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I, hereby certify that the Survey data collection and analysis work related to research project report on ‘Marketing Research about A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF COKE AND PEPSI’ has been carried out exclusively on my own effort under the supervision of Mr. PARVEEN CHAUDHARY (Ass. Sales Manager,Coca Cola Company,Meerut) is my research guide and Mrs. Rubina Bhardwaj, Faculty Guide Tuples Shastri Nagar Meerut,.

Anmol Kumar IVth Sem Roll N. 820639079 Tuples ,Shastri Nagar, Meerut.


243,Sector-1,Shastri Nagar,Meerut

1. Certificate of Project. 2. Preface 3. Acknowledgement 4. Introduction, a. Profile of Coca-Cola b. Around the world c. Various brands of Coca-Cola Company …..01--06 ….07-08 ….09--37 ……. ……. …….

d. Products and packaging MYTHS and RUMORS ….38 e. Mission Coca Cola India f. Faboulas facts about Coca-Cola g. Slogan h. Going Global Coca-Cola dominated. 5. Executive Summary 6. A Brief profile of Flavoured & Pack. 7. Objectives. 8. Research Methodology (a) Method of marking research (b) Research design (c) Method of data collection (d) Sampling plan 9. Analysis & Design 10. Finding. 11. Conclusion. 12. Suggestions. 13. Limitations. 14. Appendix. 15. Bibliography. ….39--40 …………41--47 ………...48--51 ………….50—54 ………… 55-56 …………..57 …………...58 ………… 59 …………..60 …………..61 …………..62 ………………...70 …………………71--83 …………………84 …………………85 …………………86-88 …………………89 …………………90--91 ………………….92


This is to certify that Mr. Ram niwas Gupta Roll No. 520963672 of MBA is a student of SVIIT GORAKHPUR for the session 2010-2012

He has completed the summer training project report entitled “A Comparative Study Of Coke & Pepsi in GORAKPUR” in the organization Coke for the partial fulfillment for the award of MBA degree under “SIKKIM MANIPAL UNIVERSITY OF HELTH, MEDICAL &

TECHNOLOGICAL SCIENCE GANGTOK” The research report is satisfactory.

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There is no monopoly played by an enterprise in every one. Some times one Coca Cola over powered the Pepsi and some time vice versa has taken place regarding the market share and scaled volume though the rivalry contrive rood the year but it is at zenith in summer . The new product are launching and the old and absolute product are being obliterating from the market every second. The same is befalling between Coca-Cola and Pepsi. As a result to day every business hold a view of globalization.. There is an existence of rival enterprise the rivals are strong enough to vanguisth each other sort of dared erstine struggle has taken its break though in the corporate and business world. plethora of MNC enter in India. ******** .***** PREFACE The present is an era of cut throat competition after liberalization policy of Indian Govt.

I am extremely grateful to my esteemed project guide. -------------------------------------------------------for giving me an opportunity to work with him and his indispensable help and guidance throughout this project and for inspiring me to strive to achieve the best in difficult situations. I would like to extend my special thanks to all of them for sparing their time to patiently answer the questions and giving their views.IV Sem. . ------------------------------RAM NIWAS GUPTA MBA. While doing the project I visited many companies in Meerut region and met many senior personnel.Acknowledgement I would like to express my sincere gratitude towards -----------------------------------------------------------------for providing me the opportunity to work and learn through this end-term project.

As G. Robinson. Suggested the name and penned Coca Cola in unique following script that is famous world wide today. The consumers could enjoy a glass of Coca Cola at the soda function. Dr. In 1891. the coca cola way sold to a group investors for $25million. Candler had acquired complete owner ship of the Coca cola business within for his merchandising flair helped expand consumption of Coca cola to every state and territory. In 1919.1 soft drink brand ever since.96 on advertising. By 1886. Dr.Red has been a distinctive color associated with the No. Robinsan thought “the two C’s would look well in advertising. For this effort. Robert W. Pemberton sold 25 gallons of syrup. Pemberton’s partner and bookkeeper Frank M. which was proclaimed delicious and refreshing. It way may of 1886 when the pharmacist concocted a caramel colored syrup in a three-legged brass kettle in this backyard. Palmerton grossed $50 and spent $73. and his more than six decades of leadership took the business to unrivaled height of commercial success making coca Cola in institution the world over. That first year. Mr. .INTRODUCTION PROFILE OF COCA-COLA BIRTH OF A REFRESHING IDEA John Stryth Pemberton first introduced the refreshing coke taste of Coca cola in Atlanta Georgia.Woodrup become president of the Coca cola company in 1923. Atlanta entrepreneur. Dr. sales of Coca Cola averaged nine drinks per day. The first “distribute” the new product by carrying Coca Cola in a Jud down the street to Jacobs Pharmacy for five cents. shipped in bright red wooden kgs .

Thomas of Chattanooga. As a result the genuine Coca Cola bottle with the contour shape now known the world way developed in 1915 by the red Glass company. large scale bottling become possible when as concluder granted exclusive bottling rights to Joseph B. whiter head and Benjamin F. The contract market the beginning of the Coca cola company’s unique intendment bottling system that remains the formdation of the company soft drink operations. sod a bottles were all very similar and Coca-Cola has many imitators.COCA-COLA FIRST BOTTLED Coca Cola began as a ferntevin product but candy merchant jusepth A. The answer way to create a distinct bottle for Coca Cola. Back then. Biedentrnn of Mississippi was looking for a way to serve this resrashing beverage at picnics. during an especially. Tiebegan offering bottled Coca –Cola. which consumers would be unable to identify until they took a sip. busy summer in 1894. . using syrup shipped from Atlanta. In 1899. Jenacessec.

DATES : 1894-EARLY 1900’S DATES : 1995-1916 The Second type of “Coke” bottle .

DIAMOND CAN DATES: 1915-TODAY hobbleskirt or contour bottle. M a d e a v a i l a b l e in 1 9 5 5 t o M i l it a ry .

