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DEGREE EXAMINATION,NOV 2012 6ETE01 SATELLITE COMMUNICATION Time: Three hours Answer ALL questions PART A 1. State Kepler’s second law. 2. What are the services provided by polar orbiting satellites. 3. Define frequency reuse. 4. What is hohmann transfer orbit. 5. Why the LNA in a satellite receiving system is placed at the antenna end of the feeder cable? 6. What are the types of transmission losses? 7. Give the formulae to compute the uplink carrier to noise ratio. 8. Write the limitations of FDMA satellite access. 9. Explain chroma sub sampling. 10. Mention the displays used for HDTV. PART B (5×12=60) (10×2=20) Maximum: 80 marks

11. Discuss briefly the development of Intel sat starting from 1960’s through the present. (Or) 12. i)Explain about frequency allocation for satellite services(6) ii) What are the main characteristics and categories of DBS system?(6)

How to classify system noise temperature? and explain in detailed about all. Explain in detail about thermal control and Morelos 15. Discuss briefly how demand assignment and pre-assignment may be implemented in TDMA network? what are the advantages in TDMA over FDMA. Describe briefly the video compression process used in MPEG-2. With detailed block diagram explain transmit receive earth station. (Or) 14. Describe briefly about the isotropic radiator and antenna gain. (Or) 18. 17. 19. Explain why a minimum of four satellites must be visible at an earth location utilizing the GPS system for position determination? What does dilution of precision refer too? . (Or) 16. what is meant by satellite attitude ?and briefly describe two forms of attitude control.13. (Or) 20.

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