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OD C3 Computer Application III – Test Duration :1 Hr. 1. A DBMS is the software that is used to do all of the following except A) maintain data. B) store data. C) create charts. D) provide easy access to stored data. 2 In a table, Quantity, BirthDate, and LastName would be referred to as A) fields. B) records. C) labels. D) data values. 3 Which of the following is not one of the forms that can be taken by join relationships? A) Many-to-many B) One-to-one C) One-to-many D) One-to-all 4 This relationship can’t be directly modeled in relational databases. A) One-to-one B) One-to-all C) Many-to-many D) One-to-many 5. In Access, this object will allow you to formulate a request to perform an action on the data and store it as a reusable object. A) Report B) Query C) Form D) Table 6.This type of database management system can take advantage of common OC software like Microsoft Access, is cost effective, and is scalable. A) Personal

meaning that if it is absent in the database no other database objects can function.The best way to maintain data in an Access table will depend on all of the following except A) the frequency of updates. A) Database B) Design C) Datasheet D) Normal 11.B) Client/server C) Internal D) Corporate 7. A) Macro B) Report C) Query D) Form 9 This is a collection of Visual Basic statements and procedures that are organized and stored together to be accessed as a unit. A) Reports B) Forms C) Queries D) Tables 8 In Access. B) personal preferences. the basic building block of this is a self-contained instruction or command like Open Table. This is the backbone of a database.In Access. A) Macro B) Module C) Page D) Report 10. C) the design features that have been applied. . D) the size of the records. this view allows stored data to be seen and updated.

16. A) Record B) Field C) Form D) Value 14. This is not one of the tips provided for defining fields in a database. 17. A) Record B) Form . and the default text field size is 50 characters. an exclamation point. D) Field names can include any combination of letters. A) Assign a primary key to each table B) Define relationships to establish table subjects C) Each field must directly describe the subject of the table D) Store data in its smallest logical part 15.12.For fields with this data type. this is needed to organize records with the same value in the primary sort field.When using the Microsoft Office Clipboard to update Access data. B) Field names cannot start with a space. spaces.In Access. field size determines all of the following except A) how much storage space it requires. B) how fast it processes. the data is placed on the clipboard with this name as well as the copied contents. D) the maximum value a field can store. the field size can be set from 0 to 255 characters. C) Field names can be up to sixty-four characters long. C) the type of record allowed. an accent grave.When a sort field has multiple rows with the same value. numbers. A) Secondary record B) Secondary value C) Secondary sort D) Secondary find 13. and brackets. and special characters except a period. Which of the following is not correct with regard to field names in Microsoft Access? A) Field names can contain control characters.

A) Record B) Validation C) Caption D) Default Value 19. This is not one of the attributes common to all data types in Access.In Access.C) Value D) Text 18. A) Default Value B) Required C) Indexed D) Validation . this attribute holds the rules that govern what data is valid for the field.

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