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The Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures



The New Testament in the Original Greek, by B . F,Westcott and F. J. A.Hort - 1881
ENGLISH TEXT UNDERNEATH An interlinear word-for-wordtranslation into English - 1969



I ENGLISH TEXT ALONGSIDE The New World Translation of the
- 1984 Revision

Holy Scviptures, Matthew through Revelation

Rendered from the Original Greek Language by the BIBLE TWSLATION COMMITTEE NEWWORLD -1985 Edition-






-Isaiah 65:13,17: also see 2 Peter 3:13.



Tke Kingdomlnterlim~ Ranslation o f the Greek Sc7iptu~es

English (Int-El


I m p r e s s o pela TORRE DE VIGIA D E B~BLIASE TRATADOS Rodovia SP-141, k m 43,18285-000 CesArio Lange, S P , Brasil

The Christian Greek Scriptures, completed near t h e end of the Brst century of our Common Era, are an indispensable part of the Sacred Scriptures inspired by the Creator of heaven and earth. In fact, the original Greek Scriptures give us t h e key to the proper understanding of the Arst and larger part of t h e Holy Bible, that is, the inspired Hebrew Scriptures, commonly called "The Old Testament." Comparatively few persons in this latter half of the 20th century have studied the original language of the inspired Greek Scriptures so as to be able t o enjoy directly t h e basic thoughts of t h e originaJ written text. The inspired Greek Scriptures were written in' (common) Greek of the first century of our Common Era, the international language of that period of time. Sincere searchers for eternal, life-giving truth desire a n accurate understanding of t h e faith-inspiring Greek Scriptures, an understanding that is fortified by the knowledge of what the original language says and means. The purpose behind the publishing of The Kingdom interlinear Translation of the Greek S n i p t u r e s is to aid such seekers of truth and life. I t s literal interlinear English translation is specially designed to open up to the student of the Sacred Scriptures what the original' Greek basically or literally says. In t h e broad left-hand column of the pages will be found t h e Greek text edited by B. F. Westcott and F. J. A. Hort, and published in 1881. Between the lines of the Greek text will be found the word-for-word English translation of 1969. In the narrower right-hand column of the pages will be found t h e 20th-century language New World Translation of the Holy Sniptures, Matthew t o Revelation, in its 1984 revision. The word-for-word interlinear translation and the New World TranslatZon are arranged in parallel on the page, so that comparisons can be made between t h e two readings. Thus, the accuracy of any modern transiation can be determined. The interllncnr word.for-word rcnderlng h&- not been made by taking the Engilsh word or phrase from the modern translntlon ir. the r ~ ~ h t hand column irnd transferring it to a posltlon under the Greek word to which it corresponds. b t h e r , the translation under each Greek word sets out what the Creek word itself says according to its root meanings (where the C r e ~ k15,ord IS maar up of t ~ v oor rncrrc particles) and according to its jiratnmatlcal form. So in many cases the readme in the English word-for-word interlinear translation is not the same .as that fo~nd in t h e nyht-hand column. This helps one to determine what the Greek text nrtuaily, hasirall)' says. In uslng these Interlinear readings, one will And a greater demand for scrutiny than when reading the



yitr;!llel f! translarlo~~ l~lru Englich. Yet ic so. m e 15 lea,.t~.,ler! a . ~ r l lincrrawd R l t l c c o r > p r c h r , n s ~ ~ n . PARENTHESES: I n the English interlinear readings, parentheses occur. These denote that the English word or words enclosed are implied in the meaning of the Greek word above, according to i t s gender, number, antecedents, or relation to context. BRACKETS: In the English readings (interlinear and main), brackets occur. These denote that the word or words enclosed have been inserted by the translators to make some application that is shown by the Greek word or to show something that is understood along with the Greek word because of its grammatical form. For example, the Greek definite article for "the" may be used just by itself to denote a person. But this article may be in the feminine gender, and according to the context it applies to a woman. Accordingly, for the enlightenment of the reader who is not familiar with Greek, the word "woman" is inserted enclosed in brackets in the Enrlish reading. DOUBLE BRACKETS: in the ~ r e etext i and also in the English renderings, double brackets are to be found. These enclose matter that coeditors Westcott and Hort considered to be interpolations. Such interpolations may be things omitted by certain recognized Greek manuscri~tsor mav be "imoortant matter annarentlv from ~ ~ r. r . . . . . ~ ." AerivoA ---..-- -. -. . . extraneous sources," as, for instance, the alternate conclusions to Mark's Gospel.-See The New Testament in the Original Greek, by I. 565. Westcott and Hort. London. 1881. , Vol. ~-~ ,n. .~ .-. SECOND PERSON PLURALS: Where "YOU" is printed in small capital letters, it shows that the pronoun is plural. Also, where the plural number of a verb is not apparent, its plurality is indicated by printing it in small capital letters. If the context already clearly indicates plurality, then no special capitalization is used. OMITTED VERSES: Verses found in the King James Version of 1611 but not found in the Westcott and H o d Greek text are omitted and are indicated by the verse number followed by a long dash. FOOTNOTES: I n this edition we have updated the footnotes. These footnotes use symbols that are explained in the section entitled "Expla13-151. nation of the SVmhols Used" (naees .~, I n the firm conviction that this work will be of great aid to readers in the understanding of the original inspired Greek Scriptures, we take pleasure in offering i t to the public.

The original writings of the Christian* Greek Scriptures, commonly called "The New Testament," were inspired. No translation of these sacred writings into another language, except by the original writers, is inspired. I n copying the inspired originals by hand, the element of human frailty entered in, and so none of the thousands of copies in existence today in the original language are perfect duplicates. The result is that no two copies are exactly alike. Since this is the case with handwritten copies of the Scriptures, it is to be expected that no translation of them could be perfect. It could not accurately render the precise meaning of the inspired originals. Especially so when the translation is made from an imperfect copy..From this fact arises the need for a fresh translation from time to time, as better understanding of the original languages, now dead, becomes possible and as the light of the truth on the inspired Scriptures becomes brighter. From the time of the Roman Catholic clergyman John Wycliffe, of the 14th century, until the final decades of this 20th century, many English translations of the inspired writings of Christ's disciples have been made. All of these have had their own commendable features. They have considerably met the needs of the day for a rendering of God's Word into the common language of the people. Much good has been accomplished by them and will yet be. However, it is t o be noted that, while each of them has its points of merit, they have fallen victim to the power of religious traditions in varying degrees. Consequently, religious traditions, hoary with age, have been taken for granted and gone unchallenged and uninvestigated. These have been interwoven into the translations to color the thought. I n support of a preferred religious view, inconsistency and unreasonable-



* Called "Christian" to distinguish them from the pre-Christian Greek Septuagint translation of the inspired Hebrew Scriptures.





ness have been insinuated into the teachings of the inspired writings. The Son of God taught that the traditions of creed-bound men made the commandments and teachings of God to be without power or effect. The endeavor of the New World Bible Translation Committee has been to avoid this snare of religious traditionalism. This very effort distinguishes this work as a translation of the "Christian Greek Scriptures." It is a traditional mistake to divide God's written Word into two sections and call the second section, from Matthew to Revelation (or Apocalypse), 'The New Testament."-See Appenrlix 5 ~ . No uninspired translator or committee of translators can claim any direct command from the Most High God to engage in translating the divine Word into another language. But translation of i t is necessary, and that into many languages, if Christ's command for this momentous day is to be fulfilled: "This good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations; and then the end will come." (Matthew 24:14) So, to do the work of translating is a privilege. In presenting this translation of the Christian Greek Scriptures, our confidence has been in the help of the great Author of The Book. Our primary desire has been to seek not the approval of men but that of God, by rendering the truth of his inspired Word as purely and as consistently as our dedicated abilities make possible. There is no benefit in self-deception. More than that, those who provide a translation for the spiritual instruction of others come under a special responsibility as teachers before the Divine Judge. Hence, we are aware of the need to be careful.

Westcott and Hort text (18811, by reason of its acknowledged excellence." But we have also taken into consideration other texts, including those prepared by D. Eberhard Nestle," the Spanish Jesuit scholar Jose Maria B o ~ e rand ,~ another Jesuit scholar, A. Merk.mThe UBS text of 1975 and the Nestle-Aland text of 1979 were consulted to update the critical apparatus of this edition. We have disposed of archaic language altogether, even in prayers and addresses to God. This means we have dropped using the now-sanctimonious formal pronouns thou, thy, thine, thee, and ye, with their corresponding verb infiections. The original Bible was written in the living languages of the people of the day, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek; and so the Bible characters addressed God and prayed to him in the same everyday language that they employed in speaking to their fellow creatures on earth. The translation of the Scriptures into a modern language should be rendered in the same style, in the speech forms current among the people. We offer no paraphrase of the Scriptures. Our endeavor throughout has been to give as literal a translation as possible where t h e modern English idiom allows for it or where t h e thought content is not hidden due to any awkwardness in the literal rendition. In this way, we can best meet the desire of those who are scrupulous for getting, as nearly as possible word for word, the exact statement of the original. We realize that sometimes t h e use of so small a thing as the definite or indefinite article or the omission of such may alter the correct sense of the original passage.
Besides using the 1948Macmillan Company edition of this t e x t , we have availed ourselves of the twp exhaustive volumes on Matthew and Mark, prepared under the supervlslon of S. C. E . Legg, A.M., and published by the Oxford Ciarendon Press, Nouum Testamentum G ~ a e c e Secundum Textum We~tc0tto-Ho~tianum-Eziange1ium Secundum Matthaeum (1940) and Evangelium Secundum Marcum (19351. The 18th edition of Novum TestamentzLm Graecs by D. EberhardNestle, elaborated b y D . Erwin Nestle, published in 1948 by the Wiirttemberg Bible Society, Stuitgart, Germany. A Novi ~ e s t a m e n t i ~iblia Graeca et Latina by Jose M. Bover, S.J., dated 1943 and pubhshed at Barcelona, Spain: " The 1948 printing of the sixth edltlon ?f Nouum Testamentum Graecs et Latine b y Augustinus Merk, S.J., and prlnted at Rome, Italy.

GREEKTEXT: The Greek text that we have used as the basis for the New World Translation is the widely accepted




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Close watch has been kept against taking liberties with texts merely for the sake of brevity or shortcuts and against substitution of a modern parallel where the rendering of the original idea makes good sense. To each major word we have assigned one meaning and have held to that meaning as far as the context permitted. This, indeed, has imposed a restriction upon our diction, yet it makes for good crossreference work and for a more reliable comparison of related texts or verses. At the same time, in order t o bring out the richness and variety of the language of the inspired writers, we have avoided the rendering of two or more Greek words by the same English word, for this hides the distinction iv shade of meaning between the several words thus rendered. Attention has been given to the tenses of verbs to bring out the intended description of the action, position, or state. As the reader becomes familiar with our translation he will discern more and more the harmony and interagreement of our renderings in all these respects. CHAPTER AND VERSE NUMBERING: This follows that of the King James Version, thus making possible easy comparison. But, instead of making each verse a separate paragraph in itself, we have grouped verses into paragraphs for the p r o p er development of a complete thought in a l l its context. Mindful of the Hebrew background of the Christian Greek Scriptures, we have followed mainly the Hebrew spelling of the names of persons and places, rather than that of the Greek text, which imitates the Greek Septuagint translation (LXX) of the Hebrew Scriptures. RESTORING THE DIVINE NAME, JEHOVAH: The evidence is that the original text of the Christian Greek Scriptures has s the text of the LXX has been tampered with, the same B been. (See App In.B.) Sometime during the second or third centuries C.E., the Tetragrammaton (YXWH, or JHVH) was eliminated from the Greek text by copyists who did not understand or appreciate the divine name or who developed a n aversion to it, possibly under the influence of anti-

Semitism. Instead of YHWH (or, JHVH) they substituted the words Ky'ri.os, "Lord," and Theos', "God." I n view of this, what is the modern translator t o do? I s he justified or authorized in entering the divine name, Jehovah, into a translation of the Christian Greek Scriptures? I n the LXX the Greek words Ky'ri,os and Theos' have been used to crowd out the distinctive name of the Supreme Deity. Every comprehensive Greek-English dictionary states that these two Greek words have been used as equivalents of the divine name.* Hence, the modern translator is warranted in using the divine name as an equivalent of those two Greek words, that is, a t places where the writers of the Christian Greek Scriptures quote verses, passages, and expressions from the Hebrew Scriptures or from the LXX where the divine name occurs. Throughout the centuries many translations of parts or of all the Christian Greek Scriptures have been made into 7 ' Hebrew. Such translations, designated in this work by " with a superior number, have restored the divine name to the Christian Greek Scriptures in various places. They have restored the divine name not only when coming upon quotations from the Hebrew Scriptures but also in other places where the texts called for such restoration. How may modern translators determine when to render the Greek words Ky'ri.0~and Theos' as the divine name? By determining where the inspired Christian writers have quoted from the Hebrew Scriptures. Then they must refer
A Creek and Engliah Lesioon to the New Testament, by J. Parkhurst, revised ed. of 1845, says, on p. 347, under KY' PIOX: "111.In LXX it answers to the several names or titles of Gad, .nr. 3x. nrsa. vmx, 71s. 'Ym, but far most In the N. T., likewise Ki~pto;, when used as aname of frequently to n:r: God, though it sometimes answers to .nx,. yet it most usually corresponds to a;n' Jehouah, and in this sense is applied!' A Greek-English L e ~ l c o n of theNew Testament, by J. H. Thayer, 1889 ed., p. 365, says under u6prog; "c. this title is given a, to GOD, the ruler of the rn. and n' ['adho.nai', 'eloh'ah, universe (so the Sept. for ,n* a??. o.,3n, 'elo.him: Jehovah, and ah])!' 0n'p. 287 it says, under 0.65: "Sept. far 38. r z s x and . a ,: ['el, 'elo.hlm', and Jehovah]." SaysA Creek-English Lesicon, by Liddell and Scott. 1968 ed., on p. 1013, under ui~ptng: "B.. ..4 . 6 Kiyxog,-Hebr. Yahweh, L m Ce.n.5, al."





back t o the Hebrew text t o locate whether the divine name appears there. I n this way they can determine the Identity to be given t o K9'ri.o~ and The.osS,and make appropriate use of the personal name. To avoid overstepping the bounds of a translator into the Aeld of exegesis, we have tried to be most cautious about rendering the divine name, always carefully considering the Hebrew Scriptures as a background. We have looked for some agreement with us by the Hebrew versions we consulted to conflrm our rendering. Thus, out of the 237 times that we have restored Jehovah's name in the body of our translation, there is only one instance wherein we have no support or agreement from any of the Hebrew versions. But in this one instance, namely, at 1Corinthians 7:17, the context and related texts strongly support restoring the divine name. While many are inclined to view the pronunciation "Yahweh" as the more correct way, we have retained the form "Jehovah" because of people's familiarity with it for centuries. Moreover, i t preserves, equally with other forms, the four letters of the divine name, YHWH (or, JHVH). We count ourselves happy to be pr~vileged to present this revision of The Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures in the Interest of Bible education, a t this time of the dawn of a righteous "new heavens and a new earth," where the name of the Author of the Holy Scriptures will be known and honored by all. We shall be grateful if it guides many t o right Scriptural understanding and action a t this critical t i e when "everyone who calls on the name of Jehovah will be saved."-2 Peter 3:13; Acts 2:21.

TEXTIJAL SYMBOLS: Throughout our footnotes, when giving textual information, it h a s been necessary t o r e f e r t o many early manuscripts, papyruses, and codices. Following i s a c h a r t of t h e major symbols t h a t a r e referenced in t h e footnotes of this publication.



Arm B C




J ' J5 J6

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January 1,1985, New York, N.Y.

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N u '
NW Ref. Bi. prs P1°

pn p""
p", PrS SY, S P


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SYh SYh' SY' UBS vg

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vgc vg'

NAMES AND ORDER O F THE BOOKS of the Christian Greek Scriptures

ROMANS ...................................Fa 1CORINTHIANS ............................ 1Co 2 CORINTHIANS ............................ 2Co GALATIANS ................................ Ga EPHESIANS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Eph PHILIPPIANS ............................... Php COLO~SIANS ............................... Co1 1THESSALONIANS .......................... 1Th 2 THESSALONIANS .......................... 2Th TIMOTHY ................................ 1Ti TIMOTHY ................................ 2Ti TITUS..................................... Tit PHILEMON ................................~ h m HEBREWS ................................. Heb JAMES ............................ ..... Jas 1PETER................................... 1Pe 2 PETER..................................2Pe 1JOHN .................................... 1Jo 2 JOHN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 250 3 JOHN .................................... 3Jo

JOHN ..................................... Joh ACTS ............................... ...... AC

................................. M t ..................................... Mr ..................................... Lu


history' of Jesus Christ, son of David. 01 Dawd son 01 Abmhem. son of Abraham: 2 'APpa&p tyfvvqorv rbv 'luadr, 'Iuabr 2 Abraham became Abraham generated the Iraee, Isaac father to isaac; lsaac 66 iykvvquav rbv 'Ia~d$, ' I a ~ & p 6 i became Lather to hut generated the Jacob, Jacob but became 1ybvqurv rbv 'loG6av ~ $ a :;T i dr6ahOo65 father to Judah and generated the Judeh .and his brothers: 3 JuaiiroG, 3 ' l o l j 6 a ~ 61: ~Y~VV~UEV dah became father t o all~im. Judah but generated Pe'rez and t o Ze'rah by Ta'msr; Pe'rez mapi< ~'crcz and r a l rbv the .Zap&' Zersh autoi tu r the i5 W Tamar. ~P OapLq Perez , became father t o 68 LyLvvqmv rbv 'Euphp, 'EUPALI 61 Pyivv~UEv H ~ ~ H , ~ ~be.~ ~ ~ but generated the Hezron. Herron but generated Came father t o Ram; rbv ' A P ~ 4 , ' A P ~ w 6L Wvvrlo@~ p Ram became father the . am, Ram but generated to Am.min'a.dab: 'Ap1ua6&P, 'AplvaShP 6 P tyCvvqurw ; , b l Am,min,a,dab became Ammix>edeb. Ammlnadab but generated father t o Nah'shon;


~ i p h o q ywtoawq

'I uoO af?esus







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Nah.shon became to Sa'mon; ~ i father q 5 Sai'mon became O U ~ O the ~ 'PaxdiP, Bolq 68 LyLvvquev rbv ' l o p i 6 t~ r4q I a t F to BO'az by Rehab. oar but generated the Obed outof the Ra hab; Bo'az b e m e 'POGO, 61 tyLvv~)uav T ~ Y 'Iruuai, RUUI, but generated the Jew, Ruth; (Ybed became 6 'lrooai 62 eyCwqusv 76" Aauaib rbw fathertoJes'se;

Naaoubv, Naauo&v 6L tyCvv~uavrbv IaApwv,
Nehshan hut generated the Salmon.

6 Icrhp&v 66 t y t v y u r v rbv Botq solmon but generated the msz








tho 6 Jes'se became father


t o David the king.
& K


REVELATION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Re



David became father t o SoVo-mon David but senerated the Solomon outof by the wife ofU.ri'ah; .rig TOO 03piou, 7 XoAopZlv St ByLvvqu~v 7 8ol'o.mon became the [wlfel of Urlsh. Solomon but generated father to ~ e h o . b o ' a m ; T ~ Y 'PoDo&p 'Po~o&~ 6L tyivvqurv ~ b v Re.ho,bo'am became the Rehoboani Rehobonm but generated the father to ~ , b i , j ~ h ; 'A id 'A lh 62 t y ~ v v q ~ ~ ~6 v v 'AUtrq.'Jah became father A b & d Abcah but generated the Aan, A,sa; 8 'Au&q 6L fyivvqurv ~ 6 v 'I W U ~ Q ~ Tbecame father to Ass but generated the ~ehoshaphai. Jehosh'a,phat; . ' L Or, "Line of descent; origin"; generation'nisl. Vg.

Aauai6 66 iyivvquw ~ b v IoXopOva


MATTHEW 1:s-11



MATTHEW 1:18-23

' lwOa9hr 66 6yLvvqucv rdv ' l wp6p lop&^ I Jehosh'a.phat became Jehoshaphat but geneiated the ~ehoran;.~eharam'father t o Jeho'ram, 6t t y t ~ v q u c v T ~ V'O(;eiav, 9 'OFiaq 6 i Jeho'ram became but generated the Uzzlah. Uulah but faiher to Uz-zi'ah: . became 6ytworv T ~ V ' I w e h p , .lWaehp &YLW,,OP~ 9 U~-zi.ah eenernted the Jotham. Jotham but generated father t o Jo'tham; So'father to rbv ' A x a t -Axaq 6 L Eytvuqcrrv rbv 'E<wiav tham the ~ h a z . A ~ D Z but generated the neZekiah: A'haz: A'haz became to Hez'eki'ah: 10 ' E C ~ r i a g 6 L tybvqucu ~ b v Mavaaafi,' lo became Herekleh but generated the Manarseh, father to Mamabseh M w a o o i q 66 (yiwqotv rdv 'Aphg, 'Apcbq 6 i ~ ~ . became ~ ~ Mananreh but generated the Amon. Amon but father to A'mon; 6ytwqusv rbv 'looaiav. 1 1 'looeiaq 66 A'mon became father generated the Josiah. Joalah but to ~ ~ . ~ i . 11 ~ J,,.~~L h ; 6 y b u q O ~ v rbv 'Ic oviav nai ~ o b q &6Eh9obq a h became father t o generated the ~ e c z o n l e h and the , brothers and t o his brothers a t the time aGro5 Lni r i q prrotxsoiaq Bapuhdvoq. 01 him upon the devartatlon of Babvlon. of the deoortation t o 12 MET& 6L' r j v p ~ r o w ~ o i a u B a uX&vaq After the d'After but the deportstlon of k.bylon portation t o Babylon 'Ir oviaq 6 ~ i v w q u ~tbv v IaAa91ih. Xahae!~A ~ ~ became ~ ~REonlah generated the Shealtiel, shealtla father Sheal'ti.el; , 6s tyLuvqoev rhv Zopobhp~h, 13 Zopoph!%h Sheal'tiel became but generated the Zerubbshel. Zerubbabel father to Ze.rub,ba.bel; 61 t y f v v q ~ c v r6v 'ABtoS6. 'Aplob6 61 tyiwqocv 13 Ze-rub'ha.bel but sencrated the Ablud. Abiud but senerated became f a t h e r t o TB ' E h ~ a r t i p , 'Ehlal(sip 66 ~ ~ L V Y I J O E VT ~ V A.hi'ud; A-hi'ud the Ellaklrn. Ellsklm but generated the became father t o 'Achp, 14 'A(;&p 61 lyLvvqocv 76" Za6br. Eii'a-kim; E'li'a-kim &or. A Z O ~ hut generated the Zadok. became father to . . Ea6i,1 66 ~ Y ~ W ~ O T E~ VV 'Axcip 'A-iu 65 A'Z0r: l4 A'Zor to Zadok but generated the ~ c h l dAehlm but became Za'dok' Za'dok became 6yLvuqucu rbv 'Eh1oi6, 15 'EXloX 68 iybvqusv father A.ehim: seneraled the ~ i i u d . Ellud but generated A.ehim father m v 'EAc&<ap, 'Eht-p 66 6 y b v q m v rhv t o Eli'ud: 15 E-liad the Elesrsr. Eleerar but generated the became father to El.e. Ma9Mv. MaOf3hv 66 6 y h u w rbv ' I a ~ h p , a2ar; El-ea'zar became Matthan. Mstthsn but generated the Jacob, father t o Mat'than; Mat'than became 16 'I~KZIP 65 ~ Y ~ W ~ O TE ~V Y'I wo 9 T ~ V J;acob but generated the Jose$ the father t o Jacob; . . l6 Jacob became &&pa Mapiag, L< fiq Lycvvj9q hu~band of ~ e r y . out of whom was generated father t o Joseph the Of Mary, Of 'Iqoo5g 6 he 611cvoq Xp10~6q. whom Jesus was born, Jesus the Ions? ,beLg Chrlst. who is called Christ. 1 1 n&oai oDv al y~vcai 6 17 A I ~ the All therefore t h e generstlona from then, from 'Appahp EW Aauri6 yrvcai 6 ~ I a T i O O a p ~ qAbraham . until David Abraham untS David Ecneratlont fourteen, were fourteen generaa h d Aauri6 @g p m l u m i a g tions, a n d from David and from Davld the demrtation Until the deportation







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t o Babylon fourteen B a uh&vog ycvcai 6c~ar6ouapg. ~ a i af tGbylon generatlonr fourteen, and generations, and &b ~ i q prrotnroiag BaBuh&voq L o 5 TOG from the deportation from the deportation of Babylon until the to Babylon until the Christ fourteen xploloii y r ~ a i 6trarLooapeq. christ generations fourteen. generations. 18 B u t the birth 18 ToC! 6i 'IqooG X IUTOG fi YLVEUI~ 03og o f the but Jems 8hrlst the orlgin thus of Jesus Christ was fiv. Mvqolcu8eiuqg T ^ C in this way. During was. Havlns been ~ramlned in mamiam o i a e t h e time his mother ~ p q~ r q h ahoG Mapiaq 7% ' I u ~ Q , npiv Mary was promised in m o t k of hlm Mary to t e Josep , before marriage t o Joseph, ainobq sbpteq LV s h e was found t o be ?j uuvd9civ she was found In pregnant by holy 01 to eome togethe. them &yiou. s p i n t before they were Exouoa 6% T U Earoq ~ yaurpi out of sp!rlt holy unlted 19 However, belly having 6 h v j p arlriq 6inatog Joseph her husband, 19 'looh@ 66 Joaeph but the husband of he; rlghteoua because he was righteous and did not &v rai want to make her hein* and . . . 6i ~1ypari h&gpq a puhllc spectacle. ~ ~u a i ~ h mecretly Intended t o dtvorce" to make a publio speksolc of, &nohOua~ aCI~jv. 20 Taha 6& aGroO he' secretly 20 But to relessc her These ith1ne.l . but of him after he had thought these things over. I v 9 u ~ B b r o q 160ir hyychoc K U iou K ~ T ' havlng thought l ~ k ! angel of k r d according to look! Jehovah's. angel appeared to him in 6vap adrqi ALYWV 1 '0 U I ~ < a dream, saying: dream appeared to him swing ~osep "Joseph, son of David. Aauci6 Tamha es do not be afraid t o of D ~ V I ~ , you a?:.Pa%~afrald to take Mapiav T ~ V y w a i r h 00" 6 y h p b take Mary your wife Mary the wife of the (thlngl for in home. for t h a t which begotten in a 6 6 Y E V Y ~ ~ ~ V&K w e b m 6 g i m ~ v hyiou. h" her generated out of IS holy; her w by holy spirit. 21 She will give birth 21 7L<?~al 66 ui,ju Kai Kahiur,g she wlii give blrth to but son and you W I I ~ C ~ I tIo a Son, and You name ~b b o p a aiiroir 'IqooOv, a h b q y a p ucbuct Jesus,' forhis h e will the name of him Jesus. far WIII save Save from ~ d vXahv' ~ G T o O &nh r&v & p a p ~ l & v a b ~ i ) ~their . sins." 22 All the people of h ~ m from the sins of them. this actually came yva 22 ToGro 6L 8Xov yiyovrv be ~ h l s but whole has happened in order that about for that fuifliled which was nrrhqpob' .r6 bqePv bnh Kupiou spoken by Jehovah* might be fula~led the (thhg1 spoken by ~ord his prophets 61h ro5 rrpoqfirou Aiyav~oq23 '1605 saying: 23 "Look! through the prophet saying

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19. Or, "to release.'' Literally, '"to loose o f f ! , Z0' Jehovah's lmn.1. J:I.4.r.U.161..#1.*: LoI.~'s(KU~LOUJ, xB.See F o ~ e w o ~ under d "Restoring the Divine Name!' See App 1.4, Is. 2 1 ' Jesus I'IqaoOvI, wB; urm'. Ye.aku'n', meming & . ' L ' . * ' . . Z . 2 * . 2 6 ; l a r d , xB. "Jehovah Is Salvation," JI.l4.La-i".*J, 22. Jehovah, D

10 i66vrq above where was the young chlld. TOO 6 t ' IqooO y~vvq8k~~oC b After Jesus had Ofthe but Jehaving been generated in been born in iehem of Jwde'a in Bq0Aetp ehem 0 3 e ''%La< t h e days of Herod t h e 'H $Sou 705 P~uIALws. . and ail King and 'lapou6~upa pn' do6. the Anointed One (nwna). Lord.rod< people. the Christ' was to be 5 ol €2 ~Trrov a i m 8 'Ev B BArtp born.rdu ' I r p a i h .m. 4 ral Jerusalem along Jerusalem with him. when translated. "nth havlng come f stood Vierel ahead of them.hem of the vq '1.NB. they went their way. n o & & 3 v ~ i r q k{crho." 24 hen ~ o s e p h Havmg been awakened but the Jo8$ from woke up from his TOO h o u knoi UEV dlq r p o u k r a E ~ v sleep and did as the the sleep dl2 as directed angel of Jehovah' had 6 &yyEhog Ku iou nai n a p a a EV directed him. . Then Herod secretly havlngcalled the Then pdrlouq fir.... '"star from the east:' 4. hsvlng sent them into Bet iehem he said 8 and. and they wlll call the bvopa ah00 'Epiiavouih. 6 'And you. mean." to do obelranee to hlzi naving heard but the 3 At hearing this was BautXLJq ~ r a p t q e q r a l a&um King agitated. they did abeixai &voi<m( npoqarljyuov arh8. i b c v na &iw ~ 6 v secretly summoned mag1 carefulE aseertslnsd beark them the the and xp6vov TOO ea~vopkvou hmLpog. r a p ' alirirv r o 5 beside them where the 'i?hdst ia generated. ~ a i ~ a A k o o u o ~ v r b Will give birth to son. least are land of Judah. 80 that also I having come It r e p o ~ back npoanwiuw arirQ.. for Ithas been wrltten is how it has been 61& m 5 npoqfi~ou 6 Kai 0 6 BqBAsLp written through the tl~rough the prophet And yo. Bethlehem prophet. i6oJ wdrlo~ dmb king. when sending them to Beth'lehem. '?f$:~' yty-al of Jwde'a: for this q 'Iw6criag. you come forth nolpavei ~ b v Aa6v pou . Jl.u. 5 They said to The cones) but said tohim in ~ e b l e h e m him: . waiKa &o& 25 Kai gyivwKcv of him. the (onel the One born iring of the Jews? For we rrX8riq &rolA* r b 'IouEaiov. 4 and on uuvayay&v r&wag roirq &pxirp~iq gathering Wether having led together a l l the chlef priests ail the chief Priests r a l y p a p v a r r i ~ TOO XaoO ~ W ~ & V E T O and scribes Of the and scdbcs of the people he waa Inquiring People he began to inquire of them where 6 3 r d ~ ~EYVBTQI. I $$? .The Chrlst I 6 X P L O T ~ F ) .In Beth'le-hem 24' Jehovah. 10 onseeing but the star they reloiced JOY meat the star they uqZnpa." When they had & n o J o a u r ~ TOO P a o ~ h t w q lwopG9quav r a i having heari of the klng went their w~. and. report back . whlch la "E%$!~%$tE? g g fi{p ie E ! tfab$ $ . are by the most fv roiq f i y e p b l v 'lo* fn u& in the governors of ~ u d ~ h : out of you insignificant lcityl among the governors 6~m. and from them the time of Ireplyas a h o J q 615 BrfAeZp ~ T n r v the star's appearing. tom. very m u c h And havlng come Into the house And when they ~T6ov T& nai6iov MET& M g d G r% went into the house the they saw the young they saw the young child with pqpq at T E U ~ Y T L ~child with Mary its havlnB falendown mo er end mother.ritral ui6v. until it fnrrhvo ob qv 76 na16iov. : 2: t% fvn f i " .q ~ ~ E ~ E ~ E ~ Ufiyo6pNoq C T ~ I Of Judah: [or out of w~ t governing o n . h & v M cop rr the young child.m~ & ~ p ~ p i xncpi : Having gone on way search rou carefullv about h e said: ''Go make a careful search for TOO na16iou. end with him.. (ones) but and do it obeisance. 'With Us 24 'Eyrpkiq 6 t b ' l o 9 Cm6 IS Qcd. and h e the angel of ford he took took his wife home.. o ~ g a p & q fiaxioTq land J ~ ~ ~ by A no . ~ p u u d v r d Ai avo" nai upGpvav. falling dawn. . look! of&erod the klng. and not he knowing 25 But h e had no internouse with her ab~ijv 00 E~snsv her when *he gave birth to until she gave birth t o a son. Having seen came to stop above where the young child 68 7 6 ~ hu+pa ~ X & P ~ x ~ a Wh pr~bArlv was.21 MATTHEW 2:6-11 The virgin wiU hecome pregnant and will give birth to a son. 6 brtv name of him Immanuel.~. a"dn i6oJ 6 h u r i p b d&v fv &DAB look! the star they look! the star which they aaw in the east had seen lwhen they npoiyrv adro6q.'. a governing Onel who will shepherd the people of me the Israel. E w lA8&v tmhh in the east went went ahead of them. 0 Beth'le. rB.the Messiah.". 11 r a i ChB6u~sq Eiq oiniav very much indeed.. C B g < 2 a .~a:~*z~.xq rai w p 8 l v o q hr y a m p i vtrgln in be14 will ave and . and he called ~ ~ ~ A L U ~6 E V 6vopa ~ G T o O 'Iqao5v. will shepherd my 7 T~TE 'H006qq XhBw rahiuaq . look1 mag1 from from eastern parts &varoAGv rrapsykvavro Came eastern pP*ts came to be alongaide ::1 : 2 saying: "Where Is 'irpouirhupa 2 Akyov~eq noO farlv b Jerusalem saying where L .j6~. his name Jesus. 9 01 62 t h a t I too may go might do obeisance to it. he esllod t h e name of him ~esus. whenever but m u m a a tfind. e i & p ~ v y&p his star born kinu of the Jews? Wesaw for were' in the a h 0 8 T ~ &U&PCI V &v ~ ~ O ~A a f B i ~ e o p r v we come to of hlm the star In the east and we came and We rrpouruvqua~ aDr8 3 'Ano6uaq S t 6 do him obeisance. o k q y & p o g h e Judea: thu. and when have found h a y y r i A m L POI Bnoq r&y& iAe&u t to me. Israel. 2' Or. the young child. and havingopned sance t o it. or. They also opened their treasures ~ 0 3 q 8r)umpoJq ari~ilY ~ P O ~ Y E ~ I W the treasures of them they presented b i t and presented It with 66 a.ia-n. P-1r. and they will call his name Im. gold and frankgoid and bonflncenso end myrrh. they dld obeisance to it.manu. gifts. and heard the klng. lneense and myrrh. 8 ~ a carefully ? ascertained: time of the appearing star.el: w h h h means.

to destroy it.~. and war there he stayed there until the decease of Herod. Lord. ond having sent off h e took up the boys in Beth'1e. ~ 4 . ~.rlo . xpqp?r~oBCvraq 12 However.' 6L TOO 'Hg4160u l h i 19 When Herod l9 but of the emd look had deceased.alll. Lord's. l called the son of me. a great rage. ~ . 'Iwo'q b A l ~ h q . and he hiav ~ a i dmoorsihaq hv~ihrv sent out and had ail greatiy.Get up.p aa h 0 0 r a l m p a h EI.t. the land of Israel.reth. lake conllurl because the" are. ~ a i be fleeing lnto Jmt. accordingto the time whleh t o the time t h a t -~ JL. ~ j qrahlhaiaq.seeking ~ T O ~ ~ Y Tthe ~ EfS iv W W ~ 21 So he got up and 21 d 6t C rpBriq rrap6AoDa ri took the young child m e tone) but havLg got up took along th and Its mother and nan6iov nai r j u liqripa a h 0 0 uai ~ l o i h & entered lnto the land young child and the mother of I t and enterei of Israel. 1 3 ' Jehovah's.21."gic kt%$2 ! order H ' $$!gq n%F5 heq -- ~~~ ~ ~ . divine &TABE?v xpqya~~oBcis 6. te!' See App RA. uB.iee. 22 But riq y i v '10 fib 22 & r o i r m < 6. Lord's. 23 K U ~ lhObv l(a~+1( o c 23 and came and of the Galilee. louk! &yyeho~ Ku iou qaivcral K~T' dvap Jehovah's' angel engel of ford appears according to dream appeared ln a dream 'Iwofi?. 16 Then Herod. from two years of age a11 the d l s t l l ~ e oflt iron two nai n a r o r t p o ~ a r h r6v ~ p 6 v o v Sv and Under. J ~ ~ ~ . .~UD . because havlng been gxven divtne warning they were given K ~ T ' 6 v a ~)I' h ~ a ~ h p ( V a nPd~ 1 'H $ 6 1 ~ in a dream according to dre8m m return toward &rod warning return to 61' &Ah?< 6606 h v ~ x ~ p r l u a vrI ~ l l vH ~ I O they ~ . 23' Or.'' tndrhroa r b u16v pow.. "Sprout-town" tNa.' cis I T ~ X I Y hkyoptvqv Na<apCT. and having come he Betxed dwelt in a city named Naz'a.lbls. Moreover. l3 After~they had 13 'Avaxwp?ohvrov 6P ah& i60b naving WI hdrawn but of them I O O ~ I wltndrawn. be on your way into the mother o l l t and beon your way k t . 20' Or.'.M A T T H E W 2:12-18 12 ~ a i And 22 M A T T H E W 2:17-23 h e had carefully ~IKP~@m 6 rc3v ascertained from the hecarefu1Iy ascertaled beafda of the astrologers. T E ~ Y ~ K ~ y ~ aI pV 01 those who were seekearth of Israel. belng given in a dream. '22 "2 TIPO+$~U ! ~~ ~ z m * R 8 Oz$e yz".&.8. ~ j vp q ~ i . JL*16. another way. take the young child and its ~6 rat6iov ~ai nai 7i)v ~11)%a&oO the young chlld and the mother of it and mother and flee into is& ~ K E ? t w ~ g y p tand . so thi iulnlled what was PqO6v 6th T& rXripo8b the rnlght beful%led the lthlng) apoken t h m v a th suoken throueh ." m aeek the young ehlld of the to destroy 14 SOh e got u p and 14 6 6 S L LyrpBaiq rrapLAa& r b the The lone) but having gotup took along the and its m16iov nai T ~ Y pq~ipa h 9 6 VUKT~ night and withdrew young ehlld end the mother of lt of *lgh1 b r 6 qorv EIG A ~ J U ~ T O 15 Y. 'Pap& f i n o w q rXauBpbq ~ a 6Supp6l i ~n namsh was heard. .cheInto earth of ?&el: Having heard but the la'us ruled a s king of 'Apxthaoq ~aulhEirE1 7"s 'Iou6aiaq h v ~ i Jude'a instead of his Arehelaus 1s retgnlng Of?ha Judea tnstead < father Herod. look1 bryydoq Ku low aima at urn' 6vaj Jehovah's' angel aneel of gird sDDeera scoordlng M drean appeared in a dream . htyov 'E a p e r i ~ rrap&AaPc t o Joseph. ~ ~ ~ ~xB.rob< r a i 6 a ~ 7ohq tv B BhrLp nai 6v the boys the (ones) in Beklehem and in hem and in all its disbP. . ~ Q c m j ~ deeea~e rn that for t h a t t o be mlfllled rrhqpwB^ b p1oiv h b ~~~i~~ which was spoken by mfght be fu%lled the l t h i g l spoken by Lord Jehovah. i6bv 6 seeing h e had been l6 Then T6Ts bavingscen that the hrmaix$ bnb rinr piF. l5 and wfihfrew Into gypt. stay there QCO~P a i ~A7 vnrov. and be there unt$ I give you word. to depart: having been g vcn dlvlne warning br w ~ r n l n g he withdrew into the urn' h a p &VEX& qoev €15 T& p i p a e ~ o r d to ~n~ dream he witldreur lnto the Par1 territory of Qai'i. weeping and walmg 18 "A voice was heard vohGg.jq tricts done away with. TI1. 'EycpBaiq rraphhaes d m16iov na take the young child Havine t take along the young child ant and its mother and -e .92. have died far the ionea ing the soul' of the young child are dead? ( . . 2 lV ~ Jehovah.4. t o Joseph in Egypt :?the J ~ ~ in ~ & aYDt sayin1 20 and said: '. he beTOO r a r p d q a h 0 0 'H $ 6 0 ~ 6 Q o p i 3 f n r came afraid t o depart the father of him &rod he becamea ald ther for there. 'Pay$ ~ h a i o w a T& r 6 ~ w && muoh: Rachel weeping for the children ofher. withdrew through snothe. b r hearing t h a t Ar. SaYlng & t 'h e JoaeP l a y h a aavL%got up take along "Get uo. hewas outwll ed by the magl was enragel a. 20 Atyo. IB.ov ieur*O fell in. 6 n o that rhrre mmht be lnto city being sald Nazareth.olq 6.6-l~. saylng: h. i about for Search for the young <~TE~V ~b 1~a16iov TOG h r o h t o a ~ a$.vet'I:Nmtse'vetll.. 17 Then 17 T ~ T E LrrhllphB1) ~b Pq8iv 6 d hen wasfulRlled the (thing1 spaken througl t h a t was fulfliled 'Irpapiou 706 Aiyovroq 18 Owvi which was spoken Jerem~ah the prop et ssyrng V O I C ~through Jeremiah the prophet. through his saying: "Out E t A ~ J ~ T Oprophet. ~ a a i 3 ~ jeLh~v n a p a ~ h ~ e f i v a ~ TI 061 and not was w l l l i g to be comforted because nol for her rntidren and she U I H I llnWllllng LO rloiv. V 6 l b TOO T P ~ + ~ T O Y hi-yov~oq ' through the prophet saying Out of gmt of Egypt I called my son. for yjv 'iopdh. they are no . way theywdhdrew in20 the t o their count'y by ah&.~.. and down nor. ~ a ifiv ~ K E ? into Egypt. of them.21-r. iiv iino 0 r a h e t Y ~ 'H P$$@JF for Herod is about t o Ukely I mlght speak to you. 19' Jehoveh's.

cha. 6 ~ a made i their way out t o eountrv around of the Jordan.~ of S am.wpaioq KA e j o r r a l prophets "He will be that Nazaiene he w\l be called called a N~~ a rene.x. whose sandals I I~avb T& ~ G ~ r o 6 ' p a ~ a l3aurhuab.wv latter tried to prevent he ionel but was preventing him saymg him. S 4 Ablb~ Jehovah.lL.%. kingdom of the heavens. ' t h e fire. saying: "I a m ' E y b ~ p c i a v i x w arrb ooD p a r r ~ l u t ? ~ u a nai ~ . be put out'" 13 T ~ T E rra a y i v ~ r a l 6 'IquoGg 13 Then Jesus came Then be the Jesus to the dmb 7 q : r o h ~ h a i a q h i ~ b 'lop6hvqv v rrpbq from from the ~ a l i l e e upon the ~~~d~~ toward Jordan t o John. 11 I." 8 So then 6py-q 8 l r o ~ f i o a r ~ 08" ~ a p n b v ~ ~ I O wrath? Y fruit worthy produce fruit t h a t wraLi M&e you therefore befits repentance. 5 T ~ T E ~DCUS~S and h o n ~ wild. 6 and people fbarrri<ovro 6v T@ 'lop6hvq r r o m p Q were baptized by him were being baptized in the Jordan River in the Jordan River. in T ~ Y . the Baptist comes to be alongside Baptist came preaching i n the John rfiq 'lou6aiaq wilderness of Jude'a. f i 6? -rpa 4 fiv a6. fit the That one will baptize Dwhq f i q i r . 11 t y A ' down and thrown into is cut out and into fire 1s thrown. the (one) but behind me the one coming after I~ strOllger XUP ~ T t~ me is stronger than I of POU me o is. ~ a k rou e ready the way of ford: straight 'Prepare the way of r r o l r i ~ r 7&g T P ~ ~ O Ua6~oD. 3' Jehovah. BD.nan'.'I am saying for to you that a able the to YOU that ~~d is t o raise u p ehilE ~ b q Cn T&V AiBwu T O ~ T U V P y r i p a ~ T ~ K Y able ~ God out of the stones these to raise up children dren to *braham from TQ 'Abpahp.22. oZv 6iv6pov p ' rrozoGv napnbv n a b that does not produce no? making fruit fine fine fruit is to be cut therefore tree P n ~ 6 r r r ~~ ~a a ~iE ~ C rrGp @hAhc~at. order $0 he baptized the john of the to be baptized by him. ~P i v . a m not fit t o take off. nai 61a~aBapc~T and he will eompleteiy of him. 6 62 ~~~~o P O W ~P. Im' a h 3 t b ~ o h o ~ o f i ~ ~ v o lT ~ F openly confessing by him (they1 openly confessing the theirsins. t ~ ~ i v a ~ q but the those ' 1 I n those days rrapayivs~ac 'Iwhvnq Ba~~~lulfiq John. spo en of through 1saiah the prophet Isaiah the prophet in h~yo~ro mwvj q pohv'!oq CV tpfiW? saying voice of one uymgout in the wilderness these words: "listen! Someone is crying 'Eroiphuars *v 66bv Ku iou ~ 6 0 ~ i a q in the wilderness. Then sect locusts and wild t < ~ r r o p r G ~ ~ o r r d q c16rbv 'IapootiAupa honey. ad~oG. cQaploaiwv "ght Of many Of the Pharisees and SadHaving seen but many of the pharisees ~ aZ i~ ~ ~ O V K C tp~op6vouq L~WY h i r b p d m ~ c u p aducees coming to the and saddueees upon the baptism baptism. Paolhria TOY obpavOv. TTGOY 12 06 76 &v ni X E A P ~ whose the win no wings hove^ in the hand 12 His winnowing shovel i s i n his hand. 7 When h e caught sins of them. 3 OGTOS y h p ~ U T I Y drawngear. rr& a t the root of t h e the root of the trees islying. the but chaff storehouse.rpG hair and a leather girthe loin of hlm. -rb 62 tiXupov his wheat into the of him info the storehouse." 3 This.i-U. wp6< pr. You people! be making the roads af him. IB. iyylnev ytrp fi for the kingdom saying Be You repenting. and will gather adroc ciq ~ j v h o O i n q v . with fire t h a t cannot he will burn up to fire inextingmsnahle. This for is in fact. b tpxn. '16Av 6b w o h h i ~ q T & . 1. but the chaff he will burn up ~a~analior!rrupi &obf?ry.. . Lord. e v e y trees."Y~os y O U ~repentance. ~ f i q pa~avoiag.i618.r i u ~ ~b eveGp. his food to0 was in&~pi6~q ~ a i l l U l tiYPt~v. baptize You indeed YOU I baptize i n water with water because o f PET~YOI~Y. is the one 6 p p ~ i q 61a 'Huaiau TOG r r ~ o m i l ~ aSpoken u of through the (one.meaning"J'ehovahHasBeen Jl. He 'Iwhvqq ETXEV 76 iv6upa a h G h b Make his roads But John was having the clothmg of hlm from Straight"' th'S vew 'Oh" had T IXOY ~ a p f i h o u nai {rjvqv 6c p a ~ i v q v r r ~ p i his clothing of camel's Reir. Yoh. 10 Alto the Abraham.1618. .r 2 hfywv Ms~avas?TE. has drawn near far the the heavens'a nai rrhua fi 'lou6aia nai r r h o a fi and all the country and all the Judea and all the around the Jordan rrrpixwpag roc 'IapShvou.422-2*. 14 But the 14 6 6~ 6 1 a n 6 ~ u ~ va6rbv hty. and him. he said to sTrrrv ariroiq rcvviparrra tx16v&v T ~ Sthem: "You Offspring he said to them Generated ones of vipers: who of vipers. then. nqpGouwv t v 6 t p i p y preaching tn the wilderness of the Judea 2 savine: " R r ~ a . who has JTT~~EI~E tp Vi v puyciv h b i f i q pehhofiqq Showed to rou to flee from the about to come 3 '2 ie ~~~. a 62 ~aiq g ifp q : . the one needing t o I need I have by you to get baptized. 9 ~ a p i i 66Sqrr of the repentance: and not you should presume Q and do not presume t o say to yourselves. Already but the a x toward ready the ax is lying T ~ Y Pi<w TOY 6 6 ~ 6 p ~ v~ c i ~ a t . hpapriaq alrGv.MATTHEW 3:l-7 npopqr&v prophets 24 25 MATTHEW 3:s-15 brl Nal. by him. but repentance. 10 ij6q 6? 7i trcivq rrpbq these stones. camei gkdb Lathern r j v 6 u ~ h va6ra0.". htyctv tv iauroiq n a ~ i p aEXO~EY T ~ Y to be raying in selves ' Father we have the 'ASa father we have 'Appahp Myw y&p Dpiv art 6ljvarat 6 Abraham.. lm~.w . J*-i. and be baptized by you. for piv b i ~ 6 5 Barrri<w b 86arr $ o my part. Gracious. f . he sanLls to carry off. and he ill compiete~y up his threshing &hwva a6roG ~ a iU V V ~ ~ PI ~~ Y uimv threshingfloor of him: and willgather the wheat floor. fit i e foe$ 1 ' John l'lwhvqs). 15 & r r o ~ p t E ~ i q6L and are YOU coming you are comlng toward me? Havingrepiied but to me?' 15 I n reply Zom % $fJ Po . the but was of him dle around his loins. 5 Then Jeruwas making way out toward him Jerusalem salem and all Ju.IW & ~ Y TOG parrrtu8ijvac brr' U ~ T O G .' Far I say ~hraham.%:. tree.a?nrt h y i y ~ a rir u p i YOU people with holy mlrb holy and f i ~ e : in you w ~ ibaptize l spirit and with fire.

I* .hall WOlshTP and to hlm alone s e r ~ i c e . and they will about you and u w n hands they wlllUft yo."-". It has een wrltten for for it is . to him all . thus y&p npLnov tori" fipiv n h q p 0 o a l nGuav for suitable is toua to ulRU all 61~alw6vqv. ~ o r d XB. you on their p i TOTE n p o o r 6 q u ~ npdq hieov 7bv hands. atonea these lonvea of brcsd should become. the a dove God's spirit oGpav&v hiyouoa 0616s t u r i v b "165 pou coming wonhim.jehowh. to be tempted A Then Jesus was t M TOO 61ap6hou. $ : tk :ki :~'&h.ra. through Utterance coming forth through mouth of God. the beloved. and looki out . 10' You must serve (worshlpl." 4 b 66 6moKp. 3 1foot ~ against a stone.>*. there was a voice from the 6 & anqr6q. these stones to become loaves of bread.22. t has becn wrltten Not you ahau put to the ted .2'-24. and he of cod descending as lf dove corn[. Devll Into the holv eitv. into Gai'i.. 4' Jehovah's. In Ulat said to ham: -1f you 1f son m u are of the cod. heavens ssylnp Thi. the test. kv 6 ~ 6 6 oa 6 ~ me ieloved. o f the world and their TOO ~ 6 o p o u~ a 1 T~)V 6 6 5 w a l r 0 v I g'OrY.W. whom I have '\'.O1 "~$2' . heard that John 12 ' A ~ o b u a q 66 had been arrested. YOU ahall render sacred aervlea.MATTHEW 3:16-4:5 26 27 MATTHEW 43-12 6 ' I q s o O ~rlnev a 3 7 0 'Aqr. 10.. 1 1 T 6 r r &qilutv the left him.$' 2 . Then he let go him' 16 panr~oeei 66 b 'IqooGq s68b~ Havlns been bapt?md but the Jesus Immediately Jesus said to him: it be. 12 Now wheh he camO~OWerd and wepe m ~ n ~ a t e d n g to him.g Saw descending like in' ~ G T ~ v 17 .". 2 ARer he had Gorawv hivaurv.$. then h e nwod82. Then he le a go and. la the Son of me 17 Look! Also. J". Jehovah' your God t o Lord the God of you.lee. 873. hurl yourself down." Then he quit prrventing him.eriS ETnrv In he The lone) but havlnn renlied said Said "It is wntten. hovah' your 'ItGod is you must worship.~l. And havbg fasted days up into the wilderness ~morp&rovra rai vhaq ~ e o o c p & ~ o v rto a be tempted by the forty and nlghts Dev11. latterly forty nights. 3 -. tell hie01 o6ro1 &p~ot yBvwvrat. Syrr. -~ ~-.You muat not put Kljplov rbv 8e6v oou. riypma~ fi hsE becn 'Man must live. xB: Lord's. p a h Usaurbv ~udrrw y i ~ F u m a l y a p hurl yourself down. 7 10 ah3 b ' I q o o G ~ n .v b nr~p&Swv rlnrv ah3 felt hungry. are a son of God.'s. . YOU nhould do act of worahlp Then Jesus said to him: 'Go t o me. look! angels came and began t o minister Sl$gp~ to him' npoo^h8ov KO? 61q~6vouv ab~Q.i on bread alone. heavens t h a t sald " T ~ I IS s my Son.r. .$F approved " tpqpov Grrb TOO rrunjpcrrog. g! A (*%??'' %h. 6 n Toiq & w M o t q a h t tvrrheira~ will give his angels that To the angels of him he wlil give charge a nrpi 005 nai h i xslpdv & P o k i v or you. Jl~M. Jehovah's' mouth:" 6 T67e napahapp6Ne1 abrhv 5 Then the Devil Then takes along 6!&Doho~ clq rfiv & y i w m6hlv. and showed 6rirvww abrQ a&ua( him all the kingdoms shows . t h a t you may not ever you should strike toward stone the at no tirne strike your n 6 6 a uou. Satan! For i t Aiwt ~ T Qb Issaylng to him the Bo~~~B"~?*. God's. withdrew wasg~ven over he retired into the G P . ~ a i 1606 q o v i PK upon him. 2: 'tz?!' j g $ 4 ie w%jfi$p.ll. qhbv hiw a n unusually high into mountaln %lgh unuauaily. LO"^. 7.Y %% & ! $?A% $ $ : a irpo0. and it It h~~be%e :t e n K & v IS t o him alone you Br6v oou npooruvioe~ ~ a a i b r 3 ybvq render sacred God of YOU YOU . but wall live upon every on every utterance pfiparl t ~ a o p ~ u o p 6 q 6 t h ur6paroq 8 ~ 0 6 ."lZk:.. away." 10 Then r6rr ~pw~wfiorlr 101. 8 ~ a i v q m b o a c filrBpaq led b y the s p l n t by the Devll. 6 and said to him: "If he Is raylng to hlm I t Son You are of the Cod. ALyrt a h 3 El ulbq d r o t emir. -. x z $ 'k? roqP : . this time. i . I I I ~ ~ . and Were opened up the heavens: and he saw epint look! the heavens 0raG xarapaivov h o d n r p ~ o r s p i n . H B V I ~ heard ~ but k t napr668q &vr~LIpqorv st5 T ~ Yr a h ~ h a i a v .. and he said of the world and the glory of the& to him: "All these rTnw ah3 TaG-rh n$~a things I will give you nald to hlm These tthlnm) to you if you fall down and 6 G j o o tau an n act of worship I shall plve If ever h a Y i n ~ ~ ~ $ ~ d do ow to me. In whom I found godd pleasure. 3 Kai fasted forty days and be felt hungry. not Cfiorral m i aw. tpx6p~vov opened UP. havhg come toward the tempter said m him the Tempter El uioq EI roir eeot. mountain. you are a son of God. Sala to hlm tile Jesus Agaln Jesus said to him: riypllrrml O ~ K t~nrlph~rl "Again i t is written.a. J%-24.=j. T~TE dqiqolv ah&.n.. " ' ~ 11 Then harpdortq. ~ $ : E.'" root of you. & TI oGrw the Jeaua seld to hlm Let go rlghtndw. 6 r a i hlm upon the battlea h b v h i rb msprjylov m end ment of the temple hlm upon the battlement of the temple. far in t h a t way it is suitable for to carry out all t h a t is fighteous. righteousness.."' 8 n&h~v aapahapp&vc~ abrbv b 61apoAoq g ~~~i~ the ~ ~ Again takes along hlm the Devll took him along to el' bpoq i. nrtpaoBjvat Wildernell by the splrlt. l6 After being baptized Jesus dvipq up from enrb immediately came up five(1~8qocm 01 obpami nai E ~ & Y wsGpa from the water.

14 iw nhqpo8' Naohtall: b o r d e r that mlzht be iu&ed 14 t h a t there might 6 . for the kingdom of the 18 nep1nm6v 6 t n r j v 8hXauuw heavens has drawn near:. and the other slde of the Jordan. The laneal YOU of men. &OD bv rQ rrhofq. of them $hey followed around throughout nrptiyrv h. into the sea. his mouth and boicaq r b u76wa TOO P ~ ~ ~ ~ U K EOpened V havie the mouth of hlm he teaehlng began teaching them. Consequently ~~ he Ecured ~ ~ L ~ E ell syris. Happy the PWI OIIW la.~appy are them aeylng cansciaus Of 3 Marbptot ol =ox01 TO nvrfipa~o.rai saying: 15 "0land S B Y ~ B ~ s r t h o t k b u ~ u n and c 8ahriw 6-53" 8oh&uuqg. and he &dv ~ a~KMEON i aLho~jS. 'lopSavov. and he called : . aaylng to them Hlther behlnd me. 22 At oi thed. havlng to verlovs OYVEXO E V O U F . disease ~ a i8rpa~rbwv at%oav d u o v r a t nauav and every sort of and curlng every disease and eyery infirmity among the pohariw 6 v T? ha?. pcrh Zr&Saiou . saying: ahobq A ~ Y W V 3 '. mending narpbq a h & of them father repalrlng the nets thelr nets. James [the son] of c ~Gcriou r a i ' l h v . Galllee of the nation.rd nhoiov rai T ~ V a t once havlng let go the boat and the father followed hirn. ~ a v Y ~ P~ A E E ~ F .. many fmm the Galilee and De-eap. b mhqv~a<optvoug e b g moon(llru~k and rai ~aP p8ralytln.lee.. 616&u~wv i v ~ a i Wvaywyaig g a h & v agogues and preaching Dalllee.. smken t h m Iaalah the prophet was spoken through Isaiah t h e prophet. deathly light 17 'Aab T ~ T E i i p g a ~ o '13006g ~qpbuurlv rose upon them: From then started the esul to be preaching that time rai hOyrtv Mrravori~c yylrrv an Jesus commenced and to he saylng Be you repentlig. 21 Kai apophg 6~ritlev E T ~ E Y lowed him.reth. YOU people. after Nazareth having come leaving NWa. letting d o m a fishing ~ i l v~ ~ ~ u u a v fi. alde of the Jordan. along the road of t h e sea. ~6 bpog. And havlng gone on from then he saw on also eom there Mhoug 660 &6rh@oii$ 'I h o P o v rbv he saw two others others two brothers.01 me. for the B~Q.avrag r& 6 i ~ n J a their father.lee to him crowd. &I avlcop6vovg demon-possessed being agleted.ta-li. 24 And Kai h q h e ~ vpeople. dcrhvrl~06~ W : and he cured them. U U E V 25 f i 25 ~ followed great crowds &3 6xhool n o M o i dmb Tilg r a h ~ h a i a q from (jayi. and and they brought him all those faring ~they po4 brought v~yuav to abr? hlm n kall v ~ a g m6g KaKWF the badly badly. Simon who the tone) b&g ssld Peter and Andrew is called Peter and P%$$c & p $ s f $ ~ ~ Andrew his brother. hee!rawn near preaching and saying: y&p fi P a u ~ h r i a rfiv 06puvQv.MATTHEW 4: 13-2 And having left 1 the 28 of hlm: 29 MATTHEW 4%-5:3 0 8 6 1 ~ 13 Further. James the (one) [who were] brothers. distressed Exovrag n o ~ r i h a l q ~60015 rai f i w b o l g ~ i t various h diseases dbeaaea and torments and torments. 23 hhewar golna emund in whog the teaching in their s y n . ~ a ? na8iuavrog ab~oO and after he s a t down the mounta~n. r a h ~ h a i a T ~ V P8vb On the Other side Of Jordan. they ~ M t o g & Q t v r ~ g .) way ~i on other dda of the of Naph. sitting in a region of shadow of death tth? rose up to them. teschlng in the synagogues of them the good news of the rai nqp6wUov r b ELiayytAlov ~ " g Paulhriag kingdom and curlng and preaching the good news of kingdom sortf .: 2 be ::t ~ ' 5 '16bv 6L ~ o b q b ~ h o v g &vtpq rlg he went u p Havlnp seen but the crowds he went up lnto Into the mountain. "Repent. ~ohob8quav aha.22 01 62 called them. 6h fi the whole of Gal'i.! 16 the people the lone) s2ttns in darkness PIght saw people sitting in piya rat T O ! < ~ a 8 q p l v 06" 1 ~xhpq r a i saw a great great: and to the (onaal slttlng In reg on and d light. the Jordan Gal'i. hevlnp sat down of hlm his disciples came npoufih8av a6rQ ol paeqral aGroO' 2 to and he came toward to him the dlseiples of hlm. drin. E i y v u :. 19 r a ! Atya a h o i g AEOTE 6rriwo pou. the hearlng oihlm lnto whole the Syria. and I will make Inhall make You Rshera of men. ~ a 19 i ~ . S mon a ~ ~ g s ~ d of he saw ral 'AvSptav Gal'i'iee b"thers. in the In the boat wlth Zebedn the boat with Zeb'edee raTapril. they were for Ashers: they were fishers. they fol. for the klngdom ofthe heavens. 6 i r38tw5 d p t u r ~ g T& 6 i ~ ~ v~oho68qow a 20 At once absndonbut at once havlng let go the net8 $ey followed ing the nets. their spiritual need. nOpw TOO Of Zeb'ulun and land !80P~ItS~. m e (ones) but Once leaving the boat rwripcl and their father. nal out .) to the splrlt. he came and took UP rarb~qorv eig Ka@apvaoSp he took up rerldenee Into Capernaum the residence in Ca-pefnarmpa8ahauuiav b 6~io1g ZaPouhiw ual urn beside the sea in bealde the sea In dlstrletl o f Zebulun and the districts of ZeWu l u n and Naph'ta. hfyovrog 15 r i Za uhbv . walking but be% tho 18 ral r a r a h ~ n d v v+v Nacaph e v e~L 2- ~ ~ ~ s e a two brothers. NrmBahrir. prltltv 6th 'Huaiou riir npo@irou be fumed whattho lthlnn. went ofl report about him went fi & ~ o f i a d d 3 rig 6hqv 71v Euplav. 23 Then he went to hlm. 5 When he saw the .lee of ha6q b ~ a 8 'rvog i v a ~ o r i q 35 d6ev nation. a3rQ. rahihaiq.o-llsand rai A~rcnr6hsog nai 'lr~oooh6pov ral ' l o d a i a g Jerusalem and and Deeapolls and eruaalem and Judea and from the other vai ntpav To0 'lop6hvov. d he to and I.: 'f$e :I& TOG hls brother. and as far thase OK(& Bav&ro~ &VLTE~~EV ~ T O P T . 21 Going to hlm. 24 And the Innrmlty In the people. and them: after rrolfiuo 51165 &h€rig & Y ~ P ~ T T20 W Y . belng kmon-msaessed and epileptic and paralyzed persons.rdv &6&&v : ? t h e Z 7 ! ebodee and John the brother Zeb'edee and John rbv hr 6prvov Iltrpov r a h ~ h a i a qr1h $ i e Galilee he saw 660 &Mqo6q.

untll llkely all (thingal ~hottld t k e p h O a . au that the). not I I Yon that ~ a m A C o a &Ah& ~ nhqpGoat. 6nw5 iEoalu m m . fi . IC Likewise It1 Y o u n 10 oCrw5 h a p 6 r w 76 T { o1r:p. 7 panhplo~ ol the povcq T I adroi 7 "Happy are the H ~ D P Y the mercfiul . by the men. o f Gcd w l l be called. rhar [hey may 1 3 fcanr of the men. heavens."Happy are those na a r h q e j u o v ~ a ~ . 35 ens. b T ~ V I t h e salt loses i t s in what strenEth. ~ o b r w v T&V ~ comm. the Law 8 . 1 1 pax&p~oi 6mc 6rav Happy are roo 6ve16iuwu1v bp&q rai 61hgw1v nai they mlght r e ~ m a c h YOU and mlght persecute and eirrwu~v n&v n o y bv might my every wleked Pth~ng) / I *y. r ~ v breaks one of these lf ever therefore should loose one of the least commandments yqb. h b r& & 11 n a thrown outside to be trampled on thrown outside t o be trampled on by men.D G T ~y h p thus ztie g::~ $%%n o . Since they will inherit the earth.h S 0 'Or in ~ 0 b 5 iq the ior they peraeeuted the t h a t way they Perseeuted the prophets OpDv. since the kinedom of the heavens belongs to them.. TOT< t v and it shines upon all h u ~ v i a v . h a ~ a l n6h15 r p u p y h h v w bpou5 isable city to be Id on top of mountnln mountain. they wlU lnhedt 6 parhp~o~ 01 n c 1 v 5 ~ 5 Kai the earth. NO should YOU thmlr that I came to destroy I came. n o that they mermful. Is iirv oOv ~ .v ev ~ o i q o6pavoiq. w l l be shown mercy will be shown mercy. will be comforted. but alirbv dnb T ~ Y pb610v it Yndel. the meaeurlng baaket but Upan the upon the lampstand. but if ihu I be 'least' o 3 ~ w qsob( &vOpLmovq.&yaq who does them and g-at teaches them. . thhyteroq in relatlon t o the should teach thus the men. 06 light of the world.. 80s &v n b ~ a yC T ~ I . 671 a h 0 1 Happy the lone. 10 WK&P~OI 01 6c61wypLv01 H~PPY the (ones1 having been persecuted Lvuev 61natoolivl~q 678 a h & W v on account of rlghteousnc. Jlnce t h e kingdom Of t h e heavens belongs them. ~ 1 5 036iv luy+ct wlll It be made aalty? Into nothlng It la strong I t is no longer usable &I c i p ' Phrltliv EQJ r m a n a r s i u e a t for anything but to be ). Father o k o v the lone1 In the 17 . prior t o YOU. a d m i r h q p o ~ p ~ u onw i v~ y j v .y1 o the heavens.~ -. 14 "YOU are t h e 14 O d q tmi 'rd 6 5 705 K & ~ O Y ."ti '& G$'"Happy are W ~ O S who ~ have been persecuted for righteousness' sake.andmenta ~i v ~ ~o h & v these the 616h<q kaChes mankind t h a i o ~ w v ~ a and i l e n ~ o n e a and to t h a t effect. the ~ O U ~ C . 31 MATTHEW 5:14-19 pwpaveli. 15 People ~~tvtvq 15 . 12 Rejoice ? & ~ . he 13 'Y ciq h i ~b &ha5 rfiq Y$. d lose strenpth. lamD and they set set it. 8 "Happy are the 8 pa~hptoo ~ l raBapo1 pure in heart. v o p i o q ~ e 611 fiheov r m h G o a ~ came Law or the Prophets.x . toq &v napChBg b I am oaylng to rau. 671 &oi ~ 1 0 i Peaceable.~. wlll be satlafied. thst of them Is fi b u t h c i a TDV 06padv. A t b u are the llght of the world. . t j t6iweav n t ~ l2 ~b~ zt ~ :$ :~ ~ ~ ~ p ~ ~ ~ . untll llkcly mlght pass sway the t h a n for one smallest a6pmbq nai fi [ha & . mght see see YOUR flnv works dyDv rh raA& Epya ~(ai ~ O ~ ~ U W U I Y T ~ Vand give glory t o YOUR of YOU the fine works and they might glodfy the Father who is in t h e n a r i p a 6 Dv 7i. 9 "Happy are the thst they the God willlee. heavens. & . Thur let the 1. s'nce l called 'sons of Happy the peacemakers. 6 "Happy are those napm Ule (ones1 hungering for and ~I@VTEC 61ra1w6vqv 67. 1 to kt 3: K 2 't : ! p 0eoO YA tl/)uovTa~. nai hhpnsl nhrrtv lamoatand.MATTHEW 5:4-13 thst of them 30 tho klnsdom of the heavens. filled. mild-tempered ones. that they mna w ~ l be In 6 n a67av i m l v fi Paalhcia T ~ Vobpavfv. the klngdam of the heavens. how wtll its saltniss 'be restored? Mlutlfiumal.6P. 6 parhpno~ 01 nwi 5 '"Happy are the Happy the mnd-tempere% (on-) . amen for s w n e r would heaven and earth Pass hiyw o roo ibght shlnr hefor? eprpou0cv rOv &+Opimwv. ~ b vv6pov 4 TOOF n @ i ~ a (06% fiheov but t o f u l m 18 for the LPW or the Eopheta. i hungering and thirstthl~stlng for r!qhteousnes/. not under t h e &hY h i . since they will be ~op~auBjuovra~. : nclther they . thal: they 4 . this one . end it rhlnea to all the (one81 in those in the house. x u are the salt 09 the es . Not city cannot be hid when situated upon a 6 . . 18 & p j v y b p to destroy but to fulRII. :. ob5t raiouulv Mxvov ~ a~ i t 0 t a a t v light a lamp and I v i n . that they ing for righteousness. this 616hig 06Tog . 4 pa~hp~o~ 01 nrvBoOvrcq. &g$$$~2 70iq 06pavoi~. 19 Whoever. ~ y .-DO not think I $0 destroy t h e 17 Mq . since they ihcq0~uov~a~.ia letter or one padicle heaven and the ear tots one or one of a letter t o pars fi 2 '$2 ~ ~ I ?~ ~ kine ~~~~~~~ ~ acpia 06 p)l napLhBg &b TOG d p o u llttic horn not not should psar away from the ~ a wby any means and not all things take place. 9 paxhplot 01 cipq~onoloi. therefore. As for anyone w l ! be . 13 'YOU are the salt ifever of t h e earth. least one kingdom Of the heavrh B j u e r a ~i v T { pau~hcipr rDv odpaviv.ailed In the klngdam of the heavena: who but llkely shou d 6 ' Bv n o t i y a rai ' 0 end dould tedchh. since they w& bs comforted. since Hallpy the pure l a r ? ! o the they wlll see God 6 a h o i d v Ocbv a q o v ~ a ~ .) mourning. who mourn.T?Y measuring basket. lleht . 11 "Happy are YOU when pwple reproach YOU and perseeUte YOU and lyingly say sort of wicked thing against YOU for my sake.

should enter into pi5 rjv the fiaozhciav kmgdom of the rGu heaven: 21 "YOUheard t h a t ~ o i ch p x ~ i o l qit was said t o those YO" heard that i t war said to the anc. aou n a i ~ 6 r a the& ~ p 6 o q ~ p ~ your brother. YO" :fever therefore youmightbring toward will be liable t o the fiery Gehen'na. the gift of you upon the altar and there are bringing your ~vrl0865 &TI 6 hSchq6q UOU gift to the altar and might remember TI 23 Lhv 06" ~pa=Qipfl5 'YOU despicable fool!' .-----. ihrro rnmamhnr 1s havlng ~arnethlngdownon you. un+h . rj first and g o a w a y first be reeonc~led to tXe brother n. ivoy(og word o f contempt will w h o but likely might say Fool." ~d 6Gp6u oov eni 76 e u o ~ a o ~ f i p ~ o zhnEi v 23 '. 24 leave your t h e g l f t of you rn front of the altar. geh.xB: valley of Hin'nom lmr. 20 F O ~ I sav nsptaoariofl b Gv fi 6 1 n a 1 o o r i v ~~ h r i a vt o YOU t h a t lf YOGR m s h t abound o p ~ o u the nshteousnera more riehteousness does TGV y p a p # a ~ b a v ~ a O i a p ~ o a i ~ v . ~ ~ ~ wrU be lnto the ehenna of the fire 8 W mJhnn7.l.ents of anclent tlmes.If. I say to you t h a t TO h 6 ~ A q OariroG Evoxoq Eamr rfi everyone who cantlnto the brother of him aecauntable will he to the ues wrathful wlth h ~ s KP~UEI' 6) & shO "1 .hin. but Nat you shall murder. 'You 06 ~OYE~~OEIS. P-1r. accountable h . .m-*a. and go nai hays npc3rav 6taAhhyqee r " h 6 ~ X ~ away. 1 will be called 'great' heavens. gift there m front of the altar.. accountable ' wlll be to x e ~ a n h e f r i n i . and of YO^. armnq$able to Lorn8 T ~ Y -&iwmb TOO T T V P ~I ~ the Suprem e Court: 21 ' H ~ o r i u a ~ s TI EppLerl 1 mur9C.r . 95 6( 6" ~OYEGU must not murder. .06 m ~ArlSjo~ra8 4v the ~ r ipua. ' 11 ~ ~ -. offer up the gift of you YOUP glft . The place for burning refuse outside of Jerusalem.MATTHEW 5:20-24 will be caiied 32 T 33 MATTHEW 5:25--30 of the YOU obpavfiw.h€iq khgdom of the $2: 1 scrlbes and Phanrees. not not ~ioiheqrr 06pavGv. when you have rd 6Gp6v sou come back. I but cauntable.nom').~ ~ L .to the court hiyw Spiv brt rr6g 6 6py1<6lirvoq I of iustlce 22 Hawam raying to rorr that everyone the being wrathful ever. ~ wlrn an unspeakable Bq 6' 6 v drrq Mwpb. ~ a r & ooir. See App 4c. but whoever a 6 ~ o f 'i P a ~ a Lvoxoq f o ~ a l -L^ m v c 6 iy his brother of him ~ a c a . that the brother of you . . heavens.. who but likely might whoever cornm~ts a Evoxo Porctr T ' ~ p i o e j . . I in relation to the 20 hkyw Spiv 6 r ~ firv klngdom of the heavI am saying to -on that if ever not ens. 24 6qrq let go off there in& 6oip6v oou LpnpooOsv TOG e u o ~ a o ~ q p i o u You.' 22' Ge. ..hen'na I y e r ~ v a v ) . 22 'Ey* 62 murder wlll be aceecountaCble will be to iXe iudgment. and then having come b e brlnglng toward then.UI*Lcr. then..av S eD7r~ "O ""J".

but whoever you slaps you on your d q rfiv 6r5lhv a t a y 6 w oov.. Commits adultery. ~MIT&W~OV.ry. . rive if YOU love those levyou m p ove the (ones) Iovlng you. kih0q. turn the Into the right check of you.. be lovlng 1 4 However.owever. 34 ' E l 6 62 Xtyw of YOU. to her let him give her a n l -- lrocd arirfiv ~OIXLU~-Y~I / Z0Se I 2 : : " yn. because Baolhiws 38 v t i ~ a tv ~ f i r . [. nor In t h b .0 5 koh6on yuvcrim certIRcate of divorce. because !Krone rn= a t all. % . certificate of divorce. lh.' ftt 2$rzng 32 However. and tothe lone1 wllllng wants to go to court uot rpt0jvat r a i rbv XIT&V& ~ O U with YOU and get posto YOU to be judged also the Inner garment of you session of your inner garment.YOUR nep~oubv raGrwv tK ~ t h l n g lin cxccas of these out of the No. a y i 61. nor into because it is the foot'Izpou6Au!~a.-. . times. 'Youmust not without per&lro6iroetq 62 TQ rvpiy robq d p r o y YOU ahsll give bsek but to the ~ a r d the oams forming. o tha? persecuting YOU. Lord. and who a subject far adultery. to rou Woman aho5. by ha. but a m anying to rou n a to swear hovah. nor Jerusalem. 42 Give 0iAov. : 33 "Again YOU 33 n b h ~ v fi~06ua. 46 For &y%ty roirq &ym&vraq bp&q. valley of Hlnnom ID~-':. 'YOU must the neighbor of you and you shall hate the enemy love Your neighbor and hate your enemy. . t o borrow from you lwithOut interestl. "R 35. 8 2 r n .Whwver o r h i divorces his wife.h . 6Xoq' p ' m Lv TQ 0 6 ~ 6 . TOG nLII OY 45 that you may prove yourselves sons You might prove to be sons of the p a ! $ t TO. willing from You to borrow not and do not turn away from one that wants hompaeB5. for what is rn excess of these is from lrovqpo6 to~iv. no no. outer garment also go to him.". the hut 37 J U S ~let YOUR word Yes mean Yes. The place for burning refuse outslde of Jerusalem. r lone1 ~ In heavens. nor in the earth. 43 ' H K o ~ ~ E Cpp& 671 A ' y-< 43 "You heard that YOU h e ~ r d that It wsa said You ehal love d v nX11oiov oov r a t ! J ~ ~ + ~ o E I $ tx0pw i t was a i d .goh. . e b ~t la of the cod. r Q a i r o 0 v ~ i o e 66q m i ~ b v a mile.. v i m cig 35 nor by fo0ist001 it Is of the feet of hlm. 41 and &yyapa60e~ 41 ." 34 .. -SO' C-hen'nn lrfrv\ovl. be s a h g away wlth 42 . Jehuvuh.. 38 ' H n o b a r c 6 CpptOld ' 0 q 8 a h p k 38 "You heard that Eye i t w8s said. b e e a u ~ it is God. han&~ but am saying to YOU.. khv drrrohrhuptuqv y a p i o n and whoever marries If ever Iwomanl having been divorced mlght marry a divorced po~x&ral. I.) end he is ralnlng upon tlghteous (meal makes it rain upon ~ a i &6irov 46 Chv y&p righteous people and and unrfghteoua i i n c l l .llov V UGTOO pf YOUR Father who of the beesuae the sun of him is in the heavens. but you must Spiv V ' 61r60at Pay Your vows t o Je00". bpi" &vr~orfivat I say t o YOU:Do n o t 39 'E 6 6 2 Xtyw but a m aaylng to m v no to reslst resist him that is nov!lp+ MA' Xmq or 6anil.J ~ ~ ~ 62 ~ b ~ * . what ing you. * 3 1 'Epp40q I t was said but Who llkely might dlvorce Ule let htm glve 66 . 37 $ye ~ ~ ~ of hlm yuvaira a h 0 5 napaurbq la moklng I the YOU that everyone hbyou nopveiaq divorcinghis of word of fornieatlon except o n amount koXh. . . yivqo8r . 00 015. wicked loneal and sun rise upon wicked he la making rlse upon &yaBobq ~ a i P p t x r ~ Cni 6 1 ~ a i o u q People and good and good lone.' 39 However. go with him Tothe (onel esklng you give: and the lone1 two miles. . r a i 4 v hhhqv. faE whlte to make Or black. imorr6616v Corw T&V n06&v adrot.h%nnorn'.' ~ e novqpoJq rai since he makes his &va~ihhsl ilr.. No.1~671 LppL8fl heard that it was said ~ g e ~ rou n heard that it was s a d &pxaiolg OOK ~ T T I O P K / ] O L I ~ to those of ancient andents ~ o t you shall make osth'fa~sely.. you lnto service for mlle one(. . because city It is of the kreat by Jerusalem. nenher in the heaven. 'Eye for You heard that it was ss eye . .. 36 Nor 61160n~.ra &nb 000 6avioau0ad pfi to the one asking you.dtyou rewmd am h a v l n g ' v ~ ~ ?NO^ also the tsx c o ~ ~ e e t o r e . what reward Are not pnu8bv obxi r a i ol rrX&va~ also thehave' tax couectors &TI r ~2 .' mu. turn t o hlm other also to him.say OIYW. ! body t o land in I cn. great King. m i PIUTI~ oe and whoever YOU will ~ ~ P ~ into E B going S if someone under kayc ~ e r ' abro5 wicked: hut whoever slaps toTi!e wlcked lone) .. makes her her to eommlt a!ult.ither t m i v TOG Bco? 35 ptire h. . and tooth for 6q8ahpoG ~ a6 i6 b a &mi 6 6 6 ~ ~ 0 5 Instead 01 eve and tooth Instead of tooth. . . TI 6 ~ 0 5I say to YOU: DO not wholly. 40 xai rQ 8thovri 40 And if a Person also the other. . woman of hlm. Commits adultery.lo. 671 06 66vaoa1 by Your head must you should swear. Spiv that 66ro 32 671 everyone tho (onel except IT&< 'Ey6 of ~ a i 6q fOrnlcatl0n. If ever for unrighteous. X i it is the of the Klng. E e AIIP4c I ' n r 6 .. let your &qeq a h 4 vai ~b ip&r~ov' AaPEiv to take: let pa ofl to hlm also the outer garment. 44 'E 6 66 Mybpiv. tv obpavoiq TI T ~ j. T O J ~txepoJq O &V ~ a n i w ~ l j x a d e h a p to you: Continue to the enemles O t Y o u end t e DrsYlng over love YOUR enemies r&v 610a6vrwv b p & r 46 ho and to pray for those the lone81 persecuting roo: . rir 6 i but the word o f v o v yes yes. . yo~should be turned sway. &I n M ~ q t m i v 705 pzyahou stool of his feet. say to ovv divorcing 3 1 "Moreover i t said. the wicked one. t ~ white Or 6 hbyoq O &v vcli vai.s throne. rB. wlcked (anel la. ". because not you are able 7 / a XEIJK~~V no~fiou~ fl pIha~vav. o r p i q ~ ~ avh Q right cheek. authority Impresses pih~ov Ev him two.35 of MATTHEW 5:38-46 oou YOU lnto efq gCmvav &v ehenna should go off. tooth.

lull. . vlslble to men. will repay. pray to havlngshut the door of you pray t o T k your Fsthel who is n a r p i oov rrj 6" r r j ~pv-mi). thing are you dOillg? 1thiK7In excess ere doing vous & e ! Are not also the 60vl~oi rd abr6 no~oGolv 48 'EoruEr nstionaie the very are dofnpf you . and l e t g o @ i n u s the deb &+aprv TO?< give us our debts. go into your private r w m riother sic 76 ~awii6v uou ~ a i enter into the private room of you and and. end Father who looks on 6 narfip oov 6 PAtnwv tu the Father of you the lone) looklngst in in secret will repay TQ KPU?TT~) &TO~&WEI 001.ri WIG 6 making gifk of mercy. however. 10 6ABhrw the heavens. in the much awaking of them they will be heard. of them. to You. imagine they will get a hearins for their 8 pi o h 6poidsi~~ ahoig not therefore YOU should be made llke to them: use of many words. as in of YOU. 11 ~ 6 vtake place.hall be people of the nations the same thing? 08" bpeig T ~ E I O Ibg 6 n a ~ f i pLtDv 6 therefore YOU perfed the pather o you the 48 You must accordingly be perrect. IaiI~yLnp I say c ~ x o w ~ v rhv . fi B a u ~ h t i a oou. therefore be praying rou then. fore ever YOU ask him. .rw their Ieward but making giftof mercy not let know 3 But You. also upon &prov fip&v T ~ W hto6atov 66g fipiu earth.. b $ t v oGpavO ~ a i h i ye%. just as humcdtes are d o n g in the ~ynsgoguea and the do in 6%~ ~075 @ h a l e . r a i narilp your gifts of mercy the Blftofmercy in the seerat. They are having in full. 11 Give us bread o us the for [thedayl befng glve to us today o'prpav' 12 rat 6wc fipiv T& d . & 1ao8irw 76 &p& oou. oh golo& And whenever roo might pray.m&. yzvq66ro rh 0th & 10 Let your kingdom the kingdom of you. Whenever therefore with YOUR Father who h in the heavens. dirrkxouo~ r6v wloB6v hlyw having their reward in I am snYlnP . they h a s e i n m the reward them. they have In full the a 6 o ii whenever Brav npoorSxn. YOUR heavenly Father n + % ~ EL n i v 61ratoohqv rlv biw is perfect. f .. as have e t g o OR to the we also have forgiven Ofthe mvaywyaig synagosuen broad ways and ncri &v raiq y w i a l ~ the cornen T& to pray standing in n h a n ~ D v LmD~ec. this way: I l h t p 6rilV 6 6" ~ o i q 06p-i~. They are Sriv. do not say 7~ ~ O U P 6p U r ~ o62 1 ~ f i amaAoyficqre the same things over P ~ B X O P but not 6h0uPd rnUiUpi~ words and over again. 5 " ~ l s o when . Let your will uou. nolii~ ~ ~ P o + v . let come name be sanctified. standing to pray. &v xptiav ZXCTC n 6 for God YOUR Father of what ithingnl need YO" are having begre knows what things 700 bp&5 a i ~ i l u a t ah&. the heaven. Truly they might auuesr to the men. so thst me^ be of you right is doing. you s ~~i npami. just & m o p oi 60vtroi 6 0 ~ 9 k 1 ~ y&p TI as the people o l the as-even the nation&. not shall you be pray. 2 . ~ 6 47 ~ a i&dv * &m&qutlr $. Kfey$p the synagogues and on the corners of the broad ways to be + W ~ O ~ V TO?< ~ O ~ ~ P ~ T T O I S . ~ a In i secret: then your Pother of YOU the lone1 in the secxt. and the Fsther may be in secret: then uou phevov &J 4 your Father who is of YOU the lone) ookfng at in the looking on I n secret 6rrra6bue1 UO. 6 no~ohrog &qpaoOyv p yv*. I say to YOU. for they tv r3 nohuhoyipl ah& ~ i o a r n u d j o o v r a ~ .you. as-even the do not blow a trumpet h r p l ~ a inolo@lv Lv ~ a i qouwyoyaic rai ahead of you. 5 p 6 ~ ~ 2 YOUR brothers only.1 37 MATTHEW 6:6-12 in dolng the same thing? if You greet ~ 0 % &6*0% . the brothers -of!~ov only. 016tv y&p 6 Bs6q 6 v m i p L p O j V 8 So. 4 that 6 &Acqpou6vq &v TQ rpunrQ. YOU shouid trumpet in front of y o : . as o@v~oq ~6Ac16qk ~ t v .O T ~ 08" the lone1 m the heavens. so thst they might bc glorllied the streets. YOU. 2 Hence when you go uahriuqg tpnpoo%v uou t w m p ol making gifts of mercy. 8 o o ~ men. You but you may pray. 6 .XI I 6 6 1 fa 2% $ . 62 ~ i y e . will give back to you. 4 h o g 6 oou hand know what your right fbindl of you. + ~ t ~ h f i ~ a r o ( our bread for this day: 12 and for%day. let your d b e 3anctltIed the name of you. o h npam6xrueE tiprig 9 "You must pray. Be atten ve but the rlghteaumeas otrou good care rfi nolsiv ElfrrpwBrv T S ~~ p i n r w vfi not to practice not to be doing ~nfront of the men "wars YOUR righteousness in 76 0~aeival ~ T O ~ C EI . if but not. otherwise YOU not vov are havfne be&= the rather otuou Will have no reward TQ t v roiq oirpavaig.MATTHEW 5:47-6:s the very are domw? 36 And if ever you might greet 4. 'Othat $la. reward "Ont Of Inen in Order O ~ K EXETE n a & TQ n a ~ p l O DY to be observed by them. they are zmagming for that nations do. an the hypoaites: because they like In the k a u s e they like 76 ~ 6 notow~v. 7 But when the eec~et will give back to YOU. ar in heaven also upon eart . plot16v aSrDv. heavenly perfect is. 6 You. n p o m 6 p B a 1 . the ieit [bandl of you what la doins the do not let your left 6r 1 0 mu. praying." ~ ~ @ ?'kc $P%$2 f t . when fi &ptmsph oou .p100bv the to be observed to them. b ~ P ~ ~ w Y . after shutting ~A~ioac n i v ~ G P W 00" n&uwca~ your door. of you YOU. ano< 6oCaoBfiu!v the synagogues and in In the streets. that they may be by byd T&-J the & v men. YOU are needing bee i the rou to ask him.hoks hr miq be as the hgpoerites. "'Our Father in Father o f u s the lone1 in the heavena. YOU must not Sq 01 imorpt-rai. what whatextraordinary nr tuo6v n'oleirr. when you pray.+~. let take place the wfir come. do not make has known for the God the Father of rou yourselves like them. YOU may make a t of mercy.

rai d r o u ~ h t r r r a l 03 nor rust consumes. s~npU1al)See APP 4n. there your heart wlll be also f e rap6ia t heart 22 *The lamp of 22 '0 h 6 ~ v o q TOO u h p a ~ 6 q ~ U T I V $e the body ls the eye body is The lamg of the 'Our eye ls fi 6 6p0ahp6q If' 6pBahp6q E & 08" simple. for either he m l l hate the one andlove the fi yhp TAU Eva 'am .' the wicked lone]. the head and the face of you wash.~it . 13 And debtars and not you should bring do us into rip&< $5 rrecpaop6v. nor to X e or about YOUR bodies uhparc J i. the darkness how much. your whole eve. Treasures z n heaven. . fasting. "lrves" LYIUXA. cirrou o i q ~ b Bpi. ~ a i 6 w a ~ i p i in secrecy: then yaur the (one) in the secret: and the Father Father who aov 6 of the ~~~.". ~ K E ? Eoral ~ a l21 For where your 1s the treasure 61 you. You cannot 700 ~-T~POU naraqpOvilW" " . he treasuring up but to roo store up for younelves 0 oavpohq E v olipavrj. body wear.o~q i &~avi<cl. You but fasting oil of you fasting. or he will stick l~ y + a & y i( ivdq '+et<~~al. nevertherefore maybe the eye be bright. Brrou 0 % ~ q s O ~ T T E treasures In heaven.'zP. imtv d 0qoaupbq oou. If therefore the llght the (one) t h a t darkness is! b aoi U K ~ T O < EOLIT~Y. & & h o s l 001. Does not the 4 +WE$ n h ~ i i . to the one and despise he w ~ u eve: or of (the) one he w ~ ltake l hold and the other. raparrrbpara 5 b v 16 "When you are trespasser oP&.2 72 'P. ofyU. when of them.. I disfieure their faces yhp ~hnp6oorra aljrbv dnoq qav&~lu t h a t they may appear for the faces of them so that they might appear to men to he ~ o i &0pbnoct ~ V ~ O T ~ ~ O Y T E ~ . where moth and rust consumes. p s y k h e r .t neither t o the men the trespasses 0661. 14 'Eiru &@ire rois 14 "For if yon If ever Yo" might let go off to the forgive men their tresbepbrrolq rh raparr~h~ara heavenly passes. vqarnjov 6hrrylai oou . pq6i 7 " what you will drink. 19 "Stop storing up 19 M i 0loaupi<~rc 5piv 0 oaupoJq i-ni for yourselves treaNot be reaeuring up to rou lreasures upon Sures upon the earth. not being anxious about f~ptpv5rr be emgannious qdryqre fi ~i q .MATTHEW 6:13-19 38 are rtealmg. ai &qaviCouo~v as the hypocrites sad-faced. 39 MATTHEW 6:20-25 6Qelhhalq 1 Gv 13 ~ a p i i ~ i o r v t y n n s ourdebtors.poqGq Kai more food and soul mean more the than food and t h e . . 11 o j 6 . If ever hut the eye of you body will be dark.6 6 pTOq. not be becoming sad-faced like the O ' r they h q oi b r r o ~ p ~ ~o~~Bpwrroi. o n in secrecy will repay you. but US lllto temptation. ~i-OTI .W 1 6hcnr01 0eQ S O U ~ E ~ ~ a ~i papa"@. 15 t b 6& p i &~GTE if YOU do not forgive heavenly. 76 0~670s rr6aau. grease your T ~ V ~ ~ s q a h iK vU ~ ~d ~ P ~ U W T T ~UOY Y viva^. rust consumes. in you darkness h. . 1 say t o You Stop Through this I am saying to YOU.' ~d &pa TOO & . not t o men. EI o b T& pi]< TO haw great dark wlll be.& 70070 hiyo bpi". slave for @ad and for of the different (one) he will despise. head and wash your face. wicked one. and where thleves not Stop3oouolv o36i ~ A t r r r o u o w21 Bnou y a p and where thleves do are breaking l n nor are stealmg. 18 that you 18 Brroq pi 0 ~ d ~ ~aiq so that not you might appear to the may appear t o be fast& ~ t ? p h ~Y ~~tOq TE~WY TQ v a ~ p i lng. they have in full the reward their reward in full. na. your whole will be. bpiv 6 rraTip 5 bv 6 Father will also forwill let goaff also to You the Father o f ~ o u the give you. . . V are able to God to he Slaving and to mammon. a J ~ b v . there wdl he also treasure is. 1 1 dhov ~6 o6pdr Uou in reality the light " . 25 "On thls account 25 A. men the trespasses &qfior. % - 25' Or. 1 1 YOU lpf.. they . roic &vt?phno~s rir r r a p m r h p m a $ .bod" than clothine? $3. amen Aiyw bpi" &ntxowiv ~b plrr06v They are having I am saving to YO. 24 "No one can qO V ~ E ~ ~ E Slave I Y .v ~i i-v6Goqo0c What oblyoU' What might rou be clothed. If ever hut not rou might let go off men their trespasses. where moth and rust and where rai drrov ~ h h r a l lo 6ooo~otv ~(ai and where thieves a6re preaklng in and thieves break In and ofus:' $5' - ~ ~ ~hkroualv 20 B q o a v p i < o ~ 62 Jpiv steal 20 Rather. but men fasting hut to the Father of you t o your Father who is TQ b TQ ~ p u p a i q .$ . . for masters. I.otg &Qavi<a. &piv I say to You. V ~ O S E ~ ~ T E pfi . thp had" of the clothme? . where far not break in and steal. .. uou ' dmhoOq dhov T& ai. i q whole the body of you that is in is onor~vdvEmat. &Ah& pGoat iw&s h d temptation. '65 yfik the eart . stop becoming 16 'Orav 61. disfieure . where neither mo h nor where nelther moth ppi. " i % &be. l 7 But YOU. but rescue us from deliver US from the TOG rrovqpoG. will give back to ydu. 6 r r a r i p 5pGv hp'oct Th Father forgive YOUR nelther the Father of rov will 1 2 go off the trespasses." might eat or what Taumight drink. to the men fasting. Y~YEO~E Whenever but rou may fast. 15 whereas obphviog. 24 Olj6siq 63vara1 6uui ~ u p i o ~~ No one 1s able to two lords to he slavlng. h oou qw~tu&v of poll simple: whale the hoty of you brlght 23 but i f yaur eye is Eorar 23 && 6i 6 6 q 0 ~ h p 6 ~oou wicked. ~ a rdv i CTEPOV either for the one h t k g hate and the different other.

