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The International Star Trek Fan Association Inc.


Vessel Registry

May 2011 Edition

STARFLEET, The International Star Trek Fan Association Inc.

May 2011 Edition

Publisher: Brigadier General Joe Sare, Chief Of Operations

Editor: Major General Bran Stimpson

Design: Commodore Christina Sievers

STARFLEET, the International Star Trek Fan Association, Incorporated, is a not-for-profit corporation chartered by the state of North Carolina, and is dedicated to uniting the fans of Star Trek and well as pursuing the future envisioned by Gene Roddenberry as depicted in the Star Trek television series and movies. The information contained herein may not be used by any member for any private commercial purpose. Provision of these documents or services does not constitute permission for anyone to use any information contained therein or thereon for any non-STARFLEET purpose. This document is the Vessel Registry of STARFLEET, the International Star Trek Fan Association, Incorporated. Its contents are copyright 2010, STARFLEET, and all rights are reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced or stored in any way or by any copying process of any kind without prior written permission of STARFLEET. This publication may not be stored electronically (including, but not limited to, FTP or HTML) without prior written permission. Star Trek and related marks are registered trademarks of CBS Studios Incorporated. Neither the STARFLEET copyright in this material, nor any part of the material itself, nor STARFLEETs use of the name Star Trek, are intended in any way to infringe upon any copyrights or trademarks with regard to any of the Star Trek television series or any of the movies or any other licensed use of the properties previously or currently held by CBS Studios Incorporated, or any other persons or organizations. Permission is granted to STARFLEET chapters to reproduce and utilize sections of this material for their members use. Updates to this VR should be sent to Joe Sare electronically at or physically to 2716 Sinclair Avenue, Waterford, Michigan 48328. Please include your name, SCC number, chapter name, and chapter address in all correspondence.

Vessel Registry May 2011 Edition

(In Pictures)

FADM Dave Blaser

Commander, STARFLEET

MGN Bran Stimpson

Vice Commander, STARFLEET

BDR Joe Sare

Chief Operations Officer

COMM Michael Dugas

Chief Communications Officer

ADM Peg Pellerin

Commandant, STARFLEET Academy

COMM Chris Carothers

Chief Computer Operations

LGN Linda Olson

Chief Financial Officer

STARFLEET, The International Star Trek Fan Association Inc. Personnel Directory
Pet Fleet Corps Coordinator Fleet Captain James Cecil E-mail: Annual Campaign Director Major General Gary Hollifield, Jr. E-mail: Learn more about our Annual campaign at Annual Campaign Deputy Director Tomos Griffiths E-mail: Annual Campaign Assistant Directors Admiral Sherry Anne Newell Helen Pawlowski


COMMANDER, STARFLEET Fleet Admiral Dave Blaser Phone: 1-888-SFI-TREK (888-734-8735) Ext.: x701 E-mail: Mailing Address: 74072-260 Guelph St. Georgetown, ON L7G4B5 Chief of Staff to the CS Fleet Admiral Les Rickard E-mail: Historian General Wade Hoover E-mail: International Conference Liaison General Mark Anbinder E-mail: Inspector General General Wade Hoover E-mail: Judge Advocate BGN Larry French E-mail: Member Recognition Admiral Linda Kloempken E-mail: Director, STARFLEET Scholarship Program Fleet Captain Reed Bates E-mail:

VICE COMMANDER, STARFLEET Major General Bran Stimpson Phone: 1-888-SFI-TREK (888-734-8735) Ext.: x702 E-mail: Mailing Address: 1120 Magnolia Street Denver, CO 80220 Chief of Staff to the VCS Lieutenant General John Roberts E-mail: Membership Processing Administrator Fleet Captain Matthew Ingles Phone: 1-888-SFI-TREK (888-734-8735) Ext.: x2 E-mail: and Mailing Address: STARFLEET International P.O. Box 94288 Lubbock, TX 79493-4288 Member Services Administrator Commodore Christina Sievers E-mail: Need help? Visit the STARFLEET Helpdesk at Orientation Director Commodore Jason Schreck E-mail: HR Director Lieutenant Commander Robert Page E-mail: Commandant, STARFLEET Marine Corps Brigadier Bruce O'Brien E-mail: STAR Program Lieutenant JG Anthony Dowling E-mail:

Chief of Operations Brigadier General Joe Sare Phone: 1-888-SFI-TREK (888-734-8735) Ext.: x703 E-mail: and Mailing Address: 2716 Sinclair Avenue Waterford, Michigan 48328 Vice Chief of Operations Admiral Alex Rosenzweig E-mail: Vice Chief of Shakedown Operations Admiral Johnathan Simmons E-mail: Department of Technical Services Admiral Alex Rosenzweig E-mail: Office of Technical Information Admiral Alex Rosenzweig E-mail: DTS Schematic Artist Captain George Flanik

Vessel Registry May 2011 Edition

Adv. Starship Design Bureau Major General Joost Ueffing E-mail: Correspondence Chapters Operations Commodore Beau Thacker E-mail: Recruiting & Retention Officer Captain Chris Tolbert E-mail: and Alumni Outreach Program Director Colonel James Jones II E-mail: Monthly Status Report Officer Captain Arthur Vaccarino Monthly Status Reports (MSRs) by email: Support Staff Director Commodore Steve Bowers E-mail: Office Of Disabled Accessibility Director Fleet Captain Dana Marshall E-mail: Assistant Director, Office of Disabled Accessibility Commodore Keith Marshall

