Process manager


The Process Manager is a tool for editing previously recorded workflow steps and for executing those steps when updates are necessary. It is also used to create small batch jobs (workflows) that operate on many items at the same time.

Insert a New Workflow under the Insert tab in the Menu bar or activate an already excisting workflow. 1. To store a workflow click on the Apply or OK button .Process manager Introduction To open the Process Manager. Go to the Workflows tab under the Process window. 2.

Process manager List of available functions • • • • Utilities .All typical processes available in Process Diagram Operations – All Operations available for objects in Input tab .Simple Activities Logic .Programming functions Functions Processes .

• • Common workflows: Repeat all Calculations Uncertainty volume calculation Predefined workflows • • • B.Process manager Available predefined workflows A. Make scaled plots Visualize objects Batch calculations Generate Workflow by select it from the drop down list. The workflow will be dropped into the Right Section B A .

Process Manger Exercise .