KP~YETE + 7 2. In HYPOCII~E. heavenly b &v 6 ob&lo< T dqrt adrh.qro6olv 016s~ 32 For all these are these ithingal the nstion~ eagerly pursue. ~ o l i r w v . end the Father es. 27 ~ i q6L iS more than they are? rather you dlffer of them? Who but outof 27 who f . and me to extract the 16oP h 60~6s TG 6 0 8 a X ~ G -03' straw from your eye': look1 the rafter the eye of y o : ? when.Got% brOtherer.30 rI 6 . then. .. Why but sou look at the straw they will measure out rb t v TO d@eahpQ TOG &6rhqoO OOV t o YOU. m6ra rh eev7 6nl(. 'What arr we t o What mis we eat7 or What mlpht we drink? or eat? or.r&. his righteousness. throw out Rrst out of the ! dQ8ahpo6 -06 EOKbY Kai . Arst the then. Father knows YOU YOU ave need of these Ithlnga) of all. they do not toil. rbv x 6 p ~ o v TOO 6 pa6 30 If. Learn accurately the leles of the &id how how they are growing.r~ r h K iva TOO & PO.What are we Ti TEPL CIXL)prBa.MATTHEW 8:26-33 26 Observe intently 40 41 MATTHEW 6:34-7:6 2s Observe intently of the the birds of heaven. is thrown thus dothe. no s t any time before ~ a r a r r a r ~ u o u o l va h 0 b q b ~oic t h a t they may never they will trample them in the trample them under be You judi~ng. for the next l into the morrow. . i i say. in he Judged: and with prrp7e. h eI not oh not to much noAhG p M h o v Lphc. clearly how t o extract eye of the brother of you.. 34 obv to you. P ~ P W ~ETPE~TE measure roo are mcssurlng It wlll be measured the measure that YOU p i 3 i 6f PXLTEI~ ~b ~ h p q o care measuring out.never p t p ~v f i u q ~ r bpiv. ~ a i ratha rr&vra npomre. k "Stop judging t h a t Iva in order *at fo? YOU may not be vpleiw 6v Y ~ PK P ~ P W ~ludged: 2 for with roo should be judged: in what for judgment what judgment YOU vpivrrs rp18fiueoee u a i t v Q are judging. 7 $A utjprpov b v r a ~ a i aGp~ov r1c today belng and tomorrow Into the ~hh6~rvav 6 elng t rown Be6 into the oven. 4 T i niwlr~v. you at the straw in your hroth~Q%?J~G er's eye. tho (onel in the eye of the brother of yo. Yon ahodd be snrfoua aaying little never be Ti q&~wpw. it. 33 "Keep on. not You you not worth phhhov 61aqipsre ah&".. nor they grow. aliEhvovoiv ob KOTI&UIV ob6& vil8ouo~v. o n the 1 re man of him euhlt onel And a b m t the f . which oven is here today and o h u s & ~ ~ I ~ V W O I Vtomorrow . knows the things the nations 6 n a ~ i p bp&v 6 oliphvlog XTI are eagerly pursuing.T a d ~ & v ~ a i (IT a q I v ~ t c P~SWOIV of them and havtnekrncd around thcy should rip their feet and around and rip YOU bp2g.You with o h VEPl v i ~ ~ h ciyovrrq faith? 3 1 so 31 k?t therefon. your brother. rr&q the lilies of t h e fieid. look! a rafter . You will are judging you w~~~ he judied. 'What Whet migh?we put on+ All for a r e w e t o put on?. 6v6b aroc ~i pr I ~ V ~ T E . o6x Jpeic Father feeds them. YOU w I I I c ~ ~ ~IIIIBY ~to throw out the atrow out of and then you will see TOO 6@8aApoJ 706 &6rh@oO UOU. the the straw from your Sly~ov 6Ors ~b 6 Mil NO ~OVehO~ldgIve the holy (thing) . 3 why. for each day is i t s own badness. BrpiSoum~v because they do n o t heaven that not they sow nor they reap Seed or reap or 0662: o u v h ~ o v o ~rv l q h o Y ~ a c . i ~ k h r n p O ~ o v tr TOO .' 2: fl $ : ! & : :tt " 2 ?: . YOYr Own We? 5 Smo~pt. If but the vegetation of the reld into the blrda tpPA&a~r CIS TZI m ~ r l v a TOO obpwoG 6r1 o b mreipouuzv 0662: t o YOU. need all these things. wiU much rather YOU. Gad thus of there. 10".aPALylrtq 6 ~ P a X r i v r b K & P @ O ~LK from your own eye. n!REr should uorr throw the what is holy t o dogs. 4 Y ~ P a(iPl0v ( ~ t p l p V i ) ~ ~ next day. why are YOU anxious? clot~l"g why are rou L i n g anxious? Take a lesson from na. 32 ~ h n a y h p to drink? or. the kingdom and kingdom and rlghteouancss of hlm. 65 np&rov n)v 33 < q ~ r h r B e r o u seeking but. 28 ~ a n i r p i span? 28 ALSO. to YOU.T6TE 5 H y p ~ r i t e First eye of YOU rafter: and then extract the raffer 6. 34 SO. the for morrow w 1 1 e snxloua day will have its ot a?* me?. seeking first Pao~hriav ~ a i 61~alomlivqv ahoG. ~ ~ sufficient h of ie . phhq~e ~ o b qp a p y a p i ~ a q 6 "Do not give Pearla dogs. the Fethcr of vou the heavenly that par heavenly X R ~ ~ T E rolirwv hhv~wv. " t therefore YO" ahoufd be anxious be anxious about the r t c ~ i ) va8Plov. .~ a 6 i r r a r i p gather into storehousnor thcy gather into storehouse=. # .. rather You. 'Allow the straw out of the eye of yo. but d o not namvoriy nGc lpEie YOU are mnsldeilng? dr how w111you say consider the rafter in your own eye? 4 Or Th60hqQ oou *Aqg tKPhhw to X e brother of you LCt go off I mlght throw out how can you sag to T* r & p ~ o ~ t v TOO 6qBaApoO oou KC. p q of 10" in front of the swine.raph8s. ones w th Uttle lLlthl ~ ~ I ~ ~ ~ I O T O . neither throw YOUR TOTE bp&v LprrpomB~v TOY ~ o i p w v .. not they to11 nor they spin: do they z9 but 29 hiyw 62 bpiv 8 ~ 1 01162: Zohopbv I say t o YOU t h a t not 1 am asylns but to rov that not-but Solomon even sopDmon in all Pv T & U ~ rri 66511 a h o j TEPILP~~ETO b e t v hls glory was arrayed tn an the glary of him woa ormyed as one as one f . orso0 the heavenly g e d s them. these.lorsa~ and all these lather1 and these (thtnml all Wlll be added things will be added GO^ the vegetation ~Aipauov of the field.luETa. sufficient to the ~ P K ~ T ~ V ~&~PFI A E anxieties.seye' KYO~Y. YOU by bpOv PEPI~YGW 66vma1 11pom9civat h i being anxious can add you belng enxlous is able to add upon one to his life rilv q h ~ r i a v aljroO n i x u v Eva. o~en. now.

and f e k are r a i dhiyot r i o b 01 and few are the (ones1 finding It. if wicked belng know glftr goad to be glving although being mi5 ~trvolq b Ov. !a t h e n lull1 confess 10 them did w r ' npouLyoe ~~~ &:~?c 1 1 : . Or and Rsh he a ~k no? seyperft he will ask for a fish h16hu~1 a5rQ. it is thrown. tree ~ a p n 0 6 q novqpobq ~ Y E Y K E ~ V . T i ec - %2.MATTHEW 73-14 Ai'rcirr rai 60 mat bpiv. 1 1 ci 03" u p r t ~ -he not hand he will give unon hlml If therefore you him a serpent. &vac fio~rat. b e c a w .&her can a tree oarrpbv ~ a p n o i r ~ ~ahobq To~E~v. T~U. who IS the man whom son son asks for bread 15 43 Be xou attentive fmm the MATTHEW 7:15-23 7 It! it willgeopensd. and it w i k g i v e n to Yo": <q'reirc ~ a le b p f i o ~ ~ ~ . the road leadine off cljpio~~vr afirju. of my ~ a i h e who r ath her of me the ionel in the heavens. TQ Kp. i and perform demons threw we and 06 6 v 6 p a ~ t 6uva SIC nDhAd<lmany powerrui your name many works in your name'. 17 o i i ~ wor figs from thistles. how much rather the Father to give gifts to b Ov 6 6" lair. of sheep mride but are are ravenous wolves. n 6 u q p a h o v 6 n m i p wicked. and many leading off into E ~ U ~ V 01 EIOLPX~~EVOI 61' ab~fi~ . 21 ~ ~~~~~~ ~~ I &nb rOv ylcu&npoqq-rOv. the heavens h. Enter vow through the narmw gate.. t n o i o n ~ r u .rat npbq bphq Av tv6Jpau1 prophets that come whoever are coming toward you in clothes to cov. the heavens give good 6001 &hV things t o those asking u Allnlthln@l hvra o h therefme as m a w a n if ever him? '*Ii & % TE ha nol&lv bfi 01 rrm mi& will ~n order that may do to YO" the therefore. how o f ~ o l r the (one1 In the heavens will give much more so will dry&& TO?$ a i ~ a i i m v adrbv. they? l' Likewise nhv 66vSpov h y a e b napno3q <ahoGq n o l ~ i eve. 3r who irv~pwnoq.d tneq 1 ria11 cunfr. and You wlll find. of them rou will recognize them. knocking 42 7 'Keep on asking. demons your oQ 6v6pmt 6 a j p b l a ~ f s ~ h a l l r v ~ a name. be uov aeeklng. 6 man. d p x v o i q 660~1 YOUR children. Be You askha. rotten tree produce rotten fruits fine to fine fruit. and it will be ODened to 8 For everyone asking receives. 19 Every 19 -very r ~ b 6 tree 8 ~ 6 ~ ~~O~OSV tree not producing making fine fruit gets c u t down and thrown into ? ". 15 "Be on the f a l s e ~ r o ~ h e t s .OO in rrhomia r a i njpdxwpoq fi 6665 the narrow gate. voo .K : i t Real1y.v Opened. t h a t y o n b e p o n o ~ . those [men]. be YOU knocking. but the heavens.perhm. 22 Many will any will esy to me In that say tO me in t h a t KSptr KCPIE. I 8 nh5 and I wlllle ooened to mu. fruits w z e d b u t every rotten tree tree the but rotten 18 03 Gdvmal 68vSpov &yaMv produces worthless norci. p d l h h ~ ~ a t20 . enaivu 22 rrcAhoi LptDiv pol will. thus be doing to them: you. 0665 6bv6pov c a n n i t bear worthless wicked to bear. and You will find. ~ a i &YO! ~ ~ U E T ~ bpi". i s fnding and to the lone1 . Or from thistles figs? . .p' 6qtv he? 10 sheen's ~~~~~. ~ . the loneal entering through it: many are the ones 14 TI mcvfi fi r b h q r a i ~ s e h t p p b . but Inside they npoPlrrwv t a w e ~ v 68 Elolv ~ ~ K O wolves ravenous. MA' b nolbv ~b Bihqpa 703 heavens. YOUR Father w h o ~ i s in good (things1 to the (ones1 asking him.b OI~T~~UEI . keep on knocking. in the Law and the 13 EloOiecrrr 6 t h r i q o r ~ v i q n6Aqs drl Prophets mean. broad and spaeloua the way the ionel because broad and dmhyovoa € 1 ~rliv &n6he#w not' n o M o i spacious is the road leading ofl lnto the deatructloi.u tree good frultr fine ismakihg. you also must to them.. this.t h e Kate and cramped the way Ulo lone1 lasdlngaff m U . 05 for the false olrwrq ipyov. O G T ~ ~ a bpciq i n o t ~ i Ta~h o i c want men to do to men. and are . 21 "Noteveryone 21 0 5 n h q d htyov pan Kdptc Not everyone the lone1 saying to me Lord saying t o me. of them row win mcognire wlll l6 BY recognlw their them. Lord..~ ~ I P T ~ Y Eerlng. the ones Anding it.. but the (one) doing the win of the doin. ii a y t &nb TOY ~ a p n O vthe 'Ie. ~ i r p t s E ~ U + E ~ L T E T ~ctq I T ~ Yp a u ~ h ~ i w TOV Lord: will enter lnto Lord wlll enter into the kingdom of the the klngdom of the olipavhv. and t o everyone knocking it will be 3p. the ~ 1 1 1 warp65 pou 106 ev TO?< o5pwoic. because narrow the gate and cramped I4 whereas narrow is 3 b & d q 1) ' &n&ouoa ~ i < T ? + <w~)Y. by their frults YOU will recognize ahOv tnryvoiocoec a P ~ o 6 q . your name prophesled we. 3- fif:gq t2$e tz$e '" t2t?e power!uYwur~3 . 16 & n b .rOv ~ a p n O v a5rOv hrtyv&moB~ mom the fruit.25 ~ a r' b ~ rd oAoyiow a h o i q 23 And Yet then Ar. c~ lnto iife. going in through it. 6? 0 ~ p 6 v 6evSpov ~ a p n o b q P O J ~produces fine fruit. . know how to the children o!rau.. adroJs ~671 whWowlv h b Never do people gath. them: not what they sather from er grapes lrom u~aquXZrq f( &nb 'rplp6hwv a k a . 'Lord. . Reaely then from the fruits then. and everyone seeking finds. will 10 fi r a i hew a i ' U E ~ . destruction. K P O ~ E T ~ . 9 Indeed. o f i ~ o qy&p LOTI" v6poq ~ a oi i n o q i J ~ a t . Everyone d alrOv h a p p b s t nai 6 <q~Ov the (one) asking lsreeelvlng and the tonel aeeklng d ~UKCI ~ a i. likewise is what this for in the Law and the Lophetr. mvqpoi d v r ~ q oi8arc 6 6 p a r a &ya8Zr 6166va1 he? 11 Therefore. the ltfe. we not prophesy -6 6 v 6 p a ~ 1 ~ ~ ~ P O ~ ~ T E ~ U ~ P E V dld ~ in name. 'Lord. whom wlll ask the a h 0 6 hprov p hieov h~~1650E1 -he not hand o f him bread no? stone he will give upon him a stone. and It will be given YOU: keep on seeking. not Lord Lord. neither fruits . . tree good fruit: 18 a ~ o o d not is able 1s making. every good tree ri.

i&v began doing obeisance nag 08" aorlq &KO~~CI o u . but only ray to word. aGrGv. 25 And rrhpuv. under authOrltY. ~ i pi i ~ b ~ "When i ) ~ I get there I 6 i 6 i~m6vrapxog but the centurion s s ~ d~ o r d . and not as as the. for rr0~prhiw. he was for of teaching: 29 for 6 ~ 6 & a ~ waGro6q u cbg dSouoiav Exwv nai o ~ x he was teaching them teaching them as authority having and not as a having &$ oi ypapparciq. 5 When he ~ entered centurron entreating into Caper'naum. ~6 SGpov 8 priest.' havlng under myself soidlers. 28 K a i And it occurred when Rnished the Lyivsro : ~ T E LTUEOEY 6 'Iq0005 Jesus . 27 ~ n the d P p q x j ~ a fiA0av i 0 1 r r o ~ a p o~ i anirrveutrav i 01 rain poured down and ram and c a m e the rivers and blew the t h e floods came and the roGq h6youq words ~o6rouq these and K ~ . ipoir o i i a i the rain Poured down rock-mass. 6 maiq ah6v 6 ~ a i him. and offer the gift which the priest. ' . and offer the gift that Moses r r p o c r i r a ~ ~ Mwuoijg v ~ i gp a p ~ b p l o v &o%. EMIWF k ~ d a p i u e airroir h h p a .MATTHEW 224-8:l 44 2 Kai And 45 i60G look! rrpoocu6u~1 0ihoq MATTHEW 8:Z-9 2 And. authority. 6 ~ K O ~ ~ W po" V ~ o b qh6yovq 26 Furthermore. r ~Eyuwv f i p e ~ . havlng soldlers under ~ a i hiyw TOGTL~) ~ O P E ~ ~ ~ KC%? T I .. hears of me everyone that hears 24 "Therefore these saymgs of mlne and does them wlli be 6porwB'osmt & d p i ' gpovipq 6ortq likened to a discreet will be a e n e d to male person discreet: whoever y & p drri n j v rrhpav." immediately war cleansad of him the iepmry. to him U0dv 0s m a 6 u w adt6v. 29 fiu ytrp astounded at his crowds upon the teachkg of him. their scribes. who built hls $~o66pqoev a h 0 6 ~ j voiniav drri n j v house upon the bum ofhim the house upon the roek-mass. did not cave in. for the to them. . saying: ''Lord. to. And upon t h e rock-mass. everyone the (onel hearing of me the words everyone hearing TO~TOV$ ~ a p i w o ~ ? a8~0Gq ~ b p o i w e i . 27 ~ a ~ i a r i p q 4 his house upon t h e house upon the. s and to ano er B~ you eom. And came down the sand. ~ S ~ ~ ~ ~ O O Y oi T sayings. ~ ~ i a . look! a leprous rrp~trdehv having come toward man came u p and 6 r 1 0 W r r o . but i t fell toward the house that: ' and not it fell. appointed Moses into watness to them. appointed. B a ~ m ~ < 6 p s v o7 hiye! + '!zy* with paralysis. 26 K a i it had been founded lthad been founded for upon the rack-mars. 6 9 Kai and wlu be healed the boy ot me: and and my manservant y a p dy& hApwrr6g eipt t d d<ouoiav wl11 be healed 9 For for I man am under authority I too am a man placed ~aou6p~vaq Exov im. i and him. me. TG 606hq pou noiqoov 'Come" and he comes. were being astounded the that the crowds were dxhot h i ~i. great. being placed. t h e boy % d ! 6 and "Sir. if you just want to. 'Be on your rropc6anrl. 8 hrroxpl0eiq tormented.wv K f i p ~ ~ . 3 ~ a i to eleanse. lawlessness 24 Everyone therefore whoever was doing obeisance to hlm ah.eiq Ka$apvao&i caoernaurn rrpaui)h~sv aljr+ i ~ rraparah~v ~ . these sayings of mine there and nat doing them will be likened and not doing them &v6pi b u ~ t g + ~ 0 6 6 p q u ~ &TOG v T ~ Ywill be likened t o a to male toolld. Be made clean. 25 ~ a i ~ a ~ i p qfi PPqXq . 'Do Sljvaoai you may will you areable m e ' ~ ~~ . nai & h h ~ ypXou way!' and he is on hls he goes h ~ war.r&ag. has een east in 'the house paralytic. O the effect was the words there. sand. being beinetormente% ~e is sarine I . a .6psvot n j v bvopiav. iaei. if ever to him." hav~ngcome stall cure him. show yourself to irpcl. ~ a hand. and t h u one. saying: '"I want be you cleansed: raying I am willing. terribly my manservant is laid up in the house. ~ ~ l ahofig. that house." purpose Of a witness 5 -Havineentered Eiosh86vroq but 62 &pO of h ~ m into . 616a i) h6roD. r a t rrpooiveynov. an came toward h i m army officer came to My. ser~bes of them. but go. way. entreating him him ahd sayxng b r d . saying Lord. ~ a iEpxsrat. and to another. And came down the ram and and the floods came fih0av oi rroragoi ~ aBi ~ S U U 01 ~ YCiv~ponnai and the winds blew came the rivers and blew the winds and and lashed against wpouirreaav TG o i ~ i q LKE~V nai ~ OGK EEOEY.And' you can make me drrrivag r j v x~ipor jylmo abroir clean? 3 And so. and I say to and I am saymg t o this (one) GO your way. ~aea~irr0q1. YOU workers of me the (ones1 workmg the lawlessness.+ hBywv Kfipla. and he ircommg. be gen)ng away fmm Get away from me. c i does them. enter under my roof. and to the slave of me DO and to my slave. having strekhed out the hand he touched of him stretching out [his] he touched h iywv OUw. bpavrdv orpa.1.not I am flt will cure him.'' 8 I n the army officer ~va ~ f io~ ~ ~ Y q reply V m order that of me unde the roof sald 'Slr. 4 Then Jesus eirrqg &AX& h a y e orolur6v 6dcov r+ said to him: "See that you should tell.OEra." 28 when Jesus finished these TOGS h 6 y o y ~ a h o u q . I a m not ~ioiX0qs &Ah& p6vov c i r r i h 6 y q a fit man for You you should'enter. but go away Yovrself shew to the you tell no one. Pighq~CO dv TG oiltiq r r a p a h u ~ ~ ~ 6 GEL"&$ q. And immediately his was cleansed 4 nai h i y e t crh+ 6 'IqooCC 'Opa p q 6 ~ v i ' l e p ~ o s y And 1s raying to him the Jesus See to no one away. ~ ~ ~ i ~ g 7 ~ He ~ said ~ w to him: ~ r e d i q q K ~ P ~ OGK E . whoever built of him the foolish man. but just say the word . h o ~ w p ~ i r& s dI never knew YOU' that Never I knew YO=. ps ~ a 0 a p i u a 1 . who built o i ~ i a v drri T ~ Yhppov.

and down and sick with iiqaro rtq ~ ~ p balhFi5. rrap' that many SvopGv qjouolv nai and western parts risings and :. and let pol.r6q. .rGv 21 Then another of he may inclme. he.. 17 that there &va~ahOv nai from from this? and he does it. permit me disc~ples raid to him Lord. beside ~ a irl?ev Totq and .He do0svriaq fipOu U a b ~ v K a i r i t q viroauq h lmseif took Our sicknesses of us he took and the diseases sicknesses and carried tPClo~ao~v. 20 B U ~ to him the Jesus The foxes dens Jesus said to him: i)(auo!v ~ a i rit rrrrrivir TOO otipavo0 . K ~ K G F ~XOYTU( badly hav~ng he cured. so let i t you believes let it occur to you: and 'was healed come to pass for you. 6 mupc. so that badly. sald to the (ones1 ALyw Opiv. "Keep 22 b 62 'lqoo0q h i y c l aGtQ 'A~ohoG0a~ he but sesvs is saying to him ~e following following me. wondered . &itv hipxo. There is & . h i ~ p s * i r v poi him: . arose in the sea. And is saying YOU wherever you are abr* 6 'Iqooirq A1 &hi)rrs~sq qwh~obq about to go-. however. 25 ~ n waves: he but was sleeping.Having seen. 15 So he he touched of the %and of her. "Teacher. so look! shaking great occurred in the sea.. 16 'Oqiaq 62 began ministering to was servinz to him. and and she got u p and S~qr6urt athi. t i Eorat 6 nhauepdq ~ a ? 6 Ppur. & p ~ ~ ~ ~ & g s i d e & ~ o ~ o v e f i o o o o ~ a certain scribe came ETTCV . Teacher. ~ifferen! (one) but of the the disciples to pa8qrOv eimrrrru KGPIE.fever." 10 ~~~~i~~ that. 19 And l9 ~ .the father of me. nai fiyiperl.I tell YOU the truth. peohav~ng came to be they brought toward hrm ple brought hlm many 6alpovll. permit ' to me first to leave and bury mpO~ov & m ~ h e ~~ i v a B&*at i rbv r r a ~ t p a pou. house saw ~~~hls lying P~Phqpivqv ~(mi m~piuoo~oa~ 15 . an oiniav n i r p o v ~ 1 6 s rijv ~ rrrvOaphv a h 0 3 comlng lnta Peter's house of Peter he raw the mother-1"-law of h ~ m~~~~~~~. and she got up. ai??bv t ~ 0 r u o a v & T T E ~ ~i Eq~ Y 76 ~ i p a y .6 S t uibq TOO hv8pi)rrou roosts. Of evening but h i m 16 But after i t yrvopbqq rrpoujv~ynav ah^ became evenmg. ' F OXes have dens and are having and the birds of the heaven birds of heaven have ~ a r a o n q v h o r ~ q . no one so much faith in the Israel I found. this. ~ a i r r 6 N ~ a q 70bq the splrlts w1th. they came and woke rrpourh86vrrq f i y ~ l p a v a h 6 v Atyoyrrq him UP. ~ a mother-in-law ? having been cast and burning with fever. .-lord. saying: . the fever left her. and he cured a u who were f a r ~ n g ~ ~ E P ~ T T E U U17 E Y6mwq . 23 And when he of themselves dead (ones). J~~~~ became amazed a n d said to those following him: '. i 24 n a i him. 18 When Jesus saw 18 '16cb~i' S i 6 'IqooGg dxhav mspi . but the Son of raosts. with one in Israel have I found so a faith. to the centurion ' B egoing a&.. 11 I tell you t h a t many the (thing1 spoken bqOlv 6 6 might be fulfilled through what was spoken parts h ~ 'Hoaiou 706 rrpoqfirou ALyoyroq AGrbq r i t q through Isaiah the Isaiah t h e Prophet raying He the prophet. and $t touched her hand. he gave the command him commanded to go off rnto the other side. r2p A. And Bald the Jesus 13 Then Jesus said to TQ ~Y~TOYT~LPX~ 'Ynays Lbq the army officer: "Go. $ . 12 01 62 vioi r45 P a o A s i a g 12 whereas the sons the but sons of he kingdom Of the kingdom be i ~ P h q 0 j m v ~ aE 1 ~ S~ i )U K ~ T O ~b ~ &<~)TEPOY. 22 Jesus firat to go off and to bury . 'lopafih ~fipov.into the darkness the outer: ness outside.opLvou rrbhhorir n a i t<LPahsv T& demon-possessed perdemon-wssessej mans: and he threw out the sons and he exoeiled mvsripara hCF/q. 11 hiyw 6P Opiv 6 ~ 0 rrohhoi &m6 I am raying b u t to YOU .Amen I am saying to roa. a 6 ~ b q 6 i & K ~ ~ E V ~ 25 EY." of the teeth. I will follow where if ever you ma3 go off. 20 ~~i htyc.. ~~d a great agitation -~~ i60b o r ~ u p b qp i y a q f y i v c ~ oEv 8ah&oug. look! foliowed to htm the discioles of him. rrotai. but the Jesus crowd about a crowd around him. and he is doing. q n a i & j u r v fever.. that the boat was 6 r n ~ ~6 rrhoiov ~ ( a h i m ~ ~ o e Sa T~ T ~ TOY being covered by the =s-and the boat to be covered by the waves. as ~~~t as i t has been &rriorauo? ycvq8jrw oo!' nai i&8q your faith. tO Shove for the Y P ~ $ ~ E Fother ~ ~ side. saying: having come toward they up him ki. the but son of the man no3 rEqahjv man has nowhere to 00.h a . ~ a and i her the .MATTHEW 8:lO-17 46 10 &~aCoaq S i 6 Having heard buf the 47 rrhqpw8" mightheful!lied MATTHEW 8:18-25 ~b TOOTO. And the manservant the boy in t h i hour that. ' my . ~updrwv. was healed in that 14 K a i th0hv d 'IquoOq ciq njv And havlng eome the Jesus lnto the 14 And Jesus. 'IqooGq Jesus th6paorv &xahoveoOoiv ' A p i v followi" oG6~vi~ o o a i i r q vrriorlv i ri.p& where [their] weeping there will be the weeping and the gnar lng the Of rGv 666v~wv. where head lay down his head:' not in having ~hivg. a n d Jacob in the kingJacob in the kingdom of the heavens: dom of the heavens. a~>r+At&ouak. our diseases.a apints to word.aettings will eome and and &vanhlBjrrov~ar PET& 'Appaitp ~ a 'loch i n a i a t the table with wiil recline with Abraham and Isaac and ~ b and ~ ~ 'Ia~cbP t v T$ Paothsiq T O 0I)pavi)v. I will foilow t o you UP and said to him: said to him a r . ~ a l 6q~q ~obq YEKPO~~ e + a n ~ o b qt h e dead bury their to me. thrown into the darkwill be thrownout:. got aboard a boat. and all the (ones) word." he carded. 13 nai E T ~ ~ E V 6 ' I q o o O ~ [their] teeth wiil be. 24 Now. and let the dead loneal to bury the d e a d n baurOv vr~poGq. his 23 And K a i having t p lqtepped 3 h v ~ 1 in ~ l i ~ ~ disciples followed JlnahoriOqoav aGrQ oi p a e q ~ a ahoO. 21 -ETE 05 62 .' 6 maiq &v 73 6 p q Ln~iug. Kai . txrl.

rjv n b h v dnniyyrlhav city. RerCe unusually that had the COT. . send off us forth lnto the herd rt)v &yLhqv r b v xoi wv 32 ~ a dncv i abroiq the herd ot the awRe.-. 01 61 tg~h86vrcq them ' . 3 K a i courage. that ~ O T W ohoq XTI n a i 01 8vapo1 ~ a i fi la thls lone) that the ~ t n d s pnd the even the windsand the sea obey him?" 0hhaooa a b r Q irnauoriouu~v. 11 0 1 6 1 and a great calm set and Occurred calm great.~ n dn$ to be strong anyone to pas3 by t h r o u s h +hr+ -. A L y o v ~ ~ q n o r m b q became amazed and men wandered rsylna What krnd sald "What sort of person is this. &nfih8av EI(~ o b q ' ~fiq 660. 31 01 off from them a herd dlyihq xoipwv ROAM" herd of swlne many (onel be ng ad. 48 49 MATTHEW 8:33-9:6 h. sea. the wmds and the sea. rrboa fi the the swine. ". waters.A . to say. And look1 they crted aloud saying: . set up and n a p t r r h r r ~6 . &UTE. or a 1 & p a r i a l . paralyzed man lying nai 16iru 6 ' I q o o G ~. t ~ c i q q . said: elrev -Iva ~i i v e ~ p ~ i o 8 n ~o v l ~ h thinlting asld In order that ?hat You t h i k wlcked ( Ingal ''Why are i v ~ a i qm p 6 i a 1 q O b v . ji E I ~ E ? "E ~ EIPE ~ a sins i the s na.MATTHEW 8:26-32 KG-PIE.-what have A i y o n c q T i l v i v nai u o i uIL m 9 8 ~ 0 0 ' we to do with you: SaYlng What to us and to Y ~ U . . boarding the boat. ?va 6L EIS~TI XTI 6 marever. "coming out of. __ _ 28' Or. rai 1603 ijppqorv off lnta the swine. send YOU are t h r o w h p out US.$ ~ .If you expei us. gettlng up. into And havlng come of him into the other side $ ~ d ~ ~ ~ . he rebuked he r e b a e d to the wlnda a n d to% sea. 26 But he said t o are YOU. O [ ~ ~ r1q n j v x h p w ~ b vra6apqvirv brrilvquav met him demoninto the eaulltry of the Gsdarenes met possessed men coming aJrQ 660 6atpovtl. clty 6a1~ov1<o." ~i6irq 6 'Irlooirq T&S EVBUP~ULI~ ahbv 4 J ~I U ~ I ~ W ~ havlng known the Jesus the thoug tr of them their thoughts. &yLhq rmh TOG rpqyvo0 elq ~ f i vherd rushed over the herd down the pree plce into the precipice lnta the ~ / ~~~~ . the way that. them: "Why are you r6ra i y r p 8 ~ i q fainthearted. h c r i p OEY r o i q &vLvolq l a i Oahhoun.Elrrc?v 'A$. Sea and died in the In the waters. .. 28 When he got to aes to him ere obeylngl 28 K a i iA8buroq allro9 ~ l q -d n i p a v the other side. r a t fih8ev and 'IF n$? 7t)v the ". across and went into his own city. 2 K a i e s . Your are forgiven. .-. .V"". U .t . he mlpht go ~ E I D I B pcrapi & n b ~ b v bpiwv from the dlstrieta lnto lnto of them. eo w ~ ~~~ T 2 1 " 1 Z Y $2 2% - . and look1 rushed _. .. they reported the clty T+ OOUOV. i save US. h e . 30 but long lwayl from them 130 But a lone wav @oanoyivy." . look! certain Iookl certeln ones of the scribes sald i n of the scribes said t o Lamoiq 0L~oq AauQqrd. PY riwv L t ~ x 6 v c v o 1 . r i a x r i ~ t v ~ t v h naprA&iv 6 t h courage t o pass by on Atyr~ adroiq Ti 6mhoi 26 ~ a "Lord. 4 r a t themselves: 'This felthemselvn Thls (onel 8asphemes' And low W blaspheming.29 ~ a I603 i L~paeaw E . or to say B e g e tlngup and to say.evat (rra Tiaqto forgive sms-" &rri upen to let ga off h e crossed through. .. and after 1 6 b n ~ q a b r b naprvhhroav Xnwq having seen hlm. came rlq 16iav own So.SO" of the God?: I Son of God? Did qA8eq 6 6 ~ryd ratpoj Bauavioa! you come here to Did YOU come here be ore s p ~ o i n t e d time to torment torment us before 62 r a ~ p & v dm' the appointed time?' "8. . ~ n he d sald to them Of Swine " cordingly he said to 'Ynhycrc. look! an the 'IqooG. " ~ . 3 3 B u t p b o ~ o v r e q iqvyov.A Iw~! they screamed. Lord. he proceeded 1603 n p o ~ i $ . The but m 27 So the men &eporrol EOaripaocn. 5 T i y h p LOTIV' Wicked things in YOUR hearts? 5 or in the hearts o?rov+ w l l ~ c h for IS OOU instance. The of many swrne was 62 6 a i p o v ~ q Trape~&houv ari~bwACyoncq E i a t Pasture 31 So but demons were entreating hlm saylng It the demons began to entreat hlm saylng C r P h h h ~ l ~ fi)1&.xahrnoi Aiav unusually fierce. . and going into the .rt)v n i o r ~ va h b v And hsvlng seen the Jesus the faith of them On their a bed' faithOn Jesus seeing said eT?ev TO T T ~ P ~ U T I Y Q B&PoE!.olrivwv.b~svo~ &K T ~ V out from among' to hlm two demon-possesred (onel) out o f the the memorial tombs. " " l a W" &. ~ a i LYLYETO y a A i ) ~ v~ydlXq. to eey Are belns let So Of2 of YOU easler. YOU with Then hav ng s o t UP little faith?" Then. urged hlm t o move out from then 9 trDhc havinesteppad In 61rnipaorv.. so m e m o r h tombs coming out. and rai hrrtOavov theydfed to them 6Atybn10ro~ ' ones wlth llttle fllth? he Is llsylng Why islnthesrted 3a 01 The (ones) but lnto 62 havlng goneoff PU (things) dnrrh0bvr~q rrhvra slq they reported and ~ a i the (thlngrl And look! all demon-oossessed (ones). the" napahvrl~bvh i rhivqq P~pAqpivov. &noMGpc8a. . The loneal but havlng come out came and went xoIpou(. rrbhtv. meet Jesus. abrbv. r o i q 06aatv. in be walking$ In order that but You mlght know that Older for You to know L<ouaiav Exec 6 uibq roC h v 8 ~ ~ 5 5 othat u the son of man euthorlty b having the Son of the has authority on earth &q. 8hAauuav. save. a 6 h q L<fihBcv ~ l q h h n ~ l u t v r" rai and having reen hlm 34 And." 29' See App b.lnntl ." letgo m a r e of you the $Ins. rai the herders Red pasturtng fled. .. And look1 they were brlnsPns toward 2 ~ n d iaokl . we And are about to perish!.i~v~ai esaler. city. which is ~ r i ~ o n h r e p o v . ~ n sins d are forgiven. they they entreated so that 34 n a i 1605 nhua J e affair of the s$e the demon-possessed men.G ~ I~h~~ " Go YOU away. + . were &inping h i m a him poialutlc upon bed havlng been east. C'tYturn* Out to came out lnto meetlng to tXc Jesus. 1 1 wentotl lnto all . & r r 6 0 ~ ~ 1 X o v E . to the paralytic: "Take to the Take your hqiwmi ~ o u a 1 hpapriat. 16ob T I V ~ r O v y p a p p m t w v ~1navi v 3 And. we are belng destroyed.



then AEyrl 7rapahu~1~ 6 he said t o the then tot e he laraying paralytic paralytic: "Get up, -EYEIPL .3p& uou pick UP your bed, and Begetting up plck up of you go t o your home.~ a i imavr aiq T ~ V OIK& 00". 7 And he got up and he going away into the home of you. ~ Y E P ~ E ~ S~ ( A O E V E I ~T ~ Y OTKOY a 6 ~ o O . and went OPf to having got UD he went OR into the home of him, home. 8 At the sieht 8 , 1 6 6 ~ 6L. ~ ~01 6xh01 tQoPi0qmav ~ a Of i thls the crowds Having seen but the Emwda became afraid end struck e t h fear, e66Saow 6" Bs6v slrv 6 6 v ~ a and they glorified sioliRed the God the lone1 having given God, who gave such &touoiav ~ o ~ a h q ~ vo i q LIv0ph01q. authority t o men. authority : such to the men. 9 Kai rrapciyov 6 'iqooirq duri8or € 1 6 ~ Next, And pasring on the Jesus iromthere saw passlng along from dv8pwnov rag$ NOV hri ri) T E ~ ~ Y I O V ,there. Jesus caught mon sltYing upon tho tax office, of a man named Ma80aiov ky6prvov ~ a l htya a&@ t h at ~ ~ Matthew being said: and is saying to him ~ ~ t seated the tax office, and he 'AuohaG8~1 pot. rai him: ' B e Be following to me; and h a $ $ ? $ up said Thereupon fyhot;Oqonr dm+. 10 Kal byhrmo ah5 e followed t o him. And it happened of him he did rise u p and civa~stpivou i v ~ f io l ~ i q ~ a i1606 rohhoi follow him. 10 Later, lying UP in the house: end look! many while he was reclining ~cA&va~ & p a ~ ~ o h o l a 8 6 v r r g a t the table in t h e tax collecton and sinners having come many tax WVW~KEIYTO TG 'Iquo5 ~ a ~l 0 1 5p q m i g house, look! and sinners were lying up with the Jesus and the disc~pics aii~oO. 1 1 ~ a i i66vrrg 01 O a p ~ o a i o t came and began reor him. And having seen the Pharisees cllning with Jesus and Lhryov ~ a i q pa8qraiq dm02 A d his disciples. 11 But were saying to the dtseiples of hlm Through On seeing this the ri VET& T& TEhwvLiv ~ a bi p a p ~ ~ h L iPharisees v began to say what with the tax eoliecton and nnnera t o his disciples: w h y Is It that YOUR teacher l2 The tax 'Ouec62 hokaq cfmv OP x p i m exowtv but having heard said ' Not need are havlng tors and Sinners?" 01 IrrXGon~q IarpoO &Ah& 12 Hearing [them], tho lone81 being strong of healer hut he said: .'persons in 01 K~K&< ~ X O V T E S . health do not need a the (onclll badly havmg. physician, but the ail13 rroprL8&~~g M p * Ing l3 Go. then. Hsvlng gone TOUR way but le- roo and learn what this torw "Eh~oq 8 t h ~ ia Mercy em willir>g and not means, 'I want mercy, fihgov K l & h a, and not sacrlflee ' For 8uaiav. 06 sacrllicei not l came to call I came t o call. not




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i e 61zz$q 2::;;




righteous people, but 6traiouq &hh& , & p a P ~ w h ~ 6' q . s~nners." righteous lone81 hut dnners, 14 Then John's 14 T ~ T EnpouLpxovrht a h + 01 u a k r a i ddisciples came to him Then are coming toward him the disciples " d asked: "Why 1s 'Iwhvou h t y o v ~ e q An& +; 4pEiq of john saying Through what wc and It that we and the practice vqore6apcv 01 66 p a 9 q ~ a i Pharisees oi O a p ~ o a i a ~ the Pharisees we are fastink, the hut disciples fasting but Your disciples do not fast?" 005 06 wu.rrGouo~v; 15 ~ a rlncv i a h o i ~15 At this Jesus or you not are fasting? ~ n dsoid to them t o them: "The friends 6 'IqooGg M i 6Gvavrat 01 vioi TOO the ~ c s u a NO are able the sons of the Of have theno reason t o vupm&vo~ nev0riv 6 i Xoov IF' ab.r& bridechamber tomaurn upon howlong wzth them mourn as long as the bridegroom is with L-oriv is do they? ~ u t ihr6uovral will come but 6L. W days p a l them, the 6 bddegroom? vupqioq; days will come when drav dmcl~ei dm' A t h e bridegroom will whenever might he lifted up away from them the be taken away ual T ~ T Bv q o ~ s l j ~ o ~ u 16 ~ v0. 6 8 ~ 1 them, ~ they uvpqiog Nobody will and then bridegrook, and then they will fast. 16 Nobody 6L ~ ~ P & M hE iP I h p a ~ K O U S&YV&@OU h I sews a patch of of cloth unshrunk u w n unshmnk but putS upon ipori~ naAatO. ~ ~ P E I Y ~ PTi, a n old outer garment; outer garment old: lifting up for the for strength rrhi wpa a h 0 0 &nb TOO l p a ~ i o u , Kai would pull from the fulfness of it from the outer garment, and outergarment and the xeipov u i o p a y i v E ~ a ~ 17 . o66L. Phhhouulv tear would become woe ?ear becomes. Neither do they P"t worse. 17 Neither do ofvov vtav EI &U[OXOJS 7rahatoG~.EI 6 i iliyz, people put new wine wine new in20 skin bass old; If but "at. into old wlneskins; piyvuvsat ol &OKO~, ~ a i 6 O T V O ~ but if they do, then are bursting the skin bass, and the wine the wineskins burst i~drat uai oi donoi dm6hhuvrat. &Ah& and t h e wine spills is sosled out and the skin bags arc ruined: hut o u t and the wineskins fi&~hovuiv olvov viov ~ i q & 0 ~ 0 $ 5 K ~ I V O G are C , ruined. But people they do put wino new Into skin hogs new. put new wine into new wineskins, and both ~ a &u l ~ T E P O IU U Y T ~ ~ O ~ Y T ~ I . toth arepreserved. things are preserved.' and 1 s While he was &oiq 18 Tairra A D O haho%og %s?aklng to them telling them these These Ithtnksl of him things, look! a c7q npou~h8dv 6 J r t o " : one having come toward certain ruler who had look1 approached began to ~POU~KGYEI a h G hiywv art was doing obeisance to him ~ a y t n g that The do obeisance t o him. &A& V . saying: ' B Y now my ~ U Y C ~ P hp~n E T F ~ ~ ~ ~ T ~ deceased; hut daughter must be dauphter fight now oou en' dead; but come and ChOdv tni0eg n i v of you upon lay your hand upon having come Put "Don the her and she will come ~ a iS j u r ~ a l . &iv, t o life." her. and she wUlUve.



MATTHEW 9:19-28



MATTHEW 929-36

19 r a l Cyrpedq b 'Iqw0q firohoti8~1 19 Then Jesus. And havlns got "11 the Jewas followins getting up, began a h $ ~ a i 01 paeqrai alir?G. 20 Kai 16oJ to follow him; to him and the disciples of hlm. And look1 also his disciples YUV~ alpoppo05oa 666era k q did. 20 And. look1 woman having flux of blood twelve years a woman sufferinc .,pdeoha b n l d ~ F , ~ O TOG twelve years fmm-a having come toward behlnd touched of the ROWof blood came u p behind and touched rpami6ou ro0 aho~ . fringe 01 the outer garment .f him: the fringe of his outer for she 21 EA~yev y&p C v tab 'Ehv p b o v garment; kept saying to herself: #he aay~n. for in herseu i f ever aJroG '.If I only touch his Boyopal TOS Ipmiov Irmlght toudl 01 the outer g-ent of him Outer garment I get 22 Jesus ow&iuopa~. 22 6 M ' ~ q o o ~ qosp-xQriq I shau be saved. The but Jesus having tuned turned around and. noticing her, said: "Take courage. daughand havlng K~~ IsSv seen aGrilv her ter; your faith has e 6 y a ~ ~ p1 . wiosnq uov ULUWKEV U E . ~ ( a l daughter: the faith of you has saved you. And 6~5811 4 Yu'Jil d n b 7 i l ~6 ~ ~ K ~ S ~5T S warsaved the woman from the h o w that. woman became well. 23 When, now, he 23 Kal kA8h b 'IqooGq d q mjv came into t h e ruler's And havlng come the J lnto the house and eaueht o f r i w TOG hpxowoq r a i l6Sv rob< sight of the ~ ; t e house of the ruler and having seen the players and the crowd alihqr&q r a l rbv dxhov Oopu~oOpsvov in noisy confusion, 5ute playera and tho crowd making uproar 24 Jesus began to say: "Leave the place. 24 t h w w 'Am wpcire,, 05 he ~ ~ s s. av foror the little girl did not - i n l ~e rouJadra-e. s 6rrri-0-v r b ropctotov a h & r a i not die, hut she i died the little ZITI but she is sleeping; and sleeping:' At this they r a r e thov dTaG, 25 bTc 61 began to laugh a t him they were ~~~~~i~~ scornmlw of him. when but scornfully. 25 As EIoEhehY soon 8s the crowd &Phfiel b 6xho was thrust out the having entered had been sent outside, he went in and took ~ K P ~ V W 7-F xctpbc ~ a 6 i ~ 6 hold ~ 8 of ~her hand, and hekwkhold orbe hand of her, and t h e little girl got up. ~o&lov. 26 Kai kEfiXkv i $ 4 ~ n 26 of course. the taw the llftle glrl. And came out the amo about this Spread out 6h Y Tijv yfiv b ~ i v q v . into all that region. into who?. the earth thet. 27 As Jesus was 21 Kai nap&Yovrl ~ K E ~ ~ E V 'lflu00 pasdng along from And paralng along from there t o t e Jesus there, twoblind men 6 ~ o h o 6 8 q u w 660 w ~ h o i rp%oweq r a l followed him, crying follewed two blhd (ones1 eruingout and out and saying: Myrncq 'Ehiqmv ? p k wit Aavri6. 'Have mercy on saying Have mercy upon us. Son of David. us, Son of David." 28 6h86vr1 61 EI( mjv o i ~ i a !rrpoofiheav ~ 28 APcer he had Havine oome but lnto the house came toward gone into the house,

$2~ Take!,h,~z~$

F e :g :




the blind men came to @ 01 *hoi KUI A X ~ ~ C Ia h o i q b to hlm the b u d wnd,, and la saylns to them the hlm, and Jesus asked 'Do You have . , ntoTsOsrE XTI 6Gvapa1 T O ~ O them: J~SUS DO YOU belleve thet I am able this falth that I can do rro,"oa, ) \ L ~ ~ atha ~ ~ Nai, , ~ nlipth. this?" They answered t o l o ? ; They aresaying to him Yes. Lord. him: "Yes, Lord." rJ T&c jqmo 6 ~ e a h p i l Y a h O v 29 Then he touched hen he touched of the eyes of them thelr eyes, saying: ?,Lyov ~ m h mjv nioslv $pOv ~ v 7 7 9 i . r ~"ACcOrdlnE to YOUR saying Accordingto the ialth o You le lthaPPen faith let it happen bpi". S O KC; fiveGx8quw ahOv at to YOU? 30 And to uoo. And were opened of them the their eyes received sight. Moreover. Jesus t u e p p ~ k f i e q ~ &oiq 6Qedpoi. eyes. .ternly c arg to them sternly charged them. .O@TE 6siq saying: "See that I Be aeelna roo %odY get,s how w ,,, 81 01 6i Cph%v~cq it.' 3 1 n u t they. the (ones1 but hsv ngsone out leYbe anow~ng:, @ting 615 fipluav a d ~ b vb 6h 14 YB 6 ~ ~ f made ~ q . it publlc shout pu%lleized hlm in whole thb earth that: him in all that reglon. 32 Now when they 32 A h & 6L keeprop6vw 1605 "OK' Of them but g0 ng out were leaving, look! people brought him a wpmit~y~w &@ KW@V One hlm dumb man possessed they bmvght toward of a demon; 33 and 6a~povl<6p~ov 33 . rcll C~bhq86VW demon-possesred; and having been thrownout anel the demon had K O ~ S . , ~ a ibeen expelled the 700 6a1poviou e: A ~ k & l of the demon v One And dumb man spoke. amaaement the crowds and said: felt C0aGpaoav wondered the 01 crowds 6xhol Msa~1r.g y o m t Ob Never 6 h o r a well.


Ze I '? : G q


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o&wq h) T$ ' l u p q h . 34 thus in the israe Eh~Yov 'EV 74 h f , ~ p . r were ray~ng in the 6atpaviwv I<PMXEI T& 6 a 1 p 6 ~ 1 a . demons he throwaout the demons.


was anything .& t,$ "Never like this seen in ~srael:'
34 But the



began to say: "1t is by the ruler of the demons that he expels the demons." 35 And Kal was ncptiyw the b 35 And Jesus set a tour of MEI cities IS =&gat dl the cities and villages. . f theXn teaching in their synagogues and preaching vq~6000v $$ E ~ ~ ~ y ~ , " ~ the v good news of the and preaching kingdom and curing fiolhsieg rcri erparrchv naow v6oov r a i every sort of disease kingdom and every disease and and every sort of in,,kw pa~a~ia!J. 36 IS~V 62 TOSS firmity. 36 On seeing sofmeo?l. xavtng but the the crowds he felt bXhouq t m h a xvlo8tl wepl &hY 6rl crowds he felt tenxer aeaotlon about them because pity for them, because


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$ 2 %;&; yn%f&$' , , &

. ,


MATTHEW 9:37-10:s



MATTHEW 10:6-14

qoav t u ~ u h p t v o l ~ a. i tpl pEv01 they were skinned they were sklanad (ones) and tossed s t o u t (ones) and thrown ah,,ut
lixe sheep a shepherd. 37 Then 37 ~ 6 7 hfvE! ~ TO?< p a 8 q ~ a i q ali~p; he said to his Then he is say* to the disclpies of him ''Yes, the '0 6 0epdapbq nohGg, o l 62 tpydrrar ~h~ indeed harvest much, the but , harvest is great. but bhlyol' 38 6 ~ j e q 08" ~ ~ TOS ~ u p i o u TOG the workers are few few: beg you therefore of the Lord of the 38 Therefore, beg the 0 r p ~ u p o S 6rrwg tnBdrhr) ipydrmC zig Master of the harvest harvest so that hemight thrustout w a d e r s into to send out workers T ~ Y ecp~upbva h 0 . lnto h n harvest "
as if


w ~ 6 B a ~ a llil
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e5ouuiav msc'ples and gave author~ty them author~ty over unclean splrits, ln nv~up6rrwvdr~aedrprwv UTE dnp&hhelv of s p ~ n t s unclean as-and to be throwmgout order to exael these ~~~-~ alirh lcai 0 r p a n a b ~ l vrr&aav v6uov nai rr6crav and to cure every sort them and to be curing every disease and every Of disease and paha~iav. : sort of infirmity. Softness. 2 The names of the twelveapostles are these: First, 6v6pardr i a ~ l v ~ a 6 m .r r p O ~ o 5 Xipwv 6 names is these; first Simon the (one) Simon, the one called 6 &Seh@bq Peter, and Andrew h s y 6 p ~ ~~~LqT P O ~~ a 'AYSPIU~ i bemgsald Peter and Andrew the brather his brother; and a l i ~ o f i~ a ' I i~KWPOS b TOO Z E @ E ~ ~ James ~ O U the (son] df. of him and James the lane) of the Zebedee Zebe.dee and John ~ a 'iI w h q g 6 d r 6 ~ h q b d ~ r o 0 3 O i h ~ n i r o g his brother; 3 philip and John the brother of him: Philip and Bar.thol'a.mew; nu? Bap0oAopaioq. Qwp&g n a i Ma08aiag and Matthew and Bartholomew. Thomas and Matthew rrhoivqq 'idr~wbag 6 T& 'Ahpaiav the tax collector; tax caliea&. James the (one) of the James the [son] of and Thad~ a iQa66aiag. 4 I i p w v 6 Kavavc~iaq ~ a Al.phae'Us, i and Thaddaeus, Simon the Cananaean and dae'us; 4 Simon 'IaGSaq 6 'la~aploj~qq 6 ~ a the i'an, and Judar the Iscariot the (one) also jUdaS ~ ~ . ~ ~ who ~ , i . ~ t , ?apaSobq d~6v. later betrayed him. having given over him. 5 These twelve 5 TOGTOUS TOSS Srjtisna h t u r t ~ h e v the Jesus sent forth, The~e the twelve rent off 'I uo6q rrapayyeihas a b ~ a i q hdywv Eiq giving them these ?==us having glven orders to them saying orders: "Do not go off intoT the road 86bv M &TI ~ ~ E LBv6v K~ U ~ ri5 way of nations not y o n should gobff, and Into of the nations. and

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the twelve

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do not enter into a sa.rnari.tan city; 6 rrop~hrn0r SP r6hhov rrpbq rh 6 but, instead, go be going r o u ~ w a y but rather toward the continually to the lost rrp6para rh hoXwhirTa oirav sheep the (ones) having been lost of house Sheep of the house Of Israel. You 'la ajh 7 nopru6prvo~ 61. KI~P~UOETP preach, sa-g, 09 grael: ~oin rroua ? w a r but he you preaching go, . hiyov'rrq 671 "HYYIKEY fi p a u ~ h c i a 76" 'The kingdom of the raying that H a s drawn near the kingdom of the heavens has drawn ~ E P ~ ~ E T G 8 Cure sick near.' olipavGv. 8 &uBrva~vrag be heavens. Loner) be,"= sick people, raise up dead vr~poG5 dyeip!~~, persons, make lepers dead (ones) , be rou ra>rmgup, clean, expel demons. na8api<err, 6a~p6vta ;,p&hFrc be YOU cleansing, demons be rou throwmg out; YOUreceived free, give 6wpr&v U~~ET 6a E p ~ h v , , 6 6 7 ~ . 9 MI free. 9 DO not PIOfree you receiv;d, free glve roo. NO? gold or silver or ~ r j o q a ~ c xpuobv pqsb h p upov pqSi copp& for YOUR girdle you Should procure gold nor sher nor purses, 10 or a food xahnbv ?IS T ~ S <i]vac dwOv, for the trip, or 10 ! $ t copper mto the girdles of roo, two undergarments, or eiq b6dv p 2 ~ 1 6Go d(,T6Yaq sandals or a staff; for two un ergerments into way the worker deserves b drro6fipam p 2 F b~+,P,p & b ; $ yhp sandals for the his food. epydrrqq workei o $ e ~ p 0 9 f i q aCrro0. 11 "Into whstever food of him. city or village YOU 1 1 ~ i q flv S) &v rrehtv 4 K + ~ ~ I Y enter, search out who Into what but likely elty or v r ~ ~ a g e in it is deserving, ziu6heqrr, ~ ~ C T ~ ~ U U~ T Ei q <Y a e ~ i 35165 roo rnlght enter, search out who m i t worthy and stay there until YOU leave. 12 When eortv. K & K ~ p E i v aewq ~~ &V is: and there stay until Ukely YOU are entering into & & A ~ ~ T E . 12 E~UEP6 EYOI 61. E I 7ilv ~ the house, greet the but into the household: 13 and if YO" might go out. oi~iav &unCloau0r a i r j v . 13 ~ a itin, p l v the house is deserving, and if ever indeed house greet YO" ~ t , let the peace YOU wish fi fi o i ~ i a htia, U 0 d r ~ w fi s i p j q may be the house worthy, let come the peace it come upon it; but bpGv h' al),jv. i h v 61. II' &Cia, if it is not deserving, of roo upon it; if ever but no? it be wormy, let the peace from fi eipjvq L) Ov tq' Jp&g . h ~ u r p a q j r w . YOU return upon the peace o t ~ a u upon you letreturn. YOU. 14 Wherever 14 rai Bq &v p i ShSq-ml bp&q p q 6 i anyone does not ~ n who d likely not might receive you nor take YOU in 01 listen h ~ o G o n ~ o b q X6you5 L) Ov, L<EPX~~SVOI words, on to Y O ~ L might hear the words otyov, gomg out going out of that i<w oiniag 4 rr6hrw( house or that city outside the house or city

of samaritans


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MATTHEW 10:15-22
P ~ ~ i v q < ~ K T I V & < ~ TT E ~ V K O V I O P T ~ V T&V that shake rou off the dust of the 6 b G 15 &pi" Xhyw bpi", feet &'YO;. Amen I s m saying to You. ( i v r ~ r 6 ~ c p o v &om( y$ To66 wu r a i more Endurable i t w u be to earth oi~odlom and rop6ppwv fv fiphpq ~piocwq ij T Gomorrah in day of judgment than to ljle n+?csc ~ K E ~ V I ( . city that. 16 '1603 f y O h o u r U l h o Spa< 6 5 r r p 6 P m a Lookl I am sending off You as sheep

56 shake the dust off y o m feet. 15 Truly I say t o YOU. It will be more endurable for the land of Scd'om and Go.morrah on Judgment Day than for t h a t city. 16 "Look! I a m sending YOU forth as sheep amidst wolves: therefore prove pov' 6 61. o n account of my 76 the of me; the (one) but name; but h e t h a t has trropeivas SIC TOO< ~ ~ I ~ O E Tendured Q I . to t h e end is having endured into end . Uns lone) will be saved. t h e one t h a t will be 23 ( i m v 61. S L ~ K W O I VJ p h < fv T$ saved. 23 When they Whrnever but they m a u n e r ~ c u t e you 1" the persecute YOU in one 2 ~ t p a v ' eity, flee t o another: TT&I ~ a f i ' r q ,( P E ~ ~ L T E ~ i q~ $ 4 , oty this. be fleeing into the different canal : for truly I say t o YOU, Atyw irpiv, 05 p i YOU will by no means I am raying to rov, not not the circuit TEA~UQTE T&< n 6 h . 1 ~ ~ o t' u p a ' h of the cities of Israel ertlea O f t h e iIaraJ nonmlght complete the the son Of man fw< Ehe~ b via< TOG irv0phou. arrives. -ti1 r n l ~ hcome t the Son of the man. 24 "A disciple is V 24 0 6 r &?TI" pa0qTilq h l p T ~ 616hu101aAov , t above his NO^ IS til~c~ple over the teacher nor a slave above his bn2p ~ b v ~Ljptov adTot, lord. 25 It h enough !O < the lord of for the disciple to yva 25 (ipurrbv 72 to the in Oldcr that become a s his teacher, Oq 6 6 t 6 & u ~ a h a adroG, < ~ a 6 i and the slave as his ykvqmt he might become the teacher of hlm, and the lord. If people have called the 605hog h5 & K G P ! ~ < a ~ ~ E O/ T. ~ O YI K O ~ E U T T ~ T ~ Y the lord of him. l f the householder Beel'ze.bub. how BEE ~ 0 0 b h k e ~ h h r o a v rr6oq phhhov much more [will they called upin, to haw much rather they call, t h w e Of his household so? ,,iKIaK03< &OO. 26 03" K't therefore 26 Therefore do not the ones o i the household of him. a d ~ o f i y 066tv y h p t a ~ l vfear them; for there is nothing covered over rrm snovl them: nothing for 18 ~rKahup)lrvov 8 oGr i r r r o ~ a h u m 8 i o a ~ auai 1 , t h a t will not become thing^ covered which not will be uncovered. and uncovered. and secret t h a t will not become ~purrrb 6 06 y u ~ r i u ~ ~ a t . hiddcn which not wl I become k n o w n 27 WGhat known. 27 What I tell YOU in t h e darkAfyw fipiv ivv ~4 oroTip, c h m c 6" I a m soylng to rou In thk darkness. aau roo in the ness, say in t h e light; and what YOU hear pwrl. light: and ~ a what i 8 into E l < the 76 0% ear yomarehearing, &KO~ETE, ~ r ~ p i i e a r sh i TGV 6wvhwv. 28 And p i from the housetops. D T ~ ~ E I IYO" U P O ~ the housetoils. 28 ~ n do d not become fearful of those who po 3 g ou r l e 4ear ~ from h the (ones) h " ~ ~ $ ~ o v kill the body but a b p a r j v 62 Wuxiv p i Suwaphvwv b r r o ~ ~ d v o l, l , , , , t kill the body the but soul not being able to kill: but rather be in pop~iu8~ 61. phhhov ~ b v 6wdiprvov ~ a i be tearing but the ionel being able also destroy fear of him both th soul. a t can and body in Ge.hen8na.' o $ ! , #



2% 5

n ~ p ~ m s p a1 i7 . r r p o o h x ~ ~ e 6 1 &r6 TOV doves. Be rov attentive but fmm the &v8phrrwv> rrapa6hoouu~v < :tif EI< men: they will give over into I scourre YOU in their ouv&6pta r a i l u r a i < rrvvaywyai< d r & v syna%gues. 18 Why, local court;, snd in the synagogues of them you will be haled ~ a o n ~ c b u o v o lb vp h r 18 r a i h i Ijyap6vaq before governors and hey w I1 scourge roo; and upon governors kings for my sake, for 61 ~ a i P a o ~ h c i t &x0(oraee EVEKEY a witness t o them and but and kings rou wlll be led on aecount the nations, 19 ~ 0 L 05 ciq pap~fiplova l i ~ o i c ~ a iTO?$ EBvro~v, ever, when they ofme into witness to them and to the nation*. deliver YOU UP, do 19 6rav 61 napa6&1v hphq, p i not become anxious Whenever but they mightgive over you, not about how or what p~prpviloqra rra< q ri Aahiorlrc YOU are t o speak; for be rou anxious how or what re- should speak; what You are to speak 6oBjorral y h p bviv t v ~ K E ~ Vrfi I ~ ijpp ~i will be given YOU in It will be given far to roo in that the hour what that hour; 20 for Aahjuqra 20 06 y a p k r i q f m l the ones speaking are YOU should speak; are not just YOU, but it oi Aahoknr< &hi& rb nvcGpa TOG is the spirit of ~ o u n the lone.) speahing but the rpint of the Father that narpb( fi &v 6 AahoGv L v bpiv. by YOU. 2 1 Further, Father oAou the (thing) meelring rov. brother ,,,ill del 21 rrapa6boc1 61. & 6 ~ h p b < (i6rhgihv rlq up brother to death. Will elve over but brother brother into and a father his 8&varov r a i r r m i p d w o v ~ a hia v a o r f i m v r a ~ and children w1U rise death and father child. ' and will atand up upan uo aemnst oarents ~~r rerva trrl yovci< rat 0ava-rhoouo~vaG~afi<.and will have them children u w n parents and will cause to dle them p u t to death. 22 And 22 ~ a i L U E ~ B E 1006 mot fin6 n&vrwv you be Objects Of ~ n d you wlil be temp k t e d by su iane.1 hatred by ell people 11' Or, "to Lesser San'hedrins" (r,mre, San.hedk~ln'l. J l l p ,

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BeAzebu~ eopnOp&z



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2Sn See APP 4c.


or, "lire:

see App 4r.

MATTHEW 10:29-37



MATTHEW 10:38-113

6lso orpouflia &ooapiou Z9 Do not two ~ o t two sparrows of assarlon sparrows sell for a n w h c i ~ a t . nai 8v Lf ah&" 0 1 5 coin of small value? are sold?' And one out or them not yet not one of them m o c i r a l h i T ~ V y i v &EU TOG nm 5 will fall to t h e ground wlll fall upon the earth without 03 the Fa& *thoUt ~ ~ t hp&vv. 30 Jp&v 6i. ~ a i a1 7 i q ~ i l 5 [knowledge]. 30 But 01 you. Of m u hut also the f a & of the the very hairs of ragahfiq n b a ~ fip6lnpLvz1 head are head all havlng been numbered bered. 31 Therefore S1 #i o h oo!$eioee nohh&v o ~ p o d i o vhave no fear: You ot therefore be fearlng; of msny sparrows are woi-th more than 6 1 a p L p ~ ~h pri~. many sparrows. are differlnn - crau. 32 "Everyone, then, 32 n e ~ O ~ V ~ D T I Cs p o ~ o y i = ~f; that union Everyone therefore who will con ess Lpoi Epnpooeev T&Y &Yephwv,, 6 ohoyfiow with me before men, I will also confess me in front of the men, sfall K&Y* L v a h 6 Eprrpoo8ev 705 narp6q pau union with him before a100 I in hlm in front of the pather of me my Father who is in TOO L roiq o b p w o i y 33 Bortq 62 the heavens: 33 but heavens; whoever but whoever disowns me the (one) In the &pv u q r a i J I ~ ' Eprrpouflrv rirv &vepOnw, before men, I will also rnlgh? dlaown me In front of the men, disown him before my &pvfioopat ~ & yahb h Epnpooerv m O rrcn 65 Father who is in the In front O f the ~ a t t e r heavens. 34 Do not shall dlsown also I hlm pou TOO &Y TO?< 015pavoiq. 34 M think I m e to put of me the (one1 In the heavens. N i pace upon me &TI q A b v P0:Aaiv ~ l p j y v h i I came to put, not wpiuqn PO" rhoWd thlnk that I came to thmw peace upon but a sword. n j v y?v. orir qA&v &rhzb ivcljyv &Ah& 35 or I came to the earth; not 1 came to throw wsce but cause division, arith p h x a ~ p a v .35 ~ A ~ o Y 61$oal his .word. I came iv'de father, and a daughter hv+3pwnov nark ro5 ncnpbq a h 0 6 ~ a against i her man down on the father of h ~ m 2nd and a young wife against her matherin-1aw' 36 Indeed, rara r i q n~vflrp6q a157fiq. 36 ~ a Lxepoi i down on the mother-in-law of her. and encmtes a man's enemies will be persons of his own TOG & V ~ P ~ T I O 01 U OIKI~KO~ a15T00, of the man the onea of the household of him. household. 37 He SI '0 pthirv Fi that has greater The Lone) hsvlng sffeotlon for father or affection for father or pqrLpa brr2p kpe OGK ~ ~ T I paU V ~ ( mother ~ i than for me is mother over me not of me worthy: and not worthy of me: and he t h a t has greater 6 @th&v vlbv fj the (onel hsvlne seeetlon lor aon or daughter affection far son or daughter than for me M p oG* EOT~V ~ O U over not b of me worthy; is not worthy of me. 29 o h 1









9: 2:&:

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9 :

38 ~ a i85 03 h a Pdrvct rbv o m u p b a h r o c 38 And whoever does and who not latsklnp the stake of hlm not accept his torture r a i &xohov8ci bniuw pou o r l ~ Emtv pou stake. and follow after and I s following behlnd me: not is of me me is not ort thy of &~loC. 39 6 E ~ P ~ V T ~ V VUX' V me. 39 He t h a t finds Worthy. The lone) hevingfaund the ~ his soul. will lose ah05 dmohtocl a i n j v , r a i 6 dnrohtoaq a of him wlll lose It, and the lone) hnvlng lost SOUL nd he forthat my sake loses will his .rilv ylu~ilv a3roO ~VCKEV elloO c b p f i o ~ ~ the soul of hlm on account of me wlll Rnd find It. 40 'He t h a t receives ahfiv. YOU receives me also, It. 40 ' 0 ~ E X ~ ~ E Y O 6p65 F Lp2 6Lxcrat. and h e t h a t receives rou ma receive., me receives him also The lone1 receiving t h a t sent me forth. 6o Lx uai ~ c ~ a 1 TAY Pp2 6 ~ ~ 6 p c v 6 and the lane) me recelvlng recelvea the (onel 4 1 He t h a t receives &rrourcihcrv~& pc. 41 6 6~x6 zvoq a prophet because he having sent off me. The (one) recerving is a will get ~ p o $ f i ~ l l ! JO ; $ ; , rr o$fi~ou !Jluflb a prophet's reward, prophet IeWard and he that receives a V o p f i ~ o v hfi~ylemi, m i 6 ~ x 6 1 1 ~righteous ~0~ man because OfDrophet wil get, and the (onel receiving he is a righteous man 6i~acov E I ~ bvopa 6t~aiou get a righteous righteous (onel Into name of rlghteous (One) man's ploe.jv 61~aiou hfi +mat. 42 xai BC 42 And whoever gives reward or righteous (one) W ~ get. I ~ n who d one of these little ones E~~ . r ~ v yPOY irv norion ukelv o drlnk one of the u t ie tones) only a CUP of cold . d n-h t cause t p6vov ~ i q 6vopa ~O;TW n o ~ p t o v vux 00 these cup oicoldfwaterl only Into nome hpiv, 06 p i I tell YOU truly, h e XLyw pa8qroO ,, &p?v amen I am saylns to you, not not of dlaerpl:, by meam 1 his reward." dnrohion ~ b v p1o9dv aino0. he should Mlle the reward of hlm. NOW when Jesus Kai LYLYFTO 67s L.rthco~v 6 'IquoO5 hsd And Itoccurred when Rntlhed the Jesus 6tarhoowv roiq 6 0 6 ~ u a p a e r a i q a15~oG giving instructions t o 61vIng i n 9 t ~ u ~ t i Oto n~ the twelve dtsaplea of him: his twelve disc~ples. p ~ ~ t P q ~ K E ~ ~ ETOG V 616hq~e1~ ~ a he i set out from there r. h inn nrparh in he went ncrosa from there Of the to be teachlng and tn . -+ . -.-~ -. -. - -. . . . .. . . their cities. K ~ I V raiq n6hpo1v ad-r&v. B cltlea of them. to be preaching In the Z But John, having the works heard in jail of about the "?$2q 6eoporqpi~ T& t p y a 700 X P I U T ~ntpwaq ~ ~ jail the works of the christ havingaent Christ, sent by means Of Own 61& T&Y p a 8 q ~ O v ~ I I T o C 3 E ~ V E Y aJrf 3 and said t o him: through the dlsciplea of him s a ~ d to him 38' Torture stake lainupbv, stou.ran'), xB. See ADD 3c. 39' Or, ''life."


Z : O ,I




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h$$z%ird ti


MATTHEW 11:4-11

60 Y V M ~ ~ Q V peicwv

oiwomen greeterone

MATTHEW 11:12-19

'Are you the Coming q hcwv or dinerent lane) one, or are we t o exA p e t a dieerent one?" are we exppetlne? And hsvhganswered the 4 In reply Jesus said t o them: '"Go YOUR ' I q o o t ~ rincv ainoiq nopcv0imq Jesus said to them Having %one Your way way and report t o 6mayyeiAaTc ' l w h v c ~ & &KOO~E c a i John what YOU are report back to John what You ere hearlng and hearing and seeing: pXtrrcr 5 ~uphoi &vaPAtnoum~v rai 5 The blind are seeing are rcelng: blind (ones) are seeing aealn and a m i n , and t h e lame xwhoi rrep~rroroGotv ~ , ~ , i =re walking about, lame lane*) are walkhe abo;t, lepers t h e iepers are being ra0api<ovor rai K W Q O ~ &KOCOUOIV, ~(ai'IeanSed and the deaf aye be!"= cleansed deaf tones) era hearing, and are hearing. and t h e dead are being raised veupol tyripovral Kal mwXoi dead loneel are belng raised UP and Poor [ones) up. and the paor are having the good n e k cSayycAi<ovta~~ 6 ~ a p l a ~ h p l 6 qLq:lv them; arb belnn nlven good new,; and happy 6 and happy is he 8g iiv p j ~ ~ ~ 6 D h l a B f l b L p i . th at finds no cause for who likely no mlpht have been stumbled In me. stumbling in me.'' 7 ToG~wv 6b rropeuoptvwv 4pSam 6 7 While these were Of these but Bolnethelr way started the on their way. jesus 'Iqootq htyalv TO?< (ixho~q m p i 'Iwtwou started t o say t o the Jesua to be aaylng to the crowds about John crowds respecting T i L E j A 0 a r ~ r l q ~ ) l v E qpov 8choau0al' John: "What did YOU What came YOU out Into the w1t)derne.l to observe?' go out into t h e drhhapov Srrb hvfpou oaAru6prwv. 8 &Ah= derness t o behold? A Reed by wlnd bdng shakeni But reed k i n e tossed b~ -a ~i tSfiA€km 166"; &vep&rov Lv p a A a ~ o i q wind? a-what. thinn. what came rou out to see? Man in soft things dld You go out t o see? A man dressed in soft ~l$.lrnpLwv' 1&5 01 & . been clothed? Lookl The Cnes) the garments? Why, those 'Oft garments p d a ~ h ~OPOSYTES h) TO?< o i ~ o u q TGY mtt thtng. wearing ~n the house. of the are in the houses of kings., 9 Really, then, why did YOU go kI"g0. dl,","$ $ ,Y T O see a prophet? f 6 ~ i v vaf Atyo Spiv ~ am l p t o o b r e ov out? Yes. You,and to re;? yes: l a m eayhg to rob, and more sbun&t far more than a prophet. 10 This is l o "Z'V he concerningwhom yB p a m a t ,1605 Ly& h o o ~ L M w ~ b v . ~ ~ ~ It hesgeen wdtten Lookl I am eendlng off the it is

