Reserved Item!!!!!! Excavation carried out by any means and in any terrain. euro (four /19) Excavation performed by any means and in any terrain. euro (four /87) Excavation at fixed section by any means and in any terrain. euro (eight /55) Backfilling with materials from the excavations. euro (four /27) Abutment with sand pipes and wells. euro (thirty-six /74) Transport of waste material and debris of up to 5 Kms from the site. euro (three /22) Transport of waste material and soil from excavation, demolition site or waste materials for greater distance than 5 km from euro (two /67) Concrete (lean mix) for non-military facilities in soprafondazione. euro (one hundred and thirty-six /19) Concrete for reinforced structures. euro (one hundred and four /47) Wooden Formwork for reinforced concrete structure support and bracing. euro (twenty-four /68) Rebars for Steel reinforced concrete structures with improved adherence euro (one /34) Steel grid consisting of welded steel bars with improved adherence. euro (one /34) Flat roof or inclined to mixed structure. euro (twenty-one /22) Prestressed concrete beams. euro (seven /57) Roofing including large wood warping (trusses with struts, chain wood, monaco and struts) and small warping purlin. euro (fifty-three /72) Mantle of large tiles including ridge tiles, headsets for ventilation of the attic, snow, etc. .. euro (twenty-five /49) Small warp for construction of the roof covering. euro (five) Wooden planks of fir pitched roof (2.5 to 3.00 cm thick). euro (twenty-six) Screed mix of sand and cement mortar. euro (eleven /12) Waterproof covering made of prefabricated bituminous membrane reinforced elastomer. euro (twenty-six /06) Waterproof covering made of prefabricated bituminous membrane reinforced with elasto fiberglass mat and polyethylene film euro (fifteen /70) Dry-laid polypropylene towel to protect the sheathing with joints overlapped by 10 cm. euro (two /95) Fabric (geotextile) in dry-laid nonwoven fabric with joints overlapped by 10 cm. euro (two /68) Insulation outer coat on the outside wall already plastered. euro (seventeen /22) Extruded polystyrene insulation panels. euro (twenty /14) Aerated concrete subfloor insulation in place since flattened and leveled. euro (nine /92) Rain Pipe (pre-painted galvanized steel, copper) circular or square. euro (thirteen /48) Rain Pipe Terminal in profiled iron square section tubular or circular. euro (twenty-eight /50) Gutter (prepainted galvanized steel, copper), smooth or contoured.

Unit of measurement












































04 106.01. euro (three /56) Provisional fence construction (Hmin m 108.01. euro (twenty-four /82) Parquet floor.82 108.1.57 106.02.001 m3 181.04 106.006 m² 21. euro (ten /40) Union lead to release stormwater.033 m² 90.14 105.030 m² 36.006 m² 16. euro (eleven /04) Plaster of flat external surfaces.01.02. euro (fifty-two /97) Floor tile.02.02.00) and metal supports in the stakes of wood or pipe scaffolding.16 106.02.40 104.97 108. euro (twenty-one /75) Internal plaster on flat surfaces.1.02.. stone. euro (seven /01) Coating the inner walls in single firing. m² 11.1.94 108.01 108.02. euro (one hundred and eighty-one /16) Exterior walls consist of double walls with air chamber interposed.1.56 105.011 m² 11.031 .001 m² 33.1. brick.1.04 107.30 105.1.034 kg m3 66.106 each 111. .008 m² 3.1. terrazzo.28 107. euro (three /53) Scaffolding for each month or part month following the first. euro (one hundred and two /75) Floor tiles.1. limestone).1.1.25 105.007 m² 108.005 m² 25.53 105. euro (thirty-three /28) Marble floor.1.01.1. etc. euro (thirty-three /41) Ceiling gypsum board in place with metal structure in galvanized steel sheet. sottoponti.55 106.001 m² 95.03. bollettonato. euro (ten /57) Tuff masonry.019 m² 17. euro (ninety /10) Partition bricks. travertine.032 Flashings (prepainted galvanized steel.1. toe. euro (thirty-four /14) Scaffolding Plank (work plans. euro (eleven /57) Ceilings (aluminum slats. euro (twenty-five /55) Plasterboard partition.55 104.02. copper). euro (sixty-six /04) Crawl space performed with plastic elements in the shape of a dome (igloo).).003 m² 34. euro (seventeen /53) Provisional yard fence with mesh HDPE bright orange oval mesh supported by posts galvanized. toe.16 105. euro (ninety-five /48) Brick floor. valances. plastic sheets and the like.01.15 108. Trani stone slabs.02. euro (thirty-six /04) Hornet's nest made with stone (volcanic.002 m² 3.03.02 108. euro (thirty-four /94) Interior wall cladding with marble slabs.41 107.) for the first month or part month.021 m² 10.1. valances.1. euro (two /16) Screening of scaffolding with straw mats. euro (thirty-six /15) Lead polishing floors (marble.) for each month or part month following the first.051 m² 7.02.002 m² 52.007 m² m 10.005 m² 36.1.020 m² 17. jet.1. etc. sottoponti..00) with supports in beams of fir or metal scaffolding.10 106. panels made of mineral fiber.01.53 105. euro (three /55) Polymer concrete drainage pit. euro (sixteen /25) Scaffolding Plank (work plans. etc.01.007 m² 34.56 105. euro (seventeen /30) Provisional construction fence blind with wooden planks (m Hmin 4. marmettoni). euro (one hundred and eleven /56) Scaffolding for the first month or part month. etc.001 m² 28. Including bracing. m 14.03.004 m² 102.57 107.1.1. gypsum).euro (fourteen /09) 104.003 m² 33. euro (twenty-eight /02) Cladding of external walls (with strips of cooked.

017 kg 3. euro (sixty-six /56) Interior fire doors approved and certified REI REI 30 or 60.011 each 164.013 each 182.48 109. with the use of hot-rolled profiles of the series IPE.) Including masonry.1. euro (one hundred and seventy-three /47) Toilet bowl and its accessories.1.00 109.03.94 109.01. euro (five hundred and forty-five) Sheet steel roller shutter slats.007 m 10. etc. building works completion and finishing euro (one hundred and thirty) Wooden sliding door cabinet with paneled door. euro (ten /20) Security door.00 m² m² 90.1. ties.73 110.45 110.34 110. euro (sixty-seven /94) Supporting metal structure inside sliding door secured by clamps.1.1.47 111.01.1. euro (three /45) Metal structural section and of any size.00 109. travertine.01.02.11 m² 130. euro (one hundred and eighty-two /15) Water and sanitary system including drainage system.91 108.1.56 109.012 each 5. euro (one /16) Water and sanitary system.00 110.009 kg 3.010 m 14.58 111.1..075 Marble Slab (white. euro (fourteen /91) Skirting in terracotta.43 109.004 kg 3.04.031 kg 1.032 m 10. euro (one hundred and ninety /48) Shutter doors with fixed or folding. euro (two /66) Compensation for performance of hot dip galvanizing.06.022 m² 233.72 m² 152.030 m² 110.06. etc.001 m² 223.004 m² 635.1.1..007 m² 152.1.003 m² 66.43 108. euro (three /11) Gates open at scores with simple geometric designs. euro (two hundred and eleven) Flap for single car garage with ceiling tracks in hot galvanized steel complete with special lock closure with multiple functions .50 108.046 .85 110. euro (one hundred and sixty-four /58) Water and sanitary system comprising the power distribution network of hot water.1.53 109. euro (eighty-eight /43) Shutter doors or roller shutters.euro (ninety /72) 108.01.01. including