June/July 2006

Mar" 10#$6%&2, '(nd they came to Jericho# and as he )ent out of Jericho )ith his disci*les and a +reat number of *eo*le, blind ,artimaeus, the son of -imaeus, sat by the hi+h)ay side be++in+. (nd )hen he heard that it )as Jesus of Na/areth, he be+an to cry out, and say, Jesus, thou 0on of David, have mercy on me. (nd many char+ed him that he should hold his *eace# but he cried the more a +reat deal, -hou 0on of David, have mercy on me. (nd Jesus stood still, and commanded him to be called. (nd they call the blind man, sayin+ unto him, ,e of +ood comfort, rise1 he calleth thee. (nd he, castin+ a)ay his +arment, rose, and came to Jesus. (nd Jesus ans)ered and said unto him, hat )ilt thou that 2 should do unto thee3 -he blind man said unto him, 4ord, that 2 mi+ht receive my si+ht. (nd Jesus said unto him, 5o thy )ay1 thy faith hath made thee )hole. (nd immediately he received his si+ht, and follo)ed Jesus in the )ay.6
Christ’s humble servant, David Neal

So Jesus had compassion on them, and touched their eyes: and immediately their eyes received sight, and they followed him. July, 2006 2saiah $2#6%7, '2 the 489D have called thee in ri+hteousness, and )ill hold thine hand, and )ill "ee* thee, and +ive thee for a covenant of the *eo*le, for a li+ht of the 5entiles1 -o o*en the blind eyes, to brin+ out the *risoners from the *rison, and them that sit in dar"ness out of the *rison house.6

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June/July 2006

-he author found himself becomin+ very discoura+ed in tryin+ to share the truth of 5od
)ith others. 2t :ust seems that there are very fe) *eo*le that )ant to hear or read the ord of 5od as )as s*o"en )ith *o)er ;the gospel< and )al"ed in e=am*le by Jesus Christ. -he author had been very dedicated and s*ent many many hours )ritin+ do)n the *recious thin+s of 5od, but :ust )ho has ears to hear or eyes to see3 0o many hearts are )a=ed +ross and their ears are dull of hearin+. Many say they see, yet are fully blind ; Mt 13:15, Jn 9:39<.

>ven those closest to the author tired of hearin+ the beloved truth of the 4ord. ?e has
been called mad/cra/y by some, and others, includin+ some friends and family members, have se*arated from his com*any. -he author )as absolutely certain of the truth of the messa+e, but :ust be+an to be )eary ;worn down< due to all the re:ection.

-he author considered the fact that he could not :ust sto* s*ea"in+ and )ritin+ 5od’s
truth and sim*ly "ee* to himself the cherished thin+s that the 4ord )as revealin+. -his )ould be to hide your li+ht ;truth< and *ut it under a bushel ;Mt 5:15<. -his )ould be to lay u* the truth in a na*"in or hide the truth in the earth ; Lk 19:20-23, Mt 25:25-28<. -his is to be as salt that has lost his savour ;Mt 5:13<.

?o)ever, )e are to +ive li+ht unto all that are in the house ;Mt 5:15<. Matthe) &#16,
'4et your li+ht so shine before men, that they may see your +ood )or"s, and +lorify your !ather )hich is in heaven.6 ( candle ;light< must be set u*on a candlestic" so that all may see ;Mk 4:21<. -here is a +reat res*onsibility and obli+ation ; a o!!and!ent< to s*ea" and demonstrate the 4ord’s +os*el ;Mk 1":15, Mt 24:14< % not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for his sa"e ;#hp 1:29, 2 $hess 1:5, 2 $i! 2:12<.

-he 4ord s*o"e to the author’s heart and revealed somethin+ *recious that brou+ht about
the needed encoura+ment @ a reminder ;a help to re!e!%er so!ething i!portant<. -he 4ord said that man re:ected ?im )hen ?e s*o"e the !ather’s ord, so ho) much more )ill you be re:ected )hen you s*ea" My ords ; Jn 15:18<3 4u"e 21#17, '(nd ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sa"e.6 -his )as so incredibly encoura+in+ to me, but )hy3 ,ecause it revealed to me somethin+ desired more than anythin+ this )orld has to offer @ it revealed that 2 )as )al"in+ in the ste*s of my 4ord ;1 #t 2:21, 4:1<.

-he author )as not bein+ offered a solution to end all of the re:ection or necessarily a
remedy to remove the hurt. -he author )as bein+ offered a cross and a narro) *ath to continue to )al" in ;Mt &:13-14, 1":24, Mk 8:34, 10:21, Lk 9:23, Jn 14:"< @ :ust as Christ had )al"ed. -his )as more beneficial and *ri/ed ;'alua%le<. -his )as a treasure and a *earl of +reat *rice ;Mt 13:44-4", 19:21<. 4u"e 6#$0, '-he disci*le is not above his master# but every one that is *erfect shall be as his master.6 (ND Matthe) 10#2$%2&, '-he disci*le is not above his master, nor the servant above his lord. 2t is enou+h for the disci*le that he be as his master, and the servant as his lord. 2f they have called the master of the house ,eel/ebub, ho) much more shall they call them of his household36 2 -imothy A#12, 'Bea, and all that )ill live +odly in Christ Jesus shall suffer *ersecution.6


June/July 2006

(fter all, Jesus learned obedience by the thin+s )hich ?e suffered @ and so shall ?is follo)ers ;(e% 5:8-9<.

-he 4ord *lainly tells us# 4u"e 6#22%2A, ',lessed are ye, )hen men shall hate you, and
)hen they shall se*arate you from their com*any, and shall re*roach you, and cast out your name as evil, for the 0on of man’s sa"e. 9e:oice ye in that day, and lea* for :oy# for, behold, your re)ard is +reat in heaven# for in the li"e manner did their fathers unto the *ro*hets.6 0o# 1 Ceter &#D, ' hom resist stedfast in the faith, "no)in+ that the same afflictions are accom*lished in your brethren that are in the )orld.6 Bour not alone in your tribulations @ Jesus endured sufferin+ and so do all ?is follo)ers.

No) there are many reli+ious *eo*le in this )orld and most claim to be follo)in+ Christ.
-he truth of the claim is revealed )hen your life actually lines u* ; aligns< )ith the e=am*le that Jesus )al"ed ;Jn 15:20<. -his is ho) )e must :ud+e ourselves ;2 )or 13:5<. Jesus said )e )ould be :ud+ed by ?is ords ;whi h (e walked *lawlessl+<1 so Christ’s ords are our standard to live by ; Jn 12:48<. -he reli+ious )orld claims to *ractice or adhere to 5od’s ord, but mostly i+nors or e=*lains a)ay the hard thin+s @ those thin+s that come a+ainst the )ill of the flesh % those thin+s that reEuire sacrifice. -hese often com*romise a)ay the meat of the messa+e that )as s*o"en of 5od in the *erson of Jesus Christ ;the ,ord o* -od !ade *lesh<.

>=am*les mi+ht be# bein+ hated by others ;not popular, Mt 5:10-12, Lk ":22<1 losin+
your life for Christ’s sa"e and the +os*el’s ;Mt 10:39, 1":25, Mk 8:35, Lk 9:24<1 bearin+ your cross ;d+ing to sel*, Lk 14:2&<1 forsa"in+ all that you have ;Lk 14:33<1 not lovin+ the )orld or see"in+ fleshly lusts, desires or *ossessions ; or walking in the ourse o* this world, 1 Jn 2:15-1&<1 *lacin+ Jesus before father, and mother, and )ife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and your o)n life ;Lk 14:2"<1 bearin+ the in:uries of others ;*orgi'eness, Mt ":15, Mk 11:2"<1 and lovin+ your enemies ;Mt 5:43-45<. -hese thin+s are often e=*lained a)ay by reli+ious man thus ma"in+ Christ’s ords of none effect ;e**e t - to pro!ote needed hange<.

-here are many hard truths in the ,ible and it is certain that a true follo)er ; dis iple< of
Jesus )ill e=*erience everythin+ that Christ e=*erienced. 1 John 2#6, '?e that saith he abideth in him ou+ht himself also so to )al", even as he )al"ed.6 (ND Colossians 2#6, '(s ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the 4ord, so )al" ye in him.6 Jesus is the firstborn of many brethren ;.! 8:29<. ,rethren are brothers )hereby one resembles the other in nature and e=*erience. Jesus for+ed a *ath that ?is disci*les must follo) alon+ @ for ?e is the 0he*herd and they are ?is shee* ; Jn 10:2&<. ?e +oeth before them ;Jn 10:4<. 5alatians &#2&, '2f )e live in the 0*irit, let us also )al" in the 0*irit.6

8ne of the thin+s a follo)er of Christ Euic"ly learns is that man has consistently re:ected
5od and ?is ord from the very be+innin+. hen Jesus came ; the ,ord o* -od !ade *lesh< s*ea"in+ 5od’s ords, ?e )as soundly re:ected by those )ho claimed to serve 5od @ meanin+ reli+ious man. Jesus said of ?is follo)ers# John 17#1$, '2 have +iven them thy )ord1 and the )orld hath hated them, because they are not of the )orld, even as 2 am not of the )orld.6 2f Jesus is hated by the )orld then ?is disci*les must also be hated by the )orld @ thus you "no) that you are follo)in+ Christ.


June/July 2006

hy are they hated3 -hey are hated because of 5od’s ord or truth. -he )orld is in rebellion a+ainst this truth. -he )orld )al"s o**osite of the truth. Christ sanctifies ; sets apart< ?is follo)ers in 5od’s truth. John 17#17, '0anctify them throu+h thy truth# thy )ord is truth ;also Jn 1&:19<.6 0o# 4u"e 10#16, '?e that heareth you heareth me1 and he that des*iseth you des*iseth me1 and he that des*iseth me des*iseth him that sent me.6 5od’s ord is the real issue hereF

-herefore# 2f you )al" as Jesus )al"ed and s*ea" ?is

ords, then the )orld )ill hate and re:ect you :ust as it did Jesus. John 1A#16, 'Gerily, verily, 2 say unto you, -he servant is not +reater than his lord1 neither he that is sent +reater than he that sent him.6 (ND John 1&#20, '9emember the )ord that 2 said unto you, -he servant is not +reater than his lord. 2f they have *ersecuted me, they )ill also *ersecute you1 if they have "e*t my sayin+, they )ill "ee* yours also.6 hat )e are bein+ told is that by and lar+e re:ection is an e=*ected condition of s*ea"in+ the truth of 5od’s ord. Christ’s disci*les *erfectly follo) ?im in all thin+s includin+ bein+ *ersecuted, re:ected, hated and des*ised. 8nly the humble ;sel* den+ing< )ill receive 5od’s truth.

Conversely, if your messa+e is bein+ )ell received by a lar+e audience ;su h as
authoring a 'er+ popular %ook<, then you have cause for concern ;1 Jn 4:5<. -he )orld loves its o)n ;Jn 15:19<F Jesus s*o"e to and )as re:ected by a very reli+ious *eo*le )ho thou+ht they "ne) and served 5od. -his )as Euite a disconnect in that 5od ; the ,ord< became flesh and s*o"e 5od’s ord or truth to ?is o)n *eo*le only to be re:ected by them. Christ’s messa+e ;whi h was the /ather0s ,ord< )as re:ected by reli+ious man. John 1#10%11, '?e )as in the )orld, and the )orld )as made by him, and the )orld "ne) him not. ?e came unto his o)n, and his o)n received him not.6

Do not be sur*rised that the e=act same condition e=ists today in so many of those )ho
claim to "no) and serve Jesus Christ. 2n other )ords, many claim to follo) Jesus, but they do not "no) ?im. -hese same one’s )ho claim to follo) Jesus ;with !ental a knowledge!ent< )ill actually re:ect )al"in+ the *ath that Jesus )al"ed. 5od’s truth Euic"ly se*arates the li+ht from the dar"ness ;2 )or ":14-18<. Many 'identify6 )ith 5od’s ord, but )ho '*ractices6 5od’s ord3 Jesus said# Matthe) 7#20, ' herefore by their fruits ye shall "no) them.6


ord is so divisiveF -he ord of 5od Euic"ly se*arates the real from the false. -he ma:ority of man, includin+ much of )hat calls itself Christian, has re:ected the ord of 5od. ?o) so3 -hey have not 'received6 5od’s ord in that they )ill not a**ly it to their lives and actually )al" therein. Most of the reli+ious )orld has a 'free +ift6 and 'chea* +race6 doctrinal theolo+y that essentially believes that Jesus did everythin+ ; and (e is worth+< and nothin+ is reEuired of man ;that through )hrist sin !a+ a%ound111 <. -hey bandy about ;pass a%out *reel+ and arelessl+, e2 hange in argu!entati'e !anner < the ill%advised ;unwise, !isguided, *oolhard+< *hrase# ')or"s do not save.6

-his outloo" has nullified the

ord of 5od and made it of none effect. 2t is so much easier to acce*t ;as in so!e !ental a knowledg!ent < or tolerate the )ords of another ;Jesus< )hen you do not believe that you must actually )al" them ;li'e the!< or be held accountable to them. ?o)ever, )e must 8,>B the truth ;.! 2:8, 2 $hess 2:8, -al 5:&<F


June/July 2006

Nothin+ is so easy as to deny that )hich is not a+reeable to your o)n desire. 8h it )as :ust fine )hen Jesus )al"ed the narro) )ay1 ho)ever, Jesus al)ays said, Come, follo) Me.6 Jesus is tellin+ you dear reader to 'follo).6 4et us understand )hat ')or"s6 means.

Modern Christian thin"in+ is that if you 'acce*t6 Jesus ; as in so!e repeated sinner0s
pra+er< that you )ill someho) be e=em*t from havin+ to )al" and live the thin+s Jesus said @ confusion3 @ its all so surreal. -hey distort ; do not understand< and are i+norant of the verses# >*hesians 2#H%D, '!or by +race are ye saved throu+h faith1 and that not of yourselves# it is the gift of 5od# Not of )or"s, lest any man should boast.6 -he underlined )ords are )hat modern *o*ular Christianity stresses ;e!phasi3es<.

Inderstandin+ '+race6 and 'faith6 is the "eyF 5od’s +race is the ?oly 0*irit of +race
)or"in+ in you to accom*lish the 4ord’s *ur*oses ;4 ts 4:31-33, #hp 1:25, 2:13, (e% 10:29<. -he ?oly 0*irit is the giftF 5race J +ift J ?oly 5hostF Ceter said it )ell# (cts 2#AH, '-hen Ceter said unto them, 9e*ent, and be ba*ti/ed every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the ?oly 5host ;also 4 ts 10:45<.6 Caul said# 2 Corinthians D#1$%1&, '(nd by their *rayer for you, )hich lon+ after you for the e=ceedin+ +race of 5od in you. -han"s be unto 5od for his uns*ea"able gift.6 -he +race in you or uns*ea"able +ift is the ?oly 5host )hich d)ells )ithin you ;1 )or 3:1", 1 Jn 4:13<.

!aith is your free%)ill ;not oer ed, !ust %e sin ere and genuine< submission, obedience,
love, trust and devotion to)ard 5od. hen such faith is cou*led )ith the ?oly 5host’s )or"in+ in you, then 5od’s )ill is accom*lished ; 4 ts 5:32, .! 4:1", 5:1-2, 5, #hp 1:", 2:12-13, 15<. -his results in a 'chan+e6 of conditionF 9ather than denyin+ 5od to see" self, you )ill no) deny self to see" 5od. 0uch 'chan+e6 )ill turn your life u*side do)n @ a com*lete chan+e of directionF Bou shall be rene)ed in "no)led+e after the ima+e of him that created him ;)ol 3:10<.

2niEuity, )hich is the trans+ression of 5od’s )ill, is destroyed because those )ho fear
5od de*art from that )hich o**oses 5od. 2f 5od’s ord is not mi=ed ; 5oined, united or %lended< )ith such faith it does not *rofit the hearer ; (e% 4:2<. -rue faith as led by the 0*irit is )hat saves you and Christ’s death made it *ossible.

Christ’s life and death *rovided four essential thin+s# 1< 5od’s truth1 2< an e=am*le to
follo)1 A< for+iveness of *ast sins1 and $< the ability and means to follo) @ namely, the ?oly 5host. Bou must 'conform6 to the )ill of 5od )hich is found in Christ ; .! 8:29, 12:2<. Colossians 2#10, '(nd ye are com*lete in him, )hich is the head of all *rinci*ality and *o)er.6 Jesus is )ell *leasin+ to 5odF !ollo)in+ Christ by faith throu+h the leadin+ of ?is 0*irit ma"es you )ell *leasin+ to 5odF -his cannot be achieved soley throu+h your o)n )or"s @ no one )ill be able to boast of such.

Ceter said# 'throu+h sanctification of the 0*irit, unto obedience and s*rin"lin+ of the
blood of Jesus Christ 5od hath be+otten us in ?is mercy ;1 #t 1:2-3<.6 -he s*rin"lin+ of Christ’s blood is for+iveness of *ast sin ;transgressions against -od0s will, .! 3:25, 1 Jn 2:2<. ,ein+ 'set a*art6 by the 0*irit unto obedience is the ?oly 5host leadin+ you throu+h your faith. 5od for+ives *ast sin for a *ur*ose @ to transform you ; %orn again, 1 #t 1:23< into )hat you )ere ori+inally intended to be ; %e*ore orruption, 1 #t 1:14-1"< @ &

June/July 2006

to ma"e you *erfect @ in ?is ima+e ;Mt 5:48, Lk ":40, .! 12:2, 2 )or 13:11, 2 $i! 3:1&, (e% 13:21, 1 #t 5:10, .e' 3:2 <. -his ima+e is found in Christ @ loo" unto ?im and follo). Ceter +oes on to say# '"e*t by the *o)er of 5od throu+h faith unto salvation ; 1 #t 1:5<. e shall understand that the *o)er of 5od is the ?oly 0*irit. (ND 'ye have *urified your souls in obeyin+ the truth throu+h the 0*irit ;1 #t 1:22<.6 ebster’s 1H2H dictionary defines '+race6 as divine influence or the influence of the 0*irit in rene)in+ the heart and restrainin+ from sin. e are 'Euic"ened ; !ade ali'e<6 by the 0*irit# >*hesians 2#&, '>ven )hen )e )ere dead in sins, hath Euic"ened us to+ether )ith Christ, ;by +race ye are saved1<.6 -he 0*irit of 5od K man’s faith J *ath of ri+hteousness. -he 4ord leads in the )ay of ri+hteousness ; #' 8:20, 12:28, #s 23:3, .! 8:14<. -his means that the ?oly 0*irit )ill N>G>9 lead you to remain in sin/bonda+e.

Jesus’ death *rovided the means of reconciliation )ith 5od. 9econciliation )ith 5od is
based u*on a free%)ill desire to serve 5od @ to see" ?im )ith all of your heart. -his desire must be demonstrated in your life. Bou must have virtue )hereby you voluntarily see" 5od and )al" in ?is truth. !aith is never coerced/forced, but must come forth freely from a )illin+ heart. -herefore, only the humble ; sel* den+ing< can *ossibly come to this *osition. Bou can 'say6 all you )ant, but 5od observes them that 'do.6

2ts not your )or"s that save you, but rather your obedience to the 0*irit’s leadin+ and
teachin+ @ the ?oly 0*irit )or"in+ to transform you into the ima+e of Christ. -itus A#&, 'Not by )or"s of ri+hteousness )hich )e have done, but accordin+ to his mercy he saved us, by the )ashin+ of re+eneration, and rene)in+ of the ?oly 5host.6 Bou are chan+ed into the same ima+e from +lory to +lory, even as by the 0*irit of the 4ord ;1 )or 3:18<. Jesus is able to do e=ceedin+ abundantly above all that )e as" or thin", accordin+ to the *o)er that )or"eth in us ;6ph 3:20<. !irst you receive the ?oly 0*irit and then your heart is *urified by faith as you obey ?is ord ; 4 ts 15:8-9, 6ph 5:2"<. % the )or" of faith )ith *o)er ;2 $hess 1:11<. 2n other )ords, )e have access by faith into this +race )herein )e stand ;.! 5:2, also -al 5:5<. -his is so elementary ;%a%+ *ood 7 !ilk, not !eat, 1 )or 3:2<, yet so com*letely misunderstood by a reli+ious )orld.

8bedience is not your 'o)n6 )or" to)ard 'earnin+6 salvation, but rather submittin+ to
the )ill of another, )ho is 5od. 8bedience is a free%)ill sacrifice of self offered to 5od ;the opposite o* what !an did in 6den <. Bour obedience to 5od’s )ill *roduces 5od’s )or"s and not your o)n )or"s. -o 'obey6 5od’s )ill and thereby *roduce 5od’s )or"s actually reEuires that you 'die6 to ;*orsake< your o)n )ill and thus forfeit your o)n )or"s. 0o, its not your )or"s of ri+hteousness, but rather 5od’s throu+h ?is 0*irit. Don’t be lost in reli+ious confusion that contradicts the bul" of 5od’s ord by havin+ you thin" that nothin+ is reEuired of you.

Consider 5od’s intent# ?ebre)s 10#1&%17, ' hereof the ?oly 5host also is a )itness to
us# for after that he had said before, -his is the covenant that 2 )ill ma"e )ith them after those days, saith the 4ord, 2 )ill *ut my la)s into their hearts, and in their minds )ill 2 )rite them1 (nd their sins and iniEuities )ill 2 remember no more.6 ?o) are they *ut there3 2 Corinthians A#A, '!orasmuch as ye are manifestly declared to be the e*istle of


June/July 2006

Christ ministered by us, )ritten not )ith in", but )ith the 0*irit of the livin+ 5od1 not in tables of stone, but in fleshy tables of the heart.6

-his s*ea"s of the ?oly 5host and ?is leadin+ and teachin+. !or )hat intent3 -itus 2#11%
1$, '!or the grace of 5od that brin+eth salvation hath a**eared to all men, -eachin+ us that, denyin+ un+odliness and )orldly lusts, )e should live soberly, ri+hteously, and +odly, in this *resent )orld1 4oo"in+ for that blessed ho*e, and the +lorious a**earin+ of the +reat 5od and our 0aviour Jesus Christ1 ho +ave himself for us, that he mi+ht redeem us from all iniEuity, and *urify unto himself a *eculiar *eo*le, /ealous of +ood )or"s. (408 consider# 5alatians 1#$, ' ho +ave himself for our sins, that he mi+ht deliver us from this *resent evil )orld, accordin+ to the )ill of 5od and our !ather.6 0o# 5od’s +race ;(ol+ 8pirit< in you brin+eth salvation @ the 0*irit 'brin+s about6 salvation in you by teachin+ you to forsa"e those thin+s that o**ose 5od.

8nce you understand 'faith6 and '+race,6 then the follo)%on verse to the above
>*hesians verses ma"es sense ;usuall+ o!itted %+ religious !an<# >*hesians 2#10, '!or )e are his )or"manshi*, created in Christ Jesus unto +ood )or"s, )hich 5od hath before ordained that )e should )al" in them.6 -he result of your faith yieldin+ to the ?oly 5host is +ood )or"s "no)n as the fruit of the 0*irit ; -al 5:22-23, 6ph 5:9, .! ":22, &:4<. !aith must yield +ood )or"s ;Js 2:1&-2", 3:1&<. May Jesus stablish you in every +ood )ord and )or" ;2 $hess 2:1"-1&<.6 -herefore# Colossians 1#10%11, '-hat ye mi+ht )al" )orthy of the 4ord unto all *leasin+, bein+ fruitful in every +ood )or", and increasin+ in the "no)led+e of 5od1 0tren+thened )ith all mi+ht, accordin+ to his +lorious *o)er, unto all *atience and lon+sufferin+ )ith :oyfulness.6

Christ’s sacrifice )as so that ')e mi+ht be made the ri+hteousness of 5od in ?im ;2 )or
5:21<.6 e are 'made6 ri+hteous throu+h obedience to the ?oly 5host. 0o# 1 Ceter 1#&, ' ho are "e*t by the *o)er of 5od throu+h faith unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last time.6 ;-he '*o)er of 5od6 J the ?oly 5host< K your faith J salvation. hy did John the ,a*tist *lace such an em*hasis that Jesus )ould ba*ti/e )ith the ?oly 5host ;Mt 3:11, Mk 1:8, Lk 3:1", Jn 1:33, 4 ts 1:5 <3 hy did Jesus say it )as e=*edient that ?e +o a)ay such that the ?oly 5host )ould come ; Jn &:39, 14:2", 1":&, 20:22<3 hy did Christ insist that ?is disci*les tarry at Jerusalem until they received *o)er from on hi+h ;Lk 24:49, 4 ts 1:4, 8, 2:2-4<3

-he reason is so clearF -he ?oly 5host is the +race of 5od. -he ?oly 5host is the
*romise of 5od. -he ?oly 5host is the +ift of 5od ; .! 5:15-21<. -he ?oly 5host is the *o)er of 5od ;Jn 1:12, Lk 24:49, 4 ts 1:8, 2 $hess 1:11, 1 #t 1:15 <. -he ?oly 5host J 5od’s +race J 5od’s *romise J 5od’s +ift J *o)er of 5od. !aith )ithout )or"s ; (ol+ 8pirit0s tea hing9leading< is dead ;Js 2:1&, 20, 2"<F !aith must *roduce 5od’s *ur*oses to have merit. !aith must 'chan+e6 you @ transform.