Chief of Computer Operations Commodore Chris Carothers Phone: 1-888-SFI-TREK (888-734-8735) Ext.: x707 E-mail: Mailing Address: 2762 Yarnall Road Halethorpe, MD 21227

ACADEMY Commandant Admiral Peg Pellerin Phone: 1-888-SFI-TREK (888-734-8735) Ext.: x705 E-mail: Mailing Address: 180 So. Reynolds Road Winslow, ME 04901 Vice-Commandant, STARFLEET Academy Admiral Marlene Miller E-mail: Coordinator, Academic Services Admiral Carol Thompson E-mail:

Vice Chief of Computer Operations Admiral Sam Black E-mail: Database Operations VACANT SFI-list Moderators Colonel Rolando Gomez Captain Marie Anderson Fleet Captain James Cecil Lieutenant JG Gregory Kleiner Webmaster Rear Admiral Laura Victor E-mail:

Chief of Communications Vice Admiral Michael Dugas E-mail: Phone: 1-888-SFI-TREK (888-734-8735) Ext.: x704 Mailing Address: 404 NW 36th Street Blue Springs, MO 64015-2594 Vice Chief of Communications VACANT E-mail: Communiqu Editor VACANT E-mail: Director of Public Relations Admiral Brandt Heatherington E-mail:

Coordinator, Support Services Admiral Gregory Staylor E-mail: Chief, Electronic Services Webmaster/Support Services Assistant Fleet Captain Jayden Tyronian E-mail: Academy Accessibility Program Commodore Ron Novak E-mail:

Chief Financial Officer Lieutenant General Linda Olson Phone: 1-888-SFI-TREK (888-734-8735) Ext.: x708 E-mail: Mailing Address: 9020 N STATE ROAD 53 Madison, FL 32340-3541 Vice Chief of Finance Rear Admiral Tammy Wilcox E-mail: Quartermaster Admiral Pete Mohney E-mail: Fundraising Captain Joseph Horton E-mail:

STARFLEET, The International Star Trek Fan Association Inc. Vessel Registry
SS Basilone - SFR 101 Charter City: High Point, NC USA CO: Edwin Rickard Jr. Email: Commissioned: 04/01/1998 USS Constellation - NCC 71855 Charter City: Paducah USA CO: Steven E Parmley Email: Commissioned: 03/12/2010 USS Cumberland - NCC 74669 Charter City: Murfreesboro USA CO: George Pimentel Email: Commissioned: 05/01/2010 USS Dakota - NCC 4171 Charter City: Gastonia USA CO: Cindy Jenkins Email: Commissioned: 01/01/2011 USS Drakonia - NX 1657 Charter City: Norfolk USA CO: Charles Jones Email: Commissioned: 03/25/2010 USS Endeavor - NCC 72709 Charter City: Williamsburg, VA USA CO: Eric VanArsdale Email: Commissioned: 08/13/2009 USS Heimdal - NCC 1793 Charter City: Madison Heights, VA USA CO: Linda Smith Email: Commissioned: 04/01/1984 USS Hornet - NCC 1714-D Charter City: Charlotte, NC USA CO: Bruce Schulman Email: Commissioned: 06/02/1987 USS Indiana - NCC 79158 Charter City: Indianapolis, IN USA CO: Jeffrey Davis Email: Commissioned: 05/01/2004


Starbase 1 RC: Ruth Lane 768 E State St Apt A Barberton OH 44203 USA Email: USS Alaric - NCC 503 Charter City: Asheville, NC USA CO: Richard Heim Jr Email: Commissioned: 10/01/1982 USS Appomattox - NCC 75001 Charter City: Appomattox USA CO: John Sprouse Email: Commissioned: 07/31/2001 USS Aries - NCC 71806-B Charter City: Johnson City, TN USA CO: Michael Wilson Email: Commissioned: 12/22/1999 USS Arizona - NCC 71839 Charter City: Canton, OH USA CO: Roger Scritchfield Email: Commissioned: 04/03/1993 USS Asgard - NCC 72402 Charter City: Columbus,OH USA CO: Ralph Winans III Email: Commissioned: 08/08/1999

SS Bennu - SFR 119 Charter City: Gatlinburg, TN USA CO: Ben Redding Email: Commissioned: 01/04/1994 USS Bonaventure - NCC 102-A Charter City: Greensboro, NC USA CO: Scott Gibson Email: Commissioned: 06/26/1988 USS Charleston - NCC 80114 Charter City: Charleston, SC USA CO: Barbara Slater Email: Commissioned: 02/01/1992 USS Chesapeake - NCC 1887 Charter City: Richmond, VA USA CO: Jerry Martin Email: Commissioned: 07/19/1988 USS Columbia - NCC 2049 Charter City: Elizabethtown USA CO: Jason Schreck Email: Commissioned: 10/23/2010 USS Columbus - NCC 72401 Charter City: Columbus, OH USA CO: Betty Downing Email: Commissioned: 08/19/1989 USS Commonwealth - NCC 74670 Charter City: Richmond, KY USA CO: James Cecil Email: Commissioned: 09/11/2009