network load cold water. bardiglio basaltino.002 m² 211.013 m 11.04. euro (ten /43) Skirting tiles.01. euro (one hundred and ten /81) Counter of wood raw Spruce.026 each 173. euro (one hundred and fifty-two /31) Ceramic Skirting tiles euro (five /50) Skirting in wood of any essence.15 111. euro (two hundred and thirty-three /97) Box for chip guard for roller shutter.1..002 m euro (three) Delete fixed with scores in simple geometric designs. Trani.66 110.1.001 kg 3. euro (eleven /04) Main entrance door with one or two leaves.01.31 108. euro (two hundred and twenty-three /53) Interior door or two doors.16 111.006 m² 545. for frame structures.1.013 kg 3.06.1.).1.1.81 109.025 kg 2.01.1. euro (five /39) Marble baseboard. HE. euro (six hundred and thirty-five /34) Steelwork of any section and dimension realized with simple elements.017 m² m² 88.1.01. including demolition.01.97 109.20 109.01. euro (one hundred and fifty-two /71) Glazed to one or more doors.01.1.02. euro (three /85) Small hardware (clamps. euro (three /73) Railings for balconies and stairs scores with simple geometric designs. 109.04 109.39

151 each 14.01. euro (twelve /24) Water Meter euro (twenty-six /71) Vertical electric water heater.80 111.84 111.02.037 each 15. euro (three /05) Line switch breaker.045 each 15.02.17 111.23 each 111. euro (two hundred and forty-one /56) Step light with switch to control / switch / switch / relay.062 . euro (fifteen /47) Ring at low voltage.21 111.158 each 26.1. euro (one hundred and thirty-two /55) Bathtub and related accessories.62 111.05 111.02.152 each 18.02. euro (fourteen /45) Brass valve euro (eighteen /27) Heavy chrome plated brass tap for washing machines.1.1. euro (two /04) Junction box complete with cover. euro (two hundred and twenty-nine /80) Sink and accessories.1.077 each 72.033 each 3.01.euro (one hundred and fifty-nine /84) 111. euro (two hundred and thirty-one /48) Urinal partition wall dividing suspended.01.1. euro (twelve /80) Bronze gate valve with handwheel.024 m 2. euro (twenty-three /17) Framework consisting of mounting box. euro (one hundred and fifty-seven /62) Sink and accessories.02. euro (twelve /49) Diverter complete with cover plate.1. euro (fifty-five /14) Digital intercom for each apartment.02. euro (forty-two /05) Equipotential ground for the connection of the pipes for loading and unloading of sanitary appliances. 111.153 each 12.01.061 each 13.090 each 498.80 111. euro (two hundred and twenty-two /10) Wash basin and related accessories.84 each 157.82 111.1. euro (one hundred and eighty-three /15) Urinal and accessories. euro (thirteen /29) Inverter complete with cover plate.1.47 111.55 111. euro (three hundred and thirty-four /21) Dish for shower and related accessories.18 111.1.056 each 334.027 each 3.45 111. euro (three /76) Plastic Switch box for socket and any control element.14 111. euro (fifty-five /23) Transformer for doorbell.02.02.29 111.56 111.1.1. euro (seventy-two /18) Shower 2 doors.49 111.048 Bidets and accessories.10 111.01.155 each 12.041 each 55. each 111.058 each 179.1.060 each 229.174 each 241.004 each 40.01.059 each 12.073 each 183. euro (one hundred and seventy-nine /82) Complete Switch of plaque.1.01. euro (fifteen /82) Circuit breaker breaker breaker.76 111.82 111. the front panel with door.012 each 56. euro (fifty-six /22) Shielded cable for telephone and intercom systems.1.02. euro (forty /84) Point taken 10A/16A/bipasso.075 each 231. euro (four hundred and ninety-eight /10) Polished chrome plated brass tap.1.1.050 each 132.047 each 55.01.02. media and profiles.15 each 42.043 each 111.02.01.