Clease understand# 'the free gift came u*on all men unto :ustification of life ;.! 5:18<.6
-he ?oly 0*irit came u*on man at Centecost because Jesus, the ba*ti/er of the ?oly 0*irit, received this *romise from the !ather and shed it forth ; 4 ts 2:1-4, 33<. ,y the obedience of one ;Jesus< shall many be made ri+hteous ;.! 5:19<. e are 'made6 ri+hteous by the )or"in+s of the ?oly 0*irit throu+h our faith ; su%!ission, o%edien e<. 7

June/July 2006

John 1#12, ',ut as many as received him, to them +ave he *o)er to become the sons of 5od, even to them that believe on his name.6 -he '*o)er to become6 is the ?oly 0*irit )or"in+ to transform you to 5od’s e=*ectations. -herefore# 9omans H#1$, '!or as many as are led by the 0*irit of 5od, they are the sons of 5od.6

-he ?oly 5host is your comforter, teacher and +uide to conform you to Christ’s )ell
*leasin+ ima+e such that you become a son of 5od. Consider )hat Ceter told the Je)s after the ?oly 5host had come u*on the 5entiles# (cts 11#16%17, '-hen remembered 2 the )ord of the 4ord, ho) that he said, John indeed ba*ti/ed )ith )ater1 but ye shall be ba*ti/ed )ith the ?oly 5host. !orasmuch then as 5od +ave them the li"e gift as he did unto us, )ho believed on the 4ord Jesus Christ1 )hat )as 2, that 2 could )ithstand 5od36

Inderstand that +race is not sim*ly unmerited favor in the sense that 5od :ust loo"s the
other )ay ;a on ept o!pletel+ ontrar+ to -od0s ,ord < or does not hold you accountable for the evil that you continue to do ; walking in darkness<. 5od does not loo" the other )ay and this is )hy Jesus had to suffer man’s condemnation of 'thou shall surely die.6 5race is actually the ?oly 0*irit )or"in+ in you to transform you into the ima+e of Christ. 8nce you com*rehend this, then scri*ture ma"es sense and verses no lon+er conflict )ith one another.

-hose )ho are so:ournin+ in this )orld and see"in+ 5od Euic"ly come to the "no)led+e
that there are t)o different 'Christs6 *reached and *roclaimed. 1< 8ne +rou* ; the !a5orit+< *reach a Jesus )ho :ustifies you in your sin ; -al 1:"-&<. -hey essentially say in so many confused reli+ious reasonin+s that Jesus is a coverin+ for man’s continued sin because man is inca*able of sto**in+ @ a 'not *erfect :ust for+iven6 mentality. -his is to hold the truth in unri+hteousness ;.! 1:18<. 2< -he other +rou* ;a !inorit+< *reach a Jesus )ho delivers you from your sin. -hey say that Jesus came to free you from the bonda+e of sin that you may be reconciled to 5od and freely serve ?im @ by My 0*irit saith the 4ord. 2f the fruit of your doin+s has not chan+ed )ith re+ards to Christ, then )hat has Jesus availed you3 2f you are still burdened by sin, then ho) are you free3

-hese +rou*s may sound similar at times, but are eternally different. Bou must choose
very )isely based u*on sincerely see"in+ 5od and *lacin+ ?is ord ; truth< in your heart. Christ’s first ords concernin+ the time in )hich )e live )ere# '-a"e heed that no man deceive you ;Mt 24:4<.6 Jesus came to lead in mercy, truth and ri+hteousness ; %+ M+ 8pirit< and this is the "ey to understandin+. ho shall ultimately *revail3 1< Man throu+h the :ustification of his trans+ressions a+ainst the )ill of 5od 89 2< 5od throu+h the *ur+in+ of all trans+ressions a+ainst ?is )ill3 2s sin :ustified or erradicated3 hat *revails @ the lie or the truth3

Can one be found ')ic"ed ;sin*ul, transgressing o* -od0s will<6 in Christ Jesus3 2f one
"ills in the name of Jesus ;as in war<, does that ma"e him innocent ;Mt 5:43-45<3 2f a thief steals ;or is adulterous, l+ing, hating, et : < in the name of Jesus is he no lon+er +uilty3 ?ebre)s 10#26, '!or if )e sin )ilfully after that )e have received the "no)led+e of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins ; also 63 3:19-20, 18:2", 33:12-13, 18<.6 Bou must a+ain sincerely re*ent and forsa"e such evils to be found in Christ. Continued sin nullifies any 'for+iveness6 +iven. Bou cannot be for+iven to continue to


June/July 2006

violate the thin+ you )ere for+iven @ that )ould void the meanin+ of the )ord and the action.

-he issue is that many have made '*eace6 )ith sin rather than 'overcomin+6 sin. !or
most, the battle is over @ they say you can’t live a '*erfect6 life acce*table to 5od and that Christ’s blood is a coverin+ for your continued sinfulness. 2n other )ords, they are in a+reement )ith the devil that you can sin a+ainst 5od and 'ye shall not surely die,6 Bet Jesus said# Matthe) &#$H, ',e ye therefore *erfect, even as your !ather )hich is in heaven is *erfect.6 -he 4ord also says# 1 Ceter 1#1&%16, ',ut as he )hich hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation ; li*est+le<1 ,ecause it is )ritten, ,e ye holy1 for 2 am holy.6 1 John &#$, '!or )hatsoever is born of 5od overcometh the )orld# and this is the victory that overcometh the )orld, even our faith.6 Does 5od reEuire us to do somethin+ that cannot be done3 -his reasonin+ )ill not stand because 5od has +iven us ?is 0*irit.

2 say this to those )ho have made *eace )ith sin# 1 Corinthians 1&#A$, '()a"e to
ri+hteousness, and sin not1 for some have not the "no)led+e of 5od# 2 s*ea" this to your shame.6

-he ?oly 5host is the +race of 5od that leads one in truth unto ri+hteousness. ?o)ever,
reli+ious man attributes the +race of 5od as a coverin+ for unri+hteousness )hich is only found in the devil’s lie. -hey essentially say, throu+h so many reli+ious )ords and doctrines, that +race is 5od not ac"no)led+in+ or holdin+ you accountable for continued trans+ressions @ because you cannot sto* sinnin+. Can you see ho) this is utterly contrary to the ?oly 0*irit’s )or" and a denial thereof. -he only thin+ they are :ustifyin+ is sin and they ma"e Christ the 4ord of sin @ ?e )ho brin+s license3 hat does the 4ord e=*ect3 '-o him that overcometh )ill 2 +ive to eat of the tree of life, )hich is in the midst of the *aradise of 5od ;.e' 2:&<.6 -his verse >LI(40 J 9evelation 22#1$, ',lessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have ri+ht to the tree of life, and may enter in throu+h the +ates into the city.6 -hose )ho overcome do the 4ord’s commandments and have lifeF %%% its all so simple!

No) consider# 9evelation 2#26, '(nd he that overcometh, and "ee*eth my )or"s unto
the end, to him )ill 2 +ive *o)er over the nations.6 (ND 9evelation A#&, '?e that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in )hite raiment1 and 2 )ill not blot out his name out of the boo" of life, but 2 )ill confess his name before my !ather, and before his an+els.6 0o, is overcomin+ no more than re*eatin+ a *rayer that is not even of your o)n ma"in+ ;i:e: a sinner0s pra+er<3 2s overcomin+ 'sayin+6 and not 'doin+36 Bour eternal destiny is based u*on correct understandin+. 2f you do not 'overcome,6 then you )ill not be found in the 4amb’s boo" of lifeF

4ets +et ri+ht to the cru=ed of the matter# 9evelation A#21, '-o him that overcometh )ill
2 +rant to sit )ith me in my throne, even as 2 also overcame, and am set do)n )ith my !ather in his throne.6 -his brin+s us bac" to 'follo)in+6 Jesus and )al"in+ as ?e )al"ed ;)ol 2:", 1 Jn 2:", 1 #t 2:21<. -his reveals that )e must conform to ?is ima+e ; .! 8:29, 2 )or 3:18, )ol 3:10<. -here is a narro) )ay that must be trod )ith cross in hand and no


June/July 2006

true disci*le of Christ )ill travel it any other )ay ; Mt 10:38, 1":24, Mk 8:34, 10:21, Lk 9:23, 14:2&<.

8h, there is still a battle ra+in+ ;with eternal onse;uen es< irre+ardless if you are in it or
have a+ain been ta"en 'ca*tive6 by the enemy. 2 -imothy 2#26, '(nd that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, )ho are ta"en ca*tive by him at his )ill.6 -here are those )ho are 'free6 and those )ho are 'bound.6 Jesus came to 'free16 are you still bound3 -he 'bound6 are in 0atan’s *rison houseF


ord never contradicts itself )hen it is *ro*erly understood and a**lied. ?o) does one se*arate +race from the 0*irit of 5od )or"in+ in you3 5od never, under any circumstances, acce*ts trans+ression of ?is )ill ;diso%edien e to (is o!!and!ents<. 5od does not o**ose ?is o)n truthF 5od does not :ustify the )ic"ed and )ill by no means clear the +uilty ;62 23:&, 34:&, <eut 25:1, #' 1&:15, =s 5:23 <. -he 4ord does not overloo" evil.

2f you believe that Jesus came to :ustify or *rovide a coverin+ for sinful behavior, then
you have com*letely 'missed6 5od’s *ur*oses. 0atan is the author of the lie that *ro*oses you can trans+ress the )ill of 5od and 'ye shall not surely die ; -en 3:4<.6 -his *ro*osition com*letely o**osed 5od’s ord of 'thou shalt surely die ; -en 2:1&<.6 Cic" your sideF (re you )al"in+ in 0atan’s lie3

Many reli+ious men ;Mt &:15< )ould have you believe that Jesus came to :ustify you in
your sin and disobedience to 5od’s ord. 5alatians 2#17, ',ut if, )hile )e see" to be :ustified by Christ, )e ourselves also are found sinners, is therefore Christ the minister of sin3 5od forbid.6 0hall the throne of iniEuity have fello)shi* )ith thee ; #s 94:20<3 ( false *ro*het’s messa+e al)ays has the im*lication that you can disobey 5od ;through )hrist< and 'ye shall not surely die ;-en 3:4<.6 -his is the devil’s lieF -hey )ill say that you can never measure u* to 5od’s e=*ectations and that you must live vicariously throu+h Christ. -o be vicarious is essentially to share%in or under+o another’s e=*erience throu+h 'ima+ined *artici*ation.6 -his reasonin+ utterly ne+ates everythin+ the ?oly 0*irit is sent to do and absolutely o**oses 5od’s *ur*oses.

!or those )ho say they love Jesus, but )al" in dar"ness1 "no) this# 5od al)ays says# '2
)ill not :ustify the )ic"ed ;62 23:&, #' 1&:15<.6 Jesus in no )ay came to :ustify the )ic"ed ;Jn 3:19<F 1 John 1#6, '2f )e say that )e have fello)shi* )ith him, and )al" in dar"ness, )e lie, and do not the truth.6 Jesus is not a coverin+ for continued )ic"edness ;sin, ini;uit+, transgression o* -od0s will<. -hose )ho continue in dar"ness only *rove the insincerity of any commitment they may have made to Christ ;#' 14:1", 1":1&<.

0o, is it *ossible to be correct )ith a theolo+y of ')or"s do not save6 and that )hat you
do does not contribute to salvation3 Caul said of such# -itus 1#16, '-hey *rofess that they "no) 5od1 but in )or"s they deny him, bein+ abominable, and disobedient, and unto every +ood )or" re*robate.6 ?o) can you say you are saved by 5od irre+ardless of your actions to)ard 5od3 Did this theolo+y ;on e sa'ed alwa+s sa'ed wa+ o* thinking< )or" for (dam3 Didn’t such o**osition to 5od’s )ill brin+ sin, death and so much misery into the )orld3


June/July 2006

Jesus said# 4u"e 1A#2$, '0trive to enter in at the strait +ate# for many, 2 say unto you, )ill
see" to enter in, and shall not be able.6 @ to be accounted )orthy to obtain ; Lk 20:35, 21:3"<. Ceter said# 'be dili+ent that ye may be found of him in *eace, )ithout s*ot, and blameless ;2 #t 3:14<.6 Caul said# 1 Corinthians D#2$, 'Mno) ye not that they )hich run in a race run all, but one receiveth the *ri/e3 0o run, that ye may obtain.6 John said# 1 John A#A, '(nd every man that hath this ho*e in him *urifieth himself, even as he is *ure.6 (ND 1 John &#1H, ' e "no) that )hosoever is born of 5od sinneth not1 but he that is be+otten of 5od "ee*eth himself, and that )ic"ed one toucheth him not.6 -o strive, be dili+ent, run that you may obtain, *urify yourself, sinneth not, and "ee*eth himself all s*ea" of effort that results from your faith ; su%!ission, o%edien e and de'otion to -od<.

-here are some thin+s that are monumentally im*ortant to understand. !irst of all, )e are
held accountable to Christ’s ords# John 12#$H, '?e that re:ecteth me, and receiveth not my )ords, hath one that :ud+eth him# the )ord that 2 have s*o"en, the same shall :ud+e him in the last day.6 0econdly, the a**lication of 5od’s ord to your life shall determine if you 'received6 Jesus’ ords. 2n other )ords if Jesus said 'sto*6 and you '+o,6 then obviously you did not 'receive6 )hat ?e said as *roved by your actions. Christ said# Matthe) 16#27, '!or the 0on of man shall come in the +lory of his !ather )ith his an+els1 and then he shall re)ard every man accordin+ to his )or"s.6 (ND John &#2D, '(nd shall come forth1 they that have done +ood, unto the resurrection of life1 and they that have done evil, unto the resurrection of damnation.6

Bou )ill be :ud+ed by your )or"s and deeds# 9omans 2#6%D, ' ho )ill render to every
man accordin+ to his deeds# -o them )ho by *atient continuance in )ell doin+ see" for +lory and honour and immortality, eternal life# ,ut unto them that are contentious, and do not obey the truth, but obey unri+hteousness, indi+nation and )rath, -ribulation and an+uish, u*on every soul of man that doeth evil, of the Je) first, and also of the 5entile.6 >very man’s )or" )ill be revealed accordin+ to his )ays ;Jo% 34:11, 6 l 3:1&, 11:9, 12:14, 2 >g 8:39, #s "2:12, #' 24:12, 29, =s 59:18, Jer 1&:10, 25:14, 32:19, 63 &:3-4, 89, 2&, ?%a 1:15, @e h 1:", Mt 12:3"-3&, 1":2&, Jn 5:29, .! 2:", 1", 14:12, 1 )or 3:13, 4:5, 2 )or 5:10, )ol 3:24-25, 2 $i! 4:1, 1 #t 1:1&, 4:5, Jude 1:15, .e' 2:23, 20:12-13, 22:12<. 0o, )or"s and deeds really do matter.

-herefore, ho) does 5od :ud+e3 ' ithout res*ect of *ersons :ud+eth accordin+ to every
man’s )or" ;1 #t 1:1&<.6 ( sim*le *rofession ;!ental a knowledg!ent< of Christ )ithout a )al" of faith )ill fall short @ even so, Christ :ud+es the very intent of the heart.

-he follo)in+ )ritin+ came about as the 4ord be+an to sho) the author :ust ho) 5od
;and (is truth< has been re:ected by man from the be+innin+. -he )orld loves it’s o)n, but has re:ected 5od. John 1&#1D, '2f ye )ere of the )orld, the )orld )ould love his o)n# but because ye are not of the )orld, but 2 have chosen you out of the )orld, therefore the )orld hateth you.6 -hat verse reveals ho) standin+ on the side of the 4ord and s*ea"in+ ?is ord )ill set you u* for re:ection by the )orld.

2f you love the )orld ;it0s wa+s, path, ulture, et :<, then the )orld )ill love you. 2t is
only )hen you come a+ainst the )orld that you are re:ected. 11 hen you )al" in ste* )ith

June/July 2006

Jesus, you )al" out of ste* )ith the )orld ;'i e 'ersa<. Jesus said concernin+ the )orld# 'but me it hateth, because 2 testify of it, that the )or"s thereof are evil ; Jn &:&, -al 1:4<.6 -o s*ea" 5od’s ord or truth is to come a+ainst the )orld and testify that its )or"s are evil. 2s it any )onder that you )ould be continually re:ected3 Natural man loves the dar"ness/)orld rather than the li+ht/truth ;Jn 3:19-21<. 2f the ma:ority of man"ind loves the )orld and you s*ea" a+ainst the )orld, then )here does that leave you )hile bein+ in the )orld3

4et me tell you dear reader, it is very hard to stand a+ainst this )orld. No one can do it in
their o)n *o)er for a sustained *eriod of time. Bou must be )al"in+ in 5od’s truth and be em*o)ered by the ?oly 0*irit. 2f you are )al"in+ in 5od’s truth and you desire to do ?is )ill, then 5od )ill ma"e a )ay @ but you have to really )ant it. 2t is so easy to +o alon+ )ith the flo) of this )orld1 there is no *ersecution in com*romise @ neither is there a )itness for 5od.

-he free flo) of this )orld is as a mi+hty river flo)in+ over a cliff and do)n into a +reat
abyss. 0houldn’t you fi+ht a+ainst such a current )ith all your mi+ht3 2s +oin+ a+ainst the current ;gra'it+< ever easy3 Bou are either travelin+ )ith/in the current or you are fi+htin+ a+ainst the current. -he 4ord saves/rescues those )ho are fi+htin+ a+ainst the current. -he 4ord hel*s you in your stru++les to reach ?im, but never in your concession to the )orld’s flo).

-he follo)in+ )ritin+ )ill reveal man’s initial re:ection of 5od and then )ill s*ecifically
move on to ho) man has re:ected the ord of 5od made flesh called Jesus the 0on of the ?i+hest )ho )as sent from 5od ; Lk 1:31-32<. Man is blinded by the flesh and remains that )ay )hen he )ill not 'receive6 and ')al" in6 the ord of 5od. Jesus came that the blind mi+ht see and those )ho see mi+ht be made blind ;Jn 9:39<.

-he 4ord has been lon+sufferin+ to)ard the )orld and ?is

ord does not return void and accom*lishes that )hich ?e *leases, and it *ros*ers in the thin+ )hereto ?e sends it ;=s 55:11, also =s 45:23<. -he 4ord says concernin+ ?is *ur*oses# '2 have s*o"en it, 2 )ill also brin+ it to *ass1 2 have *ur*osed it, 2 )ill also do it ; =s 4":11<.6 -he 4ord desires the 'fe)6 )ho have ears to hear ;Jn ":40<. Jesus often said# '?e that hath ears to hear, let him hear ;Mt 11:15, 13:9, 43, Mk 4:9, 23, &:1", 8:18, Lk 8:8, 14:35<.6 0hall )e hear3

Jesus once *rofoundly touched a blind man’s life1 this man later said# 'one thin+ 2 "no),
that, )hereas 2 )as blind, no) 2 see.6 -he only blind men that )ere healed )ere those )ho sou+ht ; ried out< 5od for si+ht ;Mt 9:2&-29, 20:30-34, 21:14, Mk 10:4"-52<F 0hall )e see3 0hall )e cry out to the 4ord for si+ht3 5od desires the 'fe)6 )ho )ill hear and a**ly ?is ord and see to )al" ?is *athN hom hath 5od called3 2saiah $A#7%H, '>ven every one that is called by my name# for 2 have created him for my +lory, 2 have formed him1 yea, 2 have made him. ,rin+ forth the blind *eo*le that have eyes, and the deaf that have ears.6 !or 2 )ill *our )ater u*on him that is thirsty ;=s 44:3, Mt 5:"<. -he )ater is the ?oly 5host ;Jn 4:&-15, &:38-39<.

2f you have eyes to see and ears to hear @ if you hun+er and thirst for ri+hteousness, then
5od can )or" in you. 12

June/July 2006



Chapter 1, isobedience to !od "rings eath
2n the be+innin+ 5od created man in ?is o)n ima+e and *laced man in a beautiful
+arden ;-en 1:2"-2&, 2:&-8, 15<. 5od +ave man ?is ord# 5enesis 2#16%17, '(nd the 489D 5od commanded the man, sayin+, 8f every tree of the +arden thou mayest freely eat# ,ut of the tree of the "no)led+e of +ood and evil, thou shalt not eat of it# for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.6 2n other )ords, if man disobeyed 5od’s ord and ate from the forbidden tree, he )ould surely die.

-he devil entered the +arden throu+h a ser*ent ;-en 3:1<. -he ser*ent told man that he
could disobey 5od and eat from the forbidden tree and that 'ye shall not surely die ; -en 3:4<.6 -he devil’s )ord )as utterly contrary ; o!pletel+ opposite< to 5od’s ord. -he devil chan+ed the truth of 5od into a lie ;.! 1:25<.

Man obeyed the devil’s )ord and re:ected 5od’s

ord ;-en 3:"-13<. Man chose that )hich )as o**osed to 5odF Man did not obey the truth, but obeyed unri+hteousness ; .! 2:"-9<. -o re:ect the truth is to obey a lie @ for no lie is of the truth ; 1 Jn 2:21<. 5od’s ord reEuired a denial of self%)ill in order to obey 5od’s )ill. -he devil’s )ord embraced self%)ill and thus denied 5od’s )ill ;,ord9 o!!and!ent<. -he devil’s )ord benefited the flesh and offered that )hich )as forbidden.

Man elevated ;e2alted< his flesh over 5od’s

ord in see"in+ its lust and desire. Man re:ected 5od in favor of self. -o disobey 5od and )al" in your o)n )ill/)ay is to rebel a+ainst your Creator. -his e=altation of self is "no)n as '*ride.6 Cride al)ays +oes before destruction and this is the broad )ay in )hich the devil leads ; #' 1":18<. Man chose to be as a +od and decide +ood and evil for himself rather than submit to and obey the one true 5od ;-en 3:5<. 9omans A#16%1H, 'Destruction and misery are in their )ays# (nd the )ay of *eace have they not "no)n# -here is no fear of 5od before their eyes.6

-he devil overcame man throu+h his craftiness and man lost his standin+ )ith 5od. '!or
of )hom a man is overcome, of the same is he brou+ht in bonda+e ; 2 #t 2:19<. 8h, )ho shall redeem us from such bonda+e and death333 0adly, )e shall discover that most do not necesserily )ant to be redeemed )hen they discover that they must relinEuish self% )ill ;to %e as a god<. eath

8ne thin+ is clear throu+hout 5od’s

ord and that is that disobedience to the )ill of 5od brin+s forth death. 5od is the +iver of life and there is no life a*art from ?im ; -en 2:&<. 9omans &#12, ' herefore, as by one man sin entered into the )orld, and death by sin1 and so death *assed u*on all men, for that all have sinned.6

5od told man that the day he disobeyed ?is )ill ; o!!and!ent< that 'thou shalt surely
die.6 -his condemnation is an e=*ected and eternal conclusion for those )ho do not


June/July 2006

reverence their Creator ;#s 119:4<. -he truth of this statement still stands and al)ays shall.