Daft was elected president and chief operating officer of The Coca . 2000. Ltd. Mr. Mr.DOUGLAS N. He moved to the Company's Atlanta headquarters in 1991 to assume the responsibility of president of the Pacific Group and in 1999 his responsibilities were expanded to include the Company's Africa Group. Daft. Mr. . 60. Daft was elected chairman. He held positions of increasing responsibilities throughout Asia and in 1982 was named vice president of Coca-Cola Far East Ltd. as well as the Middle and Far East Group. DAFT Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer The Coca-Cola Company Douglas N. Australia office. Daft is the 11th chairman of the Board in the history of the Company. Daft was named president of the North Pacific Division and president of Coca-Cola (Japan) Co. joined the Company in 1969 as planning officer in the Sydney. In December 1988. and Schweppes Beverage Division. Mr. and chief executive officer of The Coca-Cola Company on February 17. Board of Directors..Cola Company in December 1999.

The Business Council. and the McGraw-Hill Companies. the Commerce Club. the American Assembly and the Center for Strategic & International Studies. the CERGE-EI Foundation(Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education . of America. the Lauder Institute for Management and International Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. the G100. the British .Economics Institute) in the Czech Republic. the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. the Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum. Mr. . The American Graduate School of International Management. He holds administration from the University of New an honorary doctorate in international law from Thunderbird. He is also a member of The Trilateral Commission.American the Grocery of Manufacturers Chamber Commerce. Mr. and The Business Round table. the Woodruff Arts Center.He serves on the boards of Sun Trust Banks. Daft received a bachelor's degree the University of New England and in mathematics from a post-graduate degree in South Wales. Catalyst. Daft is a trustee of Emory University.

fitness and good nutrition. Cuba and Panama. schools. CHAA is committed to working with schools to rededicate time for physical fitness. and finding solutions to childhood obesity that are both responsible and realistic American Council for Fitness and Nutrition The American Council for Fitness and Nutrition (ACFN) is a group of food.AROUND THE WORLD Although Coca-Cola was first created in the United States. beverage and consumer . More than 70 percent of our income comes from outside the U. Visit these sites for more information about positions. Today. CHAA is a vigorous advocate for developing healthy and active lifestyles for America's youth. building school-business model relationships that benefit our families by supporting healthy and active lifestyles. giving parents the freedom to help their children make their own nutritional choices. Our first international bottling plants opened in 1906 in Canada. we produce more than 300 brands in over 200 countries. it quickly became popular wherever it went.S. The Coalition for a Healthy and Active America (CHAA) CHAA was formed in 2003 by concerned organizations and national leaders to educate parents. As a non-profit national grassroots coalition.. soon followed by many more. children. and communities about the critical roles physical activity and nutrition education play in reversing the alarming trends of childhood obesity. but the real reason we are a truly global company is that our products meet the varied taste preferences of consumers everywhere OUR PARTNERS The Coca-Cola Company works with a wide variety of organizations to support health. programs and activities.

risk assessment. nutrition and health. Kidnetic. and industry. beverage and consumer products industry on key issues that affect the ability of brand manufacturers to market their products profitably and deliver superior value to the consumer. not-for-profit organizations and trade associations working together to improve the health of all Americans. The Web site gives young people and their parents the tools and ideas to help change habits and plant the seeds for healthier families tomorrow. food safety. worldwide foundation that seeks to improve the well-being of the general public through the pursuit of balanced science. The cornerstone of all ACFN initiatives is the idea that lasting solutions to the nation's obesity problem must be based on sound science and behavioral research.com is a program of the International Food Information Council (IFIC) Foundation. Such policies are likely to help parents and their children develop eating and exercise habits that lead to a healthier life. interactive Web site that emphasizes healthy living achieved through a balance of physical activity and responsible eating habits.products companies. government.com Kidnetic. toxicology. Its goal is to further the understanding of scientific issues relating to nutrition. and the environment by bringing together scientists from academia. National Association for Sport and Physical Educationsociation for Sport and Physical Education seeks to enhance knowledge and professional practice in sport and physical activity through scientific study and dissemination of researchbased and experiential knowledge to members and the public. International Food Information Council (IFIC) Foundation The IFIC Foundation is a public education foundation disseminating sound. by encouraging a healthy balance between fitness and nutrition. International Life Sciences Institute Founded in 1978. Grocery Manufacturers of America The Grocery Manufacturers of America (GMA) represents the food. the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) is a nonprofit. .com is a fun. particularly youth. sciencebased information on food safety. Kidnetic.

VARIOUS BRANDS OF COCA-COLA COMPANY A A&W * Ambasa B Beat a r q ' s Ades American Alive Andifrut Belte Almdudler Andina Nectar  Beverly Bibo Bimbo Beverly Bacardi ixers Bibo acardi Mixers .National Soft Drink Association The National Soft Drink Association (NSDA) is the trade association for America's soft drink industry. serving the pub.

ola ight/diet Coke Coke King * s s Light Cola * * caffeine Cal Kingfree Coke light/diet Coke King * * s s s Light Light Cola Cola * * * Calypso Cal King * * s s s Light Light Cola Cola * * * .


* Canning's Caprice Cappy Coke Coke Light Light Cola Cola * * *  Carvers Chafresco Chaho Charrua Caprice Coke Light Coke Light Cola * Cola * * * Carvers Chafresco  Carvers Chafresco Chaho Charrua Chaho Coke Light Cola * * .


Cheers Coke Cola Light * * Cola * * Chinotto Light Cherry Coke Cola Light * * Cola * * Chinotto Light Light Chinotto Cola Light * * Cola * *  Chippewa Chivalry Ciel Citra  Co ke II * * Chinotto Light Light Cola Chippewa * II * * * .


 Coke II CocaCoca-Cola  Cocoteen Cresta Cola Cocoteen Cresta *  Cristal Crush *  Cristal Crush * Crystal Cumberland * Crystal Cumberland Gap  Gap  Cocoteen Cresta *  Cristal Crush Coke II Coca-Cola Cocoteen Cresta * Crystal Cumberland Gap  *  Cristal Crush * Crystal Cumberland Gap  Cresta *  Cristal Crush Gap  * Crystal Cumberland Coca-Cola Cocoteen Cresta *  Cristal Crush * Crystal Cumberland Gap   Cristal Crush * Crystal Cumberland Gap  Cocoteen Cresta *  Cristal Crush Gap  * Crystal Cumberland Cristal Crush Gap  * Crystal Cumberland Cresta *  Cristal Crush Gap  * Crystal Cumberland Crush * Crystal Cumberland Gap   Cristal Crush * Crystal Cumberland Gap  Crystal Cumberland Gap  .


