her birth. exclusively mating with other half-elves (or.to achieve something is beneath contempt. When problems arise in the halfling community. and are kept at the bottom of the social pyramid. Their fortress cities are a testament to both their determination to survive in a dangerous world. Hobgoblins Hobgoblins are known for their skill in warfare. he will do it or die trying. their legacy remains. their iron discipline. and are sure to use them when intermingling with humans. In general. Half-Orcs While the days of constant orcish raids are long gone in civilized regions. rather than the one-sided affair all too common among humans where 1 Typically. This is usually done through a challenge . Examples include cleaning clothes. and caricatures of the poor. Anyone who is unable .whether wanted or unwanted . gender roles among halflings are similar to those among humans. and acting this legend out has caused severe disfigurement or even the death of more than one half-elven child. this is a survival strategy . elves) to “re-create their elven bloodline”. The exception to this is the elven kingdom of Tuvareen. and the violently insane often depict them with distinctly orcish appearances. Elven mothers are rarer . then he or she will face the disapproval of the older halflings (who are famous gossipers). with the males tending to the fields or otherwise providing an income for the family through a regular job. and family. Personality: Hobgoblin personality is defined by their codes of honor. . others see their partially human heritage of a source of shame. but most are still in their infancy . and they usually keep an “underground economy” going between them that bypasses the normal trade regulations of a city. There are a few half-elves with one parent from Narevoreen. Any insults to one’s achievement. but highly honorable to succeed with less resources. Mothers often claim this to cover up the origin of half-elven children born out of adulterous affairs. criminals. Halflings Halflings are opportunists. and give no more thoughts to their offspring beyond giving them a small gift or two at birth . and their cruelty towards those they deem their inferiors. if possible. They try their best to get along with everyone.and are.including slaves) against the offender. Cheating is considered highly dishonorable. they prefer to do things “their own way”. However. This trait makes hobgoblins highly desirable as mercenaries. The precise details of the challenge are mutually agreed upon before it begins. Anyone who achieves results is to be treated with respect. Indeed. half-elves share some of the glamour and mystique of elves . Despite this civil surface. unwilling .most humans tend to assume they have strong mystical powers inherited from their elven ancestry. A hobgoblin’s word is his bond.the offended party pits him or his resources (his clan members. while the women tend to home. These unfortunates are seen as a unpleasant remainder of a barbaric past. or one’s clan. or else decided by a war council of veterans. but it will never be regarded as an equal by the elves. unlike humans halflings see this an equal partnership where both man and woman are mutually dependant on the other. In human cities. At the same time. or leave the forests entirely in search of human companionship. such children are called “changelings” by humans. after a Fair Folk custom of exchanging human babies for their own offspring. strongly discouraged from leaving. The highest achievements are those revolving around warfare.or worse. Unfortunately. the halflings are hardly obedient subjects of the ruler of a city. If a young halfling wants to break out of these gender roles. but which nevertheless are vital for the smooth functioning of a city. where orcs were the most numerous . and they are counted among the civilized races of Urbis as a result. most half-elven children will either form bonds of friendship with the other sylvan races. Orcish blood is far more common among humans than most people want to realize .in which case he will go out of his way to take revenge upon the liar. It won’t be treated badly. While some half-elves try their best to blend in into human societies.

It helps that rearing children is not considered the job of the mother. and as such feel that they have a special destiny to lead the world into the future. monks. rangers. Humans might come to a peaceful compromise with the elven kingdoms. but they tend to be militaristic in appearance. Pity and mercy are foreign concepts to most hobgoblins.CHAPTER 2. Hobgoblin Racial Traits • +2 Dexterity. Most of their bodies is covered in a fine fur that is dark brown. Relations: Hobgoblins consider humans as a whole to be weak-willed and lacking discipline. but it is otherwise like normal sight. And will be humans who will settle the very planets themselves. the gnomish drive to innovate. Many hire themselves out as mercenaries. • Darkvision: Hobgoblins can see in the dark up to 60 feet. • Hobgoblin base speed is 30 feet. Sometimes exceptional non-hobgoblins are adopted into a clan. Some families have hereditary marks on their faces in different colors such as blue. and the majority of their population can still be found there. Half-orcs and orcs are considered to be uncouth barbarians. but of older members of the clan who are too infirm to remain active as warriors. that all this springs from a human feeling of inferiority towards the elder races. CHARACTERS Most hobgoblins belong to a clan. and hobgoblins can function just fine with no light at all. Humans Humans are the most numerous of all the sapient races of Urbis. and the extremely rare paladins are considered insane by their peers for the mercy they show towards the weak. and built them across the continent. and not as actual members of the clan. the dwarven desire for perfection. Their skin tends to be dark or redorange in color. either by birth or by adoption. However. As such. 8 Classes: While it is fighters who tend to get the most acclaim. Elves receive the special hatred of the hobgoblins ever since the first hobgoblin felled the first tree in an elven forest. Their clothes are often colorful and display their clan symbols. but at the same time they treat those who are weaker than they are with contempt. the Silent Adventurers: Hobgoblins live to prove themselves in the eyes of their peers. Bards use this status to voice opinions about clan members that would get normal hobgoblins killed. black. But as far as most humans are concerned. They will proudly wear clan insignia and defend their clan’s honor with their lives. Druids are almost unknown among hobgoblins. Foecutter. Bonus languages: Draconic. and less as actual people. • Automatic Languages: Common and Goblin. or gray in color. and see nothing wrong with keeping them as slaves. Dwarves are regarded as almost-equals for their determination and skill in warfare. thus allowing the mother to quickly return to her job. Arcane spellcasters are respected for their powers.but they make up for all this with numbers and sheer ambition to change the world in their image. • + 4 racial bonus on Move Silently checks: Hobgoblins are surprisingly stealthy for beings their size. seeking glory in battle and riches for their clan. since attacking them means threatening the property of the entire clan. There is no gender discrimination among hobgoblins . but hobgoblin honor made it impossible for them to back down. As hobgoblins have no value for nature that isn’t actively harvested. It was humans who invented the nexus towers. and find plenty of people willing to hire them. +2 Constitution: Hobgoblins are agile and tough. A multiclass hobgoblins fighter class does not count when determining whether he suffers an XP penalty for multiclassing. the Cunning. Physical Description: Hobgoblins are tall humanoids and grow roughly 6 1/2 feel tall. Alignment: Hobgoblins value honor. but their peculiar powers cause other hobgoblins to look at them more as forces of nature that could blow up in your face if not treated carefully. they readily take to the road to adventure. but this is a rare exception. Giant. Infernal. • Favored Class: Fighter. red. hobgoblin barbarians. Perhaps it is true that. Beards are common in both males and females. Shortly after birth. children are given over to them. they tend to be both lawful and evil. Hobgoblin society has empathized the “warrior virtues” for a long time. this conflict will likely continue until either race is eradicated. or green. they are legally considered to be that clan’s property. They may lack the elves’ long life spans and mystical insight. It was humans who built cities bigger than anything seen in history. as some elven sages speculate. It is humans who are now connecting every major settlement with railroads. While arcane spellcasters can wield a large amount of influence within a clan. . and Orc. and neither is considered inherently any less competent in any profession than the other. which made the elven defense of their forest ever fiercer. and rogues all have their role to play in the hobgoblin armies (though rogues who avoid all fights will quickly get a reputation for cowardice). Darkvision is black and white only. Gnoll. since they’d rather cut down a forest and use it for timber instead of protecting it.men and women can both join any occupation acceptable for hobgoblins. Hobgoblin Lands: The Hobgoblin Dominions are the ancestral lands of the hobgoblins. and their weapons are in high demand among hobgoblins. they have long since spread to other regions where they tend to live in small. Thus. they are just following their manifest destiny. • Level Adjustment +1: Hobgoblin are slightly more powerful and gain levels more slowly than most of the other player character races of Urbis. though most hobgoblins realize that there are some humans worthy of respect. Religion: Language: Names: Male Names: Female Names: Clan Names: Honor Names: Bonecrusher. Gnomes and halflings are beneath notice. and the hobgoblins’ military prowess . clerics. clan-based groups that exist within larger non-hobgoblin communities.

said noted sorcerer and socialite Angus Graubergen (31).. ’Frankly. not the rule .mostly because of the existence of many powerful women in the setting.unless they are willing to enter the criminal underworld.biogtry against people from different ethnic backgrounds is alive and well in the setting. On a related note. Halberstein exclaimed: ’I am just as amazed as you are. the famous Praxis-born warrior Grendor Halberstein (29) was swept off the roof of the Cryolis Building by a whirlwind summoned by the notorious druidic anarchist only known as ’Greeneyes’. And some of them become quite successful in the un- . upon which Urbis is based.’ ” .the traditional role of women is that of taking care of home and family while the men take care of business and earn money. CHARACTERS Human society tends to be riddled with inequalities.Praxus Observer. Likewise.it is still a frequent issue for most human women. I am lucky to be alive!’ Some of his companions were not surprised. 19th of Victorius 1422 Barbarians Barbarians come from remote wildernesses. goblins and so on .2 Character Classes “LOCAL HERO SURVIVES 600’ FALL!” Yesterday afternoon. by now I have become convinced that this man is basically unkillable by anything short of a direct intervention of the gods. If it bothers you. But there is always hope for the next generation. which has plenty of uses for “simple brawlers”. the different roles of genders can. if only because they fear that any changes will cause them to be worse off than before. The Cryolis Building is one of the tallest buildings in our city at a height of 608 feet. while much of human prejudice in Urbis is focused on the various nonhuman races . if not most humans won’t try to upset the status quo. especially among nonhumans .. but he also managed to fend off the elemental creatures (since identified as elder arrowhawks by city watch experts) sent by the vengeful druid to finish the job. While sexism isn’t quite as entrenched as in real-world history . it is recommended that the game master should discuss with the players just how much portrayal of sexism should be acceptable in the campaign. how much the game master wants to incorporate these issues is up to him. and their own city better than any other city in the same region. women can and do lead businesses and be successful financially . Unfortunately. the revolutionaries will usually eventually create a society as unequal as the old one. which means that women interested in warfare must join mercenary companies with a more unconventional approach towards finding recruits. ’I have seen Grendor in action for many years now. but it does mean that they will have a harder time . there are sharp divisions between those in power and those who are not.. brutishness. Most human societies are fairly sexist . just ignore these aspects of the setting.for example. Wherever they came from. This doesn’t mean that women cannot be successful in traditionally “male” ventures. Thus. most people still assume that their home region is better than any others. Greeneyes escaped yet again in the confusion.women are commonly percieved (especially among the upper 9 classes) as the “weaker gender” in both body and mind.many women have been on the receiving end of sexual discrimination even today.but they will have a harder time competing with the “Old Boys’ Networks” of their male counterparts. When interviewed while receiving magical healing from a priest of Thenos .. however. yet not only did Halberstein survive the fall. provide ample opportunity for role-playing as the player characters try to deal with the pre-conceived notions of society and rise beyond them. the game master should be careful . This is intentional . and lack of manners.which is often supposed to be a relaxing activity that takes the minds of the players away from the troubles of the real world for a time. Sexism and Prejudice You will notice that a large part of the writeups for the individual races is taken up with descriptions of how the different genders are treated by that race.’.illiteracy. far more so than among most other races. and might not want to deal with it during gaming . But visionaries and revolutionaries spring up in every generation.the 19th century. just with themselves at the top.mostly because there are few large colonial empires in which their rulers tried to justify their rule through their “inherent superiority” over the subjected people . Again. Many. Besides. This discrimination usually keeps them from making their fortunes in the cities . just like the different roles of the various races.elves. and women who surpass society’s expectations in these matters are seen as the exception.in general. they represent everything the rich look down on . and it was felt that incorporating them was vital to preserving the feel of the setting. However. Frankly. dwarves. Unfortunately. In most regions. the dream of a better life and a more equal society lives on. even if they succeed.or sometimes out of the “urban wastes” of a slum. and with them. 2. such as the Narfjell Wastes . had strong gender roles.CHAPTER 2. While it is not quite as virulent as in real world history . women are barred from joining most organized armies.

Their political influence is small.CHAPTER 2. Thus. starting with the hated nexus towers. and might even protect them from legal persecution. Thus. 136 for an exception. committing small pieces of sabotage if they think they can get away with it. and philosophers who have started to see the cities less as an accumulation of buildings and people and more as an environment and an ecosystem in its own right . 3 But see the Circle of the Crumbling Tower on p. and some pursue them further as a hobby. ultimately strength alone is not enough to establish a permanent place in society . Some of the younger druids. These people tend to argue endlessly about how exactly the city “functions” . they might be polite to each other for the sake of the group. and rarely will they become true friends. and offering prayers to any others is strongly discouraged by most clerics. have made it into the cities themselves. are disdained as cheap folk singers for the masses at best. Some have started to study bardic powers systematically. the response of the druids has been overwhelmingly negative . and other influential people. Each and everyone has a different vision what the “ideal city” should look like. most druids either flee further away into the few remaining wild regions or are hunted as rebels and anarchists2 if they dare to make a stand. don’t have any hierarchy beyond a single cleric who serves and protects a small community or neighborhood. And that they need to far more of this enemy . however. if they are the kingpins themselves. even if that life span is spent in a body that is completely unlike the one the person was born with. but they will always try to sway the other members of the group to their respectice views. these people have started to seek out druidic circles in secret to find druids who might be willing to cast these spells for them. Those bards of lesser skill.or as dangerous rabble-rousers best driven from the city if they use their powers to influence the downtrodden masses.. but when in trouble they can usually count on a small but loyal community which will go to great lengths to hide and protect them. until one day they leave the city with a bang and throw it into chaos. however. it has dawned on some merchants that the druid spell reincarnate can bring someone back from death in an entirely new body . Druids As the city-states have risen. When two clerics of different religions are members of the same social group (such as an adventuring party). They realize that they have to take the fight to the enemy if they want to have a chance of succeeding. Organized religions will usually be strongly hierarchical. and who might have a few “apprentices” who will be sent out into the world once they have mastered the basics of their religion.not just through top-level planning.but on the other hand. These are scholars. many upperclass youth have been instructed in the basics of the bardic arts. While once the defenders of the wild were everywhere. and some of their research into acoustics and rhetorics have led to useful insights. barely fit to play for a few copper coins in a pub or on a market . and lower-ranking clerics will have to obey the dictates of their superiors . . Others just hope to do as much damage to the infrastructure of the city as they can.and thus extend someone’s life span. The various religions mostly see themselves in competition to each other. Clerics Clerics can be divided into two groups: Members of an organized religion.or. their church gives their clergy a lot of political clout in cities where they are prominent.similar to insect hives or environments where multiple species live together within a small space..even criminal society.after all. rich merchants. land is divided into huge plantations for absentee owners. and oratory skills have always been in demand among the powerful. and members of an unorganized religion. As the city-states grow. in recent decades it has become fashionable for the sons and daughters of rulers to be instructed in the musical arts. promising them freedom from tyranny and starvation if they dare to return to the ways of nature. Most people tend to follow a single deity only. the most powerful barbarians who manage to find a place for themselves in the city are either the bodyguards or right-hand mens of underworld kingpins . and mountains are stripped of all ores for the furnaces of industry. And others still conceal their druidic nature and insinuate themselves into urban society. cityplanners.they have an easy time bullying others into subservience. As a result. people who command strange powers through their musical instruments and their voice. or even a personal obsession. and can gain vast riches through their skills . now they are in retreat before the onslaught of civilization. CHARACTERS derworld . have been known throughout the ages. Unorganized religions. However. on the other hand. the druidic networks of old have fallen into disorder. The best of them are kept as entertainers by various nobles. but also through the myriad daily interactions of its inhabitants that keep the community running. while help people to cheat natural death who have always fought the ways of nature3 ? There is another group of druids which actually originate from within the cities. Recently. and how existing cities need to be changed in form and function to mature to perfection and truly become a part of nature instead of a man-made con- Bards Bards. or those who refuse to be bought off by a rich patron. and their brute strength causes others to give them a wide berth. have a competent advisor who is not powerful enough by himself to intimidate others but is intelligent enough to play the power behind the throne. 10 range from a friendly rivalry to smear campaigns to outright warfare where local conditions permit it. However. and this competition might 2 “Anarchists” is a generic term the authorities apply to anyone who threatens to upset the established social order. In most cases.but their patrons are often unwilling to see them leave. Some druids hope to rouse the urban poor into open rebellion. and in extreme cases might even kill them or destroy their talent rather than letting a rival have them. It is surprising how often adventurers are faced with charges of “Anarchist activities”.so that they can strike it when it hurts when the time comes.

sorcerers are feared by many and do not have as many opportunities to advance in society as wizards. This causes the other poor to not only fear them. where many priests felt that learning these martial arts styles promoted the proper humility before Thenos. their highly charismatic nature aids them in this task. they learn their skills by growing up on the streets of the slums. CHARACTERS struct. They know where to hide and where to stay away from. but even people born to a high station in life turn to a life of crime for a variety of reasons. when to run and when to stand still. there are three schools that teach the mental and physical disciplines required to walk on the path of the monk. Usually they face a great trial of some sort (such as defending a group of poor slum dwellers from criminals). Others tend to look at these philosophers with either amusement or consternation.and others as well. In many cases these traditions have a spiritual origin. They still hunt even in this environment. Independent paladins. refugees. They usually soon realize that they should concentrate on acting in the interest of creating the greatest good possible. The first is elven in origin. must survive by their wits alone. and to this day they remain the masters of the urban environment. A successful paladin often has to negotiate with the rich and the powerful as much as fighting their evil more directly. such as the Church of Thenos. and is taught in the city of Enegorn in Avareen. or where mighty knights charged each other on horses. The second originally came from the Hamajan Mountains. The powers of a sorcerer. and many power brokers find themselves doing something for the public good despite themselves. only the cunning fighters survive.something that is no longer appropriate to the modern world. knowledgeable in the ways of his enemies. while not understood by common people. Monks In the Known Lands. Gone are the days where armies marched in tight formations. Rogues The first rogues appeared in the first cities. discovering sorcerous talents is often a way out of the slums. as the rich and powerful are unlikely to let any talent go to waste. Some Thenaran priests like to claim that this path was directly inspired by Thenos himself. In the end. instead of blindlessly charging the greatest visible evil. but detractors point to the many similarities to the earlier elven and Eastern styles. and the most worthy of them are chosen by their god to go forth into the world and do good. and a skilled tactician ready to deal with whatever surprises the world decides to throw at him. in principle at least learnable by anyone who has the necessary intelligence. and many sorcerers leave the slums shortly ahead of a lynch mob. remains unclear.. the fact that some of them appear to have gained druidic powers indicates that they might be onto something. Such “independent paladins” are at a great risk church-backed paladins usually have a large and influential organisation that gives them enough political clout to challenge powerful and corrupt people and usually get away with it.wanted criminals. and over time their knowledge and fame spread beyond the borders of their country. the need for skilled fighters has remained the same. finding the niches out of the eye of the general public a challenge to their skills and thriving in hidden places most people never hear about. Some scholars speculate that these people somehow draw power from the plane of Law and Goodess instead of a deity. and traveling monks who are ready to defend the faith with their powers are not uncommon. Yet for the poorest of people. They are trained from early childhood to be stout defenders of the faith. on the other hand. Elves exiled from mainstream Avareen society explored martial arts disciplines to detach themselves from the concerns of the world. but also resent them.or discipline. However. there are a few people who become paladins spontaneously. and this is often accompanied by a small miracle that resolves the situation in their favor. and why no other plane bestows similar abilities on people. Suddenly. The third tradition is the youngest and was developed in Thenares. In either case. but most of them have a low profile and are at best considered “quaint” by most people . they manifest paladin abilities. Thankfully. There are still wars and conflicts aplenty. As a result. and other people who do not wish to be found. However. but sometimes “empty-handed” fighting techniques were developed simply because the local rulers didn’t permit ordinary citizens to bear arms. quite a few rangers are exploring the urban environment instead. the Tsan Empire and other lands in the far east which boast a staggering number of monastic traditions. ..CHAPTER 2. these traditions have been spread by exiles (voluntary or otherwise) along the trade routes. Most monasteries of the Thenaran faith have members who practice this tradition. Usually. The modern fighter needs to be flexible in his approach. Paladins Most paladins belong to some sort of organized religion. What has changed is the greater prevalence of magic in battles. but how this is possible. Fighters Though society might have changed over the centuries. Sorcerer The powers of a wizard are. Rangers There are still plenty of wilderness areas and frontiers to be tamed on this world . 11 Still. who to talk to and who to avoid. on the other hand. Minor schools of martial arts other than these exist in many lands. although in the cities their prey tends to be two-legged . and even in supposed peacetimes there is still enough violence around so that those who know how to deal it out need not fear for employment. Many hopeful acolytes travel to Sormar to learn at the feet of ancient elven masters. and they decide to stand firm no matter what the risk and the cost to themselves. come from innate talent and do not require formal study .

Additionally. Knowledge (geography). the learned can recognize them for what they are. all such displays of the powers of the mind can be traced to outside influences. But this does not mean that they don’t occur at all. and that these language have such a dizzying variety of forms that it is hard to believe . but as a living. and tend to confuse them with sorcerers or monks if they do encounter them. While most people are unaware that psychics even exist. Benefit: You gain Gather Information. Whether this means that the psychic has surathi blood running in his veins. Prerequisite: Knowledge (nature) 4 ranks. While most Psionic classes Psychic powers do not occur naturally among the player character races of Urbis. they train many years to learn the secrets of their trade. or that daresh experimented on him or his ancestors depends on the individual in question. anyone who discovers sorcerous talent within them is sure to become powerful once he leaves. but who try to look at the big picture and see how it all fits together. in the distant mists of time. Benefit: The character gains 2 points of OS bonuses. 12 common people are careful around wizards because of their powers. players should be aware that psychic powers are mostly in the command of loathsome monsters. Instead. Search. they are well paid for their abilities. players can take psionic character classes. After all.perhaps because of longer life spans and increased cultural homogenity. The mightiest of wizards are well paid by rulers to help with the construction and operation of nexus towers. and others are eager to do you favors. The various nonhuman races often seem to have been able to hang on to “racial languages” . and societies of the world. psychics can expect a strongly hostile reaction if their powers are identified correctly.4 Languages that they ever originally sprang from one source. and to help with city defense. this does not mean they are feared and reviled. breathing environment not unlike the domains of the wild. and that psychic characters will be associated with those. You are one of the few people who don’t just worry about their own part of city life. If the GM permits it. As a result. Knowledge (local). Knowledge (architecture and engineering). Like craftsmen. Well-Connected You thrive in the organizations. daresh. You make new connections easily. being disrespectful to a noble can kill you as fast as being disrespectful to a wizard. on the basis that it is a good idea to have a few such individuals who are loyal to you. the first language was developed. and like craftsmen. all attempts by the characters to attain favors from societies have their DC reduced by 2. Sense Motive and Speak Lan- 2. your understanding of city life based on your in-depth observations has few equals. clubs. All scholars know today is that a vast number of different languages sprang up all over the world.CHAPTER 2. at the game master’s discretion. Often the rulers allow powerful wizards to marry into their family. And given the near universal loathing with which civilized people hold beings such as the surathi. Several new feats exist in Urbis: The Nature of the City You have learned to see cities as not just an agglomeration of people. However. But there is always some unnatural origin to the powers he commands. The effects stack. and derro.a dwarf from Gol Algor will have a hard time understanding the speech of a dwarf from Gol Grungor unless Common It is unknown when. But even among them.3 Feats guage as class skills. Special: You can gain Well-Connected multiple times. the languages seem to gradually drift apart . CHARACTERS Note that since the slum areas of cities usually suffer from a high life energy drain from nexus towers. which he may immediately distribute among his existing society memberships or put into new societies. Wizards Wizards are generally considered to be the equivalent of skilled craftsmen. 2.

large donations. and what connections they form in such places will strongly influence whether they fail or succeed in their quests. But 150 years ago. While the Atalan Empire lasted for long enough and spread far enough to allow Atalan become the language of trade. Urbis is a setting heavy with politics and intrigue. the easier will the switch be. only remembered by those with an active interest in them for historic or cultural reasons. The enchantment also seems to be less efficient on nonhumans. The Tsan Empire in the Far East seems to have more success in maintaining linguistic stability. it is likely . the more likely is it that the old languages are still spoken there.they are the setting for the adventure itself. Organizational Standing For each society or organization a character is a member of. for while many nonhumans have learned Common by now. If a character’s OS bonus in an organization ever falls below +0. and inspired by the writings of Wutenheim and others to bring harmony to the world. he will usually be dismissed from the organization. Since OS is an abstract concept. when the Empire shattered it only survived as a language of scholars. Settlements are not just a “home base” to which the characters return after an adventure . it is not just possible that the player characters will join one or more organizations. the more favors are the organization and its members willing to do for him. a character has an Organizational Standing (OS) bonus which represents his influence in that organization. support for the language dwindled until it was only spoken among a few excentrics and those who still dreamed of the unification of the Flannish cities. Still. the higher tends his OS bonus to be. the rulership of Praxus changed. the language spread like wildfire. wizards. Cultural differences seem to count for something . nearly dead languages. and the Thenaran Church. an impressive title or similar modifiers. but this might be modified by a good reputation. or secret societies. using up too many favors and doing little for them in return will result in a decline of a character’s OS bonus. CHARACTERS he spends some time getting familiar with the dialect of the latter. and the higher the OS bonus. The more he has worked towards the goals of the organization . Already more than one generation in the Flannish Cities has been born and raised without learning any other language. The spell continues its work. The following abstract system allows the GM to keep track of just where player characters stand in the favor of an organization and its members . this curious state of affairs has fueled more than its share of conspiracy theories. shortly after the Treaty of Praxus was signed and dreams of Flannish Unification were common. at the GM’s discretion.CHAPTER 2. But about 70 years ago. Wutenheim created a new. Most people who are aware of the rapid spread of Common just consider the language to be “an idea whose time has come” and leave it at that. The language was indeed quite easy to learn and for some time became quite popular among the learned and the new elites of the Flannish cities. Still. Thus. But what will happen once the whole world will speak with one tongue? Will they stop the spell. At its core. The language mostly spreads by word of mouth. but as time went on. and the more isolated or the further away a community is from Praxus.and thus. M. With scattered humanity. commerce and government in much of the Known Lands.5 Joining Organizations and its members. the noted linguist M. Older languages gradually fell out of use.and it allows player characters who have worked dilligently for the goals of an organization to receive benefits in return.to speak in a bewildering variety of languages. More and more people wanted to learn it. the language is not spoken everywhere. and a significant part of the magical energies generated by the nexus towers of Praxus are set aside to maintain it. content with a job well done? Or will they alter the spell in a way that controls the mind of everyone who carries the knowledge of Common in his mind? 2. As such. the situation was even worse. check the table below. no known community among them has given up its old language in exchange. despite a unified system of writing. or “Common” for short. clubs. the benefits and drawbacks of being a member of such an organization require some more detail than in many other d20 settings. To get a general sense of the character’s position. a character’s relation to the rest of society becomes important. artificial language derived from Atalan and several local dialects.the more similar the old language is to Common. This seemed to be the fate of humanity . but people who have traveled there say that the Tsan too have a bewildering variety of mutually incomprehensible dialects. and some groups make a deliberate effort to speak only in the old. However. A character’s starting OS bonus in an organization will usually be +1. He called it the new “Common Language of All Mankind”. the archmages of Praxus wove a great and subtle enchantment just as Common was made the official language of the city. And perhaps those people have a good reason to be afraid. From now on. it is sometimes difficult to gauge just where the character stands in the favor of an organization. and the spell 13 both encouraged them and made it easier to grasp its principles.

and funding a massive expedition to another continent might have a DC of 30. Favor Checks Favor checks are used to determine what kinds of favors the character might attain from the organization. If the character succeeds. In addition. For every 5 points by which the character exceeds the DC. subject to the approval of the game master. as noted in the description of the society (If the character has no rank in either skill. every starting character receives a number of OS points equal to (character level) + (ranks in Diplomacy) + (Charisma modifier). OS Awards Adventuring may result in characters gaining a higher standing in the organization by working towards the goals of the organization or giving favors for other members. Additionally. Trying again: A character can try again if he or she fails a Favor check. he or she doesn’t attain the favor at the time. CHARACTERS OS Bonus +0 +1 to +4 +5 to +10 +11 to +15 +16 to +20 +21 to +30 +31 or higher Standing On Probation Rank and File member Respected Member Senior Member Leader of the Organization in a single city-state Regional Leader Leader of the entire organization 14 Losing OS Any time a character attains a favor with a favor DC higher than his or her current OS bonus. Generic favors While the range of favors an organization can provide is often hard to describe in rules format. If the character attempts to attain a favor and the check fails. the character’s OS bonus decreases. work out the a DC appropriate to the magnitude of the favor rendered by the character. Every favor the organization could conceivably do has a DC depending on the resources of the organization and just what kind of favor the organization is willing and able to do for its members. Adjust for smaller or more local organizations with a flatter structure. If the character fails. loose points from his OS bonus if he violates the strictures of his organization or otherwise works against its interests. but not until the character has spent an additional number of hours trying to attain the favor equal to the favor DC of the favor sought. Aid Another: One other character who is also a member of the same organization can make an aid another attempt to help a character attain a favor. To attain a favor from the organization. In this case. the character may. Regaining OS A character’s OS bonus recovers as the character advances. Favor DC 1-10 points higher than current 11-15 points higher than current OS bonus 16 or more points higher than current OS bonus OS Bonus Decrease 1 point 1d6 points 2d6 points This table is appropriate for a large. and then extrapolate from these values for any favors the characters might ask for. no such check is permissable. Every time a character gains a new level. The increase of the character’s OS bonus is the same amount as the OS bonus loss the character would experience if the character had attained a favor with the same DC value. he can assign these points to any appropriate organizations. he or she gains an additional +1 to his or her OS bonus. In addition. The GM should feel free to adjust this time upwards for unusual or complex favors that need more time to arrange. this check is a Charisma check. his or her current OS bonus increases by +1. An OS check is a 1d20 roll plus the character’s current OS bonus. If the character successfully attains a favor with a favor DC that’s higher than his or her current OS bonus. Taking 10 and Taking 20: It is not possible to Take 10 or Take 20 on Favor checks. that character provides the purchaser with a +2 bonus on his or her Favor check. in general most fa- . Letting a member stay at the house of another member might have a DC of 1. If the character succeeds on the Favor check. since the availability of favors depends on outside factors over which the character has little control. the character’s OS bonus goes down. Starting Characters and Organization Membership As an optional but highly recommended rule. If the resulting number is positive. he makes a Diplomacy or other appropriate skill check. Time to attain favors: Attaining favors generally takes a number of hours equal to the favor DC of the favor sought. if the character was away in a remote wilderness location for the entire time while attaining the new level). at the GM’s discretion. multi-regional organization with many members. reflecting the time needed to locate other organization members and convincing them to support you. If he or she doesn’t (for example. If the attempt is successful. The GM should make a sheet of possible favors the organization is capable of providing together with corresponding DCs. the character automatically succeeds.) The DC is equal to the character’s current OS bonus. A character’s OS bonus only goes down if he or she successfully attains a favor.CHAPTER 2. make an OS check against the favor DC. How much the OS bonus is reduced depends on how difficult the favor is to arrange. the character attains the favor. the character who provides the aid reduces his or her OS bonus by +1. Note that this represents the character spending some time advancing the goals of the organization. If the character’s current OS bonus is equal to or greater than the DC. while loaning him 100 gp might have a DC of 10. each attempt after the first one to attain a specific favor increases the DC of the Favor check by +1. his or her OS bonus is unaffected.

For one day or less.000 gp 1. CHARACTERS vors can be divided into two broad categories: Requests for resources. the DC remains unmodified. Requests for the assistance of people: If the character wishes to gain the assistance of other people through the organization. Other modifiers might also apply: Loan: The money or equipment given is not a gift. it might make the favor impossible. Asssitant is not an organization member: If the assistant is not a member of the organization itself. and daily if it is two weeks or less. While most organizations will render assistance to a member in need. -7 for one months. this modifier should only apply to calls for assistance from NPCs who are not members of the same organization . turn him into an ally. while it is probably a good idea to donate magic items the character doesn’t need to organizations.or. If the assisants are also members of the same organization. The modifier depends on the duration of the loan: -2 for five years. Requests for resources: This represents asking the organization for money or equipment. Interest: If the provided resource was a loan.200 gp x10 15 nization can actually use any equipment donated by the character. research projects on which the character only Modifiers: The favor DC is modified by the resource modifier of the organization (see below). -5 for half a year. In this case. the modifier is +5. -8 for two weeks. Previous gifts and loans: If the character has been granted previous gifts of resources or loans which he has not fully repaid yet. This is worth a modifier of -2 to the Favor DC. and -10 for a single day (unlikely for money. substituting the individual OS values for their CR). -6 for three months. The DC modifier is +0 if the initial attitude of the NPC is Indifferent. Prominent assistant: While it is generally assumed that high-level NPCs will generally rise to more prominent positions and thus gaining their assistance is harder (as reflected in the base Favor DC). an active commander of the military forces of a city-state will be harder to reach than his retired precedessor even though they might have the same levels. weekly if it is three months or less. add the value of all these gifts and the total sum of all outstanding loan payments to the value of the new request before calculating the DC of the favor. Note that this assumes that this assumes full-time assistance . The DC modifier is -1 for each 10% of interest of the original value. the character can substitute their OS values instead if they are lower (if he gains the assistance of multiple organization members. sometimes a character is of such social importance that it becomes harder to gain his assistance. the DC increases by +10. the base Favor DC to do so is equal to the Challenge Rating of the assitants. the DC is modifed by +2. For example. -4 for one year. but is someone to whom the organization might reasonably have contact with. For example. most take a dim view of people trying to get money out of them time and again. Apply the manpower modifier of the organization.an easier access to prominent members of the same organization is one of the most noteworthy perks of joining such organizations. and requests for the assistance of people. and +10 if it is Helpful (in the latter cases. it should be taken into account whether the orga- . This modifier might increase further if it is unlikely the organization might have contact to such a person . Duration of assistance: If the amount of time the assistance takes is an hour or less. a naturalists’ society has probably little need for a set of magical plate mail (for instance). the organization gives good references for the character or impresses upon the NPC how much the organization would appreciate a cooperative attitude towards the character). This modifier is also appropriate for loans of equipment in that case.the GM should feel free to adjust this modifier downwards for long-time assistance that nevertheless doesn’t demand the assitant’s undivided attention (for example. the character does not only have to return the item. -3 for two years. For a week or less. Note: While the favor DC of gifts from the character to the organization should in general be calculated the same way. the character must repay it in equal and regular installments instead of being able to pay it back at the end of the loan period. In general. but also Repayable in installments: If the provided resource was a loan. For one month or less. The base DC of the favor depends on the value of the requested resource: Base DC 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 +9 Cost 10 gp 12 gp 15 gp 20 gp 30 gp 40 gp 50 gp 60 gp 80 gp 100 gp 120 gp 150 gp 200 gp 300 gp 400 gp 500 gp 600 gp 800 gp 1. as well as the following additional modifiers: Introduction only: The character is able to meet the “assistant” in a social environment and has the opportunity to introduce himself. at the discretion of the GM. -9 for one week. but a loan. +5 if it is Friendly. The installments usually must be paid every three months if the loan duration exceeds one year in length (though monthly payments are also common). converse with him. which typically only gives the organization a net gain of 50% or less of the actual item value. For this reason. the GM should adjust the DC for assistance by NPCs with socially prominent positions with modifiers ranging from +1 all the way to +10 (for the rulers of entire nations). the character has to pay back more than he received. calculate their effective OS values in the same way as the Challenge Rating for multiple creatures within a single encounter. but this would be appropriate for loans of equipment). monthly if the loan period is one year or less. the favor DC increases by +5. and ask him for a personal favor (unrelated to the organization as a whole). and so forth. it should be assumed that the organization simply sells the item. and a further +5 is added for every additional month.CHAPTER 2.

16 tion with a wealth modifier of -5 are very wealthy. if a character is arrested. If the danger is overwhelming (if the enemies have a higher Challenge Rating than the party). it would be inappropriate to ask a lawful organization to break him out of prison as a favor. For example. and will have a harder time getting favors.the organization can draw on. This also represents the maximum favor DC available from the organization. but refusing to do so will cost him standing. The manpower modifier is added to the DCs of requests for the assistance of NPCs and to the DC of OS awards whenever the character (and possibly his allies) render their personal assistance to the organization (as opposed to providing other resources). Add +5 if their enemies will likely attempt to kill them during it. Unless the character succeeds at a Diplomacy check with the same DC to convince his superiors of the good reasons why he is not able to fulfill this assignment. if he is chaotic and his organization is lawful). [Favor DC]. he should use a slightly different system. 140). At the end of this period. additional refusal in a row. In general. The winner becomes the new leader. a gentlemen’s club for wizards is unlikely to help a character find contacts with the criminal underworld . with a favor DC equal to the character’s OS plus 1d6. increase the DC by +5. not every organization will be able to provide every possible type of favor. Simply calculate the total Challenge Rating of all opponents and other challenges for a single “mission”.CHAPTER 2. However. non-fatal injuries (for example. increase the DC by +10 (and some types of assistants will simply refuse to render any physically dangerous favors). the character won’t be penalized. This would mean that every two months the GM rolls 1d100. Obligations: This lists how often the organization demands assistance from the character. he will be resented by the other members. Note that if the character is genuinely out of touch with the organization when a call for a new assignment comes and the organization knows of this and accepts the reasons for this absence. The wealth modifier is added to the DCs of requests for money and equipment from the organization and to the DC of OS rewards when the character gives resources in the form of money or equipment to the organization (thus. Organizations are defined by the following traits: Alignment: Organizations can have any alignment. Conversely. while it would be perfectly appropriate to ask them to send their best lawyers or use their connection in the local judical system to free him. the DCs for any favors that adhere strongly to the alignment of the organization are decreased by -2. The type of favors available should be neither too broad nor too Creating Organizations While a number of sample societies player characters could join can be found in the Appendix (see p. while those with a modifier of +5 are quite poor). Dangers of assistance: If there is a strong possibility of minor. Leader’s OS: The OS of the current leader of the organization. (leader’s OS)/10 months if the organization is neutral. Wealth modifier: This modifier ranges from -5 to +5 and represents the general wealth of the organization or access to other resources (such as magic items). his efforts on behalf of the organization will be less appreciated as well. resolve the contest via a contested roll of d20 + their respective OS values. Manpower modifier: This modifier also ranges from -5 to +5 and represents the pool of people . and add the modifiers for legal and social repercussions as well. 60% chance. increase the DC for any favors wanted by +5 and decrease the DC for any OS awards by -5 if the favor does not fit with the alignment of the organization. and how complex this assistance will be. [Probability]. If the GM has to figure out the favor DC for assistance the PCs have given to the organization. backup in a street or pub fight) or a low possibility of dangerous injuries. increase the DC of any favors from the organization by +2. If the character attains an OS of at least five points lower than the leader. the old leader remains in office. For example. If the assistant has to face imprisonment or a significant loss of social standing as a result of rendering assistance.including experienced people . However. increase the DC by +5. Example obligations would be: One obligation every two months. If he rolls 60 or less. the organization demands some sort of assistance from him. he can challenge his position. Additionally. he will receive new assignments in the place of the ones he missed shortly after his return.on the other hand. Typical favors: These rules are very broad and generic to keep this system as flexible as possible. while the DC for OS awards for such favors is increased by +2. they are much more likely to help the character find spells or magic items. The format in which the obligations are listed should be: [Frequency]. Furthermore. and decrease the DC for any OS awards by -2. This is cumulative if both of the character’s alignment components are opposite to the alignment of the organization. the character does not have to obey this call for assistance. In this case. it continues for (leader’s OS)/5 months if the organization is lawful. increase the DC by +10. Note that legal and social repercussions also count as “danger” for this purpose. This section should list what kinds of favors would be appropriate for the organization. he will loose OS as if he had gained a favor from the organization with the same DC. increase the DC by +5. CHARACTERS works for a few hours every week or so). After the challenge was announced. organiza- . both the leader and the challenger can both attempt to increase their OS values through working for the organization. If one of the alignment components of a character is opposed to that of an organization he is a member of (for example. and the GM should be free to increase the DC of inappropriate or even veto them outright. If he faces execution or being completely reviled by “polite society” (if he had been accepted by society until then). and (leader’s OS)/15 months if the organization is chaotic. Increase the DC for both the Diplomacy check and the OS loss by 2 for each previous. During this time. If the risks are significant (fighting enemies with a Challenge Rating similar to that of the party). In case of a tie. players are encouraged to create new organizations which their characters can join (though all such organizations are subject to GM approval). DC equal to character’s OS+1d6.

but requests to liberate a comrade from prison or to help blackmail a public official are much more likely. Conversely. although unusual requests are certainly possible. no matter how broad. For this reason. This description should serve as a guideline for the GM so that he can plan adventures accordingly. depending on the situation. spending much of one’s time on working towards the goal of one’s organization will detract from pursuing the character’s own goals. and for the PCs they represent another way of gaining adventures beyond magic items and experience. and the player must decide what is more important for the character . And sometimes. After all.. must be a long-term goal .. the OS of the leader limits how much the organization can do for the character. Typical assignments: Just as different organizations can help the character in different ways. but the organization will be unlikely to help him out with lots of money when he needs them the most. he should feel free to ignore it for the time being. Both a high and a low Resource Modifier can be a good thing or a bad thing. and he should allow them to request favors from their organizations when it would help them in an adventure or with their personal goals.but one that is far more satisfying once completed. can cover the entire scope of social interaction. However. For example. but he won’t be able to improve his standing in the organization by donating money or equipment he doesn’t need. He shouldn’t arbitrarily take away the OS of the PCs. but if a particular rule doesn’t make any sense within the context of the situation in the adventure.CHAPTER 2. On the other hand. Players should take all of this into account when writing up organizations. they are likely to reward him for tasks he would do anyway. most organizations centered around particular professions or ethinic groups are more likely to be neutral than display any extremes of alignment.getting many or capable helpers when he needs them. a clever player can certainly abuse the system by working around the modifiers.). On the other hand. sometimes joining an organization with a different alignment offers a whole new range of contacts and opportunities that the character wouldn’t have otherwise. and being able to order everyone else in it around certainly has its advantages. The character’s obligations to the organization also need to be considered carefully. they will also hand out different assignments to the character. especially if they fit the skills of the character (for example. the GM can and should let common sense overrule these rules whenever it seems appropriate to him. this will allow the character to take over the organization fairly soon. there seems to be no reason for a character not to pick an organization with the same alignment as him. For example. the amount of aid the organization can provide to the character is also low. . he will be able to rise quickly through the ranks through donations in an organization with a high Resource Modifier. If the value is low. A low modifier will give the character ample opportunities for additional monetary and equipment resources. They allow the GM to create adventures that revolve around more than just fame and fortune. or rising in the organization by providing personal assistance. On one hand. no rule set. the organization might want to trade the swamp creature to a wizards’ club in exchange for their assistance in another matter. Finally. neutral organizations are much more likely to have contacts with the criminal underworld than a good-aligned organization. GM Advice These rules should serve primarily as a framework for ad- Statting up Organizations So what should a player take into account when writing up organizations? Let’s take a look. On the surface. Furthermore. even within the framework of organizations. consistantly succeeding on assignments is the easiest way to rise to a high position within the organization. an organization planning to overthrow the ruler of a city-state is unlikely to ask the character to catch an exotic creature in a far-off swamp. However. it just wouldn’t make any sense for an organization to have the same alignment as the character . Taking over organizations where the leader has a higher OS. on the other hand. The same principle also applies to the Manpower Modifier.for example. 17 ventures. CHARACTERS limited to prevent the organization from becoming either too powerful or too useless.

but this loss cannot be healed through 18 . The following levels are possible: • Slight Drain: The drain isn’t noticeable for all but the most sensitive people. • Deadly Drain: The pain everyone experiences in the area of operation as his life force is sucked out of his body is so intense that they can do little except eat and drink. Anyone living there will loose one point of Charisma each month up to a maximum of -6. He may re-roll in subsequent rounds until he succeeds. but this loss cannot be healed through magical means except by a wish or miracle spell or equivalent. or do nothing. Nexus Towers in Operation Each nexus tower generates a base number of one energy point each year for every living being with a Charisma of 3 or greater within its area of operation (usually a specific neighborhood of a city. It could be argued that it is the nexus tower that is primarily responsible for modern urban civilization. he must either continue to do what he did in previous rounds. it might be the only nexus tower in it). as the people are starting to feel adverse effects from the drain. If it had more. or do nothing. If it had less. This number is modified by the following conditions: Strength of Life Energy Drain: The operators of the nexus tower can decide on drawing more life energy from the inhabitants of its vicinity than normal. although if a community is small enough. and any lost energy is soon replenished. Anyone in such an area who wishes to come up with a new course of action outside of a combat or other lifeand-death situation must succeed on a DC 15 Will save. The number of energy points generated is multiplied by four. Moving away will cause the Charisma loss to regenerate at a rate of one point per month.000 to 300.Chapter 3 Magic 3. Anyone living there will loose one point of Charisma each month up to a maximum of -2. • Severe Drain: It is hard to motivate the people who live in the area of operation to do anything other than their daily routine. the nexus towers wouldn’t be able to harvest the magical energies from all of its inhabitants. a city has one nexus tower for each 100. and it is the nexus towers that continue to make these cities possible. but this loss cannot be healed through magical means except by a wish or miracle spell or equivalent. however. or a DC 10 Will save even if he is in a combat. and beings with a low life force will soon become catatonic and die. the magical emanations of the towers would interfere with each other’s operation. Nexus towers draw upon the life force of living beings. The number of energy points generated is unchanged. If he fails. The number of energy points generated is multiplied by two. he must either continue to do what he did in previous rounds. they will become catatonic and die unless tended to. In general.000 inhabitants. and once their Charisma reaches 0. • Moderate Drain: The people in the area of operation are starting to feel apathetic. and even that requires some effort. Anyone in such an area who wishes to come up with a new course of action outside of a combat or other life-and-death situation must succeed on a DC 10 Will save. Moving away will cause the Charisma loss to regenerate at a rate of one point per month. If he fails. for the nexus towers are the reason most cities were created in the first place. He may re-roll in subsequent rounds until he succeeds. and use this energy to create mighty spells or craft magic items in great numbers.1 Nexus Towers magical means except by a wish or miracle spell or equivalent. The number of energy points generated is multiplied by three. Doing this is dangerous. Moving away will cause the Charisma loss to regenerate at a rate of one point per month. Anyone living there will loose one point of Charisma each month.

What level of City Planning is typical? Very few cities manage to apply an “Invasive” level of city planning throughout their domain. protect against the short-term effects. little or nothing of it is lost. Nevertheless. depending on local politics. If buildings are located in the wrong places. City Planning: Gathering life energy with nexus towers isn’t just a matter of building a tower and waiting for the energy to come.. if all the streets and buildings are placed in a way to optimize the flows of energy. and someone who spends much of his time there is protected against both the long-term and short-term effects of drain. This term can include criminals. for the purpose of alignment. Protection from drain effects: Any effects that boost Will saves can help against the short-term indecisiveness at Severe and Deadly drain. • Normal city planning: All streets are placed according to the principles of mystical architecture. but the long-term Charisma drain is too insidious to be kept at bay this way. The number of energy points generated is multiplied by four. the life energy drain will never be more than “Slight” and might even be absent entirely. The city of Aruges in the League of Armach comes closest. dissidents. On the other hand.CHAPTER 3. but it is not uncommon for these regions to be at the “Severe” level. The same level is also common for genuine slum areas where the unemployed poor live. The level of city planning is represented by the following categories: • No City Planning: The nexus towers are built more as an afterthought.usually the part of the city where the central administration of the city and its related buraucracies are located. The number of energy points generated is divided by four. The number of energy points generated is divided by two.e. but nothing more than those. which demands specific requirements for the size and shape of the building. Regular inspections of each room are required to make sure that the furniture is placed in the right way. Spells that ward against evil influences1 . and most buildings have to be built according to certain height and basic shape requirements. and the Flannish city of Praxus is able to maintain this level in its central administrative district. these unfortunates still can do little except wait for their deaths. In the places where skilled professionals live and work. While there is no real negative effect of living with a “Slight” level of drain. • Minor city planning: The major thoroughfares and a few public buildings are placed according to arcane principles. such as protection from evil. but no one has come up with a satisfying explanation. as well as the parts regularily visited by travelers. A few cities which have either been founded very recently and planned from the beginning or which have been radically redesigned according to mystic architectonic principles are also able to maintain this level through larger parts of their city (again. though some of the more ruthless governments create walled-up “death ghettos” with that level of drain where they dump their “undesireables”. • Invasive city planning: The level of detail necessary to maintain this level of city planning demands exact strictures for the build of each room in every building. • Strict city planning: All building plans and sites have to be approved by a central authority. or any creatures like goblins and kobolds that are found elsewhere in the city. Regardless. and thus arrange for the downpowering of the local nexus towers. Exceptions only occur when the inhabitants are 1 A good way of annoying the builders and users of nexus towers is asking them why only wards against evil influences work against the draining effect. those built after nexus towers again came into widespread use) are able to maintain a “Normal” level of city planning. The surrounding cityscape can have a tremendous effect on the efficiency of the gathering process. Quite a few cities manage to establish certain districts with a “Strict” level of city planning . plenty of rich people are paranoid or hypochondriac enough to believe otherwise. but they won’t work against the long-term effects unless they are active for most of the month (such as the paladin class ability). or the builders didn’t want to alter the city just for gathering more energy.while the authorities pay less attention to their state of well-being than with more “valuable” citizens. While food supplies are dumped often enough over the walls that the inhabitants usually don’t starve. Hallow is able to create a sanctuary against the drain effects. MAGIC 19 What Drain Strengths are typical? In the upper class neighborhoods of any city. Usually the answers will revolve around mysterious “planar confluences”. draining too much from them will make it hard for them to do their work. up to exterior ornamentation of the building. they can interfere with the gathering process and let large amounts of energy go wasted. buildings and streets are located without any regard for the needs of the energy flows. . The regions where the Working Poor live and work will usually have a “Moderate” level of drain . Most relatively “modern” neighborhoods (i. The number of energy points generated is unchanged. Praxus is a good example of this). the drain level will be at “Slight” as well. neither building nor operating nexus towers is in itself an evil act. The “Deadly” level is rare. The number of energy points generated is doubled.

If this roll is successful. and they are usually willing to live with it in exchange for the obvious benefits an abundance of magic. On the other hand. and they regenerate this drain without any special effort during their sleep.000 gp times the DC to complete.those dating back to the feudal ages. Creating Magic Items: If the nexus tower was created to support the manufacture of a certain type of magic item. the first one can help with the spell as additional participants (see the epic rules). the lowest drain setting isn’t really all that noticeable. The energy is generated continuously . The minimum time required for this is six months. Humans and other sapient races are very resilient. or the casting of epic spells that use that seed). Only a single spellcaster can draw upon the energy of a nexus tower at the same time. though usually governments will attempt to enforce some standards even in the poorest sections of their city. The people using the nexus tower for these jobs need to be within specially prepared chambers within the tower. or cast epic spells. Such levels also occasionally appear in slum areas where the buildings are too ramshackle and government authority too sparse to enforce building codes. the nexus tower can be built. And they can’t move outside of the city because the city is the only place where they can get any jobs at all . Why do people live near nexus towers? Given that they drain life energy. and learned by other spellcasters normally (the DC for the Spellcraft check to learn such a spell is 25). the research is wasted and must be started anew. One energy points can be exchanged for one XP in this way. with each tower contributing an additional epic spell slot to the ritual. they would have moved to other neighborhoods. most people who have any political influence at all).if they had more marketable skills.CHAPTER 3. whichever one is lower.simply razing down a slum area will cost a fraction of trying to negotiate redesigns of the mansions of the richest people in the city. someone who is skilled in both architecture and magic must determine the best spot for a nexus tower in a given locale.given the importance of nexus towers. The architect must roll against this DC with his Knowledge (Arcana) or Knowledge (Architecture and Engineering) skill. and so forth. Praxus is notorious for having torn down even its most famous landmarks during its phase of modernization). or they are lost. All other requirements for creating magical items still apply. It costs 50. All other requirements for epic spells apply normally. copied. he can cast epic spells (see the epic rules for details) as if he had the Epic Spellcasting feat. a well-protected city. it cannot support the creation of this kind of magic item. This is the level the part of the citizenry with a decent income and good jobs have to live with (in other words.again. and which are sometimes considered to have too much historic interest or are too picturesque to raze down and rebuilt (though this is not always sufficient protection . If the neighborhood from which the tower is supposed to be drawing energy from is altered in any significant way (fires. MAGIC 20 rich and powerful enough to make sure the neighborhood is planned according to their preferences. First of all. mass destruction by an invading army and so on). earthquakes. the gathered energy can be used to pay for the XP cost normally associated with creating that item. . even if he does not meet the prerequisites for this feat. a spellcaster needs at least 10 ranks in his Knowledge skill to use this aspect of Nexus Towers at all). but spellcasters in other nexus towers that are within line-of-sight of Building Nexus Towers First. This is the minimum amount of gold necessary . All energy points gathered by the nexus tower have to be used within a year. why do people still live near nexus towers? Why don’t they just all pack up and move to a city without them? Good question. most builders will invest large amounts of money into the tower’s defenses. Drawing upon the energy of a nexus tower in this way costs 190 energy points for each epic spell slot used. Using Nexus Towers The energy gathered within nexus towers can generally be used for two things: They can either be used to create magic items. Casting Epic Spells: If a spellcaster is within the tower’s ritual chamber (usually located at or near the top of the building). Additionally. A spellcaster has one epic spell slot for each full ten ranks in his Knowledge skill appropriate to his way of spellcasting (in other words. the neighborhood surrounding the tower will often be redesigned to improve the flow of energy. Neighborhoods with “Minor” or even no city planning are usually found within the older parts of town .if it is necessary to calculate the gathered over a shorter period of time. These people tend to be so poor that they simply cannot afford to live elsewhere. instead of those of mystic architecture. reduce the amount proportionally. those who live in neighborhoods with stronger drain settings usually do not have much choice. The cost for this is highly variable . spells that require a nexus tower to function can be written down. and the DC is equal to 20 plus 2 for every Magic Item Creation feat and each Epic Spell seed that the tower supports (if the tower doesn’t support a certain Item Creation feat or Epic Spell Seed. Unlike normal epic spells. and work out the building plans for a tower that will gather the energies as efficiently as possible.

Each coin that meets these standards will glow in the color of its element. this spell has kept many people from starving. (ad hoc +4 DC). This costs 500 XP. Area: Plants within a 14 mile radius Duration: Instantaneous Saving Throw: None Spell Resistance: No To Develop: 153.2 Spells The building is permanent and non-magical. 4 days. Anything that blocks direct line of sight also blocks the spell. When the largest cities of Urbis (those capable of supporting eleven or more nexus towers) want to create new and major buildings. S Casting Time: 11 minutes Range: 0 ft.a vital part of the city infrastructure. Seed: conjure (DC 21). It is still in frequent use even today. but you wouldn’t want to have any of the associated stench with you. Create Building [Nexus] Conjuration (Creation) Spellcraft DC: 19 Components: V. Area: Cone-shaped emanation Duration: Concentration. While it is impossible to keep it a secret that the nexus towers drain something from the people who live nearby. Given the vast number of mouths in the cities to feed. Area: Building with a radius of up to 60 ft. and thus cannot be affected by dispel magic and similar spells. most people aren’t spellcasters.000 gp. Mitigating factors: Mitigating factors: increase casting time by 10 minutes (-20 DC). Mitigating factors: increase casting time by 10 minutes (-20 DC). 30 ft. up to 1 min. a certain amount of distrust of nexus towers remains widespread. but with an increased area of effect. to 300 ft. This spell was originally invented in the Atalan Empire to ensure a constant quality of its coins throughout its provinces. Knowing The Coin Divination Level: Brd 0. ten additional casters contributing 5th-level spell slots (-90 DC). Knowing the coin can be made permanent with a permanency spell. Frequently. Sor/Wiz 0 Components: V. DC 19). MAGIC 21 Propaganda also plays its part. Clr 0. 6.120 XP. Duration: Instantaneous Saving Throw: None Spell Resistance: No To Develop: 171. Care should be taken that the foundation of the building has been cleared of all obstacles and is on firm ground before the casting. Factors: area +2.000 ft. S Casting Time: 1 minute Range: 4.800 ft. Spells like this are routinely cast in nexus towers in rural communities to improve the harvest.840 XP. . For this reason. or they have to create all such buildings with mundane methods. and has helped ensure that the coins of many different cities can still be used interchangeably. Seed: heal (ad hoc: based on plant growth spell. high cylinder (+2 DC). and gold coincs that weigh at least a third of an ounce and qualify for certain purity standards. the authorities usually say that “naturally occurring magical energies of the human body” are being drained .both entirely reasonable concerns. range +900% (+18 DC).700%. and quite a few people make a lot of money selling charms and wards to that effect most of which don’t do a thing. a multitude of supersitions about how to protect oneself from the influence of nexus towers has arisen. The quality of the building depends on the caster’s skill in Knowledge (architecture and engineering). Each round. and a height of up to 180 ft. and that helps people live with the concept. change range from 0 ft. Still. increase area by 400% (+20 DC). 4 days.CHAPTER 3. ten additional casters contributing 5th-level spell slots (-90 DC). you can turn to detect coins in a new area. S Casting Time: 11 minutes Range: 3. ten additional nexus towers contributing epic spell slots (190 DC). S Casting Time: 1 standard action Range: 60 ft. instantaneous (ad hoc x5 DC). After all. 6. Factors: change area to 10 ft. they use this spell or a minor variant.an euphemism that’s not too far from the truth./level (D) Saving Throw: None Spell Resistance: No You detect copper. silver. Smaller cities with fewer nexus towers usually limit themselves to spells that create smaller buildings. they are seen somewhat similar to the sewers . radius spread Duration: Instantaneous Saving Throw: Reflex half Spell Re- Bountiful Harvest [Nexus] Transmutation Spellcraft DC: 17 Components: V. Area: 320-ft. 3. As the “enrichment” variant of the plant growth spell. This spell creates an entire building somewhere within the radius of the spell and up to the size indicated above. or the construction might be unstable. Mass Conflagration [Nexus] Evocation [Fire] Spellcraft DC: 16 Components: V. so why should they care? The city government also misses no opportunity to remind the citizens what the nexus towers have done both for the defense and the economy of the city . radius.000 gp.

On the other hand. Why don’t nexus towers make magic items cheaper? The astute reader might have noticed that there is no mention in this book about price reductions for nexus tower-produced magic items. they are very common for the more powerful ones. which has kept prices high.the magical energy gathered from the population of a city. locate creature. higher production only ensures lower prices if demand for such items stays relatively low. no matter how weak it is. They are less useful to adventurers and other people who find themselves frequently under attack. But in a sense. as demand has kept in step with production. especially in the vicinity of nexus towers. but that one attack is often all their attackers have. When a magic item is created. Price: caster level x 160 gp. a creture must bond with the bloodstone by pouring its own blood over it. as few troops are able to withstand the intense heat. 3 days. shouldn’t they cost fewer gold pieces than in other d20 settings? The answer is “no”. 5. It will only protect them from one attack.. The bloodstones allow trusted people to control them. such as golems. five additional casters contributing 5th-level spell slots (-45 DC). CL 7th. After this. The average level of wealth in Urbis is higher than in other settings.3 Magic Items These new items can be found in Urbis. While weaker enhancements usually aren’t worth the added cost of a bloodstone. And sometimes.500% (+30 DC). First of all.500% (+60 DC). magic items are cheaper than in other settings . the creature that bonded with the stone is considered one of legitimate users of the magic item. the creater of a magic item only wants it to be useable by one or several selected persons. One-shot weapon enchantments will work for a single attack. their control can be quickly taken away with a simple dispel magic. Combining this with bane enchantments is popular. 3. The bond with a bloodstone can be destroyed by successfully casting dispel magic on the bloodstone versus the caster level of the bloodstone. One-shot weapon enchantments are popular with assassins and other people who need to make their first hit count. Golems work on all sorts of tasks. while one-shot armor enchantments and similar defensive items will only work against a single attack or effect . After that. Such spells can reduce whole armies to ashes. 22 Spells like mass conflagration are largely responsible for the fact that mass battles with large numbers of troops in tight formations are a thing of the past in the world of Urbis. and no one other than a legitimate user of such a magic item can use or activate it. Craft Wondrous Items. The character who rolls the highest Concenctration check result can use the item or give it a command during that round. as the enchantment doesn’t discriminate between various attacks by how dangerous they are. Seed: energy (DC 19). down to a minimum of “faint”. Factors: area +1. If several legitimate users who all have bonded with different bloodstones tied to the same item struggle for control of it (like several users trying to give orders to a golem).000 gp. Thus. One-shot armor and similar defensive enhancments (such as items that grant bonuses to saving throws) are popular with public figures and other people who have to fear assassins.just not in terms of gold pieces. Bloodstones help with both of these. But this is not the case with Urbis. Moderate Divination. One-shot enchantments: It is possible to create cheap versions of enchantments that only work for a single use. Even the middle classes are larger and more prosperous than in settings where most of the population are still peasant . Needless to say. They are especially prevalent with golems. but the basic cost is only 1/50 times the normal cost. but with increased range and area. and there is an upper limit for the production of nexus tower-made magic items . MAGIC sistance: Yes To Develop: 144.. resolve the situation by requiring Concentration checks. but simply triggers at the first attack. the creation of magic items remains a seller’s market. After this. The magical aura surrounding a one-shot enchantment is one level weaker than usual. the bloodstones of powerful items are normally kept at very secure locations.000 XP (-10 DC). no one wants just anyone to be able to order a golem around. since they can be devastating in the wrong hands.the first such attack or effect the wearer is subject to. and the upper classes can be very rich indeed. and it simply isn’t practical to force the creator of a golem to constantly supervise it when he could do more important things (like creating more golems). two additional nexus towers contributing epic spell slots (-38 DC). As fireball.760 XP. normally only work for their creater.CHAPTER 3. but if necessary. the creator can craft one or more bloodstones (which usually use a crystal for the base material) at the same time. Mitigating factors: burn 1. This costs 1 hp times the caster level of the bloodstone. Given that magic items can be mass-produced in Urbis. the bloodstone can bond with a new user. range +1. Bloodstones: Some magic items. and the reasons for this are economical. The prerequisites for this kind of enchantment are identical to the normal version.

This is required to charge money for spellcasting services. as well as being allowed to cast professional spells. the Spell Legality Table which can be found in the Appendix (see p.that requires a professional licence. permanently slay the living (i. though convicted felons are usually denied one. but they must join military exercises (which usually last for a week and take place two times a year on average). All these prices assume a medium-sized city-state (Small Metropolis or Metropolis). and as such are tightly monitored. Banned spells include those that create undead.]Since this is a first offence and several citizens of Praxus have vouched for the character of the accused. this court will be lenient and set the fine at only one hundred and fifty gold pieces (150 gp). These spells have mostly fairly harmless effects. For instance. city guards. and anything that might significantly alter the status quo. others are restricted to licenced spellcasters. While some spells can be cast freely by anyone who knows them. Banned: These spells are illegal to cast for anyone with the possible exception of trusted government agents (and even then it often must be kept a secret from the general population). or spells that might help wanted criminals to avoid the authorities. In some cases.smaller independent communities usually don’t have any licensing system for spellcasters). CL: Civilian licence. those that prevent the victims from being raised).4 Spell Legality “Wherefore. It is also possible to purchase professional licences for single schools of magic.. So someone who wants a licence to cast up to third-level civilian spells would have to pay 25 gp x 3 x 3=225 gp. as defined and penalized in Article 335 (1) (2) of the Praxus Civil Code. this court finds guilty the accused Wilhelm Tannert of unlicenced spellcasting. [. in which case the licence costs the company 50 gp times the highest spell level squared. this does not help the urban poor . or effects that are solely centered on the spellcaster himself. such as alter self. such as charm person. Some organized nations (such as Thenares and the League of Armach) have schemes for licences that apply across the region. A civilian licence is required to purchase a professional licence. those who apply for such a licence are lectured on what constitutes “correct usage” and what doesn’t). or even banned outright. PL: Professional licence. such as wish. These spells either hold potential for abuse or are a major money-maker for organized spellcasters. [. but there is no fixed price for this . and double prices for larger communities (Large Metropolis and Megalopolis). Holders of professional licences must usually give a full list of all the spells they are able to cast to the authorities.thus conveniently keeping prices at the level described in the standard d20 equipment lists... The table uses the following abbreviations: Legal: The spell can be freely cast by anyone who knows it without fear of legal repercussions. mercenary company may get licences for their own combat spellcasters.. Examples include spells that cause devastation in a large area such as fireball. for that matter .or starting adventurers. MAGIC 23 farmers. In this case. Note that even if someone manages to gain a military licence he will still be held responsible for using the spells in an inappropriate manner. These spells are usually only legal for military forces.. and they will be drafted in times of war. Anyone. A civilian licence costs 25 gp times the highest spell level squared. These spells have vast potential for abuse. This costs 10 gp times the highest spell level squared. and professional licence costs 50 gp times the highest spell level squared. He may not charge money for casting it . whether citizen of a city-state or a visitor. ML: Military licence. These spells might be used for mischief. the licence doesn’t cost them anything.Court document D-17832 from the case Praxus versus Tannert Not all spells are equal in the eye of the law. Of course.CHAPTER 3.” . instead of a single city-state.e.. 3. The spell can be cast by a registered spellcaster for his personal use only. Private individuals may be able to get military licences if they join a city’s reserve forces or militia.. using charm person to defend himself or other citizens may be permissable.. Professional licences for a single spell cost 5 gp times the spell level squared. but the government trusts responsible citizens to use them correctly (and usually. Also included are a number of offensive spells that bodyguards and other non-military or non-guard professionals might require in their line of work.it usually requires hefty bribes combined with huge favors for those in power. and similar organisations. A number of special cases are explained below: Government employees: Spellcasters who work for the .]Since according to eyewitnesses the target appeared fully healed after the completion of the spell.but it is assumed that the better mass-production capabilities of the city (whether they are producing magic items or other goods) are compensated by larger numbers of gold pieces in circulation . While the legality of individual spells can vary widely from city to city.. Quadruple the price of the licence in this case. 144) lists the typical legality for all standard d20 spells. Halve prices for smaller communities (down to Small City . spells that deny the target its free will. it is clear that the accused did cast a more powerful spell than a cure minor wounds spell neccessary to stabilize the target. In some rare cases private individuals or non-government organisations may be granted permission to cast these spells. but using the spell to get someone else to cover gambling debts is most definitely not. may get a civilian licence. and are often hard to justify to use in a civilian context.

the government usually gives them the necessary licences for their profession free of charge.casting such a spell when defending himself from thieves breaking into his home is one thing. Cities will not honor each other’s military licences unless they are actively allied. illegal.. Priests and spellcasting: Priests of all recognized faiths in a city (i. exile. professional and military licences are usually invalidated once the spellcaster leaves government service. or even imprisonment. all faiths that have established a permanent and official temple in a city. Renewing licences: Professional and military licences (in the case of mercenaries) must be renewed each year in most cities. the buyer must usually show proof that he has the appropriate licence as well. however .CHAPTER 3. Magic Items: The production of magic items for sale requires at least a professional licence. and unless he has very good explanations for his actions. If the spell effect created by the item would require a licence. .the caster will be held responsible for any collateral damage. or within a neighboring region close to the regional border) and aren’t hostile to each other will honor each other’s civilian licences for up to three months. Priests of faiths without official representation in the city will have to purchase civilian and professional licences like other spellcasters. while priests of minor faiths are considered to have the equivalent of a professional licence for spells up to spell level four.e. as opposed to small shrines or hidden temples) are considered to have the equivalent of a civilian licence. Self-defense: It is usually permissable to use PL spells in self-defense even if the spellcaster does not have a professional license. The spellcaster must have clearly been the victim in this situation. Priests of major faiths (usually the two or three most popular or influental faiths. the visitor will have to acquire an additional licence in the new city to continue spellcasting. while casting a spell when running from the city guards is quite another! Casting ML spells is seen less leniently . MAGIC government of a city-state don’t usually have to pay for any licences . This also applies to druids. and each other’s professional licences for up to 30 days. he will have to face large fines. Licences in other cities: Cities that have established firm diplomatic relations with each other (this usually means that they are within the same region. and why he even knows the spell in the first place. After this. in fact. This costs 10% of the original price for each year. whose faith isn’t recognized in most cities and often is. though the exact 24 number can vary considerably) are considered to have the equivalent of a professional licence for all spell levels. Druids who bother with acquiring licences will often pretend to follow another faith. However.

and a further 30 gp or more for the optional portrait. but they are often limited in their resources to find their client (for example. they are more expensive. all issued residency papers are noted in central registries. the concept of life insurance was invented . Cost: Passports cost 50 gp to issue. they list the same information . non-hostile cities and generally stay there for several months without requiring residency papers. it is not particularly difficult to forge such papers (DC 15). It is possible to remove a Bronze ouroboros by peeling off the skin or even hacking off the limb it is on. 3 A snake forming a circle and biting its own tail . but some customers insist on placing it on the wrist or even the brow as a status symbol. but also harder to forge than citizenship papers. However. and such forgeries will be discovered if someone bothers to double-check them with these registries. They will afford him greater rights and more courtesy by officials within that city.Chapter 4 Equipment and Services 4. Furthermore. and Gold Insurance. but the Silver and Gold tatoos will simply move to the largest remaining part of the body. if there is a cleric available who can cast raise dead or similar spells on the deceased. Silver.000 gp). Usually. Cost: Residency papers cost 5 gp. 2 Most banks will issue statements that back the claims of people who have an account with them . Others might allow someone to attain citizenship after several years of legal residence without any criminal activity. though this is done by simply stamping the passport and only costs 1 gp. They must be renewed after one year for the same cost.thus making it unneccessary to show the officials the money in person.2 Services Bank account: Life insurance: It is a sad fact of life that sooner or later it will end. Many are troubled. Prerequisites for attaining citizenship varies. Additionally.a third party is paid a large sum to make sure that all reasonable attempts are being made to bring the deceased person back to life. they might only gurantee resurrection if their client stays within a single region.or full-fledged passports . the minimum wealth is about 1. he will have to give up all previous citizenships.a classical symbol for resurrection and the circle of life in general 25 . In general. Since passports are signed with an arcane mark by the issuing office. 4. Other organizations provide cheaper services.can usually expect exhausting interviews by customs officials or members of the city guards about their intentions and identity. however. A client recieves a magical tattoo in the form of an ouroboros3 in the appropriate color. this end need not be final. Residency papers: These papers identify the owner as a legal resident of a single city. In fact. This tatoo is usually placed at the back of the neck.2 The papers list the owner’s residence. citizenships are mutally exclusive . they need to be renewed every four years. What if the relatives prefer the deceased to stay that way so that they can inherit his fortune? What if they are stranded in a remote locale where no one knows him and thus no effort is made to get him raised? Or what if effort is made to hide the fact that he died in the first place? For these and other reason. Other than that. especially train stations) or random guard patrols with usually only minor inspections and hassles.though it is also possible to commission a small portrait of the owner.Bronze. The life insurance provided by the Gemeinschaftsbank comes in three different forms . However. allowing him through checkpoints (such as they can be found at the main entrances of the city. and the date of expiration for the papers. a description of his appearance (especially distinguishing features). 1 People without such papers .1 Prerequisite for attaining citizenship papers is proof of a long-term residence and either a legal job or proof of being wealthy enough to survive without one (usually. and usually protect him from being arbitrarily exiled from the city for minor legal infractions or flimsy pretexts by the local law enforcement.if someone wishes to become a citizen of a certain city. In general. Some cities only give citizenship to the descendants of other cities. showing up with a large bag of gold will be seen as rather suspicious by most officials. The most respected and reliable. they establish his identity. or even city in the more extreme cases). but also most expensive life insurance is that provided by the Gemeinschaftsbank. he can use his passport to travel to other.1 Identification Citizenship papers/passport: Passports or citizenship papers identify the owner as a citizen of a single city. by the fact that they cannot be certain that such spells will even be cast upon them.

for example). the Gemeinschaftsbank will arrange for raise dead to be cast on the body if they become aware of the death soon enough (Bronze insurance only gurantees this if they are able to retrive the body within nine days after the death. with Gold insurance the Gemeinschaftsbank arranges for true resurrection to be cast on the target.000 gp (+5). With Silver insurance. since the Gemeinschaftsbank is aware that this message can be foiled.000 gp for a Silver. assume that a research library contains one book weighing 1 lb. for every 10 gp of its cost.000 gp (+3). Finally. Research libraries are rated by the bonus they provide.3 Tools Research Library: A specialized and well-stocked library can assist in research. and +5 libraries will be often be famous among scholars throughout the Known Lands (Byblos has +5 research libraries on multiple subjects. this is easily done. . the Gemeinschaftsbank is willing to pay 500 gp to anyone who brings the body of a Bronze insurance holder to one of their office.. the tattoo sends out a magical message to the Gemeinschaftsbank offices informing them of the incident and its location (though this effect can be prevented with appropriate magical countermeasures.such as awkward questions by the authorities about where he found the body.. just like with Silver insurance. they occasionally try to divine the status of the client (usually every two months or so) just to be sure he is still alive. If the death is public knowledge and happens in a city with a Gemeinschaftsbank branch office.CHAPTER 4.000 gp.000 gp for a Silver.000 gp (+2). upon the death of the client. If the client dies and then returns to life with the help of the insurance. Furthermore. he will have to pay for a new tattoo. which need to be paid for starting one year after the creation of the tattoo. Since retrieving the body is not nec- 26 essary for this spell. the Gemeinschaftsbank arrange for its casting as soon as they become aware of the death of the client (though they still often pay for “finder’s fees” for the retrieval of the personal belongings of the client). The Gemeinschaftsbank is strongly motivated to make sure that a retriever doesn’t regret his action. such as an antimagic shell). 20. the Gemeinschaftsbank charges annual fees of 1. if this isn’t the case it might be too late for raise dead to work once the body is retrieved. 5. if they can determine (usually with the help of a zone of truth spell) that the retriever didn’t actually cause the death4 . the Gemeinschaftsbank will arrance for resurrection to be cast on the body. 100. and 5. and the reward for bringing back a part of the body (presumably the one with the ouroboros) increases to 1.000 gp for a Gold insurance. A research libraries will give a circumstance bonus from +1 to +5 to a specific knowledge skill. and they will also allow the character to roll the knowledge skill check again if he has the opportunity to use it (though each individual library will only allow a single reroll for a specific check). Note that +4 research libraries will usually be only found at universities and other centers of learning. 2. As a rule of thumb. 4. or why he was carrying a dead body through a city. The Gemeinschaftsbank then usually hires trustworthy agents to retrieve the body.000 gp for creating a Bronze. and 50.000 gp for a Gold ouroboros tattoo. The Gemeinschaftsbank charges 10. 20. Furthermore. Knowledge libraries must be purchased for each knowledge skill seperately. 4 The Gemeinschaftsbank is also willing to help with legal problems of the retriever . usually). 1. Cost: 200 gp (+1). Furthermore.000 gp (+4). The tattoo also sends out a message upon the death of its owner.000 gp for a Bronze. For this reason. what he was doing there. but if they can find a higher-level cleric who can cast the spell successfully later than this period they will do so. EQUIPMENT AND SERVICES With Bronze insurance. However.

and counts the years since the first nexus tower was erected. However.1 Time and Seasons Even that adjustment is not exactly accurate. The 1st of Nor of 1423. Time is also divided into weeks of seven day each. There is no “Year Zero” in this calendar. Greenday is a good time for garden work. The first such adjustment would be in 1450 NA. Rothea actually takes slightly longer than 363 days to revolve around the sun. some are celebrated more widely than others and deserve special mention. The Calendar The official calendar used in most of the Known Lands originated with the Atalan Empire. The years before that time are considered to be “Before Nexus” (BN). and Purpleday. which is still used in some high society circles as well as among occultists and some academics. but this has not yet gained widespread acceptance. It is said that any good deed you will perform on the 29th of Mara will be returned to you tenfold. even they tend to refer to this reckoning when corresponding with foreigners. Norol 14th: Midsummer. families stay at home together and exchange gifts. region and even city has its own special holidays. or 1423. ranging from candles to lanterns to magical illumination. and children born on that day are considered to be blessed by Mara herself. For this reason. Modern name Nor Varnus Avern Jorune Victor Norol Mara Kort Invar Hatan Drusus Ungol Atalan name Norus Varnus Avernus Jorunnos Victorius Norolus Mara Kortus Invarius Hatanius Drusus Ungolius Number of days 30 31 30 30 31 30 28 31 31 30 31 30 Season mid-winter late winter early spring mid-spring late spring early summer mid-summer late summer early autumn mid-autumn late autumn early winter Holidays While each faith. as the number zero had not been discovered by the Atalan Empire by this time. This calendar starts with Year 1 of the Nexus Age. astronomers have proposed to eliminate the 29th of Mara in the 50th year of every second century. as recent astronomical measurements have shown. On Whiteday. There is also a rich lore of superstitions regarding the significances of the various “day colors” for example. The current year is the year 1423 of the Nexus Age. Traditionally. A year consists of 363 days. Whiteday. is a Blueday. These days are divided into twelve months. 27 . the default starting year for an Urbis campaign. especially in cities which consider themselves to be “heirs” to the glories of the Empire). government offices as well as many shops are also closed.Chapter 5 Life and Society 5. Avern 15th: Spring Equinox. while Blackday is generally considered to be “unlucky”. Redday. people light innumerable lights. Yellowday. and many faiths hold their ceremonies on this day. every five years (a period also known as a “pentad”) the month of Mara has 29 days instead of 28. Each day is named after a different color. various customs have established themselves throughout many lands to drive the darkness away. Most commonly. Invar 16th: Fall Equinox. though much of the population still has to work. Blackday. Greenday. For this reason. Purpleday is a general day of rest (and even the working poor tend to get the mornings off). Redday is supposed to be a lucky day for love. Though other ways of counting the years exist in some regions. or 1 NA for short. dating back to a custom in the Atalan Empire where the emperor’s palace would display banners of different colors each weekday (a custom still followed in certain locales to this day. The days are: Blueday. starting with 1 BN (or sometimes -1 NA). Ungol 15th: Winter Solstice/Festival of Lights. which were originally named during the Atalan Empire after various deities or emperors. The following table lists both the modern-day name for the months as well as the “classical” Atalan version. As it is the longest night of the year.

a fact that probably explains the decline of slavery better than any supposed moral enlightenment! A slave has certain needs that must be provided for. and there is nothing they can legally do against this. The Working Poor Ever since an advanced understanding of the principles of agriculture and a massive use of magic have worked together to make bumper crops a regular occurrence. Often. Some slaves have considerable freedom in going after their daily activities . and not manslaughter.they cannot move away without their master’s permission. starve. and their vast magical potential with them. differences of class and station between members of the same society are readily apparent. Slaves are the actual property of another person. while the movers and shakers of city-states get resurected until their bodies finally succumb to old age. since they know that there are less jobs than poor people. In feudal times. Slavery and serfdom are becoming rarer in the world of Urbis. They can’t be choosy about their jobs. a much lower potion of the general population had to work in agriculture. even there slavery is far from gone . made to spend them in the employer’s stores and dormitories. But “control” of a city can be achieved through many different methods . only three out of ten people still do so. However. and there often a dozen people competing for the same job. No longer is one’s station in life fixed at birth . A working poor can be paid very low wages. the lower classes are frequently diseased and often dressed in little more than rags. Most can only work as menial laborers. Today.2 Class and Station such contracts become rarer. Even the poorest freeman can. They have in common that their lives are not their own. control of vital resources. LIFE AND SOCIETY 28 5. Whoever controlled a city controlled its nexus towers.sometimes. It used to be that status was primarily determined by how much land a person owned . he will have to sleep on the streets. Not so slaves and serfs . Slave workers are also sometimes used for laying new railroad tracks or digging new canals. But for most of the poor starving in a slum. A poor man without a job is of no use to anyone. the palatial estates of their rulers remain as out of reach as they did in earlier times. the wealthier and more influential he was. or skillful political alliances. something to eat. anyone can claw his way to the top and proclaim himself ruler of a city.the more land. like protecting them from attacks of monsters and other outsiders. land ceased to be the deciding factor in a person’s worth when the nexus towers came into widespread use.but this is a privilege granted to them by their master. at least in theory. Slaves are either the children of slaves or were captured in a war or raid. and when all is said and done he makes a poor worker because he has no better motivation for working than avoiding the whip. They can be bought and sold. Another form of serfdom is used by certain churches . emigrate from a city and try to make his fortune in another city. and it can be revoked at any time. Their masters usually have some obligation towards them. Maintaining a stable of poor workers is also often cheaper and more effective for the wealthy than owning slaves . and plain good luck.through force of arms. and leaves several dependents behind. no matter how low their quality. and clothes to wear. helping with the annual harvest. they agree to a generational contract . Serfs are usually considered people by most legal systems.with enough determination. In most of Urbis. they can be fired at any time. With the decline of the traditional feudal systems. though these obligations are rarely enforced. Some people sell themselves into slavery (or are sold by others) to cover their debts. and he will still be motivated to work because he knows he could fall even further. and they cannot make a single life altering choice without getting their master’s approval first. they cannot marry without their master’s permission. for these activities usually take place far from the prying eyes of the citizens of the city-states. Serfs are usually the children of other serfs .their ancestors pledged themselves to a ruler in exchange for protection. . A member of the working poor has no such certainties he has to pay for everything. At least.heavy lifting at the myriad construction sites that dot the cities. and if another person kills them. they can be killed with impunity by their masters.when slavery itself is illegal. and not a right. though usually with lesser rights than freemen. nine out of ten people worked the fields. weaving. Slaves and Serfs Slaves and serfs have the lowest station of all people. and if he can’t pay. the main money earner of a family dies while still in his prime. The upper classes are always healthy and well dressed. and watch his clothes fall apart. and so on. and the poor scuttle in the shadows of the same buildings. or buying food for them in times of hunger. for many brothels are willing to pay high prices for exotic slaves from far-off regions. and these institutions are even outlawed in some of the more enlightened regions. These dependents then ask a church to have him raised. They take on any job that is too low paying for the guilds and other professionals to bother with . A slave can at least be assured a place to sleep. Since it would normally be impossible for a poor family to pay the money necessary for a raise dead spell. The rich and powerful live at the top of the mightiest buildings. that’s the theory. Prostitution is especially common. The slum dwellers work themselves into an early grave. This system was often codified into hereditary aristocratic titles. it is regarded as a crime against another person’s property. The truth is that many of these working poor are worse off than slaves in other regions. A slave has at least some worth in the eyes of his owner. But while remnants of this can still be seen in many places. slaves are used for activities that are illegal or outside of the public eye.CHAPTER 5. smarts.the family pledges to become serfs for a certain number of generations in servitude (eight is typical) in return for the spell.

