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Motivation Letter

I introduce myself as a graduate from Lund University, Sweden with specialization in Molecular biology. The purpose of this letter is to supply basic information about my education also my academic interests and future plans, since I would like to apply for PhD Student position in your lab. I did all my schooling in English as my medium in India. Then started the University studies with Bachelor of Science with Microbiology as major subject at Kakatiya University, India which gave me foundation about how to view different fields of life sciences. Then I continued with Masters in Microbiology at Kakatiya University, Warangal where I had real good opportunity to experience the advanced studies in the field of Microbiology, immunology, biochemistry including various industrial visits. In autumn 2009, I came to Lund University, Sweden to pursue Masters in Molecular Biology with aim of getting deeper knowledge in both theoretical and practical aspects. I got excellent education at this premier university covering wide variety of subjects including Molecular Biotechnology, Immunology, Microbiology, Methods in Molecular Biology, Clinical Microbiology and Clinical Immunology, Microscopy and Bio Imaging and Plant Biology. My studies in Lund as a master student and working on different projects have given me a large set of practical skills. I am very much fascinated to the field of Medical Biology which strived me to do my master thesis project at department of laboratory Medicine Skane, Department of Clinical Microbiology, Section of Bacteriology, Lund University on Developing an Optimal synbiotic mix using multiple probiotics and prebiotics. In this project I screened different lactobacillus and bifidobacteria for their probiotic applications, their ability to metabolize prebiotics and Invitro starch metabolism of bifidobacteria. In this project I had developed a synbiotic mix invitro against clostridium difficille. From this project I got hands on experience of various microbiological techniques, protein purification, western blotting, and qPCR. I also assisted my co-supervisor for their in vivo studies against enteric pathogens which helped me to learn how to handle mice models. I developed my interest in the field of Medical Biology to promote its widespread applications extensively for the service of mankind. I have read ongoing work in your lab on increase in proinflammatory microbiota of gastro intestinal tract in humans and vagina in womens leads to gastrointestinal disorders in humans and abnormal microbiota inheritance to neonates can be corrected by using probiotics. After reading the project description and some of the recent articles from your lab on gut microbiota related inflammatory diseases and the possible correction of this by using probiotics, I realized the clinical importance of this project can contribute greatly to treat abnormal microbiota related diseases. Your past research has shed light, greatly enhanced the knowledge about abnormal microbiota in the gut and associated diseases. From your work it is also evident that immune system is influenced by the flora of mucosa and is highly influenced by modern lifestyle leading to abnormal increase in the levels of pro-inflammatory microbiota that causes to local

inflammation in neonates and various inflammatory related disorders in humans such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases etc. Recent work on rat models from your lab have been shown that, these abnormal levels of microbiota levels can be corrected by using dietary bacteria and dietary fibres with their polyphenol digesting ability seem promising. The proposed study also helps to study and understand how this positive correction helps to understand different flora types affect immune system and its correction can lead to betterment and cure of inflammatory disorders caused in humans. In this project I can see the opportunity to learn about gut microbiota and i have also opportunity to learn different techniques to identify different types of bacterial flora by direct gene identification (16s rRNA analysis), association of probiotic microbiota to gut, use of prebiotics to remove negative flora of the gut and to use rat models to do experimental studies. I also assume that I can publish the valuable data from my work in good manuscripts which will further enhance my career opportunities and prepare myself as an individual distinguished researcher in the scientific community. Last but not least from past one and half year I am working on prebiotics and probiotics, during this period I learned invaluable new things and concepts which I can apply in my future research. I am a laborious, determined, but also a curious person. This, in my opinion, gives me a good background to become a competent and creative researcher. During my stay in different labs in Sweden I have communicated very well with my colleagues and participated in collective lab works besides working hard on assigned projects. I am very well prepared to work in a collaborative environment and I am confident that with my practical skills achieved so far I would be able to justify the aims of this project. I assure you that I will not leave any stone unturned in achieving the specific standards that I have set for myself in my career. Along with this application letter, I am forwarding all the required documents which provide comprehensive information about my qualifications and research experience. For any further information, I may be contacted at the given address, phone or via email.