5od is your lifeF 2f you remove yourself from 5od, then you remove yourself from your
life @ *lain and sim*le. -he creation does not have life )ithin itself @ it is not self sustainin+. 5od created youF 0houldn’t you love and be devoted to the 8ne )ho +ave you life3 0houldn’t you reverence and obey ?im3

0atan is a created bein+ )ho deceived man in sayin+# 'ye shall not surely die.6 -he devil
has no life to +ive and can only offer death, throu+h bonda+e in his lie and rebellion. -his rebellion shall not stand and its only *ur*ose in tem*oraily continuin+ is to sha"e that )hich can be sha"en so as to remove the chaff. 5od *revails in every )ay @ ?e retains that )hich has been tried and tested and is *ure.

Chapter #, $bedience to !od "rings %ife
Man has been disobedient and rebellious to)ard his Creator. Man has violated 5od’s )ill
and is under the condemnation of death. -he 4ord 5od has no further obli+ation to)ard man and can certainly carry out the sentence of death at ?is discretion ; .! 5:1"<. ?o)ever, 5od is a merciful 5od % lon+sufferin+ to)ard man, not )illin+ that any should *erish, but that all should come to re*entance ;2 #t 3:9, #s 103:10<. Csalms H&#$%7, '-urn us, 8 5od of our salvation, and cause thine an+er to)ard us to cease. ilt thou be an+ry )ith us for ever3 )ilt thou dra) out thine an+er to all +enerations3 ilt thou not revive us a+ain# that thy *eo*le may re:oice in thee3 0he) us thy mercy, 8 489D, and +rant us thy salvation.6

5od’s mercy and for+iveness can only be obtained throu+h 5od’s determined )ay )hich
is al)ays found in ?is truth. e shall only understand 5od’s *ath of salvation )hen )e understand# Csalms H&#10, 'Mercy and truth are met to+ether1 ri+hteousness and *eace have "issed each other.6 Can there be mercy outside of 5od’s truth3 Can there be *eace )ith 5od a*art from ri+hteousness3

!or it is said of 5od ;and )hrist0s throne<# Csalms HD#1$, 'Justice and :ud+ment are the
habitation of thy throne# mercy and truth shall +o before thy face.6 (ND 2saiah 16#&, '(nd in mercy shall the throne be established# and he shall sit u*on it in truth in the tabernacle of David, :ud+in+, and see"in+ :ud+ment, and hastin+ ri+hteousness.6 Csalms 100#&, '!or the 489D is +ood1 his mercy is everlastin+1 and his truth endureth to all +enerations ;also #s 108:4, 115:1, 11&:2<.6 e shall understand in this boo" :ust ho) im*ortant it is to be found in 5od’s truth so as to *arta"e of ?is mercy. 9i+hteousness or 'fear of the 4ord6 tendeth to life ; #' 11:19 A 19:23, also #' 12:3, 28, 13:", 15:9, 21:21, 1 #t 2:24, 1 Jn 2:29, 3:& <. -he 4ord says# ?osea 6#6, '!or 2 desired mercy, and not sacrifice1 and the "no)led+e of 5od ; truth< more than burnt offerin+s.6

-herefore, let us understand# 9omans &#1D, '!or as by one man’s disobedience many
)ere made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made ri+hteous.6 ho is


June/July 2006

this 'obedient6 man )ho brin+s life to the re*entantN3 ho is this obedient man )ho brin+s 'truth6 and ma"es 'ri+hteous,6 throu+h 'mercy,6 so as to establish '*eace6 bet)een 5od and man3 &he Coming of Christ

-he first mention of the comin+ of Christ or the Messiah is +iven in the follo)in+
account# -he 4ord 5od J>?8G(? throu+h ?is mi+hty hand delivered ?is *eo*le from the bonda+e of Charaoh in >+y*t and brou+ht them out unto ?imself into the )ilderness ;62 ":3, &:1", 13:3, 14, 1", 14:13-14, 18, 30, 15:2, "-&, 13 <. 2srael encam*ed at Mount 0inai/?oreb )here Moses had first met 5od at the burnin+ bush ;62 3:1-12, 19:1-2<.

5od said# >=odus 1D#$%6, 'Be have seen )hat 2 did unto the >+y*tians, and ho) 2 bare
you on ea+les’ )in+s, and brou+ht you unto myself. No) therefore, if ye )ill obey my voice indeed, and "ee* my covenant, then ye shall be a *eculiar treasure unto me above all *eo*le# for all the earth is mine# (nd ye shall be unto me a "in+dom of *riests, and an holy nationN6 -he *eo*le res*onded# '(ll that the 489D hath s*o"en )e )ill do ; 62 19:8<.6

-he 4ord 5od )as +oin+ to s*ea" so that the *eo*le )ould hear ?is voice. >=odus 1D#D,
'(nd the 489D said unto Moses, 4o, 2 come unto thee in a thic" cloud, that the *eo*le may hear )hen 2 s*ea" )ith thee, and believe thee for ever. (nd Moses told the )ords of the *eo*le unto the 489D.6

-he *eo*le )ere made ready and assembled to hear 5od s*ea" ; 62 19:9-15<. >=odus
1D#16%20, '(nd it came to *ass on the third day in the mornin+, that there )ere thunders and li+htnin+s, and a thic" cloud u*on the mount, and the voice of the trum*et e=ceedin+ loud1 so that all the *eo*le that )as in the cam* trembled. (nd Moses brou+ht forth the *eo*le out of the cam* to meet )ith 5od1 and they stood at the nether *art of the mount. (nd mount 0inai )as alto+ether on a smo"e, because the 489D descended u*on it in fire# and the smo"e thereof ascended as the smo"e of a furnace, and the )hole mount Eua"ed +reatly. (nd )hen the voice of the trum*et sounded lon+, and )a=ed louder and louder, Moses s*a"e, and 5od ans)ered him by a voice. (nd the 489D came do)n u*on mount 0inai, on the to* of the mount# and the 489D called Moses u* to the to* of the mount1 and Moses )ent u*.6

!urthermore# Deuteronomy $#10%1A, '0*ecially the day that thou stoodest before the
489D thy 5od in ?oreb, )hen the 489D said unto me, 5ather me the *eo*le to+ether, and 2 )ill ma"e them hear my )ords, that they may learn to fear me all the days that they shall live u*on the earth, and that they may teach their children. (nd ye came near and stood under the mountain1 and the mountain burned )ith fire unto the midst of heaven, )ith dar"ness, clouds, and thic" dar"ness. (nd the 489D s*a"e unto you out of the midst of the fire# ye heard the voice of the )ords, but sa) no similitude1 only ye heard a voice. (nd he declared unto you his covenant, )hich he commanded you to *erform, even ten commandments1 and he )rote them u*on t)o tables of stone ; also <eut 4:3"39, 5:4-"<.6 Deuteronomy $#AA, 'Did ever *eo*le hear the voice of 5od s*ea"in+ out of the midst of the fire, as thou hast heard, and live36


June/July 2006

5od then be+an to s*ea" ?is -en Commandments. Deuteronomy &#$, '-he 489D tal"ed
)ith you face to face in the mount out of the midst of the fire, ;2 stood bet)een the 489D and you at that time, to she) you the )ord of the 489D# for ye )ere afraid by reason of the fire, and )ent not u* into the mount1< sayin+, 2 am the 489D thy 5od, )hich brou+ht thee out of the land of >+y*t, from the house of bonda+e.6 (ND >=odus 20#1, '(nd 5od s*a"e all these )ords, sayin+, 2 am the 489D thy 5od, )hich have brou+ht thee out of the land of >+y*t, out of the house of bonda+e.6 (mon+ the -en Commandments, the 4ord s*ecifically said# >=odus 20#A, 2A, '-hou shalt have no other +ods before me. Be shall not ma"e )ith me +ods of silver, neither shall ye ma"e unto you +ods of +old.6 4ater, the *eo*le a+ain said# '(ll that the 489D hath said )ill )e do, and be obedient ;62 24:&<.6

-he *eo*le +reatly feared 5od ;<eut 5:24-2&<# >=odus 20#1D, '(nd they said unto
Moses, 0*ea" thou )ith us, and )e )ill hear# but let not 5od s*ea" )ith us, lest )e die ;also <eut 5:23-28<.6 Deuteronomy 1H#17%1D, '(nd the 489D said unto me, -hey have )ell s*o"en that )hich they have s*o"en. 2 )ill raise them u* a Cro*het from amon+ their brethren, li"e unto thee, and )ill *ut my )ords in his mouth1 and he shall s*ea" unto them all that 2 shall command him. (nd it shall come to *ass, that )hosoever )ill not hear"en unto my )ords )hich he shall s*ea" in my name, 2 )ill reEuire it of him.6 -he 4ord further said of them# Deuteronomy &#2D, '8 that there )ere such an heart in them, that they )ould fear me, and "ee* all my commandments al)ays, that it mi+ht be )ell )ith them, and )ith their children for everF6

-he )hole *ur*ose of 5od s*ea"in+ directly to the *eo*le )as so that they )ould 'fear6
5od and "ee* ?is commandments and )al" in ?is )ays ; <eut 4:10, 5:29, ":2, 10:12-13, 20<. 5od’s ord reEuires a submission and obedience from man.

-his *eo*le re:ected hearin+ directly from 5odF Gery soon after 5od had s*o"en ?is
commandments, they also re:ected 5od’s ord ; and 'iolated their own word< in that they built a +od of +old ;62 32:1-8<. hile Moses )as meetin+ )ith 5od, they made a molten calf of +old and )orshi**ed it, and sacrificed thereunto# and they said, -hese be thy +ods, 8 2srael, )hich brou+ht thee u* out of the land of >+y*t ;62 32:4, 8, 23, <eut 9:12-14, 1"-1&<.

8nce a+ain, man did not obey the truth, but did obey unri+hteousness ;.! 2:"-9<.
-herefore it )as said# (cts 7#AD%$0, '-o )hom our fathers )ould not obey, but thrust him from them, and in their hearts turned bac" a+ain into >+y*t. 0ayin+ unto (aron, Ma"e us +ods to +o before us# for as for this Moses, )hich brou+ht us out of the land of >+y*t, )e )ot not )hat is become of him.6

5od had delivered them from >+y*t and the house of bonda+e, but )hen it came ri+ht
do)n to obeyin+ 5od, )ho really )anted to be delivered3 0imilarly, Jesus delivers man from the )orld, but )hen it comes ri+ht do)n to obeyin+ Christ, :ust )ho )ants to be delivered from the )orld ;-al 1:4<3 ho really )ants to die to self%)ill and the lusts and desires of their flesh ;Jn 3:19<3 ho really )ants to ma"e 5od the foremost desire in their life3 Many say they love 5od, but obey the flesh ; 5ust as th+ *irst *ather, 4da! 7 =s 43:2&<. Jesus said that 'if ye love Me, "ee* my commandments ;o%e+ Me, Jn 14:15<.6


June/July 2006

-he 4ord said# '2 have seen this *eo*le, and, behold, it is a stiffnec"ed *eo*le16 and had
it not been for Moses ?e )ould have destroyed them and blotted their name out from under heaven ;<eut 9:13-14<. 5od also said# 'a very fro)ard +eneration, children in )hom is no faith ;<eut 32:20, also #s &8:&-8, 22<.6 -hese )ere the *eo*le that had seen all of 5od’s miracles and )onders. -hese )ere not heathens, but rather the 4ord’s *eo*le )hom 5od had delivered by ?is mi+hty *o)er and stretched out arm from the most *o)erful nation on the face of the earth ;62 19:5, <eut 4:20, 9:29, 14:2<.

Moses )ould later say of them# Deuteronomy D#2$, 'Be have been rebellious a+ainst the
489D from the day that 2 "ne) you.6 (ND Deuteronomy A1#27, '!or 2 "no) thy rebellion, and thy stiff nec"# behold, )hile 2 am yet alive )ith you this day, ye have been rebellious a+ainst the 489D1 and ho) much more after my death36 @ '2 "no) that after my death ye )ill utterly corru*t yourselves, and turn aside from the )ay )hich 2 have commanded you ;<eut 30:29<.6

>ven thou+h 5od had done so many miracles before them they )ere full of unbelief and
disobedience ;<eut 4:34-35, 11:1-&, 2":8, 1 )or 10:1-12, #s 10":21-22 <. Csalms 7H#A2, '!or all this they sinned still, and believed not for his )ondrous )or"s.6 Csalms 7H#10% 12, '-hey "e*t not the covenant of 5od, and refused to )al" in his la)1 (nd for+at his )or"s, and his )onders that he had she)ed them. Marvellous thin+s did he in the si+ht of their fathers, in the land of >+y*t, in the field of Ooan.6

0o, 5od said of them# ?ebre)s A#D%12, ' hen your fathers tem*ted me, *roved me, and
sa) my )or"s forty years. herefore 2 )as +rieved )ith that +eneration, and said, -hey do al)ay err in their heart1 and they have not "no)n my )ays. 0o 2 s)are in my )rath, -hey shall not enter into my rest. -a"e heed, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief, in de*artin+ from the livin+ 5od ;also #s 95:9-11<.6

-he 4ord counseled them# Deuteronomy 10#16, 'Circumcise therefore the fores"in of
your heart, and be no more stiffnec"ed.6 2n other )ords, sto* bein+ obstinate and stubborn ;o%durate< in your o)n )ay and yield to 5od. ( circumcised heart for )hat *ur*ose3 Deuteronomy A0#6, '(nd the 489D thy 5od )ill circumcise thine heart, and the heart of thy seed, to love the 489D thy 5od )ith all thine heart, and )ith all thy soul, that thou mayest live.6

(t mount 0inai/?oreb, the *eo*le did not )ant to hear directly from 5od. -he 4ord said#
Deuteronomy &#2D, '8 that there )ere such an heart in them, that they )ould fear me, and "ee* all my commandments al)ays, that it mi+ht be )ell )ith them, and )ith their children for everF6 -he 4ord said ?e )ould one day raise u* a *ro*het from amon+ them and )ould *ut ?is ord in ?is mouth. -his *ro*het )ould come s*ea"in+ only that )hich 5od commanded ?im to s*ea". -his is very relevant to Christ as )ill be discussed belo). !urthermore, the )ords s*o"en )ould be reEuired of man @ man )ould be held accountable to obey.

Jesus )as this one )ho )ould come and s*ea" 5od’s

ords ; truth<. Ceter ac"no)led+ed that Jesus )as the one in sayin+# (cts A#22%2A, '!or Moses truly said unto the fathers, ( *ro*het shall the 4ord your 5od raise u* unto you of your brethren, li"e unto me1 him shall ye hear in all thin+s )hatsoever he shall say unto you. (nd it shall come to *ass, 17

June/July 2006

that every soul, )hich )ill not hear that *ro*het, shall be destroyed from amon+ the *eo*le.6 -he faithful martyr 0te*hen also ac"no)led+ed that Jesus )as this *ro*hesied one ;4 ts &:3&-39<. 5od in these last days s*o"en unto us by ?is 0on ;(e% 1:2<.

5od the !ather said of Jesus# Matthe) 12#1H%20, ',ehold my servant, )hom 2 have
chosen1 my beloved, in )hom my soul is )ell *leased# 2 )ill *ut my s*irit u*on him, and he shall she) :ud+ment to the 5entiles. ?e shall not strive, nor cry1 neither shall any man hear his voice in the streets. ( bruised reed shall he not brea", and smo"in+ fla= shall he not Euench, till he send forth :ud+ment unto victory.6 Csalms H&#11, 1A, '-ruth shall s*rin+ out of the earth1 and ri+hteousness shall loo" do)n from heaven. 9i+hteousness shall +o before him1 and shall set us in the )ay of his ste*s.6 Jesus leads those )ho )ill 'receive6 5od’s truth bac" to '*eace6 )ith 5od. hen Jesus later came ?e )as very em*hatic that ?e only s*o"e the !ather’s ords. Jesus said# John 12#$D%&0, '!or 2 have not s*o"en of myself1 but the !ather )hich sent me, he +ave me a commandment, )hat 2 should say, and )hat 2 should s*ea". (nd 2 "no) that his commandment is life everlastin+# )hatsoever 2 s*ea" therefore, even as the !ather said unto me, so 2 s*ea".6 (ND John 7#16, 'Jesus ans)ered them, and said, My doctrine is not mine, but his that sent me.6 John the ,a*tist bore )itness in sayin+# '!or he )hom 5od hath sent s*ea"eth the )ords of 5od ;Jn 3:34<.6

-he 4ord said# 'for this cause came 2 into the )orld, that 2 should bear )itness unto the
truth. >very one that is of the truth heareth my voice ; Jn 18:3&<.6 -he ord of 5od brou+ht 5od’s ord or truth to man as a man. -hose )ho receive this truth are of 5od. John A#21, ',ut he that doeth truth cometh to the li+ht, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are )rou+ht in 5od.6


ord )as made flesh to teach man the ord or truth of 5od, both by ord and e=am*le ;in the *or! o* a ser'ant, #hp 2:&-8, #s 119:1"0<. (ll of 5od’s commandments are truth ;#s 119:151<. Jesus said# '2 s*ea" those thin+s 2 have heard of him ;-od the /ather, Jn 8:2"<.6 Christ also said# '2 must )or" the )or"s of ?im that sent Me ;Jn 9:4<.6 John 6#$&, '2t is )ritten in the *ro*hets, (nd they shall be all tau+ht of 5od.6

Jesus came and tau+ht 5od’s

ords ;whi h were taught to (i! o* the /ather, Jn 8:2829< and those )ho desire the truth and see" 5od must come to ?im. '>very man therefore that hath heard, and hath learned of the !ather, cometh unto me.6 Jesus further said# Matthe) 11#2D, '-a"e my yo"e u*on you, and learn of me1 for 2 am mee" and lo)ly in heart# and ye shall find rest unto your souls.6

Jesus brou+ht 5od’s truth to man to com*lete 5od’s *ath for reconciliation# James 1#1H,
'8f his o)n )ill be+at he us )ith the )ord of truth, that )e should be a "ind of firstfruits of his creatures.6 -he 4ord 'brin+s us into bein+ ;%orn again<6 as sons of 5od )ith the ord of truth and +ives us the 0*irit of truth ; Jn 1:12-13, 1&:1&, .! 8:14, -al 4:", #hp 2:15, 1 Jn 3:1-2<. 5od’s mercy is for those )ho desire ; hunger and thirst *or< ?is truth @ those )ho live by 5od’s ord ;<eut 8:3, Mt 4:4, Lk 4:4<.

2t is very im*ortant to understand that Jesus *roceeded forth ; was sent< from 5od
brin+in+ 'mercy6 and 'truth.6 Jesus revealed this )hen ?e said# John &#2$, 'Gerily, 1H

June/July 2006

verily, 2 say unto you, ?e that heareth my )ord, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlastin+ life, and shall not come into condemnation1 but is *assed from death unto life.6 (ND 'the 0on of man is not come to destroy men’s lives, but to save them ; Lk 9:5", 19:10<.6 '?e that is of 5od heareth 5od’s )ords ;Jn 8:4&<.6

Jesus came the first time in +reat mercy bearin+ an offer of for+iveness.

hen Jesus shall be sent from 5od the second time it )ill be in +reat )rath and :ud+ment ; =s 13:9-11, 13, 34:1-", @eph 1:15, 2:2-3, .e' ":1"-1&<. ho can stand before his indi+nation3 and )ho can abide in the fierceness of his an+er ;Bah 1:"<3

!or those )ho receive Christ’s

ord# 'the )ord of 5od, )hich effectually )or"eth also in you that believe ;1 $hess 2:13<.6 -he ord or truth of 5od and the 0*irit of truth )or" in you to achieve 5od’s *ur*oses ; Jn 14:1&, 15:2", 1":13, 2 Jn 1:2 <. @ 'to stablish your hearts unblameable in holiness before 5od ;1 $hess 3:13<.6 Csalms AA#$, '!or the )ord of the 489D is ri+ht1 and all his )or"s are done in truth.6 1 Ceter 1#2&, ',ut the )ord of the 4ord endureth for ever. (nd this is the )ord )hich by the +os*el is *reached unto you.6 (ND 2saiah $0#H, '-he +rass )ithereth, the flo)er fadeth# but the )ord of our 5od shall stand for ever.6 hen Jesus )as )ith Ceter, James and John ; the pillars o* (is *uture hur h< at the mount of transfi+uration ;Mk 9:1-"<, the follo)in+ si+nificant event occurred# Mar" D#7, '(nd there )as a cloud that overshado)ed them# and a voice came out of the cloud, sayin+, -his is my beloved 0on# hear him ;also Lk 9:34-35<.6 -his brin+s us bac" to )hen 5od a**eared in a cloud at Mount ?oreb and the *eo*le feared to hear 5od. 5od a+ain a**ears in a cloud and no) directs us to listen to the one ?e has raised u* from amon+ the brethren to s*ea" ?is ords ;<eut 18:1&-18<. Jesus )as sent of 5od to s*ea" 5od’s ord or truth. John A#A$, '!or he )hom 5od hath sent s*ea"eth the )ords of 5od# for 5od +iveth not the 0*irit by measure unto him.6 -he !ather’s messa+e to these men )as 'hear ?im.6 Jesus said on several occasions# '2f any man have ears to hear, let him hear ;Mk 4:9, 23, &:1"<. 4ets re*eat# '?e that is of 5od heareth 5od’s )ords ;Jn 8:4&<.6


ords s*o"en by Christ ;gi'en %+ the /ather< )ill be reEuired of man. Jesus said# John 12#$H, '?e that re:ecteth me, and receiveth not my )ords, hath one that :ud+eth him# the )ord that 2 have s*o"en, the same shall :ud+e him in the last day.6 -he :ud+ment of 5od is accordin+ to truth ;.! 2:1<. !urthermore, Jesus said# Matthe) 2$#A&, '?eaven and earth shall *ass a)ay, but my )ords shall not *ass a)ay ;also Mk 13:31<.6 0o, if Christ’s ord shall never *ass a)ay and all of creation )ill be held accountable to these ords, doesn’t it behoove us to ta"e them very seriously3 Jesus said# 4u"e 10#2$, '!or 2 tell you, that many *ro*hets and "in+s have desired to see those thin+s )hich ye see, and have not seen them1 and to hear those thin+s )hich ye hear, and have not heard them.6 Jesus +ives si+ht and hearin+ to "no) 5od’s )ill, )hich is the 4ord’s truth.

-hrou+h Moses, 5od +ave 2srael the follo)in+ commandment# Deuteronomy 6#$%&,
'?ear, 8 2srael# -he 489D our 5od is one 489D# (nd thou shalt love the 489D thy 5od )ith all thine heart, and )ith all thy soul, and )ith all thy mi+ht ; also <eut 10:1213<.6 Jesus reiterated this commandment# Mar" 12#2D%A0, '(nd Jesus ans)ered him, -he first of all the commandments is, ?ear, 8 2srael1 -he 4ord our 5od is one 4ord# (nd thou


June/July 2006

shalt love the 4ord thy 5od )ith all thy heart, and )ith all thy soul, and )ith all thy mind, and )ith all thy stren+th# this is the first commandment.6 -hese commandments s*ea" of self sacrifice for the benefit of others and encom*ass love and mercy.

Bou can be absolutely assured that man )ill be :ud+ed accordin+ to this
standard/ ord/truthF Consider the denial of self ;+our lusts and desires< that must be done to accom*lish this commandment. Bou must 'see" first ; *ore!ost<6 the "in+dom of 5od and ?is ri+hteousness ;Mt ":33, Lk 12:31<.