D Dannon * Dasani Water Delaware Punch Diet diet A&W * diet Almdudler Nectar/Andina Nectarlt 
Diet Coke/CocaCola light with


Andina diet Barq's

diet Charrua

diet Cherry Coke

dietCoke/Coca-Cola light

lemon Diet Cola lemon Coke/Cocalight with


Evian *

 Fanta Finley Fiorav anti Finley Fanta

Fioravanti Fresca


Fraser & Neave


Kapo Axion Linnuse Love Body




Maaza Mad top River

Mad River



Manzana Mia


Master Chill











  W   Wannab  W   Wannabe ter Salad W * Winnie ang Youki Yumi Pooh  Y   Yang W   Wannabe W r * Winnie ang Youki Yumi Salad W Pooh  Y   Yang   Wannabe Wate Salad Wink * Wi the ang Youki Yumi Pooh  Y   Yang  Wannabe Water Salad Wink * Wi the ang Youki Yumi Pooh  Y   Yang .

Wannabe Water Salad Wink * Wi the ang Youki Yumi Water * Winnie ang Youki Yumi Wink * Winnie Pooh  Y   Yang Salad W Pooh  Y   Yang Pooh  Y   Yang ang Youki Yumi Winnie ang Youki Yumi Pooh  Y   Yang  Y   Yangguang ouki Yumi   Z Y   Yangguang    * ki Yumi   Z   In Se   Yangguang Yo  Yumi   Z   Z  Yangguang Youk umi   Z   Zip  * In Se Yangguang Youki mi   Z   Zip  * In Se Youki Yumi   Z   * Yumi   Z   Zip In Se   Z   Zip    Z   Zip    In Select Markets Z   Zip     Select Markets   Zip     * .



Federal Food countries throughou All our soft drinks a  INGREDIENTS MYTHS & RUMORS  All our soft drinks are wholesome beverages manufactured in compliance with the U.S.S.S. the false information ab rumors circulating cause health proble easily get the facts Here are some rumors you may have seen or heard •   Phosphoric acid The acidity of cola drinks is strong enough to dissolve teeth and bones. headaches. cancer. INGREDIENTS MYTHS & RUMORS Unfortunately. states. Federal Food Laws.   . and the laws of nearly 200 countries throughout thecountries throughou world where our product share marketed. theU. All our soft drinks U.S. Federal Food laws of all U.   causes canc solvent.



THE FACTS Facts on Diabetes and Soft Drinks • • Soft drinks do not contribute to diabetes. • HEALTH AND OUR BEVERAGES -. balance and moderation without sacrificing enjoyment. A healthy diet incorporates the basic principles of variety. With so much conflicting information available about health and nutrition. Children who are obese have a greater risk of type 2 diabetes but this is not related to the sugar content in soda Facts on Aspartame and Soft Drinks Key Fact . The truth is that soft drinks and other beverages have a place in a healthy lifestyle. it can be very difficult to determine what is accurate and what is not.YOUR HEALTH AND OUR BEVERAGES There is growing confusion about what constitutes a healthy diet.

There are no nutritional differences between sugars and the body uses them all the same way. Facts on Healthy Bones and Soft Drinks Key Fact • The caffeine and phosphoric acid in soft drinks does not affect bone health. Facts on Milk Consumption and Soft Drinks Key Fact • The consumption of soft drinks has not affected calcium consumption. Facts on Sedentary Lifestyle and Obesity Key Facts • Rising obesity rates are due in large part to sedentary lifestyles and lack of physical activity. approved by more than 90 nations and scores of health organizations. • Soft drinks can be part of an active lifestyle Facts on Sugar and Soft Drinks Key Facts • • Sugar consumption has not been shown to cause obesity. Facts on Hyperactivity and Soft Drinks Key Fact • The sugar in soft drinks does not cause children to be hyperactive.• Aspartame is a safe low-calorie sweetener. • The amount of sugar and calories in soft drinks is about the same as many fruit juices Facts on Caffeine and Soft Drinks Key Facts . that has never been linked to any health risks.

Early growth was Impressive. but it was only when a strong bottling system developed that Coca-Cola became the world-famous brand it is today. Caffeine has no negative impact on hydration or bone health. There is no connection between cardiovascular disease and caffeine HISTORY OF BOTTLING Coca-Cola® originated as a soda fountain beverage in 1886 selling for fivey store in Vicksbur cents a glass. Candler Candler focused on .• • • Soft drinks containing caffeine are not addictive. 1894 … A modest beverage called Co using a common g Company.

1900-1909 … Rapid growth The three pioneer bottlers divided the country into territories and sold bottling rights to local entrepreneurs. which improved efficiency and product quality. nearly 400 Coca-Cola bottling plants were operating. In a meeting with Candler. Thomas and Joseph B. Some were open only during hot-weather months when demand was high 1916 … Birth of the Contour Bottle . By 1909. Lupton. A third Chattanooga lawyer. most of them family-owned businesses. John T. soon joined their venture.for the sum of one dollar. Tennessee believed they could build a business around bottling Coca-Cola. Their efforts were boosted by major progress in bottling technology. 1899 … The first 1899 … The first bottling agreement Two young attorneys from Chattanooga. Benjamin F. Whitehead obtained exclusive rights to bottle Coca-Cola across most of the United States -.

A few years later. chief executive officer and chairman of the Board. Patent Office.S. The Contour Bottle became one of the few packages ever granted trademark status by the U. Italy and South Africa. Guatemala. Their ideas and zeal fueled steady growth.S. Honduras.even in the dark! 1920s … Bottling overtakes fountain sales As the 1920s dawned. Mexico. Today.S.000 Coca-Cola bottlers were operating in the U. Woodruff. it's one of the most recognized icons in the world . By the time World War II began. A group representing the Company and bottlers asked glass manufacturers to offer ideas for a distinctive bottle. A design from the Root Glass Company of Terre Haute. bottle sales of Coca-Cola exceeded fountain sales 1920s and '30s … International expansion Led by Robert W. Indiana won enthusiastic approval. open-top metal coolers became the forerunners of automated vending machines. the Company began a major push to establish bottling operations outside the U. Plants were opened in France.Bottlers worried that Coca-Cola's straight-sided bottle was easily confused with imitators. more than 1. Coca-Cola was being bottled in 44 countries . Belgium. By the end of the 1920s. Six-bottle cartons were a huge hit starting in 1923.

