Kang Third Edition: 1.5 VLSI design Flow( or from notes ) 2.3 ,2.4,2.5 (or Pucknell) 3rd MOS Transistor 3.1,3.2,3.

3 Substrate Bias Effect Pg109 3.5 Mosfet Scaling till Page119 Oxide Related Capacitances andJunction Capacitance (Pg 131 to Pg137) or (From Handwritten Ma'am notes) 5th MOS Inverters : Static Characteristics 5.4 CMOS Inverter till Pg211 Resistive Load,Depletion Type,Enhancement Type (in short,only Formulae) 6th MOS Inverters : Switching Characteristics and Interconnect Effects 6.1,6.2,6.3 and Example 6.3 Sarfarazadeh Book : Introduction to VLSI Physical Design 1st Introduction 2nd Top Down Approach : Placement 2.1 Partitioning till Page43 2.2 Floor Planning Pg47 to Pg58 3rd Top Down Approach : Routing Mare Running Line Searching till Page 96 FPGA notes From Handwritten Ma'am notes PPT mailed through Pac All the Best :)

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