-o summari/e, 5od sent ?is
ord as *ro*hesied ; Jn 5:3&<. -he ord )as made flesh, as a man, to s*ea" 5od’s ord or truth to man ; Jn 1:14<. Jesus s*ecifically came to s*ea" 5od the !ather’s ord or truth unto man. Christ )as anointed to *reach the +os*el ;Lk 4:18<. -he 4ord )as totally devoted to do 5od’s )ill# John &#A0, '2 can of mine o)n self do nothin+# as 2 hear, 2 :ud+e# and my :ud+ment is :ust1 because 2 see" not mine o)n )ill, but the )ill of the !ather )hich hath sent me.6 (ND 'My meat is to do the )ill of him that sent me, and to finish his )or" ;Jn 4:34<.6 (ND John 6#AH, '!or 2 came do)n from heaven, not to do mine o)n )ill, but the )ill of him that sent me.6 (ND 'the livin+ !ather hath sent me, and 2 live by the !ather ;Jn ":5&<.6 Jesus said# ')hosoever shall receive me, receiveth not me, but him that sent me ;Mk 9:3&<.6 5od )ill hold man accountable to obey and live ?is truth @ count on itF (nyone )ho says other)ise is a false *ro*het/teacher ;2 )or 11:13-15, #hp 3:2, 18-19, )ol 2:8<.

Jesus not only '*erfectly6 matched the descri*tion of this comin+ *ro*het )ho )ould
brin+ the ord of 5od, but is also man’s 'e=am*le6 of 5od’s e=*ectations for man. Man is to be com*letely devoted to 5od as Jesus the 0on )as to 5od the !ather. 'Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every )ord that *roceedeth out of the mouth of 5od ;<eut 8:3, Mt 4:4, Lk 4:4<.6 Jesus is 'the ord6 that *roceeded forth and )as sent from 5od ;Jn 1:1-3<. Man’s life is found in Christ ;1 Jn 5:11-12<. Man shall live by Christ’s ords and shall be held accountable for such.

Christ said# John 6#AA, '!or the bread of 5od is he )hich cometh do)n from heaven, and
+iveth life unto the )orld.6 -he 'bread of 5od6 eEuates to the ' ord of 5od.6 -he ord came do)n from heaven and )as made flesh, and d)elt amon+ us ;Jn 1:14<. Jesus said# 'John 6#$H 2 am that bread of life.6 Man lives by the ord of 5od )hich is Jesus )hom 5od sent. -his is that *ro*het )hich )as foretold to Moses. Jesus brin+s 5od’s truth and man shall live by that truth.

Consider this *ro*hesy concernin+ Christ# 2saiah $2#16, '(nd 2 )ill brin+ the blind by a
)ay that they "ne) not1 I will lead them in *aths that they have not "no)n# 2 )ill ma"e dar"ness li+ht before them, and croo"ed thin+s strai+ht. -hese thin+s )ill 2 do unto them, and not forsa"e them ;also (e% 13:5<.6 Sent from !od

Jesus )as very em*hatic that ?e )as '0>N-6 from 5od ; Jn 3:1"-1&, 4:34, 5:24, 30, 3",
38, ":29, 38-40, 44, 51, 5&, &:1", 18, 33, 8:1", 18, 29, 9:4, 3", 12:44-45, 49, 13:1", 20, 15:21, 1":5, 28, 1&:21, 23, 25<. John 7#2H%2D, '-hen cried Jesus in the tem*le as he


June/July 2006

tau+ht, sayin+, Be both "no) me, and ye "no) )hence 2 am# and 2 am not come of myself, but he that sent me is true, )hom ye "no) not. ,ut 2 "no) him# for 2 am from him, and he hath sent me.6 (ND '!or 2 *roceeded forth and came from 5od1 neither came 2 of myself, but he sent me ;Jn 8:42<.6

5od sent ?is

ord to accom*lish ?is *ur*oses and *ros*er in that )hich ?e *leases ; =s 55:11<. 5od’s ord shall return victorious. John 16#2H, '2 came forth from the !ather, and am come into the )orld# a+ain, 2 leave the )orld, and +o to the !ather.6 -hose )ho 'hear6 and 'live6 this ord shall be found in this victory. 2f you do not believe, Jesus said# 'ye shall die in your sins ;Jn 8:24<.6


-he 5os*el is the Co)er of 5od unto 0alvation

No) here is somethin+ very im*ortant to understand. -he '+os*el6 is the

ord of 5od )ith *o)er, and the '*o)er6 is the ?oly 0*irit @ the inse*arable combination of the t)o @ for ?is ord )as )ith *o)er ; Lk 4:32<. Jesus )as anointed to *reach ;<a'id had also %een anointed o* -od, 2 8a! 23:1-2 A 1 8a! 1":13 <. -he anointin+ or *o)er is the ?oly 5host ;Jn 1:12, Lk 24:49, 4 ts 1:8, .! 1:1" <. Jesus’ disci*les also receive the anointin+ )hich teaches them all thin+s ;1 Jn 2:2&<. Into us )hich are saved it is the *o)er of 5od ;1 )or 1:18<. 2 Corinthians 6#7, ',y the )ord of truth, by the *o)er of 5odN6 2t )as noted above that Christ s*o"e the ords of 5od and the 0*irit )as not +iven by measure unto ?im ;Jn 3:34<. -his reveals the indivisible blend of ord and *o)er.


ord +oes forth )ith *o)er because it al)ays accom*lishes that )hich ?e *leases, and it al)ays *ros*ers in the thin+ )hereto ?e sents it. 5od has the ability to 'enact6 ?is ord and this is :ust )hat ?e does. -here is tremendous and unbelievable *o)er behind the ord or truth of 5od. Charaoh found this out )hen he resisted and o**osed 5od’s ord. (ll creation )ill "no) this *o)er at the +reat Jud+ment.

Jesus s*o"e 5od’s

ord and this )as follo)ed by demonstration of *o)er ; signs and wonders, !ira les<. 2t )as said of Jesus# 4u"e $#A6, '(nd they )ere all ama/ed, and s*a"e amon+ themselves, sayin+, hat a )ord is thisF for )ith authority and *o)er he commandeth the unclean s*irits, and they come out ;other e2a!ples: Mt 8:1", 24-2&<.6 -he *eo*le also said# ' hence hath this man this )isdom, and these mi+hty )or"s ;Mt 13:54<36 ords are :ust that )ithout the *o)erF @ the demonstration. ithout the *o)er, 5od’s truth is :ust so many )ords to the unbeliever or reli+ious Charisee ; and !odern 'ariation o*<.

-he demonstration of *o)er verified the

ords Jesus s*o"e. Matthe) D#2%H, '(nd, behold, they brou+ht to him a man sic" of the *alsy, lyin+ on a bed# and Jesus seein+ their faith said unto the sic" of the *alsy1 0on, be of +ood cheer1 thy sins be for+iven thee. (nd, behold, certain of the scribes said )ithin themselves, -his man blas*hemeth. (nd Jesus "no)in+ their thou+hts said, herefore thin" ye evil in your hearts3 !or )hether is easier, to say, -hy sins be for+iven thee1 or to say, (rise, and )al"3 ,ut that ye may "no) that the 0on of man hath *o)er on earth to for+ive sins, ;then saith he to the sic" of the *alsy,< (rise, ta"e u* thy bed, and +o unto thine house. (nd he arose, and de*arted to his house. ,ut )hen the multitudes sa) it, they marvelled, and +lorified 5od, )hich had +iven such *o)er unto men.6 Christ’s ords )ere undeniable due to the )or"s ?e didF


June/July 2006

-he (*ostle Caul said# >*hesians A#7, ' hereof 2 )as made a minister, accordin+ to the
+ift of the +race of 5od +iven unto me by the effectual )or"in+ of his *o)er.6 (ND 9omans 1&#1D, '-hrou+h mi+hty si+ns and )onders, by the *o)er of the 0*irit of 5od1 so that from Jerusalem, and round about unto 2llyricum, 2 have fully *reached the +os*el of Christ.6 (s *reviously discussed# 5od’s +race J ?oly 0*irit J *o)er J 5od’s +ift. ?ebre)s 2#$, '5od also bearin+ them )itness, both )ith si+ns and )onders, and )ith divers miracles, and +ifts of the ?oly 5host, accordin+ to his o)n )ill36

0o no) )e understand another dimension to 5od’s *rovision. -he ?oly 5host is 5od’s
+ift to man. -he ?oly 5host further +ives additional +ifts to man to be used for 5od’s *ur*oses. 5od’s ord is *o)er and the ?oly 5host eEui*s those )ho s*ea" this ord )ith *o)er @ bearin+ them )itness.

Caul also )rote# 1 -hessalonians 1#&, '!or our +os*el came not unto you in )ord only,
but also in *o)er, and in the ?oly 5host, and in much assurance1 as ye "no) )hat manner of men )e )ere amon+ you for your sa"e.6 (ND 1 Corinthians 2#$%&, '(nd my s*eech and my *reachin+ )as not )ith enticin+ )ords of man’s )isdom, but in demonstration of the 0*irit and of *o)er# -hat your faith should not stand in the )isdom of men, but in the *o)er of 5od.6 (ND 1 Corinthians $#20, '!or the "in+dom of 5od is not in )ord, but in *o)er.6 (ND 9omans 1#16, '!or 2 am not ashamed of the +os*el of Christ# for it is the *o)er of 5od unto salvation to every one that believethN6 -he ord and the *o)er cannot be se*arated in Christ’s +os*elF hat about those )ho do se*arate the ord and *o)er throu+h unbelief3 2 -imothy A#&, '?avin+ a form of +odliness, but denyin+ the *o)er thereof# from such turn a)ay.6 'repare (e a )ouse

-he 4ord told David ;through Bathan the prophet<# 1 Chronicles 17#11%1$, '(nd it shall
come to *ass, )hen thy days be e=*ired that thou must +o to be )ith thy fathers, that 2 )ill raise u* thy seed after thee, )hich shall be of thy sons1 and 2 )ill establish his "in+dom. ?e shall build me an house, and 2 )ill stablish his throne for ever. 2 )ill be his father, and he shall be my son# and 2 )ill not ta"e my mercy a)ay from him, as 2 too" it from him that )as before thee# ,ut 2 )ill settle him in mine house and in my "in+dom for ever# and his throne shall be established for evermore.6 Jesus fulfilled this *ro*hecy e=actly.

Many )ill consider that 5od )as referrin+ to 0olomon. ?o)ever, 0olomon’s )ives
turned his heart unto other +ods and he built tem*les to these +ods )hich became a stumblin+ stone to Judah ;1 >g 11:1-10<. 1 Min+s 11#6, D%10, '(nd 0olomon did evil in the si+ht of the 489D, and )ent not fully after the 489D, as did David his father. (nd the 489D )as an+ry )ith 0olomon, because his heart )as turned from the 489D 5od of 2srael, )hich had a**eared unto him t)ice, (nd had commanded him concernin+ this thin+, that he should not +o after other +ods# but he "e*t not that )hich the 489D commanded.6 ,ecause of this the 4ord 5od s*lit the "in+dom of 2srael ; 8olo!on0s throne< and only left one tribe to Judah % and that only for David’s sa"e ; 1 >g 11:12-13, 32-3"<. !inally, the tem*le that 0olomon built )as later destroyed.


June/July 2006

4et us consider ho) Jesus Christ fulfills this *ro*hecy#
1* '2 )ill raise u* thy seed after thee, )hich shall be of thy sons6 % Jesus came forth from the seed of David# John 7#$2, '?ath not the scri*ture said, -hat Christ cometh of the seed of David, and out of the to)n of ,ethlehem, )here David )as36 (ND 9omans 1#A%$, 'Concernin+ his 0on Jesus Christ our 4ord, )hich )as made of the seed of David accordin+ to the flesh1 (nd declared to be the 0on of 5od )ith *o)er, accordin+ to the s*irit of holiness, by the resurrection from the dead ;thus -od did not take awa+ (is !er + *ro! (i!, see %elow<.6 #* '2 )ill establish his "in+dom6 @ Jesus tal"ed e=tensively about the "in+dom of 5od. Christ s*a"e# Mar" 1#1&, '(nd sayin+, -he time is fulfilled, and the "in+dom of 5od is at hand# re*ent ye, and believe the +os*el.6 -he +os*el )as the truth of 5od that Christ brou+ht and shall be reEuired of man. 5od’s ord is )ith *o)er and establishes ?is *ur*oses ;=s 55:11< @ siftin+ the +ood and the bad ; dis ussed %elow<. 5od the !ather has a**ointed Jesus the 0on an eternal "in+dom ; Lk 19:12, 22:29, Jn 18:3"<. 2saiah 22#22, '(nd the "ey of the house of David )ill 2 lay u*on his shoulder1 so he shall o*en, and none shall shut1 and he shall shut, and none shall o*en. (nd 2 )ill fasten him as a nail in a sure *lace1 and he shall be for a +lorious throne to his father’s house ;also .e' 3:&<.6 +* '2 )ill be his father, and he shall be my son6 % 5od the !ather said of Jesus# ?ebre)s 1#&, '!or unto )hich of the an+els said he at any time, -hou art my 0on, this day have 2 be+otten thee3 (nd a+ain, 2 )ill be to him a !ather, and he shall be to me a 0on36 (ND (cts 1A#AA, '5od hath fulfilled the same unto us their children, in that he hath raised u* Jesus a+ain1 as it is also )ritten in the second *salm, -hou art my 0on, this day have 2 be+otten thee ;also #s 2:&, (e% 5:5<.6 5od the !ather said of Jesus# Matthe) A#17, '(nd lo a voice from heaven, sayin+, -his is my beloved 0on, in )hom 2 am )ell *leased ;also Mt 12:18, 1&:5, Mk 1:11, Lk 3:22, 2 #t 1:1&<.6 !urthermore it )as *ro*hesied# Csalms HD#26%27, '?e shall cry unto me, -hou art my father, my 5od, and the roc" of my salvation. (lso 2 )ill ma"e him my firstborn, hi+her than the "in+s of the earth.6 ,* '?e shall build me an house6 @ 2saiah $&#1A, '2 have raised him u* in ri+hteousness, and 2 )ill direct all his )ays# he shall build my city, and he shall let +o my ca*tives, not for *rice nor re)ard, saith the 489D of hosts.6 John the ,a*tist *ro*hesied of Jesus# 4u"e A#17, ' hose fan is in his hand, and he )ill throu+hly *ur+e his floor, and )ill +ather the )heat into his +arner1 but the chaff he )ill burn )ith fire unEuenchable ;also Mt 3:12<.6 e discussed ho) Jesus )as raised u* from amon+ the brethren to s*ea" 5od’s ord or truth to man ; ,ord o* -od !ade *lesh, Jn 1:1-14<. -he ord that Jesus brou+ht se*arates the +ood from the bad. 8nly those of a humble and contrite heart )ill receive 5od’s ord and a**ly it to their lives. Concernin+ these John said# 4u"e A#16, 'John ans)ered, sayin+ unto them all, 2 indeed ba*ti/e you )ith )ater1 but one mi+htier than 2 cometh, the latchet of )hose shoes 2 am not )orthy to unloose# he shall ba*ti/e you )ith the ?oly 5host and )ith fire ;also Mt 3:11, Mk 1:8, Jn 1:33<.6


June/July 2006

Jesus builds an house for 5od to d)ell in by ba*ti/in+ )ith the ?oly 5host those )ho receive 5od’s truth and are obedient to it ;Jn 14:21, 23, 4 ts 5:32<. Christ said# John 1$#1&%17, '2f ye love me, "ee* my commandments. (nd 2 )ill *ray the !ather, and he shall +ive you another Comforter, that he may abide )ith you for ever1 >ven the 0*irit of truth1 )hom the )orld cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither "no)eth him# but ye "no) him1 for he d)elleth )ith you, and shall be in you.6 !urthermore# John 1$#20, 2A, '(t that day ye shall "no) that 2 am in my !ather, and ye in me, and 2 in you. Jesus ans)ered and said unto him, 2f a man love me, he )ill "ee* my )ords# and my !ather )ill love him, and )e )ill come unto him, and ma"e our abode )ith him.6 Christ builds a church ;6kklesia 7 alled out ones< )hich are called out of the )orld unto 5od ;.! 1:", 8:28, 30, 9:24, 2", 1 )or 1:9, 24, 2", &:1&, -al 1:", 6ph 4:4, )ol 3:15, 1 $hess 2:12, 2 $hess 2:14, 2 $i! 1:9, 1 #t 1:15, 2:9, 3:9, 2 #t 1:3, Jude 1:1 <. John 6#A7, '(ll that the !ather +iveth me shall come to me1 and him that cometh to me 2 )ill in no )ise cast out.6 (ND John 6#$$%$&, 'No man can come to me, e=ce*t the !ather )hich hath sent me dra) him# and 2 )ill raise him u* at the last day. 2t is )ritten in the *ro*hets, (nd they shall be all tau+ht of 5od. >very man therefore that hath heard, and hath learned of the !ather, cometh unto me.6 Jesus ba*ti/es each member of ?is body )ith the ?oly 5host and d)ells )ithin them ; 4 ts 2:33, .! 8:9<. 8ne is 'sealed6 unto 5od by the 0*irit ;2 )or 1:22, 6ph 1:13, 4:30<. -* '2 )ill stablish his throne for ever6 % 5od has +iven Christ an eternal throne and everlastin+ "in+dom ;Mt 1":28, 25:31, )ol 1:13, 1 $hess 2:12, 2 $i! 4:1, 2 #t 1:11 <# 4u"e 1#A2%AA, '4u"e 1#A2 ?e shall be +reat, and shall be called the 0on of the ?i+hest# and the 4ord 5od shall +ive unto him the throne of his father David# (nd he shall rei+n over the house of Jacob for ever1 and of his "in+dom there shall be no end ;also 4 ts 2:30<.6 (ND Chili**ians 2#D%11, ' herefore 5od also hath hi+hly e=alted him, and +iven him a name )hich is above every name# -hat at the name of Jesus every "nee should bo), of thin+s in heaven, and thin+s in earth, and thin+s under the earth1 (nd that every ton+ue should confess that Jesus Christ is 4ord, to the +lory of 5od the !ather ;also 4 ts 5:31<.6 Jesus )as e=alted to sit at the ri+ht hand of the !ather ;Mt 22:44, 2":"4, Mk 12:3", 14:"2, 1":19, Lk 20:42, 4 ts 2:33-34, 5:31, &:55-5", .! 8:34, 6ph 1:20, )ol 3:1, (e% 1:3, 13, 8:1, 10:12, 12:2<. 4u"e 22#6D, '?ereafter shall the 0on of man sit on the ri+ht hand of the *o)er of 5od.6 (ND 1 Ceter A#22, ' ho is +one into heaven, and is on the ri+ht hand of 5od1 an+els and authorities and *o)ers bein+ made sub:ect unto him.6 .* '2 )ill not ta"e my mercy a)ay from him6 % 5od the !ather did not ta"e ?is mercy from Jesus the 0on )hen ?e too" our sins and suffered our condemnation. 2t )as *ro*hesied of Jesus# 2saiah &$#7%10, '!or a small moment have 2 forsa"en thee1 but )ith +reat mercies )ill 2 +ather thee. 2n a little )rath 2 hid my face from thee for a moment1 but )ith everlastin+ "indness )ill 2 have mercy on thee, saith the 489D thy 9edeemer. !or this is as the )aters of Noah unto me# for as 2 have s)orn that the )aters of Noah should no more +o over the earth1 so have 2 s)orn that 2 )ould not be )roth )ith thee, nor rebu"e thee. !or the mountains shall de*art, and the hills be 2$

June/July 2006

removed1 but my "indness shall not de*art from thee, neither shall the covenant of my *eace be removed, saith the 489D that hath mercy on thee.6 /* '2 )ill settle him in mine house and in my "in+dom for ever# and his throne shall be established for evermore6 % Jesus said of ?is body# 1 Ceter 2#&, 'Be also, as lively stones, are built u* a s*iritual house, an holy *riesthood, to offer u* s*iritual sacrifices, acce*table to 5od by Jesus Christ ;also 6ph 2:21-22<.6 Jesus is the chief corner stone of this s*iritual house ;Mt 21:42, Mk 12:10, Lk 20:1&, 4 ts 4:11, 6ph 2:20, 1 #t 2:"-&<. hen Christ’s "in+dom is fully reali/ed on a ne) earth, the 4ord says# 9evelation 21#1%A, '(nd 2 sa) a ne) heaven and a ne) earth# for the first heaven and the first earth )ere *assed a)ay1 and there )as no more sea. (nd 2 John sa) the holy city, ne) Jerusalem, comin+ do)n from 5od out of heaven, *re*ared as a bride adorned for her husband. (nd 2 heard a +reat voice out of heaven sayin+, ,ehold, the tabernacle of 5od is )ith men, and he )ill d)ell )ith them, and they shall be his *eo*le, and 5od himself shall be )ith them, and be their 5od ;also .e' &:15<.6 (ND 9evelation 21#2A, '(nd the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it# for the +lory of 5od did li+hten it, and the 4amb is the li+ht thereof.6

-he 4ord Jesus *erfectly fulfills the *ro*hecy in that ?e )as born of the seed of David
and )as called the 0on of 5od ; %egotten o* the /ather, Jn 1:13, 18, 3:1", 18, 4 ts 13:33, (e% 1:5, 5:5, 11:1&, 1 Jn 4:9, that hol+ thing whi h shall %e %orn o* thee shall %e alled the 8on o* -od, Lk 1:32, 35<. Jesus absolutely obeyed the !ather’s )ill and s*o"e 5od’s ord or truth to man. -his truth se*arates the ri+hteous from the )ic"ed.

-hose )ho +enuinely/sincerely receive 5od’s

ord and )al" in ?is )ays are ba*ti/ed in the ?oly 5host. -his is such an im*ortant *ointF Jesus builds a sure house )ith a firm foundation and 5od d)ells )ithin each member ; Mt &:24-2&, Lk ":4&-49<. >*hesians 2#20%22, ' (nd are built u*on the foundation of the a*ostles and *ro*hets, Jesus Christ himself bein+ the chief corner stone1 2n )hom all the buildin+ fitly framed to+ether +ro)eth unto an holy tem*le in the 4ord# 2n )hom ye also are builded to+ether for an habitation of 5od throu+h the 0*irit.6 -he !ather raised Jesus from the dead ;who %ear the sin o* the world< in +reat and eternal mercy. Croverbs 16#6, ',y mercy and truth iniEuity is *ur+ed# and by the fear of the 489D men de*art from evil ;also #s 119:11, 10&<.6

8h such a house the 4ord Jesus has built# 2saiah D#6%7, '!or unto us a child is born, unto
us a son is +iven# and the +overnment shall be u*on his shoulder# and his name shall be called onderful, Counsellor, -he mi+hty 5od, -he everlastin+ !ather, -he Crince of Ceace. 8f the increase of his +overnment and *eace there shall be no end, u*on the throne of David, and u*on his "in+dom, to order it, and to establish it )ith :ud+ment and )ith :ustice from henceforth even for ever. -he /eal of the 489D of hosts )ill *erform this.6 0dditional 'rophecies of the Coming of Christ

5od had a *lan )hereby ?e )ould d)ell amon+ men brin+in+ ?is eternal truth. 2t )as
*ro*hesied# 2saiah 7#1$, '-herefore the 4ord himself shall +ive you a si+n1 ,ehold, a


June/July 2006

vir+in shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name 2mmanuel.6 -his )as later confirmed )hen an an+el told Jose*h ; on erning Mar+ his espoused<# Matthe) 1#2A, ',ehold, a vir+in shall be )ith child, and shall brin+ forth a son, and they shall call his name >mmanuel, )hich bein+ inter*reted is, 5od )ith us.6

2n the course of 5od’s timin+, the

ord )as made flesh. John 1#10%11, '?e )as in the )orld, and the )orld )as made by him, and the )orld "ne) him not. ?e came unto his o)n, and his o)n received him not.6 -he 4ord came to ?is o)n *eo*le, yet )as re:ected by them. -hus the *ro*hecy concernin+ ?is sufferin+ ; death on the ross<# Csalms 22#6% H, 16, ',ut 2 am a )orm, and no man1 a re*roach of men, and des*ised of the *eo*le. (ll they that see me lau+h me to scorn# they shoot out the li*, they sha"e the head, sayin+, ?e trusted on the 489D that he )ould deliver him# let him deliver him, seein+ he deli+hted in him. !or do+s have com*assed me# the assembly of the )ic"ed have inclosed me# they *ierced my hands and my feet.6

2t )as also *ro*hesied of the comin+ of Christ# Csalms 2#1%A, ' hy do the heathen ra+e,
and the *eo*le ima+ine a vain thin+3 -he "in+s of the earth set themselves, and the rulers ta"e counsel to+ether, a+ainst the 489D, and a+ainst his anointed, sayin+, 4et us brea" their bands asunder, and cast a)ay their cords from us.6 -his *ro*hecy clearly reveals the rebellious and corru*t nature of man. Man does not desire to be under 5od’s authority, but rather see"s self%)ill and to be as +ods as *er the tenets of the devil’s lie ;-en 3:4-5<.

