∞ GOD MATTERS XS IB CLE 2013-2014 Full Name Section LC#

Note: This is your digital worksheet. You will find the instructions for today’s module here. Perform the requested tasks using this Pages file. In other words, make it your own. Thank you!

Part One: YOUREpistemologicalWorldViews Summarize here your findings (even if tentative!) about your philosophies of knowledge: Absolutist, Relativist, or Rationalist? Domains NaturalScience Social Science Art Morality Religion Item#s 1, 5, 14 4, 8, 12 3, 7, 10 6, 9, 11 2, 13, 15 YOURPhiloof K Brief Reason+ Remarks

Part Two: Waysof Knowing How important are the different Ways of Knowing in the different domains? Rank them from 1 to 5 according to importance, with 1 as MOST IMPORTANT. If you think there are other ways of knowing/judging, use the last column and specify. Domains Sense Perception Reason Language Emotion Others?

Natural Science Social Science Art Morality Religion

Part Three: AUTHORITYand/orEVIDENCE/ARGUMENT When you justify claims, how much do you actually rely on External Authority and Direct Evidence for every domain? Assign a percentage to each one per domain (Just make an estimate, so NO decimal points--e.g., “25.2321%!). Make sure both total 100%. Domains % AUTHORITY % EVIDENCE/ A

Brief Reason+ Remarks

NaturalScience Social Science Art Morality Religion

100% 100% 100% 100% 100%

Whydo you thinkthereis no OPINIONin Part Three?


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