Vessel Registry May 2011 Edition

USS Intrepid - NCC 74655 Charter City: Mansfield, OH USA CO: Suzanne Guehring-Maurer Email: Commissioned: 09/24/1997 USS Jamestown - NCC 1843-E Charter City: Hampton/Newport News, VA USA CO: John Winsley Email: Commissioned: 09/09/1982 USS Jurassic - NCC 3500 Charter City: Hamersville, OH USA CO: Carolyn Donner Email: Commissioned: 08/16/1994 USS Kitty Hawk - NCC 1659 Charter City: Raleigh, NC USA CO: Joffre Fisher Jr Email: Commissioned: 10/07/1990 USS Lagrange - NCC 3916-B Charter City: Cuyahoga Falls USA CO: Nancy Milford Email: Commissioned: 10/23/1982 USS Liberator - NCC 75008 Charter City: Akron, OH USA CO: Ruth Lane Email: Commissioned: 03/01/2003 USS MAAT - NCC 1794-A Charter City: Norfolk/Virginia Beach, VA USA CO: Tammy Willcox Email: Commissioned: 10/31/1987 USS Maquis - NX 75630 Charter City: Gastonia USA CO: Frank Parker Email: Commissioned: 06/03/2010 USS Nikola Tesla - SFR 005 Charter City: Radcliff, KY USA CO: Dennis Rayburn Email: Commissioned: 08/01/1993 USS North Carolina - NCC 75019 Charter City: Hickory, NC USA CO: Gregory Casper Email: Commissioned: 08/02/2003 USS Odin - NCC 1875 Charter City: Jeffersonville,IN USA CO: Antonio Lopes III Email: Commissioned: 01/12/2009 USS Ohio - NCC 75007 Charter City: Barberton, OH USA CO: Barbara Buffington Email: Commissioned: 02/13/1998 USS Peleliu - NCC 36007 Charter City: Lafayette, Indiana USA CO: Teresa Remaly Email: Commissioned: 05/20/2006 USS Potomac - NX 2051 Charter City: Alexandria, VA USA CO: Hayden Segel Email: Commissioned: 03/28/2011 USS Powhatan - NCC 1967-A Charter City: Chesapeake, VA USA CO: Roy Sesler Email: Commissioned: N/A USS Providence - NCC 71796 Charter City: Jackson, TN USA CO: Warren Price Email: Commissioned: 11/07/1996 USS Renegade - NCC 2547 Charter City: Youngstown, OH USA CO: John Hoppa Jr Email: Commissioned: 12/25/1989 USS Revelation - NCC 63551 Charter City: Church Hill USA CO: Eric Larkin Email: Commissioned: 05/01/2010 USS Ronald E McNair - NCC 61809 Charter City: Columbia SC USA CO: Pamela Michaud Email: Commissioned: 11/05/1994 USS Star League - NCC 2101-A Charter City: N. Augusta, SC USA CO: Cindy Krell Email: Commissioned: 04/27/1991 USS Tang - NCC 581 Charter City: Liberty, KY USA CO: Peter Lutz Email: Commissioned: 07/17/2010 USS Tycho - NCC 59325 Charter City: Toledo, OH USA CO: Ted Klosowski Email: Commissioned: 07/01/1994 USS Virginia - NCC 71803 Charter City: Waynesboro, VA USA CO: Erinn Boyd Email: Commissioned: 11/28/2008 USS Yeager - NCC 61893 Charter City: Bluefield, WV USA CO: Jerry Conner Email: Commissioned: 09/20/1986

STARFLEET, The International Star Trek Fan Association Inc.

USS Dejah Thoris - NX 1649 Charter City: Hartselle, AL USA CO: Richard Childers Email: Commissioned: 01/28/2011 USS JUDAH - NCC 4205 Charter City: Tampa FL USA CO: James Reed Email: Commissioned: 01/27/2007 USS Khai Tam - NCC 81000 Charter City: Tallahassee, FL USA CO: Richard Graham Email: Commissioned: 04/04/1992 USS Marathon - NCC 3105 Charter City: Plant City, FL USA CO: David Ryan Email: Commissioned: 02/23/2009 USS New Hope - NCC 50335 Charter City: Montgomery, AL USA CO: Nancy O'Shields Email: Commissioned: 12/15/2003 USS Odyssey - NCC 454-A Charter City: Hattiesburg, MS USA CO: Barbara Nichelson Email: Commissioned: 03/07/2009 USS Okatoma - NCC 74695 Charter City: Collins, MS USA CO: James Brunton Email: Commissioned: 02/29/1996 USS Paegan - NCC 1755 Charter City: Orlando, FL USA CO: Robert Dambeck Jr Email: Commissioned: 03/01/1983 USS Premonition - NX 75031 Charter City: Orlando USA CO: Avery Mahurin Email: USS_PREMONITION_ Commissioned: 11/14/2010

Starbase 2 RC: Jack Eaton P.O. Box 1342 Jensen Beach FL 34953-1342 USA Email: USS Atlanta - NCC 79434 Charter City: Atlanta, GA USA CO: W. Henigan Email: Commissioned: 03/08/2008 USS Blue Sun - NCC 1838 Charter City: Killen, AL USA CO: William Fulmer Email: Commissioned: 01/27/2007 USS Continuum - NCC 71821 Charter City: Pensacola, FL USA CO: James Gallops III Email: Http:// Commissioned: 12/04/1993 USS Dark Phoenix - NCC 74920 Charter City: South Mississippi USA CO: Larry K Morris Email: Commissioned: 11/08/2003 SS Dark Silence Station - SS 007 Charter City: Florence, AL USA CO: Willis Burhans Email: Commissioned: 03/10/1995 USS DaVinci - NCC 74671 Charter City: Columbus, GA USA CO: Russell Ruhland Email: Commissioned: 03/16/1996