?o) does 5od res*ond3 Csalms 2#6%D, 'Bet have 2 set my "in+ u*on my holy hill of
Oion. 2 )ill declare the decree# the 489D hath said unto me, -hou art my 0on1 this day have 2 be+otten thee. (s" of me, and 2 shall +ive thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost *arts of the earth for thy *ossession. -hou shalt brea" them )ith a rod of iron1 thou shalt dash them in *ieces li"e a *otter’s vessel ;also .e' 12:5, 19:15<.6 Jesus ;the 8on< later tells ?is follo)ers# 9evelation 2#26%27, '(nd he that overcometh, and "ee*eth my )or"s unto the end, to him )ill 2 +ive *o)er over the nations# (nd he shall rule them )ith a rod of iron1 as the vessels of a *otter shall they be bro"en to shivers# even as 2 received of my !ather.6

-he 4ord 5od "ne) in advance that ?is

ord )ould be re:ected of man. >ven so, 5od’s *ur*oses )ere fulfilled in the midst of it. 2saiah &A#A%6, '?e is des*ised and re:ected of men1 a man of sorro)s, and acEuainted )ith +rief# and )e hid as it )ere our faces from him1 he )as des*ised, and )e esteemed him not. 0urely he hath borne our +riefs, and carried our sorro)s# yet )e did esteem him stric"en, smitten of 5od, and afflicted. ,ut he )as )ounded for our trans+ressions, he )as bruised for our iniEuities# the chastisement of our *eace )as u*on him1 and )ith his stri*es )e are healed. (ll )e li"e shee* have +one astray1 )e have turned every one to his o)n )ay1 and the 489D hath laid on him the iniEuity of us all.6

5od made a )ay for 're*entant6 man to be for+iven of his *ast sins. Jesus lived a *erfect
life of obedience to the )ill of 5od. ?e then offered u* ?is life in *lace of our sins ; 2 )or 5:21< and suffered our condemnation of 'thou shalt surely die ; -en 2:1&<.6 % ho +ave himself a ransom for all ;1 $i! 2:"<. Christ’s sacrifice assua+ed 5od’s )rath by *rovidin+ atonement for remission of sins ;.! 5:11<.


June/July 2006

-herefore, it can be said of Jesus# 2saiah &A#10%12, 'Bet it *leased the 489D to bruise
him1 he hath *ut him to +rief# )hen thou shalt ma"e his soul an offerin+ for sin, he shall see his seed, he shall *rolon+ his days, and the *leasure of the 489D shall *ros*er in his hand. ?e shall see of the travail of his soul, and shall be satisfied# by his "no)led+e shall my ri+hteous servant :ustify many1 for he shall bear their iniEuities. -herefore )ill 2 divide him a *ortion )ith the +reat, and he shall divide the s*oil )ith the stron+1 because he hath *oured out his soul unto death# and he )as numbered )ith the trans+ressors1 and he bare the sin of many, and made intercession for the trans+ressors.6

Jesus hun+ on a tree ;!eaning a ursed o* -od, ru i*ied, <eut 21:22-23, 4 ts 5:30, -al
3:13< as an offerin+ for man’s trans+ressions a+ainst 5od. 1 Ceter 2#2$, ' ho his o)n self bare our sins in his o)n body on the tree, that )e, bein+ dead to sins, should live unto ri+hteousness# by )hose stri*es ye )ere healed.6 5od *ro*hesied of Christ# 2saiah &$#7%H, '!or a small moment have 2 forsa"en thee1 but )ith +reat mercies )ill 2 +ather thee. 2n a little )rath 2 hid my face from thee for a moment1 but )ith everlastin+ "indness )ill 2 have mercy on thee, saith the 489D thy 9edeemer.6


ord ;Jesus< that )as sent ;pro eedeth *orth< from 5od did not return void, but accom*lished that )hich 5od *leased, and *ros*ered in the thin+ )hereto ?e )as sent ;=s 55:11<. Jesus finished the )or"F John 17#$, '2 have +lorified thee on the earth# 2 have finished the )or" )hich thou +avest me to do.6 Jesus brou+ht 5od’s ord to those )ho have ears to hearF Jesus )al"ed in 5od’s truth as a *erfect e=am*le for man to follo). Jesus atoned for man’s *ast trans+ressions of 5od’s )ill. Jesus *rocured the *romise of the ?oly 0*irit and has shed forth such that man is em*o)ered to )al" the narro) )ay ;4 ts 2:33, Mt &:13-14, Jn 14:2", 15:2" <. (ll of this )as done such that throu+h faith a man can be saved or have eternal life. -herefore, John 1$#6, 'Jesus saith unto him, 2 am the )ay, the truth, and the life# no man cometh unto the !ather, but by me.6

Chapter +, )e &hat )ath 1ars to )ear
hen Jesus s*o"e 5od’s truth to the *eo*le ?e s*a"e many thin+s to them in *arables ;Mt 13:3, Mk 4:1<. Matthe) 1A#A$%A&, '(ll these thin+s s*a"e Jesus unto the multitude in *arables1 and )ithout a *arable s*a"e he not unto them# -hat it mi+ht be fulfilled )hich )as s*o"en by the *ro*het, sayin+, 2 )ill o*en my mouth in *arables1 2 )ill utter thin+s )hich have been "e*t secret from the foundation of the )orld.

( *arable is a sim*le story dealin+ )ith a very real circumstance ; situation, *a t, e'ent<
in )hich the *rinci*al sub:ect is described by another sub:ect resemblin+ it in its *ro*erties and circumstances. -he *rinci*al sub:ect is thus "e*t out of vie), and one is left to *onder the intentions ;!eaning, o%5e ti'e, purpose< of the s*ea"er. ( *arable )ill often say somethin+ the flesh does not )ant to hear ; re ei'e< in such a )ay as to defuse ;neutrali3e, disar!< *ersonal ob:ection ;people tuning out their attention or *o using on their o%5e tion<, or *re:udice and hold the attention of the hearer and convey the messa+e ;whi h is pondered in their hearts *or an e2tended period<.


June/July 2006

0o# Mar" $#AA%A$, '(nd )ith many such *arables s*a"e he the )ord unto them, as they
)ere able to hear it. ,ut )ithout a *arable s*a"e he not unto them# and )hen they )ere alone, he e=*ounded all thin+s to his disci*les.6

Christ s*o"e *arables because man could not bear to hear the truth of )hat 5od )as
revealin+ ;=s 44:18<. -his is )hy Jesus said# Matthe) 1A#1A%1&, '-herefore s*ea" 2 to them in *arables# because they seein+ see not1 and hearin+ they hear not, neither do they understand. (nd in them is fulfilled the *ro*hecy of >saias, )hich saith, ,y hearin+ ye shall hear, and shall not understand1 and seein+ ye shall see, and shall not *erceive# !or this *eo*le’s heart is )a=ed +ross, and their ears are dull of hearin+, and their eyes they have closed1 lest at any time they should see )ith their eyes, and hear )ith their ears, and should understand )ith their heart, and should be converted, and 2 should heal them.6 -he +os*el of Mar" says# 'Mar" $#12, '-hat seein+ they may see, and not *erceive1 and hearin+ they may hear, and not understand1 lest at any time they should be converted, and their sins should be for+iven them.6

2n other )ords, if the *eo*le could 'receive6 the truth that Christ brou+ht, then they could
be 'born a+ain6 or converted and be reconciled )ith 5od ; .! 5:10<. !or those )ho truly )al" in the li+ht ;truth<, the blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth from all sin ; 1 Jn 1:&<. ?o)ever, if Jesus had s*o"en many of 5od’s truths o*enly then rebellious man *robably )ould not have suffered ?im as lon+ as they did.

-he +os*el of John adds# '?e hath blinded their eyes, and hardened their heart that they
should see )ith their eyes nor understand )ith their heart and be converted ; Jn 12:40<.6 -he hardness of the *eo*le’s hearts ;o%stinate, sti**ne ked, un+ielding, stu%%orn, o%durate, in*le2i%le< only enra+ed them )hen they heard 5od’s truth and further blinded their eyes. -his seems to al)ays be the effect on those )al"in+ in *ride ; sel* e2altation, sel*-will<.

Man’s heart is hardened and he becomes blind )hen he see"s his o)n )ay. Bour )ay is
those stubborn ;i!!o'a%le< ideas that you *lace above the truth and )ill not release. -his is a refusal to let +o of your )ays and submit to 5od and embrace and )al" in the 4ord’s )ays. ?ardness of heart is to see" your inclinations and not 5od’s truth. -his is 'to be as a +od6 and 'decidin+ +ood and evil for yourself6 rather than submit and obey the one true 5od ;-en 3:5<. -his hard heart must be circumcised ; stu%%ornness ut awa+< that thou turn unto the 489D thy 5od )ith all thine heart, and )ith all thy soul ; <eut 30:", 10, .! 2:29<.

John the ,a*tist *re*ared the )ay for Christ by *reachin+ re*entance ; =s 40:3, Mal 3:1,
Mt 3:2-3, 11:10, Mk 1:2-4, 15, Lk 1:&", 3:3-4, 8, &:2& <. -o re*ent is to ac"no)led+e your trans+ressions before 5od, forsa"e your evil, and fully turn to 5od. 8ne must be humble and mee" to re*ent. -his is self denial that focuses u*on 5od. 8nly the mee" can be tau+ht of 5od and only the mee" )ill )al" in the 4ord’s )ays ; Mt 5:5<. Csalms 2&#D, '-he mee" )ill he +uide in :ud+ment# and the mee" )ill he teach his )ay.6 Jesus )as mee" and ?is disci*les )ill learn from ?im and follo) in his e=am*le ;Mt 11:29, 21:5<. Jesus )as anointed to *reach +ood tidin+s unto the mee" ;=s "1:1< other)ise "no)n as the *oor in heart/s*irit ;Mt 5:3, Lk 4:18, =s 29:19<.


June/July 2006

0o, )e must )ith mee"ness receive the

ord or truth that Christ brou+ht. James 1#21%22, ' herefore lay a*art all filthiness and su*erfluity of nau+htiness, and receive )ith mee"ness the en+rafted )ord, )hich is able to save your souls. ,ut be ye doers of the )ord, and not hearers only, deceivin+ your o)n selves.6 -his ord is found in the t)o +reat commandments and these must +uide your life’s actions ; Mt 22:3&-40, Mk 12:2931, Lk 10:2&, Js 2:8<.

-he 4ord’s truth )ould be revealed to or understood by those )ho are humble and
+enuinely and sincerely see" to "no) it. -he +os*el tends to be 'esoteric6 )hich means it is understood only by a *articular and often small +rou* @ he that hath ears to hear. John D#AD, '(nd Jesus said, !or :ud+ment 2 am come into this )orld, that they )hich see not mi+ht see1 and that they )hich see mi+ht be made blind.6 -his is )hy Jesus al)ays said after most *arables# Mar" $#2A, '2f any man have ears to hear, let him hear.6 -his is a monumental statement of tremendous and eternal im*ortance. Jesus is the *ro*het raised u* from amon+ the brethren )ho s*o"e only that )hich 5od commanded ?im. hat Jesus s*o"e )ill be reEuired of man. (cts A#2A, '(nd it shall come to *ass, that every soul, )hich )ill not hear that *ro*het, shall be destroyed from amon+ the *eo*le.6 Do you have ears to hear3 Most *eo*le do notF

Jesus revealed the meanin+ of the *arables to ?is disci*les ; i:e: Mt 13:3"-3&, Mk 4:34<.
Christ told them# Matthe) 1A#16, ',ut blessed are your eyes, for they see# and your ears, for they hear.6 Christ’s disci*les )ere chosen due to their humbleness and hearts to)ard 5od @ they could bear to receive the ords s*o"en. -hey )ere +iven additional e=*lanation from Jesus as to the meanin+ of the *arables. >ven so, Jesus also told them# John 16#12, '2 have yet many thin+s to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them no).6 Christ further said# John 16#2&, '-hese thin+s have 2 s*o"en unto you in *roverbs# but the time cometh, )hen 2 shall no more s*ea" unto you in *roverbs, but 2 shall she) you *lainly of the !ather.6

Chapter ,, &he 2ord (ade 3lesh
-he birth of Christ )as in this fashion# John 1#1$, '(nd the
ord )as made flesh, and d)elt amon+ us, ;and )e beheld his +lory, the +lory as of the only be+otten of the !ather,< full of +race and truth.6 Jesus came full of the ?oly 0*irit ;gra e< and truthF ?o) so3 -he ord became flesh )hen the ?oly 5host overshado)ed Mary ;.! 1:3, =s &:14<. Matthe) 1#1H, 'No) the birth of Jesus Christ )as on this )ise# hen as his mother Mary )as es*oused to Jose*h, before they came to+ether, she )as found )ith child of the ?oly 5host.6 @ for that )hich is conceived in her is of the ?oly 5host ;Mt 1:20<. 4u"e 1#A&, '(nd the an+el ans)ered and said unto her, -he ?oly 5host shall come u*on thee, and the *o)er of the ?i+hest shall overshado) thee# therefore also that holy thin+ )hich shall be born of thee shall be called the 0on of 5od.6

2n other )ords, Jesus )as 'born of the 0*irit.6 -hose )ho 'follo)6 Christ ; dis iples,
%rethren< must also be born of the 0*irit. e follo) Jesus in all thin+s. John A#&%6, 'Jesus ans)ered, Gerily, verily, 2 say unto thee, >=ce*t a man be born of )ater and of the 0*irit, he cannot enter into the "in+dom of 5od. -hat )hich is born of the flesh is flesh1 and that )hich is born of the 0*irit is s*irit.6 -o be born of )ater is the ba*tism of 2D

June/July 2006

re*entance. -his *re*ares the heart to be ba*ti/ed of the ?oly 5host, )hich John the ,a*tist had stressed that Jesus )ould do.

Jesus )as literally born of the ?oly 0*irit. Christ’s disci*les must be literally 'born
a+ain6 of the ?oly 0*irit ;Jn 3:3<. -o be born of the flesh is to be born in corru*tion and in bonda+e to the devil’s lie. -o be 'born a+ain6 of )ater and the 0*irit is to be redeemed from the bonda+e of 0atan ;5ust as -od redee!ed the hildren o* =srael *ro! #haraoh <. (ll thin+s become ne) @ your nature, and )hole life’s motivation P *ur*ose focus u*on doin+ the )ill of 5od. (cts 26#1H, '-o o*en their eyes, and to turn them from dar"ness to li+ht, and from the *o)er of 0atan unto 5od, that they may receive for+iveness of sins, and inheritance amon+ them )hich are sanctified by faith that is in me.6 0uddenly you can 'see6 ;re*er to C(e that hath 6ars to (earD a%o'e<.

-he dar"ness is the )ay of )ic"edness ;+our wa+, the will o* the *lesh< )hich is o**osite
of the li+ht ;-od0s truth<. Croverbs $#1D, '-he )ay of the )ic"ed is as dar"ness# they "no) not at )hat they stumble.6 Dar"ness is blindness to the truth of 5od. -he *o)er of 0atan is his a**eals ;allure!ents, enti e!ents, %eguiling< to the lusts of the flesh @ thus leadin+ in dar"ness. -he *o)er of 5od is the ?oly 5host )or"in+ in you ; gra e< and leadin+ in 5od’s truth. 5od is li+ht, and in ?im is no dar"ness at all ; 1 Jn 1:5<. 5od calls us out of the dar"ness and into ?is marvellous li+ht ;1 #t 2:9<. 0o you must sto* bein+ led of the devil throu+h the desire of the flesh and start bein+ led of the 0*irit by submittin+ to the truth of 5od ;1 #t 2:11, 4:2<. 5alatians &#16, '-his 2 say then, al" in the 0*irit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.6

9edeemed in Christ ;1 #t 1:18-19<3 Just as 5od delivered the children of 2srael from the
bonda+e and corru*tion of >+y*t ;62 15:13<, Jesus delivers re*entant man from the corru*tion that is in the )orld and from the bonda+e of the devil ; -al 1:4, (e% 2:15<. 9omans H#21, ',ecause the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bonda+e of corru*tion into the +lorious liberty of the children of 5od.6 Corru*tion is throu+h the lusts and desires of the flesh. 2n >den, man sou+ht the desires of his flesh rather than obey the commandment of 5od. -o be 'redeemed6 means that you no lon+er )al" in or serve the dar"ness. Bou no lon+er )al" in the lusts and desires of the flesh. -he children of 2srael )ere redeemed out of >+y*t and served under bonda+e no more. -o be redeemed by Christ means that you no lon+er )al" in the course of this )orld ; the darkness, 2 #t 1:4< @ you have a ne) Master and 4ord ;Jn 13:13<.

-he ?oly 0*irit leads us to be 'sons6 or 'children6 of 5od ;.! 8:14-15, dis ussed !ore
%elow<. 2n other )ords, the 0*irit leads us out of the corru*tion that is found in the flesh into 5od’s )ill or ri+hteousness. 2 Ceter 1#$, ' hereby are +iven unto us e=ceedin+ +reat and *recious *romises# that by these ye mi+ht be *arta"ers of the divine nature, havin+ esca*ed the corru*tion that is in the )orld throu+h lust.6 !inal and com*lete deliverance shall be reali/ed/obtained u*on Jesus’ return. 9omans H#1&, '!or ye have not received the s*irit of bonda+e a+ain to fear1 but ye have received the 0*irit of ado*tion, )hereby )e cry, (bba, !ather.6 e are delivered from 0atan’s bonda+e into ado*tion as children of 5od. e )ere *arta"ers of the devil’s corru*tion throu+h bonda+e, but no) ;ha'ing %een redee!ed< )e become *arta"ers of 5od’s nature as sons.


June/July 2006

Notice that 'for+iveness of sin6 is *redicated u*on 'turnin+ from dar"ness to li+ht.6 Bou
cannot be for+iven to continue to )al" in dar"ness. Do you for+ive a thief to "ee* stealin+ or a murderer to continue to murder3 -he intent of for+iveness is that the violation )ill sto* or be forsa"en. -here must be a very real 'chan+e6 of actions in you.

-his is an e=chan+e of "in+doms# Colossians 1#1A, ' ho hath delivered us from the
*o)er of dar"ness, and hath translated us into the "in+dom of his dear 0on.6 Bou no) yield to the )ill of 5od in all thin+sF Jesus is the Min+ in the "in+dom of 5od. Bou no lon+er defend the flesh and its lusts and desires ;the de'il0s lie<. Bou must no lon+er )al" in the course of this fallen and corru*t )orld or follo) the *rince of this )orld ; -al 1:4<. >*hesians 2#2, ' herein in time *ast ye )al"ed accordin+ to the course of this )orld, accordin+ to the *rince of the *o)er of the air, the s*irit that no) )or"eth in the children of disobedience ;also -al 1:4<.6 Bou no lon+er say thin+s li"e# ')or"s do not save6 or 'everyone sins6 or 'you can’t out sin 5od.6 Bou no) desire 5od’s )ill and do not :ustify the )ill of the flesh.

-he flesh ;sel*< must die in every res*ect. 2t must be crucified )ith Christ Jesus ;-al
2:20<. 9omans 6#6, 'Mno)in+ this, that our old man is crucified )ith him, that the body of sin mi+ht be destroyed, that henceforth )e should not serve sin.6 (ND 2 Corinthians &#17, '-herefore if any man be in Christ, he is a ne) creature# old thin+s are *assed a)ay1 behold, all thin+s are become ne).6 0uddenly these verses have ne) and +reat meanin+. Matthe) 16#2$, '-hen said Jesus unto his disci*les, 2f any man )ill come after me, let him deny himself, and ta"e u* his cross, and follo) me.6 8ther)ise, you cannot be Christ’s disci*le ;Mt 10:38, Lk 14:2&<.

-hose )ho are 'born a+ain6 are no lon+er led by the lusts and desires of the flesh. 1 Ceter
$#2, '-hat he no lon+er should live the rest of his time in the flesh to the lusts of men, but to the )ill of 5od.6 (ND 9omans 1A#1$, ',ut *ut ye on the 4ord Jesus Christ, and ma"e not *rovision for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof.6 (ND 5alatians &#2$, '(nd they that are Christ’s have crucified the flesh )ith the affections and lusts.6 0o# the 'born a+ain6 )al" not after the flesh, but after the 0*irit. !or they that are after the flesh do mind the thin+s of the flesh1 but they that are after the 0*irit the thin+s of the 0*irit ; .! 8:4-5<. Bou no lon+er do the thin+s you once did and are )ashed, sanctified and :ustified in Christ Jesus and by the 0*irit of 5od ;1 )or ":9-11, -al 5:19-21, 6ph 5:3-8, 11<.

-o no lon+er )al" in the course of this )orld or in the lusts and desires of the flesh is the
evidence of the ?oly 5host’s )or" in you. -he )orld is crucified unto me, and 2 unto the )orld ;-al ":14<. 9eli+ious man often tells us that our ri+hteousness is im*arted to us by virtue of Christ’s ri+hteousness and it is nothin+ )e do. -his is a *artial truth )ith serious connotations. hy did Jesus die3 5alatians 1#$, ' ho +ave himself for our sins, that he mi+ht deliver us from this *resent evil )orld, accordin+ to the )ill of 5od and our !ather ; also 6ph 5:25-2&<.6 -o continue to )al" as the )orld is to not be delivered from it ; onsider are*ull+: -al ":8<. -o 'not chan+e6 is to 'be the same.6 1 John 1#6%7, '2f )e say that )e have fello)shi* )ith him, and )al" in dar"ness, )e lie, and do not the truth# ,ut if )e )al" in the li+ht, as he is in the li+ht, )e have fello)shi* one )ith another, and the blood


June/July 2006

of Jesus Christ his 0on cleanseth us from all sin.6 Jesus brou+ht the 'truth6 and )e must 'receive6 and )al" it % >*hesians &#10, 'Crovin+ )hat is acce*table unto the 4ord.6 -he 4ord’s truth must be demonstrated in you @ as it )as in Christ Jesus.

