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India Jaipur Fest FINAL FINAL Bhs Inggris

India Jaipur Fest FINAL FINAL Bhs Inggris

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India Festival
India Festival

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Published by: Khinmg Soe on Jul 01, 2013
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The Battle for Justice: Jaipur Writers Festival Slug: India Conflict.

Reporter: Jasvinder Seghal Date: 02/02/13 INTRO One of the key themes at the Asia’s largest writers’ festival in Jaipur was the quest for justice. Jasvinder Seghal is at the festival for Asia Calling and has this report on the session—Colliding Worlds: the Quest for justice. TEXT SFX 1 seminar session Dr. Binayak Sen is one of India's best-known public health specialists and human rights activists. He is out on Bail after being sentence to life in prison. He is accused of links with Maoist rebels in one of India's poorest states where the rebels have a strong presence. He denies the charge. He talks about what justice means to him. Dr. Sen, Clip 1 (Male, English//“Justice is where every body’s rights are equally respected. Everybody has rights and these rights are to be equally respected. Today we have situation where there are large sections of the population whose rights are not respected. And it’s a fact that there are significant forces in the society which are expropriating these rights. They are not allowing these rights to function.” Reporter Clip 1 (Male, English// “Sir, you are known as Doctor of Poor and then also you are struggling in the Supreme Court. Are you getting justice?” Dr. Sen, Clip 2 (Male, English) “I think there are major sources of injustice brought in society at every level. The fact that the reason we have poverty in our country and same time we have such major riches and such major sections of population who are rich and major sections of the population who are poor and the difference between them is expanding. This itself can only be explained by an increase in the violence that is inherent in the structure of the society today. This shows that there is huge force of violence which is brought in the society and this difference is maintained on the basis of violence, and those sources of injustice have to be fought on the basis of the strength of the people.” Harsh Mander is another rights activist and a former civil servant. He resigned from his government job accusing the state of failing to stop communal riots in Gujarat.

The slogan of “Hindu-Chinese are brothers “ was made on the basis of mutual trust. English)// “I quit the state at a particular point of time because I wanted to fight the people battles on sustaining the idea of communal harmony and justice.” During the festival. Clip 1 (Male. the Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama also called on India to have a good relationship with China in order to teach China about democracy. What were the reasons?” Harsh. English//“ Sir. And how larger change requires the state to be held more accountable but also people to hold them more accountable. China is the most populated nation while India is the most populated democratic country.look at India.” SFX 2 Clapping For Asia Calling this is Jasvinder Sehgal in Jaipur. India.” Dalai lama. South India and North India. Harsh. . I think it can learn lot many things from India.Now he campaigns on behalf of the poor. Clip 2 (Male. Failures of Governments but also failures of empathy and caring with in people of privilege. But I continue with the state as I believe in the state and engage with the state as no democracy can work without it. Although they have different languages and different scripts but then also there is no separation. English)// “Hunger persists for many reasons. All should get equality and democracy. I often tell to my Chinese friends --. East India. West India. Clip 1 (Male. you were part of the state but you quit the state. Clip 2 (Male. English)// Genuine sort of friendship and good relation between China and India is very essential.” Reporter.

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