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Jennifer Last

(123)456-7890 Education/Employment History: 05/13-present Job title Company name Postdoctoral Researcher University of… Ph.D. in Molecular and Medical Genetics Master of Clinical Research University of… BS in Biology (Emphasis in Molecular Biology) & Minor in Chemistry Graduated Cum Laude University of…




Speaking Honors and Awards: 2011 2010 2010 2009 Commencement Speaker at XYZ Best graduate-student talk at XYZ Best Oral Presentation at XYZ Best Poster at XYZ

Other Honors and Awards: 2008 XYZ Award This competitive award, sponsored by XYZ, is for “outstanding academic accomplishment and leadership qualities, as well as current and potential contributions to the community and society.” XYZ Award This award was presented by the XYZ for exceptional work in education, public or clinical service at an international level. Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society



Additional Relevant Training: 2012 Mentoring in Research This two-day workshop by XYZ concerned effective mentoring in the laboratory and included practicums. Oral Communications Tutor Page 1 of 2

Sp/12 CV of Jennifer last

Fellowships: 2009 2009 2008 2008 XYZ, PhD Trainee XYZ PhD Trainee XYZ Fellowship XYZ Fellowship.

Teaching/Mentoring Experience: 7/08, 8/09 & 7/10 Su/10 2009-2011 Su/12 XYZ Instructor Designed and taught for three summer terms a 12 hour XYZ class for 11&12th graders. Upon request, I am happy to provide the students’ evaluations of this class. XYZ Program Participant I mentored an undergraduate student during their first laboratory experience. XYZ Instructor Taught four different sessions of this graduate-level class. XYZ Summer Research Program I was the primary laboratory mentor for an international undergraduate student in the XYZ program.

. Professional Oral/Poster Presentations: List ‘em. Publications: List ‘em

CV of Jennifer last

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