WBC Evaluation Test FUll Name examples of causes of a examples of causes low count of a high count Known as leukocytosis

WBC White Blood Cell Count Known as leukopenia

Bone marrow disorders or damage Autoimmune conditions Severe infections (sepsis) Lymphoma or other cancer that spread to the bone marrow Diseases of immune system (e.g., HIV)

Infection, most commonly bacterial or viral Inflammation Leukemia, myeloproliferativ e disorders Allergies, asthma Tissue death (trauma, burns, heart attack) Intense exercise or severe stress

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White Blood Cell Differential Diff (Not always performed; may be done as part of or in follow up to CBC) Known as neutropenia

Known as neutrophilia

Severe, overwhelming infection (sepsis) Autoimmune disorders Reaction to drugs, chemotherapy Immunodeficiency Myelodysplasia Bone marrow damage (e.g.,

Acute bacterial infections Inflammation Tissue death (necrosis) caused by trauma, heart attack, burns Physiological (stress, rigorous exercise) Certain leukemias (e.g., chronic

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Neu, Absolute neutrophil co PMN, unt, % neutrophils polys

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one low count is not medically significant. influenza) Bone marrow damage (e. tuberculosis. rubella) Certain bacterial infections (e. pertussis (whooping cough). Absolute monocyte Mono count. lymphoma Stress (acute) Chronic infections (e. lupus. chicken pox. % monocytes Repeated low counts can indicate: • • • Bone marrow damage or failure Hairy cell leukemia • • . EpsteinBarr virus (EBV).. herpes..g. chemotherapy. tuberculosis (TB)) Toxoplasmosis Chronic inflammatory disorder (e.g. % lymphocytes • • • • • • • Usually. fungal infection) Infection within the heart (bacterial endocarditis) Collagen vascular diseases (e. cytomegalovirus (CMV)... ulcerative colitis) Lymphocytic leukemia. viral hepatitis.. • Lymp Absolute lymphocyte h count.g.g. typhoid fever. HIV. rheumatoid arthritis) Infections (e. radiation therapy) • Cancer that spreads to the bone marrow myeloid leukemia) Known as lymphocytosis • Known as lymphocytopenia • Autoimmune disorders (e. radiation therapy) Corticosteroids Acute viral infections (e.g..g.g.Test FUll Name examples of causes of a examples of causes low count of a high count chemotherapy.g...

vasculitis) • Monocytic or myelomonocytic leukemia (acute or chronic) Asthma. allergies such as hay fever Drug reactions Parasitic infections Inflammatory disorders (celiac disease. scleroderma. usually not medically significant • • Expand TableRBC Evaluation Test RBC Full Name Red Blood Cell Count examples of causes of examples of causes of high low result result Known as anemia • Known as polycythemia • Acute or chronic Dehydration . ulcerative colitis) Some leukemias • • • Eos Absolute eosinophil count. % basophils As with eosinophils. inflammatory bowel disease) Some cancers. rheumatoid arthritis. leukemias or lymphomas Rare allergic reactions (hives. food allergy) Inflammation (rheumatoid arthritis.Test FUll Name examples of causes of a examples of causes low count of a high count lupus. One or an occasional low number is usually not medically significant • • • Absolute basophil Baso count. % eosinophils Numbers are normally low in the blood. numbers are normally low in the blood.

) Nutritional deficiency (e. Mean Mirrors MCV results. vitamin B12 or folate deficiency) Bone marrow disorders or damage Chronic inflammatory disease Kidney failure Lung (pulmonary) disease Kidney or other tumor that produces excess erythropoietin Smoking Genetic causes (altered oxygen sensing. for example in anemia caused by vitamin B12 or folate deficiency Mirrors MCV results. for example. Increased MCHC values (hyperchromia) are seen in conditions where the hemoglobin is more MCH MCHC . Mean May be low when MCV is Corpuscular low.. decreased MCHC Hemoglobin values (hypochromia) are Concentratio seen in conditions such Indicates RBCs are larger than normal (macrocytic). Corpuscular small red cells would Hemoglobin have a lower value. hemolytic anemia.Test Full Name examples of causes of examples of causes of high low result result bleeding • • RBC destruction (e. provides added information Hematocrit Usually mirrors RBC results Usually mirrors RBC results Usually mirrors RBC results. etc. caused by Corpuscular iron deficiency anemia or Volume thalassemias. abnormality in hemoglobin oxygen release) Polycythemia vera—a rare disease • • • • • • • • Hb Usually mirrors RBC Hemoglobin results.g. macrocytic RBCs are large so tend to have a higher MCH. iron deficiency.g.. most common cause is dehydration Hct RBC indices MCV Indicates RBCs are smaller than normal Mean (microcytic).

and hereditary spherocytosis. lymphoma) Rheumatoid arthritis. ovarian. or response to always count or %) bone marrow disorder or treatment (e. n Indicates mixed population of small and large RBCs. breast. a a low reticulocyte count high reticulocyte count Reticulocyt indicates a condition is generally indicates peripheral e Count Reticulocyte affecting the production cause. hepatitis) Rocky mountain spotted fever Platelet autoantibody Drugs (acetaminophen. a rare congenital disorder. such as hemolysis. For example. In the setting of anemia. patients. causing an increase in the RDW. such as autoimmune as iron deficiency anemia hemolytic anemia. quinidine.g. B12 or deficiency anemia) folate) Expand TablePlatelet Evaluation Test Plt FUll Name Platelet Count examples of causes of low examples of causes of high result result Known as thrombocytopenia: Know as thrombocytosis: • Viral infection (mononucleosis. such as bleeding or (Not s (absolute of red blood cells. lupus Iron deficiency anemia Hemolytic anemia • • • • • • . iron done) damage. immature RBCs tend to be larger. there is uniformity in size of RBCs reported) Width high variation (anisocytosis) in RBC size (along with variation in shape – poikilocytosis). sulfa drugs) • Cancer (lung. inflammatory bowel disease.Test Full Name examples of causes of examples of causes of high low result result concentrated inside the red cells. in iron RDW (Not RBC deficiency anemia or Low value indicates always Distribution pernicious anemia. gastrointestinal.. or a nutritional supplementation for iron deficiency (iron. measles. in burn and thalassemia. In the setting of anemia.

Test FUll Name examples of causes of low examples of causes of high result result • • • • • • Cirrhosis Autoimmune disorders Sepsis Leukemia. older Indicates a high number of platelets are generally smaller larger. bone marrow. essential thrombocythemia) MPV (Not Mean always Platelet reported Volume ) Indicates average size of platelets is small. this may be due to the MPV may mean that a bone marrow producing and condition is affecting the releasing platelets rapidly into production of platelets by the circulation.. Indicates uniformity in size of always Distributio which may mean that a platelets reported n Width condition is present that is ) affecting platelets . lymphoma Myelodysplasia Chemo or radiation therapy • Myeloproliferative disorder (e. younger platelets in the than younger ones and a low blood.g. PDW Indicates increased variation (Not Platelet in the size of the platelets.

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