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Rev. Dr. Mary Newbern-Williams, Pastor

June 2,2011 Dear Carolyn, What a distinct honor it is to work with you in the context in which you now serve. Since I have known you, it has been a joy to be aware of your sense of integrity, vibrancy, and intelligence. You have undertaken every task you have addressed with dignity, efficiency, and grace. Thank you for being a valued colleague and a dear and abiding friend. Your work with Grandpa's Dream has and will continue to be an outstanding resource for those who find themselves caring for aging loved ones. How caring of you to take the time to build an entire program for those who need to have information that will assist them in the journey in which they find themselves as they provide comfort and care for others. Your website holds a wealth of information for people all around the nation. Thank you for taking the time to lead the workshop at Cote Brilliante Presbyterian Church on March 12, while you were in St. Louis. The group was most honored by your presence and received quite a gift in the time that you took to share and to resource them. We look forward to having you return to Cote Brilliante to provide leadership for the congregation and for the community. Please know that this congregation and I hold you in very high esteem, and look forward to your continued service in the area of caring for loved ones. If you need a professional or personal endorsement, reference, or other form of affirmation for your fine work, I would be honored to provide it. May God continue to bless you and your work. Thank you again for all that you do for humanity. Sincerely,

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Rev. Dr. Ma~ewbern-Williamsl
Cote Brilliante Presbyterian Church

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