1940s … Post-war growth .

Such customers required a new approach.During the war. In response. 12. Fresca® and TAB® joined brand Coca-Cola in the 1960s. Fanta®. In response. followed by PowerAde® and Fruitopia® in the 1990s. permanently enlarging the bottling system and accelerating the growth of the Company's worldwide business. Many of these war-time plants were later converted to civilian use. retail customers of The Coca-Cola Company merged and evolved into international mega-chains. Mr. The 1980s brought diet Coke® and Cherry Coke®.and 26-ounce versions. 1960s … New brands introduced Sprite®. consumers had choices of Coca-Cola package size and typethe traditional 6. The Company . becoming generally available in 1960. 64 bottling plants were set up around the world to supply the troops. retail customers of The Coca-Cola Company merged and evolved into international mega-chains. Today scores of other brands are offered to meet consumer preferences in local markets around the world 1970s and '80s … Consolidation to serve customers  As technology led to a global economy. many small and medium-size bottlers consolidated to better serve giant international customers. Cans were also introduced. Such customers required a new approach. This followed an urgent request for bottling equipment and materials from General Eisenhower's base in North Africa. Pibb® and Mello Yello® were added in the 1970s. 1950s … Packaging innovations For the first time.5 ounce Contour Bottle. many small and medium-size bottlers consolidated to better serve giant international customers. The Company encouraged and invested in a number of bottler consolidations to assure that its largest bottling partners would have capacity to lead the system in working with global retailers As technology led to a global economy. or larger servings including 10-.

5 billion was committed to new bottling facilities in Africa. r l a d c . This heritage serves the Company well today as consumers seek brands that honor local identity and the distinctiveness of local markets.encouraged and invested in a number of bottler consolidations to assure that its largest bottling partners would have capacity to lead the system in working with global retailers 1990s … New and growing markets Political and economic changes opened vast markets that were closed or underdeveloped for decades. 21st Century … Think local. strong locally based relationships between Coca-Cola bottlers. the Company invested heavily to build plants in Eastern Europe. more than $1. After the fall of the Berlin Wall. As was true a century ago. As the century closed. act local The Coca-Cola bottling system grew up with roots deeply planted in local communities. customers and communities are the foundation on which the entire business grows BOTTLING TODAY T  F h r i o n m k t l h o e c a w l o .

's largest cities to its most remote villages. The Coca-Cola Company bottling partners are always local businesses. our bottling system is made up of locally rooted enterprises committed to quality.  Bottlers and Customers . exerting a strong influence on economic development and actively participating in community life through local events and philanthropic activities.

o u r .i e s t o i t s m o s t r e m o t e v i l l a g e s .

exerting a strong influence on economic development and actively participating in community life through local events and philanthropic activities.bottling system is made up of locally rooted enterprises committed to quality. The Coca-Cola Company bottling partners are always local businesses.    .

Bottlers and Customers .

During the ceremony.Bottlers are a critical local link. are where you go when you want a Coke® or one of our other brands. The company made the ground-breaking commitment in 2000 to use 10% recycled content in its plastic bottles by 2005. Local consumer tastes determine the brands and package types a particular customer wants us to supply. The Coca-Cola Company received an award from the PRP. Contact the local bottler in your region for more information on tours and other activities that our bottlers sponsor. Bottlers in many countries offer tours of their facilities to schoolchildren and adult groups. with its decision three years ago to establish a public goal for using recycled content in PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) bottles. project director of the Plastic Redesign Project (PRP). In February 2003. schools and colleges. restaurants. in turn. For each of our customers. A Revolution in Plastics Recycling If you ask Peter Anderson. among others. with 10% recycled content in 80% of its bottles. The Coca-Cola Company has spurred a revolution in the economics of plastics recycling. retail chains." . supermarkets. sports and entertainment venues. as it reached a milestone in that commitment. They sell our brands to businesses and institutions. following on your decadelong dedication to technology development with a public commitment. These customers. small neighborhood grocers. providing the right mix of Company products and packages at the right price is the foundation of mutual success. "We cannot begin to tell you how much we appreciate your bold decision to step up to the plate. Anderson expressed the industry's gratitude to the company's commitment. culminating its years-long work to help commercialize recycling PET bottles from curbside programs into new bottles.

expanding the size of the RPET (recycled PET) bottle market. Environmental Manager. It works constructively with packagers to improve the economics of plastics recycling by designing plastic bottles for recyclability and by increasing the use of recycled content in plastic bottles. "We appreciate the recognition for these efforts and look forward to continuing to drive new innovation. in an effort to protect the valuable new end markets for recycled PET that the company's commitment has created.The PRP is a coalition of local and state recycling officials. The company continues ahead of schedule to meeting its 2005 goal WORKPLACE CULTURE . the PET recycling system had struggled financially for years. According to Anderson. Because of the size and influence of The Coca-Cola Company. and Jeffrey Hansen. making it less expensive to use recycled PET. He revealed that the company can claim responsibility for increasing the demand for recycled PET. creating a standard for other beverage companies to follow that should eventually double the impact. Vitter’s explained that the Coca-Cola system has worked diligently over the past decade to develop sustainable recycling technologies. Packaging Recycling System Manager. their 2000 commitment jolted the market and initiated an overall improvement to the industry. and helping to develop technological innovation that is anticipated to bring down the cost of upgrading technologies. The PRP and The Coca-Cola Company also plan to work together to encourage bottle designs that consider their impacts on recycling. Receiving the award for outstanding corporate responsibility on behalf of The Coca-Cola Company were Scott Vitter’s.

employees support each other's personal and professional growth and enhance their individual and collective ability to contribute to the company. Cultural Sensations . music. The Council develops recommendations for senior management on advancing the company's efforts towards achieving our diversity objectives. we are focused on strategic workplace programs that help assure the success of our commitment to embracing the similarities and differences of people. Our Cultural Sensations program is designed to foster dialogue about the similarities and differences of people. Forums that are currently active include: WORKPLACE POLICIES .The company's corporate Diversity Advisory Council consists of a representative group of employees from all levels. Diversity Advisory Council . employees can connect with colleagues who share similar interests and backgrounds. cultures and ideas. through employee forums. cultures and ideas through the use of art. functions and business units of the organization. food and special events. In those forums and elsewhere.With the same spirited investment as the world's premier marketer and beverage industry leader for more than 116 years. In the United States. and develop diverse talent and ideas as a source of competitive business advantage. Employee Forums .We believe that a sense of community enhances our ability to attract.This employee awareness program takes diversity beyond representation and provides employees an opportunity to learn about different cultures and regions of the world in which we do business. dance. retain.

