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Touchwood Hills, Saskatchewan.

The HBC Touchwood Hills Post was established in 1849. In 1857 the Palliser Expedition is received there by Thomas Taylor the clerk in charge. The post was 169 miles from Fort Ellice. The second post Little Touchwood was located on the Gordon Reserve and operated from 1861-66. A third post was built about 50 miles northwest of Fort QuAppelle and known as Touchwood Hills House. It operated for almost 42 years. Employees: Touchwood Hills 1849-52 Robert Todd, Apprentice Postmaster 1852-55 Thomas Taylor, Junior Clerk 1855-57 William McKay, Post Master 1857-61 Thomas Taylot, Clerk Little Touchwood Hills 1861-62 Archibald McDonald, Clerk 1862-63 Thomas Taylor, Chief Trader 1863-64 James Green Stewart, Chief Trader 1864-65 Thomas Taylor, Chief Trader 1865 summer Joseph Finlayson, Clerk 1865-66 Archibald McDonald, Post Master Touchwood Hills 1867-68 Joseph Finlayson, Clerk 1868 summer Walter Traill, Apprentice Clerk 1869-70 1872 Isaac Cowie, Clerk 1874-92 Angus McBeath, Clerk 1892-94 Bathurst Cooper, Clerk 1895-1909 Nathaniel Murdock W. McKenzie, Post Master The Touchwood Indian Bands were, Muscowequan (Hard Quill), Moses Gordons Band, Kesikawuchuk (Daystar) Band, Kawacatoos (Lean Man) Band and the George Gordon Band.

Edited and Compiled by Lawrence Barkwell Coordinator of Metis Heritage and History Research Louis Riel Institute