4E IMMUNOTECHNOLOGY [3 0 0 3] 36 Hours (Prerequisites: Cell and Molecular Biology) Introduction: The Immune System: Introduction innate and adaptive immunity. Lymphocytes their origin and differentiation [04] Antigens: Antigens - their structure and classification; complement and their biological functions; types of immune responses; anatomy of immune response. [04] Antibodies and Immmunodiagnosis: Humoral Immunity: B-lymphocytes and their activation; structure and function of immunoglobulins; immunoglobulin classes and subclasses.Genetic control of antibody production. monoclonal antibodies and diagnosis. idiotypes and idiotypic antibodies. Major histocompatibility complex. Blood Typing: AB, O & Rh. [06] Assement of cell mediated immunity: Cellular Immunology: Thymus derived lymphocytes (T cells) their classification. antigen presenting cells (APC) -macrophages. dendritic cells. langerhans cells - their origin and functions; mechanisms of phagocytosis; identification of cell types of immune system; immunosuppression. Immune tolerance. [06] Immuno pathology: Immunity to Infection: Hypersensitivity and allergic reactions; mechanisms of T cell activation. cytokines and their role in immune response; macrophage activation and granuloma formation. [04] Transplantation: Graft rejection. evidence and mechanisms of graft rejection. Prevention of graft rejection. Brief mention about stem cells and applications to immunology. Immunosuppressive drugs. HLA and disease, mechanisms of immunity to tumor antigens. [04] Autoimmune disease: Autoimmunity: Auto antibodies in humans, pathogenic mechanisms, experimental models of auto immune disease, treatment of auto immune disorders. [04] Molecular immunology: Molecular Immunology: Preparation of vaccines, application of rDNA technology to production of antibodies. [04] References 1. Essential Immunology by Roitt I. Blackwell Scientific Publications. Oxford.1991. 2. Immunology by J Kuby, WH Freeman. 3. Benjarnini E. and Leskowitz s. Immunology A short course, Wiley Liss, NY, 1991. 4. Molecular cloning Volumes I, II and III. Sambrook J et al (1989, 2000). Cold Spring Harbor laboratory Press. New York, USA.

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