I3 q d; ; ; I66 & p i
are the Ionat

r r p w 6 o ~ O p r v ; 4 rai


a greater t h a n John 'IO&VOU TOO BQn~1.3~00. of John the Ba~tlstllt; the Baptist; but a A 6 1 p ! x p & ~ p q LY ~ f i @amtAciq TOY person t h a t is a lesser lesser one In the kingdom of the one In t h e kingdom of tho but 06pm&v peitov a h a 3 Lrrriv. 12 &rr& 6 1 the heavens i s greater heavens nrcnter of hlm i s . From but than h e 1 s . 12 But from t h e d w of John TO" fipcpilV 'IWhvw m O &srrr!u~oG
~~~~ ~


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bbfore your face, who uou will prepare your of you way ahead of tpirpooelv oou. 11 &p)lv htyw 11 Tmly I say t o YOU In front OtYoU. Amen lam peapie, Among those born of women there S ~ i v 06. Lyjycprat kv yEwqroi< to YO;, not has beon ralaed up in generated ones has not been raised u p who

of me


rr b

rrpo~Gjnou oov,

am seqding forth my messenger

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wtll prepare



now the kingdom of the heavens is the goal toward which men press, and those &p&~ouotv adniv. IS rr&vreq 01 pressing forward are are snatehlnll it. All the seizine it. 13 For all. s the t hU e ~ h p h e t and 'IO~YO rr opjrcr! ~ a i 6 v6poq Lo! Law unt 1 John 8ropheta and the Law, prophesied until i 9 t A c ~ e Steao&rl, John; 14 and if You h p o g j r e u o a v 14 ~ a el and ! I rov wlU to rccetve, want to accept it. He pro~hesied; abrbq L m l v 'HAcia[; A pthhwv himself is 'E-ii'lah who he is Elilsh the lone1 belnl about is destined to come.' 15 Let him t h a t h a s , E xco8a1. 18 '0 Exwv 5 ~ a to ge coming. l'he (one) havtne earn ears listen. 16 "Withwhom &.o"~Tw.. ~ . l e t hlm be hearing. shall 1 compare this generation? It is like 16 Tiv~ 66 A p o ~ b o w rilv yevain, To whom but shall I llken the generation young children sitting ra?; Apoia t m l v nat6io1 ua0qptvo1q in the marketplaces who cry out t o their this Llke it Is to young chl?dren sitting Lv raic ?pais & rrpoo ~ w k a T O ~ S ~ l a y m a t e s . 17 sayin the mar c places who sound?ng toward the In&. .Weplayed t h e flute far YOU, but &*I< 1 7 Atyovolv HSXjoa cv dmerent (ones) are saylng We played I& Rute did not dance; we but YOU did bP?v n a l oISI h p ~ p a * &eptlV+oap€v ~ a wailed. i to YO* and not rou anee we walled and not beat yourselves in grief.' 18 Corre05. tdylau9r. 18 fiA0rv came spondingly, John came not ~ o beet o yourselvca; eating nor loOiwv p f i l ~ T~YWV, ~ a neither i 'I%?' n!zr eetlng nor drlnklng, and drinking, yet people EXEL. 19 fiABw say. 'He has a demon': Aanp6v~ov htyouo,v he la having: came 19 the Son of man they are sayhe Demon did come eating and A ~1.35 TOO t w e p i l ~ oLo0iwv ~ 101 rrivwv the Son of the man eetlng and ddnklnk, drinking, still people 'Look! A man n a l Atyouotv '1605 dv0pwnoq ghyoq ~ a say, i and they are saying Lookl man gluttonous and gluttonous and given t o drinking wine, a ~chwv&v tax eolleetora and friend of tax caliectors &pap~wh6~ ral . P6t~alirOq fi a o g i a dmb and sinners.' All of dnners. And was justlfled the wlsdom irom the same, wisdom is proved righteous by r 6 v Epyuv a0$p the works its works."

of John the B s ~ t l s t unt 1 Paothria TGY odpavGv rlghtnow the klnedom of the heavepth<cra~, ~ a l plao~ai 1s betng preraed toward, and presaers forward



€7 t h e Baptist until




$?:a,6:%~~. ~~~.

20 T ~ T Efiptaro



MATTHEW 11:26-12:3

~ Y E ~ ~ ~ < E~ IY & q n6h~1q 20 Then h e started Then he started to reproach the cities in to reproach the elties i y f v o v r o ai r r h d m a t 6uva11~15in which most of his %i?h took place the most po&rful works powerful works had airroO brr . 06 p 6 q o 21 ~ % , * , i taken place, because of him: becausq not e y repented: they did not repent: o a ~ , Xopa<civ..; aJai 0 , BqEoa16&v. 21 "woeto to YOU, Chorarin: W o e to you, Bethsaida: Cha,ra,zin! to you, TI ~i bv T 6 p v ~ a Eq+i)v~ i ~Y~VOYTO ?th'sa'i'da! because because if in Tyre and Sldon tookplace ~f the powerful works 6wvhp~lq ai y~v6psvat had taken Place in works t h e (ones). having taken place and that dpiv, rrhhal Bv i v U&KK(O ~ a iurr069 roo, of old likely in sackcloth and ashes took place in YOU, ~ E T E V ~ ~ O 22 ~ Y . TX'Y hiyw bpiv they would long ago t eu repented. Beslaes I i m saying to YO;, have repented in sackcloth and ashes, TCpW c a i . El6Gvl & v m ~ 6 r ~ ~ o Eorac v to Tyre and to Sidon more endurable it will be 22 Conseouentlv . .I 6v j p i p p KP~OEWS ij dpiv. 23 K a i 06, s a y to YOU, I t wiil be in day of judgment than to you. And you, endurable far oljpavair Tyre a n d Si'don on Kar+apvaa+, Lwq capernaum, . not until heaven Judgment Day than tuwEfioq: Eoq 660" for YOU. 23 And you, YOU will be ~ uhzghw? t Until O f Hades Ca-per'naum, will you nara@fioq. ~ T Z perhaps be exalted you win come down. t o heaven? Down t o t y ~ v f i e q ~ a v ai 6uvh 515 took place the ~awerfc$wa?ks the %iesl Ha'des' you ycv6psvat {v 0 , Epclvev Bv because the powh a v w t&enplace m you, it remained likely erful works t h a t took place in you had takrrhilv 06p"pov. , today. 24 ~ e s i d e sen place i n ~ o d ' o m it Aiyu bpiv , 5 , yfi 1a6611wv would have remained I am saying to you that to earth of sodom until this very day. 24 Consequently I say ~NEKT~TLPOY io~at npio~Wq more endurable it will be lo of judgment t o YOU people, I t will A 50;. , b e mare endurable for than to you. the land of Sod'om o n 25 'Ev & x E ~ Y ~ ) TQ ~aap3 Judgment Day than In that the appointed time




:1 ,$"



~ a i ' uuvc~i)v ~ a ihrrenhkuylag a h & and intellectual ones and intellectuaidnesi and ~ouuncovered them and have revealed vqrriolg. 26 vai, 6 hanip XT~ o8roq them t o babes. to babes; yes, the ~atlle;, because thus 26 Yes, 0 Father, t o do thus ~ 5 6 0 ~i i a&VETO EprrpooEtv DO". 27 ~ ~ Y T because U goodwill itxeeame I n front of you. All (things) came t o be the way d m i 700 n a r p 6 q ~ a apprbved i by you. rrapr668q were given over by the Father o me, and 27 ~ 1 things 1 have o66eiq L~~IYIY~UKEI T ~ Yuibv EI 1 1 ' 6 been delivered to me noone aeeuratelVknawa the Son if nu? the by my Father, and r r a ~ i p ,0662 r6u w a r i p a Tlq ~ ~ ~ T Y I Y ~ no ~ K E I fully knows one Father, nor t h e Father anyone accurately knows the Son but the pi !Jib< k+v P O ~ ~ I J T Father, ~I neither does if not the son and to whom if ever may bew~ahing snyone fully know the 6 ul6q h a ~ a h 6 y l a ~ 28 . AEGTE rrp6q pe ~ ~ but the t son h ~ the Son touncover. nither toward me and anyone t o whom rrhvrq oi all the ( oqh :) ; zd " , 7~ reveal the s o him. n is willing 28 Come to rreqoprnophvot K&Y* drvma6o- ~ v B s . having beenloa6eddown, and I shall refresh you. to me,all you who are toiling and loaded 29 h p a r s .r&v Zuy6v pou iq' Jphq ~ a i Lift vou up the yoke of me upon rorr and YOU. I 29 Take refreshand p h e r ~&TT' ~ kp00, 671 rrpa3r. E~III learn from me, because mild-tempered I am my yoke Won learn from me, KO? TC(TTEIY~S ~6 napsiq, mi ~ d p f i o s ~and ~ and lowly to the heart, and You find I a m mild-tempered iowly in heart, dnrhrravo~v ~ a i q quXaiq 5 i)v 30 6 y a p and reireshment to the E O U ~ S the for and YOU will find Cuy6q pou x q o ~ d q ~ a 76 i qopriov pou refreshment for yoke of me &indry and the load of me SOUIS: 30 For my yoke is kindly and my &a p6v i q n v . load is light." U t w.





hav~ng answered the "qooGq Jesus , 'E<o~oho~ofil*ai 001, I 8 m confessing out to you, TOG ~LjpavoO ~ a i of the heaven and 6rt C~puqaq ~aGra 6 ooqOv because you hld these (thmgs) from w ~ s e ones

~ O K P L ~ E ~


Sald in response : $ ; + y y Jesus ~ PUbllCIY pralSe you,

4 z d E y


25 A t t h a t tlme
Father Lord of heaven and earth, because You have hidden these thlngs from t h e wlse
24' For

s q x e


2 3 ' Ha'des (08ou,hoi'doul, nB;5rxm, she'oh!', 57-14.1618.22. SeeApp 4% you (singular), referring to 'Wu' as a city.

~a1p5 iwopsGEq At that that the appornted time went hlr way Jesus went TGV the Wax"b 'IrpoGq ~ o i q o h @ p a o ~ v 6ch sabbaths through the fields on the sabbath the J~EUS to the His disciples gat orropipwv oi 6 ; p a e q ~ aa i 6~oO irrsivaoav, grainfields: the but disciples of him hungered, hungry and started t o pluck heads of ~ afip<avra i ~ihhelv o ~ h ~ v a q ~ aLoEir~v. i and started to pluck heads of grain and to eat. grain and t o eat. 2 o i 6L @ap!?aia! i 6 6 v ~ s q ~Twav a d ~ Q 2 At seeing this the The but Pharisees having seen raid to him Pharisees said t o him: 'I6oS o i p p 8 g r a i oov rrotoGo,u 8 o a t "Look! Your disciples Look! The dlseipler of you are doing what not are doing what it is EEsmw TO& i~ cap 6rrv 3 6 not l a w m t o do, on rabfath. . is allowed' t o be doing in The (one) the sabbath:' 3 He 6s ETTTSV a l j ~ o i q O ~ K & Y ~ ~ V W T E T; Said t o them "Have but r a ~ d to them Not d ~ you d read whet YOU not read what

12 'Ev ID




2 9 ' Or, "Get under my yoke wlth m e "

2 9 . Or, "lmes " See A m 4a.

MATTHEW 12:4-11



MATTHEW 12:12-20

hoiqoo, A m s t 6 ST€ h E i v a U ~ v Kai David did when h e did David . when hegothungry and the men with him ol par' ~IIToO; 4 ral; ~ i u r i h e ~ v got hungry? 4 How the (oncsl wlth him? How he entered into he into the rbv OTKOV TOO ~ E O O K U ~ ~ 0 6 5~ P T O U S TGS holuse of GO^ and they the house of tlla Cod and the loaves of the ate the f , prenpo86urog Eqayov 6 o6n i<b sentation something presenutlon they st< which not belng allowed that it ,,,isnot ladul rjv ah+ qayeiv ob6t mil; I~ET' for him t o eat, nor for was to hlm la eat nor to the lonnl with those with him, but a h o 0 , €1 pil roil; I r p ~ C u ~p6vo1g; v 5 q O U K for the only? him, if not to the lrnesis alone? Or not 5 Or, have YOU not drvdyvwr~ i v TQ v6pv 6n roil; u h P aulv read in t h e uw t h a t did rorr read In the Law that to the o n the sabbaths the oi ieps 6~ TQ ICPQ . ~ i ) priests in the temple the Drlesk in the temple the treat the sabbath PE&AOGUIV ~ a &vaiTloi i EIUIY; 6 I e $ s ; n g as not sacred and are profaning and Bulltless are? contlnue guiltless? 6 : Spiv 6r1 TOO lrpo9 ~ic6v I 'Ow that but to You that of the temple grea er (thing) '?IV greater 66r. 1 €1 66 ~ ~ V ~ K E ~~iT Ei m l v .Eh~ol; 'Omething here. If but You had k n o w what Is Mercy than the temp1e here. 7 However. if 8ihw rai oG you had understwd =amwilling and not this means. 'I ra~sS~~&urna TO&< h r r i o u < . 8 rdptoq want mercy, and not YOU condemned the guiltiesp ones. l.ord ydrp TOO u a P P h ~ o u 6 U ~ A S TOS Sacrifice,' for 1 . of the sabbath the son of the not have condemned the guiltless ones. &v8phou. 8 For Lord of t h e man. fiheLY sabbath i s what t h e dKEi 9 Kai pcraehl; a from t h e n he came 'On Of man And havlnz - zone After T ~ V uuvaywyilv &&v10 ~ a i 1606 2 2 o the synagogue oi them: and ioekl irom t h a t place he &vOpwno< eipa Exwv ( q p k . Kai h q p b ~ q u a v went lntO the'r synman {and having dry. And they asked agogue; 10 and. look! a h b v Myovrrq EI ESEUTI TO^< U& ao,v a man with a withered hfm saying If la it allowed to the la!tetha hand! S o they asked htm, "Is i t lawful t o Oepcnrrh~v. iva Kar,,yo iowolv to be curinh h ordeF that they m~gRt accuse cure on t h e sabbath?" ahoG. 1 1 6 6P ~Tmv ad-roil; Til; t h a t they might get of him. The Lone) but said to them Who an accusation against Eumt &5 8)li)v &v'dpmol; Bl; L E L him. 11 He said to will be out er you man who w l l l \ a ~ ~them: ,,Who will be npb!3a~ov Ev, ~ a l t&v hYflln6u TOGTO the man among YOU sheen one, and Uwer might fagin thla t h a t has one sheep dl; P~&Yov, 05xt and, if this falls intn u& b t v roil; to the satbatha Into Pit, not a pit on the sabbath, will not get hold of uparfio~t abrb ~ a i tyapai; will he get holdof It and will raise UP? it and lift it out?





M p o n o g 12 AU CoNldeIEil. 12 TO how rr6uq, mu& therefore o h 'dl8ers la C p s of how much more rpoPdr~ou. 60.r~ EEruriv roil; worth is a man than of sheep. An-and it is allowed to the a a0 it is r o ~ s i v . 13 T 6 n lawful t o do a fine u&~Pau~v ~ahbg sabbaths finely to be dolnp. Then thing on the sabbath.' hiy~t ' 6 13 Then he said to he is saying to the &'pbnv man t h e man: "atreteh out uov x ~ i p a . uai P<&EIVEV, of YOU hand: and he atretehea out. your hand." And h e K U ~ &TEKOITEUT&~~ irhhq: stretched i t out, and and it was restored t k other. i t was restored sound 14 'EFhBbreg 66 ol Oaploaio, llke the other hand. Having coma out but the Pharisees 14 But the Pharisees uupbGAcov i X a b v RUT' ah0G brrwl; went out and taok counsel t w k down on him so that h m him brnohiowutv. 15 ' 0 6P ' t h a t they might dethey might destroy. The but % ; : JI stroy him. 15 Having yvoirq come to know [this]. havlngkoown "Om fi~oh060qw nohhoi, ~ a ~ i ~ E ~ E u Withdrew ~ ~ Y there. Many also fo110wed to him many, and he fOllOWed him, and &jl; 16 Kai hifll them all. and herebu?ted h e cured them all. 16 but he strictly arirois IM w p b v &bv to them in order that manifest him charged them not t o wolfiowutv 17 rva whqpwee make him manlfest; should make; In order that !night be fulfilled 17 that might ri, brleiv 616 Haaiou be fulfilled what was the (thing) swken through Uiah spoken through Isaiah W P O ~ ~ T O U A~YOVTOS the prophet, who said: Dmohet saving . . . I8 "Look! My 18 '1606 rai< POU 6~ fi06~lua, servant I chose, Look! boy of me whom I chore, 6 dryanq~irq fllou 8v ~ 6 6 6 ~ q O ~my v whom the beloved one ofme whom thoughtwell 01 my soul a ~ p r o v e d l I will put my spirit 8iuw T?X WE+& &e o % % ; 1 shall put the sprnt upon him. and what Ln' a h 6 v . ~ a 1 K iuev TO^< ~OYEUIY justice is h e will upon him, and l u g m e n t to the nations make clear t o t h e &?ra~~EhEi. 19 Olju ipioel 0 6 6 h a t i o n s . I9 He will he wlll report beck. Not he wi 1 wrangle nor . not ... wmnclc. . .-~~ -.-, . . .. crv K a u y h u e ~ , od6P & K O ~ U L I TI< &J w e c r y aloud, nor will hear anyone m hear his voice in the wharsiatl; ~ j v ~ o v i l v a h o 0 . 20 r6Aapov broad ways, No broad r a y s the voice olhlm. Reed bruised reed he w v r ~ r p t p l ~ b o v 06 ~a~r&<rt ~ a Aivov i having been brutred not he WIII crush and sax crush. and n o smol~ u q 6 p ~ v o vob ufi6ur1 $ & , h derlng flaxen wlck will smouldering not he wlll estldgulsh, u n t ~ l mely h e extlnguish. untll






. -




& ' %$

2 2 :



MATTHEW 12:21-29
h e might thrust out



MATTHEW 12:30-35

Eiq Y~KOC, mjv ~pio!~h . e sends out justice into victory the judgment. with success. 21 In21 vai TO 6 v 6 p r l adroi, ievq PhnroOow. deed. in his name And to the name of him nations will how. nations will hope." kp&hn

o ~ ~ la i q h 0 6 &pn&ualr t&v p ' n p 5 ~ 0 vseme his movable ' o n first unless first the vesscis of him to snatch, lfever ! i ~ T ET ~ Yile b i i d s the strong 7bv ~ O X V P ~ Y ; ~ a T he mis S Ytg , 2nd the strong ionel ? And then the man? And then he oi~iav ~JIToO 6 1 a ~ n h f f ~ 1 . 30 The will his house. house of him he will snatch through. 30 H e t h a t i s not o n ij, ST' ipaO K ~ T ' tpoO t+v, nai being ~ i t h me down on an0 my side is against me. and he that 6 ovvhywv VET' i ~ ~ o iOKOPV~SEL. , the (onel gathering w ~ t h me scatters. not gather with me

I eids,


A !


Opiv, rr&oa TOGTO XByq 31 ' ' O n this account ~ h m u g h this I am say~ng to roe, every a ~ o i q I say t o YOU. Every &papria ~ a p i h a ~ @ ~ p i &C$E~~~OET~I sin and blasphemy Will be let go off t o the sort of sin and &v8p~.5irolq, fi 51 TOG r r v ~ $ $ o ~ blasphemy will be men, the but of the forgiven men, but the I3hao@vpia o b ~ & @ E ~ ~ ~ w E T32 u~. : ; o blasphemy. against blasphemy not will be let go off. the spirit will not ihv e'ing h6yov K ~ T & ~ o i , uioO 706 if ever might say word down on the son of the be forgiven. 32 For




speaks a word a g a s t the Son of man. i t will be forgiven him: but whoever speaks agaiMt the holy spirit, it will not be forgiven him, no, not in this system of things* nor in t h a t to 33 "H momioa.rc r h 6bv6pov Kcrh6v ~ a come. i Either make roir the tree fine and 33 "Either YOU TAW ~ a p r r A v a d ~ o i , K U ~ ~ V , fi n o ~ f i o a ~ 76 c the fruit of it fine, or make the people make t h e tree 6LvSpau oanpAv ~ aTi T ~ a p r r b v aha; oarrp6v. fine and its fruit line tree rotten and the fruit of it rotten: 01 make the tree &K K ~ P ~ O OT ? , ~ L Y ~ P rotten O Y and its fruit out of the fruit the tree rotten: for bv its fruit ~ I Y ~ U K E T ~ ! . 34 Y E Y V ~ ~ U T ~ 6 ISVGV, the tree is known is being known. Generated ones oFvzpers, 3p Offspring of vipers, irG< Slivaotlr +ae& hahciw how can YOU speak how are you able good (thmgsl to be speaking good thmgs, when YOU mavqpoi 6~7~5; are wicked? or out bemgl Kap6iaq rlr 076pa of the abundance of r r ~ p ~ f f o ~ b p a ~765 oq *bundance of the heart the mouth the heart t h e mouth hahsi, 35 6 &ya86q irvtlpwnoq t~ TOO WeakS 35 The 1s soeaklne The eood man out of the . good man out of hls ~.

&vtlphou, & @ s t l j o s r a ~ ah@. 85 6 ' man, it be let go ~ f f to him: who but iiv ~'irrg ~ a r & TOO nvrdparoq 700 likely might speak down on the spirit of the hyiou, Q ~ K & @ E ~ ~ O E T ~ I a6~@O~TE iv holy. not It will be let go off to him neither in TOGTII) TO at&! O ~ E iv T@ this the age nor in the ~lalhov~~. ionel being about (to come).

1 :


: : !



3 2 ' Or, "order ofthings"

( u l W v ~ ,ai.o'ni),

KB:D > ~ P . 'oh.lam', .ln4.16-18.

MATTHEW 12:36-41



MATTHEW 12:42L47
drou of south

A: : ZL

&ya&O & I m p o O trp&Xhe~ &ya8& goad treasure sends good tresaure lsthruatln~out E O O d lthlnb), out good things,

BvBmyOq o o : f huaupoO CuDhXhs~ n o P& treasure 1 .thrustlnsout w l c k e d 7 t h l b ~ ) . t r e m sends out wicked things. 36 I ~6 A L Y ~ 6s 671 rb b j p a that every I a m saying but to row that every say ng tell unprofitable saying &p b 8 X a h j u o w ~ v 01 &BPWITOI, that men spea, Unprokble whleh wlll speak the men. h o 6 6 u o w 1 v n ~ p l a 6 r o S Myov C v 6pLpp they will render a n concernillg wtllnlve back sbout It word n A au - .- I -. --, it On Judgment K curwq. ST LK y h p r 6 v A6ywv of Edamcnt; out of far the words of YOU 3 7 for by your words 6tralwBjo Kai LK 76" A ~ Y W V uOU YOU wlll be declared YOU wlll be iu$ked, end out oi the words of you nghteous, and by your ~a~a6lrauBjon. words you WIUbe YOU will be condemned. c ondemn~d '' ~.~ 33 T h e n a s a n 38 T ~ T E & h s ~ p i 9 q o w abrQ ~1v2q r6v Then answered to hlm lome of the answer t o him some ypapparlwv Kai , @apluaiwv h i y o v ~ e q Of the scribes and mrfbes and Pherlaeea Baying Pharisees sald: A16&urahc, Bfio~v dnrb u o i ~ oq E ~ O V "Teacher, we want t o Teacher. we are wllllnP from you see a sign from you." 16~iv. 39 b 6L &no~pl8eiq 39 1" reply he said to to see. T h e lone) but havhganawered them: "A wicked and droiq rEwh r r o y p a uai POI aAiq adulterous generation to them Onneretlon wicked and adulkrous keeps on s e e u n g for oqpsiov q , ~ a i url siov s~gn I , aeck and z t t a sign, but n o sign he given it except 608 jusmt aljra EI p 16. q E ~ O Y ' I WV+ will be B ~ t Y o it ~ u ~ the Jonah the sign of Jo'nah TOG 40 6-p y h p qv ' I w ~ q fhe prophet- 40 For the prophet. As-even for was Jonah lust as Jo'nah was in cv 75 roohip m3 r j r o v T d q filrLpw ~~i the belly of the huge m the belly oi the huge L e o days and fish three days and r p ~ i g v l j ~ ~ a go&wq , Lural 6 ulbq TOO three nights. so t h e three nlghta, thus will he the Son of the son of man will be in & v 8 p ~ o utv 16 r a p 6 i p T'F T E~S the heart of the earth man In the heart oflhe tfree three days and three lp6paq ~ a iT cis v l j ~ ~ a g . 41 Civ6pcq nights. 41 M~~ , f days and &me nlphta. Nin8e.veh will rise u p N l v s u ~ b a i& v a u n j u o v ~ a ~ ev r j K I U E ~ In the judgment with Nlnevltea wlll stand up in tlie lusgment and rjq YEYE~S ~ a l j ~ q ~ qa Ki ~ T ~ K P I V O O ~ ~ IV OT~Y. Will condemn it; bethe generation this end WIII condemn it; ETcv6rluav I 76 ~ j p u a cause they repented at what Jo'nah preached. be~auae repented into tho but, look! something 'lwv& nai 1606 rrX~iov ' lwv& of ona ah, and lomk! something mom of Jonah more t h a n Jo'nah

g : n:i',~Y ;~5;~Fz$:~~













~ y c p 8 j o c ~ a lis here. 4 2 The wlll be raised UP of the south t v iu i u ~ l p m d T ~ C YLVE&S ~cni'nlq will be raised up in ~nthe juBgment w ~ t h the generation t h ~ s the Judgment with r a i ~ a T a ~ p t v E ia h + an 6h8~v CK this generation and and wlll condemn It; because sho came out of will it; b e . r6v r ~ p k w v ~8% &y00al T ~ V ( 1 0 0 i ~e a u K she came from the IlmlLs of e esrt o hear the wlsdom the ends of the earth Zoho AVO< ~ a i 1605 nhciov to hear t h e wisdom of of soyomon: an& lwkl sornethlng more sol.omon, but, lwk! r c x o Gvoq a6c. something more than o f soKmon hem. Sol'wmon is here. 43 ' O ~ a v S t ~b & ~ & 8 a p r o v m . 3 a 4 3 "When a n Whenever but the unclean BptrR unclean spirit comes 4 ' h b 709 & ~ 8 e 6;$~zf&y y out of B man, it passes B h o ~ Icome $ out from the through parched 6,' &v66pwv r6nwv CqroOv &v&nauutv ~ a places l in of through waterless places aeeklng restlng-placd, and a resting-plaee, and odx e b p i u n ~ ~ . 44 T ~ T E hiyet Elq T ~ Y ndS "One. 44 Then not it Is Andlng. Then ft h aaylng Into the fi it says. 'I will go back oT~6v pou klorpC w 68ev house of ma Iahsllturn%ack bornwhere I % % % ; which to my house I; moved'; Out and Of ~ a i &8bV sbpiu~sl u ~ o h & ~ o v ~ a i t finds i t and having come It 1s Andlnp unacsupled unoccupied but swept E U ~W ~ ~ O V K ~ I KEKOUpqp6~0v. and having Been swept end having been adorned. 45 Then it goes its 45 T ~ T S n o p ~ 6 m a l ~ a T 1r a p a h a p P h v ~ ~ and takes along hen It goes Its way and takes along with it seven different L m o O & m h Empa w 6 y a movqp6~cpa Inore wicked Itwlf seven different sp rits more wlcked and, after t a u m 3 , nai ~ l u s A 8 6 v ~ a K ~ T O I K E ~ LKE? ~ a than i of itrelf, pnd having entered l t d w e u there; and getting inside, they dwell there; and t h e y i v ~ ~ a a rh Euxara final circumstances becomes the final f c ~ r ~ u ~ ~ t a nof e the c~~ Of that man become &vepimou &KL~VOU sipo ova TGV T~TWY. man that worse of the first lones). worse than the first. OG.rwq a rai T$ YPM" T ~ ~ TT Q h a t is how 't w'll be Thus it wlll be also to the genorat%n thls also wlth this wleked 'fi ~ O W P ? generation." the wleke 48 Whlie -~~ h e was 46 -ETI a d ~ o ~ . h a ~ o ~ TO?< v~o 6xhoiq q [bob yetspeaking t o the Yet c i hlm speeklng to the crowds lookl crowds, lookl his and brothers pfirqp ~ a i01 & 6 r h ~ o iabro0 ~ U T ' K L I O ~mother V the mother and the brothera of him hag stood took u p a position B<w L.qro3vr~q 0 3 ~ 4 hah:ual. 47 JTEV outside seeking to oublde Beekig to hlm to speak. Sald s ~ e a k t o him. 47 So 66 TLS a h ? '16oir 1 p j ~ t l p uou sbmeone said to him: but someone b h l m Look1 The mother oiyou "Look! Your mother E<u i u ~ j l ( a o ~and v your brothers a 01 & 6 ~ h q o i uov and the brother# OIyou oubldc havestood arestandingoutside, here.
42 pauiA!uua



c ":,




MATTHEW 12:48-13:6
< ~ T O ~ V T ~o <o


having risen up it was scorched ~b pi, E EIY the not to beiaving

MATTHEW 13:7-14
~ a i
and throvgh scorched, and because


to you

~ hahiioat.
to speak.


h6y?v?~ a 6 ~ 6answer he said to the savmg to him one telling him: "Who . my T i c i m l v 4 p j ~ q p pov n a i ~ i u s q E!U?V IS and Who is the mother of m;, and who are who are my brothers?' o i &6ahgoi pou; 49 ~ a i tKTE;Yaq the brothers of me? And havine stretched out 49 And extending . . rev x ~ i p aabmG h i ~ o h e pa8qrirq a h a G his hand toward his t h e hand of him upon the disciples of him disciples, he EFrrrv 'lSob 1 p j r q p pov ~ a o i i &Sch@oi "Look! My mother and hessid Look! The mother of me and the brothers my brothers! 50 F a r whoever does the will of NOV' me; 50 8ihqpa TOO r r a ~ p 6 q pov TOG i v of my Father who is will of the ~ ~ oftme h 01the ~ (onel ~ in In heaven, t h e same o5pmaiq, a G ~ 6 q pou &SEX@dq ~ a iilSehq4 is my brother. and heavens, he of me brother and slster sister, and mother." ~ a p i i-p tu~iv. 12 On that day and mother is. I " Jesus, havlng 'EY i ~ d p q C~civn L@A8&v the day that having come out left the house, was i, ' IquoOq ~ f i q o i ~ i a q i ~ & 8 q r a rrapir S'tt'ng by the sea, the Jesus of the house was rltung beside 2 and great crowds 2 ~ a i ouvjy8qoav rrpaq gathered t o hlrn, so T~,V 8&haoua!r the sea: and were ied together toward that he wentaboard a l i ~ a v bxhoc wohhoi, &UTE a h 6 v zi6 rrhoiov a boat and sat down, hun crowds many, as-and ham into boat and all the crowd LpP6Nra naEfio8a1 havins steooed into to s n d a d . t t e was standing On . Then dxhaq h i T ~ Y a i y ~ a M v ~ U T ~ K E , .3 ~ a the i beach. crowd upon the beach had stood. And he told them many ihhhqoev a i ~ o i q rrohhci 6" rrapapohaiq things by illustrations, he spoke to them many (things) in parables saying: A Atywv '16ob bSiih8av i, ~ITE~PWV sower went out to saying Look! Came out the lone) sowing SOW; 4 and as he was TOG ~ E ~ P E I Y . 4 KO? T$ ~ ~ ~ E ~ P E I Y or the to be sowing. And in the to be sowing sowing, some [seeds] fell alongside the ab~bv Ci p v l ErrEoEv him ~hich (ones) indeed feu beside road, and the birds 6S6v, nai th86v~~ T ITETEIY~~ cameand ate them way, and having come the birds UD. 5 Others fell n m i $ a y w a h & . 5 &Aha 6L Errirru~v i r r i ~ i r atedown them. Others but fell upon the ... . . ... . . ." -.-..-. rrerp&Sq 6rrou olin E~XEV 7iiv have much sail, and rockyIplacee1 where not itwashaving earth a t once they sprang m h h j v , ~ a i ~386wq & < m i r ~ c X s v Stir much, and immediately it sprang up through UP because of not TG EXEIY phgoF 6 fihiou 61 having depth of soil. the no to be having depth of ea;th, of sun but 6 But when the sun
having answered said to the Ionel

Lirro~pl8riq s7rrEv


but to YOU." 48 As a n

62 seeking t o speak

&v~TE~?UVTO6 ~n a v p a ~ i o E q


rose they weie

$zb$p $ :;

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A: . :


of not having root they withered. 7 &Aha 6L E r r r o ~ v h i ~ c i g&~hv8aq, nai 7 Others, too.~fell Others but fell upon the thorns, and among the thorns. hvipqoav ai 6 ~ a v 8 a t ~ a d i n h v ~ E a v alirh. and the thorns came came up the thorns and choked off them. up and them. 8 &Aha 62 k ~ o a v ~ 7 j v yQv miv ~ a h j v8 Still others fell Others but fell upon the earth +.he fine uDOn the fine soil ~apn6v, 6 rai tSiSou &d they began to fruit, which (One) yield fruit, this one a and it was giving 6 6L k < f i ~ o v r a p i tnarbv hundredfold. that one indeed one hundred which (onel but sxty the other thirty, 6 6L r p l h ~ o v r a .9 ' 0 ~ X W V g Let him that has which lone) but thirty. The (one) having ears listen,. am 6~outrw. 10 SOt h e disciples ears let him be hearing. came u p and said to o i pa8rlrai him: "why is it you 10 K a i rrpoo~h86vrrq the disciples speak to them by the And having come toward i v use of illustrations?" ~7rrav aljrrj A d ~i in 11 In reply he said: said to him Through what rrapaPoXaiq haXsic, "TOYOU i t is granted parables a~espeaking YOU to understand the 1 1 6 the kingdom of the 'Ypiv 6iSarat p a v a t . .T& puurfip!a To roo i t has been,given to know the mysteries heavens, but to those people i t is not o k :q e paoAciaq .T&V o6pavc3v. BKE~YOI~ 68 kingdom of the heavens, to thore b u t granted. 12 For whoever has, more 06 6iSo~a1: 1 2 b m t c ycip ex€,, not it has been given. whoever for is having, Will be given him an* he will he made to Sa8'o~rar aeQ Kai i t will?le given to hzm and abound; but whoever not have, even rrr iuoru8jor.rat. . 6 o ~ t q- . 62 OGK he to abound; whoevu but not what he has will be taken from him. E ~ ~ , &Pg,mTa, EXEI ~ a i 6 is ha&, also which h e is having *ill bhlifted up 13 This is why I & + aCi-~oO. 19 61& TOOTO fv rrapaPoAaiq Speak to them by the use of illustrations, from him. %augh this m parables alraiq haha, aT, ph&ovrrS o6 because, looking, they to them I am sneaking. -. because lookine at not look in vain. and PXhovo!v &KOljoYTE; OfiK hearing, they hear in they are looking at and hearing not vain, neither do they & ~ o l i o u u ~ v o66L ~uviouo,u. 14 ua) get the sense of it: they are hearing nor they are comprehending: and 14 and toward them &varrhq oOmt a i i ~ a i q fi TrpoQx~eia'Hoaiou the Prophecy Of Isaiah is being &led up to them the prop ecy of Isaiah is having fulfillment, 6 . Aiyqvoa.,. ' A K D ~ &KOGUETE which Says. 'BY the [prophecy1 saymg To hearing rou will hear hearing, you will hear
it was dned





r& 3 ~ a d &v they and be~auao they are looklnist. that whlch (onel but thlrty. W a s 1IKcned the klnsdom to them saulng KaMv before them. TOO al&vo< ~ai 1 harq but the aniiety of this of the ale deoeltfulnesa system of things and ~ o i r nAolS~ou uuvnviye~ rbv h6yov ~ a the l deceptive power of the rlehes choke8 together the word.MATTHEW 13:15-20 end not 72 & r o b oval hearlng It: and 73 s t once wlth JOY MATTHEW 13:21-27 reeefbg i 6 q ~ ~ . thb is the (one) the one sown upon T ~ VA6yov & K O ~ W V xai o w ~ s i ~ 65 the fine soil. . 18 'Y E?< otrv 18 "YOU.root in but 21 Yet th$$r'a. 25 6~ 6 t TO heavens has become UTL~ see$ In the el ofhlm. Qfhvla.. ~ E V O I I L ~ F 6L but temporary la. and turn back. . who the one hearing the word and getting the 6 61 ~aprroqaps? Kai n o ~ ~ i actually bears frult and f msklne whleh (one) sense of it. then enneared the produced fruit. 23 6 unlrultf3 he becornea. 19 Where 19 navrbq anyone hears the word o f anyone %. iwking. YOU will look you wlil look at and not roo should see. Kovra does bear fruit and Indeed one hundred whleh lone) but k'ktY produces. havmg occurred but lora time' and after tribulation or 8hiqmo< fi 61wyvoG 61h T ~ V 01 trlbuletlon or o f wrsecutlon through the Persecution has arisen 22 6 On Of the E W UK&~A~<ET~ I. 22 As for &~&u8aqorrapti<. B hundredfold. v a i ~ o duiv i ~ aptwt ~ ~ K O W ( N K U ~ unreceptive. righteous ones desired to what to see the things uov PXLnm Kai OfiK dsav nai are beholding and did rouerelooklngat snd . P h i ~ l ~ n ~ a i 06 ~ 0 8 % p n & xap&q havp&vov and at once accepting fx~l 6 t biSw i v root it v . A6yov he (one) word he is a t once he is stumbled. The ( m a ) but upon word. hear the things to hear what mo ere hearing and not they heard. M t h e y * & .' and of riches choke the 61 hi bi~apno yiveral. F I V he put e onlslde 24 24 Another fi P a u ~ h i auustration ahiq A L w 'npo169q . he set. this is t i e 6 T ~ V the lone) the word hesrlng end the onxlety one hearin= the wad. then -~ . oversawed weeds in UP through midst a i the wheat and wentoft. : 2 &I 1 MA& np6U~alpbF 6m1v. l6 but happy the eyes are because 671 pXtrrouu~v ~ a i. 16% iedlvq ~ a i T& 'lade fruit maae.9".rd mrp&6rl The IonaJ but upon the mcky Iplacesl sown upon the rocky u n a p r i ~ o h 6 5 6m1v 6 r b h6yov places. thls is the mown. Is the lone) berPde the way aown.andta &KO~UO & I 6 ~ 0 6K U ~ ~O~~ K~ K O W W . npou~h86vrcg 61.o ~Epx~. 17 For because they are hearlng. to" therefore listen to the illustra700 tion of the man that parable sowed.rat ~ klngdom and oom~rehen on -. . alongside the road 20 As far the one 20 6 62 in1 . the other mpl8Ww thirty. " .~ 26 When the " . :.of it. IS earnine does not get the sense Tb . h6yov & K O ~ W Y ~ C l i 4 pIp~pva the thorns."$zE 2 : .q abro0. In but the like a man that K ~ ~ E ~ ~ E ~0 I 1 V 1 &v0p&nouq ~ 1 : ! ? % u ~ to be sleenlng enemy the men 6 the men were sleeping. 2 . among the wheat. Of the lungdom hut Paulheiaq ~ a i ~ u u v ~ i v ~ . . 21 80 the dame iweedsl. and lookbg at the sense of it. and thin. who really pb k~a~bv 6 61. s t once word b r t v stumbled.. obrbq &mrlv 6 the flno earth sown. sprouted and raprrbv &noi UEV. and he 23 As for ~ i ) v ah+ y i v mapeiq. 0 8 ~ 6 away ~ what has been hsvlnB been sown In the heart of him: this sown in his heart: this is the one sown turlv 6 na & n j v 666" mapriq. one sixty.'.' 62 WK&PIOI0 1 6@=h110i 16 s l ~ ~ w e Y happy er. . o h 6 ~ 6L s15 ~ a q thla la the one s o w amona but into the thorns sown. are hearing and did not hear them. $. 15 tnax(N8 y&p 1 ~ a p 6 i a TOO ha00 15 For the heart of Was mads t k k for the heart of the people this pwple has gmm roljrou.i. p j have heard without the eyes of them they closed: not respanse. and oversowed dsme iweedsl his ix8pdq rai LnCmc~p~v S1$6wa tit i e ~~ 1 .then. Of it with their hearts nai lhuolla~ a 6 r o b ~ . and I and I shall heal them. and they nOTC i6wu1v ~ o i s 6p8ahpois ~ a have i shut their eyes. a h 6 v 21 obr not he Is having but In himself / he has no . Amen 1:: they hLyw bpi" drl rrohhoi npoqjmt ~ a I i tNiy say to I am to YOU that many ~ ~ and ~Many pmphets ~ h and ~ righteous men desired 6i~aro1 ~c8ripquco. at any time they mleht nee to the eyes and that they might never iap6iCI see with their eyes TO ~ S *oiv to the ear8 and hear with their ~uvoi~lv Kai ~ T T I U T P ~ U I W U I Wearn and get the sense they mlght comprehend and they mlght turn hick. mci-I having sown flne "The kingdom of the to man of the heavens iv 70 q p $ a h o 0 . tf?.. ~ $2:" 6 P ~ $ ~ ~ ~ e v ~ . this is the word hearlng and oornprehendlns. but by see. enemy came and &v& ~Cuov TOG U ~ T O U~ a lh i h 8 r v . rpl&rovra. and the ears o f ~ o o YOUR ears because &TI drKO1'oumlv' hear. 01 the Weeds %Teared Hav ng come toward but the also. and to the ears feavily they heard. io .."' $ = . and *th their ears they mcs 6e@ahpo~% adr6iv 6 ~ h p p w a v . end notSeethem. . the wicked one 6 nov?lpb~ uai &prrdl<rl the wlcked (one) and snatches the (thing) comes and snatches CmappCvov &v ~i Kap6i. and. heal them.' " . and leR." t ~ 6i:. saying' T ~ V o d p w ~ v&v8p&rrq. this one 8 61. Ulfs h lhe (me) the ward one heanng the word hut K a i ob p muwin ~ a Pi ~ L ~ o Y T E ~by no means get no2 mu ahould eomirehend. .

Kai rrpoojh8w cnhQ a1 into the hause. without an illustration thhhc~ irapapohfiq 036Bv nothine he was speoklng to them.ov TOY hax&vwv ." 37 In response &gpoO. 66 the tiniest of all the of all the seeds.. 6rav 2%. CGpq v : ha!3oGoa to ieavin. v o h o i EIUIV these the the world. Of th8civ . n3v 66 oirov them to the harvesters Collect *rat the First colleet the rai 6 ' o m r ahrh Elq b t o p a t weeds and bind them <lf&vla darne Lweedsl and aind them into bundles in to np6q . h&youu~v O~AEIZ oSlv tmrh86v~vreq did this: They said are raying A= you wllllng therefore having gone o f f him. w&ch 1 8 iwiv the. 39 b 68 the are the Bona ofthe wieke2 (one). And came toward to hlm t h e the house. then. vhlch havlngtaken and hid a in three tODk large ~ l q &AEOPOV U&TU Of flour* lnto of Row acah measurn %?I until the whole mass tCuf68q 6Aov. t h e but wheat gathering the wheat pou. . and apart from illustrations. men thls dl]. and planted in his field. to go out weshould collect them4 The (onel but 8ays and collect them?' uUXXLYOYTEc Th 06. since the founding. 36 Then after 36 T67c &yiq TO^ 6xAouq fih8sv dismissing the hen havlng et go off the crowd.22. 37 b eld. And his p?8~~ai &OS A ~ ~ O Y T E AICTU&~~UOV ~ i p i v disciples came to him dtsciples 01 hlm saving ExpLBlln to UP and said: "Explain < $ < ~ C I Y / W YTOG t o US the illustration T$V ~apafiohfiv TOY the parable of the darnel lweedal of the of the weeds in the 68 hna~p18ric rlrrrv field. in fact. 06 was fermented. n68m otv Exr~ From where therefore i t la havlng darnel Lweedsl? seed in your How.rb rmara0oa1 a h a . 32 8 ofhim: is 32 which is." where Itwas cavened whole.. 01 62 ah@ 28 He said to them. but when it. he would not speak to parable rrhqpw8' T them. 39 and 6 orrcipaq aJr& b r ~ v 6 the enemy that the (me1 h a v l n g m m them b the sowed them is the MFV tu in wh&601q CYi"h%*cY k % ! ? ? . ~ o i qBcploraiq XuhhtSarc apOrov rh 1-11 tell the reapers. And lodging among its of It. ' : : : to them of the ahoiq saving h6ywv 'Ovoia Like ~ i l Y oljpavOv heavens paotkia before them. the but wicked one.. the but darnc 1weed. $3 t k 3 . 01 vloi r " q p a n ~ h c i a ~ T& . and in spwrlntba'tlme of the harvest In the harvest season harvest. The (ones1 but to him enemy. 'Master. that by no chance.Do you want uuhhtSwpev ah?& 29 b 66 qqcrtv then. ah00. branches:' 33 Another illustrarrapupohfiv U&hqocv &oTy S3 'AXhqv Another poroblc he spoke to them. Indeed. 34 All these 34 Taha r i h r a &6rXquLv b "Iqootq things Jesus spoke These (thlnga) all spoke t h e Jesus to the Crowds xwpiq I v rrapapohaiq m i q &xhoiq. the but ta Son of the men. not fine see yousowdl h t h e your eldd did you not sow fine <~C&ta. 68 ~ d b m6p!a." foundmg. thengo to toward the to burnup them... 74 KaTauK 75 to ~ n lddslng d MATTHEW 13:33-39 70Cq the branches a h @ KOplc. The (onel but hsvlng answered laid he . and 9~pcnpo0. . 6l <1$h& the sons of?he kingdom." be gathering YOU lnto the storehouse of me."". aal to the crowds. dame1 iweedsl Yo!ml$lt UProot &ere arlroiq rbv oirov' 30 YOU uproot the wheat Off them the ' . : open my mith &PEG opal K C K P U ~ ~ ~ V ~ illustrations. 35 that there mlght be ful\lled 3S SO 6nwq that the ( t h i g l mieht be fulfilled was spoken pq&v 6th TOG T T P O ~ ~ T O U A ~ Y O V T O whLt ~ spoken through tha prophet ssYlng through the prophet 'AvaiSw tv napapohaiq ~b m 6 p a pou who said: 'I wili I shall open in psmbler the mouth of m . has ah nee pei(. let with them. slaves of the householder came up and oJxi mhbv d F y a knrClpa b T@ U@ &$PC' said to him. saying: kingdom kingdom of the heavens is like to g r a ~ n of mustard. 'No. a man. does i t 6 68 sEXgdq 28 m e ions) but to them Enemy come t o have weeds?' CNBporroq TOGTO h r o i ucv. b X ~ U ~ O S T& . I will I utter (thfngl) having been hldden from publish things hidden na~apohijq. Q Y ouvciyrrr eiq T ~ V& ~ O ~ ~ Y into my storehouse. K ~ K K ~ ) UIV&TEWC havlng taken haPZlv hvepwno~ i c m ~ % v man VIKP~TEPOV $ . ~ sower h ~ orrripwv r a ~ a h h v orripfa I w l v b or the fine seed is the '0 Is the Bon of man: 38 the he (one) nowlng the fine see vldq TOG ~LY~PJTTOU' 38 b 61. ~(ai fv Katp" TOG BLPIU~OS . tion he spoke to them: 'Opoia buriv Paulheia TOv ' 0lipavOv *The kingdom of the Llke is the kingdom of tho heavens is like caven. CI P ~ S IUTIV field is the world. TOTE NO. these are of the kingdom.rh T E T E I V ~ TOO oSpavo0 ~ a i that the to come the blrda of t h e heaven and heaven come and which smaller Indeed pi" . as for the Ane seed.". while <l<&vla KPI I ~ U ~ T E (ips along with collecting the weeds. 'Own it the largest it rnigEt grow greater of the vegetables of the vegetables twiv ral yiva~al 6iv6p0v' and becomes a tree. ntnny time collecting the 29 He said.. In parables arlroiq. he he went clq n j v oiniav.MATTHEW 13:28-32 60Sho1 TOS o 1 ~ 0 6 c m 6 ~ oETTOV u slaves of the householder sald to hlm Lord.l but the weeds are Of the r l u w 01 uloi TOG nov paO. 30 Let ouvauShuco8a1 &v$6rspa both grow together to be growlng togethe? 0th until t h e harvest. rrdrvrov TO" orrrprh~wv. but seeds. the but flne see . It is end it becamel tree. : ~ S I Y ariroD. I .

" of hlm new lthlnzs) and old (things). ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ P 9 : !K:&Y:~ 6 . oi. J1. annn. wlllsend off the d l r k .o'nos).T&V A a a i llke Is the i g d o m of the dom of the heavens o:pwGu i ~ 6 ~ 4 . .'"'.Again the kingand goupht it dom Of the heavens 47 n M t v b o i a t m i v fi Bautheia TOY is llke a dragnet let Again Kke is the kingdom orthe ~ 8M~. whlch a man r i q xap85 a h 0 0 iIm&ye~ found and hid. r a i fi 6 p a m &Q. 43 $Ie and t h e gnashing of o % .one) but him: "Yes. Thue the conclusion Of the E u m ~ tv ~ f i uuv. there will be the weeping and and the Of 6 Ppuxybg TGV d66vrw.t hldden in which having found man and from the field. ml. nai will send forth his Son of the man the sngela of him. i f h e has and buys t h a t & p b v LKE~VOV.e teeth.MATTHEW 13:40-45 76 77 MATTHEW 13:46-52 6t&@oh0~. . said to them: ETTEV aiIro?q A ( & TOGTO-85 y p a p p a ~ ~ J he q "That being the case.n ulbF ~ 0 0 h 8 p h w rob5 &yyLhouq crCtr00. : 8%. they uuhh6 ouolv tr ~ f i q P a u l h c i a ~ .' 52 Then They are ssylng to hlm Yes. 6i~atot K '" Ow'" 5 ' 43 At t h a t time the rlphteous lanes) wlU out pa the righte0uS Ones '0 b ~j Pauthciq TOO n a ~ &ah&.lam'. ol. angels go Out and t<EheISmvra~ 01 &yydot ~ a & i ~ ~ I O ~ ~0 I 55 V will go out the angels and W L 1 separate the separate the wicked from among t h e 1k-hno p ~ b q &K p i ~TSV o ~ 61vaiwv w l c k 2 ionesl out of midst oi the righteous lonee) teaus 50 and will 5 0 r a i @ahoOulv a h o k CIS njv u&plmv cast them into the Into the lurnace fiery furnace. sitting down. tPre . The harvest Devlli the but halvest conolusion is a eonclusian df a alGv6< ~UTIV.o'nos). is like butt5 LIPMXLI K 100 8qoaupoO a man. 44 'Opoia WVfi ! ~ O I A P : O ( TOY O O P C N ~ Let him t h a t has ears Like 1 . krrl d v alylaMv rai ~ a 8 i u w r e < they collected the fine upon tho beach and having sat down ones into but ouv6hrCav T rahh el5 & Y Y ~ . there wlll be the weepkg and the where weelring 666vrwv. when ~ taught h re~ havmg been mndeFesrncr kingdom of the spectlng the'kingdom o6pw&v 6po16q hurlv &v0p&rrc+ o l ~ o 6 e o n 6 r n heavens llRe la to man householder of the heavens. :fi :g I p a ~ y a p i m g . system of things:' t h e it WIII be in the eoneludon of the age. 49 o b ~ w < Ow be in but rotten (ones1 outrids they threw. the threw away. .-. merchant spehng fine --. the kingdom oithe heavens listen. As-even just as the weeds are o u h h i y m a ~ rdr I &la Kal mu collected and burned Is collected the d a z e tweeds1 $ to rarauaisra~ o h < E m a t tv o w E h ~ i q with fire. J'. .. and angels. dom of their Father. 49 That 6 L umph i<o Epahov. - %%". away h e much varued baving gone off went and promptly mhparcv * a 6ua d EY the things he he has sold all as many thing..--. and t h e reapers are hyyrhoi Elolv ' 40 h e p angels. the gnar ng 01the teeth. 51 "Did YOU get 51 ZwfivaTE t h e sense of all these Did you comprehend these (things) things?" They said t o 6P hiyouotv ah6 Nai. hemi is and will throw them m O m p 6 q kd Eora~ 6 uhovepb< r a i where [their] weeping of the fire. and for the joy him he ls gois sway the joy he has he goes 6ua and sells what thlngs many thinga 6. Tho (one) shine as brightly as the s u n in t h e kingixwv dra hrwbro.ahpi from his they collect out of the khgdom kingdom all things ?rhvra r d r &6aXa ~ a l rob< t h a t Cause stumbling the thlnca ceua~nc to -~~~ and the [ones) -u ~ ~~~. ss be was?lsvfng 'Old had and bought it. . In the kingdom of the pather of them. 2%~~ ~ 49' Or. "order of things" (olmvog.aid to them T h r o u ~ h this every scribe every public instrue. having ears let him be headng. a n d doing lawlessness. 01 6i erplomi e l age harvesters smtem of things: the but 1 1 1 . [their] teeth will be.aa~vh rai rrahav5..n??U. b 66 eeplopbq ouvrihcla Devil. oi the age. . " 6 : 0 x 3 .14. NB. i t will be Is burned dowk thua wlll be In the eoncluaron l. . field. "order of thlnga" lolDvo(. $9' Or. new and old. a householder. <qTo:rr K a h o ~ F 1s 11ke a t r s v ~ l t n g heavens totravel~ng merchant seekma file . 'ohlam'. 47 .161n. 44 "The kinpaom to reasure having been hlydeden the &Id.~ ?ro~oOvraq &vopim.rrhriq to0 alGvo<. . i t got full they hauled 6re hhqprje d r v a p t ~ h o m ~ it q up onto the beach w%ch when It was Rllea having hauled UP and. 62 b The . . There is Are. whoever Is throwing out out of the treasure who brings out of his treasure store things ahoO .- -. 45 "*gain theking4S nhhtv bpola Lorlv fi P h t i a . 41 1 0 m r h c i 6 the system of things.f the heavens Sv ebpbv 6v0pwnot E r g y p vai d n b . ahotucv a h o b q el5 ~ f i vvhplvov TOO 42 and they will hey wlll thmw them into the furnace of the pitch them into t h e n u p 6 s ere? Eo~al b ahau0 bq r a i b fiery furnace. ~~UC. 46 u p o n but One finding one pearl of pearls. 811gd1 BIT. Tdg5 k . . 48 When and out of evorv klnd Sstherinzogether. 46 62 Pva pearls. .ow down into the sea and odpwirv o y f i v n Bhq&iog s l njv gathering u p [fish] of heavens to dragnet thrown into the rai t~ m m b < ybvoug w v a y orion. [their] teeth will be.".id the conelusion of TOO al&voq . 'oh. every kind. n o h h l ov -+nch%~ high value.UP~ re~puppk~ ~ 6 i6 PQ. ~ hthe unsultable they they collected the Rne (ones) into vessels. 42 Kai and persons who are dolng iawleaaneaa. . eld that. 40 Therefore. pa8qreu6ci ~ ~ r ~ v ~ tor. .

1 2 Kai she brought it to her end she brought t a k a mother of her. ~ q him. had John in and havlngeent he beheaded John l1 And . he transferred from there.\F:de) and l n his home territory L v ~6 0 k i p cnlra5. To b l r t h d a ~ celebr8tlona but for a prophet. the king out of Baptist. a nlattpr the head of &6e in1 rrivau~ n)v I(EWX?Y ' I ~ h v o u TOG ~ & n t h e&tlst. 54 ~ n d And. OGX "Where did this man wlsdom t h i and the powerful works? ~ o Eet t this wisdom and o h 6 5 Lorw b TOG ~ t ~ r o v o1q~ 1 6 ~ oGx .. these powerful works? t h b lone) 1s the of the camenter son.. becnune ~ ~ o p h e t him h e feared the crowd. p i u y ~ a the l daughter of daughter oflhe Rerodis in the mtds and He. and not lswflll for YOU It is lawful to YOU to be havfn8 her: to be her'" e6k.~~ thou& d he of John the g !3anr1oroO. . &ore LxrrXjouw0at &obq eynag~guoof them. He was raised drnb T&V YEKPOY. did oDv roJrc+ 'raCra rrCNra. 9 rial Awq8eiq b was. 6 Hut y~vop6~1q 700 'HpO6ou h p x j o a r o 4 when Herodl birthday having come to be of the Hcrod . y h p erful works are operDowerfurworks ore o~eratlng In him.ZP. these illustrations h e the parables these. having come into father (place] after coming into ahoir b6/6ao~w aGmbq hr of hlm he wastenehbs them In the home terntory he began to teach them uuvaywy$ a h G u .as danced a t fipsow i t and pleased Herod shegavepleasure t. and hsvlnp come him and came ~ ~~ $2 I . . n 6 8 ~ v are they not all with not all toward us are? where us? Where. -~ .6Jq having lald hAd of MATTHEW 14:4-12 63 Kai CyEvcro (ire LrUlmw b ' uoOq 53 Now when And It occurred when Rnlehed the '3eSU9 Jesus had finished ~ h rc rapabhitt ~ a l j r a ~ ~ E T ~ P E V t l c i 8 ~ v . atxov.1 1 KO] fi~kxeq 4 K E Q U ~ ? the prison' the prlaon. therefore to thle Ionel these lthingsl ell? this man get all these things?" 51 80 they 57 ~ a i L o x a d a h l ~ o v r o at And they wore b e l n g s t u m b l T i e began to Jesus to M ' IqooGq siwcv a h o i q OGK Zmlv r r p a @ i .ro' the wife the woman of Phlltp the brother 01 him: of Philip his brother.. .N d T 6 ~~ D K T E ~ Y U 6@0P/l01 I T ~ V betna wulinz to kt11 he reare the 5 However.MATTHEW 13:63-14:3 78 79 rporfiua '%?. Ma thp nai 01 Carpenter's son? Is the mother of him is b&g laid &rY and the not his mother called &6~hQoi a l i ~ o C ' ~ & K w P oK ~ a L 'Iwul$ ~ a Mary.~&. 12 Finallv rrpooah86vraq ol pa0qrai a h 0 0 l p a v his disciples came hsvlng come toward the dtscblea of him Uf ed up up and removed the ~b n r & p a nai Eeavav arid". . K U ~ 6 t h roho a 1 UP from the dead.te SO much 7 t h a t he 7 6 0 ~ ~ PET& 6puou' promised with a n oath wlth oath fromwhlch Ifastl tw t o glve her whatever ~ ~ 0 h 6 r q u yaG~i 6 0 5 ~ 1 1 a he con erse to hCr to clvc whlfh If ever s h e asked. The canel but hevRs been coached er's coaching. 6 yrveo/o~q 6 i because they took him they were havfng. . And mother. heard the report ~ e r o a the tetnrcx the hearing af?esua: about Jesus 2 and 2 ~ a iaTwcv roig naduiv aG. . . . lonel the astounded and said: ~. . And not heald there 58 And h e did not do many powerful works 6uv6pc1q rrohhhq 6th T+ powerful works many thFoUgh the there o n account of dmkmiav a b ~ & v . danced the was being celebrated 0uyh. them: A prophet is but J ~ S U S to them NO^ IS f o t unhonored except hnpoq rl unhonored If t $ fsth". and ~~1 fivsynav T" p q ~ p i a 6 r f i ~ .ro0 09r6q said t o his servants: and said to the boys of him hi^ '"This the ~ I 'Iwdlvq~ V b P a n ~ ~ oa~ hj by q fiyLp0q 1s Jahn the ~ a p t t r t . E ~ ~ o r i v 00. she lasaulna.' In the house ofhlm. rai tX06vrrg corpse and buried the mrp'l)~and burled hlm. mogia a G ~ q r a i a l Sdpc~q. And hsvlng been grleved the regard for his Paurkirg 61h m b q 6pxouq ~ a i rob< klng through the oaths and the Ionel) and for those with him commanded 60 "vat u~vana~ptvouq t~lAeuu~v be given: recllnlng wlth he commanded to be$ven: It 10 and h e sent and 10 K U ~ n l p q a g &rrrrr@dih~uw ' I w h q v f.him (ixhov 671 npocpi~qv a h b v he wanted t o kill him. OGK 4 Lhaycv b ' l o h q q &9 was raying the John to him Not 4 FOr John had been saying t o him: 'It is EXEIY aGliv. The for ating in him. and was brought the head his head was brought a 3 ~ o jLwi n i v a ~ ! ~ a it668q 7 ' ~ o p a u i v .iSOn On Of n j v y w a i ~ a@~hinnoum G &6hh$oir aGroS ke. then." here upon plate the head . his 55 I :f a&? But A ! :f 14 14 T6v ' l w b q v E61/uw Herod had arrested the John bound John and bound hlm ~ a b i Q v h a ~ ( CITT60ero 61a 'H ~ 6 1 h 6 a and put him away m and in pnson he putoff through ferodlas I). t h e district 'Hp+6 g b 7 ~ 7 p a h pqq 'rviv dr~ofiv ' I u o j IUler. aithougb . 58 Kai oGr trroi osv b r i and in his o m house. t o the maiden. . i 56 ~ a a1i h 6 ~ X q a iariroir and Simon and Judas? Slmon and Judas7 And the slsters of him And his sisters. 8 Then aiTi)uq~at. lack of faith of*di..rqp r"g 'H ~ 6 [ & 6 o q t v TG. . their lack of faith. under he= mothshe mlght ask." 3 For ~ % . Not 55 Is this not the 4 p j r q p abrair XE e r a . said: h b rfiq p q r g a h i q A6q pol pqoiv 'Give me here upon bv the mot!% of her Glve tom. 8 4 68 rr op4paoeciua she. i and his brothbrothers of him James and and els J~~~~and ~~~~~h Iipwv ~ a 'lo66ac. he was raised up Baptist. . rai hiyew ll60ev roGrW fi so t h a t they were and to be S ~ Y I ~ S pmm wherr to th~. 54 r a i th8bv stq ~ a ~ p i 6 afrom there. t ~-~~ t. o3xi n8oal npbg eluiv. C T O W ~ . and through thls the this is why the pow6uv& <$< 6 ~ e p y o j u ~& v ~ 6 ~ 33 '0 . At t h a t 'Ev t ~ ( f v 4 ) ' 6 K ~ I P O ~ ~heard KOYOEY part~cUiBr time In that the appalnted time Herod. as-and to beeslounded them in their mOgue... and from the dead loneal. on a platter and given of hlm upon plnttor and woe glven toyhe malden.rfi @uAa~(.

MATTHEW 14:13-19 they reported back to the Jesus. " : . and ~ a fmha i xvioeq trr' ad-roit n a i i@rp&nzuosv he cured their sick and he felyittu vpon them and he cured ones. have ~ i p 1 ' p i b q ~ P ~ 0 6 ' ~ . Epqpov lonely place for isolaboat into lonely tion. 24 By EKE. fi6q napfihe~v. 06 6vohboq TOSF 6xhovq.$? . rra16iwv.r. The (ones) but are saying to h ~ m 'We have nothing here 0 5 ~ 2x0 Ev SSe ~i p i n & v r r 8provq ~ a but i five loaves and Not we are ! k i n g here if not five loaves and two fishes. twelve of the fragments twelve baskets full. little boys. after ~rlhbyqusv ~ a i nhhoaq t6wum roiq bTe*ing the loaves. dn6huubv ~ o b q . 13 ~t hearing this 68 6 'IqooGg &WEhprlmv i ~ ~ i e e vev Jesus withdrew from but the Jesus wkdrew "Om there I n there by boat into a nhoiq Eiq. nohhobq many from 6 wazg&fi." they are having to go ~ f f : give to them You 17 They ~ said to him: qays?~.rai diselpler the loaves the but disciples to the ciples in turn to the Havrng heard hrriyye~hav r i . of him the other E W ~ . ~ T $ 2 t ~ t : z Z dr:z$'$p $2g! ~6 n ~ p ~ o o ~ Csatisfied. self to pray. he was Of evemng but havmg occurred alone he was there alone. send the crowds away. without delay. 2 : $& OapoEiT~. 25 But in the wmd. already passed by. ~eh~wv. they might buy to themselves eatables.q. five loaves and two Xaphv TOG< W ~ Y T E &PTOUF ~ a TOG< i 660 ha~lng taken the five loaves the two fishes. drvaphlyraq i q ~ b v o 5 p a d v UP to fishes. he went up into the he went up Into the mountain by himKUT' i6iav npaoclj~aoea. 6wiq 62 y~vopivqc p6vog flu it became late. 88 vhoiov ij6q o ~ a 6 i o u g now the boat was there. he compelled fivhynau~v TOGS paen7&q Sppfivq! ~ i q he compelled the disciples to step in into his disciples to board nhaiov ~ a npohyerv i a G ~ 6 v~ i 76 q ntpav. were satisfied. 28 6rr01piadq Having answered no fear. the dispaBqiaig ~ 0 6 q& p ~ o u q oi 68 pueq. 15 But when evening fell his discil5 o ~ ~ $ ~$ t~ n g ples came to him and y ~ v o p l y q npociih9av &rj oi pa&lrai Said: ''The place is having toward tahim the ~EYOVIE~ *Epqw6q ~ T I Y 6 ~ 6 n 0 q~ a 4i 6 p a lonely and the hour is saying Lonely is the place end the hour already far advanced. ha"And having let off i n g s e n t the crowds sIq 6 ~ 0 ~ && " mountain away. spoke the fear. ov and they aboundmg took up the surplus . 27 s69bq 88 Ulhhqoev they cried out. baskets full. t h e boat and go ahead boat and to go ahead of him into the other side. him On foot 6xAol iuoho68quav ah6 rrsr" h b TOW crowds followed to him from the from the is 1. tvavrias ~ 68 &vqioq.." 28 I n reply a m . At once but . t 5 c 5 with the wards: "Take Jesus t o them saying Be taking courage. 21 Yet 21 oi 68 ~ U ~ ~ O Y6uav T E ~ &v6p~q those eating were =he (ones) but eating were male persons five thousand huzi n r r ~ v r a ~ ~ o ~ i h c xwpiq o~ yuvaw&v ~ a i as if five thousand a ~ a rfrom t women and men. crowds 20 ~ a i Eqayov And n & ~ q ~ a crowds i and all ate and were 2 0 So 2:: a001 '$2 drp$fF:t:2 :fie.." 16 However. 80 81 MATTHEW 14:20-28 they ate ail (they) and reported to Jesus. because emg tormented by the waves. 24 Ti. of fragments. and theyllfted U D the kxop~ho9qoav. KT' i6iav nai dr~oljoavrrq oi Bccordtngto private and having heard the getting t o hear of it. 17 ~i 68 ~ t arirrj ~ ~ to eat. T~ fourth the adverse vuyrbq f i h e ~ v np6q ad~oGq fOU*h watch period quha~l watch pe od of e night came toward them of the night he came nspmar&v ini mjv edrhamoav.qrai i66w~rq aG~6v h i T ~ C 9ahdrooq~ they caught sight of disciples havim reen him upon the sea him walking on the n ~ ~ ~ n a r o irapdrxhrrav h a heyovrr~ sea. 'IquoC. crowd. the wind was against . $ . 26 oi Si to them. besides women and young children. and. ft ' i ~ $t. let loose off the erowds. having looked UP Into the heaven a blessing and. dxhouq.r&v nhaopdr-rwv 6 i i 6 ~ ~~a a q i v o u q n h i p s ~ q . felt pity for them.~$. he blessed and having broken he . 25 T ~ r h p r q 6 but them. 23 ~ a i hohrioaq 23 EVentUallY.~ a i ?pav t ~ . f by the waves. 13 'ApGoaq bxho. while he sent the until where hemight let lobseoff the erowds. TI% fei 2 : zt *. that they may go into iva hrrd96vreq ciq ~ & q ~ h p a qt h e villages and buy in order that having gone off into the villager themselves things to dryophuwolv iauroiq p a 6 6 eat. The (one) but said Be bearing here to me. And having commandPd crowds to recline on the grass and took the X:F~V. walking over walking about upon the sea. 19 ~ a i ~ ~ A r G o a q he commanded the to me here them. 6 6 a ~ G ~ o i q Speiq something t o eat. 26 When pa9. and he And havinggone out he saw much crowd. The but the sea. 27 But a t once Woke to them 'Iqoo3q abroiq Aty.. crowds away. saying: "It is snapparition? And they cried out in their E ~ p a t a v . 18 d 62 cInirr~v Q l p e r i said: '"BRING them two fishes.cave to the he distributed them to the disciples. being hard put to it pavl56w~vov TGV K U W ~ T W ~ ." 18 He 660 ix06aq. no euoafearing. The Jesus said to them: 'IJZ$ X E : ~ '"They do not have to leave: give them Exouucv drrreh&iu. And immediately 22 Then. side. but the crowds. 22 K a i El e jq . 19 N~~~ pol 6 6 a ~ b ~ o l j ~ . Though according to private [spot1 to pray. looking he said ixB6aq. coluage. 14 NOWwhen he atleg came forth he saw a 14 K a i ~ l 6 a v r o h b v ~ X ~ O Y great .. the disciples were walking about were troubled saying troubled. The but boat already stadia many hundreds of yards away from land.

'Let him Tipa ~ i r v rra. t h e fringe of his outer fringe of. and ~ P O ~ ~ V E Y K Ca IY hQ K & . "Lola. saying ~ h r a u g h what the d~rclpies disciples overstep the tradition Of the rrapaPaivouo~v ~ j v rrap&Sou~v T&V of you are overstepping the tradition of the men of former times? rrpeopu.esl ' ag? TT~OU&PXOYT(~~ TQ '1qma Then there came come toward the Jesus :? f t o J ~ S U S from Jerusalem Pharisees 'Irpooohljpwv O a p l o a i o ~ ~ a i ypallliar~iq Jerusalem Pharisees and scribes and scribes. the 33 oi 6i: t v r Q rrhoiw . And having recognrzed him the 35 Upon reeognis Civ6p~q 700 ~ 6 r r o u t ~ c i v o u &Tfm~lhav ing him the men of male persons of the place that sent off that sent forth ~ i q6h v *Iv TTEP~XWPOY into all t h a t surinto whole the . when he 'Hoaiaq h i y w v 8 '0 habq ofiroq TO?< said. 'Honor your father and your . the Jesun. ~i &imaoaq. saying: 2 'Why is i t your hiyourrq 2 A r h . and all thase who touched It were ~VCNTO 61~oSRqoav. 3 In reply h e said 3 b 6i &rra~pseeiq s i r r ~ v ah^?^ them: "Why is it =he (one) but havlnganswered raid to them YOU also overstep the Ach ~i ' ~ a S iI E i q rrapaPalv~~ T ~~ V of ~ h r o u g h what also Tau are overstemlng the because of YOUR tradiivrohiiv tion? 4 For example. tradition.' 34 And they gat y t :is revvqoapir. " mot er Glit which if ever out of me he honor Sq~hqe?k 6 oh p i TIIII~UEI T ~ W his father at a l l ' And you might get b k f i t .. i 07 I1pO~~ai. Immediately but the Jesus &KTEIY~~ mEhhpeTo stretching out his having out hold hand Jesus caught a l i ~ a i r ~ a i AiyEt ~htj O ~ U Ehold of him and said o£. they do men? ~ o t they are washing the not wash their hands when about to eat a 8rav tipTOv . Up the boat. and. and.MATTHEW 1429-36 82 83 MATTHEW 15:l-10 62 b n i r p o q d = ~ va h ~ QKljpte. meal:.Whatever I have by "05 iiv ~ i x q 76 1 ~ a ~ pi l I 7which you might get who likely might iay to the father or to a e me a I 1 q ~ g i A&POY 8 thv 6voO gift dedicated t o ~ o d . ~ I ~ ~ U K O Y 616au~phiaq T E ~ they are revering me. across and came t o 35 ~ a i yv6vrr~ adTi)V Oi land in Gen.ret. ~ a h G qh p o q j r s ~ o c vV E P ~ hpfiv aptly prophesied ~ypocrites. command me to come toward you upan the waters. and having started got afraid and. 36 ~ c l i rraprnhhouv 36 And they went having. bhim saying Truthfully of God Son youare. ~ a i invpLjucrrr ~ d vh6yov word of God invalid father of hlm: and you invahdated the word because of TOO BEOS 61h T ~ Y mp&6001v Ow&. to him: "You with little faith.the outer garment of him.rraph6oolv tradition O!?OLT? ir av.. 62 ALYETE his father or mother: t o death let him decease. ear nto Gennesaret. save 1 1 % 31 rh86wq 62 6 'IqooOq me!. why did you SIC. And 10 W ~ t h that he rrpoo~ahsohprvoq rbv d ~ h a v Eirrav a 5 ~ called ~ i ~ the crowd near havlng called toward the crowd he said to them and aald t o them hen The 1 l5 I? ' 2 ke 5:: c z i. 'Oat did Obeisance 34 K a l S i a r r s p h o a v ~ ~ q fih8au hi r j v to him. 06 virr~ovral T&< For example.h e o m m a n d m ~ t of the God God said. 30 phrnwv 62 T ~ ) Y & V E ~ O went Y toward Jesus. if i t is YOU.o.nes'a. Looking at but the wind 30 ~ u looking t at t@opieq ~ a i &pt&prvoq the windstorm. after ~ a r a r r o v r i ~ ~ a eixpatcv al h i y w v Kljplt ~ 2 x 6 ~ to sink h e cried out saying ~ o r d : rave starting t o sink. "6ppw & r i i x r ~ &ir' two? 9 p & v ~ 82 9 It is in vain t h a t far holds off from me: mvJn but they keep worshiping me. duo1 as many as touched were saved through. bread they may eat.rrwv. 31 Immediately me. finely pra~hesled about You =bout you. c i o b 8 Peter said t o him: but the Peter s a d to him Lard. because they 06Povrai pc.. yet their heart is lips me honois. you but are saying . surrounding country rounding country. and they were entreating " . brought him brought toward him a11 those who were ill.whoever says e a v h ~ y T E ~ S U T ~ ~5Wii~1siq . 32 ~ n after d they got O f them lnlo the boat abated the wind. getting down having stewed dfrom the boat Peter r r r p t ~ r r r b q o ~h v i T& 6 6 a r a nai ijhezv rrpirq Off the boat.ripa ~ a iTtiv vqrbpa. garment. ~ ~ a i a b 7 brronptmi. teaching teachmgs teach commands of 10 K o i men as doctrines "' tv~hhpara &vepLj. 15 6i~z : ~ ~~ % T H Z 2:: =%yc th. r r p o o r ~ l j ~ q o a v The (ones1 but in the boat did obeisance 33 Then thase in t h e ahrQ h i y o v r r q 'AAqB&q 8eaO vibq ST. not not he shaH hanor the so YOU have made the r r a r i p a airrpir. Exov~aq. K & ~ E U U ~ 116 Y i \ e ~ b TT&F c d h i ~h 6 6 a ~ 0 ~ . TOO e ~ o f i thf&. .him : a n d issayins to him One with little fiith. if you a&. . command me to eome t o you over the 29 6 waters:' 29 He said: the f t : ~crraphq 6 705 rrhoiov n i ~ p o q"Come? Thereupon Peter. saying: "You ~ n d having got through they upon the are really God's Son. haphvrwv into what doubted you? And having stepped up give way t o doubt?" a h ~ & u si rir rrhoiov 6 ~ 6 r m U ~ u d Crv~poq.iipwu. he h e became feilful. made completely well. they might just touch npdorri60v TOO ipa~ioV a l j ~ ~ cKaj . e n e v e . 32 na. t h a t reviles father Be honoring the father and the mother. commands of men. he cried out: "Lord. entreating him t h a t ~va v6vov &*wurat T d ~ in order that only they might touch of the. 8 'This People Isaiah The People this tothe honors me with their ~ ~ i h m WE i v TIP@ 0 : 6 t ~ a p 6 i a ari-rGv lips. 7 You of the God through the tradition of ran. t h e but heart af them far removed from me. hypocrjtes. 4 mother'. Or end up in ~ a i '0 mnahoyfiv n a ~ i p ai l v q ~ k p a death: 5 ~ u you t and The (one) saying bad a t father or mother say. walked walked about upon tne waters and came toward Over the waters and T~)Y 'IquoO~.

a man " man. . hlyouu~v a 6 ~ G OtSag saying to him Lunav6aAiu0quav. 20 ~ a t r & ~ M I V false testimonies. 22 And. hen having answered masters. Out of 32: heart example. i lnto the parts of Tyre and of Sldon. &roriuavrr havtnghearh 13 b &v the xnow you h6yav word that the BTI . If.iqu& pc.' blind (one) but man guides a blind T U P X ~ V & h ~ 66rlyG. the -Have mercy on me. then. thieveries. v hut it the man. pol ciat rropv~iat ~Aonai. 21 4 6 t slnrv Nai. at hearing what you w e r e s t u m b ~ ~ d ? said?" 13 In reply 62 honp. the but a but to t&e a &vimotg ~ p u i v q a y ~ i v 06 K O ~ V O ~ '6" meal with unwashed to unwashed l a n d s to eat deR1ea the hands does not deflle &v0pwrrov. The Iwomanl hut said Yes.~. .ons came out and those out m c r y l n g out saying cried aloud. saying: "Lard.rrg 'Arr6Auuov a d ~ j v ." having been i o n of house of Erael: 25 When . &Ah& b h r r o p ~ u 6 ~ s v o man. &IL~~TP tic O Iman. 23 b 6 L o k &mnpiBq a6r6 h6yov. fornxcstion'a. cig &pSpi.rpot 'cT?m 0 'uov ?r:v the iiiustrstion plain Pcter sald to him ~ a e p i a i n to us to US. P K T O P E U ~ ~ E M &K TOG u ~ 6 ~ a ~ PK o g ~ f i qthe thlngs proceeding c o m l n ~ f o r t h out of t h ~ mouth out of. he did not say a word oi wa8q~ai a h 0 0 in answer to her. In me'" hnorpl&ig rlnsv OGr Emtv rahbv haPEiv havinganswered said Not is Rne to take answer he sald: 'It in &v &PTOY ~ r 3 v TEKVOV r a i PahciY ~ o i q not right to take the the bread oi the children and to throw to the bread of the children and nuvapiolg. withdrew 22 Kai [Sob ywij Xavavaia &rrb rhv bpiwv lookl a Phoe. . out of the LSLp~ovral S~aAoyluvoi novqpoi q6va1.Bdg E T ~ Vn&oa he Said: "Every Plant The (one) hut hsvinganswcred said Every that my heavenly Quraia fiv 0 3 ~ 6q6rruoev b rrarilp gou Father did not plant plant which not planted the Father of me will be uprooted. b-ause she keeps 24 b 62 h o ~ p l e ~ i~Tncv ~ Obr =Ving Out after m e (one) but having answered said Not 24 In answer he said: "I was not sent forth T& h r u r h h q v el g i riq r& r r p 6 p a ~ a T if no into the sheep the (ones) to hut to the lost . 26 hut to him. both will fail blind (one) ii ever he may guide.." 15 BY P68"vov r n q o j v m l . Lord. .the out of the mouth rap61ag i < i p ~ ~ ~ a l K & 1 ( d V a KOIVO~ T ~ V come out of the heart. hhoh6m oivou 'Iu a i h 26 sheep of the house Thcl)one) nf ~. rai OUY~ETE. euvkrqp pou K ~ K O sat ~ O Y ~ < I T ~ I . The lone) but said Point also wlthout understandbpciq &o6uc~oi LUTE. 14 t the heavenly wl 1be ~KBMAET~I. 18 T st discharged Into the Into sewer i t h m w n o u t ? . w r d . Blind b oGp&v!og &pl<w8jocrn1. son of David. 2 1 Kal LSEhBdv PnriBnr Jesus now withdrew And havlnggonaout from them t k into the Part8 of TyTe & O ( ~ ~ ~~ Oi N g T& pipn T6pou ~ a ZISGVOS. and Si'don. . row without mrnprrhcnalon are Too? i 2 t ins? 1'1 re YOU not vocire 671 d v 76 cimopm6govov aware that everything entering into the aware are 10" that everything the entering passes ~ i q76 u ~ 6 g aE ! < T ! ~ Y ~olhiav X O P E ~ r a i into the mouth i n t i the b e l . ~6? LheoGua ~ P O ~ E ~ Y E a6TO I ~ L Y o u the ~ ~woman came she but 68ving~ome wssdolngobeisanct to him laying began doing obeisance 62 tfg. 1 1 06 "Listen and get the Be you heanng and be comprehending. cations. 19 &a ~ a p S i a g defile a man 19 For man.." 16 At this he'cian ~ n look1 d woman Canaanite from the regions from those L~eivov L EheoGua EKpaCcv hiyouoa reg. Bhe said: "?. and began to request were requesting hlm s a y ~ n g Let loose off her.m 2. ." &"epwnov. biasphemies. came up npauCh86vr~g oi g d q r a i and said him: 'Do having come toward the disciple.' A K o ~ E ~ . 28 ~ b r e &no~pl8ei< ~ f t h e lorda of them.k :g . These 1s T& rolvo0vra 76" bEpwrrov. 21 Leaving there. 16 b 6t dwav ' A ~ g j v~ a i "Are you yet parable. murders. 20 These false teatlmonlee. throw it to little little dogs. Into into a pit. rGplr vibg Aauri* on ~~~d son of David. not sense of it: 11 rb ~iurpx6gevov rlg r b -6pa K O I V O ~ what enters into the lthing) entering lnto the mouth defiles mouth defiles a ~bv &v+pwrrov." 28 Then crumbs the (ones) yltxiov T ~ Y r r ~ m b v ~ wOmb v Ti15 TPF~$G falling from tho . him: "Send her away: h t u e s v fiphv. hut the (thing) comingforth proceeds out of [his] LK TOO m 6 p a m g roOro ~o~va rbv i mouth that a out of the mouth this (thlng) defiles the man.. f a n sduberie. dogs. heart comes. You let gooff guides ts what they a h 0 6 7 rughoi riew b6 ai mqMg 6 t are. 6m KP&<~I hffaw =he keeps crying out behind us. 15 'Arroupl8~i< 6L b way of response Peter prt WLU fall. I ~ ~~- $ y : b$22ng tone) $2 the little dogs do eat of the crumbs from the table of their TGV rvpiwv a6rr3v. a blind them: blind they are gu?&s. 12 Then the man. H~vlnsannwered but the said to him: ni.Israel. h nssses =long and into the intestines and . phauqqpial. out: and thaae (things) defiles the and those things hv0pwnov. demonized." 23 But Tlle lone) hut not answered to her word. The RhhW) but sewer? 18 However.My daughter is badly daughter of me badly is &monized.' murdera. heart come wicked come out reasonings wicked. 14 LET them be. d 6 t are the things defiling the (things) denling the man. . reasonings. . blalphemres. So rrpweh8bvreg nai And having come toward the d l s d ~ l e a of hrm his disciples up fipd~ouv alrrbv ACyov. saying: ij 'E?. adulteries. +-beveries. oi Oaplaaiot know that the pharisees Pharisees stumbled % 1 +~u601LapruPia~. . K ~ P I E .

the 33 x a i hhyovolv ~ G T $ 01 ~ 1 a B ~ ~ n a6 i e ~ v disciples said t o him: And a r e saying to hlm the dlsclples Fmm whers "Where are we in this fipiv i v Lpqpiq &pro! s o o o h o t &UTE lonely place going t o to ua in lonely place loaves so many as-and get sufficient loaves of Magadan. ta L e d the heaven. And Eame toward 30 'hen great crowds approached him. they are hnvlng whet they might eat. as-and the crowd to feel wonderment crowd felt amaeement saw t h e d u m b Bhhovraq K W O ~ ~ )\dohaS ~ ( they ~ i seelnp dumb (ones) spcaklng and speaking and t h e lame walking and the xwhok rrep~rrmohrag uai .5~ 8 d v 'lo&. sendhe got into the boat and came the 'Pgions of Magedan.'' not s t any tlms they rnlght glve out In the way."k% he broke and was glvlng to the disciples. IanY 3 xai '?"day wlnter: b Ere-red weather today.. seeing: and they glorlned the God ofhrael. from t h a t hour on. and as And ate all (they) and were aatiafled.*q &pa< i ~ c i v q q . uai XLym to satis@ a crowd of 60 much? And I8 anylns this size?" 34 At this to satisfy crowd 6 'Irlooirq n6oaug & p ~ o u qJesus sald to them: &roiq tho Jesus How many Loaves $'How to them many loaves 6L elrrav have YOU? They said: EXETF. 38 Yet those eating they?Pi?.~ bv6prq xwpiq male persons apart from 39 K o i h o h w a q ~ n having d let loose . TY hob$. Out on the road." 35 So. Jerua came besfde the sea after going up inta rahchaia~ n a l &vap&q the mountain. because ahen y three days t h a t they have rrpoo~ivouoiv pol rai ofir stayed with me and they are rcrnalnlng toward to me and not they have nothing t o eat. ST."ws. diretples the but disciples to the crowds. may poss~biy give p TOTE t~huBi)ucv t v TR 660. O f YOU the fslth: le ll happen to you as let it happen to you eQh~l$ ~ a i 1 ~ U Y as ~ YOU P wish: ~ n her d YOU are wl Ins.and a few 1xO56na. hobq Isme lonrsl welklng and blina lonesl blind seeing.rAv and Said: "I disc~plea of hlm said I am feering pity upon the for the emwd. 'It hkYETe 5['Qylias yrvopkvm I1 f evening having occurred you are naying w111 be fair weather. 6poq L~68q. The indeed h u t glwmy-looking' 16 g$ h. 2: $ $ : : j:: f:d" .[<. rai Seven. and little fishes. and they glorified the God of P h i r r o v r a ~rai i66<aoav r. Otherwise. 30 ~ a wpouiih8ov i rnountatn was sltttng there.. P9 32 '0 6 i 'lqooirg rrpoou&o&pewq ~obg ~ d The but Jesus havinecalled toward the h Pity p a 8 q ~ h sa h o t flrrrv I r r A a y vi<opa# i r r i . rai the boat. and many h~6pouq rroAAoOq. the disciples p a 8 q ~ a i g 01 6+ p a 8 q ~ a i 7oig (ixhoig. afh ~ h &prouq rai m b g ixeljaq rai ter offering thanks. rru phret Pair weather. and he cured beslde the feet of him: end he cured them: 3 1 so t h a t the a C l r o 6 ~31 dorr r6v bxhov 8mp&ua1 them. o f h e r fmm the hour that. 76 p i tv h e sky is fire-red. EdGia. 'It =poi T'prpov xr~poiv rru p&@t will be w'ntry. bplnd. w r ~ootirov they took u p seven and the sgoundlng provision baskets full. 35 rai little fishes. and they n a p & T O ~ S ~166aq a l i ~ o t ~ a i C ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ E U U E Ythrew them at his feet.1 ' $.T& rrhoiov. 29 Cmssing country 29 K a i pr~aDhq Lrci8ev there' Jesus And havlnc gone seroaa from them t t e lmm next came near the 'InmSg fihetv r r a h n j v 8 6 h a o o w sea of Gal'i. blind. for and at mornlns -V&&OV 6 obpw6g. rai Ep~ylav a d ~ o h q different lone81 many. ij61 f i t T P E ~ S it is almady three crowd. 01 are hevlng'~oo? The Ionell but sald "Seven.rolq 00 eBhw to let loose off them fsrllng not I am wililng. and $& ~ yuvatri)v ~ a na16iwv. and they cast them. 33 However. tnrh 09upi6aq rrh. And seer instructing t h e rrapayyciha ~ i ) bxhq & ~ n e n e i v crowd b recline upon having orderci t o the crowd to fall backward the =ound.fieKZ::.MATTHEW 15:29-33 86 87 MATTHEW 15:34-16:3 b 'iqooirg elrrev ahfi ' f l ybval lleydrXll Jesus said in reply the Jesus aald to h i r 0 wornan. and want to send them away fasting. because tl~hov. and havlng gone up was sitting there. 31 And all ate and 31 ~ a Eqayov i ~CNT~F ~ a i lx o ~ ~ & o 0 q o a vwere . he Galilee. In turn t o the crowds. And was healed the daughter daughter was healed & r i g 6m6 . ahrQ Kxhol rrohhoi Zxovrrq p ~ 8 ' t o u r & him many haulng ~ t t h themselves having along with them people t h a t were xwhobq. great b her: .:~". They &rroMoat adrobq vjo.". they asked h'm I a 6 6 o u ~ a ? o tneaph<ovr~g hrqpoirqoav adr6v to display t o them Ssdduceea tempting requesled upon him S'gn from heaven o q ~ i o v t u 700 06pavoir t ~ ~ 1 6 r i c a a 1d ~ o ia ~ akn out of the heaven to display to them. ~ ~ Mwa6hv. olipav6s for the sky 1s fire-red'.J : % " ..?.?G%%h* 1% .$23."d up seven provtston basket. satisfied. maimed. Isme. Israel. i women and Httle boys. lame.lee.young and besides 38 ~ h 01 (ones) o but 62 608iovr~q eating ?oav were T four ~TP thousand ~KIUX~~~OI ?jZu : k . 'Err~k. 3 and a t mormng. surplus of fragments rai 7 . 36 h e h i yiv 36 n a P e v robg took the seven loaves upon earth he took the and t h e fishes and. ~ 16 Here the Pharisees and him. h e seven loavaa end the fisliea and broke them and began f r h a o ~ v ~ a i t6i6ou 7oig distributing t o the i%$~?$..O Oou 4 rrioms rfyejrw Sot d% great i s your faith. :$ ~ o p r h o a l KxXov ~ o o o O ~ o v34 . 2 i n reply he sald 2 b 62 t m a ~ p l 8 e i q ETTTW a d ~ o i ' j to them ''[[When The (one) but havlng answered soid to them evenlng falls YOU are accustomed t o say. ose * . and. and I do not ~xouolv 7i 9drywolv. m b c bxhoug tvkh the crowds he stepped I n f i h 8 ~ v ~ 1 5 T& 6p1a cams into the regions ~ d ~ n the g crowds away. were four thousand &ti. $ $ ! ~100my-100kln~ the heaven.

h p o ~ . I am?' 16 I n but whom me are YO" . 5 Now the disciples 5 Kal Lh86vrq at pp@rai el5 r b And hevlngeome the drselnles into the c r o s r e d t o t h e o t h e r nhpav hrrhOr8ovro h p ~ o u g ha@riv. it: Overpower it. YOUare this EI nPeter. Then cees: 12 Then they o u v i ~ a v 671 obu E T ~ E V T T P O U ~ X E I ~&rrb Rrasped t h a t he said they srsaued that not ha said to be attentive from to watch out. nor 9 DO YOU not yet see the point.a~ s a ~ d 14 They said: "some say John the Baptist.MATTHEW 16:4-12 88 89 MATTHEW 18:13--19 npkwrrov TOO oGpwoO YIY*OKETE YOU know h o w t o inface 01 the heaven rou are knowing terpret the appearance 6la~pi~El~ rh 6b uqj~ria T ~ Vof the sky. becaw loaves not YOU have no loaves. and upon ~this k n are oim60pfim ~?. ~ a i ~ a ~ a h l n b v a h b g &. 18 ~ and1 & y but 66 b to 001 you amsaying h 6 ~ 0 that &TI you o b heavens did. 17 response Jesus said to Having answered but the esus Iivlng (one). ' di(leienf(0nea) but Jeremiah one of the prophets. with little faith? Exere. And having left behind them he went off. and keeps an seeking for a but no sign will o q y i o v 00 6 0 8 j o r ~ a l a d r e ri p' 76 oqkdov sign. son of . 1 8 .Jesus went he war requesting the disciples of him raying asking his disciples: Tiva hdyouo!v 01 Ervepwrrol EPvat rbv "Who are men saying Whom are saying the men to be the the Son of man ui6v son of ro the 3 drv8p~mou.Hlah. shaahi. still The lonesl Indeed ~ X A O . reasoning among yourselves. sees and ~~~$~~~ fE2$2 fjgz: aesus E% s%e'~~~~~~~ Yau d 2 ~ : ~ ~$ '~ 2 ~~ nk 2 ~$ : : er 'UWv 6t ' oo65 T& 1s Now when he Aa~Ingcome but t t e into the had come into t h e phpq Ka~oapiag ~ f i ~ Othirrrmu pa* of CaeS. RB. and gates my congregation.:: E . whatever you may Cni Ema~ y o . . d%e$ % :$ >zer $2 2% . I say t o YOU."1'. a n d D. but my . 12 r6rr pharisees sadduPharisees and Sadducees.v &ruhqoiw. who do 'Y ~ i g 62 r i v a p~ A~YETE ETYCLI. . r a i rrirhat rack-mass I Wul build I wtn build o me the eongregauon.rT.ill be bind o n earth will be D D 4s.t o them Be and YOUR eyes open and % 't E %riSees and Sadducees. rrpou6 rTe 6i &L. J1.though..8 yvobg 8 6 'IquoGg along: 8 Knowing we took. but the to distinguish. 15 htyrl a d ~ o i q 15 He said t o them: or one of the prophets He b saying to them "YOU. oi 68 61doyi<ovro 7 sothey began to and Sadducees. $ . 18 ~ i s o . caesarea 01 the ieityl of Philip fi+paeq~hg hdyov Phi~lip'pi. but for the 616axfiq r 6 v Oaptoaiwv r a i ~a66ounaiwv. Oi .ygzs . hlm: 'Happy you are. 6" roig [it] t o you. teaching of the Phariteaching of the Phsriseea and Sadducees. heevens. e f Jonah.='a part. od6t YOU roo are h&g? ~ oyet t are aware. % e 1 s h a u g i ~ e to YOU the keys of the kingdom 0 1the heavens.21. the but mgns of the signs of t h e times YOU ~atpdv 03 61jva~e~." . of ~ a d e s not will overpower . he given it the sign not will be given to it if n 3 the sign sign of Jo'nah. not for ." $ Eva T&V npO@q~&!J.. 7. the Father of me the lone) m the ~~t~~~ is in the aGp&ait. + i < the leaven of the l e v e n of the loavcs but from the loaves." ~ a hi 6 6 0 ~ ~ a i ' ~ l v . 9 oGnw VOE~E. ETmv -id tohim ah6 MHWPY a~hploc zr. . saying: "We did in themselves saying that Loaves not not take any loaves Lh&pop~v.aYing to be? YOU aimon Peter 16 hrrorpler~56L xipwv nhpog cirrrv ~ ~ ~ i but ~ slmon g ~ peter ~ ~ s a d ~ said: ~ *YOU ~ ere ethe d 1 5 EI 6 x # m a g 6 ui6g 706 BPOO TOO Christ. others E.]] 4 revrh Cannot interpret. dp< nai a i p a OJK Cmc~OrXuQb UOI because flesh and b e e a w flesh and blood not revealed tovou blood did not reveal 6 r r a r i p pou .'8-". 6 Jesus 68 ' I uoug ~Tlrav &TO?$ 'Oph~e r a i said to them: "Keep but .that he went away. See A 13 "" 2 : .rd.iav others Jeremiah or others but Eliieh. SL 'Hhriav k c ot 6 L 'Ispsp. man? 14 The 01 (ones) but 62 ~7. O f Ha'des (@au.p mptl*. because dh~ybrtmo~ 6rt irprouS ones of little fdth.. The Loaves along. ~ a i w~&ed and adulterous ~ l g n iaseeklng.psiov hr~<q. 4 g <(lpqg ~ i r v "Ot to YOU? Be rou azentlvc but from the Leaven of the loaves? But watch Out for t h e leaven of the Oap~uaiw rai Z a 6 6 o u m i w ..11 appointed tmea not roo are able.dzq o . " 17 ~n &~OKPI~E~C 68 6 '~?(JoOS <&nag.&. or do YOU not remember the flve loaves in the ease of rrrv~a~lwxlhiwv ~ a i n6ooug ~o9ivauq the five thousand and five thousand and how many baskets many baskets f h h p r r r ' 10 01561 rob< t r h biproug YOU took up? 10 Or you tookt Nor the reven loaves the loaves 6 rerpa~~u~lhiwv~ a i n60ag in the case of the of the four thousand and haw many four thousand and how many pro~ision ogupi6ag LhhpeT~. The (ones) but were reasoning reason among themb iawoiq M y o v r ~ g 6 ~ 1 'Ap~ovg O ~ K selves.i5 the T&V tivwv & A A ~ h i . . Having known but the Jesus this. g f '$5 Se rz. 19 1 will give you the 19 6600 uol r&g Kh. them behind. ~ ~ ~ $ b l n d upon . hoi'dou). and the gates of Ha'des' 660" 06 K ~ T I O ~ G U O U O I ~ d~fi5. the Son of t h e You are the ghrlst the Son of the God of the living a o d .8.r~jhe€v. .B.d. Jesus said: "Why rhcv Ti 61ahoyi<~oe~ &v t a u ~ o i g are YOU doing this said Why are You reasoning In one snothbr.rc.' With 'Iwvh. 6 b side and forgot t o take other side they forgot loaves to toke.S ~:j w&.1 1 ~rovislon baskets rou took? How not baskets YOU took up? How is it You do vori~e 8r1 ob n ~ p i Ciprov rfrrov aware are YOU that not about losvea I talked not dlscern that 1 did to about bp?v.]] Generation 4 A wicked and generation novtlph ~ a ip o l x d i g q.

but those of 7a T&Y ~ p h w v . 'Ihr0< o o ~ u6ptr oir p t E=al ool ~you ~ will d . 27 pfhhat ylrp 6 uibq TOO bem* of man is destined to of him$ Isabout for the Son ol the in the glory Of F. ~ n d look! was seen and E'lY'ah' a l j ~ o i qMwuorjq ~ a 'Hhfia5 i U W A ~ X O G Y ~ EVET' ~ to them ~ o s e s and Elijnh conversing with conversing with 1 3% 3 ? i ose ge ea~&~o~ 17 l7 ~ .n aljpmiq. not God's thoughts. 26 For what d.' 24 T ~ T E 6 'lqo03q ETTTEY TO?< p a e q ~ a i q 24 Then Jesus Then the Jesus said to the dtsciples Said t o his daclples: &TOO E i T I < 8lXe1 6rripw pou kh0eiv "If anyone wants to of him If anyone $8 willhg behind me to corn. takeaalong the and James and John ' iqooGq rbv ~ E ov T nai ' I & ~ o p o vnai 'lwhvqv his brother along and Jesus the and Jamea and John broucht them UD into -~ a lofty mountain by ~ b v & W & v shoo. 28 Truly I nphctv airro0.r pnrtlc~plr. and rai h a ~ r a d f i v a l rai fip&q on the third day h e and to be killed end t o % day raised up. sfnke' and stake of hlm and let hrm bc fduowlng to me.raO 6 5 6 sun. C5pfim1 -4". 21 From that ' 21 ' A r b r 6 m fipcara 'IquoDg X ~ d tiq me 'OrwaM Jesus Fmm then started Jesus $rist Christ commenced 6a1rw3a~v ~oiq 8Tl to be s h o w ~ n to the that showing his disciples 6ei aljrbv clq 'Irpou6hupa dmd8eiv that he must go Jerusalem and suffer it itlnecessa~y htm into ~~~~~~i~ to many things from t h e ~ a i nohhh rra&iv &b Ti)Y and many (thinpsl to suffer from the older men and chief rpcop&pwv nai & p y ~ p i c a ~ a yip a p p a ~ i w v Priests and scribes.. not no wlll be to you ~ have this ldestinyl TOGTO. 6rla of atrofi him ~became Y~VETO h ~ u r l r O< ~b +q. and his outer and shone the face of him as the garments became And. xcoEal b ~ f i 6 6 t n roS n a r @ ~ ahpO to coming in the glory of the Father of him his Father with his p e ~ h T&Y &yyLXuv a 6 ~ 0 0 . 3 na1 i6ob ii@q appeared t o them ~hitea s . i i r i forfeits his soul7 or tha but soul of htm might forfett? Or What what a man give 6 6 ~ s6v8pwn05 ~ &v:$. in the heavens.h. ~ a b i a+t~€ a lh k the brother of him.h." n perf*c t psssl\. And havlng taken toward him aside b n L ~ p o qfirtaro ~ I T I P B V a d r Q ALywv rebuking him. the T= but 6 L outer 1p garment. saying: the Peter s srted to give rebuke to him saying . 21' See A p p 3c. Satan. nai T ~ T E angels. Toic heavens. and then will recompense each dm06&url t~dlmw KC IT^ T?V one according t o his he will give back to each one aeegrding to the behavior. 23 b 6& mpcl+~iq at 23 But' this.Y not rnleht .eiuETa.~.d mightlare ihe of him onaccountof me it. mountam iatty scmrdinn to private I S W ~ I ..this b ~ Peter took him to be raised up. *men x sm saylng to roo that " Of those e b i v TWEF TGV &EL ~ ~ S T o iW ~ ~Y 06 v g are are some of the [ones1 here standing who not standing here t h a t will not taste death a t . h e was transflcured them.Be kind yourself." !3authsiq &DO. 22 ~ a i ~pooXap6pevoq a 6 ~ . said to behind me.. e thing bound' th Ieomething) having been bovnd io the heavens.a IV. Chrisb.rh r o ~ 70" are minding the (things) of the ~ o d but YOU think. Lard.MATTHEW 16:20-24. but whoever crGua! irrrohiosl a l j ~ C 6~ who but likely loses it.rbv uibv TOO dv8pc5rou &px6p~vovE w ~6 t h e s o n of man comthe Son of tne man comhg in the tng in his klngdom. 20 T 6 r e Cmripqon..19' Or. the (thins. Satan! on&dahov YOU are a stumbling stumbling block b&le block t o me. what be benefited benefit will i t be t o irvEporro5 i&v T ~ V ~ 6 u p o v 6Xov n ~ p 6 f i o g a man if he gains man if ever the world whole m a h t gam the whole world but ' T ~ V 6P lyuxfiv ah05 Gqp~wBe. the hght.. Pro*tious to yo. that he is the hrist. let hlmself dmapvqo&dw b-bv nai & &TO r6v him let hlm disown hlmseli an* W h t n lift UD the avd Dick uD his maupirv a h o O r a i drroholaeiro ros. Then he gave rebuke to the 20 =hen he charged t h e disciples pa8yaiq Iva pq6~vi E ~ W I V to say to disc plea I n order that to no one they should say t h a t he was the TI ~ ( 6 ~ 6 &UTIV s b xg10765. come after me. lwkl a s the there Ught. 26 Ti will find It. and ~ a i8 Chv hlju05 h r i ~ i l sy i whatever ~ Yau may and which if ever you might loose upon the eart loose on earth will Ema~ hchvpbov tv ~ o i < will be ilomethingl havtng beenloosed in the be the thing loosed in the heavens.rjv ylux v a d r o c Eve~sv hpoc my will . 90 25 91 M A W H E W 16:25-17:3 6~6spbov 6v TOTS ~ I l p m o ? ~ . "thlcg . '69Zz %% x s yoA~ 3% eroc :2 I 65 y a p b&v Tjv C~~TOO 25 For whoever wants who for if ever m!$hAll the soul of him t o save his soul will 6 ' biv lose it.. 28 6 p j v htyw t@ 6 ~ 1 Y $0 YOU t h a t there practice of him. Jesus Peter Kai pe8' fiptpaq EE rrapahavp&m 6 ~ n d after days 81. -. And Spaq tylqhbv K~T' i6iav. 22 At tyrp8jva1.taste of death untz llkeiy they mightsee all until Arst they see . : ! ' turning his back. h e 76 nhpw "Ynayf dlrinw pout Xa~av&' to the Peter Be po!ng away behind me.=. and brings up them into themselves. The tonel but having been turned YI . to save will lose soul for 6rroXfun .". and then h e wlUl the angels Of him. COnllnUslly follow me.~iteadybound. fi y ~ n w v ~ a l EW tiv TSWO. .X~S In exchange for his willgive man soul? 27 For t h e Son ah&. oidermen and chte prterts and aeribes and be killed. Six days later krngdom of him. and his 2 nai p~~~pop+h8 E~ ~T T P O U ~ E a Yd ~ i ) ~ ~ n d he was transfigured in front of them: face shone as the ~ a EXapqxv l ~b np6owrov aCI.. brilliant jhtoq. because +povei< .) ofthe men men.

c a i odu hiyvouav a h b YOU that E. descending of them outof the mountain jesus 9 And as they were b c ~ r i h c r r a &aiq 6 descending from the he enjohed to them the "J~:&F M16wi E ~ ~ T E7b 6 w P a g o oG mountsin. 7 ~ a i npoojherv upon their faces and becsmefaarfvl verrmuch.. do t h e are saying that Elijah It Is neeeasm to come scribes say t h a t E. 9 Kai raised their eyes. the boy from the hour that. 'Hhriaq p k L'pxmat r a i h ~ a m ~ m indeed~ Elliah Indeed Is mming and will restore i s comlng and will wdivra. saying: 6" . fine t* 11s ~~~~. faithless and tarlsted Eog "67s NEB' tpDv &opal." 18 Then Jesus ~ a it S j h 8 ~ v &n' a h 0 6 76 S ~ I ~ ~ Y I O Y . ~ a i ew4 i~ vcqih 5 look' a bright them. whom I have &KOL~CTE ~115~00. . t h e in whom I thou8'w'11i beloved. cured from that hour' rrpooEh86-5 01 paeqrai T 19 Tbn. 18 ~ a . reply he said: . ~ 61 roGq 69BahpoS5 airrirv od6iva d6ov "Oet u p and have no but the eye. Phtqu6v him and saying Lord. s man pow approached him. f ~36~5 U % a "This is my Son. 7 13 Then the disciples the that about ~~h~ perceived t h a t he Borr. And hegave rebuke to it the esus.wah. gaying: 6 uibg r a 3 &0pimou 6~ vsvpirv "Tell t h e vision t o n o the Son of the man out of deed (ones) one until the son of e EP~? man i s raised u p from should xe raked up. . and loo*! vdee a u t o l the cloua overshadowed them. 5 h t adroG one end toElljah one. him t o your disciples. to SOU one and to Moses for and one for piav nai 'Hheiq piav. JesuscOmTo no one YOU should say the vlslon unt% w h e n manded them. dlrJpln of%. sDeakmg look! =loud lightaome over. do mercy to of me kneeling doam to r6v ulbv. ~~d having Athearing pa8qrai Ensucrv h i npbuwrrov adrDu nai him. Yet of hlm ~o~~~ and one for E. I brought toward hlm to the dircLplea brought uai o k fi6wj8quav ad. 1 1 i . 4 Responsively Havinganswered but the Peter Peter said to Jesus: E T ~ E V r3 'lqu00 Kljple." 5 While A a h o O ~ 0 5l60b V E ~ ~ A Q~ W T I V ~ ) i n e o ~ i a u ~ h v e was yet speaking." 10 Kai t n r l p 6 ~ r l o a v a h b v 01 p a 8 q ~ a i However.l . 12 h i y o 62 bp?v 671 'Hhaiac restore all things. many txmes for he falls i n b the flre he is an rai nohha~l~ 6 8 6 w p 16 :fj and is for he falls and many times into the water: often into the flre and v p o 4 v s y ~ a a d ~ b v roiq pa8qraiq often into the'npDrov. if you ere wkllng. of them no one they saw f e a r " 8 When they adrbv 'Iqooh p6vov. . ~ a h b v~ T I hPe5 V it is fine for sald tothe ~ e s u s Lord. listen t o YOU be hearing of him. all ithtnprl . f you OSE STMI. 6 ~ a i &KOISUCNTL approved. 'Ity~oOq eTrrs~ b u t t h e y Could not Hevhganawered but the Jesus said cure'jah has already came. beeause Is having. reply Jesus said: "0 0 generation faithless and having been wla ed.sdowed adro~g. ~~i~~ him here to here. have mew ZXEI noMpntg y h p v i r r r ~ l €15 d ~ G P o n my m n . lKesuoe hein mmnslruck and badly . 4 92 93 MATTHEW 17:12--19 dmor~18ris 6P 6 f l h w 5 him. .roo~oS E ~ T E Y O ~ ~ T O ~ C Spoke to them about ~ a p t i s t hesaid to them. I will erect 6 6 1 T Eiq u ~ q v & < . demon came out o f i8epmeGBq 6 rraiq dmb silg Dpag ~ K E ~ v I ~ Fhim. i dvsiipqusv a i r ~ Q b '130005.MATTHEW 17:4-11 &oa. and the boy was wnscured . then. it.. +:PET( POI aGTbv YOU? HOW long must wlll I put up wllh r o o ? F % hrlnglng to me hrm I put with M e .t.rbv 8 ~ p a ~ s i r u a ! ." o v v j r w 01 pa0 r a i 6r1 m p i 'lu&vou :." 17 I n ' f l YEYE& h t m q ~ a i 6 1 ~ r n p a p ~ L v ? . I rho11 make wish. I here to be. l a u d .. him Jesus Only.. 1 1 &norp&ciq 61: i ."j . lwk! a voice out naying Thb is 'the Son of me the the . 14 Kal Lh86vrwv rrpbq rbv Kxhou 14 And when And oi(themlhav1ngeome toward the crowd they came toward vpoujh8sv a d r @ &eporrog y~uvrrerirv came toward him man kneellng down to the crowd. how long tlll when wrth roo will1 be! Tlll when must I continue with &viSoyal bpDv.. I say to fi6q fihtlcv. Then having come toward the dleClplH to tXs 19 Thereupon t h e disclples eame up to Je' IqooG K ~ T ' i6iw El. 62 &rorp~Odg elmu Iah must come first?" flrst? T b e (one) but havlnp snswend sald 11 I. thus also the Son of the this way also the Son ~ M E I ~&OXEIY h ' of man is destined to a L d F 13 $about to beatmering by sufier a t their hands. ln man t ey wllled.w J~SUS a c ~ r d l n g t ~ private iswtl esfd sus privately and said: 4f. \: ' 9 g $ : g & "E. . And came toward became very much 6 'Ir)uoOq ~ a i ~ U ~ U P E W a h 6 v ~Tncv 7 =hen the Jesus and havrng touched ofthem said Jesus eame near and. r ~ generation. 671 &qvl&<€ral ~ a K i ~ K & hlm and saying: Ule aon. and not they recognized him already and they &Ah& iwoiqoav i v ah3 600 did not recomize him but they did in him sb many (thlngal aa with him the t p h q u a v oOroe ~ a b i ulbc roS &Bpd~rrov things they wanted." dlsei8les feu w o n face of them and this the disciples fell LpoBjBqow uq66pa. and the and came out from him the demon. l a m raying but to roo that Ellfah 12 However. him. . the And inqulred Upon hlm the dladples disciples put the hiyavrrq Ti 08" Baying why therefore Y P W ~ L question ~ ~ ~ t o him: Aiyauo~v 671 ' H k i a v 6~7 figei.7.. Zoq n 6 . hlyovoa O h b q d ~ l v 6 u16q uou 6 and. and not they wereable him to cure.ll'fah. H ~iin. uoi piav nai Mwvosi three tents here. "Why. a G d v 15 ~ a Xiyov i KGple. one here.dup ~ I ~ them. 'Eyip0qre ~ a u' i ~ o 8 r i o B c . the Baptist. . And they saw no one but ~ a ~ a ~ a l v b v adrirv ~uv dr 700 6pouq himself only.lard. me. tRree tents. E! Bi\s! n o l o w us to be here. the dead.8 hdlpms touching said: ~ eUP t and ndl be fearful..

r+i r& and said: 'Does YOUR teacher of 70" not 1epaying the teacher not pay the 6iSpaxpa. I n that hour the instead of me and you. U ~ a 1 ~~OKTEVO~O~V Into \and.T& of t h e e a n h receive they arereceiving dutlee or head tax? From the duties or head tax? ij b rOv &Xhorpiwv. i t is more Tva a d 1 4 u"pqLp~t me.. and take the ~ i q 0bhauoav b & h ~ h y ~ t m p o v ~ a i lbv into sea throw you hook end the Ionel first fish coming up when you open &mp&vra apGrov &POV. Unless yo" turn -. 25 ALye. Of the heavens?" TGV ~SpxvGv: 2 SO. not nol rou should enter into the kingdom 4 Therefore. the third day he will be raised up. chr6 . end they will kt11 hands. and hlm. then. 665 give tothem a h 0 7 5 _. < . .wv Ti 001 60~s:. and notlllng will be imposdbie and impossible for YOU. he set it And havlng celled towars little boy he stood in their midst 3 and o m j : b h. when h e enhavlng come into the house got ahead of hlm tered the house Jesus b ' IqooGq hiy.. - $2.what do you 01 P a u ~ h ~ i q h b ~ i v w v think. a r i l p a ~ that having Aap&v take. And 25 He said: 'Yes. Lrrivov one to them h i ~ P O G uai 006. end its mouth. h $ K ~ K K O VU ~ V ~ T T E W ~ P R T E 13 bp~l to as grain of mustark rou w111say to the mountain mountain. will k111 him.rQ 6 v 6 v a ~ i pou. . nopcu8Ei5 we might stumble them. uai two drachmas [tax]?".-vnn . enter into the king)I' E~O~X%TE sic. you &oiF.. I @on# of them or from the aliens? Irom the straneprs?" 2 1 ' *'ESP. Whoever therefore will humble like this child Laurbv -rb nal6iov TOGTO. and whoever receives one 5 and uai who 65 ltevcr t& mishtreceke 6 i f q ~ a 1 one t v lrra16iov lttlebo~ such young child on ~ o t o G r o kwl .MATTHEW A 17:20--25 94 26 rf ?pdq o d ~ fi6uv/l0q)lw t ~ b a h s i v "Why is i t we could we not were able to expel expel it?" 20 ne adrb. ~ a and i having come up Rrsf lilt Up. truly Throunh what 1:: 2 2 have faith the size I am saying to YO.--.. V rrpou jh0ov 01 came toward the [ones) +he double drachmas the men collecting the 0 two drachmas [tax] TQ n f r p q r a i ~ T n a v ' Aap!36vovraq reeeivlng tothe Peter and said The aDDrOaChed Peter 6t6&uuah& SvGv 03 .lv M ~ y a t o r i m b p 6 v d p j v little faith. If .. C ev orw6ahio Lut t 0 but ilkely might stumde one of the 6 ~ u whoever stumbles one of these TO~TWV TOY T ~ I U I E U ~ V T W V little ones who put lilt e one#) these the (ones) believing faith in me.vmr . . 20 6 6L htysl aliToi5 ssld to them: it? The lone) but Is raying to them "Beenuse of YOW A r. . rnlddlc . ETa ~ ~ U E T ~ I a . ofmen. and the Westeott and Hart Greek text omit thls verse. 00765 IUTIY is the one that is hlmrelf aa the little bay this. LpC 6 t x ~ ~ a the l ' bas's Of my name upon the name of me. ? 18 . hpa greatest in the kingwho really came psI<wv &uriv la &Y in thb Pqu!Xtfq hlngdom of the . % i = t ! from what ones do the kings h a p ! 3 & 0 ~ 1 u rkhq fi uivuov.calling a young heavens? 2 rai r r p o u ~ a h m 6 p r v o rra16iov g o ~ q o s v child to him.. havlng eone Your go to t h e sea. 4 6m15 0 b 707TrlV~~ ~ l humble himself of the heavens..1 . 27 But are . uloi.. if ever rev may have of a mustard grain. mquently they were 24 'EhB6vrwv 62 a r i r j v ei Ka.. 21 -' tn . it ever o T* rra(6ia YOU will by no means ~(ai yLvqo0~ and volr mlght become the little ha&. i : 8 a When he said: "From the strangers. ( $2 .per'na. v uoO 'yesus htyom5 myig 01 toward the near to Jesus and said: "Who really is ~i~ . YIKP~)Y fnik w. u t u ~ coj. T+J $ a u l h ~ i m dom of the heavens. of them and u r p a q jrs around and become htyw bpi". ~ to .Gv 3 otai d n r v 'Apjv said: "Truly I say t in sald Amen yo". i& ~am. of (him1 hsvingsald tlnbv~oq but From the 6 i 'An& T 26 ~ &hho~piwv. double drachmas? H e 11 saying Yes." a d r 3 b 'Iquo5q "Apaye tXrli8~poi Jesus sald to him: 'Really. i 0li6iv & ~ U Y ~ T ~ ~ U E I mll be WlI~TPanafer. . For truly Through the little faith of rou. got ahead of him by the JCSUS saying Whet to you seems. cast a fishhook.T &yEpgfioETa. Nai. it I . ' and to the Phira he WIU be raised up. whoever will T ~ Vodpw&v.vavlng ! q roV mlsht turn as young children. From their sons or uiOv alir6v W w dviv 6 % ~ LXVE n f % ." Conrai ~umi9luav o~66pa. Blmon? From The kinas i ." th06ura siq n i v olniav n p o t @ a o ~ v a h b v However. bearing together to him t n ode* tbat beneficial for him w ? $ . . . I Y TOT. . 'Raasfer TOI~TQ Mn6fa tv0sv here to there." lipiv. And Uley were grieved very much. . the sons to h i m the Jesus Really then free E~UIV 01 . in order that but not that we d o not them to stumble.' thls Trans er from h e n and i t will transfer.+apvaahp ve'y much grieved' Havingeome but o i them ~ n t o capernaum 24 After they ar6i6paXpa dved in Ca. thls (anel is the greatest in the 6 psi<wv tv rfi B a o ~ h s i o ~ i r v ofipclvh~ kingdom of the the greeter in thb kmgdam of the heavens. 22 I t ass while 22 xumwqopivov 62 h i * r Q Belng turned together but of them in tha they were gather* aayi-iee TaX~haiq rlnrv a l i ~ o i q b 'I ooGq MfAh~l together Galllee said to them the 3esun 1s about that Jesus said to 6 uibq TOG dvBp6nou n a p a 6 i 6 o d a l them: ''The 'On Of deJtined t o be the son of the t o be men Over man betray* into men's ~ i q Gpaq ~~Y~&TTov. . to you. me reeelves: receives me [alsol. 23 and they alirbv ~ a iT T . . the sons. 'Ev L ~ r i v n I" that the T { hour Opq rrpoujh8ov pa%rai disciples zreater .aq ~b u ~ L I p a ~ 1 6 ~ 0 0 ~ [ I P ' U E I $ find a stater coin' having o ~ ~ n e d the mouth of it you A l l find Take that and give it for me and or stater.S . heavens. 27 iva bL p i are tax-free. simon! '. Xipwv. you o n a d a h i o o p r v admbq.

