Radiography Inspection Report

An NDT Inspection Test Report, useful for documenting Observations of Industrial Radiography Inspections
Format No: TNE-RTR-04 Rev ‘0’



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com Report No : Request No : Page No.TRINITY NDT® RADIOGRAPHIC EXAMINATION REPORT Client : Order / Drg No: Reference procedure Specification : Acceptance Criteria : Technique Description Min . /Drg. No Item/Mark Weld No Welder No Interpretation Result Remarks Note: CR: Crack IF: Incomplete Fusion P: Porosity CP : Cluster Porosity TI : Tungsten Inclusion UC : Undercut CON : Concavity IP: Incomplete Penetration SL: Slag Inclusion HB: Hollow Bead EP: Excess Penetration SOD : Source to Object Distance OFD : Source side of Object to Film Distance DWSI : Double Wall Single Image DWDI : Double Wall Double Image SWSI : Single Wall Single Image Witnessed by NDT Inspector Name Signature Level Date Approved by .trinityndt. TNE-RTR-04 Rev ‘0’ This format & other NDT report formats are available free at www. (SOD) : Sensitivity Requirement : No. : Location : Material : Surface condition: Thickness: Equipment and Material Radiation Source : Ir. (OFD) : Density Requirement: Film Size : Hole DWSI DWDI Area of interest Project No : Mark / Item No: Surface Temp: Format No. of Films / Cassette : IQI Location : Max.192 Source Strength (Energy) : X Ray Ci Kv Source Size / Focal Spot : Film Brand and Designation: Film Processing : Manual Back Automatic None IQI Type : Wire Lead Screens : Front Exposure / Viewing Technique : SWSI Order No.

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