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Christian Marazzi

Christian Marazzi

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Published by: Luis Manuel on Jun 30, 2013
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Christian Marazzi / The Violence of Financial Capitalism…

“(…) the increase in profits over the last 30 years is due to a production of surplus value with accumulation, albeit a totally new type of accumulation because it is external to traditional productive process. This new constant capital, unlike the (physical) machine system of Fordism, is constituted by a whole of organizational disciplinary system (as well as information technologies) that suck surplus labor by following citizen-workers through every moment in their lives, resulting in a lengthened an densified workday (the time of living labor).

These crowdsourcing strategies, leaching vital resources from multitudes, represent the new organic composition of capital, the relationship between constant capital dispersed throughout society and variable capital as the whole of sociality, emotions, desires, relational capacities and a lot of «free labor» (unpaid labor), a quality that is despatialized as well, dispersed in the sphere of the consumption and reproduction of the forms of life, of individual and collective imaginary (…)”/ (Christian Marazzi, The Violence of Financial Capitalism)

“(…) Contemporary financial crises are moments of the redefinition of capitalist control over common goods, they produce poverty as ‘common poverty’, moments of deconstructionwithout-reconstruction of social economic based on horizontal cooperative relationships. In the crises, the process of inclusion of common goods is overturned into a process of exclusion, which means that the access to common goods, transforming debt relations into control over forms of life, into austerity and poverty (…)” /Christian Marazzi, The Violence of Financial Capitalism

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