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BMC Mapping

BMC Mapping

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Published by: Biswa Prakash on Jun 29, 2013
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SL No Department 1 Finance 2 Health & Sanitation



4 5 6

Holding Tax License Market





9 Urban Poverty Alleviation 10 IT-PMU 11 12 Establishment Land and Assets .

13 Recovery and Enforcement .

Control of Mosquito & Antifilaria Activities. Market Complex & Sauchalaya Street Light Systems Drains & roads. To Create & Maintain Civic Infrastructures of B. Food Hygienic. Tower. Assessment and Collection of Holding Tax Collection of License fees on Hoardings. Accounting Sanitation and prevention of Epidemic.Kalyan Mandap.M. Community Halls. Gate. Registration and issue of Birth & Death certificates. New fittings are issued/fitted after due assessment. Street light for Apartments under PPP mode through Builders Civil Construction of Solid Waste Treatment System. Disposal of Un-claimed dead body. Bus Shelter.Functions Budgeting.C area such as Roads & bridges Drains and Culverts Colony Parks Buildings. 13 nos of Markets are functioning under BMC. Repair of street light within 15 days. Banner. Carts & Carriages and Parking fees. . Staffs are collecting the market fees from the vendors under the direct supervision of Market Supervisor.

Kine House etc. PCO. Social security measures: Supervision & Monitoring of PDS of BPL families. Help BMC in increasing its efficiency and productivity with the aid of IT – ICT interventions Develop IT based applications for better management and optimization of available resources. Acquisition of immoveable property required by the Corporation under the Land Acquisition Act-1894. Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension & Madhubabu Pension Yojana. Vesting of private property with the Corporation with consent of the owner for its subsequent repair and maintenance out of Corporation funds under section - . Implementation of National Old Age Pension Yojana. Urban Self Employment Programme for Skill Up gradation & Capacity building through training. Formation & strengthening of Urban Women Self Help Groups and linkages with banks for setting up group micro enterprises. Antodaya Anna Yojana & Annapurna Yojana. Disaster management: Preparation of Ward level Disaster Management Plan. BMC is the nodal authority for site selection for OMFED. Community center. Slaughter House. Preparation of School Safety Plan & Mock Drill Training of Engineers. STD. KIOSKS. for permissive possession of the land.A Dept. Identification and submission of proposal for land alienation for establishment of neighborhood market. Implementation of National Family Benefit Scheme (NFBS). Kalyan Mandap. etc in the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation area and filing requisition with G. OPOLFED.Urban Self Employment Programme through Bank linkages for setting up microenterprises. Providing effective and hassle free Citizen Centric Services through the Single Window Service. Provide timely & reliable management information support to municipal administration for effective decision making Land clearance for development activity. Urban Wage Employment Programme by creation of durable Community assets in slums & generation of income for urban poor through wage employment. Architects and Urban Planners on Disaster Resistant Construction Practices Training of Corporators on Disaster Management and Response.

Removal of unauthorized encroachment over roads and drain as per section 407 of the Orissa Municipal Corporation Act-2003. Removal of building materials and debris as per section-528 of the OMC Act 2003. for removal eviction of unauthorized construction / structure within the corporation limits. Impounding stray cattle in the BMC Kine House. Joint eviction with BDA and G. .A Dept.

Unit Officer.Asst. 149 Antilarval Workers.954 Sweepers. Health Officer. 12 Sanitary Inspectors.Strength 2 . MS office Tax Daroga Cashier Tax Collector DLR 3 Nos 1 Nos 76 Nos 05 Nos Asst. Technical Skills Account package. 1 Asst. Engineer 1 Junior Engineer 2 Field Staff 30 .



Soft Skills .



D) Totals NMR DLR CLR Total Grand Total .Staff Position of Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation L.F.S ( Group-C) Non-LFS ( Group .C) Non-LFS ( Group .

1027 + 2551 ( Regular .67 + General 552 ( Conservancy .122 85 930 1137 72 ( Conservancy .1137 + Other- .700 + General 1414 ( Conservancy .260 + General 790 ( Conservancy .

SL No 1 Broad Areas Soft Skills & Effective Communications 2 3 Intensive training of Basic computer skills Training on Reforms 4 Communication Campaign on Reforms 5 Project Management .

Govt. concept notes under different schemes and how to handle projects & shcemes under various finance commission grants for ULBs. Developing MIS. internet etc. approved by BMC 2. grants from GoI and External agencies Communication campaigns of various schemes implemented through local bodies. Etiquettes and manners in public. Handling of Project reports Computer skills necessary for management of routine office work.Detailed Training Areas Employees dealing with Public in following areas: 1. Evaluation of project. Public disclosure 2. Effective written communication i. potential. 1.e. PPP Project Scope. Tracking Expenditure. Submission of UC . Sensitizing for preparation of projects. For example MS Office. Community participation Project management of the projects: 1. Departmental Projects 4. Addressing issues raised in public grievances redressal systems including grievances received online or helpline 2.Property Tax 3. File noting. & evaluation of concessional agreements 5. PPP Projects. Service Benchmarking 4. Outsourced to BMC 3. office environment and while dealing with public representatives 4. Dealing with beneficiaries in poverty alleviation schemes 3. field.

Target Groups B.D Class of employees like Assistants. Drivers etc. Stenographers. Supervisor. All employees working in the office All employees working in the related field All employees using in the related field and other stake holders who are implementing PPP Projects All employees working in BMC . Revenue Inspector. PS.C. technicians. Tax Collectors. Market fee collector.

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