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Call for Participants Vietnam

Call for Participants Vietnam

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Published by: Nikko106 on Jun 29, 2013
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East & West EVS

September – November 2013

Hanoi, Vietnam
Project Summary

Code-X International has developed an EVS project, which aims to support the development of youth in Vietnam, in cooperation with CSDS Vietnam. The project aims to direct young people to become social entrepreneurs or social activists. CSDC visions itself as a training hub to prepare young people to be ready to work in NPOs or social enterprises, or even to start up their own social entrepreneurship. The youth are provided with training and equipped with the necessary skills in order to be able to initiate and lead community activities – which involve many more young people around the community. These activities include campaigns on different topics (environment protection, anti-human trafficking, nutrition for children, etc) or community programs to support disadvantaged children or poor communities. Young people are expected to be inspired to be active citizen, as well as peer educators who will later inspire other people to follow the common cause.

Volunteer Task:
Volunteers will be able to participate in a variety of tasks and activities with young children, including: -Teach English and organize various learning extracurricular activities through students for example, health and civic education, games, drawing, painting, sports activities, quiz contest, awareness raising activities in the community through students, debate, music class etc. -Develop manual according to the students need pritorizing to the listening and speaking classes. -Go for hiking, educational tour and other activities so that student can have the real experience in their learning pracice. -Be a real model,think that student will like to follow what you do -Run in formal classes for kids if they are in holidays ,i.e. if the school is closed. -And much more...

Project Guidelines:
Please take note of the following conditions that apply to each possible participant:
1. Participants must not have participated in an EVS project before. 2. Participants should be Dutch residents between the ages of 18 and 30. 3. Participants must have an interest in youth development.

-Send your CV and Motivational Letter to Alexandra at alexandra.craciun@tools4change.nl .

Deadline : 21 June

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