Revised curricula for G II Electrician Course and DAE (Civil Technology) Prepared by Workforce Development Intl (Pvt) Ltd

, Islamabad


1. Introduction to Engineering Mathematics: Vol I. H. K. Das, [2009], S. Chand & Co New Delhi. 2. Introduction to Engineering Mathematics: Vol II. H. K. Das, [2009], S. Chand & Co New Delhi 3. Engineering Mathematics: A. S. Sharma H. K. Das, [2009], Discovery Publishing House, New Delhi. 4. Elementary Mathematics: Heng Hwa Heng [2001], Longman. 5. Technical Mathematics : Ghulam Yasin 6. Technical Mathematics: Ilyas Bhatti 7. Technical Mathematics: Zafar Iqbal

1. Understand about Sets and Numbers. 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 Define sets and subsets. Explain product of sets. Define intervals. Understand real and complex numbers. Solve problems

2. Define Quadratic Equations. 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 Understand standard form. Understand methods of solving quadratic equations. Understand nature of roots of a quadratic equation. Define relation between roots and coefficients. Understand formation of quadratic equations. Solve problems.

3. Understand Matrices and Determinants. 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 3.7 3.8 Understand definition of matrix. Explain some important matrices. Define algebra of matrices. Explain determinants and their properties. Explain singular and non-singular matrices. Explain adjoin and inverse of a matrix. Explain solution of linear equations. Solve problems.


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