our company has policies to help guide the behaviour that shape our work environment. integrity. and our company is no exception. safe. And. respect. accountability. The company strives to create a work .Within every large organization. the company reaffirms its long-standing commitment to equal opportunity and affirmative action in employment. officers and directors in ways that are consistent with our core values: honesty. The Coca-Cola Company and its subsidiaries maintain a long-standing commitment to equal opportunity. quality. in The Code of Business Conduct Procedural Guidelines (English Translation). which are integral parts of our corporate environment. Equal Opportunity The Coca-Cola Company values all employees and the contributions they make. Consistent with this value. affirmative action and valuing the diversity of our employees. we have well-defined procedures for times when concerns arise. healthy. and. diversity. and successful for all of our employees. Code of Business Conduct Our Code of Business Conduct (English Translation) serves to guide the actions of our employees. responsibility. In order to foster an environment that is productive. there are always governing rules. The Code helps our people play by the rules wherever we operate around the world.

and whenever else appropriate The company maintains equal employment opportunity functions to ensure adherence to all laws and regulations. Further. or veteran status. as well as to prevent acts of harassment within their assigned area of responsibility. veterans of the Vietnam Era. necessary accommodations. colour. age. We will make reasonable accommodations in the employment of qualified individuals with disabilities. disabled veterans. national origin. gender. and to company policy in the areas of equal employment opportunity and affirmative action. religion. we periodically invite disabled individuals. The information provided by an employee is voluntary. it is a part of every individual's responsibility to maintain a work environment that reflects the spirit of equal opportunity and prohibits harassment. if they have not already done so. and veterans of the Vietnam Era. disability.environment free of discrimination and physical or verbal harassment with respect to race. All managers are expected to implement and enforce the company policy of non-discrimination. by advising their Human Resources representatives. Disabled Veterans and Veterans of the Vietnam Era The Coca-Cola Company has a long-standing commitment to take affirmative action to employ and advance the employment of qualified individuals with disabilities. appropriate managers may be informed regarding any restrictions on work. and other covered veterans to identify themselves as such. and affirmative action. As part of these efforts. and will be handled confidentially. if it's necessary to assist an employee in performing job responsibilities. for religious beliefs. disabled veterans. or conditions that might require emergency treatment THE COCA-COLA PROMISE . Individuals with Disabilities. However. equal employment opportunity. sexual orientation.

Always and everywhere. then we successfully nurture and protect our brands. Our investment in local communities in over 200 countries totals billions of dollars in jobs. The basic proposition of our business is simple. MARKETPLACE More than a billion times every day. When we bring refreshment. suppliers. Our promise to deliver that quality is the most important promise we make. marketing. yet distinctively local. And it involves a worldwide. the packages we develop and the ways we bring them to market. we pursue continuous innovation in the products we offer. They deserve the highest quality—every time. value. That is the key to fulfilling our ultimate obligation to provide consistently attractive returns to the owner so four business. joy and fun to our stakeholders.The Coca-Cola Company exists to benefit and refresh every one it touches. distributors and retailers whose success is paramount to our own. particularly Coca-Cola. . network of bottling partners. solid and timeless. the purchase of local goods and services. the processes we use to make them. and local business partnerships. thirsty people around the world reach for Coca-Cola products for refreshment. facilities.

. cultures and languages of the world. with a rich mosaic of talented colleagues who bring a variety of intellectual. known as ecosystem. fosters our collective success. and to recover and reuse resources more extensively. professional. with a commitment to continually move our business toward sustainability: striving to consume fewer natural resources.WORKPLACE The Coca-Cola system is one of the most diverse organizations on earth. safety and other aspects of workplace life. Our employees deserve equal treatment under our policies governing compensation. coupled with the opportunity to develop individual capabilities. advancement. We operate our business as stewards of the environment. We put this principle into practice through The Coca-Cola Environmental Management System. health. ENVIRONMENT Responsible stewardship of the environment is a top priority for The Coca-Cola Company. we brighten the future for our planet and for each other. ethnic and cultural perspectives to our enterprise. Our commitment to protect the environment extends throughout our organization. By preserving and enhancing our natural world. We understand that fairness in the workplace. They reflect the nations. Our workplace must be a place where everyone's ideas and contributions are valued. Our policy is to foster an inclusive environment that encourages all employees to develop and perform to their fullest potential.

we strengthen communities by giving with our hands and our hearts. . Together with our local bottling partners.involving officers. managers and employees at all levels. through partnerships with other organizations and through acts of citizenship by the people of Coca-Cola. We support education because of its power to expand opportunities for individuals and increase understanding between cultures. We partner with national and international organizations to alleviate economic disadvantage and help improve the quality of life in local communities. We are accountable for our actions. COMMUNITY Society advances on the strength of community: people sharing their ideas and resources to reach common goals. conducting assessments of our environmental performance and taking action toward continuous improvement in all that we do. DIVERSITY AT WORK Our people to develop to their fullest potential. as partners in the promise of a better life. We seek to strengthen local communities worldwide through our support for education.

that benefits from the perspectives of each individual. Much of our future success will depend on our ability to develop a worldwide team that is rich in its diversity of people. from top to bottom. While the world and our business will continue to change rapidly. respecting these values will continue to be essential to our longterm success. Coca-Cola people have led our successes by living and working with a consistent set of values.The heart and soul of our enterprise have always been our people. our company has benefited from the various cultural insights and perspectives of the societies in which we do business. . We are determined to have a diverse culture. cultures and ideas. As we have expanded over the decades. Over the past century.

concerned and committed citizens." Douglas N. Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer At The Coca-Cola Company.COMMUNITY SUPPORT “Success alone isn't what makes us a trusted neighbor and a welcomed friend in communities where we sell our products. . awarding scholarships or supporting our employee volunteer efforts. Whether providing financial contributions. The Coca-Cola system celebrates a tradition of giving back to the community. we are able to reach out to a diverse range of families and communities across the globe. Chairman. And we do it in many different ways. We earn that place only by being involved. we constantly strive to be the best neighbor possible by strengthening our communities…those places our employees. customers and consumers call home. In the nearly 200 countries where we do business. Daft.