. 5. be they fair or foul.their entire way of thinking is so alien that commoners can rarely understand their true motivations. knowing just the right people and what kinds of incen- . the guild leaders are the rulers of a city. The upper ranks of many guilds are often considered part of the ruling classes . even cities on the friendliest of terms will have some people plotting against their counterparts in the other city. Likewise. easy access to resurrection spells. and they are usually able to make a good living from them. trade goods. trading goods to places far and near. Creating high quality items. the clan’s power base is gone. no matter how foul.. there are enough tales of criminals who either retire wealthy after a spectacular coup or become crime lords and gain access to the halls of power in a city to inspire others to follow in their footpaths. All in all. Those who don’t meet these qualifications usually don’t last long and are replaced by those who are smarter and more ruthless than they are. and with him. and ruthless in the application of their power.. while low. Since there is usually a high demand for their skills. The Ruling Classes In some cities. And in some cities. minerals. People who will go to any length to slander him. they can bring the ruler down. In an age where contracts aren’t normally given to the lowest bidder. And elsewhere. the adults are master schemers without peer who can usually see any plots against them from miles away. A ruler at the very least needs a trusted circle of advisors who keep watch for any threats for him . LIFE AND SOCIETY Other poor people want the “easy way out” and fall into a life of crime. Still. burglars or prostitutes. And these chances. The craftsmen and professionals have just these necessary skills. More gold than any sane person could possibly spend in his lifetime (but many rulers overspend nonetheless). they don’t have to fear being fired and replaced like the unskilled workers do. In others.CHAPTER 5. and so on . But those who take on the mantle of rulership are often divorced in many ways from their fellow humans . skilled in the arts of politics. Diplomacy Knowing your trading partners is important. And there are worse fates in the world of Urbis. There are many ways of attacking someone. while cities on less friendly terms will do everything in their power.3 The Great Game This section examines some of the means employed to this end. This means that no ruler can survive without allies. a ruthless despot and his circle of friends have slaughtered their way to the throne. The young in these families are usually either subjected to the strictest form of discipline to make sure they will work hard for the honor and glory of the family when they are older. These guilds usually try to maintain a monopoly in their city through whatever means necessary. a council of guild leaders or merchants determines the city’s policies. The perks of being at the top are many. the adults will take on incredible hardships to advance the cause of their family and gain merit in the eyes of their elders. Yet a ruler has many enemies who want his power for themselves. Knowing your enemies is even more so.and most of them will do everything in their power to get them in sufficient quantities and low prices. They frequently organize into professionals’ organizations to increase their power and set standards of quality. or overseeing lesser workers requires skills which can only be developed through years of training. Some work as beggars.food. to get ahead of their competition. They all need the same resources .. and to take care of the dependents of a guild member who dies. but made behind closed doors after much wheeling and dealing. where their descendants follow in their footsteps. whether through financial. political. Craftsmen and Professionals Keeping a city running smoothly requires more than just brute labor and a few people who tell others what to do. Ruling a city offers many advantages.but how is he supposed to know whether his advisors are trustworthy? The most successful rulers form dynasties. City-states are in a constant state of competition. Most come to a bad end . And it is traditional in these circumstances to kill all relatives.which usually means killing off all contenders. are better than the misery that is guaranteed to those who are poor and honest. a family of nobles rules. steal his allies. For if the ruler’s enemies find any weak links in the family. and make sure that he stays dead after he is slain.they certainly command enough money. while a guild member has to work long hours day after day. and the powers of life and death to wield over lesser mortals. all rulers have a few things in common. pick-pockets.they bleed to death in a small alley or rot away in the prisons. lest one of them return and make a claim for the throne. and others join criminal organizations. Thus. And sometimes. he is at least sure that he can earn a decent living for the foreseeable future. and the ruler’s relatives are rendered helpless. The ruler’s family knows that it must always present a united front to outside threats . In the second case. In the first case.no matter what their internal divisions might be. 29 Regardless of the specific form the rulership of a city takes. or magical means. all of them try to sell their own products to the highest bidder. Anyone who wants to stay in power needs to be ready for all of them at all times. or they are left to their own devices to scheme their way to rulership . resources and influence to make the rulers of a city take notice. these tales turn out to be true. They must smart.

a good diplomatic network can mean that you will have many allies standing by your side against your enemies. All kinds of people can get involved in such a war. the diplomats of Rothea are always busy. The easiest way to sabotage something is to bribe one of the enemy’s employees to do it. but there are only few highly-trained experts that can expect to get rich from such a career.if ever. and most spymasters learn to anticipate them. Usually this kind of war is fought over a specific resource that both covet. betrayals and double-crosses are all too common. All-Out War When even limitied warfare isn’t enough. whether mundane or magical. they know their workplace .and its weaknesses. drag him into a scheme that will ultimately be harmful to his agenda. Roving saboteurs who can infiltrate a hostile installation. and damage them without anyone noticing it until it is to late are far rarer . If you can point the blame to yet another enemy and sow confusion and distrust among your foes. Sabotaging the enemy’s equipment or infrastructure can certainly make his life difficult. sometimes an actual written treaty) to limit their conflict in scope.but sometimes both parties want to avoid any damage to this resource. Espionage Sometimes. while a bad or nonexistant one means that you will be overrun without any warning.sometimes. and a keen mind to distinguish the true movers and shakers of a city from those who will only waste the diplomat’s time . Nevertheless. they will be released at the end of the conflict instead of being executed for “war crimes”. and Skirmishes Sometimes.any of their soldiers caught by the enemy are usually said to be “acting without orders” .in such a way as to make them unprofitable abd cause a withdrawal of the enemy. and you need to know it now. nexus towers. and want to hinder the enemy’s ability to stop you. you must try to stop them . In times of conflict this is even more vital .CHAPTER 5.being able to talk your way out of a situation is a useful skill for spies as well .or perhaps you want to start some plot of your own. then so much the better. and agree to pick another battlefield. After all. sometimes hiding in the shadows and sometimes hiding in plain sight. no astute observer is really fooled about the nature of the conflict. Diplomats have the disadvantage that their name and appearance is generally known to all in their social circles. pick out the most vulnerable points. and this resource marks the center of the battlefield . but a good spy will only be detected long after he is gone . The objective is to conquer or destroy another city-state .. Therefore. and a city is willing to do anything to conquer or destroy a hated enemy. Thus. It is fairly common to hire mercenaries for such activities . and they are usually quick to emphasize any victories. and downplay any defeat. But in this business of deceitfulness. A good spy who can learn of any enemy plans and evade any obstacles in his way. While there is some overlap between diplomats and spies . and the competitors enter a state of war. since the “Rules of War” that are in place at such an occasion mean that if they are taken prisoners.spies tend to move around unseen. But spies and saboteurs matter just as much in a conflict when the pride of an entire city is at stake. normal diplomatic channels won’t be enough . This kind of warfare gives a great opportunity for rulers to induce their people some civic pride.and highly sought-after specialists. Payment depends on the difficulty of the tasks. and other tricks. then the Rules of War are abandoned and allout war begins. starting from the nexus towers to multitude of well-trained troops to hidden traps.or at least make the enemy city incapable of being a competitor in the foreseeable future. the concept of “Limited Warfare” was born .such as farms. stockpiled weapons.a state of affairs when other city-states traditionally enter the fray and finish him off. and mercenaries prefer this kind of conflict over any other. LIFE AND SOCIETY tives they are amenable to can make all the difference between vast earnings and going broke. hostilities between two cities boil over to such an extent that a shadow war spills into the open.or worse. or military patrols . . Limited Warfare Sometimes. the effect on the morale of a city-state becomes more important than the resource itself . The aggressor side in such a conflict tries to keep a layer of deniability . 30 The goal here is to disrupt enemy operations in a remote locale . Most cities have massive and multiple defenses. mines. trying to assault another city-state is an extremely costly undertaking that would leave even the winner exhausted and stretched to the limit . and even assassinating key personnel can be considered to be sabotage of sorts.the two cities come to an understanding (sometimes a verbal “Gentlemen’s Agreement”.a quick victory over some hated enemy can distract an angry population from the problems caused by corrupt and incompetent rulers.. conquering an enemy city requires a massive effort that usually starts with extensive espionage (often years before the actual invasion starts!) to ferret all the contigency plans the rulers of the city might have.and it is time to send actual soldiers to harrass enemy operations. Often. There are always more people to meet.if he seems trustworthy to his employer. simple sabotage isn’t enough . and it requires a charming manner to make new friends. Then there will be multiple strikes by highly-trained specialists who try to take out as many enemy commanders. Sabotage Once you have learned of your enemies’ foul plans. while most die an early and lonely death in the wilderness.but while this keeps the conflict from being true warfare. Consequently. and other fortifications as possible. you need to know exactly what your enemies are up to. can demand almost any price . ranches.which adds another level of deniability.or too difficult to pull off .

primitive river barges. 5. Wise rulers know all this. and can be divided into two categories. It might not be as flashy.not to mention deal with the difficulty of acquiring such a mount in the first place! Many elves have proven willing to do so.and ultimately costs less time and money. and even people to survive. resources. Then. and who can inflict horrendous casualties on the invaders.thus making them expensive . These golems cannot seperate themselves from the coach. No city is entirely self-sufficient . Most humans would rather save the time and effort and just travel where they want to go by rail and coach. Flight Flight as a mode of transportation is fairly rare. Eventually. these creatures are either sapient or hard to tame and train.a situation that other citystates will invariably try to take advantage of. LIFE AND SOCIETY throw any defending forces into confusion before they have time to organize a counterattack.and only rarely last for long enough to get to distant locations.but this usually means that they will be subject to increasingly effective guerilla strikes by the survivors. and flight via magic. so their merchants and craftsmen are strongly interested in finding ways of getting these goods to other people who will pay handsomely for them. the earliest “trains” used flesh-and-blood horses instead of golems.whose relatives will now have a new cause for fighting the invaders. to keep the cities functioning. And even if they can be trained. It has been all too common in history that a city-state wins a war. Unfortunately. but thanks to the expense required in creating them. transportation cannot be allowed to be as slow and inefficient as in feudal times. Flight via flying creatures. Usually there is intense urban fighting with remaining enemy who survived the initial raids. That magic is capable of granting flight has been Railroads One of the great symbols of the modern age. these remain pipe dreams. and all too often the invaders find themselves stretched to the limit in terms of money. these golems had quadrupedal form and walked next to the rails. they are usually kept in secure locations instead of being casually used for other travelers. Thus. there are many things that can go wrong with this kind of warfare. From the original Bodenwald to Gr¨ ungarten line 1 In fact. Magic items capable of granting flight for longer periods are known. raw materials. since the owners of such items don’t want their investment stolen at the next opportunity. but among other races only few organizations (often but not always of a military nature) have been willing to spend the time and effort for such an enterprise. and time is not of the essence. but it gets the job done . In older trains. Any crackdowns will usually 31 cost the lives of innocent bystanders .it is usually far more effective to dominate your enemies through other means than through sheer force of arms. drawing the train similar to a stage coach1 . and their “arms” and “legs” are basically giant pistons that provide the power for the wheels. the normal soldiers move in and begin to suppress all opposition. Thus. they will only accept the person who actually trained them as a rider (though some of them will accept other passengers as well). There are quite a few creatures capable of both flying and carrying a rider at the same time. However. . such spells require a lot of time and effort to learn . when most traffic was catered to by horsedrawn carriages. but as of now. or even on foot. and many wizards enjoy flaunting their abilities in front of others. Thus. as these golems take up a large amount of space (very inconvenient for tunnels) and their weight tended to damage the ground they were walking on. they are only used in emergencies or when they can be sure that no stranger will get hold of them.4 Transportation known for a long time. possibly even more so than the nexus towers.CHAPTER 5. Thus. On the other hand. more modern coaches (the wagon at the front that pull the whole train behind them) incorporate golems into their very structure. and manpower . the occupiers will have to relax curfews and other measures somewhat to keep the occupied city functioning . they often produce more goods of certain types than they require or consume. Instead. but ultimately looses the peace. and various groups organizations have risen up to the occasion in myriad ways. this has proven to be inefficient. Fortunately. which means that more conventional modes of transportation have proven more efficient under most circumstances. there is money to be made by providing transportation. Some ambitious artificers dream of flying golems who will usher in an Age of Flight when traveling through the air becomes affordable to the common man. All in all. After this. there will be a few days of quiet while the remaining defenders retreat underground and try to take the measure of the invadors.they all depend on a steady influx of food. once the main defenses are disabled. The basic principle of a railroad is simple: Several large wagons filled with either passengers or goods are moved along metal rails through the pull of one or more golems. Effective transportation systems are one of the pillars upon which the modern system of trade rests. However. This is still done on some short routes where using golems would be uneconomical because only few passengers or freight are being transported. their impact on transportation is limited as well. railroads are quickly spreading across the continent. and take care never to let affairs degenerate to this state . the availability of flight as a personal mode of transport is limited to those who spend lots of time caring for and training their mounts . requiring frequent repairs.

the Desert of Thunder. with tendrils reaching into the Gawaris Desert and the Lake of Dreams region. Finally. the Siebenbund. It is expected to be- 32 come much more prominent once the Grand Road is completed.but not impossible. Traditionally. the Northern Network uses rail tracks with a greater distance between the rails than the other networks. While well-organized and -armed humans are quite capable of clearing wilderness areas of monsters on land. However. It mostly covers the League of Armach and Gol Algor (whose inhabitants have taken to the new technology enthusiastically and started to introduce several innovations based on it). horse or golem-drawn river barges can hardly be compared to the ships moving across the open oceans . and while the merchant fleets of individual city-states can be impressive. as the profits can be immense. most historical trade routes centered on these whenever possible. but its leaders know something useful when they see it. placid. building such canals has usually been worth it. and gems . The railway system can be grouped into the following independent networks: The Western Network: The largest and oldest of them all. seafarers have either attempted to stick to well-known routes with few known dangers (though no such routes were ever completely reliable. the rail network has spread over much of the continent. travel on the ocean has been a risky undertaking for land dwellers. which makes wrecking the hull more difficult . the Parginian Rim. Sometimes. Whatever their type. Competition for being awarded the rights to build a line between two location is often fierce. and make sure that the local ruler is on their side through a combination of diplomacy. eventually meeting the Western Network there. Most such ships are still sailing ships. none of them have the numbers to maintain true colonies in distant lands. they prefer to create trade outposts where they can buy or sell their goods. The Central Network: This Network used to be part of the Western Network.usually gold. Thenares and the Alliance of the Pantheon (although there is no direct rail connection between the latter two thanks to historical and mutual animosity . and to the north through the Norfjell Wastes (hopefully eventually reaching Gol Grungor and the Lands of the Dead). But the defenders had better know what they are doing . or rely on speed or powerful defenders to power through such dangerous regions. or the open ocean. Efforts are currently being made to expand to the south along the coast of Malundi. Ships In theory.sometimes even at the cost of innocent lives. a major spur is built through the Grand Road a subterranean tunnel starting at the Parginian city of Alassio. Plans are currently made to extend the Northern Network to the Norfjell Wastes. bribery. but the ocean depths are also home to numerous large monsters and often hostile underwater civilizations. The Northern Network: The Hobgoblin Dominions might not have invented the railways. inland lakes.even a small number of sahuagin can easily destroy a ship with a wooden hull if no one above can breathe and move underwater and challenge the sea devils in their own domain! Recent advances in shipbuilding have made iron-plated hulls more common.. This competition can vary from fairly open competition for the highest bidder to outright nepotism. but more and more of these are replaced by metal constructions propelled by giant. and they always warn the owner of the ships not to ignore this custom. Traditionally. so that rail wagons can’t move from one network to the other and passengers will have to switch wagons once that day arrives. ships are one of the cheapest ways of moving large amounts of goods long distances. . 2 Experienced navigators know spots where they can throw such sacrifices .which makes some people nervous since this would also make an invasion easier for the hobgoblins.CHAPTER 5. Of course. since more than a few dangerous underwater creatures are migratory). it has also become possible to dig vast canals between the cities. they have even backed adventurers to take over local rulership in return for favorable trade concessions. ocean-going ships are a significant investment. appease whatever creatures live along the way with gifts2 . the Eastern Network is almost solely limited to the Verdant Coast. golem-powered paddlewheels. This is a massive undertaking and is only done by very large and wealthy cities which can afford it. But for those raking in the profits. and finally the Eastern Network at the Verdant Coast. LIFE AND SOCIETY founded in 1376 NA. Since then. Thus. However. the hostile underwater environment has proven to be beyond their ability to tame. but the Alliance of the Pantheon cut all links to the League of Armach when the latter started to expand in their direction . silver.to the dwellers below. the Western Network covers the Flannish Cities.anyone wishing to travel from one to the other via rail has to go via the Parginian Rim). with a single spur reaching up to the Gawaris Desert (with the eventual goal of reaching Ranya to the east). thus allowing ships to travel even where no convenient river is located.large rivers.and Thenares does not seem to be in any great hurry to create new rail links to the East. with the strategic interest of the city involved often playing a crucial role. Their own rail network now covers almost all of the Dominions and is now starting to connect many of the cities of the Lands of the Dead . they also have the significant drawback that they can only go where there is large amount of water . the Central Network has been strongly reinforced to cope with the increased traffic of military units and associated material on it. The Eastern Network: The youngest and sparsest of the networks. a number of less than sterling representatives of this profession have also made up such spots and then arranged to retrive such treasure for themselves. The slow. either. with the intention of reaching Gol Murak. but for now. Not only do fierce storms and dangerous currents threaten the travelers. it is all worth it. Instead.. Skeptics claim that these canals will soon be rendered obsolete by the expanding rail network. Sabotage between the railway companies to drive each other out of business is not unknown . and the occasional show of force.these must be much sturdier constructions to be able to endure the frequent storms lashing across the surface of the seas. In modern times.

they are usually established outside the city itself at a secure location3 . First of all. most notably the diamond mines on Surtus. Instead. they are fragile . it is not possible to use the energy of nexus towers for this purpose) . or when the things the teleported people carry are so valuable to make the trip worthwhile. teleportation is also the rarest. Teleportation circles between cities that are not ruled by the same government are all but unknown4 . Teleportation The fastest and most expensive form of transportation. The most famous example of these is the network connecting the city of Bodenwald to its outpost Neubodenwald in the Star Mountains. they do not have become a convenient system of mass transportation replacing railroads.a greater dispel magic spell has a good chance of destroying the circle and undoing all the hard work that went into creating it. .if someone manages to take control of them for even a short time.CHAPTER 5. the circles connect between the city itself and its various outposts and colonies.for sooner or later the odds are that they will end up in a location quite hostile to them. which in turn maintains circles to colonies on several other planets. 4 3 . some of which are in far-off regions. Furthermore. which perhaps helps explain how it manages to maintain its power over such a large area. which are expensive to create (since casting the permanency spell is not the same as creating a magic item. Given all this.but once they are created. For these reasons. teleportation circles are either tightly controlled by the local government or other organization in good standing with the same which maintains extremely strict security precautions. they can rapidly move goods and people from one part of the world to another. it becomes possible to transport a large number of enemy troops into the heart of the city. Mostly they are used to transport freight. missions of great importance. It should be noted that the Tsan Empire maintains a network of teleportation circles for its officials and soldiers (though private citizens are denied its use). It is reserved for emergencies. and those who do are very well paid for their services indeed. Few spellcasters are able to teleport with any reliability. if teleportation circles are permitted at all. For this reason. LIFE AND SOCIETY 33 ing them . Nevertheless. and only the foolish will tempt fate by depending on it for a living . Only those able to use greater teleport will usually teleport others for hire. it is not surprising that the possibility of teleportation has changed little in the way most people travel. and people are only allowed to use them if they are in good standing with the organization controlling them. for only the desperate will hire others to cast an ordinary teleport spell to get where they want. they are a security nightmare for the city us- An easily collapsible cave is a favorite. One exception to this are permanent teleportation circles.







and often several). but to no avail. as they commonly believe that spies from the League of Armach are everywhere. Members of other faiths were disdained.1 Alliance of the Pantheon “While the inhabitants of this regions are as diverse in thought and behavior as can be imagined. even more fell into disuse. the Alliance remains an economic backwater when compared to the industries of most Western regions.Chapter 6 Geography 6. and with the rise of the League of Armach. Daily rituals centered around one’s religion were followed ardently. But I found that such barriers to communication quickly melted away when I professed interest in the religion of the locals (which is easy to determine. as one’s reward in the afterlife for living according to the tenets of one’s faith was seen as more important than any temporal gains of material comforts.especially those who have been impressed by the speeches of Lord Amrast . This continues to this day. be invited to their home. However. the tariffs were forcibly reduced and economic incentives were established to establish better rail network between and greater specialization in production capabilities within . With the looming war with the League of Armach and the installment of a War Leader for the Alliance. and as a result tempers are on the rise. On the other hand. Distrust and suspicion between the various Alliance cities often resulted in high tariffs. The main exports of the region has traditionally been equipment and items related to the various dominant religion.for much of the excess production is stockpiled for the upcoming conflict. Life and Society Until recently. the advisors of Lord Amrast have realized that this state of affairs cannot continue if the Alliance is to come anywhere close to the production capabilities of the League of Armach. However. Few people had any strong desire to work hard for anything but their religion. The region has even seen a recent economic boom in the last year. although many of these efforts have been partially financed with loans from the Gemeinschaftsbank. Members of different faiths now have to interact more often in order to integrate both the military and the economy of the Alliance. many young people .” . While Thenares is occupied with other matters. Formed by refugees from Thenares who fled from religious repression by the faith of Thenos. since they will only stop trying to convert you to their faith if you can convince them that you are one of their own. At this point. but since everyone tended to keep to their own affairs. but such activities had long since settled into a comfortable routine which did not bother the followers. actual conflicts were few. As a result. keeping the volume of trade low and the cities close to self-sufficient out of necessity.Edmund Durnsten in: The Known Lands: Alliance of the Pantheon. which inevitably lead to a lengthy theological debate. things have changed. each city has its own patron deity and its own religious laws. Avane Street Publishing (1422) Capital: Population: Government: War Leader supported by the Alliance Council Imports: Weapons and war-related supplies and equipment Exports: Religious items The Alliance of the Pantheon is a diverse group of cities loosely bound together against outside agression. There has been a great deal of protest over this from established economic interests. and learn how hospitable these people can be.have embraced a new spirit of openness. since most people wear at least one symbol of their faith on their bodies. But will the diverse faiths of the region stand united against this threat . life in the Alliance followed a fairly leisurely pace. despite the greater economic output of the region . and the frequent denouncement of members of different faiths as such doesn’t help. I recommend talking to members of your own faith first unless you have a personal interest in comparative theology or are a masochist.or will they succumb to pressures from without and within? the cities. Few major trade routes passed through its territory. It doesn’t help that League spies and saboteurs are common. They 40 Industries For the most part. in general I found them distrustful of outsiders. the League of Armach has proven to be an agressive new foe and war threatens again. you will have made a new friend.

and they tend to make members of different religions feel unwelcome. the “Alliance Army” simply consisted of the militias of the individual city-states.usually claiming that he plans to create an army that is personally loyal to him. he will seek to sever all ties instead of seeking pointless revenge. but in truth it is nothing more than a metaphor. but he loves the challenge of his current position. but to actively shape them . However. Over the centuries. His long years of experience have given him an amount of wisdom which is surprising to those who expect all paladins to be crusading zealots. He is not a fanatic for the “cause” of the League by any means (and in fact. as opposed to the Alliance as a whole. They use their abilities not only to observe occurring and future events. However. But his incredible charisma helps even more . the Alliance Council can place restrictions on his powers or overrule his decisions with a simple majority vote. Actual persecution is rare (since few want to reenact the Thenaran crusades).but surprisingly he has not become a cynic. The War Leader has broad powers to draw upon the resources of the member cities . Followers from almost every faith can be easily found. Lord Amrast (LG male human pal19). usually in a particular city-state. most followers of a certain cult tend to congregate together.to defend the Alliance against its enemies. while the legal restrictions on the War Leader are few.consisting primarily of the volunteers that joined up since he became the War Leader . is the War Leader of the Alliance Council despite being a paladin of Thenos .including more than a few in the Alliance itself .military or otherwise . they know very well how even minor events can have vast repercussions a long time after the fact.CHAPTER 6. However. and which in turn can elect a War Leader for the Alliance. Ultimately. chain of command (though they all ultimately answer to the War Leader). but with such a force of personality behind it that others feel ashamed when they disagree with him. However.a faith that is still widely reviled throughout the Alliance because of past persecutions. While most still feel more comfortable with their own faith. He leads the various cells of spies and saboteurs from a number of safe houses in Calessio. Despite protests his reforms were instituted (though most cities still retain a portion of their old militias as a “home guard”) and the first integrated units are ready to face their trials by fire. each city has managed its own affairs and protected its independence fiercely. this secret society counts some of the most powerful diviners in the world among its members. They know that too much meddling with prophecy will only cloud further divinations. He is careful and pragmatic however. so that he can become the ruler of the Alliance after the war is over. and they actively look forward to talking to members of different faiths. however. He has argued that this is the only way to create an efficient chain of command with an army that would truly fight for the Alliance as a whole. whenever the Alliance is threatened by an outside force. Government and Politics Traditionally. Important NPCs Crymras Ibrunel (NE male human rog3/wiz5/arcane trickster7) is the Blue Legion spymaster for the Alliance territory. He knows of the many forms of evil that exist in the world . which consists of representatives of each of the major cities of the Alliance. he has a Groups and Organisations Alliance Army: Initially.while some have grown somewhat disillusioned with religion in general and feel that they do little other than driving people apart. the citystates of the Alliance can choose to call for the establishment of the Alliance Council. . and thus will only intervene when they are sure that taking direct influence will lead to the best possible result. GEOGRAPHY look forward to getting out of their home city and seeing the wider world.and their goal is nothing less than the long-term survival of humanity and the world. but social snubbing and prejudice are common. the political restrictions are very real and must not be ignored. Seekers of the Highest Mountain: Named after an obscure phrase of the Cult of Ygreb1 . equipment. others have actually converted to different religions .which was only one of many places he visited in his youth). and enjoys engaging in battles of wits and strategy with his counterparts on the Alliance side. Frequently they hire (though several in-betweens) people to do apparently nonsensical tasks whose repercussions are only apparent to them. Lord Amrast insisted that any new units . they have had a number of noteworthy successes . and that he was never a formal member of the church hierarchy of Thenares (he received his training as a paladin in Ombuso in Malundi instead . conspiracy theories abound about the Alliance Army . As 1 The “Highest Mountain” is the final and highest destination of the seeker of divinatory wisdom . and thus they can be exceedingly subtle when they try to influence events.when one of his spy rings is exposed and eliminated. Thus. the people of the Alliance of the Pantheon are among the most devout in the Known Lands. Non-initiated who hear of this phrase often mistakenly believe this mountain to physically exist in this world. and tactics. 41 diviners.the elevation of Lord Amrast to the leadership of the Alliance being the most recent. and speculate about its precise location. can be rather cynical of League leadership). and in the end. As with everything Lord Amrast does. as opposed for its patron city only. and unlikely to make careless mistakes . It helps that he is a native of Calessio.must be integrated and consist of members from all cities.he tends to speak bluntly. Religion As should be expected from a region founded by religious refugees. with each city having its separate standards. there is nothing that prevents a city from simply walking out of the Council and the Alliance if it feels that continuing to be a member is no longer in its interest.the one vantage point in the universe from whence everything is visible to the illuminated. They are neither omniscient nor omnipotent. to the surprise of many.

their soldiers trained. which frustrates younger members of the faith. if there can be said to be such a thing. and has traditionally preferred to pay reasonable amounts of tribute to the largest military power in the vicnicity (usually the Fortress Home).officially in deference to its large population.CHAPTER 6. This has severely reduced their effectivity in the service of the League war effort. Today. but inofficially as a way of making sure that the city stays committed to the Alliance. Important Towns and Cities Calessio (Metropolis. Particularly galling for many citizens is the fact that Fortress Home effectively controls the vote of Cantoria in the Alliance Council. League spies have infiltrated these efforts and attempt to use it to drive the Alliance apart.391): Formerly an independent city florishing under the Cult of Dahla. ultimately humans and all goodly races will triumph over all adversity as long as they are committed to making the effort.772): This city was founded by followers of Argannon and expanded rapidly after the construction of the original fortress. 641. But now the plains threaten to become a battlefield in the coming war between the Alliance and the League of Armach. they are still quite hard to navigate. the Alliance Council is based in Calessio . the senior clergy of Dahla has continually refused to attempt to violently oust their occupiers. and massive camps of soldiers on both sides of the border threaten to disrupt the centaur way of life. and many worry that the commitment of its citizens is less than firm. the Eustilia Plains have been underdeveloped until recently . While they haven’t sent any front-line fighters.mostly trying to figure out new ways of creating potent recreational drugs. or if he should die without the possibility of resurection. Nevertheless. Since this city is too far away from most trade routes and has little in the way of resources other than fertile soil. though at such a slow rate that does nothing to quell the impatience of the younger generations. The followers of Argannon hold all official positions. Varcomo Mountains: This mountain range is generally regarded as the border to the Parginian Rim. 63. The city has gone through regular periods of expansion and thus conquered many client villages and cities. He does not proselytize the faith of Thenos . Some lower-ranking clerics. But the senior clergy maintain that there is no greater way of proving their worthiness in the eyes of Argannon than winning against great odds. the followers of Mara have been left alone to practice their crafts . and were followed by long periods of neutrality when the Fortress hired out its soldiers as mercenaries to all who could afford them . and others even argue that the Fortress should ally with the League of Armach to that the two can go on to conquer greater things. He may well be right. which remain in the city’s sphere of influence to this day. Cantoria (Large City. Frequent territory disputes between newcomer and established centaur tribes have been result. Presently.tending to the fields. The western part of the plains has also seen a huge influx of refugees of survivors from the massacres committed by League troops on their side of the border. As a result. take active steps to remove him. because they.which was just as the centaurs liked it. Still. with many fields and gardens within the city limits. and their city indispensible. 42 of passive resistance if pushed too far by the authorities.753. and only the knowledge that there is a worse foe lurking in the east has kept a lid on things. But these aggressive expansions always ended just before the other cities were concerned enough to gang up on the Fortress. Unfortunately. As a result. on the other hand. This has met with some success. and only a few remote communities exist in side valleys. however. leaving the priests of Kortus who rule the community to do what they are best at . Cantoria was conquered by the Fortress Home more than a century ago. 1. and has no outer walls. and some have made moves to pressure the other Alliance members to intervene and give Cantoria its independence back. Eloria (Small City.621): The center of the faith of Mara.488): The largest city of the Alliance. 378. Now. The current tight integration into the Alliance war effort represents a departure from the traditional neutrality of the city.which would be problematic for someone with his position anyway . they see this as just another opportunity to make new converts among the occupying forces. it is virtually indefensible. While less towering than the Siebenbund Alps. Major Geographical Features Eustilia Plains: Home to some of the largest herds of centaurs in the Known Lands. their priests now regularly enter the dreams of enemy commanders and politicians. and Lord Amrast spends much of his time here. Instead. though if they were to discover the source of their night terrors. the city serves as the command center of the Alliance. of all people. they would indoubtedly try to strike back at their tormentors with a vengeance. understand the need for capable and charismatic leaders in times of war. the inhabitants of this remote mountain commune have kept to themselves over the years.thus keeping their coffers filled. and they start effective programs . they are making precautions to take charge if his star falls and proves incompetent. causing them to have disturbing nightmares one night after another. for both sides know that armies ultimately march on their stomachs.because he believes that living as an example how a follower of Thenos should act is worth more than thousands of words of theological debate. and Lord Amrast seems to be the best they have at the moment. though the Dahlans still constitute the majority of the population. This range is generally regarded as “bandit country”. GEOGRAPHY strong faith in humanity and is firmly convinced that while some days may be dark. Calessio sits near the center of its territory and in the middle of its most fertile farmlands. Another problem is that League spies and saboteurs can sneak into the city and sabotage installations and food supplies with little effort. Eloria has joined the war effort. Most priests of Argannon accept the leadership of Amrast. most would-be conquerors have ignored it despite the apparent defenselessness of its citizens. Fortress Home (Small Metropolis. The city spraws across a large territory.

and there is little they can do about it now (though if you know where to ask. worship Norol. the conspirators have managed to retain their secrecy. but when they apparently died out from infighting. Along the trails are numerous shrines and memorials to famous pilgrims of Jorunnos (or at least those who could afford to commission such a memorial).758): One of the most famous centers of learning in the Known Lands. When the monks in turn vanished. a monastery secretly dedicated to Sarush sprang up in the remains of the castle. in Baccanalian orgies. The High Castle: A vast pinnacle of rock with a height in excess of 2. its guests do not come here to relax. This gap has been the center of the Cult of Cryelis since the time of the Atalan Empire. and its many buildings extend deep into the mountain itself. the Lord of the Vine. Most followers of Jorunnos take care to visit Pilgrim’s Rest at least once in their lives. and the Guldenbergs make sure that everything that happens in the High Castle is dealt with the uttermost discretion. 74. Important Sites Nugrin Gap: A gorge deep in the Varcomo mountains which connects to a vast cave system. In general. Outsiders are only invited to these revels when they can demonstrate that they. making the city far more important in the grand schemes of the world than most people realize. As a result. These people then report their findings back. Taras has now mostly become a fairly secular town dedicated to gambling and other vices. An important secondary industry is the creation of handheld musical instruments. the citizens live in traditional family units. Taras (Large City. the tallest peak in the Varcomo Mountains. 350. the Guldenberg family somehow acquired the rights to this location and turned it into a retreat for some of their most privileged guests. steep. and in exchange they will get a large number of prisoners of war for their human sacrifices. However.which is more of a monastery for the followers of Jorunnos than a true town .231): This community . none of them have been successful. Sudilar serves as the headquarters of the Cult of Ygreb . the place . and the outlandish architecture. and it is considered to be highly rude of an outsider to point out if the child in one family does not resemble its “father”. Originally. In earlier times a clan of hobgoblins lived in a castle on the top of the pinnacle and dominated the surrounding lands. constant sound of hammering (and the occasional sound of explosion).e. Nevertheless. prostitution. drugs. if Lord Amrast were to hear of this deal.but so far. pastoral atmosphere.CHAPTER 6. and general creative chaos bear witness to this fact. Omphos is famous for producing the best wine in the Known Lands. and other vices have become common in Taras. While there have been a few attempts at eradicating the ghosts. for a part of the clergy it is not enough to simply record prophecy . Pilgrim’s Rest itself is fairly austere. Pilgrim’s Rest (Town. Most of the time. Cultists frequently undertake pilgrimages to this locale. 710. too. 11.only about making the most money. but many people speculate that since the security in the High Castle is without peer because of the sensitive nature of its guests. and many bards from distant lands travel here to attain an instrument created by a master of the craft.which is intentional. and made up for what its citizens lacked in terms of number and military discipline by sheer unpredictability. It is also rumored that the castle has secret vaults with some of the biggest treasures of the Guldenbergs and their associates.i. Now its citizens stand united in their quest to provide new and better weapons in the war against the League of Armach. though the results are often somewhat dubious. but at every full moon the citizens gather together to revel and worship Norol . It regularly sends out its scholars and clerics to search the world for prophecies both new and old. but to engage in secret negotiations with other important people throughout the Known Lands. The truth of this is unknown. and the effects that result from the smallest of changes.386): At the center of a hilly region filled with vinyards. Thanks to these celebrations. but now the income from gambling supports most of the town. and the ghosts living in the Gap are ancient and powerful. but now much of the gambling has taken over by professionals who do not care about chance .000 feet towers over the landscape here. GEOGRAPHY Omphos (Small City. Riarno has frequently clashed with the Fortress Home in the past. odd smells. and all others who dare intrude on these festivities are ripped apart by the frenzied mob. but large.sits atop Mount Ilvo . 453. Of course. The community mostly supports itself through magical means. he would do all he could to stop it . The Seekers of the Highest Mountain have their headquarters here. Riarno (Large City. Both of them find a fair number of desperate people who will do anything to get some money quick. hiding priceless artifacts there as well only makes sense.. who ended up in this spot after 43 a long and aimless journey away from Thenares. though donations are of course always welcome. and all this activity has allowed both criminals and spies of all sorts to entrench themselves here. the followers of Hatramo occasionally indulged in gambling as a way of showing their faith in trusting the whims of fate. which are added to the vast libraries of the city. and difficult to move on . the town has a peaceful. Clerics of Hatramo regard this as a perversion of their message. Now certain factions on the Alliance Council have agreed to work with the Cult in exchange for help with the war effort .the Cult will use its resources (especially its ghosts) to disrupt League activities in their home territory. and thus connects to a vast Underworld fragment despite being away from major population centers.271): Originally the refuge of followers of Hatramo. and many of those who are unclear about what path they should take in the future stay here for extended times to meditate upon it. Together with the gambling.they need to understand the causes that shape world events. as well as other significant omens. priests still offer places where the gambling is “fair” . And there are also rumors of all sorts of treasures hidden in its depths by previous owners which have made many people curious.032): This mostly gnomish community is home to a large number of followers of Gebral. it is often impossible to be sure who the father of any given child is. Sudilar (Small Metropolis. The trail to it is small. the odds do not favor any of the participants).

the League of Armach. however . such as the expanding Hobgoblin Dominions to the north. but could not agree on a common course. When one of the delegates is murdered in his own room. But in recent years. The religions that founded the Alliance also provide sources of adventure. Their territory expanded further and further west and approached the territory of the Alliance. When the persecution of non-members of the Church of Thenos became more and more heavyhanded. and a large number of irregular centaur troops. and there are frequent disagreements about the division of power. 2% humans) Government: Monarchy Imports: Exports: This forest kingdom is probably the biggest authentic feudal society remaining in the world. 20% fey. Everyone is a Lord. though I suspect that the main reason was that it amused the noble granting me hospitality to do so. a Lady.210. Regional History The beginnings of the Alliance can be traced back to the 11th century NA. not all people in the Alliance are happy about this. Matters came to a head two years ago. no one has made a credible claim to this .640 (71% elves. and trust is in short supply. No doubt this discord was encouraged by League agents.and woe to the outsider who confuses any of these titles. for this is taken as a great . And the Alliance itself is far from unified in the face of this threat . they must figure out the perpetrator (who could be hiding among either the delegates or the Guldenberg staff) before the meeting breaks down entirely.” . and labor in the war effort. The bonds of the Alliance waned.2 Avareen “To this day I do not know why my request to visit Avareen and write about my experiences was granted. GEOGRAPHY has gained a legendary reputation among thieves and burglars . they grew more fractous and squabbled over resources. Centuries passed. However. establishing the modern borders between Thenares and the Alliance. Both sides are hiring mercenaries and spies. but also my soul.someone who could legitimately claim: “I robbed the High Castle!” would no doubt be accepted as one of the most famous rogues in history. much less who among should lead them. a famous paladin. his followers. and some have started to plot in secret to remove him. though it is far from a typical one. 5% centaurs. The leaders of the Alliance cites debated endlessly. This came to an end in 1104 NA when the leaders of Thenares called for a crusade to expand the realm by force of arms and “purge the world of unbelievers”. or so it seems . The various religious leaders finally hammered out a peace agreement between their faiths and cities and set out to defend their new homes against their common foe. for at numerous times I felt like I was not only close to loosing my life. they would be well advised to remain quiet about this given the long reach of the Guldenberg family.Geoffrey Malacay: My Time Among The Elves. 6.and while he has pledged to respect and protect the faiths of the region. They were Adventuring in the Alliance of the Pantheon Many adventures in the Alliance of the Pantheon will revolve around the conflict with the League of Armach.centuries of mutual suspicion and cultural differences cannot be overcome overnight. The shared experience didn’t get the refugees from different religions to cooperate. a new foe appeared on the scene . for Amrast is a paladin of Thenos . They managed to first slow the invasion forces down and then stop them. funds. Older secrets from the past of the High Castle might provide further complications. The PCs are either among the entourage of one of the representatives or (if they have established their own power base in either the Alliance or the League) are representatives in their own right. and Thenares renounced its former military adventurism and turned its attention to other matters. Avane Street Publishing (1913) Capital: Lorendur Population: 3. many priests trust no member of that religion. 44 throughly defeated by Lord Amrast.though outright warfare remained rare. and there are always some dastardly saboteurs to foil.but it should also be noted that if anyone did manage to successfully break into the castle. when a “rogue” League military unit “accidentally” moved over the Eustilia Plains into Alliance territory.CHAPTER 6.if anything. Yet in some way. So far.. This victory gave Lord Amrast an enormous following among the population and was chosen by popular acclaim to lead the Alliance in this time of crisis. many fled south to the poor villages and cities of the region.to say nothing of sectarian conflicts within any given faith! Adventure Seeds Top-level diplomacy: Various representatives of the Alliance meet in secret with members of several dissident groups in the High Castle in order to agree on a common strategy against the League government. But any of the participants could be a spy for the League. a Dame. and the city-states returned to their usual disputes . deep in my heart I still yearn to return to this enchanted forest realm. when the theocracy of Thenares was first established.. And despite the many wonderous sights and beings I have seen. 2% half-elves. or a Knight. I felt a profound sense of relief when I left the forest behind me again. for the close proximity of passionately religious people of different faiths frequently leads to conflicts .

CHAPTER 6.. The current ruler.and utterly without any morals.which means that those whose position has changed must move to a new town or district. the offended party can take their case before the ruler of the city. 75.. however.326): This small city close to the Old Road follows an unusual custom: Transactions of money or even ordinary barter are forbidden. and that the elves are there to be playthings for her. And she was shocked when she became aware that the elves of Turaveen stooped so low as to use humans as breeding stock.and they are often fickle enough to remove that protection in the blink of an eye. most are eager to leave some kind of mark on any city they have ruled . who is always the father of the Queen if he is still alive. and indeed. women always hold preference over men. but when his curiosity is .food. • Among relatives who hold the same rank in the list above. The sole exception to this system is the Amril of Enegorn. or Amril. individuality and eccentricity are highly priced here. Industries Life and Society Government and Politics On top of the feudal hierarchy of Avareen stands the monarch.ideally. Below her are the royal nobles. something that cannot be casually reversed by the next ruler. and will list an impressive number of reason why he has taken to the new arrival and can’t bear to see him suffer for the lack of the gift. a certain item . but this has not always been observed by the current title holder. and in this way the economy of the town keeps function in a way not dissimilar from communities with more traditional barter economies. though most have a staff of advisors and aides which they take with them whenever they move. and not soon after they have received the first gift will try to come up with a suitable gift in return . The Queen now fears that her race might be in decline unless something drastic is done to remind both the elves and the world that elves are vastly superior to humans in every way. or else her oldest male relative if he isn’t. The whole society functions through an elaborate set of etiquette rules which are hard for others to understand. Nevertheless. The natives understand how the system works. The elves and the fey are mostly content to stay in their forest home and watch as the world outside is changing rapidly. If a new close relative of the Queen reaches his 121st birthday or an existing Amril dies beyond hope of resurection (either because of old age or terrible death magics . who hold preference over the children of the sisters of the queen.and it is likely that soon a native will arrive and offer the thing needed (or something close to it) ”for free”. But outsiders are likely to find themselves in heavy debt very soon unless they are very careful. or else elves will loose all respect. • If all other factors are being equal. Instead. Now all she has to do is to figure out what should be done. She will let herself entertained by visitors with an audience as long as they are amusing. GEOGRAPHY insult. but not unheard of). and that nation’s subsequent attempts to learn from humans. and few will hesitate to challenge the offender to a duel. who hold preference over the children of the brothers of the queen. especially hobgoblins. The orders of preference are: • The children of the Queen hold preference over the siblings of the queen. If there is a gross disparity between the original gift and the return gift. These rule over the towns and districts of Avareen at a fixed order of preference depending on how closely they are related to the Queen. she is utterly convinced that the world and its inhabitants merely exist to be the playthings of elves. people get what they need through gifts. the list of Amril and their order of preference changes . Of late however. Outsiders. No matter what happens elsewhere. Still. visitors need barely mention that they need something . The Amril of Enegorn is supposed to stay out of politics. doesn’t like to be disturbed for petty cases. her human neighbors had better watch out. Only elves who have reached their 121st birthday can hold the title of Amril. She spent most of her rule savoring the pleasures of life and encouraging the intrigues in her court. who hold preference over the siblings of her mother. who is always a Queen and the oldest living female descendant of the last Queen.which are rare. such as humans. However. Spoiled from birth and adored by her people. charming. intelligent . This prevents the Amril from creating a large power base in any one place with which they might threaten the kingdom. 45 Groups and Organisations Religion Important NPCs Queen Arwanna (CE female elf ari5/sor10) is beautiful. although she is smart enough to do so without wrecking her kingdom or leaving it defenseless. they figure they can still celebrate as the seasons go by.no one of them likes to stay in debt for long. or alienating her subjects. have no rights save what an elf noble is willing to grant them . Lord Thorodel. who hold preference over the siblings of her father. she is troubled. She was disgusted when she heard of the recent defeat of the navy of the elven kingdom Narevoreen. and being called “boring” is often considered the ultimate insult.and that is only if they are lucky. a place to stay. usually of similar value to the gift given. Major Geographical Features Important Towns and Cities Athieniel (Small City. what new arrivals aren’t usually told is that there is almost always an expectation of a gift or a favor in return. Some elf nobles even take up hunting “lesser mortals” for sport. and discard them as soon as they cease to be amusing without a second thought . who are blood relatives of the Queen and are always are 49 in number. And when she comes to a conclusion. seniority in age determines who outranks whom.

but the elders of this city exile anyone they see as abusing their hospitality. for rejecting the apple or expressing distaste is a sure way of offending the queen.and even if they are made to leave through force or trickery. They might also trick them to unknowingly violate some taboos or customs. it is illusionary more often than not. such as banquets in the honor of important visitors. It is said that all humans who visit Lorendur become so enchanted by its glamour that they will never want to leave . however. The apples harvested from these trees taste delicious. This gives the city an unusually quiet and contemplative atmosphere for an elven settlement. mastering skills in a variety of crafts and creating items of unsurpassed beauty . but anyone who moves more than a dozen steps away from it is considered fair game. What is known is that any human (or any other member of a non-sylvan race) who searches for it within the forest is hunted to death by the nobles of the court. Whether this spring actually exists is unknown. or glamours. In recent decades. anyone who travels on this road is safe from the elves. as travel routs in the rest of the world have become safer and more established.including a few promising humans handpicked by the elder illusionists . 613. this is the only road that passes through the entire length of the Forest of Avareen.. 46 monarch. Lorendur (Small Metropolis. it is customary to give a hint on what kind of gift the receiver would actually be interested in. When these elves are not busy defending the realm by obfuscating the entrances to the forest. this is where punishment is dished out to those who have earned the special hatred of the ruling . By tradition.and the often excentric personalities of the masters give this city a whimsical atmosphere.and likely to be reinforced by a geas. The offenders are brought here and polymorphed into vaguely humanoid apple trees . and even lethal to non-elves who become entangled within them.243): The capital of Avareen. the giver will give up. but they are rooted into the earth and can do nothing except slightly shake their branches and emit wailing sounds. but since such a PC probably has been away from Avareen for a long time. they now debate how to bring more travelers back to this route. 55.CHAPTER 6. Even such protection is not foolproof. Illusions of beautiful elf maidens are a favorite. Additionally. The Old Road: Protected by ancient treaties. Sormar (Small City. Even those who know the true nature of the apples had better eat one apple and visibly enjoy eating it. The Fountain of Youth: It is said that somewhere in the Forest of Avareen is a spring that is the source of the elves’ famous longevity . 80. the elves of Avareen give contradictory answers.or power. if the gift was one offered to erase a debt from an earlier gift. and are often offered at special occasions. for the elves are much more Important Sites The Orchard of Tears: One location kept secret from most outsiders. he might not have enough social standing to protect them effectively.and it is also said that any human who baths within it becomes young again. While the city’s architecture is spectacular. Many elves spend the rest of their days here in artistic pursuits. and some accept students from all races. and perhaps it is not surprising that the fighting styles of monks in the Western Known Lands were first developed here. Since the elves are unhappy about one of their entertainments being taken away from them. though the elves will pretend to take great offense at this and continue to offer the gift. An elven PC might fill that role.311): This city boasts some of the elves’ best experts on illusions. This does not always work out some try to continue their plots from exile and build up a new power base . GEOGRAPHY piqued his punishments for “the defendant’s appalling lack of generosity” can be highly inventive and humiliating . since the inability to protect his entourage will cost the patron serious loss of face. Enegorn (Small City. and possibly immortal. an elf will accept them into his entourage. It is entirely possible to refuse offered gifts. as they call them. the schemes and intrigues of the elven nobles can become extremely vicious. Regional History Adventuring in Avareen It is important to remember that non-elves in Avareen have no rights apart from those that individual elves deign to grant them. the best way to survive is to be entertaining. they reside here to research their craft. or offend some elven noble. There are several schools of martial arts in this city. The elves and fairies often resort to trickery to lure travelers into the forest. If they have no such protection. their hearts constantly yearn to return here. fewer outsiders have traveled the Old Road. and when asked. for their patron’s rivals might try to harm them with underhanded means that leave no trace back to them. Some have have started to suggest in human cities that only the bravest dare travel the Old Road. The unspoken agreement is that elves who retire to this city stay there and no longer involve themselves in the courtly power plays elsewhere in Avareen . but just like the other communities of Avareen it can quickly become dangerous to any non-elven visitors who don’t know how to behave. or just show off their latest innovations. in which case their patron has to either withdraw his protection or suffer serious consequences himself. though the unfortunates soon become insane). legions of elven craftsmen work here to make Lorendur a city unsurpassed in grace and beauty. The many students .or who fear for their continued health should they remain there.823): This town on the shores of the Great Lake is home to those who wish to get away from the wild abandon and intrigue of mainstream elven society . teach promising students. and changes on a frequent basis determined by the whims of its inhabitants.and in return. Under the pretty exterior however. If they are lucky. thus starting a fad among rich young humans willing to go there on a dare.their mind is still intact (at least initially. the elves elsewhere will leave them alone. After the gift has been refused three times.. which will confer them some protection since harming these is a serious slight to their patron.

dwarves 10%. The dragons are matriarchal . hobgoblins 14%. the cities and the inhabitants could not support themselves in the parched desert. 47 since then an elven noble might invite them to join his own entourage .which means that it will get rich from the taxes and tarifs levied on the community. but there also have been some spectacular failures when the half-dragon children rebelled against their par- . can rise in the esteem of its peers by ruling a large and prosperous city . they usually find themselves comfortable niches in the societies of the desert cities.. But without their magics. Industries Life and Society On top of the social hierarchy are indoubtedly the blue dragons.they all have gained dominion over one group of humans or another. daring acrobat.and that the mother’s brothers should be castrated immediately afterwards. GEOGRAPHY willing to suffer a charming and witty bard. Thanks to their intelligence. Many other dragons prefer human servants only. as the slaves know that at least their children have a chance of a better life .3 Desert of Thunder “In history.and might even be able to buy them free in return. the males do not get involved with rearing the children in any way. One important law bears mentioning: After centuries of problems with surathi infiltrators. and thus most humans accept their rule. ents or even managed to slay them. Crowson.and the male relatives will often slay her and anyone whom they suspect of violating her.510 (humans 68%.T. t. p. This helps prevent slave rebellions. there have been numerous instances of extremely long-lived beings ruling over mortal humans. even creatures from different planes of existence .” .the females choose the dragons with the most impressive displays as suitable mates for their next clutch of eggs. thanks to gates to the elemental planes of water that keep the cities fertile. Most dragons hold a tight leash on their half-dragon offspring. Elves.. however. in the hopes of gaining loyal and competent servants.343. As a result.and such people rarely take “No” for an answer.and indeed. and others still found themselves without a patron when their dragon ancestor died. and might even see him with some suspicion. or other entertainer in their middle than a surly soldier without any social graces . male or female. but while their fate is usually harsh. This is not necessarily true. believing them to be especially favored by the dragons.a dragon will not favor any half-dragon who is not his own get. along with their mothers . and any dragon. Humans and similar races fill out the rest of the social spectrum. undead.the most powerful female of their family has ruled them. But one such society that still exists now and shows no signs of fraying is that of the draconic rulers of the cities of the Desert of Thunder. however . whose laws are harsh. the men of this society often take extreme measures to make sure that their female relatives remain virgins until marriage so that they don’t bear the offspring of a surat. arguing that these servants are much weaker and thus much less likely to be a threat and more likely to do what they are told. This works often enough that the practice continues. Adventure Seeds 6. Fergus: Social Dynamics of the Desert of Thunder city-states. o. The male dragons also compete at formal challenges and battles for mating rights . but some families of half-dragons have become large enough that they have gained some autonomy. 168 Capital: Draxal Population: 24. But each dragon is a ruler of a city in its own right.CHAPTER 6. from rich merchant families to the lowliest slaves. the prospective husband will reject her . Some male dragons also sire a number of half-dragon offspring. A. halflings 2%) Government: Each city is ruled absolutely by a member of a clan of blue dragons Imports: Exports: Marble The Desert of Thunder is one of the driest regions on the face of the planet. but usually fair. gnomes 5%. they might handsomely reward such people for their performances. Each city is ruled by a member of an extended family of blue dragons. and many humans defer to them automatically. If a human female is found not to be a virgin during the wedding night. and their word is law. J. Other than that. 37 (1420). An examination of how this extended family of blue dragons has maintained its power for so long makes for a fascinating case study. the dragons have decreed that the children of slaves should be free. and it is the females who are responsible for raising the young and instilling the knowledge and values into them necessary for thriving in this society. Being too entertaining has its own dangers. Dartmouth Geographical Society. Yet large cities thrive there. The latter are bought from other regions or captured by slavers. But few of them lasted to present times. They are the ruler and tyrants of the cities. the dragons have decreed that all children born with obvious birth defects (a possible sign of surathi ancestry) should be instantly slain.

312): Two hundred years ago. Many member of the Verdant Coast tribes living close to the river are calling for a war against Thabashar. allowing for vast irrigation projects and even fishing. Defacing the lions is said to bring terribly bad luck. which range from small figurines to a giant crouching lion more than two hundred yards long. Few beings .underestimate her. many chieftains are contemplating hiring outsiders as mercenaries to get rid of the dragon for them. From this edefice.312. Wise and powerful. The most striking feature of Gigam are the ubiquetous lion statues. Thus. and the resettlement began in earnest.Giranbazal (male surat thin-blooded mature adult blue dragon/wilder10) is the ruler of Samzuu. So far.Tallanggarul (female great wyrm blue dragon) is (for now) the undisputed ruler of blue dragonkind. and a large bureaucracy keeps the city running smoothly. however. Gigam (Small city... he probably is. fear of the combined might of the blue dragons has prevented outright warfare. she dreams that one day all the planets will be under the rule of her family. but the situation hasn’t yet escalated to a full-fledged war. Kourama (Small Metropolis. then toppling human rule elsewhere should be a hatchling’s play with the vast resources available to them then. And others say that half-dragons seem to be rapidly growing in numbers in the city. He kept this a secret (it is always wise to keep an ace in the hole among dragons. hollowing out the cliffs for living space. While she knows that she won’t live to see it. and he was the only survivor of that clutch. but as the situation becomes more desperate. only a small portion of the city is truely inhabited again. and is successful more often than not. this depression in the desert was nothing more than a vast stretch of unremarkable desert.746): The heart of the dragons’ power and the seat of the matriarch of the clan. he has set out to study and improve upon his powers so that he will be ready for the battles once the inevitable day comes . and those who do only survive because they still might be of use in a future plan. and after lengthy research. she commands an army of spies and informants that brings her news from both distant lands and nearby cities.. the people living downstream of the canal will experience severe draughts as vast amounts of water are diverted from their natural course. for they do not trust the surathi in the least. and generally considered promising by his elders. Thabashar’s Bowl with fill with water. as well as attractive and wily by his peers. he is all to aware that if his secret ever were to be uncovered. Still. For now. and the tribute paid to her by her family makes her possibly the single most wealthiest being in the world. a large part of the desert’s sapient population live in the canyon’s walls.. and after that. 871. he came to the conclusion that the only explanation for these powers was that he carried the blood of the surathi in his veins. The whole city somehow seems to conspire to make a visitor feel small and insignificant . artificial lake. she keeps careful track of all threats to her family. several highly productive wells were discovered there. he would likely be hunted down by his draconic peers. How this was possible remains unknown to him. Once this happens. Her influence extends across the Known Lands and beyond. he is digging a canal through the desert with an army of summoned earth elementals... and it is only a matter of time until he reaches the Dragon River on the border of the Verdant Coast. On the other hand. he might even defeat the current matriarch and claim draconic rulership for his own! After that. Hundreds of diplomats and petitioners enter and leave the city every day.. and having one among their number would be seen as a stain on their blood that must be eradicated.CHAPTER 6. he plans to conquer the Snake Kingdoms. Of late. Tallanggarul herself lairs in a palace complex in the center of the city several square miles large. and that some of them have odd deformities that would never be tolerated with humans. For Giranbazal started manifesting strange powers unheard off among dragons when he was young. Plain of Ants: Several large formian colonies exist in these regions. It is located . However. At the moment. Thabashar’s Bowl: Once.but if the dragons can carve themselves a new empire from the wilderness of outer space. and that he pays high prices to slave traders for new specimens to add to the harem he keeps hidden in his palace. . GEOGRAPHY 48 Government and Politics Groups and Organisations Religion Important NPCs .432): Kourama is the largest of the cliff settlements built into the walls of the canyon of Bhatal. But he is more than he seems. after all). even today. Major Geographical Features Bhatal: This long canyon features the only running water in the whole Desert of Thunder.and compared to its ruler. Important Towns and Cities Draxal (Large Metropolis. But now the relatively young dragon overlord of Salit has claimed it for a very special project: He is planning of transforming it into a vast. Consequently. the river at its bottom of the same name. the shifting sands of the Desert of Thunder revealed the cyclopean ruins of an ancient city of unknown origin. He frequently participates in the mating battles.the opponents would be too many and too strong . conquest of the other regions of Rothea is an unrealistic goal .and if he builds a large enough power base. and explorers manage to find an ancient artifact now and then despite generations of looters.. much of her attention has been occupied by the prospect of draconic off-world colonies. he keeps a low profile. But some of the people in Samzuu whisper that he has a fondness for women from the southern jungles. Shortly afterwards. for his mother died (apparently in combat) shortly after he hatched. 60. but some outsiders claim that the “bad luck” in question is nothing more than the retribution of a local lion-worshipping cult. and her schemes and stratagems often take decades to come to fruiton.dragon or otherwise . the rest of the world. As of now. Draxal is a vast and majestic city of dark splendor. 2. They and the dragons watch each other carefully and engage in occasional skirmishes against the other side.

For the most part. Regional History About 2.either from the other dragons who oppose this violation of tradition (since the free-flowing water would allow the humans to live without depending on draconic magic). She leaves the actual governing to a council of mortals (who need not even be citizens of the city) with twelve members. and the money gained from the auctions is her sole income. which has become a cause of some alarm for many people. Shady merchants from all three regions come here to do business. Two auctions take place each year.and not coincidentally. Nabi has become one of the largest trading centers in the region. GEOGRAPHY in the region where the canyon reaches further down than anywhere else. Even magically created water often evaporates before it hits the ground here. The slaves here are worked as hard as elsewhere within the region. As a result. and thus a number of foreigners have become councillors from time to time. these often work for the benefit of the city as a whole. its draconic ruler. But if a sandstorm arises. this challenge would become overwhelming to anyone of lesser power. and the city itself stretches on for many miles. and somehow never managed to find its own niche. She doesn’t make any decrees. Nas (Small Metropolis.221): Salit is one of the youngest and smallest cities of the Desert of Thunder. Others. and thus it has acquired a reputation as a “Sin City” where anything.334): Located in the middle of an especially sandy region of desert. With the aid of nexus towers from several citystates and lengthy rituals sustained over many years. 751. this city serves as a neutral ground between the dragon-ruled cities. The city has attracted a large number of mystics. including the most exotic vices. and the humans of the Verdant Coast. The dragons tolerate this. The many thermals near this city are a favorite gathering spot for many of the region’s younger blue dragon. but Kazurianzan. who often soar through the skies here for the sheer joy of it. and allows the ground to support crop yields that would be the pride of any Flannish city. Nemuta (Small Metropolis. 593. the Serpent Kingdoms. and they are always cause for great celebrations (as the new councilors usually feel compelled to celebrate their new positions . they have created a magical protective dome more than 30 miles in diameter over a part of the desert. is unusual for his hands-off style of managing her city. and the slave trade thrives here.instead. yet most slaves consider themselves lucky to be transferred here. Despite all the controversity surrounding the project.300 years ago.CHAPTER 6. plans to turn the city into a lakeside town. and thus most councillors prefer to work out complicated deals and policies that benefit their merchant houses in the long run . and thus gives them greater prestige. There is no restriction on who may participate in the auctions other than that they must not be dragons or extraplanar entities. This lends the city a certain disorderly. the city has attracted a fair number of thrillseekers from the west. the city’s dragon overlord. On clear days. at the summer and winter solstices. Nabi (Small Metropolis. the scaffolding is moved and most of the sand kept at bay. Samzuu (Small Metropolis. on the other hand. only reserving a tie-breaking vote for herself. A few blue dragons lived in the region . and otherwise keep the city running as they see fit. 124. These councilors serve for six years and create new laws. This dome keeps the moisture inside. As of late.221): The southernmost settlement in the Desert of Thunder. cattle. 837. the ruler of this city-state. and other domestic animals. Its many streets offer a grand view over the canyon. possibly the most parched wasteland in the known lands. the Desert of Thunder was a savannah settled by bands of mostly human nomads who survived by tending to herds of goats. 49 Salit (City.someone who doesn’t throw any festivities is regarded as cheap and will loose both face and poltical influence he will need on the council). She doesn’t punish lawbreakers. In the Desert of Thunder. a trend likely to increase once the Grand Road connects to this city. excentrics and other people who don’t quite fit in elsewhere. and thus. it can be opened to let the air circulate (and its draconic ruler and his half-dragon offspring out). even lawless feel absent in the other draconic cities. gamblers. tolerates all these people as long as his rule remains unquestioned. 673. as the ready supply of food and the more forgiving climate allows them to live longer and more comfortably. Nas is a sight to behold. a rich merchant from the League of Armach with many political ties to that nation’s rulers has become a councillor. a sight which attract. During the last auction. Now that Thabashar. however. wage subtle wars of intrigue and sabotage against their colleagues to ensure that their district of the garden grows more bountiful than that of others. as long as it does not get out of hand. Nemuta is protected from both the sun and the frequent sandstorms by a vast. their seats are auctioned off to the highest bidder after their term is over. she only looks after maintaining the enchantments that allow the city to survive in the desert. The Garden’s administrators. are up for sale. many citizens are eagerly awaiting the day when they gain access to the precious water. Yet the desert’s dragon overlords have met this challenge. but Annurax seems undisturbed. The relatively large number of councillors makes it hard to plunder the city coffers.931): Build on a cluster of mesas connected by gigantic stone bridges. She doesn’t even collect any taxes. collect taxes. moveable scaffolding covered with magically enhanced cloth. or from the people of the Verdant Coast who would face serious droughts if the project is completed.653): Annurax. It didn’t receive enough trade and didn’t develop any specialities that would have allowed it to stand out among the cities of the Desert of Thunder. But they are not appointed by Annurax . Tallanggarul has been uncharacteristically silent on the matter. the other dragons have not dared to act openly against the city. Important Sites Garden of Delights: Feeding the masses of a city-state is a logistical challenge in the most fertile of regions. are fearing retribution .