USS Exeter - NCC 1706 Charter City: Jacksonvillie, FL USA CO: John Sims Email: Commissioned: 09/07/2009 USS Gasparilla - NCC 74400 Charter City: Tampa Bay, FL USA CO: Ralph Planthold Email: Commissioned: 05/11/2002 USS Guardian - NCC 26244 Charter City: Cape Canaveral, FL USA CO: Brian Young Email: Commissioned: 09/01/1989 USS Haise - NCC 74664 Charter City: Jackson, MS USA CO: Lucy Ferron Email: Commissioned: 04/27/1995 USS Haven - NX 55459 Charter City: Altamonte Springs, FL USA CO: Mark Newport Email: Commissioned: 05/05/2011 USS Hephaestus - NCC 2004 Charter City: Birmingham, AL USA CO: MarkAdam Miller Email: Commissioned: 10/24/1989 USS Jubilee - NCC 57299 Charter City: Mobile, AL USA CO: John Clayton Email: Commissioned: 11/10/1999

Vessel Registry May 2011 Edition

USS Relentless - NCC 81001 Charter City: Palm Bay, FL USA CO: Steven Rosbury Email: Commissioned: 12/01/1998 USS Republic - NX 1371 Charter City: Atlanta, GA USA CO: Eric L. Watts Email: Commissioned: 04/08/2011 USS Rising Moon - NCC 6018 Charter City: Pelham USA CO: Arthur Sheffield Commissioned: 07/17/2003 USS Robins - NCC 71838 Charter City: Warner Robins, GA USA CO: Barbara Paul Email: Commissioned: 08/11/2007 USS Rogue Phoenix - NCC 75005 Charter City: Savannah, GA USA CO: Shaughn O'Connor Email: Commissioned: 02/27/1997 USS San Juan - NCC 1648 Charter City: Carolina USA CO: Richard B. G. Acevedo Email: Commissioned: 03/19/2011 USS Spiritwalker - NCC 31097 Charter City: Decatur, AL USA CO: Rebecca Self Email: Commissioned: 07/27/1998 USS Starquest - NCC 71804 Charter City: Naples, FL USA CO: Jeffrey Handshaw Email: Commissioned: 03/29/2008 USS Tiberius - NCC 50210 Charter City: St. Petersburg, FL USA CO: Oliver Savander Email: Commissioned: 08/10/2007 USS Trident - NCC 74692 Charter City: Stuart, FL USA CO: Jack Eaton Email: Commissioned: 07/02/1995 USS Triumph - NCC 26228 Charter City: Dania Beach, FL USA CO: Joe Dobson Email: Commissioned: 03/11/1991 USS Victorious - NCC 40967 Charter City: New Port Richey USA CO: Mark Anderson Email: Commissioned: 01/31/2010 USS Wernher von Braun - NCC 72069 Charter City: Huntsville, AL USA CO: Richard Trulson Email: Commissioned: 09/25/1993 USS Aurora Vulcanus - NCC 1888 Charter City: Houston, TX USA CO: Michelle Fanelli Email: Commissioned: 07/04/1983 USS Azrael - NCC 73339 Charter City: Minden USA CO: BEAU THACKER Email: Commissioned: 08/24/2008 USS Battle Born - NCC 69607 Charter City: San Antonio USA CO: Jeremy Carsten Email: Commissioned: 04/19/2011 USS Bexar - NCC 71718 Charter City: San Antonio USA CO: Robert Ybarra Email: Commissioned: 07/02/1993 USS Corsair - NCC 26556 Charter City: Baton Rouge, LA USA CO: Trisha Tunis Email: Commissioned: 04/22/2008 USS Daedalus - NX 100101 Charter City: Houston, Texas USA CO: Wallace Cady Email: Commissioned: 01/23/2011 USS Diamondback - NX 74224 Charter City: Abilene USA CO: Noble Hays Email: Commissioned: 12/17/2010 USS Firebird - NCC 74919 Charter City: Houston USA CO: Christopher O'Banion Email: Commissioned: 05/21/2002

Starbase 3 RC: Reed Bates 524 Centerbrook PL Round Rock, TX 78665-1453 USA Email: Ark Angel Station - SFR 308 Charter City: Round Rock USA CO: Lloyd Bates Email:!/group.hp?gid=119715478043953&ref=ts Commissioned: 01/01/2001

STARFLEET, The International Star Trek Fan Association Inc.

USS Freedom III - SS 001 Charter City: Euless, TX USA CO: Evan Richards III Email: Commissioned: 06/04/1993 USS Gunslinger - NCC 6019 Charter City: El Paso, TX USA CO: John Johnston Email: Commissioned: 02/07/2004 USS Joan of Arc - NCC 73289 Charter City: Corpus Christi, TX USA CO: Robin Van Cleave Email: Commissioned: 04/25/1993 USS Lafitte - NX 8735 Charter City: Lake Charles USA CO: Stuart Griggs Email: Commissioned: 04/07/2010 USS Lone Star - NCC 73628 Charter City: Lubbock, TX USA CO: Lisa Pruitt Email: Commissioned: 06/10/1995 SS Maverick - SFR 301 Charter City: Idalou, TX USA CO: Margi O'Neill Email: Commissioned: 07/02/2005 USS Navras - NCC 94010 Charter City: Greenville USA CO: Cody Glenn Email: Commissioned: 02/27/2011 USS Palo Duro - NCC 61914 Charter City: Amarillo, TX USA CO: Mary Freas Email: Commissioned: 09/14/1995 USS Rachel Garrett - NCC 71819 Charter City: Weatherford USA CO: Marian Murphy Email: Commissioned: 07/31/2010 USS Regulator - NCC 73337 Charter City: Fort Worth, TX USA CO: Thomas Clark Email: Commissioned: 02/01/2005 USS Serenity - NCC 1496 Charter City: Marble Falls, TX USA CO: Stephanie Izard Commissioned: 04/01/2011 USS SpiritWolf - NCC 74300 Charter City: Houston USA CO: Robert Graham Email: Commissioned: 11/06/1998 USS Tejas - NCC 9756 Charter City: Vernon, TX USA CO: Brent Chapman Email: Commissioned: 03/27/1993 USS Trinity River - NCC 6425 Charter City: Dallas, TX USA CO: Dan Stockelman Email: Commissioned: 02/12/2004 USS Victory - NCC 74208 Charter City: San Antonio, TX USA CO: Sharon Lambert Email: Commissioned: 06/10/1995