In fact. population. including our products.. and women make most purchasing decisions involving consumer goods.S. In addition." As a part of our commitment to supplier diversity and in collaboration with Clark Atlanta University. it's inclusive! Minorities are the fastest-growing segment of the U. We believe second-tier engagement with minority.and women-owned firms to enhance their capability and capacity. We also require our primary suppliers to proactively engage minority and women firms on all company projects and contracts.and women-owned enterprises (MWBEs). it is in keeping with the Coca-Cola Promise ".. We have made a commitment to proactively building relationships with and purchasing goods and services from MWBEs to the maximum extent possible. Including minorities and women as our partners is a business imperative at The Coca-Cola Company Our supplier diversity mission is to provide equal access to procurement opportunities for minority. It helps us to reach and include more MWBE suppliers in our procurement process. our major suppliers have embraced this second-tier program and have become our partners in supplier diversity. This mission underscores our long-standing commitment to being a leader in supplier diversity and a model corporate citizen in the communities we serve. we have established a MWBE Supplier Mentoring program to assist minority..SUPPLIER DIVERSITY Our approach to Supplier Diversity is simple .and women-owned firms is a critical component to the success of supplier diversity.to benefit and refresh everyone who is touched by our business. ..

we organized an aggressive clean-up campaign. To introduce innovative and environmentally friendly packaging. with the Machu Picchu Sanctuary Authority. The program systematically removes trash that constantly threatens the site .WASTE MANAGEMENT Every year. Here's a glance at what we're doing. At Peru's famous Machu Picchu archaeological site. The Coca-Cola® Company’s working constantly toward coming up with smart. The effort has collected more than 20 tons of garbage and has been highly praised by local authorities.including PET bottles discarded by tourists. one in four PET containers sold by our company in North America contain recycled content. the world produces billions of tons of waste. Recycling and reusing waste materials is absolutely crucial if we are to maintain the health and beauty of the earth. which are then recycled. creative ways to reuse waste. Australia for the world's first PET bottles to be produced from recycled PET bottles. More than 120 students have taken part. Today. we opened a breakthrough facility in Sydney. COCA COLA IN ASIA . Campaña de Limpieza de Machu-Picchu.

She spent eight years outside the US. including assignments as president of Coca-Cola Japan and before that president of the South Pacific division. MINNICK Executive Vice President. to tiny Pacific nations in a Group that accounts for 33 percent of The Coca-Cola Company's operating income. Mary gained experience in sales. and the Board of Visitors of the Fuqua School of Business. From a career that started in sales with Coca-Cola USA. Mary is also a key player in developing strategy for The Company. Kennedy School of Government. For the second year. Harvard University. . the past seven living and working in Asia. Coca-Cola Asia president and chief operating officer Mary Minnick oversees operations in 38 countries throughout Asia. As an executive vice president. Mary holds a Masters in Business Administration from Duke University. spends the majority of her time in Asia. based in Australia. Fortune magazine voted Mary the twelfth most powerful woman in the business world.MARY E.000 people. She is also a member of the Dean's Council of the John F. Mary was appointed to her current role in 2001 and. and developing giants India and China. refreshes over half the world's population and provides total system employment to over 100. marketing and new products and rose rapidly through management ranks. from the critically important Japan market. President and Chief Operating Officer Coca-Cola Asia A 20 year veteran of the Company. while based in Atlanta.

.The serving tray the art work of popular magazine illustrator Hamilton king in 1913. The famous “Sprite Boy” was created by noted artist Haddon Sundblom and was used for the first time in 1942 advertising to introduce the name “ Coke”.

ministered constantly by the company is necessary to produce high quality soft drinks. Quality contract. Using concentrates and beverages bases produced by the Coca Cola company. familiar to consumers every when. In 1982. consumer marking the first extension of me company’s most precious trademark to another product later years saw the introduction DP additional products bearing the Coca Cola name which now emcom passes a powerful line of six Coal products.S.S. .THE BOTTLING SYSTEM The day Coca Cola reach consumers and customer around the world through a vast distribution network made up of local bottling companies. patent and trademark office in 1977. and most are independent business. in honor a warded to few other packages. TRADE MARKS Our trademarks are our most valuable assets. the distribute them to more than & million customer and more than 2 million vending machines around the world. followed by “Coke” in 1945 the unique contour bottle. patent and trademark office in 1893. way granted registration is a trademark by the U.S. the Coca Cola company introduced diet Coke is U. our bottling partners package and market products. These bottlers are located around the world. The Coca Cola company is committed to assisting its bottlers with the function of an efficient bottling operation. The trademark “Coca-Cola” was registered with the U.

In 1986. In April 1985. a new Cola emerged from laboratory research. As a result. PRODUCT ADVANCEMENT In 1985. the nations top-selling soft drink. The launch of Coke with the new taste took place in the United State and Canada. Consumer respected with an unprecedented and new famous out pouring of loyalty and offering for me original formula of Coca-cola returned & CocaCola classic. the company proudly introduced the new taster of coke the first change in the secrete formula since my product way created in 1886.Today. consumer said they preferred it over both Coca Cola and its primary competition. the world’s favorite soft drink Coca Cola the world best known and most admired trademark. . Through internal evaluation and thousand by blind taste tests. recognized by more than 90 percent of the world population. Coca-Cola classic became and still remains.

We will conduct ourselves and our business activities with the highest standards of honesty integrity and professionalism. attain well-defined objectives. partners and suppliers and instill them with a passion to deliver the highest quality goods and service. We will encourage a learning environment where people can constantly grow. including employees. We will recognize the positive contributions that we make as individuals and team members to produce our business success. develop and contribute. thus increasing brand equity on a global basis. 4. We will strive for excellence and seek continuous improvement in everything we do. 6. We will foster initiative and creativity by empowering individual to 7. GUIDING PRINCIPLES OF COCA-COLA INDIA 1.MISSION OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY The mission of the Coca-Cola Company is to increase share-owner value over time. 2. 3. . The company accomplished the mission by working with its business partners to deliver satisfaction and value to customers and consumers through a worldwide system of superior brands and services. 5. We will respect all stakeholders.