174 Capital: Population: 2.CHAPTER 6. This lasted until the year 510 NA.. and the more friendly climates make the people there much less dependent on dragon rule. How the rats were affected is unknown . and both sides profited from the agreement . fights between neighboring dragons increase as the population density of dragons reaches its limits. For several years. some try to do so). yellow light. Adventuring in the Desert of Thunder Adventure Seeds 6. In her mind. the humans elsewhere are much more hostile to dragon rule. Most humans hailed the dragons as saviors. The herds could no longer support themselves. Eventually the humans formed permanent settlements. gnomes 5%. sometimes ejecting. for the savanah .could no longer support their number. Because of this. and suggested that as long as they give her an annual tithe of animals. around this time the Atalan Empire started to expand into the region.. now ancient and powerful. and was intrigued by the potential of the nexus towers. and earth. and both the herds and the humans multiplied.G. causing many of the younger dragons to fly off to clash with its armies in search of plunder and glory. but on other planets. hobgoblins 13%. and we incinerated them in our crematorium. At this point. water. and soon cities sprang up everywhere in the desert. Still. “Fortunately” for the dragons.Thurangax became strong and powerful from the bountiful food. goblins 10%. supported by nexus towers and dragon magics. she would not only spare them but also protect them from hostile tribes and other dragons. studied the reports about the Atalan Empire carefully.something which pleased the dragons immensely. and according to the reports she has received.. M. She then returned to the desert and built her own nexus 50 tower.. acting on reports from distant lands. which adopted the same pattern. even blue dragons are highly territorial creatures. each protecting a few tribes of their own. elves 6%. and despite the harsh laws and regular tithes willingly lived under their rule.The nodule was recovered from the region known as ’Merrigan’s Field’ approximately 50 miles south of Virdan’s Folly. this made the region the perfect place to conduct some of their most dangerous magical experiments. using the harnessed magical energies of a nearby community to create vast quantities of water. Time passed. the climate changed and the savannah began to dry up.” . she took on human form and traveled across the Empire. dwarves 3%) Government: None Imports: Exports: Rare minerals. tentacled monstrosities which were so horrible to look upon that several researchers fainted. the current matriarch of the dragons. . when a network of gates to the various elemental planes became unstable.now turning into the Desert of Thunder .. sometimes expanding. has recently decreed that all new dragon settlements should not be founded in the Desert of Thunder. Thurangax. Pure elemental matter broke free into the Material Plane and devastated the land in a diameter of dozens of miles. but this was just as well. sometimes contracting. there is no reason why all the planets shouldn’t be under dragon rule one day. decreasing their loyality even further. Jefferson: Discoveries in Modern Geology. One of the rabbits developed a third eye emerging from its forehead. and despite the cooperation enforced by Tallaggarul. about a thousand years later. but not enough to make a dent in their population. and sometimes drawing matter into the elemental planes of air.415. Finkelbloom.] We exposed two rabbits and three rats to its radiation for one week. GEOGRAPHY who raided the nomads and frequently left dead tribes in their wake.970 (humans 62%. the dragons can indoubtedly do as well. but later gave birth to a litter of tiny. What the mere humans of Bodenwald can do. a group of human heroes managed to slay one of the dragons. until she finally understood their construction and use. a young dragon named Thurangax hit on a strange new idea: She approached several nomadic tribes. The population of both humans and dragons continued to boom to this day. Then. fire. which explained how they could escape from the sturdy cages. the other worlds are hostile and remote enough to be ideal for the symbiotic relationship between dragons and humans that has developed in her realm.. [. We found minor residues of acid on the bars. with young dragons periodically gathering a group of follwers and moving to a new spot of the desert to found a new community. Thurangax had many children. The tribes agreed.all we discovered was that they had apparently gnawed open the cages one night when no one was observing them. and the tribute expanded to include coins and jewelry . and even cooperating versus dragons who preyed on “their” tribes. Her offspring followed suit. elemental substances The region where the Eternal Storm is now located used to be one of the most remote outposts of the Atalan Empire. The other one seemed unaffected. It was pulsating with a strange. Tallanggarul. and many humans either starved or fled to more fertile regions. To the wizards of the Empire. The unstable gates have remained open to this day. Many of them were killed by the Empire’s mighty magics.4 The Eternal Storm “. While the dragons could just try to carve out new realms in distant parts of the world (and in fact. Occassionally. spying on its most sensitive installations. p. 26 (1422).

it doesn’t always work out that way. and a few bands of unfortunate elves who had been caught in the storm now lived on by hunting the crystal animals and eating them. This state of affairs continued for centuries. Most prospectors work alone or in small groups. any beings that were alive before the transformation now continued life as crystal entities. One exception to these are settlements maintained by powerful wizards. After this. . there are a few nomadic tribes of goblins. or claim-jumpers. When the storm flare receded. Many prospectors have been caught in the open by a storm flare. from orcish raiders to small dwarven communities that make a fortune growing mushrooms and selling them to the other settlements of the region. but they are much safer than any other settlements out there. As a result. they usually create a storm shelter first. thus expanding the size of this bizarre ecosystem. Still. Industries Life and Society There are few permanent settlements in this region. No human can survive there without massive magical protection. or it lasted longer than their supplies (including their supply of air. who were now unable to eat organic matter. the forest was mostly left to its own devices. However. and even small lakes filled with alchemical substances constantly interacting with each other. there are many hidden deposits of valuable ores hidden around the region. and many people make a living by plundering these instead of prospecting for new ores. Rather. bandits. and once the flare recedes. there are enough brave people here who are willing to gamble with their lives in the search for rare and valuable elemental substances. despite the high prices offered for samples by alchemists from all over the Known Lands. Of course. the land here is covered with puddles. Certain scholars who investigated these claims have discovered that some plants have appeared at the forest’s borders who can seemingly transform ordinary earth and stone into crystal. GEOGRAPHY Thanks to the dangerous nature of the area. and numerous temporary settlements of prospectors. Still. where storm flares are rare and weak. who use multiple wall of stone spells to create protective domes that shield their inhabitants from the elements. and though crystal animals and plants were considered to be an interesting curiosity in far-off lands (especially in the city of Mercytos. However. 51 Government and Politics Groups and Organisations Religion Important NPCs Major Geographical Features The Chaos Pits: This is the region immediately surrounding the Stormheart. The Crystal Forest: When the Eternal Storm broke loose. where crystal-growing has long been a well-established profession and where it was possible to keep some of the crystal entites alive away from their home). and gather them until their provisions run out. but sooner or later a storm flare will hit and destroy the community. crystal plants grew out of the crystal ground. intending to return and fetch it some time in the future. A few. Shieldwall Mountains: This short but towering mountain range is fairly close to the Stormheart. in recent decades some of the forest’s neighbors have noticed that the forest seems to grow beyond its original confines. And sometimes they are killed by goblin nomads. Storm flares occur on a daily basis. and there are numerous groups that make their home in its cave systems. underground dwelling that (they hope) will protect them from minor storm surges. Stormheart: The center of the Eternal Storm. and it is constantly buffeted by elemental effects. pits. as well as outlaws and refugees from nearby regions who have nowhere else to go. Upon arriving in a new area. and the crystal elves. but either the flare was too intense for their shelter to withstand.CHAPTER 6. the entire forest had been turned into crystal . strange creatures survive and even thrive here. the animals. this didn’t mean that they had died. What this portends for the rest of the region remains to be seen.one never knows when the next storm front might break loose. the high demand for the rare ores ensure that a new one will soon appear in its place. they will systematically search the surrounding areas for surface deposits of promising ores and substances. The elves of Turaveen recoiled in horror and avoided all contact with their cursed brethen. and spend the rest of their money on beer and other available over-priced amusements. These will operate for a few years and see brisk business. Nevertheless. These wizards invariably demand high taxes and tariffs from all who live there or come here for business. but only the most suicidal or magically protected humans dare go here. since the logistics of feeding large groups are challenging (anyone who can magically create food and water can make a fortune by providing for a group of prospectors). for the closer to the Stormheart the prospector operates. Sometimes prospectors dig up more ore than they can carry with them on their trip. whereupon they will return to the nearest outpost of civilization to cash them in. the better will be his chances of a rich find. where the elemental forces rage on continually. Crystal animals ate crystal plants.or they reached their shelters. As a result. in some cases). killing them . even the very earth were now made many-hued crystal. and most of these can be found on its outer limits. civilized settlements are fairly infrequent and far from the heart of the storm . buy new supplies. Closer to the heart of the storm. a section of the forest of Turaveen was engulfed by it. the side of the mountains that faces away from the Storm is somewhat protected from the worst elemental effects. a small. it often leaves a variety of noxious liquids behind which react strongly with their environment. likewise rarely left the Crystal Forest.the trees.

but close enough to a large number of promising ore fields to attract a large number of prospectors. he never gave up. since their activities might draw the ire of the rulers of the Sunset Province. Unknown to them. However. and many fear that it will be only a matter of time before most of them will be forced to join the Dominion. The hobgoblin soldiers have started to harass many of the smaller settlements in the region.especially those with little political power in the city .and spend the rest of their money in the city’s casinos and brothels.. the Flannish Cities remain the place to watch if you are interested in the latest advances of architectural design. 55. Virdan’s Folly was named after the wizard who started it and was not expected to survive as long as it did but still. specializing in magically created buildings and magic-assisted agriculture and life support . and used his considerable wealth to found the town that bears his name. However. an ambitious wizard from Dartmouth . GEOGRAPHY 52 case. and its architects work day and night to bring the vision of its city fathers to life. 562.334): About two hundred years ago. Since magic is so important for its maintenance and expansion. as long as it was protected by a nexus tower which would shield it from the elements.without being exposed to any danger! Hedwell’s latest project is building an underground railroad to safer areas. When the surface was ravaged.but when the storm retreated.support them enthusiastically. And in no place is this more evident than in Praxus. A wealthy merchant from Gorchov named Michael Kolchov decided to exploit these resources in a systematic manner. this town serves as a spearhead for the ambitions of the Hobgoblin Dominion in this region.a neccessity. and brothels to help them spend it. who will react with violence to such an intrusion into their territory. casinos. which can expand faster thanks to the fact that it can support open air buildings instead of requiring expensive stone domes. developed the theory that it should be possible to build a large surface settlement very close to the Stormheart.and have stayed there ever since.5 The Flannish Cities “While it cannot be denied that the architecture of the Parginian Rim and other regions to the south and east have their own unique charms. they are coming close to drow territory.not only has it a reputable bank to store any riches they might have acquired. vast mineral wealth was left behind. In this shining beacon of progress. Most prospectors come here to sell their finds. he suffered several setbacks. Still. and use massive slave labor to peel back one layer of the earth after the other to gain access to the riches below. Important Towns and Cities Guroth (Town. if the Eternal Storm once more breaks loose here. including a catastrophic magical failure that led to the destruction of an earlier settlement through a storm flare (he escaped thanks to a timely teleport spell). and eight years ago his efforts were rewarded by a settlement that was finally safe from the storm. and reliable transport of the ores out of the region.213): The oldest and largest of the settlements protected by stone domes. it houses a small but renowned school of wizardry.CHAPTER 6. The community has grown rapidly and become one of the favorite safe havens of the prospectors . but also a large number of bars. this is met with stong opposition from the rulers of Kolchov.376): Hardly more than a large military encampment. Slaves perish daily under the brutal labor. urban planning has taken place on a scale seen never before in this world. while the corrupt Kolchovs and their cronies party as if there was no tomorrow . it stands. safe.341): Thirty years ago Millian Hedwell. Today. 60. Kolchov (City. Judianc (Small City. He was initially laughed at. Medras is the largest permanent settlement in the region. and even when he finally found some backers for this ambitious scheme. Its inhabitants have expanded ever further downwards to expand their living space. most inhabitants retreated beneath the surface .932): This ancient city was the center of several death and funeral cults in the days of the Atalan Empire. a major flare of the storm reached this region and transformed it beyond recognition . Today his descendants are the undisputed rulers of this region. which would allow fast. Therefore it had sprawling underground catacombs when the Eternal Storm broke loose. and their tunnels reach all the way into the Underdark. Medras (Small Metropolis. Kolchov quickly became a refuge for all sorts of rebels from that region.which might very well be the Important Sites Regional History Adventuring near the Eternal Storm Adventure Seeds 6. Annual Special Issue of Architectural Review (1421) . 16. 180.Introduction to Praxus: City of Tomorrow. who would prefer to maintain their monopoly. Now the city even attracts a fair number of curious visitors from other regions who want to see the storm up close . As of late. others in the family .. Now the city’s wizards are seeking possibilities that will give them a much-needed economic boost. restock their supplies . They have been digging into the Underdark in the hopes of finding a new and safe trade route.” . the city has been eclipsed by Judianc. Virdan’s Folly (Small City. and serves as its unofficial capital. After Gorchov was conquered by the Tsan Empire. given that the city is often cut off from the outside world for long times. The senior members of the Kolchov family are none too happy about these people.

He has fought the other leaders of Praxus over even the slightest alterations to his plans. where customers can eat various meat products . halflings 14%. While there are still some hereditary nobles left from the feudal ages. though a merchant oligarchy is the most common form of government Imports: Wood. Industries Life and Society On the surface. or drinking alcohol. Most of the poor live in squalid apartments they have to share with a dozen other inhabitants . as well as expeditions to remote regions where the ley line network is still intact. and served to unsuspecting guests. The chief architect and city planner of Praxus is all this and more . But despite this.they make sure their own children get the best education and opportunities. They are sponsoring many magic departments of colleges and universities. hobgoblins 2%) Government: Varies by city state. This does not always make them popular.736. the Flannish cities are constantly expanding and changing. Religion Important NPCs . and look down on the poor as being lazy and lacking in moral fibre. where it runs so-called “meat parlours”. shopkeepers and other people frantically trying to enter the upper classes (or at least aping them) while constantly worrying about sliding down to lower class status. It is ruthless when it comes to threats to its businesses. Still. ore Exports: Magic items. They point to the emergence of the League of Armach. elves 2%. while their children are sent to work as soon as they are able to contribute to the family income. the Last City whispers into his mind every night. There is more than one merchant lord. Additional. and other.but people also thought that of the Norfjell Wastes right before Negroth’s hordes swept out of them. or other potentate of humble origin . accountants. He is not sure what Government and Politics Groups and Organisations Butcher’s Guild: This organized crime ring started in Bodenwald. Most city governments have defined a range of activities as immoral. Between these extremes is a middle class of craftsmen. and passed laws to outlaw those. cut up. A prosperous future of these cities seems assured. the city-state is a historical aberration on the way out. In the morning. if he is only willing to take his destiny into his own hand. class tensions are alive and well.Basilis Niland (LN exp12/clr5 of Shaprat) has been hailed as a genius. ships. and such an event might happen again soon . To be sure. the members of the FCUC do whatever they can to strengthen links between the Flannish city-states.for them. They are studying the ancient ley lines that once criss-crossed the land and that druids could use as a source of power. This often does little to actually suppress those activities.including possibly him as well is that Shaprat.and who is proud to tell the tale of his self-made success to anyone who is listening. Their ships range far and wide. prostitution.or more! They have to work long hours in factories without hopes for better jobs. 53 are outlawed in Gr¨ ungarten. it has established secret supply trains from neighboring cities and communities. city councillor. Not the members of this society . true power is open to anyone who is able and willing to grasp it. the Alliance of the Pantheon. The rich. manufactured goods. he wakes up with his head full of new ideas and spends the next hour or so committing all the new plans to paper. wits.350 (humans 71%. have replaced the nobility of old in all but name .CHAPTER 6. GEOGRAPHY Capital: None Population: 32. and their trade goods reach all over the world. What most people . where it has branched out in other illegal activities (such as gambling and brothels). Perhaps paradoxically. Thus. from easing of trade restrictions to cultural exchanges to conferences on the possible structure and constitution for the future Flannish nation. dwarves 6%. The Cerulean Dawn: This secret society counts some of the most skilled wizards and architects of the region among its members. on the other hand. gnomes 4%. such as gambling. and rumor has it that its enemies are sometimes killed. textiles The Flannish Cities dot the north-western shores. the Flannish cities seem far more egalitarian than other regions. To get meat. Flannish Cities Unity Coalition: Most people in the modern Flannish cities regard the city-state as the very pinnacle of civilization. and many believe that the unification the FCUC strives for is only a unification under the rule of Praxus. the group is seen as suspicious because it is headquartered in Praxus and partially sponsored by that city’s government. Their culture is a young one. most upper-class citizens like to make a show of how morally superior they are when compared to people from other regions. older nations and claim that true nations are more powerful and more enduring than any single city can be. thus denying them chances for a better education and a brighter future. since many people are wary of outside meddling in the affairs of their city. it was the disunity between the rulers of the region that made conquest and occupation by Negroth the Doombringer possible. as they are just driven underground. at the moment all the borders of the Flannish region seem to be safe .perhaps sooner than most people realize. and luck can easily make his fortune. a visionary.possibly even enough to become gods. Besides.his goal is nothing less than the creation of the ultimate magical city. and they believe that they can use nexus towers to create new ley lines that they can tap for immense power . and so far has always gotten his way in the end. but perhaps it is this which gives their citizens unmatched drive and ambition. and he will not let anything get in his way. they tend to have a strict definition of “morality”. and a fanatic and megalomaniac. Still.which . and someone with the right measures of boldness.

and only brave merchants and several groups of pirates that make their home here brave its rocky shores. the Astromantic Society was founded. several camps of loggers operate here. GEOGRAPHY will happen once Praxus is finished and is in the precise shape it was always meant to be in. which controls most of the meat parlors. It is located within a long and mountainous fjord. 519. the excentric and wildly popular King Maximilian III can certainly influence politics when he puts his mind to it.. Gorok-kar (Small Metropolis. A common belief among the inhabitants is that on the night of the new moon.652. and can command high salaries. Organized crime in Gr¨ ungarten is firmly in the hands of the “Butchers’ Guild”. and attach charms to all openings that are supposed to keep the spirits away. an activity which is frowned upon by their more conservative elders. All are heavily armed. the city (now named “Gr¨ ungarten” or “green garden”) is renowned for its many gardens and greenhouses. and many people who hope to start over on a new world come here. Forest of Songs: Strange.510): This city is infamous for surrendering to the invading armies of Negroth the Doombringer without a fight.327): During the War of Liberation.284): In Bodenwald. But he is sure that it will be a perfect moment. Nimdenthal (Small Metropolis. and those who do return have no memory of the time they spent under the forest’s leaves. as the city’s true rulers make their presence known: The Court of Shadows.837. and undead can be found in large numbers. and its zoological gardens.CHAPTER 6. which has lead to the establishment of underground “meat parlors” where customers can enjoy steaks. Bodenwald is one of the few Flannish cities with a surviving aristocracy. A few years or decades later they reappear again and start the cycle anew. It is said that powerful spirits live there who protect the birds from all humans who would hunt them. 1. and the city still serves as its headquarters. who suffered far more under his brief reign than Nimdenthal did. and despite the fact that an elected . Still. The people of Breonor spend those ”wild nights” behind closed doors and barred windows. the spirits of the dead who were not faithful enough to gain entry to the realm of a god can enter this world through a certain cave on this island.863. 1. but a strong elven influence persists even today. Siren’s Rock: This lonely rock surfacing from the ocean is known to be the gathering spot of sahuagin of a curious. and no matter how desperate the plea.715): This city is famous for its Museum of Art. As a result. The city has become rich by trading exotic goods and minerals from the colonies. The inhabitants mostly dwell in isolated farmstead and live from simple agriculture and shepherding.923): For more information on Dartmouth.849): This dwarfhold has the distinction of having the only major seaport of the dwarven people. 105). Important Towns and Cities Bodenwald (Metropolis. the city of Holzau was conquered by an elven prince of neighboring Avareen after the city’s rulers inadvertedly insulted him. and artifacts from all over the world (and even from other worlds) are on display here and under heavy guard. Elves and other sylvan creatures may enter freely. this fog shrouded community seems to be a typical Flannish city. 213. Fields of Harrow: This dismal swamp is the site of the battle where the combined armies of the Flannish cities were soundly defeated by the hordes of Negroth the Doombringer. He has been an enthusiastic supporter of the Astromantic Society. Dartmouth (Metropolis. whose true purpose remains unknown. Court of Birds: This rocky isle far to the west is visited by millions of birds during their annual migration. The construction of the museum actually isn’t complete yet. Bodenwald serves as the center of most activities involving the exploration and colonization of other planets. There have been numerous expeditions by surrounding city-states to eradicate these pests . Strange objects. see the Dartmouth chapter (p. no citizen of Hollowhill will unlock a door or open a window after nightfall. and the riches its efforts bring to the city have reflected well on him as well.but each time they are under assault. a gigantic structure several miles in diameter and more than two hundred yards tall at its highest point. as a special wood named heartwood grows here that is highly priced by wizards. 614. unearthly sounds constantly emanate from this forest. which feature many creatures from other worlds. pieces of art. but some have remarked in private that they plan to stay far away from Hogenrood on the day the museum is completed. Some of the younger dwarves have even started to build their own ships. However. Thus. and other meat products of usually inferior qualities. but many humans who try the same never return. This mystifies many architectual experts to no end. living humans can be found here. Anyone caught in the outside becomes their plaything. which allows them to both engage in mining and selling the ore and finished products to human merchant ships. 723. almost human-like appearance. this impression changes radically. That the army of Nimdenthal was Major Geographical Features Breonor: This sparsely inhabited island off the coast has no large cities. sausages. Gr¨ ungarten (Small Metropolis. By night. which provide the city with most of its food. attract many scholars. Thus. Hollowhill (Large City. who frequently raid civilized areas. The region still seems to echo the many deaths that happened here. The agricultural specialists of Gr¨ ungarten are highly regarded even in far-off regions. a powerful group of fey creatures. 54 parliament governs the city. there are noticeable differences as well. 1. He became bored of ruling a human city after a century or so. Hogenrood (Metropolis. and is still hated by the citizens of the other Flannish cities as a result. Gray Hills: These badlands are known to be inhabited by numerous tribes of goblins. Eating any kind of meat is strictly illegal in this city. but many mages have noticed that it seems to be designed to harness magical energies similar to a nexus tower.. if perhaps even more ordered and disciplined than most. the goblins just retreat under the hills and wait until the human armies leave again.416): By day.

3. a popular (among the upper classes. Now the three provinces became feudal kingdoms. Zuidenstadt (Metropolis. but died seven years later without heirs . its inhabitants have suffered under a terrible curse: If they don’t talk for at least one hour every day. and the Flannish Kingdom in the north. It is said that they were erected by the fey in ancient times. That the government of Zuidenstadt is said to be in negotiations with the League of Armach is the cause of no few concerns among the other Flannish cities. Regional History In the distant past. Whether these monstrosities will actually help Torburg achieve its goals is some matter of dispute. and started conquering and civilizing it. so most of them are simply left alone by those who dwell near them. and indeed often used the invasion as a chance to stab their fellow nobles in the back. They then built the Atalan Wall to defend the provinces against raids by barbarians from the Norfjell Wastes.844): Ever since a major city renovation program ended approximately a hundred years ago. People who get high marks on certain intelligence tests that every public official is required to take (though everyone can attempt them) are encouraged to have as many children as possible. southeastern. as lack of maintenance and the plunder of the stones for building materials have taken their toll. The Green Monoliths: These slabs of green marble dot the Flannish countryside. once defended the Atalan Empire against northern barbarians. Rondhaven is considered to be relatively “liberal”. but a newly installed merchant council has changed that with its aggressive policies. it was a mere formality . 2. This state of affairs continued for several centuries. Its forces have started to “protect strategic resources” in the vicinity and frequently engage in skirmishes with patrols from nearby cities. By 241 NA into three provinces. It is said that anyone who tries to defile. as far as Flannish cities are concerned. When the last provincial governor renounced all ties to the Empire in 654 NA and crowned himself kind of Darchester. Visitors to Oldenheim should be aware that the curse affects all who are within the boundaries of the city.232): Ever since this city’s merchant council slighted a powerful wizard more than three centuries ago.529): This city seems to be determined to beat Rondhaven as the premier naval power among the Flannish cities. with Darchester in the south west. and its public buildings majestic. the people of Nimdenthal take an almost perverse pride in being selfsufficient. 348.the Emperor in Atalus was too far away and too weak to do anything more than protest. He succeeded in conquering the entire region in 977 NA. As a result. fiefdoms. despite a short attempt at unification by the Flannish King Hellweg III. They are covered with strange glyphs that apparently change over time. which compromised the southwestern.245. but gradually the Atalan Empire crumbled from within.all heirs apparant had apparently met “tragical accidents” or been murdered outright. the Empire crumbled soon after it was created. the citizens of Oldenheim are renowned for their talkativeness. 55 Important Sites Atalan Wall: This long structure. Oldenheim (Large City. on the other hand. or even destroy a Green Monolith will come to great harm.757): Much of this wealthy coastal city lies at or below the sea level. and even . but all observers agree that the first finished ships are very impressive to behold. In the last decade.852. swamps. Torburg (Large Metropolis 2. when the Flannish region was covered with virgin forests. and even those away from Oldenheim will tend to talk about any possible subject at great length. Praxus (Large Metropolis. Praxus is generally considered the best planned city in the world. Gelgen in the south east. or boycott them outright. and apart from a few small skirmishes never expanded beyond it. recieve a small sum of money if they allow themselves to be permanently sterilized through magic. who crowned himself the first Emperor of the Flannish Empire. remove. and forest sparsely inhabited by humanoids and human tribes. and small. its avenues straight. GEOGRAPHY hardly able to withstand the might of Negroth’s forces on their own is conveniently forgotten. 1. As a result. The various feudal lords were completely incapable of uniting in the face of a common threat.CHAPTER 6. It is in a poor condition today. though rumors of a “true heir to the Flannish throne” continue to be popular in certain circles even today. But in 180 NA. the Flannish kingdoms were soundly defeated at the Fields of Harrow. The feudal system reached its moment of crisis with the invasion of Negroth the Doombringer in 1174.167. their city is a huge source of civic pride. independent cities that continually warred with each other. As a result. Its city council council has commissioned the creation of a fleet of merchantmen and warships that exceed any other ships ever built in sheer size. their innermost thoughts and secrets will be broadcast to everyone in the vicinity. Its neighborhoods are protected by several dikes of titanic proportion. [indexDate!180 the Atalan Empire appeared on its southern boders. Thus. at least) eugenics movement has influenced politics in the city council. and recieve generous cash bonuses for each child they have.798): This city was in a severe economic depression until recently.383): This northern city-state is built on multiple small islands scattered along the coast. These soon splintered into small baronies. Many other cities still levy large tolls against the goods from Nimdenthal. The criminal and insane are automatically sterilized without their consent. For the upper classes. whose remains stretch from about 50 miles south of Svardholm on the coast of the Great Lake to the sea coast 100 miles south of Gorok-kar. the entire region was a mixture of lowlands. Svardholm (Large City. Its streets are clean. Svardholm is generally considered to be the last outpost of civilization before heading into the northern wastelands. but its detractors often consider Praxus to be “soulless”. and many artists and free thinkers flock here. The poor and unemployed. and the northern parts of the region. 430.538. Some stretches of the wall are haunted by the ghosts of former Atalan soldiers. its parks well maintained. Rondhaven (Large Metropolis.

the aristocrats were completely discredited in the eyes of the common people. But sixty years ago.663. No enemies seem to threaten the prosperity and stablity of the Flannish Cities from without. The Khargun. Oldenheim. The cities were expanded and fortified. plenty of monsters remain that lurk in the spaces between the city-states . the Holy City. halflings 3%.radical secularists who want to recreate the region in the image of more western lands and who receive covert support from the League of Armach. and who owe no allegiance to the main dwarven kingdoms. such concerns seem out of date. and new ones sprung up everywhere. This culminated in the “Liberation War”.or within them. This war culminated in the partial destruction of Praxus. while other were forced to abdicate or even executed by angry mobs. these conflicts are becoming more heated. some among the oppressed people in the slums whisper of revolution. desperate people who have little to loose. Some merchant lord. ’Very well. When the two sides became too exhausted to fight on. dwarves 7%. all Flannish cities (now including Gorok-kar and Svardholm) signed the Treaty of Praxus. But now. as they are called. and Zuidenstadt marched against the other regions where nobles were still in control. which turns the central region into an extremely fertile valley prone to flooding. Most easily accessible forests in the vincity of a citystate have been completely cut down by now. goblins 12%. Some nobles saw the writing on the wall and gave more and more of their powers to various citizens’ councils. They do not engage in mining . And while the rulers count their riches. Instead the cities have become increasingly competetive and hostile to each other. no doubt guessing my hidden agenda.if you are willing to pay the price. elves 1%) Government: Usually monarchy in the cities. and the ancient techniques of constructing nexus towers became popular again. The armies retreated. noble. a self-defense pact that requires all Flannish Cities to cooperate in the face of an external threat. While no giants stalk the land.Sir George Sparrowfield: A Pilgrimage to Secret Places. and few dragons dare to fly openly within sight of a city-state. while most smaller settlements vanished or were reduced to small supply depots. and as a result the shipbuilding industries have to search further abroad to continue to function.250 (humans 53%. All sides are hiring mercenaries and other agents to sabotage the other side’s efforts to secure the most accessible forests. Old ones were repaired and improved. and even more so for the coastal cities. leaving only Bodenwald in the hands of nobles. GEOGRAPHY though the reign of Negroth ended two years later. and full with poor. a succession crisis was combined with religious differences between the northern and southern populations. Torburg. the cities themselves become more crowded. a third party appeared on the scene . and many fear that worse is to come. or other potentate is always scheming against his peers in other cities . gnomes 15%. this doesn’t mean that they are peaceful.. Adventure Seeds The Lumberjack Wars: Wood is a vital resouce for any city-state. with the new aggressive ship building efforts of Torburg.’ ” . There is a similar contrast between the people who live here outside the large and bustling cities built along the river and a few oasis. 6. where the combined armies of Hogenrood.. there have always been arguments and low-level conflicts about the ownership of useful forests. Thanks to the experiences from these wars.CHAPTER 6. fierce nomads hold sway who mostly survive by raiding caravans and each other. as they try to monopolize key resources and trade goods. And all the while. who combined religious and temporal authority. The region has long been relatively free of strife and prospered under the enlightened rule of the Caliphs. tribal in the desert Imports: Exports: This large desert region is divided in half by the mighty Marif river.6 Gawaris Desert “’You wish to see Khadeen. instead engage in moneylending .or in the same city.. Today. 56 Adventuring in the Flannish Cities While the Flannish cities are civilized. Holzau (now Grngarten). and ran out of steam when an elven army from Avareen conquered and occupied Holzau. Already there have been a series of skirmishes between the forces of Torburg and the neighboring cities of Dartmouth and Oldenburg.. people were now much more concerned about external threats that old-fashioned armies wouldn’t be able to handle. and a civil war erupted that ravaged many areas.but they are very rich nonetheless. despite being an unbeliever?’ The eyes of the efreet pierced me to my very soul. And in 1268 NA. Avane Street Publishing (1398) Capital: Population: 14.they leave that to their cousins in Gol Algor . Industries Life and Society Government and Politics Groups and Organisations Khargun: The Gawaris Desert has long been home to several dwarven clans that have lived together with the humans for countless generation. I shall do so . hobgoblins 8%.

who offer to cure their diseases for them in exchange for money and protection from the authorites. Nazeer (Large City. After some time. and which remains the basis of all their laws to this day. which help with protecting the inhabitants from the oppressive heat during the day.most of them slaves. or masiqs.. and most of them have extensive networks of rooms underground. an all-powerful entity that according to them created the world and everything in it. only to emerge at dizzying heights and inclinations that made me worry if the tracks could possibly hold the train stable. Those who don’t keep to the strictures and skip the prayer routines. the Gurions. a tome written down by a human now only referred to as “The Prophet”. can become ill. for the genies still resent their entrapment to this place. 834. the religious leaders of the city declared it neutral to keep the city free from strife and the pilgrims safe. Fell creatures live in the Underdark below. GEOGRAPHY . most seem to live to a rife old age. Religion Most people who live in the Gawaris Desert eschew the worship of the multitudes of gods found in other regions.. who were bound to this place in the Material Plane long ago by ancient wizards. but never within the earshots of the faithful. They do so according to the guidelines written down in the “Book of Testimony”. Important Sites Gurion’s Rest: This remote monastery is the location where the famed mystic Gurion was last seen among the living. Noteworthy among the religious strictures is the requirement of three daily prayers at their temples.a business on which they have a virtual monopoly in the region . for surely nothing else could emit such .CHAPTER 6.and also maintain a network of caravansereis. While they cannot leave the walls of the city.. His followers.551): Khadeen is considered to be the holiest of cities among the inhabitants of the Gawaris Desert. Instead they worship a being they refer to as the “Divine One”. capable of withstanding a small siege. for the genies have long ago realized that the best way to attain new slaves is to trade with human slave traders. It is said that a gargantuan bird of prey lairs at its top. Regional History Adventuring in the Gawaris Desert Adventure Seeds 6. and a large number of similar honorifics. which serve as shelter from both the elements and raiders for the merchant caravans. Then I gradually became aware of an unearthly noise coming from a great distance. and thus decided to make the best out of their situation by creating a large city they could rule over. who are skilled in interpreting their religious lore. I simply stopped looking out of the window to preserve my sanity.The train moved through a multitude of tunnels. primordial beast such as the tarrasque had emerged from its age-old slumber. and they love nothing more to entrap others here as well by making them agree to illconsidered deals that make turn them into slaves should they fail to uphold their end of the deal. Most dwarven buildings are effectively small fortresses. The gods known in other regions are to the believers of this faith nothing more than false spirits whose sole purpose is to lead weak humans astray. and all the factions are watching each other to see who makes the first move.as much as such a large and diverse group can be said to have a headquarters. and they also do not have the organized clerics gifted with divine spells found elsewhere . and all of the Faithful are supposed to do a pilgrimage to this city at least once in their lifetime. however. and their scripture claims that as long as the faithful pray there. it does welcome visitors and traders to some extent. Still. they were unable to break these wards. built a monastery on the spot and use it as their headquarters . visitors are advised to be careful. When the Civil War started. Despite the city’s dire reputation. and the two factions have consented. “All-Father”. Some western observers have speculated that the mosques are a unusual variant of nexus towers. not wanting to commit the sacrilege of bringing war here. Important NPCs Major Geographical Features Shafts of Lˆ ud: These large holes in the ground penetrate into the earth for many miles.221): This city is ruled by several large clans of genies. Many rich sinners keep contact to clerics of the outlawed deities. they will not suffer from diseases and other ailments until it is their time to end their life on the material plane.7 Gol Algor “. which causes others to shun them as unfaithful. 57 Thunder Peak: This high mountain is perpetually wreathed in a thunderstorm.. few people who adhere to the faith seem to fall ill and barring accidents. within they rule absolutely over hundreds of thousands of humans and members of other races . 375.the closest they have are their judges. Despite their magics. and sensible people stay away from them. At first I though that some great. the city might soon become involved in the war anyway. But with the advance of the secularists from the West. And indeed. Important Towns and Cities Khadeen (Small Metropolis.

Thanks to the sale of their creations. Its citizens are not content to just create everything according to the same old procedures . Their pride and joy is the Observatory. among other ingredients) can also be used for casting curses and necromantic magic from a distance on the person they resemble. As a result. GEOGRAPHY 58 a penetrating sound. a single. and was always accepting of even the strangest behaviors.. This causes some parts of the city to receive large amounts of sunlight during the day. Numerous expatriates from many lands have found the town’s atmosphere to their liking and settled here. are not very interested in agriculture. while paid for by the League.. and especially those hailing from the Gawaris Desert. and many other gnomes and dwarves from all over Rothea travel to this observatory at least once in their lives to marvel at it. however. Avane Street Publishing (1419) Capital: Population: 2. 153. as a rule. however . Nesef (City.” Markub (Large City. The various gnomish families who built them try to outdo each other with the most outlandish plant hybrids. halflings 2%. A strange sect of predominantly gnomish priests controls access to the telescopes.CHAPTER 6.278): Those who follow the latest trend in magical artifice agree on few things.the gnomes have mastered the art of turning plants into entertainment as well.who founded the agricultural center of Geniok with typically gnomish twists. and this drive to excel attracts many master crafters from other lands be they dwarves or not. However. Industries Life and Society Government and Politics Groups and Organisations Religion Important NPCs Major Geographical Features Important Towns and Cities Geniok (Large City. Now tolerance has given way to a sense of suspicion of humans. Most citizens of Gol Algor. But then I realised that this noise seemed far too regular to come from the throat of any beast. But unlike distant Gr¨ ungarten. hobgoblins 1%) Government: Council of craftsmen Imports: Exports: This Eastern dwarven realm is dedicated to the idea of progress. 237. The dry air and the high quality of the lenses used in their construction allows viewers to see other planets as if they were close by. and visitors who question the usefulness of such a structure will often be met with hostility.600 (dwarves 64%. rotating platform which completes a full circle every 24 hours. it is reputed that a certain type of root which can be grown in the likeness of people (by using a drop of blood from that person to water them. Kiturab is unique in that the entire city is built on .782): This city is famous for its glass blowers. When asked why they have built such a city. The primarily gnomish inhabitants of Kiturab are all excessively proud of their grand work. humans 6%. The enchanters there delight in coming up with new and unusual golems. Pymander (Large City. the dwarves of Gol Algor were only too happy to leave the whole business to the gnomes . elves 1%. using seeds from distant lands (for which they are willing to pay high prices).but most of them can boil down to a single sentence: “Because we could.772): Dwarves.and many of these weapons. But one of the things they agree upon is this: The very best and most advanced golems were developed in Pymander.they want to find better procedures! Its many craftsmen constantly compete against each other. while others are shrouded in permanent darkness. and I finally saw the source of this noise: Kiturab the Clockwork City.” . and colored window plates are renowned the world over. 215.whether racing along a dangerous mountain trail or creating a certain number of swords within the shortest time possible. And then the train moved over another pass. the focus is not merely on providing food and other useful substances .376. a recent event has shaken the town. this is only a secondary concern. and always fetch high prices. Trade has already begun to suffer. lenses. The city always had an open and friendly atmosphere.. the answers will vary .334): This city is considered one of the grandest architectonical marvels in the world. A search of his room in the inn he had stayed in unearthed a letter claiming his attack was a protest for the many weapons and other support the League of Armach channeled to the Modernists of the Gawaris Desert through Nesef . A lone traveller from the Gawaris desert suddenly started firing a wand of fireballs into the main market. While other cities boast more inhabitants or taller buildings.216): A border town facing the Gawaris Desert. and those who remain are wondering what the future of the city will be. had been built by Gol Algor. There are also rumors of a darker side to this.. Much of the city is covered by gigantic greenhouses kept hot by a ventilation system using a nearby volcano. ranging from bardic contests using music intruments carved out of vegetables to creating fruits that explode spectacularly when ripe (the current record holder in the latter category had a splash radius of 13 yards).Edmund Durnsten in: The Known Lands: Gol Algor.for example. 341. To the citizens of Markub. and there are frequent competitions to come up with golems suited for certain tasks . Kiturab (City. 123. Friendly competitions using the oddest criteria abound. Nesef has prospered on the trade between the inventors og Gol Algor and the far-ranging merchant caravans of the desert nomads. no matter how ancient and unnatural. and recruits from promising pilgrims. an array of giant telescopes on the mountain above the city. gnomes 25%. killing more than 200 people before he could be killed in turn. Its glasses. foreigners.

CHAPTER 6. GEOGRAPHY Pymander is very wealthy indeed, and the League of Armach is among its best customers. Sargoth (City, 173,558): The craftsmen of Sargoth have taken on an usual challenge: The conquest of the air. While there are numerous spells that allow one to fly, they usally work on only one person or a few individuals. The Sargothians instead want to fly through mechanical means. As a result, one can see all kinds of strange things in the airspace around the city, from prosaic balloons to gigantic mechanical birds to even stranger sights. Most of them end in nearby chasms (which explains why feather fall potions are so popular in the city), but there have been a few noteworthy successes. But the kind of research that seems to be the most promising right now involves a combination of mechanics and enchantments. While many purists decry this, these efforts have gained several very wealthy and influental sponsors. A prototype airship kept afloat by gigantic enchanted fans, the Pride of Sargoth, is scheduled to be completed sometime in the next few months. The military potential of this kind of technology hasn’t been lost on other realms, most notably the League of

59 Armach and the Hobgoblin Dominions, and as a result the city is crawling with spies. Ushmin (Large City, 422,135): The main weapon producer of the kingdom, Ushmin has thrived from selling its products to the League of Armach, where the quality of its goods are greatly appreciated. Sympathy for the League runs high here, and comments about the less savory activities of the League are ignored at best, and taken as insults at worst. There are some people and organizations here that even want Gol Algor to join the League, claiming that such an alliance would be invincible and bring peace and order to the world, but the rulers of Gol Algor are steadfastly opposed to such a sentiment for the moment.

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Gol Grungor

“The stream of dwarven refugees arriving via boat is becoming intolerable. If this situation continues, a day will come when dwarves outnumber humans in this city. It must be admitted that the policy of demanding a high ’head tax’ on all dwarven residents in Svardholm has failed - as it has been discovered on a recent raid (see Document CIsD-372, the long-time dwarven residents will shelter these refugees in secret and expand their subterranean complexes to provide additional living space. The possibility of the establishment of a ’dwarven undercity’ below our streets obviously cannot be tolerated. Currently there are ongoing negotiations with the local dwarven leadership. It is hoped that providing free train tickets to Zuidenstadt will at least take some of the new arrivals from Gol Grungor off our hands...” - Internal Document CisD-381 of the Svardholm City Council Capital: Gathal-Nur Population: 5,453,210 (dwarves 91%, gnomes 4%, hobgoblins 2%, humans 1%, halflings 1%) Government: Monarchy with strong clan influence Imports: Exports: This dwarven kingdom considers itself to be the heart of all dwarven culture in the world. Its monarchy stretches back for millennia (or so its annals claim), and everything is done “because it was always done this way”. Tradition equals law. Yet to ever larger numbers of dwarves, this reverence becomes stifling - while others, the clanless, never had a real role in the society of Gol Grungor anyway. These dwarves head out for other lands, leaving their elders to mutter and warn about the “false temptations of the surface world”... Highest in social esteem are the various craft families, such as masons, weaponsmiths, tool makers, and so on. After this come the ruling noble families, the mining and refining clans, and finally the military clans who are tasked with the defense of the realms. After this come the Clanless, many of whom provide all sorts of unglamourous but nonetheless vital services, such as farming (both subterranean mushroom farms and the surface farms in remote mountain villages - these are usually worked by slaves), cleaning and other sorts of maintenance, and trade. Those convicted of severe crimes that aren’t considered worthy of death or exile are also demoted to the status of Clanless, and their former families will shun them. The only way to join a higher-ranking clan is through marriage, and even that is rarely done - the would-be status climber had better come from a clan that is nearly the equal of the clan he wants to marry into, and both he and his family need to have excellent reputations for the family of the other side to agree to this. This lack of opportunities for lower-ranking clans, and especially for the Clanless, has bred a lot of discontent over the recent centuries. This is especially prevalent among the merchant families, who have grown extremely rich from foreign trade - but their low social esteem prevents them from having any say in political mat-

Industries Life and Society
Society in Gol Grungor is extremely stratified. There is a large number of clans bound by family ties, and each clan has an area of expertise on which it holds a monopoly.

CHAPTER 6. GEOGRAPHY ters. Out of self-preservation, they don’t display their wealth outside their own dwellings, which boast many luxuries from distant countries and would put many human merchant princes to shame. Outside their homes, a dwarven merchant who “puts on airs” will often be beaten up or worse by members of high-ranking clans if he wanders into the wrong section of a dwarfhold... The merchants respond to the snubbing by letting no opportunity pass by to embarrass, blackmail, or ruin their “superiors”. Some even go so far to deal in forbidden and highly addictive drugs. While they have no official say in politics, many merchants nonetheless amass huge influence through a hidden network of bribes and favors...

60 - millienia in the more extreme cases - and commemorate the great battles, heroes, and tragedies of the past. It is said that no true dwarf can watch them and stay unmoved. Maraduk (Large City, 261,227): Facing the eastern shore of the Great Lake, Maraduk is a city that most dwarves pretend doesn’t exist, for its inhabitants farm the fertile surface of the mountain slopes. It is an inconvenient fact that Gol Grungor cannot feed its population with its subterranean fungus farms alone, and thus dwarves of the lowest status are made to grow and harvest crops in the bright daylight. Tree farms that provide the mines with timber fill those areas not covered by farms. Since few other dwarves like to be reminded of being reliant on the surface in any way, they avoid mentioning both the inhabitants of this community and even the very name of the city if at all possible and keep it isolated from both the rest of the kingdom and the rest of the world. Needless to say, the dwarves of Maraduk do not appreciate this treatment at the hand of other dwarves, and all too often a group of young dwarves build a boat in secret and set across the Great Lake in the hope of reaching the Western Shore and human civilization. Many don’t make it, but rumors persist of the wealth and freedom that awaits hard-working dwarves amidst the humans. Sharal (Small Metropolis, 673,112): During succession crisis and a short civil war, Sharal was the center of a rebellion against the rule of Gathal-Nur. The rebellion was eventually suppressed, but many dwarves still hold grudges against the throne of the High King, and it is an open secret that many people in the city engage in profitable smuggling ventures with the Hobgoblin Dominion to the south.

Government and Politics Groups and Organisations Religion Important NPCs Major Geographical Features Important Towns and Cities
Garad-Zhakˆ ul (Large City, 231,331): The “Gateway to Gol Grungor”, Garad-Zhakˆ ul is the only city of the realm that non-dwarves are allowed to enter without special dispensations, and as a result, it has the largest community of resident non-dwarves in the kingdom. Since the city is intended to impress the might of the dwarves on any visitors, it boasts monumental dwarven architecture, as well as extremely impressive fortifications. Most dwarven residents come from the military clans and the merchant families - the latter ones are eager to trade with nondwarven visitors, and a large number of caravans from expatriate dwarves arrive and leave on a daily basis as well. Visitors who are not careful might get involved with attempts of smuggling, which can carry the death penalty. Gathal-Nur (Metropolis, 1,241,895): The “Halls of Kings” is the heart and soul of the kingdom (or so its inhabitants claim). Here is where the king and the noble families dwell, and they have spared no effort to make the spendor of this underground city unequalled among the dwarven realms. Few nondwarves ever get the chance to see its mighty halls, but those who do never forget the sight in their lifetimes. Izdˆ ul (Small Metropolis, 712,321): Home of most of the loremasters of Gol Grungor, Izdˆ ul houses the all-important archives of the kingdom. The laws, family lines, and histories are carved in the walls of its vast halls so that they may be preserved for all eternity. While the dwarves do use paper, they generally feel that it is too flimsy to hold anything of true importance, and so most of the important information is preserved on slabs of stone. Izdˆ ul is also famous for its operas, an art from invented by dwarves and only later introduced to humans by expatriates from the kingdom. The operas of this cities have played almost unchanged for many centuries

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Unless the party is all-dwarven, most of Gol-Grungor will be off-limits to most of the PCs. Thus, any adventuring will initially be limited to Garad-Zhakˆ ul, the gateway city. But since that community is a hotbed of trade and intrigue, there should be plenty of possibilities for adventures nonetheless until the PCs get a good feel for dwarven culture and society, as well as the fault lines that should gradually become apparent to the observant visitor. Getting smuggled deeper into the realm by friendly dwarves is a possibility, but since this involves the risk of execution for all involved upon discovery, this is not something that should be done lightly. Another way would be doing a huge favor for members of a high-ranking clan (such as saving them from certain death) - they then might be able to grant the PCs the title of Zhˆ arum, or “honorary dwarf”, which would allow them to move freely around the kingdom. They should better be on their best behaviour then, though the dwarves will not forgive anyone the betrayal of such a great sign of trust, and follow the offender to the ends of the world to kill him.

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Gol Murak

“Negotiations with the dwarves proceed exceptionally well. While they are too proud to admit it, their desperation is obvious - the creation of the Grand Road could decide over the survival of their entire nation. We were promised a staggering amount of precious metals and jewels, and secured the cooperation of a number of old and infirm dwarven mine overseers and engineers. While these are not strong enough to do any engineering work by themselves (otherwise they would probably have been sent to the front lines already), their experiences will be invaluable in this project. I recommend hiring as many translators capable of speaking dwarvish as we can get. and as soon as possible. On a related note, I disagree with board member Ficaccio about trying to gain even more concessions from the dwarves. They are honorable and will abide by any agreement we make with them, but if the Grand Road is to become a success, we need them as willing trade partners, vital way station, and strong allies - and we won’t get that if they become resentful of the terms we impose on them.” - Bartolo Gandobardi, Letter to the Chairman of the Grand Road Rail Company of Alassia Capital: Barandul Population: 2,347,840 (dwarves 96%, gnomes 3%) Government: Monarchy with strong clan influence Imports: Exports: Gol Murak is a kingdom under siege. The dwarves are threatened by enemies from all directions, whether the surathi from the south, the goblin and kobold tribes from north, or the daresh and other subterranean monstrosities from below. The inhabitants are a fatalistic and dour lot, and are distrustful of all outsiders. However, in the recent decade a small ray of hope has come from the Grand Road, as the transcontinental subterranean railroad built by the Parginian city of Alassia slowly nears Gol Murak. This railroad, if it reaches them, would create a safe and fast supply route for the beleagured dwarves and help their war effort immensely. While some dwarves distrust the humans and demanded to keep the humans away, cooler heads have prevailed, and the dwarves do their best to keep the passageways around the Grand Road clear of enemies. However, this shift in the dwarven forces has not gone unnoticed by the Snake Kingdoms, who are pressing the dwarves harder than ever - sensing that if they don’t crush the dwarves now, they might never get the chance. testament to the ingenuity and tenacity of the dwarves that they have held it for so long. But with the recent renewed fury of the surathi, many are afraid that the end is near. Barandul (Small Metropolis, 523,117): The capital of Gol Murak, Barandul still stands proud and defiant against the invaders, even though its gargantuan halls seem increasingly empty as more and more of the population have gone off to die in the war. Apart from being the seat of the king, the city has the vital job of producing the tools of war for the soldiers of the kingdom. Its mines are worked frantically, even though they are beginning to exhaust themselves, and its smiths work day and night to create more axes and armor for the troops. Karbazulˆ an (City, 193,745): This city serves as the main agricultural center of Gol Murak, and its gigantic subterranean mushroom farms feed much of the kingdom. However, these days the mushrooms are mainly tended by dwarves unable to fight in the war because of injuries or old age, and its output has declined markedly over the course of the last century. What’s worse, in recent months the farms have come under attack by a large variety of giant insects and similar pests, threatening the harvests. Surathi influence is suspected, but not known for sure. Narˆ ul (City, 117,822): The main religious center and necopolis of Gol Angor. Most dwarves want to be buried in Narl if at all possible. If their body is irretrievable (usually because they have fallen in battle behind enemy lines), their families pay the priests of Narˆ ul to light a candle and periodically exchange it with new ones to keep their light burning forever. With the constant war against the surathi, there are now many huge halls in the city which are filled by an ocean of candle-lights. Uzulˆ ar (Small City, 52,892): The site of the most abundant gem stone mines in the Known Lands, the name of the city is known to jewelers far and wide, and its products can still command premium prices. However, with the ongoing distractions of the War (and now, the Grand Road), both the quantity and the quality of its output have declined. As with Karbazulˆ an, the city is now inhabited mostly by people unfit to fight for one reason or another.

Industries Life and Society Government and Politics Groups and Organisations Religion Important NPCs Major Geographical Features Important Towns and Cities
Akthˆ ul (Large City, 278,613): The southernmost city remaining in dwarven hands, Akthˆ ul is a city under constant siege. Young dwarves are constantly sent of to this city to fight on the front lines, but the rate of attrition is greater still. Akthl was never intended to be a fortress town, and thus its defenses have some flaws mercilessly exploited by the invaders, and it is a

” . Zunal (City. stolen goods. so that it is possible to travel by ship to almost any location in the region . kobolds 22%. [. where the Tarnoth Empire. weapons Exports: Diseases.. as less and less dwarves can be spared to produce tradeworthy goods. there were many settlements built mostly on the surface of the mountains. As I passed by. Diseases are rampant. isolated communities that barely generate enough food to feed them. Thus.200 years ago.368. When I later told others of the city I had seen. gnomes 11%. it was generally considered to be a hallucination brought on by fever and exhaustion. Refugees from . when these cities turned to warfare and used mighty spells to destroy each other until the very earth was sundered. swamps.and indeed. The dragons retaliated. the angles of these buildings changed. and rough terrain that still shows the scars of that bygone age in some places. remain. of which no dwarf will speak to outsiders. and in my fever I was unable to steer the course of my canoe in any way. one of the early city building civilizations. But over the course of the last two centuries its fortunes have declined. But 1. goblin 6%. In old times it was responsible for much of the wealth of the realm as traders came from faraway places to barter for dwarf-made goods and gem stones. and they have to fight constantly against the marauding kobolds and goblins to survive. I lay helpless. But this is hardly safe.. herbs. 62 dwell exclusively underground. since drinkable water is uncommon in the fetid swamps.331): The northermost city of Gol Murak. The ruins of Dundulir. a miracle in itself. Today. however. but they have become the abode of fell beasts. and Dundulir was the greatest of them. Now Zunal has become the intended way station of the Grand Road in the dwarven kindom. and its fortunes might yet be reversed. clutching that strange medallion I had inherited in my left hand. This ended. water travel is the favorite form of transport. Fishermen had found me drifting down the river and brought me there. somewhere. Avane Street Publishing (1412) Capital: Population: 12. But now many surathi infiltrators mingle with the foreign traders. since numerous pirates . and waited for the release of death as the boat floated on the slow drifts passing through this part of the never-ending swamp. since no one had ever heard anything like it. 175.My companions were gone. But I know that this city is out there. but the negotiations with the proud dwarves are proving difficult. and mortality rates in communities without a cleric or druid is high. I saw murals showing the strange. and destroyed the city of Dundulir in a single night. And then I saw them . orc 5%. Regional History Adventuring in Gol Murak Adventure Seeds Important Sites Dundulir: The dwarves of Gol Murak did not always 6. The larger towns and settlements have a well deserved reputation for being hives of villainy. spices. prehuman inhabitants of this city engaging in various incomprehensible activities.700 (humans 52%. oil. Industries Life and Society Most people live in small. Small rivers and canals criss-cross the land. who plunder the farms and carry off the inhabitants as slaves.10 The Great Southern Chaos “. and assassinations and other acts of sabotage have become frequent. elves 2%) Government: Varies by locale Imports: Food. Gol Grungor signed a treaty of mutual support with the Atalan Empire. and traders only visit infrequently. halflings 3%. I had survived in my boat for an entire week without food and water.] When I woke up. I found myself back in Torrino.strange. And I swear by the gods that I will find it one day .CHAPTER 6. the Great Southern Chaos is a jumble of lakes. In old times. Human and gnomish settlements eke their livelihood out of the swamps. Apparently. Larger towns are rare. cylopean buildings too tall to ever have been crafted by human hands slowly appearing out of the mists. spell components The Great Southern Chaos was originally a bountiful and pleasant land. The shocked dwarves retreated underground and broke off all contact with the surface.lie in ambush for unwary travelers. and casting spells is risky there. as if parts of them slowly shifted in and out of this dimension.. These settlers are constantly on the alert for raiders. slaves.Antonio Ligurotti: Memories of an Explorer. The magical fields are still in disarray in some parts.unless the swamp swallows me first. Each settlement has to be close to self-sufficient out of sheer necessity.. and now small groups of surathi seeking new entrances to the dwarven realm.. flourished..both humans and of other races . GEOGRAPHY Currently a human mining company is offering to mine the gem lodes for the dwarves in exchange for a cut of the profit. Zunal has long served as a trading outpost with other races. which at the time was at war with the blue dragons of the Desert of Thunder. since the next oasis of civilization is often far away.

as large . though the suggestions of a certain group of elders are usually heard. Religion Important NPCs Major Geographical Features Most of the “surface” of the Great Southern Chaos is actually swamp. 67.the Parginian Rim.and against the other kobold settlements that don’t recognize her authority. they were able to cut chunks of meat from a wound that closes almost instantly. this doesn’t change the fact that most of it is built over fetid swamps. but most people prefer to stay away from it entirely. river. Half of them tours around the neighboring regions .CHAPTER 6. and possibly the The Broken City: One of the casualties of the ancient wars. These unfortunates are usually abandoned by their parents. not brute force. but a lucky few are found by their fellows. Important Sites Important Towns and Cities Carysis (Metropolis. all kinds of deformities are distressingly common among newborn children . Thenares.043): If a daring explorer were to venture in the deepest swamp. but they are simply too useful to suppress. Out here. past numerous wild kobold tribes. Stolen objects from a dozen lands are for sale here. The mutants face constant prejudice from unaltered humans. he would hear a slow but deep beating of a mighty heart.323): The single largest known settlement of kobolds. and found that if they cut it with a large knife that had been passed from chieftain to chieftain for uncountable generations. Circle Lake: This is the largest expanse of water in the Great Southern Chaos. 63 biggest hive of villainy in the Known Lands. arms. and sometimes even further away on customized river boats. and it is unwise to ask where they came from. GEOGRAPHY other regions often gather here. The slave trade is practiced openly here. This hill is the mighty Tarrasque. If he could get close enough to that hill to actually touch it.331): Thanks to the chaoitic magical energies permeating the region. Lake of Dreams. the Grand Carnival has more than 500 members. The primary inhabitants of the Miasma seem to be a variety of giant insects. Kikuluk (City. which unknown to the world at large has chosen this swamp to slumber for many long years while the world thinks itself safe from Its depredations. and seems to be shaped like some sort of impact crater. which ensures that their performances are always new every time they return to a town. setting land and performing at major settlements. Kunak (Large Town. 121. and only constant rebuilding prevents the city from being swallowed by them. and thus tend to stick to their own kind.465): The largest city within the Great Southern Chaos.anything ranging from dwarfism and giantism. Haphta lies on an island isolated from the rest of the region. Most of these tales are rather fanciful. A few major ridges rise above the waters. where these “mutants” can live among their own kind. She constantly plots and schemes against the gnomish settlements in the Great Southern Chaos . resting and working to improve their acts and coming up with new ones. Fishing for these giant animals is not for the faint of heart. since the fish found in the lake are able to support the many human communities that dot the lake’s rim. it seems like parts of this city were simply erased from existence. or mangrove forest. and non-mutants are prohibited entry except at a small trading outpost. and they have little to loose. and many stolen goods from all over the world can be found in its markets. however.307. lake. While Carysis does have several fresh waterm springs that provide for its inhabitants. and many fishers die every year. However. Haphta (Small City. Communities near the Miasma are able to brew herbal potions which counteract the poison and allow someone to breathe the poison for several hours. They will be the first to die on the day It awakens. Kikuluk is ruled with an iron fist and powerful magics by Queen Mulukki. but not the last. noses. as it provides them with almost limitless food. There is a steady rotation every time the Carnival returns to Carysis. The mutants seem to live in cooperative anarchy. Most die. he might be able to notice that the hill ever so slightly moves up and downwards in a regular rythm . and they tend to learn a lot. Rumors of unholy rites done in honor of dark powers abound. and brought to the community of Haphta. and nobody cares if you vanish. The other half stays at Carysis. though there are (perhaps inevitably) rumors of hidden human colonies which are somehow able to survive there permanently. All parties simply treat it of a game of wits. he might find a strange hill with almost bony-looking ridges surrounded by numerous primitive huts occupied by kobolds. still bearing the signs of the titanic battles in an age long past. The kobolds found it slumbering there. Less known to the general public is their function of freelance spies . Alliance of the Pantheon.and if he were to press his ear against it. The flora and fauna of this lake tends toward giant growth . Malundi and the Snake Kindoms. as well as stories of “breeding programs” designed to produce ever-stronger mutants. 1. it is every man for himself. or even heads. to missing or additional eyes. This should be taken literally. The Miasma: This region is permanently shrouded by a thick. All spy organizations in the regions they visit know that they will also attempt to spy on them. it does seem to be true that many of these mutants exhibit sorcerous powers. League of Armach. and are dismissed by serious scholars. They worship the slumbering giant as the “Great Provider”.which is fortunate.for hefty sums the leaders of the circus will tell someone everything they have learned about other regions. 21. toxic mist which humans cannot survive unaided for long. Government and Politics Groups and Organisations The Grand Carnival: The largest circus in the Known Lands.

what will they do once the Tarrasque awakens and rampages through the city? Regional History Adventuring in the Great Southern Chaos Adventure Seeds King of the Reptiles: A rich merchant lord from Dartmouth has heard of the Tarrasque and plans to capture 6. For instance. and take turns at the ubiquiteous prayer wheels like they did. But above all are the monks. The monks did not move to stop me. while others continue to stand to this day. with some of them topping 30. but the monastic orders who protect the villagers and are given tribute in turn. while the floors above them apparently continue to float in the thin air.. the group arrives at the location.. Yet the ultimate authority in this mountain range does not lie with the local kings. Now that they know the truth about and the sheer size of the creature. doomed to eventually be born again in this world of suffering. Most people are in awe of the monks and their supernatural powers . and its whispers became louder over time. among others .450): The ruler of this realm. I gathered my equipment and some supplies and set out again. 64 the slumbering beast and transport it to Dartmouth. He acquires what he thinks is the necessary magical equipment to transport it... where he wants it to star in his new exhibition.The monks calmly accepted my presence.756. dwarves 12%.” . feudal kingdoms are spread over the multitude of mountain valleys.” [. But a small part within me never felt comfortable here. surathi 6%. the Kazang. as if the forces of gravity had no hold on them. though it must have been many months. These ruins are rumored to have many gates to other dimensions and planes of existence. will they still help him? And if they do. in some buildings the second and parts of the third floor might be missing.. I still had things to do and places to explore! So one day.Hermann Hasse. dreamlike existence continued.. Through steady meditation and exercise. has achieved an odd form of immortality: . almost as if my arrival in this remote mountain valley had been preordained instead of being the result of blind chance.480 (humans 71%. Neuer Weltverlag (1412) Capital: Population: 3. how do they deal with the kobolds who will defend their “deity” . Yet in its remote valleys and hidden plateaus ancient civilizations thrive that seemingly have changed little over the millennia. worldly concerns. hobgoblins 7%. which gives thinking beings yet another reason to avoid them. I began to adhere to their customs. GEOGRAPHY parts of many buildings are simply missing... This is usually explained by the strong magic fields still apparent to anyone who is sensitive to such things. or the priests venerating a variety of gods. And soon.000 feet. Government and Politics Groups and Organisations Religion An oddity of the mountain range is that the priests of the various gods are not the highest religious authority of the land. He only tells them that he intends to capture some sort of giant reptilian beast of the far south without giving further details.the PCs. dress like they did. eat like they did..CHAPTER 6.. Industries Life and Society Important NPCs A large number of small. goblins 3%) Government: Varies by kingdom Imports: Exports: This mighty mountain range boasts the tallest peaks in the world.] I don’t know how long this timeless.11 Hamajan Mountains “. After many perils. who mostly live in remote monasteries but who are considered to be the most enlightened of all men. Major Geographical Features Important Towns and Cities Rhikasa (City. though the abbot shook his head and sadly told me that one day I would understand that my path would only lead me to more suffering. They teach that human souls are trapped in this world. the priests of the gods are closer to their immediate. The Roof of the World. respected people to whom the villagers turn in time of need. They are mostly village priests and keepers of small shrines. but he hires some help .though ultimately. 132.that will be able to deal with the hostile environment and the natives of the Great Southern Chaos. the monks are trying to break this circle of reincarnation by ending all desire and becoming one with the universal nothingness.and is the magical equipment the party brought really suffient for such a task? And if against all the odds they manage to transport the sleeping monster to Dartmouth and get paid.

or a substantial bribe to the elders of the clan.. and the latter usually requires a gread deed benefitting the clan. They were supposed to be a barbarous people . but without arts or culture. and the inhabitants always seemed to move around purposefully instead of loitering around like the plebes in our cities often seem to do.. 65 Important Sites Regional History Adventuring in the Hamajan Mountains Adventure Seeds 6. Avane Street Publishing (1419) Capital: Population: 19. goblins 32%.strong warriors maybe. The nine most powerful clans make up the High War Council. the bureaucracy compared favorably with many human cities.. dwarves. and free of litter. Mugrash: The Horse Clan provides most of the cavalry of the Dominion. and only the constant in-fighting of the various war councils and the mystery of Magreth prevents the dominions from expanding even further. he is reincarnated as a newborn baby somewhere within the realm. their raw power is undeniable to anyone who witnesses them in action. Clan Nagrab has nevertheless risen to a position of prominence by outsmarting their competition.. They breed a variety of horse types for a variety of roles. who now contemplate whether to take it away from Nagrab “for the good of the Dominion”.CHAPTER 6. it proved to be rewarding more often than not.Edmund Durnsten in: The Known Lands: The Hobgoblin Dominions. dwarves 7%. Clan Ufthak nevertheless thrives by providing a service often overlooked by others: Farming. Weapons The homeland and cultural center of the hobgoblin race. Ufthak: Frequently looked down upon by the others. nor the most famous for its military training and discipline. Even the trains ran on time . The locals revere him as both their temporal and spiritual highest authority. the clan elders of Nagrab were the first to spot the possibilities inherent in the modern railway system. The main roads were wide and spacious. GEOGRAPHY Whenever he dies. . On rare occasions. and while the other clans were still contemplating whether this human invention could prove useful to the Dominions or not. thanks to the frequent goblin garbagemen sweeping them (which does seem to prove that goblins can be trained to do useful work.and few other people will. and today controls all railway traffic in the Dominions and the Land of the Dead.130 (hobgoblins 37%. While this sometimes led to spectacular failures. The armies of the Dominion need to be fed and otherwise provided for. if their descendants don’t “measure up” to clan standards.land fit for grazing. for the clans will take care of their own . This has brought them a large amount of profit . the members of Nagrab never saw an opportunity that they didn’t grasp. Their teeming cities support war machines that have few equals in the world. Not surprisingly. or indeed anything that makes a civilization grand.229. or adoption. These clans are: Nagrab: Neither the largest clan. they will be pressured to leave the clan. a very usual talent.interconnected groups of families that one can only enter through birth. orcs 4%) Government: High War Council Imports: Ores Exports: Mercenaries. But when I arrived in the capital. which sets policies for the Dominion as a whole. from fast scouts to heavy warhorses. or even goblins might be adopted into a hobgoblin clan. The most powerful clans consist mostly of hobgoblins. although I do not really wish to know about the training methods for such brutish beings). While other clans stuck to outdated tactics and old ways of behavior. humans 19%.and the envy of the other clans.12 The Hobgoblin Dominions “Of course I had heard all sorts of stories about the lands of the hobgoblins.at no time during my journeys was a train more than two minutes late. but less so for agriculture. People who are not a member of a clan have little in the way of protection in the Dominion. especially worthy humans. They also control large herds of cattle. Industries Life and Society Government and Politics Groups and Organisations The most influental groups in the Dominion are the various clans . and young hobgoblins not yet fit to serve as mounted warriors learn to ride by tending to the herds. the Hobgoblin Dominions present a constant threat to many of their neighbors. Nagrab already started to build the first link of the Northern Network. I was astonished how clean and efficient everything was.” . but while clan membership is hereditary. marriage. The clan controls vast stretches of territory in the north of the dominion . and while the horses might not look pleasing to a human sense of aesthetics.

Lamash (Small Metropolis. Now frequently reduced to banditry. while poor. they can Religion Important NPCs Major Geographical Features Corrun Forest: An equal mixture of forest and swamp. this lake seems to have been affected by a storm flare hundreds of years ago. much reduced state.CHAPTER 6.335): This unique city is located directly on the acid waters of the Molten Lake. But in the last few decades. or wolf clan.and unlike their half-fiendish parent. but strange plants grow in it and on its shores. this reversal comes from a sinister source . The city’s industries are mostly based on the unique alchemical properties of the lake waters.many of them squatters . But while wolves were more ferocious on an individual basis. which are used in all kinds of refining processes. and deformed fish and acid-resistant beasts lurk in its depths. There are rumors of powerful spirits and otherworldly entities living in the forest.931): The only port city of the Dominions.551): The ruling Marzukh Clan of Sharakh was long in decline. the Corrun Forest is criss-crossed by a multitude of waterways. Most forests of the Dominion have already cut down to provide its cities and forts with timber and firewood. the lake acts as a strong acid that attacks all organic matter. Azg´ ura is also the city closest to the elven forest of Avareen. 56. 1. As a result. Consisting of a large number of goblin worg riders with a few families of ruling hobgoblins who ride winter wolves or even dire wolves. they feel bitter to the rest of the Dominion and especially the Mugrash Horse Clan. Thanks to large mineral deposits at its bottom.372): Nestled in an outlier of the Gol Grungor mountain range. and the fact that wolves need a much larger territory to feed themselves than horses. and the authorities only dare enter it in large groups. Azg´ ura serves as an entry and exit point for most trade and travel from the West. 723. who live in isolated enclaves that are rarely bothered by the local authorities (who have come to appreciate and even rely on the trade flowing through their city. The city is also famous for the units of wyvern-riders that are trained here. Bagrash (Small City. some of them allegedly of demonic origin. though in the end the Domnion remains dependent on the dwarves. the wolf riders are a shadow of their former selves. Its unique location and flexible structure (the barges can be moved very easily from one location to another) make the city highly defensible and more than make up for the city’s dependency on imports. the locals know enough how to stay clear of them. The city has significant minority populations of humans (from the Flannish Cities) and dwarves (from nearby Gol Grungor). and smarter than all preceeding generations . this trend has reversed itself. most soldiers stationed there are alternately bored or jittery and nervous (if they have experienced an elven raid before). stronger.the clan leader started a crossbreeding program with devils to “improve” the bloodline. It is mostly inhabited by goblins and a few groups of humans who. the Wolf Clan controlled vast stretches of land. seem to survive here just fine.not to mention hobgoblins of other clans! In truth. and all trembled before their might. horses could be trained to be part of orderly military maneuvers which in combination with their highly disciplined and trained fighters often made them more effective fighters. but the Ufthak-maintained forests remain and are wellmanaged and agressively defended by foresters. and the first grandchildren of the first unhouly couplings are now coming of age . While the acid is potent. it gradually looses that potency when removed from the lake. but the older leaders only dream of one last war in which . 512. instead of slowly dwindling down until they are reduced to nothing and forgotten. Bagrash houses a large military garrison that often patrols the borders to the Eternal Storm region. This. Once upon a time. Since fights with the elves are limited to small raids instead of the large-scale warfare the hobgoblins prefer. The Molten Lake: Close to the Eternal Storm. and the ability of these units to serve as both scouts and powerful skirmishers has proven decisive in many battles. Whatever beings might lurk in the forest. The lake is devoid of ordinary animals. The city is also noted for its unusually high goblin population . The general inaccessability of the forest also makes it a favorite hideout of outlaws and renegades. though visiting elves would find them sterile and unsettling as the Ufthak concentrate on fast-growing trees that provide plenty of timber instead of the more natural mixture of forest plants found in elven lands. Worg Hills: These are home to the Umgaz´ u. but leaves metals of all kinds alone. Important Towns and Cities Azg´ ura (Large Metropolis. with the youngest generation proving to be tougher. and brawls and other lapses of discipline are relatively common. The younger ones argue for a more agressive stance against the Mugrash. 66 they can fight. GEOGRAPHY and while each clan has its own estates worked by goblin slaves. and where they can go out in a blaze of glory so that the Umgaz´ u can live forever in the myths and songs of all hobgoblins. It consists of a large number of floating metal barges that are connected by walways and rope bridges. but outsiders without a guide might stumble accross something that does not like to be disturbed. Both contribute to a certain rowdyness among the soldiers.who are adept at finding living spaces for themselves on the barges and use the ropes that tie the city together to evade all foot patrols. lead to a steady loss of territory to the Mugrash until the wolf riders found themselves in their present. Lamash provides much of the ore required by the forges of the Dominion. and thus has a significant military presence. Sharakh (Small Metropolis. no other clan has the sheer amount of farmland owned by the Ufthak. An additional source of income are its tree farms.347. since its leaders became ever more feeble and the clan had not brought forth any notable warriors or military commanders for several generations. while the hobgoblins seem to prefer the wealthier parts of the Dominion. whom they feel has ursurped their rightful place in Dominion society.

and have ordered to patrol the borders of the sphere until they can come up with a better idea. many elves of Avareen still consider it to be a fine sport to ride east and hunt down and kill goblinoids. the respective qualities of which is a frequent point of discussion of hobgoblins the world over. 67 Regional History As far as anyone can remember. Many small communities of hobgoblins accross the Known Lands date back to this time. and though there are no open hostilities between the armies of the two nations. considering it to be more efficient to give the hobgoblins second-rate weapons (the work of dwarven apprentices . the results of such deals were worth it for both parties. Many expatriate hobgoblin communities will pay a fortune for genuine mead from Yarolg. Still.736): Located in the center of the last great forest ranges of the Dominions (which are now carfully cultivated to serve as a constant source of timber). These fierce nomads valued their independence and fought sporadic wars with the orc tribes who lived in the northern and eastern regions. large-scale warfare. and turned into a large number of different meads. but all in all. or honey mead. Non-hobgoblins who manage to finish the race will recieve grudging respect from the inhabitants of Uzgog. combined arms tactics. For there are no reports of anyone successfully entering or leaving the sphere. A lengthy civil war Important Sites Magreth: Magreth used to be a powerful and wealthy hobgoblin city-state . To this day. earning their pay as mercenaries or even legionaries in the Atalan armies. Large-scale mock battles are often staged near. Yarolg (Small Metropolis. their cruelty is unusual even for hobgoblins. After the Atalan Empire collapsed. or even in the city. Only in 1073 NA did an alliance of clans emerge in the central portion of the region which steadily expanded eastwards.until the year 1365. and any goblins and hobgoblins who manage to catch an elf alive will be truly inventive in torturing their prisoner for days. While the individual dominions gradually became larger.they learned about and practiced agriculture. either or if they do know. and some hobgoblins travelled across the Empire. This changed with the arrival of the Atalan Empire. strong.000 gp as a price. The contestants may wear no armor and are only armed with a knife . Yarolg is famous for the creation of the national drink of the Dominions . This wave of conquests halted at the eastern borders of Avareen. The dwarves of Gol Grungor sometimes used the smarter hobgoblins as buffer and cannon fodder in their campaigns against the orcs. though the smarter contestants know that the goal is to finish the race instead of fighting the competition. when the elves unleashed powerful magic to destroy them.no.Murgong. 1.223): This city. An more immediate effect was that the Hobgoblin Dominion nearly collapsed again as most of its military power had been destroyed. 631. Large numbers of beehives are maintained in and near to the city (including several giant bee hives). siege weapons. The city is also famous for its annual “Uzgog Run”. The campaigns were long and brutal. Human traders sometimes came up from the south to deal with the tribes that would not attack them on sight. more than any other in the Dominions. the rolling hills of the region known today as the Hobgoblin Dominions have always been inhabited by goblinkind.and a diameter of more than 40 miles. this battle has not been forgotten by either side.143. But the armies sent into the forest were killed to the last man at the Battle of Scarlet Hill in 1113 NA. harvested. though any non-hobgoblins who actually win the race (a rare but not unknown event) will be resented and many will assume that they have cheated somehow.but nevertheless invaluable to the hobgoblins. Uzgog (Large Metropolis. such deals backfired when a particularly daring hobgoblin leader attempted to raid the dwarves for more weapons. they aren’t talking. including some with hostile animals. which attempted to conquer the region starting in 351 NA. cunning. and that fights will only exhaust their strength for when it is needed later. war is something where everyone attempts to be the most skilled. and only slowly did a resemblance of order and a new civilization arise from the ashes.which they may use to attack each other. a free-for-all athletic competition where the contestants have to finish a grueling 40 mile run through a variety of inhospitable terrain. the conquered goblinoids became civilized as the Atalan Empire understood it . . the nearly forgotten tribes emerged again and attempted to claim power. prides itself in the art of warfare. They only had sporadic contact with more civilized people. The region was divided into a large number of small kingdoms. The winner receives 10. from simple man-to-man melee fight to the clash of armies and all that needs to be known to lead those armies (such as logistics. Uzgog has several schools and academies teaching and training all aspects of fighting. enduring. when the entire city vanished into a sphere (underground expeditions have shown that it extends below the surface as well) of swirling gray colors . The High War Council are unsure in how to deal with this phenomena. Magic is forbidden during the race and any attempts to use it are grounds for disqualification and execution. Nobody knows what happened to the city and its inhabitants. Eventually.CHAPTER 6. each ruled by a different warlord. When small bands of skirmishers were defeated by the elves. and the hobgolins fierce and clever opponents. Sometimes. Nobody knows what happened back then. though the most common theories involve a huge magical accident involving the city’s nexus towers. which did not want the expansionist humans any closer to their border. and Sharakh is slowly becoming a city where the terrors are both unseen and ever present. GEOGRAPHY move around in the open without attracting too much suspicion. the High War Council started a large-scale invasion of the forest. the first few attempts at unification through conquest failed. who were not able to create steel weapons at the time) so that they could take on the onerous task of wiping out the local orc tribes than doing it themselves. but eventually most of the region was conquered except for a small buffer zone supported by Gol Grungor. and many other technologies from their conquerers. and much more). War is not just something where people attempt to hit each other with weapons . and simply excelling in all things.

arcane magic became an accepted and respected tool of magic.13 Lake of Dreams “While I lived in squalor in a lice-infested hovel during the day. or a change of climate. were nevertheless formidable opponents and on their home ground. Between Day and Night . and most of their inhabitants have retreated from the world and stay occupied with their own affairs. While the dwarves and the hobgoblins have never truly become friends . the Hobgoblin Dominions and Gol Grungor have been at peace. elves 3%) Government: Varies by city-state Imports: Iron. they gave enough of a fight that Negroth was forced to abandon his plans of conquest for Gol Grungor for the moment and turned back west in search for easier targets.and it is far from clear who will win out.Hermann Hasse. though it was a slow process with many growing pains (including two more civil wars). I fought and cursed them all the way to Bodenwald. even though it and its practictioners were never fully trusted. the Dominions had recovered enough that they started looking outward again. a part of me still yearns for those dreams of glory. GEOGRAPHY threatened the authority of the High War Council.. The glory days of its cities are long over.in old days. until the two sides became too exhausted to fight and the fighting only became sporadic in 1160 NA. who realized that if Nagrash conquered the dwarves. and it has been said that the Lake’s waters can induce potent visions in some areas. However.650 (humans 68%. Adventuring in the Hobgoblin Dominions Adventure Seeds 6. their leaders attacked Gol Grungor in 1149 NA.too much blood was spilled in the war between them. but they are outnumbered by the ruins of cities that had been deserted through warfare. We made vows of eternal love and friendship under the starry night sky.” .they have at least gained a measure of respect for each other. Neuer Weltverlag (1418) Capital: Population: 20.Exploring the lands of the Lake of Dreams. the dwarves. The disapperance of the city of Magreth was a further blow and remains one of the Dominions great mysteries. the newly elected High War Leader Khatash of the Dominions was a farsighted hobgoblin. gnomes 8%. attempting to gain access to the mines of the dwarves. The Dominions have used the time since then mostly to expand eastwards to the Eternal Storm. Instead of going after the elves. This situation changed in 1174 NA. slaves Exports: Drugs.. Another effect was their changing attitude towards arcane magic . despite the fact that I see those dreams for the sham that they are.for what else was day but a tedious distraction from the glories of the night? Only the dim awareness that our death during the day would end our nightly adventures even compelled us to work for our food and clothing. It took me a long time to recover from my ordeal.. Since then.] When my old companions finally found and apprehended me. and eventually.. However. The dwarves were hard pressed to fight them in their weakened state and might have been overrun by the orcs and undead of the horde. Now the Dominion faces enemies in form of Thenares (with which it has warred before) and the rapidly expanding League of Armach to the south. but none made an attempt to take the fight to the enemy. but after the mighty spells used the elves. the hobgoblins would surely fall sooner or later once Nagrash gained control of the re- 68 sources of the mountains. Thus. he sent his armies to fall into the flanks Negroth’s armies . . we romanced. and the dwarves have long memories about these things ..563. but rarely more than neccessary. most hobgoblins had disdained it as the tool of weaklings and many tribes even slayed any members that displayed arcane talents. spices The Lake of Dreams region is where human civilization started. We fought terrible monsters . when the armies of Negroth the Doombringer poured out of the Northwest. The oldest continuously inhabited cities can be found here. Both sides guarded their borders fiercely.CHAPTER 6. and another shipped across the Great Lake and attacked from the South. disaster. [. halflings 4%. with only negligible territorial changes. dwarves 4%. and their counterattacks inflicted brutal losses. We dueled.and the other people of Alanthos were the most valiant knights and the most beautiful of damsels imaginable. Finally. Everyone expects that these two titans will clash sooner or later . and even now.but never so terrible that we couldn’t defeat them.. and it took the hobgoblins several decades to recover their old strength. trade resumed between the two people.one army marched around Gol Grungor and attacked from the East. while not prone to flashy magics. silk. hobgoblins 12%. The war continued for ten years. The entire region has a dream-like quality. While these armies were mostly decimated. we celebrated every night. and neglected to care of our bodies during the day . I was a Prince of Men in my dreams .

