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English tenses

English tenses

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grammar explanation of English tenses
grammar explanation of English tenses

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Published by: Ali Al Zubaidi on Jul 01, 2013
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Present Simple Sentence

I work at Gallaudet.

Sentence Explanation
In general, I am employed at Gallaudet. I may not be there right this second, but that is the place where I work. It is his habit to smoke cigarettes. He does this regularly. We can express it as a general "fact" with this verb tense.

General Explanation
Refers to a general time. Talks about actions/situations which happen repeatedly, all the time, OR at any time. Also used to express a belief, fact, or opinion.

He smokes cigarettes.

Past Simple Sentence

Sentence Explanation

General Explanation

I no longer work there, but in the past I did work I worked at Gallaudet for at Gallaudet. I worked there for 3 years. I do not three years. Refers to actions that work there now. happened in the past and He does not smoke anymore. In the past, he are finished. He smoked cigarettes for used to smoke. He smoked regularly for 19 19 years. years.

Present Perfect Sentence
I have worked at Gallaudet for three years. He has smoked cigarettes since he was sixteen years old.

Sentence Explanation
Three years ago I started working at Gallaudet. Today, I am still working at Gallaudet. In the past, when he was 16, he started smoking cigarettes for the first time. Now, he continues to smoke cigarettes.

General Explanation
This tense puts an action in the past, but indicates that it is in some way related to the present. It’s used for actions and situations that started in the past and continue up to the present. Used to show how long something has happened. Often uses the words for or since.

Past Perfect Sentence

Sentence Explanation

General Explanation
Used to show that the action happened before a certain time in the past. If you are already talking about the past,

I had worked at I worked at Gallaudet. I may or may not still Gallaudet for three years work there. I worked there for 3 years at the when I got my first raise. same pay rate. Finally, after 3 years were finished, I got a raise.

Uses has/have been + . But today. I was working at Gallaudet. Past Simple Continuous Sentence I was working at Gallaudet when the dorm caught fire. He was smoking a cigarette before I came over.He had smoked cigarettes for a long time before he quit. If someone asked. Just before I came over. before. Used to explain an event that was going on when something else happened.. before he quit. Only used when there is the idea of an "earlier" past. and that it is still happening. He He has been smoking a lot recently started smoking a lot. Gallaudet is the place that I will be working. Indicates that an action started in the past. Sentence Explanation Three years ago I started working at Gallaudet.ing. (Often uses when. Present Simple Continuous Sentence I am working at Gallaudet today.. Present Perfect Continuous I have been working at Gallaudet for 3 years. It is not used to describe things that always happen. he was busy smoking a cigarette. Sometime in the past.. . and is still continuing in the present. you can use the past perfect to talk about something that happened even longer ago. a dorm at Gallaudet caught on fire. He is smoking a cigarette right now. "Where is he?" You may answer with this sentence because you are telling them exactly what he is doing at this second. I have worked there for three years.ing. However. continues to smoke a lot. and I still continue to work at Gallaudet today. General Explanation Uses the verb to be + .. He has quit smoking. he smoked cigarettes for a very long time. General Explanation Recently. Discusses an action that is going on right now. Sentence Explanation In the past. Often used in the same sentence with the past simple tenses. Shows how long something has been happening. General Explanation Uses was/were + . I came over to see him. and he of cigarettes lately... It is only used for things that are actually happening at this moment. When that happened. Sentence Explanation I may not always work at Gallaudet everyday. or happen regularly.-ing. or after). He has not stopped smoking a lot yet. he has been smoking a lot.

(Something was happening until something else happened and interrupted it). Then. Just as I was finishing two hours of work. He had been smoking for 19 years before he quit. .Past Perfect Continuous I had been working at Gallaudet for two hours before they canceled classes. he quit smoking. General Explanation Shows how long something had been happening before something else happened. he does not smoke. Now. He smoked regularly for 19 years. I worked there for two hours. Gallaudet canceled classes for the rest of the day. Sentence Explanation I went to work at Gallaudet. He was a serious smoker. after 19 years of smoking.

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