rrapa~ow p j p a 17 tirv 6.pal a & ~ r vShhov j to rou that he is rejoicing upon it rather more over i t than i i 6 6 roiq Lvsvljnovra t w & a 70% over the ninety-nine than upon the mnetynine the (one81 t h a t have not strayed. i t Is Aner for ruAMv 6 xwX6v. 6fiqre m i 7fiq yfik Emat things if ever' YOU m~ght b h d upon the ear wlU be on earth will be gv &@p J$.. 2 . 2" In heaven for one Of b odpavaiq iva ln order that should pemh one these llttle ones t o ~. must of neeesslty u~&u6aha nA'v stumbling blo6ks.-. Of tho Ilttie (ones1 15 ''Edv 6& h p a p r j o q 6 &6shg6q oou. than two or lame than i i 650 rr66aq Exovra PXq8ivan EI ~b TOP malmed thrown with two or two feet having to he thrown ln& the fire to 6 atbv~ov. 12 r i 6piv 6onai.: necessity for to come the the stumbling bloeks odai Ti.~. take along with 70" Yet you one o r two more. . itever but t h e congregation. open sea . Whatever YOU may bind tin. if ever but he hear 1. cut it or and &nir o u O nah6v ooi Curtv r i u d 8 ~ i v E ~ C 7iv throw it away from from you. but woe t o the &vep*nq 61' 08 76 oK&v6ahov man through whom men thmugb whom the etumhllng block t h e stumblinp block E p ~ a ~ a8 l .. besiaca woe to the come.. If he llsa6ro0 pbvou.P~syou to enterinto life malmed or lame. ~ i r v~ p h x hov a t ~ o i rnai r a r a r t o v ~ l o 8 ^ about the nea of him and be should be su& b r6 TEXCIYEI ~ i i q Bah6iooqq. : 'O $ the angel8 A m n heaven their angels I rrmirq ~XLnOuol T ' m~iwmOv always behold the face all itlmel arelooklngat the face of my Father' who i s nar 6q pov TOO tv odpavoiq.. ~~~. of the nations and as B tax collector. YAP 6 ~ 7 671 ~ do not desplse one these. stumbling black. heavens pnp6v ~0h-V.. takeout it and throw from maklng you stumble. speak to tothe mngreprtlan. . will h e not out of T& b a v f i m m a 6vu&a 6rri leave the ninety-nlne he wil eave the ninetynine w o n -the the mountains 6pq ~ a 1 ITOPLU~E~S STEi and s e t out o n e mountains and having gone hls way he is seeking for the one rir i& the (onel nhav'p"Ov. to as many (things.6~ T& bl"ks' Of course. Xa. UOO gr. into the ehenna oftha fm. tBX E O ~ I ~ C I O ~ .. ~. fi 650 6pOaApoirq E ~ o v r a finer for you t o enter to enter. straying? lS if ever t h a t is straying? 13 And if he happens hiyW I am saying t o find it. You have him ifever you he should hber." $2. . as YOU men. Iscoming.rl o e $CAE aerbv r a i p&ha &n6 isstumbling yo:. "always have access to my Father!' the Westcott and Rort Greek text omit thls verse. Ei 6 i 1 xrip s o u q 6 rro6q comes1 8 ~ t t h e n . for I tell YOU t h a t Oi h ~ ~ E $ ". .. your brother commits Ifever but should sii the brother of you: a lay bare his hays Ehrytov a h b v ) ~ ~ ~ (TOG a t bK a l fault between you and begoing =way reprove him between you and him alone. take along with j ~KOL~U not he rhouldkea~.rbv &6Ehp6v m u . ~ + ife to? ~tty:~g?~~) . also a%e eongregatian he ahoul refuse to hear.MATTHEW 18:7-12 rrprpao86 p&Aoq 6v1~bq should be hanged millstone beungmg to the ass nap. in heaven 11 -' ~ a t l ? of ~~ me the lone.tine. tn order that upon mouth of twoor three 650 pap-rLipav Y ~ p l i . . i l 660 $$.a arown.1 ~f he does not 11skI(KhqoiCI. eyes Into the fiery 10 'OpSra I t a r a g p o v ' o ~ r ~tv6c ~ b v Ge hen'na 10 8ee Bc should aespise of one of the it that you men T O ~ W . ~Ehwqq. it Is wjv sloah8s~v. 18 "Truly I say t o iiua I8 'Apiv h&yw 6piv. 6& ten to them. a desirable thtng wlth ekhqpa EpnpooB6v roc Tar 65 pou .h e reloices bpiv ar. ihv UOY & ~ 0 b U q tens $0 You.7~~Ppen : ! % $ en' OE. fine to you is toenter into the you. iva h i cm6pm05 in order t h a t a t the ba ij 660 or twd. 18 62 if he d w s not you gamed the brother 02 you: if ever but 16 B U ~ napdrhap. Ezp 2 . ~ E I T ~ C N ~ ~ ~ Y 14 O I < . t ~KKO~KW a h i r v Kai &kfoot i s making you ot you lastumbling you.. in heavens. 7 Oirrl 96 rrAavq8a should get strayed 97 One MATTHEW 18:13-18 t n have hung around his nwk a such as is turned by an ass and to be sunk m the wlde. 1 1 ' KBSP and 0 6 ~ i one of them gets &6v. oxav6hhwv. let Eu~w o a ~ G m ~ p 6 L ~ Y I K ~~C a i 6 him be t o you lust a s let . . v uraet n&v witnesse~ every matter two W I ~ ~ C S E B or three mlght stand every may be established. . listen. I 'Woe tn the wotld due t o the stumbling Woe K & v & y ~ q yirp eh8. gained your brother' &rtp6q?aq . 10' Or. tear out and throw mot. ~ n ~if d the eve of t h e everlasting fire. I certatnly he tell YOU.E 14 Likewise it is not not having gat strayed. Pirv ytvqrai 12 "What do You What to YOU It seems? If ever mlght become thlnk? If a Certain rlvl &vep&rry hua~k n p 6 P a r a ~ a man i comes t o have to any men one hundred sheep and a hundred sheep and $2 '2 ifrow I '%? ~~~~ ~ ~~ . 9 ~ a a1 i 6 6p8aXp6q oov hands Or two feet jnM the eveds. uah6v m o &orlv p o v 6 p ~ p o v rlq YOU: fine to you it Is one-eyed into the i t away from you. If but the hand of You or the foot your hand or your oou u ~ a V 6 a h i S ~us. than two eyes hevlng onesved into life than phq8fiva1 ciq rip ~ L r v w TOO W I 6q t n beihrown vntb two to be thrown. cut off it and stumble. t h e congregation. : : . -. them.aS my Father Who 1 s will front of the Fatter of me of the b r r ~ q i a . I am saying for to YOU that of these little ones.. in the Watery expanse of the sea. not strayed. If your eye o~av6ahil. him he to YOU **-even the natlons and the . . : : ~2~ ' ' 9' See App 4c. ' 6 " these. If he does not listen even to ~ a i h~hquiaq .

I give back patient. all the debt that I l e t go o f f debt far you.11.. this.i: one hundred denarli. ~ a l airrdrvra Re I o n o f snlrit unon me. 19 n a h ~ v& p i v hiyo dpiv 671 truly say t o yon. 'Be Marpoe6pq?ov 6 ' Lpoi. %a1 irrro6how B= long of spirlt upon me.000. and having come they made clear to the grieved. Hsvlnp fallen therefore the 26 Therefore the 6oGhog rrpou~rljwr~ a 5 ~ 6 h6ywv slave fell down and slave was doing obeisance to him saying began t o do obeisance to him. in their midst. 24 &p<aptvou 6' a ~ ~ o maipp.000 was led toward to him debtor pu ~v ~ah&mov.' I shallgive back to you. 32 ~ 6 . rrovqpi. what was J1 166v~zg 06v 01 UISV~OUAO~ a l i ~ o j31 When therefore. 33 o d ~you entreated me. r ~ TT~OUKO~AEO&~IEYO~ happened. 6 ~0vedC)by pity out the everythinp t o you. SL~EB YOU entreated me.his master i TLKW ordered him and npaefivat uai T)Iv y u v a i ~ a ~ a T& to be aold also the woman and the chlldren wife and hls ohlldren $2 2% &z tteni2t%5 'is? Kzgz. T&V 6 0 ~ h w v wllled to aettla word w.. having but because he did not h o t ? drrro6ohavcll t ~ & r w S v 6 KG~. he to you. Where for are two or my name.nar'i.?tkes '~9:"$5. end all lthinzs) patient with me . 27 m X a y 1u0elq 61. 32 Then having happened. 11 heaven.. there Was brought &TOO. 'Wicked slave. that wanted to settle !?muohria T&Y oL)pa@v &v8p&rrw p a o l k i kingdom of the hoavens to man king who aCCOUnts with his 24 W h e n h e 68i?quev ow.nar'1. they became very much u ~ 6 6 p a ~ a lU86vrrg 61cuhp~uav very mu=$. ~ T & V hiyov fellow slave of him was entroatlng him saying and began t o entreat him. Started to settle them. and whatever boa L b Airuqre Lrri things YOU may asmany lthlngal sa if ever ~ o might o loose upon loose on earth will go~a1 hehvpiva kv be things loosed i n Wlll be (thingal having been leoaed in heaven.ho$:$. Then havlng called toward his master summoned a 6 ~ b v 6 ~ 6 ~ 1 013703 05 h i y ~ l a676 A0Ck hi.7 IS saging to him the t o seven times. ual ~ p a ~ j o a g hundred ile. UP to seven times?" the brother of me and Ishall let go off to hlm? 22 Jesus said to him: to "Ot. to YOU. when om. 22 hLycl 6 "I e v e n tlrne. there I am uuvqy 6v01 EIC T& W v bvopa. i t will take ai o o m a ~ ysvjuc~a~ place for them due to they %ht reqiest. and all rthingrl and had t o be sold and to be made. . but not willing but went M 8 b v @ahSv d ~ b v ai( Quhpnjv and him havinggone o f f threw hlm into przson thrown into prison 6rroSQ ~b ~ Q E ~ A ~ N N O Vuntil .~ bpElhiTqF talents I-60. 25 ixowog 6' de.V ir of him. 28 But that 6? 6 6oirhog trsivoq E 8 p Eva 76" slave went out and but the slave that found one of the found one of his ow6oGhw ah05 65 ij@e~hev ah6 fellow slaver that fellow slaves of hlm who was awing to him wali owin= him a knar&v Sqvhp~a.. he cone) but not war w211Ag. b 660 u u p p w v f i u ~ i v 1E SpGv h i r i g agree concerning anyif ever two mleht agree out of You upon the thing Of importance 76% r r w i nav~i)<n ~ h y ~ 1 m o c 08 L&v eart about every thing to do of which If ever t h a t they should request.. 19 I olipw6. Havina hllen therefore the 29 Therefore his down oirv6ovhog air700 rrape~hhrl . TTEU~V 08 6 whatever you owe.. haying been b d together Into the . it' -6 $ 2 until t i 1 nai rrdnrra 6ua EKE! ~ a and i all the things h e sl many as he ts a. 2 0 oG y&p siuw 660 i/ T e?< gathered together heavens. UP to seventy~Seven 'Iquo5q Oh ALyw uot E w tm&nz( sesus ~ o Itam saying to you seven tlmea times.rGv.' TI anything YOU owe. but. EV lard of the slave that let loose 0 5 him. rra & TOO rrarp6q pov TOO 6~ 20 For where there be& the Father of me of the lone) In are two or three olipavoi~. QrabbinQhlm 'An660~ ii he began to :hoke' ah& htyev hiywv wasehokiw aaulng Give back if him. 27 Moved to pity a t aijplog TOO 606hou ~ K E ~ V O U &TT~~VU ah6v. 1 I 22. but aeventy timer seven. with me and I Will qot. he should pay he should give back the I t h h B being owed. the kingdom of the heavens has become 23 A)& TOGTO CpolhBq Through this likened t& like a man. Up t r r ~ h ~ l q .. my nemc. 26 ncu2Jv 03" b to be given the nave.3pa~ h6yov ? & . payment hrr06oRjva~. and I will pay back brro6huw 00. 'Be ManpaBGpqo?~ h' Lpai. having started but of hlm to be settling in a man who owed him ten thousand ~~ooilxerl alj. . "Lord. 2 1 Then Peter came brc7 r i p i t v pcuv ab. and . how many 21 T67e npoorhtlZlv times is my brother Then having come toward t o sin against me and am I t o forgive him? b h6eApirq ~ o u uai h@fiow a h $ . and havlng taken hold of and. 25 ~ u t of ten tfbulvnd talents. Having seen therefore the Pellow slaves of him hig f e l l o ~ T& yevirprva thurril8quav saw the things t h a t the (thing. itwill take place a o ~ o imy ~ Father in heaven. 'Pay back him d q ~ i h e . +el n a p ~ ~ h h r u h q p ~ .~ have t h e means t o pay of him toelve back commanded him the lord Iitl back. Up and said to him: there I a n in midst of them. the master of t h s t slave let him ~ a T& i ~&YIOY & @ ~ ~ x0016. and said to h h the lord of hlm is aaylng to hlm Slave him. Again truly I a m saying to rou that two Of On e&h 1 . m&oav r j v d ~ e l h j vt l ~ i q v d q i l ~ h I cancrled all t h s t wleked. Ev 28 t5~hEbv off and canceled his and the loan let go off to him. Havrng gone out debt. 23 "That is why dAhh E o tPSoprl~ovr&~g & m a . a king. not 33 Ought you not. ~29 .MATTHEW 18:19-25 98 99 MATTHEW 18:26-33 6~6epiva Ev oGpwQ nal things bound in I t h U s ) having been bound in heaven end heaven. 30 6 62 olin /~EE?E~ hhhh 30 However..) havlng happened were grieved had happened. saying. and they went and made clear aupiq 5avrGv rr&vra T& lord of thcmneivea all the (thlngsl t o their master all the things had yevbpwa.

.VdV. marry. 08" M w u o j q &vprsihmo 6oGvat Plphiov to him: did Moses prescribe therefore ores . T+ the upon z 2 2. as also I you had mercy bn? had mercy on you?' 34 uai 6pyruBdq 6 ~ 6 ~ 34 1 0 ~ t h a t his With And having been made wrathful the lord master. hey are saying to him why apart.rbv in turn. fellow slave. from beginning but not it has become YOUR wives.s that by +he men. great crowds followed 2 x a i j r n h 0 6 8 ~ u w a h Q cixhot m u a i . is not advisable to yuvaln6q. 3 Kai rrpoerilh8au a67Q @apru&~ lntent on temptmg And cametoward hlm Pharisees ~Elp&<ovr~ ag 6 d v ~ aAByovrrg i El E [ ~ u r t v him and saylng temptlng h ~ m and saying If it is allowed "ISit lawful for a h a h i r o a ~ rilv y u v a i ~ a a6rair ~ a r h man t o dlvorce hzs to divorce the woman of h ~ m aeeord~ng to wlfe on every sort r r 6 o w airiav. 3 And Pharisees hecured them there." 10 hiyouutv a h @ o i p a 8 ~ E ~i ~ ob i ~ w q 10 The disciples Are raying to him the dlsclples If thus said t o him: "If such is the situation of a toriv fi aI~ia &y'$p&rc. 19 yvvai~a ahaG woman of him ~ a i YUP~~JU and mightmarry z0? hi whoever divorces Ze men to them: make room for the saying. 7 hfyouulv UGTQ ~i gether let no man p u t not let put apart. and them there. $0 have was ~tnecessary also you to have mercy on the had mercv on your . 8th made eunuchs of themselves through of the kingdom of the !3aulh~iav TOY ' 06pavi)v. and they willbe the two into fiesh one+ Will be one flesh'? eq 5 E6rl n a i u1 theiua! . (thins) . 8 hiyrt is saying of dismissal and dismissal and to divorce? divorcing. commits adultem."d f ~ ~~ . it woman.' from the hearts atyo. and are eunuchs Who have made themselves E~OGXIV~ daurahq eunuchs on account . Were brought toward l3 T6TE Then 11 he 6 lone) but 61 E~TSV to atiroiq them NO^ OD nbrvrsq lt: dlb$ og&: " ~2.vixeqow him brought to him. but only xwp0Gu1 those who have the are m a ~ l n g room for gift... 2 Also. being w e d . 4 6 61 h a ~ p c k i q o f ground?" 4 I n every cause? The lone1 but havinganswered rev17 h e said "Did ~ T E V 05r &iyvore 6~1 6 y o u n o t read t h a t said Not did ~ o read o that the lone) he who created them ~rioat ' &pxGq 6 p o ~ v~ a i Bjhu from [the] beginning havingereated from hegrnning male and female made them male and hroiqusv a 6 ~ o b q5 ~ a i ETTEY *EYEKOI and said' made them and h e said On accountof 'For this reason a TOGTO" uarahei EP 6vBpwrr0~ tbv m a ~ i p a ~ a i leave his this will leave town man the father and "Ien T ~ Y p q ~ i p a ~ a nohhq8fiucm~ i r " y v v a z ~ i father and his mother the mother and he will stick to woman and will stick to his aG~a9." 1 1 He said. provokd a h o i r r r a p l 6 w n ~ v a h b v r o i q p a u a v c o ~ a i q wrath. and out of cavity of mother weregenerated there are eunuchs KO. not is bearingtogether to marry. Oiirwq x a i d r r a ~ p COY all t h a t was owing. Crrr' drpxjq 5 1 06 ylyousv to Of . & € k p h r u o ~ v a D ~ o J g inri. .de'a across t h e Jordan." 7 They said then.fioa. pcT& is the cause of t h e man with the man with his wife. commits adultery. c i u i ~E ~ O G X O I OITIYE~ r ~ v ~ ~ x i u ~ q u w are emuchs who were made eunuchs eunuchs t h a t were by made men and brr$ i G v &6p&rr~v. 6 Sul(hp~v0q heavens. eive back -. 'lov6aiaq rripcn. ~ a ~i i o i v ~GYOGXOI o'i~wsq there are eunucl.h ~ 6pta T?. ~ T$zgg' : ~ hep::2g. Let him t h a t kingdom of the heavens. i r ~flesh. The tone) be~ngabie can make roam for it make room for it. 6 e ~ b q uvvi<cu~sv 6 v e p ~ . until Ews 06 &ToS@ rr& ~ 6 -t he 'should pay back Y n t l ~where he =hould. but one Therefore. Judea the other side of the Jordan.V. ~ h u s also the ~ ~ of me t 35 h I n like ~ manner ~ my heavenly Father will 6 otip&loq W O L ~ U E ~ bpiv && t h e heavenly wlli do to rou if ever also deal with YOU if hpjrr Erauraq TO & 6 A p + a h o G YOU do not forgive Ton might let go off each one to the brother of him each one his brother h n 6 TSV ~ a p 6 c b vb b v from YOUR hearts. and h e cured And followed to him crowds many. Came u p t o hlm. her?" 8 He a 6 ~ o i q6 ~ Mwuujq l rrpbq riv onh p o ~ a p 6 i a v them: to them that Moses toward the HardXeartedness said out of regard for YOUR bpSv h f ~ p e i y ~Swiv v h~ohGua8 ~trq yuvaiya5 of you conceded to YOU to divorce the. ~ a iEoov~at d 660 eiq o h p ~ a piav.. g God has yoked towhich therefore the God yakedtogether man XOPI<~TW. 12 ~ I u i vyhp ~ h o G o t O ~ T I Vare ~ that were it has beenglven. efe. and the two of him. 12 For there GiSora~." xwp<v gwpsirw.~-.MATTHEW 18:34-19:5 I00 101 6 MATTHEW 19:6-13 r a h o l a i a q ~ a ?he& i E I. him. 2 loP6&.S and came to the fro"carnee and came into the frontiers of the tiers of Ju. 13 Then young aDrQ children were rrpom. OD uuppipe~ Ya.. flelivered him of him gaveover him tothe tomentars o the jailers. Are for eimu&s ' who born such from their &K ~olhia~ C ~ T ~ ~S~ ~ v v i e ~ l u a v mother's womb. he departed from Gal'llee ~~~- ( 6 So t h a t they 9% no b m c otinirn ~ i a i v 660 &Ah& ~ h p [ As-and no longer they are two but fiesh one: longer two. nu. as I also fellow slave bf yo. . but such +ahljuu m ~ g hdivorce t vopvciq fornication 9 I say t o YOU t h a t his iaihqv wife.. women made the concession b Sv.commanded to giscroll giving a certificate &Touraoiau nai &rrohCoa~. uGv6ovh6v uau *q n h y b 01 fihiqoa. NOW when ~ e s u s K a i i y i v e o ~ T E&TUEUEY 6 'IqooOq had finlShed And ~toccurred when finished the Jesus these words. except on the anothergroundoffornication. to be maklng room let him emkingroom. what 8 08" . 6~~ch6p~vo 35 u .th. and marries another ~OIX~T~I.

' a H~?:z:$~~~ the commandments continually. Y O U must love your neighbor 20 XBYE~ a d ~ Q 6 v m v i o ~ o g T ~ G ~ as ~ yourself " Is saymg to hlm the young man These lthlngs! 20 The young man said to h ~ m "I have rr&. what really Wlll be to us? left all things and we followed 28 6 6 . " ~aving heard but the dlsclpler 25 When the disciiS~rrhfiooovro oq66pa Pies heard that.. than for a rieh man to than rich one lnto the kingdom of the Gad.. ! is good. 21 all Iguarjed: what yet am I lackmg? keDt all these. And having larjupan the t w a 06pavOv. disciples: "Tmly I say Eiirev TO?< p a B q ~ a i 5~ 6 ~ 0 'A0 piv h6yw said to the disciples of him Amen I am raying to YOU that it Will he Spiv ST! T T ~ O G O I O ~ 6"0~6hoq E ~ U E ~ E ~ U E ~ ~ aS dificult thing far a to ~ o o that rich one w ~ t h difficulty will enter rieh man to get into ~ i qT ~ YP a a l h ~ i U v TOY odpavb" 24 rrhhlv the kingdom of the into the kmgdorn oi the heavens. & K E ~ ~ E Y . 1 5 i a i i~nBd to life?" 17 He said t o pc & p w ~ P qhim: a. ~ o t you shall bear false witness. you want to enter into life. went from there. ! a en. l9 ~e honorlne .ri. E~I(OTTATE.. said: . If. n a p & the face. You OdUIEU~O~~PTUP~~OE~~. $.. 'Or he roOrov &nfihB~v hmabpuoq. the poor and you will 8 oaupbv fv have treasure in heav%easue . u ri t i p a fprac k i v . they astounded very much $ t ! z were expressed great Epa 6 G v a ~ a ~ owBfiva~.. what adrQ 6 'IqooGq E i Bbherq . God all things are 27 T 6 r s %onp18ciq 6 nl. 26 bpPA6qaq really is able to be saved? m v m g looked in surprise. Jesus said to men this impossible IS.. 19 Honor rdv na~ipa ~ a i T ~ Y tne father and the and [your] father and [your] mother. and. 16 NOW. what good I do must I do in order heavens.~qyet am I lackmg7" to hlm the Jesus If you are w a i n # Perfect 21 Jesus said to h ~ m ~Tva! rrbhrlo6v SOU T& "If You Want to be finaye to b i be F o ~ n g away the perfect. h i v . 28 Jesus A~Yw. but with but God all (thingal do ask me about what S good? One there g o $ ~ ~? ~ .q you shall commit ahuitery.must not bear false wltness. look! a 16 K a i i6oJ d q rrpaosh8Av ad76 certain one came And look! one having come toward him up to him and said: S?TEU AtStronds. Jesus said Let ron go off the llttle boys and stop hindering ~ a i ' K W ~ ~ E T E a h & &hBciv n p 6 ~ VL them from coming t o and behindering them tocome toward me: me. ri hya86v rro~fiow m ~ e a e b ewhat r. the disciples reprimanded 62 p d q r a i t r r c r i p q a m u6roiq. for the T O y h p ~ o ~ o i r r o ivo ' ~ i v4 Paolhria TO" of the for such (ones1 is the kingdom oi the of the heavens belongs in order that rrar8ia iLa ~ h q the Srrhp~ovra belongings and uai 665 give nai and you will%ave E<EI odpavoiq.ra tqbAa a ~i L l ~ j SorrpOj. You. follower!s 22 m e n ~ E i p a qfor him t o put his hands hands upon them and m19fi a d ~ o i qn a i E .esl I am saying to YO" that Yon said to them: "Truly h r o h o v 8 j o w ~ r i q pol b T ? I nah~vy~veoiq. 14 6 6? them. said tti them Bes~de 26 Looking them in & v B p h o ~ q TOOTO h6Gvm~6v &UTCV. when the ~aeiatl 6~av whenever might sit down the son of the Son of man sits down . is impassible. commit adultery. YO US^^ llove the nelghbor of you as yourself. I n the having followed to me in t h k generating again. good mid Teacher. 24 Again 1 it is Say ta YOU. he was ior this no ~ hh a6 23 '0 S P 'Iqm00q possessions." 18 He ah6 noiaq. I say re-creation. heavens.let the 'iqoo0q cinev "ABETE T& rrai6ia young children alone. go sell your sell of you 17 The (one) but 6 62 e i r r ~ v a h 6 rald to him Why me you ask Ti $:tt i ~ k - .Xc15 E I T S ~ W <wiv ~ i o ~ h B ~ IS i v that . ~i68 Bi. get the ldngdom 25 h n o 6 o w m q 6P a1 i. to them he went his way from there. E~I $3 beiollowing the young man heard vmvioraq ~ b v h6yav this saying. saying: "Who 62 6 ' 1 ~ ~ ETTEV ~ 6 oJroiq ~ nap& really can be saved?" but the Jesus . It is easier but I am raymg to YO". You must not murder. 23 But g~wv ~ ~ < p a Jesus Jesus said to his The but having possessions many. 22 % ! TLrq xsipa5 15 And he put his hands hands upon them and aliroiq &rropr+@q. NO^ you $Gal.m Then having answered the 2' Then Peter UJTQ 'I606 f i p ~ i i hqtlpolPw nhvra nai to him ~ o o k ! w e have et go off all (things1 and said ta him in reply: f i ~ o h 0 ~ 9 f i o a ~ d60. ahserve ifip~t T&C tv~oX&q_ be the cbmmandments. 102 103 MATTHEW 19:22--28 ~ a i q nrwxoiq. 6 62 'iqo00q to him w h i c h sort oi ones? ~h~ but Jerus sal Said to him: "Which T6 ~OVEL~DEI~ Olj ones?" Jesus said: The YOU shall rnurAer. o i offer prayer: but the he mlght lay upon them and he might Dray. again 62 hiym. bende . belongings and give t o to the Paor Coned. 14 Jesus.With men this 62 9rQ nhv-ra 6uuq~h. tpiv. 'IqooGq E T ~ E Y aliroiq ' A v i v followed you: what he but Jesus sald to them Amen actuallv will there be ~ O T US?. fiv yhp was holding many he went off being grieved. easier ~hpqh~v 6rh ~ p f i ~ a r o baqi6oq q simh'a~iv for a camel to get m e thro$gh hole . howbut dinCipleP rebuked them. if but you are w~lling into the me to enter.'a%rui of ~ o d . T ~ possible.MATTHEW 19:14-21 little bo&. You must not steal. N~~ "Why. and come be my k a h o G 8 ~ 1 tt. The hut ever. ~ l .h~. 'AY-~ nhnoiov dC osaudv.E$~ 'Ziv ie g$~aE$. though. You must not po1p=6merq 06 KhIIYE. he went Having heard but the young man the word away grieved..(IY A ~ I Yheavens. of needle to enter through a needle's eye nhofio~ov 6iq T ~ Y l3aothsiw 706 0 ~ 0 0 . ~ a i SsGpo and hither hroLioaq 6P 6 htx. "Look! We have to I'm."~:iq .

vineyard.' elso YOU into the vineyard. 8 "When it became 8 6 q i a ~ 6t cuoIJivll< hiYrl evening. 11 On re1 1 haB6vr~g 65 6 ~ 6 y ~ u t . . 1 Want to give t o this last one ~. heyel ahoiq Ti 660 stsndlng. still you made them aOrobg i p i v htoiquaq Tois aorhoaoi them to us you msdc to the (ones) Raving borne r 6 P b o q 7% W P ~ ~ Sa T i ~ V ~ a t ~ day ~ and a . and %$g$2 ' 21 rfg. rrhh~v 6P give you. notp1o8hura.' When the Lwq rOv n r5rwv. . 6 ncpi he a1d as-thus. Will inherit everlastand life everlasting he will i n h e r ~ r 30 nohhol 66 Eoovrat r r p i . r o u who have followed me will also yOUrSelVeS twelve thrones. 10 ~ a i f i e 6 v r ~ g 01 denanus. go into the vineyard. 'Fellow. "For t h e kingdom 'Opoia kmlv fi BauaAeia T& Like is the kingdom of the of t h e heavens h obppwGv WP. ~ ~ghow . waving come but the (ones) hour men of him w the give b a c i the ~ i r v ptoMv &pc&p~voq h& TOY ~ U X ~ T W V the wage. he had 2 oupWJfioa2 f 6 T&V ~ P Y ~ T O i V n the workers for a having agree ut with the workers out of de. ~ o ~ E o crrol Ing life. slxth and the ninth hoi ow 66 hour and did likewise. they each received a ~Y~EK& hpav T~Y hvh the eleventh hour reee ved individually de. 'Why have you been standing k o n i ~ a r ~ 6h v T ~ hpipav W hpyoi. the master o f evemng but hovYnBcome to be is saving of the vlneyard said 6 ndploq TOO &pnEh&uoq 7" ~ ~ T I I T P ~ T I Q charges the lord of the vineyard to t%e man ln charge to his man *Call the workers and a h 5 K&?aoov .roJq 6pyhraq ~ a ih 6 6 0 Pay them their wages. 'These last put oi i u x m o ~ pfau Clpav knoiqopw. rpilTol when the flrst came. 20 r$~ 20 ~~~ 2 . judging the twelve nbes of the Inrse?.@. dld You 06" rai imayc.". 10 So.: i i p r l r f ~ aOr 9 slsters Or or father or rfwa EvsKcv TOO chlidren or dl~$:$ onaccountoi the o me mother or children or lands for t h e sake of 6 v 6 p a r o ~ rrohhanhaoiava A' +era! IeCeive name."rhph . 15 Is it not lawful for 15 O ~ K i c e m f v ) 1 0 1 8 eihw not Is it allowed to me which I a m willing me t o do what I want -+ ~~ ~ fi~p cu. eOw 6~ not? I4 Take what is youand be golng under. but 6 Finally. And havznggoneout 3 nepi T i~ v hpav d6ev Crhhouq E o r O ~ a q tv about the third he saw others about Phir! hour he saw standing in unemployed '4 h o p ' h p y o 6 5 4 r a i fnrivolq r t m v standlng the markey UnemDloyed: and tothose heraid In the marketplaee. Iam wllllng but yours and go.' the (me. And having some the first tones1 they concluded they receive more.i. & p r r d O w .nar'l. who went o u t early in t h e morning @a rrpwi ploB&ao8ai at the same time with early morning to hire t o hire workecj for h b kpy&laq el5 T ~ J &firreXGva U ~ T O O . about the About * V ~ E K & T ~ Vt5Eh0Dv Ebprv 6Ahouq eleventh hour he went eleventh hnvlne zone out he found others out and found others i m O ~ a g .nar'l.MATTHEW 19:29-203 &v0pimou h i 0 6vou 66hq ahoO. 3 KCTI BeEh0Dv also the vineyard ofhim. 2 When workers into the vlnerard of him. goi in but they went. nai rtlnding. I do ETTTEY ' E ~ a i p ~ odr . to thisone the faat to give as also to YOU.You go 8 t& fi E . not I am not you no but went away. man don &one of glory of him.ones).nar'1. the burning the burden of the day and the heat!' l 3 13 ~t &rroxpl8~i< ~ v i meionel but having answered to one 05 them reply to one of them h e said. a househeavena to man householder whoever went out holder.ny o l ~ o 6 c o r r h t ~ 6 m 1 q t ~ j h 0like ~ ~ a man.(rry r@ ko hTy b ~ v c l . 9 6h96vrrq 62 oi until the furP. and he sald fa naYlni3 to them W h y herel t o them. 6qvapiou e v fiptpav h i m s l h ~ va G r o J ~ ctq h e sent them forth denarius tho day he sent off them into into his vineyard.h q rai a day. the same a s t o you. ~ ~bpiv. Aiysi ahoiq 'Yrrhyere body has hired us: ~e hired: he is saying to them Be going under to them. the last tones) one hour made. .. T ~ V & p n e M v a aGroD.~a tipd:Pd. &61~O ~ e i i o w . 14 Erpov 76 agreed OE denarm you sgrced to me7 ~ i fup t the a de.u~. are you stlnding wholo the day unernploued? here ail day unem7 hiyovmv ah6 "OTI 0 0 6 ~ i i~ ~ ployed? a ~ 7 They said They are saying to hlm Because nobody us him. in one hour's work. mi 4 and to those he Be golngunder el30 rou Into the omeysm. ~ a 8 j o s o 8~ ~ a ibpciq h i 6 0 6 ~ ~0 a6voug rorr will sit also you upon twelve tgionea npivov~eg rdrq 6 6 6 ~ ~u h ~h g ~ TOO 'Iupa'h. Many but wlilbe first tones) lastyones) 30 " ~ u many t that are flrst wlll be last at E m a ~ o l rr Groi and lastrones) *rat lone. 29 nai rraq 6 m 1 ~ dreinrv o l ~ i a q 9 And everyone whoever letgooff houses or 104 105 MATTHEW 20:1-15 upon his glorious throne. r a i Jpsiq ~ t g76" ErpndOva. You me lor 6qvapiqv uuvrgr5vqohq pol. judging the twelve tribes of Israel..). de.". nXriov Ajp ovtat ~ a would i ~ Y ~ ~ T C T ( N &TI more they w%l meelk: and but they also received that inferred ~b &Y& 6qv&p!ov KU? a b ~ o i . o ~ ceiving it they began ~aving reeerved but they were mumuring to the ~ m hTOO o i ~ o 6 e m r 6 ~12 0 ~~ ~ Y O Y T E O S ~OT householder OI 12 and down on the householder Saying These said. bm6rof. 6rlvhp!ov. Again he fczh0dv nrpt & ~ q v ~~i +ivv tjpav went out about the havinggone~ut about slxth a n d n ~ n t h hot. many times more things he Jkireceivs my name many times more and vai {wiv a l h a o v r h q p o v a p j ~ t . having from the last (ones) last t o the flrst. and whatever is Just I will which if ever may be just I =hallgive to Off 5 01 66 a t the rate of a EhaPov they received the individually denarlus also they. ' Y r h v t r a r a i bpriq etq r i n . 29 ~ o d everyone that has len houses or brothers or $ < $ :& . into the vineyard. and the last first.nar.

firoholj9qoev . when . . whoever wants to & " ." rnnmrn lnatead of many. 6( pou. and the Son of the man delivered uo to the eye u o u novlp6q k m t v ( i n P i . 16 O h w q EWVT~I 01 E o x a r o ~ gwd ami Thus wlll be tho last (ones1 a p 6 ~ 0 1rai o l rr 6 r o 1 80 a r o ~ first and the ~ r scones) f 'st. h&youo~v ah6 Awhpcea. 25 6 the nations E0vco~v z I q T& kvnai a 1 ~ ap la o n y 6 u a t .&TO 8xho r r o h l i ~ . -. - wield euthoriy over 2 the way among yon. . 21 ~e &TOO.) 01 6t~ ten he became lnd?gnnnt shout the two brothers. out of rlpht-hand Ipartsl and one out of right hand and One at 'OUT left' in cduvlipov 00" Lv 73 Pauthciq UOU. Crowd followed him. the 62 & I otk not i s mine to pwe. r r g o o r u v ~ l j o a ral airoCu& sod in order that 5% left-hand [partal of you in thb kingdom of you.lustas the Of utbq TOG &!Apimou o6r qh&v 6!a~avq0jva! man came. &Ah' but the naT towhajone* ot %Pi%$: it has been prepared And ljroipaora! brrb 705 ~atfe:erof me.lave. hut i t belongs t o those far whom i t h as been prepared by my Father:' 24 When t h e ten aothers heard of this. . hut to &Ah& 6~anovtjoa1KUI 6oOva1 . r j u qux'v a d ~ o 0 ministered but to serve and to ptve the 01him minister and to give his soul a ransom i n &vri nohh6v.17 Being now about 17 M i M w 62 &vaPaive~v 'lquoi3g to go up to ~ ~ Being about but to be stepping UP Jesus Jesus took t h e twelve :/'jo ' I ~ p 0 0 6 h u p ~ITOI ~ O P W TO^< 6 d l 6 ~ ~ 0 : otfp"vate19 Jerusalem toot along the twelve t6iav Kai Lv fi and Said to them o n ac~d:?d~to private i r. way. 'iva - 1 K%!y' 'Iqoo8q Jerue rap& U IP & Y E . ."A" . oi6ara T alrrioec 6livaoer know what yon me m u have known what row ere arklng. . rai mav~6uat ~ a i r p r l t'ijt~y~~: and the third day he and to put on thesdke. ofthe nations .MATTAEW 20:16-22 no~iual P v to do in the (thingal TO~< 106 my owi7 107 to drink MATTHEW 20:23-30 whleh tpoiq. ." 22 Jesus In 22 &rro~pl0ciq 68 6 'IrlooOq E ~ E V Olju Havlng answered but the sesus ssld ~ o "You t men do n o t . $ D . btl. fi because I a m good?' 16 this way the last ones wi11 be first.t~eir~ Jer'i'cho a great 'lepct i . they became indignant at the two brothers. KamK 1vo8uiv a6rdv will condemn h. euo KO~~~UUI 23 He fs saying to them The indeed hLycl a h o i q T1. n a i b ulbq TOO &Opdlrrou Son of man w111 he into J%uaslem. right-hand d ipsrUl ofme ~ L T T ~ Ykp6v rrimec will d r h . . th. as they t ~ n o ~ ~ u o p i v v o v a d ~ t 3 v &rrb 29 K a i out of from were of them way out ~~d 29 ~soinz ~ . rriv~tv.. and the el< 'le oubhupa. : m ! $ X $ . 24 ~ a i & ~ o 6 u ~ v r e having hears the (me." 23 a e said to them: "You will indeed drink mv h u t this sitting-dawn a t my right hand and a t my left is not mine t o give. and in the the road: 18 '"Look1 6 6 6 ETTEV &TOT( 18 '1605 &vapai~o eY We are going UP t o WBY said to them Look1 We are up Jerusalem. was passing by. . 19 ~ a i na a66oouu1v a d d v mi< deliver him u p to to death: and w e giveover hlm to the . having heard &roriombq 1s pasrtng by. by 60Ova1. fibut become great among bpiv p i y a q y ~ v t o e a E ~ m a t b Av 61&novoq. 28 . 26 hi^ is not ". T& pkv rror(pr6v pou of me YOU ~ but sit Out of ~E<I& pou ~ a i c 6 o d ov ~ ~ and outof ~ left-hanb. not to be son of the not to be to.26 06x oSrog Loriv them. you must be YOU great to become wlll be o p ~ o u servant.-.p**l . am about piMo to be drbilng7 They are saying to him We are able. saying: "Lord. of you wle ed la because &ya06q e l p ~ . them to him. of her doing obeisance and &n' asking for something do & ! obe~adncc end asking somethbg from from him.. out.> drink t h e cup t h a t I a m a b u t t o drink?" They said to him: "We can. m e lone) but ' ssld to her What do you want?. . .s h e edh~l~i Xiyet U~T@ E i n 8 said t o him: "Give are YOU w1 1 7 She ts saying to hlm Say Z~Pc6aiou yrh with rAv the a G ~ t j qhim with her sons. cried ss~Lng Lord. 30 And. E~paSw er ed out they heard that Jesus h t y o ~ ~~ l i p t e . fun Of and to natlonr Into the tomske jun oi and toacourpe t scourge and to impale. . 27 and 21 rai 6~ &v Othq bv bpiv wants to and who likely may w U in you be first rrp3roq E m a t 6 6" 608hay 28 h c p 6 m u d he yarn slave. Not thus ia 1 0 T~TS rrpoo.m to 3 clrrcv said You Oi6asc know that 671 the 01 &PXOV~L< rulcra of TOW the natlona iBv6v . jerich fallowed to hlm orows much. 25 But Jesus. calling. he wiU he raised u p 20 Then t h e y p a p y a ~ r ~ o ~rai v. 21 6 68 etncv ahfi T i said t o her: "What hlm. are rou able asklng for. u ""C._. kingdom. will be glven over napa6o0joera1 to the 1015 &px~peOotv chiel Prleats and rai but 62 having eelled toward hlmaell npoarahEudlpeuo5 ~$22~ to GErlbes. R~ be ofyo:ou . . look! two 30 ~ a i 1605 660 mqihol blind men sitting ~ n d laokl two bllnd (ones) them. . Can YOU the ward that these ~aeiuwo~ ov h 0 1 01 660 uloi pou O n ' may Sit mlght alt these the two eons of me my two ' one a t your PK 6eS1t3v dq PE down. 19 Bavhrq.C>.lA&v ulAv eons 01Zehedee s hen came toward &Q hlm the mother ofthe Zeb'edee approached ij fifimp r& "16" sons Of fiy. and to e t ird will be raised up. Alirpov exchange for many. -. I beside rljv the b66v. said: "YOU know that the rulers ." kycpefioea. bqiBahy& the Or i s your eye e c k e d 6 with my own things? nlciv the ivrb rro*lptov evlr 6 k~i. 0 2 . end they wll1 fudge down him death. that TI the road. f i y a v d l ~u ~ av 'IquoCq Jeua r r ~ pT i ~ 660 V &6chqiJv. and the first last... minister. ~ara~upicliouo~ avh 6 v nai 01 py?hol and the greatmen lord it over them and the grea onen) wield authority over ~orcSovu16 ouulv a 6 ~ 6 v .

saying Who x s this? The but cmwda is Ehcyov O k k t ~ l v6 n p . .m 34 ~~~~d with pity. T ~ T E'IrtooGq d m l m e ~ h ~ 660 v p a 8 q ~ h q Jesus Sent forth two saying Olives. t o them: "Be on YOUR 2 htywv a 3 ~ o i c nopaGsa0e way into the village saying to them B e s o t m r o v ~ way Pllthin Sight r ~ p q v T ~ Y K ~ T L V C ~ Y T I S ~ O V . way. 8 6 i . aho. ~2-14. dP/ bu. then Jesus sent OR two dlsdpler disciples. colt.6 ~ ~ 'IqaoGq 11 The crowds kept were aaying Thls the prophet Jesus telling: "Thls is the 6 Cmd Na<ap&B r m q rahlhaiag. Son of Davld. him. Blessed the lone1 1s he t h a t comes in iigiaro~q.nkimoq OUteTgBrments. Jehovah's' name! Save 6v6parl Ku iou.". &n ~ ~ .)~ ~~ 12 Kal cifiA0m 'I ooOc eiq TL) I E P ~ V . m e but crowds the (ones) of As for the crowds. and they received 'Ights and they followed him. i~ . bring them t o me. 9 ol 61.h&6ou< their Outer wrments I" the way. .. and immediately &v@ha$uv ~ a finohoG0qaav i aGr+.jche will immediately IS huving: at once but he will rend ofl them. from the lone) from Nazareth Of%e Galilee. rB. E ~ W F 61. have mercy on US. J1-1'. t the crowd sternly toid them t o keep silent: yet they cried all the louder. having 1 0 0 4 cad tome. "Ewan'na.r~ sounded to them and said What a n rov willing n o t ' a o S p i v 33 h B y o w ~ v Kirprs I do b YO.1*1%*24.')." 4 This actually took 4 Toiiro 66 ytyovev lva This' but has happened In order that Place t h a t there might rrhqpoe" ~b bqe& 6.2l *qnL WOI w a6q nal h l @ e p I l ~ h Lnl t o you mild-tempered. axel 62 i ~ o r r r o v .robs nwho0v~aq ~ a temple i threw out all the lonesl selling and all those selling and o p a ornag b ri. 01 paEiq~a1r a i beast of burden Having gone their way but the dlsciules end 6 S O the disciples n o . 8 1 6 61. cried out saying Lord.9 been moved with pits but the 3esus 4 q m o TOV 6pparwv ~ O T O V~ . and he sat on atop o f them. 34 daypto&ic 62 6 '1 c o k Xavin. Well.~ha'+a.e.Lord.. in order that might be opened the eyes of us. i d l n31 ~ . The but ~ r m i p q a e v abroiq lva gave rebuke to them In order that a l w n OWWIY' oi St pb5av they shovd keep aulet: the (ones1 hut more k p a b A~YOVTEF K6ple. 'Look! your of Zion Look! Tha klng of you 1s coming m n g Is coming &hBqaov ill85 ulbc Aauei6. have mercy on w. ~ ~~ p .? They are rayhg 10 hlm Lord: lva drvo~yOn~v ol 6q0ahpoi fipOv. uibq Aauei6. we pray. r a i and its colt.. ~ ~ ~ of . P Or. Jeaus touched their eyes. 6xhot 01 a n the road. lard's. ~oh.kL~a. And having stood the LqJvqosv a h o i r q ~ a elnev i Ti 0iAe.Dread &v 74 . Save.' A t t h a t ixs. the daughter h I 6 &=mrAeirq cou EPXETU~ of Zion. they saw again and followed to him. drKohauOoinnEq 9 a h b ~ K& 0 1 those going ahead of hlm and the lane81 fallowing " him and those fallowCnpacov XLyovrrq ' n u a w & uI+ ~osanna son ing kept crying out: were ery~ngout saying "Save. t h e whole city ALyauoa Tic 2 q r 1 v oGroc. ~ a i l a And Jesus And entered ?esus into the temple.h %.6. 1 1 01 61. awrr< ca8hc o u v l t a < ~ va h o i q 6 got on them way and o d e r e d to them Ule did just as Jerus hay?np done aceordtng as them 7 And 'Iy~. anything t o buying in the temple."ga . upon a ass and upon colt son of bead under yoke. when they got close t o Kai 6rr tiwlaov Jerusalem and arflved And when they got t Beth'pha." . and o u t uoon these their hr~&elm h & c aah&.iilage the opposite and at once of YOU. 8 Most of themaelvea the outer tarmenu O f the crowd spread crow% . %h. we pray. Hosanna h the hlghest Iplacesl. prophet Jesus. lrp+ r a i T&< ~panB(. 3 And if someone says 3 ~ a i &&v TIC bpiv ein~ ~ n id f ever anyone to rov m~ght soy snythng.opened. to YOU mlld-cmpered and having mounjed upon ." S* Jehovah's. they brought the ass ' ahGv r h i p b r ~ a .. f q Son afiDavld.ffsprilg or a 6 nopru8Bvr~g 61. and a colt with YOU WIII find ass having been tied and her: untie them and per' aiirfiq h6coursg ~ i t h her. in the Now above!"* when he 10 ~ r a in d having E ~ ~entered E ~ ~ ~ v T a of h oh 0F ~ 9 m into el5 heights 'I~poc6Aupa &arioeq n b a fi n$$.YOU 'The &pcirc 671 '0 ~ G p l o e abrOv xpdov must W~IIS~Y that w he LOof them need needs them. saying: prophet raying Teli ~ o to a the daughter 5 "TXLI. led the ass and the colt.$~g i n the temple and the tables and Overturned the TE~Y KOAAVBIUTOY Y ~ T B ~ P ~ ~ ~ ~a Ei~Y h q tables a1 the money of the money changera he overturned and the changers and the $ley I ~~~~~~ e~z*~yc .~ entered into JerusaJerUBalem was made to quake all the lem.o2 have mercy on us. and they ~ am iL0qrw h and out on uwa them the outer esrments. 32 uai ur&c 6 y '" . let our eyes he am me for 21 21 : : I o "%. . 'noavvh &v roiq name of k r d . The but moat h e seated himself 6xho Corpwaw kaurOv T lw&rla upon them. a l EO~BWF touched of the optlcs of them. $ " .uyiou an ass. saying: "Mrd. "In the highest places. Send them forth. whlie began h n b r TOY 66v6pwv ~ a i 6orpJwuov b ~ f iOthers from the trees and were In the down branches from spreadthe trees Ornee ing them and 6 6 0 .jbe fulRiled what mlshtbeful!~ed the Ithlng) spoken through the was spoken through wpocpfi~ov 'XLyovrog 5 F i n a r e T? e u y m p i the prophet. son of Davidlm 32 s o Jesus stopped. dxhol was set in cammotion. yes.?.wq 6 of om e id! ~ l of Davld. the .ge o n the ~ a fiheov i riq Bq0eay)l siq r b "Opo 76" a Mount 0fOlives. then and came into Belh~hage into the ~ o u n ofthe l 'Ehatiw. &rloov fipzq. ..ocrc b o v 6~6spBvqv Kai rrMov tied.kq 1 fi ayov T)Iv 6v0v ~ a T i ~ Y~ M o v ordered . and YOU will a t Once find a n ass sbp~. xB. omem but arere branches on t h e road.$ ZXe 9' Literally. have mercy on us.' the A a u r i c E&yllwi. we pray! (xrsma. called them and said: "what do want 33 ~h~~ said t o him: .bunted bwv r a i h i nGAov u l b ho(. and entered into the and threw out kSl@aXcv n b ~ a q .~ a ia ~ i r q that .6+.

of -. E6orcv e v i<ouuiav T ~ G T V .. "He-ha." havlng faith m u w U recerve. . 15' Literally. up and cast into the 22 ~ a i whvra 8ua sea.aha'. likely you J g h t ask in the Prayer haYlnP faith. will YOU do What 1 did t o t h e flg tree.~Q Sprl T O I ~ ~ E?TI(TE . 'From 5- ovrfi.saylng: "How na paxpipa t& How instantly 1s It t h a t the flg tree wlthered Instantly?" 21 Having &. ysvjor~at."." xB: Save...efirc i/?Jer ( ink O?g". If 8 u Pbv eirm~E pol u&y& Gpiu it to me* which u ever yon might ten to me also I to voo also will tell YOU by i . n n 6 l s x z .G d! . rou but a Of robbers " 14 Also ~aprr6q clq ~ 6 val&vm yivqrat f a i t might mme to be into the age. 'My house Ti p m r a t ' 0 01~6~ ~ L o qWill be called a house 1t haa'bcen written The houna of me houae O f prayer. wtu to them I shall request rou also I word one. and lrpoufihew 6 1 6 & u ~ o v noi dpxlspdg toward him teaching the =hiel priest. saying.MATTHEW 21:13-19 110 111 MATTHEW 21:20-25 ra966p~ r&v mholhnov r b q benches of those sellbenches ofthe (ones1 selling the ing doves.aKp. Said t o them: c 3 ~ r u l y to them Amen I am to I say t o YOU. and he issaying to them Is wrltttn. you i l l ~ ! U T E ~ L T E A ~ jp~ld? receive. 23 Now after h e 2S Kai LXB6vroq &05 €1 TA Ir$v the temple ~ n dhaving come of m went the chlef Into prlests the"). they won!%?red. t h e older men of t h e up to Aaoir X i y o v ~ ~ 'Ev q people uai ol n p m P O r ~ p o 705 ~ and the aldermen of the people saying 1n him while he W a s teaching and sald: "By noiq CSouoiq ?aha nol&g.lohvau baptism by John. 13 And m p ~ u r e p 6 t1 3 rai hive8 &oiq h e said to them: 'lt doves.sort --. ask you one thing.' It will happen. tovr0iq . them: "I. do these thlngs? A n d And who to you gave the authortty this? who gave you this 24 hnonptedq 6i 6 'IquoOq cTnev authority?" 24 In Having answered but the Jesus said reply jesus smd to &oiq 'Epwmim bp&q K&Y& h6yov Eva. we pray! Ixr-usn. L v noiq b<ouoiq 7aOm I do shae tell in what sort of authorlty these (thingal what these thlngs 25 The nol& 25 76 P & r ~ ~ o p a . but YOU npoucuxiq ~ h ~ e j u e ~ bp6q a ~ 6L are making it a cave of prayer wxll be called.E& e i r w ~ ~ thcmselvn saying if ever we should m y Out oi 'If we say. not only not only the (thing) of e flg tree roo wlll do. but T. + .. t h e flg tree wlthered lndantly. Hoh. not doubt. 20 r a l 6g tree. ~i SL 6 1 d 0 h o y i ~ 0 ~ PV 0 men?" But they began 7 he (ones] but were reaaonlng in to reamn among themselves. h e baptism the (one) of ~ ~ h n &< what source was It? n68ev fiv. wkmt there ~ (things) are you doing? what authority do you . % from where war ltl k t o f out of From heaven o r fIom &vep&wv. from I am doing.. And paeq-rai CeaOpauav h6youreg disciples wondered sayinx $sf?' ~izG~ fJ 6. also.If only ixn'c niuriv rai rhould d o ~ b t . 'Be lifted ~ i 5 T ~ Y 'Apey ~ a ip h j e q ~ ~ BsliPte up and bethrown into the sea. 20 ~ u t when t h e disciples 166vrq ol havlneaecn the saw this.~T answered O K P I ~ E ~ Sbut 62 the 6 '17l0005 Jesus 21 I n answer Jesus adroiq 'Apfiv A6vw bpiv.a u t h a r ~ t T ~ G DO. you have faith and do may have faith and oh p b o v 76 g 3 mDVKfig nOljuETE. but also If to the mountain this ion might say also if YOU Say t o this ~ ~ A a u u a vmountain. and all (thingal a8 msnY as 2% h d all the things it will happen: hv air q r z b ~ f i ~ P O U ~ U you X ~ ask In prayer..

the ~ a ial ~ 6 p v a l ~niorauuav harlots belleved tax collectors and the b p ~ i g 62 harlots believed him. . . but cu~trvators having seen the seeing the son the cultivators said among & I . O O B O G K E ~ ~'From men: we have but we rhouksau Out of men.. 28 "What do YOU 62 bpi" So~ai. the (one) but one said. ~ l n ~ Tv i~vov >aya ufi)l~pow said.q A&ya 6n the oi that and the harlots the Jesus ~ ~ to that ~ ~ ~ are ~ rrh&vag ~ a i a 1 rr6pvat n p a ~ o u u ~ v wing ahead Yon tax colleetore and the harlota are golng ahead of into the kingdom of bpBg ciq T ~ paolh~iav V TOG 8aoG. another they stoned. * i ~ uai OGK and the and not you believed to hlm. . then. 6 . 'IquoG ~ h a v 06. rr%%aq rrpbrwv. However. we are fearing the crowd to fear. ' be going under today today in the vineyard.% . Having gone toward the Up to the first. go work first lone) he s a d Child. 62 a h N 'E< 6Nephwv.V <Q . tothem ~ a ia 6 ~ 6 q O06? Cyb hfyw tpiv Cw sald to them: 'Neither also he ~ ~ t t I h am ~ s~ o y ~ n g to in am I telling YOU by what authority I do rroiq tEouoip ~aOra what sort of authority these lthlnm) I am doing. therefore . 32 jheav 00d. ~. h i y r ~ adroiq Jesus said to them: ~ h = are y soylng ~ h latter = ionel...jvroq having 0662 to him. In turn.01 62 d i . 6 61.hem . dmdnriorrlhEV T O ~ F came around. 'Child. uibv 0. (ones) hedispatched his 37 ~ ~ U T E P O V62 ~ I T I ~ M O T E V&S ~~EV a h o k T & u t t e r l y but he sent off toward them the son to them. come. .-. all (they) a prophet. Ep cnhoig "Ow. 27 So Exouu~v rbv 'locivqv. 2 W. saying. Came came to YOU in a way heoven. these things. he appo~nted?lme of the frulu. A~~~~ 36 Again he dlswhich (onel but they stoned. and having answered they said: 'We do not ri. to him. $2 tz z z eVfy$~rFi.Why. 30 ApprOBching rrpauEA8b 6s r@ the second.--. ~ T L $&v r n o ~ r 6 u aa ~6 ~ Q . thevdld and elst to these. vineyard when the owner of mrj nGp. he sent off the dlspatChed hh 606hovg adrat ~ p b q TO&< y~wpyobq ha LIY * slaves of him toward the cultlvotara to oke to the cUltiVat0IS ~ ~ b nOjq g ahot.11 r e a ~ e e t the aon my 'On'' On pou. 38 ol 61 yrwpyoi iS6v~rq rbv me. You but and YOU. yswp oi rojg 606Aovq a b o t 6v eueivsyora the slaves ofhim which (one) and one they beat up. for T ~ V~ X ~ O V . tothe Jeous theurald Not weknaw. 31 ~ i q CK 70" the two did the having regretted he went on. the but tax collectors ~TTIOTE~O~ aT 6E~ Q .. Kai h o i q o a v abroiq boabrwg but they did the same to them sa-thus. -1 "weor nnnt.q oov bou~d iomethe lord of the the vineyard comes. hlm. which (one) but th. 35 m i AaPbmaq 01 to get his fruits And having taken the 35 However.. 'I will second ionel he said as-thus: the lone1 but not.. 38 and mi let us have ~ h& t<ipaAov L C w TOG him Out Of the Aap6vra~ a him they threw omt outside the having takenI vineyard and killed b k ~ ~ l v a v . he said h F $ " . we say. a 2s l n answer this be woiiing In the umeyard. " . . did YOU not believe him?' therefore not d t d r o a believe to hlm? If ever 26 If. . the cultithe 8ults of him. 0 6 ~ ~ ~ O T E ~ U a67Q. 37 Lastly . e r ed tower. ~him. 'Av?fyq a man.8~zer . s householder.hkq %kZq '' .' but dld not go havinganswered said 1 and not Out. 6 ~ o y & R O ~ T E ~ V Wa )~ dE dV v ~ a the l heir. npouLh0&w TQ two children. more than the first.T mlY I say to You the tax collectors 'Iquo. let us let us kill him and kill him and . .' He. 32 For John you Into the klngdom of the God..her "" . ~~DTEPOW hevlne answered said Not I am wllllng: latterly felt regret and went out. i t 30 Raving gone toward but to the the same. . I p : ." two hkyovu~v '0 iiwrrpoq.40 6pnEAdvoq him. " ez$F '. Sv v E~CIP~V they kllled.-. 62 d n k ~ ~ a l v a vanother ... oi6apau... t o bplieve ~~ ~ . They 6bo hoiqorv said: '"The latter.' tpyh ou tv TG & p ~ ~ 29 & ~ 6 ~ . K ~ P I E : ~ a i O ~ K sir. J : VP~@~T J all hold John as they the crowd. 31 pr~apchq8eiq dmiA8rv. IS saytng to +. he willsay to us Through whet O ~ W 06pavo5. 'This Is ~ A ~ ~ ~ . patched other slaves. did not feel regret afterwards SO a s to believe him. and traveled and let out ~ E S urv. though. 'I will.They will respect son of h ~ m 3aying hey w.nAPtelwardS he dno~pdriq E T ~ E V 0 6 86Aw. he npbrq. el.. th18 one sald. Indeed they b e d . 6v 6L &t80@6Aquav.' he will say to us.d yaw yoit Kai and let it out to culKai tSC6ET0 a'?v to E U I ~ Y ~ ~ Y Bnd ~ I tlvatOrs. when but drewnesr tie season of the fmlts na!& rdv ~aprrdv. vators took his slaves.heaven. &TTOKPI~E?< E ~ E V ' E b. tpci lpiv A I ~ 26 ~i i6. r~rrov b sauroiq oh6q tor~v b son g sald in themselves This is the themselves. m r . . and they killed. 21 ~ a i&norplEiv~~g In answer to are hevlng the John..'. . Ooing was having children two.? 4 5 P . ' ~ 34 a r e 6s fiyyluLv O4 Whenthe travele'AaXroed..6705 Xiywv ' E v r p q f i u o v m ~ v ui6v . erected a tower.8rjnrv uai tjpvCw fence around it and dug he putaround and dug a winepress in it Q K O ~ ~ ~d~ py U ov C .~~ his Kheritancel' they took -39 and 80 UX~LIEV the j v ~Arjpovopiaw ~nheritance of adrot.. fiu o l ~ o 6 m r r b ~ 6 ~q 0 ~ 1b@(l~auwrv ~ &pnah&va who planted a householder whoever planted vineyard and put a ncpti. although illustration: There was 33 'AhAtlv ~nothev nawDoAilv parable hhear oGo uov. . vr~~peAjh Sorepov ~e felt regret seen not-but latterly of the TO^ you saw lthisl. Whtch Out Of the of [hisl father?. 40 Therefore. In reply 6 ~ ~ 7 i p q ET~EV buahm~. 28 TI think7 A man had what but to it hYe&~Oq ~Txev ~ i m a660.

another Lpno iw b o p 6 ol 6P to his commercial of hlm... saying: 2 " ~ kingdom h ~ of the heavens has became like a man. ""C.$:$~~ ' $ z~ i t ! . that made a marrlace feast for his son 3 And hesent - ta iwa :IF. 05 h t o the awn eld. they Oaptoaiol' r&q rrupa!30Ahg a6703 Eyvwuav took note that he was Pharlseea the pnrsbles of him they knew speaking about them. 6 hut the Aoonoi rpaniumm TOGS 606Aouq ahoG rest.. s4. 6 01 emw. wlll give back to hlm the kults In the render him the fruits atp poi airr0v.T " W ~ I 6 opfi9quav ~ o b q dxhouq seize him. ' upon whom but Wely him. and neeklng they were seeking to a 6 d v K P Q .l+s. ~. 3 xu.. Come to the marriage 6&c PIC 70Jq Y~~OUC. elnee Into prophet hlm they were having.and it is mar0aupeoril i v 4eahpoiq fipav. the . The kingdom of will be t e e n &p84ur~at &0' l p a v fi paulhria wlll be l l f t ~ d u p from You the klngdom of the from Y o u and be given ecoj mi & ~ / ) u L T ~ I E&EI TO!DGYT. And the lone) u w n t h k stone will nouhv Lrri rbv hi8ov r o h o v be shattered.. And m a l r i ~ ~ p ~ ~ Y ~ ttzl% ee s son of hlm. As for having Iallen upon Ule stone this anyone upon whom i t wv8hao8 orrat t+' 8" 6' hv falls. things are ready.~TOOYIE~ l that about them he Is saying. r a i tpr~v beaide LO^ came to be t ~ lheadl. i t wlll pulverize w l l l b c s h ~ t c r e d . although 6rc n ~ p a i 6 ~ 0 v hiyr.7-l4. saying. bnrLurr~h~v MAouq SobXouq to come. who the vineyard to other Cmo66uouu1u ah6 r o k a . raprrobq 44 Kai 6 fmlb of it. and ha& vent the srmles of him hedestroyed sent his armles and mbq +ovciq tnrivouq ~ a i r j v n6klv destroyed those the murderers those and the CltY murderers and burned abrc3v ~ v t n p q u ~ v8 . * ul@ hot. and all rrhptva n&vra holpcr. those? what will h e d o 114 to the TO?< 115 MATTHEW 22:l-8 the nolfiurl Ka~obq 4 1 They said t o him: -geeause they are raxaq h ~ ~ u a r hlo k . and the vlneysrd evil upon t~6i)umat M A o I ~ YEWPYO~S O~TIVES them and will let out h e will let out to other eu~tivatori.t la hovah' this has come to be. r6n A~YLI their City. m e n ha la a a y ~ n g he mid to his slaves.niuq A r ~ p l j a ~ t ah&. 42' Jehovah. sire maniage feast. bpyiu0 KU~ paulA€b< 6P 7 6 7 "But the king king grew wrethyul. TOG< to a nation producing God end wlll be glven to natlon making the its fruits. of hlm slaves..-. whlch tons) but upon own field. he will bring a n badly ha wlll destroy them. because these held him to b e a h d rtq npoqitlqv aljrirv rlyov. XLyouulv a673 cultivators those cultivators?* yrwpyoiq what will he do to 22 ETmv spoke ! . the person failing dri(q. Then of them he burned. 'The stone that the dmo6oui auav ' oi builders rejected is rajecred the lone81 OiKof$~~$q the one that has become the chief h t~ $ e : l V $ $. and ell (things) ready. " ! w2ch Jy:k2. 42 42 Atyet airroi~ 6 'IquoGq 066tnorr .. 43 This is Why I say Through thls I am anylng to rou thst to Y o u . .. xB. and not they were willing they were unwiulng U ~ E4 ~v&Xtv V . J~~~~ said them: "Did YOU rrrAqpivou I I is 1n further r e p b Jesus awin spoke to them with iilustrstjons.%r. & 3 : ~mmmerela?bualnc~ erred 2% P :'e d $ . chief priests and the 45 Kai &robuavrr oi & ~ ~ s p ~ d a oi i Pharisees had heard And hsvlng hear2 the chfei priesis and the his illustrations.' whfch tone) Indeed went off.-. 46 But. 6&Aov malr age fe3 vitiea. 46 ~ a (. prophet. 4 *galn to come. Insolently and killed they treated Insolently and they kllled. ~~~ dmo~p10el~ b napapohaiq parables s[30a~q n&s osus agdn h. the but business. treated them OPPIOCN rai dnri<rrlvav.MATTHEW 21:41-46 & p n d C v o ~ ri VlnEysrd... laying hold of his latove~ (ones) having the dsve.n.K Jerrapa Kupiou tytvrro aGrq. 6 0 1 hither Into the rnamlage festRlUss. But 6L &prYuavrrq dmiAOov 0s uh) they b u t havlng nor cared wentoff. velous in our eyes'? w ~ n d ~ r f [hesdl ul in eyes 43 ~t~~ bpiv b. . 6mturcAw 105s 6o6Aouq a h 0 0 r d L u a l he sen. and but ~h~ ni *a$ rh m r p a ~ ~ b p a aOro5 ~rr &nciAmev grew wrathful. them. The tones) feast. a king. 60bAo1q a6~ooj '0 vb yhpoq 'The marriage feast him The indeed msrrlsge isant rcrhqptvot o6r indeed is ready. the (ones) but havlng been called not but those invited IS. : I havlnn answered . but rhpou~l ~ a i06. 45 NOW when the It rnlghd f a l l It wlll pulverlre hlm. rob< ev roiq eult~vaton. uai TAW ciprrshirva evil. havlng been s l a u ~ h l a r e d . 'Tell aavlng Say roo to the (onam) h s v i g been cased those '1605 r b 6gur6v pou flroipa~a I have prepared my Lookl The nner of ma lhaveprepa:ed.. a . my bulls and ral rh T(~~Po[ bulls of% and the fattened Isnlmsbl fattened animals are slaughtered. 44 Also. . Aasln he sent off othara slavel he sent forth other Atywv Eirrarr ~oiq ~ ~ ~ A q p i v o lslaves. Lord. they feared hlm to 8 e Y Iesred the crowds: the crowds. one to his 6P mi oiq T ~ YT61ov %pbv. 1 to them ahoiq 1 22 hiyw saying 2 was ' n p~ o~c ei n e~ e the d fi M+ n W jnq Bgd?. when they become 41 They ere eaylng to him Bad loner1 appointed t?mes trcivolq. -em o f raw the pao~Acia kingdom whoever -- of them. dinner. OPWGV heavens moi uEY m a e ! slaves of hlm to call to Is saylng to them the Jearu Never never read in the Scriptures.

d. him: 24 "Teacher. brroup~~ai. yZ1p B h h ~ E c ~ ~EI< not care for anybody. 22 ~ a i&loha!nr ofthe Dod m c Go And hsvtng hear' God's things t o God.b the outlets of the ways.1 of Caesar to Caesar and the (thlng. 19 h l 6 r i E a ~ isaid: YOU me are mu teatlng. the table. Mouufiq rtrrav 'Ehv 715 hoEIav?~ 112 OSeS said. K~~YUOU. there will be the n h d p 6 q ~ a i6 weeping and the side. the. 20 ~ a me i the head tax They brought him a but brought toward htm dennrlua.1 therefore. marveled. rh Kaioowq Kaioapl rai T& the 1thhg. MATTHEW 22:17-24 were not worthy. and sl many u If ever rOp rr rahtoa~ 6 1 5 rod< 1 0 0 . TT~~I~EL~OW LY W h6yw ~V 18 rai& r r o ~ a ~ o u o l v i i m in his speech. good: and the rrovqpobq TE r a i 6yaBoljs rai Lnh'oB and room for t h e wedding wicked ianesl and and good lanes) . and the hypocrites? 19 Show 6k r p o o j v r y r & ~ ~a h 6 6qv&plov. rrGc ~IofiXBrq 86. 'Fellow. r a i 06 )I&EI 001 truth YOU teach. to him and asked. shall take n marriage the having children. to us appearance. and bavfng let go on heard ithatl. not lor you are loo ng lnto for do not look np6owrrov &&pi"lov 11 e l d v 08" fipiv upon men's outward taco o men.~. of htm a6705 m)v ywaina ah05 must take ~ a brother i . mlght trap in ward. hypacrlteaP Bhow IOU 'Hpgfi~wJvALyovraq Albciurahr. 0Qapw 671 party f 0 l l 0 w e ~ $ % % ! rt ~ u m)v i 6&v 705 .'Bind Having bound of hlm feet and hands him hand and fmt &pdrhnr a J ~ 6 v rtq 6 01610q ~6 and throw him out throw rou out him Into the darkness the into the darkness out- fioav 12 th$'f:i. knowing the wlckefnera of them Bald Why Jesus their wickedness. Then the klng aald to the servants 13 Then t h e ldng said A~ioavrrq a h 0 5 rr6Saq ~ a i xsipaq t o his servants. they hrrrjh8av. to hlm the dirclples ofthem Wlth the together with gnashing of the ppuypdq rGv 666vrwv.' Then h e said t o them: "Pay back. bath wicked they wv'yayov topether nhvraq all w $ . how dld you set In here no1 havlng you get in here not Ev6upa yhpou. . "Whose image and t k l?d?I$%?ii T h w are saying Of Caesar.rQ ci6rXqQ a h O . p' exwv'i. and not It laof concern to you in t N t h . WLU oe 14 rohhoi ycip EIUEV ~ h n r o i 6Xiy0~66 Many ior are called (meal few but l4 'IFor there are many mvited. garment?' ~e was 13 r 6 r r 6 @ao#Xrtjqrlnrv roiq 6ca~6volq rendered speechless.' 10 Accordingly tho= slaves went out to the roads and @thered together all they found. for his brother: shall make stand up seedl ta the brother 02 him. and do nrpi oMrv6q. saying: BroO Lv "Teacher. we know you are and the way of the God in you are truthful and teach the way of God & ~ B c i p 616cimc15. 12 ~~i hiyrt ah^ marriage garment. lanesl. how did Fellow." &9abpaoav.MATTHEW 22:9-16 CiSto!. . and l e a ~ i n g they went off. 9 rroprGmBr otv tri were worthy: be going roun way therefore upon rZ1q 61rS66ouq rGv 66Gv. And they send o f f 16 So they dispatched &r@ ~ o d q paBqrZ1q peT& T&v t o him their disciples. but TOO -~~.5wn to Caesar tax t o Caesar or not?" 'Iqooirq n)v novrl iav a d ~ f i v rTmv Ti 18 But Jesus. T . caesar's things to Caesar.uo . ohosen ionel). inscription is this?" Zl They said: "Cae6 htyra a l h o i ~ 'Arr660~ 08" Then he b sayhg ta them Olve rou back therefore sar's.nluava b ~ hlyovrcq b 24 b ~ 6 & u ~ a h r . 11 EIWE~B&V 66 6 11 "when t h e king Having come into but the $ ? P :a came in t o inspect Et6Ev the guests he caught B~huaoBa' to view the ionea) he sight there of a man &KC? 6vBpw~ov O ~ K tv6r6upLvov there man not having been clothed with not clothed with a yhvou.. l he Is sayhg to them Whose the lmoge thln and he said t o them: Atyouo~v Kaioapoq. rai 6uouq 6.. 01 me to the test' he (onel) &2: Sadducees. came uai h~qpb. osylng to be re8urreotlon: resurrection. rai &tvr~< C$fi 22 Well. his 2S & $ A U $ e fi):. 9 Therefore go to t h e mads leading out of the city. with those reclining a t the weddfnz room 01 lrlnc . to me the MOI 76 v6p1upa 700 eoln of the head tax.i n t i E m a ~ 6 outer. garment of mnrrlage: and he Is Bsylng to him 12 S O he said t o 'E~aipr. chosen " 15 Then the Phar15 T67c wopru8tvsr~ Then havhg pone their way !:t % ? $ % I isees Went their way uuppoljAiov Lha!3ov drrwq and took counsel toEOU~ICI together took M that him gether in order t o trao . . What what to YOU It seema.."$. 17 Tell ri uol 6 o ~ ~ i ' L/CEUTIV 60ha1 K ~ W O V us. pc n f ~ p h < c ~ c . him they went off. Up and tnqutred upon hlm asying Teacher. 6 62 tq1ph8q. 23 On t h a who t day say there is no Sadducees. 10 rai t { ~ X 8 6 v r r ~ oi rnarrlage festlvltlcs. ceremonies was filled 6 vu p&v &va~r~pkvav.6$ tte "" ciVy:z$*q &<&~cpov. There is where gnashing of [his] teeth teeth. oC. And hsvtng gone out the 6oOho1 Lrrivon ciq a 66ohq slaves those .~~ Xa66ounaio1. and anyone YOU find invite to the marriage feast. therefor?. about no one. ~ n d 20 And ~I~ ahoiq E Tivoq I 4 EIK&V a h ~ a de. ALyovrrq 'E z~$$% $2 dual & v & o ~ a o ~ v &6dqbq brother the woman htm and his wife in marriage and IaiSe offspring & v a ~ o r t m 8 p a . but few P~hr~roi. mlg?lt ~ n d call YOU Into the yhpouq. 1s It allowed (o give head tax Is it lawful to pay head Ka i m ~ l or no(7 od' l8 Hnv~. 'If any M~~~~ aald 11 ever anyone should dle no man dies without ~XWV T ~ K W ~ ~ I Y O ~ ~ P E ~ O E I having ehlldrdn. waslllea ~~ we know that of Hemd. having on a marriage garment of msrrl&o7 The (one) but was muzzled.. Into the ways 116 Herodlans 117 aaytng Teacher. when they they wondered..

e o v unCp a = g j r w f i v yvvaina ah03 and. 33 Kai h . 'la&. . y w i t h e resurrection. is i t that How therefore David m splrlt t s Eell~p. irv ea TOSC txepobq uov Put Your of me untli likely I ~hould put t h e encmiea of you beneath your feet ' bno~drrw . aGn Emlv 6 &6q v ~ ~ &AX= ~ God. versed in t h e And nelp&<ov ah& 36 A16huxaAr.=Jhplom h i T& wcrele together upon the very Iplaeal. He is raying 0 them said to them: "Haw. . llkewiee ale0 the 26 It went the same brother.p~eei~ 66 6 ' I q u o O ~ E I ~ L V 29 In reply Jesus HavLng answered but the Jesur said said t o them: "You are Y ~ P L I ) .MATTHEW 22:25-34 25 q u w 6 t 118 119 MATTHEW 22:35-45 r a p ' 6piv & n r & &SEh$oi. B. Jl".? which of the seven will she be wife? For n&vrq y h p ioxov All for they had they all got her. David beneath the ~~t ofya:? ~i therefore D*VI~ calls him 'lord. l o r d . in one group. pq6t T$ Ehaplv TOO tlroir..' 40 On two commandCvrohais Xhoc 6 v6poq r p i p m a t r a i these commandments whole the law hangs and ments the whole Law hangs. . r a i 26 Now there were Were. . said w p i y pou K+u Cr. ~ n d having hear2 the crowds the crowds were l<cnhfiuoovro m i r g 6. 6 h n a p 6 i ~ r uov ~ ~ your h ~ o d~ Lord the God of you m w h J e heart of You with your whole heart ~ a tiv Xh ouxfi ow r a i Pv 6A % and in wh& the soul ofyou and in whAe the ~ ~ ~ whole mind. how son of him IS he? a:: 22 de ~~~ zxe enemiesv 82' He is the God. 26 6poiw5 r a i 6 wife for his brother. therefore. Scriptures nor t h e ~eriP?ures nor .fhe &6ch@i) &TOO. but to him Youahnlllave him: "You must love Kliptov rbv 8t6v o o u h. Law. 35 r a i t n q p 6 ~ q m d~ P C a h S v 35 And one of inquired upon one out of them them. but as angels in the heaven they are. JI44. 0 6 ~ ~ 01 ~ igxhol ~ ~ 33 On hearing [that]. 3 1 As regards the 31 n ~ p i 6P rfjs & v a u r h u c w ~ TOV VVLK ilY resurrection of the about but the resurrection of the dead Pones) dead. second and the third. 39 6embpa b ~ o i a and first commandment. ti3 the leven onea.. On these the two as yourself. 39 The second. 43 ACyn a h o i c avid's. said to hirn: ah+ TOG Arrv~i6. 30 for 80 T & &vam&us~ OGTE in the resurrection resurrection nelther nelther do men marry nor are women given yapohcv o h y a i(. 40 P v ~aljratq miq 6uuiv love yourself. r hog. 38 =his 6 mlnd ~ a v o i o o ow f you. . in marriage. as angels in heaven. like a d m 'Ayan'mtq rbv rrhquiov UPV this You love the neighbor YOU $$ it. because adrois IlhaveoEie p c166~cq ~ h q to them You are mistaken not knowing the YOU know neither the y p a hC. this. . iV . nOq oBv AausiS b mv€~p.' & not ~ of ~ a c o i ? Not heis the Cod d d e a d lonesl but but of the living: S~VTWV.rro. noia which sort of commandment great tn the law? in the 37 6 6* ' A ~ a n i u c l q Law?" 3 1 He said t o The (one.ovm! they are marrying nor are they gKen in mbrriage. 3. of living (ones). xB.IC(. TOG BroD XLyoyro~3 2 'Ey6 e l l b &b 32 'I a m the God of the God savlng I the C o i Abraham and the God 'A p a h p r a i 6 Ei& 'Iu&K r a i 6 e t 6 of Isaac and the God offbraham and the G a j of lansa and the Go5 O f Jacob'? He is the of the dead. and married and deeased. and the first the R ~ s t o n 3 having marrled he deceased. 28 h. 'YOU must your neighbor u m v s b .PI.' rclXd ah&"rbptov.16UZO-a: Lord. 34 Oi 68 Oapluaiol &~06oavrVL The but Pharrrees having hear2 tmipwow ~065 he muzzled the a . testing voptr6 versed in(iaw testing him him: 36 '.'. he left his t. but beside US seven r a h ~ i then." the prophet*. 2 they m e together artr6. 38 ~. yu*. how 1s h e his son?" IS ealllng hhn lard.I4. 27 b ~ ~ p o 62 v nhvrov &nLBavcv fi until through sll iatterlg but of all (them) died the seven.poke" to roa by YOU by God. saying. in ~ivoq T &mh Lum. teaching. which is the greatest t v ~ o h i IIEY&A~ b. nGq vi6q oh06 l m i v . I n the resurrection therefore 28 Consequently. Jesusavkedthem: 6ovri rrcpi TO$ 42 '. and seven brothers d t h 6 TP&TO yfipaq P ~ V L X E ~ ~ T ~~~ V a LUS.does it seem about the think about the XPIUTO~ . o h woman.rOv rro6Gv oou. him Lord saying Said Lord 44 'Jehovah. asked. 8lB. Se{iGv my Lord: at lord of me ~e sltting out of rkht-hand [portal my rlght. power of God. hand until LWS . Prophets. 4 1 NOWwhile 41 Xqyptvov 62 rGv Havlng been led together but Of the t h e Pharisees were Oaptuaiwv l n q p b v p m a 6 ~ o b q b 'lquo05 gathered together Pharisees hquiredupon them the Jesus. and t h e oi n p a g j ~ a l . not having o ? ! haXvlng s e e : he let go OR the woman of hlm oespring. 45 EI 02" A a u d 6 45 If.~i? 1 is the greatest and r a i np6. second lone) similar flrSt commandment. ~ i v o q ufiq i m t v ' MYOUUIV Christ7 Whose son i s chrimt? Whore son is he+ They are saying he?3. the power of the God. 6cljrrpo$ r a i 6. but are &Ah' 6 5 hyyEhol l v TQ OGP~YQ clujv. L o rGv Pwr& way also with the second one and the thfrd one.What do YOU bpiv hiyov 42 T i 6sying What to r o o -. Jehovah is Cod. astounded a t his Werebeingastounded w o n the tenchrns olhlm. of him. Jl.Teacher. 27 Last of a11 t h e woman died. 44' Jehovah. 37' Jehovah." 43 He to him Of the David." 29 &.Ga g aliraG. to of which one of the seven will she be woms. by inspiration calls a h 6 v K ~ P I O V XCYOY 44 E l m Kljp105 him s ~ O r d saying. did you not read OGK &vCyvo~r ~6 bqfliv lipiv Imh what was spoken t o not did roo read the (thlngl .rq hohfi.

A?A~ was ~ o d > ~ ? y = t g 5hn93if npln n ? q n sulxsw sm ooz w 4 a m w i q a w eu ~ a ~ a u a q m lk!31olr larh?A ML9 ' n ~ ~ w a t dauo a v w a1 [ p u q LZP aqx pus [DX 'no~nypnwuon? ~ D D ~ ~ O ngdb> U n+ !ow pun "p?'?Y3 PuRq Pus sr00.= Xaw P"= maw i o s a ! w ~ e ~ d q a m roi pue .)lo~&g ..uam 513 .l haqa lnq ax11 'saaurri e'il '[moam~ea Iraq1 JO) ?g l*oy$ g 'ng3l-d~ pr Mmlj aq? aaralua BUIBJBIU~ a."ox o oiaw p l o ~ o m e u o a q w o .501nnd@o p dbmu p AptQ nlro? .- il .o dulproJ3e '8uy:raaqa non eq pua qnq 'anlasqo pus ap m ~ l o aam m q 3 ~ 1 3 d l l ~ [DX 'non llal daql sauml PL ?9 PDn P 00" 4 Am rqalw ksm zana n ss m n m e . 21 1 ~ r 3 n ~ ~ m & ~ :c".i~d. .asran srm lrmo axel x s a r 3 1-H ?A 'wnl.a L I .'a$d[arold auo axsm 01 PUB1 KIP DUB Bas aslanoll noh asnelaq isal!~aodhq 'saay~eqdpue saqllas 'nod 01 aoM. ' s o . EOX O -samw leas n!llr~ AIDOY~ 1001) . i 'ulajrad mq dn aulpqq ars kaq& '=lop are $0.~LDD~IOY 1 n e r a a w oodn no& o ilea PlnOqB nor 513 .o~d !. .W d S S A a E * . .lxenuo~.samoasuss ~ i n d o l p )!DL n j ~ ~ o d b n u sSgn o ~lnv L eql ul weas ~ u o q aql u ! slms l u a q aqq BanaoseuXs aq4 S!DAnAnnno 5 ~ 0 1 n j 5n!dg3gono~ndu S?L pw am ur Srrru!l~aa30 aaqd +SJU 1 % a3816 quau~mord PUB SJaddns !Dn 5!O"u!39 5!o~ A?.!$. z p s m ~ q alexa I lrn anq z a n a o q ~ XI ivm ~ ~ a s m nlexa lq ?. 'U! @ M U ! dSfi 11841 IOU !uew 'aylrquaale noa loo m i nai ( 1 0 amq$ $!mlad noh 5!3rlp .. 3+eGr (~rl i9 s!~& ! W w Palls3 aq .x am no* o . "!LOT nndp 3@LALenr aql 'auo SJ rapsa? ..nmuvdgnp 3990 ap3Xd?o!a T o d?A op zaqilau 'u!oa ~ O U rvoli =I ruaneaq aql . %:ax 5 . sr 'sanrasinob sa os qanm ss aJ(iaq . . 5!3dQ u ! prom 8 den 03 a w e mlq 01 aamsu. nn!n~yromdu aql aq. pue ~1nm93do39 p ' ~ ~ ( I O I O U 90 !DI qou op inq bas daqg ?g la3 'spaap q a q l 01 roi Sulbes ars Xaql 'Uyop nol aq tau ruaql . nm n w w sarqumq npLnDj i3Zx7Al3LDL 5 1 ~ 9 9 W X '1D~34480n13UDL aanaoqm pue 'palqurnq iuen~a. 8s11835q ~rg D A D 3LYelryr ?9Ld 01 pane3 aq laqi!aN or q 'auo druaaaau a m : m a bluonaaq am rsme. a .I q w uaw aw kq p n e a a q q pua w pue saasldqar(1sm !38dnd.-am aapnq ol aq? T w 9 ' I a a u ~&om Dkdz DL ?g DU?X 9 ' F q D 1~0lfnl2 naq? q%Im m*qa a8Pnq Bvllllm ara xam leu maw To aaauy 0% Bu!ll!a 3ou ass nlonoy?e 60"~ hypxq SaAtasmaql Laq? ?nq O I raw slaplnow 'uam 30 uaprnoqr aql '$r r~ !oqD ' n o q d g n g n F Snorlp uodn maql and pus om oodn aurroQw~am pm spwr Lnaaq dn pulq ) ~ O L !a? AloD?131~14 !DX n ~ d ~n!~dn+ d haw.spranaaps IononnyoAorl !lor n ? L p ~td+xnyn+ ?r =am Laql 3eqi sass3 Iau!wuo3-a~nldr~apla U 1 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ . .ua:leanqo lapun SJ aq 'aldmal aql jo pl08 aqq dq slsams auohua J! inq :8u!qlou s! 11 'aldmal aql dq sleaas auodus 11. a '5onox?!g n?~noj 3 zanwq~ TI Jasrurw eq 11-m nor so zaxears mq am o BnOh ao isnm n o r nor dp?& nodo nn>!sd ?g p Ir auame .'s~apeal.$r noAc uo~rslrqsq alrmm am ro p ~ o a a v ul reams q a ~ m SOL FDA .oaqao 103 iaarqns B m ~ q axnm non auo samooaq aq uaqm pue . nw Bu!plooJa OP SOU OD d?A . nnn*o !"am alojaq suansaq asnaaaq %altzaodaq dn aul~lnqs a l e no= aql JO mo~llu!x lug '!D~ldxou(I 3~3!3yx a"? dn 1nus nOh s a r l m q d pun saqtms 'no& ol inq aoM asne&q la&[iaodbq lo!Doldnm !nr 5 p ~ n d r l ~ d 'n A !rlrl ?9 l V 0 El 'saaspeqd pus saqn3s 'paxexa aq I I* 'noh 's~apeel pan*> aq n o i p~noqsraq Tau enoh JOJ . 'den Oqm 'sap!@ PUlTq 'nox 01 J ~ M .O filnnoA?y 3~!31ou krl n . 91 Anonown nu& 3~3Aqtd3u eq1 rn04e 02 "0" asnsaoq 'sallloodbq ilp '!D~ldxOu? .9 UI enndx $L q d~ay!~ 1n9#p 4ox11 inq oqm 9 59 'fi1Ln7 "?9C0 '=I 3 1 arrrvou 'uallaal 84 @=!Alp . .%LO9 !are snqloxq . . ol q q s w m aooov sea .PT pus l % o ~ l s a & a w P."'ql aql uapealq haql IOJ P1BmO) solap sxe kaql uaqr zo !uam dq pamaln aq 01 adl) s?dU n~opo'ou nv~pn Op daql 'p daql sxrom ev inq 1lv . o mopsuly a p sanlaunod noh 103 6 nn!-iylnDd n>podurl?.&A samq 5 b !u? pm !D* n?rfq 3L~o)ynu nor ! & y 3 9 ? @d dzLDJI 6 . nouvdenp n?L 9u.g 51190. isalva~a am aoo sl noiro rapsel aqi ma r r ' ~ S ! J ~ C I . puy 7 .&nh aql $A zsamr $9-m BUTXBS V 10 1119dp prnlq lsauol am !0y6nl !OA sapFa 90 %t 53310A?Y wlq =OM A '! d D !WO 01 om .a . aql ! r e alojamqa ZQJ ~ O U OIOU ' JI~SUI a[qmnq I~ nr* lanwqa pus 'Prlqwnq eq Illm W SWlaqfi 'IellaEq lnq nn 'JsqJaq a w noi o sl ZOJ enox sr aoa 103 'rqqw ?9 5 3 9 u ' ~ o p r n p g t g p nsmj d g ~ P a y aq nod lorn O P auo 1 sw pa1Lea aq P OF no& tom rnq no noh 3na .q lneo!yDr !nr aq? u ! sau!qaaa aql *a=erdla rsru oql UI rauqaao aql pme pue L .'d~..R~. .PI '35 ddv aas .tpoqou p w g i $ i n ' IDflk~~dXoup ouonngj S!sq~o I !nx .

Ei fjpr8a t v ~ a i ? forefathers.zd". hypocrite. indeed which T&+OI< rcrovtapbo~<. inhabiting it: 22 and divine habitation swears i it and in the lone) he t h a t swears by K~TOIKOL~VTI aPr6v. because mugive the tenth of fi6Jo?pov r a l T& 8ov nai rb K J ~ I V~ Oa V. 21 and ~ a it v n6o1 . -6 6Dpov fi ~6 0wlamfiplov the g f t or the arltar . oo6 not ukeiy av are iwea were afthem a i r ~ 0 v them in the blood of t h e prophets. from within but rou are and lawlessness. inorder tbat might become . . rowOev 62 yipouotv tc &pnavfiq Inside they are full of from withln but they are full out of snatehina plunder and immod~ a i &rpaoiat. and the days of our h i y c ~ r . because rou are l$ene$ beside outwardly graves. appear beautiful to gravel been but inside are full E<&Ev wvr=. rai r+ r a 0 b~ t n . TO o 6 w + 6 1 1 ~ 6 ~ h. y y f $ ~ 7 5 YOU give the tenth of h o ~ p t ~ a i . yet not t o disreahciv. TI ~TTO~EK~TO~TE the mint and the dill hypocrites. r a i 671 0 1 ~ 0 6 0 p a i ~ TO^ ~ hypoeritcs. scribes and Pharisees. b the xyo7$q Or fi 6 -6v sanctified t h e gold? dlvlne habitation the lone) havk~p'$%iRCd the Also. roo. m)v rpiurv nal ~b ?hog r a i ~ ) l va i m w Justice and mercy and law. in fact. I 9 ~ u q h o i ~i y h p psi<ov ones! Which.if we were meI%atfkIbs O f the rlghtwun tones). roo.5 ~aC700. 18 ~ a i ^ 0 q Bv 6 1 6 ~ 0 b TCJ sweats by the altar. camel! 15 O M hpiv. 6" h.". the gold or . sc%. ypopparriq nai Q a p ~ u a i o t hypocrites! because and Pharisees you build the graves aerlbes Woe to YO. 27 0 woe 6 a i to hpiv. camel drlnklng down.~ $cl:d .c~vaa against yourselves rDv vvwo&vrov t h a t YOU are sons of 671 uioi &OT€ those who murdered that are of the 1 ~ having ~ murdered ~ 1 @mmpcr . of t h e prophets and T~WUF h o ~ p ~ . and You have dlsrwarded &+firme rh Baf6~ega -roG the weightier matters mu have let go oft the' weight er It incsl of the of the Law.awe 23 O woe h l to Sliiv. also the outride of it clean.' rowwvoi in b the TCJ Therefore you r the h n prophets. which for @eat&.~~ mav =lean. and the lone) hav n g s u o m the throne of oo.s! . things it was binding these Ithigel but it was necemary n y .123 MATTHEW 23:26-31 pai<wv neater Lmiv. he is under might $Gear h the g& the lone) on top of it obligation. ~ 23 to You. i s he i s m debt: blind ianb). ~ . Tva uivllral the outside of it also and a f L e dish. hypoc. 30 and 6 1 ~ a i w v .".roiq he t h a t swears by the and in all lthinca) the (one. bpbuq b 7 3 6 0 q r+ h & v w airra5 gift On It.jand h. vbpou. O O are bearing witness to your. 28 o h g r a i hpciq t h a t way YOU abO. 26 Blind and lack of mlg t blynd: Pharisee.l temple i s swearing by 21 r a i b 6piwc1q tv and the tone) hav~ng worn h the i t and by him t h a t i s V a 6 bpv6a.hY~ees. the and the eummin. and those lthingsj 24 Blind guides. scribes and Phartaee. greater.$$kg'yz 2 : 0 Lt ~ ~ ~ a29 %$ at:?' 2 slakg %grE~ 2 % 2 : '%Ya 2 to$z$"z~fl. that ~ a :air^ mapo*i6oq. the gift or t h e altar that sanctifies ~ l . us. full of hy~oorisy and lawlessness. a ~ t o do.rb i &KT&$ ah05 u a e a p w . the justlee and the mercy and the faith: faithhlness. we would < %$:I< YOU are saymg If we were m the not be sharers with na fatilers ~ b p w v of hpfiv. the t h e temple t h a t h s s b is greater. y p a scribes p p a r r i q and ~ a Oapcaaiol iPharisees hypocrites! because YOU resemble white611 napa ol& n r Lmorplrai. 3%. cleanse firat ra0hptuov n p f i ~ o v r& kvlbq TO? n o l l ~ i o u the inside of the cup eleanae first the inaide of the cull and of the dish. 26 T V h i erateness. because rov are cleansing the ~ O cleanse E{U~CV 70.' beeawe m v are buiidlng the graves decorate the memoria Koo E i ~ a 1 h tombs of the righteous ~ 0 v npoqqrDv r e i the pro~hets and *ou are blecorst~ng the ones. p o ~ 31 ~ ~ v a bkod ? a11 of are bearing wltness bauroic pap~upd1 .5 ' ' ' gard the other things.. .If anyone xpuo6v. hut mlnt end. but inside YOU from ~ u t s i d e indeed E U O ~ F Y 6 i UTE are full Of h~P0CrisY &~0p&~otq ~~KCLIOI. peoroi h o r p i u r o < r a l huopiaq. 1 T+ 8 p 6 v ~ 105 8 ~ 0 zby him t h a t is sitting in the heaven swears In the throne of the God On It. 28 i n frorn &raeapuiag. but outside of the cup and o f L e dlsh. the (thing) the Rift? 20 ~ h o h T& 63pov. ~h~~~ ~ar3h 6 i .' 19 Blind bqcih~t. 20 b &yt&<ov fore he t h a t swears by SanciJfyln8 the gift? The the altar i s swearing b r w a ~ tv 0uu~a0nlpiv b r d c t tv by it and by the havingsworn In the altar w e a n in things on it. who wQAoi 6tuhi<ovrq Strain out the gnat blind. and the lone) ontop oflt. nehteou~. 5%' ~4. \ . =&o thus eko uou outwardly indeed. 29 Obai hpiv. outside of t h e CUP and of t h e dish. namely. hut if anyone swears by the Bw'cmrrlpiq' altar. l the cumin. 27 "Woe to You.. fmm indeed appearing b e o u t t f ~ iof dead men's bones and Of every 'Ort Of EooBev 61 yipovmv 6oriwv vex 3" but are full of bones of deaf(anesl uncleanness. ~ a . 22 ra3 b brbaq heaven is swearing by Inhabiting It. T~ . and of a% uncleanness: qaiv~ds ~ o i q appear righteous t o p2v E{wBev are appearing to the men. I i m o r p l ~ a i . 30 vai 78" . y p p p m s i q r a i O a p ~ u a i o ~ Woe to you. drt KaOapirEn rb hypocritesl because U the hypocrites. gold? And Who l i k e b might swear ithe it nothing. n o q p i o u r a i T-q napoqiSw. Is. bpaio. scribes and Pharisees. through I % but gulp down the ~ h p q h o vK ~ T ~ ~ T [ V O V T E ~ .

33 b$mq ycvvfipara tp~fu&v.hise (things) will be. 6a horp.. Amen I s m seylng to you. IrpoG. the houe of I Say t o YOU.~combination . i pou h i y o v ~ r q ' E y 6 ~ 1 1 1 1 6 my name. fill up t h e measure of mvn forefathers. system of things?"' of the age. vaoG rai son of Bar. and esme toward the but his disciples p a 9 q ~ a ia h . will come upon this generation t l s . 6 ali. hoorbhhw Through thts laokl I am sending off n k q bphq n p o ~ i r a q m i aopohq ~ a toward rou propheb and wise tones) and ypapparciq. name?" cornins in name of ford: teA9. ~gz.W.s 6@g . sent . and some of + h . m v murdered tetween the divlne habitation and whom YOU murdered TOO euolaorIIpiou. whom blood of Zech. r a i the ehleks of her under the and $3' See App 4c. scribes. or. ~ a inpoufih8ov 01 &om the temple. d answer 4 Ka~ &noKPleeiF 6 *I VOOF CITEV . ~ ~ n having d pone out the Jesus from the Jesus was on he kp06 ~ ~ O P E ~ E T O . 39 hiyw ytip bpiv doned house t o Yon.o'=os). Or. they will mislead.t 2 : mlgEe&.X.lam'. n&q Serpents generated ones o v per% how p5yqrr h 6 ~ i Kpimwq q yciwq.qpriov ~ ^ q oyilq napouoiag r a i owrrhciag your Presence and Of Sign of Your and afeonciueian the conclusion' of the 705 a i b v o ~ . 5. 'oh.8. generation." S9J X .~ h t o u v a y a y c i v T& rim how ofteng wlued to lead together u m n the children oou Sv ~ p i n r o v 6pv1q htouvdrye~ of Y O .g upon the ~~~~t sitting n p o d h b v ainG oi l l a e v a i or oiives. then..6.. notrdr~tq 9i?qoa. J'-n. the tempiei the lone) but havlng answered t h e temple. not not things? Truly I say t o &gcefi hieoq h i h i b v 85 YOU.thlnml aU upon YOU.and ~(ai rrhwil~ouotv. offspring of vipers. &g. ~ ~ . 'I the name of me saying I am the am the ~ h r i s t .~' Jehbvahts. end. rai g ah&v YOU wlll put on stakes. *learned persons.-how Often I Wanted to Of ~ .O. d lSjoint ~ end.ehi'ah. ~ . 8v righteous Abel to t h e blood of Zechariah son of B a r a d a h . t h e disciples ~ i 'rE A ~~OJV of the olives came toward him the disclpler him Muovrrs EIdv l6iav saying: "Tell 1 5 ' to private [ s ~ o t l' saying US."~ raGq h c o r d p t v o ~ n&q a * " . YOU ~$1 24 24 ? :. Jerusalem Jeruralem.hen +. L &~ ~ ~ . and the altar. 33 "Serpents. xB: O. the (ones) sent off toward her.rQv h o ~ r c v ~ i r r ea i serrbes. how are you t o flee ftom the judgment of Qe-hen'na?' 34 For this reason. here I i a m sending forth t o YOU prophets and wise men and publlc insttuctor~: Some of them YOU will kill and i impaIe. 32 Well. 2 : be h0gtnyca2~ ng!Egq AIO:$. . measure of the fathers of rov." ..s.a . oi. When will these jpiv ~ a 3 a io~a~ ~ . 34' Or.forth t o her.' not bpiv O ~ K MATTHEW 23:38-2425 people did not 38 Look1 is aban6 oTvaq bP&. : whleh manner hen leads together upon T& voooia aimjq bn6 rtiq rrr6 uyaq. be thrown down. response he said Ta~Ta d n e v a 5 ~ o i q0 5 phirere .e m yon will in YOUR synagogues and persecute f m m city t o city.rirah & W v n i m c m a t 5 rOi. . end Out of them paor! ~ U L T E h) ~ a i qo w a y w y a i q bpav ~ a You wlaamurge Ln the synagogues of roo and 6tGCe~c YOUWIII persecute nf?&W ni?.. % .'bw. .and what to us . the mOq npogfiraq.a.$ * s ! $&$ there "On 6 i ~ a t o v i r ~ u w 5 p ~ v o v hi 7% yyil h 6 righteous be~ng mured out upon the ear& fmm YOU all the r l g h h m On roc a 7 5 o q 'A eh 700 6 t ~ a i o u Ewq TOO the byood o f f b e l the righteou~ tin the from the blood of a i p a r o q Zaxapiav u l o j B a p a sou.v 6 ' I I I U O ~ ~ F 6nrb 70. should You flee from the judgment a f t e Gehennn? 34 6th r o k o l&h iyZ. S Ka9qpivou 6L a h 0 6 h i TOO -OPOUZ 3 Whlle he was aitbut of him upon the Mount ti. out of them You wlll kill and moupiwrrc. 39 For I am saying for to YO." not will be loosed down..-order rov d d wlll? 1 j 9 ~ h F . Kai ~ ~ now.All these things ys&v s a h v . saying. 38 LO&! I605 in let go off want it. YOU ( B ~ T P d l ~ ~ .=id to them ~~t you king st t h e (thingal t o them: "Do You not behold alI these ndrvra: drpiv hiyo .gEiC In f . 31 "JeNSaiem. gather your children together.) I em asring to you.m o b o u t t h a t to them. 37 ' I r p o u o d j p ' ~~ ~ XB. ob p.MATTHEW 23:32-31 t h e prophets. 32 r a i Opdq rrh p i r o 5 c 'rb 1 3 1 YOU UP the the prophets. ~ . 18 &pjv Aiyw Opiv. h p ~ t ELI Not no me should from rlghtnow u n t i wi11 by n o means see me from henceforth av E Y ~ T E Elihoyqpivoq b likely you should ray Having been blessed the (one) until YOU say. "EEI r&a r r b a 36 Truly I say t o w m these . temple wasgoing htr way. BY no means wlil be let go off here &one upon stone whrch a stone be left here upon a stone and not 03 r a ~ r a h u 9 ~ o e ~ a l . will mislead many. 4 ~ n in ~ anmered the ~?esus p said t o them: ~ ~ n dhaving said Jesus abroiq Bhmrrc T. t n t 6 ~ i $ a 1 ah4 T&F 0 i ~ o 6 0 v h <BpprOBched disciples of him to "ow to him the buildin~s him the buildings of . And Yon p 6 o v ~ b vm i p w v 6 p w . between the sanctuary the alter. ~3.a i ~i be. 35 t h a t s5 . things" (o~mvog. ~e you looking at anyone you nobody misleads 5 n ~ h h ~yih p PXELIoovrat kni YOU: 5 POI many will might m olead: many for wlllcome w o n on t h e basts of TLj b Y 6 p a ~ .$$. the way a hen gathers her c h i c b together under her wlngs! But . 'Blessed is h e t h a t comes in ipxbpevoq h ) 6vbpm1 Ku iou jehovah'~. and what the thin&'s will be the sign of .

20 the days. no YOU are not terrified ~POE~U~E. r o c the world. .. 19 obai pick Outer woe iv icsivatq those ~ a i q fipipa15. rrapa~huouu~v Gr&g r i q 8Aiylav Then they w ~ lgtve l over rou lnto hlbulation ~ . 8 All these all but these (things1 beginning things are a 66ivov. as havingstood Daniel the prophet.r[q 8viv drrirrg ' 16ob says t o YOU. 19 Woe bo the pregnant 1..MATTHEW 2 4 3 % 1 5 6 YOU will be about 126 but to be hearing 127 disgusting thmg MATTHEW 24:16-24 ipqphosw5 desolation mhhpou5 6 YOU are golng to wars hear of wars and renai & ~ o h s rrahipwv. end will come. ~ a 66uouuw i oiqvcia pcyhha a r m and will give great slgns and false pro&its. of pangs of birth.v wonden SO and oortents as-and tom~slead lf poss~bie mlslead. T T ~ O ~ E ~ X ~ U ~ L B= praying 6L ot~ou of wmter baby in those days! 20 Keep p=aying that YOUR flight may not . (let the reader ~ ~ spoken through Daniel the bq8iv Anv~ih r a 5 rrpocpj-rou prophet the lone1 ta~&q iv in r6rrq lace &yiy. n a i the housetop. and the in the h u r p n y & r o 6rriow drpat ri) 17 6 err. 6 &vay. of pangs of distress. nor aapphry 21 E ~ T y ~hIp to sabbath. i t is necesrary for to occur. 18 n a i 6 6" TC$ the house of him.. For these things must YOU be termed."&spbe ~~~~~~ dk<?$ foIlet him return iPh~lov garment of him. 22 ~ a si i p i Occur again. no You should believe. 6pBrc ports of wars. rh ~aiap&~w let him come down to lift UP the (things) ~ uof t ~ $ 5 aiaiag arhoG. 14 n a i ng u ~ B f i a ~that ~ ~ will . hate One another. &KO~EIV p i PSfhuyvq St& the (thing1 causes desolation. 23' "Then if anvone 23 T 6 r c i h v . p i rrlorr6cqrr. not the (onel 6 spat . 8 i i v xrlpavoq pq61.. wlll be for *' J c $ p . 1 1 And many false 1 1 ~ a ITOXXO~ i y l ~ u 6 m p o q i l ~ a~ 1 Y E P ~ ~ ~ O Y T ~ I will arise and many false prophets w ~ lrise l up a"d many. but not yet is the end. be aeelngbu. reading ~ i ) disgusting thing that Spoken of through standing in a holy olace.j ~ f h ~ q . and YOU will and will ktu be objects of hatred ~OUOG~WO~ h i . this (one) will be saved.s beginning has occurred from beginning of world untll of the until now. no. In now not-but not not should occur. ~aiq but to the (ones) garment.l the nations on (ones1 being hated by . 24 For Chrlsts and 24 i y s p 8 ~ o o v ~ a 1 y l ~ u 6 6 ~ p ~ u r a~ 1 a false i will r ~ s e up false chrlets and false prophets wlll ylcu6orrpo qra!." y a a ~ p i x o 6 u a l ~ ~ a i. hah.' 6 ~plq~6 ij 7 'fl6s. or. will be cut chosen ones wdl be cut short the days those. believe it. o b ~. lf possible. but the &AX' o h w i m i v ri. and through 1 2 and because of the increasing of T& lrhqevvetjvat the to be increased lawiessness lawlessness the love of the greater number yluyilu~ral nohha.6~. 15 . rai rrhavjuouu~v r r o h h o 6 ~ 12 n a i St& and will mislead many. all the nations account of my nama 616 rd 6 v o r 6 rou. 8i&Co6auic and those suckling a in belly having and the (ones) glvmg luck abroir. 13 6 66 . o8roc uw8jusrat. " ~ ~ ~ l t o horrEvoOulv kill YOU. take place. o i ~ o u Whole the fnhabitet~earthlin& wltness to all for a witness to all the m i 5 Eev~ucrlv ~ a TTTE i ~{EI 7. 9 "Then people 9 T~T. "5 Paulhsia5 6" news of the bngdom this the good news o x h e ' kingdom in w 1 1 1 be preached in all hvq ~i p a p ~ 6 p rr&acv ~ ~ ~ the inhabited earth 6An 4 . 13 But w i u ~ ~ o l o t t$e ~ of the many. Whenever therefore YOU might see the YOU catch sight of the ~UOVT~I Pao~h~ia ini Bclu~hriav. and then the the nations: and then will came the end.V % $ nor an the sabbath day: 21 for then there will be great o i a eAi*lq p:~$tq of tribulation such as then tribulation has not occurred since yiyavcv h ' &px?< n6opou Cwg..?. upan . W ~ T O V T ~ V Levav by a. also. in not return his behind to lift up the to the house to 61. nor will vGv 0136' ob v i yiuqrat. Anti wllfbe preached 14 And this good roGro Td ~ i r a y y f h t o v .wv h ~ p o i kingdom. 6 v were cut short' no were cut short the days those. unless those days t~oAo@h8qaav ai fivipal i~sivaa. and there kingdom upon kingdom. 6d y&p ytvhaeat. and wiil be famines will be food shortages ~ a i UECU~O~ ~6irou ~ earthquakes and and Learthlsuakes down on piace': in one place after 8 rrhm 61.v~u.0 ~ a v 15 "Therefore. 10 & a . ~ f h o ~ . . and will give signs great to mi +para &ma rrAcrv. nations. through but chosen ones those i n h r ~ ~ o h~oAoPw6'joov~at q a t i v h p a l ~ K & ? v ~ I days . not hkely flesh would be s a ~ e d i &arj8q naoa u&pE' 616 66 Tp$ but on account of t h e wasraved all flesh. ' ~ o d k ! Then if ever anyone to You might say Look!' Bere is the Christ.?o8at ci Suva~i. TOi) ~ i 17 Let ~ the man an p )i ~ the housetop not come down to take the goods out of his l 8 and let the man in the yf. 7 "For nation will pdh/luc~~ 6 .when otv 'i6q~e i. rays . many through the name of me. 'There!' do not Here the Christ or Here. see that and hearlnga of wars. end is not yet. will cool off.jrropr[va5 <iq Tihog he that has endured The lone1 but having endured into end to the end is the one be saved. will be stumbled urav6aX1u8Qovra1 rroXhoi nai &Ahjhoug and betray One Will be Stumbled many and one another another and will rrapaShuovutv ~ a j o a u u ~ vhhh$ouy the7 wlu give over and tteywill hate one another. Then. ~ n if d not fact. m5ra & P X ~ another.

yivq~al whenever already the branch 6~av fi6? to1 fiZe: t2e illustration thls polnt 6 ~ h h 6 0 gC L T ~ S of lt .cTWF goTa. and t h e stars o6pavo0. western [paktnl. nara~AurrpoG catae~ysm . .ens to their othel / 32 ' A r b Darable. ~ a i ol & o ~ & p ~ rr qr o o h ~ a & ~ b r TOG fhe of it. 129 extremities of them. when YOU see all i6vrr rrhv~a racra. Nor the Son.MATTHEW 24:25-31 ~ a raJq i also the 128 lookl I havefaretold ones. . t o western parts." the days those the lonesl before the eating and drinking. 36. n3DVgmrsArmb~~~~12. di.riage. words of me not not should pass away. doors. rOu are knowing that is near. and . 35 6 all these things occur. Vg. do not go Out: 'Look! roo should go out: LOOBI ~n the inner chambers. comes out of eastern is shining . and not give adrfiq. these things. there be. If ever therefore they might say to roo z6 Therefore if people ' 1 6 0 ~ ev 4 ~ P ~ P W'ui.. y t v t j o ~ ~ ~ c 671 forth leaves. rrombut 6& ~ i q rxlnijg the ~g tree learn p&B~re r j v 3z learnfrom the the fig tree a s a n ~ ~ ~~~ rrapapahju. 1s m the wilderness. And then wrll appear the shaken. wrth a great trumpet uai hlouvh<ouaw roirg t a h ~ n r o i r ~sound. Tust ar soon as its T& &$ moon % : @Chha young branch grows should become tender and the leaves tender and it puts t* bq. i 6 ~ a v that near the summer: thur also ran. eagles will be gathered 29 EljBtwg 62 PET& T ~ Y8hiwtv T ~ V together.~ TOG Noah were. know i t may m a t e grow out. so the ~ o a h : thus will he the Presence of the presence of the Son of "106 TOG &vBpi)rr~u~38 chq y h p qoav LY man will be. all these (things1 should occur. and feed~ng ~pr themse~ves jyov~~q and n a i rdrtnklng. until the day that Noah & ~ p t fiq l p & p a < ~k5fiX8Ev N d s ciq siv until of which day entered ~ a a hinto the entered into the K U ~ hahbq k? ~~ 38' Or. and then all heaven. tyyGg r b 8Lpog: 33 ofirwg ~ abpcig. 27 For & o r p m i LSipxe~a! Cmb & v a ~ a h d v ~ a believe . to roo. phi~ . m lamentation. 36 "Concerning that 36 nepi 62 -rfiq 1pCpag inrivqg ~ a dpag i About but the day that and hour day and hour nobody ot6ciq d6cv. and u i b v TO^) hv8pi)rrou i p ~ 6 p ~ v u v hi they will see the Son Son of the man comlng upon Y E @ E ~ ~ ) V 700 06~avoG PET& 6uvhp~wq K O J of man coming on the OloudS Of clouds of the heaven with power 66Eqq rrohhijy 31 nai & n o m e h ~ i TOG< with power and great glory much: and he will rend off the glow. ' ! ~ & ? ~ & ? e ~just as t h e days of NOE 08rwq Cora~ TTCIPOV~. as they were in those ~ a i q ? p i p a ~ q t ~ s i v a l g ~ a i q rrpb TOG days before the flood. and the stars WUI fell from the 1ts Ilght. neither the angels of the f . forth his angels angels of him with trumpet great.' i t i h 8 q ~ ~ . say to You. a h o G VET& ~ ~ L ~ T T I Y p Y~ O~ ~& h q ~ . carcass is. ~ i o o k !ne Look! In the desolate place he is. o O 6~ 'rdv ? ~ o o & ~ w &vtpov ~ dm' ones together from of him outof the four winds from the four winds. 30 And then o q p ~ i o v . and they will and they will lead together upon the chosen loner) gather his chosen a d . 30 nai T&E q~~vfirn~a ~b t the heavens will be will b e k a k e n . Immediately but after the tribulation of the 29 "Immediately hpepdv ~ n e i v w v 6 fihtoq O K O T I O B ~ ~ ~ Eafter T ~ I the tribulation days those the sun will be darkened: of those days the s u n nai ~ E h f i v q 06 6i)o~t and the moon not w ~ l l @?$x:' will be darkened.' do not row should belleve. 700 uioG TOG &~pi)rrou 6" the sign of t h e Son sign of the Son of the man 1 " of man will appear in odpavQ. Lpiv say that this Amen I am to k t ? :t generation will by no napehen 1 afiq should oass away the . the heavens odpmdu 0661: 6 ul6q E i pfi 6 rrarip heavens nor the son: if not the ath her the the "Or Father. ~ a i ai ~ V Y ~ ~ T E~ IY ~ o d ~ a v d v will fall from heaven. thur will be parts and shines over 1 rrapouoia 700 uioG TOG h~BpilTTou. chambers. but heaven and the earth w ~ lpass l away. and the powers of the heavens and the powers of oahcv8'r~ovrat. The 35 Heaven and earth o6pavbq nai 1 yfi rrapehaburra~. means pass away. 37 For Only p6voq.'1606 & v n big ~ a p ~ i o l q . "deluge". not . in marriage. 26 t b v 0 1 % ~ i r r w o ~ v bpiv have forewarned YOU. given in ma.ral. from chosen ones: t~he~roljq 25 i6oG npoeipqra hnpwv of heavens obpavdv Ewg ~ d v &pwv the one extremity of the extremihes hea. YOU m ~ g hsee t all these lthinzsl.i lightning is out from and just as t h e lightning @U/YETUI . . heaven. neither the no one has known. the Son of man will where if ever may be the carcass. r i v o v r ~men ~ women being given Y~~OGYTEF ~ a i yapilov~q m a ~ ~ ~ n g and bee. that he is near a t the be you knowtng that near he is Upon doors. 34 Tmly I 34 h p j v hEyw. ~ a T i ~TE ~6ylov~al rrkrnx~ heaven. eeneration this until likely means vass away until rrhv~a aha y&q. 37 durrsp only. know YIYLIOKSTE TI byybg ~ U T I Y tni Bbpal~. 38 For as were Son o f t h e man. t h e but my words will by no h6yot pau 06 p i rrap6A8wolv. then will strike themselves ail the tribes of the earth ai qvhai 7 % ~ ~a~ d~ovrat ~ b v will beat themselves the trrbes o f t e eart and they willsee the .. whenever 33 Likewise also YOU. He is in the inner rrlornjoqrr. there the will be led together the eagles. $$f it. 28 whereverthe o u v a x 8 i o o v ~ a ~oi &sroi. 31 And he Will send &yy&houg . the presence of the Son of the man: SO the presence of 28 6rrou t&v fi T a . MATTHEW 24:32-38 vntll even t h e chosen 25 I bpi".um. 0661: 01 h y y d a t TGV knows. A ~ $ $ !. oi 62 wrii pass away.

men w1U be in t h e be one IS being taken along and one is being let go off. hlm over all hi8 belongings.=& T&V i m o n p l ~ hgreatest severity and and the part of hlm wlth the h m r i t e s will assign him hls part with the hypo?mat b ~ ~ p ~ 6 a5 i s where h e WLI place: them wlu be the weeping and crites. O w 3. WIII come the 50 the master Of that slave will come on r 6 p l o ~ TOG 606hou ~ K E ~ V O b U to a day that he does lord of the slave that in aY expect and in a n o6 not 06 rrpauiiorb r a i h. la he2:xda%. &~PI~~~PIJUEY whatwatch watch the thlef in coming. nodded and went of the bridegroom they nodded all and sleep. 8 ai haPohat the ka1kE7$es) having taken took O ' r thelr the foOiish lamps AayC&pag &i.Who really ~P~VIPOF K ~ ~ T U 6 S ~od: . K I ~ W T ~ V39 . t h a t if t h e had nown t h e 0 householder tip i ~ 0 6to cmh or ~ householde~ had Quhane 6 xh&rn. 6 61 vvrrag ~ p a v y f i middle of the night were sleeping. and flve were dbcreet. row be pmvlng ~ o u n e l v e s ready. a7~1vcq AaPoOua~ heavens to ten vlrglna. because at an &v0p0vou L p ~ r m t . one other be abandoned. master o n arriving . MATTHEW 24:48-25:6 d im&pxowav & belongings . rap6is: a6roG Xpovi+l that m the heart of hlm irtekmg hls time say heart.thrau. 42 Keep m v have known to what sort of day the Lord on the watch thprp~ ..WT~~OEI &6v. 41 be Is behg taken along and one Is belng let go off. ~ i 5w a p a A a p B 6 v ~ ~ a ~ 1 a€ i 1 ~ & Q ~ E T ~ I . Then wlu be two m the field. u i a taken two [women] grlndlng in the mill. There I [his] weeping and the b Ppuyp65 TGW 666vrwv. who havlng-ken heavens will become T&S Aa m i 6 a 5 k a u ~ b 65@bv E ~ S like ten vlrgiglns t h a t the a ofthemrelvn went out mto took their lamps and 25 be' 25 Im&m~mv meeting of ro the c brl!egroom. 2 : . think t o be it.' of me the lord. and 49 and should start TG~TECV T O ~ C U V J ~ O ~ A O W t o beat hls fellow to be beating the fellow *laves slaves and should eat &00ip. 4 a 1 61 Qp6vlpo'al themaelves 011. Of%ila but of nlBh1 outcry there arose a cry. fipw . fore. amen I s m saylng to rou that w o n all the 47 Tmly I say t o YOU. 0 h 0 ~w O 1 ~ lord of hlm wl l nd thus dolng. 40 ~ r 6 rEuovrat 660 &v T ~ Q&yprQ. ~b@ez .v O ~ K EXaPov PE~' Oii with of them not took with but took whereas the EAatov. Through thla also lowed hrs house t o be broken Into. he wlll set down him. because this account YOU fi 06 6 0 ~ C i . out t o meet Five the ~ a l~ ~ V Q T PS ~ I P O I ' 01 them were foolish. r ~ i)pq 6 "165 TOG too prove your~elves to Ghat not You arc thlnklng hour the Son of the ready.wte so the presence wlll be the presence of the Son the 80n of man will WPimw. 61 ~ a i viv may be ~?=tlng but and may he d i l n k i g oonflrmed and drink with drunkards. 50 it61 the (ones) getting drunk. the Son 45 Tiq &pa i d v 6 n t m 6 6oGAo5 nai of man i s coming. because not along and the other be ai6mr rroiq fipLpp 6 r6pto5 abandoned.f~ ~ h i is the faithmi and dlsCmet set down the Upan discreet slave whom olrrreias a6roG TOO master 'Ppointed domestics of him of the over his domestics. be.g u t if ever t h a t evll slave should &n~ivoq h.Lh ym. 6 Right in the &u&0m6ov."~ to glve them their food a t the proper 6 &tho5 ~ K E ~ V O i)v ~ the slave that whorn havingmme the time? 46 Happy 1s O that h slave if his ~ i r p ~ o q &TO. '' 47 6 p j v A6yw bpi" h i rr8ulv ~ ~ flnds i q him doing so. Who really 1s the faithfd slave and 4g . grlndlng a t t h e hand 42 yplyop~irc oGv oljK mill: one mll be taken Be rou %teving awake theref&.b i3v L P X L T ~ I .q !PXET~!.~ ~ . and he wtil ouYasunder hfm punish him with the 6 a ~ 0 5.uia &QiSk!. hour t h s t YOU do not man la comlng. 44 O n dpsiq yi~oez L7011101. to them the too In sppolnted'tlme?B '*~"$. 44 TOOTO awake and not a l l the house of hlm. hour t h a t he does not not he is in hour to W ~ I C not ~ 51 and ytv0onrl 51 uai 6 6 1 o m fioe~ a h 6 v h e is knowlAg. he rteyed awake known Bv ~ a olir l av ~ i a o r v 6 ~ o p v ~ B i w t the thief was likely and not llkelv h e allowed to be due he would have keot . ad~oig 1t)v r p o Q P bv ualpoi. That (thlngl but be You knowing that If 43 one thing. I T ~ T Eb p o l w 8 ~ 1 4 P a v c h ~ i a ri3v =hen will be 1 kened the kingdom of the "Then t h e kingdom of the oClpavinr &a rmpOLvot5. o5roq the Rood came and cataclysm and lifted up all. 5 While took in the teoeptaEm with the i . pou 6 nipla% 49 r a i master is delaying. 40 Then ko man. and five discreet.h : E i . gnashing of 1 his) teeth the gnashlng of the teeth..h -" O I K ~ Q V a h o G . 722 : Y Z : kt12 5% $2 EYE 2 n Five iv~c but 6 : out A< 01 went bridegroom. but delaying they all TOG wp~iou &vha<w w5ua1 i(a.131 r a i o6u Eyvoow E o fiA8m b ark: 39 and they ark. field: one and the 41 660 &hj0ovoao t v T ~ Q p5hv. and not they knew un$l came the took no noteuntil n a r a n A u u p h ~ uai fipcv &rav~aq. thus swept them all away. avroq 6 s the bridegroom was Xajl~%w o~%%es. of hlm 1 ~~~. because YOU do o k o o 1s comlnp. imal 1 r r a ~ o u u i a TOG uloG O. not know on what day 43 t~dvo 66 YIV&UKETE &TI rt YOUR Lord is coming. the but dlsereet lanes1 discreet took Oil In their with aapov a a l o v b roiq d y y c i o ~ g p s ~ hT& their lampa.pd. the T&V pr0v6vrwv. rrapahapBdvrrat rat . 61 c l n q 6 K C L K ~ 6oOA05 ~ 48 6 & fever but mightlay the bad slave 4g . wzttisTt He will appolnt K~. w Qiou. ~ R ~ ~ .

