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. UNIT – I 1. a)What are the responsibilities of DBA b) What are the different types of database end users? Discuss the main activities of each. Or 2. Explain about Database System Environment. UNIT – II 3. Consider the following set of requirement s for a university databse that is used to keep track of student’s transcripts. a) The University keeps track of each student’s name, student number, current address and phone, permanent address and phone, DOB, sex, class (first year, second year,…. Gradate), major department, minor department (if any), and degree program (B.A., B.S., ….Ph.D.). Some user applications need to refer to the city, state, and zip code of the student’s permanent address and to the student’s last name. Both personal number and student number have unique values for every student. b) Each department is described by a name, department code, office number, office phone and college. Both name and code have unique values for each department. c) Each course has a course name, description, course number, number of semester hours, level and offering department. The value of the course number is unique for each course. d) Each section has an instructor, semester, year, course, and section number. The section number distinguishes sections of the same course that are taught during the same semester/year; its values are 1,2,3,…., up to the number of sections taught during each semester. e) A grade report has a student, section, letter grade, and numeric grade (0,1,2,3 0r 4). Design and ER schema for this application, and draw an ER diagram for that schema. Specify key attributes of each entity type, and structural constraints on each relationship type. Note any unspecified requirements, and make appropriate assumptions to make the specification complete. Or

4. a)Explain about Entity Integrity, Referential Integrity, Foreign keys b) Explain about UML Class Diagrams. UNIT – III 5. The given database Schema is Employee(FName, Initial, Lname, ENO ,DOB, Address, Sex, Salary, Supereno, Dno) Department( Dname, Dnumber , mgreno,mgrstartdate) Dept_locations(Dnumber,Dlocation) Project(Pname, Pnumber , plocation, dnum) Works_on(EENO, PNo, hours) Dependent(EENo, Dependent_Name, Sex, BDate, Relationship) Write the queries in relational algebra with the above schema a) Retrieve the name and address of all employees who work for the ‘Research department’ b) List the project numbers for projects that involve an employee whose last name is ‘Kumar’, either as a worker or as a manager of the department that controls the project. c) For each department, retrieve the department name and the average salary of all employees working in that department. d) List the names of all employees who have a dependent with the same first name as themselves. e) Retrieve the average salary of all female employees f) Retrieve the names of employees who work on all the projects that ‘Mahesh Kumar’ works on. or 6. a) Explain about Set operators in Relational algebra. b) Explain about Mapping of Binary 1:1 relationship types and Binary M:N relationship types. UNIT – IV 7. Write the SQL Queries for the given schema Student(Name, Studentnumber, Class, Major) Course(CourseName, CourseNumber, Credit Hours, Department) Section(Sectionidentifier, coursenumber, Semester, Year, Instructor) Grade_report(studentNumber, SectionIdentifier, Grade) Prerequisite(Coursenumber, Prerequisite Number) a) Change the class of student ‘Uday’ to 2 b) Delete the record for the student wose name is ‘GEETA’ and whose student number is 17.

c) For each section taught by Prof. Jain., retrieve the course number, semester, year and number of students who took the section. d) Retrieve the names of all senior students majoring in ‘CS’ e) Retrieve the names and major departments of all straight –A students ( students who have a grade of A in all their courses). f) Insert a new course, <’neural networks’, ‘CS4390’,3,’CS’) Or 8. Discuss 1NF,2NF,3NF and BCNF with an example and state the normal forms. UNIT – V 9. Explain about characterizing schedules bases on serializability Or 10. Explain about two phase locking techniques for concurrency control

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