_____________________________ Councilmember Jack Evans AN AMENDMENT #1 IN THE COUNCIL OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA June 24, 2013 amendment offered.

To: B20-198, the Fiscal Year 2014 Budget Support Act of 2013 Version: Introduced Committee Print First Reading Amended First Reading Engrossed Enrolled Unidentified ___ ___ ___ ___ _x_ ___ ___

A new subtitle is added to read as follows: SUBTITLE . SCHOOL MODERNIZATION LIBRARY FUNDING

Sec. xx. Short title. This subtitle may be cited as the “School Modernization Library Initial Circulation Funding Act of 2013”. Sec. 2. For any completed school modernization, unexpended capital funds shall first be used to purchase the initial circulation in that school’s library prior to being reprogrammed for any other purpose. Rationale: I have heard of a number of public schools opening after extensive renovations but having libraries that contain new books. This amendment would provide that surplus school modernization funds, which are built in to all modernization projects, are first used to purchase the initial circulation in a given school’s library before any surplus funds are reprogrammed.

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