I1 GOTEPOV 6 j E P X O Y ~ ~ . saying. not Ihave known roo. nai Lr&orq. 6P pupa: m i 5 +poviwo. 'Perhaps there Answered but the dlscrect r o n ~ l saying may not be quite M f i n o ~ r 06 pil drpvivq ipiv ~ a enough i lor us and P e r h a ~ s not not it'might be ehough to us and you. 13 "Keep o n t h e Watch. slave g to another two. h n . ai5 &nhotv. n a p i 6 o r a ~ .""-. K ~ P I E . slave good and rnm6 h i bhiya 65 nto76 h i ialthfui. yiyovcv '1&h : Look! $\ ?tk ov. Order... 21 L Q ~ah3 others Rve talents Igaimed Sald to him 6 rfiplog a h 6 6 . open to us: the lone1 but 12 answer he said. . went in with him to par' a 6 ~ 0 2 E ~ C TO&< y&p~~t with him into the marrlsge rest . mactn*..5 ~ l n a v A b ~ csaid t o t h e discreet. lte on uorm way. bwiv ~ ~ P E ~ E Ulrahhov ~ S npb5 TOJF instead. 'Master. 20 nai npoo~h0hv And havlna mme toward Word with them. and dmr6fipqo~v. t o those who to YO": be gotng roun Way rather toward the (one#) sell it and buy for nohoGvra< selling and &yo 6rua. goW and faithful slave! YOU were faithful over a few thinss. . mjv i 6 i w 6ljvoptv. end them hls belangmgs pLv E 6 o r ~ v r r h r&hwra 15 And to one h e to w h l 2 lone1 indeed he gave Rve talent. i 6 &Ua ree others two tslenta you nave over: I gained.. but fool~shrones) to the dbereet ionell sald Give us some of YOUR oil. rams mam me . and h e went abroad 16 Immediately the one t h a t received the Rve talents went his way and did business wlth them and gamed five more 17 In the same wsy the one t h a t received the two garned two more 18 But the one t h a t received Just one went 6 0 t h ~ drya0P r a i the lord of him Wen. lord. day nor th. ~ . 6 6 8 because YOU know B~ LiYg therelon.I tell you the truth. and dug in the ground and hid the sliver money of h ~ s 19 'After a long time the master of those slaves came and settled accounts with them.~ &a[au 6 6rl out of the ou becauaa the lamps are about to go Out. nar. ione.YTaI. 20 S o the one that had received five talents came forward and brought flve additional talents. I wined two talents more. 'Master. 'Well done.v &yop&oad fiheru they Going off -but of them to buy came buy. 01 the lord of hlm. 1 1 Afterwards ~ a ia Ao~rrai n q p e ~ v o l h i y o v o a ~ KdP[a the rest of the virgins also the leftover vliglns aaylne. gsve five talents. see &Ua nkmc .MATTHEW 253-15 has o c e m d 132 133 MATTHEW 25:16--23 6 wpQiog 'Here i s the b r i d p The brldeg-h.. because OUT tK T.' 23 His master said t o him. two talent. I will 80polnt you over many things Enter lnto the Joy of your master. to tit her each one aceording t o his own ability. Lv. 23 EQ &@ 6 K ~ ~ I O&oi) S E6 60GAs so8 t o h h me lord ofhim weli. rai al E ~ o ~ p o a cioiheov arrived. 7 r b r r way out to meet Be YOU going out into meeting. 19 w h 6P r r o h b ~ p 6 v o v Lpxcrai 6 After but much Ume b coming the uGp~o( r*v 6otiXov &sivov uai ouvaiprt led 01 the slaves thore and lifts UP With hbyov pa? ah&. L r h r i d q 4 0lipa. 15 ~ a i and COmmltted to to them belongrnga the of hrm. Immediately nopruflais 6 rh n i v r c r h h a v r a havinn none his way the (onel the five talents XaPhv fipydruaro b a 3 ~ o i q worked in them and havlng received &ip6qorv &Aha r r k c 17 hoalirwg gained others Rye: "-thU' 6 rh 660 e d p S q o w M h a 6 b the lone1 the two galned othen two: 6t -6 i v hawv 18 6 the i m e ) but the one having received &rrh0bv ClpvEsv ytiv r a i LK u rv ~b havlns gone OR dug up earth and the &p riptov r o t rvpiou a b ~ o G . I o h olsa 5pa5. oryov. called the own slaves and gaveover summoned slaves of abroic T hdrpxovra &TOG. ' 14 "For. Latterly but are coming Shut. beta. 'Well done.. you committed five talents t o me. a i rrap0bol trrival r a i t h OSe 'OSe and rass up an the vlrglna those and put their lamps in 6 ~ 6 u p q u a v~ i r 5 ham6r6ag kaur3v.~~.' 9 The discreet X a rr&6q ' ip3v O~&. The ~ u in t order the lamps 01 themselves.. you committed to me two talents. the bridegroom 6 w p ~ i o s . I gained Rve talents more. youmeives: 10 while were Off to 10 dmcpxopbov 6& &i.= 076ar~ Tilv ipCpav 0368 r q v 3 p a v neither the day nor rou have known the. 13 r p y o ire oh'.. 22 rrpoo~h8hv ~ a i 6 T& 660 Hsvlng came toward also the lone) the two E T ~ N KGPIE. 16 ~ 5 0 t o g he traveled abroad. u ~ o n fear ithingsl You were faithiui: U P " noAh3v m w a r a ~ o w c i o ~ h e eEi( r j u msny (thinpa) you Ishailsetdown: enter into the xapirv rot rupiou uou. therefore. IS just as 14 'noncp 7 h p hv8porro( dmo6qpDv As-even for man traveling when a man. to stlll another one. joy of the lord Of You. bo~~l0Ek 'Awilv hLyo Spiv having answered =aid Amen 1 am saying to rob.ltfea. ~ o r d also came. 660 ~ d r h a v l h pol talents said Lord. see. glooml Be on LEipx~dE.' 2 1 Hls master sald t o him.r~ fo~~. see. about LK&~EUEY TOG< t 6 i 0 ~ 5 6 0 i i h ~i(ai ~ ~ rap6601EY to travel abroad.3 .. open t o u s ! . ~ o r d : five talente to me you gave over.' 22 Next the one t h a t had rece~vedthe two talents came forward and sald. * the hour. saylng. $ 8i 660 towhich lone) but two towhie Ionel but one. r & h w ~ h a f p 6 q o a . kmDs guy ~ 2 / 62. to me ~ 66.' 7 Then all fiyip0rluav n6ua1 . Saying K ~ P I E~ . ~YOISOV i l l i v 12 6 6P 'Sir. and t h e marriage feast. 6 -rh r r h m rams haphv the lone) the five talents having received a p o o j v ~ r c v M h a rrbre Myov brought toward others tlve talent. Then him.r & m ~ a LripSqoa.. slr. and the mad. and the virthe bridegroom. and the door was wasshut the door.5 to each ionel aceording to the own pawer. of u s are being extlnsulshed. answered with the 9 d n r p i h o m 6L a1 ~ p b v j p o t h i y o w a ~ words. went in Bins that were readv -~~~ ~~. L V T E ~ & h a v ~ 6p01 [ n a p i 6 w ~ a ~76a .

l. then. with Y mme w ~ t h. and rn~riocnL 6 h 10-caused to drink . and he will w u be 1 . saw hungering and and feed YOU. 1 knew you to be a n exactina 6nov o6n Lunrtpa.r a i ~ ~ ~ & y 68s" o u ' 06 man. and 25 So I grew afraid &nd8&v C K P TA ~ ~ & A m 6 v OOU b and went OH and hid havlnggoneoff I hid the talent of you in talent in the T ye.!fJFed 1 L. r$ l h p Lxovr! navri everyone that has. YOU did not winnow. Here you have the carrled OJ U I ~ ~ I the interest. Just a s the nations. words. talents. and will be gathered he~ a x e ' u o v r a t &nrpou&w ah05 n%a fore him. c rai &06v t D t h e bankers. and he wlll hive It wlll%e given and he wllfbe made to abound: abundance but as for hrm that does TOO 62 p i LXOVTO~ ~ a i 8 ofthe tonel but not having also whleh h e I k v l n p not have. 33 And he 6m6 r6v kipov. T~TE ~ d i l l ~ t WL he will sit d o m on angels wlth him.~that YOU ~ UE &TI (nthqpbq hard Yo:t_e &V~PWTT eEpi O ~ . h d the indeed "Then the king 6c<. and dl the man In the glorj of him and all the angels with him. 36 y u p v h ~ ~ a ~ i ~ P I E P ~ sick ~ET and : YOU looked YOU gathema me. bierred of the F e t R r of me. of you. 35 t n r i v a a a yhp ~ a gave i founding of world.ra thlrstlhg end ~ a lwe icaused n o r i uto ap dnnk? ~ v . 36 naked.q r6owou. 2% q u a nai stranger and YOTI YOU gave to me to eat. you knew mat I reaped where I did espiro Bnou o6r torrelpa r a i wv&yo not and gathered I am reaping where not I sowed and am gatherlng where I did not 6Bev 06 &o5 T& 62 Lgiqta 2 C rightaand [places1 of h ~ mthe but Ids out of wlll say to those on his right. 0~ 016706. inherlt 34 T ~ T E i q hen w$$y tfe tothe tones) the kingdom prepared for YOU fmm the & 6e<oGv a h 0 6 A E ~ T E oi . and hsvlng come my arrival I would be receiving what is mine ixoplo&p v 8 v 76 i ~ o b h T~KW. knew. by my Father. whatisyours. ground. Ravlng came toward but also the (onel the that had npwFXeDv 62 r a i b rir yoor master. reaping wh're where not you -we: and gathering whence not You did not 'Ow and gathering where 6teudpntuag' 25 KO. we fed. I hungered for and t o drlnk. something and to give drlnk? you nff!eya " 7%~ dnr~~paEal .. a ~ . thirsty. 6 rhau8#bq Out~ldeThere 1s outer.~ v e the n s h e p k r d lsseparatrns goats. and on to the baniern. I in hrnnQadi. 1 was a a pot qayriv. there will be the weeping 1 where [his] weeping . 6 ~ 6 v r o v . r a t & opiurl from another. aeo ~ a u a r e h s v l n g the Yours. . and t h e mashing of teeth.utoi rlpht-hond lplscesl of him ~ t t h e r :the lonesi founding of the world.' I knew forward and said. 'Wicked and ah8 n o w p i 6oOhe vai 6uvqpi 6 6 ~ 1 5 67. lnherl firolpa~pEwv b+ziv $kingdom a u ~ h E i w h 6 me something to eat. MATTHEW 25:31-3'7 h i dhiya n1ur6 enter folthfuf tni nohhbu many you TOO OE you were slave! You were m ~ a o r ' o w faithful over a few inhall mt\own: things. I will appolnt KVP~OU fiq g w d and faithful i i u e h e ~ siq into the T ~ Vx qph the lord You Over many things. stranger and you clothed me. his right hand. 26 I n 26 +orpt&iq 62 b nljptoq a h 0 6 cTnm reply his master said Rav~ng answered but the lord of hlm asid to him. then &yYdot +zm' &oO. did You. YOU ~ c a t t e ~ e d .ol answer him with the a6rQ ol to him the ~ ~ g h t ~ (ones1 ~ u . m \fell ack 37 Then the np6q WE. when eISQpw ne~vi)vra hungry A . to the tonel OF havlng to everyone more wlll be elven 60O'ma1 rai WE I O ~ E U ~ T ~ O E T ~ I . naked and yon clothed after me.rh rrp6pcncr tK the goats on his left.' 24 '. OOU. plvon 1 was and you 6ira.. or fi 61lyb~.ternst.OY man.MATTHEW 25:24-30 &yo02 r a i n1ur6. reaAne he$~. 00lv u a r a i 11% hl and You came and roo looked after me. 27 &%I whence not 1 scattered? It was necessary winnow? 27 Well. 2 tagether in front of h ~ m separate people one aho'k ~h Levq. d m ~ p b TO! fiv & W P ~ < ? the sheepfrom the from oneanother.6 6 DC~TOO ~ ~ nai nCnrrq 01 glory.30 m i T ~ Y&~peiov away from h ~ m will belifted up from him. but . pour ~ h q p o w o p hungry and YOU gave . Or OEL sheep out of he Will t . r a 29 . &ep~lyadEv. 'Lord. then he wlll slt down upon his glorious throne. ~ n d the uselerr 30 And throw t h e 6oGhov LxP&Aere ~ i q rb uu6roq r b good-for-nothing slave slave thmw vou out into the darkness the the darkness out ~ n t a i56~cpov. and he w?II llseDsrata them IPemonsl a shepherd separates &n' &hhjhwv. 33 will put t h e sheep on $ l from the Xlda. 37 T ~ T E to me! 4pqv ~ a ijheare i Then rlghteow ones W'll toward me. good and faithful. 28 "'Therefom TAKE 28 tiparc o h &+ a him fi~oa away the talent from Lift TO" up therefore b a m hlm and give it to T~XOVTOY r a i 6bre 7 8 gxonl rh 66ra hlm that has the ten talent and give to the tone) having the ten talents 29 or to ~ & h w . YOU e6wvG o v who have been blessed left-hand rplarrsl. r 6~ ~ men b roc whenever but should come the Son of the of man arrives in his &epbnou b ~ f . 32 uai 32 And all the nations t rone of 66Sqq glory of him. I fell ouqyhycr& WE.Pinally t h e one 'Master. having been prepared to roo from I got thlrsty and YOU me something Kara@ohF. t ~ e i E m . 'Come. even what he has wrll be taken &pB'onat hrr' ~GToS. [his] teeth will be! 31 "When the s o n 31 ~ 0 . vpon few lthingsl upon 134 135 . 76e LXEIF ~b 06v. you that to him wicked and susgi. ~got$lrsty and me hospitshly. ~ ~~ rr6re ~ us ~ ~ ~ m i did We see youor men ~ you d we . to OE OOV P a h ~ i v T& &pyljplh pou have deposited my YOU therefore to throw the illvdr l~receal of me silver monies with roiq ~ p m ctratq. Enter into the JOY of 24 ev rhhavrov ~IhqqD ctncv K l j p ~Lyvwv ~ the one talent came one talent havhg rece?ved Sald Lord. 35~ 1 became E ~ o ~ ~ TOO ~ ~n v a o ~ 6q . .

and the impaied. ovvqy&yopcv. 60' the words.phas. in turn. and t6iqqma r a i OGK Lnoriuari pe. ~ a i be delivered U P to be the paasover is oec. did it rov did to one of these the brothers to me: TGV t h y f m v . 'Lordwifanawer aim they sarlng =ord: did we see you d r r a c ~i60psv m~Yi)yro ij 61*Jma 4 when "gry Or thi*Y Or when you we saw hungering or thirsting or s stranger or naked Sivov fi yutvbv 4 &u8svi 4 hr g v h a ~ t rai Or 'ICk Or in prison ' Stranger or ne ed or alck or in prison and and did not minister o G 6lqrov~uap&v 001.w 6wv OGK h r o l i u m 2vi ~ o h w rib that YOU did not do it haw mueh not rov dtd to one of them the to one of these least EAaximov.. 41 'Then he will the lees (onesl.' 44 Then they answer 6nron ( e j u o v r a ~ r a i a6roi hiyo.. but YOU did w ~ d q ~ a 06 i T T L P I ~ P ~ ~ A E TPE E &uerv~iq naked and not mu dothed me: rick did not look i v Quharfi ~ a OSK i i n c u ~ e q a a e e pr. TOO but 6t 'IiuoO J~S*. or na ed and we clothed? O r naked.. but YOU did not 4. Having seen iS6vrcg upon + .. and clothe 39 rr6rc 61 uc r i 6 o ~ r v &&oGvra fi b YOU? 39 When did when but you we saw famne sick or f n we see you sick or in ."f2: $E$: d g j ? 26 Then he wfli m y also tothe (ones) lasting Are prepared lor the Devil and his angels. urn gave to eat.) ol 62 6iralol ~ l q Swjv but the righteous ones ilfe into everlasting ille. 8 On seeing this the disciples became indignant and said: 'Why this waste? g For this could have been sold for a great deal and been given . to t h w 41 T ~ T C 1 ci ~ a i TOTS tE on his left. 4 yutvbv ~ a i we gathered. inorderthat w t Lv r c ? AaQ.". left-hand lblsoell EGWVG ov r~opcGruee dnr' out 01 YOUR from me.- but 6? oi p@ll~ai d ~ l u ~ p i c sbecame lngenant fiyavhu u r n thll. men of the people to be put u ~ o n 2 l e ateke. Bqhiq Bethany b in house oiuiq Ti ovoq ot$~mon TOG the hmpk I r r pt m ~he~v ywil Exowa drXhBampov r d to him woman having alabaster cast pfipou papu~ipou ~ a ia a r C x ~ ~ vLni . rai -. everlasting. and disciples of him You have known that after two the Son of man is to rb rr&uxa yivcrat.rrin9..Ln8 but NJ they may kill: may arise among the .. I to You. And it to me. he ~ n itoccurred d when Anfahed the Jesus said hh disciples: 2 Z c ~ know o ~ that two nh ail a q roGt the h6you. 'Be on you we raw stranger 66 c ei&pw SLwv rai 38 When did we see CnreXshona~ wlll go off everlartiig. prison and go to you? 4 0 And in reply the dnrorpl9ciq b Pauthe&q tpsi a h o i q king mli say to them. stranger I was and not 70" gathered naked." ai6vtov. Csisphas.y&. neither to me rou did.MATTHEW 25:38-46 38 n 6 r r When but 136 and you a stranger and reT T E P I P ~ & ~ceive O ~ EYou V .. tpoG YOU who have been me cursed. r a i ovvrpovkbuavro tva and took counsel together in order that gill him. c~wt days from now the paoqraiq aGroO 2 O76a~r 6r1 PET& 660 Passover Occurs. YOU did not do least [ones). say. in d n r o ~ ~ ~ i v5 ~atv~ Ehryw 6 : M' order that no uproar tiley were eaY. how mueh the least of these my inoljuare Avi rob~wv r&v &Srh*Gv omuu ?rothers. into the ever- rm pa Lvol y. CNep6nou n a p u 6 i 6 o ~ a 1 ui6q rair 3 Then the chief fa being elven over into the man son of the priests and the older o~avpoO^va~.& O P ~ lva p i PUBOF OF Y @ T ~ I people: 26 NOWwhen Jesus &: .i f. ofiroa theae into clq IoPPingOff everlasting cutting-off. 42 For 1 became hunerv. 7 a woman with an alabastelcaseOI costly perfumed oil approached him. f 011 coatiy and was pourlog upon the hi^ head the of him &vaur~pivou. n o t . and She began Pouring it upon his head as he reclining at the table.-..vrrg KGptc With the words. %$2". having answered the king will ray to them extent that 'Apjv ALyo 6uoY TO the did it to One Of Amen r a m seylng t $ i ! $ .. but YOU gave menothing to eat. oS6t Lpoi Ano~juarc. kept saying: r b u ' I uotv 6bAq I~CT~)UWUIY ~ a they i the 3erus to crafty devloa they mmht and u ~ o at t the festival. 45 T ~ T E=OK l86Uc~al to YOU? 45 Then he not wedid service to you? Then hewfianswer Wlil anwrer them with cnXoi~ Urwv 'Aphv A ~ Y U Wv. hiyovraq sayins for rnto what Eiq s i 6 the h h h c t a a 6 9 9 L6Cva~o ylrp waste Warable TOGTO this npaejwt to be sold ndAoG of mueh and ~ a i 6a&val to be given happened to be in Beth'eny in the house of Simon the leper. and I got thirsty. to me roo did.. vn +ha -rtnnt -. aGAiv TOG &pXtsp&y TOG k y o p k 7 u 4 and took counsel e g : said together to seize Jesus courtyard of the ehlef pries the lone) b by crafty device and Ka~h~a 4 ." efq ~ i . 44 r6re in prison and not rov looked after me. 5 nowever...--. rai for and . having come to be y~vopivou Av in Leper.8 lying up. 6 Of the uproar rmghtoeeur While in the people. ~'~T~$s~~~~ '1 had flnlshed Kai b h h o ~ T E~ ~ A C O L V 6 ' 1 V G 5 all these sayings...' $ $te. 43 I was a I cot t h ~ r s t ~ and not YOV to drink me. : : ~22~ %f~' 2 2 fstivai. hen ahel rweive me hospitably.' 46 And to them saying Amen I say to rov. but YOU gave me nothing to drink. words m there. &poi L n o ~ j u m r . hospitably. 3 T~TS u u v j x e q ~ ~the oi & x t r p ~ i gathered together Then were led together c h t f Priedls in the courtyard of r a i oi n p c ~ p l j r ~ p o t roG AaoG eiq rilv the high Priest who and the older men 01 the people into the was called Cala.46 ral ones. into r6hautv these wlll depart into al&vtov the but rlshteous ion. 'Truly I say (ones) hnvlng keen C d Be ~701"sY o m W a Y *Om el< TZI rrGp ~6 lnto the Rre the ai&vtou ~6 rotpmp&vov TQ 610 6hq everlasting the hev?ng been Prepared to the d t v l l nai ~ o i q & y y t ~ o t qah03 42 mrivaoa and to the angels of him: I became hungry y&p nai OGK &6&uari qayeiv. -..

dnsv a b ~ o i c Ti d n o u q i r a p d ~ ~r ~i ~ Jesus said to them: tyycq eoTlv.i :zppm . me.22 ~ a hunobpcvo! i 22 Being very if ever mlght be preached the g o o ~ n Y n e w s this in Wherever this good And being grieved very much will give over me.' AC~LI ' 0 ratp65 Jesus la s w a g The appinted time 'My appointed time is 10 Aware of this. 12 For when he was reclining a t aGrq 6 p3wu roiiro tiri TOG &vCnsc. hut woe to that You?" They stipulated The but stlP&ted him. tp1. is it? 23 In ~ / g T& 6&6~1a. npinn l7 On the first day that. 62 b ' I ~ U O G ~ . now. i t ir&v?ore JXLTE. t cipl. 24 True. but YOU 20 When. TG n b o p ~ . 'lqooj ~ ~ y o v r q nos wapa6~60Sq a 3 d v d n r v Mirt by6 cipl. of the unfermented who was about to &<3pwv rrpomiAeov oi pp8grai . the eh e l he said What are you wlillng me will give over: 24 2 e in%% son of the the 15 and s&d: Of man pol 6oGvat r bpi" napa6cj. 1 will celebrate said to them Why troubles have roo beside to t h e is: toward you I am making the the passaver with of me near do try to yuvalri. Iemembrance Of her. this woman did shall !: Y i havT.G ~6 near. 21 r a i bd16vrov to put into the grave my body. 12 p~XoOoa not have 6Q 20 'Opiaq alway. ~e said to hlm: "You yourself sald [it). .apo6&o~lp ~ . 138 yvoik 139 MATTHEW 26:lS-26 The Teacher says. also he told a s a Notwhat am. firotiraow TA =huxa. 10 Having known hut the 6'%s2?q 1% '2 . and t h y prepared Ule passover. s h e did i t W ~ Y I 21 While And eating eating. &vep&~ou rmpa6ibra1. t o hlm: "lord. is not I."~~~~~>o OF% 2 & : i e '2% . want us to prepare Atya togh ~ myou yousa~d." 14 T ~ T E nopeVeciq &onplOdg elnrv '0 $ ~ @ % ~ 5 reply he said: "He Then hsvlng gone hls W a y one o t the twelve. 11 For YOU EX~E LCRIT~V.rQ 25 dmonp~erig 62 'lob6aq b unfeimented cekea came toward the dlselplea to the cakes the disciples Havinganrwered but Judaa the (one) betray him. Aahqejcxm~ r a i . said: "It came up to Jesus. is it. havlng thrown o f evening but be had become evening. :tih / bit 222 T~$~yya !EFd. npbg 01. city tuward the So-and-so and say to him and say to him. ~ d b v fiv a d r 4 been flner for him opportunity in order that him h e mlght give over. and me. 61. Rabbi?' saying: 'Where do you . toward bowl this (one. KGPIE. ' men I am sayrng to where of me for burial. . 7 " him. o~66pa n. woe but to it has heen wntten about man through whom &PY~~PI~ 18 . Jesus 18 6 61 ~ t r r c ~ ' Y T ~ ~ E E T ~ V 26 61 Aaphv b The lone) but sald Be rou going under into the said: "Go into the ?sating but of them having taken the took a loaf and. is the judas ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ' i . ~ i t h me the l a n d I" the that r & &px~~pei 15 dncv -Ti WET& went to the chief pe n a p 6 L u e 1 ' vibs TOG betray me. 'What will YOU give h&ycl going sway.. will be spoken also which ail the world. ~ord! not I. grieved at this. what they started to be saying to hlm one and every one M say h o i (JEV &q ~ i qp q p 6 m v c n i ~ i ( .ro prrh T&V 6 6 6 r ~ a pa8qrGv. for the passover. E yov y&p raA6v f l ~ y h u a r o cis make trouble for the T ~ V T&V 19 ~~i my disciples at your n&w woman? &otk f fine sheworked into pansover %i? the dlrapler of me. of YOU will betray bhv KrlpU~ei r6 ~ r alov i TOGTO ~ LV 13 Truly I say to you. with YOU. it is d l ! this lwomsni Into remembrance of her. me hut the ~ e r u s .? E~ i r ~ ~ i n for you t o eat the 26 AS they conPassover?" 18 me tinued eating.lesus saying where are you w ? l ~ ~ n g giving over him s d d Not what I am. 6nov lorthe preparatian me she aid. T O the but LLrst ldayl it not wan genere e way of reply Judas. seeking a good Opporman is being given over: Rne i t tohim if that man had not tunity t o betray him. they sot things ready always have the poor YOU are having with selves. we should prepam to you to eat the pauove. loaf and hsvlng aeoved he broke and he broke i t and. hethey sald: 'Truly pc h o t uev 13 &pjv Aiyq apiv. you are havlng. perhlmed oil upon twelve disciples. i. the one Eipa t v 16 T P U P ~ ~ Q 08765 ~ E T ' tp09 T ~ V with me in the bowl the (onel b&sanld Judss Iscanot. dira76q hrragl&ua. ~ t ." a 0 7 3 ra elmas.8 news is Preached in ~~P<CIYTO ~ ~ Y E ' Y afi~8 they commenced each ? T O !Y ~ the worid. TO. b 'IqmGq t o poor people. And from then hewar seeking man that through whom the Son of the trayed! l t have ~halpiw iva o076v ~apa6Q. just as i t K ~ F to me to gave a 9 9 to rou win give over him? as man is polna away me to betray him to b written concerning oi 61 E m oav y d y p m ~ l V E P ~ abr08.w cnirb.rotp&owpEv aol qaysiv ~6 n&uxa. the table with the put this this iwomanl the nerfumedau this upon the this he wan lying up with the twelve dlaeiples. alter City t o So-and-so n6An rrpirq r6u 6dva noi c i i r a ~ a6rQ ~ ' I ~ hp70v ~ o ~ a ~ i~ b h o y ' o a q i ~ h a u xai ~ saying a blessing. 14 Then one of having answered said The lone) havmsdrpped in that dips his b Ar 6prvog 'lob6ag ' l o n a p ! & r q ~n p b ~ the twelve. o b i 61. hi &*a 7 6 ~ Y ~ ~ T E ! to him thirty silver 06 6 ui65 TOG the Son of man is be&vep&wq b~EivQ 61' silver ipiese~l. And home:" 19 And the For she did EpL' 11 navrore m w x o k a fine deed toward e r r o i q ~ ~i ~ paeqrai &q ~ Y Y L T ~ ~aN h o i q disciples did as Jesus me: always poor (ones) did the dlsetplcs as gave orders to them ordered them. jesua rrrwxoi~. been born: 25 By 17 Ti( 62 el o3r tyrvvilWilB~ &8PBPg EKEIVOF.MATTHEW 26:lO-18 to Poor lonea).

r 6 v 'EhaiQv..411 t h e other disciples also said t h e mi nhvrsq ol pa9qrai c l n w . tho indeed eager the 4 V U I T . me I shalfgo before You into the Deiiiee. Then he is raying to them he said to them: n e p i h m 6 ~ tmlv 1 soul is deeply grieved. and will be scattered about the sheep be scattered about. "Truly the ?ems Amen Ismaaylng toyou that In this I say t o you. Kai Father. q q drprriAou E w of this product of this the ~ r o d u c t of he 'Ine $ : u the vine until that fi$. eat mu. bUYmtlY tT.l hiy51 S . saying: "Drink out of ~ ~ E T E it. Oari.V. L q ah+ YOUu.dee. having given thanks. for forgiveness of sins. if possible it as. you. T(~IV nA c-1 2~~2% . . 36 T6re E p x t a t ~ E T ' alir6v 6 ' I q ~ o 0 q 36 Then Jesus came Then is coming wlth them the Jesus with them t o the spot eiq xwpiov X ~ y 6 ~ ~ v reOurlpavti. from me. I Will ho&rwiv." to die. the night before EZ? cni:tO' '$? $2 $ bi ~'F~$ e (Mt~~op ~a w v f i u a t TP~S night. It has ccn written far I shall smite the the shepherd. inorder that not yon mlght enter may not enter into and be The spirits n c r p a o p b . 1 am saying but to row. I will ahead Of Yon Into VE TT ohcw bphq eiq ~ j vr d l h a i a v . kingdom of the % . into temptatlor. TQ Peter: 'Could YOU is !. And having come toward way forward. praying he fell upon faof him PraYurg say in^: "MY FaK C ~ I h+v n61T~p pou. ytl. ~ " d a h e r singing prahes. a h i q troubled. It Is Possible. 27 cai Aapdv TO+P~OV rai And having taken end =up E6xaplOT%niool~ having glven thanks I ! E i t t o t h e disci/ giving ples. but as you will. 3s Then to be sorely troubled. before a cock o sound three toner crows." youw~ll d m w n me. he said: U T . he caveIt to them.. p c i v a ~ c b 6 ~ ~ a i Y P I ~ O P ~ here ~ and keep On stay you here and be rou r avm awake death.never a I be never shall be atumbled 6% Mhlm stumbledl" 34 Jesus 6 'I eoOg 'Apjv hlyw c o t 8-n tv ralirp sald t o him. In answer. the disciples sald. t o them: "All of YOU 31 T b ~ c Atycl olrroiq 6 'I r l h e q "Ill be stumbled in Then la myin. is the blood of me of &e covenant of the covenant: d m p i nohhQv t r ~ u w 6 p ~ o v ~ i qWhich is t o be poured the (one1 about many beingpoured out Into Out in behalf of manv &~EOIV ( I p a p ~ ~ Q v .iat. he fell E T T S ~ M nrkuwnov alSroD n w w x b ~ w < upon his face.dlng them and to the men not so much a s n h p w 0 6 ~ " 0~6 ~ Iox6od. 6L bpi".&p? . i y & in connection with OB~O0 T ~E a v & A ~ u 0 j u o p a r 54 . d ptv wveG a rrp60upov fi of course.r a i 6 1 a u r o p n 1 u ~ o o v r o rh l rrp6gclra shepherd. ther. 28 for ~ ~ i out ~ of k y b p t m ~ v r b aTph pou " q 6 1 a 0 i ~ q q thf means my for . bpvjuavrq dE. lasaying to hlm the Peter 35 Peter said t o him: K&l 6ttl pc & 0 ~ 1"Even if I should have And U it may be necessary me together with You t o die with you. h a p 'oopat 6 p i w g by n o means dlsown net y o u i shalniaown: M e w b e YOU.f me.. Also. j e Bau~kiq 706 pou. Stay 0av&~ou. ~ 0 6 ~ t6 mlv ~ i ) c6ph pou.. is eager. 06 p or.$heov riq 76 -0pog they went Out to the having hung hymns they went out i n t o the Mount Mount of Olives. Tpour6so~r iva p clofhBq7E prayin.a< ~ K ~ V F a. 41 YP~YOF ~= aw&e wtth se .e.thin is the body of ma. :. to them the yesus All connection with me bpsiq u ~ a ~ 6 a h l u ~ ~ kvo tvoi ~ c 0tv ~ s V U K T ~ On this night. And 37 ~~d taking along napahap&v ' ~ b vn h ~ p o v ~ a i7065 660 peter and t h c t w o having taken along the Peter and the t w o sons of Zeb..~ day when I drink it new with YOU in aim t h e kingdom of my I be drlnklns..lee: 33 ~ u Pet 33 h r r o ~ p ~ t l r i q 6 i 6 n i r p o q E~TTEV a b ~ ? ter. On this 60k roiq pa&yaiq EITT? A & ~ having glvm to the disc pies he ratd Take rou +&YETE. . 31 Then Jesus said of the Olives. 32 B u t after I have 'q rmipvqq 32 y r h S t 76 tys@$vai o X o AoEL: after but the to be ralsed up been ''bed up. ov r a i h i y ~ l called aeth-sem'ane. . also a l l same thing. he took a c u p and. t o the disciples and 4 0 r a i EpxE~al TT& 70% p d g i a 5 KCI~ lound them And he is mming toward the diselples and and he said t o ES ~ ~ Y dE ~I 0 6 q K ~ ~ E ~ ~ O V ~ Ta ~ . all of you. started t o be grieved ulo65 ZEPcBaiou 6 p P d sons of Zebedee hes rtc and to be sorely b6qpowiv. will. 3 9 .parrra~ y b p n a r h S w rbv this. and the sheep of the flock will n o ~ p i v a . Yet.~hls means my bdy." o6 SS trd eiho ofi.. 29 B u t I tell yon. and i = s a ~ ~ *and g he said t o the disciples: "Sit down ~ o i q p e q r a i g KdioaTE abroD to the dlsclples s i t you down in this place untl here while I go over and pray. 38 T ~ T E A~YCI. will strike ~ a S m ." per' tpoO. not as 1 let by from me the cup this.." 30 Finally. 37 ~ a there i which having gone off there PmlBht Pray.a1 rrporh0&v 39 ~~d going a fittle with me. the watch wlth me.r~ piav ~h~~ not vov were strong one hour watch one hour with me? 41 Keep on ypqyap4ua1 prr' ipoG." at &she& tu~n i ouc6gwpa1. Deeply grieved la the even t o death. a. into spot being said Gcthremsne.29 ILLyw. forgiveneu of dna.taymg awake the watch and Pray that Ka. 2. he .p. said to n~~lnganswer but ~ d the peter aid to him him: "Although all the Others are stumbled Ei ~ & v r r q o m v 6 a A t u 0 ~ m v r a 1 kv c o i u au they WIII bestumbled in yo. and and saymg pather o i me. YOU will disown cock me bapv60q 35 A&YEI a b ~ &6 ~ & T P O ~ three times. let this cup pass r a p c h e h r w &n' tpoir ~b n o ~ f i p ~ o v roiiro. od rriw Clrr' hpn i n I will by no means not not 18hould drink from fight "OW Out of drink henceforth any ro6mu TOO yevjpatoq . ~ %$ ~. for it i YOU will be stumbled in me In the night written. 40 And he came besides no? sr am wllltng but a .

were of them the 6q%if0i 44 So leaving them.en aoud Y-" > ?E! ! : ~ i . 45 Then he came t o 45 r 6 r e &xEral npdq ~ o h qp d q r h q nai the dlsclples a n d said Then he tseoming toward the disciples and to them: "At such a Xiyel cnhoiq Ka8~66c~e ha$rr& time as this you are Is saying to them You ere slcepbg leftover (thing) sleeping and taking nai d v a n a 6 ~ o 0 ~ [Soh . lookl hsa rswn near the (one) let us go. for 6euripau drmhebv npouqricmo X i y w the second time. me seized him. 50 But him. take him into he it hi YOU him." 49 And ~ d e i o ~ rrpoorh80u rQ' lqooO E ~ W E V golng straight u p immediately having come toward the Jesus he said t o Jesus he mid. him into C U ~ ~ 5 1 B U ~ . Agaln out of weak.~k 43 let your will take 1C take plarr the place.. . saylng once T p i ~ 0 u T ~ Va h b v h6yov elnbv nWtv.look! one d g 70" pc'fh 'IquoG (KTE~MF one of the lansal wlth Jesus having atretched out with Jesus and drew out his sword hand the %and rjv Eipa &niorraoev drew rfiv the ~. 44 P @ ~ P I ) P ~ ~ . . this is a6r6q i m w ~ p r r r f i u m ~d r 6 v . And yet of him apeaklng near. Be rou getting up into the hands of sinners." 42 26:42-48 142 61. for oou el$ rbv T ~ O Va $ : J$P a those who take o f YOU into the place t h e sword will perish 01 h a P b v ? ~ ~phatpov L v llaxai~~ l the sword. &oBevfiq. except I it. c e o r d i to irp$ Craec 6l v 6 ~ 6 h u r w v r a i o l S ~teaching. tenderly. 56 But all rov aerzed .. the same word. . said t o him: rrhprl. me This but whole this has taken place for the scriptures pyovcv Tva pw8&u.v has aken place. And cuatody. Father of$.r&v & irpiov wvai n(xobv*pou from the chL5priertl and older men AaoO. 'lymoGq ~ I m va d r 3 ' E r a i p ~ . one of t h e abroO 6xAo rrohbq per& paxa1p0v nai <Ghov twelve. : . 52 Then Jesus said a b 'IqooGq 'An6urprqov r j v ghxalp&v to him: "ueturn your to him the ~ ~ s u s ~ e r u r n the sword sword t o its place.v ai ypa. Jesus end . Then the dlheiples all the disciples .08 he again went offand a h o h $ n&v dnrc?&bv r r p a u q 6 < a ~ a t~ Pray* for the third them again hsvlng gone off he prayed out of time. .'' 47 And while 1606 'loli6aq 61s r & v 666rua fih8. in order that rnigh? be fulRlled the of the prophets t o T&V rrpoqq-r&v. 50 b 61. ~ . third Ittmel the very word having raid agaln. Rabbi!" Rabbt.Ev traivO ~ f 3 i pqr 55 In t h a t hour Jesus t t i ~ n e ~ ~ s a to s rtake y place? In that thb hour said t o the crowds: drr€" b 'IquoOq roiq bXho1q 'nq Zrri '"Have YOU come out . i present?" b hen they rrpooehB6vrcq h t b a h o v r h q cipaq h havmg C O ~ toward C the? laid on the xands upon came forward and laid 51 ~ a l6ob i hands o n Jesus and rln." 43 And h e UBbv n M ~ v r i ~ v &ohq ~ a F r o o m a q .v r a i pcr' h e was yet speaking. . for luav thelr eyes were heavy. if ever $ t a I should drink. 56 ToOro 61. for what 6 iq' are you preen17 Then which tZnmn oUIOOSe are YOU . and older men of the neonle people.r ~ 48 b 61. sword do you think that I 6oKEiq 6T. J?: baPPei. 53 ! o areyou thinking that not cannot appeal t o my Father me 6~~~~~ rrapa~dioal +v nmipa pou vai I am able to entreat the mthar of m . If not It is possible this if it is possible rrapcA8eiv 62rv a6rb rriw for this to pass away to PBJS by .=id the Jeaua to the crowds A6 upon wlth swords and h o d v L<fiA&m pv2r p a x a l p j v r a i @hov clubs a s against a robber rou eame out wrth swords and woods robber to arrest me? & ' fipipav TO Day after day 1 used ~ g day the t o sit in the temple . h e -Fond Ltlmel havinggone Ml he prayed saying Went OR and prayed. r ~ .: and a t this moment more than legions rmpaur~mt pol &PT$ n h ~ i 6~b 6 ~ ~ a he will supply to me right now more than twelve of angels? 54 In h a y ~ 0 v a q &ryiFwv. Xaipe ~ ~ ~ V pJuo rrmh<aq rbv 60iihov 702 &PXIE&WS and struck the slave having smitten the slave of the chief priest Of the priest d q ~ i h r v ah03 i)~iov. &YWNEV. lookt Judaa one of the twelve eame and with look! Judas. r 6 r r ello ow. . ~ n d hsving%t g . 46 Get up. I was sittLgaown teaching and not did not take me into &rpcniocni S. I606 ~JYIK~V d let us be going. how would legions o angeld HOW therefore the Scriptures be p&&. uai naraqih~ur.o G ~ o qhllfllled t h a t it must be f u l ~ ~ i e d the scriptures that thus take piace this way?" 6ci yy. and he kiaacd ow and kissed him very &6u. 'lquo5v r a i Cuphrqoav ah&". 47 Kai EETI &oO X d o i k o q betrayer has drawn giving over me. Came and wlth h ~ m crow2 much with swords and woods him a areat crowd dnrb . 54 n0q Ofiv t h a t case. 48 Py~ip~Oee into l a n d s of smners. And look! took . saying: "Whoever to them r k n saying whom Ukcly i s o d klls i t 1s I kiss. ~YYIKEV 17 6 p a rest1 Look! and m u are restmg. 52 and took his ear. % $ $ ! 2 : . look! has rswn near the hour YOUR The hour has drawn r a i b ulbq TOO &vBp5nou n a p o 6 i 6 a m 1 and the Son of the man fa being givenover near for the Son of man t o be betrayed E ~ F d p a q h p a p r ~ X O v . 49 ~ a ihe. 5 5 . Tbrc ol paeqrai be fulfll1ed" Then scriptures of the prophets. p e f i ~ w ~b e$$. h sword xalpav of a hhim o O end ~ a reached i Be rejoicing.--. ~ ~~ . and yet Y o u temple . 'Good day. napa616oSq a h b v E6orcv 48 Now his betrayer The (one) but giving over him gave had given them a a M q uq ziav Myou "Ov liv sign. the$~l$::h. he took off of hlm the ear. . Look! My napa616oClg PC. dhov custody. The but esvs s d d to him Fellow. flh~~p EI 06 6 h a 1 TOGTO saying: 'My Father. navfng been made heavy. came again and found having come agaln he Fund them sleepmg. them sleeping. 42 n S a LK but the flesh i s but weak. by Or the (ones) havlng taken sword in .

" 65 Then " .a Lee . 69 NOWPeter was havine . . 06% o76a T ~ V h ~ e p w n o ~with . tp&rr:uaw 68 Myovrsq the face.By the I put under oath you down of the God the ljving sod 1put you 5Gv~oq T w a fipiv ' Eiqg c:I 05 under oath to tell fiving i n order that to us YOU should say If you us whether you are J 6 x p ~ o r b q 6 ulbq TOO OEOG. TO$ & P X I E ~ I O C ~ .t ing outside courtyard: and a servant girl Came u p t o 6" 4 cnihe. 57 0 1 68 ~ p a r j o a ~ ~ rb ~v 'Irlootv 57 Those Who took Tho loneal but havingselzed the Jesua Jesus into custody led &miy ov rrpbq K a t b q w 76" &px~cpLa ~ T O U him away to Ca'ialed% toward Caiaphas the high prieaf. E m tr&Oqro TGY' ~ . :+?. 01 6 i .iat now YOU heard the blarDhemu. ~ a i 6 & P X ~ E P $ ~i C i r r ~ v a r i r 3 jesus kept silent. he within wassitllng wlth the avbardrnates tosee was sitting with the house attendank to T& T ~ X O ~ .. nuhGva E T ~ E Y alirbv hhXq ~ a iALye! another girl noticed gatehause saw hlm snethcr [glrll and Is saying him and said to those ~oiq t ~ d 06705 fiv p r ~ d*Iqooir there: 'Thls man to the ionesl there This (one) was w i t h Jewas with Jesus the 700 N a ( . 72 ~ ( a rr&htv i 2. you ere saying." ALyr~g. ~ a l n p o o j h e ~ v via !n the courtyard: and towerd him one him. 60 but they and not they found of many found none. an oath: "I do dpnou 67. ~ ~ T E ~68 O Y havrng comc toward f i ~ s wltncrrcs. build it Of UP in three C O ~ through days to up. saying: "I d o the Galllean: the (one) but 0th r i not know what You EprrpoaBn. was silent. 63 . YOU have heard the virv f i ~ o h . courtyard of the chlefprlert. 66 What 66.' who is the ?onel Christ. o ~ i o u .. not know the man?' oath that Not I h s v a known the man. 68 saying: him. a i ~ I o ~ h e O y as the courtyard of t h e high priest. Who 1s it that struck you?" rraioas us." See Matthew 5:21. ? i upon y the clouds of the the high ripped olipavoir. From I am saying to YO. 62 with 62 ~ a i a v a o ~ d c 6 &pxepcbc ETTEV days.18. And the chief pnert raid to him So the high priest 'ESopril.Ioam pyrh N m ~ r e n e ' . i O ~ T O ~ *Have you to him Nothlng are you answering? What these answer? What i s it ~-vapwpoGolv. San'he.".MATTHEW 26:57-64 rrbrrq all hsvlng let go off 144 &v him 145 to him MATTHEW 26:65-72 quyov. and. 67 T ~ T E~ V ~ ~ T U 67 U ~ Y Then they spit neid i n of death he Is.v in order to put him to Jesus SO that hlrn they to des*. "!a 2." 'Evoxo~ 8av6rrou toriv.jrouv 1peu6opap~upiav ~ a r d -rot looking for f a h e whale were seeking false test~mony down on the witness against Jesus . 'I am able Airvaraa rarahiroat ~ b v wdv I am able to loose down the divine h a b i t a t l ~ nof the to throw doam the God and B w O rai 61d r IOU fip~pGv 01~060 "oac. the end. 60 ~ a i olix ~6pov nohhGv death. rrbnrrov Xtyov Odr in front of all saying Not I have known what are talklnp about. abandoned him fled. blasphemy. is YOUR opinion?" 60~ri. . heaven.e 7 j v p h a o q w i w .le'an!" 70 But 6& he denied i t before TOO r a h t h a i o u 70 b denied them all. and havingentercd arihic ~~~~~ bqft ."' And hsvinu stood uD the chief prlest asld that the high priest stood him: up and said to ah0 Oli6tv horpivp.hit you? sitting outside in the 69 ' 0 6t tKv The but "!eF we.. P F T G V 1 6 ~ 7after ~ going inside. oi ywyw~~iq n w o D S r r p o ~ where the scribes and the older men the older men were &obe< 2.drin. witnesses? see! N~~ what yet need we are !svlng of wltne5re:.Also YOU were wdh ~ e s u s Gal. ah0 the 6 'Iqootq Jesus 1 c:7nay : nhfiv You you aa d besldes hp?~ 61p~a& ~ 6 L E *beu ~~~ .i. ~ . and Red. phemed! What further the outer garments of him saylnp He blasphemed: need do we have of ri h x x p ~ i a v 8x0 cv these are testimng Of YOU are IeEtllYing down on? against YOU?" 63 But ioirjrra. Then the ehlef pries broke through saying: . Issaylnp God!" 64 Jesus said 59. c ~nitc~ but ~ y came forward.i~ t n him: "YOU yourself said [it]. . too. t17z. 65 76re b & P X I L P L ~ ~ J 61IpqC~v his outer garments.roq 61 and said: "This havlngmmc toward two -id his^^^ man said. from right now you wlll see the henceforth you will vlbv TOG &vt?prjnou Ka8fip~Wov L r see the Son of man Son of the man slttlnK outof sitting a t the right 6EStiiv T 6 ~ 2 4 ~ ~ r a i5 hand of power and rlght-hand imrtrl and coming on the cloudg frri TWV veorhiw r o t of heaven.IqooG brro5 e-iwW. "Supreme Court. Ll. 64 A I ~ E I the Christ the Son of are the Chrlst the Son o i t h e Gad. " 72 And the Nararene: and egaln e enled wlth again he denied it. see the outcome^ 59 Meantime the &p~c:p~i(~ i a i ~b UUVLB~IOY chief priests and the pries s end the sanhedrh entire San'he-drin' Wav . 01 6 E &~OKP~~~V cT r ~~< v ~h~~ returned answer: seems ii? The (ones) but having answered sald "He is liable to death. saying: "You. where phas the high priest. you npopj-r~voovjpiv. x t 1 o r 6 ~ i 5 8o~iv ~ r o u h ~ qto us.He has bias?& lp&aa allroO XLywv 'Ephau+jwiloev. although many witnesses npooch8brwv ylrw60papr6pov. Later on two came forward rrpoocA86vrr~ 660 61 E h a v OLi. the lone*) but slapped ' "Prophesy to us.aa: or.. hrist. J1r.o oc: n a r d roir E E O ~r o t said to him: . 71 6 e L ~ 6 v r a 6b ~4 rbv 71 Aftcr he had gone Hav!lng gone out but Into the out to the gatehouse. Then they spit intn his face and hit el5 rb rrp6oonov a h 0 6 uai t ~ o h & + ! o w him with their Into the face of him and hltwith Gats Others 'lapped him &6v. Yet I say htyq bpi" dm' vto YOU men. nal6ion hLyouoa Kal o b qoEa pqrh 'IqooG were with Jesus the a e r v a n t e a savine .

ahGv ~ b v 'Ayp6v 705 KE a ~ W CCIS they Wught with O ~ $ D f them the Field of the 0 into them the potter's field -rapjv TOYS ~ & v o ~ 8 s.~:Y~ havlng felt remorse turned bock the &pyGp~a ~oiq silver ipiece. 4 saying: *I sinned when I betrayed Iighteous blood. felt remorse and turned the thirty silver pieces back t o the chief pries* and older men. according t o 1 1 '0 6& ' I aoOq Lordeq E&npou8ev what Jehovah' had stood "On' ?ems he but commanded me. in fact. k ~ e i TI$I a? m 6 ~~ U T I Y . TTPOW~TOU ~~YOVTOF 61h Jeremiah the prophet through ~ercmlah the prophet saying was fulfilled.~ ~ . 6 5P $ $ ~ e p d ~hanged hlmselt he hanged hi-u. he u-ent bltt ~rl* ~. 12 vai & TQ K ~ I ~ Y O P E ~ replied: YOU are m ~ i n g . fleld. burial to the strangers. Jehovah.H. spoken was spoken through today.q . Thmughwhieh wascalled Therefore that neld 6 & phq ~ K E ~ Y O S 'Aypdq A i p m o EWS 7% has been called 'field the Abld that Field of BloOi tlll the of Bloodmto this very ujllepov. 1 ~ . . n l o i v ab+v 6 1 1 J ~ S U S now s t & of the governor." to be and to be swearing that Not started t o curse and oik rbv &v~ponov.v And havmg casi the silver luieceal lnto the k : I $ hlm over t o Pilate the governor 3 Then Judas. g .3 those s b d j n g oi gorGrrq ilnov TO n t ~ p ( t l 'AAqBdq came u p and said the (ones) standing said to the Peter Truly to Peter: YCertamy ~ a iUC i t a h 3 v d ~ a y&p i fi hahidl One f .~nd they took the they look the thirty silver i~leceml~ thirty silver pieces. roc rntpqflivou :$ :: the ane) having been priced manprice the t h a t was priced. IABJI*. they gave them into the eld of the poker. 1 7 .. b nrohkoq Oljr &ro. 74 r 6 r r fiptaro dialect gives you of you evldent you it is making. 5 nai . The (ones) but ~lmav Ti 6 ~ raid What toward n@g . 7 ~ 1 4 .. namely: i v &ALr~opa qwvfioat "Before a cock crows. . because sacred treasure. ~ n di n the t o be sccuaed say [it. then he started 74 T h e n h e ~ a ~ a 0 i p a ~ i i r~ ai lv dlrvlic~v Olir away. . they are the price 7 ouppobh~ov 6. 3 T6rc iShv 'lo66ag ' b Then having Eeen ' Judas Ule lone) napa6olq ah& 6 n raraupitlq havlng given over him that he was judged down W ~ ! J ~ h q e ~ i q ~ ~ P E O E T& V TP. 13 r 6 r i ) \ L ~ L I ah6 priests and older men. 6ld k~hilell t o bury strangers. Then is myin9 to him he made n o answer. treasury. and remembered the 75 And Peter called n L ~ p o q r a t b j p a r o q 'I 006 ~ i ~ ~ n 6 6% r 0 to mind the saying Peter of the raying or3esus havlng s a d that Jesus spoke. to Pllate the governor. saying: EhaPov 7h T P I & K O W ~ & P Y G P I ~ . Xir d b pnolhr% and the governor put aovernor mylng You are the kLn8 the question to him: 'lovbaiov. " ~ e ~ ~ ." 703 f i y e p 6 ~ 0 ~r. also YOU outof them ari. ~ When i t had n w i a q . r6ejg swear: "I do not know t h e man!" And imrneI have known the man.. M L r ~ w p i&vqmv 75 r a i tpvioeq 6 dlately a Cock crowed. . d v dlvlne habltatlon k w l & w . Y will see." They said: "What ~ .j ~~~~~~~~ s%e 3 a 10. 13 Then Pilate said to the pilate ~ o t YOU are hcarlns him: "Do you not hear $ l i e I $ : 2 wem . 10 and they gave raeh o w h a 5 L v pol K G P ~ ~ cthem . uou 6jh6v o c rrolii.. uai kSrh8bv ESw ihree tlmes. ~~d -~ ~~~~.~$:~ ~ ~ ~ h .:I.5 &pyGpla elnav Odr priests took the silver having taken the silver i ~ l e c e l said Not pieces and said: "It ~~EUTIV PLlXiiv aljrh siq rbv 1s not lawful t o drop it Is allowed to throw them lnto the them into the sacred noppavh.. " o f l a ~ h the pwple held a condown on sultation against Jesus n ~ l h d r rTQ ~ fiy~p6~1. is t h a t t o us? You must see to that!" 6 S o he thmw the silver pieces into t h e .a i i m ~ p t . and for the s ~ c e c h them. while he was being ulrrbv brrb T ~ V &PXILP~WV ~ a IIP~U!~UTLPWV i him by the chief Prrests and older men ~ C C U by S ~the ~ chief o&Pv h c r p i v m o . J 1 4 .~ a i &rd8Sv temple and withdrew. 'IPPE~!OU." 7 After munrel together but havlngtaken t ey bought consulting tagether.tnncd rrapa6obq aiua 6 i ~ a t o v . pi^ Before cock to round threc times vou will djsoam me dlrrapvjrrn PC. slnce Pnee of%lood it is.Piqaq h dlpyripla el< 7t. 6P k o m e morning." And he you wlll dlrown me. fiyrphv htyov . some of the sons of E ~ W K C N a S r h CIS T ~ V %@v KEPa ~~~~~l set a price. ~. for the patter-s a o ~ ~ r d to ~n what g thlngs ordered to me Lord. R Then what Then was fulfilled the (thlngl. cock rounded.aprov older men saying I .MATTHEW 2633-21:5 146 147 MATTHEW 27:E-13 73 p i ~ h ~ I K P A V 66 rrpooihO6v~~~ 73 Alter a little while After little but having come tows1. seeing he had ken 'Ondemned. for..6) m. 01 6i having givcn over blood rlghtwua. hut eh e pries 6 BU~ t h e chief hap6vrrg 7. 6 62 'Iqootq 1 5 "Are you the king The hut Jesus You of the Jews?m Jesus Jews? U ~ ~ I "YOUyourself h ~ y r l g . who betrayed him. 10 the one on ~ h o m they priced from sons of Israel.r. bitterly.jr. and Inquired u w n him the the govern. XaP&€q ~ y 6 w u a V of blood. but hsvlna Y~MPLVIJF occurred ~~ o u p ~ o c h l o v Wapov n 9 s $e counsel together took r a i oi ~ P E ~ @ G T E ~ O ITOO Xaot and the older men of tho 27 27 ZP. the htpjarmo uiev ' l o p a j h . TO. and havlng gone ofi and went of? and ~ y < m o .1 to the rrpiul3urLpoi~ 4 ALywv . LOrd. 9 T67r hhqpi)eq P ~ @ Vday." 12 ~ u t . nothhg he answered. and having gone forth outsldc went outSlde and wept L~havorv nl~p&q.

ab'bas or Jesus having the toit" 25 Atthatall 6n 6th p86vov rap66wnw the so-called Christ? fi$ ha& ~b clfwa a h o j t that through envy they gaveover 18 For he was aware the people said in anpeo& sald The blmd 01 hlm Upon a3r6v.rhp.av ouvfiyayov older men persuaded the crowds in order that and the older men p. Let be put on the stake. very much. whom theY were WanUnL The9 were having hut 16 Just s t that time .ing along the npsol3Srcpo1 h r c ~ o a v rob5 dxAov< the chief priests ha palace and a ~ ~ b ~v A ~governor's Y m. no. release to YOU? Tbey to = a .' a3rbv. for I I suffered according to dream sucered a lot today 27 Then the sol27 0 1 p . then. s1ttkng but of hlm upan the had handed him over. 01 61 el& Tbv BapPPhv. N~~ eOm them: "What. they &bv XAapG& K O K K ~ ~ V n r p t i 8 q r w Jesus should they destroy.'. ErylngOUt impaledl" 24 162Jv 61 b flriA&~o56 ~ t oG61v ~ . Pllate tank Aaphv Having heenTed together therefore of them 17 Hence when water and washed having token water he washed off the 'hand8 they were gathered ~T?av airroic 6 nriAeroC Tiva r a r f v m ~ 700 dxhov htywv 'A8365 rllll his hands before the s a ~ d to them the Pilste whom are roo wttllne together Ptlate said down opposite the crowd s a ~ l n g Innwent 1am crowd. ~obing to YOU and to &fe sent out to him..: 2: 22. Bv q8dov. q 6 ~ 1 t o release to YOU. d v 61 children. 22 festival to Iestiva~ it A~~mdlngtO but festival wssaecustomed was -the . 19 K d q Lvou 61 adroc h swer: "His blood come i roc that out of envy they . z3 The 6 5 t '?~ (me) 6 but sal what had thing did 61 mprouG< 01 ~rmiqow. so that' as-and t h e governor wondered Aiw.w $$! hagqf$ngI aitlEd"F bt$ "$ $2 fipv. The but ehefprleots and the of him. Having answered destroyed. ? m e (ones1 but raid The B-boas. the b% Beid Chrfat7 the so-called Christ? They all said: 'let htyowlv rrdnn~ ~ him Xravpw86~w. many things they testifying against ah@you?' 14 Yet he did to him not answer hlm. shall I do with Jesus shall I make Jesus .how 14 nai toward And oGr not not-but he answered drrrrrpi8q npbq od6b one ev saying. but the ~ pime that t nothing ~ 24 Seeing ~ that ~ IS a a y l n ~ to them the )\&yel ali~oiq b nclh?To< T i ' I ~ U OT ~~ V A 00v 22 Pilate-saidb .-custom of the ( . 21 N~~ him cloak searlet they placed around him with a 61 6 $yep&" elnm aLiroiq Tiva in responding the but the governor Bald to them Whom governor said to them: ~ ~ E T E dmb rGv 660 dnmhbw "Which of the two are rov wtlllng from the two I lhould release do You want me to bviv. his to them. Pfiga.todum led together upon him whole gathered the whole ai~oov~a~ rbv Bapa & d v 66 persuaded the crowds body of t r o o p togeth. the more: 'let him be be put on thestake. 21 drrroupt'dsi< but to have Jesus disrobing him. they were holding a then boundlone notorlous heLg sald Barabbna. havlng whlppes he gave over and 61~aiQ tnriv~. the Barsbbar or one do you want me of t h ~ s lone) i of t h ~ [manl. '1 am -AGow bgiv d v BapaPP& f j t o them: "Which innocent of the blood Ishould releame to yo." ~~~k 6~ 1 IF." 26 Then judgment scot R toward him the he was sitting an the rent O Bars bas. the but he released Bwab'ball he released to them the yuvi a3mO Aiyouua M Sbv mol r a i r udgment seat. \x:%: 2 : . no)\^& yirp saying: "Have nothlng uraupw86.pmq: dmtrmihw n @ < fi 19 Moreover.(IT' & $ . And having disrobed er to him. to be won erlns 8auphP 15 rbv the iyepbva sop^" governor very much. said: "Barab'bss. hut he had pp~r/EXMua na&6wn~v 'IqooOv woman ol htm sayln. 20 But into :te tOoB Jesus into the ha.rirr~ 6 f o tov h i u q p o v k 6pevov B a p a p p 3 .MATTHEW 27:14-21 nboa 148 149 MATTHEW 27:22-29 Pilate What therefore how many (things) of you they are Latiyingagathst~ are uou ra~a a T U P O ~ ~ ~ V . many (thlngrl for to do with that he mfeht he put on the *take. but abundantly kept crying out all EK~X<OV ACyomeq u t h i m X T ~ U P W ~ ~ T O . order that J~~~ ~esu. body of troops. b ~ ~ . 28 And 'IquoOv CmoAfuwoiv. 20 0 1 62 & x l e p ~ i ~ ~ ai ol in a dream because r a p c r X a ! % n q rb ' I J~~~~ quoh sic through hlm. o &nonpl&i< 25 yourselves must see Jesus the berng asld g r i s t ? B e had known Bar. whlle h 0 i 5 6~ Bum&@+. 17 uuyy h w 08" &3v &p drrrwitpmo T&< eipug arising. 6 m p righteO~8man.. Then upon us and upon our children and upon tho PF. handed him over to be elghteous ionel Umt. npa. 16 dxov 6b the one they wanted. he they dld he do$ ~h~ ( ~ n e s l . b o r e not a word. % P Y O Y . all hey are saying 23 He sald: '"Why. notorious prisoner called Barab'bas.. s YOU 'IquoOv ~ b v AEY~(IEWV X C U T ~ V18 ..cip~.: . fiycpbv h o h r k t v L w TO KyAQ 6iwplov governor to release a the governor to release one t o t h e crowd boundone prisoner t o the erowd. 28 ~ a i L~66om~5 they should ask for the Baratkaa the but to for ~ ~ ~ ~ b . impaled. hprvov Xp101bv. Z a i diers of the governor 6. him be impaledl. ra TiKua 26 T ~ T L him.


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L E ' O Z


MATTHEW 27:47-54



MATTHEW 27:55-62

WOW. tva ri pc i y ~ d A l n q . why have you of me, in order that what me left You down d ? forssllen me?" 47 At 47 .rlvtq 6L T t ~ e i korqu6Twv hearing this some some but of the (onnl there havfngstood of those k o i i u a v r ~ ?kyov XTI 'Hhriav qwv~i there began to say: havlngbeari were saylllg that Elilab lasounding for cq.his man is 0 8 ~ 0 ~ .48 ~ a i ~h96wq 6papcbv etq E.1i'Jah." 48 And imthls (one). And immediately havlng run one mediately one of them C< d r d v Uai haPZIv on6yyov ran and took a sponge out of them and hsvfng taken sponge and it nhjoaq TE 6Eovg ~ a i ncpl8ciq wine and p u t i t having Rlled and of sourwlne end having put about sour on a and went rahkpp ~ ~ T I S N arlr6v. 49 01 giving him a drillk. reed he was causing to drlnk him. The

68 Aotnoi ~Tnw "Arm< i6oltrv ci said: 'Let him hut leftover (ones) said Let go on let ua see if them be! l e t us see whether Lpxeral ' H h ~ i a q U ~ U W V a J ~ 6 v . dAhoq'jah comes t o save is coming Eiilah to save him. \[Another him.., man 62 hapcbv A6yxqv EVUSEY 0 6 ~ 0 0 rilv took a spear and but having taken spear piercod of him the pierced his side, and ~ A P U P ~ V , bSih0~v 8 6 ~ ~ a~ i ~&,lj blood and water came side. and came out water and out.]] 50 Again Jesus 50 6 6 L 'IqooDq nd?lv KP~&T The but J e s u s sgaln havlng cried out cried out with a loud voice, and yielded up &qfincv r b m t i a (his] spirit. to?%?e he let go off the splryt. ' 5 1 And, look! 51 Kai l h i r T& KaTO7r&Taopa 705 t h e curtain of t h e And look! the curtain Of the sanctuary was rent vaoD Soxio0q drrr' bw0cv Ewq in two, from top divine habitation was split from above till t o bottom, and t h e 1670 cis 660, ~ a ii buciuBq, ~ a earth i quaked, and below into two, and the e i i h wne shaken, and the rock-masses were ai rrirpar Coxiu~quav, 52 ~ a i r h split. 52 And t h e the mck-masses were split, and the memorial tomw were PYPE~~ &+~9floav rai a o h h d opened and many memorlal tombs were opened and many bodies of the holy &para T & rg~olyqpivwv (ryiwv ones t h a t had fallen bodies of the having ai en asleep holy (ones) were fiyip8r+mv, 53 ~ a i t<Ehe6w~~< up, 53 (and persons, Were rsmed UP, and [they1 having gone forth coming from CK TOY pvqp~iwv NET& T?V ~YEPUIV among the memorial out of the memonal tombs after the belng raised up tombs after his being a h 0 3 rluilh9av ~ i q r j v (ryiav n6hiv ~ a raised i up, entered into of him they entemd mto the holy city and the holy and iveqavio8quav nohhoiq. 64 '0 6 i they became visible t o they were made apparent to many. The but many pm,,le, 54 ~ , , t &rcn6y~apxoq r a i 01 per' a G ~ o t i the army officer centurion and the (ones) with him and those with him nbpoh~vrrq d v 'Itlooh 166vr~g rbv watching over Jesus. 0 mrvlng the Jesus having seen the when they saw the


~ , , the t rest


mtopbv rai T& yl&pcva earthquake and the learthlquske and the lthingal occurring things happening. &qopi,eqoav . ~ q 6 6 ~ hiyovrcq . ' ~ h n e d q u e w very much afraid, saying: "Certhey became afraxd very much, saying Truly tainly this wan Qod's otroq. 0coG ui6q fiv Son." of -- nod - - - son wan this (one). 65 ' H o w 68 ~ K C y u v a i ~ c qnohXai &n6 were but there women many from many 55 women were parp68sv 8 c ~ p o 0 o a ~ . a i ~ t v ~ q fi~oholiOqoav there viewing ROm far OR viewing, who followed a distance, who TQ 'IqooO &n& miq rahzhaiaq S t a ~ o v o ~ o ahad l accompanied to the Jesus from the Galilee serving J ~ S U Qfrom Gal'i.lee 56 b aTq jv Mapia fi to minister t o him, to him: 1% wh-m wau Mary the 56 among whom aras Mav6aAqw) ~ a i M a p i a fi TOG ' I a ~ 6 g o u Mary Magdalene, also Mogdalene and Mam the of the James ~~~v the mother of r a i 'Iw 9 p .rqp nai fi l r j n l ~ Tdv James and Jo,ses, and mother of the and m$er and the the mother of the sons of Zeb'edee. vldv ZE E6aiou. eons of !<bedoe. 57 NOWa s it was late in the alternoon. having YWOP~WC came tobe f came i h e ~ 57 01 'O even~na v i a ~ but 68 there came a rich man of'a, nho,wtoq r t ~ h from &Opwnoq man h r 6 'Apl kimathea. pa0aiaq. Ule m bname o v a named Joseph. who had also himself 'looi9, 8q Kai &% Joseph. who ako he become a disciple of o?JlO< npooEh8h~ TQ jesus,58 hi^ man 58 thls (one) having come toward to the went up to Pilate and n~lhkr~ d~ ' i o m o -rl) u d / l a TOO for the hody pilate sskcd for the body of the of Jesus. Then Pilate T ~ T E b n ~ t h 6 7 0 5 ~KLXEUWY &n0600iva1 commanded it to be rphen the pilate commanded to be given bsfk, given over. 59 And 59 ~ a i haphv 76 o w a 6 And taen the %he wrapped Joseph took i t u the p inbody, clean L v c ~ G h ~ ba vh 6 $u u 1 v 6 6 1 K&P$, 60 60 and wrapped it an finelinen clean. laid i t in hls new E ~ ~ K EaVh b i v 76 K ~ I Y ah0O Q memorial tomb, which placed it in the new ofhlm me!%k%mb Kai he had quarried in *pq. the rock-mass. And, t $ rock-masa, which Um6pqu'v he quarried after big rrpooauhioaq hi8ov p t y w ECpq stone t o the a door of having toward big to the door p v q I I ~ / o ~ &nfih0cv. 61 'HY 68 the of the memorial tomb he went wan but he left 6 1 But Mary Mag'dalene and the irci Ma , h p fi MaySahqvfi nai 4 &Ah? other Mary continued there the ~ ~ g d a l e n and e the other there, sitting before roj T&qov, the grave. t m i v p c ~ h 62 The next day. 62 T I 68 h a J p ! o v , TO i e but morrow, i s after which was after



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MATTHEW 27:63-28:Z

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ouvix8qoav 01 the Preparation, the Were led together the chief the &pyep,Eij ~ a 01 i @apluaioi r p d c ns~h&rovPharisees gathered chie pr es a end the Pharisees toward Pilate together before 63 ALyomcq KGpts Lpvfiueq~s; 6 ~ ~ l I E ~ W63 $ saying: " S i r , we ~ a y l n g Lord.' we remem er d that that have to mind b nhavog rirev RI <&v Msrix r cic that that impostor the errant one said yet living After 8 r e e said yet alive, Lycipopal. 64 K ~ E U U O V 'After three days $ '$ % : ' I a m being ralred up: I am to be raised o h & ~ ~ l o 8 i v a rbv l T*OV EOg therefore to be made secure the grave till the up; 64 Therefore command the grave to be made secure 1~$;53 a.t until the third day, paerlrai K F L ~ W ~ L aV h d v ~ a E'~TWUIY i that his disciples may dieclples mightsteal hfm and might say t o % come and steal ha+ 'Hykph dmb .r&v VEK~&V~ a never l and say to the, people H e was raised Up from the dead lone&. and people. 'He was raised up from the dead!' and wlil be last np&rqg. 65 E@ &oiq 6 ns~hhoq Rra. , ,them the ma, will be worse than the Arst." 65 Pilate said -Exvre KOUM&~W ~ + T E YOU are havtng custody men: bt you going under to them: 'You have a guard' make CluQahiua00~ b5 0?6arc. 66 oi make secure as YOU have known. he (ones) It a8 Secure as You how." 66 50 62 ropmeh~g fiu$ahioavro 76" but having gone their mado seare the they went and made secure T&@V u + p c r y i o m q rbv hieov ps?& re< the pave =rave having ~ e a i e d the stone wrth the sealing the stone and ~o~~mokinc 1 having the guard. eusiOdU;l;C%'.' Alter. the '092 62 oae drrov, sabbath, when





outward appearance Of him as elothlng of hfm

h r p a n t aai 76
lightning snow.

and the

clProO Sq 3 HIS outward appearance was as tv6vpa a b r o j hcu~bv b~ lightning, and hi8 rlSta

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were madela quake the (ones)

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dead lanesl.



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Havlng onrwered but the o76a raiq yvvat<iv M' qopcio8e bpzic, NO? be fearful rou, I have known to the 6.7, ' I quotv





~'YE~OS z7nm angel *aid

/ -"--..--..---

that ~esus the lone) ~MCJJPW~~WV Cqmirc 6 o6r havine been put on the stake noo are seekln.: not


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he is hesafd:



he was raised UP



aecordhg as


E T ~ V .


i6m~ ~ b v 7.5~~0~
the Place




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end to the

heving gone rovnway of hlm

ropE~c~ool ahroc

'inarc a . .m .. .

% ? ! 2 $ '


Iie was r a i d up irom the dead

vm &v,




on the first ~ ~ f day f of the week, Mary 6hhq Mapia . ~ ~ ~ and , d the ~ . Mary the Msgdaiene and the other Mary Other Mary came tO e ~ o p j o a t76" T+V. Vlew the grave. to view the grave. And, a 2 ~ a i1606 u~fiopbc 6yLmo p t y a q great earthquake had And look! rearthiquake occurred great; 6yyrhoc yhp Kupiou na~aphg el taken place: for Jehoangel for of ~ a r d h w n g descended .out of vah's' angel had deoljpavoii r a i ?pood8bv dmuGh,m, scended from heaven heaven and b v m g come toward he r o ~ e d away and approached and ~ 6 " hieav Kai ~ ~ 6 To .a boa. rolled away the stone, the stone and was aRt~ng on top of it. and was sitting on it. 1' After, Jlr.u.*l.=.see ~ p 5 p ~ . 2. Jehovah's, d~~4.~~8.Le.~8,ll~l4: ~ord's, ,



fz0 tx

of mfbaths,

28 to t h 3 d a ~ l it was


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May6aAqvfi xal


8 80, Quickly leaving the memoriaJ pvqp~iou +6pou ~ a xaphq i pzydLXq< tomb, wlth fear ~ memorlal ~ tomb PET& wlth fear and loY great and greatjoy, they ~ ~ ran to report to his they ran to e6papov &nayydXa~ repart back to TOTS the pa8 d i s a~ p~ acir cafi~pfi. of h ~ m . disciples. 9 And. 9 rai 1605 'IqooGc t r r i l z p e v a g ~ i q laokl Jesus met them ~ n look! d Jesus Xciprrc' 6& r p a o E ~ ~ o ~ u a ,and said: " Q d day!' aeYOU rejoloing: the l o n e . ] but havlng come toward They approached and caught him by his knphqoav adroo TO^ rr66ag ~ an i ou~~6vquav s.ized of hlm the feet and &d obdsance -~~ feet and did obelsance ta~him. 10 Then 10 767s X l y ~ t &ai$ b 'IJ~!s tohim. Then I s a a y u ~ to ~ them the Jesus said to them: . M A bn+ms hyycfhno fear, Qo, be earful: be you going under report back report to my brothers, ~ ~ h e W U l Y w i g &6rh+oi( pou . Iva t o m e brothera of me m o r d e r t h a t they might gooff that they may go OR
~ n dhaving gone o f f quickly from

OpBc sic rilv rah~haiav, wpohyct he goes before you into the Galilee. 6 9 ~ ~ 8 I60b ~ ' &OV bpiw. him YOU willaeei look! Isaid to row. 8 &d80Goav raxb Cmb

nai 1605 Ener),end lookl


4 yes. for fear of hlm the watchmen trembled and became as dead men. G a , . ++he a n e l " in answer sald to the you be for I know YOU are IoOkinB for J~SUS who was impaled. 6 He is not here, for he was raised up, as he said. come. see the place where he lying. 7 ~ n d 80 quickly and tell his disciples that he was raised up from the dead, and, look1 he Is going ahead of you into Qal,l.lee; there see him. Lookl I have told




MATTHEW 28:11-19


2 2

T ~ V raA~Xaiav, K & I E ~ pe @OYI~I. Into Gel'i4ee; and into the Galllee. and there me they wlllsee. there they will 1 1 nopruopbwv 6i: a i r h v 1606 rlveg see me." Ciolng thelr w ~ y but of them look1 aome 11 While they were ~ " 5 roumw6iag th86vrag d g T+ n6Xw on thelr m y , look! otlhe custody men having mme Into the d t u some of t h e guard went into the city and dnrfiyy~Aav roig & p x t ~ p ~ G u t v &navra re~rted back chief priests all to the reported t o the chief rh yeu6pcva. 12 val priests all t h e things the ithlngsl having happened. And that had hanwned. uuvax8lw~g .hv 12 And afteithese having been led together the had gathered together npeuPuripwv uupporiX~b TE AaP6vmg with the older men counsel tosether and havlng taken and taken counsel. older men &py6pta iuavh E6w~av r o i ~ they gave a sufficient sllver LPlecesl sufl?elent they gave to the number of silver u r p c r r t & m ~ $IS Aiyovre5 E i ~ a ~ 671 a Oi pieces t o the soldiers soldlera ssylnx Say that The 13 and said: "Say, pa8qrai adroO Vu~rbg Lh86vr~g L~Aeylav 'His dlsciples came in disolPles of hlm of nlght havlngeome stale the night and stale ahbv KOOI~W~~VW 14 Y .~ a i Lhv him while we were him sleephg; and Ifever sleeping.' 14 And &rowei rotro h i TOO fiyeP6vog if this gets t o the should be he'ard * I s lthlnxl u m n the governor: "~ mvernor.s ears we n ~ i u o p e v i(ai bllhg &pcpipvoug will persuade [him] shall ~ersuada and roo free from worry and wall set YOU free w o l j o o p ~ v . 15 oi 6; h a P 6 v r q from worry." 15 S o we shall make. The (ones) but having taken they took the silver &pyrip!a no! uw h g &616&~8qoav.Kai pleces and did as they stlver lpleceal d ! : as theywere taught. And were instructed; and 6t~IPqviuOq 6 A6yog 0 1 3 ~ 0 ~na h this saying h a s been wasrprend abroad the word this besPde Spread abroad among the Jews up t o this 'iou6aiolg p & x ~fig ~ ~ E P O fipipxg. V Sews unt 1 the today day. vr.rv ,lau -", . ;he 16 01 62 EvBe~a p a 8 q ~ a i & r o p ~ r i e q ~ a v 16 However, the The but eleven diselples went tbeir way eleven . . . disdples . . . . . . . went eig rfiv r a h t X a i a ~ sig ~b 6p0g 08 into Gal'i.lee t o t h e into the Galllee Into the movntaln where mountain where 5rdrFma a h i s 6 'Iqu&q, 17 ~ a i1 6 6 n ~ g Jesus had arranged arranged to them the Jesus, and havrng seen for them. them 17 -~ and -alhb ~ P O O E K ~OW Y oi 6 i when they saw him him they dld obelsancb, the (ones1 but they dld obeisance. & S i u ~ a o a v 18 . ~ a i npouEh8&v 6 but some doubted. doubted. And having came toward the I8 And Jesus 'IquoGg fl&Xqmv h o i g Atywv 'E668q approached and spoke Jesus woke to them ~ a s i n g Wasglven to them, saying: " m l p a n n b a L < o u u b &v aGpavO nai h i authority h a s been to me all euthorlty in heaven and upon given me in heaven 19 noprv8ivre~ oOv and on the earth. : havlnsgone r o v ~ way therefore 19 Go therefore


and make disciples of. ~ & T C ~ ~ T n&a S T& E B y , &smi<aw make dlre>Plerof all the natlons, b a ~ m m g w o p l e of all the naa i r o l j ~ I elg r b bvopa TOO . .naT,y% tions, baptizing them them [persons1 , , into the name of the Fat er in the name of the r a i TOG VIOO 1011 ,100 W i o u T T V $ ~ ~ S , Father and of the s o n nod of the Son a n d 01the holy and of the holy spirit. 20 teaching them t o 20 6~6&u&rcg teaching ,a6ro$5 them to be o sew observe all the things b e ~ r t h & ~ q v h p i v ~ a I605 i 6ua many thifigsas I to and laak~ I have commanded And, look! I am L p~8' b u ~ v elpi n k u a g 765 fipipag E W ~*OU. em the days till with YOU all the days w,th until the cancluslon of r i g o u v ~ d r i a g TOG aihvog. the system of things? f the age. the conelusion o





10' or, "order of thlngs" (olmvoy, ni.o'noa1, NAB; a5rn. 'oh.lom', JI.a.lo.".*.






' '








TO!? E ~ C ~ Y Y ~ '~1 O 0U0 0 X p 1 ~ 0 6 . ~ 'Apxj aeginmng 01th. poodnew8 d 3 e s u s Chrmt. Chnst: yiypmal iv .rG 'Huaip about Jesus 2 Kaehg it ~ e ~ ~ ~ d i It n hea g a been s wrltten in the Isaiah In .lust Isaiah the prophet: 76 npo.popjrg 'l&o drrr0UTLXho 7bv hY'Yd6~ "(Look! I a m sending the pmphet Look! I a m sending off the m-nger forth my messenger four face. uw np-j npoucjnou race 111 prepare of me before Your Way:) 3 listen! I ( ~ ~ U K E V & O TiJv EI b66v OOU. 3 (Pavfi someone is crying tho way of you; VOIEB ?ut in the wilderness, poGvro5 i:v q r?tpfivq, Prepare the way Of of ionel ernngout in th= wllderneaa Makeromready ~ehovah: YOU people. make his roads mjv &v Ku iou, e68eia nolciTS rirg 'rpi@ou< mads the way of &rd. straigh$ make rov the itla,ght;* 4 john d @aT?i<wv the baptizer' turned alirpG, 4 &yivem ' I w h q g John the lone1 ba~tlzmg u p in the wilderness. eame to be of hrm, baptism [in ~ q p S u u w v P & ~ I U I Preachlnu I~ epfivq tv T : baptism symbol1 of repentance wl~dernesB preaching L , the


1 $~~~","$

all thP;nhabltantS of 'lorbaia x&w the Judean cmntry . 3. Jehovah, 3"m.,e-18.198q Lord, NAB. 4' Or, "immerser: dipper."

5 rai


~ n d was eoinp. the way out toward .-


ndg a 9 v hun

o l l the ..- tprrltnrv . . . . . .~ . , neoa of and a11


MARK 1%-13


e q p i w , r a l 01 6yyrXot wild beasts, and the angels

MARK 1:14-21

n k n c < , ~ a l E&nrriSovro W &DO hr TQ and they were hapall, end were belng baptlxed by hlm in the tized by him in the 'lo~6dnrt~ n o ~ a p * t ~ o ~ o h o Y o i ) ! J ~ ~~ ~ a Jordan 5 River, openly .lordan Rlver openly mnfesnng.. the their sins, & p a p r i a < ahrdv. 6 ual fiv ' .Iohn was sins of them. And war the clothed with camel's tv6v6~6uptvog hair and with a leathhaving bee,, Tf&5 Sevqv 6cppa~iv1lvrrcpi mjv du@bv a t h o t r a i er girdle around his glrd~e leathern about loin (s) a f h ~ m :and loins. and was eating Ec0wv h ~ p i 6 a 5 r a i piht dypcav. 7 ~~i insect lacusts and eating locurts and honey- wild. And wild honey. 7 And e~fipwurv hiyw Ep~rrat 6 he would preach, he Was pleaEhing ~aying 19 EOmlng the saying: ' * ~ me f t ~ ~ ~ ~ X U P ~ T ~ POU @ F 6niuc.I P O W . 08 06% someone stronger than one stronger of me behind me, of whom not I a m is coming; I a m ripi i ~ a d 5 ~iIVa5 hGoa~ rbv iyhvra fit ta stoop I am Ntllclent having stooped to loosen the lace ~ 6 v h o 6 q &wv d r o 5 . 8 t 2, t d m r ~ u a untie the laces of his a I baptized of tile sanlalr of him: Eaptlzcd with water* but 0p25 36arn d r b q 62 panrioct bp2q YO= to wat&, he but will baptize y o u h e will baptize YOU with holy splrit." nwer?patl &yiy. to sptrlt holy. 9 I n the course 9 Kal PY~VETO b f ~ ~ i v a r~ aq ?~ f i p t p a ~ q of those days JeSU8 And it occurred in those the days Came from ~ & ~ ~ i j h e ~ v 'I 0055 dm6 N a S a p h Til5 r a h t h a i a g of Gal'i.lee and was came lerus trom ~ a r a r e t h of the Galilee haptiaed in the Jordan : $ ,o bnb by by John. 10 And 'Iwhvou. 10 nai r60bq Clvapaivwv LK immediately on ~ ~ h " . ~ " d st once going up out of coming UP out of t h e water h e sawthe TOG 3 6 a m g EISEY T O ~ So,~Qw.,;F the water he saw e ng split the heaven^ heavens being parted, r a i .rb nw~Gpa 6 5 nrptmephv rarapaivov and, llke a dove. the and the splrit as dove coming down spirit coming down Ei5 aG~6v. 11 ~ a 4wvi i ~ Y ~ Y E T O ;I( TAW upon him; 11 and a Into hlm; and voice occurred out ~f the voice of the odpw3v 1 6 J 6 1 1 ,6 5 6 dryarrrl76~ heavens: "You are my heavens you ere the son of:: the loved. Son, the beloved; I L v uoi c666rqoa. have appmved mu." in you I thoueht . well. 12 And immediately t h e spirit impelled tvpdihhr~ E I ~ r j v I qpov. 13 ~ a i ?,v him to go into the thrusts out into the wl?dernesr. And he was wilderness. 13 SO t p i l p ~ r r u o e h ~ o v r a fipFpag h e continued in the : I e wilderness Porty days wilderness forty days, n a p a < 6 y v o g Jrrb TOG Z a ~ a v 2 ,m i ?,v p ~ 7 &being tempted by Sabeing tempted by the Satan, and he was wlth tan, and he was with

'J",h,Y,q5 E y f z ~:j





2: 'lx6,*





61q~6vow t h e wild aervlng but the angels were _.s-.a ministering t o him. U"lW. to him. 14 NOWafter John napa600flval ~ b vwas put under arrest 14 Kai per& r b the J ~ S Uwent into to be given over ~ n d after the 'Iqu&s Gal'l.lee, preaching ~ e s u s Into the the good news of God n q p ~ u w ri, ~ i s r y ~ t h ~ TOO ov 0~05 15 ~ a 15 i and saying: "The the new. of the cod and appointed time has hiyov brn nrrrh'pw-ral b nalpb ~ ~ y l n that g ~ a been?ulslled a the appointedCffme been fulfilled, and Kaj qYYIYm fi p a o ~ X ~ i a TOG 0 ~ 0 5 . t h e kingdom of God and has drawn near t h e kingdam of the God; has drawn near. ~e pv6E,morir~ uai ITIOTE~IETE 6~ rf repentant, YOU people. be YOU repenting end be You believlnE In the and have faith in the chy~ehiy. I. a d news." godd news. 16 While walklng 16 Kai rrap&yov rra h rfiv 8hAfgUav alongside the sea of ~ n dpasslng by beaPde the Gal.i,iee h e saw Simon rah,haia5 d 6 r v xi o v a r a i 'Av6pi.u~ of the calilee hc saw &on and Andrew and Andrew the r& &6rX@~ ripovog & p p t p & h h o v ~ ab ~ 16 brother of Simon castthe brother of Simon eas:inE around in the ing [their netsl about 17 . ~ a ~ i l r r ~, v the sea, for they n 4uav y h p b h ~ e i ~ and sold theywere for Rshers: werefishers. So &oi< b ' I 0035 AEGTE 6niuc.1 VOU. ~ f j to them: tothem the ?csua Hither behind ma. '"Come after me' and nolfioo Jp2g y r v 6 8 a t &hcriq drv8phov. shall cause YOU to beI shall make tobeom= firheir o men. r38bq &pivrq a . come flshers of men." l8 ,...ti atonee havlng let go ofI the 18 ~~d a t once they . . 6iKrVCl jl(Oholjequm 19 Kai abandoned their nets him. And and followed h i v . nets they followed npoDh5 6 X i y r16rv '16rroPov 19 ~~d going a having stepped before htt e he saw James l~ttle farther h e saw r b TOO Z v 6 E ~6a1oU 'IJ"~$? James the [sonl of the Iron1 ofthe Ztbedie Zeb'edee and .Iohnhla ,56cApb &&, abrobq i v TQ rrhoiy brother, in fact, while brother of him, and them in the boat were their nara T& birnn, N) ~ a they i and boat nets. mending thelr down h e ~ 6 0 2 ~ LK~~EUEU a6~06q. ~ a inets, 20 and without And delav he called them. them. -+.-rice he called -. . -t i m they left their &pivrr5Tbv a having let go ob the ~ d v father Zeb'edee in the Zc@'6aiov the boat With t h e h i E d Zebedee gluew7&v hnfiheov h i o o a d ~ a D .21 Kai men and went Off lrFd men they ~ e noff t behhd him. And after him. 21 And

"?,kqV $ ? :: Phe





2 :

', Oe;

MARK 1:ZZ-29
cImrop~h~)-m~ ~ i q KaqapwoGp they went their way they are enterlng into Capernawn. into CBpernBum No sooncr wac it Kai cMbq 'rot$ oap awl, t h e sabbath than And st once to the sabtaths h e entered into cIwU\O&v ciq TI$ w v a y w y j , the synagogue and havlng entered Into the synagogue began to teach. t6i6aonsv. 22 r a i L{mXjouovro irri And they b e m e he was teachmg. And they were astounded upor 22 astounded a t his re Maxi adroO fiv yhp 6 ~ 6 h o ~ w way of teaching, for the t e a e h i i ~ of hud, he was for teaching there he was teaching a h o b q 5 q teouwiav ixwv r a i oGx AS ol them as one having them as authority havinp and not as thq authority, and not as the scribes. 23 Also, ypappareiq. 23 r a i cb0irq + t scrlhes. And atonce was a t t h a t immediate re wvvqwyfi adrGv 6v0pwrroq L v nvcGpar time there was in the synagogub of them thelr synagogue a man mm in splrit d r a 0 h p r q . ~ a hi v l ~ a<sv 24 Aeywv Ti fipi, under the power of a n unclean spirit, and h e unclean. and he erred out ssrine What to u . . shouted, 24 saying: ~ a i ooi 'IqwoO NaSapqvC. fih0cq and to ydu, JeIiUS ~ a z u r e n e * : Did YOU coma "What have we t o d o Cmahiua~ 0164 UE 'rig st 6 with you. Jesus you to destroy 1 k now YOU who 90u;re. thq Naz.a.rene'? Did you come t o destroy us? I Bylog ' TOO BLOC. 25 KO/ t r c ~ i ~ u D s~ vT C know exactly who you Holy Lone) ofthe God. And gaverebuke to It are, the Holy One of 6 'Iqwo0g hCywv 01p68 71 aai L(ch0r God." 25 Rut Jesus the Jesus saying ~e murAed end come f o r t rebuked it, saying: "Be t5 cniro0. 26 r a i m a p 6 S w a h 6 v r b silent, and come on out 01 him. And having convulsed him th, D U of ~ hlrn!" 26 And the unclean spirit, nvriipa ~b & ~ & e a p ~ o v ~ a i @wv(uav splrlt the unclean and having aoundet after throwing him tSjh8cv LE a6roG into a convulsion and to pwve voice came forth out of him. yelling a t the tap of 27 r a t LearBjBquav hrrov~q, UTE Its voice, came on And were aatonrshed all. B E - R ~ C 3ut of him. 27 Well, ovv2;qr~iv a h o b q A&yo\naq Ti the people were all s o to be seeking together them saying Whs nstonished t h a t they began a discussion twrw ~ o i i r o ; 616afi roluil K~T' themselves. Is thls? Teaching new; aeeordlng h among Eaying: "What is this? i c o w i a v nai ~ o i g nv~6paWl loiq &na8&prot[ A new tenehing! He authority and to the spirit8 the unclean nuthoritatively orders L?TCT&WWE~ . ~ a i h a ~ o l i a w l v a h Q tven the unciean he glves orde:n, and they are obeying him. spirits, and they obey 28 Kai tE1j\0ry~ t$ &KO~ a d ~ ? O c68irq him.'' 2R So the reAnd w e n or e hearing of hnm at oner port about him spread 3ut immedlately in rravraxoir ciq dhqv rfiv mpi~wpou everywhere into whole the countryroundnbeul 111 directions through all the country round r'q rahthaiag. ibout in Oai'i.lee. OL &e Galilee. 29 And immediately 29 Kai ~60bq LK r i q wuvaywyj< ;hey went out of And at once out ~l the synagogue rhe synagogue
~ ~ ~ ~


MARK 1:30-38





zi(v olriav and went into t h e .I< PEsX86VTEq fihw they came Into the house home of Slmon and having gone forth x i wvoq rai 'AvSp&ou p r r h ' i a ~ h p o u r a i Andrew with James wlth James and and John. 30 Now of !&non and Andrew 6L T E Y B S ~ ~ Xi wvoq Simon's mother-in-law 'loCNou. 30 1 The but mother-in-law of John. wag lying down sick nup6oolouwa, r a i elieirq with a fever, and burning with fever. and a t Once was lying down they a t once told him a 6 ~ Q ncpi a f i ~ i g .31 ~ a iabout her. 31 And hiyouw!v they are aaylng to hlm about her. And going t o her h e raised ~YEIW d ~ i l v her up, taking her hav~z",%%%Yward' he ralsed up her by the hand: and the fever left her, and she rparjoa ~ 6 q ~ ( ~ 6 r a is ~ ' V ~ K C V hpvingtakeniold of the l a n d ; and l ~ t ~ began ~ f f ministering t o 6 1 q n 6 ~ 1 avrolq. them. she war serving to them. 32 Aner evening had fallen. when 32 'Oyliaq & ! YEVOP~YS 8" ofevenlng but havlnzoeeurkd. gq~pov when the sun had set, the T P ~ people began brlnging ' they were bringhg toward him all those who were ill and those a h a ~ o b q K ~ x G FE x o " ~ ~ him all 6 i e ionen) badly havlnx demon-possessed: rob5 6atpbv1<o~Cvoug. 33 r a i itv b h l fi 33 and the whole city and Was Who e the (ones) belnsdemonized; was gathered right n ~ b S Tv a t the door. 34 80 ~6h15 &rrtuuuq pbvq havlng been led lbgether upon toward the city he cured many that 86pav. 34 nai t 0 r p h n ~ w c v n o h h o k K ~ K ~ F ill ~ i t various h door. ~ n d he cured mamy badly sicknesses. and he exixovraq v o t ~ i h a ~ q v6oo1g, r a l 6 a 1 ~ 6 v l aPelled many 'emons* having to 81cknerses. and demons b u t he would not let iiel~v nohhh L$h LpaAcv, Uai O ~ K many he rew out. and not he letting goo^ the demons speak, because they knew 6T, d6e,wav hdeiv rh they knew him t o be Christ. to be spesklng the demons 35 And early in the &6v X lmbv d v a ~ . morning, while i t Was him ghrlat to be. still dark. he rose UP 35 Kai npoi +xa And In morning in mght " e n much and went outside and left for a lonely place. E i h B ~ v ~ a i6rrilhB~v &"am* and there he began having up he went out and went aft n&rei ~ p o r l ~ x e r o . 36 rai praying. 36 However. v:$: , d there was praying. w d Simon and those with him hunted him rmc6iofev a h & v Zipwv nai 01 P4r' down 37 and found I"lraueddown him stmon and the (ones) wtth him. and they said to afiro3, 31 rai EO,,OV rai ~AYOUWI" him, and they found him end they are eaylng him: "All are looking 38 But he 6% n&vrEq <qr0&aiv WE. 38 r a i for YOU." to him that An are seeking you. And said to them: 'Let US 80 somewhere hsyr, ahOi5 "A wrEv &Aha 00 EI T ~ S he i s ~ a y l n g to them brvl go elsewzere i n k the else, into the

aZ? ke ~ f Z 22 ~ :,






g '? ! ,;

MARK 1:39-45
txopivaq KO on6he1q ua; belns had Inearl vilkge cltlea: In order that also ~KE; I PJSO st< TOGTO y&p &<+OOV. there 1 ml&tpre~ch, into this for Iwentout. 39 r a i fihesv ~ ~ p l j O u el< w T&F o w a y o y & < And heeame preaching Info the sunago8u.s a 6 ~ G u E ~ S 6hqv ~ h v r a h ~ h a i a v nai T& of them into whale the Galllee and the 6atp6vta 6rpcihhov. demon. thmwing out.

village towns nearby, 1 there that may preach a i s 6 for it i s for


MARK 2:l-9

this purpose I have gone out:' 39 And he did go. preaching in their synagogues throughout the whole of (fal'i.lee a n d expelling the demons. 40 There &a 40 Kai CPXET~I rrpbc ah6v And icoming toward him came to him a leper, w a p a ~ a h G v a h & ~ a i yovmerGv hiywv entreating him even entrealhs him and kneellng down saying On bended knee, ah4 drt 'Elrv 0 t h ~ ~ 66vauai pe saying t o him: 'If to him that If ever you may wUl you are able me just wantto, you ra8apiuat. 41 vai orrhw~vtdeiq can make me clean.' to make clean. And having been moved with plty 41 ~t that he was L K T E ~ Y ~ ~ ~ h v cipa a6roG ii*aro with pity, and hevlnn atretchedout the xand o l him he touched moved he out r a i hiy51 a h @ 0Lh0 r&iu'Jqrt. and Is mymg to him I am wililng, be cleansed; hand and touched and said to him: 42 ~ a i ~ 6 8 5 h ~j h 0 c v & + a h 0 6 t$e "1 Want to. B~ made and at once went off from him clean." 42 And imhtnpa, ~ a i eKa0afiu8?. , 43 med~ately the leprosy leplosy. end he was c eansed vanished from him, ~ ~ ~ P P ~ ~ u ~ ! + ~ ahtj w c having given strict o r d m to s t once and he became clean. Furthermore, he iELPahev a h & , 44 ~ a iALyrt c n h 4 - 0 p a 43 he thrust out hlm, and 1s saying to hlm See gave him strict orders and a t once sent him pn6cvi pq62v ~ T U F to no one nothing you should ten, but away- 44 and said hays u ~ a v r a v&i<ov r t j i ~ p ~ ia tio him: "See t h a t you a thing, be going under yourself show to the priest and tell but go show yourself r r p o u i ~ y r r n ~ p i TOG ~ d a p ~ u p o i O-xu i to the bring toward about the olesnalng offer in behalf of your 6: cleansing the things whst Ithlngal n p & ~ ~ ~ pav6p10v a h o i ~ . 45 6 Si. Moses directed, for witnem to them. he (one) but s witness t o them." K q P ~ u e , V 45 But after golng iSeAe&v to be prodaiming away the man started hsvlng goneout rbv hbyov, to Proclaim lt a great rrohh& ~ a i 61aqqpi clv many ithlnss) and tospresdatroad the ward. deal and t o spread the aceaunt abroad. h r c pquh a h i r v 6hau&Il as-and not yet him to be able manifestly SO that IJesus] was no longer able to enter SIC n6hv siorh0eiu, &Ah& into dty to enter. but outside openly into a c ~ t y but , Kai he continued outslde upon trr' and in lonely places y e t


: ; L

M~gz!F c&


? '? ! b S :::16p'

n&vro@ev. they kept coming t o w!~xi%tng t from all aldes. h ~ m from all sides. However. after Kai clad&v wiAe EI( Kampvao5p some days he ~ " dhsvlng entered asam into capernam entered Into 6,' tjpcp&v firofid11 6rt t v o i q h i v . again through days it was heard that in house he is: Cs.peFna um and he was reported t o be a t 2 ~ a i o u v i Wuav nohhol bms p q ~ i r , 2 Consequentand were lelBgether many sa-and not yet home ly many gathered, so xwpciv pq69 'rh ~ p b F~ h e6pcW v much s o t h a t there tobe room not-but the Iplacerl toward the door. was no nai &&Act &oiq ~ 6 vh6yov. 3 nai not even about the and ha was sprsklng to them the word. And door, and he began Epxovra~ f,ipovrr< n p 6 ~ a h i r v rrapahur1n6v t o speak the word t o +hsvpnmr r n d n = toward him paralytle 2 ...-, - .. . . . . . .. . . Prlnging him a i p 6 ~ ~ o v tmb ~ u r o h p w v .4 ~ r a i pfi Csme'l: four. And not a p a r alytte carried bu belng Hlted up 6wipcvo1 rrpoacviura~ ah@ 816 (by,f''u] r. 4 But not heins able near to hlm through belng 1able t o bring ~. to b r l n ~ rirv , b ~ A o v & m o r i y a u a v rhv m l y q v Xrrov him i l g h t t o [Jesus] the crowd they unroofed the roof where on account of the they removed ,f over where he -~ ~ ~ - , and having dug ~ ~ & ~ r h m oouv 6 n a p a h v n ~ b < ~ a r i r n r o . an Opening thPy lowcot where the paralync war lylng down. ered the cot on which 5 ~ a 1 i6bv the psralytlc was And having seen the lying. 5 And when ahGv h i y r ~ ~8 m ~ P ~ ~ ; TL~vov, ;$ ~esus saw their faith of them I# saylnll to the Chi'd. h e said t o the para&qiwrai a o u a1 &paprial. 6 f i u w 66 lytic: " C ~ I Iyour ~ , sins Were but are for~iven." G NOW sin.. are being let go offof YOU the rtvrq TEIV y p a p p a ~ i w v &KC? u a e j p r v o ~ ~ ( a ithere were some of the there alttlnp and rrrlhes"there slttinr .-ma nfthr scribes -...~- -~ . . . . . . . 6tdoyl<bprwl i v ~ a i q nap6ia1< a h & " 7 Ti and reasanin'g In t h k r reasoning in the h e a N of them why hearts: 7 "Why i s OBTOC 0570 h d e i . @haaq,pci. ~ i qthis man talking in this (one] thus .pea!&? He s blaap emlng: who this manner? He Is a &qlbal &papria< el p' etq 6 blasPhemlng. rms if one the can forgive sins is able be letting go off except one, Ood?" W q ; 8 K ~ I ~305< ~ I W ~ F B u t Jesus. having md7 ~ n d a t ?nee having reognlred the 8 discerned lmmediateb 'I~uoO~ by morn his ronmnlnw spirlt that t.hat they 0tk5 Jesus " 6~ahoyi<ovra1i v t a u ~ o i ~ M Y F I a r ) ~ o k in themselves, they are reasoning in themselves he is ssylng to them said to them: .,Why Ti .rairra S ~ d o y i S w O c b ~ a i qare you reasoning w h y thee (thlngsl ~ o n a r e r e s r o n ~ n E In + h .e these things in YOUR nap6ialg bpav' 9 r i i u ~ l v rdronhnpov, hearts? 9 Which hearts of you$ Whlch I# eaafer, i s easier, t o say t o the paralytic. 'Your E ~ T ~ U r r a p d u ~ l ~ t j 'Aqirvrai to say parslyac Are belnp let goo* sins are forglven:




1 I



~ :3 " :

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taTtc nvf$Ly zck 2;



MARK 210-16




2: 11-21

mu I &pyb~.ial, c.mliBi; 'E eipou o r t o m y . ' O e t u p and of YOU the up pick u p your cot and a w 7 6 ~ K P ~ ~ ~ ~ T uou T ~ v walk'? 10 But in and lift up the Of order for you men to rai r r s p t ~ ~ ;1 0 iva 6* and be walklog about? In oider that but know t h a t t h e Son of man has authority to sl6jre 6-rt LEouuiav E x ~ r 'Orgive sins upon the IOU mlght know that authority Is hsvlng earth,*-he said to & ! J ~ P ~ J ~ ~ o u s $ , ; & r l trri 7 3 ~ 11 .I ofthe man upon the the paralytic: yjF ~ ~ y TO n II~PQ)LYT1 I1 ~ +~ o i Say you, Get Up. pick UP Your cot, and earth - he 1s saytng to the TO go to home." hkyo EVE~PE &WV T ~ Y K&~~UTT~V I am aaytnp. Begetting". llft up the 12 A t t h a t h e did get cot and immediately W U ~ a i h a y e PI< T&V 0 1 ~ 6Uov ~ of YOU and be going under Into the house of yo;, picked up his e a t and 12 rat fiyEpeq nai c38C5 &pa< dvwalked out in front And he got UP and at once having llfted up the Of them ail, so t h a t rphParrov LSfiXBcv Ewpou8cv n&vrov, CloTE they were all simply E O ~ he went out in front of all, as-and 'carried'away, and they Leiurau8ac rrhvrag nai glorifled God, saying: to ltsnd out of themhelveg all and "We never saw the like 6 o S h 5 ~ n m v . 8 d v A6yovraq X n OCno< of it." to beglorifying the Ood, saylng that Thus 13 Again he went oGSka~c ~i6a~w. out beside the sea; never wesaw. and all t h e cmwd l3 Kai tEfiilX@W ~ 6 X l v ~ a p h kept coming to him, And he wentout egaln bea de and h e began t o teach edhau~w. rrk 6 LIxAoj fipxsro them. 14 ~ " as t he sea; and all the crow was was passing along, wpbg alSr6v, ~ a i L6i6auu~v he caught sight Of toward him, and he wis teachlng Le'vl the [son] of 14 Kai ~ a p h y o v ET~EY AIDhae'US sitting a t ~~d by he saw t h : & l , the tax Office, and he .rot 'AAqaiou r ~ p r w vmi r b t E X b v ~ ~ v o him: "Be m y of the Alphaeus sitting u w n the tex omee: Said t ~~8 AEYE, lai follower." And rising and h e is saving to him ~e following me.' ~ , , d UP he followed him. Crwrmhs fi~oAo6&pcv a c e . 1 B Kai l5 Later he havlng stood UP he followed hlm. ~~d to be reclining a t the table In his house, rivsat r a r a ~ ~ i c 8 aabrbv ~ &J ~ f l i 0ccU1.s to be lyingdown him in the house and many tax coliecadroO r a i rroAAoi to18 TEADV~I ~ a & ipap~~ho i and Sinners were of him: and many tax collectore and sinners reclining with jesus u u v w h ~ l v r o TO 'IquoO i(ai TOT$ p a 8 q ~ a i q and his disciples. were lying UP with + . h e Jesus and the dlsdplea for there were many &oG, fiuw y b p moMoi ~ a i fi~ohoG80~v O f them and they of him. were for many end they werefollowlng began hirn, ah+. 16 r a i oi y p a p p m c i q TSY $a iuaiov 16 But the scribes him. And the Jerlbea of the Ptarlsees of the pharisees.




Ze :b6,S

2 ;




1 6 6 ~ ~ 5 6n b 8 i n p& TSY 6 p a p ~ o A l ) v when they saw h e havlng seen that he eats wlth the dnnen was eatlnz wlth rai rcAov0v EXqov TOTS p a e y y i c the sinners and t a x and tax collectors weresayina to the dlse p er began a6mO "Or, p r r h rDv mAovDv r a i saying t o his disciples: of hlm That wlth the tax collectors and he eat with the &paproADv to8iel; 17 r a i & ~ o r i u a q 6 tax collectors and slnnera he eats7 And having heard the sinners?w 17 Upon 'IquoOg ALYEI a h o i ~ 671 Od X , P : ~ hearing this J~~~~ Jesus Issaying to them that Not said t o them: "Those Exouu~v oi iux&vreg imp00 &Ah' who are strong do not are havhg the (ones) being atrone of healer but need a physician, but narGq E x o m s o k fih8ov r d i u a ~ oi the (ones) badly having: not I came toeall those who are I came t o call, not 6 ~ r a i o u g MA' & p a p ~ o h o c q . righteous people, but rlnhteous lone.) but nnnerp. sinners " 18 Kai 9uav 01 pa8qrai 'lo&vou r a i ol 18 N O W John's And were the disciples o i ~ o h nand the d'Scipies and the O a p ~ u a i ov ~q m d o v r q . nai Epxovm~ nai Pharisees practiced ~harlseer faeting. ~~d they are com~ng they came AEyouuw a b r 3 Atb ~i 01 pa8qrai are saying to hlm Through what the dlrclples and snid to hlm. 'Why l p a 8 q m i -r& $aptuaiov 1s it the disciples of 'lohvou ~ a io Pharlsces John and the disciples of John and the dlsdpla of the 62 moi p ~ 8 ~ ~ ob a i of the Pharisees v q u ~ c i r o w ~ v , oi the but Your dhelples not lrraetice fastina. hut are faatlng, v q u r r r i o ~ ~ v19 ; r a i ~tmv ariroiq 6 'IquoOq your dlsclpies 20 not are faatlng? And said to them the Jesus practice lasting?" M i 6 r i v w ~ a 1 01 uioi TOO w ~ q & v o i tv 19 And Jesus said Not are able the sons of the brl eeham er In to them: .,while the 6 b vu pi05 per' a b r h v 6U~iv bridegroom is with what [time1 the bdkgroom w t h them 1s them the friends , f v O T S ~ E I V ~ 6uov XP@JOV EXOUUIV T ~ V the bridegroom cannot t o l e fnatin;7 How mu& tlme thw arc having the fast, they? As &Gv ob the bridegroom wlth them they cannot fast. 20 fiff:' 20 But days will come vv qioF h a 88 &nrr. coirDv be PakenOB tram them the bridlegroo~, when the bridegroom be taken away ~ a T i ~ T E V U T E ~ U O V U I Yb ~ K E ~ Y " 8 ~ ~ L P from P them, and then and then will fast i that the sy. in that 21 ob6ciq hip?, p a b h ~ o u q &yv&pou NO one pat& of cloth unshrunk day. 21 Nobody sews k t p d r r r r ~ t Cni ~ ~ & T I O V nda16~ EI. 6 i a patch of UnShrUnk news upon outer garment old; If but cloth upon a n old oute r garment: if he does. ai s, . + R ~ , w p a & + % ! , :a;.hllft~gupthe f&eg from I t r,j the its full strength pulls r a ~ v b v TOO rmAam0, ~ c r i xeipov u x i o p a from it. the new from new one of the old one, and worse aullt the old, and t h e tear


ay~2& % k z ~ , $



MARK 2:22-3:1
It ecomea.

no one 1s thruathg

was there

MARK 312-8

wine 22 Also, nobody puts new wine into old v b v riq &uroir< nahalofiq s i 6 i new into skln bags old; if but $i. wineskins; if h e d m , 6 O T Y O ~ TOSIC h o ~ o b q 6 the wine bursts t h e and t h e wine w 11burnt the wine the skln bsgb. the lost as as the OTMS dm6Uurat rai 01 houoi. &Ah& IS w ~ n e 1s berng lost a m the skin b a ; but Skins. But people put new wine into new o l w v vtov E I ~ h u ~ o i r q xa~voljg. wineskins." WlnE new lnto skln begs new. 23 Now i t h a p 23 K a i ty&r70 a h b v hr mi< oh aolv pened t h a t h e aras And It ha~vened hlm In the sageaths proceeding through 61arropa6roBa! 616 ~ i r v m o p i v w , aai 01 the grainfields on t h e to be proceeding through the grslnflelds, and the sabbath, and his d i p started t o make p a h m i ~GToC ~PF~YT dO 6 b ~ 0 l E i v ~ i h h o n e qc i p l e ~ d i s ~ l p I of ~ (hlm ~ started way to be dalng plucking their way plucking the heads Of grain. ~oirq u ~ vaq h 24 rd o l @ap>oaio~ the heads dj main. And the Pharhees 24 8 0 the Pharisees to him: Lhtyov ~GTO "ISL 5 i WOIOGUIV ~ o i q lYent SayingWhy are were soylng to hlm See why ere they dolng to the "Look they doing a n the oh Paolv 8 o d ~ EUTIV' 25 ~ a i h6yEt sabbath what is not nabtatha whleh not 1 8 fawful! And he la saying lawful?.. 25 But he cniroiq Ob66nore &V~YVWTE ri h o i q m said to them: "Have to them Never dld You read what did yo" never once read A a v r i 6 6rE x p ~ i a v go ev ~ a i h r i v a u e v what David did when Davld when need he l a d and he got hungry he fell in need a n d &oG; 26 rr&s got h u n m : he and alirbq K U ~ 01 PET' he and the lone*) with hlm? How the men wxth him? he entered r i o j h 8 w ~ l , qT ~ VO ~ K O V I & 9mJ h i 26 he entered lnto the house 01the cod upon !"to the house of God, m theaccount about 'APlhBap ~ P X ~ C P ~ r aW t ~ ~ o &PTOUC k o $ : e the Ablathar chief priest end the loaves priest, and ate t h e npoeioeog t + a y ~ v , O ~ K BFWTIY loaves presentation, prrrentatlon he ate. not it's1awfU' which it is not lawful w y r i v €1 ) l i roirc iepcis, rai E6wnw nai for anybody t o eat +a eat if not the priest.. and hegave also except the priests, roic & ah3 oC.3~. 21 ~ a and i he gave some also to the (one#) together wlth hlm he1n.d And to the men who were with him?" 27 S o Ehryw a h o i q T b o h P P a ~ o v 616 he WBB saying to them The aabbnth through he went on t o say to sbv &v8pwrrov dykvero ~ a04 l 6 hvepwnog them: "The sabbath came into existence tho man came to be and the for the sake of man 6th and not man for t h i throuEh $$ K$$ Sake of the sabbath: LuTlV b U l h ~ TOG & V ~ P & ~ O U KU~ TOG 28 hence the s o n of is the Son of the man sbo of the man is Lord even of oa~8hrou. the sabbath: labbath. Once again h e K a i rlufiABw naa ou~yw-&, rai entered into synsgogue, and s synagogue, and

l i v m a ~ . 22 rai


otvov becomes worse.




Lxov a man was there with h a v t % % % " . , u D havtna a dried-up h a n d 2 So they w e e watehnap~~fipow they wereabservlng beside ing him closely t o ~ M V ci ~ h g 0p ~ p m s l j u s 1a h b v , see whether he would hlm u to the sa nth. hc will cure htm, cure the man on the sabbath, in order t h a t &o,j. 8 Kai Kmqyop~ooo,v im And they might accuse the> mlght eccuas hlrn. ln order that him. 3 And he said htyct 7% &vBp&njrry 73 r$v x d p a he Is saylng to a man to the (one) the hand t o the man with the withered hand: "Get ptuOY, u p land comer t o t h e into the center." Next he 4 ral hiym abroiq 'E m r t v r o i g o h a u ~ v ~ n he d ~ a ~ ~ ytothem i n g 1s it?awlul tothe 8aggaths said lawful t o on them: the sabbath "Is it &yaBorro~fiua~ ii u c to morro~ioa~ guxfiv , o i w a ~fi to do goad or do bad, soul to save or to do a good deed Or t o do a bad deed, to fiv bnc? (tu8pmoq


2% $fit?& L:J~E~~
+a kill?



~ h ~ q b but~ ware ~ ~ belng ) nllont. B save u t they Or tokept kill a silent. 5 And aiter looking them 5~ K U n ~havlng d TIL~IPAC~&JIEVOC looked around on ~ them G T O ~PET' w S~ t h wrs , uuvhuhol5 woq n w p b o ~ lwith indignation. behg thoroughk grieved upon the dulilng being thoroughly ~ a p 6 i a qadrQv ~LYEI 73 QBpSnjrry grieved a t the 0 % heart of the!& he lays to the men insensibility of their "EKTEIVOV T?)V ~ 7 : i p - i COW ~ a i ~~LTEIVEV, hearts, he said t o the Stretch out the end of you; and hastretched out, man: .-.cjtreteh rui dmcrarrorh8q $ 7 ' ~ ; 6 K a i your hand.' And he' and was restored And stretched i t out, and iEX86vrq ol @ap~oaiot s d e k ST& his hand was restored. wlth phsrlsrea . , a t once 6 At t h a t the Pharhs&a gohe out the oup@6hlov &6i6an, isees went out and Munrel together were @viw immediately began K=* a h o i r tinwq ~ ~ O U U W ~ V . holding council wim do- on him .othat him they might destmg. the party followers of Herod against him, in 1 Ka1 d '11~ooirq PET& T& p a B q r w adroO order t o destroy him~~d the with the diactples 09 hlm 7 But Jesus with t o the his disciples sea; and withdrew a great d & : . " , $ I



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u2ffzy)Y. $ % :

i.lee and from Jwde'a followed him. 8 Even 6 . , 'I"J",~$ and from from Jerusalem and from'a aoross the and ' I s&ruaslem obohbpwv K end a i from h b the rk ' IIdumca ~OUW~ a ~ n :U 5S 1

from the

~ f i q r d 1 X a i a q ~ ~ o h 0 6 e q u ~multitude u, from Gay.

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other slde
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of the sldon.


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about hearing

VEPl Jordan and a~.oUnd



Tbpov r a t Z16h5, 6ua

mult tu s much,
T O ~ E ~ 4ABav


rrohfi, &rofiov~€q a great multitude.

npbq a h 6 v . many things he was , to him. ~ l m (thln.8) w as hslsdotnkl came toward him. d o ~ n g came


nre and



MARK 3:9-17

MARK 3: 18-26 BcanlpyCg, gave these t h e

