By Rosy Malik

I am made of fire and he is a creation of dust –the Satan .

Avoid saying anything and get out of the situation .

Emotional or Logical .

• We don’t even thank God for the religion we are born in . • Its human psyche to take things for granted. • We take blessings for granted and we lose .

Advice from the wise !! .

• • • • Moonlight falls on every good and bad . Still it does not become dirty. Clean or dirty . It remains pure and return to the moon ( ROOMI) • Have no doubts on the moonlight .

I Will Cover You (Al-Quran) • The more you make your dispute public • The more chances are that things will get worse • We all defend ourselves .You Cover Others.

• Judge yourself by finding the opposite possible act. • You need to differentiate between the two possible acts.The Opposites • Find out if you are right or wrong in certain act. • Have a desire to know. • By thinking about the opposite act. .

• Every argument should have positive results. • Arguments without result are useless. .

• Words leave irrecoverable scars. • Be careful in using words. • You may not lose the respect in a relation. .

• Not words. ROOMI .• Words are shadow of reality . • A resonance draws one man to another.

Thank You .

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