Health Benefits of Malunggay Leaves

Scientific name: Moringa oelifera Malunggay leaves was once considered a "poor man's vegetables" but now it is known as a "miracle tree" or "nature's medicine cabinet" by scientists and health care workers from around the world because it is loaded with vitamins and minerals that can be an effective remedy against many kinds of ailments. All parts of the malunggay tree are usable for nutritional and medicinal purposes - from the roots, trunk, and branches to the leaves, flowers, and seeds. The small, oval, dark-green leaves are famous vegetable ingredient in soup, fish and chicken dishes. The leaves can actually be eaten raw, but best added in meals due to its high concentration of nutrients. The roots is used to make tea, while the trunk, after it's scraped and squeezed for its juice is used to clean wounds. Malunggay trees are generally grown in the backyards in countries of Southeast Asia, Central and South America, and Africa. It is said that these plants are "low maintenance," requiring little to no care. Malunggay Products: fresh leaves or vegetables, powder or supplement form, tea. Some product where malunggay leaves is included are bread, oil (for cooking and cosmetic ingredients), shampoo and conditioner, ice cream, etc... Health Benefits: • Malunggay leaves helps strengthens the immune system .
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Malunggay can help restores skin condition, controls blood pressure, relieves headaches and migraines. Malunggay tea can help strengthen the eye muscles.

. more power! God bless! ana montgomery 10 months ago . Malunggay contain four times the vitamin A in carrots. Malunggay seed is used to clean dirty or polluted water. Malunggay leaves contain two times the protein in milk.. Malunggay help normalize blood sugar level therefore preventing diabetes..• • • • • • • • • Malunggay tea can help heal inflammation of the joints and tendons. The young malunggay leaves are also boiled and taken as tea.tnx. Malunggay helps relax and promotes good night sleep.this article was good.. Malunggay tea is used to treat fever and asthma. Malunggay help heals ulcers.. Malunggay contains three times the potassium in bananas...i am only a student but i appreciate this. Malunggay can help increase semen count. Malunggay is high in calcium (four times the calcium in milk). An ounce of malunggay has the same Vitamin C content as seven oranges.. therefore lactating mothers are advised to consume malunggay leaves to produce more milk for their babies. Comments • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • melshomecorner 12 months ago Wow great hub ! very interesting Melinda Winner rose ann barcelona 12 months ago ...and influenced me a lot!. Malunggay has anti-cancer compounds (phytochemicals) that help stop the growth of cancer cells. Malunggay tea can prevent intestinal worms.kip up the gugwork! randolph mangahas 11 months ago many people will know how malunggay plant keeps us in good health and helps poor eye sight.i've learned a lot from this.

thank you and more power godbless !!! John Opawsh 8 months ago Malunngay is the best! FELY POSADAS MELANIO 8 months ago love ittttttttttttttt.. i tried to use this and i appreciate it really..• • • • • • • • • • • • thank you for sharing of this article it gives me more knowledge about certain plants which i can see very often grows at the backyard of some neighbors.from now on. include the stem. Drink the extract of it daily then after 3 days you will be shock of how keen you are. but now i know how useful is it. i have a amoeba. It makes you thin because.. i'll take malunggay everyday! analiza miller 7 months ago thanks a lot for the information.. malunggay is the best!! cecile 7 months ago really good for the health... then boil. so thats it! ... we have a lot of it in our province. i'll try to have that Malunggay Tea. yhomzky 7 months ago i just ignored malunggay leaves before.. Im only 12.i suffered a lot. Clean it.) * sorry if i mispelled words and have wrong grammars.. a Filipina.a very helpful one. hannahorizonte 7 months ago i really salute this miracle plants a very helpful it helps me a lot.. • • • • • • • • • • • ..fely posadas melanio alexa 8 months ago Malunggay can also make u keen! Get some leaves of it. whenever you drink it it seems to make you thirtsty so you would drink then you will urinate.i cant do all the things i want. i will used malunggay to take care of husband my love..... Some of the toxins in your tummy will join the urine.

. I couldn't even believe myself how useful is the malunggay. more power. But not anymore.. keep posting.-+ dave 6 months ago we have thousands malunggay tree in our place i dint know it has a lot of benefits my mother use that for her cooking. it helps me realized that good health need not to be expensive..Thank u sooo much. it's so amazing. jay paquera 6 months ago thank you for the clue.. Jacaa 6 months ago i love this article. 6 months ago Try this miracle leaf and you will find why not try it by yourself. joeri 5 months ago • • • • • • • • • • • • .. God bless. sad to say its really cheap to sale it or no one interested to buy coz it grows all over the place ernee m.. but when i started drinking malungay tea i had a good sleep the whole night... helen 42 6 months ago i had a sleep disorder. now I will drink malungay tea and rest of my family.. especially to his liver problem johanna 5 months ago before i didn't like malunggay because it's vegetables but when i heard about the nutritions it takes i always excited eating malunggay!!^_^ liezl 5 months ago wow thanks a lot for the information. and it really a big help to him.... divine G. 5 months ago it was a miracle! because i used to prepare malunggay to my husband every morning.• • • • • • • • • • Francis Reynon 6 months ago Thanks for sharing the information and benefits of malungay sumcii 6 months ago Thanks for sharing this malunggay benefits. More power to the malunggay tree. Sometimes i just take it for granted.