1.euro (nineteen /71) 111.01. euro (four /22) Disperser pipe for earthing steel with electrolytic copper plating.03. euro (one /55) Glass (shiny.23 111.024 kg 3. etc.77 111.24 111.063 Jack (current.041 .001 m² 19.014 each 289.5. fan.067 each 7.).1.70 111.01. panel. euro (three /31) Painting of interior surfaces.065 each 1 079.53 112.043 each 417.22 111.02.94 112.5.91 111. euro (one hundred and twenty /27) Outlet nozzle or recovery.37 113. etc.02.03.202 m 4. each 19.51 111. fitted with inverter control. euro (thirteen /42) Electrical system for elevator system. euro (one hundred and thirty-four /23) Primary air conditioning system for treatment. euro (three /55) Insulated pipe for fluid distribution.03.167 each 8 310. euro (twelve /08) Air channels.064 each each 120. colored.5. euro (two hundred and eighty-nine /23) Cooling only cold hard wall.1.03. euro (four /94) Finish paint oleosintetica in current colors of iron works. 111.5.). euro (one thousand and seventy-nine /49) Core cable insulated with PVC. euro (one thousand eight hundred and fifty /98) Union of lead for connecting vessels toilets and vent pipes.84 111.02. euro (eleven /24) Differential "lifesaver" to be coupled to the switch breaker. euro (seven /51) Holder.04. euro (twenty-nine thousand and twenty-eight /95) Premium to the ski lift to stop any more or less decrease for each stop. euro (four /53) Painting of external surfaces. euro (nineteen /37) Glass camera.1. euro (one thousand six hundred and eleven /43) Collector for heating distribution circuit (boiler outlet from the collector and the collector back to the boiler).08 111.135 each 134. white.91 111. euro (fourteen /84) Pipes Protective insulated PVC ducting for electrical installations built.1. euro (seven /16) Closed expansion tank pressurized. flow. euro (thirteen /70) Boiler / generator to supply heating and hot water production.179 each 499.009 each 1 611.1.073 each 14. euro (eighteen /91) Terminal heat source (radiator modular. euro (four /24) Automatic type elevator system.013 m 1.03.003 each 1 850. 111. striped..012 each 18.1.001 each 29 028.03.5. euro (three hundred and nineteen /77) Valve (ball. euro (four hundred and seventeen /77) Installation of heating for residential use. euro (eight thousand three hundred and ten /76) Exhaust fan to tower.03.02.24 111. phone) full of plaque.1.03.03. euro (twenty-one /91) Connection terminal for earth.31 112.71 each 13.067 m 4.005 m² 4.1.05.. heater.001 m 11. TV. check valves.98 111.021 each 5 208.04. butterfly valves.49 111.03.071 each 21. including all the plant components and masonry necessary.1. euro (four hundred and ninety-nine /15) Adjustable speaker cones.001 vpp 13.27 111.5. euro (five thousand two hundred and eight /32) Circulation pump for hot water.55 111. netted) on any frame.02.07.193 each 12.42 111.001 m 3.43 111. heater.95 111.55 113.32 111.16 111.15 111.056 each 319.007 m² 4.1.