elnw mi< p a m i g a h ~ O lva 19 And h e told his And herald to the dl%ples of him b o r d e r that / d i s d ~ l e to s have s nhothptov r r p o ~ r a p ~ ~ .p a a b r Q littl; boat continually little boat should mnstsntly be serviceable to hlm at his service so that 61& v 8xhov iua 112 %ugh the crowd In order that no the crowd might press upon him. 8hiPwo1v aGr6u 1 0 nohhobq y h p notFor he cured hlm: many for they might press upon t8ep6mEuorv, ijorr hlninralv a 0 7 4 many' with the he eured, as-and to be f a ~ l i n g u ~ o n him t h a t all those who had grievous diseases were iva ah?O &q~wvml goo, in order that of hxm mlpht touch as many as falling upon him t o dyov p & m ~ y a g .11 r a i T& n v ~ l i ~ l n touch o him. 11 Even were havlng scourger And the sptdta the unclean spirits, T & &r&8ap~a, 8~av aGrbv whenever they would the unclean. whenever him h - h n l ~ . k l. m . . . . , wnnld &&dl OUY ~ P ~ ~ I ~ O V pmstrate themselves they weregeho!ding, were lelllng toward hlm and before him and cry E~paSov A6yovm TI Xb EI 6 uib5 Saying: Wereorylng out Saying thst Y o u are the Son are the s o n of Gad.' mii 8~05. I 2 KO] nohAh of the cod. ~ n d many (thlnm) 12 But many times incr'ca a:roig iva kq he sternly charnrd he was anylng i n rebuke to lhem in order that not them not t o make hlm known. b v pavcP6v mlliuwolv. him msnlfert they should make. 13 And he ascended 13 Kai drvapaive~ ~ 1 g~6 6poq ~ a a i mountaln and And hels s t e ~ p l n g u p Into the mauntaln and summoned those h e np0orahET~al 035 jMcv a 6 r 6 t wanted, and they went calls toward hlmneU whom was wanting he. off to him. 14 And nai hrrjh8ov vpbg aG76v. 14 ~ a ih e formed [a group of1 and they went o f f toward hxm. And h o i q m SS6-a, 005 ~ c l ? &nomMovg twelve, whom h e also named 'apostles,' t h a t he made twelve, whom also epostles dlv6paow, I/va tjolu PET' ~ G T o O they might continue he named. In order that h e y mlght be wlth hlm m t h him and t h a t h e mlght send them o u t rai iva dmom6Mr~ &oJg and in order that he may send ofP them t o preach 15 and K ~ ~ O O U E I V 15 ~ a i EXEIV &couuiav t o have authority t o ta be preachand to be having authority expel the demons. h ahhrtv T& 6a1p6vla. 16 And the [group to he tfriwlng out the demons: of]twelve t h a t he 16 r a i tnoinurv rob< 6 6 6 ~ r a r a i formed were Simon. and hemade the twelve and t o whom h e also & I ~ & ~ ~ K E V8vopa T ? , Xipwvl flhpov, heput upon name t o t e Simon Peter, gave the surname U rai 'lhwpav rbv 706 Z ~ p ~ 6 a i o KuU ~ Peter, 17 and James and James the laonl of the Zebedee and t h e [son) of Zeb'edee nai a"d John t h e brother ' I h q v r&v &SA&v TOO 'lau6pou John the brother of the James and of James (he also
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8 B ovrfiq 18 ~ a which i means Sons of Is which ofhund~, and ~ h ~ ~ 18 d and ~ ~ ) , 'Av6ptw r a i @ih~mrov r a i Bapeoholraiov Andrew and Philip Andrew and P h i l l ~ and Bartholomew and Barthol'omew and V att thew and rai M d 8 a i o v r a i 0 w p h r a i ' ~ ~ K W P O and Mattnew and Thomas snd James Thomas and James ~ b v 700 'Ahpaiw ~ a Oa66aiov i r a i t h e [son] of Al.phse'u8 the Isonl of the Al~haeus and Thnddaeus and and ~ h a d d a e . u s and Xipwva ~ b v Kavavaiov 19 uai 'lo66av simon the the Cansnaean and Judas a n 19 and Judas a , 85 a nap66wrw later ~acarrot. who also gave aver him. betrayed him. And he went into a Kai i p x ~ r n l el< o l ~ o v ,2 0 r a i - 6 p x ~ ~ a 1 and comes mether house. 20 once more ~ n he d eomea Into house: n&htv 6 6xAoc. &UTE p' 66va&t a6robq the crowd gathered. again the crowd. as-and n a to beable them $0 t h a t they were not &p.rov p a y ~ i v .21 ~ a i &KO~~UUVTL able even t o eat a pq6L toeat And h8vinEheari meal. 2 1 ~ u t w h e n not-but bread 6cjh8ov rpcrriual his relathes heard nap' &TOG oi the (ones) beside hlm went out to lay hold of about it, they went out t o lay hold of him. ah~6v. n~yov I hlm. they were ~ y i n g that for they were saying: ~ has e gone out of " 6 ~ zz r a i 01 y p " , ~ ~ ~ ' i, q heatood out [of la mbdl. And the his mind." 22 Also, oi &T& 'It O U ~ ~ ~ W K ~ VT O ~ ~ V T E S the scribes that Came the lones~ from .feruaalem having come down down from ~ e r u s s ~ a m neyov art BEE ~ b b h e ~ l , ~ nai 671 were saying: "He has were saving that Bee z e b u he Is sv n and that Beepzebub, and he tv TO &PXOVTI T ~ V6alpoviw~ t ~ P & h h ~ l expels the demons by ~n the ruler of the demons he l .thmwl- out , f the ruler of ~ P W K ~ ~ E U ~ P N ~the , < demons." 23 80. 6d",'%? z3 having called toward hlmleli anel them ali~obg napapohaig ~ E Y E V ~ ~ T O ? tF o hlm, he began t o them XU parables he was saying to them say to them with ll&q 6 + a r a ~ E m a v 6 g X a r a v h ~KB&MEIV; i1Iustratiom: "How HOW is able satan Satan to be throwmg out? satan expel 24 vai & & D a u t h ~ i a tp' t a m v Satan? 24 Why, if kingdom upon i-3 ~ n d if ever a kingdom becomes 06 6 h a T a l m&jva! 1 divided against itself, )IEPIOBfl ahould be dihded, not is able to stand the t h s t kingdom cannot pao,heia &uE[w 25 ~ a i tdR) o l ~ i a t p ' stand; 25 and if kingdom that: and Uever house Upon a house becomes rEfloefi, 06 , S W ~ ~ U E T ~1 I divided against itself. shou d sdlvided, not Wlll be able the that house Will not o[ria h E i w mjml. 26 ~~i EI b X m d < be able to stand. 26 Also, if Satan house that tostand: and u the Satan

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17' ~ s ~ h + s g h ~ h JL7; ~ h Bmsh.ra'ghesh, ', J16; Bend RBghShi, SF.

&vimq iq' taurbv nai ipapio8q has risen up against stood U P Upon himself and was divideh, himself and become 06 6 a l tostand miVal MA& rihoq Lfa. . divlded, he cannot not is h able but end stand. but Is coming 27 03 ~ G V U T U I 0156cic ~ f q rfiv ofniav to an end, 27 In But not .is able no one into the house fact, no one t h a t h& TOO IUXU 06 ~iodedv ~f the .tmng fmanl ,,avineenta... $ : got into t h e house of a . -.--" strong man i s able t o or& ah06 6taprr&oa1 tdv vessels plunder his movable of him to plunder , I* ever W P ~ T O V T ~ V loyup6v nai 61oq bind, and goods unless first first the strong lmanl he should h e binds the Strong r6ra v j v o i ~ i w adroir 6 1 a ~ & ~ 28 ~ , ' .~ ~ jman. , , and then h e will then the house of hlm he will Plunder. Amen plunder hls house. hiyo bpiu 671 r k v r a &+eB'otrat 28 Truly I say t o YOU I am Saying to you that a n (things) will betjet go c a that all things will be mis u i o i ~ r 6 u &v8pimov, T& &paprfipara forgiven the sons of to the sons of the men, the .ins men, no matter what ~ a i ai ao qpial 6oa Lhv and blasphemies and the %aaPfemles a@ msny sa If ever sins th ey blasphemously Bhaoqq~iowu~v Commlt. 29 However, they might h l a s ~emou~ly eomt: 29 whoever blasphemes 6rv Bhaoqqp'uq riq who against the holy spirit likely s h o u l d b ~ ~ ~ pinto X~i~~ n : $ ~ a 6ytov. 06, Z EI Bqmlv T6v has no forgiveness holy, not he is fiavlng letting go off in@ the f o ~ v e r but . is guilty of everlasting sin." ai6w. & A ? & . box6q imlv aiwvio,, age, but held in is of everlasting 30 This, because they were saying: "He has &paprjparoq. 30 6~1 gheYov nn. Because they were sayfng an unclean spirit.", nv~5 a ~IK&~IOV &I. 31 Now his mother unclean he is having. and his brothers 3 1 Kai E P X ~ V T ~ I fi u i q p a d m Q ~ a oi l came, and, a s they And are coming the mother of hlm and the standing on &6d+oi ah00 r a i Elw O T i l ~ o m c ~~LOTEI~CN blothers of him and outdde standing they sent OE t h e Outaide t h e y . gent in to to npbq ~ 6 6 nuh ~o h q a h ? $ 32 & a ; him. 32 it toward him calling was, a crowd was e ~ & e r l ~ o TCP~ a h b ~ ~XXOC, sitting sround him, Wassitting about him crowd. h i y o v o ~ v ah+ '1606 iJ pinlp oou So they said to him: they are sayins to him LOOL! mother of yo,, "Look! Your mother nu1 oi &6EX+oi (IOU Etw h m O o i v oe. and Your brothers and the brothers of you outside are seeking you. outslde are seeking 33 imarp18ris h o i q hiycl ~i~ YOU." 33 But in And having answered to them he ts saying who reply he said to them: tmlv ? p4rqp pov rat 01 &srhqai: -Who are my mother la the mother oime and the brothers5 andmybrathers?" 34 uai nrpl A~Ylbr~rvo~ 705s , s p i 34 And having looked And having ookcdploundon the lonra) about about upon those alSr6v udrhw ~ a 8Ovouq hiym " 1 6 ~ fi him to clreie s f i t n ~ he is saying See the LIfiVp pOU 0 1 46thgoi POW' 35 6q mother o f m e and the brothers ofme; who Srv rro~fiu r b eihq a ~ o 0 8roD o t r a q IIkely shouldao tha w l i of the ~ o d : thls ime)

MARK 3:35-4:7

sitting around him in a cinle, he asee, m y mother and my brothers! 35 Whoever the Of


mother.'. C I l Vh Kai rrhhlv f i p E a ~ 0 ~ ~ ~ ~ U K ET And again he started t o be teachlnr beske And he again ow&ycrat started teaehlng ~ j v O&Aaouw. rai And 1% being led together beside the the sea. ~~d a npbq adrbv 6xho rrhcimoq, &UTE a6rbv efq toward him crow$ moat, as-and


nizF b , &. ~ P .. $ ~ In ~ ~ f E p


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and s a t out on the &rA&mug, r a i n?cq 6 6xXoq n&q njv sea, and all the erowd toward the sea. but ail the erowd ?,ow. 2 r a i beslde the sea were yfiq 8&hauow h i And on shore 2 Ro "ran the earth theywere. sea . . .the . . . .. . . . . . -. t6i6mmw ah055 b napafiohaiq h e began t o teach parables he was teaching them in them many things rrohhh U \ ~ Y E V a 6 ~ o ib ~ ~ f with i illustrations and many lthligs). and wnssaying tothem in the t o say t o them in his Look! The 'Owe' went 6 o r r ~ i p o vm d p a t . 4 ~ a l & y i v E ~ a the lone) ~ o w ~ n g to ~ " d it happened out t o SOW. 4 And as h e wss sowing, some tv 7 3 OITE~PE~Y 6 p&, hrocv In the to be sowine whIch [seedl indeed fell [seed] fell alongside na h m)v 666" vai fiherv 7& n~TElv& la1 t h e road. and the besrde Ule way: and came the birds and birds and ste a a r i ayrv alir6. 6 ~ a i M h a h t e c v it up. 5 ~ n other d it. And anothe~iseedl [seed] fell upon the h i 1 6 mr@k rai &mu roehg place where upon the rocky lplaesl and where of Course, did not yjv ,,ohhfiv, Kai rGB5Cit, ETXEV lt was hsvlna earth much. and at one- have much soli, and t<avirrlhc; 646 6 pi E y i t lmmedlatelY sprang It rose up out through the not to be wing u p because of not p&8o$ y i S . 6 r a i ~ T E& & E ~ ~ E Y 6 fihboq having depth of soil. and when roseup the sun 8 when the sun depth of earth; ~6 inau~ario8q ~ a i 61& rose, i t was acorched. Itwassmrehed and through the no and for not h a v i g PiCav roet i t withered. to f e ~ ~ i n g root It , $ $ ~ ~ ~ i D , And Other hhXo Enmrv clq, ~ & q 6rukv8aq. ~ a fell i among the thorns, mother l e e d l fell Into the thorns, end &vtPqoav a1 &weal ual owimmntav adr6, m i and the thorns =ame came up the thorns and choked it, and UP and choked It, and








the ones those are the (ones) upon the earth tho Rne that were sown on mapims olnvzs & u o h w t v r6v Myov the Ane soil are those having been so&n. they may hear and yet not get the sense TOTE h ~ m p i w ~ v stany tlme they should turn back and of It. And he was ssylns Who h having hundred. but t o those outside a11 things occur in Y~VETUI 12 iva Bhhroms illustrations.were questioning on the 01 the twelve began questioning him o n &et~wl. and sixty and a trar6v. And he a h o i q 0 3 ~ ai6arc ~4" to them Not have rou known the know thls illustration. understand all t h e WIU YO" have aesuaiizkaneewith7 other ~~~~~illusttatinns? 14 '0 m s i p w v ~ b vMyov o r r ~ i ~ ~ . 16 And them. is it? It be put' ~ h i y v .rbv lamp is not brought iscoming tha lamp inorder that under the t o he p u t under a gQ61ov -0fi 4 i& . though IS occurrlbg.sown: b u t as annn &KO~UWUIV ~3905 IPXCT b~ Z-aC I -1 they m t h t h e a . - ' 1 9 . onn. 21 And he went o n 21 Kai arycv b o i s 671 Mjrb And he wnasaytns to them that Not what t o say t o them: *A EPXET~I b ~(IWOF iva brr& . are the ones rra & rfiv These but are the (ones1 besPde the way alongside the road 6rrov rrrrsipr~at b Airyo(. And it becomes unfruitful." 10 Kai ~ T E ~Y~VETO K~T& 10 Now when he And when he sot to be according to got t o be alone. and the snxletle~ of the t h e anxieties of this system of things' aiivos uai 1/ &rr&~ll age and the seductiveness of the and the deceptive power of riches and rrXohou nai a 1 rrcpi T& Aom& rlehel and the about the leftover (things1 the desires for the rest of t h e things h t t l v ~ i o l . r r a p a p o h h ~1 1 nai 11 And he proceeded perilblea. next occurring of trlbulatlon 'Ine' then as tribulation or Derse6~oygoO cution arlses because O. those ilpO~ov around him with 0m&~~. n o t .29. though hearing. V rat 66i60" ~ a p ~ b v the Ane soil. eimropcu~p-t mviyournv desires making thev way l n are c h o k i g together make lnroads and ~ b v A6yov. .o'noa1. oSroi d u l v 01 rbv h6yov beinnwwn: them are the (ones) the word ones that have heard & n o h a v r r 19 uai mi $plpval TOO the word. o 3 ~ Tva h i f i v huxviav Is bed. and war bringing to yield fruit.0as are sown among the are the (ones) . 17 nai it with joy. 15 ofiro~ 66 r l o ~ 01 then. oi. .14 .'' 9 80 h e added the word: . .t and bear fruit Lrm6v. and was givtng Pvit and. t h e word. and they cts T P ! & K O V T ~ aai &v khfirovra nai 6" werebearlngtkrtyInto thirty and in sixty and m fold. listen listen. ."2&1. in order that lmking ~ ~ r r ~ ma P i P ~ T ~ W O I V KCT~ &roGavrrq 100king. but not they are hadng root m themselves they continue far a ITp6uualpoi r b l v . and the word. xai & ~ a p r r o q y i v r ~ a . n d r d .lv nahiv 20 Fmally. to those but the (ones1 Ood has been given. d ~ ycvojItvrlq a e h i q r w ~ t. who are hearing the word who listen to the word nai napa6ixovra1 ua? u a p n o ~ o p o ~ u l vi v and favorably recelve and accept alongside and bearfruit . r a i &is r r 6 r o a ~ r&q thk.~~!fi$iF & to? &? I ~ ~ I a h o l j g . ~ ~ ~o : $ e~ ~ Y eU n Baoahrias TOG 0 ~ 0 6 ' ~ K E ~ M I S6k ~ o i q of the kingdom of kfngdom of the God. and.le. And these an llkewbe lilreW& these are the 01 h i T& VET 661 O ~ L I P ~ ~ E V Oones ~ . or. . places: as oi 6rav &~o+7wulv rbv Myov clj03C as they have heard who whenever they m~ghthear the word stonce the word. ~ a i 6~~ where the word 1 s where fa belng sown the word. 16 rat o h o i riolv bpoiwq in them. lntD Is u f t g g YD the word the(one1 having been sown word t h a t was sown a 7 rl ~ b v h6yov v tmapplwv takes away the sic and &. & i M i ciolv 01 h i m)v y j v r. they accept I + xapfiq . and unfruitful it becomes. 'oh. and whenever . upon the lampstand upon a lampstand.lam'.. coming up and &va&rivovm m i mi<avbprw. "order of thlngs" (olovoi. --. And he $ ~ ~ ~ ~ l n E to say t o them: ' T O O the sacred secret h P . upon into the earth the fine. . a t once Incoming the Satan and ~ f "fi? i ~ Ze yz{I$ 2: o:$yde rr*. nor ever turn & €04 b o i s . &~oljwu~ ~ a i ~~viwu~v they might hem and ahodd comprehend. r a l 6Mos Of the word' l8 There atonce they era befngrtumbled. they began coming uD and increasing. 20 r a i choke t h e word. they have n o root 0 6 ~ Lxowtv biCav $v twois in themselves. 13 back and forgiveness itahould%e let go off to them. thlrtyfold and sixty rpt&uovra ~ ( a i v kc r o v r a ra? cliv thirty and L n lrty and in one hundred d .Let & 1 ( 0 k t " dnouirw. in Order that. r a i E@EIXY increasing. 12 in order that. thorns these are the mnp6pcvo1. . as temporary they are. 15 --. Jlr. ~ d w j v . the illustrations. 9 Kai LXcyrv . and how all the and so how will you ~ o c o & . '9 but having hear%. happ&vouu~v a h 6 v . . fruit not it gave.iv measuring basket o r messunnp basket it should be put or under the under a bed. xAB. sown upon the the (anen) upon the m W glaecnl bdnB aown. they may they might look and not should s&.X $ &igh $2 %zzv . h t t. 8 ~ a 1 6Ua ~ E U C Y It ylelded no h i t . him that has ears to ears m be hearing let him be headng.OF EXEI one hundred. And other [seeds1 fell 8 B U ~ feu E ~ FT ~ V Y ~ V T ~ rahfiv.. 17 y e t wrth jay they are accepting it. peraecutlon they are EL&$ o ~ a u 6 d i ~ o v r a ~ 18 . and hearing look and yet not see. "The sower sows T hew The lone1 sowmg the word baowine. And others are still others who dUiv 0 1 &K68.MARK 4:s-15 172 173 MARK 4:16-21 uaprrbv O ~ K E ~ W K N .

and the waves kept dashing the boat. 29 6 ~ a u. v i f P ~ P Y what ~ o ~ a r e h e n r i n g . fiv i v . God. . 24 He further 24 Kai Uicynr athoiq BAC~ETZ And he wsa naylng to them Be you looking s t Said to them: "Pay attention t o what yon ~i &KO~ETE. the boat.?". and who not h a v ~ g also . as-and to be sble under the shadow of the BEDO."e~he ad~aOT& ~ E T E I V & TOG 06pawo~~ r n a e ~ q v o i vare . ~ u B a ~ T& whoiov. 27 and wrra rai flpepav nal 6 m 6 p q h e sleeps a t night a n d [all nlght end [by1 d n . he CrwOe~iMcl thrusts in the sickle. And hsvlng let go oE the d ~ h o v napahap&hvouetv &bv crowd they are to lng along hlm as he w u in T$ whoiy. sleeping upon t v a pliiow. next gradually. according aa & v 34 xopiq 6i to be hesrlllg: w a r t from but aliroic rbv X6yov. 30 And h e went on 30 Kai Eh~yev nQq 6 o t i w w v w r j v to say: '"With what And hewassaying How mkht we llkm the we to liken the rbv m6wv hti $2 =zr% m'ghtthrow aWg on t o say: "In this way ~~~~~~~ n a n % ? i ? ? q he was s~eaklng seeordlng to pa8qraiq but to the nha.. but privately to his disciples he would explain all things. If myone la hevlng ean 0 be hearlng 23 whwver has t o listen. ~ ~ Q T O VX~PTOV ~ T E V ground bears is boarlng guk. boat. T ~ aV ~ l b great." 33 SO with many illustrations of that sort he would speak the word t o them. 33 But he was ln the stern. but h order that lt should come into manifest purpose of coming 1 3 Ei T Exel Om &roG~!v into the 'pen. a s far a s they were able to listen. you You ere meaaurlng It will be measured K mrbv i s it not? 22 or (mmetflng) htdden there i s nothing hidden except for i&v . ~ a &Aha i nhoia fiv VET' aho0. So they woke hlm u p h &$ 6~f~gp" 2 K?%t4q' bz- the ~ i i p a ~ a iwtpahh~v waves already he ws8 throwlng upon Into the LIF T& nhoiov." let hlm be hearing.fiS ~ f i 32 ~ rai iirw 32 but the (ones) upon the earth and whenever earthwhen it has amapt. or it ." 36 So. t h e purpose of being exposed. b a B a i v ~ t KUI y i v ~ m~~ E~(. without a n illustration h e would not speak t o them. listen. b q x h n y ulb&ao k what rivl d r + v klnpdom af God. K ~ T ' prlvate I m t l %Gd:16iw hrihuw U&An 6L ahoiq to thcA. 25 8s y&p EXEI out to you. which he lafiavlng will be llfted up from hlm. YOU b m n and have it measured w o u r r 0 j u ~ r a 1 bpiv. 22 od y&p Eortv k u l h ~ i w TOO klngdom in what illustration shall we set it out? napaPoh6 parable m ~ " i f . With the ~ ~ 0 6 .lght be sown. and the seed rises u p by day. ln the stalk fiead.oY sown. finally the full grain in the head. ~ . 66 napa6oi 29 But as as the Whenever but ahould glve over fruit permits it. many ~ o l a r i ~ a l swapapohaiq to auehitko parables nohhaig ra8bq he was speaking to thcm the they were sble Phhha fi6iivavro word. first the then the o ~ w h d ~ e vn A 7 u i ~ o vi v T$ UT& u'i ~tn~t next friP grain. nothing 0666 b y i v ~ ~ o &lT6~puqov neither became (Wmethingl carefully mnecaled h a s become carefully concealed hut for the &Ah' " ("a agO & .".". " . even what h e has will be taken for lfwtll be added to uov. n p q ~ g & A a t o v rdsG6ov. to find lodge OL it 1s havikl. 811 other vegetables and produces great p~y&hou& UTE 6LivaoBa1 imi. at once he sends off because the harvestw a p i u r q ~ r v 6 B~p1up6q. rr-and And UTE 6611 38 r a l d r b q pti1ow to bc gettlna fllled the boat. let him Crroufrw.' has stood bealde the harvest. will have more added 600 umau a h @ ~ a 8q i 0 3 ~ EXLI KO? t o YOU. Who the 33 Kai And btrda of the heaven to tent down."."~. 28 aGrop* " he does not know. but he t h a t daes not have. 36 r a i &qbrrc Into the other slde. so that the boat was close to being swamped. he said to them: 'let us bq fiv iv : ~ ~ Y c ~ ~ ~ ~ & . yes. ~rst grass-blade. it comer up and becomes greater than nhvrwv TQV Aaxdrvov rai waici ~A66oug becomes 01 the vcgctablea and IS branche. In what meaaure are hearing. sleenhui and Ka? they Wake up k y ~ i p ~ .. disciples h e was exDlatnlng all (things). it comes UP and it . more given t o him. - pcrp~ire ~:~~. when evening had fallen. k u ~ A c i a m5 0roO 5 5 ~ ~ e p o w o q B&AD klngdom of the God sa man zi A t h e kingdom of God the seed upon 27 ~ a i ? s just as when a man ~8~6611 rai i~ i ~ r l m lcasts t h e seed upon he may be sleeping and mayiedalngup t h e ground.. t h a t has will have 8 E EI &pOb~ral &+ al)ro. 37 r a i y i v t ~ a haihag ~ p ~ y h h I l&vipou And occurs hurrlcsna great of wind: and T& ing under its shadow. just how 016s~ a3r6g. after Thv d g T& ntpav.~. and uai tq~dvqmt b g oljK the seed sprouts and !3haur$ ma7 be spmutlng and may e lengthcnhg as not grows tall. and other boats was with hlm. m ~ p p d r r o u tiniest of all t h e seeds smaller being of all the seed3 t h a t are o n t h e TQV h i . time has came. hasknown ha Oittaownself ez?h 28 Of its own s e l f t h e Kapnoqo ti. 25 For h e n wriile given to hfm.rfi npbpvn hr? T& was In thk stern upon the y ~ p i J .A. 35 And on t h a t day. iw 1favspo0If ever no? In order that It a o u d be m s ~ f e s t e d . 2 lp u Y ta u 1 ? 8 1 A# to gretn o t must& 31 Like a mustard 6~ 6rw tni ris ~ f grain. " were him. i ~which a t the time it was sown in w h l ~ hwhenever ltmlght be wwn upon the car the ground was the p l ~ p 6 ~ ~ p o6v v n h v ~ o v in.MARK 4%-30 should be put? 114 Not for Is 175 MARK 4:31-38 ? P messurethatYoUare ~ e ~ p r l e i l u c ~ a lbviv K ~ Imeasuring out. + . Stalk head. 34 Indeed. boats ~ t Now a great vialent windstorm brolte out. rois 16iotq own 35 Kal ~~d he is sey~ng to them in hiya cnhoiq b brsivq that the 4 4pEpq 6qias yvoptqg AIUBOIJEY to the Other day of evenlns hav ngcometoba Let usgo throvgh shore.".

With t h a t t h e we may enter. and entreated him.. when aGT6v.8pwnog TwE6paT1 spirit met him from among the memorial me!%?yaigbs man in He had & ~ a 8 h p r q .vdy was tochain notyet no one him him fast even with a chain. actually smashed: rat ob6dg . about two thousand of them. he had oftentimes been bound with nL6a1c ~ a i &?~OEOI 6 & r 8 .who '8 this.'Y. them he may send o~ outride oibe eountry. . do you not icare t h a t we are about tn perish?. 7 ~ a i KP~~~CLC to hlm. and they drowned b q 6. 5 And eontinand Ulmugh all nlght m d day in u a l b .You having faith? And I cu eared ~ a i Uiryov ~ p and they were saying toward &hhjhovc Tiq Bpa oOr6q i m l v 671 r a i one another who realiy t h ~ s i that siso 6 &vcpog ~ a i 4 8drhauoa bnaxoricl aO. ~ a i 6rrm&o8al bT8 T&c but the chains were and to have been snapped apart by him the snapped apart by him hhrioc~q ~ a rih q nL6ag ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ and i qthe e fetters a . the sea. And he gave ~ermledon to them. 6 But on AiBo~q. ~i Kai . the unclean outoi the 9 But he began t o ask 9 rai hqpbra &6v Ti dvopd . 39 ~ a It h o t concern to you that we are perbhing? And 61cycp8si~ hrrivqow TQ &iv? havlng been ramedup he gave rebuke to the wlnd ~ a i ~ l r r ~ v ni eahau~n 11hna and ssld to the aea Be "leni. 41 ~ a l &yP$$uav 8.$$Q nJ 52 CIvegL'p A. 40 so he ssid to them: are YOU fainthearted? DO YOU yet any faith? 41 ~~t thq. he said: he is aayIng what to me and to you. inmder that in70 them 1'3 And he permitted E!u&~~w~EY 13 . and no~.tTlieat 2 . because 6'0a4 4 6 t h T ahbv nohhh~~q tdbind through the him many t h e . And ~Twsv &oiq Ti 6slhoi 6 . unclean splrits came ~ a i t ~ c h 8 6 v 7 a ~h n v ~ c ~ T& a ~&ar & 9 a p ~ aout and entered into And havlng come out the spirits the uncleon the swine. : f0? ltyi. 6 r a i i66v ' lqOofiv catching sight of Jeto stones. 7 and. strength t o subdue 5 uai 6 1 6 n m b q VVKT~F m i 6pLpaq kv him. and up t o t h a t in the tomb.'. 14 Kai oi !3&rovrcg 0 1 % sea.. a . 2 ~ a i t<eh86vroq a6mO & TOO rrhoiou 2 And immediately he got out of the And havlnggotaut of hlm outa! the boot boat a man under the rb8k bniv~rlocv ah3 f o . a h b v r a i . to fetters end chains to have been bound fetters and chains.-asenes. Of 1 1' H v 62 k ~ c i npbg 'rQ 6pcl &y&q herd of swine was Was but there toward the mountain herd there a t the mountain feeding. YOU unclean spirit. Myouotv a h Q A~&orcrhe. they got t o Kai fiABav ~ i q T& dpav t h e other side of And theyeame into the otherslde o%e the 8crXaor1~ F ~ STilv X*PV ~ 6 vr s p a ~ v 6 ~ .tome.zpboal. a great set i in. them. and they were choking In the One a h 1 another in the sea.?XUW a h b v E.meout you the he had been telling it: "Come out of the man. 40 ~ a wlnd. r a i hviyovro b as two thousand. 066k tombs.fy pvilpaatv ~ a & i raiq 8pmlv he was crying o u t the remembrance tombs and in the mountains in t h e tombs and in ?v K ~ & ~ V V ~ a ria r a n 6 m w v kavrbv the mountains and he was (one)eryingaut and aurhing himsell slashlng himself with stones.What is your And hewaa tnquiringuhim What name him: name?" And h e said eon. who the dwelling was having h i haunt among the tv roiq v~vaolv.. l4 But &IA&ooQ.'' 8 For He&~~lng &. ~ a i ~K~TOOEV 6 be havlng been muzzled. Jcrus "What have I t o do with You* 'On v l l TOO 9roO TOO jqim?~. 10 And he entreated rrapc~hhc! d d v ?TOM& Iva he war entreatlng him many (things) In order that t him o send many thetimes spirits not out a b r h h o m ~ i h q ESw T^F xhpaq. try of the Ge.rQ. and came to be calm great. ~ a i h k ~ p ~ q w aGToTq. neqivooo. into the awme. r a i apvqoev 11 herd rushed over entered Into the swme.: o power of an unclean at once met him ~.0xihlol. becaw mans we are.". ~ t h of the Most High God? I put you under OE T ~ Y ec6v p' WE Pauavion~. and the alofih0ov rlq ~ o b qxoipauq. And abated the &vrpoq. sea into the eounsea lnto the country of the Gerasenes. and rushed the the precipice into &ykhq ~ m TOO h rpqpv?G eiq njv 8hha00av. bpsl<a son the ~~6 the Mt O S~ m h ? I put under . the wlnd and the sea is obedient to hlm? ' k ? '$2 5 . t h a t we may va ci a h o h enter lntn them. ~ a i& ~ & E T O y a h i q peyhhq. l q o o ~ B loud voice. because even the wind and the Sea Obey him?" Well. were chalns and Ule fetters to have been srndahed. i d the wESEher Tb torment me." e!q TO$< xoipovq. and nobody had the and no one was havxng smngth hlm to subdue. 0 h W he ssid to them Why cowardly are You? Not yet LXEX n i m ~ v . felt a n unusual fear. night and day. b ~ and they would say to one another: .My name toroh ~ n d heissaying tohim -*on name i s Legion. because I T I mfii ~ W S V 10 there are many of us. 39 With t h a t he roused himself and the and said to the sea: "Hush! Be quietl" And the wind abated.MARK 439-5:5 176 T O 177 MARK 5:6-14 and s a d to him: 'Teacher. uai hiyo &Q Aryldv (ivayh to him: . ~ n d having seen the Jesus a distance he &nb J I a ~ f 6 8 ~ vE6pa@~v ~ a iTT 001~ri~qocv sus ltom s ar he ran and k d ohelsanco ran and did obeisance t o him. od hlm and are saying to hlm Teacher."". ~ n the d (one) feedlnp them the herders of them . 12 So they xoipwv Bo$r~oyb 12 ~ a i of ewlne feedmg rtsez. saying: napcr&kmav ah& M y ? n s q nLp(VOv qp8q "Send US into t h e they entreated him wmg Send us swine. herd down the preelplee into the sea. and having erled out to VOI& h e had cried out with htyE. nvc0 a r b &I&~UPTOV LK TO.3 85 n j v K ~ T O ~ K ~ O ~E V ~ X E Y tombs' unclean.. oath by God not t o me you ~ h ~ torment.but time absolutely noto bind &h6m1 oGnht o 6 M q L66varo a J r & . not pLhm 001 TI hohhripE8a.

had lnto the worse havlngcome." 29 And 21 Kai crowi 5:: 1 2%.1%az. and all t h e p e o the Jesus. and t h a t had had the legion. I. And and live.. those who had seen i t oi I66vrrq rrd? Lyivsro 7the (ones) having seen how It happened to the %nel related t o them how S a ~ p o v ~ C o p b y ~ a i pi T&V xoipwv. and all werewondermg. uai the (one) ha& had the legion. IXBoGoa LV she heard the things the (things) about the Je~ua. and ~~d a crowd was foliowing him and owi0hlpov a6r6v. and YOWS. l5 is the tthlnr) having happened. KU~ &n&yy~. .L'. toward the by name. 16 Also. the Lord. came and. c+4 . t~. and together t o hlm.a n d entreated him times.hewontoff -. ddpcrrt 'I&c.6 Ganavfiaaoa T& a37ijq . arirbv. 28 for o u ~ ~ ~ ~ e n 28 t 6 7 1 'Eb hqwpa~ rdv she kept saylng: "If I s that ~f ever I m ~ a h touch t . . and report to them report to them all the tNngs Jehovah' &a 6 r6pt65 asmany (Ullnsr) u the lard to YOU has done for you and moiqnrv rai fihiqoiy UE.-rrohhh Mywv J v ~ h l Tb 9uy&~p!6v z . De. came hlo0rv lj~la~o firom bchlnd she touched o%e and touched behind in thehls crowd outer garment. And related to them fearful. : 2 :?. $ . .cap'o.22 E ! % p d g fiv he 'as beside t h e sea. 20' Or. on. And get well. having heard 27 when T & rrrpi TOG 'Inooii. see 2 ' & i: t tone) ! ! $ 19' Jehovah. 22 Now One Of the el$ T&V &pytuuvayir wv. NAB. DIP . was entreating hlm the the [man] t h a t had 6at ovto0rlq IM demon-possessed having teen demonlred in that ah06 6. tpxmal 178 179 MARK 5:Zl-29 fled i and rewrted it in the city and in t h e countryside. our hands upon her get 24 rai &njh9cv f ahoii. to name J~~NS.nd ." Zl After Jesus Gtmapsrmoq m O 'IquoO And having crossed through of the Jesus had crossed back b 7 0 n h o i y nhAw CIS ~6 rrEpav agaln in the boat to in the boat again lnto the other slde the opposite shore a ouvix9q dxho TroAbt tn' a h 6 v . And stepping In of hlm into the boat NOW he was rrapc~hhat adrbu boarding the boat. him t o go away from 18 K a : &ppaivovroq a h 0 6 Tb rrhoiov their districts. $KO~O&I dxho noA6qr nui he went off with hlm.n(r: many (thinel saying that The Uttle daughter dxcl Iva pow b ha"&#. and in his sound this lman] ~ b v Lu q r 6 ~ a ~ b v h ~ y ~ d v a . rat great crowd gathered wasled together much upon him. . presiding omcers of one of the synagogue "hrelS. K U ~ isbv a l j ~ b v T ~ T T P ~ npbq roiiq the synagopue.h2d z2$ . ~ ~~. . hut said aiq d v 07~6" oou rrpbg TOGS into the house of you toward B e Ionel) t o him 'Go home t o oaljq. 26 and she had been put t o many h e ' .rus and having seen hlm he falls .le. he fell a t his feet feet of him and . "Ten Cities.lis' all t h e Decapolls u many (thlngr) as dia to him thlngs Jesus did for 6 '1qo005. they were pressing toeether hlm.MARK 5:15-20 &uyov ~ a M i y y a l h c n .Y b ~ i went ] he went off and started to be heraldmg in thk t o pmclalm in t h e A~~arr6Ar1 6001 ha. bqpjoavra they got fearful.m may PU(t upon the 'ilands to her condition. Ja'i." 24 At t h a t -nnn . 21 & r o i a a o a nted but. order ~ l a t *he m ~ p hbe t saved and m g h t . And you.fever or the touch just h ~ outer lpcrriwv admO nw9 c o p a t 29 r a i guments outerearmenta of him I ahallibe saved. Would you please come and put iva oo0t uai {iot~.p -ySnE8. rather.. order ( T$?. Kai t h a t she wlth him." 20 ~ n he d away and started 6milhBrv uai qpcaro K~~L~OOE. him. h e did . but he la aarhn -Ins .to h m Be "Ot let him. him. rr6kq a h 0 0 25 ~ a l n a p a r a h r i a h b v on catchlng slght Of he entreats him hirn. pressing against him. And not h e let go off hlm that he might continue with him.hov adroi5 your relatives. thls had happened t o being demonlred and about the swine..hfia~adng x$? I* * . uai rr&wq &pacoy. of me IS in an extreme U0hv inlet ~ h q€?PUS a d ~ t having come 7. they started t o entreat togo OR from the dfsuleta ofthem. having come In about J e ~ u s she . And so &mA0siv &n6 r d v 6 p i w ah&. and =P& j v e@wzSoWJ. . 20 m i the mercy he had on has done end had mercy on you.po~. they are mmtnp t ~ & and they beheld the ~EWW~UIV w 6~1pov1S6p~ K v~ ~ ~ ~ E V O V demon-possessed they behold the lone) bemg demonrred alttlng sitting 'Iothed ipar~npivov ~ a i ooppavoiivra havlng been garmented and being of sound mind. 25 r a i yuvi 06ua b bfiort ai a70 25 NOW there was ~ n dwoman being in tlow o f b ~ o o 2 a subject a 666cra T 26 r a l flow of blood twelve twelve yean and years. In that "MYiittle daugbte. o wonrle~ . J?-L0. . 19 O ~ G &@$KN began entreating him he mlght be. and people came to what It was t h a t had happened 15 80 they came ta Jesus. &hh& hip. he war beslde the sea. ti< j v n6Atv ~ a fled and reported back into the city and EIS 7055 &y 065 ~ a i fih8ov 16~iv Ti into the ~ePds: ' and they came to see what tmw ~b yryov6q. the demon-possessed 17 nai qpfavro napanahriv adrbv [man] and about the And they started to beentreatlng hlm swine.hecan ---. was tonowing to him crows much. and they grew ~ o p j e ~ m 16 ..yrray. 8aY.under 19 However. . T T & Y Pains T ~ by Inany physiclans and had spent having spent the (things) bea de her su rai ~ 6 b &aAq8""Ja &Ah& p a o v all her resources and and nothing having been benefited but rather had not been beneE I ~ 76 ~ ~ i p o vhh9oGoa.

ri E r t . . and she new t o t e hods In her body t h a t she Brl 'iaml il&aTIYOF. 33 ~~t to see the (onel this having done.jq nalg:ou ?&yst ah$ child. and goeshls way in where 41 4 1 nai r p a 9 a g little ~ h t l a and havlng ta en old t h e hand of the young np. Kai 86puPov rai rAaiovm~ nolay confusion and lanes) weepzng end wohh&. some 35 -ETI a h 6 A a A o k w fpxovrat. GO peace." 40 At this they began t o laugh scornfully a t him.. had been healed of the that she has been healed from the scourge.hCya I s saying $ ! x % o ? ~ r e Y be fear&. 43 gave 43 But he ordered to ecstasy seat.riq pdrmly6q aou. The (onel but safd to her 34 .. 35 Whlle he was the seaurge of you. but TOG &PXIUW~Y~Y~# ~~hp~I\ln 5 ' CBU8kg K~-T+OY the ~oT%= NMo? 1 ol they w e n laughvlg seomhlUI of h i m . &Srh@v 'IaUbPou.. T O ~ Id r ~ ? ~ from your beBoingunder into peace.d they stoodout 0 (themse~ves) . me?" 3 5 2 However. frightened YuV. fiherv ~ a i knowhg which has happened to her.MARK 5:30-36 180 181 p6vov onW be havlng falth. the woman. E ~ a ~thou the )-. ~ a i Eyw ~ $ a 6i p .. T ~ O little girl. 34 6 62 ~Tmv He said t o her: truth.vo~q iv iWr@ LC adroc having reeomlzed in himself the out 08 h m had gone out of him. and he went In where the Young child & - ~:ljoC F. your faith w b w ~ i v a? h a s made you well. Epxov~al theyarLcominP 38ifi . h e took the young child's father and mother and those with him. came and happened to her.": $ : . SI . TaAr18& . ~b rrao6iov o C n ( are rov weeping? The little child not u a 8 ~ l j S ~ 1 40 dmC0avcv dled . 39 &haha o v r a c (ones) we1 ing aloud much. ag~ ftt & : lCii &siding omcer of the synagogue. him: "you see o i pa4qrai adroii Bhin~t ~ b v bxhov the disciples of hlm You are lwkjngat the crowd the 'Iowd pressing and auvBhipavr& as ~ a i h l y ~ ~ q Ti5 In "On pressing together y a k and you are aoylng Who you say. them again and ahoiq woAA?i Iva again t o let n o one to them (thing. 6 rriorlq UoU Ouyhqp ~aughter: the falth of you has raved you. t % e with great beside them'e1ves ecstasy. ~ n a d t once they were vai &eL~oav ~.l horderthat ~ o G .. was walking about. 32 rat rnpaePhirrcm of me touched? And he was lmklng around he Was looking t o see her that had 1Sciw rjv TOOTO r r o l i a a o w . a m up. 42 Aod immediately 42 K U ~ ~15865 & V & Q T I ~b ) KOP~U~OV the maiden rose and ~ n dat once stood up the little glrl began waiklng.1021 and ~OI~ETE. Jesus recogniaed ~ n d s t once the J~. p u t them all out.. agogue Have no fear. daughter died! Why euyhrqp daughter of you died: Why yet bother the teacher cnr6M~1q T&IJ 6t6hmaAov.( w l ~ him. yet speaking. and be s o u fmm good health sickness. to you I am saying. and rlo~\Birv We1 (rirroiq having fn he IS saying to them Why ~a 00 uprioea PN YOU oonhl.. 6 € $ done this. fiv Y ~ P i ~ b v 668c~a. and gh e beheld t h e IlOlSY confusion and those "Wing and letting out many walls. and he In hap CIS rlpilvrlv.s in hlmself that power h.~ goDqBriua K~~ T ~ ~ o u and m ~trembling. f~?xrjsln ofi6tm nn 0"- vai 06Y &gfivcv only exercise faith. and s h e sensed blood of her. vai r I m o p . woman havlna been frightened and trembling.. % !: . 39 and. brother of James. Y Tolttha 1 . . o e t upl" say Tb rap&alov. 31 rat Lhcyov ad76 di~ciplea began to oi the outergameAtst ~ n were d tom. was twelve years old. SO r a i rfi0bq b also.+. for she mpl~&T€ the crowd hewasaaying who touched touched my outer 31 But rirv lpariov. CIS into T ~ u the he . MARK 5 : 3 7 4 3 ~deb5 P<qf&~fq 4 700 immediately her founat once was rle UP the of the taln of blwd dried aTpmoq ah!<.' which..Daughter.i-thacu'mi. SO 6 S2 any longer?' 36 But are YOU bothering the teacher? The hut Jesus. she was for oi y e a n twelve. Jesus havlng overheard the word belng apoken sald to the presiding qopog oficer the syn. 6Gvap~v @ t n & ? r a 0 htmpa iq t v and he turned about In the crowd and power havlng gone out having turne%Kebout b e p n t o say: "Who sf O E ~ E V Ti5 F1. overhearing the 'IqooC5 n a p a ~ o l j o a q rbv h6yov AahoOp~vov ward being spoken. o o i MYw.trpahbv rrhac napa%@&~l having thmwn out (them1 all taker along wmLpa 706 rratSiou vai T ~ Vp q ~ l p a vat father Of the little C ~ I Iand ~ the mother and TOG$ p ! ~ ' +ot. .eL) ( t o 38 they came the house of the SO oi the synagogue chief. Ey~lpE. .fich im~v ~ E ~ E P ~ ~ Y E U ~ ~ E V O translated. ~ u t having . pw 4 Q a ~ o . being translated u ~ ~ iI d ~ ~ to you. but is sleeping.. after stepping In. came and fell dawn rrpoolrrrow a 6 r Q €T?w a d r Q r&aav f i v before him and told fell toward hlm end sad tohlm 'I1 him the whole truth. h e sald t o her: o%e ?land of the llttle chfld hkei raying to her YTal. 33 T$e .. men from the home of Yet of hlm SPeakinE they ere com:nz t h e presiding officer M r o c &px!owayByou ALyovr~q 6r1 H of the synagogue from the aynsgoguechlef sayins that The came and said: "Your oou CrniBavrv. Be gettlnEup. 30 Immediately.." And not let go OR 37 Now he dld not let d ~ p? a w o n e follow along ( m ' ah06 o w a n o h o u ~ ~ m to follow with ~ 4 t h him u not him exceDt peter nl-r. Stcarrlharo llcyhhq. &hi&cau. grlevous sickness. what had EIBuia 8 Y~YOVEV ahi... h e said t o them: "Why a r e YOU causing noisy confudon and i weeping? The young child h a s not died.

dpw. qaysiv.oner. nai lay hls hands upon a having put upon the Kands fe cured. many sickly and grease people a fihrlqov. and his disciples followed . 666s~a. them out two by them and started two. and Of rrohhoi & K O ( ~ O ~ T iS t ~ n h f i o m v r o h i y o v ~ ~the g greater many heanne were astounded savlne those listenine were . cio~hhrr ofniw. he teaching in 616dronew @ T( cuvayoy@ ~ a i ai to be teaching thb synagogue. ' l w h S 6 parrri<ov people were saying: they were saying that ~ o h n the (one) baptlzlng "John the baptizer 14 K a i f i ~ o u o ~ v d AM were cunng..jhiyolt &pp&ora. but copper [money]. ~ And not he war able there to do not one house. . to om sandalS.EpX€~at . 14 Now i t got to v~liaees K6Pa5 .-pat ~ S ~ n he d departed 1s coming . 7 Kai rr o o ~ a ) \ ~ i ~ ~ TO& ." 3ust the Underneath the feet o f y o n into 12 So they set out and to aJ~oi(. q a d r o ~ . and became public. 8 Also. nhxhq 1 ' ? to$ f~F. staff from there and ~ a idmohov9oSotv came into his hame father (place1 of him: and are following territory. no T~IV Cilv v irp~ov. YOU nor hear YOU. to the vlllages in a teaching. the son of a e Mary and brother the of 'la~&bou ~ a' Iiw o i m g mi 'loG6a xai Z i ~ w v o q . heard the Bauth~hq 'Hp$6qg. And h e calg toward himself the twelve. And was saying to them the 3esus that Not they began to But Jesus E ~ I V 'npoqiqg hmpog EI p i CV ~ f lat him' is Brophet unhonored if not m the went On to say to Tar i61 Kai gv roiS them: "A prophet is father &lace) of him and in ule not unhonored except ovyyevsGoiv afi~oO ~ a iiv T+ 0 i ~ i . learn of this and he* Said that should begiven her tn . not mio the glrd?e no bod copper money in their xohdv.MARK 6: 1-6 should know 182 183 r&q the ~~~ ~ MARK 63-14 to circle yvoi TOGTO. b r r o S ~ S ~ p i v o y girdle purses.. nai manifest or became the name of him. might reeerve You not-but they might hear of You. and few slekly ones and i0aGpaoav 61& 7% dPTTto~iav cure them 6 Indeed.g able to do no powerful powerfurwbb. t o them drua86rp~ov. And he was gomg around went round about And not of James and fit:? . 8 ~ c n ' over the unclean WEU~&TW TGV and spirits. would expel many 13 ~ a 6alk6vta i moXAh t<i!3ahhov and demons many they were throwiAg out. 12 And Kai that preached people might in brder pap~Gp~ov wlmess having t S ~gone h 9 out 6~~< iniputav lva 1 1 ~ ~ c r v ~ ~repent: ~ l v r 13 and they they preached in order that they may repent. moned the twelve.Orrou *tn. spirits the rap'yymhr" ahoi5 ha gave them orders pf?vg m he gavelnstruetlons to them in order that no to nothing for ~ i 66bv q ~i 14 bhP60v v6~0v. 6Maa. ~ n dh e savrng to them them: '"Wherever YOU . and ~ a i not v f$ and.~ " Ta~Ta Kai Tig astounded and said: mom where ta this ianel these lihidgsl . and h o r n f i h e ~ v 6Jo 860. Kai rrepiiyev lack of faith And he of them. having had boundunder to bind on sandals. and he began to ttouuipv 7th rai i6iSou ahoig authar~ty of the give them authority and was glvlng . pouch. teaching. this. 6 . kai ~~~u ride- nai o6u d o i v at h6Ehqai a h 0 0 6 6 ~ npb~ are the sisters of him here toward and Judas and Simon.p . yevowbou oaPPhrov fipEar0 him.". and what "Where did this man get these things? And fi oo im 4 6 0 9 ~ i o r TOGTY nai the wisc?om the & m !e n to this loAel. for the name Or rJesusl qavtp6v l y b ~ o~6 bvopa ahoG. and iS6X9cv i~ae~ nai ~ . he initiated sending ~~ifipSaro a6~otj5 to be sending off two two.v bwQv. he unclean. 2 When it hsv~ng come to be of sabbath he started became sabbath. his home ter'tory relatives of him and in the house of him. the trip except a aipwo~v they should lift up into way if not staff only. stay there until YOU ~ ~ V E T E Eag hv tEfhgqTE be staying u n t i l likely you mrght go out go out of that place. going out from there i n r r 0 ~ ~ v 6 ~ e v a t Cnri9sv . he wandered thmugh the lack of fazih he wondered a t thelr ahGv. " is it not? And his sisters are here with are they ndt?" So 4 ~ a i EAEYCV a d ~ o i g 6 ' I 0005 671 0 1 1 1 ~US. to eat.1 1 rai 65 &v 7hoq place will not receive from there. 1 1 And wherever s i ~ ~ i 8 s v . i r n v h < a ~ e ~ b vshake off the dirt that going v o ~ way n out from there shake rou out the iSbeneath YOUR feet oGv rdv b r r o r h w TGV na6Gv b a v ' € i $ for a witness to them.ot two u"dergarments. 6 h o ~ o v . E 2 rrarpi6a a h 0 6 ~ 5 2 . i h a i q rrohhoh5 : app&oroug with oil and and were greasmg to oil many s~ckk (ones1 _ mmr. and br. 10 rai ' Ehey~y a67aig 10 Further. pi s i ~ pouch' no bread. and among his relaand in his own 5 Kai o J n i6ljvm0 L K En ~ o l f i ~ a0 ~ 6 6 ~ tives ~ . .i work there except to irrresig ~ h g zipas BEh ~ u a r v 6 . king aerod. And what likely place on 6i5111al tip65 ~ 6 5 &~06owo. ins: where if ever rou might enter into hause. . he said t o ergaments. ~ a i& ~ E ~ ~ ~ ~ c " o Y . d I % to few sick& . and such a h 0 0 ylv6psval: 3 oh* obr6g torlv 6 powerful works be of him taking place? Not this ions) 1s the performed through his TLKTOV.. circuit. d ( l ~ & ~ g . and the the synagogue. them. A ~ i b gT ^ ( Mapiag ~ a dr6ehqbg i hands? 3 This is the cawenter.b l e d z$d t h e f i 2 ~ ~ 2 2:$~ ~ ar2. Mary and the brother of James and of Joaes and of Juda and of Simon? 6 Kai he went out from there.'' 5 So he was 6Gua I N ri . there enter into a home. and the ears Of King Herod. ~ a ETTEV i 609ilva1 r and he raid to be gwen to he. and the why should thiswis6uvhp~1q r o l a G ~ a l 6ch 76" EPGV dom have been given powerful works such through the nds this man. 7 N O W he sum.

ahoG 611 a w v Ly6pqu~v. but could not. Baptist. he gave the order to bdng the head of him. and riod0okrqq 6 i y a ~ p b q a:roj havlne rntewd daughter ol him 'Hp~61h6oqn a i bpxqoa 6vq fip~ucv of Herodlas and having &nee% . h And after hearing him wohhh *~PEI ~ a 4 i 6 6 ~ a h ~ 0 6 many (things) hewanat I&.ro'di. Tho but klng rald lying up with. yet t h e did not want t o 61b 706s 6 p ~ o v g ~ a king i Bauthrk oaths and disregard her. 19 But He.rrcne@hhtoa 'Iwhyv.igh Nat ~ Y$p t:te '22222'di9s came in and danced and pleased Herad and those reclinine with him. hhhot Were saying that Elilsh it la: others 184 MUP~J~. . h s v l $ g ~ ~ w r l20 F O ~Herod stood in fear ahbv &v@a 6inalov ~ a i&YIOV. to *<=he JO~.~ ~ me for whatever you want. this a&aq fiv6pea.. & ~ E T ~ ~ W Oa~ 6I riv.. $ ~ is t ~ . And havlne come h atonce 25 Immediatelv she pph arrovSiq rrplrg . A h b c y a p b one has k e n raised this (one) was rare up." but others were saying: TGV "It is a Prophet like :5k Of One lhe of the prophets. f. l i ' j ~ h still . ." bmUler l9 T$. *Or the Up? 17 For Herod 'Hp46~q hrroorciha had sent Out Herod havingsent off and arrested John ' ~ w h vr a i E6rluav a h a v b rpuAa~$ and bound him in John and bound him in prison prison on account of 'Hg416166a rfiv v w a i u a O ~ h i m o u ra9 d6dqo5 ~ ~ ." 24 And kingdom of me.The k i n i s a l d the maiden: .. continued t o hear him he was hearlng..It i s It Is lawful to you to be havfng the woman of the "Ot lawful loryou to be having the wife h6EhpoS of your brother. Was sayins Whom beheaded ~ohn. and I will give ea1c.MARK 6:15-21 has been raised UP out of dead (ones). 22 r a i rsrl lance) of he Cal~icc. a convenient be ~ ~ d 21 ( BU ~~ ~ ~ t day came along 6~ 'HP@ < roiq ycvmio~q &oJ nerod spread when to the h1. I8 Eheysv beeauSe he had of " i m : bffauac her he married: waa. yet h e jnoutv. 25 r a i rbrX0oGoa t606q ba~UzlnP.m a t e v e r YOU ask 66oo 00. KO a m Airqubv PE i) tb to the llt8e:eg:? Aak tor me which "ever MARK 6:22-21 ~ a i and has been raised from the dead. F . though he became 26 ~ a i n ~ p l h m o q yEv6pEvoq And deeply grieved havlng become the deeply grieved. K ~ ~ ~ . rai h d m v &EKE &V 6" T$ And h e went off and And having goneoff he beteaded hlm In the beheaded him in the O:i% *%$. gladly. ~ erodlaa the woman ofPhfllp the b r o ~ e r of Philip his brother. and not #he war able: lor &vaix~v ah6 r a i q6rhsv was nursing a grudge war having within ta him and was willing h o r r a i v a l . 61h T O ~ O *yok. in view king through the ro6q of the oaths and those the loner) drv lying a ~ t lup p ~ v 0 u s o6r not fhe iB wi & led y ~ v reelinlng a t t h e table. t s 6 u . 26 A1plate the head of John the Baptist. h 6 went ~ in with haste t o with speed toward the king t h e kine . that I beheaded.p-ranking men bivt~rnl yeEzzg et r:z$j2~ 1* $< kt%?d"% : k tz. 185 ~oiq ~ a i TO?< XAI&PXOI<r a i ah00 to the ~hillaroha and to the of him end n&~o@g rrjq r a h f h a i a g . saying: "I ~ T ~ W ~ TX O ~ Y O U W ~ Olio iva she inade request saying I am wllllng in order that mt you to give me tcaur' 6Qq right away On a platout of snme%our~ you should give ! z te ter t h e head of John W ~ W K ~ T ~ V K E Q ~ )'I&ov Iv TOO B m r ~ t ~ 0 6the .'. =-. Having heard but the heard i t h e began n ~ y c v 'Ow 6 6. 24 r a i t ~ ~ 6 0 9 u a rTnrv kingdom.and made her request.e ~ a t a great loss what t o do. 18 F o r John had repeatedly the ' I J " . 23 h e swore to her: iipou~v -071 && E ai 'ens he to her That If ever me you for .~ b v k ~ . " ~ I $& ." Banri<avroq. ~ ~ F % ' $$T that o c l ~ iEwriv UOI E x ~ ~ v y w a ? ~ a mu said to Herod: '.v thmush thir are worklng in 6""h t . up t o half my p a u t h ~ i a g pou.m to be a righteous him male Person righteous and holy.62 . 15 ~ u t others were saymg: 62 .lrWlda~ festivities of hlm a" evening on 6~imov hoiqoev TO:< IIEYI~~UIV LIUPW made to the greatest men his birthday for his t. knowing h.aY '%$. and on that a l account the powerful the works are operating 6k but in him. k j :~j b : O . t o bring his head.16 h ~ o r 5 o a t S t b 'tig@jq one 16 ~~t when ~~~~d Prophets. r a i odu * 6 h a 20 6 y h p against him and was wanting to kill to kill. I will give it I shall give to you untrl half 01 the to YOU.6p $ f ~ p$ z 1~ '\%? ~~~~a h h P v L z t & n ( o and t h e milltary commanders and t h e foremost ones of Gal'i4ee.. and having heard of hi.d ~ f h . was keeping safe him. And hav ng gone out she rald she wentout and said rr l r p i a h i c Ti al~iowal.yinp married her. it t o you: 23 Yes. OVYET~PEI &6v." rpo@rl~Gv. :of John. ~ thedwife i . 1 t o her mother: 'what to %e mother of her What should 1 ask for? The should I ask for?" ~ l n r v Thv ~ ~ m a X j v She said: head but seld The head Of John the baptizer. 22 And t h e daughter of thl8 very He.$. 21 I(=? ~Cl6bq to dirregard her: and s t once 27 sothe mediately dispatched &nomzihaq b parrrhtS< o r r s ~ o u h h ~ o p a a body guardsman ha~tng BED^ OR the king boar guardsman 'Ommanded him hhaStv M y ~ a l* V K L + ~ ~ $ V ah00. q 6~ ah3' 16 &Ah01 Dowertuyworks In him: others Lhrlov bzl ' H h ~ i a q i m i v . K . EWS fipiuovq 745 me for.he gave plea8ure TO?< TQ rai to the an* to the (ones) 61 B a u t h d q ETTEV o u v w a u e ~ ~ h a ~ q6 . ~ a i h ~ o k a q a h 0 3 and holy man: and h e was keepinu him safe.

roaq n i n c now the Ave loaves fifty. And having taken the eve and t h e two fishes h e looked up t o heaven & p ~ o u q r a i tobq 660 i 96aq 6R)aDAtwaq loaves and the two Lhes having looked U P and said a blessing.. r : $ . ~ a inLt. 42 r a i divided UP the two hedivlded toelL And Ashes for all. and great crowd. a in mimo& t h b . And having come to know ascertaining it. and already ." lonely place and rest up llt&e. and going under and knew many. & ~ p o b q ~ a i havlne cone OR into the to circle elds end villages round about and buy themselves ~ S p a q &yop&owtv &xmoiq si villages they mtght buy to themselves what something t o eat. ~T6ev rroAh 6xXov. rai oG6L @ayriv gotng under many. companies o n the mymposlums symparlumn u m n the green graar. . Anc two Ashes. dmovp18riq they mleht eat.%& ~~~~~~7 / @&$$z ~~~ ~~~~~ TEXV ' had grown late. And ha is saylng to them Hither them Come you p i ahl rat' 16iw rlq yourselves.I .ofqoav rai boa all 1thlnn. s man? as the" did and aa men" a. and he started to be teaching them many (things).. them away. said t o them: -How 18 saying to them HOW many are rou having loaves! m a n y loaves have vov'J 00 serr Alrer brr&ySTE 7 6 s ~ i(ai YY~VTEF Be YOU go ng under see." 39 And &rrira&v alhoiq &ua<h~EiJva~ n & v ~ a F he instructed all the he gave order8 to them to recllne all lone#) people t o recline by ouprr60ta uuprr6qla h i T$ hop@ x6p. m rr6otv. besides XCyoww they are sayins Five. the loaves and he was gzving t o the disc P es that these might Iva vapan8Gow alroiq. 33 But 16iw.done and tauaht k6i6aE. h order that they may go off into the countryside and h ~ h E 6 v r r g €15 rohq ~Gnhq. 29 When of her." 31 In reply he said to g&yw!v.disclples beard of it they came and took QEav ~ a i fipav . 40 And 40 Kai &vhcuav rrpaolai rrpaorai they laid themselves ~ n d they fell up garden rows garden raws down in groups of a hundred and of rm& Lr-v rai rmh sceordlngto hundred and accordins to fifty. 33 r a i sT6w a b r o k people saw them private Lswtl. they had no Crr&yovr~q mhhoi. t h a t 86 &rr6huoov alroljq. and came L e a d of them. privately You verv (ones) aceordingto Prtvate [ m t l Into i n b a lonely Cpqpov r6nov ~ a k i a h d r 6hi ov ow and nst up a bit. ~ a getting i out. and povbqq n@9&5 hls disciples came UP h. nai SGo IxBGaq. because they rjoav Sq rrp6Pam Exovm rrolpiva were as sheep d t h o u t theywere as sheep a Shepherd. 39 r a i Said: "Five. h' ah0k 1 he felt tender affection upon them because was moved with pity for them.' %ere For there were many 01 T2P the $"e. and the people. .1~. [them! t o the People ahail we give to them to eat{ The (one) bul t o eat?' 38 He XLyrl a h i q n6oouq EXETE &prous. . / it'in a memorial tomb. And they saw them going and many got h d y o v r a q ~ a EEYYW(N i rrohhoi. 34 ~~1 foot and got ahead of there . ~~-. and ~ a it 6 KOP&O~DV E~~Ka Ew V v pypi and the little g l r l gave it to the mo her the maiden gave it a G ~ i q . ual place them before In order that they may put beside them. T v a let looae of? them. he (one) but hsvlng answered them: "You give them r l m v a h o i q A ~ T E &oiq 6 w i q v r E i v . (one. they n i v r r . And having hear% the disciples of him his. but he tmharxvioEtl. and the hour is 6 t6noq. 3 1 rai h e { ~ ~ a&oiq ~ E h 3 r 1 A l j j he S? t o they taught.rb r r r g p a a 0 6 ~ a LEqnw i came and lifted up the corpse of hlm and ~ u t UD his corose and laid ah6 iv uvnurio. on kSchEilv.a to it. 31 6 6. 1 2 50 ~ ~ y o n&mq v ~ a i&xop~&aE ow 43 r a i they all ate and were they *ts (they) and weresatisled: ' and satisfled: 43 and 92 2 eq & % 'gl%' .l coming and going.( it to the maiden. already late. Started t o teach them 35 Kai 661 nohhiq many things. And them. and two fishes. 30 And the apostles 30 Kai 01 ~ ~ o A gathered 0 l together And sre bang ed together the apostles before Jesus and npb( t 6 v "Iqooirv. 36 Send the "lace. he saw much crowd. $ . And thevwent OR In the the" went in the boat ~-~~ ~~~~" nhoiq eiq ~6nov K~T' for a lonely place t o boat into place according to themselves. SIC tbv odpab'6~ E ~ X ~ ~ ~ r U aiE ~ Y a ~ t ~ h a oand c v broke t h e loaves into the heaven he blessed and broke down up and began giving rob5 &ptouq ~ a i 26i6o" t o i c p a 8 y p i q them to the disciples. he saw a havlng gone out . 34 Well. something tc eat. ng come to be having come toward paEqrai ah06 i h q o y BTI -Epqp6q PUTIV t o hlm and began t o disdplea ofhim were sarxng that Lonely fa say: 'The glace is is* lated. and h e & p i p ~ . 41 nai XapGv. And already of Ow' hour much 35 BY now t h e hour ~ P.. 41 'raking -firovra.MARK 6:28-35 186 187 MARK 6:36--43 pukxrfi 28 r a i f i ~ y r w njv ~m$aAfiv &TOO prison 2 8 and prlrwn and brought the head 01 h h bmught h& head on hri rrivart ~ a E6wrw i ab+v 7G) ~ o ~ o a i and he gave upon plate and he gave It to the llttle glrY. and to foot h 6 m a o h t i w rr6Arw ovvi6pclpov 'I1 the cities they from an the clues they together ran there together a n &KC? ~ a i rrpo^hEov &06q.29 r a i h ~ a 6 o a v r ~ol iraEq~ai ah05 her mother. 33 r a i &rrfiheov PV TG) eat a meal 32 S o off they had leisure tlme." sald to them ~ l v e to them YOU to eat. And he r a i i p E a r o &i!b&o~~lv a h o S q rrohh&. end not-but to eat leisure time even t o rl~aipouv. . 3 8 6 6. ~t thls they said t o uai hCyowtv ah6 'ArrrAEbr~q him: "Shall we a0 off ~ n d they are saying to him Having gone off and buy two hundred de nar'ii worth of & ophuwpw 6qvapiov 6 1 a ~ o o i o v& p ~ o u t~ a i m~g~ we l t buy of dcnaril two hundred bavea and loaves and glve 6Soopev cni~aiq eayciviv. ~ a i r e p o f i d t o him all toward the Jesus. green grass. and the things they had n&na B~~ i.. rai 6611 @ .

~ n d very muen in thcmeeber were very much 6<imawo. 52 03 Y ~ P mnj~av within they were amazed.t in theh rowing. %!z5 them he went Off d into a m o u n h n t o Pray. 54 But as Soon a s they got ~ L ~ V ~ V T aLh 6 v 55 waplf6papov 6Aqv they ran around whole out of the boat. for the wind was against them. where they were heartns those who were alling 6y Xaov 6 7 1 Eurw. it +oD~in@c. I~UT~OU alj~oG fringe of the garment of him that they might touch just the fringe of his auKJ nai & . ?OW were ~PTOUF loavea 45 Kai ~ m k f i v ~ u s v robq And e t once he put un er n e w t * the pahrhq ah00 6 Bjval LIq m nhoiov dlscl~les of him to syep bslde Into the boat a npo&r~~v EIC r6 w f p w npbq and to be galng before Qto the other side toward BqBoat&h. a they i would place the T O ~ & ~ e ~ v o t v T a g~ hiOeuav they were putting the Ion-) being SICK. 54 r a i tErh06wvrov they came into senwere anegored toward. And h e was.I< rl. 6po~ npou~65ao8a~ 41 . 56 And rlurope~k~o eiq he was gdng hls way in into into wherever he would a T T 6 ? .? I . was for 6 6 w i 0 ahoiq mp? the in oppoalt?on to the& about mare.iucqt rat a h 6 q p b q mi mlds of s sea. but them t)?e they had not grasped the meaning of the rap6ia n u r w p u p ~.d. and they came .. nai Into the mountah toproy. c 6 e k &AMqow p s i a h h v . not for they got perception themselves. 50 For d6w ~ a i i~ap. walking on the sea: but he was inclined he was wllltng to go past them. WlthOUt delay. until he lets loose OR 46 r u i dmo-raC&pm adroiq A ~ O havingset self to them . . rai Aian tv t w o i g abated. but he was alone o n the land. ~ 1 < fi E I ~ d l ~ p o b q & ' T U ~ < dlyppqiq enter into vlllages or clues or in o flelds m the mar etP aoes cities or countrvslde .z f&fav am +&an 6 imlv wn~tlng about thought that app.! . ~ p h ~$ b ~: $2 t ?@d~ r a p a e ~ ih~ o f i ~ 49 The :fi ?Anea. 58 r a i whera ukcty to where they heard that he fa. the ioavea. loaves. ~ n &ia& ycv~pE!q~ fiv~ . 55 and they K ~ K ~ S E OvTaS ran amund all t h a t TOGS K"Bimo'cots G the (ones) badly fisvlng and started to TEPI+LPLIU 6nau fi~o~ov about On t o be carrying around . At this they wind. &AX. Rve thousand male oerronll. ewq a h b q &nohGn Bethsalds. v 01 NOW the Phadsees And are belngled together toward hlm the and some of the &ptuaiot r a i TIM< rilY Y ~ ~ & W V that had ~ h s r i s e e s and aome of the come from Jerusalem iA96vr~q ' l ~ ~ ~ ~ gathered ~ w about v hfm. and he said ta them: abroiq Oapu~irr t y 6 ~lpt. 53 for m i TOT< & P T O I ~ . And gone out nes'aret and anchored ahoiou Ld85q airrLiv LK ofthem out of t h e boat s t once ship nearby. fiv adrav u p . 51 i(ai h @ r l =dq1s I. ell for htm cried aloud. they thought: "It is an apparition!" and they rd 50 n ~ c g y&p and they crled alo. but their heart having been d ed 53 ~ c l i 61an~p&u-q hrl n j v y j v hearts continued dull ~ n havlng d crossed thmugh upon the earth of understanding. at aiXfysl But Immediately h e atonce spoke with Ulem.ri&n it l . yhp being tormented in the to be drfvlnp. have no fear!' be row fearful And he atewed UP toward 5 1 And he got up e Q h $ z ~ ~ * $ . boat. those who a& the loaves weR five thousand men. hobq T& rrhoiov. jwo they might touch: and asmauyru Ukely touched outer garment.MARK 6:44-51 188 189 MARK 6:52-7:2 + a y 6 v r ~ < rob< oi lhe (an-) h~vinseaten the n r v r a ~ i u ~ i h ! o l 6~6pL<. ~ a d ~ l . I am. the boat was in the midst of the sea. 47 Evening havlnlr now fallen. I% Kal o u v h y o v ~ a ~ n p l . of even g having come was the boat in p f u y 7% &rh. 66 i66vrsq a h 6 v t n l q q 0 d & u u q ~pass them b y 49 At catching sight of him but havingseen him upon the sea On the sea rnp1naro2m. were made well. And as many as did touch It a L ~ 0 5 fuSSovT0. of him were being awed. and hetssayhg spokewiththem. having reeognked him n j v xirpav trrivqv ~ a iiptovro i h i 70% people recowlzed the muntry that and started u m n the him. ~ a i t ~ 6 w a u N 6 into the boat With them into t h e . he compeued his dlsclples to board the boat and go on ahead t o the 'pposite toward ohl . "Take courage. fiA0ov revvyuaplr KaL 53 And when they 'Iq Gennesnret .4~ u8 av d 62 they all saw him saw and were trou%led: The (one) but and were troubled. and ones in the marnaperMouv a@v Tva Khv kitilaces. 45 And. and they they were entrestlng h ~ m I n order that end If ever would plead with him r a 5 ~ p a m X f 6 0 ~TOG . came towarrl them. and the wind hvspoq. to them Btrov taking cohrale. and abated the them.rb rrhDiov h. havmg some from i6bvrsq T. 48 ~~d when h e saw them being hard put . apoow p i d q o m . into got across t o land. $!B".v&< T ~ V p p 8 q ~ ~adroo v art 2 And when they saw hvingseen aoms oithe d~sclplea of hlm that some of his disciples 7 7 . < r@ tha6vc#v. and he alone upon ye& 48 r a i 16hu ahobq I ear And hsvingaeen them @ a o w l ~ o p 6 ~ 0 uh. .

And many yon are doing. ~ ~ ~m$&. from marRet h ever not they mlaht s ~ r t n & not they do not eat unless Lu8iovn~v nai &Ma rroAA& Lmtv they cleanse themthey are eattie. b u t t h e things that issue f h h o u t of a man are t h e things t h a l defile a man.XB and the Wertcott and Hort Creek text omlt this verse. from me: I n vain but they ere revenng m . a ejft dedicated 0 GA.v $2 k t he was . God.. r r p c o p ~ t p o v ." 16 -' 16.let him that of yo. . but their . % making common the man. all of YOU.hold fast. when Cnr' &yo Gq 6 b p i pavriuovrm o h back from market. hearts a r e far removed &+ 7 e&. ~ ~ t h l n s in t<o&v 700 &v8@rrou E ~ ~ O ~ E Y ~ eiq ~ E from O U ~ S of I ~the ~ man going it. ~ n d rXry~v e!zy 2r 2 em.. 6 He prophesled Isaiah about roo Said to them: ' m i a h Lmonp. TdS: % - 9 Further. he ahoiq KaXr3q to them F i e l y went an t o gay t o $vroAtjv TOO them: "Adroitly Y o u hOnri?c T ~ Y roo are setting aalde the commsndmmt Of the set &de t h e eomh0. unwashed onesto unwashed they are eating lhe 3 for t h e Pharisees &vouq. mh' h r l v eat their meal with to common hands. whieh If ever . they have received to Of CUPS and 0 pitchers and ofoopper vessels. the tho (things) out M but 7h 6~rrop~u6p~v6 19 ~ming their way out ktV the (thlnSsl nocvoOvra ~ 3 Civ8porrov. i s . baptisms traditions that rrorqpiwv ~ a ij q ~ r 3 v ~ a i X ~ A K ~ W Y . calling the crowd t o him again.' 8 Letting go of the Cod You are holdtngfaat the tradition the commandment of TGV & v 8 p ~ h o v . Ei5 :. 4 and. rreptrrmoOotv oi pu81lrai uou ~ a r & and scribes asked are walking about the dlsclplea of y m eceording to him: "Why is it your v j v n a p & S w ~ v rin. and The (one) raulng bad a t reviles father or 11 bpEis 8av&ry ~~haurh~o' mother end UP in to death let him deeea~e: You death. oifioma.-12 YOU & O i ~ ~ &bv oshr rrotiuat r yon aye lettinggo oft hlm nothlng to do to x e men no longer let h for i mhis do ather a slngle or thing his v raeer a r p i or fi torthe i mother. tradition of men. and get t h e W V meaning.ohc t fast t h e tradition of the they ere e e t ~ g . holding 7hq tn8iaua. inorder that the tradltlon of You to retain ~ q p ' uTE 10 M W U U ~ ~ tradition.pirr. from me. and times.nonor ~ your father B~h~norlng the father of you and the moIher and your mother. r)rpy~v l4 So. h e proceeded t o say t o them: 'Listen to me. 7 It is 616&urov?~g S 6 a u n a h i a q &vr&Aparn&vOpho5rrwv.' l1 But you 6 v 8 p m o q ~ 6 1 ~ i ~ q 62 X ~ ~ S T E ' E b I f a man man to the men say.' it h L i b Y g z i t e n about YOU hypocrites.out of me may get beneflt from *~zA1885. YOU hold fast t h e Of the men.. a nap6po1a God 'OUR you gave beside: and dmilar lthlngs) which YOU no.v r. 'Whatever father or & : te mother Cor AGpov.8 written.~. in into a d r b B ~~varat rowirnal to common him: i . baptisms 5 uai i n r p w r w ~ v a h b v oi Oaptoaiol And ereinqulrineupon hlm the Pharisees of cups and pitehent and copper vessels:~ a i o l 6 so these Pharisees and the Y P " . 12 0 6 r h 1 me is corban. & napeA+v rpmiv ~arrn~~o b qthere are many and which they received to be holdlkg laat. .' cov ~ a i ' 0 K~KOAOYOV and. hut conductthemselves rolvaiq tu~iovu~u T&Y according to the trsto common % they ore eatlng the dition of the men f . that &vinror Lo8iowtv rob< is. but they bread$ The lone) but seld to them Finely take their mesl dth hpoQilTWmv 'Hoaiaq nrpi i~pin. and other (thlnB. S oi y&p t'apooaio~ ~ a ni h r q and all the dews do loaves. . because they teach as 8 &Qivnq Ln0Ajv havlng k t go OS mnunandment doctrines c o m m a & TOO OcoO KPUTE~TE ~fiv r r a h 6 0 0 1 v of men. me with 6& r a p 6 i a d r r 3 v rr6 pw & ~ L X E I pwpLe the but heart M them gr 1s holdins O I ? I their1 lips. &M& disciples do not the tradition ofthe eldermen. The for Phsrlaees and 'I1 not eat unless they o l 'lou6aiot Lirv yli nuypfi viqwvrat their hands u p the Jews if ever not to Rst they Mght wanh o the elbow. Tipa r&v w m f w uou rat T ~ VP Q T ~ P .e: Mores example. 6 6 62 ~ l m vairrois KaAGq former times. him br b8phrrov T& &Ah& . T & defiled hands?. holding vju n a p & S w w T & rrpmpuripov. 6 a roiq XE~AEOJV a s it 1. b L b 1 5 LpoO I have by which YOU Gdt. pqlpi.rav prophesied hypocrites.. 13 I ~ &KUPO~'JTC o v lnvnllda~lng l ~ the 6" A6yov TOO 8roO r.. 14 Kai tradition rroAA& handed down. ~ :~ g . 4 ~ a the i men Of the tradition of the older men.rrapaS&rl bpGv 6 word of the ~ o to d % tradttnon of vow whieh mother* l3 and thus YOU make the word of ~apc6hrons. 10 For m l g a O?Dse.MARK 7 : s 8 190 9 ~ a l A 191 he was seylng MARK 7:s-16 ~orvaiq XEPU~V. in vain t h a t they teaehlng teachings commands of men: keep worshiping me. 1 5 . ( t h a t "Ot Yet roll Weht he benefited. thls is deflied hands. and w comprehmding. 15 There "Othing O 'm Outside a man t h a t passes into him t h a t can defile him. oh6tv ~a. Tvu vjv rraph6oulv bpav mmandment of God in God.ny~np to them Ke 9 : a h ~ o i q ' A ~ o G u a r 6 pow ~ & V T E < near or me a11 oliv~~r.1 many Is selves by sp"n~ing." - F&~I. Moses said. Cip~ov. 'This the peop?e to the ups s ! i .v 6. ' fever should ray but are saylns 1 says to hls lather or 6 a ? 9 IIqTPi K O p % ! an which 1s hls mother.

6 ~ ~ $ ~ $ $e ~ ~ ~ i 22 adulteries. all there 23 Ail these wicked LKVO O ~ E . 0d 6 h a t cnhbu ~oldoal bTI not is able not him to make cornhon. oh< c i m o p r G c ~ a t ad703 siq . And Decap'@lis. r ~ ~ ~ a i [Iweiq illustration.eRQ~". and Sldon.rophoethe but ~-k. &9ddq nov p4q. thieveries. a s~. an EoVetinga. phemy. P : & . B A w qpia.jv rap6iav into [his1 heart.mlPi. &Ah' sic +u ~ a ~ h i a v ~. he was=& to escape notice. i. el< o l n w dnrb 17 Now when And w h h heentered lnto house from he had entered a TOO ~ X A O U . were mqulring upon hlm the dtselpler crowd. a el< i rbv &@e6poiva and it passes out into but lnto the cavity. his ah703 na~aDoA6v. syrophoenieton ni'eisn nationally. Kai 7& I ( V V & P I ~ ~ O K & T O T{( Yes. 24 From there he 24 'En~iBm 62 &am& h j h e w rose UP and went Fmm there but havingstooi UP he wenton lnto the regrons of CIS T& b p t a TOPOU r a i X I ~ ~ . . admi< 0 0 .~ $ < &$$wv $\ rious forth: fornications. Xvpogotvi~taoa Grecian. Tyre and Sl'don. 18 so he is saying to them Thus also you he said t o them: 'Are &aGvmoi tors. Y ~ P I E .rov a d r b al waeqrai house away from the the crowd. . haughtiness. e i o r m p s d p ~ v o u dg rbv ClvBpwnov "OthiW "Om Outside t h a t passes i n t oa fmm outside going inside into the man man can defile him. . TOW i a l loose conduct. E~XEY 7 6 ~UY&TPIOY hlm. ~ a e a p i ( .Y race. to h6r L E go ~ off for it is od y h p dorlv rahbv AaP~iv76v hprov -rdv not right t o take the not for is flne to take the bread of the of the children rfrvwv rat ~oic ~ w a ~ i o ~ s throw it to the children and to the tittle dogs little dogs. b p i ~ h r r r r 6 h a g . " r d nf%q 26 The was a 26 fi 62 y w i $v 'EAAqviq. 31 NOWcomlng 8 1 Kai rr&Alv t<~hBhv 1 K TGY ~ n d agaln having gone out of the back out of the 6 6 Xt6Avoq sic =gions Of 'yre he bpiov T6 ou $hen. h e said: "That which !3&$fb~~ 20 Eh62 6n Tb H e war rayins but that The (thlngl issues forth of a d r roc &8pimou t n n o p ~ v 6 ~ E v o ~ tK~iv0 man i s what defiles outof the man going out that (thing) man: 2 1 for from KOIVO~ -6~ ~ P W O% V ' LnoB~v I inside.v a tr h r f ~ v a let the children be flrst to c e sati=%edthe chlldreh. Yet he could not eaeape notice: 25 but immediately a whose little daughter 17 Kai 8 elmihBn." 28 In 28 fi 62 h r p i t l q nai Myct ah+ She The (one) but answered and tr saying to hfm "PIY. 82 Kai of the regions of redons of neeapolis. &uoGoaaa ywil mpi having heard woman about 2 : t e - $2 ' ~ f' : : : . wised. o v n&vra T& declared ell foods 1s golng e s way out? eleanslng 811 the clean. and into the sewer the sewer? Thus he BKTO E ~ E T ~ I .MARK 7:17-24 192 r v k l 193 o mod. "Id him: "Yes'dr' Nai. the demon gone Out. $$$:% a[IroS. 29 rat ~Tvev ahc Al& the little children!' little boys. . has gone outaide ~ a y l n g thls. a i i&a ahi. 27 ~ a i EAEYEV the daughgr of her. lord. l9 because 19 since it pa-. And he sald to her Thmugh 29 At t h a t he said roSrov T ~ hbyov Y haye. of wlich war having the little daughter had an Unclean Spirit adrilc r v ~ a ~ a& ~ b e a p ~ o v . a man ' and 1s making common the men. 27 But he began by re< Ovyar d < ahiq. go. ~ f ~ $ ~ ~ ~ . deceit. hut not It Is going its way in of hlm into the heart into (his] intestines. of daughter. the Ir 76s 8 u y a r p 6 ~ oou ~b 6a111b1ov. o:e !:dfi%~. 32 Here of the h$. heard about him and of her iplrlt unclean.e $LP$ toTte PthF&. also the little dogs underneath the and yet the llttle dogs rpank<qq do8iow1v 6 x 6 r d v q ~ x i o v rGv underneath the table are eatlng from the crumbs of the eat of the crumbs of rra16iwv. 18 r a i began to question of him parable. demon has gone out out of the daughter of you the demon. Y O S Kai . ~ a i r r aUn'easonableness. &qpo&q 23 n&a haughtiness. L~dIJAuBev t o her: "Because of this the word be going under. And him respecting the hkycl. acts of ~Pckednem. T O I ( things issue forth T rrovqp+ EooBtv the wicked thmgs from wlthin is g o g ! l out from within and defile ~ a i votvoi T ~ Y &vBp~ov.SO r a i dmrh8oka ~ b vOTKOV ah6< 30 60 she went away And havlng gone OE into the house ofher to her home and e t ev b rraa6iov DzBAqwkvov In/ the she Pound the little child having been thruet upon lound laid on the bed and r j v ~ h i v q v ~ a i~6 6at~6vcov CteAqhuB6~. injureasonings issue Y. bias &&Ayrla. regtons ol g y m he came through Sidon Into went through Sl'don r j v BhXauocm 7-5 r d r ? a i a < &v& pEoov to the sea of QaVi'lee the sea o f b e ~ a l ~ l e e up mldst u p through the midst in. and ytv~~~ . nheovE<ial. A : $ 22 wickedness. the bed and the demon havlngpone out. out of the makes eommen the man: Inside heart of men. uoreasanablcness. rropveial ~hormi covetings. And And h e entered i lnto the reglorn of -re n t o eidWv siq oiniav oG6Eva fiideu a house and d ~ d having entered ioto house no one he was willing not want anyone 25 &a' but rai 0 6 end not tG%q s t once ~F1Swiro8 M~iv. And he was raylnp saying t o her: "First ad76 " A ~ E F npGrov xo ~ a a 0 . [Impqgavia. blosp!emy. MARK 725-32 t o get to know it. came and prostrated herself a t his feet. murders. 20 Further. acts of f o r n ~ c ~ t i ~ i thieveriis.$? K P . s. envious lwre conduct. and she was requesting hlm she kept asklng him iva ~b 6anfi6vlav ~KDMP tl( t o e x p l t h e demon In Order that the demon hemight throw out out of from her daughter.. YOU also without per(ones1 without eomprehenelon are? $t ception like them? Are voein dm nav YOU not aware t h a t am YOU aware that everything ECoBn.

rfi 653.him: . and they b~op~&o uav. he summoned t h e pa8q~&g hLyr~ alisoig 2 Xnhwxvi<opal dimiples and said to d l s ~ l ~ l e he s lr awing to them I am leellng pity them: 2 "I feel pity (one) desi KWQ~V ~tpowlv ah0 I M T~. 35 35 Well. rai ~ l v c qthey will give o u t o n of the. were opened up of hlm the hearing pokers. 6 ~ a i loavedi' The (ones) but odd seven. 6wv 6a d o i s tell anyone." whlch la Be you opened up through. Indeed. He even rrotci ~KOGEIY mi &h&Xoug he i s moklnl to be hearlng and specehlesa (ones) makes the deaf h r a r hahciv. and he we8 apeaklng and speaking normally. 10 Kal cMSg tl@h< €IS 10 And lmmehsvlng stepped i n into diately h e boarded And s t once fih8cv the boat with hw T& rrhoiov p n h TQV pa8qrAv adro0 wlth the dlselplel of hlm he came dlsclples and came the boat wpoapbowiv O ~ Kdays . 38 Ka.pha. his tonme.( *gng . "Be opened.!Iy fiZays tj:ree ~ai and not ~ai they brought him a and man deaf and with a poylh&Aov rai naparaho0ulv speech impediment. and. broke having thankei ha brake end Was glvlng tothe them.ri again a big crowd and being and t sving what qCrywutv npomahm&pcvog TOSF they had nothing to they might l t . And superabundantly it.sfied. and the speechless to be s~eaklng. 33 And 83 rai dnoXclB6pcvog a $ & he h k him away And havlng taken away from t h e crowd i6iw EWcv TOG 6xhou K ~ T ' the crowd nemrdlnp to pdvate l m t l he thrust privately and put fingers into the rob< 6an6hou< a h 0 0 ~ i g T& ST^ a h o G the nngem of hlm Into the cars of him man's ears and. K~~U~&T UV of imgments seven provlslon baskets. and they are entrestlng and they &i. t b c n p i h u a v a h Q 01 paeqwi a6roO 871 disciples answered they answered to hlm the dlaclPlea of hlm that him: .. And away." 'Ev L r c i v a ~r ~a i ~ fipipa~< rr&X~v rrohho0 In days. and h e the enrt . e vai were sat~sled. but the they may be saying. 8 ~Wyov rai these.MARK 7:33-8:2 they arc bearlng 194 to hlm 195 upon the crowd because they are remnlning toward MARK 8:3-10 Lpat r d g a. them away. ~ l n w'Em&. and the deal (ones) said: "He has done all things well.~ ah00 iva pdn~aig In *IdErmat dixeipies t o serve." n a p YLA~EI . In those the daya agaln olmuch when there was 6xXou bvrog uai &pvrov . r t 6 x h ~& v a n ~ o ~ ? v h l 6 And he instructed he ia order8 to e crowd to fall bask Upon the crowd t o recline yfix ~ a i haphv rob< &prous on the ground. Also they had Uttle nrher few.rQ 6xhq. fishes." 4 ~ u hi. and and t h e impediment UIli81l 6 6capbq YhbSuuqg was loorcned the bond o?tia tongue oi him: of his tongue was ~ a i thhh~l bp8i.4. i dmfiuuav '9 Yet there were but 8 8 iour thousand. and diaclples at hlm they senred them t a napu~18&1v ral rrapt&lnav they may be settlng alongalde and they set elongslde the crowd. he told ~ a l ellhoy'aag a h & rlncv ~ a i TU~JT~ and havlng & s e d them he s d d also them them also t o seme rrapcl~18iva~. speak. them.Y 6xhov &TI for the crowd. havlng speech lmp~dlment. more he was charglnh.. 5 nai able to satisfy these o ~atlsfy of o w e s upon lonely Place7 And people with loaves?" 5 Still he went on t o fiph~a a d ~ o 6 < n6oovq EXETC he waa requeatlng them How many are You having them: .Eph. 4 rai of them are from far of them from far ewey are.6. as much a8 but to them he charge 61~mLhhcro paMov nrptuu6rrpov them. 7 rai dxav lx8661a 6hiycl also had a few Uttle to the crowd. 8 Accordingly to be se tlng olongslde. 6L hq ~ ~ ~ p a ~ l a x i h l ~ o la .. and la saylng to hlm ~phniiolh&. And hey said: "seven. Finally he sent adr06g. nai MYEI ah4 'Ewa86r deeply and said t o he groaned. because yss: $2 - f ~ j y g i "LZ' 8 i t is already three that they have remained near me and Exouu~v ri ghywulv 3 nai & I they have nothing t h a ~ havlns c what they mlsht eak and U ever t o eat. 37 hdeed. and h e began normal%. 37 rai were proclalmlng.v i w a htea ah3 ~ 3 % him t o lay his hand him in order that he mfght put "on hlm the him.fhq. seven Bnrh o$upi6a<. they w l l give out in the way: and some the road. 6 torlv Alwoix8qr1' t h a t is. and having taken the seven loaves took the seven loaves. 34 And 34 ral &vaBht$a$ T ~ Y odpavbv with a look UP into and having loo e up 0 the heaven heaven he t m i v a ~ e v . .. They ware aravision baskets full.~ r o m where will anybody here in n68m T O ~ T O Y ~ 6uvi)ucrai TI< 6 6 ~ From where these loner) wlll be able anyone here a n isolated lace be )toprhoat Liprwv h ' tpqpiag. and began to give them t o u. loosed. e ~ the eat. rather more abundantly they would proelaim hcv~p~uuAg t~ilpuuuov. and they lfted UP nboundlnen took up surpluses 9 qoav of fragments.'HOWmany loaves have YOU?" &pmu ol 61. And they ate and the" ateand were n c p l u m 6 p a ~ a 8. some &AY b b parp6kv ciuiv. they t5mh~uuovm KahAF were being astounded they were being astounded Finely in a most extraordirrhra n m o i KEV ~ a i ~ o b g K W ~ O Gnary ~ way and all lthlnggl he haston. that mu. 7 ~h~ . having blessed these. spitting. And he let loose of2 four thousand [men]. 6trmiXaro adroit iva rn6cvl 36 With t h a t he he eharged to them In order that to no one charged them not t o htyou~v. after KC[^ m 6 u a g ~ ~ * U T O fig yA&uq< a h o 0 . +.t. he touched and having s ~ l t he touched the tongue of hlm. 3 and if I dnroh6uw ahabg v j m q E I ~ otrov should send them off Ishould let looaa off them fartlng Into hounc t o their homes fasting.. ~ P x a p ~ u r i l u a E J a u m ual t6i6ou roig gave thanks. having called toward h 1 m . a h & v LuhuB'oovra! h. his hearing &~oai fivoiyquau a6roO al ral powers were Opened.

" 9dd ' = ' = ?L ~. .e 5 0 1 wwh@ nayon D L ~ se anem Kay$ m q 'raaq aq o l a s o a as1 ~ d ? n Z 9 ? % 5~ "9 maas laqm a. .muaaov O L ~ D nlnnoA?v . ..aln& nnlgrlnnyr hUem fioq 'luawl s a x s q uo"!nozd Rvew moq yo saullat PuEsnOql JnoJ Jql D L D ~ S . on JZ ! 3 AQqD 0 3 y l 3 9 u l p .. " " : : '' or $ 3 ~ - gyhI ..3db FOmD 5 3 ~ m o ~ l 1 > "hmrr -". . " .a. :UlaqlOl i%mpuagaJdmoJ no& u a lax r o ~ PIES aq lEql41IM IZ . . hip OoA pip wuamaea Jo x n n em p w idnp-n nox nu am as^.q laazoz xam p w in)( saaeor aye3 02 10810~ L?d13 !D" ' 5 n o d g n!3dDy o ~ o w y 3 q La41 'SEA $1SV *I '*PIS raqw aqt 'aroqs a$!saddo a q l 'nnd?u QL o i eo luam p u s . 4 'uaneaq m o q u8ts [ax 21 'AgqD 51mo\~dl3u 'nonodgo QOL vulp e m1q mo13 suryaas us s mIq anmaas 'myq 'mnr u%rmSunndsrD n0!. yCOYID 5 1 3 'DD?'.a*voq a .daell. q g ~ n n e b a 5!3 IDUIOX~~ )I))( 22 IOU n0h Oa.leu nnwr mmsq ax noi o m p O 5n"dg 110 %!~0~19 :mas+ 4 p p a q .&D& an3m noh op d q ~ .no& aa aurxes :kzs p u s h~ssazdxa )L?' ?W 313y?yd ' W O > AO*?Y ma43 ~ a p 1 0 4 ueaaq maw 4 mapro aqnlw s e a aq p w ?wcq aqr OA3YY7W319 D !W . m!q yse WJIUlq%"us I' "?LOO nqdbu? 03 u ~ s a q pus m1q am uoanlnd ayneq uodn spueq slq P!B! ' w q 50....h!oyu @L a q p u v SI .+...nn pv>. sulnsle .I s ~ q r uolteaauaa a m h l a~ u l h ~q s aq !34 hOD ?3NA L! ! I 13A)y saop h q ~ :P!BE .'anlamL.parll no^ . " Yodn pus ' S J ~ JS.aulhss usaaq pue '"OYSldB"P BulhW puy drs sum001 are n-1 d n paqoo! u a w a q l a n Pa~Ool "'*?YdDA? !DX pa !513~?yd PUV 5~ . " .y n nmg!dnQn noopn JOI uahaS Jql aXolq I 'puesnoql mq..wlq)o . oa rr WLOD .jlsaq ?on n o h OP 'sma Smneq qsnoqa pue :as lou noh op 'sada surnsq q a n o q ~ 81 ~8urpwls1apunjo nnp slzeaq r n o n ansq ~ A V em mpm m ..n a a " ? a 5 ~ 03 ~ ~ 961. -a= un& pleoqe 208 'mar(? 513 n3!3ykulp Sqdrl) n l p u 5?orpn w!a q ?Ex? ql!& &I ao oa le wurnsq o m .. jo uanaar aqq pue 5?du s a a s ~ z ~ a a m ro uanee.. .$soq a q l ~!OYD aulnaq u a a x a m loo p o l auo m maql qi!a S u ~ q l o u ul sanralruom qlrm . 3L+Aodhrl IOU puy i q w q "01 uo 1 ~ A W D X wa Sunox? DLV 00 ! . % . . ? ?a 0 1 d v 1 a.. ro m slaxmq uo!s~na~da yn~nnoA)y !or .w!m m z o .ureas o t q a0 room sq ul paaaors aulm. 5!3elY? a q 'sada s!q uodn ilds '@'pD ~ 10 q solrdo am qul tld* a u l ~ s l l aulAsq .!I 5 ! 0 ~ a q l lano laqloua aua 'aupeq a ~ rs a w loo sane01 lsro -moue eve 'nlonoxa nno S n o ~ d u ILO 5novbwn UITM luaM .uanas. pus 'iurds s!s sl!m drdaap urrq ro $mar 4 hldaap p a w o n aulnsll lmrl"lAU Sn2ansucong wuaols au . --. ~ d na m 5 ! 0 n3A3y3 !DX 1z . w a m aernno mm inolqwnorq eq 3m01q 'puaq bq S ~ L O>z 6 ? NIA~A~>~ (avo) wrq a m lo p a m uo roq s s .splesqlaa o r q s u ~ m aae o ~XDW puy . pus aulxooynonasa to" rara ! D W 3 m a ~ y d po 5 3 ~ n o X ~ 5?odyDebp 81 rlsaq aqneq noi azs 3 ~ ~ x 2 tpoi a .qlaa n~ngoyrrurrdnu !nr n?yQn~ e r p n Atnnodg lnd ZZ puy .u3r?onp .I sem aq pun pus 'pazorsar sem aq pus 'q%?o~ I paxoal aq 'LIID?YDWPU~ !DI fi3%3yd?lg 'dpsala ass U 8 u l aql LDX . '5no!y1Xo1wnd~3~ :m!q o l Plus ~ J U L . .LIEU aql PY. ~ d nyool noh sluam . - .es. 5nol ~ Q ~try uodn u!sSs spueq inn 9 0 i p ~ S Q O ~ ~ D '~noqe aulqnm lseuo) srq p ~ s aq l uaq~ EZ om 2nd aq ulsae lxaN ~5nm~olould~n alnoqs auMlsma. e q e m ~ m ~ q q a s areXaq& &dn. E F z E '2%. :au!kes 'amoq mxa w q ro moq qnl q q aaauassq no mru luas au.1 saasgeqd aqi jo "anear eqt pus nm~ .Ad0 M!Q~DW 3 lE3 r3 .." .". L ~ U I ~ $ ~ U S wlq W O d " aulalnDul sem eq aas noh oa. eq% q u r oahas am uaqM 5 7 0 ~5!3 ? u p ~ Q O L 3 ~ p 02 UaqM. OZ ....aka 8 ...q sul~sq a~~~~~ noy8nl noL 5+ !gon3r1~%oytu~ M m!q PaiEJllUJ daqi PW rqsw w q m twm raplo UI mill pus pullq ID~bmg g o q n D " !?Lpn mlq lqanolq aldaad leD1lY3 ham PUB ( a m ) p q q wrq or rsaq Xa alan .5brlg) uanear a q l lor $no yoor 5bd?> 5lrL !nu nn!DnldDm 'uado saha w o n daax.uasqo uaw am r e a n m c q m a ~ hlyXasameq I asneaaq 'uam aas SnoA n'9!9 n 3 A ~ 1.: $ C aq -0q AT p w 13kx 5 7 d !m 41 o n pvq baq? iwl Zasj .oansrauaa :nonuauas sN1 o? 5p6p uania z-3 IIW US!%ON atp q van18 aq nlm TI ' m ~ ~ x e s w o e a w ~ ~u n ! 1 ~ 1 3 0 ) e o g 13 mA?y n@d? !nO~?bn 'Ass 1 hmr& iusrs s L xaas uo!l8~auail s!ql a u w a .pu3."sb 'XL :a8ema i q u a plnow nor( a m m lnq-*ON aq: qq r q u a l o u o p . " .s!qq W BmioN LI 'saneor x q mom ~ q awx.sp.SC~~W!X nhdrlon t g ~ Ins. aqr w a r roo aumool nox aq *am.i$u!ueaw aq? lam ?ah ID)( . .- -. .. :mrq o i PIES m3m nmaq 'uanw ulqa~ Lam PW .. "OAR QOqD AOn10 5 a n a u i s r p Bu!qlhrdna PUV i ~ a w me ) x rm~lpJ e=~ J ul s u l ~ o ssm o ~ =II D L &LbDyhL n~n3yd?n? suraas sem aq p u s !DX gt 'Dar0lsa.!.-p.a.03d ~0x13 r g o nordg D A peq baql JBOI auo JOJ "? V'nD? lda3xa PUB 'BUO[B IOU ?I paw 'ssnnar ex. .pore )o h q l 0s 9 1 :pOlaH plamal Euluolaor aramxaw p q ? o~no>!Aoys~g !nr 91 wag&. - uaqm 61 'raqmamar $00 non o p p a y .

to rov 6piv that 6r1 cloiv TIYES 66% . also ~ athe i b ~ son 1 6 5of to. the C N man ~ P ~ ~ generation.e. Satan. Peter.i$%ita really.." See App 4 ~ . others but that Others.. be? npwrclXco&pcvu~ t b 6xAov havlnp =sued to hlmaelf the crowd oh m i $ pa01~yiq a h . OU of man will also be ~~ato~u~~a (h Id ~v T a6 1s m neu ashamed of him when WIII be of him he . SS' Or. 31 as.Truly I say to LVEKEV k p Wyy~e mod < $$? . Bsptlst.4&wv. . And taklng toward hfmseli outspokenne~she was 6 ~ C T P O ~afirbv 6pSa~o hlrtpb malting t h a t statethe Pe er hlm started to be alvlng rebuke ment. h6yr. of what 6t8ponov r r p 6 j o a 1 rdv r&pov benefit is i t f i r or man La beneRtlnp man to gain the world to gain the whole 6hov itai vlw8jvat r)lv gux v ahoir. And he prophets. saying t o them: "Who are men h i y o w ~ v 01 &vOpwrrot ~ t v a l . 33 b 6L h!urpagri$ ~ a him i aside and started to hlm. dmtrrrv a h o i s together wlth the dlsc p ea of him he aald to them Bum hiow aeEiv il ~ I l i u r g behtnd to corn. Satan." &mLXwv ~ 6 v hyiov. And t o tell anyone about fiptaro 6166mxrlv d r o b q 671 Sd h i . 6oi Clvepwrrog dn. but those of who should taste h a t will not taste death at 'I1 first r)lv Paathciav eavbrou E w &u 16ww of death txnt8 likely Uley mlghtsec the klngdom they see the kingdom $4..lip.MARK 8:27-33 27 Kai And he went out 198 the 199 O f the God 34 Kai And MARK 8:34-9:l of the t& Z7 Jesus and his the digeiples now left '.under behlnd Imavh. and said: "Get . rai &hAot 'Hhdw. he uai E k y ~ v a h o i q 'Apfiv Myw went on to say t o And he wsl saylnz to them Amen I am ~ s y h gthem: . E-li3*. hdyov ~XMEL." 29 And rrq 6 r a abroriq 'Y riq 6i: r i v a p r he put the question to war liquelnp "Don them &u but whom me them: csyOU. 36 Realiv.. would a man would @Ye man give in exchange for a h o O 38 65 t&v *&x. disciples and rebuked to Peter and IS ssYlnE Be SolnE me. and T ~ V & v a ~ f i v a l '32 vai nappqoiq to stand up: and tooutapokennesa the rise three days later. Y n a y ~ dniow paw. krripqoev 'ab~oic iva pq6Evi the Christ. though.w m e m e let him himself and pick u p his torture stake' and follo~ me contmnualiy. not &jhOrv 6 'lq(~o$ Jeaua and ~ a i 01 TOO Be03 MM but the ofh~m/ who H ever his soul? 38 For hra1oxw8i pc rai tobq tpoSq whmver becomes should become aahimed oi me and the my ashamed of me and A ~ W U tv ~ T&Q VOI d i 6 1 my words in this words in the s ? E 3 l o n thls the sdu6emus and sinful t h e Son and &~FIPTO~?. Tha lone1 but havlng turned upon and rebuking him. &TI 06 gpovciq behind me. stake of hlm and let hlm be foilowlns me. men. and Others." 34 H e now called the crowd .. Furthermore. end others Elljah. See App 3c. . angels the holy. ~ a i npo(1Aa~6pcvo~ 32 Indeed.lght h e arrives in the glory t v ~ f 66tp i TOO wa'r 5 cdro5 PET& TJV in the glory of the at er of hlm wlth tho of his Father with the holy angels." 30 ~t he gave rebuke to them ln order that to no one t h a t h e strictly hiywolv n~pi abro0.pii. with Word he w88 speakhg. I F %. . taurdv r a t let hlm dlaown hlmself and let hlm llft up the maupirv a h 0 6 rai &nohwO~iro pol. 36 For whoever wants to h. 86 ri yhp mod news It." 35 Who for If ever may wlU the of himself soul It: who but llkely wlll lore 65 yhp tdV 86hn T?V bau~oir Ulux* to save wlll lose uiwcl~ hoXCoe~ alrrjv. &p&m 76" dmapqo&. rai sinful. 29 ~ a i alSr6~ one of the prophets. looked at his nLrp~ uai ALYFI . 3 k H e 160v T O ~ F p a 8 q ~ h qa610ir t n ~ ~ (IC i Yp hsvlng seen the dlrclplss of him he gave r%uke turned. What. One Of the ETF 76" npogqrfiv. "ille. 8Xho1 61 LIT. 28 a1 are raving the men to be! The [ones) saying that I -?6L ~ t n wah4 hiyovrcs ~ T I 'Iwtnnlv 76" 28 ~ h e said y to him: but sald to hlm saylng that John the the Baptist. + him -th his disciples and said t o them: 'If anyone wants + . @thinnow rai t v ~j 660 tnqp6~a On the way he Phlllp: and In the way he was lnqvlrtng~pon questioning his roc5 pa%&< aSrot h t y o v a h o i q Tiw WE the dlselples of hlm mlsylng to them Whom me dlsclples. What for it. 31 Kai charged them not they may be ssylns about him.) T& &. paeqrai ahoir ti2 Th5 ~Ojpa5K a ~ u a p i a T-2 ~ f o r t h e villages of dlseiplea of htm Into the vlllsges of CPeaerea o f k e Caes. because not you are mindlnp the (thlngii /because you think. p m t r r r j v .r started teaching them d v u i b 702 &Ye&wou l~oXXh na&iv the son of the man many ithings) to rvffer t h a t t h e Son of man nai h o 6 o r t paa8jva1 imb 74v nprof3uripov must undergo many and to be dlrappmued by the older men sufferings and be nai TGW &p irpiwv ~ a T& i'rCwv~ a rejected i by the Older end the chic%rrrierU and tho irr bes and men and the chief ho~r~ejva~ l a l ~ p ~ T Ph~ ~ S and the to be klllcd and after three ~ n be d killed. & T T O K P I ~ b ~ ~nCrp05 who do say I are YOU nay~ngto bed Having snawered the p e t e r am?' I n answer Peter ALycl a f i 4 x b €1 6 X P I ~ T ~ 80 ~ .r~ ~ t v a ~ .a Phi. & T$! a a P 9 9 ~ ere nome here of th:%nell "Usthose of There standing are some here tonlr6rwv o l ~ l v q 06 yc(loovm1 havlng. 65 6' v a6~oO hv h o h i o t ~lose Qod's thoughts. said to him: "You are Is ssylnp to hlm You are the Chrlst.S but whoever . B u t Peter took a h $ .r?v gu the fitfg~ loses his soul for the of him on account o me and of the sake of me and the save cdayy~hiow ad~fiv. he he Started to be teaehlng them that It 1s nece-. 31 ri world and t o forfeit whole and ?o forfelt the s o 3 ofhtm! What NS 3.

~ XLYEI t TG sponsively Peter "Id And having answered the Peter is saying to the to Jesus: "Rabbi. 14'jah ijptlq a6roiq ' H h s i a ~ v Movosi.. in should be treated as of no account? has come.liTah. but discussed among themselves 6K Y E I ( P Y l i what this rising from together what out of dead the dead meant. were conversing with and they were speaking together with the Jesus. i I am saying to YOU that also Eliiah has come. just as i t is written respecting j8dov. 4 Also. . restore d l things. 6 ~ m r s i h a r o abroiq mountam he gave orders to them In order that pressly ordered them i6iav aceording to private [spot] o $ $ ~ ~ ' & . and they ~ a i fioav o w h c r h o O v ~ ~ q ~d ' IqooO. &va@ip! K ~ T ' up &oh< them Into ~ i q themselves alone ~ n d Td he was transfigured he was transfigured l n front them. fine it is us here to be: SO let us erect three ~ a rratjowprv i TPE~SL T K ~ Y ~ u ~o . 3 and iptrr~a a6ro0 t y i v r r o o ~ f h P o v r ahcund h'S Outer garments outer garments of hlm became gllrtenmg white became gllstemng. ~ a h 6 vi o r w ?p&q S6s slval line for us to be here. James and John. 4 ~ a earth i earth not is able thus to whiten. \$ :: e 6 S : .. s u t say to YOU. 15 But as soon as 15 ~ a i slj8Jq rrirq 6 6 x A a ~ 1 6 6 ~ ~ all s ~the crowd caught ~~d at once all the crowd havlng seen sight of him they a h & i<~Bappi0qoav. . t h e beloved. except Jesus alone. and. and ~ a Peter i and James i:j the dead. suddeay having around not yet ~T6ov p5B. m z i q 6 ~ 1 saying That a r e s a y ~ n gthe scrller that Why do the scribes 'Hhsiav 66 &heciv rp&iov. say that first ElWah Eliiah i t is necessary to came first? must come?" 12 He 12 6 6 . prrspop@&0q ~ ~ T T P O U ~ E aLT3v Y brought them u p lnto mA. TOO 0soO $Aqhu0uiw b ~ U Y ~ ~ E 2I K .ii'jah. lo dead (ones1 ahould rQndup. k$d a great crowd about i a L ~ o h q ~ a them and scribes them end around much they saw crowd disputing with them. overshadowing them.' 6 In 6 6 ~ 1 ~i hrro~plefi EK@O~OIy'hp fact. ~ n they d were r n q u ~ r ~ n upon g h ~ m 11 And they began t a him. ~ a fact. ai Power. to you one and tents.MARK 92-9 of the God havmgeome m 200 201 pq6~vi ii d6ov to no one what (things1 they saw E/ ~TCN 6 uid< 70. to them.Pe ~ question they were ljlllmg. and hiyw bpi" bn nai 'HAtiaq Mihutlev." him h~m. K&~S yiypccrrra! the word rai T ~ V hoyov ojltof man had d. and came to he volce overshadowing them.. And he insulred upon him.i Kai and let us make three tents. O ~ K L T ~ 8 suddenly. 16 And he ahoG< Ti ouv ~ T S T E I T E rrpdq asked them: "What are them What are ran seekmitogether toward YOU with come toward ~ n havine d . hnn were stunned. And came to be cloud became quite fearful. for they they became. they noticed the dlscipler d ~ h o v rrohth rrzpi . he did not know he knew what he should ansber. listen to him. 7 ~ a i iy6s~o ve@ihq should make. p6vov. iavrCw ci pfi rbv ' i q o o h they looked around theysaw w ~ t h themselves if not the JCSDS and saw no one with them any longer.":&z. alone. X ~ ~ O Y *OTI T E ~ hi you?^^ 01 ypap. y~a@~hq h i -r:q far whiter than any Xiav ota exceedingly such as clothes cleaner upon the clothes cleaner a n could whiten yijq 00 66vmal o 0 . but how is it that it is wfitten respecting h i ~ the 6 v r a i rrSq and how it has yEypmrral been written upon the Son of man that TOO & ~ P ~ O U in that he must undergo of the man many sufferings and Kcri rrheq rrohha he should'suffer and be treated as of no many (things1 1 . hawever. 10 ~~d they the to heart. SD. according as it has been written $fi$ upon 2"' ah6v. And them.. with Moses appeared was seen to them Elijah together with Moses. body what they saw.. + d v hvaorfiva~. $A8inrrrq rrpAg came toward t h e other TOGS p a 0 q ~ h ~ disciples. Jesus Rabbi. E. they 14 K a i d6av ie * % .. b~ + S I V ~ O ~ V S 6~ 6 u i k pau and a voice came out out of the cloud the Of me of the cloud: "This is my Son. and running toward r u n n i n g UD to him. uuv<q.1i'jah The (anel but aaid to them Elijah lndeed does borne first and &ehv i r p & m v dmonarrm&s~ i r h ~ a . fiorrh<ov~o alT6u. man MARK 9:lO-16 not to relate to anyuntil after the Son of they should relate. Jesus.. having come first is restoring all (thing:). 3 &hh& account? 1 3 But I t<0~6~vqtli. Not for for E.$'" a lofty mountain to and a n d John along. 16 ~ a i h q p Q ~ q u they ~ began to greet they were greeting him.11 ~ a i &qpi)~?v to stand up." L<hrrxva rrcpj XS~#&~EYOI. And after come !n Dower" VET& of God a l ~ e a d y &V~P~)TTOV dl( And nerpov ~ a T i Peter IS llearlng ~ Y and the 'I~IOPOY ~ a 'il o b q v . if no whenever the Son of the vcnp&v hvamB. it is 'IqooO 'PaPPei. ~ 7 And a cloud formed. And re5 ~ a i h r r o ~ p t e d q 6 n i ~ p . ' 7 t. he exirpouq. 6 06 y a p One to Moses one and to Elijah one.z.rl-rabraq x p d ~ ahoGq. h t o a t h < o u o a a i r r o i t nai &YEVETO q w . and the before them. seehmg together toward them. 6rphrquw "PAS toward they laid hold of auv<q-roOvraq ~i 6cqyioov~a!. 9 AS they were 9 K a l rtrraPa1~6vrov alhijv Lr TOO And going down of them out of the coming down out o f the mountain. . E@q a h o i q 'Hhsiaq . quite fearful for what response he Lyivov~a.m ~ heu~&vat. p i v said to them: "E. E. now. and they did t o him as many things as they^ hoiqoav 5oa they did to him asm& (things1 as wanted. ~ a i r r p o o r p i x o v ~were ~ ~ stunned. one for you and Moses and One Mwuoci p f w ~ a i'Hhaiq piuv..

me. the greater number 21 6 6L 'IquoOq ~pcnficaq r i q E I P ~ S of them were saying: The but Jesue havlng lold hold of the \and 'He is dead!' 27 But &o5 fiyctp~v a 6 ~ 6 v . 24 of the e68bq At once np&Ecr$ Ih p faith. rai they brought him to they brouaht hlm mward him.26 ~~i out of him and enter end not yet ." 20 so BC sou besrlnp fivEyrW &bv npbq cnIr6v.. came as dead. them7 202 anawered to him 205 MARK 9:24-31 having crle out was SaYtng one out of of the crowd answered TOG 6~AouA16dlurah~ rbv ~ I 6 v p w him: -Teacher. and a speechless spirit: 6nou khu a h b v raTah&h b i u ~ l &6v. get ~ai pqrLrl. and he stood UP. their way through they were going thelr way through the Gsllleo. 3 1 Par he was should know. I the son 01 ma brought my son to nphq d. yLyovev &O' . 19 6 6i eiples they ware strong enouah.hildl o w w n & p p ~ c v &6v. ~ a iiyDc. spirit. the 24 tfe and he foams and grinds his teeth and lases his strength. 'That have 23 but 'IqwOq Jesus rtrrrv aald to hlm a h @ T6 El The Il expression.. him: but anythlng you may be able. Out trom ltttle child. ebLX8pq elq a 3 ~ b v . all things (onel can be to one if one spirit' i y b the saying to it: "You I ~ I T & U U ~ UOI E<LXBe it a6ro0 Speechless and deaf am givlng orden to ydu. havlnE aplrlt speechless. ahall I put U P wlth rou* How long must I put 1 when Bring qipr~e ahbv rrpbq PC. 31 iSi6aurcv J$: T P $ . by anything except by to comeout if no in prayer. ha was teechlnr a h o i q &TI teaching his disciples paOq~&q a h 0 2 rai Ehryw mat and telling them: disciples of him and war seylng to them speechless s p ~ r ~ t the TO & K ~ ~ & P TXCyw W uncleon . ' threw l n t o m n v v b l o r ~ hlm. 30 rai up with YOU? hlm toward me. I the crowd Teacher. But at the sfght ~b nvrO a I& &v ~685q of h ~ m the spirit a t the P havbzseen hlm atonce threw [the . I need 25 16bv 6L 6 'IquoOq 6 ~ 1faith!" Havlngseen but the Jwus that 25 Jesus. And he asked his ~pbvoq iuriv tlma bC as mOro thls m e cone] 6 but 6e FTnw said hu happened to hlmi rra. all ithlnml 6 h t nha Dolrrible to the 6 & riJ can'! Why. hthcr Ej and falling on rbv n u r i p a a h 0 5 the 01 hlm How much ll&oq the ground he kept mlling about. And having entered of hlm into house the 28 80 after he entered pdrl~ai ah06 Y ~ T ' ISiw dlseiplca of him aCeordInEto private [spot1 inta a house his hqp010v ahr6v '&I i p ~ i q otk disciples proceeded were inqddngvpon him Thewhy we not to ask him privately: fi6wi$qyov tot~@aA~iw &b.10 buti V E K P ~ ~UTE many convulsions it it came o u t and he became aa if dead sa-and got out. faithless ~ ~generation. . so that the many to be saylng that he died. YOU can do anvthine. rai muhv into eanvul$ions. ""ti? when t&?? uov lhall I b i ~how long must I continue with YOU? nbrc &viEopa~ bpav. 29 KO] Etnw 'Why could we not were ab e throw out it? And hellald expel it?" 29 And he a 6 ~ o i q TOOTO ~b yivoq i v od6~vi 66vara1 said to them: "This to them Thls the kind in nothing is able kind cannot get out i<chBdv =I pq Cv npoorvxB.~ help us. prayer. of hlm he r a l r d up him. foaming. po"~ov glve help 23 6 6L The 5 pity on is a n d ?& ~ w ~ v u % n ~ E ~. to expel it.mhould you enter into him.MARK 9:17-23 &obq.lee.kmn. ( a i~ 7 n a roiq e drled up: he oams and and grinds the teeth and I have falthi be helping o?% to the lack 01 latth. And into him no more. ~ . lva ahb PK M w a v And I your disIn order that It they &ht t h m k out. it dashes seizes rai &ppiSeo rai rpiCa~ ro5q 666vraq rai him to the And and IT rai hcnpiBq &Q rlq Pu them?" 17 And one n1m6ovr1. and he he7035 nohhobq XCyetv T I enri8avrv. s Jesus us. Oal'i.616eEY. have faith! Help me l said to the pa8qraiq dlBclpLel of you uw mre6pan hhahov % %h9:. ~ . come forth ou of him spirit.aying a610 Tb to it ~h~ was running together upon ltheml.onel but they were not eapable"' In response &no1p~8~iq U ~ T O ~ FhkyEl ' n yEvEh ' 0 having answered to them IS saying o generation he said to them: ' em n b n *. 'If you you may be able. rebuked and ral rwqbv deaf rrvoi~pa. Jesus took him by the hand and raised 28 ~ u i du~A8bmoq a h 0 0 ~ l q olrov 01 him up. And him to me. I8 and wherever it where il ever hlm i t mlghtselze It ashes hlm." Immedlstelv crrina out. Lxma nvrtpa Mahov 10 rai you because he has toward you." S O K&KE~~EY P ~ hgone 9 6 v r ~ q 30 From there they havLg out And irom thora departed and went hopnjov~o 61b rah~haiag."2 upon the carZl he was rolung he Inquire u w n Lni ~ f i q y"q imqpchycv h It h u h i ~ ~ o&qpi<w." 26 And after crying xp& a ~ a i nohhh uwap&ta? end VBW much h a v i g C D ~ Y U se out and going through hsvlng C i F j O U t i<jh8ev. but iuxuuav. I order you. And him. htovnpip~ 6xAo h ~ i p r l U N TO noticing that a is running toget er upon crow$ gave mbuke to the nlm60 E$P TOO llttle boy na16iou bi8~1 f i of theyoung E ~ E ~ E father V child was saying: -1 hlmi?.EK father: "How long has this been happening to him?" He said: "From childhood 22 rai rrohhda~q ~ a rlq i nOp adrbu liPahw On. and havlng fallen P p a i v c ~ a ~~ . but he did KC? OSK 68EhEv lva TIC and not he was wllllng in order that anyone not want anyone to get to know yvoi." said to him. hsvlng fatth. 22 and time and ~ n d many timas end lnto ere hlm it threw again it would throw him both into the fire rai ~ f f tma 7va &rroh&u and in o waters In order that It mlght des?my and into the water to destroy him. nai dn. But if a h 6 v &U' TI 6 h . and he rose. 21 toamtn8.F it.