Bou are no) led of the 0*irit. 9omans H#1$, '!or as many as are led by the 0*irit of 5od,
they are the sons of 5od.6 0uddenly, you understand the true meanin+ of the follo)in+ verse# 9omans H#1, '-here is therefore no) no condemnation to them )hich are in Christ Jesus, )ho )al" not after the flesh, but after the 0*irit.6 Mar" H#A& !or )hosoever )ill save his life shall lose it1 but )hosoever shall lose his life for my sa"e and the +os*el’s, the same shall save it ;also Mt 10:39, 1":25, Lk 9:24, 1&:33, Jn 12:25 <. 0o, 5alatians &#16, '-his 2 say then, al" in the 0*irit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh ;also -al 5:25<.6

-hose born of the flesh cannot receive such truth# 1 Corinthians 2#1$, ',ut the natural
man receiveth not the thin+s of the 0*irit of 5od# for they are foolishness unto him# neither can he "no) them, because they are s*iritually discerned.6 -hose )ho defend the flesh defend the one )ho leads in the lusts and desires of the flesh @ the devil. Jesus said in a conversation )ith such men ;Jn 8:31-4&<# John H#$$, 'Be are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye )ill do. ?e )as a murderer from the be+innin+, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. hen he s*ea"eth a lie, he s*ea"eth of his o)n# for he is a liar, and the father of it.6 Jesus further said to them# John H#$7, '?e that is of 5od heareth 5odQs )ords# ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of 5od.6


ord )as made flesh to brin+ life ; the ,ord o* li*e, 1 Jn 1:1<. Jesus came as a li+ht to sho) us the )ay in this dar" and fallen )orld ; =s 9:2, 59:9<. Matthe) $#16, '-he *eo*le )hich sat in dar"ness sa) +reat li+ht1 and to them )hich sat in the re+ion and shado) of death li+ht is s*run+ u*.6 (ND 4u"e 1#7D, '-o +ive li+ht to them that sit in dar"ness and in the shado) of death, to +uide our feet into the )ay of *eace.6 John 1#$, '2n him )as life1 and the life )as the li+ht of men.6 -his li+ht is 5od’s truth ; the ,ord !ade *lesh<. -o be in 5od’s truth is to *arta"e of the 4ord’s life. John H#12, '-hen s*a"e Jesus a+ain unto them, sayin+, 2 am the li+ht of the )orld# he that follo)eth me shall not )al" in dar"ness, but shall have the li+ht of life.6 -herefore, Jesus boldly *roclaimed# '2 am the )ay, the truth, and the life# no man cometh unto the !ather, but by me ;Jn 14:"<.6 e must come to the li+htF John A#21, ',ut he that doeth truth cometh to the li+ht, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are )rou+ht in 5od.6 John 12#A&, '-hen Jesus said unto them, Bet a little )hile is the li+ht )ith you. al" )hile ye have the li+ht, lest dar"ness come u*on you# for he that )al"eth in dar"ness "no)eth not )hither he +oeth.6 >*hesians &#H, '!or ye )ere sometimes dar"ness, but no) are ye li+ht in the 4ord# )al" as children of li+ht.6 (ND 1 John 1#7, ',ut if )e )al" in the li+ht, as he is in the li+ht, )e have fello)shi* one )ith another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his 0on cleanseth us from all sin.6 ,onda+e  e discussed earlier in this *ara+ra*h ho) the children of 2srael )ere redeemed from >+y*t @ the house of bonda+e ; 62 13:3, 14, 20:2, <eut 5:", ":12, 8:14, 13:5, 10, Josh 24:1&, Jdg ":8<. 5od too" them out of >+y*t and freed them to serve ?im and never A2

June/July 2006

return to >+y*t a+ain or serve them ;<eut 4:20<. 8nce you are redeemed, you never )al" under the old )ay ;%ondage< a+ain. -his can easily be eEuated to bein+ 'born a+ain6 in Christ. -he old life is dead ;*orsaken< and the ne) life is embraced and )al"ed in. Jesus delivers us to )al" in ?is li+ht and serve the dar"ness no more. -he redeemed shall )al" in the )ay of holiness ;=s 35:8-9, Lk 1:&5, .! ":19, 22, 2 )or &:1, 6ph 4:24, 1 $hess 3:13, 4:&, (e% 12:14<.

Many )ant to serve 5od, yet remain in >+y*t. 2n other )ords, many )ant to live as this
)orld and yet serve 5od also. -hey essentially serve 5od on one day ; perhaps 8unda+< and live for self and the )orld the rest of the )ee". 5od calls us out of self and the )orld unto ?imself @ you cannot have dual masters ;Mt ":24, Lk 1":13<. 5od desires your full heart, soul, mind and stren+th. 5od desires that you see" ?im first/foremost. 5od told the 2sraelites to tell their sons# Deuteronomy 6#21, '-hen thou shalt say unto thy son, e )ere Charaoh’s bondmen in >+y*t1 and the 489D brou+ht us out of >+y*t )ith a mi+hty hand.6 2n Christ# e )ere the devil’s bondmen in the )orld1 and Jesus brou+ht us out of the )orld )ith a mi+hty hand ;Jn 8:31-3", .! 8:21, -al 4:3-5, 5:1, (e% 2:15, 1 Jn 3:8<. e are +iven a descri*tion of 0atan in the boo" of 2saiah ;=s 14:12-1&< in )hich it is said# 'he o*ened not the house of his *risoners ; =s 14:1&, also =s 42:22<.6 >ven so, the 0*irit of the 4ord )as u*on Christ to *reach deliverance to the ca*tives ;Lk 4:18, also =s 45:13<.6 2saiah 61#1, '-he 0*irit of the 4ord 58D is u*on me1 because the 489D hath anointed me to *reach +ood tidin+s unto the mee"1 he hath sent me to bind u* the bro"enhearted, to *roclaim liberty to the ca*tives, and the o*enin+ of the *rison to them that are bound.6

-he deliverance is found in the truth that Jesus s*o"e. (408 2saiah $2#7, '-o o*en the
blind eyes, to brin+ out the *risoners from the *rison, and them that sit in dar"ness out of the *rison house.6 -hose that hear and a**ly this true )ill no lon+er be in bonda+e. Jesus destroys the )or"s of the devil )hich are found in sin ; transgression o* -od0s will<F 1 John A#H, '?e that committeth sin is of the devil1 for the devil sinneth from the be+innin+. !or this *ur*ose the 0on of 5od )as manifested, that he mi+ht destroy the )or"s of the devil.6

2t )as further *ro*hesied of Christ# '2 )ill also +ive thee for a li+ht to the 5entiles, that
thou mayest be my salvation unto the end of the earth ;=s 49:"<.6 2saiah $D#D%10, '-hat thou mayest say to the *risoners, 5o forth1 to them that are in dar"ness, 0he) yourselves. -hey shall feed in the )ays, and their *astures shall be in all hi+h *laces. -hey shall not hun+er nor thirst1 neither shall the heat nor sun smite them# for he that hath mercy on them shall lead them, even by the s*rin+s of )ater shall he +uide them ;si!ilar to #s 23:2-3<.6

9eturn to bonda+e3

hen the children of 2srael )ere led out into the )ilderness ; desert< they )ere denied the comforts of the flesh. -heir flesh suffered in its desires on the )ay/:ourney to the Cromised 4and. -his )as intended for the *ur*ose of learnin+ trust and obedience to)ard 5od, ;*oreshadowing o* sa ri*i e in this world and li*e0s 5ourne+ to o%tain the world to o!e<. -hey be+an to loo" bac" to >+y*t ; 62 14:12, Bu! 14:3-4, 4 ts &:39< @ after all, the bonda+es no) didn’t seem so bad @ there )as some benefit to the flesh. -he children of 2srael built a +od of their o)n ma"in+ to return to >+y*t, the


June/July 2006

land of their bonda+e ;62 32:4, 8, <eut 9:1", #s 10":19, Beh 9:18, 4 ts &:41 <. -hey )orshi**ed the )or" of their o)n hands, that )hich their o)n fin+ers have made.

-he +olden calf that 2srael made )as a +od controlled by man. -his )as a re:ection of the
true 5od )ho is soverei+n over man. -hat )hich man ma"es/builds, man controls. ?o)ever, )e must reali/e that )hich 5od creates is in 5od’s control. 2srael had cried to 5od for deliverence, but havin+ been delivered had no a**reciation for the 4ord’s )ay @ and sou+ht their o)n )ay. 2srael had no sense of direction ;%lind<, but )ere sure they "ne) )here they )ere +oin+ ;stu%%orn, o%stinate, un+ielding, hard headed, un%elie'ing, diso%edient<. e must consider that many reli+ious men today serve a +od of their o)n ma"in+, carefully constructed throu+h theolo+y, doctrine and tradition @ *rece*ts of men ; =s 29:13<. -his is a +od that allo)s them to remain in their bonda+e ; sin< )al"in+ in the course of this )orld ;6g+pt<. 2n an honest evaluation and com*arison )ith 5od’s ord, their reli+ious system reflects the ima+e of the )orld much more than the ima+e of the Jesus described in the ,ible. -hey most li"ely call this +od Jesus ;2 )or 11:4<. e are to be 'born a+ain6 to embrace 5od’s nature. 5od )ill not be re%created ;through religious !aneu'ering< to conform to man’s nature. -he stubborn )ays and blindness is the dece*tion they )al" in. Infortunately in many cases, the blind are leadin+ the blind ; to %e dis ussed in )hapter &<.

-he 'real6 Jesus delivers from the bonda+e of sin and )ill not allo) one to remain there.
John H#A1%A6, '-hen said Jesus to those Je)s )hich believed on him, If ye continue in my )ord, then are ye my disci*les indeed1 (nd ye shall "no) the truth, and the truth shall ma"e you free. -hey ans)ered him, e be (brahamQs seed, and )ere never in bonda+e to any man# ho) sayest thou, Be shall be made free3 Jesus ans)ered them, Gerily, verily, 2 say unto you, hosoever committeth sin is the servant of sin. (nd the servant abideth not in the house for ever# but the 0on abideth ever. 2f the 0on therefore shall ma"e you free, ye shall be free indeed.6

No my friends, 5od didn’t redeemed the children of 2srael so that they could continue to
serve Charaoh and >+y*t in bonda+e. Jesus doesn’t redeem you so that you can continue to serve 0atan and the )orld in bonda+e. 2n both cases, the freedom )as to serve 5od. ?o) do you honor 5od )ith your redem*tion3

-his )ritin+ has made clear that the

ord became flesh to s*ea" 5od’s ord or truth to man @ as a man. -hose )ho continue in the ords or truth that Jesus s*o"e are ?is true disci*les. -o 'continue in6 ta"es one beyond :ust hearin+ the ord ; onsider the para%le o* the seeds<. -o 'continue in6 leads one to a**ly and )al" in the ord or truth @ brin+s them to Christ’s marvellous li+ht.

Chapter -, Jesus "egins )is (inistry
Christ )as literally born of the 0*irit ;!ade /lesh<. ?o)ever, Jesus )as )al"in+ an
e=am*le for man to follo) so ?e )as ba*ti/ed of )ater and the 0*irit @ even thou+h ?e )as filled )ith the 0*irit and had no need of re*entance. Matthe) A#1A%17, '-hen cometh Jesus from 5alilee to Jordan unto John, to be ba*ti/ed of him. ,ut John forbad him, A$

June/July 2006

sayin+, 2 have need to be ba*ti/ed of thee, and comest thou to me3 (nd Jesus ans)erin+ said unto him, 0uffer it to be so no)# for thus it becometh us to fulfil all ri+hteousness ;in other words, to set the e2a!ple<. -hen he suffered him. (nd Jesus, )hen he )as ba*ti/ed, )ent u* strai+ht)ay out of the )ater# and, lo, the heavens )ere o*ened unto him, and he sa) the 0*irit of 5od descendin+ li"e a dove, and li+htin+ u*on him# (nd lo a voice from heaven, sayin+, -his is my beloved 0on, in )hom 2 am )ell *leased.6

5od revealed to Moses concernin+ ?imself ;in a song, <eut 31:19<# Deuteronomy A2#A%
$, ',ecause 2 )ill *ublish the name of the 489D# ascribe ye +reatness unto our 5od. ?e is the 9oc", his )or" is *erfect# for all his )ays are :ud+ment# a 5od of truth and )ithout iniEuity, :ust and ri+ht is he.6 Jesus )ho is 5od and the 9oc" *erfectly )al"ed that descri*tion as a man on the earth ;,ord !ade *lesh<. Jesus came bearin+ the truth and )as )ithout iniEuity ;Jn 8:4", 1 #t 2:22<.

-he !ather, 0on and ?oly 5host )ere all *resent at the 4ord’s ba*tism. -he same must
be true for Christ’s disci*les @ for they follo) ?im in all thin+s. -his is )hy Jesus said# Matthe) 2H#1D, '5o ye therefore, and teach all nations, ba*ti/in+ them in the name of the !ather, and of the 0on, and of the ?oly 5host.6 ( man can only be 'born a+ain6 of 5od ;Jn 1:13<.

,a*tism of re*entance ;water< and ba*tism of the ?oly 5host are t)o se*arate events.
John the ,a*tist made it clear that he ba*ti/ed )ith )ater unto re*entance, but that Jesus )ould ba*ti/e )ith the ?oly 5host and )ith fire ; Mt 3:11, Mk 1:8, Lk 3:1", Jn 1:2"-2& <. 2n other )ords, those ba*ti/ed of John did not receive the ?oly 5host for ?e )as not yet +iven because Jesus )as not yet +lorified ; Jn &:39<. Jesus’ disci*les also ba*ti/ed men )ith )ater unto re*entance ;as Jesus looked on<, but those that )ere ba*ti/ed did not receive the ?oly 5host because the ?oly 5host )as not yet +iven1 because that Jesus )as not yet +lorified ;Jn 4:1-2, &:39<. Jesus said you must be born of 1< )ater and of 2< the 0*irit ;Jn 3:5< @ t)o events. Christ’s disci*les )ere ba*ti/ed )ith the ?oly 5host at Centecost after Jesus had been +lorified ;4 ts 2:1-4, 33, 38-39<.

2n the boo" of (cts, some )ere ba*ti/ed )ith )ater before they )ere ba*ti/ed )ith the
?oly 5host and some )ere ba*ti/ed )ith the ?oly 5host before they )ere ba*ti/ed )ith )ater. !or e=am*le# 1< (cts H#1&%17, ' ho, )hen they )ere come do)n, *rayed for them, that they mi+ht receive the ?oly 5host# ;!or as yet he )as fallen u*on none of them# only they )ere ba*ti/ed in the name of the 4ord Jesus.< -hen laid they their hands on them, and they received the ?oly 5host.6 (ND 2< (cts 1D#$%6, '-hen said Caul, John verily ba*ti/ed )ith the ba*tism of re*entance, sayin+ unto the *eo*le, that they should believe on him )hich should come after him, that is, on Christ Jesus. hen they heard this, they )ere ba*ti/ed in the name of the 4ord Jesus. (nd )hen Caul had laid his hands u*on them, the ?oly 5host came on them1 and they s*a"e )ith ton+ues, and *ro*hesied.6

Consider that events occurred in reverse order )hen the +os*el ; -od0s ,ord< )as +iven
to the 5entiles. (cts 10#$$%$H, ' hile Ceter yet s*a"e these )ords, the ?oly 5host fell on all them )hich heard the )ord. (nd they of the circumcision )hich believed )ere astonished, as many as came )ith Ceter, because that on the 5entiles also )as *oured out the +ift of the ?oly 5host. !or they heard them s*ea" )ith ton+ues, and ma+nify 5od.


June/July 2006

-hen ans)ered Ceter, Can any man forbid )ater, that these should not be ba*ti/ed, )hich have received the ?oly 5host as )ell as )e3 (nd he commanded them to be ba*ti/ed in the name of the 4ord. -hen *rayed they him to tarry certain days.6

>ven thou+h ba*tism in )ater and ba*tism of the 0*irit are t)o se*arate events, 5od is
not limited and both could occur simultaneously de*endin+ on circumstances. -he *oint is that most *eo*le assume that if they have been ba*ti/ed in )ater that they have also been ba*ti/ed in the ?oly 5host and this is usually not the case.

-he clearest indication that one has been ba*ti/ed in the ?oly 5host is s*ea"in+ in
ton+ues. -his may be a hotly dis*uted, contested and abused issue in the reli+ious )orld, but Jesus said# Mar" 16#17, '(nd these si+ns shall follo) them that believe1 2n my name shall they cast out devils1 they shall s*ea" )ith ne) ton+ues.6 0*ea"in+ )ith ne) ton+ues al)ays follo)ed bein+ ba*ti/ed )ith the ?oly 5host as detailed in the boo" of (cts. 2t is also very im*ortant to reali/e that the ?oly 5host first fell u*on the Je)s at Centecost follo)ed by s*ea"in+ in ton+ues and the ?oly 5host first fell u*on the 5entiles at Cornelius’ house follo)ed by s*ea"in+ in ton+ues ;4 ts 2:4 and 4 ts 10:44<.

2n e=*lainin+ that 5od had +iven ?is truth to the 5entiles, Ceter told the Je)s# (cts
11#1&%1H, '(nd as 2 be+an to s*ea", the ?oly 5host fell on them, as on us at the be+innin+. -hen remembered 2 the )ord of the 4ord, ho) that he said, John indeed ba*ti/ed )ith )ater1 but ye shall be ba*ti/ed )ith the ?oly 5host. !orasmuch then as 5od +ave them the li"e +ift as he did unto us, )ho believed on the 4ord Jesus Christ1 )hat )as 2, that 2 could )ithstand 5od3 hen they heard these thin+s, they held their *eace, and +lorified 5od, sayin+, -hen hath 5od also to the 5entiles +ranted re*entance unto life.6 -he only evidence that the ?oly 5host had fell u*on the 5entiles )as the s*ea"in+ in ton+ues. ?o) did the ?oly 5host fall on the the Je)s at the be+innin+3 (cts 2#$, '(nd they )ere all filled )ith the ?oly 5host, and be+an to s*ea" )ith other ton+ues, as the 0*irit +ave them utterance.6

0*ea"in+ in ton+ues is one of those thin+s that men become hard hearted about and
refuse to yield to 5od on. (fter all, this is a humblin+ thin+ and it denies the flesh its reasonin+ and control. 0ome call it +ibberish ; nonsense<, but this *osition is found in *ride. hen one *rays in ton+ues, it com*letely by*asses human understandin+ ; and inter*eren e< and this is the *oint. 1 Corinthians 1$#2, '!or he that s*ea"eth in an un"no)n ton+ue s*ea"eth not unto men, but unto 5od# for no man understandeth him1 ho)beit in the s*irit he s*ea"eth mysteries.6 (ND 1 Corinthians 1$#1$, '!or if 2 *ray in an un"no)n ton+ue, my s*irit *rayeth, but my understandin+ is unfruitful.6

0*ea"in+ in ton+ues is your s*irit *rayin+ as the ?oly 0*irit ; who dwells within +ou with
+our spirit, dis ussed %elow< +ives utterance ;4 ts 2:4, 1 )or 14:14<. -he understandin+ of the flesh is not reEuired nor desired.

Not havin+ the ba*tism of the ?oly 0*irit *laces you )ith an im*ossible handica* in
servin+ 5od % if any man have not the 0*irit of Christ, he is none of ?is ; .! 8:9<. -his does not mean that you can’t be 'reli+ious6 and do many 'reli+ious thin+s6 :ust li"e the Charisees did. ?o)ever, li"e the Charisees, you )ill not '"no)6 5od or be )al"in+ in ?is )ays. 'Be say, that ?e is your 5od# Bet ye have not "no)n ?im ; Jn 8:54-55<.6 -o A6

June/July 2006

re:ect the ?oly 0*irit is to re:ect 5od’s +race or free +ift and this is certainly 'not "no)in+6 5od. -he ?oly 0*irit teaches 5od’s )ays and leads in them ; Jn 14:2", .! 8:14, 1 )or 2:13<.

!urther understandin+ concernin+ ba*tism#
ater ba*tism re*resents death and resurrection. e must die to the old life in the flesh and embrace ne) life in Christ. 9omans 6#A%&, 'Mno) ye not, that so many of us as )ere ba*ti/ed into Jesus Christ )ere ba*ti/ed into his death3 -herefore )e are buried )ith him by ba*tism into death# that li"e as Christ )as raised u* from the dead by the +lory of the !ather, even so )e also should )al" in ne)ness of life. !or if )e have been *lanted to+ether in the li"eness of his death, )e shall be also in the li"eness of his resurrection.6 hen a man is born, 5od +ives him life and there is a s*irit in man ; Jo% 32:8<. 5enesis 2#7, '(nd the 489D 5od formed man of the dust of the +round, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life1 and man became a livin+ soul.6 Job AA#$, '-he 0*irit of 5od hath made me, and the breath of the (lmi+hty hath +iven me life.6 5od +ives and the 4ord ta"es a)ay ;Jo% 34:14, #s 104:29, 6 l 8:8, 12:&<. -he vessel of clay is the container that the s*irit d)ells )ithin ;-en 3:19, Jo% 10:9, 13:12, 103:15, 6 l 3:20, 12:&, =s 29:1", "4:8<. hen a man is 'born a+ain,6 5od +ives him the ?oly 0*irit to d)ell )ith his s*irit in the vessel of clay % for your body and s*irit are 5od’s ; %od+, Jn 1:12-13, 3:3, 5, &, 1 )or 2:10-1", ":20<. -his is the ba*tism of the ?oly 5host. -he ?oly 5host is our Comforter ;Jn 14:1", 2", 15:2", 1":&<. 9omans H#D, ',ut ye are not in the flesh, but in the 0*irit, if so be that the 0*irit of 5od d)ell in youN6 5od hath said, 2 )ill d)ell in them, and )al" in them1 and 2 )ill be their 5od, and they shall be my *eo*le ; 2 )or ":1", also .! 8:11<. -herefore# 1 Corinthians A#16, 'Mno) ye not that ye are the tem*le of 5od, and that the 0*irit of 5od d)elleth in you36 (ND 1 Corinthians 6#1D, ' hat3 "no) ye not that your body is the tem*le of the ?oly 5host )hich is in you, )hich ye have of 5od, and ye are not your o)n36 Bou are no lon+er your o)n because your s*irit no) has a Comforter ;(ol+ 8pirit< d)ellin+ )ith it.

-he s*irit of man "no)eth the thin+s of man. -he 0*irit of 5od "no)eth the thin+s of
5od ;1 )or 2:11<. 5od’s 0*irit d)ells in you to reveal and lead in the thin+s of 5od ; 1 )or 2:12-13< @ throu+h your faith. 2n this )ay, you have the mind of Christ ;1 )or 2:1"<.

Christ )as the tem*le of the ?oly 5host. John 2#1D, 21, 'Jesus ans)ered and said unto
them, Destroy this tem*le, and in three days 2 )ill raise it u*. ,ut he s*a"e of the tem*le of his body.6 ?is body )as the tem*le of the ?oly 5host and three days after ?is death ?e )as raised by the *o)er of the ?oly 5host. 9omans H#11, ',ut if the 0*irit of him that raised u* Jesus from the dead d)ell in you, he that raised u* Christ from the dead shall also Euic"en your mortal bodies by his 0*irit that d)elleth in you ; also 2 )or 4:14<.6 (ND 1 Ceter A#1H, '!or Christ also hath once suffered for sins, the :ust for the un:ust, that he mi+ht brin+ us to 5od, bein+ *ut to death in the flesh, but Euic"ened by the 0*irit.6


June/July 2006

-he ?oly 0*irit is our access to Christ and the !ather ; 1 )or 2:10-1"<. >*hesians A#17,
'-hat Christ may d)ell in your hearts by faithN ; also -al 3:14<6 >*hesians 2#1H, '!or throu+h him ;Jesus< )e both have access by one 0*irit unto the !ather.6 0o# 1 John $#1A, '?ereby "no) )e that )e d)ell in him, and he in us, because he hath +iven us of his 0*irit.6 (ND 9omans H#16, '-he 0*irit itself beareth )itness )ith our s*irit, that )e are the children of 5od.6 Can you see ho) the ?oly 0*irit and your s*irit ; i* +ou %e (is< are to+ether3 -he ?oly 0*irit *rovides comfort to your s*irit bearin+ )itness that you are 5od’s.

(ll of this is for a *ur*ose.

e are 'born a+ain6 to live unto 5od ; heart, soul, !ind and strength, .! 12:2<. 9omans 6#10, '!or in that he died, he died unto sin once# but in that he liveth, he liveth unto 5od.6 -he old )ay of life in see"in+ the lusts and desires of the flesh is dead. 9omans 6#12%1A, '4et not sin therefore rei+n in your mortal body, that ye should obey it in the lusts thereof. Neither yield ye your members as instruments of unri+hteousness unto sin# but yield yourselves unto 5od, as those that are alive from the dead, and your members as instruments of ri+hteousness unto 5od.6 Bield to the 0*iritF

?ere is somethin+ ama/in+# -he children of 2srael )orshi**ed 5od in a tem*le made
)ith hands. 5od d)elt in the holy of holies and only the hi+h *riest once a year )ent in ;(e% 9:3-&<. -he holy *lace )as se*arated from the holy of holies by a veil. ?ebre)s D#H, '-he ?oly 5host this si+nifyin+, that the )ay into the holiest of all )as not yet made manifest, )hile as the first tabernacle )as yet standin+.6 hen Christ died that veil )as rent from to* to bottom ; o!pletel+< si+nifyin+ that throu+h Jesus man has direct access to the !ather ;Mt 2&:51, Mk 15:38, Lk 23:45, 6ph 2:18<. (s described above, the 4ord d)ells )ithin those )ho love and obey ?im % for they are no) ?is tem*le ; Jn 14:15-1&, 21, 23<.