71 114. euro (eighty /71) Flooring Pietrini common type of cement.02. euro (one hundred and seventy /53) Paving stone cubes (Vesuvius.04.1. euro (one /49) Asphalt concrete for link layer (binder).1.1.53 114. euro (one hundred and thirty-five /41) Corrugated pipes.05.1.016 m² 39.001 .009 m² 80.001 m 55. m² 36.003 m²xcm 1. euro (thirty-nine) Weld pietrarsa.005 m² 7.05.05 114. IMQ approved for channeling power and telephone lines. interlocking.03. euro (twenty-seven /43) Circular concrete pipe vibrated bed of sand / gravel and abutment and covering with sand / gravel. 115.06.71 m3 19.04. euro (three) Seamless steel pipe for drinking water pipes on a bed of sand / gravel and abutment.1.02.006 m 11. euro (two thousand) Rope bare copper.02.04.37 114.33 114.027 each 111.007 m² 170.05.001 m 114.027 m 114.00 114.) In place on a bed of dry sand. euro (twenty-one /13) Shut-off valve to throttle gas system.02.43 115. euro (twenty-nine /48) Tubing for fuel gas distribution pipelines.1. euro (fifty /84) Ignitor for sodium vapor lamp. and covering with sand / gravel. euro (eleven /55) Check valve.66 114.008 m 27.48 115.005 m²xcm 1.021 each 50.1.41 115.1.99 114.1.001 m 16.1.84 114. euro (fifty-five /94) Precast Concrete Kerb euro (twenty-nine /85) Tubular steel pole for road lighting outreach with single connection box for electrical connection.006 m 29. euro (sixteen /19) Rigid PVC piping buried on a bed of sand / gravel and abutment. euro (one hundred and eleven /74) High density polyethylene pipe bed of sand / gravel and abutment and covering with sand / gravel.012 m² 44. euro (ninety-six /95) Dielectric joint for pipes gas plant. porphyry. and covering with sand / gravel. Anticapillar base layer to the measured mechanical rolling including: mixed with pit stabilized.014 m² 38.008 m 3. etc.03.016 each 96.1.74 115.euro (thirty-six /71) 114. euro (three /56) Well of the fitting. 114.026 each 2 000.001 each 477.05.02.51 114.94 114.1.85 each 44.003 m3 euro (one /51) Coat of asphalt wear (pad). euro (nineteen /80) Formation of road embankment with material from borrow pits including mechanical compaction. euro (four hundred and seventy-seven /05) Street lighting luminaire with lamp encased in polypropylene.001 m²xcm 1..03.80 114. euro (four hundred and thirty-six /02) Reactor into the air to sodium vapor lamp.017 each 436.05. euro (forty-four /37) Equipment protection and control.1.1.015 m 29.13 115. euro (thirty-eight /26) Concrete paving blocks.03.021 each 135. euro (one /53) Paved with paving stones.00 114.19 115. euro (forty-four /66) Tiling of natural asphalt.1.004 m² 2.05. supplied and installed on substrates of sand or gravel. euro (seven /33) Asphalt concrete for the base layer made of a material lithoid. euro (twenty /99) Compaction by suitable mechanical means constipating of the laying of foundations of embankments or road. euro (two /08) Street Foundation in soil or limestone mixed with natural binder particle size stabilized by compaction.05.56 115.55 115.49 114.1.26 114.

001 each 454. a layer of bituminous euro (seventy-six /75) Disintegration of floor and wall coverings of any kind.1.001 m3 13.02 201. shape and light. shape and light. rolling. simple and compound of any type.004 each 238. succieli. horizontal or inclined.1.006 m² 7.007 each euro (one hundred and five /56) Demolition of partitions of any kind and type.02.1. euro (twenty-three /53) Complete demolition of iron slabs and tiles.014 m² 20.1.55 201. .005 each 76.67 each 58.31 201.001 m3 41.67 201. euro (fifty-seven /56) Complete demolition of the road surface by mechanical means: the topcoat (mat).007 each 760.1.12 201. euro (seventy-six /57) Small fountain euro (seven hundred and sixty /66) Complete demolition by mechanical means.05. euro (one /97) Cast iron grates and drains. form and light. of any type. trellises.1. including plaster.01.96 115. euro (four /88) Supply and planting of trees.50 116.1. harrowing. inside and outside.1.005 Recess.06 201.05.011 m² 7.27 euro (twenty /42) Complete demolition of mixed floors