Starbase 4 RC: Chrissy Killian 968 Sierra St #120 Kingsburg CA 93631 USA Email: USS Angeles - NCC 71840 Charter City: Los Angeles USA CO: Dave Mason Email: Commissioned: 05/14/1998 USS Augusta Ada - NCC 55011 Charter City: San Francisco, CA USA CO: Kenneth Parker Email: Commissioned: 10/21/2000 Cascade Station - NCC SS003 Charter City: Redding, CA USA CO: Ed Nowlin Email:, Commissioned: 02/12/1994 USS Centurion - NCC 74801 Charter City: San Bernardino, CA USA CO: Roy Henderson Email: Commissioned: 12/22/1999 USS Dragons Cub - NCC 81003 Charter City: Bakersfield, CA USA CO: Dee Horn Email: Commissioned: 01/01/2001 USS Eagle - NCC 1719 Charter City: Fremont, CA USA CO: Jerry Tien Email: Commissioned: N/A


Vessel Registry May 2011 Edition

USS Ganymede - NCC 80107 Charter City: Lynchburg, VA USA CO: Teri Lotta Email: Commissioned: 06/29/2009 USS Golden Gate - NCC 2562 Charter City: San Francisco USA CO: David Nottage III Email: Commissioned: 04/08/2011 USS Karme - NCC 80117 Charter City: Phoenix USA CO: Jonathan Connor Email: Commissioned: 12/20/2010 STATION KEhleyr - SFX 409 Charter City: Las Vegas, NV USA CO: Joshua Andrews Email: Commissioned: 03/18/2011 USS Leonidas - NCC 71801 Charter City: Apache Junction, AZ USA CO: Arthur Fesler-Butts Jr. Email: Commissioned: 04/21/2009 USS Northern Lights - NCC 27001 Charter City: San Jose, CA USA CO: Tracy Newby Email: Commissioned: 01/22/1993 USS Onizuka - NCC 71815 Charter City: Chico, CA USA CO: Alvin Rupp III Email: Commissioned: 02/21/1993 USS PeaceKeeper - NCC 73200 Charter City: Kingsburg CA USA CO: Chrissy Killian Email: Commissioned: 06/02/1994 ISS Pegasus - NCC 9755 Charter City: Las Vegas USA CO: Brian Schreur Email: Commissioned: 06/05/1996 USS Wessex - NCC 74207 Charter City: Temecula, CA USA CO: David Jamison Email: Commissioned: 12/29/2009 USS William O'Darby - NCC 12474 Charter City: Grand Terrace USA CO: James Monroe Email: Commissioned: 09/20/2003 USS Crusader - NCC 74711 Charter City: Spokane, WA USA CO: Dona Colbert Email: Commissioned: 08/01/1997 USS Daniel Soule - NCC 1655 Charter City: Bonney Lake, WA USA CO: Dana Marshall Email: Commissioned: 02/12/2007 USS Destiny - NCC 97301 Charter City: Salem, OR USA CO: Stephen Idell Email: Commissioned: 05/28/1994 USS Indomitable - NCC 27315 Charter City: Kingston USA CO: Patrick Devine Email: Commissioned: 06/12/2010 USS Jack Fletcher - NCC 2127 Charter City: Kennewick USA CO: Russ Garrison Email: Commissioned: 08/20/2010 USS Logos - NCC 1687 Charter City: Boise USA CO: Julie Prescott Email: Commissioned: 08/08/2010 USS Pinguin - NCC 53777 Charter City: Monroe, WA USA CO: Mitch Dunn Email: Commissioned: 02/06/2010 USS Thermopylae - NCC 74703 Charter City: Federal Way, WA USA CO: Scott Nakada Email: Commissioned: 01/28/2007

Starbase 5 RC: Joseph Fuller 30303 1st Avenue S. Federal Way WA 98003 USA Email: USS Antares - NCC 75030 Charter City: Kennewick, WA USA CO: Patrick McAndrew Email: Commissioned: 02/15/2008 USS Aurora - NCC 72707 Charter City: Everett, WA USA CO: Brian Pickett Email: Commissioned: 04/11/2009 USS Chinook - NCC 71204 Charter City: Renton USA CO: Jereme Pierce Email: Commissioned: 04/03/2010


STARFLEET, The International Star Trek Fan Association Inc.

