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Tareq Islam Shuvo CV

Tareq Islam Shuvo CV

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Published by: Robayeth Robs on Jun 29, 2013
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Tareq Islam Shuvo

040303, 14th Batch, BBA Business Administration Discipline Khulna University, Khulna, Bangladesh Phone: 01717-668036 E -mail: shuvo.ku@gmail.com

To create value in every phrase of life. I want to work in an organization where dynamism, spirit and innovation will be highly encouraged. I want to add value to myself and my organization at the time of my working.


[ 2004-2008 ] BBA Khulna University, Khulna CGPA-3.65/ 4.00 (Major in Finance; Minor in Marketing) [ 2002] HSC Dinajpur Govt. College, Dinajpur Marks Obtained- 57.4%, Science [ 2000 ] SSC Setabgonj Pilot High School, Dinajpur Marks Obtained- 77.3%, Science


Computer:  Operational expertness in both Windows (XP, 98) and Linux (Fedora).  Expert user of Microsoft Office and Open Office.  Have depth knowledge in Internet and e-mail applications.  Experience in graphical softwares like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw etc.  Can develop webpage using HTML.  Experience in statistical softwares like SPSS.  Have knowledge of video editing.  Have intermediate knowledge in computer hardware.  Have fundamental knowledge in programming language C. Communication:  Bengali: Mother tongue.  English: Comfortable in listening, writing and speaking. Presentation:  Comfortable in presentation (audience based)  At home in business analysis and solving business cases

Research works done in BBA program:
 The Process of Buying and Selling of Securities: Bangladesh
Curriculum Vitae of Tareq Islam Shuvo 1

 Attended at the workshop on “Communication and Presentation Techniques” jointly organized by Business Administration Discipline. problem and prospect of Petroleum distribution network in Bangladesh.  Wrote several articles in different magazines including Star Campus of the Daily Star. My Strengths  Strong Motivation and Commitment for Work.  The process. Curriculum Vitae of Tareq Islam Shuvo 2 . Sincerity and Keen on meeting deadlines.  Good Analytical ability and communication skills. organized by HSBC. Khulna University and BATB in 2006.Curricular Activities  Member of the team. Bangladesh on December 19.  Organizer of the ‘Iftaar Party’ of Business Administration Discipline of Khulna University in 2006. Co .  Attended a training session on “Business Plan Writing” organized by HSBC as the team selected for 2nd round at “HSBC Young Entrepreneur Awards 2007”.  Organizer of the Freshers’ Reception Program in 2006. 2005 in Khulna University. 2006. Khulna University and Unilever Bangladesh Ltd in 2005. Khulna University and Maerskline Bangladesh Ltd 2005.  Champion of 1st SEA Presentation Contest.  Attended a “Corporate Presentation Session” jointly organized by Business Administration Discipline.Perspective.  Member of the cricket team which become champion in Inter Discipline Cricket. Trainings and Workshops  Attended in a “Leadership Experience Session” organized by British American Tobacco.  Attended at the seminar on “Business Leadership” jointly organized by Business Administration Discipline.  The role of Entrepreneurship Development in alleviating gender discrimination-A Study in Khulna District. 2007. which become champion in Battle of Minds.  Discipline.  Was among the top thirty teams in ‘Young Entrepreneurs Awards-2007’. 2007.

Dinajpur. Dhaka. Contact Number: 01914-066212 Galib Hamid Protik Senior Manager Shared Distribution Operational Risk Standard Chartered Bank 67 Gulshan Avenue. Nurul Islam : Tahmina Islam : 30th December.  Member of the ‘Business Club’. and Sales. References: Tania Afroze Lecturer. Ready to Join September 01. Personal Profile Father’s Name Mother’s Name Birth date Permanent Address Height Weight Nationality Religion Marital Status : Late. Khulna University. : Bangladeshi. 2008. Business Administration Discipline Khulna University. Khulna University. : Islam (Sunni) : Unmarried. Volunteer Experience  Organized and collected cold wears and aid for the cold affected people of the northern region of Bangladesh and flood affected people of the country.  Member of the ‘Khulna University Photographic Society’. Information System.  Organizer of the Orientation program of Management & Business Administration School of Khulna University in 2005 and 2006. : 169cm : 55 kg. Gulshan. Worked as research assistant in a research report of the Ministry of Planning titled ‘Forms and Intensity of Gender Discrimination: Why does it exist? . 1985 : Mudipara.A study on Khulna Districts’ in 2006. Interests: Investment. Branding. Khulna University. Curriculum Vitae of Tareq Islam Shuvo 3 .  Member of ‘Greater Rangpur Dinajpur Students Welfare Association’. Banking.

com. Curriculum Vitae of Tareq Islam Shuvo 4 .Contact Number: 01714-056300 Email: Galib.Protik@bd.H.com gprotik@yahoo.standardchartered.

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