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TRIVIA: TRIVIA 1: People with the weakest abdominal muscles have a death rate more than twice as high

as people with the strongest midsections. TRIVIA 2: Exercises that use multiple muscles like the bench press can cut your risk of glaucoma. Yes indeed! It is because they reduce the pressure within your eyes. It reduces pressure on the optic nerve, thus, reducing nerve damage and glaucoma. Other trivia: -Did you know that the word "hamstring" comes from a tendon in a pig's muscle that can be used to suspend a ham during curing? -Did you know that your triceps make up close to 60% of the upper arm? Most men target their biceps, but it's the triceps they should put their attention to. -Did you know that the largest muscle group in the body --- and of the top calorie burners is the GLUTES? -Did you know that the skeletal muscle raises or throws back the shoulders, assists in moving the head to one side or another, and helps hold the head erect is the Trapezius? This muscle is also known as the "praying muscle".