Crop-circle peculiarities

There are a number of interesting anomalies common to many crop circles which separated them from their obviously faked counterparts. In genuine crop circles the plants remain unharmed and are still growing despite their flattened condition. The circular designs may be swirled either clockwise or anticlockwise, from a center point, in a wave pattern, rather than a tight spiral. At the center of the circle there is often a small hole, resembling a bird’s nest. Less mature plants, or a different species grouped together within the same area may often be left standing. Interestingly, despite the fact that 60 percent of the circles appear on rainy nights farmers have never discovered the presence of any mud inside a circle. Many crop circles have been found to contain light, powdery deposits covering the plant leaves. This substance has been determined to be comprised of a magnetic iron ore known as magnate (which could be meteoric dust), silicon dioxide and magnesium oxide. All plants within the circles appear to have been subjected to a sudden and intense burst of heat. This has the effect of softening the stems and enlarging the stem node, so that they drop, at ground level, at a 90 degree angle, they re-harden into their new permanent position without sustaining any apparent damage. On a microscopic level, enlargement of the cell wall pits, in the membrane surrounding the seed head have been found. These are the holes through which nutrients pass to feed the seed. Interestingly, it has been documented that seeds germinated from crop circles occurring in mature plants grow faster and develop into larger, stronger plants than normal, while those occurring in less mature plants, produce stunted seedlings. Holes are also blown out at the plant stem nodes, usually at the second, though increasingly at the third and fourth node. Crop circles also show the presence of ultra sound-sound above the range of human hearing. Such frequencies are also known to exist at ancient sacred sites such as stone circles and burial mounds. Higher than normal levels of electromagnetic energy have been measured within crop circles. These have the ability to interact with human and animal brainwave patterns, and crop circles have been reported to effect people’s biophysical rhythms. It is not uncommon for people to report feeling sensations of heightened awareness and even healing, within crop circles. Many people also experience dizziness, disorientation and nausea, possibly caused by the presence of microwaves. There was also an unusual occurrence in a crop circle in Canada involving two porcupines. Most animals, it seems, detect an impending crop circle event and will flee the area. Porcupines however are staid creatures, and in the face of danger tend to hold their ground and rely on their quills for defence. In the Canadian incident the remains of one porcupine was found, practically incinerated, while the other was found intact. However, there were skid marks showing where it had apparently been dragged from the edge to the center of the circle. Where it lay, its spines where bent in perfect alignment with the rest of the crop circle. Geometry In the early1990’s Gerald Hawkins, a mathematician famous for is work with Stonehenge, became interested in crop circles. After examining ground surveys and aerial photographs he began to take measurements of crop circles and calculate the diametric ratios. In 18 particular patterns that included more than one circle. In 11 of them, he found ratios matching the diatonic scale – corresponding to the white keys in an octave on the piano. He then began to look for significant geometric relationships within the lines and circle found in more detailed crop circles. He soon discovered four distinct geometric theorems connecting crop circle patterns, later he developed a more general theorem from them. Hawkins explained that the general theorem involves a series of concentric rings touching the side of a triangle. As

symmetric consistent regularity in the symbol's structure. Michael/Maria line. soil and moisture variations. Hampshire.sometimes in the same fields through different years 10 . etc. scrub. carrots.the shape of the triangle shifts. From this. a brightly lit panel covered with black symbols. canola.) 3 .aligned with magnetic or cardinal compass directions sometimes 5 . and a sense of “dire” importance that he be as accurate as possible. Silbury Hill. rice. Granchi felt a peculiar compulsion to copy down the symbols. Hawkins was unable to find any of his theorems in Euclidian geometry. rivers 6 . it creates unique crop circle patterns. sand. in tree-plantations. subsidiaries). Energy-forms ascertained A.often on sloping ground offering good views of the formation 8 . As Granchi watched the craft. or close to reservoirs. this time Granchi. and on ley-lines between historic holy sites 4 . in sugar-cane and sun-flower plants.on dowsable earth-energy lines (Michael's Meridian.short trilling sound recorded at temporarily growing fields of our daily food: f. resembling a holographic projection. In 1985. despite differences in the field's topography. brussel sprouts. turnips. he drew the conclusion that they were part of a more ancient mathematics. springs. the alien symbols of Ludovico Granchi have not been decoded: I. snow and ice II.often in close proximity to England's humanly-constructed Neolithic traditional ritual ceremonial sites (Stonehenge. barley. 7 . in grains as wheat.ex. patching of plants.often within view from or in close proximity to other sites. To date.preceding vertical light-beam 2 . Local Geographic 1 – The most complex and famous formations occur within a definite area in England (Wiltshire. Interestingly.atop underground water sources. witnessed a massive UFO hover over his home in Rio de Janeiro. another Ludovico. Wessex) 2 . 5 kHz. in vegetablefields as potatoes. or to previous years' formations 9 . but also in grass. Avebury. etc. aquifers. was revealed to him. during creation period: 1 . rye. .