And almost everyday. i sleep well.. we usually eat food with malunggay 2-3 times a week.... and most of all. AND MALUNGAY TEA. my life had been much different. allregens and stress used to give me migraines.• • • • • as for me it's really gods miracle plant clarisse 5 months ago you're article is very nice because it informs the people about the benefits of moringa oleifera. JVN VEGGIE CHIPS 4 months ago JVN VEGGIE CHIPS SELLS DELICIOUS AND NUTRITIOUS SNACK LIKE MALUNGGAY jvnfoodproducts@yahoo. i havent had any allergic reactions in 7 tnx alot hope that people will start using malungay coz you feel different you cant explained how its happend its totally miracle.. ALSO MALUNGGAY POLVORON. CARROT CHIPS... MALUNGGAY CAPSULES.. our neighbors are asking for malunggay leaves. Mitzi 5 months ago Thanks for posting about malungay. my skin is exceptionally improved in 1 week. Thanks for the info. i dont have difficulty in breathing. but after taking malunggay for the past 7 days. with allergic histories. asthmatic. • • • • jvnveggiechips@yahoo. hayazint 5 months ago tnx for the informaton about malungay.. Malunggay is part of our food. LUYANG DILAW CHIPS. malaise and all. ALSO EMAIL jtballester@yahoo.When i read about the benefits of this plant i was shock because its really amazing. ONION-GARLIC CHIPS.. • • • • • • • borge_009 4 months ago We have more or less 20 trees of malunggay in our backyard. CARROT-KALABASA CHIPS AND TAHONG CHIPS( ORIGINAL AND SPICY) WE ALSO MAKE MALUNGGAY POWDER... thank you very mayskie_74 4 months ago i used to be around 74lbs.godbless eli 5 months ago this article is very informative.actually i dont know how alot of benefits you can get to this kind of tree. JANI BALLESTER .. im about 63lbs now.. CALL 09157941208 09291918041 09273408345 LOOK FOR MR. AMPALAYA CHIPS.

. rather. and viola! a very tasty malunggay juice!. i juice it. here's my recipe: 1 cup malunggay leaves(leaves only) 2 1/2 cups water 3 tablespoons honey kalamansi juice(about 3-4 pcs) i simply grind the mallunggay with little water on a blender or osteorizer. add some ce to make it more refreshing..drink first vita plus... then once the consistency became fine. ruel c. and talbos ng kamote. I don't have to buy milk and cheeze for now.. i add the rest of the ingreadients and blend/puree it. Yow 3 months ago do malunggay can remove pimples? and if yes! how? Rose Tabliago 3 months ago Indeed a miracle tree!Can prevent 300 diseases.. 09391626424 or email has 5 power herbs. ty very much..i planted a lot in my backyard and now i have a lot and i share to my pelow kabarangay. now that ive learn lot from this miracle tree .malunggay.• • • • • • i dont boil it 'coz it will only spoil the nutrients. uray.. I can now save a lot of money because i can have most of the vitamins and minerals and protein i need just by putting malunggay in my meal/s. call or text. 2 months ago • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ..dahon ng ernie isales 2 months ago WOW! This is a really great information. consume about 2-3 glasses a day and you'll see the difference in less than a week :-) Carlo Tan 4 months ago Malunggay keeps my sex life healthy and increasing my sperm count rodel zapanta 3 months ago I use to make no pansin to the said veggie..... saluyot.magararu jr. Thanks a lot.for more info pls.

