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Top Consulting Firms by Industry
Use this document as a general tool to learn about the top consulting firms.

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Consulting firms rarely operate in only one industry. The following list of consulting firms have been grouped in industry categories based on their PRIMARY service offering. Company descriptions are based on company websites. You should review the company websites to learn more information and pay particular attention to career section to learn about what types of positions are available. Login to the e-Recruiting website to find out which of these companies participate in on-campus recruiting and other Yale-sponsored programs.

Industry Management Consulting Financial Services/Accounting Human Resources Information Technology Litigation/Economic Consulting National Security Sales and Marketing

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Yale Undergraduate Career Services • 55 Whitney Avenue, 3rd Floor, New Haven, CT, 06510 • Online at:

06510 • Online at: http://www. and Technology. bankruptcy reorganization. Food and Beverage. clean tech and related technology and investor sectors. US: California. New York City Management consulting group focusing on communications.yale. Middle East. and to navigate business. automotive. retail and consumer products. optimizing business performance. North and South America. Information Management. Innovation. A. Africa Global Management consulting firm founded in 1926. Marketing & Sales. and Technology & Innovation Management. precious metals and many others. media. DC Alix Partners is a global business advisory firm providing operational performance improvement. Education. Strategy & Organization. 3rd Floor. Energy and Utilities. Financial Services. litigation and tax matters. Chicago. Strategic IT. Detroit. accelerating growth. health care. Alvarez & Marsal 41 Offices Worldwide A leading independent global professional services firm. A&M draws on its deep operational and turnaround heritage to help companies across the industry spectrum improve operating and financial performance. litigation consulting and financial advisory services. financial restructuring. and Sustainability. The firm operates in a number of industries including high tech and telecommunications. Healthcare. A. distribution. Procurement & Analytic Solutions. They practice areas include a Corporate Finance practice.T Kearney Offices in 37 Countries Worldwide.Page 2 of 11 Management Consulting Alix Partners 15 offices Worldwide.T. Organization & Transformation. steel. transportation. Yale Undergraduate Career Services • 55 Whitney Avenue. Operations Management. Europe. Supply Chain Management. Middle East Boutique management consulting firm that focuses on a wide variety of industries including Business Services. Manufacturing. New York. Infrastructure and . Strategy. Sustainability & Risk. Dallas. Arthur D Little 32 Offices in 20 Countries Arthur D Little is a global management consulting firm specializing in strategy and operations management. Central and South America. CT. New Haven. heavy manufacturing. Bainbridge North America. Kearney works in all major industries providing consulting on Complexity Management. LA. Industrial Products. Altman Vilandrie & Company Boston. Altman’s areas of focus include improving investment decisions. Asia Pacific. Mergers & Acquisitions. and turnarounds and restructuring. Traditional and New Media. oil and gas. Europe. Consumer Products and Services.

London. M&A. and resources to meet marketplace demand in a way that is differentiated from their competitors. Customer Impact. managing in slow growth economy. The company helps organizations align their infrastructure. driving alignment and support for change. sustainability. organizing and managing talent. NYC. Performance Improvement. Diamond Management and Technology Consultants Chicago. Customer Strategy & Marketing. their capabilities include corporate development. Marketing & Sales. establishing innovative operating approaches. globalization. businesses. Cost and Supply Chain Management. Service Offerings include Corporate Finance. Mergers & Restructuring. providing organizations actionable insights. marketing and sales. Boston Consulting Group 75 Offices Worldwide Management consulting firm considered to be one of the “most prestigious”. Toronto. turnaround. Singapore. benchmarking performance and plans. and advisory support. Chicago.Page 3 of 11 Bain and Company 42 Offices in 27 Countries Bain is a management consulting firm operating in all major industries and providing various consulting services including: Change Management. Operations. IT. Boston Consulting Group works in all major industries including Banking. Diamond Management and Technology Consultants operates in three service areas: Information Advantage (IT and Technology). Yale Undergraduate Career Services • 55 Whitney Avenue. organization. postmerger integration. Through a subscription service. San Fran. CT. Booz and Company Worldwide Offices in 18 Countries Management consulting firm considered to be one of the “most prestigious”. Clients include 85% of the Fortune 500. IT. innovation. Strategy. 3rd Floor. corporate finance. 06510 • Online at: http://www. growth. transformation. Organization. and Produce and Service Innovation. Hartford. New Haven. Private Equity. analytic tools. Cambridge Group Chicago Cambridge Group focuses on developing “Demand Strategies” to identify and address “challenges that inhibit growth”. Mumbai Recently acquired by PwC (November 2. Healthcare. Organization and Change. organizations receive reports on what other companies are doing to solve their business challenges including key performance trends and risks. DC. 2010). . Technology. and navigating leadership transitions.yale. and Pharmaceuticals. According to their website. Booz and Company operates in all major industries including a major presence in Aerospace & Defense (many employees hold top security clearance). IT. and Strategy. strategy. Sydney. Corporate Executive Board DC. and Execution. Delhi CEB is a “performance advisory firm”.

