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Samsung Camera PL50 User Manual

Samsung Camera PL50 User Manual

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Published by: Samsung Camera on May 08, 2009
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You can use the USB cable to connect this camera to a printer that
supports PictBridge (sold separately) and print the stored images
directly. Movie clips and voice files cannot be printed.

Ê Connecting the Camera to a Printer

Ê Setting up the camera for connection to the printer

1. Connect the camera and printer with USB cable.
2. Once the camera is turned on, the camera automatically recognizes
the printer and is connected to it.

Ä If automatic connection fails, set the [USB] menu to [Printer]. (p.56)

Ä For a printer that can enable removable disks, set the [USB] menu to


Ê Easy printing
When you connect the camera to printer
in the Play back mode, you can print a
picture easily.
- Pressing the Left / Right button :
Selects a previous / next image.
- Pressing the OK button :
Currently displayed image will be
printed with the printer’s default setting.




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