How to start a presentation generally:
1. Greeting: e.g; good morning/ good afternoon/ evening, ladies and gentlemen 2. Name and position: e.g; Let me just introduce myself, my name is Desi Indah Sari 3. Title/ subject: e.g; today, I’d like to talk about is… 4. Objectives: e.g; the objective of this presentation is to present….

Timing: e. Link to start: e.g. Question: e.g. Visuals: e. firstly what I want to do is give you some background… 6. Audience: e.g. if you have any question.g. I will be using the overhead projector 7.g. Main parts/ outline: e.5. right! We can begin by looking at… Present Your Stuff to Your Client! .g. please feel free to interrupt 9. the presentation will take 8. I am very grateful that you could come today 10.

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