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Call for Participants Bangladesh

Call for Participants Bangladesh

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Go volunteering!!
Go volunteering!!

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Published by: Nikko106 on Jun 29, 2013
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East & West EVS

September – November 2013

Dhaka, Bangladesh
Project Summary
Code-X International has developed an EVS project, which aims to support the development of disabled youth in Bangledesh, in cooperation with Stichting Niketan. Niketan is a Dutch based NGO, a knowledge, capacity, advocacy and funding centre for helping people with disabilities in (rural areas of) Bangladesh. They aims to support disabled people in Bangladesh, in order to provide them an independent, dignified and meaningful existence in civil society. Niketan offers a future to children with a disability and adapts its’ support when their needs change while growing up. Niketan cooperates closely with her local strategic partner, the Bangladeshi NGO, 'Disabled Rehabilitation and Research Association' (DRRA) based in Dhaka.

Volunteer Task:
Volunteers will be able to participate in a variety of tasks and activities with young children, including: -Taking care of English lessons on staff and young people with a physical disability. -Creating a fundraising plan -Training and optimizing the staff in their daily practice of guiding young people with disabilities -Create a client program -Setting up a theatre group consisting of employees, clients and caregivers -Administrative work for organization in Dhaka -And much more...

Project Guidelines:
Please take note of the following conditions that apply to each possible participant: 1. Participants must not have participated in an EVS project before. 2. Participants should be Dutch residents between the ages of 18 and 30. 3. Participants should have an interest in youth development.

-Send your CV and Motivational Letter to Alexandra at alexandra.craciun@tools4change.nl .

Deadline: 21 June

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