USS Wildhorse - NCC 75021 Charter City: West Richland, WA USA CO: David Kania Email: Commissioned: 02/12/2007 USS Wolf 359 - NCC 52359 Charter City: Portland, OR USA CO: Michael Cowan Email: Commissioned: 12/23/2009 USS Saint George - NCC 63541 Charter City: Slater, IA USA CO: Tom Webster Email: Commissioned: 10/05/2002 USS Thunderchild - NCC 3122 Charter City: Rapid City, SD USA CO: William Schnitger Email: Commissioned: 04/09/1992 USS Vrekasht - NCC 33187 Charter City: Pleasant Hill, IA USA CO: Debbie T'Plon Fee Email: Commissioned: 06/28/2008 USS Albany - NCC 587 Charter City: Guilderland, NY USA CO: Donna Burke Email: Commissioned: 06/27/1990 USS Ascension - NCC 2520 Charter City: Lehigh Valley-Allentown, PA USA CO: James Pugliese Email: Commissioned: 11/11/1990 USS Asimov - NCC 1647-A Charter City: Yardley, PA USA CO: Martin Lessem Email: Commissioned: 02/27/1997 USS Avenger - NCC 1860 Charter City: North Brunswick, NJ USA CO: Judy Waidlich Email: Commissioned: 06/21/1985

Starbase 6 RC: David Kloempken 3088 Molina St. Shakopee MN 55379 USA Email: USS Czar'ak - NCC 1798-A Charter City: Minneapolis, MN USA CO: David Kloempken Email: Commissioned: 04/01/1984 USS Imperium - NCC 2125-B Charter City: Fargo, ND USA CO: Michael Urvand Email: Commissioned: 04/20/1992 USS Pillar L. Mitchell - NCC 74915 Charter City: Appleton, WI USA CO: Leo Rogers Email: Commissioned: 02/15/2011 USS Riverside - NCC 1660 Charter City: Riverside, IA USA CO: Christopher Pittarelli Email: Commissioned: 01/28/2007

Starbase 7 RC: Wayne Agustson 11 Sarah Drive Lake Grove NY 11755 USA Email: USS Abraham Lincoln - NCC 71809 Charter City: Pomona USA CO: Keith Shikowitz Email: Commissioned: 11/14/2009 USS Accord - NCC 1842 Charter City: Ithaca, NY USA CO: William Devine Email: Commissioned: 08/05/1993 USS Adamant - NCC 3029 Charter City: Valley Forge, PA USA CO: Mary Ann Pugliese Email: Commissioned: 01/31/1995

USS Blackheart - NCC 2327 Charter City: Philadelphia, PA USA CO: Emmett Plant Email: Commissioned: 05/01/2009 USS Britannic - NCC 71818 Charter City: Lake Grove, NY USA CO: Wayne Augustson Email: Commissioned: 02/12/2007 USS Challenger - NCC 1676-D Charter City: Toms River Township USA CO: Robert Vosseller Jr Email: Commissioned: 11/01/1987 USS DeBraak - NCC 63543 Charter City: Dover, De USA CO: George Ann Wheeler Email: Commissioned: 06/23/2003


Vessel Registry May 2011 Edition

USS Edinburgh - NCC 77930 Charter City: Gaithersburg USA CO: Joseph Dorffner Jr. Email: Commissioned: 07/13/2002 USS Hecate - NCC 76886 Charter City: Pittsburgh, PA USA CO: David Ferber Email: Commissioned: 04/14/2009 USS Highlander - NCC 10530 Charter City: Frederick, MD USA CO: Gerri Wampler Email: Commissioned: 05/13/1994 USS Inferno - NCC 15202 Charter City: Pittsburgh, PA USA CO: Larry French Sr. Email: Commissioned: 02/02/2004 USS Iwo Jima - NCC 74502 Charter City: Bronx USA CO: Jonathan Slavin Email: Commissioned: 06/15/2010 USS Justice - NCC 556 Charter City: Morristown, NJ USA CO: Michael Stein Email: Commissioned: 12/23/1994 USS Malverne - NCC 2205 Charter City: Upper Darby, PA USA CO: Anthony Rowley Email: Commissioned: 11/06/1993 USS Matrix - NCC 72296 Charter City: Fayetteville, AR USA CO: Joseph Hoolihan Email: Commissioned: 11/18/1994 USS Mcauliffe - NCC 72705 Charter City: New York USA CO: Arthur Vaccarino Email: Commissioned: 05/20/2008 USS Niagara - NCC 75634 Charter City: BUFFALO , N.Y. USA CO: Glendon Diebold Email: Commissioned: 10/10/2002 USS Osiris - NCC 3092 Charter City: Bronx, NY USA CO: Maria Torres Email: Commissioned: N/A USS Pride of Baltimore - NCC 74929 Charter City: Glen Burnie, MD USA CO: Gary Ensey Jr Email: Commissioned: 06/12/2009 USS Richthofen - NCC 73286 Charter City: Frederick Junction, Maryland USA CO: Karen Mitchell Carothers Email: Commissioned: 07/10/1999 USS Schweitzer - NX 55015 Charter City: Baltimore, MD USA CO: Matthew Fuhrman Email: Commissioned: 01/28/2011 USS Serling - NX 74657 Charter City: Greater Binghamton USA CO: David Grate Email: Commissioned: 12/29/2010 USS Sovereign - NCC 75000 Charter City: Philadelphia, PA USA CO: Beryl Washington Email: Commissioned: 09/14/1989 USS Storm - NCC 1694 Charter City: Atlantic City USA CO: David Sladky Email: Commissioned: 10/30/2010 USS Susquehannock - NCC 71833 Charter City: York, PA USA CO: Stacey Linebaugh Cress Email: Commissioned: 03/04/2010 USS Thor - NCC 2549-A Charter City: Parkton USA CO: James Creamer Email: Commissioned: 10/25/1989 USS Top Gun - NCC 75029 Charter City: Bowie, MD USA CO: Dean Rogers Email: Commissioned: 07/09/2005

Starbase 8 RC: Owen Swart 11 End Street Albertsville Johannesburg 2195 SOUTH AFRICA Email: USS Dauntless - NCC 74214 Charter City: Johannesburg, South Africa SOUTH AFRICA CO: Owen Swart Email: Commissioned: 07/02/2005


STARFLEET, The International Star Trek Fan Association Inc.