in joists of reinforced concrete and brick or block of any type.97 115.01.003 m² 4. euro (fifty-eight) Additional ring. vacuum for full.03. euro (forty-one /55) Formation of turf including cleaning.1.1.03. each 45. euro (zero /23) Removal of fixtures of any kind.44 .002 m² 6.97 201.1.057 each 158.1. euro (twenty-one /44) Demolition of boulders and slabs of concrete substrate thin.020 m3 201. euro (fourteen /27) Removal by mechanical milling of asphalt forming the topcoat (mat). horizontal or inclined. euro (seventeen /31) Disposal of a paving stone of all shapes and sizes made by mechanical means including bedding layer. beams.013 m3 17. euro (seven /67) Complete demolition of wooden floors.37 201. euro (two hundred and thirty-eight /85) Bench. frames and the like.015 m² 20.03. euro (one /02) Removal of iron works (fences.1.001 kg 0.06. fertilization etc. link layer (binder).. euro (six /23) Plaster removal of any type.05. euro (seven /12) Disintegration of roofing including roof tiles of any type. euro (nineteen /97) Disintegration of crawl spaces and drainage in limestone or volcanic rocks.1. etc.euro (forty-five /67) 115. euro (one /96) Sump.005 m3 79.85 116.016 m² 21.1.1. reinforcement.49 115. euro (thirteen /55) Demolition of masonry straight or curved and of any shape or thickness. manufactured with any structure.53 201.56 201.75 201.010 kg 1.28 201.06.88 116.05. euro (four hundred and fifty-four /50) Waste storage basket.1.03. digging.57 116.66 115. stretched and molded with operation manual / mechanical.014 kg 1.07. carried out by mechanical means including the bedding layer.). euro (twenty /37) Disposal of cords or zanelle of pietrarsa of any shape and size. euro (thirty /49) Cast iron manhole cover.020 m² 1. euro (one hundred and fifty-six /17) Valve. gates.02.05.009 m3 105. paneling or skirting if present. including exhibitions.55 116.1.56 201.03.1. including digging the hole.026 each . etc.03.06.018 m3 57.17 115. euro (seventy-nine /28) Total or partial demolition of concrete of any shape or thickness.42 201.014 m² 23. small warping and gutters.01.018 m² 14.06.008 m² 19.03. euro (one hundred and fifty-eight /06) Land from cultivation.

19 503.05.62 503. euro (sixty) Lateral barrier / divider type central New Jersey in concrete.018 m 38. euro (two /19) Prestressed concrete beams with section tipping bridge decks including shipping.86 document created with PriMus for Excel by ACCA software S.a m² 3.07.05. bolts.05.0. made from layers of geogrids monorientate HDPE.0.0.64 B55010.1.001 m 2 500. constipation ground support euro (eleven /17) Drainage channel in concrete for the disposal of rain water surface including locking with steel rods fixed in the ground.06 m 4. bolts.euro (fourteen /06) 201.v. euro (four /92) Removing skirting boards of any kind.0.015 m² 134.017 m 11.01.92 201. euro (two thousand five hundred) Supply of ribbed panels in c.00 503.018 m 79. euro (thirty-eight /19) Supply and installation of safety barrier divider including support posts. hose.0.01. euro (seventy-two /44) Earthworks reinforced facing inclined to view. for formation of walls including shipping.a. .1.009 Removal of conduits of any kind.0.17 503.94 503.0.44 503. euro (three /86) m² 14.05.A.010 m 2.005 m² 60.19 506. euro (one hundred and thirty-four /94) Channel guard in concrete masonry units including mechanical digging. handling and assembly on site.07.0. hot dip galvanized and reflectors.020 m 67.00 503.05.008 m 72.05. euro (seventy-nine) Supply and installation of safety barrier for side edge including support posts.016 m 219. hot dip galvanized and reflectors. constipation ground support and locking with steel rods euro (two hundred and nineteen /62) Channel for stormwater runoff consists of tiles in concrete masonry units including excavation. euro (sixty-seven /64) Tempera painting surface preparation included shaving and using the same primer: compensation for two coats to cover. handling and assembly on site.00 506.p.0.05.

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