and its monks and clerics gather as many seeds as they can for use in their divinations. 70. The giants trade large quantities of raw resources for giant-sized fruit and their famous wine. and even if their dream-selves are killed. 320. However. GEOGRAPHY 69 they experience fantastic adventures. While it isn’t illegal for the citizens of Hyra to travel abroad to other cities Industries Life and Society Government and Politics Groups and Organisations Religion Important NPCs Major Geographical Features Nygeia Hills: These foothills of Gol Algor are home to numerous halfling and gnomish settlements.though any Philosopher who abuses this privilege will be subject to censure from his peers. Their dream-selves “awake” to find themselves in a city that adheres to the general layout of daytime Alanthos .feuds that can become lethal for human outsiders.221): This city is known for its unusual caste structure. Everyone in nightside Alanthos is transformed into a gallant knight. in times of emergencies. they do their best to make these as unobtrusive as possible. Ascenon (Small Metropolis. 357. and humans and their ships can catch a ride to the city above. these settlements are less open to visitors. can be found here. a mighty wizard. who tend to all other tasks that need to be done to maintain the city. They do not have any money. a fantastic fountain sprinkles at night. It is just that political influence is completely denied to them . they are intended to keep the Nameless God slumbering and imprisoned beneath the city. for the priests have outlawed going below the ground floor on pain of death. No one except for them is sure what exactly they are trying to unearth there. and many merchants have managed to make a tidy profits from such ventures. for the priests teach that a terrible calamity would befall not only the city. This is Epholos. the Lord of Divination. where veiled and hooded priests pray day and night.but everything is on a much grander scale. visitors used to the splendor of cities like Pharsus will be in for a rude shock. For all who sleep in the city’s vincity share one vast. Where a small hut stood. and the rare male babies are either abandoned or killed outright. stones.. but where they lead. Epholos (Small City.smaller solid clouds move down to the lake surface in a regular pattern.with enough hard work they can achieve a high level of prosperity. Each night. The strongest and most aggressive ones become Warriors. Unlike the people of Gol Algor. but the entire world if the rituals were to stop and that terrible entity to awaken. and frequently cause hallucinations in those who breathe them in. giving food to rumors about large-scale magical mind control being used in this city. and while a certain rustic charm cannot be denied. and advance the arts and knowledges of its colleges. they awake with nothing worse than being bathed in cold sweat in the morning. Recently. A large monastery dedicated to Ygreb.. and the “rainbow dust”. but may freely take what they need from all businesses of the city . Most of the children born through this process are female. and seem to be utterly devoid of any ambition. Cadriculan (Large City. very worried. Hyra (City. or a beautiful noblewoman . can be bought even as far away as some Flannish cities. The most intelligent become Philosophers. 734. the League of Armach has sponsored an archaeological excavation at the center of the Rainbow Plains. thus contributing greatly to the city’s defenses. At young ages.423): This unusal city is inhabited by women only. While they do practice some above-ground agriculture and animal husbandry.. 120. and many humans unfamiliar with plants have walked straight through one of their fields without realizing it! The Rainbow Plains: Vast fields of many-hued flowers that can grow nowhere else dot these plains.or at least it seems that way. communal dream. who rule and administrate the city.CHAPTER 6. children are put through a series of tests (scholastic and physical) to determine their aptitudes. Its people seem to be content to live as simple farmers. It is known that sometimes. this city looks rather shabby . In late spring.521): Cadriculan is dominated by the sprawling Temple of the Nameless God. The giants trade with the humans below .. no one knows or at least does not admit to. most citizens seem to be content with this arrangement. as it is called. Where a well yielded small amounts of water during the day. without ceasing their prayers. This impression changes once the visitor falls asleep when night falls. Hyra maintains its population thanks to a spring with mystical powers . They are frequently blown across the entire Lake of Dreams. It is known that large tunnel systems are under the city.442): High over the Lake of Dreams a huge cloud permanently hangs in the sky. the inhabitants for the most part take care to conceal their homes from view and tend to live in underground burrows. and craftsmen. a permanent cloud settled by cloud giants long ago and permanently anchored here. who defend the cities from its enemies and police its inhabitants.550): During the day. their seeds are scattered by the wind and shimmer like all the colors of the rainbow.most citizens live in poor huts made out of straw. Important Towns and Cities Alanthos (Large City.and strangely enough. Founded by halfling refugees from the old Atalan Empire. and mud. the dream-selves can actually pass into the waking world for a short time. This does not mean that the Commoners have no control over their lives .to the contrary. mainly living from tubers and mushrooms.any woman who drinks from it will become spontaneously pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby nine months later. The surplus is sold to merchants. but the large number of League soldiers accompanying them has made many observers very. these prayers are not supposed to draw the deity’s attention . Others have been involved against their will in the many intrigues among the giant families . . shepherds. The rest become Commoners. and men are prohibited entry. a gigantic castle now soars.

beckoning the bold explorer to seek them out for fame and fortune. Or at least. GEOGRAPHY and have children in the traditional way. with him at the top. Many sections have partially collapsed. as well as a host of lesser undead. the girls born of such a union are seen as somehow inferior. Those who pledged their loyalty to Amenenu have been rewarded and installed as the new nobility and priesthood of the realm. many who see its silhouette from afar first mistake the Tower of Horag for a mountain until they can discern its regular shape. Its many monuments and public buildings still serve a remainder of those bygone days. The current Emperor. leaving behind the area today known as the Sea of Shards. when he is paraded through the streets of the city . 476. as he is commonly known.785): Most cities have powerful rulers . one of these mages tried a desperate gamble to come ahead in these struggles. What is known is that hundreds. as long as they are ruled competently and are mostly left to their own devices. He succeeded. and explored dark magics better left untouched. Barusus IV. The citizens of this realm are relatively well fed and content with their lot. and mad by most other people. and declared himself to be the new Atalan Emperor.or what .for only the city’s nobles and a small number of dedicated servants are allowed to actually see the monarch. 1. for fifty years ago. After this ceremony. a fertile river valley sits in the middle of the scorching desert. Yet the wizards ruling Basram became proud. 633. But not quite as gone as many people had thought.after all. and after raising many of his fellow mummies from their uneasy sleep. The peasantry only sees the king shortly after his coronation. Naturally. Tower of Horag: The tallest building in the known world. After slaying the intruders. even though the Atalan Empire itself is long gone and the influence of Pharsus doesn’t reach far beyond its rather small protectorate. Pharsus (Large Metropolis. and opened a large gate to the world of Yethrod. Basram: Basram. has been ruled by a long line of monarchs for centuries. and that the person paraded through the streets is actually a low-ranking servant who plays the part. Murab (Large City. and many have taken the opportunity to trade their goods for ancient magical secrets that are now abundant here. there is considerable speculation about who .the “Veiled King”. the governor of Pharsus claimed that the current Atalan Emperor was a traitor. The city of Nesep. Some claim that the royal line died out centuries ago. was conquered and parts of it sorcerously transformed to resemble the buildings of old. and allowed little change in it. he ascended to the surface world and was incensed to find that the old ways had been forgotten. The whole protectorate of Ouneirotur is encircled by a massive wall that is intended to keep out polluting foreign influences. he set out to recreate the ancient kingdom of his memories. that’s the official story . In its interior are many magically heated and illuminated gardens.CHAPTER 6. isolated gates. But Ouneirotur is the only known city that is ruled in person by an actual deity the demigod Ouneiros. and served in that function for many centuries. but it is clear that its architects created it for beings of far greater than human frame.built this tower. Finally. Others have been enslaved. which allow its many humanoid and monstrous inhabitants to survive. Nesep (Small Metropolis. But when the Atalan Empire started to crumble and financial and military aid for the provinces dried up. kobolds. Entire clans of goblins. He has ruled this city for uncounted millennia. They used this crystal to create enormous buildings of sizes never seen since. humans at all. Its mages had become adept at growing a special type of crystal to enormous sizes. though. relics of a long gone empire.and even then he his hidden behind several layers of clothes and veils. which had been built over hundreds of years. if not thousands of the abominable destrachans and the avian yrthaks poured through the gates. Their savage sonic shouts resonated perfectly with the crystals that were the very foundation of Basram. but have little chance 70 to change their station in life.354): Pharsus was founded as the eastern capital of the Atalan Empire. which it wishes to conceal. It is unknown who . It reaches a full five miles above the plain. and Amenenu has sent many raiders to the surrounding countryside to acquire more. he is spirited away behind the palace walls and never seen again by the common people. after a fashion. and trade is officially permitted only at a few.217): Where the Gawaris River flows out of the Lake of Dreams. renowned for its high-quality wine. Important Sites Numerous ruins dot the landscape. The rulers of Pharsus maintain this fiction to this day. Ouneirotur (Metropolis. but some terrible monsters. Ultimately. the fabled City of Glass. The city.227): This city. was destroyed in a single night. Their rivalry became ever fiercer. grave robbers disturbed the grave of the ancient mummy Amenenu. Regional History Adventuring near the Lake of Dreams Adventure Seeds .341. and its base is four miles across. a wasteland full of tiny crystal splinters.531. What exactly he had hoped to accomplish with this feat is unknown. Here civilization thrives in the shadows of gigantic pyramids. really is. Merchants are guranteed safe passage. the citizens of Murab don’t seem to care about who really rules them. and it is said that only the legendary First City surpassed Basram in its splendor. Others still whisper that the monarchs are not. Others claim that a horrible disfigurement runs through the royal family. was a wondrous place to behold in its prime. 2. and will have to face prejudice from the other citizens. is considered to be eccentric even by his allies. and worse live within the towers confines without ever having set a foot outside of it. but some ancient magics keep it standing. the weak rarely survive for long in this job.or what . however. in fact. formerly a sleepy trading town.

or perhaps especially . which might account for some of the oddities of both the land and the local people.. but also because ships that don’t hire a halfling are much more likely to be attacked by river pirates. The men of the village surrounded it and calmly bashed its skull in with their shovels. for the punishments for those who aid would-be liberators are harsh.if they come with good intentions.. judging by its emancipated appearance. halflings 2%. hobgoblins 21%. Avane Street Publishing (1421) Capital: Population: 11. Those prisoners are loaded into their ship. Much warmer than its northern latitudes would suggest. Industries Life and Society Government and Politics Groups and Organisations Religion Important NPCs Major Geographical Features Harvel Hills: The waters from the Eternal Storm mostly drain through this region. and fishermen who get too close to it (something which most take care to avoid at all costs) swear that they can hear inhuman screams from time to time.Edmund Durnsten in: The Known Lands: The Lands of the Dead. The only way to get ahead in life is either fleeing to friendlier regions. Vegatation is often sickly or slightly off-colored and crop yields are poor. Vuovi River: The major waterway winding through the Lands of the Dead. it was still able to move and stretch its arms and claws towards us in its undying hunger for human flesh. Kurova Bay: This large bay dominates the geography of the Lands of the Dead. and has numerous sand banks and other hazards lying in wait for the unwary traveler.humanoids wrapped in dark robes that obscure all their features. most inhabitants are very much alive.although it does little to ward off the fierce blizzards coming in from the north during the winter. and for good reason: Many of its realms are ruled by free willed undead like vampires and lichs.. and it is said that they will .” . It is a far cry from the straightened Flannish rivers that almost look like canals.CHAPTER 6. They will buy any sapient prisoners you have with you for 108 gold pieces of a peculiar design each.. and the land is settled by isolated clans of extended families who are almost constantly engaged in some sort of feud with their neighbors. Despite the name of the region. you can buy talismans made out of a strange metal. GEOGRAPHY 71 6. it has permitted the surrounding areas to become fertile agricultural centers feeding much of the region . Isle of the Black Priests: This island off the coast is shrouded in rumors. gnomes 2%. They know the river better than anyone else. From their dispassionate bevavior and the routine of their movements I could see that this was not the first time such an event had occurred. The inhabitants of the island are reputed to be the socalled “Black Priests” . the loggers from Nolia have been cutting into their territories. but how much of this is the effect of the waters and how much the effect of the rampant inbreeding the locals are said to indulge in is difficult to say. A large number of halflings make their home in the marshes and side arms aof the river. it is shallow. and those who cannot keep up are as often as not drained of their remaining life force by nexus towers. Karelwood: This large expanse of woodland close to Nolvia is known to be the home of numerous tribes of lycanthropes. Eerie lights can be seen at times at night.not only because they know all the dangerous spots and how to move around them. try to sacrifice visitors to these beings if they think they can get away with it. If you break these talismans anywhere on the coast of the Lands of the Dead on the night of the new moon. and despite some worries there have been no counterattacks by these beings. and the occasional mad wizard or two. but the merciless tyranny of their rulers makes many wish they weren’t.. As of late.14 The Lands of the Dead “The ghoul the children had discovered in the moor must have been stuck in its hole for a long time.its lower body was stuck in a swamp hole that even its undead strength could not free it. the Vuovi is a vital artery for trade. or suppressing one’s fellow humans until you too become a monster in the eyes of the people. while others suspect darker reasons.372. Only the thinnest layer of skin stretched over its bones. It is said that those who call them but do not have any prisoners to offer or otherwise attempt to trick them are themselves taken prisoner and shipped to the island. Population density is low. a metal ship with these priests will arrive within the hour. And yet. The peasants are worked to near death in the fields. and ships manned by other races usually take care to hire a halfling navigator for most of the journey . and the rest are dominated by lycantropes and similar monsters. But it was no danger to us .. Rumors abound of isolated families worshipping demonic entities. But it is said that if you ask around in certain parts of the big cities. Some observers claim that they are merely biding their time. winding. even . but rarely by normal humans Imports: Exports: This rugged and uninviting region has a dark reputation. dwarves 8%.740 (humans 65%. Strangers are distrusted. Evil has a firm grasp on these lands. instead. Few have ever seen these beings. Deformities of both the mind and body are disturbingly common. free willed undead 1%) Government: Varies by city-state. and are never seen again by mortal eyes.

and its policy of strict neutrality. or just running away from each all. 688. At their funerals. Often it is children running away from their parents. 337.take them away to their new homes below the city. they will refer to a “Mayor” but never elaborate. Blood feuds that date back many generations. many feel a strange. but its surly inhabitants keep to themselves apart from these trade contacts and seem to be content in isolating themselves from the surface world. Sometimes these “body hunters” kidnap people themselves. Pyarekat is the logical culmination of that principle . and speak of dead relatives who come to visit them from time to time.617): Many religions have odd notions about the afterlife. most outsiders suspect that this is nothing more than an extremely cynical and profitable scam to make the people of Nimur work hard for their lives for non-existant pleasures of the afterlife. or there is a mystically important symbology involved in these deals that outsiders haven’t been able to fathom. The locals.something that often turns into an unpleasant surprise for newcomers). It has been ruled by wizards. where they live on forever after (or so it is believed by the people). many people flee their homes. for the locals take slight at the slightest provocation. though a certain roughand-tumble frontier atmosphere remains apparent. But all doors will be closed at midnight and no one will be let into a house after this time. which mostly supports itself through its thriving timber businesses. have learned to live with this phenomena and manage to ignore the ghostly lights and . especially necromancers. GEOGRAPHY 72 the cackling bones (although only the cheapest of apartments will be found on the Main Steet . and anyone who stays within the city’s walls for a year and a day is considered a citizen. Whatever the way these unfortunate souls arrive in Ahort. Travelers rarely come here.ruled by vampires. they are herded into special districts of the city where they live in spartan barracks and are forced to work hard under they die either from exhaustion. however. It survives and even thrives amidst the dangers of the Lands of the Dead through the might of its rulers. this means buying slaves. 23. they immediately settle into an empty house or apartment and start working in a new job. no matter what he or she might have done elsewhere. Their tunnels are reputed to reach far and wide across the region. Anyone who comes in peace is welcome here.221): Unlike many parts of the Lands of the Dead. ever since. which sustains a large number of bounty hunters who drag these unfortunates back to their owners for punishment. lichs. no matter how he begs. the more luxurious their new homes and the higher their station in the afterlife. No one seems to organize anything . including their names. wives fleeing an abusive relationship. Thornstone (Metropolis. Either they harbor a perverse joy from buying humans like chattel. only to disappear at the other end one hour later. Gorok-mar (Large City. But others had a choice between staying and trying to work out their problems in one way or another. the dead are dressed in their finest clothes and jewelry (if they were able to afford any). or worse. Pyarekat (City.154): This dwarfhold trades with all non-undead realms of the Lands of the Dead equally.and right below the city at that. this city-state . many travelers claim that this is not much of an improvement. 734. for instead large clans of extended families squabble over who controls which spot. abuse by their guards. or husbands fleeing from their debts. When asked about who rules this town.if they come back at all. Young runaway children arrive all the time in Road’s End. for its streets are well maintained and its houses beautifully decorated.everything just gets done somehow without any supervision. Of the latter. Its agents constantly roam the world and purchase living. but the rulers prefer that new victims are bought. but no babies can be found anywhere in the city. 1. Nolwia (Large City. or the life energy drain from the nexus towers. Since nobody other than the Keepers is allowed to visit the City of the Dead.472): All across the world. but these agents are all too willing to accept deals from the desperate who sell themselves to get their family out of debt. and then steal all their money once they die.314. who refer to this “Night Parade” only in hushed whispers. But during the night. It holds that the afterlife for the city’s inhabitants is actually located in the physical universe . and stop asking questions about their lives. However. and then the priests .220): This city was founded more than four centuries ago by a group of wizards fleeing persecution in Dartmouth. Needless to say. Slaves and serfs from other parts of the region often try to flee here. Important Towns and Cities Ahort (Small Metropolis.CHAPTER 6. the countryside around Pyarekat is not dominated by powerful monsters.the secretive “Keepers of the Threshold”. Nimur (Small Metropolis.the higher the payment. but it can also be criminals running away from the law when their misdeeds were discovered. Upon arriving there. They gradually forget everything about their old lives. They are polite but distant to strangers. Most citizens firmly believe in this. thinking beings. Road’s End (Large Town. subconscious compulsion to travel to the dreary city of Road’s End. Usually. if not centuries are common. 372. and a fee must be paid to the Keepers .is infamous for its hunger for life energy. a strange procession of ghosts and animated skeletons . 193. looks normal and even pleasant enough during the day.130): Also called “The City of Last Rest”.030): This community. The only reason the city is able to support itself is that many of its inhabitants hire themselves out as mercenaries and return here when they have accumulated enough wealth to retire . the city’s night life is rather subdued. Some people become refugees when their homes are destroyed and they were driven away at sword point. and other undead .gangs that belong to one clan or another patrol the streets and look for the chance to beat up smaller groups belonging to a different clan. Few prisoners last for more than a few months.not all of them even humanoid appears on one end of the Main Street and slowly moves through the city. their new homes in the city of the dead cost money. However. who are always shrouded in robes that cover their entire bodies . but the state religion of Nimur has surely one of the strangest.

made this region their home. equally. GEOGRAPHY 73 started to spring up around Kurova Bay. However.. and who then began a war of extermination against the ghouls. When the empire collapsed. and have shrines to almost any religion in the Known Lands.. and the occasional giant monsters. It is filled with myriad bones . The winner was sorcerously branded and permitted to live to sire the next generation . then a plague of ghouls began to spread. Neuer Weltverlag (1922) Capital: Armach Population: 25. but in practice it was too inhospitable and too distant from the capital to support a formal garrison. As long as they come in peace. they made a point of not noticing it. from securing the site and selling the bones to necromancers all over the Lands of the Dead and beyond. the region was claimed by the Atalan Empire. gnomes 2%.] When the four darkly-clad men dragged someone shouting for help and with a sack over his head into the black coach. Then human settlements Adventuring in the Lands of the Dead Adventure Seeds 6. However.” . and only the occasional trader came in from the south. purposefully. Neighboring cities are given to understand that they can either join the League out of their own free will.or be subjugated and become protectorates without any say on their own futures. There was no curfew I was aware of. the head of a major merchant house from Thornstone. and if possible in small groups. reaching from the Turaveen in the east to the Norfjell Wastes in the west and beyond. beasts.670 (humans 70%. Life was often harsh and orc raids were a constant danger.. Unsurprisingly. Regional History For a long time. The Graveyard of Souls: This pit with a diameter of half a mile was discovered twelve years ago. came now to the forefront. I found that I was the only one staring at the spectacle. I snapped out of this state and hastily departed from this place.. but also of animals.. For a short time. anyone is allowed to stay for three days.mostly of humanoids. thus making sure that there were plenty of newborn that would eventually feed the hunger of the ghouls. Everone else didn’t notice it .most of them orcs . he then has to deal with the Fair Folk. Important Sites The Elf Roads: Strange trails wind themselves through the Lands of the Dead. but that hasn’t kept Melkoth Thrumbor. those ghouls. What’s more. However. most grew into stable and reasonably prosperous communities that were capable of defending themselves. who saw this as the threat that it was. They have one of the best known libaries on religious matters. [. and forced all newly adult men to fight each other to the death. while noticeable in small ways during the day. they would transform him into a ghoul instead. under the direction of their ghast leaders. The Yellow Monastery: Named for its yellow-clad monks. dwarves 9%. were eerily silent during the night. All adult women who hadn’t given birth to a child within the last three years were also killed. after which he must either join the monks or leave. Land of Fear. but odd vegetation can be found near all of them and they all glow softly in moonlight.no. This dark perversion of feudal systems eventually spread across the region. so bustling during the night. and become full-fledged members on the Council of Equals. and they kept to well-lit areas and moved fast.728. whether good or evil. Thrumbor uses animated skeletons as laborers within the perimeter.though if the local group of ghouls had lost a member recently. Groups of ghouls began to rule small regions openly. the locals barely noticed it. who might not appreciate an intruder into their domains. the superior tactics and coordination of the hobgoblins prevailed. infecting more and more people.. only fierce nomads . It is unknown just where these many millions of bones came from. hard struggle.. hobgoblins 10%. thus leaving the humans of the Bay to rebuild their shattered society. and many scholars seek them out. They visited each town in turn during the winter.Martin Wolfenbach. After a long. They don’t follow straight routes and often seem to vanish entirely for many miles. elves 1%) Government: Council of member cities Imports: Exports: The League of Armach is an militarily aggressive and expansionist alliance of city-states. There was a palpable atmosphere of fear that. this locale serves as a safe haven for travellers. but eventually. It is said that the elves and fair folk use these roads when they wish to pass through these lands. but they were too exhausted to make good of their territorial gains. The monks worship all gods. Since the pit is haunted by strange and terrifying ghosts. were more organized than it was typical for such creatures they managed to restrain their appetites for long enough to treat the living as livestock. halflings 7%..15 The League of Armach “The streets. but only a few people were moving around. the ghouls eventually came into conflict with the hobgoblins of the nascent Dominions to the south.CHAPTER 6. When one of the darkly-clad men looked into my direction. the ruling body of the League . It is also said that anyone who manages to reach one of these roads is protected from any creatures of darkness as long as he stays on it. . The corpses of the losers were taken as food by the ghouls.

the do not hesitate to use kidnapping and torture to achieve their goals.their informers might be everywhere. the founders of the League made sure that the wizards of the League were integrated into its power structure. and thus bloody purges of the higher ranks happen on a regular basis. most of their efforts are concentrated on the Alliance of the Pantheon.but as long as their superiors get a cut. as it is hard to imagine an organization that keeps more to the shadows than the Torchbearers. they operate more like an organized crime syndicate than like secret police or even spy rings . They have what are generally considered the best trained and equipped troops in the Known Lands. those two countries would weaken each other with a war while the League was busy devouring the Alliance. their timely sabotage made sure that League losses were relatively light. so do the Torchbearers operate outside of it despite their mandate to watch for internal dissent only. To their mind. This is highly ironic. a heavy dose of political skill (not to mention bootlicking and bribery) is needed to advance far. So far.. While there are now some recruits from other cities after the League Council insisted. and draw their recruits from all member cities more or less equally. Deeply corrupt and throughly Religion Important NPCs High Councillor Theaniros Antires (NE male human ari10/exp5) is riding a tiger. they also were well aware that a unified group of wizards would be so powerful that they could easily dominate the League. High Councillor only stay in office as long as they are successful. and if necessary sabotage them and remove all opposition to the agenda of the League Council. but also for generalist wizards as well as sorcerors and bards. For this reason. they didn’t create one single League-wide wizard’s guild. They are a relatively new organisation. he will sign any confession they put before him. as pay is high and veterans have no problems finding good civilian jobs when they muster out.their behind-the-scenes manipulation ensured that many city-states joined the league without putting up any fight. and their hobgoblin operatives are busy stirring up problems between Thenares and the Hobgoblin Dominions. which often revolve more around personal enrichment than the defense of the League. and they draw their membership still mostly from Armach and Aruges. although some foreign observers claim that their string of victories can be explained through superior numbers and skillful sabotage by the Blue Legion. The Wizards’ Guilds: Recognizing the power and importance of arcane magic to both modern society and any military endeavor. GEOGRAPHY many cities have chosen to join and enjoy all the benefits that membership can bring. No one can rise high in the League without having at least a few friends among the Torchbearers.CHAPTER 6. But thanks to the massive amount .. and he knows it. One badly-kept secret is that they also operate as a secret police in parts of the League. and even that might not be enough to save their necks. The two organizations share a deep hatred for each other. and on those occasions there was a fight. who must pick one school they feel is most representative of their talents. The Torchbearers: The name of the “official” secret police of the League of Armach derives from that they are supposed to shine their light into every shadow to ferret out dissent. their power and accumulated blackmail material makes them a threat to the League Council and the High Councilor. these rarely achieve high rank since the senior members prefer to promote their own kind. The League Army has no problem finding new recruits. In non-League cities. and frequently clash in secret. This isn’t just a requirement for wizard specialists. but several . morale is high among the armed forces of the League. and with good reason . Industries Life and Society Government and Politics Groups and Organisations The Blue Legion: This organization was founded to spy on non-League cities and countries. in practice many cities even prefer them to the Torchbearers. However. and they hope to fracture that defense pact before the inevitable war with the League starts. Most citizens fear to even speak their name. since they do not have an as sinister reputation and their members are more representative of the League as a whole. it doesn’t really matter if someone is guilty of something or not. While in theory their mandate prohibits them from doing so. or indeed unifying against everyone else. A keen political instinct is thus a vital survival trait among its high-ranking members. they spend more time improving their own power and position ahead of their rival schools than increasing the power of wizards as a whole. instead of waiting to be crushed by the League armies. and afterwards the League could start expanding to the north and north-east as well. These guilds are represented on the League Council. Promotion among the lower ranks is mostly based on individual competence. this doesn’t matter. The Torchbearers originally were the secret police of the city-state of Armach. They do not shy away from framing innocent people when it suits them. Just as the Blue Legion operates within League territory without official sanction. On the other hand. their operations have been fairly successful . but as intended. but in the officer corps. The League Army: Generally hailed as the heroes of the League. and made sure that this would not happen. and “success” means acquiring new territories for the League. Ideally. But they are also gathering blackmail material on high-ranking Thenaran officials to keep that nation neutral in the coming conflict.one for each school of arcane magic. for when they are through with him. Every practicing caster of arcane magic who isn’t member of another officially recognized organization (such as the military or secret police forces) must join one of these guilds to be able to legally cast spells within the League (though certain cities have negotiated specialized exemptions for their territory when they joined the League). 74 evil. At the moment.

Already cracks are showing for those who know how to look for them. As of late. eleven secret societies pull the strings of the buerocracy and keep the city running. it will collapse under the strain and gradually slip into civil war. At the forefront of this movement are several student societies. 637. Their master bards are said to be able make the most depressive people happy again with their music. Its people started with the systematic exploration of all facets of music centuries ago. Armach has used the loot from conquered cities to fund a vast rejuvenation program.and were slaughtered.332): A renowned center of learning. Chanes (Small Metropolis. and watch their environment . Such a crisis might enable him to gradually reform the League into a more stable entity that will stand the test of time and expand more slowly and safely in the future. he remains popular and there is no serious opposition to his rule. and so on . The few survivors fled further westwards.CHAPTER 6. was of course hushed up). Antires hopes for some sort of big crisis that requires the League to turn its attention inwards. About eighty years ago. he keeps careful track of his enemies in the League and purges them once he deems it safe to do so. or drive sane men mad with a few notes. Now a firm member of the League of Armach.134. 2. Helyswood: The largest forest in the League. using the timbers for their constructions elswhere in the League. the First Citizen is the dictator of Armach (and the First Councilor of the Council of Equals as well).543): Chanes is famed for its musicians. along with the subsequent resurection. their knowledge of the terrain and ambush tactics make them foes that should not be underestimated. and all buildings of the same type . Armach used to be a large but poor city-state with a republican form of government. Many of the most potent bardic songs of modern times can ultimately be traced back to this city. The citizens of Aruges are for the most part to dispirited and exhausted to fight the oppression from the allpowerful ruling buerocracy. Behind the scenes. As a result. Inexperienced military units are often sent to fight them so that they can learn how to act as a team. They willingly agreed to joining the League in the hope of remaking conquered cities in the image of Aruges . and he feels he has no choice but to comply. 3. and as a result just follow their rulers’ orders. the Helyswood has now become the refuge for a large number of half-elven rebels trying to fight the occupiers of Helystis. the city has turned its knowledge of the musical arts to propaganda purposes. and yet allows him to look like a hero. the main difference between Praxus and Aruges is that Aruges dosn’t have any use for grand architectural designs . Personally. and they spend a few weeks here and allow musical therapies to alleviate their many ailments. If the League loses. and he has no intention of going through that again. and componists. New songs are being composed that instill patriotism in the soldiers of the League . Aruges is probably also the most spectacularily ugly city in the Known Lands. the quality of the education offered in the city has suffered dramatically in recent months. he wouldn’t be above manufacturing one. offices. but thanks to the success of the League. and who had to step down from their offices or even flee the city for fear of their lives. As a result. Aruges (Large Metropolis. probably leading to a series of coup attempts by factions of the military or the secret police. and many bards come back here regularily to learn more. GEOGRAPHY of information he receives in his office. too soon. he also knows that the League is expanding too fast. it will spend decades fighting civil unrest in the occupied territories that will sap the morale of both the League army and the civilian population. Important Towns and Cities Armach (Large Metropolis. In response. Bemyne (Small Metropolis.while an individual goblin warrior is not much of a threat.129. 721. In the meantime. Bemyne joined the League two years ago after both strong external pressure and internal sympathies from large parts of the population. 75 a vast range of emergency powers. Diplomats from allied cities and far-away regions rub shoulders and spy on each other here. work systematically.only utility. Today. Now armed camps have sprung up on the Plains whose soldiers stage mock exercises close to the borders to the Alliance of the Pantheon and prepare for the coming battle. But as the League of Armach expanded westwards. the city’s economic situation became so dire that few objected when a new First Citizen was appointed with . and the plots hatched or prevented in Armach have repercussions around the world. “musical spas” have become a fad among the rich and powerful of many regions. the centaurs resisted this incursion into their territory . he will be blamed for the failure and probably lose his head over it (likely literally). there is a growing witch hunt against anyone who has spoken out against the league. a very high number of agents from Aruges are involved with reconstruction efforts in these locales. the League has now begun to cut broad strategic paths into the forest. Yet the whole League calls for a war against the Alliance of the Pantheon. and if it wins. and if no such crisis materializes.and some Major Geographical Features Eustilia Plains: Once vast herds of centaurs roamed these grasslands on the western end of the region. which makes the city one of the most beautiful and well ordered in the known lands. He was already assassinated once since he took office (this. While the volunary entrance into the league meant that the city remains mostly in charge of its own internal affairs.and indeed. singers. who have denounced many faculty members of the various colleges. Ozlia Marshes: These swamps have long been the home of small tribes of goblins. churches.residental.520): Aruges is probably the most regulated city in the Known Lands. Armach has become rich and powerful thanks to the rapid growth of the League. and public places are built according to strict regulations. While the Flannish city of Praxus has made similiar efforts. and now excel in it.must adhere to the same layout. 372): The political center of this region. streets. All buildings. and he fears that if the League absorbs much more territory in the near future.

Karsamos (Small Metropolis. Never known for their martial prowess. “Random street violence” against them became common. Nevak was ready to join the League peacefully.253. Meanwhile. but their diplomats managed to accidentally insult the League general negotiating with them.186): The first city to join with Armach to found the League. and has a large minority of hobgoblins who live here. Now the hobgoblins are beginning to show organized resistance (possibly with covert Dominionite aid) to the oppression. Attacks on members of different groups are a daily occurence. 834. has proven much more difficult as the passions that have been invoked have only intensified. Their half-elven offsrping. Now conquered and under military occupation by League forces. and the city swelled enormously until half-elves became the majority of the population. morale is low. and desertions are common. Dirbos (Small Metropolis.231): The city only agreed to joining the League of Armach when the League military was practically on its doorsteps. Many half-elves. It serves as the central rail hub of the League. and have threatened to send in soldiers to protect them.533. The High War Council has frequently commented that the hobgoblins who live there should be “brought back into the Dominion”. GEOGRAPHY of them have even become popular among the League’s enemies.492): The League easily conquered this city by instigating strife between various ethnic and religious groups that had peacefully co-existed in this city for centuries and then moving in when everyone was too exhausted from the infighting. however. League diplomats skillfully played on the fears of invasion that loomed large in the minds of the Kalab city council to bring that city into the League five years ago. the ruler of Helystis at the time happened to be a half-elf as well. bringing down accidents and other calamities down on their heads. Ironically. However. 643. where trees grow that look like living gems.the wealthier citizens to their manors in the middle of their plantations. Keeping the peace. but doesn’t want an all-out war with the roughly equally strong Dominions at this point (not while there are still smaller realms and city-states to be conquered). Now the curse seems to have spread to the occupation forces as well . many of the elves fled to other elven realms around the world. the city and all who live in it have been under a curse of ill fortune. the artisans of the city labor under crushing taxes. since now the city council feels it has nothing to fear from the Dominion. 1. Prosious (Small Metropolis. and they were driven into crowded ghettos. After several peaceful demonstrations were brutally put down. heeded his call.CHAPTER 6. and each group has now withdrawn into its own. Since the League Council of Equals is treaty bound to protect Kalab. Helystis (Small Metropolis. League diplomats are working overtime to come to some kind of peaceful solution to this dilemma. While Dirbos is represented on the League Council. Many citizens have moved out of the city entirely . 832. Mercytos is famous for its crystal gardens. Others have slipped out into the nearby Helyswood.745): When the humans of the Verdant Coast threw off their elvish oppressors.769): Kalab lies close to the border to the Hobgoblin Dominions. The property of many hobgoblins was confiscated. which suffered heavy damage as a result. Unfortunately. How much money they make from farming and how much from smuggling is anyone’s guess. however. and promised a safe refuge to any half-elves who could make it to his city. A large part of the league military also has its home base here. It has been said that the musical masterminds of Chanes were as much responsible for the rapid expansion of the League as its armies. including many from regions other than the Verdant Coast. Kalab (Metropolis.625): Nevak used to be a wealthy and prosperous city until one Midsummer’s Eve 43 years ago. which it now uses as a base close to the border of the Alliance of the Pantheon and to the hard to patrol Great Southern Chaos. Another unpopular concession was that the League military confiscated considerable land near the city. This might backfire on the League. and after refusing the demands of the League of Armach. He ordered an attack on the city. the city was attacked and conquered ten years ago. Mercytos (Small Metropolis. who were frequently targeted as well by the humans. from where they wage a campaign of guerilla warfare against the occupiers. and the poorer ones to the many small farming communities close to the Great Southern Chaos. isolated neighborhood. as the soldiers can be speedily transported to any part of the League where they are needed. moon. the people of Mercytos have been slow in organizing any sort of resistance to their occupiers. the League military is now the only thing that keeps the city from erupting into a full-fledged civil war. the Dominion High War Council have stated that they won’t permit this repression of fellow hobgoblins to degenerate even further. Many of the more rebellious citizens have been put into brutal work camps. Oscimote has used its central position to profit tremendously from its expansion. Nevak (Small Metropolis.795): The inhabitants of this city have preserved some of the crystal growing skills of old Basram. it has to pay much higher taxes than other cities.781): Prosius is one of those cities that didn’t join the League out . 931. and it was soon regarded as a “half-elven homeland” across the Known Lands. which the large merchant houses of the city have used effectively to control much of the League economy. despite all efforts to suppress them. which in turn has caused the city 76 council to crack down on them even further (and once councilwoman was quoted as saying “Let’s just get this over with and kill the lot of them!”). This state of affairs has continued until today. Some mystics use the way these trees change color in the light of sun. the inhabitants overestimated their magical and martial prowess. 522. and started to persecute the hobgoblin residents. and stars for divination. The influx of so many people with useful skills from many different backgrounds caused the city to prosper. a fact that causes considerable resentment.accidents befall them constantly. Oscimote (Large Metropolis. 2. and thus was only able to negotiate very unfavorable terms for itself. were not permitted to follow them. Since then. 732. the citizens now keep quiet in fear of provoking yet more reprisals.

Unfortunately. [. For good-aligned. This lead to large-scale geological instability in this region of the Eustillia Plains as the surrounding surface collapsed into itself and hot magma welled up from the depths to close the hole. GEOGRAPHY of its own will. they should have opportunity to learn what the Torchbearers do to enemies and innocents alike. and they also tend to be occupied with fighting off the large number of thoqqua now prowling this region. Geonodes negotiated very favorable conditions for his kindom’s membership. It was plain to see that he was too used to the comforts of civilization even when traveling. the soldiers patrol the surrounding areas and try to catch the bandits plaguing these hills. the city (and the surrounding countryside) joined the League of Armach peacefully two decades ago when its ruler.16 Malundi “.. adventures in the League itself should be a nerve-wracking experience. though “conquered” sounds grander than what actually happened . the canny Geonodes IX. 132. and thus was made an object lesson by the League Army. the League of Armach tested a terrible new magical weapon at this site.. Thenemon (Small Metropolis. and trustworthy allies (presumably.Once we set off from the coast and paddled into the interior. and trying to foil the schemes of its politicians and soldiers can provide enough material for a campaign. the soldiers seek shelter behind its sturdy walls. There was no train. a sphere of about miles in diameter centered on the surface of the earth simply vanished into some other dimension. Much of its infrastructure was destroyed.a small army detachment was sent up north to secure the area to allow the League easy access to the rare elements found near the Eternal Storm. The League military tries to restrict access to this site.221): The capital of a small kingdom with the same name. with large-scale autonomy for his rule and only light taxes. 77 from the Sunset Province. and the city remains a hotbed of civil unrest. after that incident he became horribly afraid of all the creatures that might lurk out there and pestered me with constant questions about the safety of our current location. too humid. any reckless behaviour on their part puts every friendly League citizen who ever associated with them at risk. foreign PCs. Either way. and at times like these. the PCs should feel tainted merely by coming into contact with this organization. Many of the survivors fled... It was too hot. . but not necessarily. and promptly opened the city gates. Fort Nilatus serves as a buffer against any aggression Adventure Seeds 6. the citizens of Sceas had a good look at the approaching soldiers. and many of them have become among the most loyal soldiers for the League. including the other PCs) are few. but even they cannot patrol every entry to this wasteland.. Important Sites Fort Nilatus: The northernmost outpost of the League. no coach. 534. the fort neverless is sometimes troubled by stray storm effects from the Eternal Storm. but otherwise it was economically poor and only the high birth rate of its population helped compensate that a steady stream of young people left the city to seek their fortune elsewhere.] When he heard the roar of the dire ape. Sceas (City. This causes some resentment in many of the older inhabitants. the occupation forces are widely resented. where betrayals are common. but it wasn’t regarded as large and important enough to be granted a seat on the League Council.274): Sceas is a small city so remote from other civilized regions that its only claim to fame was that it served as a gateway of sorts for people who wanted to enter the region dominated by the Eternal Storm. or as a source of aggression if the League should ever decide to use the period of instability the Tsan Empire is currently going through. The rest of the time. and those who remain try to eke out a living amidst the ruins. Even if they escape.. they will have plenty of adventures where they can explore the moral problems of working for such organisations. Because of that lack of resistance. the kingdom would be forced to join later on anyway. he finally took my warnings seriously not to stray from our camp site. there were too many insects and the food was disagreeable. as they have to continually watch out for informants of the Torchbearers and the Blue Legion. the PCs could play League citizens who work for one of its organizations. Regional History Adventuring in the League of Armach The League of Armach is the most obvious Bad Guy in Urbis. The Hole: Last year. Sceas doesn’t suffer as much under the occupation as other cities.. and its young males carried off to work camps for projects elsewhere in the League.CHAPTER 6. no grand riverboat with sleeping cabins only a dozen men on canoes who had to travel along the river using their own arms to paddle.. Well defended.. It is surrounded by some farmlands that barely suffice to feed themselves and the city. This state of affairs changed somewhat when the city was conquered by the League twenty years ago. and he has spent the time since then to skillfully making him indispensible to many League projects and increasing the prosperity of his realm while keeping most outside influences at bay. By all accounts. or they might be idealists who try to change the system from within. In the end. Alternatively. Durnsten never stopped complaining. and while they might try to fight them openly and even succeed and get away again successfully.. While the League Council has ordered reconstruction efforts. They might either be evil and out to grab as much power and wealth for themselves as they can. realized that if it didn’t join the League now. but the younger people are only too glad about the newly established rail line that allows them to get away from the city even faster.

and mummy shock troops. and thus. usually by being fed to one of the undead who still require sustenance of sorts. But this is doing the people of Malundi a grave injustice. The main dwellings for the merchants and the workers are magically protected from the fumes. And even then. Important Towns and Cities Chikwase (Large City 356.he seemed to have made up his mind that the dark-skinned natives of these regions werre nothing more than ’primitives’ and ’savages’.. turnover among the workers is high. ready to defend the realm. However. the same islands also have an abundance of plants with curative powers. Above them are the ghoul. and thus few people try to reach them and find out the truth. carefully preserved with embalming fluids to protect them against decomposition in the tropical climate. 1. have hollowed out dwellings. life is not actually all that bad for the living. leaving only loose powder. thus limiting boats to those that can be transported over land across short distances. since the volcanoes frequently omit noxious fumes that cover the land which can ultimately lead to death if breathed in too frequently by humans. and Mewa therefore serves as a center of learning throughout the region. However.. Neuer Weltverlag (1414) Capital: Population: Government: Varies by city-state. The city’s architects know the exact amount of yezˆ u necessary to destroy any given amount of stone.” . and only the most powerful and loyal spellcasters among the living are taught the techniques to join their numbers.a sort of green slime that can destoy any stone. they are often seperated from each other by hostile jungles.from ancient ruins to full-fledged cities and civilizations which simply have made no contact with the outside world.917. However. his lurid claims that the perfectly circular hill in the center of the swamp is actually a gigantic structure of pre-human origin where these creatures are created through ancient magics are generally dismissed as the imagination of a fanciful mind. The lowest rung of death .882): This city was carved into a small mountain range through a rather unusual method: The city’s priesthood possess the power to create (or gather . even the strongest granite (prevalent in the vincity of the city). Imports: Exports: The southern jungles of Malundi are all too often dismissed as savage backwaters by scholars from the northern regions. and the incorporeal undead and the vampires who serve as spies and secret police. This general isolation means that vast territories are basically unexplored by all except those tribes who live there. while death is eternal. but it was clear that he was skeptical. but all too often the workers don’t make it in time to the shelters when the fumes descend to the plantations. The Far Corners of the World. Zombie labor provides for many of the material needs. GEOGRAPHY 78 [. caverns.exactly how they attain it is a closely guarded secret) a substance called yezˆ u . Reever Islands: This chain of volcanic islands off the coast of Malundi used to be uninhabited for a long time. most rivers have a large number of rapids and waterfalls. which are now being exploited by a consortium of merchants from the Flannish Cities. steep mountain ranges. These mines are also famous for their miners specially-bred giant ants. some walk on two legs.639): A city openly ruled by a cabal of liches. strange. When he saw most of the villagers walking around bare-chested . 1. Tarma Swamp: This inhospitable region was widely avoided by the humans who lived nearby. The citizens are taught that life is just a transient stage. and some even fly in the air like birds! These beings were dubbed “dinosaurs” by noted explorer Edward Dunkin of Dartmouth.those who didn’t contribute much to the city . What little travel and trade exists is mostly limited to the coast and the few large rivers that allow passage for boats. though. Dense jungle alternates with steep cliffs and impassable swamps. people in the city are careful in Industries Life and Society Government and Politics Groups and Organisations Religion Important NPCs Major Geographical Features Most of the terrain of Malundi is inhospitable to travel. but so far without success. I noticed that this did not stop him from staring at the women. but usually monarchies.some of them are bigger . Thus.men and women both . ghast. Despite the large number of undead they are rubbing shoulders with. However. lizard-like creatures have been pouring out of the swamp .Hermann Hasse.223): This city controls some of the most profitable gold mines in the Known Lands.are the reanimated zombies. which seem to be able to sense gold in the mountain and dig it out. who recently returned from an expedition to that region. But anyone who threatens the status quo is punished harshly. splendor.CHAPTER 6. Nkolo (Metropolis. Mewa (Metropolis. in the last few decades. but which leaves metals and organic matter intact. or magical achievements. and the relative prosperity of the city is shared by those citizens who toe to the line. and harsh deserts. Nkala is a city where the dead are held in higher regarded than the living. for their mighty cities often equal or surpass their northern counterparts in size.. All this requires a through understanding of the arts and sciences. than the largest crocodile.] I had promised him grandiose sights once we reached Shago. At the top are the liches. and even whole palaces from the mountains.231. As a result. Many people have tried to steal a queen ant (or at least an egg with one) to start similar mines elsewhere.. and one’s effort in life will determine one’s position in death. with enough careful application of the substance. Anything might be hidden in the jungle .

A variety of birds are kept as messengers. The city controls a fairly large territory. The more paranoid observers worry that sooner or later the city will control the entire region. The city of Coriano. and this will form its personality for the rest of its life. there a push among some of the 79 wealthier resident merchants to make the city more “respectable” and orderly to attract more business. GEOGRAPHY what they say at all times. It will “imprint” very rapidly on anything it is told during its first day. One of the caves found in it has an extraordinary property: When someone stays in it for an entire night and meditates on the image of human. And even theses settlements were mostly abandoned once the Atalan Empire fell.tales. I still remember all the stories about Narevoreen from my youth. 2 The 1422 expedition of the Dartmouth Ornithological Society was only the most infamous of these expeditions. Important Sites The Mating Grounds of the Gods: This is how the nearby tribes call this ancient crater. much of it filled by zombie-staffed plantations and minor client villages.is listening. However. the protectorate has grown slowly but steadily . has some rudimentary knowledge of the world gained from the person who spent the night in the cave (enough to give it one class level). or even helpers with many jobs. while the mercenaries now use the cave for a highly specialized and extremely valuable sort of slave trade. Regional History Adventuring in Malundi Adventure Seeds 6. and behind them a fair green country lit by sunlight. exporers and fortune hunters. so it must have been there for a long time). Some birds of this city. but the high humidity and the hostile jungle made it extremely difficult for them to maintain permanent settlements away from the coast. however.312): The Atalan Empire did not only try to expand to the north and east. 445. with the offender being incorporated into the city’s protectorate. it eventually established itself as a meeting place for traders. retaliation is swift and final. and hurting or even killing one is severely punished by the law. A beautiful and unchanging country where elves could seek respite from the toils and troubles of this world. The tree and its symbionts provide most of the food and water the city needs.though how it got to this place is still unknown (the city’s records go back for more than a thousand years..and never faster than the population of Nkolo could support. 739. These stories are regarded by most of the rest of Malundi as just that . Nkolo doesn’t generally act aggressively towards its neighbors. . and they have all sorts of tales of alleged eyewitness accounts of amorous exploits of various divine entities. Valley of the Fog People: This remote mountain valley is shrouded in mists every time night falls. Port Coriano (Large City. Its origin has long been a mystery. Its population became a mixture of both native Malundis and Northerners. Coupled with the fact that it has never given up any of its territory. pirates. With the recent arrival of a rail line from the Parginian Rim (which followed the old Atalan Road along the coast). and gained both a hippogriff mount and several paladin warriors for his defense of the Alliance as a result.when an explorer from the Parginian Rim discovered this valley and immediately hired a mercenary company to seize it. especially parrots. except that it is sterile. since they never know who or what . This being is in all ways a normal human. and the customs of its inhabitants are a strange mixture of a large range of cultures. smugglers. Though its fortunes waxed and waned over the centuries. Ombuso (Small Metropolis. A small tribe of these “fog people” lived in this valley in peaceful isolation for many generations until five years ago . The original fog people have all been driven away or killed. and stories about its exploits are still widely speculated upon in the high society of Dartmouth when no women are around to listen. and that it has only a very rudimentary personality. This does not sit well with the local crime bosses. the mists will consolidate into an actual living human once dawn arrives. which they use to patrol the surrounding areas and defend the city in the rare occasions when this becomes neccessary.17 Narevoreen “The Isles of the Immortals. and are prized even in faraway regions. when I wondered what it would be like to approach these white shores. but also to the south. and a conflict is brewing. for it is located on top of a gargantuan plant growing many miles above the surface.411): This city is unique in all the known lands. The Lands of Youth. Additionally.CHAPTER 6. and for trade with the surface the city has a complex elevator system involving numerous platforms that spans the entire distance. 513. did not fall. the nobility and a chivalric order of paladins both breed and train hippogriffs. but it has recently been revealed to be one of the world trees of the planet Yethrod . show a recognizable if limited intelligence. Lord Amrast of the Alliance of the Pantheon has studied with the local paladins for a few years before returning north.515): Shago is famous for its birds and bird breeders. and now wage a desperate guerilla struggle against the occupiers to ensure their continued survival. Shago (Small Metropolis. recent publications of these tales in nothern regions have caused a dramatic increase in the number of people who find perfectly plausible reasons for exploring this area2 . and wonder how many of the conflicts that lead to further conquests were actually secretly instigated by the rulers of Nkolo.. but if any of its neighbors provoke it. pets.

Five years ago. Now that these islands are open to humans it seems that the elves are in a hurry to catch up with all those centuries whose passage they have ignored so far. Any elven captains that didn’t stop to stoop to piracy were declared renegades (though some elements in the nation continue to give them covert support). Some of them have retreated to more remote power bases. Naurimar: The traditionalist faction has mostly been removed from the Royal Court. first strains are beginning to show in this faction. However. The human fleet sent representatives who demanded that Narevoreen should (a) stop supporting pirates. (b) pay compensation for the damage caused by elven pirates.. distant islands for the most part. However. the pride of Narevoreen. or by having enough blackmail material on other Court members to make their removeal problematic. with all the power they have. The representatives of Queen Meeral hastily agreed. for no elf. they might try to start an all-out civil war. It seemed to the inhabitants of the islands that this life would continue indefinietly. the ruler of the largest and most powerful human city of all. The Navy High Command turned a blind eye to these activities as long as there was no immediate threat to the islands and figured that this was good training. and now foreigners can recieve permits to stay in the islands for up to three months (longer in special cases) without any hindrances.both magical and otherwise. While the progressive elements have the ear of the Queen for the moment. explore. The elves achieved an advanced and stable civilization while most humans still lived in primitive tribes. Any humans who washed ashore were put to death. The brightest young elves were sent abroad to human cities to study their ways and learn their advanced technologies . And others still want to use this newfound knowledge for revenge against the humans . Finally. a coalition of port cities assembled a vast fleet of the most modern human ships. the island kingdom of Narevoreen has lived in splendid isolation. To their shock. but most of them realize that they are currently fighting a loosing battle in the political arena of the realm. Human-style commerce gradually supplanted the old informal barter system. but individual captains often sailed to other locations to trade.the treasures accumulated over the centuries were much vaster than the humans had even dreamt of. Refusal of these demands would cause the human fleets to continue to lay siege to the islands. and sometimes raid them. Powerful magics and a large fleet protected its borders and turned away all outsiders.. and most of the Navy.and fast. Their elven patience is sorely taxed by the rapid changes moving through their society. and (c) open up one of their coastal cities to trade with the human cities.with visible results in some of the major cities. So they set out to turn elven society upside down.310 (93% elves. and thanks to their stable population never felt the urge to expand. Avane Street Publishing (1421) Capital: Population: 1. They were tasked with the defense of the islands. before the human cities became even more powerful and turn Narevoreen into a mere colony. the nation opened up to outsiders completely. staffed with expert sailors and the most experienced battle wizards the cities had to offer and sailed towards Narevoreen to put an end to the elven pirates once and for all.and as it turns out. Many members of the Elven Court now realized that the nation had to modernize . as well as its opening to humans. and some grow increasingly desperate and will resort to violence soon.or even establish a new elven empire with colonies on the continent! Queen Meera seems to be merely observing these conflicts. the human cities had enough. Some want to merely catch up to human magical and technological knowledge so that they can close the Realm again. as the ultimate goals of its members diverge. either. The compensation was easily paid . If you want to see the land of your youthful dreams. many traditionalists vehemently oppose this movement. The only elves who regularly interacted with the outside world were the members the Royal Navy.420.Walter Greenfields in: The Known Lands: Narevoreen. the humans won. in recent decades the activities of elven pirates along the western coast of the continent started to seriously disrupt sea trade between the human port cities. secure in their new defenses. Others want to establish permanent trade links to human cities. wood.CHAPTER 6. though some members still remain there . but in reality is actively subtly shaping them into a direction that suits her needs. Some mages even started to experiment with fertility magics to offset the traditionally low elven birth rate. If they knew that members of the Court are currently secretly negotiating for a political marriage between the Queen and the Doge of Atalus. The first railroads were built and nexus towers were erected. 6% fey creatures) Population: Government: Imports: Exports: Fish. Every day brings new changes.either by hiding their true allegiance. I fear. especially Atalus. I suggest that you hurry for soon. confident in their superiority. sank to the ocean floor. where they plot in secret to purify the nations of all outside influence. while others try to engange in subtle sabotage against the humans and those who deal with . young elven students For more than two millenia. it will be gone forever. The elven Navy met them head on. They were wrong. to the surprise of the humans.” . And one year ago. The Naurimar faction fights the changes in the Realm. and have strongly pushed the “modernization” of Narevoreen ahead . And the city of Navar was opened up to welcome foreign traders. GEOGRAPHY 80 But time stands still for no man . Industries Life and Society Government and Politics Groups and Organisations Erquar: The progressive faction currently dominates the Royal Court. and have been exiled to small.

Now the lake has become a popular destination for tourists from the continent. and by implication. and the most potent artifacts in the history of Narevoreen were created by them. where satyrs. Several legions of Atalan soldiers landed here. and they might soon resort to large-scale rebellion or even outright war. and despite being declared renegade by the Royal Court and having a huge bounty placed on her head by various coastal cities. And a splendid view it is to their eyes . and spoke of great possibilities in a future alliance between her realm and his city all in flawless Elvish. and a multitude of fey creatures live and hold their own councel. it will be interesting to see what happens next. only to turn to stone to a man once the sorcerous defenses of the islands were ready. and his skill at politics far exceeded that of anyone else she had ever met. He bowed to her. the Queen realized that she had finally found her intellectual equal in this human who was a mere quarter of her age . Like most elves of Narevoreen. raising the four children she had with her now deceased royal consort. It wasn’t Meera who first suggested the poltical marriage . The truth is that this feat was not easy. Alande (CN elven female rgr5/ftr5/wiz4) is one of the most infamous elven pirates. an increasingly large number of elves from this clan have set out into the world to search for the Tingmaril. jewels fashioned by a famous ancestor of the clan in the early years of Narevoreen which were stolen by a demonic entity of vast power. 81 much to teach her . and is considered to be the heart and soul of the elven people. But all this changed five years ago. it was merchants from Atalus who established their presence first and made the biggest wins. and many elves are outraged to find grafitty cut into the bark of the sacred trees. centaurs. Religion Important NPCs Queen Meeral (N female elf ari6/sor7) was an extremely intelligent and charismatic women. When the city of Navar opened. But what really surprised her was the Doge of Atalus. and highly qualified to rule her realm even apart from her birth into the royal family. charmed her with his wits. The statues of the men that once were still stand on the beach.and what was more. she remains at large and continues to plunder merchant ships along the western coast lines.an old elven tradition to bring peace between warring clans . the Queen dreams of a true partnership between them. Many. Lake of Ormalluin: This lake sits at the center of the largest island. and the golden ones at the southern shore. for while the inhabitants can be generous and curious about outsiders. as a silent testimony to the magic of the elves. and for the first time in elven memory. He then skillfully outmaneuvered the other human negotiators and made sure they gained mere tokens for their efforts in this war. leaving her with little to do other than performing the public ceremonies tradition expected of her. unlike too many of her advisors.CHAPTER 6. Two unique kinds of trees with silver and golden bark and leaves are found on its shores . While her advisors think of this as nothing more than a political gesture of goodwill towards the human cities (they certainly do not expect children or even heirs to the kingdom to come from this union . Its location symbolized the realm’s detachment from the affairs of the continent. She feels the Doge has Major Geographical Features Forest of Fomoraig: Elves are not the sole inhabitants of Narevoreen. feel that their time is running out. After the opening of Narevoreen to the world. humans have begun to visit the capital. Eluvanar is the capital of Narevoreen.soaring buildings of stone and marble carved to the finest specifications conceived of elven aesthetics meld together seamlessly with elven tree architecture to make a city .and then be welcomed back by the Royal Court as a colonial governor. She hopes to gather enough followers to conquer a small coastal realm of her own .wonder why a land that was able to defeat an earlier invasion so easily could not deal with the recent human fleet. but the truth is that she secretly likes the opening of Narevoreen to new ideas. all the way letting them believe that they had recieved a grand price. But most of the job of governing her realm was traditionally left to the members of the Royal Court. Neidar: This large clan of elves is famous for its smiths and enchanters. All in all. the affairs of humanity. she was extemely bored. 78.even if the Doge would dare to touch her and the Queen permit it. Many people . She recieves covert support from certain members of the Naurimar faction. and only the most learned sages of the Royal Court know what the elves had to sacrifice for making it happen. they will shake up the world.and when she has learned everything.the silver ones on the northern shore. In short. however.including many elves . Important Towns and Cities Eluvanar (Small City. he was not bound by the stifling elven traditions. who came personally to the negotiations for the peace treaty. hairy barbarians with nothing to offer the elves. Not so in the Forest of Fomoraig. and dabbling in the arcane. GEOGRAPHY them. Now that isolation is over. she had never seen a human before and believed the stories that they were nothing more than uncouth. they are also capricious and wrathful when offended. At the very least. though they certainly are the most prominent in most regions. they expect the Queen to use the commonly available elven anti-pregnancy medicines). The Stone Coast: This stretch of coast was the location of an earlier invasion attempt by the Atalan Empire. Any visitors are advised to be on their best behaviour at all times. but it seemed like there was nothing she could do to change this.but she readily agreed. The defeat of the Elven Navy by the rag-tag coalition of human cities was as much of a shock to her as to any other elves. They justify this by claiming that the Erquar are holding their beloved Queen hostage not realizing that behind the scenes the Queen herself is one of the biggest forces for change.735): Located on the westernmost island.

But in the winter. which wants to kill them both to erase the shame. indexTingmaril or Star Jewels. is rather small. GEOGRAPHY that seems more majestic and alive than human cities many times its size. mocking lights flitter across the sky and make the observer doubt that he is still on this world.instead they fled there approximately four thousand years ago from a “Great Darkness in the East” and decided to make their new home here.” . rowdy sailors enjoying their last chance for drunken revelry before heading out to the sea. The large fishing fleet aside. Everything in the Norfjell Wastes conspires to make a man feel small. for many adventurous elves hope that in some distant land across the sea they will find knowledge or magic that allows them to make their realm safe from the humans again.if not from the goodness of their hearts. this city now boasts several schools and universities dedicated to studying human technology and magic. and as long as they don’t disturb the peace in Navar. At the height of summer. The most significant episode in the early history of the realm occurred thirty-six centuries ago when Falimar. the lands can be beautiful and full of colors. when the storms come howling in from the sea. Toressea was the im- 82 pregnable fortress that guarded access to the islands.744): Long a city of scholars and wizards. There are also now several human guest professors who have been enticed by the promises of excellent wages and the opportunity to study this new land and its strange customs and inhabitants from up close. but they are all too aware that their time has not come yet. As a result. the part of town where humans are allowed to stay indefinietly (as opposed to the threemonth limit for the rest of the nation).Edmund Durnsten in: The Known Lands: Norfjell Wastes. but the queen considered her explanation to be more believable. 17..CHAPTER 6. and thus very cramped compared to the the rest of the city. Eluvanar is now the starting point for many elven expeditions exploring the oceans to the west. Adventuring in Narevoreen Adventure Seeds The Old Story A young visiting noble from Atalus and an elven girl have fallen in love. it is very lively . fashioned the seven Tingmaril. They are spoiling for a rematch. And when the snow stops falling and the clouds vanish. even though it never quite looses its otherworldly shine. they also tend to be of the highest quality.elven merchants and craftsmen trying to sell their wares for the highest bidder. Toressea (Small Town. Unfortunately. Ibeth (Town. an elder of the clan of the Neidar and possibly the greatest smith of the elven people. Most of the elves who leave for the human cities return there periodically to hold lectures on their findings. the hordes of Negroth swarmed out and overran our cities. then for the reward the noble offers them once they safely arrive in Atalus. and the Neidar grudgingly stayed home. Navar has also become a refugee for criminals from all over the Known Lands . Perhaps the PCs can be of assistance .and seeks to kill the girl as well? 6. And though these days are long gone. Now the elven sailors and marines overseeing its reconstruction must watch helplessly as more and more human ships arrive in the sacred waters of Narevoreen. However. and still the only port open to human ships. In reality. While supplies here are quite expensive. The Foreigner’s Quarter.18 Norfjell Wastes “From these lands. But what if the noble’s family is not too hapy about this affair. Now they need to flee from the islands to escape the girl’s family. either . Since the elves don’t recognize the laws of other nations.423): The only city in Narevoreen open to humans until very recently. and there are always several projects going on tryint to recreate this or that human innovation. an elder demon stole the jewels and fled to the East. which captured the light of the stars themselves and were credited with many miraculous properties. claiming that their loss would critically weaken the defenses of the realm. soon falling into the feudal patterns that lasted to this day. the darkness is as present as the sunlight was in the summer. Eluvanar also has the largest port in Narevoreen. Navar (Town. Not at all times. 13. Its mythos of invulnerability vanished when the fortress was heavily damaged by the human fleet and its defenders were beaten. Important Sites Regional History The legends of the elves of Narevoreen state that they did not always live on these islands . though these days Navar sees more traffic. a shroud of gloom and doom still seems to hang over these lands. when the sun rarely goes below the horizon. a court seer had foreseen that a great calamity would occur if the Tingmaril were returned to the realm. Avane Street Publishing (1418) . Some of these people have “gone native” and married into elven families. this port serves as a popular way station for ships wishing to travel across the Western Ocean.as long as they have not harmed any elves.. north and south. strange. and young and curious elves asking traveller about the wider world are common sights here. 6. but the queen of Narevoreen forbade it.442): A small island facing the continent to the East. The entire clan of the Neidar was ready to return to the East in order to find and retrieve the jewels. many of the conservatives see this city as an example of everything that has gone wrong with their nation. the elves do not mind their presence.

Grondholm has grown wealthy through trade with the Flannish cities. GEOGRAPHY Capital: Population: 1. There is an ongoing argument on which branch of arcane magic is superior to the other . Those who do return end up becoming some of the most powerful heroes of the orcish race. For this. Estenheim has never really recovered after it was razed by Negroth more than two centuries ago.431): A small citystate at the northeastern end of the Great Lake. They operate the nexus towers. While it does see some steady trade from the interior and further away from the Lands of the Dead. but they were chased away by the will’o’wisps before they could learn more. A few groups have tried to set up mining operations here. Located in an old volcanic crater and hidden from curious eyes by mighty enchantments. or logging encampments along the rivers flowing into the Great Lake. goblins 10%. it is also feared. While their power is appreciated. for the island is blessed with an abundance of ores. From here they coordinate their plans for conquering Rothea.403. Only a few. essentially. be a new species who stand above mundane humans as much as mundane humans stand above apes. The income Industries Life and Society Government and Politics Groups and Organisations Religion Important NPCs Major Geographical Features Great Lake: Forest of Lights: This forest is shunned by the barbarian tribes. they soon established self-sufficiency and sealed themselves off from the rest of the world. and occasionally take prisoners here for interrogation. and most rulers try to create as many checks to their power as possible. thus eliminating a powerful trade partner. As of late. many spellcasters chafe under the restrictions placed upon them. and for good reason . Wolf ’s Tear: This remote mountain in the northern tundra is regarded as a holy site by the orc tribes. they are paid handsomely. orc warriors in search of their destiny go there to challenge the spirits of the place. Most wizards are content to live in a gilded cage. . as the climate is just too inhospitable. Still.numerous will’o’wisps make their home here. From time to time. Some of the proponents of this idea have seriously considered abducting unwilling mages for this program.281): A former fishing town sitting near the entrance of a large fjord. but most never return. Shamans frequently go there to experience vision questions. who relies on innate talent. Some bold explorers have discovered that they seem to congregate at strange structures of unknown origin near the forest’s center. however.are a vital part of the power structure of most cities. and create magical items for export. a secret society of wizards created the Colony 54 years ago. the dwarves of Gol Grungor consider the city cursed and refuse to deal with it for any reason.that of the sorcerer. The lucky ones do not live long. orcs 31%. 945): Arance spellcasters . who relies on his wits alone. and only the inherent danger of this undertaking has stayed their hands so far. or that of the wizard. it suffers from preriodic outbreak of plagues which the citizens are incapable of dealig with. The ruling council resists that idea and instead have committed to a desperate gamble in the hopes of gaining more revenue: They attempt to mine the foothills of Gol Grungor. Both Svardholm and Kaltengrad are considering simply annexing the city so that they can control this strategic location. As a result. the Colony was to be a secret refuge for arcane spellcasters. elves 4%. which are then dried and shipped south. Periodic orc raids excarbate the situation and often cause starvation and further plagues as the citizens flee behind the decrepit walls of the city.810 (humans 46%.though which city would be more preferable as a patron is still being argued by them. Grondholm (City.CHAPTER 6. Few permanent settlements exist. Important Towns and Cities The Colony (Village. Its fleets are catching enormous amounts of fish. this place is covered by snow for almost the entire year. who would. A significant minority among the inhabitants has also argued for a breeding program to produce “superior mages”. and those that do hardly qualify as cities by southern standards. but others find this state of affairs unacceptable. Estenheim (Small City. No humans live there. and a growing number of people in Estenheim are openly agitating for this to happen in the hopes of improving the lot of their home . Thanks to their arcane powers. frost giants 4%) Government: Tribal Imports: Exports: These wild northern lands are home to a number of human and orcish barbarian tribes that usually migrate with their herd animals. Because of this. Those settlements that do exist are either small fishing villages built on the western coast or small islands off the coast. who find both the climate and the darkness to their liking. 83 and have an influence in local politics that shouldn’t be underestimated. But the councilmen are willing to give it a try nonetheless. keep the city’s magical defenses running. a few conflicts have arisen among the population. 134. No one is sure just where the dwarves consider to be the boundary of their territory . a colony of aboleths has been established here. Kierran’s Island: A large island far to the north of the mainland. but they were all abandoned eventually. a place where they could build an ideal society unfettered by the morals and restrictions placed upon them by mundanes.wizards and sorcerers .and just what they would do if that border is breached. Now. experienced wizards leave it again in the search of new recruits among dissatisfied spellcasters all over the world. dwarves 4%. 63.