cut off it. Who for likely might cause to drink US is for US... Brie It is you manned stumble. 42 But likely might stumble one of the ltttle lanes) these whoever stumbles one. . bagis of my name that 40 85 y&p 06. not underfiyv6ouv ~5 bfipa. 41 F. a n d they Fonds of men. ~ u l v men's hands. i q r t v 8s w o l j o ~ l 39 But Jesus said: him. o 6 r &pB 6 L x c ~ a 1 likely me may be receiving. adroir. it is you off: i t is finer for ~ i a d B & v ?Pi< Ti)" W$V wA6v 9 .~ J p & sror. . and they were fearing standing the saying.. ~ a i ~ K W ~ S O ~ E V throwing out demons. fine . he f0? he should lose t h e reward of him.' into the fire that fire the inextinguishable. h 6 n o ov a+~<v. not me he is receiving not me only. and they were afraid a h b v hrph~fioa!. 42 Kai B S I truly tell Yon..+ 4s nai t b na.i60ra~ "The Son of man 1 s 4 Mp6rou of the man i s bemg grven over to be delivered . dw?p j r b v will quickly be able who for not is downon us. 43 Kai t&v o y v S a h i o n WE fi xcip 43 "And if And i f ever m g h t stumble you the hand your hand makes you oov.powerful work on t h e 6" ' o E ~ a l he w a be able quickly to speak badly of m e . receives name of me..~ d ( l Y ~ U T I V a d ~ e of these little Ones the (ones) believing. pitched into the sea. he is " TIC 6ihc1 WP~TOS .ETV~I Emai anyone Is willing &st . TF) o i ~ i q y ~ v 6 p ~ w iwp6~a Now wh'en he was the h o w having mmeTo be he was mqwnng u w n lnslde the house he airroriq Ti tv 6 6 6 put t h e questlon t o them What m the them "What were 61shoyi<~oB~: 34 YOU arguing over on were YOU reasoning thmugh? The t h e road?" 34 They 6P tu~'hrwv. of water in name because cup f. 40 for bmiv.. and we were preventing by the use of your abr6v. t o w a r d one 61dE h a a v & . waterto drink Xptmo6 i d .. uou lum: "Teacher. r l s 76 than with two hands having to go o f f into the into the to go off into C*e. &TI O ~ K fi~ohorieel fiwiv. will kill him. stood ~ n d havine taken little boy he h o d it . 32 oi later. K 8q of my name. for on the but were silent. and who me. h o ~ ~ w e r i ~ 7~:: ~~I&P. .. The toner) he will stand up." 32 However. &d ff ever C B M O ~ be put out. and whoever Bv &pL GEm~al. i for there is no 6Gva iv &TI T@ dv6wmi PO" name ofme and one that will do a ~owerfufwork upon the ~ a x b nanohoyjoai p ~ . $ road they had argued they expressed tkmsdvee through in the among themselves p~icwv. and of of all (ones) last and of sll (ones) servant. ~3' see Matthew 5 2 2 footnote. name and we tried him." .ih t y ~ l a6?0?< Ei called the twelve tn +hem uTf he coullded the twelve and 1s saylng to them If . him to inquire upon. Kal hr 33 And they came 33 Kai fih8ov And they came into CaPernaum.:S despite being killed. cut i t off: i s finer for you ta eiod~~iv CIS ' T ~ Y W?V ii T&S 660 xsipaq ~t life to enter into the $fe than the two hands enter E x a v ~ a Crrrrhesiv Eiq T$Y j .. And havmgaat down he sat down and & 6 q u ~ u TOGS 6 6 6 e ~ a ~ a .to ipcrg &vBp6ww.. 39 6 6? 'lquoir< E T ~ E V M' KW~~ETS because he was not The but Jesus raad NO? hevov preventing accompanying us. 2 : expelling demons 6rPdrhhovra 6 a ~ & t a . forth " 38 'E q a i n Q 6 ' I w h ~ AI~&uK&.. over us to revile me. 38 Joohnsaid to Safd to him the John be he will be anyone wants to be first. 6 p i v hiyo tviv ivii~l 06 on the ground t h a t of christ rou are. And in mto Ca. ab6riq y a p . because not hewasfollowing us. no one for is who wili do "DOnot try t o prevent ~ a him. N t it.. ~ a & i r r o ~ ~ ~ v o &6v. him that sent me but tha tone) having sent o f f me. t a p r e v e n t h i m .rhv ~ r t m u 6 v ~ w v ...tualiy and he has been thrown in& the sea. but. 44 -* 45 And 6 ro6q UO" uKcrv6dic the foot or may be stumkng if your foot makes cut it us. and they will kill him." a6r6v. E w w . he must be r h r w v Eoxmoq ~ a i & ~ W Y ~I~KOYOS.. ~ a i i~oBoCvro they were not knowing the Mymg. 6fx~~al. fm!v K ~ B ' fiphv.hen'&. A .MARK 9:3Z-38 204 205 MARK 9:39-45 rrapa6. and he . h o h i u n ~ b vr~omv . amen I am saying to rou that not YOU belong to Christ.lp~ov 6 k o ~ 6" 6 v 6 r a n 6rl whoever gives YOU a rou cup . we d6avEv hr TQ 6 v 6 p a ~ i vua we saw nomeone in the name man of you Saw a c e r t a ~ n ' 0 "165 The Son & t:t / 1 :Anes) 1% % ". ~ d 6 eoriv v WE ~u?h6v of you. 44' xBCW and the Westcott and Hort Greek text omit this verse.rob< 660 you to enter into life toenter mto the fiife r a m e than the two lame than with two T P~ ~~ Pc ' . h i T@ one of such young such little boys might receive upon the children on the basis 6v6rari row. 35 ~ a i rdaeicaq who is greater 35 80 $ 0 greater. t o question him. Rne it is to him that believe. dm6nolyov a b r 6 v ~ a h w i m i v o r You YOU. % fy ~t h e s a d tothem Who lkely one of the 31 "whohaever receives rotoCrwv ra!6iwv 6EEq~at.. of 36 And he took 36 r a i haPbv rnr~6iav E m q o w a i d a Young child.. but also &?A& T ~ V d m o o r r i h a v ~ 6 PE.. And who will no means lose &v o ~ a v 6 a h i o p &a 7hv P ~ K P ~T V O ~ T W V his reward. 41 "Oq y&p irv TOT~UO he that is not against is. eiq K a ~ p v a o r i r . b pEuq a 6 r h v ~ a i & v a y r d ! o h p ~ v o q it in their midst and in midst of them and having taken into hls a r m s put his arms amund it and said to them: @ + E T a~b r o i ~37 'Oq . wP% drhhjhouq kept sllent.oertna.""-. it Would p8hhov rather si if TTEP~KEIT~I pGh0q finer for him if a is lying around m~llstone he millstone such a s is 6 ~ 4 ~ 6 ~V E P ~ T ~ V turned by a n ass were belonging to the ass about the put around his neck ~ a i PdPhrl~al Ti)v e a a a ~ w . and having been killed he will rise three days &wrorjocran.

so that they are longer two. and he was accustomed 66i6aurev droliq. should marry another she la mmmlttlng adultery. saying question him concern'"!? this. -Exovra PAqBival el< & m . .a mlght becoke. 8 and be One u h p r a piav. one another. the c o d flesh. pfi r w h l i c ~ ~ t o me. p&e 1 .u ~ o i q u e v & ~ for the kingdom of God beah&." Kal CrriBev hma $XET~ there he And from t h m hsvlngetoJuD he a som ng rose and eiq r h 6pta 'lov6aiag ~ a i Into the regions Judea and t o the frontiers ~. if ever a woman. a n d again OLMIOPE~VT~I n a l v 6xAol d 5 aICg0lng theh Way together Bgafn ETOWd. Ge. which therefor. 3 the klnadom of the Gcd than two eves than with tmn even .w o f him and commits adultery pot & r a t h ' &jv* against her. rcli Ju. . 12 and is fOrnmltfZlg adultem upon her. but one pia uhpp 9 8 odv 6 0€6< no one flesh. .. 3 I n answer he C ~ O K P I ~ E ~Tnev ~S ahoi~ to them: . hoA6uaua rbv hv6pa her she havlngloosed fmm tho male person husband. not b e r m DreventtnE s t a them. 7 'He made them male thla he made them: en account of ~ m a h a i w l &v0pmog T ~ Vnmtpa: afi. ' .j. ~ n d them. 48 where b A a od T E A E Y T ~ ~ a rb i m?~ the maggot or them not ends and the fire their maggot does not die and t h e fire is not a3 uPtvvurat. for YOUR hardhearthew~ote to You the commandment thls. from [thel beginning of creation EVEKEV ro. 46 47 r a l Chv b 6~0aAp65 oou 47 ~ n ifdyour eye And lf wn the eye Of makes you stumble.Yght ma. .hen.oO and female. OUTE ODKLTI ~ b i v 660 &Ah& the two flesh one: ea-and not yet they are two but flesh'. a h d v EI egeu~tv &dpi yuvaina began questioning him hlm If it Is lawful to male person Woman whether it was for a man t o divorce a t$~~?$&. ~~d together let no man yoked opether Put 'part. but the disciples the but disc plea gave rebuke to them.p. rai ~IpqvrSe~e C v &AhjAoe<. leave down r a i r j v p q ~ i p a : 8 r a l Pooural 01 6150 €I< will leave his father and the mothe:. 2 Kai again went teaching he was teachlng throw out It." When r l r j v o1ri. fmm edness he wrote You 6& & P X ~ < ~ r i u e o < h p c v ~ a i echu this commandment. where Ge. not la b e l n ~ extlngulahed. 7 On lvln men the father of hlm this account a man . ~~ ~~~ 10 10 0:ge ~~~~~ $5 ~$2. . ~~ 4 '' u$kt 8 : f t : f L -"" she 3% I .e7a. 1 1 nal ALyrl wen tnquiling urn" him. And he a h o i c "05 &v b o ~ b r j v y w a i r a said to them: "whoto them Who ukely m ~ g hloorenTmmm t the divorces his wife hhAqv ever &00 ~ a i adon and marries another ".m n&Acv al pa0qmI rrcpi r o h o u again in the house the h o w again the dlsclplea this the began to hqp6rov &6v. The but Jerur divorcing [herl:" E T ~ E Y aI1Toi~ nphg m)v OKA p o ~ a p 6 i a vt i ilV 5 But Jesus s a d to aald to them ~ o w a r dthe hard?leartedness opvoo them: " o u t of regard Eypaylrv Opiv f i v ivroAjv r a h r q v 6 hi. must he salted with 62 ~b &Aaq fire 50 Salt 1s fine.of ~T O ~ 'lop66vou. it may bs stumbfing you.n~lf~&~~ t: f wife.--. 2 Pharisees "Ow approached and.What h a v i g answered asid to them tv~~eiharM a wwi 4 01 6t E ~ n Wdid Moses command commanded Moses? The (ones) but sald You?" I They said: 4R' KBCWand the Westeott and Hart Creek text omit this verse. feet t o be pitched into feet having to be hrown into the Gehenna. mlt1e. him to touch these: 01 62 p a 0 ~ a l h e ~ i p t l u a v a h o i s . . ual ~168~1 accustomed t o do h e hlm.MARK 9:46-10:4 206 201 MARK 10:s-14 n66ag Exovra PA1O~m~ €15 njv y t r w . keep peace between end be keeplng peace in one another. commits n odqrpov a 6 ~ Q 13 NOW people him began bringing him l3 And Kai were Feering toward na16ia ?va ah& &(i~lIl~al' young children lor uttle chlldren In order that of them he mlght touch. EV 5 1 Xiov ~ o m a u i o u"Moses allowed t h e book of dirmlsral writing of a certificate b 66 'Iqooirq of dismissal a n d o write end to loosen from. AXXI he I . 48 -&mu t o be p i k h e d into having to be thrown into Lehenna. reprimanded them. 14 16hv 6L b 'Iquoirq f i y a v h ~ ~ q u 14 v At seeing this JeHavlng seen but the Jesus was Indignant sus wa8 indignant and said t o them: "Let the ETTEV adroiq "A@CTL T& na16ia end aald to them Let YOU go OR the Uttle children children come E x ~ u e a i np6g pe. In what it with what YOU &pr6un~. put out. and wlll be the two Into and mother. . . 49 " ~ 0 'everyone 49 rres . .hen4na. marries yapiun hhhov po~xha~. a n d as h e was &6v. uravfmhit. kne. n p o ~ ~ h e b v r r < @ap~uaioiol hqpbrov hsv ng come toward Phsrlaeea were inquiring upon t o put him to the test. Kal what man no et apart. ~~ / - . toward crowds came together t o him. r&v rotohwv Iuriv them.. e e n Lv it Have will you sesa&n? Be L i n g In :?i?! s a t in y o m e l ~ e s and . U ? e longs t o suchlike ones. 3 Therefore Ood yoked uuv E U ~ E V &v0pmo< 1 1 4 ~ w p i ~ h'a a n d scmss the other side 01 the Jordan. 50 Kahdv T& & h a s Ihv Fine the salt: if ever but the salt but if ever the salt &vahov ytvqral b ~ i v l agrd loses its strength. M a d e the eonce~alon Moses H t! rphyla~ rai h o h i r u a ~ 6 .. Everyone wlll be salted. and Jordan. do not try t o t o t e comlns toward me. E K P ~ A E &(lv throw it aww. i s finer for you t o r f i a A $ u i i m l v pov6Q&lAfov ~ t o ~ A 0 u ^ v enter one-eyed into YOU It11 one-eye toenter fiv BOuthsiav TO^ 0 ~ 0 6 9 660 6~8oApoSq the kingdom of ~ 0 . WTatttb&u ' E ~ ~ T P E ~ ~ MOVU~C. o f ths such (onel) 1 . u . but beglnn ng of ereatlorn male and female 6 However.

abundantly still more astounded to enter. upon him and felt said to him one(thing1 you is tacking about: love for him and Said to him: '"One thing hayr 60a iXEIS be going under asmany (things) you are having is missing about you: rrhh oav ~ a i 665 ~ o i q rrroyoiq." kingdom of the . 27 t PMwq . 22 6 68 en. rr&vra im~ossible but not besPde God. 15 & p j v Afyw bpi". Amen I amsaying to you. h id wfil by no God as little child.. 19 You know IJOlx~b~l5.i God!. aiivtav . and began blessing h ' ah&. hewas blessing putting ~arcuh6yec m8eiq ~ 6 5 xeipaq the hands upon them. whoever does 85 hv pi 6hEqsal silv P q o ~ h r i a v TOO receive the kingdom Who likely not might receive the klngdom of the Of God like a 8roj rra~Siov. he but again ho~pr8eiq Aiycl a 6 ~ 0 i q T&va TIGF them: '"Children.teal. ~ o pq8qraiq i ~ aljro5 nGq 6uaa6Awg difficult a thing i t in saying to the d~serples of him How difficultly will be for those money to enter o i T& x p i r a r a i x o v ? q cis ~ j with v the (ones) the moneys havlng into the into the kingdom of paocX~iav TOG ~ E O O E / ~ ~ A E ~ ~ o Y 24 T ~ Io. : 3 !2 dnrfih0sv grew sad a t the saying went off and went off grieved. oG6~i5dya8bq inherit everlasting Why me You aresaymg good? Noone good life?" 18 Jesus said ct v i ~ T c 6. rrsploa&5 E ~ U E ~ ~ E 26 ~ Y . 23 After looking many. EXWV ~ r i v ~ forahe was holding having posresalona grieving. many possessions.. arirbv hqpi-ra ad?& A 1 6 d r o ~ a dryaef A~ a certain man ran him was inquiring upon hlm Teacher goad. and you have and give to the Poor. riq 66varat oo8jva1. Do n a i r j v pqrkpn. I might inherit.MARK 10:lS-22 208 having grown sad 209 muyv&aq upon ?v he was .. The lane1 'but follower. the commandments. and come be my be fallowing to me. 29 I Say to men' No bpi" od6ei5 EOTIV 85 & Q ~ K C Yo i ~ i a v fi to T O .*~5. . ---- . 24 But the k~ngdom of the ~ o d wxu enter. Started with God s 28 Peter hfysw ilvci5 started to Say t o i) n h p o ~ah6 'i60b to h ~ m Look1 Peter to be saying the We h7. hut not tr6rivarov &AX' 06 r r a 6 ~ S Q .'Good Teacher. The but kept from my youth dpPA&qag a6r$ i y & q o r v arirbv nai On'" looked havmg looked in him loved him and ETTEY ah$ -EY m J o ~ ~ p e l ." 22 But he rr01ioo tva 'Fj.why do you If not one the God. how having answered is saying to them ~hlldre. Tila T ~ Y r r a ~ i p aoov DO not steal..' UD and fell uDon his And 17 K a i bxno euovivou a l j ~ o G st5 66bv knees before him and what shall I do in order that everlasting put the question to ~ h q p a v o p i o o .. 9~65. and You wfll E<EI Bqoavp6u 6" aripavrj.^. at not commit adultery. KAfUlqc YOU ~ h ~ ~ l d e o m adultery. h i X6yq <?? $ '2 Y~?P .. NO one is who let go off house or one has left house or &6eh$o65 fi dr6shp65 fi pqrhpa ij r r a r i p a fi brothers Or sisters Or r brothers or s~sters or mother or father or mother or father O AurroGpsvoq. Honor and the mother. DO Mi y6o~ap~upiopg. 6 6L ' 1 ooOq n&h!u Jesus again said to words of him. bn easier o n r j ~ s p 6i=pl(v i vt is u&pqhov camel 25 ~t is far a camel to go through a 616 ~ p d u r & q baQi6og 61rh8siv fi eye than for a through bble of needle to go through than 8mO IiCh man to enter into nhoba~ov siq ~ f i v p a o ~ k i a v TOO the kingdom of God. who is able to be raved? a a v L g looked m straight a27 Saved?" t them Looking Jesus a l j ~ o i q 6 'I DOG< Ahye! nu h drv8prjnotq said: . dIya86v.With men it is them the 3esus saying ~ e s P d e men "possible. Be honoring the father of you bear false witness. 18 6 68 'IqooOg €l?sv ari~. 'DO not murder. these (things1 all ?guarded Said to . v .TTEPIPASV& E Y O ~ b 'iqooOq his disciples: "How ~~d haring l ~ o k ~ b $ the ~ ~ ~ J~ ~ Sd US hhy?." 6 'IqaoGq 'Aptjv Akyo ool. &rompjot)<. The but Jesus sald to hlm I to T i WE ASYEIS . m~t shouid ..Teacher.nk to him: '." it. The disciples gave way 68 ~ a 8 q ~ n i e 8 a p p 0 5 ~ ~ 0 6 d to surprise a t his but disciples were being astomshed upon In response A6yoc5 aljra0. ~aGra vhvra uAa5hpqv er!. ~ a0 i 0 . 21 6 6? 'IJZ~:~all these things I have out of xouth of me. into his arms them laying his upon them. 15 Truly I say to you. kingdom of the Gad. how difficult a thing i t 6Go~oh6v i o ~ l v r i q p a o ~ h e i a v TOO is to enter into the difficult [thing) it is into the kingdom of the kingdom f . Amen I am saying 29 Jesus said: ~ r u l y to you. rrohhd. ~ ~ d ! 9eoS God Lto ~ U enter: E ~ ~ E 25 ~ V~ . A16hu~ahs. Gad.19 co$a". The ionel but said to him father and moth. far all 6uvar6 rraph 28 thmgs are possible poarlble beslde Gad.3 ~ 7 6 5 PoU.$oveiion~ is goad. 20 6 6L E$q aGr+ not defraud.$ him: . and hlther have treasure in heav&noAob8~~ 0 .' 20 The man Teacher. MARK 10:ZS-29 rf the word Paolhsia TOO 8ro0. Sell what things se2 and give to the poor (ones). left hqinavcv rrhvra ~ a ii l ~ o h o u 8 i ~ a p k all v things and have have let go off a l l (things1 and have followed been following you... ~~.C. Do not YOU should defraud. ~ a SEOpo i you w~ll%ave treasure m heaven. not not should enter lnto means enter into it. you have known Nat you should mukder. except one. ~ o d rich m a n ] into the 26 They became oi 6 . Jesus said to 23 K a i . ori p i stoihen pi< . . The (ones1 but t ~ ~ r r h i o o o v ~ hhyovrag o rrpbq n h 6 v K a i and sald to h ~ m were being astounded saying toward h ~ m And fact can he ~~~.T nnlr~ W . goingEiaway or him into way r r p o u 6 p a ~ & v rTg ~ a i yovurrerfioaq 17 And as he was having run toward one and having fallen on knees to going out on his way. ~i Not YOU s auld bear false w~tness.) 30 with God. all (thing. call me good? Nobody 076aq M' .fe .

rrpomop~irourac cnhQ ' I&~wpoq 35 And James and go their way toward him James John. Once again he ~ . 41 Well. if ever no 30 who will h&Bq ~ n a ~ o v r c m h a u i o vvcv a b TO he might $bceive. last first. 6 62 ' l qaoGq EITEV &+ Ti. &Ah' ?lq fl-roipaorat. t x t : ~ ~~~ ha~2~. 31 However. Bhr~apa a f y d YOU will be baptized. ~ a . ~ a &Y i TO the-r$ne. and wlll scourge him and will kiu. houses and appointed tlme this house. hrm but three days ~ ab i n h T c^< i p t p a c & v a o r ~ o r r a l . ~ a i 6 33 "Here we are. . after calling them t o him. 3 1 aohhoi 6 i in the coming 'ystem eomine life everlartine. rai t o the chlef prlests ehxef priests and to the scnber. 68ihal~pv we are wluing in order that want you to do for us t o him Teacher. orenarea. The but Jesus said to them The drink. rr &TO( Eux&ol nai 01 life. roiq salem. f t : Ze jr Ze ~~~ ~ 41 ~ nai n d having dr~oGuavrsq heard the o i 6ten i ~ a fipSavro started & y a u a ~ ~ ~ irrcpi v ' l a ~ r j p o u ~ a 'I&vou. and the baptism which I 40 However. and into Jerusalem. re 'IquoGq E T ~ C V a h o i q 0 6 ~ O ~ ~ C ~ T E hundredfold now In the not get a hundredfold in this period ~ ~ ( r roiniag q. 38 6 62 not know what YOU we might sit down in the glorji of you. one a t your tK right hand and one lva E T ~ uou $ o ? s i n order that one of you out of a t your left. . 62 na8iuat i~ 6 ~ l l O.MARK 10:30-34 ~ t r v a fi children or 210 211 35 Kai And MARK 10:35-42 &POD ~ a children i or flelds account 0 me and for my sake and for EVEKW TOG Ainu. Pcmr~a8~aroB . tized?' 39 They said t o him: "We are able. or t o be baptized YOU are asking for. and in the &p~opiv~ <o{v ai6vlov. nai dr6~hqobq natpQ time. but those who the (ones) hut following . we a h 6 An6&a~aA~. and they were bemgastomshed.. ~IWYVQV. this pan~i<oka~ . and brothers brothers and sisters &6. 42 uai rrpoouaX~ahp~uaq a J ~ o b g 6 ~ n d having called toward himrelf them the Others it. been . The but are for. and Lv~nrv On lri. r a i d8alrpoinrro. . they felt oi 66 &nohou8otw~g LqopoGv~o.dqir5 ~ a pqrlpag i rai + ~ v a nai d r pobq slsters and mothers and chlldren and xelds and mothers and children and fields. 36 to them: "What do The YOU shouid do to US.h % :g . followed began to fear. and wlth persecut~ons.. and the advancing up t o Jeruuibq roo &v8p6rrou rrapa6084a~a." 38 But Jesus ~ESIOY ~ a ST< i dc &PIUTEP& dght-hand [parts] and one out of left-hand Ipartal said t o them: '"You do ra6iaopev b rfi 66Sq uav. and t h e iuxarot VP&TOI. when t h e tn =ive hut to W ~ I ones C ~ it ha. ~ not mine t o give. We are steppmg up into Jerusalem. . i to be indignant about ~~~~s JO~XI.fiv "po&yov u p to Jerusalem. they heard started about to be indignant at James and John. n : took the twelve aside ipSaro aljroiq AByrtv and started to tell he started to them to be saying the p a h o v r a ah3 O V ~ P ~ ~ M I V bn 33 . the two sons ~ a 'Iwhvqq i oi 660 uioi Z~BrSaiov hlyovrrg of Zeb'edee.. 42 But Jesus. with persecutions. and the Son of Son of the man wrll be given over ta the man wrll be delivered hpxlrpeirulv ~ a i soiq y p a p p a d u t v . and them the Jesus. ~ ~' $ 2 ~ 0 %%F g $ingsgn) I tprraiSourr~v a+Q aai Lprrr(ruouolv a h Q and ihey will make they will make fun of hlm and will spit on him r a i pamty6uovutv adr6v xai t n r o ~ ~ ~ v o i r o ~ ~ . YOU a b l e t o drink t h e Jesus sald to them Not row have known what CUP I am drinkaii~im8r. are r o u able to drink with the baptism with which I a m being bapn o=UP ~ i p l a v which a 6 ~ : YI*m~~~i. 6 ' IquoDq.SO' SeeMark 4:19 footnote. and he was going before J~~~~ in a6roGq. last (ones1 6mt (ones)." 32 Now they were 32 'Haav 61 $v . in your glory.v fOr whom it has been of me or oz$$of left-hand [parts] not it is mzne prepared. stepped and John the two sons of Zebedee raying Up to him said iva to him: "Teacher.r c 663 &vapaivovrsq They were but m the way stepping uu advancing on t h e road E Ipo6hpa. hut the but to sit down out of right-hand [Parts] it those Uou i l rSwv6pwv o r i ~EUTIV Cpi. WiU b e ~rsf(onea1 last (ones1 and the many t h a t are first will be last.g." 6oirvag.1605 them these things t o befall him: being =bollt to him to be befalug that L ~ O ~destined I &vapaiuop~v eiq 'fEp0a6~upa. 39 oi 62 c i v m a h $ At that Jesus said to be baptized with? he but said to him t o them: "The cup I AuvClpda. n v hut of thinas' everlastina ~aovra. am driwing You w e are able. ~ . 6hvau@c ~ l ~ i v ing. and and the senbes. and = f u r X r 6 e days he wru wand up. 37 01 62 Eirrav Aat to rou? The (ones) but said to him ~ i v eslt down. and with the baptism with which rromiplov 6 dyd rrivo "iEaeE cup whieh I am drinking You will drfnk I am being baptized ~ a i ri. 30 dirv the sake of the good on account of the E%news. YOU want me t o do for ~ i ~ r ah vo i q Ti ~ ~ E T E VO~~)O~W 37 They said s a ~ d to them What are YOU willing I should do t o him: "Grant us to Opiv." p baptism h r l u p a which 8 E x 6 being p m ibaptized <opal parrr~a8fivac.were being fearful. nai . sitting down a t my am be~ng bapt ed w ~ t h you will be baptized wlth. 8 i&v airfiooplv whatever i t is we ask we might ark of which if ever you for: 36 He said 6 rro14auc fip?v. f r o n t of them. later he wlll rise . right or at my left is 40 ri.

on which none of Bat down: loole YO" mankind has yet sat: no one not aa yet a?men I Spiv loose n a n d bring it. eirrarc '0 to you. ken .. Jesus. Into Bethphsge and Bethany toward tho Moun to Beth'phsge and rbv ' a a t b v . Kal 6re b y ( l a v u ~ v €15 'IrpoobXupa N .nhg k ~ ~ Son of ~ e v i d .cba.the :9 .ni.a1 BF & 43 is not the way among you. hanq6fiuaq 4)iBeV npb< having leaped UP he came t w e r d ~ 6 v"I 00%. And thc~. and he began to follow ~ a i fi~oh06tlet adrQ i v rfi b6Q. and who New Bihq t v dpiv elvai n p b r o ~ . But as And iheu ere coming Into Jcrlcho. are You might asy Why a t e rou doing this? say rov The doing this?' say.~ heard P that ~ the Naz. he a h 0 0 2 rai &Lye. his dlseiples t ~ n o ~ c w p t wa uh 0 0 &d 'Iepe~xZI 1a1 TWV he and a going ia way out of him irom ~ e r i c h o and of the crowd were going p a 0 q ~ b v a h 0 0 r a i 6~Xou l u m 5 dlsclpies of him and of crowd mfficient t h e Out Of Je'iehO.. his 'Oul a of him ransom and to ave ransom in exchange . he i3sending ofl two of t h e disci~les Beth's. ~ a i q-0~~ 76" and said: 'CALL hlnl. The but blin (one asid to him Robboni. but WantS to become great among YOU must be YOUR minister. 47 uai blind sitting beside the the way.L)\el nhh.w).rene. your faith said to him Be going under. And at ones he loo ed a s a h . 48 rai and of id J ~ B U B . of them arewield%g sutiority over them." lva & have mercy on me. . ~ n d David.:"m$ts. 1 T~'JTI< COY him: " 0 0 . it he la lending OR again here.--~~ ~~ ~~ e 1 1 1 '0~011 t . have mercy on me. and he was following to hlm in the way.reaoundingto the And they called the was crylnaout EKPO<EV YIL Aauei6 UILqu6v pe.and as sbpi?e~e nbhov 6~6epivOv 6 " soon as YOU pass into YOU wrll And colt having been tied upon which it you w i find ~ a colt ob&lq o h w dv8 hnwv & ~ & 8 l m ?dIoare tied. rSp~og a h 0 0 xpriav #XEI' rai needs it. &m 6t but who In llkely & may wiu will be eihq "~ZF b bv ZV~A b ~ bpiv. him on the road. and a ? ? " . was Lr&0 TO T ~ V 6 6 6 ~ . 52 rai 6 'IqooOg let in orderthat lmlnht look again. i." h& Aeqev. And immediately he ~ i u w r L v a .iyerc of him end U saying to them Be rov goin* under diswtehed two of his ~ l qTiJY ~(hpqv TljY I ~ T ~ V T b I ilY 1a1 disciples 2 and into the vlllsge the (one) o w s i t e ofyo$. 1 .&vri noMQv. recovered sight. a180 for the Son of the Lurat ~ I & K O W44 C . a son of 8ma:maeus Bartimseus blind beggar. 46 And they came 46 Kai Epxovml el5 'Iepe1~6. .MARK Jcms 10:43-49 is saying to them You have *nourn a12 213 blind (one) MARK to him 10:50-11:4 671 said to them: 'You that know that those ~ i l V iBvbv appear t o be ruling the (one11 aeemlng to be ruling of the nations the nationslord it KaTaKu tc6ouo1v ah& m i 01 pyfh over them and their are l o r d ~ g ltovcr them and the g e a ones1 great ones wield ahbv r a r e o w l & Dwlv a h b v . h o a ~ & h h c6~ k rbv pa0qrbv of the Olives. will be nhvrwv 600Aog 45 r a i y h p b ulbq TOG of ail (one11 #lave.ny at the Mount OfOlfves. 44 and whoever wants to be first among You must be the slave of hv0phou man to serve obu not ?XBw came T I ) J S1anovq9jva1 to be served sou hut to minister a h 0 0 Ahpov to. And if ever anyone to You And if anyone says rYnq Ti ~~OIE~TE r o h o . more: '"Son of David. him: "Rab. 43 obx authority over them. Kai $.Yn." Instead of many.: e will at once send it Kai Ofl back here.L)\. him: 'Take oourage. Shouting that much end went to Jesus hd in answer to him jwus said: 5 1 And nai hsvlnganswered tnronpl8si~ to drir hlm t h be J I u '& F "What do you want et=ev Ti COI MEI rro~fiuo said What to you a n you w ~ l l i n l Ishould dkl me to do for The blind man said b 62 ~ h b )q ilncv a h @ 'PaPPouvef. 'The . saying to &w< thvl but 66 ~ C T I Y &V it Is in bpiv You."to be ministered And +UX? wa.. bmme okou aervsnt. €oral may will In rou in he first. v it was ~ having heard that J ~ S U B the N ~ it 1 . have mercy on me? 49 rat ma< 6 'Iquo~~ And having stood Istllli t h e Jesus .to Jerti.a. outside On toward door outsids uW)n t h e aide street.atd 49 SOJesus stopped hviloare a h & . And they went and dnrjh0av r a l e13pov nbhov r6s Lvov they went ofl and found colt tied found the colt tied at n p b ~ ~ p a v E ~ W hi TOG hp@66ou. and the side street.'" 4 80 a6~bv tnroor~.v SSr. have 61a~ovjCal Kai 600va1 and to glve the . and the ?nus. when they And when they get near into Jerusalem were getting 1 B119eayfi rai BoBaviav n&q 76 near to Jerusalem. for many. vai rb9bq has awed you. 3 r a i thv it and be bearbe. fipCaro rp4 EIV a hlye~v Yli he started to be out and to be sayhe son he started shouting "On Of Aauci6 'IqooO." Sound row to him.. me recover sight. a h b v r a i ~ L P E T ~ . hd 47 When he &roboac 6rt 'IqooOt 6 NaSapndF h ~ " and them: 'Go into the ~6% ~imropsdprwl &fiv village that is within at once going your way inside it Sight of YOU. Ullqo6v WE. ~~d the J~~~~ 52 And Jesus said to ETTEV a673 *Ynays. and Mrd of It nccd is havlng. a h o i q . Iblind man. Not 01 'I~ooOq hiye1 ahoi~ 076are wqXV X L ~ O V T C ~ ~ T Q Ohpael aaylng SoroGmg Clpxe~v Be taklng coirase. r a i the door. (the ulbq T I aiou Bcrp~ipaaogrueMq n p a m s i ~ qBartimae'us son of Ti. the falth of you has made you well.

And the (ones1 behind kept crying n p a & y o m q uai I. he went Out to late already beine . for i t was sppinted time l4 Or figs. Homnna in the highest [plaeeal. 6 ~ a m i nq r&v they BTO b o ~ i n g It. 18 uai f i ~ o u o w the chief priests and of robbers. of prayer for all the of oraver will be called to ail the natlons? nations'? But you ~.. for all the the crowd wss belng astounded upon crowd was continuaily being astounded a t his ~ f i 6 1 6 ~ ~ :cnlroO. into Jerusalem.r& r o h h u ~ t o r & v ~ a i~ h g or the money ehangera and the overturned the tables na8iSpaq T&V nwAo. were hearlug the d l s ~ i ~ l e of a him. Bethany wlth the twelve. And heard chief przests the scribes heard it. of them. Z E ? . a n d they let them go. ziq 6L motfir&v omiha. all things. he found nothing b u t leaves.those going in front and those coming n 6 q ~ w ~ ~ir g zi.MARK 11:5-13 214 215 n really anything E ~ P ' U E . ~ ~ ] t o t h r o w out those & y o p & p v r a < tv rrQlcp3. In response. 8 r a i nohhoi -rh ip&rla cnlrGv the road. David. and h e went to see rahether h e would perhaps find something on it.v & pirv 3 ~ a i ol having cut out of the &Ids. rh lphrla &&. in fi Ppxoplvq B a o ~ h e i a TOG rrmpdq fip&v the coming kingdom of the father of us the heights above!" 1' And he entered h i & 'tl(mwh b TO?< inyioro~q..ov have made i t a cave $ 0 " hut YOU have made it cave of robbers." f i ~ o u a y ol ya8qrai a h o 0 .oq 6cEnhfimo m. r a i ~ h selling c rnbc and buying in the (ones) buy "g in the temple. And one eat fruit from you anymore forever. j ~ ~ ~ . : 1 4 : n%LTaq ~2: T%f$F' . and having loaked aroundon all (things) the hour was already 6 ~ 2 4611 o G q q r$ Opuq tcjh8ev tlq late.. of them from Bethany he became hunsry. 1 And they brought 1 ~ a i rpipouutv 76" nbhov wpbq the colt to Jesus. ~ a ai&81m i h ' many spread their the Outer garment.5~ MARK 11:14-18 LI B w they loosed it. 9 And spread into the way: others but tree branch. and they let KO OR them. And 15 Now they eidEheh LIF ib i ~ p d ~ ipc-0 t o Jerusalem. doves he overturned and not 16 and he would not ~QI? TKI TI< let anyone e a r n a angone In order that he was lettmg go 0% utensil through t h e ~IEY~YKI) m e h < 61h TOO iepoir. ~ comes & . i. in ~Jehovah's' ~ were crymg out Hosanna: Blessed the (one) name! ID Blessed is the coming C p ~ 6 y e v oPV ~ dv6yar1 Kupiou.nY with t h e Bqewicm VET* TQY ~ & ~ E K Q twelve. temp1er but he should bring Uvough utensil throush the temple. ~ a ihe said to it: "Let n o ase out of you no one fruit may eat. Kai listening. r a i inrp6Mowlv adrO garments upon it. and they are throwing upon it h e s a t on it. ~ a oi i YP~JIIIDTL~S. 5 B u t Ahwav &6v. thb teaehmg of him. and And they are bearing the eolt toward they p u t their outer rdv 'I uoOv. And his disciples were 15 Kai E p ~ o v r a ~ elq 'IrpooMupa. There having entered Into the temple he started he entered into the L~Phhhr~v and started to be throwing out t h : ~ : .of e hour he went out lnto Beth'a." 18 And &PX~EPE!S h n a ~ + . ~ l e r s e d of our father Davidl' we pray. And many the outer garment# of them cut down foliage from Eorpwuov eiq ~ j M6v v irXho! 6L. or1Ph6aq the fields. is temple. rat . h o r p ~ x q e7nev h i M q ~ h t siq d v not t h e having answered he said to l i Not yet into the 14 80. liept and 17 r a i E 6 i 6 a u ~ w rC(i aeyw Ob "1s it not and he was tesehinp he was saying ~ o saying: t yiyppnql 6 ~ 1 '0 oTr6q you o l ~ a q written. him: for they were in they might destmyi they fesrlng for him.&. 6 &$. 12 Kai And ah&v dm& BqBaviaq inTTEiYauEvI he became hungry. but others it.vrtg out: "Save. had said. and the ?esus. teaching. alcva i~ uoo yq6eiq ~ a p n d v qhyot. 13 And from a 13 rat 16hv ourjv dmb p ~ r p 6 B t v d'stance he caught And havlneseen fie tree fmm sight of a fig tree % " = i ~ % ': t h a t had leaves. we pray!' going ahead of and the (ones) fdlowins Blessed is he t h a t grpa@. ~ a ? &Qfirav n b q adr6v and they began t o and the scribes. 10 ~ d h ~ ~ kingdom ~ ~ coming in name of ~ o r d . And they are coming Into Jerusalem. and hesat down upon outer garments o n d d v . ?eaves irMa he came if ?h&v ie TzF % : $ . and. il. 'nu~ . 6 . and were SeeMnp how him seek haw t o destroy 6nroXiumt~ tQopoirvro vhp d+. coming t o it. fear of him. S Also. 6" a b 6 KO(? Lhehv hi a b i v he wl?l hnd 1x1 it. ~ u t on . and he .hav ~ h of t the money changers the and the benches of seats of the (ones) selling nep~q~~ph~ q a ~ & o r p t + t v 18 nai o k those selling doves. into 1 1 Kai rlufiA8ev rlq 'le u6Avpa rlq T& the temple: and he And heentered into i%?msalem into the looked around upon iep6~ n e p ~ P h e ~ l h p ~ v o ~ . 6 ol are YOU doing loosing the eolt? The (ones1 colt?" 6 They said 62 e 7 n w c n l r o i ~ u&bq cin~v 'irlooGq' t o these just as Jesus but said to Ulem aeeordlng as said the Jesus. '*y has lt been wr~tten that The house of me house will be called a house ~ p ~ w x i i ~h~8fiUCTal q n h u w soiq ESv~ow. and having Coma u p n 1t0 3 6 6 ~ E ~ P V el 4 nathlng he found if not ~rnp. 12 The next day. &o~ou~o. And %me of the (ones) some of those stand1 ~ d b ~ q ~ 6 r w v Weyo" ahoiq Ti ing there began t o say there havlng~tood weresaulng to them What to them: "What are You doing Loosing the noleire hljovreq T ~ V rrGhov. ? 1 1 2 : . and the the temple.

"$Pizg I am dolng. And they were reasoning + .. he will have it so. Oeeur. &rroupi8qr6 pol ~ a i ip* word.&." 31 80 they beoutof heaven wsa or outaf men? h o ~ p i 8 q ."d % l2started to Also. In order thst also any0ne.3 22 ~~d in rriu~lv 0 ~ 0 6 . r a i 01 y p a p p a r ~ i ~ ~ a i 01 ITPEOP~?PPOI older men came t o and the rcrlber and the older men him 28 and began to 28 uai &yov 7 to him: "By what and were ~ a y t n a whz:d% of " authority do YOU do iCouuiq ~&a rro..EC h0phc.. hztfa~. inOrder that YOUR Father who i s 6 n a r h p b &v 6 L v toig ~Cpmvoiq the Father o r ~ o r r the (one) in the heavens in the heavens may forgive you &QF( Cpiv T& rraparrrrrbpara 6 trespasses. 22 r a l drrro~~~e~ig 6 t o him: "Rabbi. t ~ o P o G v ~ o rbv bxhov for these all held t h a t they were fearlng the crowd. %$ ! ? % : &+ Epxov~al rrphg a h b v 01 & p x . ~ ss~ v f~ -. 32 &Ah& therefore not YO" belleved to him? But dare we say. L~urop~bvro ECw r i g rrbhewg. the 20 But 20 Kai n a p a n o p r d p c v o ~ rrpwi si60v rhv when they were And mnklnewnu beside early they raw the passing by early in uuufiv dtsgappt v the they saw Re tree havtng een w x e r e d o$of t h e fig tree already &vapnlo8cig 6 nL~pog hiya~ hevlng remcmberad the ~ c t e r la saying to him withered u p from the "OkSo Peter. H faith ~ ~ in ~ cod.1 ahroig Od6L Ly& hByw by what the ?erus is raying to them Neither I sm saytng I I these bpi" b rroiq teoumiq raiim to YOU in what sort of authority these (things1 things. And whenever you ere standlng have them. planted a vineyard. ~ p ~ i qthe chief priegts and him the chtef ~ ~ i e ~ the ta aprih.PYL. h e says is going to he is speaking is oceurrf~g. 29 6 61 29 Jesus said to them: Uleae (thhgsl you may bekolngl Tho but "I will ask YOU one 'IquoGg ~lrrirrrva h o i g ' E n c p ~ ~ f i u wbp&g Eva question. 33 well. ? :% '? 'dt"f%. And to them: am 6 ' I uoiig hBy. it will be to him.l "nT E ~ W ~ E V rrpbg taurobg ALyovrc~ 'E&v we say. -. . 'Why is it.-. ~~~.Liq. he . r$f - rr!. and doubt in the the sea: and does not r a p 6 i q a h o i i &AX& rrlorr6p TI 8 doubt in his heart hut heart of htm but may be believing thst what has faith t h a t what hah~i Y~YET~! cma. Lpri A!& ri did not out of heaven.o .-. towaid them~elves Stayins If ever W 'El odpavoc.. . and YOU will i v 25 gal 6rav WT~~KETE to uov. I ~ ~ 12 speak n a f ~ ~ ~ ~ $ to q them with hahriv 'A rrrhbva hv9porrog L Q ~ T L ~ U L V . "We do not 'IqooG XLyouolv O ~ K oi6apcv. ~ Z C S bn John had really been d ou r6v 'lw&vqv dvrwg wereXhsvtnp the ~ o h n in beingnear that a prophet. me. and I ahall say you by what authority bpi" C rroiq btouuiq ~ a i i r a I do these things to YOU in what sort o! authority theae l t h i n ~ l l Was the baptism S O ~b P h r r r ~ u p a r b by John heaven I am doing: The baptlsm the Ionel Or from men? Answer (5 obpavoii fiv fi 65 &ve&rrwv. and it wu be you have received.-. be letflng ge of2 it anything ling." 26 -' mlght xeZno OR to rou thc trca~aalel . for have faith that T L ( ~ ~ E T E XTI hh61PLTC ~ 0 1 1 EOTUI be havlng fslth that rau recelvhd.w. -l-v . felth oi GO^: amen I am sayln8 . . And having answered the the fig tree t h a t you 'iquoiig hLye~ahoiq "EXETE cursed has withered Jesus Is saying to them Be uov having Up. 'From heaven. i6r 1 uwfi fiv ~rnp&lrw Rabbi. .. they would go o u t they were gotog their way out outslde the city. & irre TI EY praying. 24 This is why 24 6 t h ro5ro ALyw bpi" rr-a Thmush thla I am saying to YO&. forgive whatever YOU have against EXETE .' e should say he will say. he willsay Through what him?' 32 But oOv aGr h c m 6 u a r ~ ah+.. . 'From men'?"-They were . r a l p 6 1 a ~ p l e i LY T$ up and thrown into Into the sea. said L<jpcrvrat. And ' I L obAupa. ~ a i know." And Jesus said Jesus they are asulng Not we hove known. . 'llustrations: "A man to be speaking &yard men planted. all (things) 1 tell w the 6oa rrpoorGxm0r uai a l ~ c i u 0 ~ things YOU pray and aamnnY as You are rrmylng end you areasking.-. r L pot. TO. 31 ual 61rAoyiCov~o gan t o reason among Answer YOY to me.. see the fig tree which you cursed remembering it. in reply t o Jesus ~ a i6morp~Bivrs T& 33 And having reilllei to the they said.jay.v " 2 7 And they came they eomtng egstn into agaln ta Jerusalem. adr+. 26' "BWSJ" and the Wertcott and Hort Greek text omit this verse. You answer Jesus asid to them I ~ h ~ inquire tt upon One met and I h6yov.. 25 And when YOU stsnd prayrrpoo~ux6pev01. k ~m a. bpiv TI 65 &v r'inn 23 Truly I say t o YOU to you that who llkely might say that whoever tells this T" BPEI T O ~ T ~ " I A~~IJT~ I a p i hi0q~1 to tXe mountaln this Ball te up end be thrown mountain' 'Be lifted Llq T ~ Y 0&Aau0aw.MARK 11:lS-27 216 217 of hxm are eomtnlr toward MARK 11:28-12:l 19 And when it be19 Kai 6 . . urn& TIVO~ iva nai You are having down on lomeoie. and answer YO" tom:. . I . see! has been Wtthered.28 &p?v Jesus said t o them: hkyw.he . Kai Lv ~4 l r p g irep~rrrno0vroq And as he was a m And in the tempte ~ ~ l k ! about ng walking i n the temple. authority these ~things) are you doing7 Or who these things? or who gave you this suthoriuol ESwrcv ~ i l vt e o u o i m r a h q v ive to YOU gave the authority this in order that ty to do these things?~&a rra($g. r ~ 6 &no And whenever ttxeeam6 m e late in the . ." adr05 1 -. sinwpm should we ray Out of In fear of t h e crowd. 'PaBBri. 21 Kai Epxovrat nhh. .+.

and wlll be the lnhedtsnee. v Eyvwocn. threw him outside and ttrew out him outside the vieyard. 4 And again h e sent he sent off toward them another slave: forth another slave to K&KE~YOY i ~ e g a h i w o m r a i ~ i u a u a v . And ha i saulng brought one. o5q u b another. 5 2 : tyg 11' Jehovah. he aent OR hlm killed. And ahoiq Tivoq fi sinbv a h r a i fi he said to them: to them Of whom the image thts and the 'Whose lmage and dmc6ori aow 01 o t ~ & otvrr(. in order that him they might catch to word. They will ~espect the son of me. tSL6~7o&&v y~wpyoiq. haQ6mq ah& from t h e cultivators. 1 1 came to be into head of comer: be& Kupiou CYCVETO aJn]. ui&v &yaWQ'r6v. for n p b ~ ahoirq n a p a h h f i v ~ T n w . r a i ALycl The (ones) but rought. . dgknsq ahbv hjhBm. 'The stone t h a t MARK 12:ll-16 the hullders rejected. us kill him. fast toward them sayin# that H~ sent him forth 'Evrpcminovrat d v u16v pou. rrrpi 066~v6q. Be besrlna them: "Why do YOU POI 6qvhp10v ~ v a yeW. r a i they took note t h a t h e toward them the parable he sald.. and and *EL T ~ Y& p d O m m o t s . tivators. we know you a r e ST ral ad ~ ~ A E I end not it mattem to you truthhll and you do YOU are not care for anybody. 6 iPaAov a h b v EEo TOO & ~ ~ ~ c h i ) v o q . dll be 8 rai X a W m ~ s h L m l v c l v abr. TR ktruck . about no one. the party followers of Herod. Bring me a denar'ius t o look at. 7 trtivol 6L last t o them.. in' &h~lOsiaqupon men's outward into face O f men. and traveled Z ~ a hi L m s ~ h r v rrpbq ~ o b qycw yoJq abroad. teach the way of Ood the way of the God youareteaehlng. Yet One they beat u p and dxcv. but Upon truth appearance. and that (onel 5 ~~d he sent forth h i ~ ~ l w ~ r ~ aa . this has become the chlef cornerstone. having let go off him they went o f f . Inorderthat besfde the cultivators. whom Indeed they killed. them. And agatn him away empty. hut you r i v 6 6 b ~ o 0zoO j 6t%unrtg. . f i t Eva others. vlneysrdi and havlnr taken hlm 3 B U ~ they took him. they on the 6 ~ a i W o v d m ~ o r ~ l h c v ~ ~ h r r i v o v head and dishonored. 10 id f i v ypa@fiv 7 a k v & V ~ ~ V O T L Aieov b never read this s c r i p the scripture this did you read Stone whlch ture.MARK 12:2-10 rnp~L6q~cv ral 6puEcv and p u t a fenee and putsrovnd P%$bv and duE around it. . ~ a EUTIY i Baupamfi tv Lord came to be thu. o h o q releefed the (one. 4 r a i n h h w beat him u p and sent they yed and sentoff empty. let ah6v. NAB. and the hlm. 6 onemore L o arov npbq ahoirq hLyWv TI he had. 06 PALn~. and it is wonderful I n dqeahpoiq fipOv: rat . the vineyard. iva na & rOv forth a slave t o the amolnted tlme slave. and t h a t one they kllled. Lord. What 9 7i l l 0 l f i U ~ l 6 K ~ P I O 706 $ & ~ T T L ~ W V O S .we haveLown that t a t fu t o hlm: "Teacher.. and t h a t one and that (one) struck on the head and jiahonored. and him and killed him."l-%. t h a t he ycvpyOv A&Py &d T& napnirv TOO might get some of t h e Eultrvatorr he migh tahe from the frutts 01 lhe fruits of the vineyard &prrdGvoq 3 ~ a .' 7 But those the cultivators toward themlelver snld that Thle cultivators said among tors 6 rhqpovdpos 6 t h d m o ~ ~ e i v C w v themselves 'This is 1s the heir: hlther let ua be kllflns the heir." 16 18 01 66 f p n a v . let it Out t o cullet out It to cultivators. S O they left him and 1 3 Kai h o m i h h o u u ~ v n&q a P ~ 6 vmvaq went away. And tbey send off toward hlm lome 13 they sent TOY @ a p ~ u a i w v ~ a i TGV ' H P V ~ I ~ Y O V t o him some of forth of the Pharisees and of the Xerodlans the Pharisees and Iva ahbv &YP~GUW~V A ~ Y v . t o catch him LX96mq Aiyovn~v 14 rai in his s w h . 2 NOWin And he sent o f f toward the cvltkntnrs t o t s due season he sent !alp@ BaOAov. qLpc~L to them Why me are ron tem~tinn? . ~ m l a h h b v some of whom tbey he was having. Fa.will the owner of the What wlll do the lord of the vlneyard? Be will UiE6olTal ~ a h i o ~ ~ u ETOSF 1 YLWPYOL~C ~ a come i and destroy the H e will come and will destroy the eultlvstors.lsu. rai Eorcr~ 4 ~ h p o v o u i a . Thoae but respect my 01 yCwpyoi npbq tavrobq € h a V TI O h 6 5 son. and i t ie marvelous in our eyes'? eyes of "$7 12 At t h a t they 12 Kai LCfi~ouv began seeking how t o And they were reeking a $ ? but r a l t oP'0qoav ~ 6 bxhov. saying. 14 o n And having come they are A I ~ & C L O K ~ ) \ E .) bu&In& thla +Jj0r) d S neQdfiv ywviat. and and erected a tower. son loved. Jehovah' this has to be. and many 6iponcq d q 6 : d m o r r r w ~6 ~ ..]i o a o b q &MoK. they knew or that feared t h e crowd. & r i m ~ ~ h s v np6q ahohoirq Mhov b6Aov. not you ore looiing far you do not look el$ npdowrrov &vep&nwv. and travele a road. 10 0661 give the vineyard t o he wlll give the vineyard to others. and many others. r a i vat for the winepress winepress vat and built tower. oi6a EY drXlOhrl arrlval these said ~ e ~ c h ~ r . ~ a ours: i 8 S o they took And havtng taken they killed hlm. some of whom Raying whom but killlng. And sooke the illustration Gith them in mind. Not-but others. £6cgav ~ a hi L u ~ ~ t hr w t d v . ~ a l& ~ ~ G I ~ ~ W E and V .5~. 1st L lawful p v in line with truth: Sohat rfiwov Kaiuapt 0 d. 1 . a beloved son. And snother he sent off. it l a w h l to to glve tribute to Caesar or head tax ta Caesar 15 6Opev " ' 66prv' should we give 2r r ~ ~ o uwe l d d1ve7 m e (one) Or not? 15 Shall We we not 6 L ~166q a h & T+ h 6 n p t n w e l m Pays Or pay? Detecting their but havlng known af them the hypoerhy he said to ahoiq Ti we TTEIP&<ETE. y&p 811 seize and t%ey?eBred the crowd.. &Ah. a n d dug a Gnoh~vtav r a i &o66pqo~v nGpyov. put me to the test? to me denarlus In order that I mlght me.

'YOUmust love 'Aycm'oe~q T ~ V ~rnhquiov uou b q your neighbor a s YOU . Y $ uou ~ a and l with your whole and out of who e the Of You and soul and wlth your r i g 61avoiaq U O U te whole mind and with the pe rceptton of YOU and out of your whole strength.iP" 6 not leave a child. And are eomlng Sadducw toward hlm. neither d o men o h yapoGotv OGTC marty nor are women nelther h e y are msrrylns nor %"en in marriage. r a i &d&Nrv p ramhtrr&v took her.ov hr' a h @ . but rrpi. SO' Jehovah. 2 3f . dead. oinvzq ALyow~v & & m a o w p? clwxc.' 0e6 fipdv K6p1oq rTg turiv. J1. 221 MARK 12:26-31 say there is n o remmection. ) . of llvlna ( o n e .". Jehovah' your God Kljp~ov ~ b v 8cbv oou Lord the God of YOU o f t of heart with vour whole heart nai 65: 6Aq7 1$q Q $ .z<. of all (them) also the womsn dlcd. lnser Dtlonf The (ones) but -Id to hlm Of Caesar. And they were wondering upon hlm. 20 t n r h &6LXqoi low.rr) Of whleh m r t Is commandment Bnt tono) of all?" 29 Jesus rr&mw. are much mistaken."$:n ze?even t ! J I rai 0662 'la~(CjP. t h a t r6v TI tyripwral o h they are rabed up."% $2 . r a i who are8nylne resurrection not tobe.' ? . Kai h o @ v i l m w odn when he died h e left 618t (one) took woman. henpi0q arhoiq hqp&qoev h e answered to them: Inquired upon hlm asked him: -Which commandment is first noia imiv tvrohi rr&. rsl. mlght cause to stand UP out ace$ to x e brother 20 There were seven ah&. 26 But contv oljpcruois 26 rrrpi % a * in the heavens."." 17 Jesus then said: spay back Caesar's things to Caesar. to them the rrAwhu8e e166~0q T&< ypaqhq YOUR not knowing am YOU erring havlnl known the Scrlutures either the Scriptures pq6k ~ i l v6Gvaptv 705 eeoir. havlng k n o w that them in a fine way. & 28 Now one of the hsvlnr come toward one of the scrlbes that had come And &~olj. 30 r a i &yam)m~q and you shs 1 love 30 and you must love 003 of us Lord one is. to which Of them resux. fo1 2 -- ~- nA $ fCn ".mg & a p ~ vy w a i x a . and dying not no offspring. but they are as a r e as angels in t h e heavens. in dtd YOU read In the Of Moses uwn the the account about t h e B&rou q rtn~va h @ 6 e d Afywv thornbush*how Ood thornbush how ssld to hlm the saying 3% out of LK i 3 $ 2 002 . e n did not leave any t all ~ ~ ~ & a ' onspring. and t h e of hlm.22 m i 22 And the sevaeet.nctlon of whom of them WIII she be womsA7 will she be wife? For 01 yZrp t n ~ & EUXOV OLJT?.24 got her as The for seven hsd her woman.Hear.hould die end dies and leaves a yuvai~a ~ a i uamAirrq wife behind but does should leave down woman & T~KYOV iva h&f. Bacond lone) this. 17 6 6h 'I ooGq rlnev Th Kaioapoq =he but 3ema s a ~ dm e (th~n-1 of caesar h 6 6 0 r e Kaiuapt r a i T TOG BeoG DBY YOU back to Caesar and the (thtngs) of the M d r " BeQ. I a r d . 27 06. K U ~ CSr0adpar.jg'T:tW 9 ~ : ~ zt they rise from t h e vcrpjv & v a o r & . to tXe God. but but of the Iivmg. 18 Kai Epxovra~ Xa&uraiot rrpbg &6v. ." YOU are erring. $3 zTE.6vrw vrr 6 v &Ah& God. m r d the is one Jehovah. and he died havlng left down leaving offspring' and t h e third the same m i o a. not of the dead. ~ a s of nhvrwv r a i 1 y w ? h f 0 a v c v . 2% 1 6. M) h e r p i e 6 'Iqo&q 611 answered: "The h t of all Ithem)? ~nawerdd the Jesus that is. 21 And m f p a 21 r a i 6 6 d 7 e p o ~ the second took her.ha1 love the nelahbor of you sa 29'. n p i r ~ q t m l v -Aroue ' l a p A. 01 6&r t r r w ah4 Kaioapoq. l v dead laneal t h w m l s h t s t s n d u ~ .cz~.V y w a i ~ a .q &&v u p and heard them havlng heard Of them yT2k::IW disputing.$".ro t o them: "Is not this Jeaua Not throush thls whv YOU are msstaken. the d e ~ t % s ) that Ulw are bcl*.'. and h". Seven bmthen they were. ME. about but cerning t h e dead.MARK 12:17-25 hlyfu+$.zt. 24 Jesus said ahoiq b 'Iquojq 00 6. and they put t h e question ta him: 19 "Teacher.. 31 6rvrLpa The second is sncnat?! of you. he let go oft and the second (onel but died without EAaPev * v . 25 6rw or t h e power of Whenever God? 25 For when not-but the Dower of the Qodil Asz$ze~ to him. cI6&c 611 t h a t he had answered seeklng together.' in order that migh take the brother should take the wife and raise &6eA+&q ah05 ywai~a brother of hlm woman end ua offsorinc from tEmmfiarr m f p a r ' &6FA+Q her for his brother. and the first took a wife. &vaur&ue~ rivoq arirov E U T ~ I yuvfi. knowing owI. You UP not did YO" not read In Cnriyvmc t v 6 Mwofoq h i TOG the book 01MO*~. ~ ~ x ~~ d ~ . and the third lone) but God. 6 brothers. his should lei go on ehlld.% $ : b~azOv $. EOTIV Be6 God of Isaac and God and Qa of Jacob7 Not hela ~ 0 Of 2 jacO~ 27 ? ~e is a I.' luxdo uou.& lo~. 28 Kai rrpoorX0Av dq .p"~w" they w e n n q u t r l n e u ~ ~ n hlm 220 inscription is this?" They said to him: 'Caesar's.qrohwv. r a i 6 rpiroq 5 o a h w ~ .s things to ma: ~ n d they began to marvel a t him.. Is * l $ ~ ~ $ ' wrote us that k&v rlvoq &6aXqbq h o 0 h v g r a i if Someone's brother v ever of anyone brothar . h u t yapi?+vm~. KGptog 6 Our Ood m s t lone) la Be hearlka. of dea$lones) . e'uiv they are belng g ven In marrtaee.ncxe.

the (ones) eatinadown the meals. 32 E h r v ah?+ 6 .. 1s worth far more than all the whole J " $ . with one's whole unout of whole the streng& and the to be loving derstanding with ~ b vd q u i o v c 5 ~Lavrbv rrrp~uo6rcp6v6 m l v one's whole strength the neighbor a n oneself more abundant in and this loving one. rs. 4 2 Now pia x i a -nroXi EPahw h m t 660 6 one wid& Poor threw lepta two: which a poor widow came dropped in two imlv noSp&mqq. prauulg. NAB.urlUmg m robes walk around in robes rrrp!rrrrrsiv ~ a i &maupobq and wantgreet.govrcF ~. Offerings and vovvexi. Lpdhov r r o ~ & 42 q e 0 6 ~ and ~ many rich people were throwfne many icoinsl: and h a v ~ n g come were d r o ~ ~ i in na many coins.. and there is no other 33 nai Td &ymirv . v no6i. pau. a~Tbv i E 6h and the to be l o v ~ n g him out of whZe than He. 37 airrbq Aauei6 hand until I Put Your underneath the feet of you: . having called toward himself the d~selples of hlm 43 So he called his ~ T n s v d ~ o i q' A p i v hiye tiviv 8 r 1 6 disciples to him and he =id to them q men I am saylng to r o v that the said to them: "Truly a h rJ m w x i nheiov navrwv L p a h ~ v I say to that this w dow t h s the poor more of all (ones) threw ?oar widow dropped !3ahA6vrov Td T&" of the (ones) throwing the in more than all dropping money ya<oqvX&~tov 44 n&rs tr . truth.doqs i t coke Cmiv ui6q. Very David enemies beneath your KJPIOY. 'He is One. with pleasure.&v Lord of me Be sitting out of right-hand i p a m l David himself said. 40 They are . 44 for they . 36 a h ~ d q A a y i 6 ~ 1 ~ taught s " "How is it that the son of Davld is? "en.. these will receive a pi pa.lhU. and from where of him self calls him 'Lord. . neighbor as Oneself of a11 the whole burnt oReringr and saenfiees.&v of me until lxkely I shouldput the enemre. not 1s. t ~ 0 p q r i q DO" 'Jehovah' said to Bi.iv h i . And s ~ B coins. of him 38 ~ n in d his teachihcyev BAhrr~ 6 ~ i l Ying he went on to hewas ~ a ~ l n g Be roo lookingat from the say: out for the y p a p p a ~ h u T ~ V BEhevrwv $v o ~ o h a iscribes ~ that want t o serlbes the (ones) .t him. but h ~ f i q~ ~ P ~ ~ O E O S out of the . K a i 066ciq oirnht h6hpa God. 43 ~ a and i is quadrans. said to 0 ~ 0 0 . out of her want. 6 'IquoGq t h e courage anymore And having answered the Jesus . 33 and loving him with ~ap6iaq nai ' i g 6Aqq 6 j q ouviorwg ~ a this i heart and out of whole the comprehension and one's whole heart and 65 8hqq ~ r j q ioxGo n a i r b dyarr@v. one he is and not is other berides htm.i< su ~ ~ e. 6 r ' &hq0riaq i e h.the..ZIZ4. to inquire upon. 38 K a i 6" And ~ f i the teaching 616axt TZ.." acr~be 32 The scribe said to r I r r 5 671 him: you Finely.MARK 12:32-37 osau~6v.rrcptmrriovroq a h o i q L P d o v a h abounding to them threw: this (one) but all dropped in out of their surplus.rriq 6rt 6 began to say as he are the serLbes that the X ? h q $ !i in the uibq A a x i 6 i o r i v . discerning long [way1 you are from the kingdom of the he had answered intelligently." 41 Kai ~a9ioaq n ~ b m l 41 And he sat down ~ n d having sat down opposite with t h e treasury yal."' 37 David himhiyet d ~ b v is saying him Lord. ~ a i ~ 1 6 0 O ~~ + ~T ~ Gfeet.. 222 TOGTWV hMt1 to him the 223 And MARK 12:38-44 ~~KOUE" yourself. Lord.roc those treasure guard. Jesus h i y o u g ~ v oi ypa]lpa. ~ a v ~ said d Say that the 6" 70 ITYE~~(III TQ dlyi? ETrrv K G p q TO in the spirit the holy Said ~ o r d to the Christ is Dkvid's soh? 36 By the holy spirit nvpiw pou Kdr0ou ir 6se..ngs t o walk about and greetings in the marketplaces v r a i q 31) and front seats dryopaiq 39 ~ a rrpwrona0~6piaq i front seats m the marketplaces and rpora. J7-a.hEiaq to^ this Jesus.' but how. O ~ T O ! h'pylovrat neptoo6rrpov ows and for a pretext these w a receive more abundant making long prayers. ~ I which ~TPOUKOI~EU&~EVOF 7065 pa01)~dl~ a h o G have very little value. Greater lone) of these ather commandment ~E~<OV ivrohi yourself. heipieq E ? IP Y a i i ~ o j 06 34 At intellisen& he answered said to him NO^ sacrifices:' paKp.s rr&vrwv TAU M a ~ a u r o p & ? o v nai 9uqhv. ~obq pou E o g . all out of the lnto the treasury chests. a i ~ i a q TGV x p&v nai r r p o Y o e ~ w a ~ p h the ones devaurlng houses of the w J o w s and to Pretense long the houses of the widnpooauy6peva!.v oov. And no one not Yet was daring him him: "You are not far from the kingdom of h e p w r r j o a t. Teacher. u h p G to him with pleasure. want all (things) she. God. of you Lord: "Sit at my right b m ~ h ~~ w i . Ka? the 6 r r o h b ~ dxho much crow2 wan heanng in ah06 And t h e V a t of him crowd was listening K d a q . 6 ! 6 & o ~ d r .apvAa~iau i0sbpet rr&q 6 6xho chests in view and treasure guard he was viewing how the crow2 began observing TL) !3hhhr1 xdxbv capperimonwl the how the crowd was is throwing nai rrahhoi r h o l i o ~ o dropping ~ ya<oquh&~ov treasure guard. upon truth y o u s a ~ dthat said in line E T ~i u r i v n a i o 6 ~ Eorw M h o q rrhjv airroS.~ ~ ~ yips 22 ~ $! % . 2: % ! 1 36' Jehovah." But nobody had 35 K a i dPTTo~p10~iq.she son: that he is hls son?" Said odn EUTIV.~?loiaq Lv r o i q in the 'ynagogues ouvaywyaiq nai synagogues and iron recimmg places m the and most prominent places a t evening 6cirrvott 40 oi rar~o. judgment.i~q~. and many rich ones t h e treasury chests. heavier judgment. fi68wq.' There is no ypap!+a~~o ~ greater than these. Wry€" 616hu~wv b TQ IcpQ 35 when was raying teaching in the temple making a reply.

YOU hear of wars and reports of wars. ba rou terdfted. them: 'Look out that Myetv &oi< B A ~ R 'Obody You' t ? Z r E tD be W h g to them Be You looking s t 6 Many wlll come on 715 bveg n A ~ u q . ciov 6~av pi^ raGra destined to come to the skn whenever may beafoul them (thinas1 a Conclus. m be r a ~ & r6rroug. &KOG~TE not be terrified: [these whenever but youmight hear To. hearings of wars. ~ n d will give over brother brother brother over to death.MARK 13:l-8 P l . but which If ever what to speak. there will boa she was'I. 6 6i b ? o ~ f i v a < fi5 endured to the end is name of me. rai 'Ise into death and father chud. hatred by all people pi006 cvo! brrb rr&~wv 61d ~b (onos) beLg hated by all (them) through the ~ ~ has d v o ~ d pow. 8: i6nrr 7. of her.e. wholo pi- &Tiis. 2 r a i 6 ever. When will these James and John and Andrew Say things be."' 7 ' t$ ! lor my sake. 'EhaaOv ~ a ~ 6 v w ro n c irpoc Peter and James and b q 5m O l l v e ~ opposite the temple was lnguilnE upon john and A ~ & alhdv ra~' i6iw ni. YOU wlll be caused l o stand w~mens ma0jm00c "3 ~ f3 ~~~ ~ on account of 10 ~ a i a!< And ~~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ kpk g k =to . 9 PhCrrcrr Be looking at but they will gwe over bpaic you youraeiven: kauTo15F. So owrehriuOal Trdwa. but not Yet the end.$~g Atpoi. AaAfiqra MX' 6 YOU should &sk.TI Will mislead many. 8 *For nation 8 'Eycpefiunaa y&p Bvog m'iJvaq r a i will rise against W u rise up for nation upon nation end nation and disciples IrpoO ALYEI a h ~ 4 J g TOY paeT]~Ov ah00 one temple 1s saying to him one of the disciples of hfm said to him: ''Teacher. and a a . 6Aov ~ b v dropped in all of what threw. has to he preached 11 ~ a i 6~av dyoolv bphg first. and and up against parents Lrr-omiuovrtn ~ E w a h i y o v f i ~ nai and have them put will stand UP against children u w n prrenta end to death. and many they will make to err. y. will ceme upon the name o me say~ng that Moreover. and kings &oic."k Jesus started to say to to be eoneluaed all. look a ~ ~ ~ l dto ing P I ~ F ~ Jw . oimu T6 rEAoq. : . the basis of my name. ~ ( a i nohhoirg ~Aavjoouo~v. place. Rrst 1" in ail the Sf? ~qpux8ilval T6 rdayy@~ov. 13 56ivwv room. when 14 'Olm.a ~ a ale i rou into s a n h d i n s and into OWaywyh< synagogues and rai PautAEw khgs row will be aayed and uwn governors and IOU ~~~~~BE Out people for will yourselves. " ~ ~ h " . BDYOne rmght to 'I am he' kh~lioowal mi 76 & p m i pow h i y o w ~ g€. not Yet. beforehand about & & ." AS he was going 706 of the the Dao~Xeiah i &lo~heiav.E. epocioge. . t these the these great buildings? i l l By no means w pcy&Aag oino6op&y 06 p' 60~06 great buildings.' ~ o t should be letgoo= a stone be left here upon a stone and not 66a hieog h i 8s ad Aieov be thrown down!' here stone upon stone which not ~araAuBR. w h but ran ihdufd m th. speak [Or are not bpq m h o X d e i ~ ~ . 1 2 ~ a i r r a p a 6 5 ~ 1 &6cA@6< &6Ehqb brother holy. elg k o v ~ a i rraTip drvov. end thlr lone1 will be saved.3 I YOU catch sight . 14 '"However.%!~c things1 must take &KO&< nohepov. but the end is 6r. do 1 d ~ a v 6. $ rrapcl6b?oumtv bpBg eis ouvk6 . 'yl. b$~. rrpOr0V for a witness to them. Jesus said to what kind of buildings.vhs d or &?-dm. Eg9-a~ faminer. do not be anxious p?ving over. deliver + ~ Y V ~ V ~ V YOU UP $0 local COU*. pi rrpoprplph ~i along to deliver YOU not be ron worrying before what up.on?."2. It lr nee-am to take ~la. These are a beginning of Pangs of 9 "As for YOU. 06 y&p E m f bpciq h a w this be you rpealung. em. going E s w s y out of him see! what sort of stones and what sort w ~ y k ~ .h. saved. A a h a h ~ r g MA& ~ b m a 0 a ol the (ones) speaking but the spht diy~ov. 11 But when And whenever they may lead Yon they are leading YOU rra a6166vrq. of birth pangs theae ithingr). sittlng on the Mount S Kai naBqp&ov a h 0 0 elc ~b 'Opo ~ b vof Olives with the And sitting of him into the ~ o v n t a j n of the temple in view. uatupoi klnpdom aminst be earthquakes In one place after another. . of the disgusting E p q v k o q & q r 6 r a thing that causes WLhuypa 3 ge desolation having m o d desolation standing dlsgustlng thing of Into EVEKEV Epo3 me urto ~ i < ~(IP+PIOV T& rr&Ta all the nations %vq to them.i y d u 0 a 1 &Ah. and what raha Tma~ ral ~i will be the sign when these (things1 willbe: and what all these things are rb m . b t of buildings!' 2 Howvorcmai oim6opai. when 'E 5 ~ i p r . there will be food shortages. not for are rou the ones speaking. her whole living. but 600: hpiv &c.n ~ as 1 vlng 224 225 MARK 13:9-14 w ~ be u Iearthlquakes klngdom. 13 and 8aVUTbOowlv aholi~ l3 y o u will be objects of will put to death them. .\ ! 2 n. The (onel but havrng endured Into the one that will be o0roc 0 w 9 j m a r . nations the good news tt Is neeeaaary to be preached the good news. Kai l3 And Enrro vopivou ah06 out of LK she h a . ~ . d the him: 'Do you behold clrrsv a h @ Ph6rclg said to him looking .rpog nai began to ask him him aeeoxlinzto private isprtl Peter and privately: 4 'iaaq8og r a i ' l w k e uai 'Av6pEag 4 E M " us. 1 3 And a s he was ~hould be ioosebh~wn.6. Ed% ~ u ~ stand before governors will be :ke :ltt ~ ~ ."~%EC Ezt . . kinadorn upon kingdom.vq $ whatever is given Y o u should be given to roo that the in that hour. . 2..

29 Likewise Is. h r d . h p Christ. Z s and the d e q .en (ones) whom B u t on account of t h e L $ d k < a ~ o CKOMPWU~V T&. and the stars wlll be out of the atI ~ Out Of heaven' and o 6 p a w 6 nirr~ovrcq. watch YOU but be rou lwklng at.o days arill he . not should occur. know t h a t he YOU are knowlng that UPo: is new. 30 &p?v Atyo . ybywl ~ c l p f i v o s 1s ~ u o v r a l y h p a i time: 19 for those It rnlght meur of wlnter.~.a. the chosen ones. And then be shaken.. ' do not believe [it].. m)v 0hiqlv Lrcivqv d fihloq U K O T I O ~ ~ ~ U ~ ~ I .when YOU i6qre aha YOU ahould see the#= (thlneol heppenln.o6n hv Eu68q r r e o a ~ o r d the day.x~.days f $ i& :l . t o heaven's extremity. 06pa1q. then the tone*) In the let thosein Jude.. to rev 811 (thinpal. too. !%. 18 npoucljxru8r 6L lva p i praying t h a t it may days. h r p w o b avo3.rb ipdrrcav aha. and will not oepi ytvqrae. 15 Let 1s the 6 G V ~ no p Si the man o n t h e Ions) upon the housetop housetop not come uaTap6no ~IuXBdnw TI inside M hlm come down let hlm enter anythlng dOm. &Ah& 6 t h TO^ L~AEKTOSI~oGq flesh be Resh. after t h a t tribulation.' 'See! There he be YO" bellevlnp.r a i a l ~ U Y & ~ E heaven.rh h i o o &pat .peia uai rtpara w&q signs 11 8118 end portents toward : I ? ~ and wonders 40' jehavah. . 70" are knowing that near tho summer know t h a t summer is drav Loriv. *AB. But through tho cho. See hem the Chrlnt See mar:. n o u6rp5. Be you preulng but h order that not not in . yon lenves. mountains. if '16s 6 6 ~ 6 x p ~ u d q '16s EKE7 anyone says to YOU.MARK 13:15-22 226 227 MARK 13:23-30 6rrou o b 6cl.~rrers. ~~. And then If ever anyone to roo ~hould my 21 "Then.. for i s .. and 27 nai T ~ T E h o o ~ r h c i ~ o b q &yyihaug 27 And then h e will and then he wlll send OR the angela rai h t u u v & ~ e t roc< t ~ h c r r o b q abro0 ""6 forth the angels and will lead together the choaen (ones1 of hlm and will gather his PK rfiv rcoo&pov &&pou 6m' hrpou chosen ones together wLnds outof the four from the four winds. Christs ylru66~gloro1 roll qxu6onpo q r a l nal 6uSoouulv 22 For false c data and fslae prop%~ta and wlll glve and false prophets will arise and will give utl. 20 I n fact. 26 ~ a T i ~ T Ein the heavens will I n the heavens wlll be shaken. things behind to Pick the (thlngal b e h i d to llft up the garment of him. E w i ~ l 9Aiq1q orcl Ou Mbulstlon of whleh lort not a tribulation such as not ceurred ykyovrv ~ o t a h qem' & Xi)< nrioroq Ithe] beginning has aeourred such from bcgfnnlng of creaaon O f the creation which fib' e ~ l l ~ ed v ed 706 6 V uai 03 that w h l ~ h created the u n t i the now and not God created time. falllng. I have foretold I have told YOU bpiv nha.' wi G~J honAw& el 6 u v a d v robq ErAErrnLSg to lead astray. not llkely wse saved all c u t short the days. and a fi udfivq 06 6i)oEl ~b e i ~ y qthe m w n will ilot give end the moon not wlllglve the shin ng its light.v6pEva also YOU.inter. chosen ones whom h e e chore he shortened the davs. iyibv %? f3 . whenever already the branch of l tration: J u s t as soon haMq YCV ral rai PK?~~I r h as its young branch tender shouldaeeome and should produce out the grows tender and puts eljhha. And it not ahor& Jehovah* had KJptoq r h q fipkpcl~. the (onel readbe (let t h e reader use VOL~TO T&E 01 tv TG discernment). 26 And then they will See the Bqovral rbv ulbv 700 & V ~ P ~Lpx6pevov O U they wlll see the Son oi the mnn oomfng son Of man coming kv YE Lhalq per& 6 u v h p ~ o qnohhfiq KO(/ 60511s in 'lauds with great In FPbUds wlth power much and glory. if posto be lcadlng a9trsY If vosalbla the choaen Ionell: sible. y. to take anything out &pal &K r i q olriaq a h 0 16 of his house: l6 and 1 0 llft up outof the houas of hln. "But in those 24 'AM& Lv Preivatq z a q fiptpollg p n h But In those days after days. has chosen h e has cut 21 Kal T ~ T E L&v TI( bpi" €inn short t h e dsya. wlll be tor th. $1 'See! Here is the I T 28 . 25 uai 01 & d p e q ELTOYT~I &K TOG he of It. 17 o h i 6L raiq L v y a u ~ p i L oLSoa~q 17 Woe t o the pregW o e but to the lonell In belly XavlnB nant women and those rai raiq 0qXa~orioa. from earth's extremity %il cxtremlty of &men. f i p ~ p ~ q . pa= away until a 1 whleh Ltlrnal t h n e (thlngsl all should sppen. let the man in the 6 LI< ~ b v &y&v p? ~ T T I I O T P E + cis ~ the [me1 Into the ndd no let h ~ m return into field not return t o the .. ~. up his outer garment. 20 r a i el p i LroM Cur again.~o. see these things hapYIV~)~KETE 6 ~ 1 Lp$q h i pening. will be darkened. and the powers the [ones) the powers t h a t are b roiq obpavoiq oahcu9fioovra1. then let hlm be m{ndlnp. d &vaytv&uov where i t ought not where not it bnccsslarr. ~TCW fi6q d rh&6oq q q Ag tree learn t h e fllusparable. 29 OGTOF i(ai bpdq.6. 23 bpciq S i @hA~Err n p o e i ~ q ~ a23 YOU. Amen I am aeyhg to YOU that not that this rrapthep fi y w c h will by no means away the generation bould 00 rr&vra y~ynra.a 'lo&aiq ~ e w h w a v E! rh 6pq begin fleeing to t h e Judea let them be fleeing i n b the mow&s. bpiv 611 ou 30 Truly I say t o YOU door.then. thus also row whenever near. these things. all things beforehand. the s u n the trlbulntlon that the sun will be darkened. a t the doors. 28 ' A r b SL T ~ C m ~ i q p & 8 n e ?3v 28 "Now from t h e learn roo the F~~~ but the flg tm rmp&ohjv.q L u L K E / V~ a I~ i qsuckling a baby in and to the (ones1 glvlng suck In those the those days! 18 Keep fiplpalq.happen. y l v 6 o ~ r n c TI Lyybq ~b 81poq forth its leaves.

Father. . NOWthe passover and the [festival t $ Of1 unfermented cakes Kupa MET& unfermented L~ake11 after two was two days later 4pipaq. ieasel a woman came with a " case Of pirpou v6p-k nvrr~nfiq nohmEXoO~ perfumed oil. which do not have always. the watch. 31 Heaven and earth The heaven end the esrt w1 1 Pars sway. keep awd% Berov lookinpat bemuabs ain ng rdmslwp. genlllne ofperfumed 011 nard very expen. and whenever uoo may will YOU. to each one slaves.' . ?hew &h&wpov came alabaster." 3 Kai 6mo( a h 0 5 h. but me YOU t v i 68 03 n i n r r o ~ r EXCTI. nnelther the anzcls n o w y bows. Bq&nriq . 37 But Spiv hiyo nhulv ~ L Y W what I say to YOU I to YOU I am saying to aU 1 am anyins. 34 ~t is 84 b q 6v8pwnoq h 6 6 poq as man people like a man traveling abroad that len his &@riq 7i)v OIK[(N a3105 ~ a i 6 0 6 ~ having let go w the house of hlm and having given house and gave the roiq 6oChotq a3ro5 n'v ttouwiav irawrw to the slavea of him the authority. 7 X ~ O T Etry t o make trouble vine work a sworked in me. hp n6se 6 when the master of ooi6cm therefore. b u t ol 66 h6yo1 pow 03 na rhoovra~. ~e rou s Y ng awake YOU d o not b o w ooi oh. 9 -ly burial. burial. Kai tZti. rai ~T(N Bihrl~e have t h e poor with selves.::" :. 1 say YOU. ot ypapparciq t~ 6 6 ~ Seeking ~ how to sebe the sedbrs In crafty dcvlce him by crafty device rpaTfioavrrq dmorr~lvooiv. pass away. uproar of the people. very expensive.and 6livadr &01q w&vrorh ~8 n01'ual. 2 aryov and kill him.~ve. but the In heaven nor tha son: U no the Father.MARK 13:31-14:2 228 229 MARK 14:3-9 31 6 o&pav&( r a i y l n a y A r h v r a l . e f Li ~ ~ ~ L ~ to I O V wherever t h e li ever mlsht be preached the good news g w d news is preached poor. #he undertook beforehand could: she undertook pupioa~ rb oSp& pow rl rbv beforehand t o put to put perfumed oII on the bad7 of me in& the perfumed oil on my ALyw bpiv. upon his began t o pour head. and the work of him: and to the doorkeeper the doorkeeper to keep on the watch. m y words w i l l not me but w e d s ofme not w g a a a s w s y . 2% = . it 4 ~t nw 66 TlVEF &~(N~KTO~VTE %ere but nome expressing indigna(i1on tZ%d this there were some Se f V h fi 03?s themselves xnto what the dcatructlon this perfumed ofl Aauroliq Elq plspou 71 h 6 h m a aGrq 700 OL the "why has among themselves: this waste taken Of the place? perPumed 5 Oil For wpa8jva1 to be sold % $ d this could perfumed have been Oilsold 61lvapiwv r p ~ a ~ o u i w v vat 6oBjvai ~oiq of three of denalli three hundred and to be Civen to the hundred de-nari. ~ & ~ ~ ~ n ~ i And being ofhim In Bethany the house Of ' I m o n 0i~ig IillWVOg ld h ~ ~ p o K i l~ T ~ K c C & L O . 6 6L 'IqmGq were feeling great her. body in view of t h e &vra9lawp6v. t o each one his d tpyov aJro5 r a i rg Bupwp+ Work. but sleeping. can always do them goad. 8 She dld what she ~noinucv. a Sphq r d E h & w a s 31 8 68 he does not find you he mlnh n you slceplng. dh&paorpov ovvrpiulaaa having crushed alnbalter [easel Breaking open the alabaster case she ahroS K E 9 a h S i K~TLXLEV . not roo have known lor when the the house i s coming.gawakc. wlll pass away.he wae down him head. nard. 82 I l l p i 66 rqq hpipaG ~ K E ~ W Cfi 32 'Concerning About but the day that Or t h a t day or t h e hour Tilq 6pag o&ig 016rv 0 6 s 01 &YYFXOI neither the how no one has kno&n. whe a day or a t midnight 6 ~ 8fi proov6m1w fi & h ~ O p o g o v b ~ i or at cockcrowing or late or mldnlsht or of eockemwlnz or in the marring: nri 36 LhBhv t & p G 36 in order t h a t when early in t e &oroinn. 6 tL: . not at any Ume wlll be perhaps there might be a n uproar of the 86pupoq 705 AaoO. Avcrriharo iYa he commanded in order that 35 Therefore keep n the 35 Y P ~ ~ ~ Y ~ o~ E ~ watch. for YOU d o not know oi6are y&pnbrr 6 ra1p6 lKhen the 'pPointed rovhsve known for when the appolnted$lme time is. say to all. 33 Keep 33 ~h&STC &YPL~I~E~.ri. 8 &phv 66 Amen but 1 am saying to you. people. m w oirq T & ' poor 6 n e d m n are having with You always Lau~av. alwnym for her? She did a EX~C !Jew Rne deed toward me. T ~ for he*ou~Jf~~t%I?. " . the in heaven 6~ o P ~ a 4 0368 6 ~ 1 6 5 p i 6 ~anip.rouv 01 & x l r p l r a i And the chief wests and the scrlbes were And wercseeklly the c h h ~ r l e s ?and ~ day. Not in the feativai.reeling great d k p l e a a ~t ~ g z : ..E loOking. A ! T$ 14 a! 2 l4 ?te ~$2 & and they we. ~ ~ u house of Simon the leper lying down of hlm t h e leper. Why do You ~ a h b v EPYOV +p&wa~o h. 6 BU~ Jesus said: 'let her: why to her troubles mvsm having beddel her alone. a h j v ' ri ah8 K ~ ~ O Y F ~ & x = E . whether late in t h e olriaq Epxcrat K6p'oq lord o $ : e house ir eomlni. having come sud snly he suddenly.i rrroxoiq rai tveppip6vro has taken p & c s ~ perfumed g u ~L~OVEV' TOOTO this the b phpov $2~: % ah!. The but Jenu displeasure a t her." Be YOU atay ng awake. they wereaaying they repeatedly said: 4 y&p Mfi t v for % fmmaiB '71'' 6 topra pfi nore 11ma1 "Not a t the festival. 8 8 me but not always rou a r e having. bpoi. A&v ~ ~ p ~ ~ . the son. npoihaPev @ha did. 2 for havinnscired Uley may kill. as h e was reclining at t h e meal. Keep on ypqyop~ire. YOU want to YOU YOU are able to them always wall toao.

~ 0 6 ~ asid Take rou. one of t h e 10 Kal 'lo66aq ' l m a p ~ & e elc T & .6v~ov aClr&v 18 ~ n as d they were the J~~~~ and eatlns of them Ofi 671 E T ~ reclin'ng at the r l m v 'Aptjv hCyo raid men I am raylng to you that one and eating. broke it havlng dlesaed he broke gave to them gave it to LUTIV 6 . . 01 me I mlzht hat? ~~d he bkalOv p6ya h e will show ron a Opiv to YOupperrwm great large upper room. t him one Mhrt by&. 0th.who is LuBiov VET' tp00. promised to hlm allver lmoneyl to ulve.en w.rai disciples said to him: they were racrlflelng. 230 LorpopLvou 231 havlnn been turnllhcd MARK 14:16-23 Zrot ov. them. . They started to be grieved betrsv me. bowl. a s h e s d d t o them: he ssld to them. resty. rai firoivauw ~b r a ~ x a .rat rahbv ad74 rl CIK have been flner for b belng given over: Rne to hlrn If not that man if he had tyrvvjeq 6 livepono~ ~ K E ~ V O ~ . 'f&"iv . and they prepared the Dassover.MARK 14:lO-15 into whole the this lwom. And So he began seeking L(. went m t o 6 6 6 ~ ~ bnrjhesv a 'irh~ TO^< & p y c p c i ~ the chief priests in twelve went o f f toward the chle prl. B~~ Tb nhoXa tomarily sacrificed t h e unkmcntcd I E s k e . . are saying to hlm the d~rclples "where do want ahO no6 &Act M 8 6 v ~ of him Where are you w h n g havinggane OR us t o go and prepare for you t o eat the tro~p&oopsv ~va ~ Y U < ~b With we should prepam In order that you might eat the P8SF0ver7" that he sent forth n&uxa. 1 .e&rrq. out09 rou wlll sive over the Lone) One of you. V ~ a id m a v n i u ~ ~ 6piv & Y B w n o ~ a man canying an into the city. I * me finto the o& with me into t h e rpljfih~ov. ~ a him i Silver money. In order that him he mlght glve to them.o lv 23 ~ a i 23 And talung a CUP. 1nxpa6oi. 21 mat ( i n the 6 k vkv d e d uibg son of 703 me M l p b v the Son of man is lmhyc~ ~a8bg y~xpcona.& R$$~" &(.. follow YOU to hlm.~TEI ~ G c ~ G T ~ Y L~KD/PWS how to betray him he wasseeklnll how hlm at well appointed tlme conveniently. twelve. hut woe ta t h a t 6P n r p i a h o j . when the Passover Passover [victim].ljpov. his Z~UOU. just as i t b going under according u it h. Jesus sald: 15 bpiuv napaMuci 6 "Truly I say t o YOU.G into ~ the . And e s t h g of them having taken h e took a loaf. ~ owhat t I? The (one) but said is it?m He said to adroiq ETg TOV 666e~a. 20 b 61 ctnm by one: ' ~ is t not I.I& ua & pou. not been horn.?$fg wP:li%:bv 1 ~ K E ? lurnished in prepamthere tlon. & K O ~ O U ~ ~ ~~IJTQ. and they prepared for the parsover. but tortc man man through whom him. what EIg bhov rbv r6opov. ~ a i 8 world. 19 f i p g w ~ o hmcio8a1 eating with me. they rejoiced 11 01 6 t h o d u w r r 6x6 q m ~ a heard i The Lone. 15 ~ a l d r a g the disciples?"' 15 And d l ~ c l ~ l e . 11 when they it. And went OR the dlreiples the disciples went rai fiheov clg r?u n6htv ~ aEi~ P O V ~ d b g and they entered t h e and came Into the city and found ncmrdlng as City and found it lust eTnrv ahoiq. 12 NOWon the first day of unfermented 12 Kai cakes. and will encounter rov man earthenware vessel of KEP&~IOV water will encounter earthenware vessel 01 G6aT0S water him.. and €15 T ~ n6h1v." 16 S o prepare rou for us. 13 ~ ahio . and said: "Take it. And having @ken cup i e offered thanks and c d x a p ~ ~ m g E~WKEV a h o i ~ ~ a h to then. will codnu with me.) but havlng hear$ rePoiced and and promised t o give hrqyyeihwro ah6 &pyljp~ov GoGval. ' ~ h ~ '0 6!6&onahog ACycl noG toriv Teacher says: "Where The Teacher la saylne Where la the the guest for rarhhupci pow 6nou 7b n&uxa VET& TOY me where I may eat guest room of me where the passover with the with my paeq~Gv pou qhyw. ~ a i ~ R W K E I ~ ~ had YWY fallen he with the twelve." 10 And Judar Is. 17 ~ Kai n d of evenlng M i a 5 hsvlng ywophnlg occumed heE ~r pcornins x~~oll 17 After evening JIETZI T& 6 6 6 ~ 0 118 ." haPbv p if. them: "It is one of the to them One of the twelve. &.. n i s written concerning him. in . 16 rai t5ijh8ov ol p d q m i pare for us." was generated the men that. UCLT 14 E ~ a i 6nou kin. and there pre&ro~p&uarc fipiv. told as a will he spoken Into remembrance remembrance of her.a order to betray him to iva a mpcl60i ahoiq. when they cusA. And lylng up at the b 'Iquo5g ~ a i tu8.eari. this means my body. and h r o i q m in all t h e world. thla la the bety of me. who is dipping L p p a n r 6 p ~ o g plr' tpoir el< T& dippIn. 22 And as they 22 Kai b816vrwv AaPbv 'Ontinued eating. and where if ever 14 and wherever h e ~~~~.ot.e going away.r t h A r e 660 TGV paEq~6v passaver? And he senda off two of the dlsclples two of his disciples + o O r a t hkyu ohoig 'YTT&~ETC and Said to them: of hlm and is saying to them Be vow going under . ACyouuw a h $ 01 pa8q. And Judes Isearlot the one of the twelve. am whlch dtd this did shall a h Ahan8fijorat E I ~ pvrlpbuwov a i m b . ~luth8p e i n a r ~ r o l ~ 0 6 r u n 6 ~ ~ goes inside say to the he might enter any You to t t e householder that householder.s . ~2~ e. said ellhoy oa5 E~haucv ~ a E i ~WKEV a d ~ o i 5K U ~ a blessing." I 9 Thev ~ a i hkyclv adrQ ctc Karh d 5 i t a r t i d to be grieved and to be asylng to hlm one aocordlngto one and to Say . ~Trrrv AhdlPc~c. and gave it t o them.ity.. woe about 6 ulbg m0 M p d n r o ~the Son of man 1s t ~ ~ i ~61' ( t ) 08 that through whom the Son of the man betrayed! I t would rrapcl6i6o. and having offere thanks he gave ~ a i ke) &.nl s * . he mluht give aver.

even 4 6iq drhirropa ipwvfiua~ ~piq YOU will disown me than tw~ca coc~ o aound three timer drra vfiup. 25 ~ r u l y I many. niw tr m 0 y ~ v f i p a ~ o ~q ^ q means drink anynot n a Iahould drlnk outof the pmduct o f k e more of the product drpniXov Ew ~ i I p qi p a q L n ~ i v q q b ~ a v a t h b of the vine that vine unt?l the day that whenever very they drank hlov buopa name r ~ 0 o q ~ a v e l . I will uuvano0avoiv o o ~ 00 p ao &napv'oopa~." $F~ n oa~GEwpa~. before a cock craws twice. even la and he is saylng to them D ~ ~grieved $ EW 0av6rou p ~ i v a66c ~ t o death. 36 ~ n he d Ekyev 'A P 6 6 n a r l l p nbm went on to say: . tnto tcrnptnton: the Indeed spirrt eager of course. 31 6 .ne. in order t h a t rva you come YOU do not come into in order that ~1q rrslpou 6v. 25 drpjv hiyo Opiv 67. if and was praying In ordcr that if Poaslble It 1 8 i t were possible. 35 ~ a i T T P O P ~ ~ ~ Y watch. Into the Mountai of the Ollver. 28 &Ah& be scattered about.lee: 29 B u t YOU lnto the Cslllee. 27 K a i Xiyet adroiq 6 ' 1 ooOq ( i ~ . 6 i L ~ r r o p ~ u o O qthree times.'' 35 And and be ataylna awake. a 1 navroq EXcyov. because R&VTP~ u~av6ahlo0~0oa0~ All YOU wlll be stumbled: because i t i s written 'I will the shepherd. are you sleeping? ~ o you t sleeping? Did you Taxuoaq ijpav yp yopfiaat. you?' Also. 39 Ka1 n&hlv but the Resh 1s weak" the but . yet from Lpo? knr' me: &AY but not 06 whet T want. o6nir: of many. o n the watch and E A ~ ~ T E praying. amen r a m saylng to rou that not yet say to YOU. all the others began saying buaG~o$ 62 . 6i ohpc &u0ovfiq. is eager. . 40 And again having raid.' the ahcep will be senttcrej through: but 28 But after I have PET& &y'op~fivai po npo6 w been raised u p I will alter the to be ralred UP me I shall goiefore go ahead of yon into Ophq ciq rjv rah~haiav.sem'a. keep 88 ~ p ~ o ~ o i ~u a ei npoooG~ocr0~." 31 But YOU w i i d i S O ~ n . 40 rai n 6 h w Lh0bv E ~ P E Y word. rai Atya~ them . As-thus but also all they were saylng. nerh weak. And again hnvlns come he found he came and found ''*y $yi na~aha~P6v ~h l d h e took peter 33 takes 'long and James and John rbv ' I $ . And again 39 ~ n he d went away dmoh0bv n y u q G < a r o ~ b valirb A6yov again and prayed. The spirit.Even if all t h e others Peter t o hlm If also all are stumbled. not t h a t Jesus said t o hiys! ah+ him: "Truly I say t o saying to I You today' yes' u o l 671 a h oipepov ~ a h p W K T ~ npiv to YOU that You today to thl8 the night before this night. n a p i v r y r e ~b noniplov TOGTO are t o you. yet I onav6ah1o0iuovra1 &Ah' 0 6 ~Lyh.. viypmral nar6Sw ~ b v r r o l p b a ~ a strike i It has been written 1 ahall smite the shepherd: and and the sheep will T& r r p 6 P a ~ a 6tc101(0pn~r8 aovrat. but what you ri 06. ! i p F a r o &BQpPo?a0at rai &6qpoy~iY $. here while I pray. 0~oO. stay you here and keep on the ~ a i ypqyopfie. 32 K a i Z p ~ o v m ~ ciq ~ o p i o v 06 . 26 K a i Opvfioavrq tcfih80v cod. 33 nai ?might play. 24 ral they all drank out aP It all Ithey]. 29 T ' e but Peter said t o him: nirpoq h O El . came a n d found them a h o i r q m0cG6ovraq. not have strength t o YOU did have strength one hour to gay awake? keep on the watch one hour? 38 Men. they went out t o the ~ i q~b "Opoq rGv 'Eha~Au. 24 h d h e ~ T m v a h o i q T o h 6 b t l v ~b a l p 6 pou t o them: "This means hesaid to them Thla la tho blwd of me my . the same thing. rfiq 61a0irqq ~b L r w 6 p ~ v o v S n i p enant: which i s t o be of the covenant the beins Poured out over poured out in behdf n o h h h .30 At they will be stumbled: but I.rai Gethsemsne.2 . he started to be stunned and to be sorely trokbled. ~ b v the ni~pov Peter ral aT1 91 ke "1gtq 2ig 2 ~ : ~ ~ ~ K be sorely troubled. and h e said to Peter: "Simon. all things & w a r 6 001. Stay here t I $ o % e untz death. he began t o say he (one) but autobundant~y profusely: "If I have ihhho~ 'Ehv 6Ln WBI apenkiz If ever It may be necessary me t o die with you.I Father. 37 rai E Xcral rai PS ~UKEI want.rb 32 So they And they are m m i g Into s w t of which the came t o a spot adroO n-cq.leeping. I by 06 p. ofhlm ALYEI paenraiq dls~iples ah00 s i t row down And and Ka0iucnc hers to the and he said to his 6 6 ~ disciples: "Sit down TOR named Geth. the and he started to be stunned and to $ .MARK 14:24-32 out of 232 233 MARK 14:33-40 and he Is saylne nivo vawbv & ~ i Paulh~iq ] 700 day when I drink i t xmay be drlnking new in the kingdom of the "ew in the k W d o m of God? 26 Finally. he was aaylnB Atbo the =ather: all 1thlng. pomlble to you: remove the cup this remove this cup from what I f amwllllng 0 t h ~ but me. by no means disown to die wlth YOU: not n i You 1 shall~lsown. and fa say~ng to the sleeping. 7b pLv m c 0 a rrp68upov temptation. e prayed the very word saying the same havlng gone on' ~ i n r j v . ~ n dhaving sung hymn8 they went out after singing praises. fall on the ground and rai rrpouql5x~ro iva el 6 u v a ~ 6 vLUTIW began praying that. " p along him. 34 And he said to is o6roiq n~ i X m 6 q Lm1v them: "My 54 ~~ih t y m deeply grieved. And it.". " . Mount of Olives.." 37 ~ n hd e ~~d he Pseoming and 1s fnding what you. 27 And Jesus said And I s soylnp to them the 3esus that to them "You will all be stumbled."I$ 5 2 : 5 1 . 30 will not be. Be rou s ay ne awake and be rou praying.blood of the cov. And havhg gono forward going s little way forward he proceeded t o ~ I K bv h i n ~ o v fni ~ f i q ~ 3 % little rd?stanoel he was falling upon the eart . the might pass away mpih0p dml a0700 1 B p a 36 ~ a hour i mlght pass away from hlm the hour: and tram him. & Gal'i.~bba.

%? * $ 3. 42 Get up.MARK hob( them 14:41-47 234 quav y h p were for 235 ral and llfted up O n of hlm the MARK 14:48-55 llttle ear. b .K?i5 Ze ?%gF : . 48 Kol And ~CBirg at once h l ah00 of hlm AaXohro< apeaklng yet Eomee alongalds the and wlth n a p a y i v e ~ a ~6 ~ET' rai aho.a E6hw woods EK? L f ral and e h 1 3pderL. &p llrpiov and rai TOW y p c l p p m t w the scrlbes the aldermen. Kai 06 against Into the to put to death hlm. and w a r m i g hlmse?f toward the I gh 55 Meantime the chief 6& d p ~ c p d ? ~ a i (ihov 6 UW~E~IOV but~ ch c prier ~ s and .at crow2 wlth s w o ~ and 'lo66ac rfq TO" 666c. and all & lapia KO] owipxowa~ t h e chief priests and chK1 prled. it is in order t h a t the Seri~tures may be In Order that mlaht be fultUlcd the Sedptures. 41 ~ a : what t o answer him. el< T&< Into the of the t h ~ ~ . One but any 47 ~ b a certain ~ TOW n a p e m ~ r 6 r w v m a o h evoq T ~ Vone of those standing of the (ones1 hsvlng atood beslde havlng dlrawn the by dm hi. lva vAqpoerjolv a1 ypaqai." 45 And he came straight u p him h i y c ~ and he 1s saylng and said: "Rabbi!" 'PaPpLi ~ a i ra-rc@iX ucv abrbv. what they mlght enswet to hlm. end not they knew so they did notknow ~i ho~p18iwlv a h O . and they tried to seize him. eame the hou< 1606 napa6i6o~a1 6 vlbg TOO &vB&nirrov look1 1 . and eyes belng we ghs down. " . . fmm ypap mdq 54 ma1 A 6 . 715 him into custody. Look! MY betrayer has drawn near:' 43 And immediately. hlm Judaa one oi the twelve bxho p m h paXa1 v . And the from a gOOd distance. Nevertheless. 47 d q 61.51 Kui v~avio~og Red. Y. upon naked lbadyl. . 46 SO 48 01 66 hrtPahav T&< eipaq a 6 ~ Q they iald their hands The (one81 but thrust upon the %snda to hlm upon him and took rat Luphrtloav abrbv.v~~~ C~VVOV 50 And thW all And having let xo OR they Bed abandoned him and n h v r e ~ . and he ki~eedlown htm.jhwv wv~fi~iv I1~. for of them the their eyes were 6+8aApol rma0apwbpo1. tenderly. 52 but he left umah~n~v 62 6 66 his linen garment the (one) but hsvtnp left behtnd behind and got away ulv6bw Equyw.w. Judas. 45 r a t safely. roll o h d6eiuav weighed dom. 44 6C66ne1 62 b napu6160J~ &bv Had nlven but the (one) glvlngover him TOV nwoh1. $ U0hv be YOU lesdlngon &n&ye~e &uqahOq. TC. he: take him into custody and lead him away "feiy. while h e was yet speaking. (RIX/IUO ag"d algn tolhem saying Whom UkelY Is ou d klss ah65 6mw he it h. are 'Ieep sinners. but &wihcv abTo?J 7 6 &I&PIOV. failowed him as far pa~p68Ev fi~oh06Bquev ah@ M hlm until a s in the courtyard long way OR followed Zuw el< T))v a3h1jv m O &pxtcpLw~ mi of the high priest: lnslde into the courtyard of the chlef pdea and and he was sitting together with the fi~ UWK~~~~~ w~l'h E Y TOY O ~~W~PET ~ Y he was (one) alttlng tagejhher wlth the subordiates house attendants ~ a i8cppa~vbwevo npaq ~b 55 01 and warming The before a bright fire. r&e6&6ovraq. 4 1 And h e came t h e 6 ~ p i r o v ral Atye# h i < he%?. whole the Sanhedrin priests and the whole San'he'drin were YIITOVY K O T ~ TOG 'lquo0 pap~upiuu looking for testimony were seeking down on the ~ e s u s wltneas JeaUS t o put €i5 6 eavm. And young man any certaln young man uuv ~oh068el wearing a fine linen was fo'lowins with garment over his TIEPI~PXI~~~YOZ uIv6&a nno Unen psnnent naked body began t o having thrown around himgeli tnt yyu~~voO r a i rparoGu~v aljr6v. slee~lng. 54 But Peter. 6mLxz1 qA&v fi Qpa roo are restlng up: It ls havtngoR. arrived and with him a crowd with swords clubs from the chief priests and t h e scribes the older men. ty~ipeu8e ~ [60b loakl gtvlng over me has dmwn near.ti~ r a i 01 lrpeaPkepo~ ~ a l 01 the chte pr es and the older men and the the scribes assembled. K e u h q p o v &oiq Atyuv "Ov 6RI %fi : . and nor him t o death. One of the twelve.& scrkes. and me eomlng together Older men and &pyep. naked. Ka&G6c~e ~6 holn6v m u are aleeplw the lefbwer (thlngl &vanaljc&e. follow him nearby. 53 They now led 53 Kai m y ov ~ 6 v 'IqooCv rrpbq Tbv Jesus away to the ~ n d they l z o ~ the ~ e s u .48 K& woods to arrest me7 Accordingto after day I was with fipipav fipqv npd~ 61$< h.9'ng the thlrd ltimcl and 98 saybg to them t h . toward the high priest. and struck t h e slave p$xaa%w h m h y T ~ V 6oOhov TOO &p. 51 But a ell. and kissed him very ~ e I.m.". and they are selzlng hlm. fu~fiiied: 50 r a i ctq1. "Did y o u come o u t having anowered the Jeaus h i Aqu*v 6EfiABarr per& p a x a ~ p i wr a l with swords and Clubs upon robber vov eame out with swords and as against a robber t o arrest me? 4 9 Day e. &Ov 01 them sleeping. ~ n linen e earment fled. 44 owh his had given them an agreed saying: "Whoever i t IS I lusS. let us go. &TQ And hsvlng ing a n d taking om It jS enough! The hour has come! LOO*!T h e Son of man is betrayed into the hands of sinners. 6 &paprwh~v.. belng given over the &n of the mar. and they aelred hlm. And 48 B u t in response Jesus said to them: dnrorp~Bei< 6 'IqmOq rlrrev h o i q 'SIC said M them A. and vet YOU 6t6&mwv ~ a l obr trmqumC p r MX' did n o t t a k e m e into teaehlng and not rau se zed me: but custody. lepQ YOU in the temple dev 1 was toward In the temp e teachina.x~~p&wr/ the slave of the ehlefprier of the high priest at once cd8bq having come toward npoo~chBi)v hlm ~ ~ 48 r a l and took his ear off. 42 the (one1 6ywpw Be you settlng up let us be golny: b napa616odq pc i/yy~uev. t ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ .

LUI~u6opap~Spow rar' abro0. 59 r a l oh68 made with hands. . this Jesus. : tbe imanl but d d e d =Ymg 68 ~ u he t denied it. the Court I m p f ~ a ~ P m i u p a u ~ ~ a him took. I % $ ? r ti! waslnqulrlng u r n him and h saying the high priest begam ah$ 1 5 ET b x I Q T ~ < b ui6q ~ 0 0 t o question him and to hlm You are the ~ h r k t the Son of the said t o him: "Are you ~ J h o y q ~ o O62 . 57 Also. "What further need d o what % X ! are we tavlng of witoesnea? we have or witness~s? ~~~~~-. Oljl and to be weerim that NO^ Tbv mmov ' % ? whom the man c606q . Oh. thus equal waa the testimony ofthem. 72 r a l YO" are naymg. ~i o t r o i oou Jesus.t once outof =tartea a. 56 Many. fore-court. ol 66 n d v r q r a r C ~ p ~ v a evb v i epnears?'~he (ones) but all judgeddown hrm They all condemned him t o be liable t o Evo ov s1va1 e w h ~ o u .MARK 14:56-64 238 237 MARK 14:65-72 t10p1orov. 63 b 61 & P X I E P E ~ clouds of heaven.:h2q:". too. And onee more after a little by began while those saying standing to peter: ' c ~ e r t a i n you ~y are one of them. Many for any. b 62 ' 1 u00q ETWEV 'E 2) the Christ the Son Blessed o n . 69 And r a l the acrvsntgifl rra16iun1 havmgsem GpCaro n&hlv hiyelv started s p a 0 D he asyhg tothe (0-1 ~~U~EUTWUIVI O~TOF tf a h 6 v havlngstood bertde that This (one) ou of them Cmiv.rene'.:. subordinates to slaps on the face 66 Kai &rmq TOG l l h p o v r h r o v 16 66 Now while And b e h s o f t h e Peter below m thi Peter was below In &A6 +mat p i a r&v mrt6tor+ 700 the courtyard. 65 And some helfln to he of death.'" not made wlth hands I shall h u m . attendants took him. a h a 0 hlyovsoq 6ri 'E D KCIT~SUW T ~ V saylng: 58 'We heard of htm saying that shall loose down the him say. a t the sight of him.. their testimony in 60 ~d &CLOT& &PXIE+ G I ~ agreement. 64 C o h r 7.roc &&p*rrar 62 Then Jesus said: 'I am. And monies were not m agreement. and neither 59 ~~t on these grounds was oGrwq Iuq fiv fi paprupia a h 6 v . TIVEF e n a u ~ h q &q%c@papmipcw m e havlngstood UP weregl-g false witnew Certaln ones were r&nm' &oO ACyovscq 61158 'Hpsic.' ofthe ~ e a u .Mov and in three days I and throuph tree another will build another not dg(elpm0iQ~ov oiro&pfim. and the ~ ~slapping d . . and having Been the Peter 67 and. 58 n o A b 1 y a p they were not finding they were Rndlng.i. S T & p + v natv s(ter JI ie ~ t i m e l aEam the Tines) TQ nhpW = a m $ heving~~dhelide saying to the peter ~$2 vestibule. 'I will throw va6v TOGTOV rdv X E ~ P O T I O ~ ~ ~ T Odown Y thls temple t h s t ~ divlne hnbltatlon thls the lone) made with hands was made with hands ~ a i 6 1 2 1 T I& C. 1 ~ ~ Y rp-xnjhlw. and row wlll see tho Son of the man am. started again t o say to stnndlng by: i ~~~ ." 71 But h e commenced t o curse and swear: 'I do not know this man of whom YOU spefA." of the heaven. la? ~ ~ ~ b Lv ulbv : . one of courtyard u coming one of the servant gmls of the the servant girls O f &pxlepfwq.5 bhaupqpia ~i 6piv 164 y o u heard the you heard oilhe blasphemy? m a t to You blasphemy. chief pnest. went outslde 69to There the the servant girl.'~~mm" . but qptaro ~~ ~havehnown hiysrs. and ha went out outside lnta the are and he % . The hut chief Pdaa? 63 At this the high 6tapfisaq ~ o b xtr*vaq ~ dm00 hiye1 priest ripped his inner having ripped the inner garmenh of him La say@garmentsand said: Ti Exo w p a p m i p ~ v .h oGrc t r r i m a p a l 06 iri saying: "Neither do either I have known nor I understand you what I know him nor do I hbyr1q rai tCjh8cv EEW ~ i 5Td understand what you you are sa. Again hn)&m 6 . seeing Peter B s p ~ p ~ v 6 ~ ~ v o v kpl3hiwua ~ G T Qwarming himself." 12 And immediately acyov the 5: rahthaioq oaman : h8Eparices to he curring E? s %b 1 1 : $ $ .? . 68 6 68 fipniuaro hiy.tog. And 0T6a &.le'an. . were glving were giving falae wltnell downon him.1 sxng Of the man sitting a t the 6uvdp~wq Cpx6pww PET& 76% vc d 6 v right hand of Power power and eomip wlth the &ude and comlng with the TOO olpwo0. what Y fig ?- s evident t o YOU?" mi-$.W a.:~ ". 61. And started t o spit on him Cbrrr6av ah$ r a l rnp!vahlmT~~v a h 0 0 ~ t a r t e d to spit on to him end to k eovedng about of him and to cover his whole TA r r p h o v rat uohapn a v a& rai face and hit hlm With the face and to be bu2etlnz him andI their Asta and say &TO ~popfiilrruuov. in the face. rr&v b you? 61 But he and not answered nothing. for. lino&a EV i n s and bearing false down on him saying that We heardl witness against Mm. she warmlng hxmseli having looked On to him looked straight a t him Kal d p ~ r h TOG NaCapnvoir q u 8 a and said: "You. o7. r a l indeed.. YOU are a 0aI. him h b v a a p o v . she+&yet 1s s a y h a And you wlth the N a r a r ~ e were were with the N ~ Z TOG 'Iquot.denying it. and uov persons Lx 6c<t& K & ' NO" q q wlll see the Son of cut of dght-hand Cmlt. 57 ~ ( a i him. And having a t w i w the chief pries Into 60 Finally t h e high p&mv h q f $ ~ ~ u ~ v rbv 'I no& X y o v O k w e s t rose in their mldst inqU e d u w n the saying Not midst and questioned dnro~piv" OM&. r a l 01 to hlm: "Prophesy!" to he saying to hlm Prophesy. not were. 10 b 6i rrbh~v ~~PVCTTO. ~ a he (one) but again was denyh&And IS. ? The but yesus said of the Blessed One?" cipl. but their testlequal (onel) the er tmonle. 67 roll 16dm -6" n h p o v the high priest came. and false witness agalnst iual a 1 r a y u p i a t otia fiuav. Again the k e ~ silent t and made noreply a t all. saying: 'Do are you answering nothmi? What these of You you say nothing i n ~arapap~upo~ 6~ 1lv~ b 61 talima reply? What is i t these are testifying down dn? The lone) but wan silent are testifying against rat 06% dnrErpiVUT0 OM&. in fact.65 Kal f l p C w ~ 6 death..