-hese are *recious thin+s, but )ho has ears to hear and eyes to see3
Christ 'reaches in a Synagogue

(fter havin+ been tem*ted of the devil in the )ilderness, Jesus returned in the *o)er of
the 0*irit into 5alilee. 0hortly thereafter, Jesus came to a syna+o+ue in Na/areth and stood u* for to read ;Lk 4:1"-1&<. ?e read a *ro*hecy concernin+ ?imself from the boo" of 2saiah ;=s "1:1-2<.4u"e $#1H%1D, '-he 0*irit of the 4ord is u*on me, because he hath anointed me to *reach the +os*el to the *oor1 he hath sent me to heal the bro"enhearted, to *reach deliverance to the ca*tives, and recoverin+ of si+ht to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, -o *reach the acce*table year of the 4ord.6 Jesus told the audience# '-his day is this scri*ture fulfilled in your ears ;Lk 4:21<. 8ur 'si+ht6 is recovered )hen )e be+in to hear and see )hat Jesus said.

Christ ne=t ans)ered )hat ?e "ne) )as in their hearts )ith a short rebuttal )hich )as
not )ell received. 4u"e $#2H%2D, '(nd all they in the syna+o+ue, )hen they heard these thin+s, )ere filled )ith )rath, (nd rose u*, and thrust him out of the city, and led him unto the bro) of the hill )hereon their city )as built, that they mi+ht cast him do)n headlon+.6 -his event seemed to set the tone for man’s future res*onse to 5od’s ords as s*o"en throu+h Jesus the 0on.


June/July 2006

Jesus came forth boldly s*ea"in+ 5od’s

ord and demonstratin+ it in +reat *o)er for all to see. -he 4ord’s follo)ers or disci*les )ill do :ust as ?e did# (cts $#2D%A1, '(nd no), 4ord, behold their threatenin+s# and +rant unto thy servants, that )ith all boldness they may s*ea" thy )ord, ,y stretchin+ forth thine hand to heal1 and that si+ns and )onders may be done by the name of thy holy child Jesus. (nd )hen they had *rayed, the *lace )as sha"en )here they )ere assembled to+ether1 and they )ere all filled )ith the ?oly 5host, and they s*a"e the )ord of 5od )ith boldness.6

(fter bein+ filled )ith the ?oly 5host at Centecost, Ceter Euic"ly +ot everyone’s
attention )hen he healed a lame man at the +ate of the tem*le )hich is called ,eautiful ;4 ts 3:1-11<. 8f course this deed of love and com*assion also Euic"ly brou+ht about *ersecution from reli+ious man ;4 ts hap 4<. &he Son of (an Spea4s to (an

Jesus came s*ea"in+ only the !ather’s

ords, doin+ the !ather’s )ill and doin+ the !ather’s )or"s ;Jn 4:34, 5:1&, 19-20, 3", ":38, &:1"-18, 8:2", 28-29, 9:4, 12:49-50, 14:10, 24, 31, 15:15<. Christ sho)ed only love and com*assion to)ard ?is fello) man and ?e fed, tau+ht, sacrificed for, healed, raised the dead, calmed storms and delivered from demons ;Mt 4:23-24, 8:1", 9:31-33, 11:4-", 14:14, 35-3", 15:30-38, 1"-21, 19:2, 21:14, 32-33, Mk 1:34, 3:10-11, 4:3&-41, Lk ":1&-19, et :<. >ven so, ?e )as des*ised by reli+ious man ;=s 53:3, Mt 9:34, 12:10, 14, 45-4", 21:15, 22:15, 2":4, Mk 3:2, ", 14:1, Lk 11:53-54, 20:19-20, 22:4, Jn 5:1", &:1, 20, 25, 8:", 48, 59, 9:1", 24, 20, 25, 30, 4449, 10:20, 31, 39, 10:20, 11:8, 4&-48, 50, 53-54, 5&, 12:19, 15:24<. John H#$2, 'Jesus said unto them, 2f 5od )ere your !ather, ye )ould love me# for 2 *roceeded forth and came from 5od1 neither came 2 of myself, but he sent me.6

Christ )al"ed the t)o +reat commandments in that ?e loved the !ather )ith all ?is
heart, soul, mind and stren+th. Jesus loved ?is nei+hbors and sacrificed for their benefit. Jesus sho)ed man ho) to relate to the !ather @ as a lovin+ faithful 0on )ho is devoted to and honors the !ather’s )ill. Christ sho)ed us to love each other by al)ays desirin+ the )elfare of others. Jesus revealed '*erfect6 love by layin+ do)n ?is life ; all that (e had to gi'e< for man’s benefit and 5od’s )ill.

0ome follo)ed Jesus :ust to see the +reat )onders that ?e did. John 6#2, '(nd a +reat
multitude follo)ed him, because they sa) his miracles )hich he did on them that )ere diseased.6 0ome had other reasons# John 6#26%27, 'Jesus ans)ered them and said, Gerily, verily, 2 say unto you, Be see" me, not because ye sa) the miracles, but because ye did eat of the loaves, and )ere filled. 4abour not for the meat )hich *erisheth, but for that meat )hich endureth unto everlastin+ life, )hich the 0on of man shall +ive unto you# for him hath 5od the !ather sealed.6 Men )ere follo)in+ for fleshly reasons and not for 5od’s truth )hich brin+s eternal life.

Jesus s*o"e some hard truth and it immediately brou+ht a se*aration. John 6#60, 'Many
therefore of his disci*les, )hen they had heard this, said, -his is an hard sayin+1 )ho can hear it36 Jesus told them# John 6#6A, '2t is the s*irit that Euic"eneth1 the flesh *rofiteth nothin+# the )ords that 2 s*ea" unto you, they are s*irit, and they are life.6 -he flesh is o**osed to 5od’s truth. 5od’s ord comes a+ainst the fleshF -he flesh nature in you AD

June/July 2006

must die ;%e ru i*ied with )hrist< if you are to follo) in the 4ord’s narro) )ay. John 6#6&%66, '(nd he said, -herefore said 2 unto you, that no man can come unto me, e=ce*t it )ere +iven unto him of my !ather. !rom that time many of his disci*les )ent bac", and )al"ed no more )ith him.6 8nly those )hose heart’s have been humble and no lon+er )al" in *ride ;sel*< can come unto Christ. 5e6ection

Jesus +re) u* in the re+ion of 5alilee. Matthe) 1A#&$%&7, '(nd )hen he )as come into
his o)n country, he tau+ht them in their syna+o+ue, insomuch that they )ere astonished, and said, hence hath this man this )isdom, and these mi+hty )or"s3 2s not this the car*enter’s son3 is not his mother called Mary3 and his brethren, James, and Joses, and 0imon, and Judas3 (nd his sisters, are they not all )ith us3 hence then hath this man all these thin+s3 (nd they )ere offended in him. ,ut Jesus said unto them, ( *ro*het is not )ithout honour, save in his o)n country, and in his o)n house.6 -his is so true, those most familiar )ith you tend to +ive you the least amount of res*ect @ )ho are you that you should be able to tell us anythin+3 -he author has e=*erienced this in follo)in+ ?is 4ord. -he result )as# Matthe) 1A#&H, '(nd he did not many mi+hty )or"s there because of their unbelief.6 -hose )ith unbelief to)ard 5od al)ays come out the losers.

-he *eo*le said# John 7#27, '?o)beit )e "no) this man )hence he is# but )hen Christ
cometh, no man "no)eth )hence he is.6 -hey further said that out of 5alilee ariseth no *ro*het ;Jn &:52<. Do )e see 5od )hen ?e is in our midst or do )e :ust e=*lain thin+s a)ay3 5od raises u* )hom he )ill to confound the )ise ;1 )or 1:2&<. -he author has heard some of the most *rofound thin+s of )isdom from men )ho had been humbled throu+h im*risonment or havin+ lived homeless on the streets. Do you reco+ni/e truth )hen it comes from a source that you do not e=*ect or from one you have little res*ect for3 Do you say# 'out of my family, friends or from the stran+er do)n the street ariseth no *ro*het36

( man in :ail tau+ht the author ;who was suppose to %e the one doing the tea hing <
somethin+ that *rofoundly chan+ed the author’s life. ?e said that the television had been the sin+le )orst influence in his life and had destroyed him. 8h, such )isdom for those )ho only have ears to hearF (nother man humbled throu+h +reat need once told the author that its not in tal"in+ about )hat Christ did, but rather doin+ )hat Jesus did. ?e said he sa) that in me as 2 )as lendin+ some hel*, and this 2 )ould not trade for +reat riches. e must have discernment to reco+ni/e 'truth.6

-he *rideful +ive no thou+ht to those they consider beneath them. 1 Corinthians 1#26%2H,
'!or ye see your callin+, brethren, ho) that not many )ise men after the flesh, not many mi+hty, not many noble, are called. ,ut 5od hath chosen the foolish thin+s of the )orld to confound the )ise1 and 5od hath chosen the )ea" thin+s of the )orld to confound the thin+s )hich are mi+hty1 (nd base thin+s of the )orld, and thin+s )hich are des*ised, hath 5od chosen, yea, and thin+s )hich are not, to brin+ to nou+ht thin+s that are.6 5od’s )ay is not man’s )ay.

Christ’s o)n brothers did not believe ?im. John 7#&, '!or neither did his brethren believe
in him.6 -hese )ere the children of Jose*h and Mary )ho )ere named James, and Joses, $0

June/July 2006

and 0imon, and Judas ;Mt 13:55<. hen one is 'born a+ain,6 they are born into a ne) heavenly family. Jesus said# Mar" A#AA%A&, '(nd he ans)ered them, sayin+, ho is my mother, or my brethren3 (nd he loo"ed round about on them )hich sat about him, and said, ,ehold my mother and my brethrenF !or )hosoever shall do the )ill of 5od, the same is my brother, and my sister, and mother.6 -his is your eternal family @ those )ho com*letely submit to 5od and )al" in ?is )ays.

4et us re%consider somethin+ very im*ortant once a+ain# 5od’s *ro*hecy# Deuteronomy 1H#1H%1D, '2 )ill raise them u* a Cro*het from amon+
their brethren, li"e unto thee, and )ill *ut my )ords in his mouth1 and he shall s*ea" unto them all that 2 shall command him. (nd it shall come to *ass, that )hosoever )ill not hear"en unto my )ords )hich he shall s*ea" in my name, 2 )ill reEuire it of him.6


ords# John 12#$H%&0, '?e that re:ecteth me, and receiveth not my )ords, hath one that :ud+eth him# the )ord that 2 have s*o"en, the same shall :ud+e him in the last day. !or 2 have not s*o"en of myself1 but the !ather )hich sent me, he +ave me a commandment, )hat 2 should say, and )hat 2 should s*ea". (nd 2 "no) that his commandment is life everlastin+# )hatsoever 2 s*ea" therefore, even as the !ather said unto me, so 2 s*ea".6

Jesus )as com*letely focused u*on com*letin+ the !ather’s )or". Mar" A#20%21, '(nd
the multitude cometh to+ether a+ain, so that they could not so much as eat bread. (nd )hen his friends heard of it, they )ent out to lay hold on him# for they said, ?e is beside himself.6 -o say 'beside ?imself6 )ould eEuate to bein+ unbalanced or losin+ control. John $#A$, 'Jesus saith unto them, My meat is to do the )ill of him that sent me, and to finish his )or".6 2f you follo) Christ )ith such devotion, friends and family )ill say the same of you. -hey )ill say @ '4ets not be e=treme6 or 'you must "ee* thin+s in balance.6 Bet, )ith the same *assion, they )ill serve the thin+s they love ; ho%%ies, entertain!ents, olle tions, sports tea!s, et :<. &he (iracles

9ecall that the children of 2srael sa) the mi+hty miracles of 5od in >+y*t and the
)ilderness yet )ere full of unbelief and did not obey 5od or )al" in ?is )ays ; 4 ts &:39<. Jesus also came s*ea"in+ 5od’s ord and doin+ mi+hty miracles. ?e healed, o*ened blind eyes, delivered from devils, raised the dead, calmed the sea, and fed multitudes )ith only minor *rovisions. John 12#A7%AH, ',ut thou+h he had done so many miracles before them, yet they believed not on him# -hat the sayin+ of >saias the *ro*het mi+ht be fulfilled, )hich he s*a"e, 4ord, )ho hath believed our re*ort3 and to )hom hath the arm of the 4ord been revealed36

9omans A#A%$, '!or )hat if some did not believe3 shall their unbelief ma"e the faith of
5od )ithout effect3 5od forbid# yea, let 5od be true, but every man a liar1 as it is )ritten, -hat thou mi+htest be :ustified in thy sayin+s, and mi+htest overcome )hen thou art :ud+ed.6 ,ein+ found in 5od’s truth, ye shall )ithstand the :ud+ment.


June/July 2006

Man continues to re:ect 5od and refuses to )al" in ?is truth.

hat more could 5od do in reachin+ out to man3 -he 4ord has said# '(ll day lon+ 2 have stretched forth my hands unto a disobedient and +ainsayin+ *eo*le ;.! 10:21<.6 -o +ainsay is to o**ose or act a+ainst. -he 4ord 5od reaches out in love and man continually resists because to )al" )ith 5od man must concede ;gi'e up, *or*eit< his o)n )ay ;1 Jn 4:10<. 2t is the Creator’s ri+ht to be soverei+n over ?is creation. 2t is the Cotter’s ri+ht to have *o)er over the clay ;=s 44:9, "4:8, Jer 18:", .! 9:21, .e' 2:2&<. oe to the rebellious onesF

0o, :ust ho) are the 4ord’s *ur*oses bein+ accom*lished3 Jesus came for the lost shee*
to lead them bac" to 5od. 4u"e 1D#10, '!or the 0on of man is come to see" and to save that )hich )as lost.6 (ND '2 am not come to call the ri+hteous, but sinners to re*entance ;Mt 9:13<. 5od desires to +rant mercy to the re*entant. -here is a *ercenta+e of man, ho)ever small, that )ill humble themselves and receive 5od’s truth and )al" therein. -he 4ord deli+hts in mercy and re:oices )hen a lost shee* is found ; Lk 15:4-"<. Jesus said# John 10#27%2H, 'My shee* hear my voice, and 2 "no) them, and they follo) me# (nd 2 +ive unto them eternal life1 and they shall never *erish, neither shall any man *luc" them out of my hand.6

Jesus said it over and over# 'he that hath an ear let him hear6 and '2 say to those )ho
hear.6 (re you one that )ill hear3 -he evidence of havin+ heard is to follo)F -he evidence of havin+ 'received6 is to obeyF

Chapter ., &o Separate or Sift
ord has it’s effect in se*aratin+ the +ood from the bad. John the ,a*tist said of Jesus# Matthe) A#12, ' hose fan is in his hand, and he )ill throu+hly *ur+e his floor, and +ather his )heat into the +arner1 but he )ill burn u* the chaff )ith unEuenchable fire ;also Lk 3:1&<.6 Jesus s*o"e the truth and it had a siftin+ effect# John 7#12, '(nd there )as much murmurin+ amon+ the *eo*le concernin+ him# for some said, ?e is a +ood man# others said, Nay1 but he deceiveth the *eo*le.6 John 7#$A, '0o there )as a division amon+ the *eo*le because of him.6 0ome *resumed one thin+# John 7#20, '-he *eo*le ans)ered and said, -hou hast a devil# )ho +oeth about to "ill thee36 8thers )ere not so sure# John 7#A1, '(nd many of the *eo*le believed on him, and said, hen Christ cometh, )ill he do more miracles than these )hich this man hath done36

Jesus sent forth ?is disci*les into the surroundin+ area )ith ?is

ord and *o)er ; Mt 10:1<. Matthe) 10#7%H, '(nd as ye +o, *reach, sayin+, -he "in+dom of heaven is at hand. ?eal the sic", cleanse the le*ers, raise the dead, cast out devils# freely ye have received, freely +ive.6 ( follo)er of Christ shall be as his master in all thin+s @ *articularly s*ea"in+ 5od’s ord )ith *o)er ;!ira les<. Christ +ives ?is follo)ers authority to s*ea" for ?im# 4u"e 10#16, '?e that heareth you heareth me1 and he that des*iseth you des*iseth me1 and he that des*iseth me des*iseth him that sent me.6 (ND Matthe) 10#$0, '?e that receiveth you receiveth me, and he that receiveth me receiveth him that sent me.6

Jesus further instructed them# Matthe) 10#1$%1&, '(nd )hosoever shall not receive you,
nor hear your )ords, )hen ye de*art out of that house or city, sha"e off the dust of your $2

June/July 2006

feet. Gerily 2 say unto you, 2t shall be more tolerable for the land of 0odom and 5omorrha in the day of :ud+ment, than for that city.6 hy is this im*ortant3 ,ecause 5od s*ecifically sti*ulated that those )ho )ould not hear the ords that ?e *ut in the mouth of the *ro*het )ould be destroyed from amon+ the *eo*le ; 4 ts 3:22-23< @ these ords )ould be reEuired of them ;<eut 18:18-19<. Jesus further said the ords that ?e s*o"e )ould :ud+e man in the last day ;Jn 12:48<. Christ said# Matthe) 12#A0, '?e that is not )ith me is a+ainst me1 and he that +athereth not )ith me scattereth abroad.6 -o 're:ect6 Christ’s ords is to o**ose Jesus, and the messa+e ?e brou+ht )hich is 5od’s truth. -his is to set yourself a+ainst 5od. hen the disci*les )ent forth s*ea"in+ 5od’s ords )ith miracles, then man )ould either 'receive6 or 're:ect6 the messa+e @ an eternal siftin+. Do not su**ose or *resume that you are due multi*le and endless o**ortunities to res*ond to 5od in an acce*table )ay ;not words, %ut de!onstrated *aith walked dail+ <. -his day may be your last @ as a snare come u*on you.

Christ rebu"es those cities )hich have re:ected 5od’s

ord. Matthe) 11#20%2$, '-hen be+an he to u*braid the cities )herein most of his mi+hty )or"s )ere done, because they re*ented not# oe unto thee, Chora/inF )oe unto thee, ,ethsaidaF for if the mi+hty )or"s, )hich )ere done in you, had been done in -yre and 0idon, they )ould have re*ented lon+ a+o in sac"cloth and ashes. ,ut 2 say unto you, 2t shall be more tolerable for -yre and 0idon at the day of :ud+ment, than for you. (nd thou, Ca*ernaum, )hich art e=alted unto heaven, shalt be brou+ht do)n to hell# for if the mi+hty )or"s, )hich have been done in thee, had been done in 0odom, it )ould have remained until this day. ,ut 2 say unto you, -hat it shall be more tolerable for the land of 0odom in the day of :ud+ment, than for thee ;also onsider Mt 12:38-42<.6 0hall Jesus also say )oe unto you3 -he *rideful disre+ard 5od’s ord and the humble receive it ;Mt 11:25, 28-30<.

-he 4ord’s

ord )ill intentionally *roduce divisions and Jesus made this very clear. Matthe) 10#A$%A6, '-hin" not that 2 am come to send *eace on earth# 2 came not to send *eace, but a s)ord. !or 2 am come to set a man at variance a+ainst his father, and the dau+hter a+ainst her mother, and the dau+hter in la) a+ainst her mother in la). (nd a man’s foes shall be they of his o)n household.6 -here )ill be division because those )ho see" to )al" in 5od’s ord )ill )al" o**osite from those )ho )al" in the course of this )orld. -here )ill be +reat contention over 5od’s ord.

>ven so, )e must choose our side )isely# Matthe) 10#A7%AD, '?e that loveth father or
mother more than me is not )orthy of me# and he that loveth son or dau+hter more than me is not )orthy of me. (nd he that ta"eth not his cross, and follo)eth after me, is not )orthy of me. ?e that findeth his life shall lose it# and he that loseth his life for my sa"e shall find it.6 !or the disci*le of Christ, the real family are those )ho do the )ill of 5od ;Mt 12:4&-50, Mk 3:32-35<. 7iolating !od8s 2ill

,y readin+ 5od’s

ord )e can be assured that 5od’s an+er is directed to)ard those )ho i+nor or disre+ard ?is ord and treat ?is commandments as trivial ; uni!portant, insigni*i ant< or irrelevant ;#s &:11<. -he 4ord’s )rath )ill be a+ainst those )ho do not $A

June/July 2006

ac"no)led+e ?is authority and submit to it @ they do not retain 5od in their "no)led+e or thou+hts ;Jo% 24:13, #s 10:4, .! 1:28<.

-his rebellious attitude )as e=*ressed by Charaoh )hen he said# ' ho is the 489D, that
2 should obey his voice ;62 5:2<36 and '2 "no) not the 489D ;62 5:2<.6 Many thin", '2t *rofiteth a man nothin+ that he should deli+ht himself )ith 5od ; Jo% 21:15, 34:9<.6 Job 21#1$, '-herefore they say unto 5od, De*art from us1 for )e desire not the "no)led+e of thy )ays ;also Jo% 22:1&<.6 -he )ic"ed, throu+h the *ride of his countenance ;sel* e2altation<, )ill not see" after 5od ;#s 10:4<. Csalms A6#1, '-he trans+ression of the )ic"ed saith )ithin my heart, that there is no fear of 5od before his eyes ; also .! 3:18<.6

!or those )ho are truly re*entant and fully ac"no)led+e and forsa"e their evil, 5od is
very merciful ;#s 8":5<. Bou must call u*on 5od in truth ;#s 145:18<. No one is )orthy for all have sinned and fallen short of 5od’s +lory ;.! 3:23<. 9omans A#10, '(s it is )ritten, -here is none ri+hteous, no, not one.6 -he 4ord’s *leasure is found in those )ho fully ac"no)led+e their sin and com*letely turn from it bac" unto the 4ord. -here is re:oicin+ in heaven over such ;Lk 15:&, 10<. Csalms 1$7#11, '-he 489D ta"eth *leasure in them that fear him, in those that ho*e in his mercy.6

-he 4ord says# Croverbs 2H#1A, '?e that covereth his sins shall not *ros*er# but )hoso
confesseth and forsa"eth them shall have mercy.6 (ND 2saiah &&#7, '4et the )ic"ed forsa"e his )ay, and the unri+hteous man his thou+hts# and let him return unto the 489D, and he )ill have mercy u*on him1 and to our 5od, for he )ill abundantly *ardon.6 -he 4ord al)ays says# >/e"iel AA#11, '0ay unto them, (s 2 live, saith the 4ord 58D, 2 have no *leasure in the death of the )ic"ed1 but that the )ic"ed turn from his )ay and live# turn ye, turn ye from your evil )ays1 for )hy )ill ye die, 8 house of 2srael36

-urnin+ from your )ay ;*orsaking it< to 5od’s )ay is re*entance. 5od is lon+sufferin+
not )illin+ that any should *erish, but that all should come to re*entance ; 2 #t 3:9<. -his is the +oodness of 5od @ ?is forearance and lon+sufferin+ that leadeth thee to re*entance ;.! 2:4<. 1 Corinthians H#A, ',ut if any man love 5od, the same is "no)n of him.6 -o love 5od is to deny or sacrifice self for ?is benefit.