But perhaps that attitude is understandable. which braves the northern waters in search of prey.890 (humans 57%. Tunzano Swamps: These marshlands are famous for their large will’o’wisp population which move through the swamp’s boundaries every night. gnomes 23%. and they will never let you forget it. though strictly speaking it doesn’t end there .CHAPTER 6. and they will consider all outsiders to be somewhat uncouth and uncultured. this is quite safe and provides a spectacular view. 84 Important Sites Castle Nargeth: This large ruin was once the headquarters of Negroth the Doombringer. their lands are dotted with ruins from prouder times. and consider themselves the most civilized of all people.19 Parginian Rim “The people of the Parginian Rim consider their lands to be the cradle of civlization. Numerous refugees from the latter have made their home here. loot from many cities found its way here. Adventurers try to raid it now and then in the hopes of finding parts of Negroth’s old treasure vaults. so they simply can’t escape their heritage.its many branches reach directly into the realms of Faerie. Since they don’t leave the swamps. Consequently. 439. Magmyril. the region that Atalus conquered first. who more than two hundred years ago conquered the Norrfjell Wastes and many neighboring regions. and today the city is mostly preoccupied with itself. and whose culture it influenced the most. the World Tree: This gigantic ash tree reaches more than a mile into the sky.” . Kaltengrad has grown wealthy through trade with the dwarves and the Lands of the Dead further to the east. . whether that outsider is a savage hobgoblin or a proud. these spiders spin long. and formed the backbone of his armies. which are interconnected with a large cave system where a family of black dragons gnawing at its roots is reputed to make its home. Regional History Adventuring in the Norfjell Wastes Adventure Seeds 6. GEOGRAPHY from the fish is slowly eclipsed by its large whaling fleet. Its inhabitants marched at Negroth’s side during the days of his conquest. thin threads of spider silk that fly away in the wind and can drift to many distant parts of the Rim.224): A large and prosperous city-state on the east coast of the Great Lake..792): The biggest city in the Norrfjell Wastes in terms of sheer physical size. Industries Life and Society Government and Politics Groups and Organisations Religion Important NPCs Major Geographical Features Gossamer Fields: These plains are inhabited by an enormous number of tiny spiders. the people of the Parginian Rim still look back on these bygone days with pride. dwarves 6%. and many fey live in its branches. The city also serves as a way station for those who dare to explore the savage interior in search of riches. 56.its heritage is still on everyone’s mind here. After all. Never mind that the Atalan Empire has gone for a thousand years . this mountain top city serves as the center of frost giant society. enterpreneurs. At certain days in the spring. but mercantile oligarchies are the most common Import: Exports: The Parginian Rim used to be the heartland of the old Atalan Empire. halflings 7%. The city has been ruled by its merchant dynasties for many generations.. civilized Flannish man. But those glory days are long gone. Avane Street Publishing (1413) Capital: Population: 27.Edmund Durnsten in: The Known Lands: Parginian Rim. And although the Empire is long gone. The same is true of its roots. There are several resorts on the mountains surrounding the swamps where visitors can obseve these creatures at leisure. who spared no expense in making it one of the most beautiful cities in the northern lands. Fell creatures still dwell there today. Harrengrimm (Small City. elves 2%) Government: Varies by city-state. and soldiers-of-fortune. This is considered to be a lucky sign by those cities covered by the gossamer threads. hobgoblins 4%. Kaltengrad (Large City.342. Few non giants are permitted to enter here as anything but slaves. The large “Flannish Quarter” of the city has become a home away from home for many merchants.

the project is profitable enough to allow the city to keep up with its loan payments and even have some money left over. social. shows of friendships.845): Built into a large.228): After the final defeat of Negroth the Doombringer. but of course speculation runs rampant.730): The largest city of the Known Lands. but by this stage.772): The citizens of Bargeto mostly live an easy and carefree life.and beyond. a vast underground passageway starting near the city and stretching all the way to the Verdant Coast . Sirenzo (Metropolis. at the moment it is ruled by the Doge. her descendant Adrienne III rules over one of the most sinful cities in the Known Lands. Atalus (Megalopolis. 1. This servant race can be made to look in whatever way its creators choose. problems are bound to intensify.349. Judario is a spectacular sight when seen from the sea.643. 1. and cultural influence reaches across the Parginian Rim . but many feel that getting close to that expansionist regieme might be unwise. and if someone wants to learn more about sunken lands and underwater civilizations. its political. Adrienne fled far and wide in search of a safe haven.so-called dopplegangers . and a major upset could bring it down. exiled nobles from the Flannish Cities. Adrienne III has political influence that extends far beyond the borders of her small domain. and as a result. This was the case in the city of Torburg. and the one with the most illustrious history. her guests showered her with gifts.or that of other cities. “All roads lead to Atalus”. and several long-standing treaties with local communities of merfolk made sure that the fishes remained abundant and the fishers didn’t overexploit the resource. for its wizards have created a race of homunculi . on the other hand.save for a young princess named Adrienne. as the Snake Kingdoms certainly won’t permit the existence of an easy supply route to their old enemies in the dwarven kingdoms. tunnels. Often these nobles had to flee or else face death at the hands of an angry mob. In the end. which at the time was a sleepy hamlet located on the coast of the Western Ocean. and the city council hasn’t reached a conclusion on this issue. The Atalan Empire had its origins here. magically shaped trees similar to the communities that can be found in the elven kingdoms. and the first nexus tower was constructed in the city. The city mostly derives its income from fishing. The League of Armach also has suggested to build an underground link between their cities and the Grand Road. 392.521): This city prides itself on its many universities and colleges. the influence of Atalus throughout the world cannot be overstated. Leconte (Large City. Of late the city has also attracted a fair number of tourists who enjoy the scenic surroundings. The magic spells put upon them with the aid of the nexus towers keeps most of them loyal and obedient to the city .459): Mergoda is unusual for a predominantly human city because many of its buildings are on gigantic. Gradually. and it is rumored that she is currently scheming to retake the throne of Torburg . With the aid of her entourage and several potent magic items she managed to bring along with her.CHAPTER 6. who is elected from the members of the Merchant Council by his peers.but periodic links to the surface allow for intense trade between the cities along the way even now. she was determined to make as many new friends as possible and remade Leconte Castle as a pleasure palace.more than 4000 miles away. public opinion in many cities of the Flannish turned against the ruling nobility. however. It is estimated that it will probably take another two decades to complete . 237. the project’s success remains uncertain. not all of them human. and only a large and crumbling castle hinted at past glories. However. but Mergoda welcomes all friendly beings of any civilized race. Built on six hills. she arrived in the town of Leconte. where the king and his entire family were killed in a single night . critics point out that now that the railroad neares Gol Murak. and even marriage proposals. To the wealthy visitor. these catacombs already have inhabitants.921): Alassia used to be a moderately wealthy. until their youth and beauty fades and they are tossed out to the slums surrounding the city that survive on the trash of the wealth within. and soon Adrienne was a powerful fixture of Parginian politics. Concluding that her father had been brought down by a lack of allies. In return. there are innumerable catacombs.and even that is not enough in some of the poorer and low-lying neighborhoods. Today. as the saying goes. the city nearly bankrupted itself for it. who had proven themselves to be unable to unify and defend their homes against the common threat. Finally. 314. While its actual possessions have shrunk to a fairly small protectorate. Its many-hued buildings shimmer like a rainbow in the evening light. if otherwise unremarkable city thriving on trade until the city fathers agreed to build a railway through the Grand Road. this is probably the best place to ask. the city also developed a local university which counts some of the world’s most renowned experts on the oceans among its staff. there are few pleasures that aren’t available. While its system of government has changed frequently over the century. much of the city is gradually sinking below the sealine thanks to erosion processes both natural and artificial. 5. and entire abandoned buildings in the belly of the city that await to be discovered and explored . So might be refusing their wishes. and only vast civil engineering projects keep the floods at bay . with hordes of servants catering to a guest’s every whim. who managed to escape thanks to several loyal servants. many elves and half-elves make their home here.though sometimes. 1.the logicistal problems are enormous .823. where she entertained members of the patrician families of the Parginian Rim. white cliff that dominates the local coastline. and indeed.642. and most citizens are optimistic about its future. The project was and is highly controversial because of its sheer size and cost. And. have to work long hours for small wages. The hordes of servants. she set up shop and created a new domain with hardly any opposition. He always wears a white mask in public so that no one save the members of the Council may know his identity. Mergoda (Large City. GEOGRAPHY 85 and its citizens. The buildings of this city often sit on many layers of earlier construction from past ages. indeed. and upper-class people from everywhere. Bargeto (Metropolis. and some of Important Towns and Cities Alassia (Metropolis. Judario (Large City.with the aid of alchemy and the nexus towers’ magic that serves as laborers.

peaceful. two decades ago the city council proposed to build a gigantic stone dome that would encompass the entire city and protect it from the elements. The old one (raised if neccessary) then retires to the Council of Mages. Every five years.and if he wins. Its artists aren’t afraid of showing off with their art. Veletta (Town. These suspicions are entirely warranted.CHAPTER 6.and besides. the contest remains popular. Dismissed by most as a crackpot. either: Many buildings in the city center have been given a glass coating so that they look like gigantic mirrors . Today the dome is half fished. Viderio (Metropolis.20 The Siebenbund “13th of Kort: The Siebenbund seems like the halflings. he soon started acquiring fol- 86 lowers and founded this commune where the members of this cult .thus explaining the city’s nickname. deaths remain rare.592): Also known as the “City of Mirrors”.which these creatures abhor .623. incapacitation. 13. and the many light stones embedded in it make for a spectacular scenery at night.Diary fragment rescued from a fire in a hotel room in Hagenzell.and many do) . But this changed when he returned from one journey and claimed that he received telepathic messages from beings he called the “Ancients”. most visitors feel uneasy in the dome’s shadows and many have the feeling that they are constantly being watched. . The town supports itself through agricultural exports. causing large-scale devastation in many neighborhoods. this city reputedly has the best glassblowers in the world. if a bit staid.072. and the intrigues between them can get rather vicious at times.985): The city of Stercia has suffered from severe storms throughout history. This serves them well. To combat this. and these have been worsening in recent decades. as a large hive of daresh controls the city from behind the scenes. for this allows them to rub shoulders with many of the people they will later have to deal with when they have ascended to a position of responsibility. the daresh will have a huge and near-unassailable headquarter for their conquest of the Parginian Rim. The initial rounds are mostly used to weed out the less skilled spellcasters. none of the serious contestants are keen on showing off their latest tricks too early. In later rounds. The occupant of the room. Nonetheless. 732. he was a wastrel and seemingly without a purpose in life.. The winner of the final round then has to fight the current Magister (if that Magister hasn’t abdicated at the end of the Games . as it is considered unsporting to kill off an opponent who is vastly weaker than you are ..a contest of spellcasters open to all wizards and sorcerers who chose to apply. 1. with the winner (determined by surrender. Stercia (Large Metropolis. In his youth. who is also known as the “Magister”. one Anthony Harrison of Dartmouth. Many of these societies have longstanding feuds.and the city’s slums are used to acquire new hosts.are they really doing nothing? Fey folk in the forests and mountains. is currently missing. and even when they are admitted they are always accompanied by at least one “guide”. lest their rivals learn of them and prepare countermeasures. and its goods are highly sought after in many lands.relatives everywhere. an “advisory” council that in reality controls most of the city and uses the Magister as a figurehead. a rich heir from an old patrician family. The contestants are paired off to fight duels with each other. Visitors who aren’t cult members are rarely admitted.why do they all have crossbows in their homes? What are they hiding? Tunnels everywhere .887): An open magocracy. As a result. Many bankers . the city holds what is commonly known as “The Games” .where do they go? How many are there? What are the gnomes and dwarves doing with them? Gnomish families large .which he labeled “Oruniacur” . Favorite vacation spot for rich city people who want to get away from it all. Torrino (Small Metropolis. rumors about what really happens in this commune are rife.how much do they own? All those retired ’adventurers’ .” . or death of his opponent) progressing to the next round. Important Sites Regional History Adventuring in the Parginian Rim Adventure Seeds 6. But the halflings . 2. cheerful. GEOGRAPHY the finest scholars outside of Byblos can be found here. Viderio has a rather unusual way of chosing its ruler. As soon as the dome is completed. as even progressing to one of the later rounds gives a competing mage serious bragging rights in some quarters . Many young nobles and members of wealthy families from all over the known lands are sent here for completing their education. and those who do stick to the foreigner’s quarter. prefering to spend his inheritance on entertainments and travels. Nice. Many students join one of the many student societies that exist in Sirenzo. the duels usually involve spectacular fireworks and fatalities are common. and can be seen from far away across the plains.. Few stay for long..314): This town near Sirenzo was founded two decades ago by one Agnomo Elvilla. Nevertheless.could live according to his teachings.and plenty of experienced priests gather around the Games to cast raise dead at inflated prices (casting spells that prevent resurection of one’s opponent is grounds for disqualification). he becomes the new Magister. while the rulers are mentally dominated or terrified into submission. as well donations from rich members from all across the Parginian Rim. and while injuries are common. The dome is built to shut out the sunlight .

not to mention the excellent cuisine and beer . Small towns and villages are scattered through the many valleys.have attracted many wealthy retirees from elsewhere. Which is just as the halflings. Each town is self governed. Any invader would suffer huge losses before even seeing his first battle. life in the Siebenbund remains mostly peaceful. inhabited mostly by halflings. With a few words. decide on the representative of their province to the grand Council. The mayors. they don’t care what they do elsewhere.he leaves a pot full of gold in the morning Industries Life and Society Most of the Siebenbund remains rural. Thus. Government and Politics Groups and Organisations Religion Important NPCs Gral Guldenberg (LE male gnome ari5/exp5/div6) is the patriarch of the Guldenberg family. the Siebenbund has steadfastly resisted any major attempts at urbanization. in case of the dwarfholds. Imports: Fruits. Those who are friendly to him and give him food or a place to stay for the night are rewarded . and he is extremely capable and ruthless when it comes to protecting and expanding his family’s fortune. or the Blue King. Since there is rarely anything of importance that affects the Siebenbund as a whole.or ruin a whole city-state. Third. While he is getting old even for a gnome. and most people work as farmers. or. As long as these affairs don’t degenerate into actual violence.653. crossbows. cheese. Given the power that some of these individuals wield. most of the Rat meetings are taken up by pompous speeches that tend to get longer the less important the subject matter is. pipe weed. The few large cities of the Siebenbund are considered “wild” by most respectable citizens. and they mostly manage to retain a “small town image” despite their size. in turn. and the adult citizens elect a mayor from their midst to represent them. continent spanning organizations have made the Siebenbund their home base. That the Siebenbund has been at peace with its neighbors for more than 200 years has several reasons. these elections tend to be dominated by a handful of powerful families and clans who give out gifts to the voters before an election to make sure that their candidate gets elected. the citizens of the Siebenbund are nor as harmless as they appear. 87 forms of light industry. These include former adventurers. gems. wealthy retirees Exports: Beer. Consequently. like it. GEOGRAPHY Capital: Hagenzell Population: 1. politicians. shepherds. and will react extremely hostile when provoked. who represent the majority of the population. many merchant houses and other large. Major Geographical Features The Siebenbund is dominated by its mountains. On the surface. dwarves 10%. First. of the Siebenbund. a land without the potent defenses of nexus towers (for few can be found here). he can make a merchant house prosperous . or in various . There are few poor people. Blaustein: This mountain is said to be the realm of an otherworldly being called “Der blaue K¨ onig”. and the Rat has always taken the attitude that as long these organizations don’t disturb the peace in the Siebenbund. spirits. and is only disturbed by the occasional monster wandering down from the mountains. There are many secret stockpiles of food and other emergency supplies scattered around the country in preparation for invasions. In practice. elves 3%) Government: Loose Republic dominated by clan interests. What civilization exits clings to the valleys below. On a continent increasingly overcrowded with sprawling city-states. or the subtle intrigue taking place in its cities. Second. The Rat meets semi-annually. the pleasant climate and surroundings of the Siebenbund . however. and ruled by a loose council that doesn’t meet more often than absolutely necessary would seem like a tempting target for invaders. is burrowed into the mountains themselves. At night he wanders the Siebenbund in the guise of a lonely traveler. and the often less-than-subtle games of one-upmanship played by former adventurers and other would-be celebrities. humans 7%. or Rat. While few people have heard of him. they are cheerfully ignored by the local constabulary. it does keep their aim sharp. his mind is as sharp as ever.and making him angry could be the single biggest error someone could make. plus one speaker for the various clans of dwarves scattered throughout the mountains. those who do are also aware of the vast power this gnome has. Most live here to enjoy some peace and quiet. and many paths and roads are rigged with traps built and maintained by dwarven and gnomish engineers. Taxes are low in the Siebenbund. wool This pleasant and mountainous land remains an oddity in the world of Urbis. Any bloodshed or murder on the streets will bring censure and the full wrath of the law. but are actually rather tame when compared to the city-states elsewhere. they would see an assault on the Siebenbund as an assault on themselves. iron. and merchant and crime lords. and react accordingly. gnomes 5%.CHAPTER 6. this serves as a useful deterrence. Most of the excitement in the cities come from the subtle games of intrigue played by the merchant houses and other organizations. and decides on all the issues that must be attended to. A large percentage of the rulers of the Known Lands owe him favors . or at least an important secondary base.some of them rather large ones . Every adult male halfling has to keep a crossbow in his home and practice with it at least once a month. This hands-off attitude has encouraged many such groups to build their treasure vaults here. While this target practice is used as an excuse to have a party more often than not by the gregarious halflings. the streets are clean. There is one representative for each of the six provinces. precious metals.430 (halflings 76%.

the socalled “Alter Peter”. Merebis (Large Town. the Siebenbund does have a few locales of note. Most rail lines connect here. Nebelh¨ ohlen: The Nebelh¨ ohlen are a vast series of cave complexes straddling the border between the Siebenbund and Avareen. It has a higher than average population of non-halflings. On the night of the full moon. flows through the city as well.hidden beneath the city. The Lair of the Tatzelwurm: This remote valley is largely lifeless. allowing for a fairly large amount of trade along the river (though not on the same scale as through the canals of the Flannish Cities). crime lords. Their stated mission is to gather a copy of all books in the world. Feenwald: This forest covers an isolated valley. they make . the local authorities have posted guards at all known entrances to the cave systems beneath the mountain. This community has the only nexus towers in the Siebenbund. so that nobody can disturb the fish. Most are probably exaggerations. It is unknown how precisely Alter Peter survives in its current location.or vanishes without a trace. a mighty paladin.470): This town has several hot springs renowned for their curative power. Several mercenary companies are based in Hagenzell. This brings a cosmopolitan air to Hagenzell that other towns in the Siebenbund are lacking. and a surprising number of hobgoblins are counted among their members. Petersberg: One of the biggest mountains in the Siebenbund. many wealthy people from foreign parts spend some time here as a part of a sabbatical. and peace was restored throughout the Siebenbund and beyond. 88 a good effort nonetheless. subterranean lake in its center in which a gargantuan fish lives . and is reputed to be the lair of the Tatzelwurm. and the elves only occasionally leave the woods to trade for essentials. Karlach (City. The prospect of numerous humans trying to live in the Siebenbund scares many citizens. Ancient ruins dating back to Atalan times abound here. and popular tavern tales tell of the treasures . Many of these caves have hot springs that make the area permanently mist-shrouded. Hagenzell does its best to present a friendly face to foreigners . The security in this town . It is famous for a large. Karlach still has a strategic position within the Siebenbund.726): The former provincial capital of the Atalan Empire. 150. that is.442): Sitting next to the northern border. this creature kills all trespassers. The banks keep a tight rein on the city. GEOGRAPHY and vanishes into the thin air. According to the stories. Consequently. and as a result. and while they are still far from that goal. 12. heretical interpretation of the Thenaran state religion has started to smuggle pamphlets and covert missionaries back into Thenares. and the largest river of the Siebenbund.those who aren’t customers. and suspicious-looking people . As a result. and has to bite its own tail so that it can fit into the lake. Nonelves mostly stay away. Still.and monsters . many make it Important Towns and Cities Despite being thought of as “staid” and “boring” by many foreigners.390): The capital city of the Siebenbund and the seat of the Rat. The banks will deal with anyone who has wealth to store and is willing to part with some of it to protect the rest. Gellingen (City.CHAPTER 6.120): Possibly the oldest settlement in the Siebenbund. and the Thenaran authorities are increasingly loosing patience. though bringing books that are not yet in the library can speed up things considerably. These companies have pledged to defend the Siebenbund in case of an invasion in exchange for being allowed to have their home base here. This ended his reign of terror.magical and mundane . the Blue King and his entourage go hunting. border patrols by the militias have become much more common. And apparently with success. but now a large movement of people who have their own. Those who are rude to him or even attempt to attack or rob him are stricken with a curse or are found frozen in a remote mountain valley many months later.are kept under constant surveillance and hassled by the local guard at the slightest pretext. and is mostly populated by elves and fey creatures. It is said that the fortunes of hundreds of tyrants. Whenever it lets go of the tail. Neuburg (Town. mostly expatriates from other regions and their descendants. and patrols the pass to make sure that this important trade route remains unmolested by brigands and monsters.412): This city is dominated by the Gemeinschaftsbank and other financial institutions. earthquakes. the valleys below experience floods. 175. the Karsbach. but sometimes someone does find a piece of ancient trearue . for the banks need their magics to protect its secret vaults. 139. Hagenzell (City. Until recently this town was mostly ignored by both Thenares and the rest of the Siebenbund. that is . but the bankiers are not willing to talk about their customers. 16. 21. the remote mountain town and monastery of Byblos has the largest concentration of loremasters on the continent. Hollerpass: This mountain pass was where Negroth the Doombringer was defeated in single combat by Sir Calabrim. but they generally leave travellers alone as long as they don’t stay for long. This fish is nearly a mile in length. it is said that the springs of Bad Taubenfels can also cure weariness of the spirit. or that those who did succeed wisely kept quiet about it is a matter of some debate). a terrible many-legged serpent. While this would be nothing extraordinary in a world where divine magic is commonplace.778): A town in a fairly remote eastern region of the Siebenbund which is primarily inhabited by religious refugees from Thenares. Bad Taubenfels (Town. 23. Outsiders are only given access to the library after a large donation and a lengthy waiting period.is correspondingly tight. and deposed kings are stored here. and those who live in the shadow of the Blaustein know enough to lock their doors and not open them again until the sun rises. and avalanches. Neuburg attracts numerous would-be immigrants from the Flannish Cities who search for a better life in the Siebenbund. for there are no confirmed tales of thieves who successfully broke into them (whether this means that no successful thefts happened.wealthy foreigners who aren’t out to make trouble. Byblos (Large Town. An order of paladins stands guard over the grave of Sir Calabrim. A loose group of mystics from many races dwell here.

while such people hid themselves in large. The halflings stayed there even after Emperor Solus died in 395 NA. and most halflings are similarily intimidated by the sinister reputation of the ruins. set out to explore the ruins in detail. and witnesses saw several small figures fleeing the scene.but I had never heard any proof of those unions producing offspring.did he bring any artefacts with him? Who was responsible for the murders? The mystery only deepened when a raise dead spell authorized and paid for by the Hogenrood Museum of Art failed to have any effect on the professor’s body. the “Forsaken City”. When the PCs travel through one of these tunnels. The room had been visibly looted. which consisted of 43 people. Some have found nothing of the supposedly demonic inhabitants and returned with a few minor trinkets. the movement of the limbs behind those clothes made my imagination to create all sorts of disturbing explanations. either. an ancient bloodline which had inherited mysterious powers . and a governor was appointed.. it became harder to dismiss these tales . mustn’t it? And why won’t the doors and windows open? As panic breaks out on board.had patches of scales where skin should be. the Siebenbund mountains were the home of the fourth dwarven kingdom Gol-Tabur. the tunnel must end somewhere. the arts of wizardry have been distrusted among dwarves. accusing them of “plotting against the throne” and seizing their assets.. Many of the Empire’s halflings fled north to escape the increasingly insane Emperor. After 6. if they hadn’t proudly walked the streets in broad daylight. if you get my meaning . Zwergenheim (Large Town. they suddenly realize that it takes far more time to pass through the tunnel than it reasonably should. GEOGRAPHY over the border and hide in the city. and built up a new existence for themselves.many of the surathi. and there are suitable inns and taverns for them. The Endless Tunnels: The rail lines of the Siebenbund pass through a large number of tunnels. the expedition. now simply named Gulrathur.such as demons from Gulrathur? Or is this a manifestation of Shaprat? Regional History The first recorded mention of the area known today as the Siebenbund was in -347 NA.” . Now speculation runs rampant about the murder and the expedition.560): This dwarfhold is the largest community of dwarves in the Siebenbund and thus serves as their political center. The ruins of the capitol. Has one of the passengers cast a huge illusion on them? Or have otherworldy forces taken control of the train . but still the subject of much speculation) founded the monastery of Byblos. Its people were masters in the arts of wizardry. Three months ago. there have even been cases of rural peasants in our own backwater villages becoming overly fond of their livestock. And there seemed to be a fair number of people with even bigger deformities . Ever since. Since this day. Most of the terrified survivors from outlying settlements fled the mountain range and moved to the other dwarven kingdoms. despite vehement protests from many dwarven communities. the PCs must figure out who is responsible for this and put a stop to it. 39.. the Atalan Emperor Solus began to persecute the halflings in the empire. The train staff are as confused about this as anyone else. where the governor had few men and even less interest in seriously enforcing the Emperor’s edicts. he authorized killing the few halflings that hadn’t fled. But surely. he was found murdered in his hotel room from multiple cuts. Later. But now that I had actually reached Karos. Adventuring in the Siebenbund Adventure Seeds The Curse of the Dwarves: The noted archaeologist Professor Ernst Bachmann of the Flannish city of Hogenrood last year announced an expedition to the ruins of Gulrathur.CHAPTER 6. which was mostly interested in securing the mountain passes to the north. bringing the tale of the tragic fall of their home with them. Recently. the few tribes of human barbarians living here were conquered without much effort by the expanding Atalan Empire.21 The Snake Kingdoms “I had laughed at the tales that many people of the Snake Kingdoms had both men and snakes among their ancestors. Visits by non-dwarven traders are frequent. Important Sites Gulrathur: Long ago. concealing robes.. But one and a half millenia ago. its archmagi apparently summoned something that they couldn’t control. the haunted-looking professor returned to Hagenzell with a lone assistant. The region was incorporated as the province Ratium. the halflings have outnumbered all other civilized beings in the region. but a few humans have dared to explore the ruins over the years. which rivaled the others in size and might. and the capitol was destroyed in a single night by otherworldly forces. can still be found below the eastern parts of the Siebenbund. 89 a few years. or disturbingly elongated incisors that would have reminded me of the dreaded vampire. but others return scarred for life and whisper of supernatural entities in many forms and disguises ... and there was no trace of his assistant.and too many fail to return at all. and many hid themselves in the remote mountain valleys of Ratium. when a group of scholars fleeing from elsewhere (where exactly they fled from is lost in the mists of time. and its cities were full of magical wonders unseen in dwarfholds ever since. in 223-226 NA. Why. In 371 NA. Are the members of the expedition still alive? Have they stirred up something that they shouldn’t? What happened to the assistant and the professor’s luggage . The same night. Dwarves shun the region.

elves 3%. but most items are created for domestic use. they seem to be content with ruling the wilderness and deep jungle. Cult of Sarush: Worshippers of Sarush can be found in every region. To help the manufacture of such items. dwarves 4%. The highest levels of the cult are almost always filled by Pure Ones. as seen in more northern regions. Currently. It is said that sometimes individuals can hear the screams of the slaves who died this way when they use psionic items made with the help of a death pit. who maintain their greatest realms here.CHAPTER 6. and among more traditional pursuits of his worshippers also focuses on strengthening the surathi as a race. In the meantime. Expansionists: Currently the dominant faction. and leadership . Lake of Dragons: The second largest know freshwater lake after the Lake of Dreams. Avane Street Publishing (1415) Capital: Population: 29. and master of the world will follow soon thereafter. Legends credit this coloration to a massive monster at the Lake’s bottom that bleeds from a would that doesn’t heal. with force. and thus fairly inefficient. this is generally considered to be the southern border of the Snake Kingdoms by default. It is hard to know just how numerous they are and how far they have spread. Contemplatives: These surathi focus on exploring psionic powers. This would allow the surathi better access to all sorts of modern comforts and also allow them to infiltrate those other societies more easily. and their successes so far have bolstered their position. 90 Industries Most of the industry of the Snake Kingdoms is based on slave labor. the conquests give the Cult many dwarves for its sacrifical altars. for the Cult practices life sacrifices of non-surathi. there is one area where the Snake Kingdoms have a virtual monopoly on: The creation of psionic items. and only their constant in-fighting and the occasional revolt of human slaves prevents larger conquests. It is unlikely that the slave planations will be abandoned any time soon . which supposedly grants them some of the monster’s strength. and elves (the lat- . all too frequently. They have led the charge against the dwarves of Gol Murak. thing that worried some of the more “civilized” citydwelling surathi to no end. Religion Life and Society Government and Politics Groups and Organisations Surathi society seems to be inherently fractious.457. GEOGRAPHY . with their adherents warring with words. Among other things. They think that slavery is an institution that has outlived its usefulness . since several bronze and gold dragons make their lair in its waters and have made it sufficiently clear that the surathi are not welcome near it. and. Modernists: These surathi argue for a change to a more modern form of society. this means sponsoring elaborate breeding programs with worthy mates to make individual surathi as powerful as possible. they say.but those who use slaves to manufacture all sorts of items are coming under increasing pressure. its cults can take many forms. Travelling in small bands differing by what animals they resemble the most (and patterning their behavior after them). Numerous power groups and different philosophies have sprung up over the centuries. Master psionics. However. Many surathi warriors drink the water of the Lake before a battle. Slave produce most things that the surathi need. but the relatively cheap but advanced goods filtering in from northern regions are beginning to make slave labor unprofitable in some industries. spices This jungle region is well known for the multitude of poisoned snakes that call it their home. They argue that after modernization the surathi would naturally drift to positions of wealth.while the current aggressive course will only trigger an anti-surathi backlash. they might be able to follow in Sarush’s footsteps and become deities themselves.returning visitors to the Flannish Cities speak in an impressed tone of how wealth disparities can easily fulfill the same purposes without having to spend siginficant resources to keep the workers in line.the local infrastructure simply isn’t good enough to transport the amount of food needed to feed the teeming millions of surathi . power.Edmund Durnsten in: The Known Lands: The Snake Kingdoms. and thus the surathi have never seen much reason for changing this system. and befitting a deity of deception. the surathi have even devised something similar to nexus towers (which are incompatible with psionic energies): So-called death pits. Their rulers scheme and plot to make the surathi the rulers of the entire world. some- Important NPCs Major Geographical Features Crimson Lake: This lake has a permanent blood red tinge. The standard response to this has been simply to work the slaves harder. but many surathi with more foresight are contemplating other solutions. Animalists: These surathi eschew the trappings of civilization. Several tribes of ordinary humans. the Cult has given its blessings to the Expansionists. gnomes 1%) Government: Surathi aristocracy Imports: Slaves Exports: Psionic artifacts. where slaves too weak to work are put and slowly drained of their life energy to power the items. humans 35%. though more than a few priests disagree with that decision. half-elves. instead making their homes in the deep jungle. Yet it is named for a different kind of snake: The surathi. the Cult of Sarush has become the state religion. A few trinkets are exported as curiosities. the Expansionists argue that the surathi are now strong enough to expand their rule through force of arms. But in the Snake Kingdoms. A commonly held belief is that if they become sufficiently powerful.320 (surathi 56%.

Any living surathi prisoners are exchanged for a ransom after the Thorn Wars are over . the few slaves seen on the street seem well-treated and healthy.even other surathi communities. 10 for a lesser brethen.unless it is shielded from them in some way. and they tend to be worked to near death by their surathi masters . hobgoblin. The masters of the schools constantly vie to discover new powers or to manufacture new psionic items. 1. Sarush’s Bowl: This large crater was created when Sarush. It is said that a group of druids makes their home here. The overall winner is expected to marry into the royal family of Kelzech. and serves as the holiest of holies for the entire surathi race. The rul- . One school has secretly created a new device that has the potential to make death pits obsolete: Victims are put into suspended animation within a crystal coffin while their life energy is being drained. Traders from many lands come here and find the natives accomodating and friendly.220): Many surathi are obsessed with breeding programs. annual mock battles that take place in the Valley of Thorns. the majority of the Surathi here belong to the Modernists. Even slaves are permitted to enter . No magic or psionic powers of any kind are allowed in the contest on pain of death. and many those who wish to train their psychic abilities . Trespassers who aren’t surathi are quickly slain by the crater’s guardians for their sacrilege. and they do their best to build a network of connections with the outside world. While the Ashin do worship Sarush in their own way and believe that the surathi are naturally destined to rule over lesser people. Plateau of Hungry Ghosts: By day. Kelzech (Large Metropolis.it has the usual jungle flora and fauna. 91 ing Zeshkel family of Kelzech just takes this obsession further than most.975): Also known as the “Gateway to the Snake Kingdoms”. and they plot and scheme to expand their influence. By Sarush’s decree.of both humans and surathi . a series of games is held in Kelzech.321): This city is ruled by a matriarchy of surathi. Slendar is known for being a haven for those who are in trouble with the Cult of Sarush. Valley of Thorns: The Snake Kingdoms are built on slave labor. this plateau in the middle of the jungle seems in no way exceptional .137. This eventually got so out of hand that the priesthood of Sarush intervened. whose leaders frequently grow to enormous sizes.surathi.and not just those from the Snake Kingdoms. their life energies are drained by nexus towers. During the operation of these coffins. and so on. This creates a constant demand for new slaves. Note that the Zeshkels will not take “no” for an answer from the contest winner. The contestants must face a series of trials that range from simple one-on-one fights against other aspirants to complicated mental puzzles.227.are enslaved and in most cases are treated little better than cattle.579. The Ashin thus serve a foil for the Cult in many conflicts. In their view.by law. and a suitable mate will be selected for him or her by the family elders. as well as many smaller groups and individuals.2 for a thin-blooded. 844. and instituted the “Thorn Wars”. he or she has proven to be suitable for breeding purposes. GEOGRAPHY ter relatively recent refugees from the Verdant Coast) live close to the lake under their protection. they will psionically enslave this person and use him or her as breeding stock anyway.the groups whose members were captured are obligated to exchange humanoid slaves for them . human. 2. and 50 for a pure one. if somewhat peculiar. The life of a slave is harsh. Negotiations for a rail link between Karos and the Parginian city of Stercia are currently proceeding.CHAPTER 6. The goal is to capture as many surathi of opposing forces as possible. Its architecture is light and airy (if somewhat alien in aesthetics). in which any member of a humanoid species can participate . in the case of slaves). 1.761): This city built on the sides of Sarush’s Bowl is the “Holy City” of the Cult of Sarush. and they will not permit that person to get away. Shasrar (Metropolis. 1. their owners cannot prevent them from doing so.784. and most other surathi visit this city during a pilgimage Important Towns and Cities Karos (Metropolis. the mind of the subject wanders in elaborate dreamscapes. however. no surat may kill another within the confines of this bowl. either! . They and the living animals completely ignore each other. eventually hoping to rule all of the Snake Kingdoms. Karos does its best to present a friendly face for the world. The high points are various “team games” where the contestants must work together in small groups to succeed . All cities of the Snake Kingdoms participate. 20 for a favored one. and the more disturbing surathi are mostly kept out of sight. By night. but any thinking being that sets a foot on the plateau will instantly become the prey of all ghosts that see him . 2. and many surathi solved this by raiding their neighbors . Males .537. Most surathi priests travel there to recieve their initiation into the mysteries of the Cult.travel there to progress in the arts. Slendar (Large Metropolis.but whoever manages to capture those gets to keep them.331): This city boasts the finest academies of psionics in the entire world. the creator of the surathi. In this way. battled Shargul and subsequently ascended to divinity. Many scholars are likewise attracted to its libraries. which hold many ancient manuscripts from the Atalan Empire and even earlier periods. with rejuvenates the life force of the victim. The three best placed contestants are showered with wealth (and given freedom. If that person tries to flee. they are convinced that the blind fanaticism of the Cult will do more harm than good for the ascension of the chosen people. but any non-lethal injuries will be healed by surathi priests (though accepting such healing is grounds for disqualification. Not surprisingly. Zalnar (Small Metropolis.883): Ruled by the powerful Ashin clan. Trasoch (Metropolis. Each year.and be ready to betray them moments later when it becomes convenient.and once they cannot work any longer. Contestants are frequently maimed or killed. It is perfectly acceptable for any participants to use human slaves or mercenaries as soldiers in the Thorn Wars . ghosts of animals prowl the land and hunt each other as their flesh-and-blood brethren do during the day. psionic energy could be generated indefinietly from those strapped into the device. It has long since been overgrown with jungle.

so did their unity. their resistance began to crumble in face of his overwhelming military and magical might. the war will reach a turning point and this mountain range with its fortress cities will be theirs. While the war has proven long and costly. From this day on. When Assoros was assassinated by an unknown party. The ability of his clerics to conjure large amounts of food saved many lives over the next few years. But after several decades of low-level warfare and expenditure of a small but significant fraction of his forces. For the humans oppressed by Shargul. However.some say a demigod . Over the course of several decades he fathered numerous children with several women. a target for conquest was decided upon: The dwarven realm of Gol Murak. and thus remain in the region to this day). the fortress in which Shargul dwelled. In the beginning. and other remote places. 92 debris into the atmosphere darkened the skies around the world for many years. but their ability to create lots of descendants with many creatures . triggering a minor ice age and causing crop failures and starvation in most lands. Most humans did not try to resist. Soon. mountains. He also created Yaragol. for even knowing a rebel could mean death after lengthy interrogation and torture. the ruler of the city of Kelzech.753): This subterranean city was once part of Gol Murak. which kept their rule from expanding outwards. but he argued that he had found long-lost scriptures which claimed that it was the will of Sarush that his descendants should breed with other creatures.including snakes. So powerful was his charisma that many surathi (back then merely a term for the blood descendants of Sarush. GEOGRAPHY at least once during their lives. with the surathi cruelly ruling over in their eyes inferior human slaves. The resulting release of dust and . He then took several decades to consolidate his holdings. forming the depression known today as Sarush’s Bowl. his followers called for revenge and triggered a civil war for the control of the region . and together with the elves from the east they managed kill most of the now leaderless orcs (the kobolds. and while the armies led by the city of Atalus fought fiercer than predicted. the war machine of Shargul’s empire grew. Any resistance was brutally crushed. and his forces began raiding the elven empire of the Verdant Coast. on the other hand. mostly humans. Only the threat of the Atalan Empire . an old but unbroken and powerful Sarush made his move and journeyed to Yaragol.allowed them to swell their numbers rapidly (not to mention turning their descendants into grotesque monstrosities). Shargul came to the conclusion that while he probably would win a war against the organized and magically powerful elves and their human subjects. taking on their best abilities to strengthen the bloodline. and demonstraby more powerful than ordinary humans. the region became known as the “Snake Kingdoms”. have proven more adept in hiding in the jungle.CHAPTER 6. Now the city serves as the Snake Kingdoms’ biggest supplier of iron ore. From there. after a time their numbers were large enough to eye the outside world enviously. the first cities arose close to the rivers. and the most famous among those was Sarush. with the rest of the surathi either falling in line and submitting to crossbreeding.today called the “War of the Snake”. When his experiments came to light. which were sacred to the Cult of Sarush since many of the powers he manifested used snake symbology. His children were half human. and when the Atalan Empire began to disintegrate. a human who wielded strange psychic powers never before seen among that race. began experimenting with newly discovered psionic powers which allowed their users to crossbreed with other creatures . While this did not stop conflicts between the surathi. But gradually. Nevertheless. 314. most people were shocked. At this point. thus threatening the stability of his rule. however. a dark and brooding fortress built into the sides of a volcano in the center of his territory. Small tribes of humans staked out stretches of jungle as their territory. Most of these improvements were created by human slave labor.with whom they fought a few inconclusive wars . Still. In the sixth century NA. Assoros. allowing a first flowering of civilization. he reached the Parginian Rim. with kobolds and orcs working as overseers. with most of Shargul’s forces far away from the jungle. He began to look for weaker targets and started to expand his empire to the west and northwest.not just snakes or humans . The humans took control of the cities and began to rebuild their cities. the dwarves are weakening by the year. After a time. it was a day of joy.served as a unifying force. The mines are kept operating through massive use of slave labor. as most dwarves have either fled or died from the brutal treatment by now. What precisely happened then is unknown to this day. a few brave souls dared to resist. strife and warfare sometimes erupted between them. Eventually. or getting killed by hybrid fanatics. explaining that he had ascended to godhood and that the threat posed by Shargul was ended forever. the hybrids were victorious. The descendants of Sarush ended up as their leaders thanks to their powers and gratitude for the deeds of their ancestor.called Shargul arose. but the result was obvious to all: The volcano on which Yaragol was built exploded together with much of the land around it. fleeing the region (most of these ended up in the Hamajan Mountains). conquering all of it within a few short years. and swept into the region. for Sarush spoke to his most loyal followers in their dreams. the hybrids were in the minority. building a vast network of paved roads (some of which are still in use today) connecting the newly fortified citadels in the center of his conquered cities. He gathered a force of orcs and kobolds from the Star Mountains and other remote regions. In the end. his forces would be weakened and overextended. Zarkurush (Large City. and not considered a distinct race from humanity) were convinced of the truth in his words and started snake cults that created new hybrids. But human civilization teetered close to extinction two thousand years ago when a dark warlord . but the surathi conquered it 65 years ago. half snake hybrids. they can reach Important Sites Regional History This verdant region has been inhabited for a very long time. viciously defending it against all intruders. Despite the best efforts of Shargul’s enforcers he managed to elude them and continued to be a thorn in their sides. all of which became strong psychics in their own right.

and beings from other worlds have colonies in or beneath these mountains. As a result. would take my first step on another world. It took me some time to get used to this unpleasant sensation.over these mountains only further intensifies this sight.and if things go sour. and how few of them we have visited. Many individual surathi have an almost frightening level of knowledge about events and people in other lands. an opportunity to travel to the mysterious and exotic Snake Kingdoms should be an irresistable lure. Neuer Weltverlag (1420) Capital: Population: 1.CHAPTER 6. and by asking around it should not be too difficult to find a high-ranking surathi with similar interests who will be glad to extend an invitation. GEOGRAPHY out to the Lake of Dreams . Of course. At this point a Surturan sand badger that had somehow gotten loose in the city attempted to mate with my trouser leg. the PCs then runs the risk that their host has rivals who seek to harm his guests as a way of getting Adventure Seeds Letter from afar: One of the PCs .non-surathi only have those rights that the local rulers are willing to grant to them. I was treated with a spectacular sight: The night sky over the Star Mountains.and that’s even without the mysterious spies and assassins that seem to follow their every move during the journey. the thin air made my ears pop.22 Star Mountains “I arrived in Neubodenwald after midnight. But when I reached the exit of the Bodenwald Gate building. Actually travelling through the Snake Kingdoms beyond the border city of Karos can be difficult for those who do not display psionic powers (and are thus recognized by the surathi as kin) . This is not particularly difficult if the PCs have made a name for themselves as scholars.or four times the luminosity . His letter is also accompanied by a generous stipend (sufficient for all party members) for the journey to the Snake Kingdoms. thanks to the light of the city reflecting in the humid air and obscuring the heavens. how will they get out of the Snake Kingdoms again? 6. That Tallanggarul has chosen him to found this critical colony .despite his young age speaks . My Time Among The Stars.while traveling to other planets normally requires mighty magics (usually involving the support of a nexus tower).does he seek to involve them in some sort intrigue? Use them against his rivals? Send them back as brainwashed spies to their cities of origin? Or does he see them as so impressive individuals that he considers them to be suitable mates for his children? Adventuring in the Snake Kingdoms Traveling to the Snake Kingdoms is of interest to those who wish to learn more about psionic powers . to the rest of the Known Lands.243.” . or experts on any other subjects.560 (chuuls 41%. But if they aren’t careful in navigating the local customs. and I fantasized about my experiences in such an alien environment.gets a letter from a high-ranking surathi who claims that he has heard of his impressive reputation and wishes to invite him to his home to discuss matters of mutual interest from person to person. they could make some powerful enemies among the surathi . The moon and the planets often appear twice as large as usual. What is the real reason for their invitation . and explorers maintain bases here to support their exploration of other worlds . The best way of entering the Snake Kingdoms is probably by acquiring a letter of passage in advance from a local ruler or other high-ranking subject. some scholars.or about the surathi. too. mages. 93 back at him. When I stepped out of the teleportation circle.and from there.likely one of scholarly bent . Modern city-dwellers are rarely able to see many stars. This isn’t just a trick of the light . If the PCs have any curiosity at all. allowing an unobscured view of the celestial bodies. humans 15%. should he accept this invitation. I marveled about the many worlds that we know must be out there. an insidious threat that has subverted more lands than most people wish to believe. but in Neubodenwald the lights are few and the air is dry. And the odds are good that their host has ulterior motives in inviting them as well . And soon I. Industries Life and Society Government and Politics Groups and Organisations Religion Important NPCs Burallux (LE male adult blue dragon) is the ruler of Ardraxal.the first dragon-founded city outside of the Desert of Thunder . The queer effect that all such objects appear to have twice the usual diameter . ropers 5%.daresh 17%. surathi 28%. which usually aren’t many. and after a few steps I feared I was suffocating. and the stellar constellations in the night sky shine much brighter than elsewhere. in this region a simple teleport spell will do. adventurers.Gottfried Dillinger. destrachans 3%) Government: Varies by species Imports: Exports: This equatorial mountain range is named for the fact that the stars seem closer here.

He dreams of making Ardraxal the gateway to the other planets.as long as Neubodenwald sees business. anti-Tsan Empire pamphlet signed by “Veritas” . despite the equatorial temperatures).and the modification of old ones. Explorers who flew to the top with magic reported encounters with a strange Important Sites Regional History Adventuring in the Star Mountains Adventure Seeds 6.CHAPTER 6. Ardraxal (Town.572): This heavily defended town serves as a major way station for the Astromantic Society. but the vast bounties of the lake and its unusually fertile surrounding areas keep these species there. daresh. Meanwhile. this city was only founded three years ago and has been growing rapidly ever since. GEOGRAPHY well of his intelligence. at the moment they are still occupied with rooting out the last. Many prospective off-world colonists spend some time here before being transported to their final destinations. The schedule of this effect is unpredictable. 18. although it is unknown just how many fey live there. Upon first stumbling across it. the shores of the lake . Men of the West. since only the hardiest species can survive the rapid changes in atmosphere and temperature. but it generally happens about once a day.276): The daresh who rule this subterranean city are known to experiment with the creation of new species .are divided between a large number of different subterranean species. sea hags. For the time being. valiant rebels of Gorchov. and their puppet emperor gives them free reign.23 Sunset Province “Is it not enough that the people of the Desert of Thunder have been subjugated by cruel and tyrannical beasts? The answer. makes entreaties to all cities (dragon-ruled or not) who are interested in exploring and exploiting these other worlds. destrachans and lacedons prey on everyone. Sslush’tra (City. such as aboleth. Completely unknown to humans from other lands. unite against this menace before it is too late!” . and svirfneblin which alternately war upon or trade with each other. Important Towns and Cities Neubodenwald (Large Town. is no . At least the blues dragons have not attempted to expand their domain beyond their desert home. While Tallanggarul has forbidden him from starting any hostilities with Neubodenwald. Burallux sees it as an obstacle to his own ambitions . outside observers will merely see a solid mountain side. but once that task is done they will surely turn their slitted eyes to our lands. which is only surpassed by his ambition. Kayode is covered by a huge glacier. seeing that community as no threat to her plans. 94 species of fey inhabiting it. medusa. Major Geographical Features Blink Valley: Regarded as a myth by most explorers. They use the easy access to other planets in the Star Mountains to capture creatures from other worlds and use them as hosts for their larvae. monsters such as cloakers. 123. and he is therefore willing to do whatever it takes to gurantee him a head start. Mount Kayode: The tallest mountain in the range. he tries to woo the merchants away from Neubodenwald.as can be seen in how golden-hued snakes have overrun the once proud country of Gorchov not so long ago. He is patient like most dragons. Certainly. but he might decide to take more drastic action in the future. this small and remote mountain valley actually shifts position with similar locales on other planets. and the few plants and animals that do exist there tend to be very alien. The valley currently seems to be uninhabited.452): A new competitor to Neubodenwald. 34. thus filling his lair with the treasures of many worlds from the tariffs and making him rich even by draconic standards. It was founded as a way station to support the colonial ambitions of the draconic rulers of the Desert of Thunder. The thirst for power of the golden dragons on the other hand seems unquenched. Mount Uzuma: One of the taller mountains in the range (so tall that it is actually topped with snow. he won’t be able to establish a monopoly on off-world trade. I am afraid. Uzuma hides several entrances to a cave system terminating in a vast subterranean lake 50 miles in diameter deep below the surface. although there are several abandoned and partially crumbling building complexes which were not erected according to any human sense of aesthetics.and the islands within it . spirit nagas. and if an explorer is unlucky enough to be in it at this time. and sends agents to commit the occasional bit of sabotage when he thinks he can get away with it.“The Golden Peril”. he will be taken with it and exposed to the alien environment of another world. but he also knows that once the off-world colonies start to grow in earnest. and already the profits from the trade with off-world colonies are so promising that traders have flocked to this community. derro. the window of opportunity for establishing a monopoly will close. explorers might notice the near-total absence of local flora and fauna. During the times when Blink Valley is not located on Rothea (most of the time). chuul.

he rides the vast plains of Gorchov and hunts the soldiers of the Tsan Empire. he needs a power base that is as strong as possible so that he can come ahead in the coming struggles. If he hears of people victimized by the soldiers of the Sunset Province. but the Prince is confident that with enough discipline the troops will ultimately do as he orders.CHAPTER 6.his main lair has not been found yet. and has caused him to redouble his efforts to bring peace and quiet to the province. he does realize that whatever happens. but she does not care . the Tsan Empire invaded. This might change soon. Spies and diplomats from western regions have found the Tsan Empire to be an old and powerful civilization. though one bound by myriads of ancient customs and habits. Wuanlong (LG male old gold dragon): A member of a vast clan of gold dragons serving the Tsan Empire. and his moral nature forbids undiscriminate reprisals against nomads who might be innocent of any wrongdoing. Industries Life and Society Government and Politics Groups and Organisations Religion Important NPCs Grand Duchess Natasha Ivara (N female human ari5/sor7): The only surviving child of Boris III. He has had only sporadic success in catching the Khazad Nomads at raiding red-handed. and can only destroy. He is genuinely convinced that the social structure of the Tsan Empire is better for the non-dragon races than any other. However. not build up. He does desire the throne. Korzech is the terror of the occupiers and their sympathizers. It is now ruled by provincial governors. he is incapable of making strategic plans on how to remove the occupiers. more of a force of nature than a man. all they have ever been able to find are abandonend lairs . GEOGRAPHY Capital: Population: Government: Imports: Exports: The Sunset Province used to be the Kingdom of Gorchov until 50 years ago. a task which has proven to be frustratingly difficult. and it is his dream to one day see the world united under its banner. If anything were to happen to them he would stop at nothing to find and punish the guilty party. Korzech (CE male human vampire ran10/sor10): Also known as “the Dark Rider”. Natasha Ivara was smuggled out of Toskava as an infant and has lived in exile ever since. and plan to seize power once the opportunity arrives. Some factions in the League of Armach see this as an opportunity and are supplying resistance cells throughout the region. he does have a sentimental streak. . an elf from Turaveen and his young half-dragon children whom he loves dearly and dotes upon. but he is also realistic enough to not gamble on something he is not sure to win. 95 striking fast and furiously and then vanishing again. In retailiation. However. His one weakness is his lover Amanthera. Wuanlong is the most senior dragon in the Sunset Province. and he does refrain from preying on poor native Gorchovrites who haven’t collaborated with the occupiers. Despite the best efforts of Wuanlong and his subordinates. The impending succession crisis troubles him greatly. The loyality of the recruits might sometimes be in doubt. He suspects that they might receive outside help which protects them from his scying. While its military and magical powers are probably enough to crush any of the western powers if the need should arise . Prince Zhao Roh was exiled to this barbaric western frontier in one of the capital’s many courtly intrigues and now serves as the governor. who are usually appointed to this barbarian frontier of the Empire as a punishment and are thus less than enthusiastic about their duties. many in the Resistance look up to him as one of their leaders. and some observers expect a civil war when the current Emperor dies. and thus small-scale uprisings are common despite bloody reprisals. and incorporated Gorchov as its westermost territory. The conquered people themselves resent this occupation. filling the ranks with both natives and even foreign mercenaries. While his savagery is legendary. He is a terror in the night. she gained little in the way of support for her plans. when the local king accidentally insulted a visiting prince of the eastern Tsan Empire.it has grown self-absorbed and corrupt over the centuries. For that. however at the moment.all that matters to her now is that she sees her son Alexander (the result of a stormy love affair with the king of Bodenwald in his youth) on the throne of Gorchov before she dies. And that’s just how he likes it. now renamed Sunset Province. he might even give them some of the treasure he has plundered during his raids. It is suspected that he teleports from place to place. she moves through the social circles of the League of Armach and has identified several people who are willing to help her and the rebels. At the moment. Still. Zhao Roh (LN male human ari3/wiz5/eldritch knight 7): A nephew of the current Emperor and one of the possible contenders for the throne. he has enlarged the armed forces under his control. and thus the other dragons defer to him. he has supporters back East who would dearly love to see him succeed the current emperor (in exchange for future favors. From dusk to dawn. As a result.including the League of Armach and the Hobgoblin Dominions . She has travelled the Known Lands in search of support for taking back her homeland. he concentrates on assimilating the Sunset Province. She knows that there will eventually be a price for the support of the League. of course). He is currently contemplating whether to try to claim the throne for himself or simply ally himself with a faction that looks likely to win. But while she has received much sympathy from other nobles. while he does demand (and get) the respect of the rebels and is indoubtedly tactically brilliant. and magically conjures a steed to take him where he needs to go. executed the king.

but so does trade. Some of these tunnels have been created by former rulers who Important Sites Regional History While cities blossomed in other parts of the world. They tenaciously fought the army of the Tsan Empire almost to the last man.they were too remote. many of the buildings were unfinished and later completed in a more haphazard style. but also the Resistance. But their valiant efforts were ultimately doomed. Major Geographical Features Important Towns and Cities Katrinburg (Small Metropolis. The city has undergone a steady restructuring of streets and building according to Tsan geomantic principles in the last fifty years. since most inhabitants .though more and more natives go to the East to get educated in the ways of the Empire and are given posts of authority upon their return. “western” city than the capital. and several cells use the fact that it is easy to hide among the constantly changing population. and the kingdom was included in the Empire as the “Sunset Province”. it will ward off bad luck and grant them mystical powers. they still need to be careful.753.both new immigrants and old timers . to unhospitable. with the significant exception of the cursed Forest of Turaveen in which no human dared to set foot. but with his death. Fifty years have passed since then. Neither the Atalan Empire nor any other nation ever bothered to conquer these lands . Not only the government realizes the strategic location of the city. However. the last czar.CHAPTER 6.387): The city of Strozny was where the armies of Gorchov made their last stand in their attempt to prevent occupation.783): This western coastal coastal was long the favorite residence of the czars. Matters came to a head in 1371. Boris threw a crystal goblet at him. and those who hope to unearth treasures from the ruins remain. 763. The western location of the city makes it a good place for smugglers and others who wish to get away from the Tsan Empire as much as possible. though much of the population is in transit at any one time. and the population of the city has boomed in recent decades. a succession of czars laid claim to to most of these northern lands. When the prince protested. Marsata has become the hub of most traffic between the Sunset Province and the rest of the Tsan Empire. and too poor. 531. Many of the rebels hide out in the vast and only partially explored tunnel networks beneath the city. Toskava (Metropolis. The czars were all too keenly aware that they were seen as mere “country bumkin” by the more sophisticated aristocracy of southern and western lands. Instead.including the Tsan Empire. a quite recent addition). and over the years. they have done their best to make this city look much more like a “modern”.273): Formerly an unimportant border town. the new rulers believe that once this is completed.. injuring his face. and the prince himself was whipped and sent home in sack cloth. 50 years after the battle. While regents administered the kingdom while he was young. Most of the nobility of Gorchov were killed in reprisal. and instead of being a gracious host (as his advisors had hoped). the Tsan Emperor declared war on Gorchov and defeated the kingdom in a single year thanks to his superior forces (which were supported by several gold dragons). he grew up with having the power of life and death over those around him . but were killed by Boris’ troops. Boris insulted the prince and the Empire as “primitive barbarians”. and the occupation forces have a hard time rooting them out of their hideouts. Only the desperate. as they regarded the lands further to the East more primitive still . Strozny (City. The formerly large city has now been reduced to a shadow of its former self. and tens of thousands of soldiers died on both sides . Eventually. Only after the fall of the Atalan Empire did the first permanent settlements spring into existence. 135. GEOGRAPHY 96 wished to have escape routes in case of an uprising. The cities of the Sunset Province have seen a steady influx of immigrants from the East. the city is haunted by numerous ghosts and other undead. The crown prince of the Tsan Empire visited the capital of Gorchov on a diplomatic vision. who hold most of the positions of power . in fact. had ordered the the renovation and reconstruction of large parts of the city according to his architectural wishes. Outraged by this affront. they concentrated on building vast and beautiful cities in the (vain) hope that this would give them the respect of their peers in other lands. and even now. Toskava now serves as the administrative center of the Sunset Province. and thus the rebels are particularly strong here.. The princes bodyguards attempted to attack Boris for this outrage. 1. But many of the natives who have had their homes moved elsewhere or even destroyed to make way for “dragon lines” are bitterly resentful of these changes and use every opportunity they can get to frustrate their new rulers. Marsata (Small Metropolis. However.a power which would prove to unhinge him as he displayed a talent for inventive cruelty even early in life.not counting the civilian casualties. while others were used as cemetaries or created by smugglers and others who wished to hide from the authorities (some of these are. with only a few escaping to other lands. But their focus on the Western lands proved to be their undoing. Most of the city has been turned into rubble under the onslaught of arcane energies. though they fought harder than the enemy commanders had thought possible. the czar Boris III (also later known as Boris the Mad) came to power at the age of four upon the death of his father. Troops often move in either direction.237): The old capital of Gorchov.like being part of the Empire for the trade opportunities it brings and won’t hesitate to point out rebels to the authorities. and with them developed a feudal system based on agriculture that gradually pushed the Khazad Nomads to the fringes. the vast northern lands of Gorchov were dominated by various clans of horse nomads. In 1347 NA. a large number of these tunnels are truly ancient and might even date back to pre-human times. The population in the . Boris. and frequently looked down on the very peasants that supported them for being primitive. Many cells of resistance fighters operate from the city. those who wish to hide from the authorities.

CHAPTER 6. GEOGRAPHY cities is divided between those who have accomodated themselves with the new rulers and those who wish to see them gone. The rural peasants care little either way as long as they aren’t taxed too heavily and left alone, while the Khazad Nomads have waged a steady campaign of guerilla warfare against the intruders. It is likely that the Tsan Empire will soon go through a succession crisis - a situation that is likely to affect the

97 Sunset Province tremendously. The rebels sense that their chance to strike and regain independence comes soon, and are stepping up their attacks, while the authorities struggle to maintain order.

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“As the sun set behind the mountains, the signal towers shifted to night operation. One by one, the beacons flared and the messages were passed on. Rivers of light were racing through the night...” - Walter Greenfields in: The Known Lands: Thenares, Avane Street Publishing (1420) Capital: Thenares Population: 23,735,120 (humans 68%, halflings 18%, dwarves 5%, half-elves 3%, gnomes 3%, goblins 2%) Government: Theocracy Imports: Exports: This realm is unique in the known lands in that it has a single “official” religion - that of the god Thenos, whom the inhabitants revere as the creator of the universe and the provider of their daily needs. The Patriarch of the religion rules from the city of Thenares, and the whole church hierarchy is dedicated to the twin duties of preaching to the flock and administering the realm. Outsiders and their religions are grudgingly tolerated within Thenares as long as they don’t preach or try to convert others to their faith. Still, pogroms within certain towns and cities against members of minority religions happen from time to time, although the church tries to prevent these in most cases. evil deeds, he will be imprisoned for his crimes. If not, he is forced to enter mandatory church councelling until he mends his ways.

Government and Politics Groups and Organisations
Sartians: An underground movement within the Thenaran faith, Sartians hold that the physical world is inherently corrupt and ruled over by a powerful evil entity which is the jailer of humanity’s souls. According to them, Thenos is not the creator of this universe, but rather a being from outside of it who opens the way for the souls of true believers to escape. Strongly influenced by eastern faiths, especially those within the Hamajan Mountains, the Sartians are considered heretical by the official church and vigorously persecuted. They, in turn, consider the Church to be too tainted by this world to lead the path to salvation.

Industries Life and Society
The faith of Thenos teaches to be humble and content with one’s station in life, and most inhabitants adhere to this, quietly laboring in the same job throughout their lives that their parents and grandparents did before them. Social advancement and accumulation of wealth is possible, though only advancement within the church is truly considered respectable. Arcane magics are distrusted by both the church and the common people, as their practice often lacks the proper humility and can lead to dangerous practices, as the creation of undead or the summoning of outsiders. The exception to this are the White Wizards of the realm, which are trained in church approved spells and are widely respected. A highly influential church organisation is the “AllSeeing Eye”, a group that was founded to combat heresy. Its lower-ranking members members routinely cast detect evil on suspicious people or just random passersby. If they find someone with an evil aura, they send investigators to spy on him. If he is found guilty of heresy or

Religion Important NPCs Major Geographical Features Important Towns and Cities
Eunorites (City, 177,221): This used to be a small, sleepy border town, but with the rise of the League of Armach Eunorites has become the center of a lot of attention. In recent years many refugees from Prosius have arrived here, and many of them are involved with smuggling weapons and other supplies back across the border. While Thenares has no love lost for the League, it does make token efforts to stop the most blatant smugglers in order to appease the League. Nengis (Large City, 422,331): Located in the agricultural hearland of Thenares, the city and the surrounding area feed much of the realm’s population. Nengis is known beyond Thenares for the many varieties of flowers it grows, surpassing even the city of Gr¨ ungarten in this particular field of expertise. Its most famous export are the so-called Choral Flowers, which produce a humming noice mimicing any sounds in their

CHAPTER 6. GEOGRAPHY surroundings. The city hosts concerts next to fields of these flowers regularly, with spectacular results. Pengalen (Small Metropolis, 791,822): This city houses the famous College of White Wizardry, where young and aspiring mages receive training in both spellcasting and theology. Its graduates, the White Wizards, are respected members of Thenaran society, and serve as shining examples of the faith, almost on a level with clerics and paladins. The administration of the college works very hard to maintain this image. More often than they like to admit a graduate succumbs to the sweet allure of power, and dabbles in magic he shouldn’t use. Any renegades are pursued by the College, and punished harshly and often finally. Any witnesses who might be able to tarnish the image of the College are dealt with as well, usually with mind control spells. Tulukka (City, 133,575): The Thenaran faith states that all thinking beings can accept the grace of Thenos. When the city of Tulukka fell to Thenares during a civil war in the Hobgoblin Dominions 30 years ago, the church decided to put this tenet into practice. Instead of killing or driving the goblin and hobgoblin in-

98 habitants away, they converted them to the faith - often at sword point. Most of the hobgoblins have since fled to the Dominions, where they are busy agitating for re-conquering the city. Most of the more easily cowed goblins have stayed, however, and at least outwardly try to be good members of the Thenaran faith. This is as much out of self-preservation as out of genuine faith, however - if any goblin succumbs to his baser nature, and the (mostly human) priests who oversee this city learn of it, that goblin is taken away to one of the “reeducation camps” in the vicinity, where they are subjected to a hard regimen, daily sermons, and constant prayers until they are deemed ready to return to civilized society.

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“The villagers were obviously in a state of distress. The women were wailing, and the men had an angry yet resigned stare. When I asked one of the men about the source of their distress, he pointed to one of the women and exclaimed: ’Her baby! The elves took her baby!’ ” - Edmund Durnsten in: The Known Lands: Gorchov - The Sunset Province, Avane Street Publishing (1414) Capital: Population: 345,640 (74% elves, 15% half-elves, 10% fey, 5% centaurs, 5% humans) Government: Monarchy Imports: Human babies Exports: The Great Forest of Turaveen is fairly isolated from the rest of the world, which suits its elven inhabitants just fine, as they want to have no truck with outsiders. However, the elves of Turaveen have had declining birth rates for centuries, a fact which some now attribute to a divine curse, though no one is sure which divinity, if any, this curse can be attributed to. To combat this, some elven tribes have started the controversial practice of stealing babies from human communities in nearby regions. These are raised in isolated communities in the forest, where the humans are kept in awe of the elves with powerful illusions. Once the humans grow up, the elves choose the most attractive and robust humans as breeding stock - which the conditioned humans view as a high honor, though they remember nothing of the conception thanks to powerful mind magics. The resulting half-elves are taken by the elves and raised as full members of the tribe. Older humans, or those who begin to suspect too much, vanish from the human villages and are never seen again. The humans believe that they “go to live with the elves”, but in reality, they are all killed. reen, Timlorin is only a shadow of its former self. As the population plummeted, more and more buildings have fallen into disuse and many neighborhoods are falling into disrepair. An atmosphere of gloom and sadness hangs over the place, and only the occasional elven ballad lamenting the fall of their once-great nation breaks the silence.

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The Verdant Coast

“A herd of cattle was grazing on the tracks. Again. With much difficulty, I managed to find the leader of the herders. I explained to him the importance of the railroad - how, once completed, it would boost the local economy and bring riches to everyone in this region, and that it was thus of utmost important that the trains were able to move on schedule. He was nonplussed and explained to me that the herd had its own schedule, and that they had always grazed in this region at this time of the year. He assured me that the herd would move elsewhere ’soon’ (’soon’, as I had already discovered, was a word with a highly variable meaning in these parts, but it usually meant ’longer than you can really afford’), but that the train just would have to wait until then. I sighed, and tried to commit his tribal markings to memory so that I would know which tribal chieftain I would have to bribe next...” - From the diary of Bartolo Gandobardi, negotiator for the Grand Road Rail Company of Alassia Capital: Population: Government: Imports: Exports: Once, most of the Verdant Coast was part of a vast elven empire, where pale-skinned elves ruled over enslaved dark-skinned natives. But four centuries ago, the humans rose up in rebellion, and though the war was lengthy and costly and the losses staggering, the humans eventually managed to defeat their elven overlords and assumed control of the land. Since then, the Verdant Coast was mostly left to its own devices, ignored by anyone except for a few traders from the Gawaris Desert who built trading enclaves on islands off the coast. Small kingdoms and cities rose and fell, but the life of the inhabitants went on without many changes. A century ago, explorers emerged from a vast underground passageway that stretched all the way from the Parginian Rim, but even that didn’t get much attention Then, fourty years ago, the Parginian city of Alassia, which was situated next to the entry to that passageway (now dubbed the Grand Road), decided build a railway through it, which would speed up travel between the two corners of the continent immensely, as well as open up many new opportunities for trade. Almost overnight, a fortress town (dubbed Luciano, after the councilor who proposed the project) sprang up around the exit site, and the railway continues to expand from both sides. These wealthy foreigners have upset the local power structures, as more and more young people move to Luciano in the hopes of earning high wages from the project, and traders, spies, and diplomats flock from afar to gain some advantage from the situation. thanks to long-hidden treasures and through deals with outlawed items and stolen goods (more than a few elves make their living by selling poisons). Elves have a reputation for being highly magical, and so many humans buy magical trinkets (more often fake than not) or ask them to tell their fortune. Since elves are universally light-skinned, the locals generally consider lighter skin tones a sign of elven ancestry (which is true in many cases, since the elves fathered a large number of half-elves), and thus a sign of someone who is generally untrustworthy and deceitful. Most people also tend extend this to foreigners from more northern climates, and treat them accordingly.

Government and Politics Groups and Organisations Religion Important NPCs Major Geographical Features
Dragon Falls: Considered among the most spectacular waterfalls in the world by those who have seen them, the Dragon Falls form where the waters of the Lake of Dragons come crashing down into the low foothills of the Verdant Coast. The area surrounding the falls are considered neutral territory among the neighboring tribes, and pacts, treaties, and marriages are customarily blessed with waters fresh from the falls. A large subterranean cave system is known to be behind the falls and rumored to be full of ancient treasures. Many young warriors have gone there on a dare, and not all of them have returned. But now professional prospectors from other regions have become interested in these caves, now that the region is opening up... Isle of the Sorcerer: This small island is reputed to be the home of a powerful and apparently immortal sorcerer, who allegedly turns every visitor into a talking animal. Oddly enough, according to some anecdotes these former humans seem to like their new shape, and will actively resist any efforts to change them back. As a result, the island is home to a large population of sapient animals - both former humans and their descendants. Mondro: This large island off the coast is only sparsely settled. Most of it is covered by dense jungle full of savage animals. The only noteworthy inhabitants are the numerous pirate gangs that have their hideouts in the jagged coast. From time to time, some coastal

Industries Life and Society
Those elves that remain in the region remain on the lowest rung of society, and many humans can’t resist the chance to remind them that they are a defeated people. They usually do the things that many humans consider to be beneath them, like collecting garbage, and are prohibited from wearing weapons and armor (though many will have daggers and other concealable weapons on them). Their homes look dirty and run-down from the outside, though many elves actually are quite wealthy

the elves have taken care to hide their wealth and resources from any human who might try to claim them.357): The second largest city along the Verdant Coast is now poised to become the largest.CHAPTER 6. since it is the closest large coastal city to Nuovo Alassia. quite a few groups of elven adventurers from Avareen have journeyed to this city to “help their kin”. and they have had a long time to nurture their grudges and plan their revenge until the day comes when they reclaim what they see as their right. they will be constantly watched and made feel unwelcome.443): Though its mines are relatively poor when compared to other regions. Nuovo Alassia (Small City. While humans will not be attacked if they travel in large groups out of fear of triggering another pogrom against the elves. The elves had to survive in the city. and despite the fact that most of the dwarves are too old or infirm to serve as fighters in the war that country is involved in. but this is a deception .a permanent storm that constantly circles around the world in an East-West direction. but the pirates just withdraw to either the interior of the island or to the high seas and wait until the intruders have left. the mines are worked harder than ever to provide the iron needed for the railway. work started on building the continent-spanning underground railway from this end. But with the Grand Road project nearing completion. Important Towns and Cities Burisia (Small City. though the results of this policy have not been much better. 521. Thanks to the sheer amount of money involved in the project. many people from all over the region have come to this town .27 Distant Shores barely noticeable. but plenty of elves do. As of late. and many of them starved during that time. and though the railroad cannot advance as fast from this end because of the sheer logistical challenge involved in transporting the neccessary equipment here. without any outside help for more than 50 years. the travel restrictions have been lifted mostly because the humans became so fractious that it became impossible to enforce them . 51. a former provincal capital. Like Nuovo Alassia. Joro (Small City. but the lions have shown an uncanny knack of evading traps or ambushing their would-be hunters. Nuovo Alassia has grown rapidly in the few years of its existence. GEOGRAPHY cities have made an effort to hunt these pirates out and destroy them. a large number of expatriate dwarves from Gol Murak have been brought in to accelerate the mining process. and ele- The Boreal Wind: This is an odd meterological phenomen that exists at high altitudes . and it is predicted that the two tracks will eventually meet somewhere under the Gawaris Desert. and give them as many additional hit dice as neccessary to make them a challenge for the party. This has caused no little resentment. 6. The GM should play their cunning to the maximum possible effect. and its harbor is large enough to be capable of handling the additional traffic predicted to flow in and out of the city after the completion of the Grand Road. the tracks nevertheless progress well. the mining town of Joro provides most of the ore needed by the inhabitants of the Verdant Coast. 63. The city itself seems fairly empty and mostly in ruins. And some. Since then. they marched into this city and forbade them to leave it.217): When the humans triumphed over their elven overlords. it has become a common practice to just pay the pirates to prey on the ships of other cities. follow-up adventures can revolve around the question just where these monsters came from. 100 will loose their job as the mines become too expensive to maintain. The railway company is offering increasingly large bounties for whoever can get rid of these menaces. Thus. especially since the human miners know that once the Grand Road is completed.most in search of a job. from tribes that did not profit from the profit. 56. the Verdant Coast will have access to the bountiful mines of Gol Murak and they Important Sites Regional History Adventuring on the Verdant Coast Adventure Seeds The Lions of Tsiaro: The railroad work crews maintaining and expanding the burgeoning rail network between Tsiaro and Nuovo Alassia are suffering increasingly bold and brutal attacks from a pair of very large lions. These are actually a pair of fiendish dire lions. the city attracts a large number of both enterpreneurs and con artists seeking to profit from the city’s rising fortunes. As the resources of Avareen are vast. they killed most of them. And even if they are slain. Recently. Tsiaro (Small Metropolis. After the railhead to Tsiaro was completed. Most humans are glad to leave. On the surface. the wind is . but others merely seeking to scam foreigners out of their gold. and mining accidents are increasingly common.but most elves still live here. Lighting constantly criss-crosses the sky. in the shadows of their former glories. they are working faster and harder than the humans.891): The end point for the Grand Road project. which explains their increased intelligence. and if there are any more creatures like them. the humans of the Verdant Coast may be in for a nasty surprise. the winds become strong enough so that few beings can withstand them for long without magical protection. No human remains alive who remembers the rebellion. but at an altitude of several miles up. Those they did not kill. are seeking to sabotage everything others have worked so hard to build.

and Malundi. There are a large number of active volcanoes. they will be reborn as members of a lower caste. These islands are sometimes inhabited by thinking beings . There is a strange type of colossal mollusk that feeds on the metals and minerals ejected from these volcanoes. and professions. and tendriculous. and eventually breaks the surface. They radiate an intensely strong magical aura and are covered with runes that correspond to no known human form of writing. spider eaters. but can occassionally be seen as far south as the Siebenbund. signalling sudden change. bringing back tales of strange and fantastic places if they bother to tell about their exploits at all. the inhabitants of these far-off worlds come to visit this one. in fact. Ranya: A large realm east of the Gawaris Desert where a multitude of sapient beings live together in a complex caste system. ettercaps. with the largest known specimens having a length of several miles. The people there are taught that if they obey the customs and taboos of their caste and generally live a pious life. On the other hand.CHAPTER 6. or exploit the natural resources of the jungle. Recently. with a living creature of immeasurable size at their core. Known inhabitants of this planet include chuuls. which are common in the mountainous regions. Ancient pyramids dot the jungle. They grow a metallic shell around them that keeps getting larger. and they use this to travel along the coast and across the oceans. The net result is that there is a chain of metallic islands growing out of the water wherever these underwater volcanos exist. with inscriptions that seem to point at human inhabitants. with elves at the top of the social hierarchy. but just continue to get bigger until they reach colossal sizes. The Boreal Wind is usually confined to northern latitudes. who speculate that the gate might also open to other worlds. digesters. but the frozen interior is largely unexplored. if one sails beyond both Nardhome and the Far Coast. phantom fungi. who live in gigantic. Entire ecologies develop on the back of these turtles. but no trace of living human natives have been found to this day. . ethereal filchers. These hardy people search for gold and silver. Each race represents a distinct caste with different rights. the Parginian Rim. Instead they swim around on the surface and simply eat anything that floats into their mouths. They are half a mile apart one hundred yards in diameter. shambling mounds. The predominant sapient life forms seem to be chuuls. The larva of these species migrate until they find a suitable volcano. Some of these groups have learned to communicate with the turtle and even steer it. where similar pillars are located. A floating platform has been erected near the base of the pillars for the researchers. a group of wizards from Judario (in the Parginian Rim) have discovered that these pillars are. obligations. The habitable southern shores were colonized by settlers from the Norfjell Wastes centuries ago. GEOGRAPHY mental beings and strange floating plants seem to make their home in it. a gigantic magical gate. fungi. The Far Coast: A hot and humid continent far to the southwest of the Flannish Cities. they will be reborn as members of a higher caste.they do not die of old age. Sometimes. who can easily extract metals from the ground.28 The Worlds Beyond Magrith Other planets can be seen circling in the night sky above. A hot and wet world covered by dense jungles and deep oceans.often by miners. and to trade with many coastal cities in turn. Nardhome: A small continent far to the northwest of the Flannish Cities. A few colonies and trading outposts have been founded by explorers from the Flannish Cities. othyughs. Island Turtles: It is a well known fact that turtles continue to grow throughout their lives. and some scholars have speculated that their heat might have created stable temperate micro-climates in the interior. and developed an incantaion to open a portal to the world of Magrith. 6. mighty archmages have visited them. purple worms. Recently. there are two titanic pillars raging out of the deepest ocean which are made out of an unknown material. The discovery of similar creatures on the world of Magrith led some scholars to speculate that these beings were imported to this world by an unknown agency in eons past. A certain species of ocean dwelling turtle takes this to its logical extreme . if they live sinful lives. Many people consider its appearance in the sky to be an ill omen. semiorganic cities built in rivers and coastal marshes. a team of researchers from Gr¨ ungarten have started to explore this strange ecology. And sometimes. as many plants and animal pelts fetch high prices back home. stirges. or even as animals! The Steel Archipelagos: A few scholars versed in oceanography know that there are active volcanoes in the middle of the ocean. Gas bladders develop within their bodies that simultaneously keep them afloat and prevent them from diving. and then affix themselves to it. 101 The Pillars of the World: To the far west. and rage ten miles into the sky. though there are reports of pre-human ruins enclosed by the eternal ice. Some brave explorers have also used the gate to research the world of Magrith. in places where the very continents clash and hot magma wells up from the planet’s core. and it is not uncommon for groups of humans or other thinking beings to live on one.

yet whose very existence is sometimes in doubt. Calturus The outermost planet in the solar system. pointing to inhabitants. but it is more common that the adventurer returns emptyhanded .and even a demiplane of its own . manticores. Bodenwald has established several diamond mines on Surtus. a natural or magical disaster. Yethrod is perpetually shrouded in mist. Instead. they have a keenly developed sense of hearing. frost worms. eyes are often entirely absent. but they have paid off handsomely. since diamond dust is in strong demand as a material component for raise dead and similar spells. airless surface to the observer. appears lifeless to the naked eye. thanks to lighter-thanair gases that accumulate in its interior. Yethrod has almost no natural elevations like mountains that break through its dense cloud cover. and ropers. and most beings orientate themselves by sonar. Surtus A large. Some diviners have reported seeing structures on the surface of these moonlets.or not at all. The seed trails a long root behind it that reaches all the way to the ground. On the other hand. Its wind-swept surface has a high content of iron. In this ancient metropolis. ancient knowledge .or the wrath of the gods. Yethrod A wet world with a dense atmosphere.the inhabitants were forced to leave it. 6. Oreanor is generally thought to have been in the Lake of Dreams region. remorhazes. since these gems are abundant in some areas. and use it for hunting.29 Places of Legend inhabitants with their gifts .in short. daresh. though other regions . it was an earthly paradise.CHAPTER 6. it fixes itself to the ground and grows until it becomes the massive trunk of an adult world tree. Calturus presents a cold. People who gain entry to it are supposed to gain immortality. but explorers who braved its airless surface tell of creatures of elemental earth who have made their home there. Known inhabitants of this planet include ankhegs. Its geography and people are detailed elsewhere. Oreanor: According to the legends. however.a fall from grace in the eyes of the gods. Known inhabitants of this planet include destrachans and yrthaks. Its solitary moon. displacer beasts. Known inhabitants of this planet include aboleths. all civilized races lived together in harmony. but these reports must be considered apocryphical at bet. These are commonly called “Uluth’s Herald” (or “the Herald”) and “Uluth’s Servant” (or “the Servant”).are also discussed as possible locations by scholars. gricks. behirs. it has massive plants that are many miles high and that have been dubbed “world trees” by explorers. basilisks. bulettes. Rothea The home world of humanity and many other intelligent races besides. which gives the entire planet a rust red color. Its interior is still heated by volcanic activity. the atmosphere of Yethrod has a very low visibility. or a horde of barbarian invaders. whose upper surface reaches beyond the clouds and hungrily drinks all the sunlight it can get. While the very real and present cities of Rothea would take many lifetimes to explore. which has caused other cities to rethink their negligence of the other planets. blue-green spires on the horizon. This has caused the animals of this planet to have underdeveloped visual organs . darkmantles. and all kinds of loathsome and slimy creatures thrive in the wet. Some beings have developed their sonar to such a strength that they can even rend flesh with it. cool and dry world without any major bodies of water. Its massive seeds float as well. but solid proof usually remains elusive. Oreanor was the first city of all. Now and then a bold explorer returns from a lengthy odyssey and claims to have visited one of these locales. subterranean cave systems. cloakers. Some tales tell of vast underground cavern complexes with thriving ecosystems. The logistics of these mines are staggering. but their reports remain unverified. and the very gods showered the . delvers. The mines now finance most of the space exploration ventures of the city-state. The tales often promise vast treasures and secret knowledge to the adventurer who finds them and braves their dangers. there are other places whose names are frequently mentioned in the tales of bards . Also noteworthy are two large rocks with a length of approximately one hundred miles each that are located at the points where the gravitational pull of Rothea and Uluth cancel each other out. gray renders. and their descendants are forced to live in the outer world in cities that are mere shadows of Oreanor’s glory. the wisest of rulers made the city prosper. depending on the tale . When that root finds a locale that is suitable as a base for the world tree.indeed. Some travelers in hot climates have claimed to see its tall. and appear approximately four hours before (in the case of the Herald) or after (in the case of the Servant) Uluth in the sky. GEOGRAPHY 102 Below its cloud cover. Uluth. and rust monsters. but the truth behind this remains a mystery. Yet for some reason .

They then took pity on the other races. and taught them how to craft weapons and armor. The hobgoblins claim that the rulers of Oreanor were powerful human wizards. But the warrior spirit of the hobgoblins proved too great to subdue. and they eventually rose up against their oppressors. the very gods themselves walked the land (and several of them appear to have come into existence during this period). such as orcs and goblins. the dwarves as miners. shaped the landscape. As a result. they 103 rose against the Zargˆ ul. the stories tend to claim that the city was abandoned after its rulers turned against each other.. . But the details differ. most cultures. but recent examinations of fossils with powerful divination magics hint that Rothea is at the very least many millions of years old. and defeated them after a long and bloody struggle. 7. While the dwarves don’t discuss their beliefs with outsiders. 7. the gods of the dwarves appeared among their elders. In the eastern regions. who had cowardly fled. and the elves abandoned the city just before the others destroyed each other in a magical cataclysm. and possibly older still. and their exploits are remembered in song even today (though in very garbled form). powerful sorcerous beings they call Zargˆ ul. and even the recognizeable cities were laughably small by modern standards. was ruled by powerful mages and full of marvels. the fact that stories of it can be found nearly everywhere is considered highly significant by historians. creation by dragons. The elves were the favored servants of the Zargˆ ul. destroyed the city. the halflings as household servants. who created various other races as servants . According to the legends this city.1 Creation of the World Most religions have creation myths that claim that their patron deity created the world. is generally cited for its end. still had many people. When they were ready. magical alterations of animals from extradimensional or extraplanetary beings. Mighty heroes battled fierce monsters. divine retribution for its sinful ways. or for some other offence against the gods. or gradual change of animals through ambient magical energies.the elves as concubines. the gnomes as craftsmen. the details of these stories vary a lot between different cultures. have legends of a “first city” where civilization got its start.2 The First City Interestingly. while the other races. and even from region to region even among the followers of the same deity. An added problem with these stories is that they usually claim that the world is only a few thousand years old. and invited them to the city and taught them the ways of civilization. But their numbers were seriously depleted after this war. or at least played a significant part in its creation. How thinking creatures such as humans came into being is another big mystery. The elves claim that they built this city and thus were the first of the civilized races. Popular theories involve creation by the gods. and the hobgoblins as warriors (various other races. who were only primitive savages at the time. However.Chapter 7 History 7. were earlier attempts of creating warrior races. among themselves they tell lengthy sagas about they were enslaved by the rulers of the city. and how to fight their oppressors. and thus the hobgoblins were unable to claim the leadership over the world as it was their right. eventual rulership of the world is only a matter of time. and lived a life of leisure while the dwarves toiled. and for this reason dwarves will not trust elves easily even today. refugees from another world. Supposedly. Most humans and other thinking beings seemed to have lived in small villages or as nomads. Among humans. though most agree that the rulers of this city were human. and cast away when they were unsatisfactory).. and then left to found their own realms. But eventually. In the western realms. destroying the city in the process. usually called “Oreanor” or something phoenetically similar. But surely. Nethertheless. But the other races were ungrateful and soon reverted to their base nature. human or otherwise..3 Age of Legends Tales of the period after the fall of the First City are even more confusing than those of the First City itself. and meddled directly in the affairs of lesser creatures.. these stories vary from religion to religion. these creation myths are rarely seriously considered anymore in academic circles.

