0 Introduction
Microsoft Office Project 2010 is one of the project management tools that have been widely used and it is developed by Microsoft. MS Project 2010 allows user to create task and link them together with another dependent tasks. This provides user clear dependencies among each task depending on which to be run first and which is the following task to be performed after the specific task is finished. Each task can be assigned with Predecessors of the task, Start Date of the task, Finish Date of the task, Duration of the tasks and lastly the resource name to be allocated to the task. Microsoft Project 2010 gives an overview idea how to manage your task efficiently in timely manner. Firstly, it allows user to create various types of chart such as Gantt chart, Perth chart, Calendar, Network Diagram, and the resource sheet together with resource usage while Open Project provides some similar functions provided by MS Project 2010 such as Gantt chart, Resource Management, Calendar, and Task Dependencies Management. Open Project basically provides the similar functions where user is able to draw Gantt Chart, Allocate the Tasks, Adjust the Duration, Start Date, and Finish Date of a task. MS Project 2010 is best to be used when a group of user that familiar with the tasks such as the duration for start time and end time, and the work effort that they spend in to adjust their schedule by assigning milestone to keep track of their project progress.