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HMS Moidule docs
HMS Moidule docs

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Published by: Pradeep Jadhav on Jun 30, 2013
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Core Modules 1. Patient Administration.

a) Patient Details Management(Registration) i) Inpatient Registration(User) 1) Adding Personal information about patient. 2) Adding Disease Information 3) Adding Scanned Copy of Other Hospital Records. 4) Appointment 5) Reservation 6) Admission 7) Discharge 8) Billing 9) Receipts 10) 11) Credit Note Refund


Outpatient Registration(User) 1) Registration 2) Appointment 3) Billing 4) Receipts 5) Credit Note 6) Refund

2. Doctor a) Doctor Details Management(Admin) i) Add/Update/Delete/De-active Doctor

Nursing a) Service Orders b) Case Sheet Maintenance c) Discharge Summary d) Information Transmission between doctor and staff 4. 3. Emergency Duty (Urgent cases). lab test and etc. Appointment wise Duty e) Prescription to patient(User) i) ii) iii) Search Patient Record View the patient History (includes View the X-ray. Ward a) Ward Details Management(Add/Update/Delete) b) Bed Details Management(Add/Update/Delete) . c) Patient Scheduling Management (Admin) i) ii) Patient Scheduling Patient Re-Scheduling d) Doctor Daily Assignment (User) i) ii) iii) Regular Duty (Ward Checkup).ii) iii) iv) Working Timing of Doctor Leave Management Over Time Management b) Working Time Management(Admin) i) ii) Assign the duty (Day or Night shift) Working Timing set as Common and Individual Doctor Wise setup.) Add the patient Prescription/Modify the Prescription.

Theater Management a) Theater Details Management b) Theater Scheduling c) Process Details d) Theater Maintenance 1) Equipment/Gas Details e) Usage of Equipment /Gas f) Drugs/Disposal Consumption 6. Laboratory a) Lab Details Management b) Lab Scheduling a.5. i) Maintenance of Lab 7. Radiology and Imaging. Staff Allocation c) Order Acceptance d) Work List(Samples pending List) e) Lab Records f) Lab Kit Management g) Inventory Management for Lab. a) Diagnostic imaging services Management 1) X-rays 2) MRI(Magnetic Resonance Imaging) 3) CT(Computed Tomography) . h) Result Reports. Patient Allocation b.

User Management. PDF and etc.4) PET(Positron Emission Tomography) b) Result Reports c) Images Records. e) Staff Allocation f) Patient Allocation 8. 3) Adding Detail Case Study 4) Adding Symptoms List 5) Attaching Additional Details (Doc. d) Maintenance. . a) User Details Management (Add/Update/Delete) b) Activate/Deactivate Users c) Roles Management 1) Role Details(Add/Update/Delete) d) Menu Management 1) Menu Details (Add/Update/Delete) e) Menu Assignment 1) Map menu to Role 9.) 6) Medicine for Disease 10. Disease Management a) Disease Details(Add/Update/Delete) 1) Adding Disease Basic Details(IDC(International Classification of Diseases) Code for Disease) 2) Disease Category and Sub Category.Administration a) Transfer of Employees b) Intake Patient Setup.

1) Double Pack 2) Triple Pack 3) Quardruple Pack .) 3) Donor Management(List. k) Assignment of Work to respective person. j) Work Flow Determination. etc. f) Lab Test Fees Determination. Update. Blood Bank a) Blood Group Management b) Donor Details 1) In House Donations(Blood Bank donation) 2) Mobile Blood Donation (University. Delete) c) Blood Collection Bar Code for bag.c) Doctor Fees Determination d) Administrative Fees Management e) Tax Amount Setup. g) Bed Fees Management. h) Daily Basics Employees Salary Determination i) Salary Structure Determination. Sample Number Generation. l) Support Module 1.

Update) 3) Platelets. e) Blood Issue 1) While Screening Donor Sample if something some positive of above screening test that sample will get rejected and report send to donor. Blood Group )(List.CPP. Update. 3) Platelets  5 Days Expiry Date. Insert. HepC. Delete) i) Compactable Test .Cryo 1 Year. VDRL report Update.d) Screening 1) HIV. Delete. 1) Report Generation based on a specific User wise. Delete. 2) FFP 1) CPP (Insert. 1) Double/Triple RBC 35 Days Expiry Date. Update) 2) Cryo (Insert. MP. g) Blood Storage 1) Expiry Date Management of Components. 2) Quardruple /Triple RBC 42 Days Expiry Date. HepB. Update. f) Components Preparation 1) RBC. 4) FFP. Delete) 2) From Other Hospital(List. h) Blood Request 1) From Patient (Patient information. 2) Status of Report to Donor (Status Tracking). 2) View report of stock and Expiry sample Count Day wise. Insert.

Housekeeping 8. Complaints 9. d) Blood Problem. Physiotherapy 1) 3. Insert. (List. f) Stock of Components (RBC. 2) To other Hospital they issue Only RBC. Billing 1) Patient Billing a) Search Patient . Update. CSSD(Central Sterile Services Department ) 7. c) Blood Issue. Delete) j) Blood Issued 1) According to the Compatibility of Patient and Donor Blood will be issued. b) Blood samples. etc. Dialysis 5. k) Statistics 1) Day/Week/Month/Year a) Donor. e) Request from Hospital/ Patient. Bio-Medical 6. Dieting 4.) g) Blood Group Wise 2.1) Patient and Donor Compactable Test Report.

3) Bill generation. 2) Insurance Billing a) 3) Physician Service and Billing 10. 2) Stock Movement Statement. c) Report 1) Stock Report. b) Full Payment. 2) Order Receiving. ). 4) Payment Transaction Tracking.( Transaction type and information will be capture) 1) Transaction type and information will be capture 2) Receipt Print out.Pharmacy a) Stock Management 1) Stock Leger. b) Purchase Management 1) Purchase Order generation to Vendor. 3) Product location Management (rack-shelve). . c) Payment a) Partial Payment 1) Transaction type and information will be capture 2) Receipt Print out. Doctor Fees and etc.b) Add the Billing Details into patient Account (Lab Test.Preventive Maintenance 1) 11.

Finance a) 2. Insurance a) Insurance Claim b) Scanned Copy of Insurance Form Submitting. c) Insurance Approval Process.Purchase 13. 12.General Stores 14. Fixed Assets 4. d) After Approval of Insurance detect the amount from patient payment. Human Resources a) Employee Details Management b) Resignation/Retirements c) Daily/Monthly Attendance d) Leave Management e) Salary Slip Download (User).2) Expiry products report and alert (product wise).Other Hospital Reference Management 15. 17. 5.Equipment Management System.Health care Packages. . 3.Roster Management Enterprise Module 1. 3) Expiry products report (Of each supplier). 16.

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