Standard Mini Plant Specs

Primary Building
10,000 square feet (930 square meters) *Total Space required for all EPS Machinery, Fabricating Equipment and Storage.

Primary Building/Utilities
Electric: 1,000 amps – Water: 1.5 inch main – Natural Gas or Diesel.

Steam/Boiler Building
1,000 square feet (93 square meters) *Total space required for the Boiler and Steam Generation Machinery.

Steam/Boiler Utilities
Electric: 500 amps – Water: 1.5 inch main – Natural Gas or Diesel.

Equipment and Workers
Forklift/Pallet Carrier *(3) people are needed to operate an ICF Mini Plant efficiently.

Personalized Training and Services from LiteForm Technologies

Training and Consultation in Nebraska, U.S.A.
Prior to the arrival of the machinery, LiteForm Technicians conduct a 30-day training class for customers at the ICF Mini Plant in Nebraska, U.S.A.

Installation Consultant
LiteForm Technologies provides a consultant for up to 21 days, to assist a customer in proper placement of machinery.

Commissioning and Testing
Following installation, all EPS machinery is commissioned and tested for proper operation.

Machinery to Make EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) Insulation
o o o o
EPS Pre-Expander Boiler System EPS Block Mold Machine EPS Bead Storage

5-Inch) Machinery to Make Fold-Form Concrete Forms o Shape Mold Tool for Fold-Form Wall Panels o Tie Insertion Machine Additional Machinery o Pallet Wrapper with Table and Tipper o EPS Recycling System o Hot Wax Imprinter .o EPS Shape Mold Machine Machinery to Make Lite-Deck Concrete Forms o Hot-Wire Table o Steel Roll-Former Machinery to Make Lite-Form Concrete Forms o Shape Mold Tool for Lite-Form Planks (2-Inch) o Shape Mold Tool for Lite-Form XTRA Planks (2.

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