The Eternal Storm breaks loose. ending the pogrom against the halflings The Atalan Empire reaches the maximum size of its expansion. and claim that new empires arise as history repeats itself.. mere barbarous shadows of the Empire’s former glory. and thus had to derive their power from rural estates where they had to oppress large number of peasants just to feed themselves. The hobgoblin city-state Tulukka falls to Thenares. the Atalan Empire collapsed just like its precedessors.7 Timeline Events Oreanor. Today. The region known today as the Flannish Cities is conquered by the Atalan Empire. The Treaty of Praxus is signed. The city of Basram is destroyed by invaders from the world of Yethrod. Atalan Emperor Solus dies. this time was characterized through the rise of new cities.and improved on them. the population of the cities have been able to surpass almost any comparable city in history. which grew to enormous size thanks to both its invention of nexus towers (though they were fairly inefficient by modern standards) and the military might of its legions. For the moment. and gave way to numerous small successor kingdoms. The monastery of Byblos is founded The first nexus tower is built in Atalus. The Great Southern Chaos is created. King Hellweg III conquers the Flannish Region and crowns himself the first Emperor of the Flannish Empire. Negroth is defeated at Hollerpass by Sir Calabrim. The question is whether this time the collapses of past empires can be avoided. HISTORY 104 ones. The Atalan Emperor Solus begins his pogrom against the halflings living in the Empire. Negroth defeats and conquers the Flannish kingdoms.000 -672 -374 1 197 220-241 223-226 315 371 395 473 510 977 984 1173 1175 1177 1268 1365 1393 1423 .but many scholars suspect that this is only a temporary phase. and these cities eventually joined with others to form mighty empires.6 Modern Age 7. The last and greatest of these was the Atalan Empire. -8. 7. impregnable sphere. Thanks to modern agricultural magic and an efficient network of transportation. An entire city block completely vanishes overnight in the city of Atalus. Date (NA) ca. is founded Oreanor is abandoned The Tarnoth Empire destroys itself in magical battles. -10.5 Feudal Age But eventually. His reign of terror ends. 7. Negroth the Doombringer conquers the Norfjell Wastes Battle of the Fields of Harrow. representing the first recorded appearance of Shaprat.000 ca. most cities remain independent political entites ..4 Age of Empires Also known as the “Classical” period thanks to a large number of surviving written texts from that period. The rise of the League of Armach and its neighboring states is the most potent argument for this hypothesis. 7. driving many of them to the region known today as the Siebenbund. and the Flannish Empire crumbles. The region known today as the Siebenbund is conquered by the Atalan Empire. Emperor Hellweg I dies without an heir.CHAPTER 7. These kingdoms mostly lost the power to build new nexus towers or even to maintain existing But eventually. the First City. the cities gained in power again and relearned the old arts of building nexus towers . The hobgoblin city-state Mageth vanishes into a vast.

” . halflings 16%. in a letter to the Elven Court (translated from Elvish) Dartmouth is presented as a ready-made city that game masters can use as a “home base” for their campaign. elves 1%) (City of Dartmouth. Instead.1 The Dartmouth Protectorate Like most cities. Cott’s Point (Small Town. My Queen. Still. The wages for seasonal work are poor. print products. Amassador of Avareen to Dartmouth. hobgoblins 3%.862 (humans 70%.Emrail Luthenien. 8. Harrowhill (Large Village. The village itself is kept clean and pretty with a certain rustic charm. Unlike in many other cities. in fact.. Cott’s Point serves as a way station for both food and people that need to be transported to Dartmouth.214): The central hub of the farming communities along the Dart river agricultural belt. 2. It is dependent on a large stretch of rural countryside that produces most of the food and many other of the resources that the city consumes.396): A fairly isolated coastal village.731. the former abode of King Kartias.652.2 Life in Dartmouth Industries Life and Society News While juicy gossip is always appreciated by all levels of society.923) Import: Ores Exports: Finance. and usually all the shops in one town are owned by a single merchant consortium that has pushed out all competition and now can charge inflated prices for all goods. hidden chambers. 105 . Dartmouth cannot exist on its own. where the sons of the rich and powerful of Dartmouth (and more than a few from other cities) attend boarding school away from the dangers and temptations of the big city. and how we can use this knowledge to make Narevoreen respected in the world again while still retaining our souls as elves. I promise that I will not rest until I understand how this city has become so successful despite all its obvious deficiencies. The annual fox hunts form the high point of the local “season”. Population: 2. textiles dents by the upperclassmen is frequent.130): This village is unusual in that it does not actually produce anything for Dartmouth. a paladin who ruled these lands for a time after the fall of the Atalan Empire. no matter how much some of its cities might try to pretend otherwise. the humans thrive between those cold stone walls. and ghosts and monsters lurking in the ruins.Chapter 8 Dartmouth “. game masters will have an easier time of creating their own cities. It is little wonder that more and more young people leave for the big city.When my ship entered the harbor... it caters to the many mansions surrounding the village where members of the high society of Dartmouth go on vacation if they want to get away from the troubles and intrigues of the city. 4. attending this school is seen as vital by the elites of Dartmouth for learning the virtues and discipline neccessary to succeed later in life. and if my information is correct. Yet somehow. as there seems to be no future in living anywhere else. Discipline is strict.. 1. dwarves 6%. the press in Dartmouth is relatively free from government oversight. Using it as an example. Despite its name. to be truly informed you have to read the newspapers. He and his order of holy knights were regarded as mythical until the ruins were found five decades ago beneath the hill on which Harrowhill was built. but I am afraid it was obvious for my companions. Harrowhill is the site of the Harrowhill Public School1 (also often referred to as “Harrowhill”).a number I could barely imagine . Harrowhill is also famous for the ruins of Castle Canadus. and bullying of the younger stu1 8. I was nearly overwhelmed by the smell. this single city produces more goods and magic than our entire kingdom. but there are always rumors about secret tunnels. gnomes 3%. the Harrowhill Public School is.. Archaeological expeditions from Dartmouth have throughly explored the ruins and opened up parts for public view. Kiergan’s Hill (Large Village.. More than a million humans . a private school. I tried not to show my nausea. with hardly a tree between them to filter the noxious fumes out.breathed the same air. 7.

CHAPTER 8. DARTMOUTH leading to a proliferation of magazines and publications that are read far and wide even outside of the Dartmouth Protectorate. There are two consistently popular dailies which have existed for a long time and are unlikely to vanish any time soon. One of them is the Bay Times (2 cp per issue), a fairly conservative newspaper which to its credit tries to research its stories carefully before publishing them. On the other hand, its editor is an old friend of the current Lord Mayor, and stories in the Times that criticize the government usually focus on problems in specific departments, as opposed to the Lord Mayor and his Inner Circle. The other newspaper is the Dartmouth Enquirer, which is printed twice daily (1 cp each), and which is more known for its sensationalism than indepth fact-checking. They are infamous for their lurid stories - faerie abductions are a favorite - and will readily pay adventurers for eyewitness accounts of strange occurrences. At the moment, they are focussing on an alleged “halfling crime ring” which supposedly abducts humans - especially human women - for indoubtedly nefarious purposes. That tales like these have increased incidents of random street violence against perfectly innocent halfling citizens does not seem to bother the editors. Occasionally, however, the Enquirer does publish a true and important story before anyone else does, though this is probably more a result of random chance than anything else. Now and then, another daily newspaper tries to gain a foothold in the local market, but they rarely last long against the established competition. A few magazines published on a weekly basis exist, and there is a broad range of monthly magazines which cover specialized topics, such as the Journal of the Dartmouth Geographic Society (a favorite with those who wish to learn about far-off regions) or Architectural Review, which covers the latest advances in civic engineering.

106 either adopted and/or married into one of the families, thus expanding their power base, or he was removed as a serious threat in one way or other, through means fair or foul. In recent decades, their hold on power has been slipping however, as Dartmouth has attracted more and more immigrants and politics have become increasingly complex, preventing any one group from controlling everything. The most prominent proof of this is the new Lord Mayor, who, while a member of a First Family himself, has made it policy not to staff any important offices with members of the First Families unless he is completely sure of that person’s personal loyality to him. As a result, many of his relatives see him as a traitor and scheme to have him removed.

Religion Important NPCs
Venthirax (LG male old brass dragon sor4): Simply known as “The Brass Dragon” to most people in Dartmouth, Venthirax is the city’s most prominent draconic inhabitant - and possibly its only one, since he regards Dartmouth as his territory and takes a dim view of other dragons overstaying their welcome. Venthirax settled in Dartmouth during the Liberation Wars and lived here ever since. He is considered to be an accepted and respected citizen, though few actively like him, thanks to his habit of meddling in the affairs of humans from behind the scenes. It is known that he owns a number of businesses from behind the scenes, which contribute to his vast wealth. Few know what his ultimate plans are, though speculation is rampant in the press. The truth is that Venthirax aims at nothing less than buiding the society of the future - a society where all races can live together freely and in happiness. He knows that reaching this state is still a very long way off - if it can be reached at all - but that doesn’t deter him, since he enjoys the challenge and unlike humans can afford to take the long view of things. Other dragons might become frustrated at the rapid changes periodically going through human society, but Venthirax only sees them as a new challenge for his wits and ability to plan. He likewise enjoys the battle of wits against the fellow master manipulators in the city - human and otherwise - and sometimes subconsciously allows them to pursue their schemes unhindered for longer than it would be prudent. While his overall goals are basically benevolent, he has a hard time caring for humans as individuals other than those he genuinely respects (a fairly low number) or those who are useful to his plans. Thus, he won’t go out of his way to help individual humans in trouble especially since he knows that his resources are limited and that he cannot afford to overextend them. The main exceptions are paladins - Venthirax served as a steed for one of the paladins fighting against Negroth the Doombringer, and he still has a soft spot for them. As a result, paladins active in the city often get help from mysterious sources.

An odd quirk of Dartmouth is that shops of a specialized nature tend to congregate in their own street, as opposed to being dispersed over the whole city. For example, the finest clothing boutiques may be found in Crescent Row in Duriam, the spice markets are in Becknal Road, while a disturbing variety of erotic literature is for sale in the shops in Worble Alley2 .

Government and Politics Groups and Organisations
The First Families: While actual nobles have been rare in Dartmouth since the collapse of the monarchy, the First Families fulfill a similar function. Consisting of a dozen different bloodlines, these families are all old and well established in Dartmouth and rose to prominence in the power vacuum that arose after the king fled. While there have been vicious intrigues and blood feuds between individual branches, they tend to unify against outsiders and kept most political power in their hands. When someone new in Dartmouth gained some measure of power, they either made sure that he was

Not that any upstanding citizen would be caught dead there... so they tend to go in disguise instead.


107 the city government. Their conservative mindset has frequently clashed with the remaining artists, who feel that “their” neighborhood is loosing its charm. Conall Gardens: This large parkland was intended as a refuge for the young people of the upper classes, as well as families of all ages. There are always all sorts of amusements to be had, and open air dances are common during the warmer months when the weather is dry. The local artists love this place and visit it as often as possible in search for inspiration. However, the rumors that prostitutes and other night folk prowl the park after dark are true (though the tales of encounters with vampires are almost certainly an exaggeration), and the existence of the park is currently being threatened by an alliance of morally uptight newcomers who want to close this “den of sin” and speculants who want to use the land to build more houses and apartment blocks.


Geography and Neighborhoods

Dartmouth is divided into a number of administrative districts, or boroughs, that have evolved over time. They are listed here, together with a few noteworthy locations in each district that might be of interest to visitors.

One a fairly remote and sleepy borough in the northern part of Dartmouth, Barslow is currently the center of much activity. It was chosen to host the World Magic Exhibition, and many old buildings are being renovated and new buildings erected to accomodate the vast stream of visitors the city is expecting this summer. However, many old-timers resent the changes brought to their boroughs, and others worry about what will remain of the economic boost after the Exhibition is over. The Exhibition Grounds: This former mixture of wood and farmland was chosen as the site of the World Magic Exhibition, and the changes in the last year have been dramatic. Now it has been transformed into a vast parkland with many beautiful or spectacular buildings where the individual cities participating in the Exhibition will showcase their magical and technological advances. The resonance was even greater than anticipated, and even cities from far-away regions - even from as far as the Desert of Thunder and beyond - have chosen to participate. However, many of these cities are open rivals, and the organizers worry about sabotage and espionage between them that might disrupt the Exhibitions. Thus, they are even willing to look for outside help if it means allowing the Exhibition to proceed smoothly.

Cordall Hill
One of the hills overlooking the harbor, this borough is the site of the oldest, pre-Atalan settlements in the Dartmouth region. While these ruins have long since been paved over and built upon, some can still be visited by the public with the help of licenced tour guides, while others are only accessible to archaeological teams who have dug deep below the surface, while others might still await discovery. The inhabitants of Cordall Hill take considerable pride in the “ancient origin” of their borough, and consider this to be a sign of superiority over the other boroughs - especially over their rivals in Horngate Hill to the north.

The District Chafring
One of the oldest parts of the city, Chafring still has has many intact buildings dating back to feudal times. This has traditionally been a neighborhood where craftsmen have plied their trades, and though the monopolies of the guilds are long gone, some crafters remain. Since more and more goods are created in the big factories, the market cannot support many individual artisans, but those few tend to be well paid, since owning a hand-crafted item made by a master craftsman is considered a status symbol by many of the rich families. The quaint local atmosphere and the ancient buildings are popular with tourists, and some new pubs and restaurants now cater to them. The Guild Cemetery: Traditionally, the members of the old guild families are interred here after their deaths, and those few guild families that remain cling to this tradition. Unknown to all but the caretaker (who is in league with them), a group of ghouls has established itself below the graveyard, and they use their hidden tunnels to prey on the inhabitants of nearby Gelberth. Sitting on a peninsula of the Dart river at the center of Dartmouth, the District is where its banks, stock exchange, and other financial institutions are located. This district is ruled directly by the Board of Commerce, and instead of the regular City Watch, it is patrolled by the elite District Guard, who are better trained and equipped than their counterparts in the other guards. Frequently, veteran members of the City Watch are lured away to the District Guard by higher wages, a practice that has led to no little bad blood between the two organizations. While there are several prominent and luxurious hotels, few people actually live here - space is limited and land prices are at a premium, which means that even the richest people prefer to have their mansions at the outskirts of the city and commute daily to the District instead. House of Parliament: Where once nobles discussed laws and taxes with their peers, now the merchant princes of the Dartmouth region hold court. Only the very richest and well-connected people have a seat in the Board of Commerce which meets here, and they are very well protected from anyone who might wish them harm.

A former farming village turned artists’ colony, this borough on the outskirts of the city is rapidly swallowed up by new housing developments of solidly middle-class citizens, especially bureaucrats and clerks working for

Like the District, Duriam regards itself as the center of Dartmouth - but not of finance or politics, but of the

CHAPTER 8. DARTMOUTH social life of the city. It is here where the rich and powerful go shopping, have splendid representative buildings, and throw the most spectacular parties imaginable - affairs of whose pomp and splendor the lower classes can only speculate. Anyone who is anyone maintains a town house here which is meticulously cared for by an army of servants, and getting an invitation to the biggest parties is a sure sign that you have “arrived” on the Dartmouth social scene. Perhaps not too surprising, most embassies of foreign cities are located in this borough, and their presence only adds an additional layer of intrigue to the many going on behind the scenes. The Caprice: The Caprice is where the rich and powerful go to indulge in their gambling habit. Status and respect here are measured less in how much money you win, but how much you can afford to lose and still keep going - but those who cheat and get caught tend to suffer extremely unpleasant fates. The casino has a nautical theme - remnants of sunken ships, a variety of exotic fish and other oceanic species displayed behind reinforced glass aquariums, and other nautical items are on display. The owner of the casino, who is only called “Mister Coffin” by his staff and customers, is shrouded in mystery and the subject of much speculation - the claim that he is a former pirate is merely the least outragous of the rumors surrounding him. The Gentlemen Callers’ Club: A secret club with invitation-only membership, the “Gentlemen Callers” meet for the sole purpose of watching the erotic illusionary shows by the master illusionist only known as “Cardano the Magnificent”. While paid-for illusions with erotic or even pornographic content are nothing unusual in certain sections of society (and more wizards than care to admit have earned some money this way when they desperately needed it), Cardano stands out with both his sheer skill at creating such illusions and his abilities as a master storyteller. His shows often exceed an hour in length, and some of them, like In the Court of Queen Arwanna or the infamous Gloria, slave concubine of the Surathi, have gained a legendary reputation far beyond those who have actually been able to see them. While most of these shows violate the morality laws of Dartmouth, the Club is protected by the fact that some very influential members of high societies are among its members. The club meets at varying locations as an additional security measure - sometimes at actual brothels, but more often in various hotels or other buildings with rooms rented for the evening. There are also rumors that Cardano can create semi-solid illusions that can “interact” with high-paying customers in a direct and intimate way, but no one seems to want to admit to experiencing such a “service” first-hand. The Terrarium: While officially the abode of the Brass Dragon has no name, unofficially everyone who believes himself out of the earshot of Venthirax calls it the “Terrarium”. Actually, Venthirax does not mind, and the name has stuck now. This building in the middle of Duriam, and has a large glass dome with a clear view of the open sky. Large doors open to similarly oversized balconies which allow the master of the house speedy egress. From people who have been invited here it is known that the upper-

108 most floor - where the dragon receives guests - is enormous, filled with sand, and heated to desert temperatures through magical means. It is less well known what the lower levels are for. Certainly the dragon employs a number of human and nonhuman servants which can be seen entering and leaving the building, but few of them are willing to talk about what they do there - and the stories of those who do talk are often contradictory.

While Dartmouth in general has a reputation for being plagued by frequent fogs, Fogsend takes this to an extreme: It is covered by a thick, soupy fog at almost all times, whatever the season or time of day. This effect is attributed to the small but significant number of Fair Folk living in this borough who despite not being overly active in local politics nevertheless make their presence felt. Unsurprisingly, Fogsend has a certain otherworldly quality, enhanced by the fact that most people travel around with lit lanterns even in what would be considered daylight elsewhere. The borough has also attracted a large number of both bards and makers of various musical instruments, and haunting melodies can often be heard in the streets, coming from indiscernable directions. The Lady: Possibly the most famous pub in Dartmouth, the Lady is the favorite gathering spot of bards and musicians of all kinds. Songs and music are performed every evening by different performers, and many people even travel here from different regions just to play here - or to listen. The pub gets its name from the Lady In Green, a powerful Fair Folk woman who resides here. Each year, she takes the most promising bard she finds here (not neccessarily the best - just the one she judges to have the most potential) and takes him as her lover for the traditional year and a day. During that time, she will inspire him to reach greatness. But after the year is over, many of her lovers end up as broken men, yearning for her embrace that they can never have again.

Located just behind the harbor, Gailsbreath has long attracted all those immigrants who have arrived by sea - and that’s many. The largest number come from the Parginian Rim, but people from Malundi, the Lake of Dreams, and even more distant regions are not uncommon. Outwardly this borough looks poor and run-down, but the buildings sometimes hide surprising wealth - its inhabitants know better to show off their wealth where people from outside their little ethnic enclave might see it, for organized crime and turf wars between various gangs of youths are not uncommon. The other natives of Dartmough sometimes visit this neighborhood to seek out exotic goods and services not available elsewhere, and it offers real bargains for those who know where to look - but also dangers for the unaware. Of continuing interest to the wealthy are the drug dens, where they can partake of drugs otherwise unknown to the Flannish cities - and the owners of the

and soldiers-of-fortune make this borough their home. and other intellectuals. servants scurrying from errant to errant. you will die soon. they succeed. But also mercenaries.the director of the asylum has lucrative deals going on with a nearby factory. and near the top are the grand estates of the nautical merchant princes and shipyard owners. Here. . who are too afraid to seek outside help. Dartmouth Asylum for the Insane: It is here where most of those who are mentally disturbed and a threat to either society or themselves are locked up. Conditions are abysmal . it tends to be exiting and fashionable crime which sells newspaper rather than the depressing varieties that polite society prefers to ignore and only interests Secondary revolutionaries. the Dart moved slowly and had lots of land to flood during the spring melt. They oppress and extort the other residents of the Warrens and other parts of Gelberth. Inhumane punishments are the norm. When a plague breaks out in Gelberth. Low-lying compared to the other neighborhoods and to poor to afford decent flood walls. bookstores. Marvensgate has a reputation for crime but unlike in Gelberth. and the only thing you see on the streets are the carriages of the rich. There is an annual public holiday and parade commemorating the victory of the city over the pirate fleet of Tardruin the Black. smugglers. this is close to hell as it is possible while still being alive. Organized crime revolves around gambling and prostitution. there are plenty of student homes. Horngate Hill Bitter rivals to Cordall Hill to the south of the Dart river. The wardens abuse their charges at will. and relatively high-class varieties at that. Dartmouth War Memorial: This stately open air memorial commemorates the dead of the wars Dartmouth has fought in. Those who are lucid enough to follow orders are made to work by weaving carpets . Harbor While not as large as the one in Rondhaven. since they often seek to attain the services of these people if they have a pressing problem that needs to be addressed quietly. pubs and similar locales catering to students. despite all the precautions the citizens of Horngate Hill and the Board of Works (which sponsors the parade) take. As a result.CHAPTER 8. stately avenues are flanked by opulent family mansions. lecturers. in which Old Faithful was of central immportance.and during floods. its bells ring nonstop to warn the citizens to stay indoors.there are many people who make a honest living here in a variety of businesses.many are locked up like animals and little is done to improve their mental health. Old Faithful: Dating back to Atalan Times. and the ubiquiteous guards who make sure that only people who belong here move around in this district. The names of those who have died in the more recent wars have been carved into large slabs of marble. the people of Dartmouth regard the church bells as cursed. a significant portion always passes through Gelberth. the rich and powerful have prevented the City Guard from cleaning up this borough throughly. and it is said that if you hear their nonstop rining in your dreams. but nowadays the river has been straightened to make it more accessible for river travel and consequently the water passes much faster to the ocean . An extended clan of wererats lives in many of the buildings close to the river. the Warrens are a slum area covered in filth. Hennigswoade The former center of the Dartmouth High Society before they relocated to Duriam to the west. Still. Horngate Hill is a residental area home to many of the people who work in the Harbor. The Warrens: The worst part of a bad neighborhood. Sometimes. as well as glorifying its victories. including many so-called adventurers. the harbor of Dartmouth sees a large amount of traffic.. and even then their soup kitchen and other activities have only been able to do so much against the rising tide. far from every inhabitant of this area is a crook . the borough has now filled up with ramshackle tenement buildings occupied by people too poor and desperate to afford any building whose cellar and ground floor doesn’t flood every spring. DARTMOUTH drug dens know just how to take advantage of their addictions. with ships setting sail for other regions or even continents on a daily schedule. Hensington is where they live. In old times. St. further up live the clerks and small-time business owners. The social status of its inhabitants rises with the position of their dwelling on the hill: Near the bottom live the dock workers in rundown tenement apartments. since both Dartmouth University and most of the minor colleges are located here. Mordigan Church: This Thenaran church has long been the only real source of help for the inhabitants of this suffering neighborhood. even if they are beginning to develop a patina. Pranksters from Cordall Hill traditionally attempt to sabotage the parade in some way. While the papers decry the villains living there (but secretly are grateful for the extra copies they sell because of their exploits). Gelberth suffers from the fortification of the river borders. Apart from the buildings associated with the various insititues of learning. “Old Faithful” is the oldest nexus tower in the city and (located at the top of Horngate Hill) a prominent landmark. For most inmates. Hennigswoade still boasts many architectonically impressive buildings. Dartmouth Museum of Natural History: Dartmouth University: 109 Gelberth A former minor fishing village situated next to the Dart. though they usually know better than to ask just where the money of their customers is coming from. Hensington While Duriam is where the upper classes go to play.. Marvensgate Like Gelberth. Now it is the intellectual center of Dartmouth.

and its patients include two main groups: Those who cannot deal with the pressures of living in society and who prefer to live in recluse while being cared for by professionals. Serenwode The smallest of the boroughs of Dartmouth. talismans and similar items of dubious quality . and they stenously resist any radical changes to their peaceful part of town. the Mistresses are rarely as undefended as they appear at first glance. and those who have become an embarassment to their families and are locked away by them.. and unbelievers are only barely tolerated if they insist on displaying their faith openly. Serenwode nevertheless attracts its fair bit of attention.most people here are more intersted in a hard day’s work than anything frivolous.for he functions as the mayor of the borough in addition to his priestly duties.potions. And if any of their suitors should press for something that they are not willing to give . Wyvern’s Cliff Sanatorium for the Weary Mind: An upscale asylum catering to those suffering from mental illnesses. then there is nothing wrong with that. though many don’t bother. but are kept here for political. social.well. This gradually changed . for it is the home of Dartmouth’s elven community. with moans that can be heard and apparitions that can be seen from outside at regular intervals during the night. however . since it attracts a considerable number of tourists. After the city was sacked by a marauding orcish horde during the fall of the Empire. there actually is a fair amount of wealth hidden behind the walls of many buildings .especially those where the tree-houses and other dwellings of the elves are.but several of his aides) feel that things were better when the ruler of the city was sanctified by the church. and in fact guided tours are available for 2 sp per person.CHAPTER 8. 110 While the opulent mansions of other boroughs are absent here. Tybald Mansion is the most famous haunted house of Dartmouth.although the Mistresses of Red Oaks are far more than a common prostitute. And thus it is only appropriate that those who wish to restore the monarchy meet here. since many priests of Thenos (not the bishop. Important Sites 8. The luckier ones manage to flee during the night. A number of sanatoriums can also be found here for those suffering from stressrelated ailments.and the offices of wizards and sorcerors willing to work for hire. Rumors say that some of the latter are actually quite sound of mind. and a few people who have fancied themselves to be a heir have tried that (especially since ownership of the mansion would fall to them by default). Wyvern’s Cliff is inhabited mostly by those who wish to have some peace and quiet from the bustle of the city. and some of decidedly non-human origin . It is perfectly safe to enter the building during the day. though it was eclipsed at times by more northern ports at the sites of Torburg and Rondhaven. this street houses numerous shops dealing with minor magic items . Conroy’s Cathedral: One of the largest buildings in the city. and if any sort of entertaining dalliance should arise from it. Much of it is an open parkland where the humans are allowed to visit. Red Oaks: Named this way for more than just the color of the leaves on its trees. The park remains popular with the humans for its serene qualities. The Atalan Empire needed a major port to support their northern provinces. or financial reasons. The area is generally described as “quiet” and “respectable” . the Cathedral dates back to feudal times . this part of the borough could be considered the red-light district of Serenwode by unkind tongues . Conroy’s wields tremendous influence both religious and secular . the city remained nearly uninhabited for over a century.ranging from magic weapons and wands for which the buyer doesn’t have the appropriate licence to materials required for demon summoning to the most vile necromantic tomes.Dartmouth only truly came into its own as a city in Atalan times. the kings of old were crowned here. and the king in turn made the faith of Thenos the official state religion.4 History St. and neighboring bookstores sell a multitude of books with mutually contradictory stories about each ghost. Only the wealthy can afford its care. The latter group is rarely here by choice and sometimes need to be restrained to prevent escape attempts. DARTMOUTH Glenning Street: As far as the public knows.. worshippers of Thenos still constitute the vast majority of the inhabitants of this borough.in fact. and the least populated. Even today. while still living close enough to it to have access to its conveniences. Many of these people are both old and wealthy. Both kings and bishops of old are interred in the crypts beneath the city. But those with the right connections know that some of these shops serve as fronts for the local black market dealing in magical goods . While there are a few archaeological hints that there have been earlier settlements in the Dart Bay area some of human. Wyvern’s Cliff A coastal neighborhood in the north of the city. but visitors are strongly warned not to take anything from the building. the bishop of St. as this is one of the few known ways of getting the wrathful ghosts to leave the building in search of the offender. St. but other parts are off-limits to outsiders .it’s just that the rich people of St. Conroy prefer not to draw attention to themselves. Tybald Mansion: The old family mansion of a noble line that seems to be extinct. Conroy A fief owned directly by the Church of Thenos in feudal times. The former group comes here out of its own free will and usually can make trips to the outside world. The locals love the place and resist any attempts to “clean it up”. it is only proper that they are waited upon by the rich and powerful of human society with opulent gifts. In their minds. and the Dart Bay was an ideal location and continued to operate as long as the Empire existed. It is said that the curse on the mansion will be broken if a “true heir to the line“ stays in the building from dusk to dawn.

either infecting them or killing them outright. be began to pass more and more restrictive laws to “forge a new kind of men who would never again bow their heads to a monarch”. This movement was temporarily stopped by the outbreak of the “Shambling Plague” in Dartmouth and the surrounding areas in 965. and when news arrived of their crushing defeat. Dartmouth was spared the devastation the rest of the region suffered under.and which remain sealed to this very day. When Carsliff was assassinated by unknown parties in 1185 NA. leading to serious food shortages and outbreaks of plagues among the refugees hiding behind the city wall. a kingdom covering much of the south-western Flannish region. the King insisted on drawing back all available forces to Dartmouth to protect the capital (and. him). In 1303 NA they established the “Dartmouth Board of Commerce”. This caused tensions. the squabbling mayors of the individual boroughs were unable to agree on how to expand the city and how to cope with the increasing strain on the infrastructure. Trade florished. there are a few vicious feuds between families and boroughs that date back to that era and are still going on. From the chaos of the time arose a man named Everett Carsliff. but later gained additional powers . The reigning king. and while there were the occasional squabbles over territory and jurisdiction. As feudal structures established themselves. but they were sure that they wouldn’t tolerate another monarch lording it over them again. dissolved back again into its component towns and villages. The fighting between the living and the dead was fierce. the humans banded into militias and drove off the remaining occupying forces. and finally got some measure of control over the budget of the kingdom. as well as the Secondaries of today. Eldwen of Hecanshire. “John the Coward” and a variety of other. leaving the citizens to their fate. on the whole the revolutionaries reminded too many people of Everett Carsliff and his reign of terror. The people of Dartmouth weren’t sure what would happen to them now. but other bodies were simply dumped into the cave systems below the city through deep wells that were sealed afterwards . the mayors protested but were ultimately forced to accept the authority of the Board . A notable development during feudal times was the establishment of the Wirland Parliament in 991 NA. local strongmen. the people as a whole were tired of bloodshed and thus managed to solve most problems through peaceful means. These merchants settled on a common legal framework for business transactions and property laws and funded both a court system and a guard unit to enforce it. Each town maintained its own milita/police force. DARTMOUTH as the region recovered and slowly returned to civilization. Many of the dead were burned on gigantic funeral pyres. Furthermore.anyone caught by his forces were put on trial and executed in public. most were relieved. While its borders shifted and grew and dynasties rose and fell. He lived in constant fear of assassination (probably exaggerated. since Negroth’s forces were very strong .though a few people volunteered for the revolutionary side. As a result.war games at the Dartmouth Academy of War that use this conflict as a setting are popular. but he merely delayed the inevitable. mounted a spirited defense and tried to protect the inhabitants as long as possible. which proved to be a great economic boost. This set a precedent for later forms of government that were much less hierarchical than those elsewhere. which were governed by a mixture of elected majors. When the invaders began to assault the city. the king and most of the nobles simply teleported out of the city to the Parginian Rim (where their descendants live even today). That might indeed have been his intention. and its population declined drastically. since Negroth could hardly have wished for a better enemy than him) while the armies of Negroth ravaged the countryside. even less flattering names) was initially dismissive of the threat Negroth represented and only sent a small force to the Fields of Harrow. who united several militias under his banner and then started a purge of “royalists” (i.e. the city suffered under their cruel governor. the remaining nobles) and their sympathizers . While the army of Wirland was still fairly large and might have been able to mount an effective resistance to the forces of Negroth if led by a competent strategist (though this is debated even today.especially after one particularly . which consisted of the (at the time) fifty wealthiest merchants of the Dartmouth region.. Nevertheless. When he fell while trying to stop a breach in the wall. When 111 news of the death of Negroth arrived. however . This state of affairs came to an end with the invasion of Negroth the Doombringer. and more and more people flocked to the city in search of their fortune. Taken by surprise. for no one knows how long the plague will remain infective. As his forces grew. the defenses crumbled and the invaders ravaged the city.while Dartmouth began to grow into one interconnected city again. despite the fact that the original bone of contention has ceased to exist for more than a century. For two years. Dartmouth mostly kept out of the Liberation War .they could propose laws. The Greater Dartmouth area. a body consisting of the landed nobles of Wirland who could first only air their grievances in it. who quickly retreated north or faded into the countryside and living off the land as bandits. veto taxes proposed by the king. and even the rare surviving scion of a noble family. the city gradually expanded as more and more people left their homes to seek opportunities in the “Big City”. but it also caused the victim to rise again as a zombie at the next sunrise that attacked still living people. but the net effect was that the people of Dartmouth and the surrounding areas lived under a military dictatorship with oppressive laws and crushing taxes. and the city was nearly abandoned to the walking dead. the boroughs each began to set up their own toll systems in an escalating battle for more tax revenue. though Carsliff was considered to be a hero by the instigators of the later Liberation War. whose population had once again shrunk drastically. but remain inconclusive).CHAPTER 8. John III (now also known as “John the Fat”. Dartmouth became the capital of Wirland. of course. and no one but a madman would wish to try to find out. This vile disease was not only fatal if not treated by magical means. causing traders to pay tolls on their goods several times even if they only wanted to pass from one end of the city to the other! The situation became so bad that the leading merchant houses of the city staged a revolt. he became absolutely terrified. but eventually the living prevailed (though at a high cost). One noble.

Upstream communities simply dumped their sewage into the Dart river. But what? Into this time of crisis stepped Charles Edwick. The City Charter was a complicated document that reflected its origin . the Board of Commerce was responsible for its commerce courts. as the first Lord Mayor of the city.several hundreds of pages of densely written and frequently ambiguously worded legalese. maintenance of military forces and everything else. he started refurbishing “Old Faithful”. and a failed plot by Secondary revolutionaries in 1375 to destroy the House of Parliament with a metor swarm scroll while the Board of Commerce was in session only increased tension. but after a few days of intense and secret negotiations the Board of Works accepted the authority of the Lord Mayor as long as its privileges were preserved. However. Interborough tension grew to new heights. some obscure passages in the charter of the Board of Works also could be interpreted to allow him to build and maintain the nexus towers of Dartmouth. foreign policy. The latest Lord Mayor.the “Dartmouth Board of Works”. and in 1341 gained the funds neccessary to found and operate the Board of Works . The Board took control of the central part of the city.with him as its first director. which had long fallen into disuse by that point. and paranoia. but there was soon an impetus for more inter-borough cooperation from an unexpected source: Sewage.a move that paid off when the city was attacked in 1346 by a fleet of pirates under the command of Tardruin the Black. and everyone is waiting to see in what direction he will steer the city. However. political infighting between the two Boards 112 became common after Ewick retired. the nexus tower network is controlled by the Board of Works and gives it a steady source of income.5 Adventuring in Dartmouth Adventure Seeds . but eventually the three parties signed the new Dartmouth City Charter. a former Nexus Tower dating back to the Atalan Empire located on a hill overlooking the harbor . the charismatic Everett Huffrey. now rechristened the “Financial District” (or “The District” for short) and held their frequent meetings in the former parliament. Despite this. which wrote down that the Board of Works was responsible for creating and maintaining the infrastructure of the city. and the Board of Commerce eventually had to give in in the face of the power of their opponent.in 1378 elected one of their own. 8. law enforcement.CHAPTER 8. While there was some resistance from parts of the Board of Commerce. That single Tower was able to destroy much of the fleet and drive back the rest. The negotiations that followed were even more intense. For a few days. Secretly. the disenfranchised mayors of the boroughs saw their chance . As the Board of Commerce weakened. and the Board of Commerce realized that something needed to be done. This organization would be responsible for building and maintain the neccessary physical infrastructure to allow Dartmouth prosper and grow. and generally regulating the commerce and trade of the city. and while many members of the Board of Commerce were extremely worried when they became aware of just how much power the Body of Works had at its fingertips. who proposed the creation of a new organization . and later addenda have only made it more confusing. Edwick proved to be a shrewd negotiator. to the point where street fights between followers of the two factions became a daily occurrence. they could not move against him openly. Dartmouth has kept functioning and even prospered. it looked like the city would erupt into a full-fledged civil war. To this day. This represented the closest Dartmouth had to a municipal government for many years. The whole government infrastructure is full of overlapping jurisdictions where no one is sure who is responsible for what. Edwick became a hero. the District. poisoning the water for those downstream. DARTMOUTH outspoken mayor was beaten into submission by the new guard and the militia of his borough was unable to protect him. He then set out to challenge the authority of the boards. Percival Shellard. and the Lord Mayor and his Council of mayors was responsible for non-commercial laws. and put all their militias under his command. suspicions. The city had grown beyond its ability to cope with the waste it generated. has taken office only last year.

and sometimes a battle of wits. not much more than a millenium. and the names they choose to identify with are usually (though not always) consistent from region to region. rituals. and their patron deity nevertheless continues to grant them spells in exchange for certain regular services in the world of mortals. they send visions.. depending on the story).there are several well-documented cases where the clerics cynically see their supernatural powers as nothing more than a way to gain more power. faith in the religion does not always seem to be a requirement for becoming a cleric of a Lesser God . but for obvious reasons it is hard to separate truth from fiction here. which is perhaps fortunate or else everyone would try to do it. They also have a discernible personality and agenda for the material plane. this means that such clerics must usually adhere to the standard alignment restrictions). The most common definition of a “god” is “a powerful extraplanar entity or force which is able to grant spellcasting abilities to its worshippers”. Lesser Gods are usually also fairly picky about the ethical stance of their clerics (in game terms. Other religions tell of massive magical rituals. though this time span can vary considerably). Entities that already have a strong connection to the astral or outer planes. seems to have been content with the status of “Lesser God” for the last several millenia. and rites. seem to have an “easier” time of it . or even the universe. If he loses.Ephram Manguil.for example. Many Lesser Gods seem to be obsessed with gaining more power.1 Deities “Don’t you see? Don’t you UNDERSTAND? The gods are dead! DEAD! The HARVESTER came for them! And soon he will come for ALL of us!” . is that gods can change over time. though the precise process on how a deity springs into existence is unknown. these tales are often mutually contradictory and thus dismissed out of hand by anyone who is not a follower of these religions. though even this definition is often contended. and perhaps turn into something different entirely. former priest of Jorunnos and now an inmate of the Dartmouth Asylum for the Insane The precise nature of gods is a controversial topic among the scholars of Rothea. But like the other tales.Chapter 9 Cosmology and Religion 9. What is known. ever since the exploration and settlement of other planets started in earnest. which usually seems to involve getting more worshippers. however. Ouneiros. it is possible to summon this entity and then engage it in some sort of battle (sometimes physical.). the God-King of the city-state of Ouneirotur.. these are hard to verify for obvious reasons. that there must be something more to the process. Besides.some stories seem to imply that all they have to do is gather a large number of worshippers. scholars classify thos gods as “lesser gods” who haven’t been a god for a long time yet (generally... sometimes a struggle of will. and where the souls of the worshippers reside after their deaths. as it seems to cost them a lot of power). Allegedly. If the challenger wins. Curiously. While several religions claims that their deity had a hand in the creation of the world. However. not all Lesser Gods are inclined this way . and apparently has no desire to expand 113 The Creation of a God Most of the more secular scholars believe that the majority of the known gods haven’t been around since the beginning of time. such as ghosts and spirits. and even avatars to the material plane when necessary (though the last one is rarely done. belief that Rothea is somehow an unique creation by sapient beings has waned considerably. Lesser Gods In general. They usually have a realm in Astral Space. and most scholars speculate . he is elevated to godhood. a small. Several religions that acknowledge that their deity was one a mortal have apocryphal stories of an entity called the “Guardian of the Threshold”. or those who don’t have a large number of worshippers. or sponsorship by an existing deity that allowed their patron to become a god. It is also noteworthy that the designs of many temples have subtle similarities to the mystical architecture of nexus towers. portents. legendary deeds. he is utterly annihilated. It is apparently possible for mortals to turn into deities. These gods also share a number of other characteristics. independent plane that can be visited by travelers with the plane shift spell and similar powers (though whether or not such travelers are welcome in these realms depends on both the deity and the visitor. or both.

The most likely suspect for this “Slayer of Gods” is the Guardian of the Threshold. Just as skeletons. the cleric’s personal interpretation of these commandments. they die! What answers the clerics’ prayers is not actually the living deity. as that faiths has numerous saints who allegedly serve as intermediaries between the faithful and the deity. Lesser Gods change into something else. again. with each cleric proclaiming that the spell confirms his beliefs about religious doctrines (this of course assumes that the clerics’ statements regarding the results of the spells can be trusted.. and becomes a true cosmic force. Among proponents of this theory.but not of anything resembling “natural causes”.. there are no alignment restrictions for clerics of Greater Gods). though again this merely remains an unproven theory.and spells like raise dead can still bring them back under the usual conditions . so these “undead gods” can go through the motions of granting spells and powers without any conscious thought behind them. the god’s realm vanishes from the Astral Plane and becomes inaccessible to the living.)! Third. for that would mean the loss of these powers. just as some vampires keep a “larder” of humans to ensue a steady supply of blood. The spirits of the dead still presumably go somewhere .CHAPTER 9. This also means that there are no “pact clerics” like those some Lesser Gods create .there are documented cases when several commune spells cast by clerics of the same faith produce different results. In effect.but “merely” have been taken prisoner (which is still a very frightening concept) supposedly. Victory Domains: Knowledge. This theory is popular within the faith of Thenos. which can vary a lot from person to person. but its unliving mockery. Law. it has appointed numerous celestial servants to deal with these matters. or entirely different deities. the common use of certain spells provides some hints for scholars of theological matters. COSMOLOGY AND RELIGION worship of him to other cities. they have been slain by some powerful and alien entity which now steals the faith from that religion’s worshipers. the faiths of Greater Gods display divergent tendencies. Greater Gods At some point. • Divine bureaucracy: The deity is busy with ordering the cosmos. unclear. • Divine Imposter: The most disturbing theory of all is that the gods have died . zombies. and grow more distant from the mortal world . regardless of personal ethics (in other words. hold that deities only have a limited lifespan . and stops paying attention to the day-to-day affairs of its worshipers (while it is presumably busy fighting a cosmic war somewhere.). It is not the deaths . and in different regions. It keeps granting spells to the clerics merely to keep the illusion going that the god is still alive. the “godnapper” keeps them locked up so that he can leach away their powers. though the exact mechanics for this are. Strategy. The Last Victor Symbol: A white rook above a red and black chessboard. his portfolio doesn’t include mindless slaughter. and thus spells like commune only receive the minimum required Argannon Greater God Lord of Warfare. even the common name of the god seems to undergo linguistic drift over time. Trickery. so instead of answering the questions of its followers personally. There are many different theories about just what happens when a Lesser God turns into a Greater God. And the vision summoned by clerics (such as the effects of the commune spell) tend to reflect the cleric’s own prejudices and beliefs .) Over time. but it lacks the sophistication (or maybe the patience) to act as if the god was still fully active.this seems to happen when they reach a certain level of power and gain a very large number of worshippers.. the same deity may in fact be worshipped under completely different names (though it is often hard to tell whether these are just different names.. This has several implications: First. 114 attention from the deity. Second. unless actively summoned by clerical magic. Instead. War Favored Weapon: Halberd While Argannon is the god of war. the god does not seem to pursue an active agenda in the material world anymore. Anyone who looses faith in his god will also loose his powers. No visions or avatars appear.after they absorb too much power.. Some of the most popular are: • Divine Apotheosis: The god ceases to be an entity with a personality understandable by mortals. they have become nothing more than mindless conduits for divine power. though some only consider him to be a servant of a greater evil still.. • Undead Gods: This theory..or at least. Supreme Strategist.. Portfolio: Warfare. there is considerable discussion about the true nature of this entity. with most of the information coming from the cleric’s subconscious. Perhaps it would be possible to free the gods and return them to their former state. just as a nexus tower leeches life force from all who live nearby. as disputes over doctrine and regional variations create different interpretations of the faith without the active management of the deity.. and other non-sapient undead can go through some of the motions of living people without actually being living and thinking creatures. The god now has less attention to spare on mortal matters.no cleric of a Greater God is able to see his spellcasting abilities as nothing more as a tool to gain more power. A variant of this theory claims that these gods aren’t dead . which is very unpopular with the followers of most religions.. just about anyone can become a cleric of any Greater God. In fact. All that is required is a true and deep faith into the god and its commandments .but no one knows how to actually reach these places without dying (and those who are brought back do not remember their stay there).

giants and much. However.it is filled with hardy people who can thrive in the dangers of the wild without succumbing to its lures. this wilderness must be fought and tamed. feints. Random Acts of Kindness Domains: Good. He Who Tames The Beasts Symbol: A dark humanoid silhouette holding up a scimitar and a torch. but others give this their blessing . but in a dimension just lurking below and parallel to the physical world.and a greater challenge . The rivalry between the priests of Bucatar and the druids is legendary. Healing. then one of favors owed. Travel Favored Weapon: Scimitar Poets might wax philosophically about the beauty of the pristine wilderness. The Trailblazer.they see the constant competition between their houses as just another form of warfare. human civilization wouldn’t have lasted for long. if not of money. full of savage creatures and innumerable dangers that will kill the unwary. measured and opened up to development. or succeeds by ruses.is hard to imagine. This is the Underworld. believers of this faith keep to any customary “rules of warfare” in their region .their status among ghosts upon their deaths depends on how much they have spread this domain. and has often escalated into all-out war and mutual atrocities. if on a less obvious level. quite a few have turned their attention to the other planets newly explored and settled by a few humans. the faith has in recent times gathered no small following among the merchant classes. Some parts of the clergy decry this as heresy. Travel Favored Weapon: Dagger An ancient mystery cult that spread far and wide during the time of the Atalan Empire.to the victor go the spoils. and someone who breaks all the rules to emerge victorious and gets away with it can earn his favor as well . As ghosts. Our Lady of Mercy Symbol: An open palm. with cowering animals at his feet Alignment: N Portfolio: Exploring and taming the wilderness. 115 edge between civilization and the wild. this has been more than enough. Trolls. they compete for status and attempt to manipulate events in both the world of the living and the dead to prepare for the prophesized day when the Underworld has covered the whole world and the dead rule the living. ogres. much worse . It is customary that the winner of such a tournament can ask for a boon from the highest-ranking cleric of the temple. Their main task while still alive is to spread the extent of the Underworld through ritual sacrifices . and are thus able to enter and exit the Underworld at will . or worse.and perhaps one day soon Argannon will add Trade to his portfolio. ghosts.without strong protection. . and often breaking these rules invites more trouble from one’s peers than it is worth. often their motivation was not genuine altruism. and they are always ready to move on to new challenges. To protect and expand civilization. She Who Rules The Night Symbol: A ghostly female figure Alignment: NE Portfolio: Existence after death. COSMOLOGY AND RELIGION that are important in war.people who have given large gifts to other people in need. The followers of Bucatar are this protection. They have done their part to make sure that this edge has mostly been expanding outwards in the last few centuries.all he wants to see are brilliant tactical moves that make the victory a deserving one. the Cult of Cryelis offers continued existence after death . Evil. the Underworld Domains: Death. particularily among the larger merchant houses . This is not an easy task.and so far. but judging by their record. The Provider. and while it is unknown if Cryelis created this dimension. but those who have actually been there knows that the wilderness is a harsh environment. it matters not to the Supreme Stategist . Her followers become full-fledged ghosts after death. her rule of it is unquestioned. Bucatar Lesser God The Civilizer. But few city folk appreciate just how much these people have done to protect them from the savage creatures roaming the remote parts of the world. But the cult of Bucatar has the whole of civilization at its back . his followers play this game passionately. Argannon is nothing if not pragmatic. keep those they “helped” in a debt. and sabotages that preserve his strengths. In general. Trickery Favored Weapon: Unarmed There have been many self-proclaimed benefactors throughout history . then. spread downwards Alignment: NG Portfolio: Altruism.succeeding despite restrictions is the sign of an able commander. rangers Domains: Animal. but merely to hear others praise their generosity. especially by his clergy. the followers of Bucatar have been up to it. Fire. and they stand at the very Dahla Lesser God The Caregiver. but the battle of wits between the commanders. pioneers. Favors. Perhaps surprisingly. Queen of the Underworld. and this is a style of living attractive only to a select few. It has often been claimed that Argannon invented the chess game. Whether the victor of a conflict sent countless soldiers to their deaths.and meddle in the affairs of the material plane.not in a remote home plane of the deity like other gods. Still. and organize chess tournaments on major holidays of their faith that are open ot the public. for a more hostile environment .CHAPTER 9. Whether true or not. Cryelis Lesser God The Ghost Mother. monster hunters. one that is often fought with the same methods as outright war. As of late. The cult of Bucatar has never been large .

Then he learned of an ancient artifact. possibly the majority. Hatramo’s faith is an odd one. Whether becoming the ruler of a city. Often some minor illusions are added to conceal the voice and stature of the priest.they have a “day job” in which they earn money. When a particular priest is “exposed” . Knowledge. and those who have reason to be grateful to Hatromo. or those seeking his favor. He is the embodyment of progress in all its form. he will get a message that he is being helped “in Dahla’s name”. instead trusting in Hatramo to guide their path. These robes have the same designs for all priests of Dahla so that it is hard to identify the particular person between the cloth.. It is said that those who deliberately or accidentally knock it over will suffer bad luck in the same amount as the good luck those who added stones to it have recieved . with the implication that once he has gotten out of his current predicament and able to help others. Last Hope of the Hopeless Symbol: A pillar of stones Portfolio: Passing through tribulations. the one being aided doesn’t even know who has helped him. most people try not too hard to find out just who hides behind the veils. they all believe that if Hatramo Greater God The Survivor. he should do so in the same manner . and in short had incredible adventures until he finally found the object of his desire. but because it is the right thing to do. but when they work as priests (like when they give to the needy). or destroying one’s greatest enemy.CHAPTER 9. People should do good deeds not because they expect anything in return. The Quester. Travel Favored Weapon: Unarmed 116 Gebral Greater God The World Architect.whenever the rulers of a city announce plans to raze entire neighborhoods and replace them with something grander (a frequent occurence). Jorunnos Greater God The Seeker. And the followers of Dahla try to live by this by helping others in need without taking credit for it personally. drank from it. and many gnomes. but was frustrated by the limitations of the libraries he frequented. It has also become standard practice to list anonymous donations to a charitable cause as “in Dahla’s name” when a list of donors is compiled. In his negative aspects. searched in every library. Progress Domains: Chaos.along many roads. No grand temples are build in his name. But other people. fought vicious monsters who got in his way. COSMOLOGY AND RELIGION This is not as it should be. for his priests travel from place to place.i. Protection. Survival . These priests do believe in preparing themselves for any situation they might encounter. it is a safe bet that a follower of Gebral is involved somewhere in the planning process. Often. as the priests of Dahla says. Law Favored Weapon: Hammer Gebral represents the spirit of these modern times like few other deities. Travel Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff It is said that Jorunnos was once a mortal scholar. believe that no matter how competent you are and how good your plans might be. this means using logic and innovation to make the world a better place for everyone.novelty for novelty’s sake. The Deliverer from Pain. Machines. There are those who claim to make their own luck. Hatramo’s name is on the breath of soldiers on the battlefield just before combat starts. Jorunnos diligently followed any lead to this cup. Domains: Luck. engineers. but few dare deny it its dues. on adventurers facing impossible odds in desolate catacombs. His followers often rise to prominence in the city councils . Lord of New Beginnings Symbol: A cup shooting rays of light out of the top. Usually. Portfolio: Questing Domains: Knowledge. so that the original deed can spread around the world. In his positive aspects. His worshipers include architects and city planners. The First Scientist. He wanted to learn everything there is to know. on peasants struggling to make it through yet another winter. Said to be the older brother of Jorunnos. and they do not have any long-term plans of their own. The followers of Jorunnos are all united in that they wish to achieve something. this means tearing down old structures that have proven their worth over many years with new ones of dubious utility .and ascended to god hood.thus balancing the cosmic scales of good and bad luck. He filled it with water. they wear concealing robes with veils in front of their face.he will often move away to another place where no one knows of him.. they pray to Hatramo for deliverance. As a result. That their own skills and plans will give them whatever it is they desire. finding and winning one’s True Love. blind chance can lay you low and destroy everything you hold dear. wished for all the knowledge in the world to be his . Its most common rite is the creation of stone pillars . his identity becomes widely known in any given locale . And every time these people come into a situation when their plans and wits are at an end and they realize that their fate is up to chance. the faith might not be politically powerful. will not pass one of these pillars without adding one stone to it. a magical cup that would grant the person who drinks from it any wish. going wherever they are needed or whereever the winds of fate may carry them.also in Dahla’s name.e. and on the urban poor every morning as they try to get enough food or money to make it through yet another day. people have erected crude pillars made out of small stones. Thus. thus gradually increasing its size. but they realize that this is never going to be enough. Priests of Dahla often lead a double life . Luck. Idiot God of Progress Symbol: Three cogwheels Portfolio: Invention. and various superstitions have sprung up detailing the bad luck that is sure to haunt someone who will take a peek behind the veils.

they operate soup kitchens that make sure that even the poorest people have something to eat. but of all passions unrestrained. and the links to the human life cycle is emphasized. Music.the kind of well ordered and large-scale agriculture practiced by most cities doesn’t mix well with the wilderness that most people associate with “nature”. In the more harmless cases. boistrous. and there have been cases of apparently harmless. whatever the outcome of his actions. The plane she calls her own is home to a large number of ever-shifting dreamscapes. the cycle of nature as represented by seeding the plants. death Domains: Death. Not all bards revere Norol. and many of those who set out to find it don’t come back. they know that the difference between a bumper crop and crop failure can mean the difference between life and death to him. the cycle of nature. but because “wildness” is his very nature. his clerics tend to be the foremost experts on agriculture. watching them grow. and should not be fought when the time comes. Whether it is playing a music instrument for hours at an end. and even less political influence. farmers. including much of her clergy. holding an orgy in a brothel or similar activity is more or less irrelevant to Norol . Mara Lesser God The Dream-Giver. 117 sleep. But from time to time. Others specialize in hunting undead. Almost all fail to find it. He Who Comes In Music Symbol: Pan Flutes Alignment: CN Portfolio: Ecstasy. In rural areas. food. However. Yet millions of people pray to him to deliver them food. but does nothing to protect them from the dangers of the dreamscapes. and other beings who disturb the farms and the transport of grains to their intended targets. who are abominations in the eye of Kortus. music has power. upstanding citizens becoming avengers of the poor at nights when the moon is full . In urban areas. Lord of Bounty. Norol Lesser God Lord of the Vine. few druids worship Kortus. and begin to develop split personalities of sorts. There is no restraining his emotions. Wine Domains: Air. use a variety of drugs to reach a state of dreaming even in the Waking World. Her followers claim (though there is no way to prove it) that all dreams of thinking beings take place there. He is not a god of nature as a whole . as represented by the harvest.or the most sadistic serial killers imaginable. Many of her most ardent followers. Chaos. Plant Favored Weapon: Scythe Kortus is the deity of agriculture and all plants that human hands cause to grow. Some priests have greater trouble adapting to this kind of dual lifestyle. All clerics of Kortus. and inflame passions that the listeners never thought they had in them. Drugs. her faith does not have much in the way of an organisation. Earth. usually at least once a month but more often if possible. Other people often describe them as “obsessed”. While the slum dwellers of the cities are divorced from the tilling of the fields. Lord of the Wild. Strength Favored Weapon: Spear As bards throughout the ages have known. some personality trait might change under certain circumstances for example. and those priests of Norol who have to live there have learned to be calm and cautious for much of the time.CHAPTER 9. they will realize their goals. but all respect his power. Mara allows free access to all beings to her home. A deity of agriculture might seem an odd candidate for the status of a Greater Deity. In the more extreme cases. As a result. untroubled sleep. turn undead. and bringing in the harvest is a recurrent theme in his faith. It is said that he sometimes takes the form of a large satyr and participates in the revels of his worshippers who have particularly pleased him. one personality is completely unaware of the other. But Norol is not only the lord of unbridled music. COSMOLOGY AND RELIGION their will is strong enough and Jorunnos is willing to come to their aid. they must engage in some activity where they can let their passions flow over. Death. Many people plagued by nightmares or insomnia direct prayers to her in the hopes of peaceful. Kortus Greater God Lord of Grain. life in modern cities is rarely conductive to a life of inhibited passions. bring the deepest despair. regardless of alignment. Sleep Domains: Chaos. Passion. monsters. It can inspire courage. Wandering clerics of Kortus usually fight bandits. And the deity that is Norol lurks within all those emotions. He is called the Lord of the Wild not because of any great affinity of nature (though his worshippers do tend to gather in remote places where they can hold their baccanalian revels without disturbance). Trickery Favored Weapon: Scimitar Mara holds sway over both the dreams and nightmares that all humans have to face every time they go to . A common quest among them is the search for the Cup of Jorunnos. Knowledge.all that matters is that the passions are strong and unrestrained. but the Jorunnites reply that these people just don’t have the necessary determination to make anything out of their lives. Alas. She Who Is Bliss. a normally shy and reclusive person might become confident. going on a drinking binge. As a result. Our Lady of Dreams Symbol: A surreal landscape wrapped inside a sphere Alignment: N Portfolio: Dreams. and it is them who traditionally bless the fields with their magic to ensure a bountiful harvest. is something inevitable. but their tales provide plenty of material for the songs of bards. and even lecherous when wearing a special costume. the Reaper Symbol: A scythe crossed with grain stalks Portfolio: Agriculture.

As the centuries went by. t he cult of Nyros was mostly focused on plagues and the undead. but its priests are notorious for their luck in evading detection. Protection. Culler of the Herd. however. He Who Elevates The Deserving Symbol: A towering golden man standing on top of a heap of small. He promises his worshipers peace. psionics. Strength Favored Weapon: Warhammer Ouneiros claims the city of Ouneirotur as his domain. Palias Lesser God The Sunracer. humans have also sought out the vistas of different lands. While this practice didn’t make them any more popular with the population at large.at the top. the nomads remaining in the world today still pay him respect). dark humanoids lying on top of each other Alignment: NE Portfolio: Disease. Ouneiros Lesser God The Lawgiver. or just people who will use any method. they have to undergo lengthy purification ceremonies for several months before they are allowed back into the city proper . Trickery Favored Weapon: Dagger Sarush is the snake god of all things hidden. Evil. He Who Soars Symbol: A pegasus with wings of flame Alignment: N Portfolio: Nomads. but because he simply does not know how to stand still. where they pursue various missions (usually. Worship of other deities. Many pogroms throughout the ages have. his cult has shifted to include explorers. Ruler of All He Surveys Symbol: A hammer Alignment: LN Portfolio: Law. COSMOLOGY AND RELIGION 118 lot in life can expect brutal punishment if he tries to do something about it. and so far. but not always revolving around the gathering of information) that can last for years or decades. In older times. no matter how foul. supremacists. it did win them converts with the rich. Nyros Lesser God Lord of Disease. Magic. But in modern times.from lone individuals to vast tribes on the search for a new place to live in.or those who were already at the top.there is no central church hierarchy. Luck Favored Weapon: Whip Nyros represents an interesting case study in the evolution of the portfolio of a deity. a massive ziggurat at the center of the city. have come to worship Nyros. And among those who have been struck by Wanderlust. naturally . and depraved. and even migrant wanderers and bums who stow away on trains to travel between the cities to see the world. many count themselves as followers of Palias. It is said that he created the surathi to be his loyal servants. Feelings of Superiority Domains: Death. who are to infiltrate other societies until the entire world falls to .CHAPTER 9. From tiny birds who fly across the whole world during the changing of the seasons to vast herds of animals following the changing growths of the plants they feed upon. In the early years of the Atalan Empire. Racists. secrets. are sent into the outside world. Jealousy. with its own ideas on whom they consider superior and inferior. powerful. When they return to Ouneirotur. on the other hand. Rulership. and enough to eat if they bow to his will. The Eternal Nomad. surathi Domains: Knowledge. more than one Emperor died from an “incurable disease”. the city of Ouneirotur Domains: Law. Sun. and saw their place threatened by outsiders. flight. wanderers Domains: Air. a deity who constantly moves not because he is searching for a grand goal near the end of his travels. is punishable by death. his worship was most common among nomadic tribes of all kinds (and indeed. and each cell operates on its own. and has ruled it personally for many millennia. stability. The Just Lord. Stasis. Those who remained faithful and obedient to Ouneiros during their lives will join him in his palace. Keeper of Hidden Knowledge Symbol: A snake head Portfolio: Deception. and the cult might be at least partially responsible for the final disintegration of the Empire. the cult became firmly established among those who saw themselves as being denied “their rightful place in society” . He also has a small but devoted following among people capable of magical flight. which was an apt description of much of the Atalan nobility in the Empire’s final days . A select few. he has delivered. That the various culists often would see each other as “inferior” once they became aware of each other doesn’t seem to stop the cult . The cult is illegal in many places. then at least been egged on by his priests.in fact.this is supposed to clean them of any outside influences they might bring with them. the priests of Nyros became more discriminating in whom they infected .if they are willing to pay the price. Master of Secrets. His priests mostly serve as administrators who keep his domain running. if not been started. Travel Favored Weapon: Spear Many creatures travel large distances over the course of their lives. where they will presumably serve him for all eternity.many priests made it known that they were willing to see important civic figures to come to a very gruesome end as long as the right price was paid. The same is true of people . and anyone who isn’t content with his Sarush Greater God Lord of Snakes. who often soar among the clouds whenever they get the opportunity. gypsies travelling between towns and regions. But over time. He promises his followers secrets that will make them powerful . and its members were busy spreading disease and unliving monstrosities to all lands they could reach.

or deceitful demons at worst. although few of them reveal that they are clerics of Sarush . Shaprat Unknown The Last City. and delight in sowing chaos and confusion. But some of the greatest and most dangerous priests of Tekel can keep their covers intact for many years. terror Domains: Chaos. but it only came into its own as the church became organized and unified the region now known as Thenares. revealing anything without a price is not in Sarush’s nature. while a insane person who has to be confined to prevent him from clawing his eyes out will please Tekel for many years. clerics of Tekel will stop just short of killing their victims .there are even good-aligned clerics of Shaprat who believe that the rituals are some kind of blessing. Travel. a realm full of slowly decaying buildings and mostly devoid of people. entire city blocks into itself.). In either case. they tend to build large cathedrals and admonish the flock to support their rulers as the temporal authority. in turn. War Favored Weapon: Longsword The faith of Thenos is unusual in that it is a monotheistic one .people.and each other. Trickery Favored Weapon: Sickle .the dead have nothing left to fear. By inflicting greater terror on other people they are.after all. He Who Stalks The Night Symbol: Two red eyes above a fanged mouth Portfolio: Fear. So far. The Light that Guides Symbol: A lit lantern Portfolio: Everything.CHAPTER 9. they stay underground and encourage rebellions against the current power structure. Law.. they too seem to slowly fade away.. It lives on the demiplane of the same name. Children seem to be able to resist this. His priests often are the most often sought after information brokers in the cities. it is not surprising that the god of fear is one of the oldest and most powerful of deities. There are almost as many ways of inflicting terror as there are clerics of Tekel.most clerics are lone individuals who suffered from great fears and axieties.. Few of Shaprat’s clerics seem to be fully aware of they are doing . His worshipers are mostly preoccupied with ferreting out secrets . Or possibly it is the demiplane as a whole. making the demiplane of Shaprat ever larger. Few people who visit Shaprat ever return. Thenos Greater God Creator of the World. helping other members of the faith.the Church of Thenos holds that Thenos is the only true deity. following the orders and dictates of one’s religious superiors. and that the other beings worshiped by humans are powerful spirits at best. The faith originated as a minor underground sect in the eastern Atalan Empire. while others create large organisations whose members terrorize outsiders . they are for now kept inside the borders. the country has financed aggressive missionary activities in other regions. 119 Some scholars have noted that fear is one of the oldest and most primal human emotions.. Trickery Favored Weapon: Net Little is known about this strange entity. but once they are turning into adults. Stength. The faith has a lot of strictures that its followers are supposed to follow. Lord of All. relieved of their suffering by their patron. Some stalk their victims one at a time. This doesn’t mean that the faith has ceased expanding. and many are almost completely unable to function in normal society. There are several recorded instances of divine interventions by Thenos during the unification campaign. Yet some of those who have visited Shaprat and come back report buildings built in styles that predate the Atalan Empire.of ancient wisdom. What is known is that Shaprat seems to feed on cities existing in the real world. and pray to Tekel for release. Evil.but members of most thinking races can be found among his worshipers. Sun. Where they manage to stay on friendly terms with the local authorities. It then draws material . they frequently support soup kitchens and run hospices Tekel Greater God The Hidden Terror. Those who don’t vanish invariably become insane and begin to utter strange words with a prophetic quality to them. leading some to speculate that the rituals of its worshipers are designed to draw power from them (the really paranoid wonder just where the Atalan mages got the idea for the nexus towers from. Given this. the Lost Symbol: varies Alignment: NE (?) Portfolio: Unknown. possibly including entropy Domains: Destruction. While the armies of Thenares are still strong. Many also participate in the surathi cults that prosper in the bowels of the cities and keep their existence hidden as long as possible.instead. Most are more than a little insane. and their purpose seems to be to allow Shaprat access to this world. leaving the church hierarchy to rule over the newly established theocracy. COSMOLOGY AND RELIGION him . Evil. all the recorded appearances of Shaprat on the Material Plane have been in cities with nexus towers. magic.. Its worshipers hold strange rituals and ceremonies in various locales of a city. however .. but these ended shortly after the campaign ended (some scholars claim that this marks the progression of Thenos from “Lesser God” to “Greater God”). or other people and using them to their best advantage. but especially right social order and justice Domains: Healing. Many clerics are completely insane. The faith of Tekel is not organized . Most Feared One. the End of All Things. But usually. and even survive for many years there. and the adults simply seem to vanish into its urban wastes after a time. Where they are persecuted. Its cults scuttle in the corners of the city. buildings. which generally revolve around living a life free of deceit. and spreading the word of Thenos until every thinking being can be counted among his followers.

Even those who remain somewhat coherent usually speak only to warn of disaster.thanks to the increased alienation of the city dwellers from each other.as a gauge of the affinity any given plane has for the cosmic forces. this is an illusion created by his mind . for it is said that he will protect those in the grasp of the Unkown until they have reached a safe place. The planes orbiting the cardinal points of Fire. visionaries . Lord of the Wave Symbol: A black wave Portfolio: Oceans. Each of these planes is “surrounded” by its own Ethereal Plane. Planes of varying sizes can exists inside of this region. Positive Energy (also known as Life). the urban masses turn to Ungol in ever greater numbers. Ten cosmic forces are known to exist: Fire. for the nature of these forces would instantly overwhelm even the strongest magical protections and consume the unfortunate creature utterly. Travel. space. more experienced ones know of the dangers that lurk on and between distant worlds. Similarly.all of these can be counted among the followers of Ygreb. Many cloak their knowledge in cryptic verses. they do not have The most commonly accepted theories of the planes of existence state that the Astral Plane holds all the planes together. and it is customary for them to make a donation before they embark on a new journey. and so on. “close” and “far” should be taken as metaphors . deal with unknown people. 120 their fellow humans. As far it is known. “terrible” truths Domains: Knowledge. which tends to make them popular with the urban poor. Evil.CHAPTER 9. Whisperer of Truths Symbol: Ten floating eyeballs Alignment: N Portfolio: Divinations. Air. While planes orbiting a specific cosmic force usually do have a three-dimensional geography. The faith has also a growing number of adherents among the Astromantic Society and other explorers of the reaches of space . However. none of these planes is truly stable (with the exceptions described below). but the “closer” the plane in question is relative to the cosmic force. These forces exert a “pull” on large regions of astral space. Luck. social customs. as their long journeys often bring them to new and strange places where they have no one to rely on other than themselves and their prayers. It should noted that terms like “close” and “far” aren’t to be taken too literally when applied to the Astral Plane. and the faith grows. At certain locations in the Astral Plane the so-called cosmic forces or cardinal points can be found .and in these times of social upwheal.most people will have to venture to new and (to them) unknown places.which they often call the “Black Ocean”. Chaos. and possibly hostile surroundings. many people pray to Ungol for succor and protection. Guardian of the Black Ocean. which some sages speculate serves as a protective layer for the plane itself. Sailors have always understood this. Travel Favored Weapon: Club Seers. Each force always has a force in opposition to it: Fire versus Water. or until they have made their new surroundings safe and known. It seems to be true that most of those who become too close to Ygreb tend to become utterly mad.2 Cosmology stable it will be. the Unknown Domains: Protection. the Unknown can lurk everywhere . the smaller and more un- . small planes will form and grow in size as they absorb other planes within the same region. but they frequently have problems communicating their revelations with others. Water. Water. prophets. His greatest clerics are said to have accurate glimpses into the far future (Durgoth of Byblos was said to be one of them). and Negative Energy (also known as Death or Undeath). While a visitor to the Astral sees it as he would see three-dimensional space. while others tell of the future in wild ramblings that can hardly be distinguished from those of a madman. it is impossible for living beings to enter these points and return. Ungol Greater God Keeper of Secrets. and all will break up into smaller planes eventually. Magic. which is why clerics of Ygreb tend to be unpopular in most places. Water Favored Weapon: Net Live is a journey into the Unknown. In these situations. Earth. Except for those who stay in the village they were born in in their whole life . Rather. the Unknown might begin only a few city blocks away . Law. and often find themselves praying to Ungol for deliverance. But in these times where large numbers of people move to the cities in search of economic success. COSMOLOGY AND RELIGION for those too poor to afford professional medical care. this is increasingly rare . though their frequent consumption of drugs in pursuit of visions might be at least partially to blame for this. Earth and Air are often collectively referred to as the Elemental Planes. similar to the pull a sun exerts on its planets. and as a result there are large temples to Ungol in most port cities. While the younger explorers are often enthusiastic about visiting new and strange places.the Astral Plane does not have the same dimensions as the Material Plane does. Good. or a whirlpool on ships. Law versus Chaos. 9.these (or so it is thought) embody some of the fundamental concepts of reality.or even on a different floor of the same apartment building! To help themselves with their feelings of estrangement from Ygreb Greater God Lord of Divinations.