• TCCC as trademark enhancement and positive economic value-added. services and communication customer service and bottling system strategies. and in a highly profitable Coca-Cola Corporation branded beverages system. • Consumers as an opportunity to grow profit through the use of finished drinks. through CocaCola’s commitment to them. MISSION OF COCA-COLA INDIA Create consumer products. • CCI Associates as superior career opportunity. flexible business system and continuous improvement. processes and tools in order to create competitive advantage and deliver superiors value to: • Consumer as a superior beverage experience. • Bottlers as an opportunity to grow profits and volume. • Suppliers as an opportunity to make reasonable profits when creating real value-added in an environment of system wide teamwork.VISION OF COCA-COLA INDIA Provide exceptional strategic leadership in the Coca-Cola India Systemresulting in consumer and customer preference and loyalty. • Indian society in the form of a contribution to economic and socio development. .

96 on advertising. Coca-Cola products are served more than 7 05 million times long way to come after such a modest beginning. 1 soft drink brand ever since. May 1986 Pemberton concocted a caramel-colored syrup in a three-legged brass kettle in his backyard. Frank M. For five cents. consumers could enjoy a glass of Coca-Cola at the soda fountain. Dr. in the unique flowing script that is famous worldwide today. Whether by design or accident. . 1885 Sales of Coca-Cola averaged nine drinks per day. suggested the name and penned. Pemberton grossed #59 and spent $73. carbonated water was teamed with the new syrup. Pemberton sold 25 gallons of syrup. For this efforts. shipped in bright red wooden kegs. That first year. Georgia. However. Dr. Red has been a distinctive color associated with the No. Robinson. Dr..FABOULAS FACTS ABOUT COCA-COLA The world has changed in many ways since pharmacist. the pure and simple magic of one thing remains the same Coca-Cola the name and the product mean so many good things to hundred of millions of consumers around the globe. producing a drink that was proclaimed “Delicious and Refreshing”. Pemberton’s partner and bookkeeper. He first “distribute” the new product by carrying Coca-Cola in jug down the street to Jacobas Pharmacy. John Styth Pemberton first introduced the refreshing taste of Coca-Cola in Atlanta.

“Coca-Cola” is the worlds most recognized trademark. 1915 The Root Glass company created the Coca-Cola contour glass bottle.1891 Atlanta entrepreneur Asa G. 1906 The first two countries outside the United States to bottle Coca-Cola were cuba and Panama. 1917 3 Milloin Coke’s sold per day.S. Patent office. Within four years. 1894 The first syrup plant outside of Atlanta was opened in Dallas. 1893 In January “Coca-Cola” was registered in the U. 1919 The Coca-Cola company was sold to a group of investors for $25 million. . Candler’s merchandising flair helped consumption of Coca-Cola to every state and territory. Candler had acquired complete ownership of the Coca-Cola business.

1956 Advertising slogan –“ Coca-Cola. making good things taste better”. Woodruff became president of the Coca-Cola Company. making Coca-Cola an institution the world over. 1927 The first Coca-Cola radio advertisement. 1929 Advertising slogan 1940 Coke is bottled in over 40 countries. 1961 Sprite was introduced.1923 Robert W. 1925 6 Million Coke’s sold per day. 1928 Sales of bottled Coca-Cola surpassed fountain sales for the first time. . His more than six decades of leadership took the business to unrivaled heights of commercial success.

1988 Coca-Cola was the first independent operator in the Soviet Uuion.1970 Advertising slogan –“It’s the Real Thing”. 1993 Coca-Cola exceeds 10 billion bases sold worldwide. 1982 Diet Coke was introduced in July. 1993 Advertising slogan-“Always Coca-Cola”. 1989 Advertising slogan-“Can’t Beat the Feeling”. 1971 The song “I’d like to Buy the World a Coke” was released. . 1979 Advertising slogan –“Have a Coke and a Smile”.

1938 Australia. 1912 IN the Philippines. and Trinidad. 1928 In Antigua. Spain. Surinam. Venezuela. Guatemala.1907 In Hawaii. Haiti and Burma. 1927 In Belgium. Scotland. and the Dominican Republic. Norway. 1940 In Ecuador. Curacao. Colombia. Holland. the Virgin Islands. 1920 In France. Honduras. Mexica. South Africa. Italy. Bermuda. China. 1929 In Germany and Spanish Morocco. Jamaica. Gutana. . Austria. and EI Salvador. Luzemboug.

863 times. • If all the Coca-Cola every produced were in 61/2 oz.1942 In Nicaragua. and Guadeloupe. Bottles and paled end to end they would wrap around the earth more than 11. Costa Rica. . Rhodesi. • The bottling plant at the highest elevation in the world is located in Bolivai. and the plant in Shatin is 25 floors. Japan. and Okinawa 1947 In Morocco and Tangier 1948 In Liberia. Brazil. • Mexico and Iceland have the highest per capita consumption of CocaCola • Coca-Cola translated to Chinese means. Argentina. Iceland. More fund facts and trivia.000 Coca-Cola products are consumed. The plant in Quarry Bay is 17 floors. at 12.000 feet. • Every second over 7. and Uruguay. • The tallest Coca-Cola bottling plants are in Hong Kong. “To make mouth happy”. 1945 In Egypt. And Martinique 1946 In Barbados.

• The world’s longest Coca-Cola truck is in Sweden. a coffee flavored beverage. were stacked one on top of each other. • Coca-Cola first crossed the Atlantic on borad the Graf Zeppelin. • If all the Coca-Cola vending machines in the U.S. • The best selling non-carbonated soft drink in Japan is a product of the Coca-Cola Company named “Georgia”. It dispenses nearly 3 million servings of Coca-Cola annually. bas earned the distinction of serving the highest volume of Coca-Cola anywhere. Georgia. the Geman dirigible. the pile would be over 450 miles high What in a Coke” • Carbonated Water • High Fructose Corn Syrup • Caramel Color • Phosphoric Acid • Natural Flavors • Caffeine . • The Varsity Restaurant in Atlanta. It is 7 0 feet long with a four-azle trailer.

