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Need for Change

Mil Sys. Need to keep a large standing army on readiness posture with constricting fiscal space and a two front engagement. Mob Sys. Change the dated mob sys based on 14 days of warning pd to respond to cold start strat. Engr Sp Plan. Time available for obst sys and denial schemes may hamper effecting these in the warning pd. Lgs Sys. Present lgs sys not suitable for high intensity short duration war.

Reliance on Auxiliary Forces. Due to commitments in LICO, these forces may not be effective at short notice.

Proposed Concept
National Level. War deterrence, taking steps as under: Deter war through a combination of conventional and unconventional means adopting a whole of nation apch.

Reinforce deterrence through communication, capability and credibility (CCC). This calls for: Credible conventional capability giving credence to notion of nuc deterrence/ threshold. Interface between nuc and conventional strat. Devp disincentives for India at the sub conventional plane.

Mil Strat Level

Mitigation of Strat Surprise. By a vigilant strat int gathering capability with combination of ISR/ PAF, HUMANINT and third country sources. Tri Service Integration. Greater synergy with PAF & PN.

Strat Capability. Pak feels that despite overt nuclearisation there is no respite from conventional threat.
Plg to interface/ integrate nuc and conventional strat. Endeavor to reduce space for conventional war by lower nuc threshold. At the same time maint requisite levels of readiness to meet projected levels of deterrence.

Army Level
Mil Sys. Pursue force transformation by integrating force multipliers, enhanced ISR and lower nuc threshold. Emp Strat. Carry out reappraisal of defensive offensive strat and thwart IA offensive through counter strokes by relocating offensive fmns. At tac level loc bn level TFs at sensitive loc permanently. Ready and Arrayed Forces. Preposition ICGs based on res components ready to expl def vulnerability of IA. If a window is not available, use them to blunt offensive.

Comd Concept. Raise Comds on the lines of the IA and place strat res under them for better utilisation as per envisaged threat.

Army Level
Extend Battlefd. Devp ISR and UCAV capability to enhance battle fd visibility and precision engagement. In addn wk on NCW and cyber warfare and also unconventional capability for deep strike PGMs. Engr Sp. Pre-position stores and br eqpt during peace time. Enhance mine laying. At the same time create innovative water obts during peace time.

Emp of Rangers. Enhance the staying power of the Rangers by permanent affiliation to fd fmns and readjusting their posns.
Activation of Mujahid Bns. Activate Mujahid bns in an earlier time frame. In addn Auxiliary forces renamed National Voluntary Service (NVS) have been raised.

Recommended Responses
Counter Int. This needs greater attn in view of Pak increasing its ISR and HUMINT capability. Own int agencies need to have better synergy for int gathering and sharing. Mob. Ability to mob speedily and a higher state of op readiness in terms of eqpt serviceability and trg. Fwd Basing. Fwd basing of selected mech fmns will create new threats and generate addl offensive options.

Def Bal. The def bal must be maint at all times. Pre positioning of res and pre formed BGs/ BCGs will deny en pre emptive options.

Recommended Responses
Objs. Pak has been pursuing a deliberate policy of cultivated irrationality in its nuc grammar. The nuc threshold is not as low as what Pak would want us to believe. Expl Weakness in En Def Layout. In the process of trying to create dedicated res in the form of ICGs and bn TFs, en would have left certain voids in the def layout. These must be iden and expl by innovative plg. Hybrid Warfare. Pak will emp unconventional forces to blend with conventional. Prep to fight hybrid warfare and take steps to prevent interdiction of rail and rd arteries.

Recommended Responses
Unpredictability. Pak feels that the emp strat of the IBGs is predictable in nature. Break this mindset by unorthodox, bold and innovative emp during fmn war games and Exs. Transformation of the IA Study. The study has made no of recommendations to actualise our Proactive Strat. These need to be implemented at the earliest. Imp issues are: Restructuring of pvt and strike corps.

Theaterisation of combat and lgs sp.

Tri Service Synergy. The Proactive Strat can achieve desired results only with synergised jt plg and exec of ops. The substantial comb edge of IAF must be expl.

Jai Hind