USS Genesis - NCC 61945 Charter City: Adelaide, Australia AUSTRALIA CO: Donna Reid Email: Commissioned: 12/31/2007

Starbase 9 RC: Gudjon Sigmundson Kaldakinn 21 HAFNARFIRI 220 ICELAND Email: USS Albion - NCC 75027 Charter City: Malta MALTA CO: Raymond Spiteri Email: Commissioned: 04/14/2006 USS Horangi - NX 74707 Charter City: Heidelberg, Germany GERMANY CO: Steven McKean Email: Commissioned: 02/07/2011 USS Thor's Hammer - NCC 74914 Charter City: Reykjarvik, Iceland ICELAND CO: Thomas Sigmundsson Email: Commissioned: 12/22/2008 USS Vanguard - NCC 75026 Charter City: Laakdal, Belgium BELGIUM CO: Arthur Van Rhee Email: Commissioned: 11/05/2003

Starbase 10 RC: Paul Reid 1050 Beverly Place Victoria V8S 3Z8 CANADA Email: USS Atlantis - NCC 75018 Charter City: Wellington, NZ USA CO: Carol Thompson Email: Commissioned: 08/26/2008 USS Majestic - NCC 78601 Charter City: Victoria, BC CANADA CO: Paul Reid Email: Commissioned: 03/10/1995 USS Sol - NCC 1733 Charter City: Fairbanks, AK USA CO: Jennefer Ernst Email: Commissioned: 08/03/1983

USS Orion Star - NCC 75025 Charter City: Elermore Vale NSW AUSTRALIA CO: Wayne Smith Email: Commissioned: 08/07/2010 USS Southern Cross - NCC 63550 Charter City: Sommerville, Waiuku NEW ZEALAND CO: Bruce OBrien Email: Commissioned: 08/11/2007 USS Tydirium - NX 74930 Charter City: Kingswood, New South Wales AUSTRALIA CO: Greg Mortensen Jr Email: Commissioned: 03/16/2011

Starbase 12 RC: Jeffery Higdon 1912 18th Ave, Apt 1 Rockford IL 61104-5558 USA Email: USS Aux Arc - NCC 1835 Charter City: Ozark USA CO: Chris Tolbert Email: Commissioned: 03/12/2010 USS Black Hawk - NCC 75004 Charter City: Rockford, IL USA CO: Jeffery Higdon Email: Commissioned: 03/23/1996

Starbase 11 RC: Donna Reed 45 McQueen Court Paralowie 5108 AUSTRALIA Email:


Vessel Registry May 2011 Edition

USS Bortas - NCC 74211 Charter City: Urbana, IL USA CO: Donald Glenn Jr. Email: Commissioned: 04/15/2000 USS Chicago - NCC 75011 Charter City: Steger, IL USA CO: Jay Hurd Email: Commissioned: 01/28/2007 USS Discovery - NCC 1308 Charter City: St. Louis, MO USA CO: John Newmark Email: Commissioned: 10/01/1984 USS Dragonstrike - NCC 74305 Charter City: Oswego, KS USA CO: John Dubose Email: Commissioned: 05/21/2005 USS Hellfire & Brimstone - NCC 3143 Charter City: Topeka, KS USA CO: Wade Hoover Email: Commissioned: 06/04/1998 ISS Hexum - NCC 2199 Charter City: Belleville, IL USA CO: Rick Gale Email: Commissioned: 11/06/1988 USS Horizon - NCC 1000-B Charter City: Columbia, MO USA CO: Edward Allen III Email: Commissioned: 02/21/1987 USS Jaresh-Inyo - NCC 74922 Charter City: Paragould USA CO: Gary Tiny Hollifield Jr. Email: Commissioned: 09/11/2010 USS Jeannette Maddox - NCC 14514 Charter City: Wichita, KS USA CO: Rolando Gomez Email: Commissioned: 09/19/1992 USS Krakatoa - NCC 80115 Charter City: Chicago USA CO: Morgan Delaney Email: Commissioned: 05/01/2010 USS Marko Ramius - NCC 23103 Charter City: Fayetteville, AR USA CO: Elizabeth Cash Email: Commissioned: 05/01/1992 USS Oklahoma - NCC 10 Charter City: Vinita USA CO: Shanon Lindbloom Sr. Email: Commissioned: 07/31/2010 USS Phoenix - NCC 2155 Charter City: Columbia, MO USA CO: Paul Herring Email: Commissioned: 09/13/1997 Retribution Station - SFR 1202 Charter City: Springfield USA CO: Wayne Killough Jr. Email: Commissioned: 03/15/2011 USS Reuben James - NCC 75002 Charter City: Urbana USA CO: Richard Squire 3rd Email: Commissioned: 11/24/2010 ISS Royal Sovereign - NCC 72201 Charter City: Leavenworth, KS USA CO: Robert Westfall Email: Commissioned: 12/07/1991 USS Starfire - NX 74678 Charter City: Neosho, MO USA CO: Bari Pitcher Email: Commissioned: 03/08/2011 USS Sunflower - NCC 74679 Charter City: Augusta, KS USA CO: Beatrice Hart Email: Commissioned: 01/28/1995 USS Thunderbird - NCC 71845 Charter City: Oklahoma City, OK USA CO: George Heichelheim Email: Commissioned: 01/01/1987 SS Troubadour Station - SFR 1201 Charter City: St. Louis, MO USA CO: Helen Pawlowski Email: Commissioned: 02/16/1996 USS Umiak - NCC 3142 Charter City: St. Louis, MO USA CO: Walter Otten Jr Email: Commissioned: 02/01/1991 USS White Star - NCC 71012 Charter City: Kansas City USA CO: Michael Dugas Email: Commissioned: N/A USS William Wallace - NCC 2555 Charter City: Joplin, MO USA CO: Raymond Brown Email: Commissioned: 01/15/2002