employee development. Operations & Organization. ensuring future growth in today’s economy. establish powerful employment brands. Global Education. gaining efficiencies with process management. North America. Tokyo. Financial Services. The business practice focuses on retail and consumer products. Florida FTI mainly focuses on financial consulting services including practices in corporate finance/restructuring. and planning and upgrading technology in new spaces. New Haven.yale. Atlanta. increasing effectiveness of brand engagement programs. Services including both workplace and marketplace solutions. security access to capital and project financing.E. E-Discovery. Middle East Hurson Consulting Group focuses on helping clients improve performance. San Francisco LEK works throughout all major industries and provides consulting services in the areas of Strategy. London. San Francisco. and creating marketing strategies. Higher . Consulting 20 Locations Worldwide. recover distress. Mergers & Acquisitions. Chicago. Workplace solutions: devising a wellbeing strategy. Restructuring & Turnaround. and technology. Marketplace practices include measuring and improving customer engagement. CT. Europe. Yale Undergraduate Career Services • 55 Whitney Avenue. planning and operating facilities. strategic communication. Europe. finding a facilities untapped resources. Corporate Governance. using technology to reduce medical errors. 3rd Floor. US: Boston. Paris. managing in volatile economy and cutting costs. L.Page 4 of 11 FTI Consulting Offices Worldwide: US: Baltimore. LA. 06510 • Online at: http://www. Shareholder Value Management. and building powerful succession planning and leadership development system. forensic and litigation consulting. Its practice areas include Accounting & Finance. economic consulting. recruit and hire best performers. Huron Consulting Group 15 Locations Worldwide. measure and enhance employee engagement. Global Health. Legal. Asia Kurt Salmon Associates is split between a business and healthcare practice. comply with regulations. The HealthCare Practice Area includes integrating technology in ambulatory care. Mars prides itself in only working with a select number of clients and giving them “a world-class unique competitive advantage”. Minneapolis.K. San Francisco. Life Sciences Advisory Services. Kurt Salmon Associates New York. leverage technology and stimulate growth. New York. GALLUP Consulting Worldwide Locations in 20 Countries Gallup uses behavioral economic principles to support organizations in boosting their performance. reduce costs. Marketing & Sales. LA. Mars & Company New York. Healthcare. Shanghai Mars & Co was founded in 1979 by a former Boston Consulting Group Director.

and Risk. Operations. Sales. Innovation. Sales Force Optimization. Healthcare and Life Sciences. UAE. US: Chicago. New York. Research and Development. Asia Pacific. CRM. Mumbai The Parthenon Group operates in several industries including Business and Financial Services. and Economic Development and Security. Leadership Development. Germany. Franchising. Trade Fairs and Events. and ). Corporate and Business Unit Strategy. Finance & Risk. Business Transformation. Pricing. Boston. 06510 • Online at: http://www. PRTM 19 Global Locations in US. Organization and Leadership. operations. Roland Berger Strategy Consulting 39 Offices Worldwide. Marketing & Sales. Market Attack. PRTM offers Operational Strategy Consulting. McKinsey’s functional areas include Business Technology. and Technology. Global Supply Chain Management. Consumer and Retail. Scenario & Corporate . London. Competitive Analysis. and leadership development. San Francisco. China. Corporate Finance. Healthcare and Energy. 3rd Floor. Monitor has offices in 15 countries and throughout the United States. Customer Value Management and Enterprise Co-Creation. France. Product and Service Development. Europe. North and South America. Oliver Wyman works in various industries providing services that include Actuarial. Case Management. Corporate Responsibility.yale. Purchasing. Monitor Group is involved in various industries and work on issues including Strategy. Marketing & Sales. risk management. Corporate Finance. CT. and California Founded by Harvard Professor Michael Porter (Porter’s Five Forces). Operations & Technology. and Strategic Resources Allocation. Monitor Group 30 Offices in 15 Countries. Corporate Finance & Restructuring. The company operates in dozens of industries including Banking.Page 5 of 11 McKinsey & Company 95 Offices in 50 Countries Management consulting firm considered “most prestigious” (according to vault. Private Equity. Innovation. Their service offerings include Brand & Marketing Management. Manufacturing. Organizational capabilities include Change Management and Implementation Support. Middle East Management consulting firm with expertise in strategy. Boston. Japan. Cost Improvement. NYC. India. Information Management. England. Delta. Parthenon Group Boston. Industrials. Scotland Founded in 1976. Policy Development and Systems Design. New Haven. Education. Real Estate Management. M&A Due Diligence and Execution. Marketing and Pricing. Strategy. Price & Offer Management. organizational transformation. Supply Chain Management & Logistics. Yale Undergraduate Career Services • 55 Whitney Avenue. Detroit Roland Berger is a strategy consulting firm operating in all major industries. and Working Capital advisory. Marketing and Distribution Strategy. Restructuring. Information/Publishing. Oliver Wyman 40 Locations Worldwide. Financial & Risk Effectiveness. Organization. Chicago. Econometric Forecasting.