.anybody want to plant here in jeddah ksa contact me 0566114014 i've planted few here & collected lots of seeds.• • • • • • • • • how about malunggay capsules that are sold in the market.. now im very interested witht he benefits of this plant.Please advise. Joh Lapez 7 weeks ago • • • • • • • • • .com or text/call me 09393718475. its gives us energy rosie 2 months ago to all of you friend who are interested to get the nutrients of malunggay and cant afford to get it fresh.. anyway thanks for the information josie 2 months ago I love to eat malunggay.are they good and effective as the freshmalunggay? hakim 2 months ago it really works for me.You'll have it in juice form.Malunggay's nutritonal and medicinal qualities can prevent and cure illnesses. toto remos(philippines) 2 months ago yes Malunggay is very effective and it cures my Gastric ulcer.thanks robert 2 months ago it is indeed a miracle tree but how can i purchase the ORGANIN MORINGA POWDER IN CAPSULE FORM because i'm working outside Philippines.Thanks. leonor 2 months ago for those who needed malunggay leaves or seeds i have more trees of malunggay besides my guys can try too..i'm taking malunggay capsule due to my gastric ulcer.. i've spend a lot of money going back to my doctor becoz of this... my wife encourage me to try malunggay capsule becoz she has attended a seminar regarding the benefits of malunggay and it works at the same time it increases my semen count that is why my wife got pregnant after 18 years. we used this for in cooking like in the soup of fish or is done through cold processing so youll be able to get all the nutrients stated.It is purely natural.. for those who are interested e mail me at rosieconcha@yahoo. aiesalas 2 months ago we got plenty of malunggay here in the philippines.Thanks Roberto Viray 2 months ago please email me @ on how i can purchase the capsule form.Dont hesitate to contact me.

Now. .most esp. sinigang(fish. Do I have to drink that pulp too??? Can I use this powder for cooking instead? Please HELP! Thank you! conivid 13 days ago every backyard should have to have a "miracle tree"! excited to plant one. We used to cut our malunggay tree in our back yard because we thougth it spoils some plants in our garden. chicken. pork). plain broth soup. when you use young leaves.chocolate etc.yummy!!! once you've tasted it. venus 5 weeks ago the malunggay leaves prevent my alergy New Builder Homes for Sale 5 weeks ago I think malunggay is healthier than spinach. Merlyn B Bacaltos 5 weeks ago My husband and I are very happy knowing that malungay has 300 health benefits. We will plant more so that more can benifits of this miracle tree. jeniefer ivy arayata 7 weeks ago malunnggay helps me a lot in breastfeeding my baby. i use it everyday in my meal. it makes me energetic in doing my works.remember boil hot water for 2-3 mins.taste good really.• • • I used to blend Malungay juice everymorning and I recognized myself that all of my stress are gone.. plus i became stronger (used to be sick always). . Are this still good to consume? I tried using it like a tea by adding 1 tbsp in a 1 cup of boiling water. and every now and then our neighbor always asking for it. jackie 10 days ago • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • . Mane 2 weeks ago I have an organic malungay powder that was gifted to me a year ago.. The malungay powder does not dissolve in a hot water and it leaves massive amount of pulp. beef. u'll always crave for it! eureka94 6 weeks ago malunggay can also purify water! jacob 5 weeks ago my malunggay recipe is very simple just mix the malunggay leaves to your hot milk. after we learned of this miracle and medicinal tree.

Dont hesitate to contact me. AK 998901 leonor 2 months ago for those who needed malunggay leaves or seeds i have more trees of malunggay besides my home. I'm trying to lower my blood sugar and my wife just does it so that I have company. That's so far the obvious benefits. Thru the night and sometimes with little let-up. It is very or post response here. The bonus is . I lost 10 pounds straightaway in two nights doing this routine. I buy freshly harvested Malunggay leaves and drink its juice everyday. Juneau.• thanks for the malunggay tree. manoy 8 days ago Me and my wife are taking malunggay leaves raw. My mailing address is 5351 Commercial Blvd. we believe this is malunggay detoxifying our body. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • . Where are you located? Can you please send me some seeds and direction for planting? My email is maegabor@gci. we go to the if you can let me know. After much reading. I wake up feeling good as well. I use to have migraine and chronic headache. rex 38 hours ago thanks to this i have a research thank you Mae Gabor 29 hours ago This is directed to Leonor. gulped with the help of cold water. I will take malunngay as long as it is available anytime and anywhere. We sleep well after and wake up in the morning refreshed and rejuvenated.I have been experiencing prolonged erection and increased sexual appetite. instantly we develop LBM. fine powdered by blender. Bolong Pogi 2 days ago I am 52 years old male Filipino. Every time we take it. Recent result of my blood exam is satisfactory. I will keep you posted later about the results. I will check my blood sugar after a month. a miracle tree it really helps for my family specially for my sons whom is really ashmatic and now they live a normal life because of eating malunggay leaves. Mae Gabor 28 hours ago To Merlyn B Bacaltos & everyody else How do you plant? Do you plant a seed or do you root a trunk or plant with roots? Can anybody share something to be planted? Please email me:maegabor@gci.

Now. and every now and then our neighbor always asking for it.• My husband and I are very happy knowing that malungay has 300 health benefits. after we learned of this miracle and medicinal tree. We will plant more so that more can benifits of this miracle tree . We used to cut our malunggay tree in our back yard because we thougth it spoils some plants in our garden.

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