Infosys HR Interview QuestionsInterview Questions. 1. You so look different in photo than in person, Why? 2.

Just leave this resume. Tell us something personally about urself. 3. Why did u take up Master's in Multimedia and then discontinue? 4. Why aren't u seeing urself as a flash developer now? 5. Tell us something abt ur project? 6. Does it apply only in Telephones 7. What are real time pratical applications of this project? 8. What do u feel about this trainer job? 9. with what kind of questions your students have approached you? 10. not technical . Regarding job opportunities and faking experiences? I said I would not support it and these questions didn't come up in class. 11. Why should Infosys take you? 12. Can u plant 4 trees equidistant from each other in a piece of land ? 13. A Car travels 5m/hr from A to B and 10m/hr from B to A find average speed. 14. U find a piece of torn paper on the road and u pick it up and find just four lines without no date or information. After reading the 4 lines u get interested in the article and want to read the whole matter. How will you find it out? 15. In all these days what did you learn related to software? 16. How did u enjoy ur college life? 17. Any extra curricular activities? 18. Any other field other than software and multimedia that interests you? 19. What kind of dancing and are u trained in it? 20. What do u think about relocating to Orissa? 21. What about working in Mysore? I think they test ur attitude here. But I said I would be tough working in North India. 22. Are u married? Since I had problem relocating. 23. When did u start wearing glasses? 24. why no glasses in photo? 25. why no lenses now?

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