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Published by: Suryasukra on May 09, 2009
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Picking up the mantra for most auspiscious Jyotirlinga

Steps: 1) find out the rasis in the Kendra from the moon. 2) find out the rasis in the trikona from the arudha lagna. 3) find out the common rasi in both the above groups. 4)the jyotirlinga denoted by that rasi will be your jyotirlinga. For eg if moon is in virgo then Kendra from virgo have Gemini, sagitarius and pisces. Now if arudha lagna is in libra then trine to libra have aquarius and gemeni. So the common sign being gemeni …the jyotirlinga becomes “ nageshwar”

The jyotirlinga assigned to various rasis are:
Aries (exaltation of sun) rameshwaram “ om namah shivaya namah rameshwaraya” Taurus: (exaltation of moon) : somnath “om namah shivaya namah somnathaya” Gemeni: (exaltation of rahu) : nageshwar “om namah shivaya namah nageshwaraya” Cancer: (exaltation of jupiter) : omkareshwar “om namah shivaya namah omkareshwaraya” Leo: ( ) : vaidynath “om namah shivaya namah vaidyanathaya” Virgo: (exaltation of mercury) : mallikarjun “om namah shivaya namah mallikarjunaya” Libra: (exaltation of Saturn ) : mahakaleshwar “om namah shivaya namah mahakaleshwaraya” Scorpio: ( ) : ghashanesha “om namah shivaya namah ghrashaneshwaraya” Sagitarius: (exaltation of ketu) : vishwanath “om namah shivaya namah vishwanathaya” Capricorn: (exaltation of mars) : bhimshankara “om namah shivaya namah bhimshankaraya”

Aquarius: ( ) : kedarnath “om namah shivaya namah kedarnathaya” Pisces: (exaltation of Venus) : tryambakeshwar “om namah shivaya namah tryambakeshwaraya” Worshiping the specific jyotirlinga for oneself brings success in life, gaining of objectives, removal of sins of past births , remembrances of past lives , ability to see god and more. For remedy of problems due to specific planets the jyotirlinga sitting in the sign of exaltation of that planet can be recommended if it is otherwise found needful in the chart. For eg for remedy of problems due to rahu nageshwara jyotirlingam can be advised or worshipped.

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