PROYECTO DE APRENDIZAJE TITULO Grammar Focus lessons guide students through the language and give trough grammar

practice. ÁREA Área de Ingles. GRADO Tercer grado DURACION 20 horas PROPOSITO The project of topic-based units provides rich, contemporary content based on a wide variety of informative themes. Whit a discovery approach to grammar and an upfront focus on vocabulary, this project ensures the most effective language learning for kinds. FINALIDAD • • • • • • • • • They like to learn or perform while playing games. Show with ease / difficulty their creativity and imagination. It is easy / difficult to arouse their curiosity. They like / dislike express what they feel. Show ability / inability to organize and analyze their own learning. They are / were not aware of the benefits of working co-operatively in class. Are expressed in a consistent / inconsistent and correct / incorrect in their own language. They do not need / need to understand all the words of a text to understand it. They like / dislike reading at home.

APRENDIZAJES ESPERADOS • The students will be able to: Recognize the characters Annie, Leo, Dougie and Uncle Hurry.