Starbase 13 Interim RC: Joost Ueffing 606 Braecreek Ave Kanata, ON K2W 0B1 CANADA Email:


STARFLEET, The International Star Trek Fan Association Inc.

USS Banting - NCC 17220 Charter City: Kingston, ON CANADA CO: William Higgins Email: Commissioned: 02/04/1999 USS Hadfield - NCC 75006 Charter City: Georgetown, ON CANADA CO: Debbie Blaser Email: Commissioned: 09/17/2001 USS Ludington - NX 22015 Charter City: Escanaba, MI USA CO: Arie Beaudoin Email: Commissioned: 02/13/2011 USS Magellan - NCC 72014 Charter City: Rouyn-Noranda CANADA CO: Josephus Ueffing Email: Commissioned: 05/20/2002 USS Sinclair - NCC 74209 Charter City: Detroit Metro USA CO: Joseph Sare Email: Commissioned: 08/29/2010 USS Ares - NCC 26291 Charter City: Boston, MA USA CO: Paul Fest Email: Commissioned: 01/01/2001 USS Constitution - NX 75020 Charter City: Boston USA CO: Thomas Guertin Email: Commissioned: 12/05/2010 USS Darwin - NCC 1166 Charter City: Brockton USA CO: Dave Forrand Email: Commissioned: 09/05/2000 USS Elizabeth R. - NCC 74206 Charter City: Belchertown, MA USA CO: Ellen Majka Email: Commissioned: 10/01/2009 USS Galaxy - NCC 70637 Charter City: West Springfield USA CO: Doug Angeli Email: Commissioned: 01/19/2002 USS Hood - NCC 1707 Charter City: Nashua, NH USA CO: Robert Chin Email: Commissioned: 09/08/1990 USS Nelson - NCC 74804 Charter City: Northampton, MA USA CO: Douglas Mayo Email: Commissioned: 11/04/2002 USS O'Bannon - NCC 5372 Charter City: Sanford, ME USA CO: Bob McCann Email: Commissioned: 09/16/1995

Starbase 17 RC: John Roberts 1811 Lead SE #11 Albuquerque, NM 87106 USS Alioth - NCC 72383 Charter City: Orem/Provo, UT USA CO: D. Justin Taylor Email: Commissioned: 10/16/1987 USS Anasazi - NCC 62001 Charter City: Albuquerque USA CO: John Roberts Email: Commissioned: 08/25/2001 USS Devil s Tower - NCC 79431 Charter City: Cheyenne, WY USA CO: Rick Benninghoven Email: Commissioned: 08/24/2008 USS Independence - NCC 1776 Charter City: Colorado Springs, CO USA CO: Joe Hinson III Email: Commissioned: 07/04/2009 USS Mir - NCC 73281 Charter City: Las Cruces, NM USA CO: Nancy Lynch Email: Commissioned: 10/15/1995 USS Moontype - NCC 9493 Charter City: Ft. Collins, CO USA CO: Kathryn Johnson Email: Commissioned: 07/07/2005

Starbase 15 RC: Thomas Guertin 41 Beach St Milford MA 01757 USA Email:


USS Anubis - NCC 586 Charter City: Dover, NH USA CO: Scott Stone Email: Commissioned: 04/29/2006

Vessel Registry May 2011 Edition

USS Pioneer - NCC 5280-D Charter City: Denver USA CO: Debby Horst Email: Commissioned: 02/19/2001 USS Stormbringer - NCC 74213 Charter City: Centennial, CO USA CO: Johnathan Simmons Email: Commissioned: 10/31/1998 USS Tiburon - NCC 74220 Charter City: Denver, CO USA CO: Bran Stimpson Email: Commissioned: 07/02/2005 ISS Tomahawk - NCC 75028 Charter City: Albuquerque, NM USA CO: Rebecca Allen Email: Commissioned: 08/19/2006 USS Wind Spirit - NCC 14110 Charter City: Colorado Springs USA CO: Erik Johnson Email: Commissioned: 04/01/1995 USS Isaac - NCC 71808 Charter City: Newcastle UNITED KINGDOM CO: Angie Smith Email: Commissioned: 10/23/2010

Starbase 20 RC: Marie Wilson 8 The Oundle Stevenage, SG2 8JY UNITED KINGDOM USS Ark Royal - NCC 7991 Charter City: London, UK UNITED KINGDOM CO: Richard Sams Email: Commissioned: 06/02/2010


STARFLEET, The International Star Trek Fan Association Inc. Vessel Registry May 2011 Edition