The realms of weaker deities can often be found in the vicinity of one or several of the cosmic forces.CHAPTER 9. While this hasn’t happened in recorded history. but are ultimately dominated by neither. there is no known instance of a planar traveller dying of . and produce a constant barrage of dissonant noise. accompanied by excruciating pain. his mind will still remain conscious within the creature. This might help to explain the general tendency towards neutrality among the most potent gods. the alternatives are far worse. If the consumed part includes the brain. who can prevent their dissolution through their godly willpower alone. as every single creature found here has one of two fates in mind for a visitor. it doesn’t mean that this cannot happen. But whatever their ultimate classification.either part or whole depending on its size . it appears as a parched desert. There are 40 such planes. Chlytos. It was thought that the Material Plane exists at the “center” of existence and is “equidistant” to all the cardinal points. It seems that other planets have their own Astral Planes (reachable from Rothea only through Epic Spells). this realm seems to be pleasant enough . However. and if he is injured. but instead orbits between four different cardinal points . Outsiders find these sounds disturbing to the extreme. but has an additional cosmic force of Sound. Agaros.. Positive Energy): At first. The Fecund Hive (Evil. This city gets its name from the myriad bells and wind chimes that adorn the towers. in which case it will attempt to implant its seed into him (the gender of the unfortunate victim does not matter much for this purpose) .. and consequently their private planes are far away from any of the cardinal points. as a vast ocean when in Water season.whereupon the gruesome brood will grow within the victim’s body. It might intend to devour him . and does not alter the plane itself in a fundamental way.often violating the body in ways best left to the imagination . At these locations. while the demons breed on a plane that hangs between Evil and Chaos. 121 injuries here. the towers rise with him. which allows them to siphon off some of their energy. COSMOLOGY AND RELIGION any regions that are closer to the cosmic force than others . as a gigantic mountain range when in Earth season.when in the Fire season. for example. he doesn’t reach the base of these constructs. and more than one lifetime can be spent on exploring them without seeing them all.though only the natives are able to navigate with ease. but having a realm in such a location would be too limiting for the more powerful deities. Water. large and stable planes form that contain elements of both of the cosmic forces. These are practically worlds in their own right.and incorporate the devoured flesh into its own form. Evil): This dimension is filled with towers whose spires seemingly stretch to infinity . It spends about three year in the vincity of a particular cardinal point (commonly referred to as an “elemental season” by druids . Yet this plane is not truly infinite. most of these scholars agree that they do exist. and made many scholars wonder how necessary the “cosmic forces” are for the actual cosmos. seems to lack a cardinal point of Fire. but unable to act. the devils hail from a plane balanced between the cosmic forces of Law and Evil. this is only the result of individual meddling. There are certain locations in astral space where the pull of two cosmic forces is equal. But terrible dangers exist next to heart-rending beauty. which is not even granted the mercy of death during this process (as it constantly regenerates even the most grieveous injuries from this process). and thus provide a steady source for arguments between scholars of the planes.. The plane takes on characteristics of the cardinal point it is currently closest to . so these spirits The Outer Planes The planes are vast.currently the Court is in the third year of the Air season) before it moves on to the next one. one for each pairing of non-opposed cardinal points.no matter how high one rises. These are mostly the realms of various deities. and outsiders usually go mad when trying to discern this plane’s geography. Indeed.. and no matter to what depths an explorer plunges. All of them constantly move in the strong winds. for after a time the buildings seem to repeat themselves . the affinity of the plane for the cosmic force is equal everywhere. and Air. Other stable planes exist as well. The Court of Elements is large. those of Fire. While certain magics or the force of will of certain creatures can make a part of such a plain hotter or more evil than others. he will find that his wounds regenerate rapidly. there is always one (and only one) location between two cosmic forces that aren’t opposed to each other which is stable. The Court of Elements serves as an afterlife for the followers of the druidic faith. Some sages speculate that these gods might actually attempt to transform their portfolio and themselves into an entirely new cosmic force. and as a vast collection of cliffs and canyons when in Air season. A visitor feels strangely energized.rather. until they finally burst out of the victim. and their own unique sets of cardinal points. but the natives that flutter between the towers do not seem to mind. This revelation threw earlier theories in question that suggested that the cosmic forces were the wellspring of all creation. The protean nature of the land discourages permanent settlements. For example. but in opposite directions. which means that any plane at that location would soon be pulled in one direction or the other. Research is continuing to this day. The world of Yethrod. The City of Bells (Air.namely. Or the creature might want to breed. but new research suggests that this is true only for Rothea. Earth.a fertile jungle filled with all sorts of wondrous life. Unfortunately. Most of these locations are unstable. Planar Oddities There are some locations that just don’t fit into the “standard” cosmological theories. and seems to be stable enough. The Court of Elements: Most large stable planes that aren’t the realm of a deity or other equally powerful entity are suspended between two cardinal points. and are host to a variety of creatures. A pale mist that hangs everywhere and obscures long-distance vision reinforces the confusing layout of this plane. and will soon become insane while his consciousness slowly disperses into that of his tormentor.

if not millenia. cultists of Cryelis know how to “sacrifice” objects so that their forms will appear in the Underworld (which they do frequently to gain the favor of ghosts). Thanks to the activities of the Cult of Cryelis. and likewise their customs reflect those they have observed on other worlds.and this. fertile plains. since this plane seems to loop back to itself . Since many of the older Underworld fragments have expanded over the course of centuries. The Road to Nowhere: This seems to be the afterlife for all those thinking beings whose souls aren’t claimed by one deity or another after their deaths. the new area in the Underworld will have exact copies of all objects in the material plane at the equivalent locations (though without any material properties). forests. the Underworld resembles the material plane. These souls appear on a long. for they are capricious and likely to involve them in games and intrigues that often have dangerous consequences without explaining them the rules. mountains. the styles of objects and buildings will vary dramatically. and now the cultists are trying to connect these isolated islands with each other. though everything has a slightly dark tint to it. but it seems to go on and on forever. The only way for them to leave is to be resurrected or . the Cult has established Underworld fragments in most cities. Buildings created by the local Fair Folk likewise seem to be more impressive than their material world counterparts. and mostly appropriate to the season. deserts. you will find the road again at pretty much the same place you started. and Evil in a similar fashion. winding road in a body that looked much like it did during their life at some point. Physically. Ghosts can cross over between the Underworld and the ethereal plane as a move action. the Underworld is the home of ghosts . Caravans and lone travelers constantly move along the endless landscape.and which can be used by the Fair Folk and those who follow them or are invited by them.as rumors claim . It does not exist in all the same places as the ethereal plane . While it is possible to leave the road. in the minds of many.. it doesn’t really get you anywhere.are trapped there.to travel to the end of the Road. There are hints that Underworld fragments will gradually vanish over very long time spans if they are not attended by cultists. This makes combating ghosts there difficult.. However. Physically. Scholars suspect that the reason for this is that neither the Fair Folk nor Faerie itself can truly create something new.once you have traveled about 10 miles away from it. It is dotted on both sides by small communities of people who have given up their travels. as they can simply move to the ethereal to avoid a fight. Faerie: Home of the Fair Folk. but yet the rumors persist. though they are usually several centuries out of style. Good. Furthermore. no one has found it yet and talked of it. Chaos. though most eventually hit the road again. circles of mushrooms. it usually resembles the material plane on the other side of the closest trod. COSMOLOGY AND RELIGION take up a nomadic life and are well supported by the bounties of nature.CHAPTER 9. where everyone can allegedly find his heart’s desire. called trods. and badlands. thanks to modern fast transportation and the population explosion of the last few centuries (which increased the pool of sacrifices dramatically). Some scholars speculate that there is a plane that orbits around the cardinal points of Law. somehow the population doesn’t seem to increase . Faerie goes by many names in many cultures. which take many forms ancient monoliths. but if it exists. but other creatures need to use a plane shift spell to get there. no one has figured out a reliable way of actively destroying or diminuishing them. This road winds through canyons. Instead they must ape other worlds and other planes. and they still remember everything they learned before their demise. most cities in the Parginian Rim and the Lake of Dreams regions have large local Underworld fragments.the souls of the dead . Mortals who attract their attention should beware. . It has many portals to the material world. means that it is possible to reach the end of the Road. and all grave goods of a body buried in an area with an active Underworld fragment will be replicated there as well. The Road seems to go 122 on and on forever.only close to the location where sapient beings have been sacrificed to Cryelis in rites known to her followers.especially the home of ghosts who worship the goddess Cryelis. For while countless people must have arrived here. It is possible for planar travelers to visit the Road to Nowhere with the usual spells. Whenever the Underworld is expanded through a sacrifice. strange caves with glowing fungi . The Underworld: Coexistent to the ethereal plane. though everything seems to be on a grander scale and either more beautiful and more terrifying. Wildlife is abundant. but its inhabitants . but so far. and nobody has ever been found who has claimed to reach its end.

simply because he cannot afford to hire anyone better. today’s priests spend most of their time directing hate speeches against other religions while living luxurious lives supported by the donations of the urban poor. patrols. There is so much to do and experience in a single metropolis that there need never be a shortage of adventures.000 people live in them. To avoid player boredom when their PCs meet yet another group of generic NPCs. Urbis has many unique themes and elements that need discussion and that can help the GM making his campaign truly memorable.it is pretty easy to find replacements for them. and agendas. instead of 123 The average level of the adventurers will have a strong impact on the campaign . perhaps he is a member of a society that serves a worthy. On the other hand. the GM needs to give all of them interesting personalities. Instead of inspiring others through example and a pious and humble life..Krond Gjerten. Perhaps the NPC in question is an immigrant from another region.giving the players a broader view of the game world is useful in its own right. as are the rewards and the fame they can expect. then that’s fine . with PCs being what they are. and exist independently of the PCs. Or possibly a minor official in some organization wants them to become his personal agents. sometimes hinder them. Revolutionary While the world of Urbis is big and diverse enough to run more traditional adventures. and thus most employers will treat them as an useful resource in- . All these people have their own hopes. and the impact the adventurers can make on the world is minimal. The adventurers should therefore constantly meet new NPCs that sometimes help them. Note that anyone but the most caring employers will consider them to be expendable .. Campaign and Character Level Major Themes You Are Bigger Than Life . So. he can become a hook for future adventures. villainous.both in the goals the PCs can realistically set for themselves. Even a paladin should be happy when they manage to rescue a few people from slavers and get away with it. “The Specialists” (Level 7-9): Now they are experienced enough that it isn’t easy to replace them. where have our saviors vanished to? Will we ever see their likes again? Or were they nothing more than a myth in the first place?” . things will rarely be as “minor” as they appear to be. But this doesn’t mean that their actions are meaningless . but not enough to be trusted with truly dangerous or sensitive matters.But The City Is Bigger Than You”: While cities in most fantasy worlds are considered notable when more than 10. dreams. moving from town to town as it is common in other fantasy worlds and campaigns. but just another passing acquaintance. A corollary of this is that it is perfectly possible to run an entire campaign within a single city. such as dungeon crawls and wilderness exploration. or just plain strange cause. only venturing forth when their knowledge and wisdom is needed . or perhaps he has had an unusual life story that he is all to willing to share with the PCs over a pint of ale. let alone the world. he shouldn’t treat them as the center of the universe. if the PCs do become interested in him for whatever reason. “Grunts in the Field” (Level 4-6): The adventurers have become powerful to become somewhat useful to someone. If the PCs never meet him again. “Faces in the Crowd” (Level 1-3): People of the PC’s power level are a dime a dozen. instead of foolhardy declaring war on the entire organization.Chapter 10 Running an Urbis campaign 10.1 Campaign Advice “Where are all the heroes of old who would ride forth to vanquish all Evil? The gallant knights have turned into mercenaries selling their swords for the highest bidder.now they use their intellects to figure out how to harvest the last bit of life energy from those living in our slums. They might be hired as guards.just that they have to scale back their expectations of what they can achieve. most cities in Urbis have populations ranging in the hundreds of thousands or even millions. Unless he wants something from the PCs.though. and how the rest of the game world will react to them. And the archmages do no longer spend their times contemplating arcane mysteries in isolated towers. or the PCs have reached epic levels and notoriety. but above all serve as a reminder that the PCs are not alone in this city. or to take out minor monster infestations .

but not frustrating. and what kinds of locations. This section is intended to help with this. 124 “Movers and Shakers” (Level 13-20): While the intrigues of past levels continue and even intensify. Staying unnoticed is another matter. Government Offices and Institutions Armory: While city guard and military compounds have a small number of weapons sufficient for everyday use.. and thus dangerous matters. is considered to have the legal jurisdiction of the sponsoring city. as foreign spies try to outwit the locals and their rivals in other embassies to give their city an advantage in one field or another. Embassies: Most mutually friendly city-states . “Free Agents” (Level 10-12): By this time. and people might be found in it. “The Road to Immortality” (Level 21+): At epic levels..2 Building the City sible (though some such efforts are merely a showcase of bad taste. It will usually have meeting chambers for the most powerful politicians and foreign dignitaries.CHAPTER 10. a crime cartel or even rule one of the city-states! The GM’s role is to find out what the PCs want .. the PCs are now free to start some serious plotting on their own. which protect them from any persecution by the local law enforcement agencies and courts. the embassy. adamantite. Of course. or death. In these times of readily available magic. and they always have a clear view of neighboring nexus towers and the surrounding countryside. Of course. buildings. and magic weapons can be found here that are required for battling certain supernatural foes. all three have become problematic. If they have proven themselves.and quite a few unfriendly ones . as well as wands of fireball. racks of healing potions..and even set their own agenda. If they have proven themselves loyal and trustworthy towards an employer. punishment for crimes was usual maiming. exile. though this isn’t universal. they will be trusted with sensitive.have established diplomatic missions in each other’s city. dissidents and other undesireable that can’t simply be driven out of a city are locked up in cells for duration ranging from mere days to years and decades. Each of the following places might serve as location for an adventure.). and house parts of the buerocracy that keeps the city running. where the diplomatic mission is housed. these privileges are frequently abused. 10. the GM must have have a clear idea of its layout. Rule a city-state? Create a new city-state from scratch? Unify a whole region? Start an off-world colony. Public Schools: Many of the more progressive cities To run city-based adventures. Guard Houses: Nexus Towers: What nexus towers are capable of is discussed elsewhere. and now it is the PCs’ turn. the PCs are powerful and wealthy enough to be choosy about what jobs they accept . he might even pay for raise dead spells. Obviously. criminals. security is extremely tight at these places. where city officials will check their identification papers and provide the appropriate stamps. Since the city hall is intended to showcase the splendor and power of the city. there is nearly no limit to what the PCs can do. or carve their initials into the moon? Other powerful individuals have made their marks in the history books of Urbis. they will suffer steep fines. though the actual title may vary by local custom. This is still true in theory even today.. they might be able to run a guild. conflicted loyalties. These are usually headed by an ambassador. and if they can’t show the appropriate paperwork that they have a right to be in the city. Likewise. The GM should by no means feel compelled to give the PCs all the answers unless they work hard to ferret out every secret . but competent ambassadors take care to avoid any major scandals so that the good name of their home city is not tarnished. With enough persistence and effort. Naturally. however outsiders without a local network of contacts and hideouts are likely to run into the police sooner or later. city games have been used to regulate access to a city. the only limit is the GM’s imagination. few efforts and money are spared to make these buildings as opulent and grandiose as pos- . and confusion about everyone’s secret agenda. Silver. secret. From “ordinary” epic level humans to Ancient Horrors from the Dawn of Time to full-fledged invasions from other planets or dimensions. Nonetheless.they are up against people who have played the games of intrigue for many decades. Security is always very tight. Prisons: In old times. Adventures at this level should involve lots of hidden plans. and who always have another ace in the hole. and the GM is encouraged to make these locations as individual and memorable as possible. These are usually among the highest buildings of a city. City Hall: The city hall is the official seat of the city government.and make the efforts to get there challenging. deportation. or even war golems. who will go to any length to involve them in their schemes and intrigues to help their own agenda. making it easy to slip into a city without getting noticed. RUNNING AN URBIS CAMPAIGN stead of just pawns to throw away. and local law enforcement may not enter there. Instead.. or even imprisonment. as line of sight is vital for many of the rituals powered by nexus towers. character. but the rapid growth of cities has it made next to impossible to enclose cities with walls. Most legetimate visitors therefore still enter a city through one of the gates. the truly dangerous weapons are usually safely locked away in the city armory. embassies are usually hotbeds of intrigue. a regional church. any foes the GM throws at the PCs had better be worth their time. Barracks: City Gates: Since ancient times. their power and wealth means that they will inevitably come to attention of even more powerful people. The ambassador and his entire staff have diplomatic immunity.

inns. this has done absolutely nothing to change the popularity of the services they offer. and thus have small harbors. Restaurants: Temples: These come in all sizes and shapes. Harbor: Even landlocked cities will usually be situated next to a river. criminals. where the congegation is often distrustful of the human majority and fearful of persecution. A series of pipes connect individual houses to the horizontal mains (which are usually big enough to allow access for Medium-sized humanoids. RUNNING AN URBIS CAMPAIGN have established public schools. These gigantic structures allow for cheap bulk trade between two landlocked cities that aren’t located on the same river. temples of unpopular faiths are hidden within more mundane buildings. though some only allow access for Small humanoids). Cities that often experience heavy rainfalls will also have storm sewers. While elves in general see nothing wrong with “taking gifts” from “lesser beings” in exchange for “favors” (as long as the elven women remember to take commonly known herbal contraceptives to prevent “accidents”). Many pubs. Since ships are still the cheapest (if not necessarily . As sewers were usually introduced to cities as an afterthought instead of planned in from the start. Since major outbreaks of disease would bring commerce and industry in a city to a standstill as the abilities of clerics to cast cure disease is overwhelmed by the sheer number of patients. a place to sleep. they also have trouble running away since they usually don’t speak the local language and are far away from their families or anyone else who might be sympathetic towards them. Theatres: Places of Commerce Banks: Malls: Market Places: Shops: Stock Exchanges: Private Institutions Brothels: These range from cheap whorehouses where the poor are parted from their last copper pieces to elegant saloons where the rich and powerful are assured of absolute discretion during their visits. Not only are these “exotics” highly popular with many customers. While some of the prostitutes who work there choose their profession voluntarily. Aquaeducts: Bridges: Canals: Not all cities are blessed with rivers wide enough for large ships . Everyone needs something to eat. old catacombs. While they are often technically illegal in many cities. most governments decide to invest in at least a basic sewage sytem. Streets: Public Locations In general. This is also true for many nonhuman faiths. these are locations that can be visited by anyone. drink. undead (especially ghouls) and worse. The sewer workers usually come to an arrangement with some or all of the other sapient denizens of the depths. giving harbors a slightly seedy reputation. Hospitals: Inns: Market Places: Museums: Parks: Public Libraries: With increasing literacy rates. and every resident in a city also produces waste that needs to be carried away. many more are forced into this trade through abject poverty. few expenses are spared to make them as impressive as possible. With increased trade and travel between regions. Thus. or to special water treatment basins in the more progressive cities. and thus are very popular with cities seeking to improve their commerce. from the grand cathedrals of Thenos to the small shrines of Jorunnos. As a result. and as a result public libraries are very popular. which transport the waste to the closest river. and brothels of the cheaper varieties will usually be nearby. There is also a steady niche market for nonhuman prostitutes. as well as many travellers from distant places. Since it is harder to control ships and entire harbors than trains. these buildings tend to cluster around rail stations. the sewers and the tunnels that link to them are all too often a haven for rats. and as a result they continue to thrive in the cities’ underworlds nontheless. many dwarven Infrastructure Any city needs a massive amount of infrastructure to keep running. and various tunnels built by ealier denizends of the undercities. clothes to keep warm and more.CHAPTER 10. buildings of commerce. Most of the available books tend to Pubs: Rail Stations: Most large modern cities are connected by an ever-expanding network of railways. but nevertheless quite vital to keep the city running. Hotels: Usually tending to the wealthier sort of traveller. large pipes that transport the runoff from precipation to prevent flooding in the city. these usually see lots of activity. Treasury: 125 the fastest) way to move bulk goods. as they are rarely either trained or paid for actively combatting them. Rails: Rivers: Sewers: It is well known by now that garbage and human waste not only smell bad. many people feel the need to “improve themselves”.but it is sometimes possible to create what nature neglected to do. they are usually a complex maze of tunnels and access pipes that frequently connect to cellars. many brothel owners now prefer to import girls from distant regions. though their acceptance among the nonhuman communities vary widely. Frequently. Since the rail stations are often the first building new arrivals see in any detail. while cities built next to the ocean will have vast port facilities. and centers of government and diplomacy. there are many locations that are not buildings. a fair amount of smuggling usually goes on at these locations as well. but are also breeding grounds for diseases.

Factories: Greenhouses: Office Buildings: 10. Many do this in the service industry. RUNNING AN URBIS CAMPAIGN prostitutes are killed by their relatives to wipe out the shame to their families.CHAPTER 10. most people need to earn money for a living. But there are plenty of other industries that have workplaces that are worth mentioning on their own.3 Residental Locations Workplaces Ultimately. Colleges: Gambling Houses: Gentlemen’s Clubs: Guild Halls: Orphanages: Sanatoriums: While in old times the insane and the feebleminded Universities: 126 where these people work at have mostly been mentioned elsewhere. and the locations Apartment buildings: Mansions: .

it gains enough self-control not to think about eating flesh constantly. they gain one Hit Die every five years. Doppelganger These rare beings are created in the city of Bargeto as servants of its human citizens.or people . The large amounts of flesh that the ghouls require usually means that they congregate in the cities. humans had only to get lucky once to kill a dragon .Chapter 11 Monsters 11. as the ghouls eat more and more sapient flesh. Dex +4. with the ancestors of the modern humans and other species scurrying into the woods to hide from their might. Once they reach 7 HD. and they are all to eager to inflict their frustration on other living beings. The alchemical and magical processes that creates these homunculi originally sets their appearance. They gain yet another size category when they reach 13 HD. after a period of several months (less so if it is taken care of by older. and Cha +2). dragons were the dominant intelligent species of Rothea. Most wish nothing more than returning to the mythical home of their ancestors.1 Standard Monsters rapidly growing next generation who would be willing to give it a try. they gain Str +2. However. and those who arrange themselves with human civilization in some way to survive and even prosper. while dragons. All it can concentrate on is a ravening hunger for the flesh of sapient beings. The most notable examples of this are the blue dragons of the Desert of Thunder.are usually noticed soon. When a new ghoul awakens. These doppelgangers roam the world and follow their own agendas. and ensures their loyalty to the city. However. more experienced ghouls). On average. tougher. they become tougher. And while the average human was no match for all but the youngest and weakest dragons. many need some further discussion to explain their particular ecological niche in the setting. they start to become larger and grow one size category.this is independent from any class levels they gain. Int +2. there are a few of these beings who become free thanks to accident or design.it must succeed in a Will save (DC 20) to retain any class levels it had before it was infected. and the dragon clans serving as the ministers and enforcers of the eastern Tsan Empire. The population of most rural communities is so small that missing bodies . All this resulted in a gradual decline of the dragon population. Once they reach 4 HD. They gain this Hit Die as an “undead” . Though dragons still won the vast majority of battles against humanity. Wis +4. they become ghasts. Ghoul The transformation into a ghoul is a traumatic experience. It is possible that larger specimens exist. Most destrachans active in this world are descended from those who were called here during the destruction of Basram. and they gain free will and the ability to alter their appearance in whatever way they like. Most ghouls then realize that their transformation has made them smarter. Larger ghouls tend to be the leaders of their communities. could only learn on an individual basis. However. and they prefer to live in underground caverns as a result. In 127 Dragons Once. and they often start to gain character classes at this point. All “standard” d20 monsers exist in Urbis. and faster than they were in their old life (in game terms. Living in this hot. humans learned powerful magics and arts of war on their own that allowed them to defeat dragons in battle. there were certain to be members of the .and even if an attack failed. dry world is painful for them. it usually remembers little of its previous life . those who hide in remote wilderness areas little troubled by humans. But this didn’t last . The surviving dragons tend to belong to one of several categories: The old and powerful who were lucky and smart enough to survive until they became all but undefeatable. but there are no confirmed reports of them. Over the years. humans learned how to organize themselves and how to avoid earlier mistakes. being very solitary creatures. those who organize themselves into family clan structures for mutual defense.eventually. Destrachan These strange beings originally came from the world of Yethrod.

These creatures are frequently subject to abuse. Yrthak Like the destrachans. though some kobolds . in the largest cities there is enough room for small groups of goblins to hide. They have . dryads. The only exceptions are goblins who are serving hobgoblins.centaurs. Unicorn Once upon a time. not natural at all? After all. Now unicorn horns are difficult to acquire. But in modern times. they lack a protector species similar to hobgoblins. they aren’t talking. and many. long life spans. The only region where kobolds co-exist openly with humans is the Desert of Thunder. In ancient times. the yrthaks originally came from the world of Yethrod. and thus are either driven out of human cities or slain outright. few cities even attempt to kill it. this state of affairs raises only more questions.CHAPTER 11. while there are a few complaints now and then. 128 unicorns. Malundi. the Gawaris Desert and the Desert of Thunder. or too disinterested in politics to attempt to gain ultimate power in the forests. Why is it. “Behave. But in the minds of some observers.especially dragon disciples . sprites.and even there. Still. to disorganized. they ranged far and wide. though in general they tend to thrive in more southern climates than goblins.work together with dragon cults. which only serves as a stronger incentive to hunt the remaining ones down. some of the mightiest magics are capable of creating entirely new species . goblins are regarded as little better than clever vermin. many of these beings are more powerful. unicorns have become nearly extinct in many territories that aren’t part of the elven kingdoms. and fetch high prices in human cities. humans embrace this fate willingly. Sometimes they have especially depraved human agents who bring them new bodies in exchange for money. where initiation into the higher ranks means transformation into a ghoul! Frequently. The skirmishes resulting from this have sometimes caused more damage than the tarrasque itself! Kobolds These creatures occupy a similar niche in urban environments as goblins. Additionally. and secrets that the ghouls uncover. After all. Of course. MONSTERS large cities. It is an open secret that some goblins live in hobgoblin neighborhood.that perhaps the elves themselves are no natural species. who are more inclined to live in nomadic or seminomadic tribes rather than fixed settlements. many more. or even more intelligent than elves. this terrible monster is the bane of all settlements everywhere. As a result.. many small woods were inhabited by unicors who guarded their territory fiercely against those who wished it harm. Even if slain with titanic efforts (and the wish spell). but in general the human authorities are willing to turn a blind eye to this as long as the goblins stay there. Sometimes the ghouls start entire “cults” around them. But if anyone knows the answers to these puzzles. they have many of the things that humans desire keen senses.. but at least they tend to get enough to eat and don’t have to fear getting killed by the guards. and react accordingly. or the goblins will get you!” is a common threat of mothers to their children. and most of them live under elven rule without questioning it. Goblins In most human lands. These are commonly referred to as the “sylvan races”. nymphs. in fact. only going out at night to steal and prey on the poor and careless. they have made themselves completely at home here. for many humans hunt them for the curative (and reputedly aphrodisiatic) powers of their horns. treants.. satyrs. giant eagles and owls. Tarrasque Also known as the “Ravager of Cities”. Orcs The steady advance of civilization hasn’t been kind to orcs. but now they have been pushed back beyond the fringes of the habitable regions. The Sylvan Races There are many strange and wonderful beings that dwell in the same forests as elves do . they rarely interact with the civilized settlements except during raids. abandoned cellars. where the draconic rulers give them as much (or as little) regard as humans.so could some or all of these beings have been designed as servant species? And some of these scholars whisper . pegasi. since it means an escape from the poverty of the slums in one way or another. But all of them are either too small in number. As a result. few neighboring cities appreciate it when the tarrasque moves into their territory as a result of this. good looks. elven dominance over the affairs of the forest remains unchallenged. that such a large number of different beings willingly cooperate with each other? Could it in fact be that these beings that live so much “in harmony with nature” are.when they are sure that no elves are around to hear them . Instead. They tend to live in the poorest neighborhoods or in the sewers. protection. and organize themselves loosely for mutual support. and the Eternal Storm . where their abilities (especially their aptitude for sorcery) are often appreciated. in a world where most intelligent beings are busy slaughtering each other. it only dissolves into a foul-smelling goo that renders the surrounding area uninhabitable and just reappears elsewhere a few years later. there are enough bodies or poor people who nobody misses that large numbers of ghouls can live there. Unlike the destrachan. and similar niches. and thus quite a few of them survive in sewers.. This has astonished some observers . on the other hand.after all. Most of the remaining orcish tribes can be found in the Norfjell Wastes. Most elves consider this state of affair an outrage and many young warriors have taken it upon themselves to hunt down and punish those who would dare to seek to do harm to a unicorn. they try to irritate it with ranged attacks and provoke it to move away from the population centers.

They have been seeded on various worlds and formed their own communties deep in the bowels of the earth or below the habitats of other beings without knowing their ultimate purpose. The suggestion will usually be: “There is nothing wrong with you apart from a headache. Aboleth servitor (Ex): The larval daresh automatically fails any saving throws against psionic powers manifested against them by aboleths. Brain burrow (Ex): If a larval daresh makes a successful attack against a prone living creature. The daresh will then start devouring the brain of the target. Combat: Larval daresh are almost helpless against a determined opponent. however. To this end they hide near places where larger creatures congregate and try to catch one sleeping so that they can slither into their nose. After the criminal is exe- 11. Once it is within the target’s brain. The larval stage of the daresh have only one goal: The acquisition of a host body. slimy grey worms 2 inches in length with a large mouth filled with sharp teeth. except that there is no limit to the number of questions the daresh can ask and that the target creature does not get a saving Daresh Daresh are a species of aberrations that have been created as scouts by aboleths. plus the following special qualities: Aboleth servitor (Ex): The juvenile daresh automatically fails any saving throws against psionic powers manifested against them by aboleths. the target is dead and the daresh enters the juvenile stage of its life. Creating a Juvenile Daresh “Juvenile Daresh” is a template that can be added to any living. Feats: Weapon Finesse Environment: Underground Organization: Solitary or Swarm (5-20) Challenge Rating: 1/4 Alignment: Always lawful evil. Daresh change drastically during their life cycle. doing 1 point of . Since few rich people want to see zombies walking about in broad daylight.. it slithers into the nose. zombie labor is usually used in the poorest sections of a city. and accordingly avoid direct combat at all costs.2 New Monsters damage per round and 1 point of permanent Wisdom and Intelligence damage once it arrives in the brain. Dex 10. they are nonetheless very dangerous because they look just like the host creature and can perfectly imitate it. ears. even if rushed or threatened. “death plus hard labor” is a common form of capital punishment. Zombie In some cities. Usually. Con 10. Skills: Larval daresh have a +8 racial bonus on Climb. or mouth and burrow into their brains.CHAPTER 11. touch 18. A larval daresh can always choose to take 10 on Climb or Swim checks. Juvenile Juvenile daresh are daresh that have recently (within the last two years) found a host body and eaten its brain. Cha 10 Skills: Climb +9. They will always try to catch a potential host unaware. 129 cuted. Hide. swim 10 ft. which will go away on its own eventually”. base attack bonus or saves. Will +0 Abilities: Str 2. While they are often still weak in this form. This works as the speak with dead spell. Advancement: Level Adjustment: Larval daresh look like tiny. the daresh can cast a suggestion at will against the target (DC 12). The target must succeed on a DC 15 Reflex save to get the daresh off it before it is too late (DC 20 if the target was previously unaware of the Daresh). Daresh. Int 6. Armor Class: 18 (+8 size). Size is unchanged. climb 5 ft. and thus are represented by several entries. Once either Wisdom or Intelligence reach zero. or similar orfice and burrows into the target’s brain after an additional 1d4 rounds. Wis 6. Move Silently and Swim checks. mouth. Consume memories (Ex): The juvenile daresh gains access to the memories of any creatures whose brains it has eaten. Size and Type: The creature’s type changes to aberration. (1 square). Larval Fine Aberration Hit Dice: 1/4 d8 (1 hp) Initiative: +0 Speed: 5 ft. They have attained complete access to the host’s memories and control the body like a puppet. Do not recalculate Hit Dice. Move Silently +9. and thrive in desolate areas. MONSTERS few natural predators. Ref +0. Special Attacks: Brain burrow Special Qualities: Aboleth servitor Saves: Fort +0. his body is animated and used in whatever way the government sees fit. Hide +9. adult daresh plant them directly on a captured victim. usually involving hard menial labor. causing a permanent loss of 1 point of permanent Wisdom and Intelligence damage to the target every six hours. Daresh. corporeal creature (referred to hereafter as the base creature). flat-footed 18 Base Attack/Grapple: +0/-20 Attack: Bite +8 melee (1) Full Attack: Bite +8 melee (1) Space/Reach: 1/2 ft. ear. Special Qualities: A juvenile daresh has all the special qualities of the base creature. or underground. The Great Southern Chaos is home to an especially large number of these beings. Swim +9.

Treat skills from the base creature’s list as well as Bluff as class skills. corporeal creature (referred to hereafter as the base creature). Consume memories (Ex): The elder daresh gains access to the memories of any creatures whose brains it has eaten. except that there is no limit to the number of questions the daresh can ask and that the target creature does not get a saving throw. they often make up for this by developing potent psychic powers. and round up to the next 5 ft. Cha +2. or sleep. Challenge Rating: +2 Alignment: Usually lawful evil. Adult Adult daresh have fully transformed their host body into something capable of housing their vast intellect. and other skills as cross-class. Special Qualities: An adult daresh has all the special qualities of the base creature. base attack bonus or saves. plus the following special qualities: Aboleth servitor (Ex): The elder daresh automatically fails any saving throws against psionic powers manifested against them by aboleths. Level Adjustment: +4 The brain cases of elder daresh have swollen so much that their bodies have great difficulties in supporting their weight. except that there is no limit to the number of questions the daresh can ask and that the target creature does not get a saving throw. and as a result they prefer to spend most of their time sitting. Do not include Hit Dice from class levels in this calculation . Do not include Hit Dice from class levels in this calculation . What they crave instead is recog- . Elder daresh usually live to an age of 150 years. Skills: An adult daresh gains skill points as an aberration and has skill points equal to (2 + Int modifier) x (HD + 3). Treat skills from the base creature’s list as well as Bluff as class skills. Dex +2. Treat skills from the base creature’s list as well as Bluff as class skills. Level Adjustment: +2 Daresh.CHAPTER 11. While many lesser breeds of Fair Folk have made themselves home in the material world. This gives them a definition of self which allows them to interact with other beings. and gains the normal amount of skill points for its class levels. grey slime. their brain cases burst and reveal 50-100 new larval daresh. Daresh are usually considered “Adult” until they have reached an age of approximately one hundred years. base attack bonus or saves. Abilities: Increase from the base creature as follows: Int +2. Skills: A juvenile daresh gains skill points as an aberration and has skill points equal to (2 + Int modifier) x (HD + 3). others especially the most powerful ones . Special Qualities: An elder daresh has all the special qualities of the base creature. While they now can no longer hide among members of the host creature’s species. Speed: Divide the creature’s speeds by half. Abilities: Increase from the base creature as follows: Str +2. Creating an Adult Daresh “Elder Daresh” is a template that can be added to any living. though many of them do all these things from time to time. with some even turning to undeath to avoid it. but their massive mental powers ensure that they are usually in control of any daresh communities. Creating an Adult Daresh “Adult Daresh” is a template that can be added to any living. Skills: An elder daresh gains skill points as an aberration and has skill points equal to (2 + Int modifier) x (HD + 3). This works as the speak with dead spell. which makes it impossible to mistake the daresh for an ordinary member of the host species. Cha +4.the juvenile daresh gains aberration skill points only for its racial Hit Dice. Cha +8. At this point. and other skills as cross-class. and gains the normal amount of skill points for its class levels. All Fair Folk come into being as immaterial beings without form or thought. Armor Class: Natural armor improves by +2 (this stacks with any natural armor bonus the base creature has). Armor Class: Natural armor improves by +4 (this stacks with any natural armor bonus the base creature has). They need neither food. The brain case is visibly swollen to twice its size. usually gaining levels in the psion (telepath) class. Elder 130 Daresh.the juvenile daresh gains aberration skill points only for its racial Hit Dice. Wis +2. Size is unchanged. Size is unchanged. Abilities: Increase from the base creature as follows: Str +4. Challenge Rating: +1 Alignment: Usually lawful evil. Int +8. Do not recalculate Hit Dice. Size and Type: The creature’s type changes to aberration.. They might not be very mobile. many elder daresh try to delay this fate. Not surprisingly. Fair Folk are immortal. Consume memories (Ex): The adult daresh gains access to the memories of any creatures whose brains it has eaten.only rarely emerge from Faerie.the juvenile daresh gains aberration skill points only for its racial Hit Dice. Dex -2. Level Adjustment: +6 Fair Folk Fair Folk are extradimensional entities from the plane of Faerie. Challenge Rating: +4 Alignment: Usually lawful evil. Con +2. and gains the normal amount of skill points for its class levels. corporeal creature (referred to hereafter as the base creature). drink. plus the following special qualities: Aboleth servitor (Ex): The adult daresh automatically fails any saving throws against psionic powers manifested against them by aboleths. To truly exist in a manner recognizeable by humans. and it also defines their appearance and powers. with various braces relieving the pressure on their bodies. Wis +4. and other skills as cross-class. they must take on a form inspired by the creatures of other world. This works as the speak with dead spell. Size and Type: The creature’s type changes to aberration. MONSTERS throw. and the host’s skin is now covered with a disgusting. Do not include Hit Dice from class levels in this calculation . Int +4. Do not recalculate Hit Dice. Con +4.

summon nature’s ally I 5-6 Dominate animal. Dex +4. and the rare pure ones are a true testament to the power of Sarush’s blood and the natural born leaders of all surathi. the surathi are capable of breeding with a frightfully large range of creatures. but apart from an ability to learn psychic powers. though individuals who show exceptional promise might be elevated in the eyes of their betters. HD 6 to 10. and vermin. Creating Fair Folk “Fair Folk” is a template that can be added to any giant. summon nature’s ally VIII 15-16 Whirlwind 17-18 Control plants 19-20 Animal shapes Special Qualities: A Fair Folk creature has all the special qualities of the base creature. For example. as base creature +2. A Fair Folk creature uses all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here. Lesser brethen are the most common “true” surathi. These four types are treated as templates that can be added to the following creature types: Animal. there are what could be considered distinct “races” among Fair Folk. MONSTERS nition. One curious aspect of the Fair Folk is that they can never go back on a word they give. . Do not recalculate the creature’s Hit Dice.Fair Folk are incredibly adept at honoring the words of a promise while completely circumventing its spirit. humanoid. HD 11 or more. Con +2. corporeal creature similar to terrestrial animals (with similiar reproductive processes) . Treat skills from the base creature’s list as class skills. base attack bonus. Other combinations are possible .in general. Unless otherwise noted.they gain recognition either way. Their sense of self is all that holds their form together. Int +2. Surathi Thin-blooded Thin-blooded usually have the lowest status among surathi communities. and as such being constantly in the mind of others reaffirms their existence. Spell-Like Abilities: A Fair Folk creature with an Intelligence or Wisdom score of 8 or higher has two or more spell-like abilities.The natural weapons of a Fair Folk creature are treated as magic weapons for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. the creature must have evolved on Rothea. It should be noted that Fair Folk humans are relatively rare. . giant. Mortals trying to take advantage of this should beware. Size is unchanged.Fair Folk are incapable of breaking the letter of a promise they give. monstrous humanoid. Able to interbreed with any terrestrial creature. oozes. Armor Class: Natural armor improves by +1 (this stacks with any natural armor bonus the base creature has).though any outsider that is capable of interbreeding with humans (such as many demons and devils) is eligible as well. fey. plants.Damage Reduction: 5/cold iron (if HD 11 or less) or 10/cold iron (if HD 12 or more). and other skills as cross-class. These beings usually have distinct names. Being polite to them and appealing to their egos is a better way of attaining their favors than agreeing to a deal. an ability is usable once per day. speak with animals 3-4 Fog.Immunity to disease. dragon. Alignment: Usually as base creature. depending on its Hit Dice. Favored ones are often visibly different from the lesser species that spawned them. If they should accidentally break it. HD Abilities 1-2 Faerie fire 3/day. presumably because humans are so common and so varied that looking like one does not provide the Fair Folk with a strong sense of self-definition. but often chaotic (any). Challenge Rating: HD 5 or less. and the save DC is Charisma-based. though an individual member of the Fair Folk will usually adopt a specific role and stick to it. They rule in the Snake Kingdoms. . Skills: A Fair Folk creature gains skill points as a fey and has skill points equal to (6 + Int modifier) x (HD + 3). beast.Darkvision out to 60 feet. Since they are indistinguishable from normal members of . . treat them as under the effect of a geas spell. Size and Type: The creature’s type changes to fey. All in all. however . The creature also must be living. who are distinguished by how thick the blood of Sarush flows in their veins. Surathi The Surathi (singular Surat) are the mortal progeny of the deity Sarush. and they are often significantly more powerful than their nonsurathi ancestors.Spell resistance equal to creature’s HD +10 (maximum 35). Fair Folk elves are called “sidhe”. Abilities: Increase from the base creature as follows: Str +2. they are unaffected. but their kind can be found hidden in the underbellies of cities in many regions There are four types of Surathi. 131 . Do not include Hit Dice from class levels in this calculation . Since they ape beings from the material world. or else they will suffer immensely as their very sense of self begins to break up.this excludes creatures such as constructs. they have infiltrated many bloodlines and given them psychic powers and vast intellects . Whether they are loved as friends and saints or feared as dark tyrants does not matter .the Fair Folk creature gains fey skill points only for its racial Hit Dice. . and vermin type creature (referred to hereafter as the “base creature”). or saves. monstrous humanoid. speak with plants 9-10 Tree stride 11-12 wind walk 13-14 Control winds. Level Adjustment: Same as base creature +4. and most elementals outsiders as well . although the boundaries between them are far more fluid than among mortal races. as indicated on the table below. The thin-blooded carry the surathi heritage in them. and gains the normal amount of skill points for its class levels. Caster level equals the creature’s HD.but tainted them with a cursed heritage and a disposition towards evil. plant. plus the following special qualities. Wis +2. as base creature +1. magical beast. and no one is sure how far their taint has already spread. as base creature + 3. and the undead. humanoid. Fair Folk halflings are called “brownies”. and Fair Folk goblins are called “redcaps”. tree shape 7-8 Freedom of movement.CHAPTER 11. The abilities are cumulative. which excludes extraterrestrial creatures such as destrachan and yrthak. Cha +6.

While at first glance they seem to be a typical member of the base creature’s species. 132 Surathi Powers: Lesser brethen are strengthened by both the blood of Sarush in their veins and their mixed ancestry. Surathi Lesser Brethen Lesser brethen are the most common of the “true surathi”. Surathi Powers: Favored ones are strengthened by both the blood of Sarush in their veins and their mixed ancestry. surathi blood) seen as “blessed”. though the species of the base creature is still recognizeable. skin discoloration. the pure ones are their undisputed rulers. though the traits of one will usually predominate. Therefore the favored ones usually fill out very comfortable positions near the top of the local power structures. He or she can also develop the new psionic powers Sarush’s fruitful loins (if male) or Sarush’s bountiful womb (if female). this “beast cult” will eventually be self-sustaining. feathers and more freely mix. Special: For all effects related to race or species. primitive tribes of humanoids and establish themselves as tribal animal totems. Challenge Rating: Same as base creature +1 Level Adjustment: Same as base creature +1 Alignment: Often evil (any) Advancement: By character class Surathi Favored Ones Favored ones are clearly marked by their tainted blood. others strike on their own and try to establish their own small surathi communities. In the latter cases. a favored one can take levels in a psychic class. Outside the Snake Kingdoms. they also serve as perfect spies and infiltrators. a thinblooded can take levels in a psychic class. Their appearance incorporates traits of many species. let alone non-surathi. the thin-blooded is considered to be both a sulrathi and a member of the base creature’s species.an odd patch of fur or scales. MONSTERS their parent species. Pure ones are the rulers of the Snake Kingdoms. but not enough to make them truly powerful. These groups often take on religious or cultish aspects.CHAPTER 11. having been sired by a surathi parent and then abandoned.or because they have been exiled or fear for their lives.too few to run their realms on their own. Special: For all effects related to race or species. If the lesser brethen also has offspring with other members of his own animal species. Creating a Lesser Brethen “Lesser brethen” is a template that can be added to any of the creatures listed above (referred to hereafter as the “base creature”). Special: For all effects related to race or species. This results in a steep rise of tribe members with surathi blood. He or she can also develop the new psionic powers Sarush’s fruitful loins (if male) or Sarush’s bountiful womb (if female). Usually. Fur. They may also take up to two weaknesses to gain an additional power. but these are few . Psionics: Unlike most terrestrial creatures. and often several blatantly unnatural changes to the creature’s appearance. with the Lesser Brethen as the father or mother of the whole group. it will be obvious that they are no longer a normal member of the base creature’s species . Favored Class: A favored one can take either the psion or psychic warrior class as his favored class instead of the normal favored class of the base creature. Creating a Thin-blooded “Thin-blooded” is a template that can be added to any of the creatures listed above (referred to hereafter as the “base creature”). While many lesser brethen are willing to stay in the Snake Kingdoms where they can be sure that they at least aren’t at the bottom of the social order (this being reserved for the thin-blooded and the slaves). with those members who are able to display psychic powers (and thus. This choice must be made at character creation and is permanent. Lesser surathi. They have been blessed with some of the powers of the blood of Sarush. the favored one is considered to be both a sulrathi and a member of the base creature’s species. One popular trick among lesser brethen of animal ancestry is to seek out small. there is always a sign of their mixed heritage . Psionics: Unlike most terrestrial creatures. if not exactly at the top. many thin-blooded exist who are completely unaware of a heritage. They may also take up to four weaknesses to gain up to two additional powers. Psionics: Unlike most terrestrial creatures. with more and more sulrathi appearing among both humanoids and animals. scales. Unless disguised. Favored Class: A thin-blooded can take either the psion or psychic warrior class as his favored class instead of the normal favored class of the base creature. Favored Class: A lesser brethen can take either the psion or psychic warrior class as his favored class instead of the normal favored class of the base creature.there is at least one. They can select up to five powers from the Surathi Powers list. He or she can also develop the new psionic powers Sarush’s fruitful loins (if male) or Sarush’s bountiful womb (if female). Those who do leave only do so for specific missions . Creating a Favored One “Favored one” is a template that can be added to any of the creatures listed above (referred to hereafter as the “base creature”). a lesser brethen can take levels in a psychic class. Favored ones are respected enough in the Snake Kingdoms that few wish to leave. To be sure. and they will try to maintain the . Challenge Rating: Same as base creature +2 Level Adjustment: Same as base creature +2 Alignment: Usually evil (any) Advancement: By character class Surathi Pure Ones The pure ones are the obvious inheritors of Sarush’s might. and their lesser relatives cater to their every whim. cannot help but be intimidated when gazing on these monstrosities. the thin-blooded is considered to be both a surathi and a member of the base creature’s species. This choice must be made at character creation and is permanent. they often engage in the same cult-building behaviour that the lesser brethen favor. They can select up to ten powers from the Surathi Powers list. the lesser brethen establishes a ritualized copulation between the brethen and tribesmembers who are of the opposite gender as a rite of adulthood (made possible by the Sarush’s fruitful loins or Sarush’s bountiful womb psychic powers). This choice must be made at character creation and is permanent. Only the most dire emergencies or the most pressing needs will make them leave their courts. slitted eyes or a forked tongue.

CHAPTER 11. +4 for favored ones. any special attack or quality found among the creatures sulrathi can interbreed with that is based on purely biological functions could be found among individual sulrathi as well. Con. Add half the character’s Strength bonus (round down) to the damage. cold. • Quadrupedal: The surat may use his hands for feet. he should veto any powers he considers abusive in case of sulrathi PCs. Tiny 1d3. He cannot use a weapon or most equipment with them. or something similar) instead of legs. • Blind: The surat cannot see. In this case. Bite attacks are at -5 to the attack bonus. This might represent “vision” based on other senses.in theory. It also decreases the damage of natural attacks. trips. Use the 133 following damage: Fine 1. and six times for pure ones. The surat may also take a number of weaknesses to gain additional powers. giving him +10 feet to his base speed. • Blindsight: The surat gains the blindsight special quality. four times for favored ones. This increases Str. and so on. and at the very least should let powerful special abilities such as regeneration cost the equivalent of several “normal” powers. • Scent: The surat gains the scent special quality. They can select up to fifteen powers from the Surathi Powers list. Colossal 3d6. Huge 2d6. Creating a Pure One “Pure one” is a template that can be added to any of the creatures listed above (referred to hereafter as the “base creature‘”). Add the character’s full Strength bonus to the base damage. Surathi Powers: Pure ones are strengthened by both the blood of Sarush in their veins and their mixed ancestry. this power may be taken as often as necessary to bring the total ability bonus to +2 for lesser brethen. Note: In case of creatures with no base Intelligence. They may also take up to six weaknesses to gain up to three additional powers. though he gains the blind fight feat for free. . and three times for pure ones.such as ”No Fine Manipulators” with most animals. Use the full attack bonus for both claw attacks. MONSTERS utmost secrecy as long as they are away from their armies and hordes of bodyguards. Note: It is possible to take both the Blind weakness and the Blindsight power. • Resistance to Energy: The surat’s energy resistance to a certain type of energy (such as acid. He or she can also develop the new psionic powers Sarush’s fruitful loins (if male) or Sarush’s bountiful womb (if female). or electricity) improves by +5. such as vermin. This may be taken up to twice for lesser brethen. such as the echolocation of a bat. fire. Unarmed attacks now do the following base damage: Diminuitive 1. Favored Class: A pure one can take either the psion or psychic warrior class as his favored class instead of the normal favored class of the base creature. Small 1d3. This decreases Str. the pure one is considered to be both a sulrathi and a member of the base creature’s species. Psionics: Unlike most terrestrial creatures. Medium 1d4. and +6 for pure ones. • Size Decrease: The surat is one size category smaller than the base creature. and increases Dex and gives a Size bonus to attacks and AC in the usual way. twice for favored ones. Large 1d6. Small 1d4. It also increases the damage of natural attacks. • Trample: The surat gains the trample special attack. Gargantuan 2d6. Tiny 1d2. He may not carry anything in his hands to do so. However. Gargantuan 3d6. • Fangs: The surat gains a bite attack as a secondary attack. This may be increased further up to the usual maximum. • No Fine Manipulators: The surat’s hands are incapable of fine manipulation (like a paw). Large 1d8. Note that you cannot take a weakness that the base creature already has . Con. Note: This is merely a small sample of the possible sulrathi powers . Each two weaknesses taken from the list grant him an additional power. a pure one can take levels in a psychic class. The game master is therefore encouraged to make up new powers. • Ability penalty: -2 to any ability. • Increased speed: Add 10 feet to the surat’s base speed. This counts as two weaknesses. which it can use in addition to any claw or weapon attacks when making a full attack. Special: For all effects related to race or species. This may be taken up to once for each ability for lesser brethen. • Claws: The surat gains two claw attacks it can use when making a full attack. • Aquatic: The character can swim through water with his normal base speed. Challenge Rating: Same as base creature +3 Level Adjustment: Same as base creature +3 Alignment: Usually evil (any) Advancement: By character class Surathi Powers Surathi may select a number of powers depending on their template. Diminuitive 1d2. This choice must be made at character creation and is permanent. • Size Increase: The surat is one size category larger than the base creature. • Natural Armor: The base creature’s natural armor bonus increases by +1. and decreases Dex and gives a Size penalty to attacks and AC in the usual way. Choose from the list below: • Ability Bonus: +2 to any ability. Colossal 4d6. • No Legs: The character has a snake tail (or flippers. Medium 1d6. and natural armor. This also increases his carrying capacity and gives him a bonus against bull rushes. Huge 1d8. • Water-breathing: The surat can breathe water as if it was air. taking this power once gives the creature an Intelligence penalty of -8 (or a base intelligence of 2). The exception is when the base creature starts out with a negative ability modifier (has a base ability value of less than 10). and natural armor.

from thinblooded to pure ones. male surathi are encouraged to father as many children as possible to spread their kind. The resulting offspring will be of the same basic species as you are. the surathi must learn and use one of the following psionic powers: Sarush’s Bountiful Womb Psychometabolism (Str) Level: Psion 4. this often leads to incestous pairings. isolated communities with a low number of surathi.CHAPTER 11. but if it or its descendants should turn out to be true sulrathi. though the former is more likely if the thin-blooded has a higher concentration of surathi blood. Note: This power may only be learned and used by female surathi. • Reduced Armor: The base creature’s natural armor decreases by -1. . Sarush’s Fruitful Loins Psychometabolism (Str) Level: Psion 2. MONSTERS • No Manipulators: The surat doesn’t have any functional hands or similar organs at all. Note: This power may only be learned and used by male surathi. In small. you are able to conceive offspring with a male member of a single species of a type that surathi are generally capable of interbreeding with (see above). share traits of your base species. the resulting offspring will always be a thin-blooded. He can only manipulate objects by pushing them with his body or pulling them with his teeth. If a thin-blooded produces offspring with a non-surat. on the other hand. Thin-blooded breeding with other thin-blooded may produce anything from normal creatures to pure ones. Psychic Warrior 4 Display: Ol Manifestation Time: 1 action Range: Personal Target: You Duration: 1 hour/level or until end of pregnancy Power Points: 7 For the duration of the power. The resulting offspring will be of the same basic species as the mother. Female surathi. True surathi breeding with other sulrathi may usually produce any type of sulrathi. Note: Again. and a favored one breeding with another favored one will at least produce a lesser brethen. In general. and any creature that that base creature is capable of interbreeding with (so a sulrathi closely related to humans could also have offspring with orcs or elves). the resulting offspring may be either a thin-blooded or a normal member of the partner’s species. If necessary. but if it or its descendants should turn out to be true surathi. if a “true surat” (lesser brethen or above) produces offspring with a non-surat. your body will undergo minor physiological adjustments. Surathi Reproduction Surathi are always capable of producing offspring with the normal creature (the “base creature” mentioned in the templates). though the creature must not differ in more than one size category from you and may not be smaller than Small. In general. you are able to sire offspring with a male member of a single species of a type that surathi are generally capable of interbreeding with (see above). This counts as two weaknesses. though the creature must not differ in more than one size category from you and may not be smaller than Small. • Reduced Speed: Decrease the base speed of the surat by 10 feet. though a pure one’s offspring will at least have the breed of his partner. though the latter is very rare and usually only possible if both of them have many surathi ancestors. share traits of the father’s species. the GM is encouraged to come up with new weaknesses and prohibit any he considers unbalancing in the case of PC surathi. Psychic Warrior 2 Display: Ol Manifestation Time: 1 action Range: Personal Target: You Duration: 1 hour/level or until end of pregnancy Power Points: 3 134 For the duration of the power. are encouraged to breed with the surathi of the highest breed available so that they might produce high-breed offspring. For any different pairing.

is welcome. and experts dominate. the leaders of the Astromantic Society remain confident that a large number of humans (and other civilized races) will escape the coming catastrophe. While it will probably be impossible to save every human in 1627. but few have succeeded. One of these diviners . We taught your species well in that regard. Their activities include spell research. and in 1245. Wizards. or who have dark designs for Rothea on their own. Accurate copies of the transcripts of his visions are still highly sought after (though these are increasingly hard to find amidst the many forgeries in circulation).was Durgoth of Byblos. It is a never-ending. vicious cycle. Waite: Collected Interviews with Denizens of the Infernal Realms 12. Many of the researchers have little scruples when it comes to their experiments.Subject “Poisontongue”. and his prophecies almost invariable turn out to be true. but this is seen as ultimately unsatisfying . sorcerers. Some claim that he meditated on the top of the Tower of Horag for five years. After this announcement. but they have chapters in many cities and several thriving and rapidly expanding colonies on other planets.1 The Athanatos Club Immortality has been a dream as old as humanity. Many members try to turn themselves into free willed undead once they feel old age approaching. The declared purpose of this society was the exploration and eventual colonization of other planets. some not . not undeath. Eventually. and chasing down any rumors about alleged immortals. .some voluntary.they want the experience life. But others took him seriously. and the Lands of the Dead.. 12. This deeply troubled him.they only show possible futures. but everyone who believes in their common goal and has something to contribute . but the truth of this matter is unknown.operating in the open where they can. the Parginian Rim. while powerful. no matter what. and he withdrew from society to study this problem. alchemy. Many people have tried to cheat death. and there was nothing that could be done to prevent this. who resent being colonized.often end up in a state worse than death. and it is rumored that they have powerful patrons among the city’s rulers. though the accuracy of these visions is always in doubt . and the strong conspire to keep the weak down.. Today.2 The Astromantic Society It is well known that some mighty spells can peer into the future. But the members of the Athanatos Club are determined to reach this goal. and if the diviner is willing and able to act on them. and their undead members. Today the weak conspire to become strong. Their headquarters are in the Flannish city of Praxus. though maybe not in precisely the way the reader expects.” . not certain ones.. are usually pitied rather than respected. many people ridiculed him openly. and the test subjects . as well as access to one of the nexus towers in the city.Chapter 12 Organizations Humans conspire. A. Only very experienced and wise diviners can thus predict the future with anything resembling accuracy. When the first primitive barbarian won leadership of his tribe through brute force. his less powerful competitors conspired to topple him again. they tend to become very unreliable indeed. in E. in the shadows where they can’t. What is known is that he reappeared in 1237 and proclaimed his conclusions to society at large: The world of Rothea was doomed to destruction in the year of 1627 NA through some unknown means. and others refused to think about events that might or might not happen nearly four hundred years in the future. and wealthy merchants came together in Bodenwald to found the Astromantic Society. Mostly based in the Flannish Cities. medical sciences. the Athanatos Club consists of some of the wealthiest members of their respective societies.possibly the best seer ever to appear among the humans . wizards. But most cities in these regions have a chapter house .. 135 Durgoth lived in the 13th century NA and often peered centuries into the future. a group of notable scholars. Bodenwald still serves as their headquarters. the Society has become large and influential.even if it is only money . It is in your very nature. Durgoth encountered a phenomena during his divinations that has come to be called Durgoth’s Wall: Even his mightiest spells failed to peer further into the future than the year 1627 NA. Society members frequently clash with the natives of other planets. Humanity’s only hope of survival was moving to other worlds and planets.

3 The Children of Mercy Orphanages Too often. most druids feel nothing but hatred for the rich and powerful of modern urban society. While magic that is capable of bringing back the dead is fairly easily available to anyone who can afford it. and they cannot simply be bribed into casting it. on the other hand. many of these who approached them were some of the most influential people of the region.it has become standard practice that anyone who betrays . It doesn’t help that many of the people who ask them for help are the same people who despoil nature as a part of their normal businesses. And indeed. and the mother dies during childbirth (still fairly common among the lower classes). the druids should demand favors for this service. When they reach adulthood and leave the orphanages. Perhaps the father is unknown or dead.dead or alive . Merely human children. But behind this friendly facade hides a terrible secret.the merchants. As a result. and as a result these children are often adopted by rich and unsuspecting parents or else become successful on their own later in life . Its approximately 20 druidic members meet periodically near the Fields of Harrow. but the hold over their lives is powerful . After all. there is something that druids have that is of interest to many of these same rich people: The ability to cast the reincarnate spell. and any druids who dare to stand in their way are killed as often as not. are given all the education and support to make it in civilized society. they had a few noteworthy successes over the years. the Parginian Rim.will be well rewarded. druids regard such use of this spell as a perversion of nature.5 The Circle of the Crumbling Tower 12. The most well known orphanages founded by private charities are the Children of Mercy Orphanages. These can be anthing from fairly enlightened places where these children learn an useful trade that might make them somewhat respected members of society some day. And most people would rather die than give in to threats that would make them help the enemies of their faith. These are soon secretly sent to the Snake Kingdoms where they can live and be educated in the way of their kin. and its members are frequently away from its Rondhaven headquarters to explore strange and distant lands for their even stranger The druidic faith as a whole is under retreat. The rulers and merchants of the city-states do their best to divide the receding wilderness among themselves. Thus it is possible to prolong one’s life span almost indefinietly with repeated application of this spell. suffer abuse from their thin-blooded betters and are frequently mentally dominated by the psychic surathi. keep it in business and at least semi-respectability. Instead of allowing themselves to be bribed for this spell. These are almost universally lauded for taking in any children and making them valuable members of society. children wind up as orphans. Every time they are visited. these spells are incapable of bringing someone back who died of old age. None of the druids really trust these people. But in 1387 NA.4 The Cryptozoological Society The world is home to an astoundingly large number of bizarre creatures. And so. he argued. Unfortunately for such would-be immortals. unlike many clerics. they will usually have lost all free will and become fanatical followers and agents of a surat. While the reincarnate spell has to abide by this limit as well. Many orphanages exist in the Known Lands that take these children in. The Cryptozoological Society is dedicated to finding and catalogueing all of them. and that. they wouldn’t be able to get reincarnated in the future! Many druids considered his ideas to be blasphemous. Their taking in outcast children is motivated by their desire to find as many of the scattered surathi that can be found across the Known Lands and who are usually unaware of their dark heritage. Anyone who can bring them new and unusual animal or plant species .or even common sense. and their power could easily be used to further the druids’ agenda. Still. to dirty hellholes where the children are abused in the worst ways and often forced into a life of crime by those who are supposed to shelter them. but in recent decades many have been founded by private charities. Or perhaps the child is born with obvious deformities and the parents cast it out rather than having to live with the shame. and even rumors and tales of encounters with such creatures might be compensated if the narrator strikes a member as trustworthy. on the other hand. most of which can be found in the Flannish Cities. and many of their field researchers are too quick to label rumors as “facts”.thus increasing the frequency of surathi blood in the upper levels of society. ORGANIZATIONS 136 inhabitants. Thinblooded children. as well as its popular “Cryptozoological Annual” puplication. a surprising number of children born with deformities turn out to be surathi lesser brethen. but are often abroad to check their city-based “charges” . nobles. and the League of Armach. and more varieties are discovered every year. 12. They have been the victims of elaborate hoaxes more than once. The fact that one is usually reincarnated as a member of a different species is a small price to pay for those who are desperate to stave off old age. or the parents simply cannot afford to raise it and abandon it. but others saw their merit. The oldest are usually run by organized religions (most notably the Church of Thenos). and other rich and influential people who sold out their freedom in exchange for a stab at immortality. A surprising number of city councillors and other influental people have been raised in these institutions. the Circle of the Crumbling Tower was founded. for these orphanages have been founded and are run by surathi thin-blooded. The Society is infamous in scientific circles for frequently letting enthusiasm get in the way of careful research . they are seen as clean and orderly. And if they didn’t keep their word. it is capable of reincarnating anyone else into the body of a young adult. 12. Still. and these and their friends and allies often help with new funds and the creation of new orphanages. and the children seem happy and well-fed.CHAPTER 12. a young druid named Garin had an idea.

8 The Gemeinschaftsbank Run by the gnomish Guldenberg family. They engange in a vile and perverse game: They try to get ordinary. others are all too willing to use them as a source of minions and spies. but for now remains committed to the current path. As a result. changing building plans to reduce the efficiency of nexus towers.6 Dragon Cults A large number of extemely diverse groups. demons and devils and other vile things lurk and scheme to corrupt all of humanity. One question whose answer has eluded these scholars so far is whether this Cosmic Evil existed fist and tempted man to wicked ways. it is well known that there are planes of existence connected to Cosmic Evil. away from a pure and innocent existence. But often this not only costs them a lot in money and resources. including magical effects and items that falsely hint at their alleged demonic nature. but anyone who constantly makes excuses for not doing anything to further the druidic cause will earn their displeasure. but his body is hidden and his finances ruined so that he is certain to stay dead.they have no occult powers over the victim’s soul. Thus. Its members compete both for the highest number of contracts they acquire and for the “quality” of their victims (the more noble and respected their victims are before their fall. and they usually will listen to the advice of their charges (after all.especially if they have fallen in disfavor (and thus have to flee to another region). as one of their members blows the whistle on them to curry favor with the druids. and bored out of their minds. but even hinders their own business efforts. They do not care for the many lives they have destroyed.but it is likely that he will have to do so soon. they have nothing to loose by acting evil and spreading misery on their own. Their modus operandi usually goes this: They appear as a gentleman stranger to an ordinary. Most druidic handlers are willing to cancel an operation if the risks of discovery seem too great. Here. 12.favors which seem innocent at first. Instead. and mostly retire from public view so that their true form doesn’t become public knowledge. Usually they are founded by a charismatic sorcerer or half-dragon and break apart after the leader’s death.to pressure him to give in to them. since this would cause him to loose some of his personal power . and are desperate to please their handlers with reports of progress. The aged Garin1 . Most invest in illusion or polymorph magic. always presenting themselves as the only ones who can help him. They use their vast wealth liberally to help them in their role of “demonic tempters”. or if their draconic ancestor has died and they are left without a patron. These cults are especially common in the regions around the Desert of Thunder. To scholars interested in matters of the arcane.in exchange for his soul. These contracts are fake . the better). most charges come up with ideas on their own. 137 12. who still leads the circle. several charges conspire to keep their common druidic handlers ignorant.someone who is reasonably well off. All that matters is their entertainment. The reaction of actual dragons towards these cults ranges from amusement to contempt. all they represent is a morbid trophy for the Fate Club member who acquired it. but not so well off that he could afford to hire powerful magical protection or investigators. ORGANIZATIONS the circle is not only killed. the Gemeinschaftsbank is the largest financial institution in the Known Lands. and new ones are being recruited on a regular basis. sending bandits to waylay trains. but which soon demand greater and greater deeds of wickedness. dragon cults have in common that they center around the worship of dragons as divine or semi-divine beings. privileged.7 The Fate Club 12. but after a few of these favors they will demand favors in return . It is famous for its neutrality and its refusal to talk about its customers. There are now several merchant houses which are now lead by someone reincarnated into the body of a young orc or kobold! The circle has now about a hundred charges. and many other dirty deeds. It will do business with anyone who has wealth to store. . and is willing to do everything it takes to keep the wealth safe and secure. or even the multiverse. although while many dragons simply ignore them. Sometimes.financial or otherwise .destroying crops. They need to remain in the favor of the druids. and if one of these proves unable to 1 Garin has not yet subjected himself to a reincarnation spell. the few nonmembers who have learned of the Fate Club strongly suspect the latter. respected citizen . most dependants of the circle are extremely paranoid about whom they trust. The members of the Fate Club consists exclusively of those who rich. Those who have already been reincarnated face an additional problem: They have to explain their now different appearance somehow. However. and the fate of the many people who believe that since their souls are doomed. innocent people to sell them their souls.and thus allegedly condemns it to eternal damnation. This vicious cycle continues until they are tell the victim that they are willing to do away with all his problems . worries about the risk of discovery. or whether the evil evident in these places is only an echo and reflection of the inherent base nature of humanity. many of their half-dragon descendants see these cults as an easy way to gain influence over others . and that usually means sabotaging the orderly functioning of a city-state in some way . The people who have sold out to the druids are in a precarious situation. They do not hesitate to use their influence behind the scenes to put their victims into dire straits . They will do this person a few minor favors.CHAPTER 12. While the dragons prefer simple obedienve over worship in their own domain. but these conspiracies are often betrayed from within. The victim has to sign a contract in blood which signs over his soul . they know little of the working of a city). It will also loan money to governments and rich merchants alike.

as most believe that human souls are simply reincarnated into new bodies.while some prefer to organize peaceful protests and strikes. They agreed to cooperate in establishing a new empire with themselves at the top . such groups can in some circumstances spend more time and effort on fighting each other than their “oppressors”. But while the days of enslavement to the whims of nobles were indeed gone. Others develop destructive spells or more technical methods of causing large-scale damage. and how far their influence reaches. Secondary cells are presecuted harshly whenever the local authorities can find them. One is which living beings actually house “real” souls. while others still claim that all living beings are chained souls. others try to sabotage the local infrastructure or assassinate authority figures.vowed to not make the same mistakes again.CHAPTER 12. despite a few nonhuman members of the society. Some insist that only humans have true souls. They often differ in their methods . hoping to create a “hole” in the illusion that they might slip through (this kind of activity often causes the society to be persecuted by the authorities). but rebellions were already common throughout his territory. Thus. since his harsh measures resulted in a large number of people who had nothing to loose in opposing him . certificates made out of paper and made proof from forgery through nexus tower-powered variants of arcane marks. but by subverting the existing order until society was willing to accept them as their legitimate rulers! They have plotted ever since. who came from the merchant class and other wealthy families. ORGANIZATIONS pay the interest. this society believes that the whole world is nothing more than a gigantic illusion created by a powerful entity (usually called “Ixios the Chainer” in the texts of the society) to keep the souls of living beings imprisoned. and while each group has its own names. soon aped the life styles of the nobles who came before them and exploited the poor as much as they could. the new city councils proclaimed their citizens liberated from oppres- After Negroth the Doombringer met his fate and his dark empire collapsed. Because of their vast differences in their way of operating.for if people believe that there are higher powers out there that help them. they concluded that the fact that his rule was supported by fear and terror alone was one of the problems. three of his surviving lieutnants met in secret to discuss just where his ambitions had gone wrong.they . And some try to convince as many people as possible of their beliefs. as they think that the illusion of the prison will be dispelled once enough people stop in believing in it. whatever they might be. and which are illusory and thus ultimately minions of the Chainer. The Gurions are noted for their disdain for clerics and priests of all sorts. 12.concluded that even if he hadn’t killed. ultimately he was killed when he was ambushed by a force of powerful paladins and their companions. There are quite a few philosophical differences within the group that are constantly argued by its members. The new rulers. they usually aquire shares of businesses or otherwise increase their influence in various organizations or governments.but one not won by conquest. However. in the hope of finding a way of freeing themselves. if not the rest of humanity. These have already proven to be quite popular with merchants and other people who handle large amounts of money on a regular basis. Another problem was that he encouraged his subordinates to plot against each other to rise in position (to prevent them from focussing their energies on replacing him).conquer the world. Yes.each a powerful undead in his own right . Recently. enlightened government should take. 138 sion. a famed mystic who preached the group’s basic tenets in the Gawaris Desert more than a millennium ago. The three . leading to large-scale inefficiency in the use of his resources. Out of necessity. gradually rebuilding their power base and spreading their influence. if unwitting ones . his realm would have collapsed in a matter of years anyway.and plenty of reasons to hate him. Members of this society thus try to break out of this “prison” at all costs so that the souls of humanity can be free to fulfill their “true destinies”. Some concentrate on studying mystic texts and improving their arcane knowledge. After intense discussions and review of his campaigns lasting several years. These can be redeemed at any Gemeinschaftsbank office for a certain amount of coins in the local currency. and because of philosophical differences what kind of form the new. numerous groups came into existence to fight the new oppressors of the people. and that usually keeps them united against their common foe. and some began calling for a second Liberation War that would sweep away the new oppressors and bring true change. These former lieutnants . they have started to issue bank notes. But most people would be shocked to learn how wealthy this family of gnomes really is. they are less likely to see the truth as the Gurions see it. these groups must operate in small cells and use lots of code names and pass words to avoid detection by the authorities.whose ambitions were scarcely less than that of Negroth . Others extend this to all sapient beings. as they tend to believe that these are ultimately servants of the Chainer. They control many powerful organizations from behind the scenes and have a large number of unwitting allies. gaining power in itself is not their only goal .10 Secondaries When the Flannish Liberation War ended. Many veterans and workers were disappointed with this turn of events. 12. Another question is what should be done to break out of this prison. Still.9 The Gurions Named after Gurion.11 The Triumvirate 12. Some wits have claimed that the Gemeinschaftsbank will do with money what all past empires have been unable to do with their armies . they are collectively called the Secondaries because of this desire. Also common is a disregard for human lives among even many of the more benevolent members of the group. new forms of economic oppression soon became common.

But he also intervenes personally when it suits his purposes . By encouraging the excesses of the upper classes. and changes of human society. monarchist move- 139 ments stockpiling weapons. Jocarnos (CE male vampire rog3/sor6/arcane trickster 10) has wormed his way into high society. and he plays the role of the diabolical tempter to the hilt (he was not involved in the creation of the Fate Club.those he turns into wights to ensure their future loyality. The exceptions are those who betray the Triumvirate . ORGANIZATIONS want to reshape society in a way that ultimately their rule will be welcomed by the majority instead of feared. flows. Their leaders answer to Tulzarr in secret. He has organized a large number of militias in numerous cities.if he meets them. but those who fail him will sink lower and lower in rank and his esteem. the socialites. Ultimately. Yaragol (NE male human lich wiz15/archmage 5) is the intellect behind the Triumvirate. He does not kill his agents for mere failure. he either dons magical disguises or is dressed in a full-body set of plate mail. but only few know that he is one of the undead . He observes the ebbs. Jocarnos corrupts the artists. but is proud of it nonetheless). Example include neighborhood watches in lower middle class neighborhoods. mercenary companies and more.he frequently exchanges letter with a large number of intellectuals of various fields and encourages them to research new fields and issues. He has a number of elite mortal agents he trains personally. Tulzarr (LE male wight fig18) commands the military arm of the Triumvirate. he hopes to make the intellectual leaders of the world so alienated from conventional morals that they will have an easy time accepting the Triumvirate as their leaders.CHAPTER 12. . allmost all of which are unaware for whom they work. and coldly calculates where to interfere next in the pursuit of their ultimate goal. free of any ethics and morals “held by the baseline masses”. he also furthers a sense of alienation between the rulers and ordinary citizens which the Triumvirate plan to exploit in their own ascension to power. the pleasure-seekers. easily dispensing favors and building a network of people depending on him. These groups have in common that they recruit from the insecure and give them a sense of belonging and superiority over non-members. While Yaragol corrupts the intellectuals.

the mechanical details for several sample societies are presented here.0012.001200.000 Metropolis 1.000 78-84 Town 10. +2 to predominantly dwarven communities.000 97-99 City 100.000 gp 6. * A thorp or a hamlet has a 5% chance to add +10 to the modifier of a ranger or druid level.001100.000.500.1 Demographics The Community Modifiers also need to be adjusted to reflect the setting. The cities of Urbis are large . ** Communities this large can have more than one high-level NPC per class.000 Megalopolis 5.000.Chapter 13 Appendix 13.000.00110.000 Small Metropolis 500. each of whom generates lower-level characters of the same class.000.000 Large village 2.000 71-77 Small town 5.much larger than even the largest metropolises of other worlds.0015. and what player characters can do for the organization in return to increase their OS bonus. 13.001+ Towns larger than a Large City should not be d% 01-10 11-30 31-49 50-60 61-70 GP Limit 20 gp 50 gp 100 gp 200 gp 800 gp 3. Random Town Generation Town Size Population Thorp 20-80 Hamlet 81-400 Small village 401-900 Village 901-2.001500. and +3 to predominantly elven communities.000 gp 300.00150. This reflects the fact that communities of these races tend to have more individuals who have attained more experience over the course of their long life spans.000 85-90 Large town 20.000 gp 100.000 gp 3. The standard town generation guidelines do not reflect cities of millions of people accurately. Community Modifiers Town Size Community Modifier* Thorp -3** Hamlet -2** -1 Small village Village 0 +2 Large village +4 Small town Town +6 (roll twice)*** Large town +8 (roll twice)*** +10 (roll three times)*** Small city City +12 (roll three times)*** +14 (roll four times)*** Large City Small Metropolis +16 (roll four times)*** +18 (roll five times)*** Metropolis Large Metropolis +20 (roll five times)*** Megalopolis +22 (roll six times)*** Add +1 to the community modifiers of predominantly gnomish communities. The following table should be used instead to specify town sizes and available gold pieces. and both game master and players are encouraged to come up with new favors.000 91-96 Small city 50.000.0011.000.000.00120.000 Large Metropolis 2.000 gp 15. To give GMs a better understanding just what favors an organization might be able to grant to player characters.000 gp 150.000 100 Large City 200.000 gp placed randomly. The favors listed here are by no means the 140 Secondaries Society Strictures: Members of the Secondaries must .2 Sample Societies only possible ones.000 gp 1.0015.000 gp 40.000.000 gp 600.

If the money raised proves insufficient (5000 gold pieces per person). it is useful if guards are distracted by other matters while the characters to something during which they wish to remain unobserved. Increase the DCs if the reprisals from law enforcement are likely to be very strong. a Comrade will find one for him. Take a look at the Demographics table to see just where in the Hierarchy of Oppression the target stands. Sheltering a Comrade: If a character needs a place to stay for the night. Perform (Oratory) (for rabble-rousing). [. Members must not become part of the ruling elites. Profession (Printing. depending on how well the character is guarded. shouldn’t they?’. characters can increase their standing: A donation of 100+ gp is DC 5. Turner’s possessions .. Portman (29) were caught in the blast radius of a fireball spell cast by one N. rate him at the size of the city he rules. Relevant skills: The character can use the following skills for attempting to increase his Secondaries OS bonus when rising in level: Diplomacy. A lone picketer is a DC 3 Favor. this section provides a number of “generic” NPCs that can be inserted as written in a large variety of encounters. Freeing a Comrade: It is inevitable that sometimes a comrade is imprisoned by the Forces of Oppression. two members . If he is less powerful. 13. the coming Revolution will be much easier.. and abilities. 141 the relevant Community Modifier to find the DC of your deed. Randall (21) and G. DC 3 for one night. it is a deed worth a DC equal to the community modifier of the city +10. GMs are encouraged to individualize these stats to fit their needs.000+ gp is DC 10. If the target is the ruler of a city.” . For this reason. DC 8 for one week. other than to infiltrate them and bring those elites down. DC 12 for one month. Possible Favors Increasing OS Characters can increase their Secondaries OS bonus through the following sample activities: Donating to the Cause: By donating money or equipment to Secondaries cells. he will impress his fellows.CHAPTER 13. Freeing a comrade from such an imprisonement is a deed with a DC equal to the Secondaries OS bonus of the freed comrade. and give aid to other members of the Secondaries.. the organization lacks the means to use such sums effectively . levels. since NPCs come in a vast array of different classes. Get Out Of Prison: Naturally. Writing) (for creating revolutionary pamphlets). Turner’s comments to a journalist on the scene before he was hauled away by the authorities were: ’Well. The Streets Have Ears: Cells of Secondaries hear a lot of things that might be useful to the right parties. 23rd of Avern 1422 Since most of the adventures in Urbis will take place in cities. Characters can get a Circumstance Bonus to Gather Information check for a Favor with a DC equal to twice the Circumstance Bonus they want.F. and a donation of 10. making up NPC stats can be a time-consuming task. for example. The attempt to free him is a Favor with a DC equal to the character’s character level +10 . Now add +3 to Here are a few ideas for what the Secondaries can do for the characters: Distraction: Sometimes..though the attempt might fail. Portman leaves behind a wife and two daughters. APPENDIX work towards create a new and equal society by tearing down existing power structures that keep the poor oppressed..] As it is standard procedure at such occasions. Down With The Man: By throwing down those who would oppress the masses.it is probably more effective if the character thinks of an appropriate use for that much money by himself if he wants to impress society members). would be ranked at “Large City”. his fellow comrades are also willing to try to get the character out of injust imprisonment should he find himself in such. While these stat blocks will work as they are in most occasions. but they should have gotten out of the way when I shouted ’Duck!’. a small group a DC 6 Favor.will be sold off at an emergency auction in two days to raise the money required for a raise dead for one or both the guardsmen. a sorceror and self-described adventurer. as well as the furniture and other items found at his apartment .000+ is DC 15 (while donations beyond that are certainly appreciated. If the character can remove an authority figure from his position of power.including several magic items. a donation of 1. Revolution: If the characters successfully overthrow the rulers of a city-state and install Secondaries members as leaders instead. Turner (23). most encounters the PCs will have will involve humans and other player character races as opposed to more traditional monsters. However.3 Stock NPCs “GUARDSMEN KILLED IN FIREBALL ACCIDENT! When a squad of the city guard sought to contain a group of goblins that had infiltrated the Cordall Hill district yesterday. I’m sorry for them. Gather Information (for finding information useful for preparing the Revolution). and a full-fledged riot a DC 10 Favor. Both were killed instantly. while a Captain in the City Guard of that same city would only be ranked at “Large Town”). the funds will go to the Widows and Orphans Fund of the Dartmouth City Watch. Increase DC by 3 if the character is wanted.. . and by 6 if he is on the local Most Wanted list and law enforcement is actively searching for him. go down one or more levels to represent his reduced standing (a member of a City Council of a Small Metropolis.Dartmouth Enquirer.

club) or +3 ranged (1d8/19-20. Dodge. flat-footed 15. CR 2. light crossbow). Wis 12. chain shirt. Wis 10. SV Fort +4. Init +0. Still. Will +1. Alertness. Alertness. Weapon Focus (longsword). AC 16 (+1 Dex. club.CHAPTER 13. which means that many are not averse to a little bribe to overlook minor crimes. club) or +1 ranged (1d8/19-20. and they are reluctant to attack anyone who wears good armour (chain shirt and above) and wields medium-sized or larger weapons unless they clearly outnumber their opponents. they should not be underestimated . and are thus likely to know it far better than the PCs. Init +1. HD 1d10+2. Init +0. Sense Motive +3. Spd 30 ft. Cha 8. but muster out and search for a safer or better-paying job. Str 15. Cha 8. SQ -. HD 3d8+3. +1 light shield). hp 19. Profession (Guardsman) +3. Spot +3. Most are reluctant to risk their lives. Grp +3. club) or +3 ranged (1d8/19-20. +4 chain shirt. Skills and Feats: Intimidate +1. Base Atk +2. Full Atk +4 melee (1d8+1/19-20. Con 14. Dex 11. Int 10. flat-footed 15. Grp +3. He is also often naive in the ways of the city and appropriate behaviour . Atk +4 melee (1d8+1/19-20. club) or +2 ranged (1d8/19-20. Will +0. Skills and Feats: Intimidate +4. light crossbow). Listen +2. either because of a lack of intelligence. Int 10. Base Atk +1. chain shirt. Human Ftr 2. Dodge. Usually.many have patrolled their district for years. flat-footed 15. Weapon Focus (longsword). and are now stuck there. light steel shield. Ref +0. and been promoted accordingly. Alertness.. or die in the line of duty. Sense Motive +3. Atk +3 melee (1d8+1/19-20. longsword. Human Ftr 1. and use their bells to call for backup. they prefer to stay in cover. Full Atk +5 melee (1d8+2/19-20. his superiors make sure he is never out on the streets without at least one more experienced guardsman accompanying him. longsword. light crossbow. He has learned enough to be cautious and has a good idea what to do in any ordinary situation. Con 12. AL LN. AC 15 (+4 chain shirt. +4 chain shirt. Possessions: Bell. Ref +1. AL LN. 20 bolts. Their pay is low and they are often underappreciated by the general public. Human War3. Human War1. longsword) or +2 melee (1d6+1. AL LN. hp 16. CR 2. flat-footed 15. Base Atk +2. club) or +2 ranged (1d8/19-20. Dex 13. hp 5. Experienced Constable: This guardsman has been in this job for long enough that he is not considered a “rookie” any more . Init +0. Spd 30 ft. club. Con 14. Possessions: Bell. Veteran Corporal: These are “career guardsmen” who were promoted to the rank of corporal more out of seniority than any special merit. Ref +1. though he often forgets parts of the rules in the excitement. club) or +3 ranged (1d8/19-20. Many guardsmen never rise above this rank. light steel shield. Ref +0. Str 13. Listen +3.usually for more than a year. Possessions: Bell. 20 bolts. light crossbow). Init +1. murder. +1 light shield). Atk +4 melee (1d8+2/19-20. SA -. CR 1. light crossbow). Skills and Feats: Intimidate +0. In these cases. longsword) or +3 melee (1d6+1. Weapon Focus (longsword). light crossbow). AC 15 (+4 chain shirt. light crossbow. club) or +1 ranged (1d8/19-20. light crossbow. Int 9. It is likely that he will either be promoted to the rank of sergeant.. Spd 30 ft. Spd 30 ft. Full Atk +3 melee (1d8+1/19-20. Alertness. Medium humanoid. Atk +5 melee (1d8+1/19-20. 20 bolts. Spot +3. SV Fort +4. however. Cha 8. light crossbow). longsword) or +3 melee (1d6+2. Law Enforcement City Guard Members of the city guard are the law enforcement personnel ordinary people are likely to meet. Corporal: This guardsman has quickly proven that he is better than average guard material. club) or +2 ranged (1d8/19-20. light crossbow). Human War2. club) or +2 ranged (1d8/19-20. Full Atk +4 melee (1d8+2/19-20. +1 light shield). Will +0. hp 12. As a result. . longsword) or +2 melee (1d6+1. hp 11. SA -. CR . touch 10. flat-footed 15. club. since they have a lot of knowledge of their guard district. touch 11. He is unlikely to make any major mistakes in combat. Possessions: Bell. SV Fort +5. Medium humanoid. Listen +2. Skills and Feats: Intimidate +3. SA -. touch 11. Base Atk +2. SV Fort +3. they can be a valuable resource to those who can get on their good side. light crossbow). or other personal failings (such as alcoholism or a tendency to take bribes). Weapon Focus (longsword). HD 2d8+2.. SQ -. though they will usually draw the line at grievous assault. Point Blank Shot. However. Wis 12. CR 1. +1 light shield). Grp +3. Listen +3.if in doubt. club. light crossbow. APPENDIX 142 SA -. longsword) or +4 melee (1d6+2. longsword) or +4 melee (1d6+1. Search +1. SQ -. Profession (Guardsman) +2. AC 15 (+4 chain shirt.. longsword. light steel shield. Dex 11. SQ -. light crossbow). Con 12. Dex 13. longsword) or +3 melee (1d6+1. HD 1d8+1. Base Atk +1. leave this job for a more lucrative one. Medium humanoid. chain shirt. touch 10. Profession (Guardsman) +3. Int 9. Will +1. light steel shield. he will try to do things “by the book”. longsword) or +4 melee (1d6+2. Experienced Corporal: This corporal has become comfortable with both his job as a guard and in commanding his subordinates. He is still brash and eager to prove his worth. They can be found patrolling most neighbourhoods and keeping the peace as much as they are able to. The same goes for anyone who openly displays magical powers. Spd 30 ft. Str 13. longsword) or +3 melee (1d6+2. Cha 8. Atk +5 melee (1d8+2/19-20. chain shirt. use their crossbows. Wis 10. which might lead him to make mistakes which a more experienced guardsman might have avoided. Spot +2. Grp +4. Spot +2. AC 16 (+1 Dex. 20 bolts. AL LN. Medium humanoid. Grp +2. +1 light shield). or arson. although the younger and more impressionable recruits might attempt something heroic. ambition. Many veterans know a multitude of dirty tricks that they will use without hesitation to get the advantage in any fight Constable: This guardsman hasn’t been in this job for long. touch 10. longsword. he is inexperienced in fights and likely to either run away or heroically charge his opponents. Profession (Guardsman) +2. Medium humanoid. HD 2d10+4.. Str 15.