Consider 5od’s nature# -he 489D 5od is merciful and +racious, lon+sufferin+, and
abundant in +oodness and truth, Mee*in+ mercy for thousands, for+ivin+ iniEuity and trans+ression and sin, and that )ill by no means clear the +uilty ;62 34:"-&, also <eut 4:31, #s 11":5, Jonah 4:2, Lk ":3", (e% 8:12<. 5od is *lenteous in mercy for the contrite of heart ;#s 103:8<. Csalms H6#1&, ',ut thou, 8 4ord, art a 5od full of com*assion, and +racious, lon+sufferin+, and *lenteous in mercy and truth.6 (ND Csalms H6#&, '!or thou, 4ord, art +ood, and ready to for+ive1 and *lenteous in mercy unto all them that call u*on thee.6

5od’s mercy is based u*on ac"no)led+in+ and )al"in+ in ?is truth ; *orsaking and
es hewing e'il, #s 5&:10, 85:10, 89:14, 100:5, 103:11, 108:4, $i 1:1, 2 $i! 2:25 <. Csalms 2&#10, '(ll the *aths of the 489D are mercy and truth unto such as "ee* his covenant and his testimonies.6 (ND Croverbs 16#6, ',y mercy and truth iniEuity is $$

June/July 2006

*ur+ed# and by the fear of the 489D men de*art from evil.6 -he 4ord is +reatly u*set )hen# 'there is no truth, nor mercy, nor "no)led+e of 5od in the land ; (os 4:1<.6 (ND Malachi 2#17, 'Be have )earied the 489D )ith your )ords. Bet ye say, herein have )e )earied him3 hen ye say, >very one that doeth evil is +ood in the si+ht of the 489D, and he deli+hteth in them1 or, here is the 5od of :ud+ment36

-he 4ord res*onds accordin+ly# Csalms 1H#2&%26, ' ith the merciful thou )ilt she)
thyself merciful1 )ith an u*ri+ht man thou )ilt she) thyself u*ri+ht1 ith the *ure thou )ilt she) thyself *ure1 and )ith the fro)ard thou )ilt she) thyself fro)ard ; also .! 9:18<.6 -he u*ri+ht man is virtuous or *ure in heart ; genuine, real sin ere, right !oti'es< meanin+ he voluntarily obeys the truth. -o be fro)ard is to refuse to do )hat is ri+ht or e=*ected or to turn from the truth.

5od is not moc"ed, for )hat a man so)s he shall rea* ; -al ":&<. Deuteronomy 7#D%10,
'Mno) therefore that the 489D thy 5od, he is 5od, the faithful 5od, )hich "ee*eth covenant and mercy )ith them that love him and "ee* his commandments to a thousand +enerations1 (nd re*ayeth them that hate him to their face, to destroy them# he )ill not be slac" to him that hateth him, he )ill re*ay him to his face. ?atred )ould be to sacrifice ;disregard< 5od for the benefit of self. 2n other )ords, to *lace 'self6 before ;ahead o*< 5od is to hate the 4ord. -o hate 5od is to ma"e ?im of lesser im*ortance in your life. (isleading the 'eople9

Not only )ere Jesus’

ords not received and re:ected by the *eo*le, but ?e )as accused of *ervertin+ the nation before the the *o)er and authority of the 9oman +overnor ;4" 20#20, 2A#1%2<. -o *ervert is to turn from the truth, *ro*riety, or from its *ro*er *ur*ose1 to distort from its true use or end1 as, to *ervert reason by misdirectin+ it1 to *ervert the la)s by misinter*retin+ and misa**lyin+ them. -he reli+ious leaders said# '?e deceiveth the *eo*le ;Jn &:12, 4&<. -he 0on of 5od )ho s*o"e only the !ather’s ords )as accused of turnin+ men from the truth or lyin+. 2n other )ords, reli+ious man accused 5od of doin+ )hat the devil had done at the be+innin+. -he +overnor did not a+ree. 4u"e 2A#1$%1&, '0aid unto them, Be have brou+ht this man unto me, as one that *erverteth the *eo*le# and, behold, 2, havin+ e=amined him before you, have found no fault in this man touchin+ those thin+s )hereof ye accuse him# No, nor yet ?erod# for 2 sent you to him1 and, lo, nothin+ )orthy of death is done unto him.6 Jesus sho)ed nothin+ but love, first to)ard 5od the !ather and then to)ard ?is fello) man. 2n other )ords, Jesus *erfectly )al"ed the t)o +reat commandments. Matthe) 22#$0, '8n these t)o commandments han+ all the la) and the *ro*hets ;also Mt &:12<. (lso these t)o +reat commandments are more than all )hole burnt offerin+s and sacrifices ;Mk 12:33<. John 1&#2&, ',ut this cometh to *ass, that the )ord mi+ht be fulfilled that is )ritten in their la), -hey hated me )ithout a cause.6

Chapter /, "lind %eading the "lind

June/July 2006

e discussed ho) blindness to the truth results from hardness of heart ; hearts as an ada!ant stone<. -his is a refusal to forsa"e your o)n )ay and is manifested as obstinacy, stubbornness and obduracy. -his is to clin+ to and e=alt your )ay above 5od’s )ay. -his is to be fro)ard, )hich is a refusal to do )hat is ri+ht or reEuired. -his is also to )al" in *ride. 9omans 2#&%6, ',ut after thy hardness and im*enitent heart treasurest u* unto thyself )rath a+ainst the day of )rath and revelation of the ri+hteous :ud+ment of 5od1 ho )ill render to every man accordin+ to his deeds.6 -he :ud+ment is all based u*on 5od’s ord @ did you yield to it or stubbornly and contentiously resist it ; .! 2:9-10<3 9omans 2#11, '!or there is no res*ect of *ersons )ith 5od.6 hen Min+ 0aul )as disobedient to the 4ord in the matter of the (male"ites, 0amuel told 0aul# 1 0amuel 1&#2A, 'Nstubbornness is as iniEuity and idolatry. ,ecause thou hast re:ected the )ord of the 489D, he hath also re:ected thee from bein+ "in+.6 0tubbornness is iniEuity because it *laces your )ill/)ay above 5od’s. -o re:ect 5od’s ord or truth is to also be re:ected of 5od @ action be+ats reaction ; 1 8a! 15:2"<. (fter)ard, the 0*irit of the 4ord de*arted from 0aul ;1 8a! 1":14<. 4et him hear that hath ears to hear.

-he reli+ious leaders accused Jesus of trans+ressin+ the tradition of the elders ; o* !an<
concernin+ the )ashin+ of hands ;Mt 15:1-2<. Christ *ointed out ho) the reli+ious leaders violated 5od’s commandment throu+h their traditions by not honorin+ their father and mother. -hrou+h their reli+ious maneuverin+ they had made 5od’s commandment of none effect ;Mt 15:3-"<. Jesus said# Matthe) 1&#7%D, 'Be hy*ocrites, )ell did >saias *ro*hesy of you, sayin+, -his *eo*le dra)eth ni+h unto me )ith their mouth, and honoureth me )ith their li*s1 but their heart is far from me. ,ut in vain they do )orshi* me, teachin+ for doctrines the commandments of men.6

Many )ere concerned by )hat had trans*ired. Matthe) 1&#12%1$, '-hen came his
disci*les, and said unto him, Mno)est thou that the Charisees )ere offended, after they heard this sayin+3 ,ut he ans)ered and said, >very *lant, )hich my heavenly !ather hath not *lanted, shall be rooted u*. 4et them alone# they be blind leaders of the blind. (nd if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch ;also Lk ":39<.6 as this harsh3 No, the reli+ious leaders )ere infle=ible and stubborn and refused to yield to 5od’s truth. -hey sou+ht the )ay of man throu+h doctrines and traditions and nullified 5od’s ord or truth. -hey )ere leadin+ in disobedience to 5od )hich is the )ay of death.

-hese men )ere blind and )al"ed in *ride. Jesus said of such# John &#$0, '(nd ye )ill
not come to me, that ye mi+ht have life.6 hy3 ,ecause of their hardness of heart and fro)ardness ;o%stina +, o%dura +<. Comin+ to Christ reEuires humbleness )hich denies the flesh its *lace or control. Comin+ to Christ reEuires one to admit fault and chan+e direction in their life. -he reli+ious leaders thou+ht they could see, but )ere truly blind ;Jn 9:39-41<. Jesus )as s*ecifically sent from 5od to reveal 5od’s ord )ith *o)er. al"in+ in your )ay or the )ays of the )orld blinds you to the truth Jesus brou+ht. e must eEually and seriously consider that there are many blind leaders in modern Christianity. -hese are no more )illin+ to yield their reli+ious )ays than )ere the


June/July 2006

Charisees of old. -hese )al" in the doctrines and traditions of man. -hey s*ea" +reat thin+s )ith their mouth and li*s, but their hearts are far from 5od, but near to self. 'ride and )ypocrisy

Jesus brou+ht many thin+s to li+ht concernin+ the behaviors of reli+ious men. 9eli+ious
men are those )ho see" 5od their )ay throu+h their doctrines, traditions and reli+ious *rotocol ;!odus operandi, pra ti e, theolog+<, yet are unyieldin+ to 5od’s )ay ;stu%%orn, o%stinate, sti** ne ked<. Matthe) 2A#$%7, '!or they bind heavy burdens and +rievous to be borne, and lay them on men’s shoulders1 but they themselves )ill not move them )ith one of their fin+ers. ,ut all their )or"s they do for to be seen of men# they ma"e broad their *hylacteries, and enlar+e the borders of their +arments, (nd love the u**ermost rooms at feasts, and the chief seats in the syna+o+ues, (nd +reetin+s in the mar"ets, and to be called of men, 9abbi, 9abbi.6 -hey )al" in *ride ;sel* e2altation<F

,lind +uides ;Mt 23:4<F Matthe) 2A#1A, ',ut )oe unto you, scribes and Charisees,
hy*ocritesF for ye shut u* the "in+dom of heaven a+ainst men# for ye neither +o in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are enterin+ to +o in.6 -hrou+h their +reat institutions )ith their doctrines, traditions and theolo+ies ;o* !an< they misdirect. Matthe) 2A#1&, ' oe unto you, scribes and Charisees, hy*ocritesF for ye com*ass sea and land to ma"e one *roselyte, and )hen he is made, ye ma"e him t)ofold more the child of hell than yourselves.6 -heir theolo+y tells us 'the doctrines )e are to believe6 and 'the duties )e are to *ractice.6 ,lind @ )ithout *erce*tion or understandin+. -hey "no) not )hat they do, but are steadfast in their course ;#' 4:19, Lk 23:34<.

8h such a form of +odliness they *ossess @ they say# 'you must come to us and our
institutions to find 5od.6 Matthe) 2A#27%2H, ' oe unto you, scribes and Charisees, hy*ocritesF for ye are li"e unto )hited se*ulchres, )hich indeed a**ear beautiful out)ard, but are )ithin full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness. >ven so ye also out)ardly a**ear ri+hteous unto men, but )ithin ye are full of hy*ocrisy and iniEuity.6

Jesus said# Matthe) 2A#AA, 'Be ser*ents, ye +eneration of vi*ers, ho) can ye esca*e the
damnation of hell36 hat did the ser*ent do ;.e' 20:2<3 -he ser*ent led man a)ay from 5od into the *ath of disobedience and rebellion ;-en 3:1-"<. -he ser*ent led man into the *ath of dar"ness )hich is blindness to 5od’s truth. ,lind leaders of the blind, you are leadin+ o**osite of 5od to eternal damnation. -he blind )al" in dar"ness and "no) no )here they +o, yet they are *ositively sure they are almost there. Cray for eyesalve, that thou mayest see @ ye blind men that have need of nothin+ ;.e' 3:1&-18<. 5ebellious (an Condemns !od to eath

Christ said# Matthe) 2A#A$, ' herefore, behold, 2 send unto you *ro*hets, and )ise
men, and scribes# and some of them ye shall "ill and crucify1 and some of them shall ye scour+e in your syna+o+ues, and *ersecute them from city to city.6 2n other )ords, 5od send many men to s*ea" ?is truth and all )ere soundly re:ected and treated harshly.

9eli+ious man had been antici*atin+ the comin+ of >li:ah ; 6lias< and the comin+ of the
Messiah. 2t )as *ro*hesied# Malachi $#&, ',ehold, 2 )ill send you >li:ah the *ro*het


June/July 2006

before the comin+ of the +reat and dreadful day of the 489D.6 hen John the ,a*tist ;in the spirit o* 6lias, Mt 11:13-14< and Jesus Christ came, neither one met reli+ious man’s e=*ectations and both )ere also soundly re:ected.

Jesus revealed somethin+ to ?is disci*les that )as very condemnin+ of reli+ious man.
Matthe) 17#10%1A, '(nd his disci*les as"ed him, sayin+, hy then say the scribes that >lias must first come3 (nd Jesus ans)ered and said unto them, >lias truly shall first come, and restore all thin+s. ,ut 2 say unto you, -hat >lias is come already, and they "ne) him not, but have done unto him )hatsoever they listed. 4i"e)ise shall also the 0on of man suffer of them. -hen the disci*les understood that he s*a"e unto them of John the ,a*tist.6 2s this not a serious disconnect bet)een reli+ious man and 5od3 Do you not reali/e that much the same still e=ists in the reli+ious )orld today ;in whate'er *or!<3

Jesus )as des*ised of the reli+ious leaders @ re:ected of men, a man of sorro)s ; =s 53:3<.
?e came to ?is o)n, the *eo*le of 5od, )ith a messa+e from 5od ; the gospel< and ?is o)n received ?im not ;Jn 1:11<. Jeremiah H#D, '-he )ise men are ashamed, they are dismayed and ta"en# lo, they have re:ected the )ord of the 489D1 and )hat )isdom is in them36 hat )isdom do you have you +reat blind theolo+ians3 Do you )al" blind to the )orld yet in the li+ht of the ?oly 0*irit of truth ;2 Jn 1:2<3

Christ s*o"e and )al"ed 5od’s

ord, yet man condemned ?im to death. >ven so, 5od’s *ur*oses are bein+ fulfilled even to this day. -here is a +reat and eternal se*aration occurin+ @ a siftin+. -he 4ord is determinin+ )ho )ill 'receive6 and ')al"6 in ?is ord. 2n other )ords, 5od is determinin+ :ust )ho really loves ?im. !aith in combination )ith the )or"in+s of the ?oly 5host )ill *roduce )hat 5od desires and shall yield a harvest unto the 4ord. -he fruit )ill be evident and cannot come forth any other )ay. !reat )ope

-hose )ho receive Christ have +reat ho*e. John A#AA, '?e that hath received his
testimony hath set to his seal that 5od is true.6 (ND John 1#12%1A, ',ut as many as received him, to them +ave he *o)er to become the sons of 5od, even to them that believe on his name# hich )ere born, not of blood, nor of the )ill of the flesh, nor of the )ill of man, but of 5od.6 John A#21, ',ut he that doeth truth cometh to the li+ht, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are )rou+ht in 5od.6 (ND 1 John 1#7, ',ut if )e )al" in the li+ht, as he is in the li+ht, )e have fello)shi* one )ith another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his 0on cleanseth us from all sin.6 -hose )ho do truth come to the li+ht and )al" in the li+ht and have for+iveness in Christ’s shed blood. -hose )ho )al" in truth )ill not )al" or abide in dar"ness % have the li+ht of life. ;Jn 8:12, 12:35, 4"<. &he Journey

( :ourney that last for eternity be+ins )ith a first ste*. Bou must ta"e that first ste*
to)ard 5od and never loo" bac" ;Lk 9:"2<. 5od is li+htF -hose )al"in+ o**osite of 5od are )al"in+ a)ay from ?is li+ht and into ever +reater dar"ness. -his dar"ness further


June/July 2006

blinds their eyes to 5od’s truth ;#s 18:28, =s 9:2, 42:1", Mt 4:1", Lk 1:&9, Jn 1:5, 12:35, 4 ts 2":18, 2 )or 4:4<. John H#12, '-hen s*a"e Jesus a+ain unto them, sayin+, 2 am the li+ht of the )orld# he that follo)eth me shall not )al" in dar"ness, but shall have the li+ht of life.6 (ND John 12#$6, '2 am come a li+ht into the )orld, that )hosoever believeth on me should not abide in dar"ness.6 (ND >*hesians &#H, '!or ye )ere sometimes dar"ness, but no) are ye li+ht in the 4ord# )al" as children of li+ht.6

>ach ste* to)ard 5od is one more into the li+ht and one more ste* out of the dar"ness. 1
John 1#&, '-his then is the messa+e )hich )e have heard of him, and declare unto you, that 5od is li+ht, and in him is no dar"ness at all.6 >ach ste* to)ard 5od is that much more clarity in understandin+ 5od’s truth. -o )al" to)ard 5od is to see 5od ever clearer. -o )al" to)ard 5od is to )al" in Christ’s *ath. Jesus is 'the ay6 and 'the -ruth ;Jn 14:"<.6

>ach ste* to)ard the 4ord increases your understandin+. >ach ste* dra)s you nearer to
5od. ith each ste* it becomes all the more evident to you that# '2 )as blind, but no) 2 see.6 >ach ste* increases your love to)ard 5od and relationshi* )ith ?im. >ach ste* increases your faith and thereby your stren+th. al"in+ to)ard 5od is )al"in+ in mercy, truth and ri+hteousness. -here is no *lace for :ustifyin+ unfor+iveness, sin/iniEuity and unri+hteousness. -he closer you dra) to 5od the more evident it becomes that there is no *lace for any o**osition to 5od’s )ill. Bou reali/e that the flesh has no *lace and is a +reat hindrance to doin+ 5od’s )ill.

May your eyes be+in to o*en that you may see these thin+sF May your ears become
unsto**ed that you may hear.

Man is a most rebellious creationF Man has been rebellin+ a+ainst 5od and re:ectin+ ?is
ord since the be+innin+ @ from +eneration to +eneration. -he 4ord 5od "no)s this. 5od intends to harvest a faithful obedient remnant from throu+hout the a+es @ called of 5od ;Joel 2:31-32, Mt 13:3"-43, .e' 14:15<. Jesus ac"no)led+ed this in sayin+# 4u"e 1A#2A%2$, '-hen said one unto him, 4ord, are there fe) that be saved3 (nd he said unto them, 0trive to enter in at the strait +ate# for many, 2 say unto you, )ill see" to enter in, and shall not be able.6 (ND Matthe) 7#1A%1$, '>nter ye in at the strait +ate# for )ide is the +ate, and broad is the )ay, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be )hich +o in thereat# ,ecause strait is the +ate, and narro) is the )ay, )hich leadeth unto life, and fe) there be that find it.6 ( remnant shall be saved ;.! 9:2&-28, 11:5<. hat more could 5od do for man3 Must the Creator bo) to the )ill of ?is creation3 Jesus Christ ;the ,ord o* -od !ade *lesh< came as a man s*ea"in+ and demonstratin+ 5od’s ord. Jesus +ave everythin+ for man’s benefit @ com*lete sacrifice @ com*lete love. 5od says to the disobedient and rebellious# '2 have called, and ye refused1 2 have stretched out my hand, and no man re+arded ; #' 1:24<. 5od’s is slo) to an+er, but ?is )rath is certainly "indled and shall come forth in +reat fury ;.e' ":1&, 19:15<.


June/July 2006

2n the reli+ious )orld, most men are led about by the doctrines of men rather than the
?oly 5host. Jesus said )e are to be led and tau+ht of the ?oly 0*irit ; 8pirit o* truth, )o!*orter, Jn 14:2", 15:2", .! 8:14<. Com*lete theolo+ies ;what we !ust %elie'e and pra ti e< have been develo*ed throu+h )hat men li"e Martin 4uther, John Calvin or *erha*s some Catholic father tau+ht.

>ven so, there is much error in these teachin+s and in these men’s e=am*les. -he ?oly
5host does not have such handica*s and is certainly )ithout error. 1 John 2#27, ',ut the anointin+ )hich ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you# but as the same anointin+ teacheth you of all thin+s, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath tau+ht you, ye shall abide in him.6 -he ?oly 5host teaches and leads each +eneration in 5od’s truth if they )ill receive itF -he reli+ious, Euite fran"ly, have their doctrines, theolo+ies and traditions and do not desire the ?oly 5host’s teachin+ @ it usually conflicts )ith theirs.

-he 59>(- condemnation is that li+ht is come into the )orld, and men loved dar"ness
rather than li+ht, because their deeds )ere evil ;Jn 3:19<. Jesus '*ersonally6 brou+ht 'li+ht6 or 5od’s 'truth6 unto man. Men *refer the dar"nessF @ see"in+ their o)n )ay throu+h the lusts and desires of the flesh @ led about by constant tem*tations. James 1#1$, ',ut every man is tem*ted, )hen he is dra)n a)ay of his o)n lust, and enticed.6 ho leads in such tem*tations3 -he devil deceives throu+h the flesh ; 2 )or 2:11<F 2 -hessalonians 2#10, '(nd )ith all deceivableness of unri+hteousness in them that *erish1 because they received not the love of the truth, that they mi+ht be saved.6 Men refuse 5od’s truth that the ' ord made flesh6 brou+ht unto man. -hey do not love the truth because they love dar"ness )hich is the devil’s lie. -hey believe the devil’s lie, yet re:ect 5od’s truth ;2 $hess 2:11<. -he truth )ill be reEuired of man by 5od and you must be found in it to have life.

-hose led of the flesh )al" an o**osite direction from 5od. 2 -hessalonians 2#12, '-hat
they all mi+ht be damned )ho believed not the truth, but had *leasure in unri+hteousness.6 -o love the dar"ness is to have '*leasure6 in unri+hteousness.

8ur ri+hteousness before 5od is only found in our faith ; lo'e, su%!ission, o%edien e,
trust and de'otion toward -od< as +uided in truth by the ?oly 0*irit throu+h Jesus Christ. -his is the *ath bac" to 5odF -his is the only esca*e from the condemnation of death. -hose )ho )al" this *ath shall fully reali/e com*lete reconciliation and restoration in that death is s)allo)ed u* in victory ;1 )or 15:54<. -hey shall be raised from the dead :ust as Jesus )as @ Christ )ent before and they follo) after ;as sheep<. 1 Corinthians 1&#&&%&7, '8 death, )here is thy stin+3 8 +rave, )here is thy victory3 -he stin+ of death is sin1 and the stren+th of sin is the la). ,ut than"s be to 5od, )hich +iveth us the victory throu+h our 4ord Jesus Christ.6

-hose )ho have made *eace )ith sin and 'reli+iously6 or other)ise :ustify it shall have
no ri+ht to life. Death shall claim them as its o)n. Croverbs &#22, '?is o)n iniEuities shall ta"e the )ic"ed himself, and he shall be holden )ith the cords of his sins.6 -he )a+es of sin is death and death shall ri+htfully claim its o)n ;.! ":23<.


June/July 2006

-he ,ible s*ea"s of a time )hen all thin+s shall be restored u*on the earth. 2saiah 11#D,
'-hey shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain# for the earth shall be full of the "no)led+e of the 489D, as the )aters cover the sea.6 (ND ?aba""u" 2#1$, '!or the earth shall be filled )ith the "no)led+e of the +lory of the 489D, as the )aters cover the sea.6 -hose )ho have 'received6 Christ’s ords and endeavor to )al" in them as led by the ?oly 5host, loo" for)ard to such a time of '*eace.6 -hose )ho have 're:ected6 Christ’s ords as evidenced by livin+ in a )ay o**osed to the truth ; walking in darkness 7 religiousl+ or not< )ill have no *lace.

4et us be found )al"in+ in the truth that Jesus brou+ht so that )e may *arta"e of the
mercy that ?e obtained )ith ?is o)n blood. Croverbs A#A%$, '4et not mercy and truth forsa"e thee# bind them about thy nec"1 )rite them u*on the table of thine heart# 0o shalt thou find favour and +ood understandin+ in the si+ht of 5od and man.6

-he 4ord says 'come6 to ')hosoever )ill,6 but ho) many receive ?is
therein ;.e' 22:1&<3 ho has ears to hear3 ho hath eyes to see3

ord and )al"

-he author has )ritten si= boo"s and *eriodically )rites other articles, tracts and boo"s as the 4ord *uts them on his heart. -hese are offered free of char+e and may be obtained by )ritin+# 20D Cedar Cond Dr., Madison, (l. A&7&7


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