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Civil Engineering Department Computer application III – Test OD C1 & C2 Name: _______________________ Duration: 1 hr PART I: MATCHING Select the term that BEST corresponds to each definition presented below. Select only ONE term for each definition. Indicate your selection by printing the corresponding letter in the space provided. GOOD LUCK! A. Data Validation B. Query C. Filter by Form D. Filter by Selection E. Report F. Form G. Macro H. Pencil Symbol I. Find Command J. Sort K. Relational Database L. Referential Integrity M. Replace Command N. Design View O. Field P. Record Admin No._______________________

1. ______ Indicates that the user is working on the record and that changes have not yet been saved. 2. ______ Answers a question about a database. 3. ______ Presents the data in a table or query in an attractive fashion on the printed page. 4. ______ Contains multiple tables and enables the user to extract information from those tables in a single query. 5. ______ Displays a subset of records from the table according to a specified criteria. 6. ______ Anticipates errors that the user might make and rejects them prior to accepting data. 7. ______ Assures that data is consistent between related databases.


11. The symbol that represents Microsoft Access is a: a) A book b) An “X” c) An “A” d) A key 13. which of the following is the BEST Microsoft program to use? a) Microsoft Access b) Microsoft Word c) Microsoft Powerpoint d) Microsoft Frontpage 12. 9. Select only ONE answer for each question. and to apply multiple criteria simultaneously. Make sure your final answer choices are clear.8. ______ Used to automate the performance of any repetitive task. 10. A table consists of: a) Macros b) Queries c) Records d) Modules 2 . PART II: MULTIPLE CHOICE Circle the letter corresponding to BEST answer choice for each of the questions presented below. ______ A filter which allows the user to select criteria from a drop-down list. To create a database to organize the different college books that you must purchase. ______ Used to define the table initially and to specify the fields it will contain.

table. record. The purpose of a table is to: a) Present a document that can be posted on the internet b) Present a document in a professional fashion so it can be printed c) Store data about an entity d) Answer a question about the database 17. The correct hierarchy of terms from largest to smallest is: a) field. table. record d) database. field c) database. The easiest way to implement a filter that contains all the desired criteria is to apply a: a) Filter by form b) Filter by selection 3 . table.14. Delete or Edit Records b) Specify the fields that a table will contain c) Initially define the table d) Modify the table definition if changes are necessary 15. field 18. Which of the following is NOT true about the open database command? a) You can execute it from the file menu b) You can click the open button on the database toolbar c) It loads a database from disk into memory d) It opens the selected table from the database view 16. field. The database view is used to: a) Add. database. table. database b) record. record.

Which of the following is true after you have removed a filter? a) All previously filtered records are again displayed b) The filter is not deleted c) All of the above d) Only a) but not b) 4 . which one of the following commands would you use? a) Sort ascending b) Remove filter c) Sort Descending d) Referential Integrity 20. If you wanted to display records from highest to lowest value.c) Filter excluding selection d) Sort 19.

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