Whenever our see an arrow. The Great National Temperance • 1907-Coca-Cola is full of vim.Stop at the red sign • 1927.The drink of quality.SLOGANS FORM THE 1900’S • 1904.Pause and refresh yourself • 1925. SLOGANS FROM THE 1920’S • 1920.Around the corner anywhere.Get the genuine • 1909. at the little red sign • 1928. • 1924. think of Coca-Cola • 1911.A pure drink of natural flavors • 1929. There’s nothing like it when you’re thirsty. the hit that saves the day • 1922. vigor and go • 1908.Drink Coca-Cola with soda.Coca-Cola Revives and Sustains • 1906.Refresh yourself.Thirst knows no season • 1923.Six Million a Day • 1926.Wherever you go….Three Million a Day. You will find Coca-Cola • 1905.Enjoy a glass of liquid laughter • 1917.The pause that refreshes .Delicious and Refreshing • 1905.

When it’s hard to get started.Where there’s Coca-Cola there’s Hospitality • 1949. start with a Coca-Cola • 1935.Along the highway to anywhere .A taste all its own • 1944.Anytime is the right time to pause and refresh.Relax with the pause that refreshes • 1948. Makes travel more pleasant SLOGANS FORM THE 1940’S • 1940.the only thing like Coca-Cola is Coca-Cola itself • 1943.All trails lead to ice-cold Coca-Cola • 1936. Pure as sunlight • 1939.The packages that gets a welcome at hoem • 1941.SLOGANS FROM THE 1930’S • 1930.Thirst stops here.Stop for a pause … go refreshed • 1938.The drink that makes the pause refreshing • 1933.Coke means Coca-Cola • 1947. thirsty face • 1934.Get the feel of wholesome refreshment • 1937.A stop that belongs on your daily timetable • 1942.Don’t’ wear a tired.Meet me at the soda fountain • 1932.

Make it a real meal SLOGANS FROM THE 1960’S • 1960.Coke and food • 1962.For people on the go • 1955.Feel the difference. Revive with a Coke • 1961.Help yourself to refreshment • 1951.Something more than a soft drink • 1966.Things go better with Coke • 1964.Sign of good taste • 1958. see what we’ve got • 1976.Coke adds life .Refreshment the whole world prefers • 1959.Enjoy that refreshing new feeling • 1963.Relax with a Coke.Good of food and Coca-Cola just naturally go together • 1952.Coke follows thirst everywhere • 1953.Coke… after Coke… after Coke SLOGANS FROM THE 1970’S • 1970.Coke… goes with the good times • 1975.Look up America.It’s the real thing • 1971. Makes good things taste better • 1957.SLOGANS FROM THE 1950’S • 1950.I’d like to buy the world a Coke • 1972.Dependable as sunrise • 1954.You’ll go better refreshed • 1965.Americas preferred taste • 1956.

SLOGANS FROM THE 1980’S • 1980. White and you! • 1988.We’ve got a taste for you. Amercia’s real choice Coca-Cola Classic! • 1986.Have a Coke and a smile • 1982.Cant’ beat the feeling • 1989.Can’t beat the real thing .Catch the Wave. Red.Coke is it • 1985.

as its domestic markets have lost their fizz. CocaCola has handed Pepsi a number of crushing international setbacks. diet Coke. Sprite. Coke’s volume has grown 5 percent and 7 percent. near world dominance of the soft drink market. Pepsi has recently experience flat or declining international soda sales. the company now sells its brands in more than 200 countries. The great “global Cola wars” between Coca-Cola and rival Pepsi have become decidedly onesided. The result. Long the world’s leading soft drink marker. 17 percent in India. Whereas in the United States Coca-Cola captures a 44 percent market share versus Pepsi’s 31 percent. In the 1990s. In fact. Coca-Cola has revved up every aspect of its global marketing. it outsells Pepsi 3 to 1 overseas and boasts 4 of the world’s 5 leading soft drink brands: Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola international prowess has played a major role in its dominance. respectively. these three emerging markets . and Indonesia-where Coke is growing but does not yet dominate. and 16 percent in the Philippines. Coca-Cola has reported strong growth in Latin America and grew a stunning 20 percent in China. Together. In fact. in recent years. Coca-Cola earns over 70 percent of its profits aboard. Since the early 1980s.GOING GLOBAL: COCA-COLA DOMINATES COCA-COLA is certainly no stranger to global marketing. and Fanta. As a result. soft drink consumption has grown at a rate of 3 percent annually both domestically and internationally. while Pepsi’s sales volume rose just 2 percent. During the same period. Coke Classic consumption increased by more than 30 percent. India. Pepsi is new retrenching its efforts aboard by focusing on emerging markets-China. during that same period.

2 billion consumers-drink an average of only 5 servings of soda per year. Coca-Cola will have spent almost $2 billion building state-of-the-art Asian bottling plants and distribution systems. by the turn of the century. In new Delhi alone. Coca-Cola markets effectively to both retailers and imbibers. Pepsi will find the going rough in the face of Coca-Cola’s international marketing savvy and heavy investment.000 retailers to showcase everything from the latest coolers and refrigerators. For instance. But even in these emerging markets. Indonesia. its Chinese New Year television ad featured a dragon in a holiday parade.000 free bottles of Coke and Fanta last year. “for many centuries. is what one top CocaCola executive calls a “soft drink paradise”. The spot concluded.boast 2. For example. It claimed official sponsorship for World Cup Cricket. nearly all of whom are Muslims for-bidden to consume alcohol. It carefully tailors its ads and other marketing efforts for each local market. which Coke has for loan. Coca-Cola aggressively cultivates a local image. nearly half the world’s total population. “the company hosts massive gatherings of up to 15. and used Indian cricket fans rather than actors to promote Coke products. a favorite national sport. And its salespeople go house-to-house in their quest for new customers. with 200 million people. For example. crating heady opportunity for growth. And Coca-Cola possesses proven marketing prowess. With their young populations.4 billion people. workers handed out more than 100. China’s 1. they represent prime potential for Coca-Cola and Pepsi. compared with 343 in the united states. Observes one Coke watcher. exploding incomes. Who are we to argue with ancient wisdom? In India. the color red has been the color for good luck and prosperity. and underdeveloped soft drink demand. to advertising displays. . adorned form head to tail with red Coke cans.

Nothing better illustrates Coca-Cola’s surging global power than the explosive growth of Sprite. Sprite’s advertising uniformly targets the .

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