Real Estate. They provide a wide variety of consulting services including corporate strategy. business strategy. retail banks. and regulatory developments that may impact their business. Provider Care. According to a 2009 issue of Business Week. performance management. Technology. Financial Services. Power and Utilities. 3rd Floor. transaction and advisory services. Argus clients include the largest credit card issuers and consumer financial services providers. It is a global leader in the areas of assurance.yale. financial. revenue growth and value proposition. financial advisory. Ernst & Young LLP Locations Worldwide and in All Major US Cities Ernst & Young is one of the biggest Accounting firms in the . Consumer Products. Oil and Gas. Argus Information & Advisory Services The firm assists financial institutions in making marketing and risk management decisions (manage tradeoffs among price. the company was voted as the Best Place to Launch a Career for its “training programs” and “employee benefits”. acquisition analysis and integration. The company works with companies in various industries including Automotive. Yale Undergraduate Career Services • 55 Whitney Avenue. Argus also works with credit card issuers. insurance and reinsurance brokerage and human capital and management consulting. and insurance companies on project-based consulting assignments. risk). Grant Thornton LLP Locations Worldwide and in All Major US Cities Grant Thornton is on the largest accounting firms providing consulting services in Audit. tax. Government and Public Sector. product. CT. First Manhattan Consulting Group focuses specifically on the financial services industry including private equity groups and vendors. Life Science. Tax. FMCG serves clients on six continents.Page 6 of 11 Financial Services/Accounting Aon Consulting Worldwide 500 Offices in 120 Countries Aon Corporation provides risk management services. and tax for companies spanning all major industries. Media and Entertainment. and Advisory Services. New Haven. 06510 • Online at: http://www. Retail and Wholesale. First Manhattan Consulting Group New York City Founded 30 years ago. The company works with public and private companies to improve overall financial reporting processes and keep clients informed on accounting. and Telecommunications. Deloitte Consulting LLP 600 Offices in 150 Countries Deloitte provides consulting services in audit. and many others. market segmentation.

and Consumer Markets. Zolfo Cooper New York. High Growth Markets. Orion Consultants New York City Orion Consultants is a management consulting firm. Milliman.Page 7 of 11 KPMG Locations Worldwide and in All Major US Cities KPMG is one of the largest accounting firms the US. Property & Casual. Performance Management. San Francisco. Investment. and consulting support. It specializes in three areas: Performance and technology. corporate banking. Creditor Advisory. card. Communication & Entertainment. The company offers various consulting services including Strategy. Orion performs strategic research in the fixed income marketplace in both the United States and Europe. Novantas New York. It is organized in practice teams around industry sectors. Technology. Industrial Markets. the company was acquired by Kroll Associates. Services include Restructuring and Turnaround Consulting. Finance. CT. New Haven. business intelligence and analytic tools. and insurance.yale. brokerage. Yale Undergraduate Career Services • 55 Whitney Avenue. Healthcare/Insurance/Pharmaceuticals Advisory Board Company Washington DC. Financial Investigations & Dispute Services. Life & Financial. and Corporate . Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals. CrossBorder Restructuring. Risk. management training. Portland The Advisory Board Company is a provider of performance improvement services to the health care and education sectors—including operational best practices and insights. Latin America. and Middle East Milliman is an independent actuarial and consulting firm. People and Change. trading. Risk and compliance. In 2002. and Forensic Services but have particular expertise in accounting/finance related services. Healthcare. technology evaluation. PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Hundreds of locations Worldwide. New Jersey. Inc 50+ Locations in US. Asia-Pacific. 06510 • Online at: http://www. 3rd Floor. Practice areas include Employee Benefits. Europe. Information. Chicago. such as retail banking. payments. Madrid Novantas is a management consulting firm specializing in the financial industry. California The company provides financial and operational restructuring for clients in various industries. focusing on all areas of counterparty relationships and sellside service including sales. Boston. London. Interim & Crisis Management. underwriting and research performance. Operations. which specializes in advising its Wall Street clients on how to better serve their institutional customers. Government. All Major US Cities PWC is one of the largest accounting firms in the US. Toronto. They serve a range of industries including Banking and Finance. transactions and restructuring.