Spot +3. Init +2. SV Fort +6. well-paid jobs easily. light. light crossbow. or shirk away from any situation that might put them into danger. Even if a guard mage manages not to alienate the rest of the unit and learns enough to be a real asset to the other guards. Working for the Guard. Possessions: Bell. light crossbow. their superiors generally mind them not to “give orders to real coppers”. Cha 8. since he will likely see through any ruses they will try to throw in his way. They make sure the men are in shape. Listen +3. and their inexperience shows. Will +1. Dex 14. SQ -. touch 11.. Ref +2. Sense Motive +3. Str 15. Profession (Guardsman) +4. or even require them to be of noble birth) still wield considerable power. Listen +3. Skills and Feats: Concentration +10. club) or +4 ranged (1d8/19-20. light steel shield. Weapon Focus (longsword). 20 bolts. and are generally the most respected superiors among the rank and file. Thus. Int 10. SA -. touch 11. Listen +2. Str 10. Human Ftr 4.arcane mark. Search +3.cause fear. longsword. magic weapon. Spellcraft +7. Spd 30 ft. club) or +3 ranged (1d8/19-20. Knowledge (Arcana) +7. Weapon Focus (longsword). Str 13. Search +3. AL LN. daze. Dex 13. disrupt undead. Medium Humanoid. CR 2. Init +1. mage armor. Human Wiz2.CHAPTER 13. Alertness. sleep. Senior Sergeant: Those sergeants who don’t get promoted to officer status. Ref +2. Many are either brash and eager to prove their abilities. Human Ftr 3. Scribe Scroll. Weapon Focus (longsword). Speed 30 ft. and having worked for the government at some point is very useful for someone with aspirations for a political office. club) or +3 ranged (1d8/19-20. Fort +1. Search +1. Skills and Feats: Intimidate +5. AC 16 (+1 Dex. club) or +3 ranged (1d8/19-20. Alertness. Base Atk +1. club) or +4 ranged (1d8/19-20. AL N. While they can be rough on new recruits. and generally keep a guardhouse running other than doing the paperwork (that’s what officers are for). light steel shield. Possessions: Bell. Eschew Materials. light crossbow). Combat Casting. club.color spray. Wizard Spells Prepared (4/3. flare. longsword) or +4 melee (1d6+1. longsword. Will +2. or move to friendlier places fast. 1st . CR 4. Spellbook: 0 . Most Guard Mages have recently graduated from a university or apprenticeship. Gather Information +1. Full Atk +8 melee (1d8+5/19-20. chain shirt. Con 14. APPENDIX Full Atk +5 melee (1d8+1/19-20. +1 light shield). AC 12 (+2 Dex). most are naive about the world outside of their former school in general and guard work in particular. longsword. Investigator. color spray. Full Atk +1 melee (1d6. that everyone behaves as he should. light crossbow). 1st . most guards learn not to rely on mages. light crossbow). Ref +1. Base Atk +4. they make up for this by being exceptionally wily. that morale are high.. Craft (Alchemy) +5. Gather Information +1. So. SV Fort +4. Point Blank Shot. Cha 8. ray of enfeeblement. Grp +7. HD 3d10+6. light crossbow). . hp 27. touch 12. Guard Mage: Talent for the arcane arts is rare. flat-footed 15. club. Cha 8. Skills and Feats: Intimidate +1. SV Fort +5. club. AC 16 (+1 Dex. either because they refuse to (usually because officers have to spend more time with the city bureaucracy and paperwork than actual law enforcement) or because they cannot (many cities require that officers start out young at dedicated cadet schools. Investigator. SQ -. Knowledge (Local) +3. While senior sergeants might not be exceptionally intelligent. the working hours are long. club) or +5 ranged (1d8/19-20. While Guard Mages usually start with the rank of corporal (and the standard pay for that rank). Dex 11. Ref +2. SA -. ray of enfeeblement. hp 8. Knowledge (History) +3. Sense Motive +3. flare. and in a way so that they will do what they want them to do without anyone realizing it. In any case.daze. 10 bolts. 20 bolts. Medium humanoid. light crossbow). Possessions: Bell. flat-footed 15. and are the highest rank an ordinary guardsman can hope to be promoted to without rising to the status of officers. flat-footed 10. HD 2d4+2. the fact remains that this kind of work is unpleasant and underpaid. Spot +3. chain shirt. Wis 10. Investigator. It shows that the wizard is willing in a large organization and doesn’t shy away from dangerous work. Profession (Guardsman) +2. Init +1. longsword) or +7 melee (1d6+2. AL N. Str 16. light message. +4 chain shirt. what wizards would willingly work for the Guard? More than would be expected.. However. light crossbow). Will +2. 20 bolts. save DC 12 + spell level): 0 . Int 9. +1 light shield). Atk +8 melee (1d8+5/19-20. Decipher Script +7. Atk +1 melee (1d6. Con 12. they demand more of their corporals. Grp +1. Point Blank Shot. club. light crossbow. sleep. They often know every trick in the book (and added a few of their own) and know anyone who is anyone in the local district. and thus most wizards can get safe. detect magic. +4 chain shirt. and are spoken of in awe by the recruits. and have little sympathy for any complaints they might have. Spd 30 ft. Sergeant: Sergeants command large numbers of guards. Int 15. Dodge. chain shirt. SA -. Grp +5. light crossbow). Wis 12. A party of low-level adventurers that crosses a senior sergeant had better lie very low. longsword) or +5 melee (1d6+2. 143 Skills and Feats: Intimidate +5. on the other hand. Con 13. guard work is seen as a good “stepping stone” for better jobs and looks good on the resume. Wis 12. Profession (Guardsman) +4. SA -. Will +4. light steel shield. While experienced wizards will not bother with such work. expeditious retreat. and thus most wizards don’t stay beyond the mandatory minimum term of service (usually two years). longsword) or +5 melee (1d6+2. exposes a wizard to danger frequently. Con 14. Gather Information +1. Possessions: Bell. Medium humanoid. Atk +6 melee (1d8+2/19-20. club) or +5 ranged (1d8/19-20. Spot +2. Dodge. his term of service usually ends just as the other guards start to appreciate him. Dex 13. SQ -. As a result. Base Atk +3. Int 10. have friends in high places. detect magic. Weapon Specialization (longsword). Alertness. and the pay is a pittance when compared to other jobs. Wis 12. most regular guards are deeply suspicious of them and make jokes about them behind their backs. Full Atk +6 melee (1d8+2/19-20. hp 34. Cha 8. CR 3. AL LN. light crossbow. SQ -. HD 4d10+8. They know how to tell their superiors what they want to hear. longsword) or +7 melee (1d6+2.

If they encounter an especially dangerous foe. experiences. And with good reason . Sor/Wiz 2 Brd 6. and other beings that would simply kill any ordinary guardsman who would try to deal with them. Con 14. touch 11. Run. most cities have special units of elite guards who deal with these threats. APPENDIX 144 his or her own unique perspective to the problems the unit faces. Rgr 4. This is not altruism skilled and loyal people like them are hard to find. They are trained to act in concert to such a degree that they have little problem in bringing down all but the most powerful opponents. They prefer to deal with threats to the city quietly. ML for Evil or Chaotic weapons ML PL PL PL ML CL Spell Acid Arrow Acid Fog Acid Splash Aid Air Walk Alarm Align Weapon Alter Self Analyze Dweomer Animal Growth Animal Messenger Animal Shapes Animal Trance . Spd 20 ft. Good 2. longsword). Weapon Focus (guisarme). the eyes that look everywhere for threats to the city. Drd 4 Brd 1. Init +1. Lineman: The rank and file of the Special Tactical Branch. guisarme) or +7 melee (1d8+3/1920. Water 7 Sor/Wiz 0 Clr 2. Cha 8. They are among the most varied guard units. HD 4d10+8. Atk +9 melee (2d4+7/x3. so that each member can bring 13. Linemen are usually deployed in squads of ten men. Rgr 1 Animal 7.quickly finds himself demoted out of the unit. the credibility of the city authorities would quickly vanish.not only are they well paid (compared to ordinary city guard members or soldiers). Sometimes they are considered part of the city guard. Wis 12. Human Ftr 4. Special Branches Sometimes. Dodge.or worse. +6 breastplate +1). most cities will pay to raise them from the dead.the rulers of a city derive their mandate in part that they can maintain peace and the rule of law. They constantly train to act and think as a unit. Drd 2. but in all cases they are extremely skilled professionals who are given some of the best equipment the city has to offer. as they have to improvise a lot and deal with a large number of different situations. Int 10. Intimidate +6. +1 guisarme (bloodstone bond with all lineman in the same squad). but they also know that if they die in the line of duty. Skills and Feats: Climb +1. SA trip attack.CHAPTER 13. someone who dies too often because of his own mistakes . SV Fort +6 (+8). flat-footed 16. Special Tactical Branch The local Special Tactical Branch is called into action when some problem breaks out into the open. Luck 2 Air 4. the secret police. enough linemen will use the Aid Another action to defend their comrades or to make their enemy easier to hit (which is often followed up with a trip attack). Special Investigative Branch These are the hidden observers.4 Spell Legality Table Level A Sor/Wiz 2 Sor/Wiz 6. The actual name of these units varies from city to city.. Improved Sunder. the city faces problems that are so big that the regular city guard is unable to deal with them powerful monsters. train. fatalities tend to be few in all but the greatest emergencies. rampaging wizards. Listen +2. before the population at large even knows they exist. the most successful of these units have members with vastly different skills. guisarme) or +7 melee (1d8+3/19-20. Dex 13. Medium humanoid. longsword. Heal +2. the job of the linemen is to both the secure the area surrounding the threat and to pin down foes with their overwhelming numbers and their reach weapons. Weapon Specialization (guisarme). As a result. Base Atk +4. Sor/Wiz 1 Clr 2 Brd 2. and replace. Grp +7. The morale in these units is generally high . causes the death of others . SQ -. These will be split up into two half-squads of five linemen each if the situation requires. Ref +2 (+4). Possessions: +1 breastplate (bloodstone bond with lineman). potion of cure moderate wounds. Still. AL LN. CR 4. As a result. Full Atk +9 melee (2d4+7/x3. Spot +4. with minimum damage to innocent bystanders and the property of citizens. and their superior tactics often enables them to take down foes who are individually much more powerful than they are. Rgr 1. longsword). Drd 8 Brd 2. and motivations. AC 17 (+1 Dex. Sor/Wiz 6 Drd 5. Clr 4. and sometimes they are part of the military forces. For this reason. hp 34. Jump +0. one-shot cloak of protection +1. Str 16. Will +2 (+4). Their mission is to stop the threat as fast as possible.. but they are commonly referred to as the “Special Branches”. and if powerful monsters and individuals were to go unchallenged. Sor/Wiz 5 Brd 2. Drd 2 Legality CL ML CL CL PL Legal PL for Good or Lawful weapons. Mobility.

Sor/Wiz 2 Clr 6. Sor/Wiz 2 Brd 6. APPENDIX Animate Dead Animate Objects Animate Plants Animate Rope Antilife Shell Antimagic Field Antipathy Antiplant Shell Arcane Eye Arcane Lock Arcane Mark Arcane Sight Arcane Sight. Good 6. Drd 2. War 6 Clr 7. Mass Burning Hands Call Lightning Call Lightning Storm Calm Animals Calm Emotions Cat’s Grace Cat’s Grace. Clr 6 Drd 7. Pal 1 Clr 1. Sor/Wiz 9. Sor/Wiz 4 Brd 6. Greater Astral Projection Atonement Augury Awaken Baleful Polymorph Bane Banishment Barkskin Bear’s Endurance Bear’s Endurance. Sor/Wiz 2. Sor/Wiz 1 Animal 6. Plant 7 Brd 1. Sor/Wiz 4 Brd 6. Sor/Wiz 1 Drd 2 Sor/Wiz 1 Sor/Wiz 6 Brd 3. Drd 6. Sor/Wiz 6 Brd 1. Death 1. Sor/Wiz 3 Sor/Wiz 8. Sor/Wiz 6 Clr 3. Drd 2. Death 3. Mass Bestow Curse Binding Clr 3. Chaos 6. Sor/Wiz 1 Drd 3 Drd 5 Animal 1. Sor/Wiz 7 Drd 2. Drd 1. Sor/Wiz 3 Brd 2. Rgr 2. Sor/Wiz 6 Fire 1. Mass Charm Person Chill Metal Chill Touch Circle of Death Clairaudience/Clairvoyance Clenched Fist Cloak of Chaos Clone Cloudkill Color Spray Command Sor/Wiz 4 Clr 6. Drd 2. Rgr 1 Brd 2. Clr 8 Sor/Wiz 8 Sor/Wiz 5 Sor/Wiz 1 Clr 1 . Sor/Wiz 4 Sor/Wiz 8 Banned ML ML PL PL PL ML for civilized races and good or lawful alignments. Drd 6. Sor/Wiz 5 Clr 2. Sor/Wiz 6 Drd 7 Chaos 4 Drd 1. Clr 5. CL otherwise 145 Black Tentacles Blade Barrier Blasphemy Bless Bless Water Bless Weapon Blight Blindness/Deafness Blink Blur Break Enchantment Bull’s Strength Bull’s Strength. Pal 1 Pal 1 Drd 4. Clr 2. Pal 2. Sor/Wiz 5 Clr 1 Clr 6. Plant 2 Clr 2. Drd 6 Clr 8. Drd 5 Clr 2 Drd 5 Drd 5. Rgr 1 Brd 3. Protection 6. Sor/Wiz 6 Drd 9. Sor/Wiz 8 Drd 4 Sor/Wiz 4 Sor/Wiz 2 Sor/Wiz 0 Sor/Wiz 3 Sor/Wiz 7 Clr 9. Evil 7 Clr 1.CHAPTER 13. Sor/Wiz 2 Brd 3. PL otherwise Legal ML CL CL Legal CL PL Legal Legal ML Banned ML Legal CL Legal CL ML PL for elementals or non-civilized sapients. CL for animals. Pal 4. Luck 5. Clr 6. Drd 6. Strength 2 Clr 6. Rgr 2. Clr 3. Mass Cause Fear Chain Lightning Changestaff Chaos Hammer Charm Animal Charm Monster Charm Monster. Clr 1. Rgr 2. Law 2 Brd 2. Knowledge 3. Magic 6. Banned otherwise ML ML Banned Legal Legal CL PL PL PL PL CL CL PL PL ML ML Legal PL CL PL PL ML ML ML CL ML ML ML PL PL ML ML ML ML PL ML CL ML when cast against civilized sapients. Sor/Wiz 1 Air 6. Travel 9 Clr 5.Sor/Wiz 2 Brd 4. Sor/Wiz 8 Brd 1. Sor/Wiz 5 Brd 2. Strength 8 Chaos 8.

Sor/Wiz 1 Clr 7. Mass Cure Light Wounds Cure Light Wounds. Knowledge 1. Sor/Wiz 2 Rgr 3. Clr 2. Strength 9 Brd 4. Death 7 Drd 1. Drd 7 Brd 3. Drd 5. Pal 1. PL otherwise PL ML Legal CL Legal ML ML ML Legal Legal Banned PL CL PL PL PL PL ML Legal Banned Banned Legal ML ML ML CL PL Legal PL Legal CL PL CL PL ML Legal PL Legal CL CL CL ML Legal CL PL PL Legal ML ML Banned Banned Legal Legal Legal Legal Legal Legal Legal Legal PL CL ML Legal ML ML CL 146 . Rgr 1 Brd 2. Trickery 4 Brd 1 Clr 2 Sor/Wiz 5 Clr 3. Pal 1. Healing 2. Clr 5. Drd 5. Sor/Wiz 1 Sor/Wiz 5. Sor/Wiz 1 Drd 1. Pal 2.CHAPTER 13. Plant 8 Sor/Wiz 7 Clr 4. Mass Cure Minor Wounds Cure Moderate Wounds Cure Moderate Wounds. Rgr 1 Sor/Wiz 7 Sor/Wiz 8 Clr 2. Healing 8 Brd 1. Clr 6. Death 4. Water 6 Brd 3. Sor/Wiz 6 Clr 0. Drd 4. Clr 1. Greater Command Plants Command Undead Commune Commune with Nature Comprehend Languages Cone of Cold Confusion Confusion. Knowledge 2. Sor/Wiz 3 Clr 3 Brd 2. Sor/Wiz 2 Brd 3. Evil 2 Clr 7. Clr 3. Pal 3. Drd 0. Law 7 Brd 4. Pal 3. Sor/Wiz 4 ML when cast against civilized sapients. Sor/Wiz 4 Brd 1. Drd 5. Rgr 1. Healing 4 Clr 8. Sor/Wiz 2 Clr 2. Evil 6. Death 2 Clr 4. Sor/Wiz 6. Pal 1 Drd 7 Brd 3. Drd 6. Drd 3. Travel 4 Clr 4. Sor/Wiz 0 Clr 0. Death 8. Sor/Wiz 7 Air 5. Drd 2. Sor/Wiz 8 Clr 6. Healing 5 Clr 0. Rgr 3 Sor/Wiz 2 Clr 5 Animal 5. Rgr 4 Brd 1. Plant 4. Drd 0. Sor/Wiz 2 Clr 1. Sor/Wiz 0 Brd 2. Clr 2. Drd 9. Drd 8 Clr 1 Brd 0. Sor/Wiz 4. Rgr 4. Pal 4. Sor/Wiz 2 Drd 8. Drd 0. Rgr 3 Brd 6. Pal 1. Healing 1. Healing 3 Clr 7. Mass Cure Serious Wounds Cure Serious Wounds. Clr 3. Destruction 3. Lesser Consecrate Contact Other Plane Contagion Contingency Continual Flame Control Plants Control Undead Control Water Control Weather Control Winds Create Food and Water Create Greater Undead Create Undead Create Water Creeping Doom Crushing Despair Crushing Hand Cure Critical Wounds Cure Critical Wounds. Drd 1. Clr 7. Sor/Wiz 3 Brd 0. APPENDIX Command. Drd 7. Rgr 2 Brd 5. Sor/Wiz 0 Brd 2. Water 4 Air 7. Drd 5 Clr 3 Clr 8. Clr 1. Sor/Wiz 4. Drd 4. Sor/Wiz 4 Sor/Wiz 6 Clr 3. Drd 0 Brd 2. Clr 0. Drd 3. Sor/Wiz 0 Brd 4. Rgr 1 Clr 1 Clr 1 Clr 1 Clr 1 Brd 0. Death 6. Mass Curse Water Dancing Lights Darkness Darkvision Daylight Daze Daze Monster Death Knell Death Ward Deathwatch Deep Slumber Deeper Darkness Delay Poison Delayed Blast Fireball Demand Desecrate Destruction Detect Animals or Plants Detect Chaos Detect Evil Detect Good Detect Law Detect Magic Detect Poison Detect Scrying Detect Secret Doors Detect Snares and Pits Detect Thoughts Detect Undead Dictum Dimension Door Dimensional Anchor Clr 5 Drd 4. Clr 2. Sor/Wiz 4 Sor/Wiz 9. Clr 4. Drd 3. Pal 4 Clr 1 Brd 3.

Sor/Wiz 6 Clr 4. Clr 6. Sor/Wiz 1 Clr 7. Clr 2. Drd 8. Pal 3. Sor/Wiz 8 Drd 3. Drd 0. Drd 4. Drd 6. Earth 9. Sun 5. Greater Displacement Disrupt Undead Disrupting Weapon Divination Divine Favor Divine Power Dominate Animal Dominate Monster Dominate Person Doom Dream Eagle’s Splendor Eagle’s Splendor. Sor/Wiz 6 Clr 8. Fire 6. Sor/Wiz 5 Clr 5. APPENDIX Dimensional Lock Diminish Plants Discern Lies Discern Location Disguise Self Disintegrate Dismissal Dispel Chaos Dispel Evil Dispel Good Dispel Law Dispel Magic Dispel Magic. Earth 7 Air 9. Clr 2 Clr 1. Plant 1. Sor/Wiz 9 Sor/Wiz 4 Sor/Wiz 1. Sor/Wiz 1. Pal 4 Clr 5. Drd 7. Pal 1. Rgr 3 Clr 4. Sor/Wiz 2. Sor/Wiz 5. Clr 3. Water 2 Clr 6 Sor/Wiz 7 CL PL PL PL ML ML CL Legal Legal CL CL CL PL ML Legal Legal Legal PL PL PL ML ML PL PL PL PL ML ML Legal Banned ML CL PL PL ML CL PL ML ML PL ML ML CL Legal Legal PL ML Legal ML ML PL ML ML PL ML ML ML ML ML ML ML CL ML PL Legal CL PL ML 147 . Drd 4. Magic 3. Drd 1. Fire 7 Drd 2. Pal 3 Clr 8. Knowledge 8. Sor/Wiz 3 Brd 5. Rgr 1 Brd 2. Clr 6. Sor/Wiz 0 Sor/Wiz 6 Sor/Wiz 3. Strength 1 Sor/Wiz 4 Drd 1. War 4 Animal 3. Law 5. Sor/Wiz 8 Brd 1. Trickery 1 Destruction 7.CHAPTER 13. Sor/Wiz 4. Pal 1 Clr 4. Evil 5 Chaos 5. Sor/Wiz 6 Brd 3. Sor/Wiz 7 Clr 9. Sor/Wiz 3 Sor/Wiz 0 Clr 5 Clr 4. Sor/Wiz 1. Good 5. Rgr 1. Water 9 Clr 1. Sun 6 Fire 5. Travel 6 Clr 2 Drd 8. Sor/Wiz 4 Brd 1. Sor/Wiz 4 Sor/Wiz 3 Sor/Wiz 3 Drd 2 Clr 5. Sor/Wiz 6 Sor/Wiz 5 Drd 1 Sor/Wiz 2 Brd 5. Mass Entangle Enthrall Entropic Shield Erase Ethereal Jaunt Etherealness Expeditious Retreat Explosive Runes Eyebite Fabricate Faerie Fire False Life False Vision Fear Feather Fall Feeblemind Find the Path Find Traps Finger of Death Fire Seeds Fire Shield Fire Storm Fire Trap Fireball Flame Arrow Flame Blade Flame Strike Flaming Sphere Flare Flesh to Stone Fly Floating Disk Fog Cloud Forbiddance Forcecage Clr 8. Sor/Wiz 2 Brd 0. Pal 4 Clr 5. Clr 5 Brd 3. Sor/Wiz 9 Brd 1. Sor/Wiz 5 Brd 2. Destruction 8. Trickery 5 Brd 3. Knowledge 4 Clr 1. Sor/Wiz 2 Brd 6. War 5 Drd 2. Sun 4 Clr 8. Sor/Wiz 5 Clr 1 Brd 5. Sun 1 Clr 9. Drd 3 Sor/Wiz 9 Brd 4. Drd 9. Mass Earthquake Elemental Swarm Endure Elements Energy Drain Enervation Enlarge Person Enlarge Person. Sor/Wiz 1 Sor/Wiz 3 Brd 6. Sor/Wiz 7 Drd 6. Luck 1 Brd 1. Drd 6. Knowledge 6. Sor/Wiz 1 Sor/Wiz 5 Brd 6. Pal 2. Travel 3 Sor/Wiz 1 Drd 2. Fire 9. Clr 6.

Mass Heal Mount Heat Metal Helping Hand Heroes’ Feast Heroism Heroism. Drd 0 Drd 2. Mass Hold Portal Holy Aura Holy Smite Holy Sword Holy Word Horrid Wilting Hypnotic Pattern Hypnotism Ice Storm Identify Illusory Script Illusory Wall Imbue with Spell Ability Implosion Imprisonment Incendiary Cloud Inflict Critical Wounds Inflict Critical Wounds. Sor/Wiz 2 Sor/Wiz 6 Sor/Wiz 4 Clr 3 Clr 6 Drd 1 Brd 3 Sor/Wiz 7. Sor/Wiz 5 Sor/Wiz 9 Brd 2. Lesser Glyph of Warding Glyph of Warding. Mass Hold Person Hold Person. Clr 4. Drd 4. Sun 2 Clr 3 Brd 6. Knowledge 9. Destruction 1 ML CL Legal PL CL PL ML ML ML ML ML Legal CL PL ML ML PL PL PL ML ML Legal CL PL PL PL Legal PL CL PL Legal ML PL CL PL Legal PL CL Legal CL CL CL Legal PL CL PL PL PL PL PL CL PL PL ML ML ML ML ML Legal ML PL CL ML ML ML PL ML PL 148 . Drd 5 Brd 4. Sor/Wiz 2 Brd 1. Sor/Wiz 3 Clr 6. Clr 2. Mass Inflict Light Wounds Sor/Wiz 6 Drd 9. Sor/Wiz 1 Sor/Wiz 6 Clr 0. Water 5 Brd 1. Drd 4 Brd 3 Brd 2. Sor/Wiz 3 Clr 9. Clr 6. Sor/Wiz 1 Drd 4. Good 8 Good 4 Pal 4 Clr 7. Magic 2. Sor/Wiz 4 Sor/Wiz 3 Clr 6. Mass Freedom Freedom of Movement Freezing Sphere Gaseous Form Gate Geas/Quest Geas. Sor/Wiz 2 Animal 2. Drd 2. Clr 6 Brd 2. Greater Goodberry Good Hope Grasping Hand Grease Guards and Wards Guidance Gust of Wind Hallow Hallucinatory Terrain Halt Undead Harm Haste Heal Heal. Sor/Wiz 8 Clr 4. Sor/Wiz 4.CHAPTER 13. Sor/Wiz 6 Brd 3. APPENDIX Forceful Hand Foresight Fox’s Cunning Fox’s Cunning. Strength 7 Brd 1. Rgr 4 Sor/Wiz 6 Air 3. Destruction 4 Clr 8 Clr 1. Lesser Gentle Repose Ghost Sound Ghoul Touch Giant Vermin Glibness Glitterdust Globe of Invulnerability Globe of Invulnerability. Sor/Wiz 3 Brd 0. Sor/Wiz 2 Clr 5. Sor/Wiz 6 Drd 1. Water 8 Brd 2. Healing 9 Pal 3 Drd 2. Sor/Wiz 1 Brd 3. Sor/Wiz 2 Brd 6. Sor/Wiz 9 Brd 6. Magic 4 Clr 9. Good 7 Sor/Wiz 8. Sor/Wiz 0 Sor/Wiz 2 Clr 4. Sor/Wiz 3 Sor/Wiz 7 Sor/Wiz 1 Clr 8. Sor/Wiz 4 Clr 2. Sor/Wiz 3 Sor/Wiz 4 Clr 4. Sor/Wiz 6 Sor/Wiz 9 Brd 4. Greater Hide from Animals Hide from Undead Hideous Laughter Hold Animal Hold Monster Hold Monster. Brd 3. Law 6. Sor/Wiz 3 Brd 5. Destruction 6 Brd 3. Luck 4. Sor/Wiz 9 Brd 2. Healing 6 Clr 9. Rgr 1 Clr 1 Brd 1. Drd 7. Destruction 9 Sor/Wiz 9 Fire 8. Rgr 2 Brd 4.

Trickery 2 Brd 4. Rgr 1. Sor/Wiz 3 Chaos 3. Sor/Wiz 2. Sor/Wiz 8 Brd 5. Good 3. Clr 0. Pal 3. Travel 1 Brd 0 Sor/Wiz 1 Brd 0. Pal 3. War 3 Clr 1. Sor/Wiz 2 Clr 1. Sor/Wiz 0 Brd 0. Drd 0. Sor/Wiz 1 Sor/Wiz 3 Sor/Wiz 2 Brd 0. Clr 3. Clr 0. Pal 1. Sor/Wiz 9 Sor/Wiz 5 Wiz 6 Sor/Wiz 7 Sor/Wiz 5 Sor/Wiz 7 Brd 1. Mass Inflict Serious Wounds Inflict Serious Wounds. Law 3. Strength 3. Knowledge 7. Sor/Wiz 0 Magic 9. Sor/Wiz 0 Sor/Wiz 9 Protection 8. Sor/Wiz 4 Sor/Wiz 7 Clr 3 Brd 3. Drd 1. Magic 1. Greater Magic Jar Magic Missile Magic Mouth Magic Stone Magic Vestment Magic Weapon Magic Weapon. Sor/Wiz 3 Drd 1. Sor/Wiz 3 Clr 2 Clr 5. Greater Invisibility. Sor/Wiz 1 Clr 3. Mass Inflict Minor Wounds Inflict Moderate Wounds Inflict Moderate Wounds. Sor/Wiz 0 Sor/Wiz 3 Sor/Wiz 7 Drd 6 Brd 4. Rgr 3 Sor/Wiz 5 Sor/Wiz 1 Brd 1. Sor/Wiz 3 Clr 3. Clr 3. War 1 Clr 4. Evil 3. Sor/Wiz 8 Drd 1. Sor/Wiz 2 Clr 9. Sor/Wiz 3 Clr 3. Mass Insanity Insect Plague Instant Summons Interposing Hand Invisibility Invisibility. Mass Invisibility Purge Invisibility Sphere Iron Body Ironwood Irresistible Dance Jump Keen Edge Knock Know Direction Legend Lore Levitate Light Lightning Bolt Limited Wish Liveoak Locate Creature Locate Object Longstrider Lullaby Mage Armor Mage Hand Mage’s Disjunction Mage’s Faithful Hound Mage’s Lucubration Mage’s Magnificent Mansion Mage’s Private Sanctum Mage’s Sword Magic Aura Magic Circle against Chaos Magic Circle against Evil Magic Circle against Good Magic Circle against Law Magic Fang Magic Fang. Pal 4 Sor/Wiz 8 Clr 3. Drd 0. Destruction 5 Clr 0 Clr 2 Clr 6 Clr 3 Clr 7 Sor/Wiz 7 Clr 5. Luck 9 ML PL PL ML PL ML ML ML PL PL ML ML ML Legal ML PL CL PL CL PL PL Legal PL PL Legal ML ML ML PL PL CL PL Legal CL PL PL Legal ML PL ML PL CL CL PL PL PL PL Banned PL CL PL CL PL PL PL PL Legal ML ML ML Legal CL ML PL ML CL CL ML 149 . Drd 5 Sor/Wiz 7 Sor/Wiz 5 Brd 2. Sor/Wiz 3 Sor/Wiz 5 Brd 3. Sor/Wiz 8 Drd 6 Brd 6. Sor/Wiz 1. Travel 2 Drd 1. Drd 0 Brd 4. Rgr 1. Pal 3. Sor/Wiz 3 Earth 8. Sor/Wiz 5 Sor/Wiz 4 Brd 2. Rgr 1 Drd 3. APPENDIX Inflict Light Wounds. Greater Major Creation Major Image Make Whole Mark of Justice Maze Meld into Stone Mending Message Meteor Swarm Mind Blank Mind Fog Minor Creation Minor Image Miracle Clr 5. Earth 1 Clr 3. Drd 3 Brd 0.CHAPTER 13. Sor/Wiz 2. Sor/Wiz 4 Brd 2. Sor/Wiz 6 Sor/Wiz 2 Brd 0.

Sor/Wiz 1 Clr 3. War 9 Sor/Wiz 8. Sor/Wiz 6 Brd 5. Sor/Wiz 6 Brd 6. Sor/Wiz 1 Clr 1. War 7 Sor/Wiz 9. Sor/Wiz 2 Drd 3 Brd 2. Sor/Wiz 8 Sor/Wiz 5 Sor/Wiz 8 Clr 0. Sor/Wiz 2 Brd 2. Sor/Wiz 2 Air 1. Clr 3. Pal 1. Clr 1. Drd 0 Brd 2. Sor/Wiz 9. Sor/Wiz 3 Sor/Wiz 2 Sor/Wiz 7. Sor/Wiz 1 Magic 8. Drd 2. Protection 3. Sor/Wiz 5 Brd 2. APPENDIX Mirage Arcana Mirror Image Misdirection Mislead Mnemonic Enhancer Modify Memory Moment of Prescience Mount Move Earth Neutralize Poison Nightmare Nondetection Obscure Object Obscuring Mist Open/Close Order’s Wrath Overland Flight Owl’s Wisdom Owl’s Wisdom. Lesser Plane Shift Plant Growth Poison Polar Ray Polymorph Polymorph Any Object Power Word Blind Power Word Kill Power Word Stun Prayer Prestidigitation Prismatic Sphere Prismatic Spray Prismatic Wall Produce Flame Programmed Image Project Image Protection from Arrows Protection from Chaos Protection from Energy Protection from Evil Protection from Good Protection from Law Protection from Spells Prying Eyes Prying Eyes. Pal 1. Sor/Wiz 0 Protection 9. Trickery 3 Brd 1. Sor/Wiz 2 Brd 5. Law 1. Sor/Wiz 8 Sor/Wiz 1 Drd 6. Pal 4. Sor/Wiz 7 Sor/Wiz 2 Clr 1. Rgr 3 Clr 4. Good 1.CHAPTER 13. Luck 6. Rgr 1 Sor/Wiz 5 Brd 6. Sun 9 Sor/Wiz 7 Sor/Wiz 8 Drd 1. Mass Passwall Pass without Trace Permanency Permanent Image Persistent Image Phantasmal Killer Phantom Steed Phantom Trap Phase Door Planar Ally Planar Ally. Sor/Wiz 5 Sor/Wiz 4 Brd 3. Lesser Planar Binding Planar Binding. Greater Purify Food and Drink Pyrotechnics Quench Rage Rainbow Pattern Raise Dead Ray of Enfeeblement Brd 5. Drd 3 Sor/Wiz 8 Sor/Wiz 4 Sor/Wiz 8. War 8 Clr 3. Trickery 6 Wiz 4 Brd 4 Luck 8. Sor/Wiz 1. Drd 3. Travel 8 Clr 6 Clr 8 Clr 4 Sor/Wiz 6 Sor/Wiz 8 Sor/Wiz 5 Clr 5. Sor/Wiz 6. Sor/Wiz 4 Clr 5 Sor/Wiz 1 ML PL PL ML Legal ML PL CL ML Legal ML PL PL PL CL PL PL Legal PL ML ML PL PL PL ML CL CL ML ML ML ML ML ML ML PL PL ML PL ML ML PL ML PL CL Legal ML ML ML PL PL ML CL Legal Legal Legal PL PL PL ML ML Legal CL Legal PL ML PL PL 150 . Fire 2 Brd 6. Clr 4. Sor/Wiz 3. Rgr 2. Trickery 8 Sor/Wiz 7. Greater Planar Binding. Greater Planar Ally. Sor/Wiz 3 Brd 4. Water 1 Brd 0. Pal 3 Brd 0. Evil 1. Rgr 2. Luck 3. Sor/Wiz 3 Clr 1. Plant 3. Sor/Wiz 6 Brd 4. Clr 1. Sor/Wiz 0 Law 4 Sor/Wiz 5 Clr 2. Drd 3. Rgr 3 Brd 5. Sor/Wiz 6 Sor/Wiz 5 Drd 1. Pal 2. Sor/Wiz 2 Clr 6. Sor/Wiz 7 Drd 3. Sor/Wiz 1 Chaos 1. Sor/Wiz 5 Rgr 4. Drd 1. Drd 6.

Protection 2 Drd 1 Sor/Wiz 1 Brd 4. Sor/Wiz 4 Brd 6. APPENDIX Ray of Exhaustion Ray of Frost Read Magic Reduce Animal Reduce Person Reduce Person. Protection 1 Brd 2. Sor/Wiz 5 Clr 4. Sor/Wiz 9 Clr 7. Sor/Wiz 1 Sor/Wiz 7 PL PL Legal CL PL ML PL Legal ML Legal Legal Legal Legal Legal PL Legal PL PL ML Legal Legal Legal Legal Legal PL ML PL PL PL PL PL PL ML PL ML ML PL PL PL CL CL Legal ML CL PL PL ML PL ML PL ML PL ML ML PL CL CL CL CL PL PL ML ML CL PL PL PL 151 . Sor/Wiz 7 Clr 5. Pal 1. Sor/Wiz 2 Brd 5. Lesser Resurrection Reverse Gravity Righteous Might Rope Trick Rusting Grasp Sanctuary Scare Scintillating Pattern Scorching Ray Screen Scrying Scrying. Sor/Wiz 6 Sor/Wiz 4 Brd 0. Law 8 Clr 2. Drd 9. Pal 1. Clr 0. Rgr 3 Sor/Wiz 1 Sor/Wiz 4 Clr 7. Mass Refuge Regenerate Reincarnate Remove Blindness/Deafness Remove Curse Remove Disease Remove Fear Remove Paralysis Repel Metal or Stone Repel Vermin Repel Wood Repulsion Resilient Sphere Resistance Resist Energy Restoration Restoration. Plant 6 Clr 7. Sor/Wiz 9 Brd 2. Pal 3 Brd 3. Sor/Wiz 2 Clr 4. Greater Shadow Evocation Shadow Evocation. Rgr 3 Brd 1. Drd 3. Pal 2. Sor/Wiz 3 Sor/Wiz 7 Sor/Wiz 9 Brd 4. Sor/Wiz 2 Sor/Wiz 1 Clr 1 Clr 8. Drd 2. Rgr 1. Drd 9. Sor/Wiz 4 Brd 6. Chaos 2. Greater Sculpt Sound Searing Light Secret Chest Secret Page Secure Shelter See Invisibility Seeming Sending Sepia Snake Sigil Sequester Shades Shadow Conjuration Shadow Conjuration. Pal 3. Clr 1 Clr 2. Sor/Wiz 7 Brd 3 Clr 3. Pal 4 Clr 7 Clr 2. Healing 7 Drd 4 Clr 3. Drd 7. Sor/Wiz 0 Clr 2. Strength 5 Sor/Wiz 2 Drd 4 Clr 1. Clr 2 Brd 1. Sor/Wiz 0 Drd 2. Sor/Wiz 3 Brd 4. Trickery 7 Brd 3. Greater Shadow Walk Shambler Shapechange Shatter Shield Shield of Faith Shield of Law Shield Other Shillelagh Shocking Grasp Shout Shout. Sor/Wiz 5 Brd 3. Clr 7. Protection 7. Drd 2. Plant 9 Animal 9. Destruction 2. Sun 3 Sor/Wiz 5 Brd 3. Sor/Wiz 4 Brd 3. Fire 3. Greater Shrink Item Silence Silent Image Simulacrum Sor/Wiz 3 Sor/Wiz 0 Brd 0. Drd 0. Pal 2. Drd 4. Drd 4. Sor/Wiz 8 Sor/Wiz 3 Brd 2. Drd 0. Clr 0. Clr 3. Sor/Wiz 4 Clr 3. Sor/Wiz 2 Sor/Wiz 8 Sor/Wiz 2 Sor/Wiz 8. Sor/Wiz 5 Sor/Wiz 8 Brd 5. Sor/Wiz 4 Sor/Wiz 7 Brd 5.CHAPTER 13. Pal 2 Drd 8 Brd 4. Clr 4. Rgr 1. Greater Restoration. Sor/Wiz 6 Drd 9. Pal 1 Clr 7 Drd 8. Rgr 3 Drd 6. Clr 2. Clr 5.

Rgr 2 Sor/Wiz 2 Clr 4. Sor/Wiz 7 Clr 7. Rgr 2 Drd 3. Sor/Wiz 2 Brd 3. Sor/Wiz 7 Drd 2. Strength 4 Clr 8 Clr 5. Sor/Wiz 3 Brd 5. Drd 8 Drd 9 Brd 2. Sor/Wiz 9 Drd 1. Earth 6. Drd 3. Protection 5 Drd 6 Luck 7. Clr 3. Law9. Sun 7 Drd 8. Drd 3 Drd 2. Sor/Wiz 4 Brd 5. Clr 2 Brd 3. Mass Summon Instrument Summon Monster I Summon Monster II Summon Monster III Summon Monster IV Summon Monster V Summon Monster VI Summon Monster VII Summon Monster VIII Summon Monster IX Summon Nature’s Ally Summon Nature’s Ally Summon Nature’s Ally Summon Nature’s Ally Summon Nature’s Ally Summon Nature’s Ally Summon Nature’s Ally Summon Nature’s Ally Summon Nature’s Ally Summon Swarm Sunbeam Sunburst Symbol of Death Symbol of Fear Symbol of Insanity Symbol of Pain Symbol of Persuasion Symbol of Sleep Symbol of Stunning Symbol of Weakness Sympathetic Vibration Sympathy Telekinesis Telekinetic Sphere I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX Clr 5. Good 9. Sor/Wiz 6 Brd 0 Brd 1. Drd 2. Sor/Wiz 7 Brd 6 Drd 9. Clr 6. Drd 1. Sor/Wiz 3 Brd 4. Earth 3. Clr 9. Drd 4. Rgr 4 Drd 5 Drd 6 Drd 7 Animal 8. Sor/Wiz 8 Chaos 9. War 2 Sor/Wiz 7 Clr 2 Sor/Wiz 3 Clr 3. Sor/Wiz 8. Sor/Wiz 5 Clr 6. Sor/Wiz 1 Brd 2. Clr 4. Clr 2.CHAPTER 13. Sor/Wiz 4. Rgr 1 Drd 2. Sor/Wiz 3 Rgr 2. Sor/Wiz 7 Clr 8. Magic 5. Strength 6 Drd 6 Sor/Wiz 6 Drd 9. Rgr 1 Clr 3 Brd 4. Sor/Wiz 5 Brd 6. Death 5 Brd 1. Sor/Wiz 9 Brd 2. Sor/Wiz 8 Clr 5. Sor/Wiz 2 Drd 3. Clr 5. Earth 2 Sor/Wiz 4 Brd 5 Clr 9. Rgr 3 Animal 4. Sor/Wiz 5 Clr 7. Sor/Wiz 5 Drd 5. Sor/Wiz 8 Sor/Wiz 5 Sor/Wiz 8 ML PL PL PL PL PL PL ML Banned ML Legal PL Legal PL CL CL CL Legal CL PL ML ML PL PL Legal PL PL CL Legal Legal ML ML ML Legal ML ML ML ML ML ML ML ML ML ML ML ML ML ML ML ML ML ML ML PL ML ML PL ML PL ML PL PL PL PL ML PL PL 152 . Sor/Wiz 8 Clr 6. Evil 9. Magic 7. Sor/Wiz 6 Clr 7. Sor/Wiz 3 Brd 3. Clr 9 Brd 2. Sun 8 Clr 8. Sor/Wiz 1 Drd 3. Sor/Wiz 6 Clr 8. Earth 4 Clr 2. Sor/Wiz 2 Drd 7. Protection 4. APPENDIX Slay Living Sleep Sleet Storm Slow Snare Soften Earth and Stone Solid Fog Song of Discord Soul Bind Sound Burst Speak with Animals Speak with Dead Speak with Plants Spectral Hand Spell Immunity Spell Immunity. Greater Spell Resistance Spellstaff Spell Turning Spider Climb Spike Growth Spike Stones Spiritual Weapon Statue Status Stinking Cloud Stone Shape Stoneskin Stone Tell Stone to Flesh Storm of Vengeance Suggestion Suggestion. Clr 1. Rgr 2 Drd 4. Sor/Wiz 6 Clr 5. Drd 3.

Rgr 3 Drd 5. and might be helpful in inspiring campaigns and adventures. Travel 7 Sor/Wiz 9 Sor/Wiz 8 Sor/Wiz 9. Water 3 Clr 3. Pal 2 CL PL PL PL PL PL ML Legal Legal PL PL PL PL PL PL PL Banned ML PL PL PL PL Legal PL PL PL PL PL ML ML CL Legal PL ML ML PL ML PL PL PL PL Legal CL PL PL PL ML ML CL PL ML Banned PL ML PL PL PL 153 13. Sor/Wiz 9 Drd 5.Plenty of weirdness from the real The following resources were useful in creating Urbis. Drd 8 Brd 4 Clr 2. Knowledge 5. Travel 5 Sor/Wiz 7 Sor/Wiz 7. Plant 5 Drd 2 Clr 3.CHAPTER 13. Greater Teleportation Circle Temporal Stasis Time Stop Tiny Hut Tongues Touch of Fatigue Touch of Idiocy Transformation Transmute Metal to Wood Transmute Mud to Rock Transmute Rock to Mud Transport via Plants Trap the Soul Tree Shape Tree Stride True Resurrection True Seeing True Strike Undeath to Death Undetectable Alignment Unhallow Unholy Aura Unholy Blight Unseen Servant Vampiric Touch Veil Ventriloquism Virtue Vision Wail of the Banshee Wall of Fire Wall of Force Wall of Ice Wall of Iron Wall of Stone Wall of Thorns Warp Wood Water Breathing Water Walk Waves of Exhaustion Waves of Fatigue Web Weird Whirlwind Whispering Wind Wind Walk Wind Wall Wish Wood Shape Word of Chaos Word of Recall Zone of Silence Zone of Truth Sor/Wiz 5 Sor/Wiz 5. Sor/Wiz 5 Drd 5. Drd 6. Trickery 9 Brd 3. Sor/Wiz 6 Brd 1. Drd 8 Brd 2. Sor/Wiz 5 Drd 5. APPENDIX Telepathic Bond Teleport Teleport Object Teleport. Drd 3. Sor/Wiz 1 Sor/Wiz 3 Brd 6. Drd 3. Earth 5. Pal 1 Sor/Wiz 7 Death 9. Clr 7 Clr 6. Drd 5 Clr 8. Fire 4. Rgr 4 Clr 9 Clr 5. Sor/Wiz 3. Sor/Wiz 5 Drd 6 Sor/Wiz 8 Drd 2. Drd 7. Sor/Wiz 3 Brd 2. Pal 2 Clr 5. Rgr 2. Clr 3. Drd 0.5 Resources Game Books • Ken Hite: Suppressed Transmissions. Sor/Wiz 2 Clr 6. Sor/Wiz 6 Sor/Wiz 1 Clr 6. Clr 2. Sor/Wiz 6 Brd 1. Sor/Wiz 3 Sor/Wiz 0 Sor/Wiz 2 Sor/Wiz 6 Drd 7 Drd 5. Clr 4. Rgr 3 Sor/Wiz 7 Sor/Wiz 5 Sor/Wiz 2 Sor/Wiz 9 Air 8. Sor/Wiz 4 Sor/Wiz 5 Sor/Wiz 4 Sor/Wiz 6 Clr 5. Drd 7 Air 2. Evil 8 Evil 4 Brd 1. Sor/Wiz 3 Sor/Wiz 9 Drd 2 Chaos 7. Suppressed Transmissions 2 . Sor/Wiz 1 Clr 0. .

Hoyt: Japan’s War: Gives the reader a good idea about the present political situation in Narevoreen .cgi?783 . especially the Lake of Dreams. • Howard Phillips Lovecraft: Many of his stories are appropriate for Urbis. – The Horror at Red Hook. Celephais. . – The Nameless City: Very appropriate for any of the desert regions. the insights into how the shadow economies of cities work are timeless and equally applicable to the world of Urbis. The Invisible Frontier . A small sampling: – The Cats of Ulthar. Fiction • Alberto Manguel: The Dictionary of Imaginary Places: The Newly Updated and Expanded Classic . Streets and Images in Nineteenth-Century London: Indispensible for the development of the city of Dartmouth. Its stories have a multitude of homages to superhero comics and other adventure stories of past decades while also showing that the world has moved on from them. Links • Obsk¨ ur : Weaving the web of the Obscure Cities (http://www. Sadly. Non-Fiction • Edwin P.CHAPTER 13. and The White Ship: These ”Dreamlands” stories are perfect for some of the stranger and more remote regions of Urbis.with plenty of suitable references to other classic role-playing game settings.and what the future might bring. and thus are highly recommended.People.There are plenty of unusual locales taken from literature in this book that beg to be used in a roleplaying campaign.sjgames. including a brilliant image gallery.an archive of the above mentioned Obscure Cities.Pyramid Subscribers only) . many titles of this fantastic series of comics are unavailable in English.The city of New Crobuzon wouldn’t be too out of place in Urbis. • Linda Nead: Victorian Babylon . • Warren Ellis.The Underground Economy of the Urban Poor: While written from a modern-day perspective. Urbis tries to pay homage to the various fantasy worlds in general and fantasy rpg settings in particular that came before it.but these titles should be enough to get you started. • Sudhir Alladi Venkatesh: Off the Books .com/pyramid/login/article. APPENDIX world (or at least the imagined real world) 154 • Francois Schuiten. Fever in Urbicand.ebbs.one of the inspiration for nexus towers.The “Obscure Cities” (or “Cities of the Fantastic”) were the primary inspiration for Urbis. A must! • Suppressed Transmission: Plumb Weird: Sacred Geometry by Ken Hite (http://www. In a similar way.net/) .. including a brilliant guidebook to the Obscure Cities . John Cassaday: Planetary: A comic series where the protagonists are superhero archaeologists trying to uncover the secret history of their world. Benoit Peeters: Brusel. and highly inspirational for understanding how 19th century cities function.. The Rats in the Walls: Urban Horror at its best. The Doom That Came To Sarnath The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath. • China Mieville: Perdido Street Station . and an entire campaign could be run with the player characters trying to uncover the secret history of Urbis .

copy. symbols. independent Agreement with the owner of each element of that Product Identity. OPEN GAME LICENSE Version 1. You agree not to indicate compatibility or co-adaptability with any Trademark or Registered Trademark in conjunction with a work containing Open Game Content except as expressly licensed in another. All Rights Reserved.Offer and Acceptance: By Using the Open Game Content You indicate Your acceptance of the terms of this License. “Used” or “Using” means to use. edit. and means any work covered by this License. spells. license. and which specifically excludes the Open Game Content. (d)“Open Game Content” means the game mechanic and includes the methods. procedures. All content from the System Reference Document (www. correction. transformed or adapted. 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85 Agaros. 92 astral plane. 107 Basilis Niland. 107. 75 Bhatal. 53 Chafring. 105. 96 boroughs. 49 Ardraxal. 95 Amenenu. 85. 92. 55. 95 aboleth. 108 cardinal points. 32. 54 Byblos. 99 Alassio. 119 Atalan Road. 102. 21. 55. 135 Atalan. 104 Bay Times. 121 Ahort. 88 Bagrash. 104. 69. 41. 53 basilisks. 10. 32 All-Seeing Eye. 11. 100 Butcher’s Guild. 87 Blink Valley. 19. 115 bulettes. 76. 112 Board of Works. 120 Akthˆ ul. 13. 108 Bargeto. 104 Cadriculan. 81. 75. 45 Ancients. 41. 75 Aruges. 104 Athanatos Club. 75.Index 50ya. 95. 88. 107 Breonor. 84 centaurs. 72 Air. 91. 97 Alliance Army. 89. 42. 85. 93. 100 Boris III. 31. 81 Alanthos. 45 Avareen. 111. 94 bloodstones. 79 Alter Peter. 106 Becknal Road. 81. 43. 9 bards. 54. 48 Black Priests. 88 Alturus. 62. 93 Burisia. 112 Boreal Wind. 94 Areus. 102 Annurax. 102 Basram. 121 astral planes. 74. 26. 120 Carysis. 120. 52. 129 Adrienne. 51 Charles Edwick. 89. 40. 42 Cardano theMagnificent. 112 Bodenwald. 7. 67. 121 Argannon. 92. 107 Chanes. 106 behirs. 102. 114 Armach. 110. 53. 70 Amril. 63. 102 Burallux. 63 Castle Canadus. 7 Chaos. 86 Animalists. 66 Bad Taubenfels. 104. 13 Atalan Emperor. 27 Blauer K¨ onig. 113. 44. 41 Alliance Council. 67 Battle of the Fields of Harrow. 129 aboleths. 27 Board of Commerce. 75 changelings. 112 157 . 112. 5. 87 Blaustein. 54. 74. 50. 91 Assoros. 100 Azg´ ura. 69 Calessio. 33. 79. 94. 131 Bucatar. 114. 102 Bemyne. 118. 85. 71 Blackday. 115. 128 Central Network. 86. 135 Athieniel. 102 Amanthera. 69 Ashin. 69 Alassia. 70. 135 Body of Works. 120 Chaos Pits. 77 Blueday. 127 Barslow. 127 Battle of Scarlet Hill. 41–43 Alliance of the Pantheon. 84. 66 Barandul. 73. 6. 96. 42 Cantoria. 70. 63 brownies. 67. 90 ankhegs. 61 Alande. 105 Castle Nargeth. 79 Atalan Wall. 61 barbarians. 27. 88. 55 Atalus. 66. 70 Atalan Empire. 121 Astromantic Society. 50. 85 Adrienne III. 74–76. 54. 54 Broken City. 94. 85. 75 Ascenon. 22 Blue Legion. 32 Cerulean Dawn. 88. 109. 56.

91. 107. 102 Dart. 127 blue. 85 doppelgangers. 137 derro. 96 1371. 115 Danchester.. 136 1627. 93. 43. 73. 72. 52. 13 80ya. 5 Council of Equals. 50 654. 137 digesters. 120. 47. 55 daresh. 113 delvers. 130 elder. 98 Common. 76 Cup of Jorunnos. 67 1149. 111 1341. 90 Cordall Hill. 109 Corrun Forest. 66 displacer beasts. 55 965. 111 Dartmouth Asylum for the Insane. 68 1160. 90 deities. 109 City Watch. 127. 107 Conall Gardens. 78 Children of Mercy Orphanages. 135 150ya. 62. 42 10ya. 117 czars. 136 citizenship papers. 99 dragons. 76 500C. 105 Date1073. 106 Dartmouth Museum of Natural History. 56 1303. 69 Conall. 63 Circle of the Crumbling Tower.INDEX chess. 41 Cryptozoological Society. 51 crystal gardens. 98 4000ya. 66 cosmic forces. 115 Crymras Ibrunel. 25 City Guard. 55 351. 130 juvenile. 78. 13 20ya. 111 1104. 121. 137 Dragon Falls. 85 Dragon Cults. 64. 94. 102 District Guard. 54 Crecent Row. 127 devils. 101 Dirbos. 121 Cott’s Point. 12. 82 400ya. 81. 109 Dartmouth War Memorial. 107. 112 1347. 102. 112 1376. 44 1113. 102 demons. 90. 102. 97 chuul. 55 991. 44 1000ya. 102 College of White Wizardry. 86. 114 divine bureaucracy. 94. 47. 89 1000Cent. 64 cloakers. 66. 135 1268. 94 chuuls. 107 Clanless. 107 divine apotheosis. 19 death pits. 129 larval. 121 Court of Shadows. 101 Circle Lake. 136 Crystal Forest. 106 Crimson Lake. 59 clerics. 12 derros. 103. 76 13thC. 94. 42. 109 Dartmouth. 96 1375. 96 Dahla. 129 adult. 111 977. 95 Draxal. 115 Chikwase. 109 Dartmouth Ornithological Society. 76 dire lions. 100 dire wolves. 135 After fall of Atalan Empire. 75 241. 89 158 30ya. 99 43ya. 138 100ya. 32 1387. 10. 114 divine imposter. 70. 67 395. 115. 136 dryads. 54. 128 . 127 dopplegangers. 90 gold. 12 Commoners title. 62. 128. 107 Contemplatives. 68 1174. 114 Doge. 77 223-226. 127 bronze. 68 1185. 109 Dartmouth City Charter. 136 Choral Flowers. 94. 55. 48 druids. 135 1245. 92 50ya. 105 5ya. 112 1346. 111 1237. 79 Dartmouth University. 94 Desert of Thunder. 75 Court of Birds. 109 Date -347. 80 70ya. 129 darkmantles. 89. 76. 79 Dartmouth Academy of War. 32. 137 destrachans. 5. 90 Cryelis. 89 540. 105 Council of Elders. 54 Court of Elements. 112 Dartmouth Enquirer. 10. 67 death ghettos.

Dulinor, 62 Durgoth of Byblos, 120, 135 Durgoth’s Wall, 135 Duriam, 106, 107, 109 dwarves, 5, 6, 8, 12, 66, 67, 72, 87, 89, 92, 103 Earth, 120 Eastern Network, 32 Edward Dunkin, 78 Eldwen of Hecanshire, 111 elemental planes, 120 elemental season, 121 elementals, 101 earth, 102 Elf Roads, 73 Eloria, 42 Eluvanar, 81 elves, 5, 6, 8, 11, 31, 45, 66, 67, 76, 80, 85, 88, 90, 92, 98–101, 103, 110, 128, 131 Emperor Barusus IV, 70 Emperor Solus, 89, 104 Enegorn, 11, 45, 46 Epholos, 69 Ernst Bachmann, 89 Erquar, 80 Estenheim, 83 Eternal Storm, 5, 50, 66, 68, 71, 77, 104, 128 ethereal filchers, 101 ethereal plane, 120, 122 ettercaps, 101 Eunorites, 97 Eustilia Plains, 75 Eustillia Plains, 42, 44, 77 Everett Carsliff, 111 EverettHuffrey, 112 Evil, 120, 137 Exhibition Grounds, 107 Expansionists, 90 experts, 135 Faerie, 84, 122, 130 Fair Folk, 7, 108, 122, 130 fair folk, 73 Falimar, 82 Far Coast, 101 Fate Club, 137 Feenwald, 88 Festival of Lights, 27 fey, 45, 54, 81, 84, 88, 94 Fields of Harrow, 54, 55, 111, 136 fighters, 11 Fire, 120 First Citizen, 75 First Councilor, 75 First Families, 106 Flannish, 13 Flannish Cities, 5, 13, 19, 32, 52, 66, 85, 88, 90, 101, 104, 135, 136 Flannish Cities Unity Coalition, 53 Flannish Empire, 55, 104 Flannish Kingdom, 55 Flannish Quarter, 84 fog people, 79 Fogsend, 108 Foreigner’s Quarter Navar, 82 Forest of Avareen, 46 Forest of Fomoraig, 81 Forest of Songs, 54 Forst of Lights, 83 Fort Nilatus, 77 Fortress Home, 42, 43 Fountain of Youth, 46 frost worms, 102 fungi, 101 Gailsbreath, 108 Garad-Zhakˆ ul, 60 Garden of Delights, 49 Garin, 136 Gathal-Nur, 60 Gawaris Desert, 32, 56, 58, 99, 101, 128, 138 Gebral, 116 Gelberth, 107, 109 Gelgen, 55 Gellingen, 88 Gemeinschaftsbank, 25, 88, 137 Geniok, 58 Gentlemen Callers’ Club, 108 ghasts, 78 ghosts, 72, 96, 110, 113, 115, 122 ghouls, 73, 78, 107, 127 giant bees, 67 giant eagles, 128 giant owls, 128 giants, 115 cloud, 69 Gigam, 48 Giranbazai, 48 Glenning Street, 110 gnomes, 6, 8, 43, 62, 63, 87, 103, 137 goblin, 61 goblins, 51, 66, 70, 98, 103, 128, 131 goblins , 62 Gol Algor, 5, 12, 32, 57, 69 Gol Grungor, 5, 12, 32, 59, 66–68, 83 Gol Murak, 5, 61, 85, 90, 92, 100 Gol-Tabur, 89 golem, 31 golems, 22, 31 Golk Murak, 32 Good, 120 Gorchov, 52, 95, 96 Gorok-kar, 54, 55 Gorok-mar, 72 Gossamer Fields, 84 Gr¨ ungarten, 31, 53, 54, 58, 97, 101 Gral Guldenberg, 87 Grand Carnival, 63 Grand Road, 32, 61, 85, 99, 100 Graveyard of Souls, 73 Gray Hills, 54 gray renders, 102 Great Game, 29 Great Lake, 55, 68, 83 Great Provider, 63 Great Southern Chaos, 5, 76, 104 greater gods, 114 Green Monoliths, 55 Greenday, 27 gricks, 102 Grondholm, 83 Guardian of the Threshold, 113, 114 Guild Cemetery, 107 Guldenberg family, 43, 87, 137 Gulrathur, 89


Gurion, 138 Gurion’s Rest, 57 Gurions, 57, 138 Guroth, 52 Hagenzell, 88, 89 half-dragons, 47, 48, 95, 137 half-elves, 6, 75, 76, 85, 90, 98 half-fiends, 66 half-orcs, 7, 8 halfling crime ring, 106 halflings, 7, 8, 69, 71, 87, 89, 103, 104 Hamajan Mountains, 11, 92 Haphta, 63 Harbor, 109 Harrengrimm, 84 Harrowhill, 105 Harrowhill Public School, 105 Harvel Hills, 71 Hatramo, 43, 116 Hellweg III, 55 Helystis, 75, 76 Helyswood, 75 Henningswoade, 109 Hensington, 109 Hidden King, 5 High Castle, 43 High War Council, 65, 67, 76 hippogriffs, 79 Hobgoblin Dominions, 5, 32, 44, 59, 74, 95, 98 hobgoblin dominions, 8 hobgoblins, 7, 43, 45, 65, 76, 88, 98 Hogenrood, 54 Hogenrood Museum of Art, 54, 89 Hollerpass, 88, 104 Hollowhill, 54 Holzau, 54 Horngate Hill, 107, 109 House of Parliament, 107, 112 humans, 8 Hyra, 69 Ibeth, 82 Island Turtles, 101 Isle of the Black Priests, 71 Isle of the Sorcerer, 99 Ixios the Chainer, 138 Izdˆ ul, 60 Joro, 100 Jorunnos, 43, 116 Journal of the Dartmouth Geographic Society, 106 Judario, 85, 101 Judianc, 52 Kalab, 76 Kaltengrad, 83, 84 Karbazulˆ an, 61 Karelwood, 71 Karlach, 88 Karlsbach, 88 Karos, 91, 93 Karsamos, 76 Katrinburg, 96 Kazang, 64 Keepers of the Threshold, 72 Kelzech, 91, 92 Khadeen, 57 Khargun, 56 Khatash, 68 Khazad Nomads, 95–97 Kiergan’s Hill, 105 Kierran’s Island, 83 Kikuluk, 63 King Geonodes IX, 77 King Hellweg III, 104 King John III, 111 King Kartias, 105 Kiturab, 58 kobold, 61 kobolds, 62, 63, 70, 92, 128, 137 Kolchov, 52 Kortus, 42, 117 Korzech, 95 Kourama, 48 Kunak, 63 Kurova Bay, 71, 73


lacedons, 94 Lady in Green, 108 Lair of the Tatzelwurm, 88 Lake of Dragons, 90, 99 Lake of Dreams, 5, 32, 63, 68, 90, 93, 102, 108, 122 Lake of Ormalluin, 81 Lamash, 66 Lands of the Dead, 32, 71, 135 Law, 120 League Army, 74 League of Armach, 5, 32, 40, 43, 44, 56, 59, 63, 68, 69, 73, 85, 95, 97, 104, 136 Leconte, 85 lesser gods, 113 Liberation War, 56, 111, 138 Liberation Wars, 106 liches, 78 lichs, 72 life insurance, 25 Lord Amrast, 40–42, 44, 79 Lord Mayor, 106, 112 Lord Thorodel, 45 Lorendur, 46 Luciano, 99 lycanthropes, 71 Mageth, 104 Magmyril, 84 Magreth, 65, 67, 68 Magrith, 101 Malundi, 32, 41, 63, 77, 101, 108, 128 manpower modifier, 15, 16 manticores, 102 Mara, 42, 117 Maraduk, 60 Markub, 58 Marsata, 96 Marvensgate, 109 Marzukh, 66 masiq, 57 material plane, 119 Mating Grounds of the Gods, 79 Maximilian III, 54 Medras, 52 medusas, 94 Melkoth Thrumbor, 73 mercenaries, 30 Mercytos, 76

Merebis, 88 merfolk, 85 Mergoda, 85 Mewa, 78 Michael Kolchov, 52 Millian Hedwell, 52 Modernists, 58, 90 Molten Lake, 66 Mondro, 99 monks, 11, 46, 64 Mount Ilvo, 43 Mount Kayode, 94 Mount Uzuma, 94 Mugrash, 65, 66 mummies, 70, 78 Murab, 70 Murgong, 67 musical spas, 75 Nabi, 49 nagas spirit, 94 Nagrab, 65 Nameless God, 69 Narˆ ul, 61 Nardhome, 101 Narevoreen, 6, 45 Narevoren, 79 Nas, 49 Natasha Ivara, 95 Naurimar, 80 Navar, 80, 82 Nazeer, 57 Nebelh¨ ohlen, 88 necromancers, 72 Negative Energy, 120 Negroth the Doombringer, 54, 55, 68, 83–85, 88, 104, 106, 111, 138 Neidar, 81, 82 Nemuta, 49 Nengis, 97 Nesef, 58 Nesep, 70 Neubodenwald, 33, 94 Neuburg, 88 Nevak, 76 Nexus Age, 27 nexus tower, 27, 85, 104, 114 nexus towers, 3, 4, 8, 10, 12, 18, 22, 28, 30, 56, 67, 80, 83, 85, 87, 88, 104, 109, 112, 113, 119 Night Parade, 72 Nimdenthal, 54 Nimur, 72 Nkolo, 78 Nolvia, 71 Nolwia, 72 Norfjell Wastes, 32, 55, 73, 101, 128 main, 82 Norol, 43, 117 Northern Network, 32, 65 Nugrin Gap, 43 Nuovo Alassia, 100 Nygeia Hills, 69 nymphs, 128 Nyros, 118 ogres, 115 Old Faithful, 109, 112 Oldenheim, 55 Ombuso, 41, 79 Omphos, 43 one-shot enchantments, 22 Orchard of Tears, 46 orcs, 8, 67, 68, 73, 83, 92, 103, 128, 137 Oreanor, 102–104 Organizational Standing, 13 Oruniacur, 86 OS, 13 Oscimote, 76 othyughs, 101 Ouneiros, 70, 113, 118 Ouneirotur, 70, 118 outer planes, 113 Ozlia Marshes, 75


paladin, 19 paladins, 11, 79, 88, 105, 106 Palias, 118 Parginian Rim, 5, 6, 32, 42, 63, 79, 84, 91, 92, 101, 108, 111, 122, 135, 136 Parginian rim, 101 passport, 25 Patriarch, 97 pegasi, 128 Pengalen, 98 Percival Shellard, 112 Petersberg, 88 phantom fungi, 101 Pharsus, 70 Philosophers, 69 Pilgrim’s Rest, 43 Pillars of the World, 101 Plain of Ants, 48 planes, 47, 50 planets, 101 Plateau of Hungry Ghosts, 91 Port Coriano, 79 Positive Energy, 120 Praxus, 13, 19, 20, 55, 75, 135 Prosius, 76, 97 psionic items, 90 psionics, 12, 90–93, 130 purple worms, 101 Purpleday, 27 Pyarekat, 72 Pymander, 58 Queen Queen Queen Queen Arwanna, 45, 108 Meera, 80 Meeral, 80, 81 Mulukki, 63

rail line, 91 rail lines, 88, 89 railroad, 79 railroads, 31 rainbow dust, 69 Rainbow Plains, 69 rangers, 11 Ranya, 32, 101 Rat, 87, 88 Ratium, 89 Red Oaks, 110 redcaps, 131 Redday, 27 Reever Islands, 78

45. 104 Tunzano Swamps. 73 Tuvareen. 42 Sir Calabrim. 118. 61. 110. 73 Thurangax. 77 Toressea. 50. 13. 63. 93 Steel Archipelago. 98 Tybald Mansion. 92 satyrs. 77 sea hags. 104. 98. 86 Toskava. 72. 136 Pure Ones. 94 Sea of Shards. 32. 74. 44. 57 Shago. 132. 110 Serpent Kingdoms. 108. 104 trods. 94 sylvan races. 72 rogues. 101 Stone Coast. 15 Rhikasa. 77 The Lady. 83. 52. 96 Sudilar. 102 sahuagin. 132. 43 Serenwode. 48. 59 Sartians. 78 Tarnoth Empire. 26 residency papers. 33. 131 sarush. 109 Star Mountains. 79 shambling mounds. 101 Terrarium. 58 The Old Road. 7. 81 Stormheart. 6. 43 Tardruin the Black. 109. 119. 110 . 91. 51 Strozny. 11. 92. 41. 12. 9 Shafts of Lˆ ud. 77 Thenos. 104 tarrasque. 46 Sound. 60 Shargul. 132 lesser brethen. 48. 104. 86. 86. 121. 140 Seekers of the Highest Mountain. 25 resource modifier. 121 Special Branches. 88. 108 Thabashar. 91. 93. 91 stirges. 66 Sharal. 48. 88. 41. 49 Thabashar’s Bowl. 33. 55. 107. 91. 86 The Miasma. 90–92. Conroy. 99. 49 Sexism. 30 rust monsters. 128 162 Tallanggarul. 69 tendriculous. 102 research library. 119 Temple of the Nameless God. 85. 11. 128 Tatzelwurm. 89. 102 Svardholm. 54 Sirenzo. 122 trolls. 102 Rothea. 91 Shieldwall Mountains. 52. 77. 136 ropers. 32. 96. 131. 43. 101 sprites. 92 Shasrar. 136 Thorn Wars. 77. 63. 56. 68 Thenemon. 5. 88. 11 Rondhaven. 46 Theaniros Antires. 63 The Observatory. 132 thin-blooded. 95. 91 Thornstone. 111. 47. 23. 128 Sceas. 90 pure ones. 119 Sharakh. 98. 93 Taras. 91 treants. 136 Surtus. 74. 85. 48. 104 Siebenbund Alps. 132 Sarush’s Bowl. 115 Tsan Empire. 48. 90 surathi. 43. 85 skeletons. 64 Riarno. 135 Rules of War. 108 The Magister. 91 Snake Kingdoms. 144 spell legality. 51 sidhe. 94 St. 138. 112 Tarma Swamp. 95. 64. 11. 83 svirfneblin. 137 sorcerers. 50 Tingmaril. 100 Tulukka. 82 Torrino. 104 Siren’s Rock. 101 Shambling Plague. Conroy’s Cathedral. 144 spider eaters. 32 Salit. 127 Tsiaro. 119 Thenareth. 102. 88 Tekel. 112 The Games. 40. 81 Torburg. 33. 97. 84 Turaveen. 74 Thenares. 11. 63. 81. 86 The Hole. 96 Tower of Horag. 55. 110 St. 110 Torchbearers. 108 The Colony. 128 Treaty of Praxus. 70 Secondaries.INDEX remorhazes. 74. 110 St. 43 Sunset Province. 43 Road to Nowhere. 122 Road’s End. 136 favored ones. 131. Mordigan Church. 13. 135 Sormar. 55. 114 Slendar. 49 Sargoth. 94 surahti. 48 The Caprice. 53. 44. 111 Shaprat. 128 Sslush’tra. 97 Sarush. 13. 136 socerers. 41. 135 Trasoch. 27. 49 Samzuu. 83 The District. 61. 112. 62. 70. 110. 97. 40. 131 Siebenbund. 118. 101. 72 Slayer of Gods. 101 Stercia. 131. 109.

66 worgs. 95 Wutenheim M. 79 Valley of Thorns. 107 Varcomo Mountains. 127 yezˆ u. 13. 91. 32. 32 White Wizards. 78 Ygreb. 71 War of the Snake. 135 illusionists. 111. 66 Yaragol. 78. 111 Wirland Parliament. 74 Wolf’s Tear.INDEX Ufthak. 92 Warrens. 114 Underworld. 72. 85. 70. 60 Zhao Roh. 52 Vuovi. 79. 96. 74. 59 Uzgog. 109 Warriors title. 41. 69 Water. 103. 102 Uluth’s Servant. 91 Zhˆ arum. 135 undead gods. 120 wealth modifier. 103 Zarkurush. 109 Western Network.. 102. 12. 67 Uzgog Run. 78. 70 Veletta. 86 Venthirax. 83. 104 yethrod. 92 Zeshkel family. 55 Zunal. 106 Verdant Coast. 65 Uluth. 89. 95 zombies. 16 weekdays. 89 163 . 66 undead. 110 Wyvern’s Cliff Sanatorium for the Weary Mind. 97. 27 winter wolves. 98 Whiteday. 129 Zalnar. 107 world trees. 95. 13 Wyvern’s Cliff. 43. 129 Zuidenstadt. 42. 92 Viderio. 91 vampires. 68.M. 102 Umgaz´ u. 86 Virdan’s Folly. 67 Yellow Monastery. 43. 106 Worg Hills. 51. 139 Yarolg. 120 yrthaks. 27 wererats. 46 Wizards’ Guilds. 120 unicorns. 115. 79. 66 World Magic Exhibition. 83 Worble Alley. 102 Uluth’s Herald. 43 Veiled King. 128 Ushmin. 102 Wuanlong. 69. 78. 128. 91 Zargˆ ul. 110 wyverns. 122 Ungol. 70. 61 Valley of the Fog People. 73 Yellowday. 72. 102. 67 Uzulˆ ar. 49. 92. 27 Yethrod. 66 Wirland. 62 Zwergenheim. 111 wizards.

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