. various hexagons.microscopic meteoric magnetite granules in the soil 5 . pictograms.e .balls of light (BoL) witnessed acting unusually after.bands laid in ca.time-and-space dilation effects documented on photographs and by stop-watches C.some specific formations develop exactly in separate later formations by adding progressive complexity 4 .. Electromagnetic energy pattern of a formation remains measurable also after harvesting (for at least a year) 2.electrical/motor instruments far overhead may be affected 10 . in for drawing a pattern correspondingly lie (invisibly) within downlay formation-sections . and intervals 11 . hollow baskets...f insects.a ..a ..g. Geometric 1 . smallest "circles" are sometimes rectangles/hexagrams 9 .films show very intense light. often strongest at a circle's center or edges 8 .d ... etc..d .usually a surrounding outer circle 2 . 12"-18" wide rows. a few stalks' leaves wrapping a band 8 . A pattern may reemerge the same place in another type of plant.c . compass deflections occasionally 9 .. 9.has no physical depth (photo enhancement analysis) . sometimes several in the same night 6 .a foggy cloud which may condense to a light-object .form-themes through 1-2 seasons: for example.."drawn" construction lines clearly (sometimes faintly) visible. etc.a typical shape with many examples during 1-2 seasons. yet the parts are proportions of each other 8 .several formation variations are differently "shaded" construction-parts of the same basic pattern-combination .usually an exact "cutting edge" to undamaged outside stalks 10 .may swirl around large stones. clockwise then counter-clockwise spiral-vortex swirling..implication of further spatial dimensions .ex.bursts of powerful microwave heat producing bent but unbroken stalks 2 .. short-term (1-2 days): indications of decreasing radioactivity D. 6 .b ..c .. mobile phone. but often most are "erased"/implied .changes form.. sunbursts. 6-pointed stars.."partly-drawn" outer segments imply quite new patterns extending beyond the outer boundary 3 .circle made in the dead of night.banding. and 7-sided figures through the years 7 .sometimes exiting avenues of crop around a circle. before.. variously-colored .in rectangular or hexagonal motifs..lengths are not in whole numbers. size. at the same angle IV.. or presumably during creation .lights may be invisible to some or all witnesses.sophisticated lay-details. galaxies. with the same angle. parallel to each other and with seedheads aligned and intact 9 ..some of the perimeter's stalks bent. keys. III.wider range of background electromagnetic radiation 7 . yet recorded on video and still-film 4 ..whole is most clear from the wide aerial view. "corn dollies" 5 .a . 6 (12). releases smaller lights .unusual silicon crystal powder deposits may lie strewn about 4 . f.b . several choices of sub-patterns (not .sub-patterns in a formation overlapping and interacting dynamically. individual stalks from a previous crop-sort may be left standing 7 . nests.....ex..3 .sometimes a standing tuft in a circle's center 6 .occasionally local power-shortage in nearby dwellings B.a few stalks outside a formation may enter and join it 12 ..often many sorts of lay in the same formation 4 . along precise delineation lines within the figure 2 .in varying directions.. cracked earth occasionally...changes in nitrate/nitrogen ratios 6 . or light retains its size as it recedes in distance . watches' failure in circles sometimes.comparisons with compass-straightedge "construction" .b .up to 5 levels of directional layers felled in time-sequence 3 . 5 (10). e.vanishes instantaneously. 6-petalled flowers 5 . Swirling effects 1 .vast (cooling) water-drainage from underground. chalk-bed may become visible 3 . within the circle: 1 . not ground-level horizontal view .15-20 seconds estimated creation time 5 .progression from simple and small circles to 3.. 4 (8). longer-term after-effects: 1...simpler energy sub-formations felt and measured.. f. weaving.

