Prisoner Name: _________________ So the law finally caught up to you! Well, it’s about time.

It’s only fair to your defense that you know the reason for your arrest.
Those who had you arrested stated that you: _____________________________________

The person(s) that sponsored your arrest have sentenced you to _____ minutes in jail. You will
have to go before the dreaded “Judge” and jury who may also have more evidence that could further incriminate you and add to your sentence. The Judge will pass sentence and set your bail amount. If you do not want to stay in jail for your entire sentence you must make bail (make calls, beg the crowd, etc). If you pay your bail you are free to go. Record pledge amounts on your pledge sheet and bring it with you to the “bail station”. You will have to collect the pledges and turn them in:

Contact Kim at 204-340-5492 Have fun! Hopefully the Judge is not too hard on you. Thanks for being a good sport! Funds raised will go to the following:
Lac du Bonnet Karate Club funds would help to pay for uniforms and tournament registration fees for kids. The club has a thriving tournament team that competes in JKA International of Canada and Karate Manitoba tournaments, students that participate in Karate Manitoba’s elite Team Training program and have sent athletes to compete in Karate Canada’s national tournament. They also provide opportunities to participate in seminars including 7th dans, Sensei Marr, Sensei Katsumata, and Sensei Smaby. The Fire & Water Arts Award is the funding mechanism of The Fire & Water Music Festival for Culture and the Arts. The Award is meant to provide a stimulus for investment in artists and their work. It aims to support artists and arts organizations in fulfilling and realizing their potential and in improving their skills and level of professionalism. The Fire & Water Arts Award contributes towards the strengthening of artistic practice and cultural development in Manitoba.

Amount turned in on Aug 3: __________

Amount Owing: _________ Received by___________


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