risk & finance consulting. Leadership. The company also provides benchmarking services. HR Effectiveness. Commercial Effectiveness. health & benefits. and Value of Medicines. reward services. Compensation. Europe. and Retirement. Europe. 06510 • Online at: http://www. The company is known for creating the most widely used job evaluation methodology in the world. 3rd Floor. At the same time. all while proving the value of their medicines. used in over 8. Communication. across every major industry. and Sales Effectiveness. Transactions. Retirement. Mercer also provides investment consulting and management. and M&A advisory services. Global Consulting. cost-effective care. Investment. public and not-for-profit sectors. Australia. Executive Compensation. surveys & products. Health and Productivity. Government. healthcare stakeholders need to better understand the role prescription drugs play in delivering high-quality. Health Care. Portfolio Planning. having built one of the largest databases of organizational management information in the world. Employee Engagement. Global Technology and Delivery Solutions. Latin America. Middle East IMS is a Healthcare consulting firm providing various services including Market Measurement. human .yale. Middle East. Corp. outsourcing. and employee effectiveness surveys. Human Capital Management. Compensation. “From researchers and payers to government agencies and pharmaceutical manufacturers. pharmaceutical companies face unprecedented competition for market share and pressures to maximize brand lifecycles. CT. Hay Group 86 Offices in 49 Countries The Hay Group works with a wide variety of clients including from the private.Page 8 of 11 IMS Health Incorporated 80+ Locations: North America. New Haven. Towers Watson Worldwide Locations: 35 locations in Major US Cities Yale Undergraduate Career Services • 55 Whitney Avenue.000 organizations worldwide. Services include Actuarial. Latin America. The McClelland Center for Research and Innovation helps clients asses. Mercer offers various solutions mostly focusing on an organization’s management of human resources including retirement. building effective organizations. Hewitt Associates 86 Offices in 49 Countries Hewitt Associates specializes in Human Resources Consulting. North America. select and develop hundreds of thousands of managers and executives. Asia. Mercer Worldwide Locations: Asia. Global Risk. Practice areas include leadership and talent.” Human Resources Buck Consultants 80 Offices in 40 Countries Management consulting firm that specializes in Communication. workforce communication & change.

The company assists law firms with pretrial discovery.yale. and outsourcing. corporations. San Francisco Yale Undergraduate Career Services • 55 Whitney Avenue. and local professional services. BDO Consulting Atlanta. NYC Founded in 1981. evaluations of M&A. technology.Page 9 of 11 Towers Watson focuses on Human Resources consulting including helping organizations think about Benefits. preparation of testimony. investigation. Business Consulting. Dallas. and Outsourcing Services. Information Technology Accenture Offices in 53 Countries Worldwide Global Management consulting firm providing management consulting. Denver. Menlo Park. New York. Los Angeles. financial. restricting. Analysis Group offers corporate and government clients financial planning. and business strategy consulting to law . New Haven. Menlo Park. Chicago. CT. Capgemini is a technology company providing consulting. technology services. critique of opposing experts’ analyses. and strategies for growth. France. cost-effectiveness analyses. market analyses. Orange Country. Rewards. Montreal. Chicago. Application Services. Dallas. Cornerstone Research Boston. and risk advisory services. development of economic and financial models. Washington DC. and New York Boutique management consulting firm that focuses on four major areas: litigation. 2010). 3rd Floor. company and asset valuations. IBM Global Business Services Offices Worldwide IBM is a technology powerhouse that began an intensive push into the consulting industry in the mid 90s. Analysis Group provides economic. Los Angeles. The company is a merger between Towers Perrin and Watson Wyatt (merged on January 4. Boston. California (x2). Their services include IT. 06510 • Online at: http://www. The company works in all major industries. and government agencies. The company serves over 300 US and more than 100 international publically traded entities. tax and transfer pricing. Risk and Capital Management. DC. Capgemini Offices Worldwide Headquartered in Paris. Litigation/Economic Consulting Analysis Group Boston. outsourcing. Talent Management.