c .blueprints/partial views of solid forms 10 ..mutually exclusive) on both the same and growing scales ..k .flocks of birds overhead fly around the formation 4 .. off circle-center swirling middles.of patterns' size through the years 3 .grapeshot circles (as a balancing factor from another perspective) .disharmonious moods: vague fear and anxiety. nodes bent at different heights.."clues" laid by implication.principles of sacred architecture used.. like branching 6 .seed reproduction abnormalities..sometimes of the individual pattern as a field's crop grows 2 .....m .relations to musical notes.exploded and mashed porcupine incidents.faint aerially-seen patterns made up of swirling-area boundaries.. etc.g. nausea. golden rectangle.mathematical fractals sometimes have circles as their last surrounding layer (may imply infinite continuity) 11 .. complexity of diagrams through the passage of time 4 ... either no seedlings at all or much weakened or strengthened seedlings VIII.many "circles" are ellipses.geometrical relations illustrated systematically 4 . etc.barking dogs and overactive cats beforehand sometimes..d .vast numbers of gentle. and their sacred art 2 . dizziness. the golden mean.placement upon the field's topography enhances 3-D effects .. f.. sexual secretions. nervousness .sometimes a small extra "signature" figure .h .heat expulsion and exploded or stretched nodes 2 . ex. 2 . clearly marked major shapes .l ..g .....respiration rate differences compared to control plants 6 . affecting states of mind.. farm animals uneasy 2 . slants of sheathing . or growing outwards . encoding 7 .fractal-shapes imploding into the figure.headaches. unknown symbols 6 .stalks gradually rise toward the sun and growth continues 5 . scattered bird's feathers incidents 3 .local depth and height by layering. Effects on animals 1 ..esoteric and well-known symbols from indigenous or widely-spread ancient civilizations' wisdom schools.optical illusions . the more layers turn up for us VII.p .. and the "interference" of vibration frequencies V.slight irregularities in design symmetry implying a larger order. incidents of dead flies stuck to stalks by their tongues or wings....each pattern is unique...j .the more we study.seed heads stunted/malformed..f .n .animals sometimes avoid a site during the next season also IX.o .is similar to organic growth...building-block shapes with parts of the "next" blocks .unpleasant physical: tensions and their release . religions and philosophical teachings. short extra lines . Effects on crop in the formation 1 . energy-level.interrupted lines filled out by the viewer's mind (assumptions) to make a whole form . Effects on humans 1 .e ..specific modern fractals 5 .in the number of countries they appear in 5 . their surrounding nutrient-giving membrane enlarged 4 .animals and insects avoid completed formations 3 . which "oppose" the darker.. Symbolic content 1 ..i .numerical and numerological mysticism interpretations possible 13 .slanting of the form implying its movement .3-D from the aerial view by shading of swirling .glandular: measured select hormone-level differences from the pineal and pituitary glands..crystalline structure in cells changed 3 ... implying cylinders . Growth 1 .astronomical bodies' relations (apparently) in stylized form 3 . 3 . and Fibonacci progression 12 . diatonic harmonies. beautiful. implying unique meanings VI....

ex.peaceful.existential: "you are not alone".a .pleasant physical: spontaneous healing 6 ... awe.abstract intellectual: invites to exploration and contemplation of both "the bigger picture" and the details.spiritual: investigators' testimony of inspired self-development X. elated.moods of resonance: .4 .. the site..c . delighted . nurturing. the coming season's forms "responding to" the collective researchers' stage of hypotheses and objections: an interactive "teaching" element is involved 4 . often awe and wonder .synchronistic events for researchers. disoriented spatial directions or time-sense 7 . followed in the near future by a very similar pattern's field-appearance in the pre-designated area 2 ..BoLs may appear in proximity during group-meditation in a circle and counter-react intelligently to individuals' reactions 5 .b .gut-intellectual: at times unable to think or remember clearly within a circle. stimulation.. light.a research group's or a deeply committed researcher's meditative visualization.. nor the most advanced in creation 5 . often spiritual in nature..premonitions of patterns by circle-researchers and "sensitives" 3 . Interaction with human psyche 1 . expanding the level of consciousness 8 .. f.a growing inspiration.teamwork is implicitly inspired among research branches . of the individual circlevisitors and researchers 6 .

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