Labor & Employment. Navigant Consulting 30 Offices Worldwide: Canada. and governments. industries. outsourcing. independent and authoritative studies. CRA International operates in a wide variety of industries and two service areas: Management Consulting and Litigation. Yale Undergraduate Career Services • 55 Whitney Avenue. Financial Markets. Asia Pacific Economic consulting firm applying economic. arbitration. employment. Middle East. Economics (antitrust and competition. IP. and technology consulting. as well as other matters including international arbitration and litigation. and quantitative principles to complex business and legal challenges. Europe. UAE. tax advisory. finance. Latin America LECG provides expert testimony. and Management Consulting. intellectual property. valuation. Asia Pacific. Financial Economics. CRA International 20+ Locations Worldwide: North America. accounting firms. Europe. consumer fraud and product liability. Europe. Singapore Navigant Consulting is a specialized expert services firm assisting clients in protecting value in the face of critical business risks and opportunities. securities. CT. assisting them in identifying opportunities and building long-term strategies for growth and success. Forensic Services. financial. and Regulation. China. Financial Accounting & . NERA has worked with all 100 of the American Lawyer Global 100 Largest law firms. bankruptcy and restructuring. antitrust and competition. corporate governance. breach of contract.yale. New Haven. DC Management consulting firm focused on helping clients to understand the complex and shifting government and commercial homeland and national security environment. International Trade. forensic accounting. white collar litigation and investigations. strategy and performance improvement. Management Consulting services LECG 30+ Offices Worldwide: US. Litigation services include Antitrust & Competition Economics. England. Damages. and taxation. litigation consulting. and government and regulatory oversight. bankruptcy. Intellectual Property. and compliance. financial distress. National Security Civitas Group Washington. Asia Charles River Associates offers economic. Hong Kong. financial consulting. labor and employment. 3rd Floor. Their practices include actuarial services. NERA Economic Consulting 25 Offices Worldwide: North America. They focus on Disputes and Investigations. and discrimination matters). and business management expertise to major law firms. Financial Advisory.Page 10 of 11 Cornerstone Research assists attorneys with expert information in finance (securities. Civitas also makes equity investments in security-oriented companies with promising technologies. Navigant operates in a number of industries including Construction. audit. environment and natural resources. public policy. Economics. Energy. accounting. risk. and labor. and strategic advice and consulting to various industries. and real estate). people solutions. legal technology and analytic consulting. 06510 • Online at: http://www. Financial Services and Healthcare. Insurance Economics. Mergers & Acquisitions.

retail & shopper marketing. Consume Packaged Goods. and social media intelligence. capability building. & Berland Associates 11 Offices Worldwide including US. and Telecom industries. Territory Design.yale. UAE Part of the WPP Group. Their service offerings include growth & demand strategy. and Asia Global management consulting firm focusing on sales and marketing. PSB. advertising effectiveness. Marketing Planning. Clients include Fortune 100 companies and major political campaigns. PSB is a global research-based consultancy that specializes in messaging and communications strategy for blue-chip political. recognizing that the strategies used to effect change in one area can be innovative and effective in the other. marketing . Schoen. product innovation & renovation. CT. ZS Associates Sale’s services include Sales Process Development. and outsourcing. and Sales Performance Management. market structure & segmentation. Sales Force Design.Penn. 06510 • Online at: http://www. New Haven. Segmentation. Yale Undergraduate Career Services • 55 Whitney Avenue. cross platform media. China. and Marketing Performance.Page 11 of 11 Sales and Marketing Nielsen Company New York City The Nielson company operates in the Media and Entertainment. Their hybrid model combines both political and corporate research. The company’s marketing services include Customer Insights. brand & portfolio management. 3rd Floor. corporate and entertainment clients. ZS Associates 19 Locations Worldwide including North America. pricing & promotion. Europe. Incentive Compensation Design. Value Proposition.

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