" And he broke down and gave way to weeping. YOU W i 1 a sown. to them. but abundantly erled out m t on t e stake h ~ m . whom they petitioned for. 16 The soldiers y F y x o v aWv now led hlm off into him the courtyard. YOU Call the ~ o m a r e ~ y l n the g king ofthe Jews7 of the Jews?" 6. n e t h a ~ o q n&X. '=lease ~ ~ he should loo. 2 ~d and handed brought off and gave over to Pllate."P. Pllate again .= off to them.P.. " ? afi$ et 1 '9~5 & a 0 h 6 6 x 9 had committed And having come up the crow murder. he lva in order that handed him over to be impaled.:. in. t a T ~ Vsaying: .v crowd to have him tmohfiuq ~ h o i ~ 12. and peter recalled the saying that jesus spoke to him: "Before a cock crows twice. which owraho&lv 6h v rai and Uley call together w h k die<. conducted a r b uuvi6pfov 6fiocnn~q consultation.h .$DOYOU want Ishould 1001eoft to r o n the Ofthe me to release to YOU 'lov6aiwv. " 2 $ ?hlpahbv rai 15 2:: at El~%q once early i n n ~ L O l n i n g ~ ~ ~ a ~ wpBo6htov n o l l i o a v r q oi dr xl~PEi v L r a priests wlth t h e older mnsultatlon havinzmade the eh&lPrl& wlth men and the scribes. instead. T~)V~ L I ~ ~ O T O Y . they cried out all the 15 6 62 nnA&-rg $wMpwoq 73 6xAy more: "Impale him!" he but pilate arlshlog t e t h c erowd 15 At t h a t Pllate.?' : k Tea ' 1 quoGv Jew p(xy~Ah&oaq having whipped OKNPW~~.MARK 15:l-7 6 ~ r t p p u MSnrwp tpiw m ~ a bie p v 09q second [t~mel me& sounled: mcslJbd 6 n h p o q 7. i6r rrbua are you answering nothmg? see how many (things) YOU no reply to make? See how many charges uou naqyopok~v. him he said: "you yourself say [it].5 Piipa h q r t n w &Q 6 the Peter the saYlng as . 8 ~Cli '2: B~P. And over to i n ? hnlucv mj+v 6 n e 1 h 6 ~ 0 gI b st b him So put the ~nquted upon h m the P1lste You question to him: "Are P a o l h ~ b q T&V 'Iou&~ov. 5 6 they are bringing of YOU they are accusing =he f2t 'gainst you. Jesus whipped. T&~IV d m 0 ~ p l 8 ~ i q @EYEV l2 62 n ~ l h 6 ~ 0Tg but Piiete egaln havim answered was laying Piiate was saying to 6v a h i q Ti otv rroljuw to them What therefore should 1 do iwithl whom shall I do with hlm them: htpe &v B a o ~ h & TGV 'lou8aiw~. n@lv ErpaEw ~ m b w u o v king 13 01 put on the . 8 S o t h e crowd came on up alrcio&rt K&C accotdingas and started to make inorrain droip 9 6 62 nrtharoq petitlon according t o he was doing to them. The but ch efDries 11 But the chief the ch e pdeats.+ haw 6 well. . 9 Pilate 6nrr~piBq abroiq hLywv Qthr'r~ answered to them saying Are YOU wtllins to them. 4 Now Pliate h)&TU began questioning him was inquginE ugon again. what bad did he do?" 6k n r p ~ u u b q E ~ p a E w I-caGpwov a h 6 v . mrrotfi~r~cnv. they had done. &halev. 14 6 6L n n h + o ~ n r y w a6roiq himl" 14 But Pilate him. & p x l e p d ~handed him over. E ~~a 62 top. from festival ACCordrng to but festlval he was loosing off to festlval he used to release to them ahoig tva 6Cup1ov to them one bound one whom one prisoner. that h t v rrpcflrG lov is. $ a but the (one) 7 At the time there XI 6pwoq BapoPB6q p n h T ~ V ornulaor& Was the so-called beLasaid Barabbaa wlth the aeditionlsts BaPab'bssinbands with the ~WitionLFtS. ha m m t be put od the *take. The but pilate war saying to them went On to to TI y a p t n o i q o ~ v nau6v. ol What (thing) for dld he do bad? m a ( o n e . nolpql'oirvro. of troops together. i w & V ~ U E I UT~ ~ Vdxhov up the priests stirred up the crowd in oMer that pr?. and they Sanhedrin bound bound Jesus and led d m j v r y ~ w r a i r r a p t 6 o r w ne~hdrry. 6 the iring Of the king ctthe .me. a n d they called the whole body rilv m of i p rww a w . hsvinganswered to him I s w i n g YOU yousrrasyhg. the Pilate. the body . Jews? m e (onel f : t Jews?" I n answer t o CnronplBdq ah6 ALWI 15 htyetg. 1 0 Lyivwrw 671 the king or the Jews?" Jews? Re wasmowing that he was aware f 6th @ h v r r a ~ ~ 6 ~ h &bv l ~ w t h a t because of envy h'm had Oven over through envy the ehlef priests had oi $yrpdq. ~EGEIL&~ O ~ T ~ Y E ~ &v q =&ml bv having been bound who in th& sedition murder who I n their sedition 15 ! ~ $ $ : \ '! . The but . r r ~ c o P m i ~ w v ~ ~ c l p p a ~ trw a iv 6hov even the sari. 1 1 oi 6 .v priests proceeded to him many many (things). The but Pllats he used to do far them. things.aid to hlm the '1quoGq 6 ~ ! npiv &A~KTOPC( 6iq Jesus that Before Cock twice r p i s &nap*?). you will disown me three times. and haYlnB thrown upon he was weeln. ) them: "Why. &nohhw 6piv T ~ V B c y o . 239 MARK 1553-16 r P . began to marvel.take 13 Once more theg meloll-) but again 'Iied Out: "Impale &6v. $ ut the Chief n o 4 6 6. praetorrum: palace." dPm~piB 6 u n hp&<clv not yet nothing amerea: to be wonderfns Jesus made no further so that Pilate answer.3 Kai ~ a r r l y 6 p o w a h o O 01 &pxlrpciq ~ n dwere accusing ofhim the chief pr~est." But o b t m 066. 238 a eack crowed a seeon@time.. Into the governor's i . the older men and scrrbes and hedrin. saying: "Have ~ O K P ~ V I ~o a t " . 16 0 1 62 orpcrr!km The but soldlen E m *g 6 Inaide the murb'ard. 62 6 theu were betitionins tor.P. thme .

~ n d they sra Dut%g on the stake 24 And they impaled him and distributed a h 6 v r a l 6 1 a p ~ p i < o v r a 1. 19 AIS. 2 1 -. were reproaching him. which la being translated when transK aviou T h o < . when they t ~ 6 6 ~ o w ah6v had made fun of him. iva of Alexander and ofRufus. 3 1 6 oiwg rai 01 down Off the to*ure from the stake. Skull' Place.ov ah6v. I on 18 And ETOWII. t h e torture stake.a ! 20 Finally. ~ n d to ihe nlnth hour a t t h e ninth hour Out ifi6 (IN b 'IqooGg QWV~ pw&hll Jesus I t tha J~SUS 0 voice great with a loud voice: . the divine habitation and building in times 30 save Ijpipa~g.rog LYLVETO p' SXqv ~ f i vy i v ZWS whole land until the darltneSs ceme to be the untli hour. And he.6 6-1~ p ~ ~ ~ p qG v ~ p w OI . ing him. App 3c.MARK 15:17-25 17 nai iv6v616iwnoutr1v a h b v 240 241 MARK 15:26-34 n o m 6 p w r a i 17 and they decked And the? deck him purple and him with purple and nePlrl8iaolv ah4 7IALSmq d r r ~ l v o v braided a crown of Piacearound him having braided thorny thorns and put it o r i ~ w 18 r a i qpFavro ~oTT&<c~& ~ him..' 34 And tvhr q. fiv 1 they impaled And was the him. 0BdJIXovrr5 ~Afipov M a h & ~ i gcasting the lot over of him. 90' See 33. the father coming from the country. 34 ~ f i t v h r l fipq "'nth hour nint??. And the (ones) goins thelr wnY h Y to him. 6 0 t h a t he should lift up 76v (~rrm&v 013~08. i ~ a tih a t we may see and iva Inorder that we might see and might believe. that is. UABCDand the westcott and Hort Greek text omit this verse. they and they were mi tin^ of him the head would hit him on rclhhpq. him Be rejo~c~ng. And they lead out him in orderthat upon hlm. who but not with myrrh. 'lou6aiwv. one they are putting on stakes two robbera. 21 Ogetherwith rewe. f u s . . ~ g Golgotha place. 26 And the ai~iag a h 0 3 inscription of the charge Of t i m charge against him ~ I Y V W ~ P ~ V ' I '0 B a u ~ h e b ~s o v was written above. 33 When it became ~~0IJ~vrls the sixth hour a 33 hhnvkg come to be darkness fell over the un6. And theyweregivfng to him 23 ere they tried to bpupvlupivov otvov 8 5 SL o 6 ~ give him wine drugged having been drugged with myrrh win. and him. Kal t t d r y o w v &v " of him. E m 6 v oO 6 h ~ a u 1k a l ' 32 6 saying: "Others he he saved.". T & Ipkca hlm snd are distributin9 the outer garments his auter garments by a h o 3 . . he shou& lift up the ltake of him.rh E ~ y6va~a ~ I P O U Z K ~ O V V and* bending their placing the kneel they were dolng obeisance knees. 28 right-hand [parts1 and one m t of ieh-hand &sr@l 29 And those going by naparopeu611~vol would speak abusively adroO.%' ~ ahT$ % % %Zg . And when they made f u o f % h .cT& .. he ook. and they started to be greeting they started greeting dr6v X a i p ~ ! P ~ o I A E G TOV 'lou6aiwv~ him: . a certain Kvprlvaiov ipx6p. .o~:d$ TIVa they Impress into service going es any Slmon a passerby. Inorder that Alexander and ~ u . 23 uai Cbi6ouv ah6 lated.m. Eva 6~ mbkrs with him. to him.rrl Kai w h a t 25 ~t was now $it mlpi%ktup.' u 2 n r 27 Moreover. 76wp~v ~ a n~~~mrSuwpev. they would ah& 20 r a i 6 ~ s t v h r a l ~ a v do obeisance to him. King of the Jews. the father of 'AhrFQ6pov nai 'Pobou. -28. wagging their @hauqfpouv a h 6 v Krvo%rr5 rhg ~ ~ q d heads a 5 and saying: were blasp erning hlm moving the heads ah! You would-be d r G v ~ a XLyavrrq i Odh 6 rprahCwv of them and anylnp Wa! The lone1 loosing down thrower-down Of the temple and builder T ~ Y va6v ~ a oi~060pfiv i kv of it in three days. 2 1 Also.. himself he fiaalk35 'Iopafih cannot save! 32 Let b King Of Israel the Chrlst the King Of the 6rrr6 703 uraupo0. and &?A .ua'ri.w~v && 21 they might put an theatake him. Ninth hour. 31 In like & p ~ e p e i j t p n a i t o v ~ s g np6g &hAilAoug manner also the chief chie pries r making fun toward one onather priests Were making . Qd ~. having been written upon The Kine of the *=he x i n g of the a d r Q rews.~ which ~Q .ieve. E~~~ those ~~~-~ 01 (IuvEUTaupw ivol impaled together with the (ones) havingbeen put on s L e s together with him were reproach*vribtl. CoralSpwoav they put on the stake aGr&. .. 25 $8 but hour t l m and the third hour. his torture stake: 22 ~ a i 9 L p o w ~ v 22 So they brought &v h i &v And they arebearlng him u w n the him t o the place rohyoetrv T ~ ~ O V .&v y p a p p p r t o v Bryov ' ~ h h o u g fun among themselves with the aer ber were saying Others with the scribes and i u w ~ e v .wov &d &ypo3. . ~ o o d day. Cylentsn eormng from'ne. lot upon them who them as to who takes caning 62 fipcl Tg. himself not h e is able to save: the saved. YOU King of the 19 r a i Enmov adroS rilv r r p d i v reWsus!. they impaled two maupoOu~v 660 hg(IT&<. but he W a p 24 nal urau O ~ O I V would not take it. Vg. 26 xai him. o f ~ k u l l Place. ~phlgk xg1. T ~ V m i p a Simon of Cy. 2 n:t?$ly zfpmva ( 21' See App 3c 22' Ca1. rai ivhmcmv thehead with a 0 reed and were spittingon ' ? t t ? and spit upon him T I ~ ~ Y T . 29 Kai 01 of him. they impressed into service &yyapc6ourrtv rmp&r. ~ i t ~ w i a aalso the stake. Israel now come down ~ a ~ a B 6 r w vOv let him come down now from the (Cslvaryl. they strlpped him they stripped him of Lvi6vow aalirbv T& ipha they clothed him the outer garmenis the purple and put his auter garments a h o O . S O oGoov m-6" rarapb day% having eomeSom ymmelf by coming && TOG uoroupoG. . one out of on his right and one Srttirv r a i Eva tt r h v h WV his left. And they led him out to impale urov~ur. about 3 p. ~~~.

li'jah. who had eome up into Jerusalem.t dlq~iq qwvjv y a y a q v &tiwrmguow.l?jah i'E. on a reed. lookine &where he had b&n lard 700 S~ay~vo&ivou having come to be through of the SO when t h e sabbath had ) w e d . If Jesus. ~ ~ i q ' I c p o o 6 h ~ p a . and began TTEPI~E~~ ~ a h h p ~ & & . sabbath. having put around reed was causing to drink glvlng him a drink.MARK 15:35-41 'Ehwi Elm 242 ovvavap&oal having gone up with 243 ah$ him MARK 15:42-16:l thwi h a p a oapa 0 w a i . 38 K a i ~6 ~ a T m 6 ~ a o pra oc vaoc 38 And the curtain And the curtain of the divine habitation of the sanctuary was i-uxCo0q rent in two tOp. began t o say: "See! havmg h e a 2 were raylng Seei EHjah He is calling E." Were but ebo women from afar 40 There were also 0ewpoOoat.ya'hu1. he said: '"Certainly 6 hv0pwrroq v l b ~ 0 ~ 0 0 the man Son of God war. 46 ceertsin from the army hegranted the corpse to the Joseph. Galilee used t o accompany him and minister jnohoSBouv ad@ nai Saqrirvovv a6r$ were following to him and were serving to h ~ ' . oflicer. ~. ireputable also vew was ionel waltingfor the kingdom of the counTOO ~EoS. 22. having dared he went in toward the was waiting for the ~. having came J o w h $ . who came jaseDh of nai 71v r r p o o 6 ~ ~ 6 p ~ vroj q v Paoihsiav mathe'a. Adaropqpivo~ him in a tomb which having been suarrled out of rock-mass. 35 nai why have YOU forof me. . having hunse~f and' summoning rnqpb-u~v aiirb si iiSq diirb'dcrvm the army omcers he he inquired upon him if aheady he died. uafip&rv Mapia j MqSahqr"ai sabDath Mary the Magdalene and Mary Mag'dalene. 41 a? 8 fiv iv irj rahlhaiq and Salo'me." 3. 42 NOW as it was hd fiv rrapao~ad. Less and of Jo'ses. nr~A&rov ~ a i i l n l u a ~ o T kingdom GO^. $2". H~ Pilate and h k e d for the took courage t o go 'IqooO. iv alq nai Maplap 1) women viewing from a vlewlng. 6 Eid lama sabakxihonlf which vrv61~~vav ' 0 0r6q b 8 ~ 6 p?:!i?mnslated The Gad 0% the Go$ ed "My God. together with him t o Jerusalem.. 41 who whq when he was in the. wt i t . was quarried out of T~PO~EKL~~~O hieov EY h i ~ j v 86pav TOO a rock-mass. : 2 K%! % !a & +.lee. 39 '16hv . hiy. pou. 39 Now. 43 th0hv 'louiiq was Preparation. 44 6 Sh nscMroq d0ahpauEv ~i in before Pilateand. savlng Let voo go off let us see d 1s eomins Let us see whether ' H h ~ i a q ~ a e ~ h ~ai6v ~ 6 v . Jesus let out a loud having let go off voice great 'lmired. asked him whether 45 ~ a i yv0hq dm6 TOG K S V T U ~ ~ ~ V O had ~ he already died. that (onel before the sabbath. my God. ~ i q ri i ~mU~rr&j p ~ . mother of James the little (onel and of Joses mother and Salome. and ~ai &Mat wohhai and others many the lwomenl many other women - . this man was God's 40 ' H u w 66 ~ a ywaiKEq i dmi. whtch is afternoon. wondered whether rrpoo~aX~ohp~voq he was already dead.a n d slnce it rrpou&!3Da~ov. 43 there from Arimathea reputabe counselor.. ~0hpi)oaq ~ i u i l h 8 ~ vnpbq ~ b v cil. The but Jesus him down. 42 K a i i S q cvopiuqq ~ n d already oP2vETng ha&g eome t6 be. 44 ~ u Pilate t already he has dled. the day before the &rr6 'Ap~pa'daiaq siiuxi) wv P O V ~ E U T <6q ~ . 36 6paphv Si T C ~ he is sounding to. 6 i m t v already late in the since it was Preparation. cry and expired.Ii.wv "A$rrz iSopcv ~i i p x s a t saying: "LET [him] be! him."' povci. The but Mary the morial 41 But MaySahqvj ~ a M i apia 1) ' l o o 6 ~ o s Mary Mag'da4ene Magdalene and Mary the Imotheri of Joses and Mary the mother of J O ' S ~continued S roc ri8~1~al. + . meaning "My God Is Jehovah. Hav~ng run but someone 36 But a certain one ran. and he he rolled toward stone upon the door of the roiled a stone up to J I Y ~ ~ E ~ O V . t0ebpovv were viewing where he has been put.&: ..ii'jah' comes t o take Elijah to take down him. in which ones also Mary the dmtance. who also himself of the God.31 b SL 'IqooOq E. soaked a sDonee . The but Pilate wondered asked for the body of 6671 T ~ ~ V ~ K F V . among them MaySdqvj ~ a i M a p i a fi ' I a ~ b p o v TOO Mary Mag'da-lene Magdalene and Mary the of James the a s Well as Mary the p l ~ p o j ~ a 'i I W U ~ T O~~ < T " P nai I d c 5 p q ." P V a . into what lefryoudown n me And saken me?" 35 And TI YE^ ~irV r r a p ~ m q r 6 r o v some of those standMme O f the (ones1 hav~ng stood alongside ing near. ah&. on hearing dnoljoav~~ &yov "ISe ' H k i a v it.660 Mio from i O &above QO~EV t o bottom. and . E'dq~ev a h b v b pvjpa71 fiv wrapped him in the put him in memonal (tomb1 whlch war fine linen and laid t~ ~T~TPOF. y~~iuaq m6yy0~ -Xouc having filled soonee of sour wine with sour wine. ~ e s u s . 6B 6 ~cvrvpiov officer naving seen but the centurion the (one) when the napmrqrGq ivmiaq aGloO that was standing by having stood alongside out of oppos~te of him with him in view saw 67. warsplit into . yaxp68~v 'On..47 'H 62 Mapfa i the door of the mememortal tomb. L&WTYE)IOEV e l m " 'Ahq0Wq o8roq he had expired under that thus he exp~red a d ruthf fully this these circumstances. 1 16 $ ! 8 l6 .t o him when h e was in Gal'i. ahbv iv~ihqusv 4 o~vSbl bought line linen him he wrapped in the flne linen sloth and took him down. and having known from the centurion 45 So after making LSopfioa~a 76 r r r a p a T$ ' l w o i q . he granted &yop&uaq olvS6va na'dchhv 46 Accordingly corpse to Joseph' he having bought fine linen having taken down the . S5: 86' E.

and they t ~ ~ e a p p j e ~ o6 au. And they to18 nobody ETTT~V. just as he told 8 ~ a i t<rheo0oat zquyov dm6 TOG YOU-'" 8 So when And havrng come out they Red from the they came out they pvq E ~ O U ETXN y a p &T&C ~ ~ Red 6 from ~the memori0 ~ memortei to&. KUT to no one %heaths LONG CONCLUSION Certarn ancient manuscripts (ACD) and verslons (VgSpP) add the following long canclumon.. as they were going into the countq. ""I m u was t e rlsrad e d ~ n *n. ecstasy. will be condemned. inths nams ol me demonr they will tbrow mu$.lo. t m (one) but hsrlnl dlsD=lievBd will beludaod dawn. for they they Said. And they were saying toward themselves saying one to another: Tiq. r@bv6porL pou 8okpbv~o ix6ahoGorv. And very On the first day 7" pl$ T&Y oap m w v Epxovral to &e one [ ayl of the they are coming of the week they came m i . ~aBchq zlrr~v bpi". having looked up they are vlewlng they beheld that the &~a~~~chlm 6a h l f e ~ 4~ ~ Y&P ~ b a stone < had been rolled has been rmlied away the stone: it was for great away. as they were mourning and weeping. will expel demons. 4 nai door of the memorial door of the . 14 sut later he appeared ta the eleven themaelvea as they were reclining at the table. beside 1 1 s ~YOTOIIIXEL dm& 8owbvbo.hey!. not he is here. + after appeared these inthings another he form to two of them walking along. ~ POD^ way i lnta ~ tho~ worid 8 1 1 preach rou ~~~. YOU be you stunned. eom he had expellee seven demons."$. upon the memonai tomb h a v ~ n g m e n UP of the when the sun had risfihiou. they heard and nad he had a her * r i l ~ cme to 65 Out Of ~2 irpovsp0l)n t v irbea nrpvlorasow ha a a e made msnifest 1 " dieereol aalkbr about than 33 xdxrivoL popmii nopruopdvorg d s d w k .nose (ones1 the* bel%aved.$. the Na%a. 6rrronvhior~ tpiv T&V hi8ov EK ~ f i q "Who will roll the Who wlll roll away to us t h e stone out of the stone from the Oljpaq 700 pvp~iov. $ $ .) with yevoptvols nzv8oGo~%el x ~ o i o u o ~ ~ 11 ' . not-but ix~lvors Iniorsuoov.rene'. memodaltomb? And tomb for us?" 4 But &va~hiyl&oa~ 8cwpo?olv when they looked up. . 14-Yaropov to .rdnsnrtrdnesl bmausa to thv (ones) u ~ ~ a a p d v o r o6rbv s iynyapptvov ix v~xpav hsYiOL SioW. and he reproached their lack of faith and hardheartedness. 6 He they werertunned. these signs will accompany 17 oqwEiu 8b roi5 mor=booorv dnoiauuilo~~ signs but t o the (ones) having belisrsd wiil lollow those believing: BY the use of my name they r o ~ r atv . they yi&. $ V V . t a had"= gone her w s ~re~ortsd back to the lane. 16 creation. 3 And they were sun. W ~ having J far them trembling al tomb. 16 ~e that the Soodnews 10 a11 the ~restlan believes and is baptized mor~lioog xol 6onrw~f~ek ~ i ibe l but he barins believed and haring been bailtlaed that does not believe 6 8b dmarilaas *orox~lBiloa=oc. no1 &vel8~ozv dx~orlev ha mads manilert. see t n d aJr6u ciyrw0~. 3 r a i r)i~yov np6q &aur&q en. ~irtex but tv8sxa ~". according as h e said to YO". d ~Clrroq raised up.d birn bavingbeenrriredu~ out of dead OBX ininr~usw. a n d white robe. a"dtnaaa (Onsa) form goins t h e l way h m Bald: &rhUbvre5 ddiyyatAov rols ho~imis o38b haulne sons ofl rwortad bnck to ths IeltorEr (ones! .. odrau hatii ura.".=. 7 But go. he is not he was raiseb up.e) havingh a d dxoloovrr (Inlomoav.0iS sitting the right-hand [placer1 sitting on the right Side clothed i n rrspcpsphqp6~0~ U T O ~ ~ hevufiv. 15 And he said ta them: 'GO all the world and preach the good news to r b =dayydArav ndan rii xria*l. a6raiq were stunned. 5 r a i ~ I r r d ~ o S o a r sic ~6 very large. because theY did cones) not believe those who had beheld him now raised UP from the dead. dirb?lievPd. he raid nopeuetvres eis rbv xbopov Bnovrtr xnpaSoro ~ .byl~k. The lone) but lssavlng to them said to them: "stop M' & K ~ ~ ~ P E ? ' lc qo ~o ch S~TZ~TE 76" being stunned. hirthermore. having omme to b e mourning and wasDlng. 11 But they. LO She went and reported to those who had been wlth him... the. but be 5.700 to the memorial tomb.2 ~(ai hiav they might grease him. there You there him uou will see. 18 and with their hands to tongue. 'He is going ahead brc npohy~l JpBq ziq rahthainu. 1. 13 they came back and reported to the rest. iqopo0v~o y&p' anythmg.. was impaled. Jesus rou are seeKing the are looking for Jesus Na<apqv&v ~ 6 v tmaupwpivov. see! the piace The place arrow ieqnav a h 6 v I &Ah& STT~YETC where they p u t him."~. they will week. they were fearing for: were in fear ~ a i and Enorao!~.\.". but whlch rBSyaArm omit n0uil.. ~ n d havingentered into the they entered into the ~ V ~ @ O V d60v VEUY~UKOV memorial tomb.who Nazarene the (one! having been put on the stake.aolg A ~ A ~ ~ O O ~ O L 18 ~ . noosue~raa dnilvvarXsv roc5 r(r' : .lene. 6 62 . by that STL 12 MET& 8b rooro 8volv Aftor but thdss (thins%) to two 9 After he rose early an the first day of the week he appeared first to Mary Magda. into that ne is going before You into the ~ ~ ~ of i YOU l ~ ~ Gal'Clee.a1 tv roi< ~soolv will speak with tongue*. they memorml tomb they sew saw a young man na8fip~vav ~aiq 6E~. and sa. tell his s i r r m roiq paerl~aiqa h 0 0 ~ a iTF n h p ~ say to the disciples of him and to the Peter disciples and Peter.T& p ~ v ~ & Y ~i TE~ ~ A .0" going under where they laid him.".. either did they believe these.% : him. md in the hroda tk ihaqans) . for trembling fi 0 3 6 ~ ~ 1 066Lv and strong emotion nothing were gnppln them. 10 m u m be b d thmsn out seven demons. i5 06r01s not they belisrad. . .n oo66drou aarls ta Rrat Ida71 of sebbsth irpdvq noarov Ma010 rfi Moy8aAwL nap' ha a ~ ~ a a i s d niat to arsrv tha Masdalans. V ~ai having thrown around himself robe white. 5 When extremeiy. . bought spices in order to come and grease M~i$rwuiv aIJ~6v.*ILP~YOLS adrots Tois t o lone^) l~ing UD s them s chs eleven igo~rouiebdq. And exceedingly .1 it. and be reymaohed irer or faith adrav xal axbpouoo8Lav an roiS or them h.MARK 16%-8 Mapfa 244 245 MARK 16:8 and Mary the mother of James. up but 9 ['AvoardC IIBdnz stood 8b w. W~ T O ~ . He was fiyfpeq 0 6 ~ ~ O T L V ~ 5 6 i6s ~ .". although it was o 66pa.

and il they drlnk anything deadly it will not hurt them at all.ard because I haye traced all things from the s t a r t with OZu%Z ahis 1 I' Literaly. the Lord KATA AOYKAN ACCORDING TO LUKE taken up to heaven and st Ihe right hand Of OW. "Don doechorouc ~ s l o a c 8nrOfioovo~vxal raAag etoaotv. obrav tI1e8u rb Ieebv tile snc~ell ~ o wad e~e~lastgnge8ivutjon. * 8' Manuscript L 019 (Ccdex Regius of the eighth century) contains both conclusions after Mark 16:8. xAB. A. as follows: spoken to them. while evidently not recognizing either eoncluslon ar authoritative.nrthlnt od irh adrobg tnl they thouid drink not not tilorn it 2$13:ur1.val ywrj adrQ LK . 6 6-av 61 6ivai01 &~Q&POI Elizabeth.MARK thsr *III ilrt up nnd ir aver deadly . 2 just as those who from [ t h e ] beginning became eyewitnesses and attendants of t h e mesaage' delivered these t o us. meanlng "My .e ionell but h a r m gone out Dreaeiiad avrrywhra: preached evenwhera. nmenta 246 ~ ~ dooomv X B ~ (tovbmubv 6 9 r~ nicwru they WUI PICX up serpents.n. 1ecai reauiremcnts &h<a&a to eompue Whereas many have undertaken to complle a statement of t h e facts t h a t are given full credence among first the short conclusion and prefixing to each conclusion a note to say that these paasages are current in same quarters. king of JU. and svborduuitn ydpswot 705 Abyou. A 6 A 0 76" e3oovbv sol to swrh to lhcm ma. r a t xl%oLovsvvr yoowroc xol r h 1. 1 ~ ~ .r!'ah.a.SU. Lo YOU & ? % I ? mostmlghty . king ol the Judea priest someone named Zech. riq 'lou6aiaq lrwfiq stc. &o@&hr~au.?& oUqil'. 8 @&<€ having become oltho word.l%Zln. Iesus himseEscnt 8ha. going thch way m in accord with all the'lah.de0a." and he had a wife from t h e 'AD(& ' . meaning 5' A. NAB. "Jah Has Remembered". of t h e divislon of dvbpm Zaxaphq iC &@qpri u s tonsme Zechariah out of upon-day kervleel A. and her name was 'A=&.bl'a. nai ~@T(II 6m' fmm b e g % g cyewltnesoe. 6 In t h e days of Herod. LIBfeneS6. Fl. rd haring bisn commandad *a~ri~~shptva 2. 3 I resolved also.] 1 the me~ssge through the through m s fa~lowinl upan alsnr. i€aniors~Aav through them from weat ilesent on th!iuah the east to the west the l arpoaorov xhBuypa rfig IneorruPlible orcuehlnp of tile holy and Incorruptible prOcismstlon of everlastinq salvation. Peter. 6 They both were righteous 'EAEIu&PET.=ri'as. T T O ~ E U ~ ~ E V O $vI rr&oalq In front of the God.11 ~ccompanylng signs SHORT CONCLU810N Some late manuscripts a n d versions contaln a short conclusion after Mark'jah. JT. "of the word". then. and the name ofher Elizabeth. 0 himaerr tns '%.T& o ! ~ b l j a h .12. They wlll lay their hands upon sick persons. aECOrding a# gave to YS the dr6mai &p -c. Father Is Jah". .dyov b ~ b o w ~ v r o c while the Lord worked or tna ~ o r a w o r S n n w ~ r i > and ths nard stlblllllns wjth them and hacked up a d rmv tmxolouOohrmr onerimv. no1 o d d b mrther. ] But all the thlngs that had been commanded they related beeny to Peter brieay they nlnud. to 4 ha h l vtjt mpi t w T h e o p h ' i .Zaeh. Jehovah's word. 20 They. 5 'Eyho hl ~ a i q fi1(&1< *Hp*u days ofHemd there happened to Happened to be in the be a certain priest BaothEwc. LvroAaiq KU~ 6t~at6paclrr1v commandments and the eommsndmentl and r l m e o u r re~ulrunent.rl'ah'.4 t h a t about which you may h o w fully lnomertbat y o ~ m l g h t ~ n o Upon w ranlxilOrlit I h6yov ~ i the v certainty of t h e of words the things t h a t you have YOU have been t a w ore l y bee" taught orally. and these become 19 80.mroAfis xol 6xor Bast and u n t u *sol rbv I I t r o o * awrbums tEtlyyrthov. having 1 'Emt6iyrcp s i n e even \ o a . were but righteous both (ones1 before God because of walking blamelessly &vuvriov TOO 0 ~ 0 0 . l i e n un into the hawen and txill~aw tx 6 ~ 5 6 ~ sat aown our or r~mt-hnnd [Dettal a. 20 Pxzlvo& 8 1 dyh06vms t x i l ~ v e o v novra o U accordingly. 2 ~aehq a a p 8 6 o o a v l p i v ol kts. 241 6' Zech. ~ l c k( o n ~ l hands LhaYvlilimnoae and Rnelv thay W I I I hnve. 6 1 yqo~v aspi rinr stsiment about the rrm)rrlpoWgilp6vou Lv hpiv havlng been carried t rough to the mu in ua rrpay h w v . $ l hrrwipqrmv too* i n hand [[ndvra [IAll 0 but aa the ILlilnssi to the i?nesl nDm111 1 1 1 . them in logical order T h w ~ h d ~ . went out Th0. Mrrd 8 t raoro Aner but ilmse ithinw ax. Itseemed [goodl n&poi m p rohov9r1~6rt irvo8cw also to me havlngyollowed doaely from above rreolv &~plpDs K&E<~F toall (things) accurately afEOrdlngtosuhseWencE to a 0 1 rp6rn-E O~brpinpl?~.a. '0 ppv 06" x l ~ r o g ' 1 ~ 0 8 sprrd 76 " ~ h ssndeod thorrrora r."PC thinga.n. end women to hlm out o f the daughters of Aaron. ~ a lr6 6vopa ofAaron. oiroviou 0mrqoi.]l . after t h e " 1 .

.lo. 9 according to to be servrne as priest him In Uie order oXe Lqqprpiag a h 0 0 L Y ~ V T I TOG BEOO t h e solemn practice Upon-day lnervlccl or hlm In front of the God of t h e priestly office 9 ~arh Tb i B o ~ ~ i j t c~p ~ ~ ~ i iat became hi. 616~1 r b q n o ~ u 6 has been favorably befeailrk. him: -nave no fear. E." Kara ri y h u o k t a l TOOTO. . eIo~h€Ibv €I< T ~ V vabv TOO 10 and all the mulhavigeatersd lnto the dlvlne habltatlon of the titude of the K U P ~ O U . : And you will YOU will e .ri'ah became &<t&v Toj ~uo. t u r n to BfC~ldlns to the eUStom o f t e Pdestly .a.Ace offer incense when Ehaxr TOO B u p d o a ~ he entered into the he obtained by lot 01 tho to OPPer incense sanctuary of Jehovah. J"'"n: the h r d .' yZlp p t y a g ivhrrtov Kv iou. IShv. r a i q 6 b q h t n t u r v m' a h 6 v . because you did 06n h i u r r u o a TO?( h6yoiq 6v whleh lthinga) not y o u believe$ to the word# not believe my words. 12 vai Zaxapia$ and fear feu upon Incense. 19 rat of this? For I a m having advanced In the days 01 her.rirah. 11 TO him people Jehovah's' TOG 8up1bparoq 1 1 &Qq 62 a h @ 01 t h e incena~n~.a.. because Sald but toward hlm the angel Not y r ." JlT. And aged and my wife i s 6 & d o < t t n w ah? 'El* &rorp~Brig along in years. 7 .lilah's' spirit and ~ap6iag r r a ~ t wv h i rkva ~ai hearts 01fatRra upon ehlldren and power. And became trou led Zechariah hxm. 1 17. 1 ( . meaning "My Gsd Is Jehovah. MAB. the Lord. upon the orlgln ot hlm wlll reiolce: hew111 be 15 for h e will be :te - o$i& A :te ~. 18. supptieation Oopo6 Zaxapia. " t o t Zech.aonlpiou rlpht-hand I~Iarrai of the altar of the troubled a t t h e sight.Y h&y .Jl.zz-z(. standing at the right side of t h e Ku iou Lmi) incense altar. and Icor fell over u w n hlm. 10 Kai W ~ V~b rrhij80g q v TO. and 8toit.~ehavah.P.h. and they both 'Ehrtohps~ arcTpa rai TcPQl were well along in EllzebeUl barren: and %&6conesl years. and the women ot you mother t o a Son t o you. Bup!&parog. I trr. 13 However.2&1*. 15. the angel said t o havlnsseen. 13. and you are t o Call his name John. l r a i great before Jehovah. 13 Elntv n d g a h b v 6 6yyrhog Mfi Zech. t o having been furnlrhed down. a m . 20 ~ a i!Sob E o o~wrr&v and look1 w81 be (One) belng allent and 20 But. and h e will be &yiou n h q d j o m ~ETI tr m ~ h i a g r q r d g with holy spirit holy hewtll be Rllcd yet out of eavlty o mother his mothd r o G . See Matthew 31 footnote. according to whlch was the barren. ~ a rrohhoi i w111be oy to YOU and e x u ~ t a t ~ o nand . and wine and ~ u he t must drinlr n o rrin rai n ~ 6 ~ a ~ o 5and strong drink o i r r p a od p i wine strongdrink not not he mlghfldrlnk. to galready to Lord people disobedient Ones lo t h e practical wisdom ~asro~ruauk6ov. their and he will go ahead I n rtght of hrm In he nvcbparl ~ a iS U Y & ~ E 'HXcia. ~ehavah. end of aplrlt at all.havlnganlwered the angel said to him 19 In reply the angel Tapp~fiA EIVI said to him: 'I am am Gabrlel me Ga'bri.. And not was they had no adroig rt<vov. and I Was Sent Ofl 10 #Peak towars You and speak with you and rha Y ~ X i u a o Q a i con to d e c ~ r good e news to theLa2Xgm) : declare the good news of these things to you.E O T ~ I rejoice Over his birth. J1-lllblB.m.a. acting BS priest in 8 'Eytvso 66 t h e assignment of I t ha~pened tobe but iv In befOm IrparcLj~~v a d ~ b vt v r i j T&<EI God.n. who stands nawomn&g t&n. because was heard wl%ln heard.rrah Acfordlng to what s all I know thb? for the c t p ~ n p r u p 6 ~ q ~ nal fi yuvi pou Said am aged and tha woman of me "HOWam I to be sure npopcPqruia i v ~ a i q I p L p a ~ gadrijg. n p o P ~ P q r 6 w g tv raig f i p t p a ~ g&&v fioav. 18 ~ a ttrrrv l Z a a p i a g npbg ~ b v dyyrhov get ready for Jehovah' And aald ~ e & e r l a h toward tho angel a prepared people. roo Lrapfzxea '%z. and many of the .. J?-L~.n. of righteous']ah'a l'E. many ness. lad's. ~ o r dx .ii. L i ) Y&P 18 And zech.orptlya~ splrlt and power of E I I ~ ~ to ~ turn . Zeehsrlnh. a iO ~ K fiv O f Jeho~ah: 7 But of the Lord blameless loner). LOP^. 9' Jehovah. J7-a. IAB. .a. ra86n fiv fi because Elizabeth was to them ehlld. Now as he was havlng advanced in tho days of them were. and all the multitude wa8 of the was praying outside a t the hour of offering incense.ill he turn 17 ~ a a l h b g a p o r h r l j o c m ~ tv+~ov a6~oGb back to jehov*. and your fi 6t7u17 oau ~ a i fi yuvh oou become the I U P P ~ cat on of yo. Instead of place. 1 1 the name of hlm Jolm: joy and great gladZomt r a p & UOI nai &yahA[ao~q.". xAB. of lwael er's womb. t h z t h e s e tlungs take ~hould take placs these (thfnga).ov havlng been standfnsalanlalde In slaht of the near before Omd.' ~ a h i o s l g 7b 6vopa a d ~ 0 O'Iw&llv' 14 F .on. and many will h i rg y~~&U a l S rm l G x a p f i a o ~ ~1a 5~ .*z. look! YOU will A a h F p a ~ BXPI fig be silent and not able pQ F$vivtvig no elns able to speak until of whlch to until the day ytvqral raOsa.L8~m.ya'hu).'i~$$tte : : have 6' Jehovah.. 16 rai rroAAoJq r&v ul&v 'lupolfih or htm. ~ a olvov for sreat in slght of %rd. ~ a &nros631qv i h a h t i o a ~ rrpb a h ~ a I i was sent forth to God. back go before him with E. but to him appeared. 12 But of ford hav~np hood . 16 and Ln~urpiqcl h i K6p1ov T ~ Y B E ~ Ydl& many of the SOILS of he wlll turn back u w n Lord the God of them: Israel .f"' wll.xa. to t u r n back &n~~Brig Pv '?POV~~UEI the hearts of fathers dliobedlent lonee) In senalbleness t o children and t h e 61~aiwv 6701 boat Kupiq Aabv of righteous cbnea).LUKE 1:7-15 248 249 LUKE 1:16-20 TOO KUP~OU h p ~ p ~ ~ o1l ~ . 1 1 ' Jehovah's.el. Lord.

J'. saYlnu that Thus to me hss done 25 "This is t h e way K~P~OS h ~ i 6 w Jehovah' has dealt Lard he looked w a n with me in these days &?deb 6 ~ 1 6 6 r o u tv M p h o ~ q . 32 oDroq Eomt birth the name oi him Jeaus. 250 251 LUKE 1:28-35 o l r t v q n h otlfioovrm at$ 7av which will be fulflued whlch bsfukllled lato the in their ralpbv &&Y. and power High will overshadow 6. q$$ a the sanctuary. will relsn upon the house of Jacob lnto Ule 33 and he will rule as king over the house aifivac. ." 34 But Mary said 34 r ssld t n w but 6L M Mary a p t b r toward n p b 5 T&V the & & p v t o the angel: "How is this t o be. and M w o w 611 6nmofm 8 6 w a w they perceived t h a t they reeegnlzed that alght he had h e had just seen s w Q. kingdom of him not of jaCob forever. *AB. j u e ow them. ~ a h a ~firtPa5 U d k $ N 24 But after these After but thcae day.' 32 This great and Son of o ~Hlph t wlll be called. and waa remaining kept making signs t o KW&.tirne . 16' Literally. since I am n a 5 will Emal a%$ m$:!f~o.6 'Y i o ~ o u h ~ o n ~ h o c l 001' d o s t High w111 overshadow you. h t y o w a 671 25 0 h q pot nrrroiqn~v months. there will be n o end of wlll he iooitl you w111concalve y~e%?i God: 31 and. his kingdom.ov from God to a city of Gal'i. kytv~ro h h . ~ehavah. Having come out but 22 But when h e came ok t 6 k o Aah@a~ a h o i ~ nai o u t h e was not able not he was e b b to speak to them. xAB. supernaturalsightin dlviaahabltstl.L8.+ reason out what sort of what sort would be the &~$:$5 of greeting this might 90 nai rlnnr 6 &yyrXoq aha M i $0002 ~ n d aald the angel to her Not be ieari.~ ihlsl . va+ &b. will be called holy. ~ o r d~ . O ~ K ages. seph of David's house. the days of his the '!d~l oilhe public service othlm: public service were dmflh8w efq d v otrov ah00 fulfilled.. . For t h a t reason what is barn ~ a ~b i y r v v b p ~ v o ~ Clylov u h q B $ u r ~ a ~ . (thinm .23. he went off he wentofl into the house of hlm: t o his home. 35 ~ a / &worpl8~it am imowlng? And hsvlng answered the With answer a man?" the angel 35 said In t o her: "Holy spirit h~~~~~~ * 022 ': 3 &:PdrY P b :"d $ f: Ka~eml ci~ te :tt h c h e l i u ~ ~ a l knl 06. . Mary.s mund about [lo#%~ths secluded for five nhm. &. 28 And when h e doABhv npbq a 6 r j v Elnrv X a i e. And ' it happened were iulaled dumb.lee named Naz'NsrsreUl toward vlrgln w e t h . XI her: So the 'Have n o M a I&.. ~ wander ~." with YOU. 23 When. 23 Ka. went in before her nexapllwpty. Thla one wlll be YOU are t o call his plyag ~ a vlbq i 'Ydirrou rhqEfioeral. r-ur. 'Or you have found favor with BE@ 31 r a i 1605 ouhX. The tons) but upon the wo 29 But she was deeply 61map&xBtl vai 6 1 s ~ o y i < r r o disturbed a t t h e was deeply disturbed and was reasoning out saying and began ..LUKE 1:21-27 of me. 3 1 ' See Matthew 1:21 footnote.u."~. 22 6i.m b d y y d o q r a 0 p 1 h &d m O Be09 rlq 26 In her' sixth the ensel G e b d i from the God Into month the angel Ga'a b h ~ v rfi rahthaiaq 6 [~it~l hri-el was sent forth city ci Galilee to NaCapLr 27 npbq aape~. 27 t o a virgin krv~wruphvr~v i ps . r a l paolhriaq adlo.& bavlng been Drombed In msrrlage to male person promised in marriage Q bvova 'lad* tS o k o u A a u ~ i 6 t o a man named Joto whom name Joseph out of house 01~ a v i d .: having no intercourse ytv6mw. and to speakto them. when h e has given me to llftup O R repmae% of me I n men. havlngentered toward her hs sald Berejotlng. (onel hsvlng been hlghly favored. and h e 61avstiwv abroiq ~ a l S I ~ ~ N L V (onel maklng slpna to them'. and One will be great and 66os1 a3r3 KGp~oq 6 BE& T&V B b o v will be called Son of ~ I I l e l ~to e hlm Lord the ~ 0 8the ttrono the Most Hich: and ~ a k 6 TOG warp&$ a h i r 33 uai Jehovah.X)e fear. 2 1 ra? fiv 6 habc time: 2 1 Meanwhile a~wlnted tlme of them.. Lord. look! md. through whleh YOU. you g u n d . And was the people the people npoo6or&v d v Z a a p i m r a i &bpa<ov for orZech-a-ri'vatting tor the ~ e A a r ~ a h and : were wondetins ah. di*s hsbltaUm hlm. ~~~ &jr n$if~ t:iy 28' SZ. God will of Devld of the father ofhim: and give him the throne aulh~6oel h i T ~ V olrov ' l a r b p EI TOG< of D a n d his father. . $2 ~$2 g i t 2 fi ls$!g~.a: v ~ ~ .belnzzenerated . but remained dumb. ~ a i ~ t h l your womb and give and youwill glve blrth to son.E" . per& COO. ~. end you W I ~ I a son. rat 63vav1q and Power"On of the Most WIII come over upen YOU.asoh LC t. 29 fi 68 M r@ h 6 y 3 Jehovah. said to be. and 0 % . YOU will conceive in ui6v. i s with you. saying: Ave. "the. In. 25' Jehovah. 6 ~ G p l o c he said: "Good day. And virgin was Mary. and s h e kept hemelf n e l&pve. wr 2 3 eedmv ~~ k ~2 ~~~ t.J ~ ~ o ss-ra. T"S Azrroupyiaq a h 0 0 "OW. in the sanctuary.=. and ~b bvova aClroO 'IqooOv.he was hPd1r. r a l "ame Jesus. eonceked days Elizabeth his 'EXe~oaPm i) ywh ah03 became pregnant. the Mrd highly favoredone. ME* 6i. and they began to xpi<€lv a t his delaging to bet. ED LC i d r Y .." r a i T& Llvopa ~ " qna BLvou 18 ~ a and l the name Of t h e and the name O f k e vfgln Mary. the h r d . his attention to take 26 'Ev 6t T+ pflv1 T@ EKTW 6 1 R e m a away my reproach In but the month the alxth was sent 0% men. and E m a n ~ihoq.22.lg." rou.'. Ellnbeth the woman of him. HOW be ~f. . also the holy wlllbccalled.

n'xl. Into the home of 41 r a l t y i m m 6 5 fluowev rbv i r m a u p b v Zech. and this month srxth 252 253 LUKE 1:45-54 e$r OAK not th~~onel &6uvctrjua! na & w~ be im~osnbls besfle . 44 160. acco. 49 6'rt generatimi because hI"&fb far IS generations name. of the Lord of me towar: m e " o :o k l 118' ~ ~ Y E ~ ~ V ~ U r pLa u Yy t ~ a i E~TTEV 'led 42 t~j PA f:. declaration " At t h a t 39 'Avam6ua 6" m i g the s n g ~ departed 6P Ma&p l Havlngstood up but ary m the from her fiptpaiq ~aIha!< tm. 36 And."i~~&$w~. 52 ra0eihw he too* down and exalted lowly to intention of heart of them: i n y w w ~arrc1w6g. For. 36 r a i I605 'EAaiu&pe~ fi m q y w i g Eon of God. me.". and exulted looked upon the low h i TF 0 r F ~8 u ~ r i p i pow Position of his 81ave mzOp& ~~lrit upon the God the aavlor of me. and she entered of Zechariah and greeted the Ehzabeth. y h p h b TOG happy: 48 o%e slave girl ofhlm: look1 for from the t h e powerful One uGv pa~ap~oOaiv has done great deeds now wiIlprono(mee happy for me. look! Jehovah's. and holy the civopa a6100. had wealth. Js. ~ehovah. ~ n d from where roOm iva aeTl 4 )lilTp thla (thins) b o r d e r that should come the mother TOO K U ~ ~ O U llov npb tpt. and blessed is the fruit of your womb! 43 S o how is it t h a t this i~'lvllege1 is mine. 40 Zaxapiou ~ a ifim&aaro ~ i v' E ~ E I u & ~ E T .~.". n the ~ i rolXip jcavity of pou. leaped the heard the greeting BP~QO tv~ ~ o a i . rai ehhoyqp~ 6 Ko-prrbg Tilg and (one)having een leeaed the truit of the r o ~ h l a q aov. ~ ~ ~ 1 boy hirn.LUKE 1:36-44 ulbq BcoD.ding t o your from her the angel.".a. girl. is s h e &yah~~&o the ~b ~ ~pinfant p t ~ o g& . the vou ~ u r i p ~ u c tu v ofm:. and thls is the sixth month for her.**. will be her from Jehovah.=m. ones. scattered abroad those 'Enoi He d d UEW aljr6v.l-s."zE".chEiWulq performano= those things sgaken to because . 47 nai firclhXlaucv 4S he has of me the Lord. 48. 50 r a i ~6 Ehcoq aJroG ~ i 5fear 5 1 ne has name 01 him. 47 nnd beslde Lard. a h f i g .rI'ah and And it hap~eded. he h a s YE=&S ~ a i YM~S to generatlona and EMMM~UO". RAB. And went off dm' a w q 6 &yydoq.) I~~OUF dawn men of power Irom thrones 61avoiq rap6iag cn)-r5y."b$@ pcyhh" great up to outcry and EJXoyqpi (one) having bee31essed YOU in ym. in t v Ppaxiovl arm adroo. and Elleabeth was with sPirlt. and wasallel a n of v ~rplrlt 6pmog she sounded yr t& ':?~. 6 he 1w s e~ a6 g lOEV ~ e d supedor D ~ I L P T (me. He carno to the of 1 . and look1 Elizabeth the relative UOU ~ a i U~veihqeN uibv tv of YOU also very sbc has eoncelved son in Y ~ W I ab. and entered Into the houao t o a CltY of Judah. and the mercy of him into performed mightily "th his arm. uou into the T& &T& ears '"h".. of him.? am Ze Ke n%yi TLe ~~$. 42 and she c a l e d out 2% with a loud cry and said: "Blessed are you among heard the greeting ~ ~ ~ ~ b ~ t h .K~PTQDW ~6 4 1 Well."a.:$&ee\ EZLP. r a i &YIW ~6 great (things) the pwerful (Onel."' TO?< ?daAqpivolg 46 And Mary sald: to the (thtnga) having been spoken to her "My soul magnifies nmp& Kupiou. r i 5 Mapiag fi ' E ~ E I u ~ P E~ T O . as Elizabeth of the Mary the Elizabeth. 54 He and (ones) beingrich he sent OR out empw: come lo the aid 54 &VT~A&PCTO 'Iupafih vatEdq a h o O has l sewant. 5 1 are haughty in qopovpLvolg fearing KPMOC might the intention of their 52 He has hearts. 37 because with G& I Of bzuae raid 76 b f i ~ & p o u ~ a i &mihB~v according to the say np o YOU. ears.'"Y .":Znes) . ~ a ih h ' o 0 infant in the cavity of her.vhvmg t~hhqow &ya8hv hungwlng (ones) h e i n ~ u e d oiaood (thlnga) and he has sent away empty those who nai nhomo~VTa~ & $ & .. the so37 TOO 0roG n& called barren woman. Jehovah. Lard's. him. 39 Maryrose in days these went E r wag these days and went 6plv1jv WET& moY6fiq eig 1 ~ 6 h w into the mountamous mountsinovs [eauntml with haste h t o with 'lo66a 40 ~ a i elujh0ev el5 76" OTKOV of ~ u d a h . 50 and after pey&Aa 6 E u ~ d g . l o have the mother of my ~ o r d come t o me? 44 For. in her old age. Ewral . leaped in in my womb leaped 45 Happy with Ereat too gladness. (the) Lard. of ~ s r a e his I S .+ i&i..rils. because fi rr. o h o s v+ Ersoc t%iv old age of her. Js.. and holy 1s ycv~cri.eiv. k v ~svofiq. t h a t believed. my spirit cannot keep Irom being aver~oyed 46 ~ Kai " d c-id t m h4 MW a p 1 $ ~ MwclXhrl Magnines the fi w'S~ aoul a t G& my Savior: pou T ~ V ~Kljpiov. fully satisfled hungry ones with good things 53 nc.".m. 43 r a i rr6B~v cavity of you.orefiuaoa 45 the [woman] hnvlng believed there will be a eomplete performance O f 67. me ood ever. NAB. loOkl ~ l ] ~ ~your b ~ t h relative has al& herself a son. 53 he has 6 w h m a q dm6 tlp6vov ~ a @ potentates from thrones and exalted lowly (Ones). Ood's Eon. look! from 48 6n h~tpXm$sv &mi ~ i j vr m i v w u l v on generattons beeaura heioo*~dover uWn the low poation will pronounce me "g &6Aqq ah.

58 And lyivvquev u16v. 66'.r3v ahofi. speak. 84 w ~ $ ~ + 3 ~ d m 6 p a &OD n a p a ~ p j p a rai I ) . to the Abraham to t o Abraham s o d to nai T unLppa~a ~ h 0 6 ~ i grbv aiOva. 69 And h e r3 && 69 hhpoos to the of him: and has raised up a horn deliverance Of salvation for u s i n f j y a ~ p v dpmq o w p i a g tjpiv b o i q he raised up horn of salvstfon to us in house t h e house of David his servant.Yme $ . h t y o n ~ gT i %I* ~ ~ . 71 a w ~ q p i m aalvstion o{fOi enemlcs a salvation *om our prophet8 of him. as months three. toward the fathers o us. naying what young "what child he? Far this &pa ~b rra16iov TOOTO ifna~.*. 63 nai airfioa n1va~i6tov iypaqrv Called. 68 nu1 the neighbors and .ep. his seed. saying: mouth of hfm inatant y end 1e ~ h 0 6 . with nan)p a h 0 6 i r r h P 8 ~ 67 Kal Zaxapiaq And Zechariah the father o i l t was 1 1 and h e moohesied. o m home.: 2. 68' Jehovah. 60 But Zechariah."g to t o a son. of Israel. -~~ rmr(lpmo$ dryiou nai h r p o + f i ~ € w h ~L y w saying: 68' ' " ~ l e s s e d ofspldt holy and pmphe9hd aaylng be Jehovah' the God 68 EdAoyqrbq K6p1oq 6 Bco 706 'lopajh. these. her. . because h e slesed Lomi the G> of the Israel. J"ls.24: Lord. And havlnganswered the mother its mother a6ro5 E ~ W OSxi. 57 T%a but Ellrabeth waa%lea the b heth to give and s h e became mother ~$%. end retumes Lnto the and her oTrov ad~fiq. house of her. rraTPi they went asking its hey were nodding ln but to the father of zt father by signs what rb ri 6v 9iho1 rahEiuOa. 73 aprov 8v t j p o u ~ v npbg Covenant. And theysald toward her that they said to her: 066~ig h l v h ~fiq m y €VEiaq uou 85 is no One No one is out of the relatronahlp of you who 'IThere ~ahehal dv6par1 ~ o 6 r y . through mouth ~ithe holy born age has spoken 71 of PXBp13v npogq. oath whlch heswore toward oath t h a t he swore t o C~KO~U~YT P v E T?) nap6iq D~TJV. 70 just & & . has turned his atten&I ~ E U K ~ ~ O hoirloor tion and performed deliverance toward his he lmkcd upon and dld because people. Jc".among YOUI relatives Is befng cslled name this. n%~ ydne8.~~~~~~ b v nai P I El$< T~VIOV 'ri)v the hand of all those and out of %and of all the (ones) hating us. And 59 And on the eighth tytv~'o l v 6 ' f i % ! $ o day they came t a It oc~vrred In the circumcise t h e young rr~pr~~pc rb i v nat6iov r a t L~drhow 10 E I ~ E U ~ Cthe ~ S ~little be. d u e for a . its father was filled holy spirit.. connection with our o TGV TCIT~PWV f i p v . 72 . and in 2 o Y e and in the whole mountainous country B~~~~~~~~ d~lvil Of Ju'de'a these $ e movntalnoua ieountryl Judca things began t o Th Phpara 6daAriro vasbelngapoken thmuph all the vaylnla 66 talked be and allaround. and to% seed of him into the age." 62 Then 62 PvivEuov 6 . th a t is called by this name. *AB. kwondered eabpau~~ n6Nll~ an. and they were calling child.f%$ ?rue ~ 68' Jehovah.* ': G&e hsYlnghEBIh ln the heart of them.. and they Were OGT& h i T$ 6v6pa~1 TOG na~pi)q a e i r g o ' n g b c a l l it by t h e tt upon the name of the father of r l name of i t s father. 6 a ~ 1 n m rrpbg a h j v &I John. 69 Kai t o rejoice with her. secordiness he spoke 55 lust as he nfi~ ~ o J q na~ipmq TQ 'APw*# forefathers. 60 rial dnro~pl8Eioa fi p j r q p Zechmi'ah. t o 9 1 to mlnd ofmercy.nai U&hrn cdho &U T ~ V Brbv. nai Mmpl EY siq &v about three months. a 1 11~tp3ijvat 61aBjnqc forefathers and t the father8 o o u e and toea to mind of covenant call to mind his holy Ciyiaq adroO. t. and they were rejoielng wlth her. 73 the holy ofhlm.6$ ge tonpuo " ~ ~ dry am iz:zllh ge akF ' \ % Y Y 2. the whet likely hewovldwlll to bobeing called h e wanted i t to be a d d . yhJooa mouth Wasopened . indeed! of It aald No. and his tongue laared and he began to of hlm. And its name: ~t this ipJh ~ ~ ~ B ~ ~ . And havlngsske%for tablet he wrote asked for a tablet hiywv ' I w h q g Porlv tivopa a6~05. u E v ace%?:as hespoke as he. 63 And he It.va1 ouvCxa~pov a6rR. ~ n d n ~ p i o ~ ~ vai o ~ ol ouyy€u€ig a b r i q 6r1 her relatives h e a d nelehbors end the relatives of her that t h a t Jehovah' had L~E~&~UY KLllptoq EY 76 Lhmq abroG PET' magnified his mercy mngnlned Lord the mercy of hlm with to her.*. mi yap fieip the hand of jehovah* really the little boy t h b wlllbe? And for and was indeed with it. Zaxapiav. and they began a J ~ i q . hut hfb?l% called he shall be called ' I . 57 The time now 66 'EAEIO&BET h A TTh 6 e . enemies and from . blessing Gad. 65 And fear 65 Kai t y i u n o i n 1 n i a g 96@5 T C $ all those living in And oama to be upon all fear their n e i g h b o r h a n r p ~ o ~ r o h a c &o6q. and he was speakins blesXng tho ad.$. Ku iov fiv ~ E T ' (16~06. t h a t heard made note of it in TaGta. through the Of his 61& m 6 p a ~ 0 g TJY 6yiov Cnr' aiirvoq Prophets fmm of old. 72 to p~uoLllv~wv fipBq. 56 Then Mary 56 E IE I V N 62 M a thp oh Remained but togetherwith her remained with her h q pfivaq TpEiq. Lord. r r ~ ? p ilm~y per& perform the mercy in hstlng YB.n. ~ ( a i and wrote: 'John i s saylnp John Is name of it.~ 2% rrzyg " .LUKE 1:55-63 254 255 LUKE 1:64-73 uejval M t o u q 65 naei)g ihhhlfu~v to call t o mind mercy. rd Lv dwelllngaround them. 66 and Kai CernO put the their hearts. &hhh UETal and said: 'No.he generated son. rAB.n At this John. 67 And Zeeh-a~i'ah of wan with It.

~ o r d ' s .te $y. also Sau~oO rrqhrv.2"2" Lord. ~"himself openly t o Israel. 74 TOG 6oGvat Abraham our foreAbraham the father of Kcri The but little boy was growing and 80 And the young d ~ p a t a l o f i ~ a rmsdpam. KU? 'lo ' 9 course." 76' Jehovah. It occurred but in the to be them days came to the full for her t o give i n r i hrrhjo8quav ai j p i p a t TOO TEK& there were fulfilled the days of the to give birth birth. V tb Y k . with Maw. 9' ~ehovah's. "rendering worship. Eramag t o be . wa~6iav but. ~ a ? fiv i v ~ a i qchild went on growing war getting mighty to spirit. fiyrpove60vraq rfiq Xupiag Kupqv@v. into Jmde'a. when Qui. 10 ~ a~i r m v adroiq 6 6 y y ~ A o gbecame very fearhl..~.up from Gal. and she him with rbv npwr6rarav.ilee. m sins. oGo-o a t present heavy having been given m ma~riage to him. ~ 6 ~ 0 6 5~ . 77 t o give knowledge of AaQ aGroG &v &@~UE! &pap~ri)v &OY people of him in lettingga off of slnr of the& salvation t o his people 78 6 ~ h c r r r h h ~ ~ v a Wiovq eroii fiprjv. because 6B. 76 K a i 0 5 loyalty and righteousof him to all the days oi us And you ness before hlm all 66. t o direct our feet Eipjvqs. 7 And she gave birth t o her son.3cavE . prosperou~ly in the way of peace. and they feared them. Js.~2-2*: ~ord's.7 ~ a i &KEY t b v UIAY ahis her. to from the ~ uof t city ~ ~ a r e t h~ ~ ~ which ~ i q ~ f i v ' I o u 6 a i w siq w6Aw A m d 6 i j ~ i q into the Judea into city of David which because of Beth'1ehem.r-1a. b by forgiveness of their through intestines of mercy of God of us. flock of them. pEi. High. 4 Of . ~~~~ ~~~ 2 z 74' Or. ahbv LC o i ~ a v~ a i r r a r p 1 6 ~ Aauei6. occurred registration took place Ti$5 . fivaekra~ Aa-rpe6e~v having been drawn to be rendering sacred service prxv~legeof fearlessly rendering sacred sera h 6 75 6" 6 ~ 1 6 x 7a ~ i 61~alouCvq ~ ~ LY~TIOV to h ~ m m loraltv and righteousness ln slght v1cef t o hlm 75 m t h a d . Youwillgo your way before for prophet of the Mast Lv6rr.'. each (one) into the t o his awn city. 8 There were also 8 Kai e v ~ fiaav q A v TT X ~ P T f i in t h a t same country And shepkerds were in the country the shepherds living ahc $ y p a v h o G v ~ ~~ apvhhoaovrzq i @uAa~hq of doors and keeping very Umng m the fieljs and guarding watches watches in the night r i q v u ~ r b q Lwi T ~ Y w o i ~ v q v a 6 ~ i l Y . 2 (this first this regirtration fPrst . being with 6 while ~ Y K ~ W6 . +. of peace. ~ a i i'm a p y d r v w o ~ va h b v ~ a bound i the firstborn. TOO from on high. through and family of David. aG~jv. look! I a m N~? be r o u fearing. 'EYEVETO 6L i v TC$ d v a ~ aG~oilg they were there. each one &noyp&psoeal. for you will in sight of Lord to make ready ways of him. and they @6povpiyav. of the give light t o those narru8Ovac TOG< rr66aq fipWv ciq b6bv sitting in darkness to straighten down the feet of us into way and desth's shadow. IAB. EYEVETO SP b ~ a i qfipipaiq i ~ ~ i v a t q NOWin those days itShaDpened but in the days those a went forth hSih8m 66ypa wap& Kaioapaq A6yaGmou went out decree beside caesar A U ~ U J ~ U S from Caesar AmguItus the inhabited & n o y ~ h p m @ a n ' ireoav ~ t j v oiuoupiv~v. and him and hands and laid him in a manger.$? . rrporropdog yhp you will be called a you will be called. 78 because of o l ~h ~ o ~ 6 ~ # ~ j prhaq4 & v a ~ o h i i [ iiylav the tender compassion which wiiilookup~n us daybreak out of height of our God. with 79 L w ~ p h a t TO?< $Y O K ~ T E I ~(aithis [compassion1 a to shine upon to the (ones) m darkness and daybreak will visit us UK!$ 8avhou na8qpivo1q.ov Kvpiov L ~ o [ p & u a ~b60Gq TOO. iittie bo.1*'8. the pregnant. of the to give father. look! far declaring t o YOU good ~GayyeAiSopat news of a great joy I am declaring good news ~5. and he desolate iplaeesl until day ofshowingup of him continued in the deserts until the day rrpbq rbv 'IopailA: of showine toward the Israel. Khqwl~ll. ~ o s e p h of himself elty. And 9 ~ n suddenly of the night upon the d Jehoiryyrhaq Kvpiav h 6 a h i q nu1 66[a vah's' angel stood by angel of Lord stood upon them and g l o r y them. NAB. i603 Y&P fear. 10 But the angel said~ fear great: and r a i d tothem the ="gel t o them: "Have no M' @0!3sioea. 9' ~ ~ h a ~ a h 's." . after we have to us fearlessly out of of enemies been rescued from the the hands of enem~es. 4 'AviPq 6 .. because not was them in the lodging a d ~ o i q76rroq $Y 70 ~a~ah6pa~1.LUKE 1:74-2:2 256 257 LUKE 2:3-10 'Abpa&# ~ b v w a r f p a fipGv. and he was in the and getting Strong &pipal$ h q fipEpaq & Y U ~ E ~ [ E airraO W ~ in SPuit. room.rin'i. been given him in to get reslstered together with Mary the (one) marriage as promised. Lrrq["~urQn aGrQ. go in advance before 77 TOO 6oOvat yvGaw ownlpiag rg Jehovah* t o make his of the to give knowledge of salvation t o the ways ready. to them place in the loosing-dawn [plaeel. who had 5 drrroyphymo8at oh Mapchp . his being a nah~iral Bqeh~ip. 61671 OGK fiv there was no place for made him in manger. a ic+o~j8quav of Lord gleamed around them. JS-'8. 74 t o grant ipiv &@6!3wq i~ hxt?pGv us. 5 to get registered him out of house and father [place1 of was of the Syria Bulrmius: governor of Syria:) being governor 3 and all people 3 nai hopr6ovro R ~ T E ~ and they were going their way ail went traveling t o be registered.ov .=-2a." 80 rbi 6 . and Jehovah's" glory gleamed around i Kvpiou rrspdAaplyrv.XAB. eettinereeistered. & r & o a l q r a i q jpCpa15 jpGv. drrrb rfiq r a h t h a i a g bn ~ M ENo a c~ a p h Out Of the city Of Naz'. for to be getting registered all the inhabtted learthl: earth t o be regifdrrroypa+i rjrq ey$vrro tered. wa. 79 t o shadow of death sitting. 61h member the house is being called Bethlehem. 9 ~ a over i their flocks.inA1vcv a 6 d v Q p k v ~ . and she gave birth to the son of her the firstborn. Went UP but also J a s z went. 76.

-. 22 Kal 6ra h h f i u e y w a1 ra0ap+spoO p ~ r l f l c a t l ~ n of them And when were ful lled the 4 tpat tay8 the 09 T O . : . righteous and npouS~~bptvoq for the man and this man was reverent. -.L. e l m of tho the ~KT& TOO I bUliorolc men 8ti) ~ a i y$& Lv &vOp6no1< In of well thlnklng. &irv aeoordlng to rm& ~ b v vbpov the law &?5 M o u o i u ~&vilyajov a6rbv r i q 'Irpouirhvpa of Moses. 20 ~ a sayings. J4~8.< lem named sim'e'an' in the s a c r l ~ e e Jehovah. his was ~~~~~~.. MAiAouq heaven. 1 1 ..rfi xap6iq ah($.. 21' See Matthew l:2l footnote. ~ k according as ~ they heard end saw just as these had been w a s preserving tho saylngs these all these uuvpMhouoa Lv . look! there tv 'l~pouuahjp was a man Jerusa. NAB. L . the but Sheoherds.mL -.. ob-rog B i ~ a ~ orq ai 11ghte0~1end holding well. 18 And all t0aCpauw rrspl TDV hahqelvrwv that heard marveled wondered about the (thlngl) h s v i s been moken over the things bnb r i r v n o ~ p t v wnpbq a d r o i r ~19 fi 6L told them by the by the ahepherdl toward them.-. % .. 24. ."' 9uoiav be to 2 1 and t o .-.' 23 Just as it is Jehovah's' law: ' f i e r y male opening a womb ~~~ ~~~~ nhq8iyxra!. ... 16 And theg M a i&p r a i ~ b 'IwoiQ v rai rb 6905 K E ~ ~ E V O V d r y and the Joseph and the Pntant lying went with haste and Mary as well as b T$ pdrvp. infant the God and saying Glory hlpheat l ~ l n e s a l to God and upon ear to rov bpiv qf$? vou wbll find dpI(O€~e d is a sign @@we 12 ~ n this .".".) which God for orU tbe things raBPg LAaAfi8q they heard and saw. -. (the) M d . 16 mi has taken place.LUKE 2:ll-19 Which 258 259 Mapia Mary a&Ta LUKE 2:20-25 T& Pfipma T d ~ a Mary fine Wlll be EOWI nwrl to all TQ tha mo~le. the Inomal by dyyfhou n b 700 uuhhqpq0jva1 d ~ b &v v ~ f ansel bePore the to be coneelved him i n thb . l Fjnovoaw ~ a ~16ov t ~ ~ ~ . 22 Also. YOU today a Savxor.a. they made known Aahq8tvro( adroit n r p i 706 na16iou the saying that had having been spoken to them about the Httle b y been spoken to them roJrou. vbpy offer sacrifice accordlaw ing to what is said in 4 660 voouobq the law of Jehovah:' or two neatlinw *A pair of turtledoves or two voune DieeOnS. KOlAlC$... in =loth bands and 13 nai LSLfyq t y f v n o o w T@ d r l y i h ~ lying in s manger. 19 hut were speaking toward Atthew N 63 Let us go ttreuph actuany ahepherda no~pfusc Udrhow npbc . And an infant bound having teen swaddled and lying in manger. Jsla.l~~i: xAB. T E ~ C ~ VaGr6v.-.o " > & . Jesus. 11 -use and thls ~ ~ in d id..-. 25 Kai 16ob (iv0pwnor. i drawing throwlng t o e t h e r in the heort of her. ~h @V h b taxed : . in Jerusalem 6 &0p[. hevingneen but Joseph. . 12 ~ aTOGTO l who is Christ [the] Chrlst Lord in city of David: hfi0q t h a t a11 the people beesme m i l have. -. . .. and the infant lying in the manger. . . nt 21 Kai 6rr LnAiuO maw fiptpal And when were fualled days to E~eUmClde him. . qv And Look1 name men was to whom this bvopa Zupairv. 18 ~ a n&vrcq i 01 &KO~(I~VT C concerning this young thh. walting for IS' Jehovah.' the name called by ithe angel before he was conceived in the womb.l~1411. And all tho (onem) havlnl hear2 child. 25 And.- no~pfvcc 6 o F & C o v ~ ~r a t heart. ' "s."-'v brd's. bQ. . kana yawortvov r a t rtipovov t V qdrrvll.s" fiA0aw m r w a w r c q r a i h t p w n j v r a has made bow to they came having made haate and found up the and us. praising and E ~ P ~ saying: Y 14 '"Glory in peace heights above to 00d. 22. of hlm ." And aud en y eame to be with tho engel 13 And suddenly nAfi0oc orpm16e o 6 w i o u a f ~ o v there eame to be with multitude of army heavenly of (ones) praising the angel a multitude T ~ V Brbv ~ a i AFY~UTW 14 A6Sa b of the heavenly army. they brought him up to Jerusalem to present him t o Jehovah. rd6ouia~. 20 =hen the turned under the shepherd3 glorifying and Shepherds went aIvoCvrsq TAV 0 ~ b hi n&ow 0% glorifYing md praising pralaing the God u w n all (thing.. ~ ~ also called Jesus. 2%'.-. 24 vai and of the 705 to glve 6oGva1 rolk the h a v i g been asld d clpqNivov 6" Kvpiou ZoOyog ~puy6vmv or ~ o r d : Paw or turtledove. they le up hlm Into Jerusalem napaurjoal TQ rupi 2s rdd5 to present to the in Lor$ according as -.hem and and let us aes the saulng this the hav ng occurred see this thing that 8 6 rhploc Lyvirplow fipiv. t o . 17 t66vrrg 62 I" the manger...." -. and upon earth n. And in her --. ra1 allhapiq. which the Lord made known tous. 1 1 an bpiv ~ E P O V O W T ~ P 6s ~ I them V was bozn to was om to uou Qiodsy savior who i . all oweripel began t o htorpaqw ol . IAB.l2. according to ~~~x told them.. the shepherds one another began saying to B 0htkp another: "Let us by ~ealehem all means clear nai i 6 0 p ~ ~b b j p a T O ~ O ~b rEy0Vi)S to Beth'le. xplmbc KOPIOS h. . And -.^ . . EBYI~Y. tyK5p1uaw nspi TOO PIpaToe TOG 17 When they saw they made known about the anylng the it. 23. nro~o~ooDv..13.ar0 amnna men n< In and was called ~ a i irA'8q rb r b bvopa name allrob 'IllU0!3<. 2 1 NOW when eight days came to the full for circumcising him. the Lord. I t has been wrrtten ytypmna~ Lv v6pv law of Lard that Every Kupiou 6n n& B ~ E ~IOYO?YOV V opening p womb i ~ p a v6y10v holy to 73 the rupi will be called. . Jehovah's. n6AEl A m i 6 . of plgeoha. Jb-m. when the days for purifying them according to the law of ~ o s e s came to the full.-" ..

snd wW to him re)(pqpmto Lvov [mb mir rrvr6pmoq havlns been divinet revesid by the spirit ulv of the TOJ 'Iupa'X.~ n d j t iather of it and the mother wondering upon mother continued r o i ~ AaXouptvotg n ~ p l ahoir. 28 ~ a abrAq l t615aro a h 6 €15 ~ h & q y r M a g 28 he himself received arms and he reeelved It into the it into his arms and r a l ~dh6yquev ~ b v0cbv ual ETTEY 29 N h blessed God and said: and bleaaed the God and sald Now 29 "Now. not ple' rendering sacred &qimmo 700 llpoa Wlureia!< ~ a l wss mlsslng imm the temple to f a s u n p and 8e'vlce' with fastings night and and supday ~ ~ ' U Z U ~ V ~ U T P C ~ O U UV ~~ ~ K TK ~ U ~ pijeatians. ~ s and abroc ~ a i fi p j q p 0aup&<ovreq hi 3 3 . and svor of cod was upon it. And things being spoken about it. .lr. TQ nvr6pmn d c 76 lcp& In the SPlrit Into the temple: and in the he now came into the c l u a y a y e i ~mbq yoveTq TA rra16lov 'Iquoirv temple. fi~oipauaq of aanng 31 t h a t means of savlns of you whlih YOU made ready you have made ready umh rrp6omov mbvrov T ~ V A d v . " O $ ~ { ~ ~ g qG5avev growing and getting Nalapbr. ~ABF. BoverelgnLord.rA of the to do . @ m v u + h & 'AuiP aGnl of Ash'er's tribe (this of P ~ ~ I I U E ! . 26 ral qv ah8 holy upon hlm. J61C. 82' Or. reawntngs. o ~ rmissing from the temelg tyfour. 37 and ahfie. LUKE 2:35-41 and of you Israel's consolatlon. your slave go free rarh rb Piy& uou i v eipivq.zs. Sovereign Lord. Lord. 28. this was well =long rrpopcfiq~uia h. *AB. out 09 of she. i t had been dlvinely revealed to him by t h e holy spirit mir &yiov p I&iv b o v npiv & t h a t he would not see ef UI. NAB:Jehovah. the oeooles.' YOU are letling y ~ ~ a r e l ~ ~ s the l n ~ slave o R of YOU. Lord. who was never 6y60pvra ~coo&pwv. *%i" to be talked sgatnst the 35 (yes. 41 Now his parents t o w. fipLpatq m X X a i c . o0roq but Said to Mary ' Mapthp T ~ V pqrbpa ab~oir '1605 Mnrr the mother o f l t Lookl Thla (one) mother: '"Look! This ~ c ? r a el< ~ T T ~ U I V uai &v&mautv rroAhav one is laid for the is IylnP fall and iltendlng UP of many fall and the risine . ItAB.0" blessed them. snd l $ years eighty-four years old). that the soul of you &v ho~ahu+~!v ir noXhGv rcrpbl&v yourSeln. favor s continued uo Iq ~ a i$&p~q Be00 fiv h ' abr6. Js.lnto ~. and had havtnl sdvaneed in days many. ~LOITOTU. holy no? to nee death prlor to or likely death before h e had seen the Christ of TAV xplorbv Ku iou 27 ~ a fiX0rv l he shou 8 d ~ the s Chllst offortl: And he came . in t h e sight of all a m r d l n s to face of8aU the iwo~les. to 39 Kai &< hLA~mav n & & I ~ " d they eu U I .rt cl6ov 01 d~8ohpol pow -rb 30 because my eyes brcaum saw the eye? of me the have seen your means urnip16v oou 3 1 6 . . Ja-Wl"". 40 TA 68 na16iov ~azareth. J0. 26 Furthermore. 39' Jehovah. and and was gettlng mighty bans Atled ~ 0 d . 34 Also. a n d holy spirit was upon him. 6!a~oylupoi. The but llttle boy Wan erowlns strong. pmpheteu. ~~llngl theylaw the went of Jehovah. 34 r a i wondering a t t h e the ithlnm) belng spoken about it. Phan'ud's daughter. 36 And Kai was ?V . 32 a 32 ~ 5 q el< h o r c i h u y ~ v ~0virv r a i 6oCw irghi lo. oudilr. hevlng lived lived with a husband p c ~ h &v6& E m 6 m h tmd T < : nap0cviaq far seven years from wlth maleperson years seven from the vlrglnlty her virginity.LUKE 2:26-34 rrafirX 260 261 being talked sgdnst. '~opafih mi E I ~ uqI IciOV again of many in' :I 1 and into slsn lsrael and for a sign conaolldon ral rrvrO a fiv ~arac?. 38 And supp~catlans rcnderlng sacred servlcs night and in that very hour she fip8pav. upon him. 31 K U ~ irav she was a widow now of her..rehovlh 27 1lndm nal & TQ the power of the Spirit h. "a llght for a revelation of the nations.l. being filled & ~ p a ~ a ! o ~ ? ~ o rrh po6 EvoV with wlsdom. ebAbyqoev aGr05q Zupehv ~ a E l T T T ~ V T& blessed them Slmeon and Bald toward Sim'e. the Lord.'-". VgSyP*. and as t h e to lead in the parents the little boy Jesus parents brought the young child Jesus m TOO rrolfiual ab~obq ~mh ." SB' God. <iuaoa in years. 85 r a l mob ah:< very fiv - un~overed:' 36 Now there was Anna a prophetess. htorba (NB~pohoyiiro TQ BcQ God' and speaking hevingstood upon was returning thanks to theeGOd about [the child] t o all those waiting for Je rai ncpi a h 0 rrciutv r o t < and wasapeakbg about It toall the (ones) rusalern's deliverance." 87' Or. in peace according aocordlns to tha nay ng of YOU in Peace: to your declaration: 30 6.a*o. in Order t h a t the hearts reasonings may beOf ukelV may be out of many hearts many &vr1hey6p~wv. %Y$te~ %%' $25 / Galilee into city of themsehea ~ ~ i ~ .lrrr. a long sword be tun through 61Lhcwna1 pop~aia d m will ~ ~ go through ang swor.Awa Anna npo9firl~. and 8Plrk was &y~ov en' a h b v .F Lord. 39 SOwhen they had out all the n pwa~ting w6~~ for 0p~v deliverance Xo ~P l~ W U ~ V '1s o?~eruaalem. and glory the verl from the Aooj uou 'lo arjh 33 r a i av b n a ~ natlons' i ~ and a glory 01 proole of you of krael: And was the father 01 your D P O D ~ Israel. removmg light lnto unroverlnp ofnatron. 41 Kal rnophljovro 01 yovdg ahoir were accustomed ~ n were d golng their way the parents of him t o go from year t o toPTq year t o Jerusalem to t 2 k o fe9tivil for the festival Into st5 T ~ V raXthaiav the el< nbhw iaurhv aec&zi8 2::$o'l%%g%ip 26' Jehovah."-".Pddm. Jehovah. "rendering worship. Sovereipn hoh6c!q TAV 6oGA6v UOU.' back into uarh ~ b v vbpov Ku IOU fiT6orpOUCN acmrdingtO the law of L r d : they returned Galii. them sccordlngto the (thhg) t o do for it according ~I0~opkvov TOO vbpou m p l abmG t o the customary having been made custom of the law about it practice of the law.lee to their own city Naz'a~eth. 38 K U ~ o l ~ Tfl 6pCr came near and began to very the hour returning thanks t o And day.

'Avva ~ n n a s end ~ a calaphss.' iK a ~ h a a came 6yhrnO to be say b i ng y of cod declaration came to John the son of tnl ' I w ~ v T ~ YZ a x a ~ i o u ulbv hl 76 Zech. ral Awaviou T ~ F m1erofAb. P 2 upon h i ehle ~ P Y priest L P ~ W S Ca. of ~raehonltls of 52 And Jesus went on proBessing inwisdom end in physical g'0-h and in favor with God and men. sins. oqq raA1Aaia5 Qal'i.a. 3 So he came deaolste Iplacel. In the fifteenth 7m & BEG K U ~&v~PL)ToIF. And the mother of hlm ~!ET/IPEI T h a 76 b 6 ~ m a V 6 . . rai fi N~VP ahow to them. 61 And h e went down with them and CBme to Naz. eptlrw.raera rmWap~o~vroq 6 ' I ~ o u p a i w rat i i d ~ i c h . nai ~ m p a a p ~ o G ~ phydeal growth and & was district Tpaywvin6oq xhpaq.LUKE 2:42-50 od o w p ~6 pika B they not mmpre ended the say I which LX&Aqum ainoiq. u o a i q r a i fiAtriq ~ a to X&PITI i favor to %e wlsdom and . 4 just as it is ~6~~~ written in the book ~ t g ~ m a l ot words of the words of Isaiah It hea een wrlttcn @wu)l po6vroq the prophet: 'Listen! 'Hnaiou TOG npc+fi. LUKE 2:51-3:4 they did not grasp t h e saying t h a t h e spoke t o them. .u. . his mother carefully these sayings i n her heart. O~Airnrou 6 t 7 4 & 6 A q o t a h o G district ruler of the of E r a d .reth. baptism Li?' TOO ' Iop6dlYou Y ~ ~ ~ O O W V~ & n ~ t u p aPreaching of the Jordan preaching bantiem symbol] of repentance rravoiorq E I ~ &qculv &pap~li)\). God and men. he amks to them.lee. and being tetrarch of elll lee his brother was 'H 'SOU. and o i L y r a n a of the in the days of priest ~ n m a and s 'AP~thqviq ~bllcne T~ being PEIO telrareh. . 4 wulthoroughly keeping all the saying8 I n the ~apSi7 a 6 ~ i c . beard. fiycpovia governonh?~ Tppiou ~ ~ when Pontius i Pilate ~ Caesar.ia-ph. and Herod einggovcrnar of ~ o n t ~ u a ~ i l s t a of was district ruler of 'lou6cliaq.ri'ai. and he continued sub.n d be~ng tetrarch M the fturaea and ~y. in the upon John the oizeeharlsh son In lhe rv. into the 'Ountry 3 r a i fiheev SIC ~ & u a v mpixwpov ~ " dhe into country around around the Jordan. . .i-le'ne. Also. .wt ta them. for forgiveness of ofrepentance Into letting go off of sins. was governor of of ibelllut \~E~OVEL~OVTOC nov~iou I~EIA&TOU T"C JU.52 Kal 'I uoi)q wpoL~onlrv And 'Jesus wan cutting before heart of ..b n i e t i s a. .de'a. of Phlllp but the brother of him countrv of of Isaiah the prophet Voice of (one) CalllngoUt Someone is crying o u t b e be $2 k Vkiq . but Philip Judcn. . I OGVTOC. NET' a h i r v rat ? h k v 51 r a i ~a*prl And he went down wlth them and came rk N a C a p h and r a i qv ~OTC~UU~IJMC Into ~ a ~ a m t h : he was (one) subjecting himself &iq.

but O U K O ~ I I Y T ~ ~ ~ ~r T a iE . who showed him: "You offspring bpiv Ouyaiv dmb r q : peAho6oqg 6py~jq. theretore hce n A making fruit Rne fine t n x 6 n ~ r r a ~ r a i el5 vOp P$hXrra~. i of him.ta two undergarments . 'ETOIU&~T TC ~ V 6% in the wilderness 7 4 rde~iaq notrirc . . Abraham. tax collectors l2 But came even to h e baptized.t A%$zq npz:fsFq 2% o~$yges. . KO."' zg ~ ~ KX~!T "May he perhaps be TOTE d r G v ncpi TOG ' I w b u . baptize yon the John mayins to all with water: but the 61 one stronger than I S6av PmiCw but ? : !SI to water em bapttzing the 06 o b ~ ripi am is 6 lo~up6rcp6q the (onel rtmnger oy me. travbg h t u a t T ~ Y lpdlv~a TOV ~ o ~ ~ ~ & sufficient to loosen the lace of the aan ala ne bapti%eyou a r l ~ o t a h d q bp6q P m l o r ~ t v nwc6 arl people with holy spirit of him. 14 ivqprj~wv those in military serWere inquiring upon be You performing. fruit is be cut down la being cut out and into flre la being thrown. His & y i y r a i nupi." And were inquiring UDon him the crowds And the Akyovrrg Ti obv n o l f i ~ w ~ c w would . whose not I em lace of whose sandals I aT mw notv At t o untie.' For I say t o YOU t h a t GO^ has LK TGV hiewv T O ~ W Yi ~ ~ i p a t."Do not demand anvT& G~aTr~aypivov bpiv thing more than the the lthlng) having been prorated to 14 Also. tax rate:' nphoorrr. b 6& ~ e a c h c r . 9 k also ~ a i1) dFivrl n & ~from these stones.rhq ~ p i e o u q Jehovah: yon people.lo. 17 06 r b nrdov holy and flre: whose the whnowlng shovel m his hand t o clean L v T$ xctpi adroD 61ana8kpa1 T ~ V in the hand of him to tharoughiy the u p his threshing and Mwva adroir =a1 ovwayayriv T ~ U V~ T O Y threshing floor 02 him and m lead together the wheat t o gather the wheat &KP. ask him: sayin8 Whet therefore should wedo? *what.\ winnowing . Alree 6% y z ut the a x toward 9 Indeed. J?. tain and hill leveled ra. and thrown into the 10 ~ a i lnqprjrwv ol 6xhoz fire. and be rov satisfied provisions.preparet h e way'of Ppfip4.. ~ I . Come but also tax collecton the tonel LUKE 3:12-17 b t6s deaolnie iPlaeel Make rou ready the way . p j h p ~ q d r hiyrw b produce repentance. Every gully d l bellled and m l l v must be filled n&v Kpoq mi T ~ S I V W ~ + . vice would ask him: abrbv nai orparcu6p~vo~ "What shall we also him also [men] serving in the army Ti no~fiuwpev ~ a li ~ d q . selves =ather we ere iaving the ~ b ~ w~ hn ' ~~ 'As a Iather we have hiyw y h p buiv 6 ~ 16 h a 1 6 0sbg I am sayinD for to mu that isable the cod Ab"ham.T&. the ax is already in position st obv 6iv6pov u noloJv r a p n b caMv the Ioot Of the trees: tree. people were in expeettation and all were l5 o ~ $ to be ba$red Bm. he answered he to ail: for ~ C Y W nciolv 'I&?$ Y my part. not at sometime t h e Christ?" 16 John of them about the ST 6 X P W J T ~ ~16 .la.LUKE 3:s-11 6v 7 ': 264 265 ~~ra66rw let hlm share wlth Lxovrl Kai hhsvtnd.'" 7 'Ehryrv obv roig O 7 Therefore he He well saving therefore to the LKTO E U O J J L V O I ~ tlxho~c Panr100jva1 bn' began t o say t o the soins t L i r out crowd8 to be baptized by crowds coming out . wrath? 8 Therefore that p r r a v o i a ~ . u . then. 6 and all flesh Will will see all flesh the savlng means of the God.. ~ o i g 6lywvioiq bpGv.~ of . Emat rh u ~ o h ~ 3 clq ~G8ciaq down. 2 ~$2 2. A 1 6 & o ~ d r . NAB. p i John. straight be YOU making the roads make his mads 5 Every &o0.n. Or.~ a ~ i T n r vaIS~oiq do?" And he said to what should do alao we7 And hesald to them them: "Do not harass MqBiva 6iao~iuqrr uq61 anybody or accuse NO one YO" should haradl "0' anybody falsely. end no to be saying tn befit repentance: And =fing Lauroiq n m C p a Exo EV . see the saving means f God. Lord. shall we 1 1 hnorpl8cig 61 Uryev .~< "Let the man that has The (one) having two undergarmen. arlrbg mlgh? be the Chfiat. who has to row to flee from the about to be wrath$ intimated t o you t o 8 nolfioare o h ~ a p r r o b q &<ioug ~ f i q flee from the coming Make you therefore fruits worth" the .rw+. 15 Now as the In the provlslona of YO". and 6 bpoiwq EXw t %% h t llrewise tho (one) hsvins d & v a ~ 12 fih8ov 6 & uai o i r let him be dohg. and places s m w t h ways: dlycral n2ua o h p c T& owrfip~ov TOO 0roG. +e YOU wtll bertha in apklt and Are. O E T GP. ~i n o ~ f i o w p ~ v13 . -4' Jehovah. "change of mind. and the curves and will be the emoked (thingsl Into straight (ones) must become straight rai al ~ p a x c i a t cIg 660Gg Aria<. therefore. r i 5 ISni6r15rv him Generated (aneal ofvtpers. . and every mounevery mountain and hill will be made low. d n ~ n p i v ~gave o t h e answer. and let him that has things to eat do the ~~. 5 n k o a +&paye n h pw8'omal ~ a straight. abroiq do?" 11 I n reply h e Havlngan(iwered but he Was 88ylnB to them would say t o them: '0 rxwv 660 x. 6 r a i ways and the rough and the rough lonesl into ways smooth. 8..zf. a ! 1 share with the man t h a t has none. what should wedo$ w he (one) but what shall we do?' c l n w n$q crGr06q M S?V nhiov na h 13 He said to them: said toward them ~ o k l n g more bcsPde .": 61aAoy1Cou~vwv reasoning 2 : v:oy zf:e 6'r. of vipers." of ford. Ku iov. &PKE?O~E be satisfled with YOUR 8hould YOU take by fig-rhowlng. and they to hrm: "Teacher.o Val 2 &zd a h % b ~~ ~ t. T ~ Y 'A@pa&p do ithi o h s~ e k e: s . to be bsptlzed by abroS r a v v f i p a ~ a ix16v&v. ~ i ~ v T+ a OUI the atones these to r a ~ s e u pchildren to the Power t o raise UP chridren t o Abraham 'APpaau..

of of the " l % ? ofthe Shelah of the Calnnn be^. % : : - m G ' I d & S7 mi3 ' I 4 lsonl of Jo'sech. in You ithough?w. 27 [sonl TOG ' P q d TOG Zap$ci@Eh m O XahaBl j h Of JDan'an. out of heaven to come ta be YOU are the Jesus himself. Jesus also was baptized and. Adam. P $ :X ' oz:e'PzaS op.rez. ' E h t a ~ c i p 3 1 T& M s h r & ~TOO MEW& TOG lsonl Of JO'nam. all [deedsl. ~ a gwu$v the beloved. A$.+ TOG .jp [3~. 'Ez '3 $ze $ :. Aauci6 Of M ~ ~ . of Joseph. 24 TOO M ~ T ~ & 703 T A E U TOO ~ MQxci TOO [son] of Jan'na-i.allti. Jsnnai of the Joseph of the Mattathlsn of Ule Na. [sonl of 'IquoG TOO 'Eh16Ctp T O G ' I w p ~ i p TOO ~ r 29 . 34 [sonl of laa ah^ TOO 'ABpa&p TOG @up& TOG Naxhp Jacob."gfvou oi3esua '* '. lsonl of God. addel *la0 this upon rr8ulv ~ a r h h s l u t v ~b'lwhvqv fvv .hGe 22 z. [Son) of Ad'di.+ 25 700 Marraeiou TOG O ~ R ~ O S .'~. ~ 20 o added ~ also this to all those ldeedsl: he lacked John up in prison. 19 d 6L 'Hp@ q d TCT m&p q. TOG 'Iwu+ z . the U .+uhard.dab. [son] of Isaac. to the pea- ry. ~ ' ~ .e. 32 [SOnl Of Jes'se. . [son] A&~Ex 37 TOG MaBouudh m O ' E v ~ x of ~ a a hlson] . people: the but ~ e r d d the t?trarx UE~X~PWOC T E P ~ 'H ~61&6oq ~ i being reproved by hlm about Rerodlo.Iheaven was opened Pan-rloBhrrog ' a ' u p 22 and the holy having been baptued and spirit in bodily shape &pwav like a dove came doam heaven upon him."~l ' l a w a i TOO 'lomi. Kwo&p sEhpa6&p "HP 29 cosam the ~ ~ n ~ d of the E~ oi the ISOnl of CO'Sam. lsonlofJeJesva oi the Eliezer of the Jodm of the sus. lsonl of stt that of the uvi symeon Le'vl. Isaac 09 the Abraham of the Terah O f tho Nahor [son] of Abraham. 36 Ison1 of Ca.. [sonl of Ar'ni.HhEi of Of Mel'chl. 30 [son] of TOG 'loG6a TOO 'lwmig TOG ' I w & p TOO ~ym. i Amos of the Nahum ofthe Esll of the Naggal 26 [son] of 26 TOG Ma& m O M a n a e i w TOO X E ~ E E ~lsonl V of Matts-thi'as. for q being reproved by him concerning Hero'di. [son] of kvopiCsro 'Iwofi. 28 [son] of Mel'chi. O f t h e Maath ofthe ManPthlru of the Semeln [son] of semPe. x'BSy8. and a voice ~arap-vat ~6 nve0 a 76 (iy~ov o w a r l r u came out of heaven: to cOmeaothe aphlrt: the holy to gOd~ly are my Son. $2' Jobel. lsonl of Ja'red. TOO TOO Id& 36 TOO Ka~v&p (son] of ~ e ' l e g [son] . joseph.hum. Ison] of Hez'ron. son] of Te'rah [son] bf Na'hor. To. Of Rhe'sa* lson1 [son] Of TOO Nqpei 28 TOO Mshxri 705 ' A 6 6 ~ i TOO of She. [son] ~ G v rprbnovra. 24 [son] oi years thirty. a s the opinion was. lsonl of the Rhera of the Zerubbabel of the Ehealttel Zerub'bs-be]. lson] of ~ .. It was being ophed." 18 Therefore he also gave many other exhortations and continued declaring Into his Starehouse. TOO h ~ 30 i TOO Xup~Qv Ison1 of J O ' T ~ ~[Son] of Mat'that. Marra05 706 Nag61 TOO . l i .as the wife of his brother all the wicked deeds that H ~ did. as T6v ~ ~ 6 uai " u o ~ he was praying.e & : but the chaff he rn bum u p with fire that cannot be out out. [sonl of O'bed: xah& m O N a a d v 3 3 0 E e of Bo'az. ' ~ ~ ~ 5 T&& 6 TOG N&S TOO [son] ofthe ~ r ~ h a x a of d me shem of the ~ i t h ~ of Ar. PIe. God.3mrtuB"va1 xt~ceurrea but in the to be bapnred 266 267 of the LUKE 327-38 Xa€l tP. 31 of TOO ' I d r p ~ ~TO^ MahcAerih' TOO Ka~v&pMe.~i~ 29' Jesus.LUKE 3:18-26 rfq r?v 6nmWlolv aha& 'd @ & pov Into the atorehouae oihlm. being Mat'that. he wUl bum dawn to Lnextlngulahsble. lsonl of ' A 6 p ~ i v TOO ' A p ~ i TOO 'Euphv TOO Nah'shon.1 b 'Hp+Sqq. the y w a 1 ~ 6 q TOG &ScAgoO ah03 r a i m p l woman of the brothof hlm and about ndrvrwv 6" fvToiqm wouqp& all of which did of wleked Ithlng. 8ABVgSy. [son] of Mr~ha'laleel. [son] of Shem. kc odpauoO yzvio8a1 . [son] of Pe.ll.klm. ]son] of sheqsh. lsonl J o m h of the Joda ofthe Joanan of Jo'da.min'a.$.] of 'Aphq TOO Nao6p 700 ' E u h ~ i 7. .i'nan. I have i shape as dove Upon hlm.. was a b u t thirty 23 Kai airrirq fiv 'IqaoOq &px6prvoq h ~ i Yean Old. and voice approved you. 18 non& pkv 08v rai Errpa Many [things1 indeed therefore and dwerent WapauahGv E' y ~ ~ < E T O exhorting he was d a a X n g good nswa to h u b . ~ Msttaths of the Nathan of the Dsvld of Isonl 32 TOG 'Isuuai TOO 'lofifih 700 B 0 6 ~of Nathan. 20 w p o d 8 mv r a l roGro h i the Herad. [son] ison] 01the Salmon of the Nahahon of Sal'mon. when he commenced [his ui6q pou b d F / a m l 7 6 ~b uol r E 6 n ua son o f m e the loved. the Eopb . 21 ' E ~ ~ V E T O 6L C v T . l9 But the district ruler. being the ~ n d he was Jesus commeneinp as if son. lsonl of of the Jesse ofthe Obed ofthe Boaz David.~~~onll".lared of the Mahalaeel of the Calnan E'noch. [son] of Re'u. Ib El 6 23 Furthermore. [son1 of Elma'dam. P : 2 2%.pachlhad. SyPJlXn.on. the but ~aTa~&l mr I dm8imw. 33 [sonl of Ammbadab of the Am1 of the Hezron of the Am.meeh. ci6E1 hq T E P I U T E P ~ hr' adr6v."ih~&.el.thulaelah.. ~llakim oi the ~ e l e a of tho Menna of the lsonl of E-Ii'a. [sonlof of the .".30 Nayyai [son] 0 f ~ a g . 21 Now when the people were baptized. g a . [SO. 35'[son] of 35 Se'rug. work].JIP: Jo'se(s). of Lamech ci the methuselah of the Enoeh La. [sonl of the Nerl of the MeleN of the Addt of the of Ne'ri. 31 [sonl of Me'lea. 38 TOG 'Evhq TOO ZjB TOO 'AGhp TOG of the Enoa of the Seth of the Adam of the Ison] of Seth. [son] of the Matthat of the Lev1 of the Melehl of the [son] of Judah. [son] of eE06. L)v of He'li. of Joseph of the Hell Le'vi.lson~of of the Judas of the Joseph of the Jonam of the Judas. he locked down the John In prlaon.

Odr Said to him: 'It is the Jesus that I t has been said Not said. 6a<a<6p~voq Sin6 n&vrwv. Also. h a o a v ~ a4 i v 66Sav ati~Gv.nAB. he having been concluded of them he got$uh&Sa1 give charge concerning he WIU give charge about y6u of the to guard us. been written Lord the ~ o d 4 4 r r p u ~ h o ~ l q iai ~ou%hBIIl worship and ~6vy you must WOIS~IP. "active force". h ~ ~ p i eStone q it may become loaf iof bread]. And having answered s a d to him foot against a stone. &epwrrog.But npdq a3r6v 6 'IquoOq' r6ypcmra~ Jesus replied t o him: toward him the Jesus It has been written .my horn red. were concluded. Spi'Ti. i 9 lie led but him into ~eruralern and mto Jerusalem and E q u ~ v h i T& m s p 6 y 1 0 ~ TOG 1rpoO Ka/ Stationed him Upon stationed upon the wing of the temp]:. And God t o the xAB. . turned brr6u~pR4~ TOG 'lopS&vou.:dze t o him: 'If you are a 703 ~ E O O~ i r r l T&I hie? T O ~ T ~ .m.And good nai 0 iSiA0ev ~a8' 6hq~ T i l ~talk concerning him And [goodl talk went out down through whole the spread out through rrrplx5pov wrpi a h o S . 4 nai . " ? g k S sacred service '" he led him 9 "Hyaysv 61. 1 You. you therefore an act o f worship ~ r p o ~ w \ h j u n & iv6rrrov i 0 5 Z u r a ~ uoG you should wars p in ofme: will he of you before me.. And. hurl t o him: "If you are Of God. vhere he ?as to Naz'areth. 13 Kai Put Jehovah'your You shal test out Lord the God of you. hat. felt hungry. BrcOrdlnR lo . he ate Ec$ayEv 0662" i v raTq t/p6pa!< &dvaq. being held in honor being glorified by all.'" uuvrEX6uag whra rrs~paapb having eoneluded all temptation the 13 So the Devil. ~ a odr i being empte by the Devd. because tome delivered to me. J'". ha^ E~UEIS. 8 nai 6rrrorp~8eiq 6 Jesus said to him: all. 06 16 And he came And he came lnto Nazareth. h " I 1 1 -< --- s h a ~ r e n & rsacred service. 1 5 ~ a a i 6 ~ 6 gall t h e surrounding rurr~undingeountry about him. 6i6wpt ahjv 7 d 08" therefore. having concluded 6rhPahog Devil a11 the temptation. ~ n d having anawered the ~ t r r r v ~ J T Q ~ ~ Y ~ C I T T TKLjptov ~ ! TAY ec6v "It written.8. ( 6 61hDohoq this the said Said but to him the Devil ."' 12 I n answer Jesus 6 'IquoOs 6 ~ t Eipllm. rrhfipq~ mrr6pcnoq &yiov Now Jesus. usavr6v Q T E ~ ~ ~ ~rdrrw v 10 yiypm~al a yovraetf from here dawn: it has been written yourself down from STI TOT< &yy&Aotq a h o i r here. 5 K a i &vayay&v a6r6v E~EI<SV a h & him up and showed ~ n having d led him he showed to him him all t h e kingdoms rr&oaq T&S P a u r k i a q ~ f i q o i ~ o u p i q q Ofthe inhabited earth all the kingdoms of the inhabited Iearthl in an instant of time.LUKE 4: 1-8 268 269 oou of YOU YOU LUKE 4:s-16 aim4 to hlm q u o G 61. Mucran 6 must not live by bread that Not upon .cd . tell this to become a ybqral &pro<. lo for it is that tothe angels ofhtm written. . cai r!oiherv ~arh he had been reared. full of Jesus but full of spirit holy holy spirit.lee. and rrapa666o~a1 vai egw I wish it has been given and to u ? ." 8 i n reply rrhua. . ~~ ai wtom 2 % . 1 ' Or. 3 ~t 3 ~Tw~rrrv61. end that upon l a n d s they will lift yo" 11 and.11~2*. and s a ~ d to him the to him: -1 give 616rPohoq Zoi 66uw ~ j L<ouuiav v ~ a 6 ~ qyou v all this authority Devil To you I shall g h e the authority this and the them. 'You must not inrrey&umq KGptov 76" 0r6v uou. and tne battlement of the and said ETTTev ah& El "16s ET TOS EEoO. retired from him until ~atpoG. rais m v a y w y a i q a h G v h e began to teach was teaching in the synago8uer of them: in their synagogues. he ate nothing in the days those. !3&k said to him 1f son you are the cod. Lopa. J1-le. time. . it will all be yours. 2 : agz 4' ADItvgSyh~ add: but by eve^ wmd of God.1"-15. to preserve you. if you do I am giving it. adri.*z. where rcepojjiuoq. Vg. that You may at no time strike 'Our rr66cr oou. 'It i s raid to him Ithas Jehovah' your Ood . J'. ijh8rv ~riq Nucap&. 5 80 h e brought man. i 6 i S a o ~ c v i u . of the spirit into Power of the splnt into the Galilee. And he country. And answered loaf of bread. 8' Jehovah." 4 .ha of the ~ o d : ray to the stone t h i s in order that son of God. Lord.qt is ' M ~ ~ 6rl Obn h' 8 ~ ~ 4p6vw .Eq y. another convenient appointed time. 1 1~ a i 6r1 irri enpGv &poGuiu UE You. and he was led about flyno gv T& TNE~P~TI by the in the was being led in the spmt wilderness 2 for .nd he \\en< In ocrnrdrng l o% I : and. 'He will a i m h ~ i ~ a l wrpi COO TOG 6. . 12 rai h o ~ p ~ 8 r i q ET~FV U~T& foot Of you. Galti. 14 K a i h r 6 u r p r w 6 'IquoOs (v 74 14 Now Jesus And turned under the Jesus m the returned in the power 6uv6rprt TOO wve6pa~oq el< -rjv r a h A a i a v . " W I am willing to 1 give it. done and it is t o h ~ m alone YOU must render and Ze. and SO. 'They will you On their p I~OTS TT~OUK~*~S mpdq hieov T ~ Y not at anv time you should sttlke toward stone the hands.TEUOE~&KOYT~ forty days. i v orlypfi ~ p 6 v o w6 : ~ a i ET?W ah6 6 6 and the Devil said in puncture of time. a h d v rlq ' l e p o w d f i ~~ a . turned under fmm the Jordan. p ~ p p ~ p ~ ~ ~ ~ 16 K a i 1 . 12' Jehovah. ~ a away i from t h e Jordan." add: but by everything proceeding from Jehovah's mouth. 6rn i p o i because i t has been all and' the glory of them. not Furthermore.bread alone willuve the alone:".tu. when they rrunEheo8e~oGv ah& hcivaw. KU? nothing in those days. while being form by the Devil_ nr~paj6pcv% hrrd T ~ S61aD6?ov.

27 Also.8. 19' Jehovah's. =*said 24 But hesaid: ''TNlY here the *the. 26 yet E.. noone prophet. rr6~swq.& were A led of anger m the those 29 nai things in the synmGla. j 19 t o preach to preach year of Lard acceptable. Jehovah. declare good news he anolnted me to declare gmd news to Poor lanes). He.25 F~~ instance. he sent dmi-oraAx6v pE Ktlplj<al a i x r a h h r o ~ <me forth to preach a he has rent off me to sreach t o captives *. me to L x p ~ u b y edayyEhicraa&It moxoiq. I tell you t h a t no 66 'Apjv hiyo bpiv 671 o ~ nwe df i n l~ q is accepted but Amen I am saying to You that no one prophet prophet territory. J r a i t h e prophet Isaiah to him scroll of the PmP et Isaiah. when was shut UD the heave* Yeam and six months. sight to the blind.'5. be .i5 TI)" K ~ + ~ ~ K T .li'sha the u npoqfi~ou. and eye In the the eyes of all in the h s v i OYTC ah6. F.10. .. to send the emshed in re?caae. the thlngs fiKobapw maur6v."3ny5 9 2 . and he stood U P synagogue.PI: Lord's.perY&p.11. 23 KU. Hestarted tently fixed upon him. 066dq time h i s ~ ~ . and &mica< T& PtPhiov ~ G p w r 6 v r6rrov he opened the scroll havingopened the scroll hefound the Place and found the 00 fiv y ~ y p a p p i v o v 18 nvrG a where it was written: where itwaa having been written ~ p i r k 18 ~ ~ ~ h ~ .ls. yournelf. continued on his way. 30 But 6tdi3bv 6 a . ~ z release.D. 22 ~ a indnrrrg tpap+ww ah@ 22 And they all And ail were w ~ t n e ~ m to g him began t o give favorable wltness about d8aljpal."" ttt zarephath of Sidon toward woman widow. In order &Gv. 6rc drhEiu8q b o d p d g Errl shut up three years 1srae1. 270 271 LUKE k21-30 -& ua &TOY his custom o n t h e ofthe e a ! h tE sabbath day. &rou~u'ha! ~ r 8 p a u o p i u o u ~ tv & ioei. . rrapa~o~ ~ j cv l ( r ~ *~ ~ ~ p i BE~&EWOV . h e ~ a i dvio-rq entered into the I aunagogue. &ore rmaupqpviuat ah6v of them. . rAB. unon .r. as-and to Uvow down headloaz him: to throw him down headlong. in 6 E ~ r 6 ~t m l v kv T{ warpi61 d ~ a a . 23 At this h e said son la of Joseph this (on. 28 0upo3 h.~ ~ . ~ Ku iou &n' at r ~ v c r s v Is upon me. 'Physician. many in y $ x x ifuw tv m i 5 f i ! A $ y 5 'Hh~iou iV ~3 the days of E-ll'jah.P. to the poor. J7. the land of Si'don to $ % E$J!J. u a .yd. so rpia a pfiwxg €< b q VETO Aipbq that s great famine three end months a i i a* D o c u r e d famine fell upon a ~ the i p t y a q h i n&ow 26 rat n&q land. 3 t :? L having gone through through he went through the midst of them and ptuou a h a v hrophljoro. were many 27 noaot hmpoi b TQ '~opmiih there lepers In Israel in t h e ~ n dmany leper* were in the ~ ~ r a e l of E. 6m we heard as having y~urseu. IAB.ov h i TO:< A6y01q were wonderlnn the wards him and t o marvel a t . TI)" to them: "NO doubt toward them ~ t n levent.)? And he said 1 8 ' Jehovah's. handed it to the subordlna E e rat down: and back t o the attendant 60eahwol tv ~ f i and s a t down. because ot ford upon of w h i a on account he. drm.e ~ ~ p X&PFRT~ ~ " q E t 6 ~ v i a q npdg y u w i r a to the captives ~ ~ E U I V uai ~uqhoiq hYdlPhe~l~v and B recovery of letting so off and to bllnd (ones) looking agaid.LUKE 4:17-23 cia&< EnhO b fipCw custom to him in the day ouvayoyjv.'41315. o TO. rnldst of them he Wa8 Eolng h b Way. ~ f i Of 28 ~ a i h h j ~ 0 ~ u arr&v~rq v hearing these A. u many cthtna) n we heard happened in Ca. Of them was k ~ a i 3 a p i d el ~ p ' NaaphY b Tljpq. zgo". J'. 1 8 ." Of yo. I acceptable 1s ~n the istheri~laeel of him. &vayvGvat. ~ Y U bp?vr iv. is i t not?" ui6q i u n v 'loo+$ ofiroq. xdrp~ro~ roiq kKnapauopivolg ' tr the winsome words giaciousncaa to the (ones1 proceeding forth out of proceeding out of his and they were TOG u ~ 6 l r a r o q a h 3 ~ a i Eheyov Odxi 'This is a son the mouth of hlm: and were saying ~ o saying: t of Joseph. yet not one upln Elisha tho prophet. And wasgivenupon Ihandl 17 SO t h e semu of ah$ P ~ p X i w 703 T I ~ O ~ ~ V X 'Huaiou. rO mJ iq ~w na.11'Jah great upln all and toward was sent to none of . 17 vai h~668q to rend. the capemsumdo you your home territory. 24 Elm ot you. and rai L 'yayov e y led ahm ~v m unt E WI ~~brow OP~~ of 'D the ~ F 0 ~ Spouq tq' 00 fi i r 6 h l ~ O ~ o % ~ t l ~the o mountain upon mountupon whlch the d t y had been bullt their city had been built. city.aai ~ h w were e many bEt I am mying ta YO=. fulfilled. cure parable thta Healer. rou wlll m . and agogue with anger: became 29filled and +am&rsq t ~ i p a him h b v outrxde EEw they rose u p and havrngstood up they hmw au hurried hlm outslde the and brow they Ofled the city. but Narcman the man them war eleanse if N~~~~~ the ~ y n a n .8' acceptable T& {PXiov hrro6oJq mfiSaq the Pscroll having given back having mlled up ~ ~ l 76 brrqpi71 fi&eluW' ~ a T $ V i $\ the scroll. and h e stood up to read. and was handed him. a wldow. b :.'" 6 6 6" ~ nj rmrpi61 m u . gin M2%aF 2 : .5 ' d o also here in hapmed i n t . Lord's.".l l l D . . X ~ Y E ~ V TP&C ad~ok 21 ~h~~ he started to to be saylng toward them say t o them: "Today r r t r r h i p w ~ a ~ fi y p a q i kv 7075 hoiv has beenfu1Rlled the scripture this in the ears this scripture that YOU just heard is bp&. : k % d5 &F n . :K. (thinpa). 21 f i p t m o 8yn8g0gue InlOoxing$ntentG) to him. ~ h . Jehovah. w OWI Were m the OiELilah in the when the heaven was ' I u p d A . .*. ~ A B . y to me the YOU wlll apply this illustration to me. tell truth. to send off (ones) havlng been -shed eth a 19 ~ q p G t a ! 6v1ambv Kvpiou 6 ~ 7 6 ~ 20 .

SL alrrev rr&q a b ~ o t % 6 ~ 1Kal t o other cities I must he tone1 but said toward them that declare the news r a i q t r i p a t rr6Aau~v niayychiuaueai W of the kingdom of to the dieeren? elties todeclare the goodnews me for this SEi T ~ Paulhciav V T O ! ? e ~ ~ i ) . 32 uai them on the sabbath: them in and 32 and they were the sabbaths. because with 6uv&pct hrlr&ou~l mi^ &K. Instantly cohilv." noM&v. q rr~p~xi)pov. h6yoq a6ra0. manu. 35 uai h c ~ i p q m v a6~Q the One Of Holy (One1 of the God.eciq ~ ~ E ~ & ~ ~ a E 6ur o EG Y ~ . h. of teaching. every corner of the every ylnee oilhe eurrounding country. demon into the mldst eame out from hlm the demon came VQSLV ph&m a i r r 6 ~ . and h s ~ i l l r ~ u r n T" rrupc~Q. of many.reaching into the synagogue8 o% 1 2 : e%? ~2 4 . and as far as he was. Mother-In-law Simon's home. was man havlng there was a man nvc9 a 6al oviou & ~ a 8 & p ~ a v ra .perna. And gave rebuke to it But Jesus i . 6SurX~uuovro mi fi 6t6axfi aha.. many as hav~ng bemg SIC^ diseases brought them to him.. Now Zipwvoq fiv OUYEyfiY Simon's mother-in-law 68 TOG but O! the Slmon war being he d oge her Was distressed LUKE 4:39-44 31 Ka1 ~ a 6 h e l v aiq K a q u p w P v rr6h1v fip&. $ & ! / ah&v rrEpi with a hlgh fever. x I Q T ~ Va h 6 v dual. astonishment fell aston s ment Uwn au.uw E~&%' 2 %: ~ I ? they :requested :2 ' agfi :te : . he said t o them: " ~ l s o 43 i . ' I uo0q hfyov Olp&y ~ a ESEhea i ch' rebuked35 it.wyij i fiv 6vBpwrroq LXWV in the synagogue ~ n in d the synag~gu. Kal fiv 616&urwv a city of Gal'iiee. upon all. saying: the ?esus saving ~ e m u ze d and mme out irom "Be silent. ?ABcq chohCuat What have we to do to YOU. 'Iquoir Nacapqvi. nqrporxpipa 6k k m t i o a s h e rose and began her. newas Went on preaching in the 'ynag0gues Of 'lou6aiaq. mv8cpd he entered into he entcred Into the house of Simon. the tone1 but to one of them them. hurting him. because I was Sent 44 Accordingly he mi TOGTO h C r m A q v .. By laying his v6uo1q rrot~iha~q i j y y o v athem h o b q toward IT&< hands upon each one to diseases yarlou~ ie Of them h e would cure a6T6v. Surrounding country.:by& Of him mthoUt nothing having hurt him. bethe Son of the God: and rebukrng cause they knew him c7a ah& hahciv. So the 1Scrroprfiaro qxoq T E P ~ a b ~ o 0 him was going its way out resound about him into going out into r & v m ~brrou ~ . and they mme ouf? And come?.rene'? Did you fi$ Ihave known you who the come to destroy us? I exactly who & y ~ o q ?air 0aoO. of the Gslllee. astounded a t his way Were belng astounded upon the teaehing of hlm. all who had people setting but SL olthe TOO fiAb!J nun ~ ~ Z E those S 40 AGvoyrog sick with various &utlcvo+. And he was teaching And he was teaching air~oirq 6v ~oiq u4Pholv. JEQUS Nazarene? came you to destroy with you. after him. 39 80 her.. Jesus you ot6& oa ~ i q €1 6 Naz. ' I rahlhaiag. and him about they made request of airr?'a. from them. &u qu ~ a y K ~ slq ~ ~ Go y h q f ~ ~ ~ Ju. the mop6$eq ipqpov T ~ O V ~ a ioi began hunting about he went his way Into lonely place. because 67. his speech was with because In authoritv was the ward ofhlrn. 6 62 Avi &&v him. i b t r p a cv wth a sp'r't.~. and out they SVIllts. and were detsmng him from going away they eame E d 1 a6rlnr TOO pfi ~O~&U&XI& I T ' aG~&v.what sort of is this. vlstantly hut having StoodUP ministerlng them. 36 . and he ahou$cd unclean demon. ~ a i rcrrsixov him.. ~i loud voice: 34 " ~ h ! tovo~ee srrat A ~ I what m i . rat ~S~pxo~a 37 t . 44 Kai fiv t h i s (ming) I W ~ S S ~ ~ ~ O ~ And T . 33 Now 33 ~ a iv i ~ f uuva. 39 ~~i kwrm&q h h v o a t h i q him for her. and crowds they tried t o detain fiXBov &oO.rag 6001 ~Txov a. &qij~~v he gave rebuke to x e fever.LUKE 4:31-38 3 1 And he went And he went down into Cavernaum city down t o Ca. And havlng atood upon on tov of her he stood over her and rebuked the fever.671 ltianece-ry the klngdom of the God. 36 At m i e6pp rr&vm~ this. and they beuvvEh&houv rrp6q &hhjhouq X 6 y o v ~ ~ q they were c o n v ~ r ~ htoward g one another saying gan to converse one another. And having thrown throwing the man 6atp6v!bu el$ 76 lkuov t5ijhB~v &n' ad?oir down in their midst. r*ovra nai htyovra 6rt 1 6 ET But. qt~ e Judea. and come niiroir. ery~ng out and saylna that you are he would not 6 ui6q TOO 8 r o a nai trrlTIl!h them t o speak. authoritv. 3. rebuking them. because to be the Christ' 42 However.?E$F authority and power power he slves orders to the h e orders the unclean nvsGpautv. saying: Tiq 6 A6yoq o t ~ o q 6rj b h<ouuiq ~ a i Whet the word t h b because In authority and . 43 B u t him af the not M be galng hls way fmm them. the? had known the ghrlst him to be. 40 B U ~ when the she was serving to them. 41 Demons h. b c o w i q fiv i . fi6~1uw T ~ V when it became day. Kal spirits. h e went out and 42 r m p t ~ ~ l qS t fiptfaq <Sde&v Having but ay out proceeded to a lonely Place. 6tqr6v~n ahoiq. 6~t hewar permitting them to be speaking. 38 'Avaordq SL &mi ~ c q mvaywyfiq 38 After getting u p Having atood up but from the eynngosue o u t of the synagogue clcnih&v clq ~ f i v olriav Zivwoq. .a.q. and the for him and came out 6xXo1 h firouv. and he shouted with a QWV~ payMr~34"Ea. were aee ing upen hlm. and it let go off it left her. crying out and saylng: "You 41 &Eipx~o 66 r a i Gatpbv~a: were comngovt but also demons from are the son Of OM. also would come out ~ t t i n upon g was eurlng them. sun was setting. an ~ ~ f r f O! t kmon unclean. rai biwclv out of him:'Sa.

but the % ? I' of the fishes of and John. who shar-were waahinsoff the nets. h e touched him. ~ & ~ . 4 When he having led down the boats u ~ o n . (limon peter offer about the deansing of you $lich Ye% $ $2 ~h ~ ~~ 2 ~ U$2n it 2 n$i!ng 12% f~i 80 . And im&&v. much: were belng bmken thmugh but Ulo net. And darers he asked him t o pull h r a v a y a y ~ i v ivhi ov. who one of the boats. he s a ~ d toward crowds.t~es and looki male person of When Jesus heh e fell upon 'Ight 6 1 ' 6hq w r d g norn&~066. Having Bern but Simon Peter this. sat down but the Slmon Jesus Not be fearing: from the alive. And they motroned t o the partners So they motioned to beyoumadeclean: and immediately the leprosy from him. ~ a B a p i o B q ~ ~ . na h niv hi y v rSvnlua&. noh6 6lcpjrruno 6 i rh ~ ~ K T a Mgreat multitude of saying: "I want to. h6yov roir 0eoO r a i d r b g ?jv tmhg listening t o the &pap~wArig c l p ~ . " J POI a t t h e ward of the God and h e war hsvlng stood slnful I am. oi Jesus sald t o simon: but into on* of the boats. they to make clean. their neb he touched him saying 1 am willing. hi. fish. ~ a Priest. 14 a he a d ~ b 14 ~ ~ n he in the dlllerent boat of the (ones1 hevlng come other to come went off him. And thla will lower the nets. which was of Simon..LUKE 5:l-8 274 fell down toward 278 LUKE 5:s-14 npoukET ~ T Y ~6 ~ 3 ~ ~ v ~ EY. and he saw lake of ~ ~ ~ . saying: "Depart from me. Out towhere It is nai X a h & u m one of the olties. Having stepped In they took together. 01 6 t 2 And he saw two w h ah6 hri ~6 him and all those boats two havingstood beslde the lake. But t 2 d g 2v T ~ Vnhoiwv. ~ n d back to land.verything A. and lrom the boat he utv &vBpi. ~ahhuw ~h 6 i r ~ v a .nets 5 rai C ~ ~ O K P I ~ EZ ~i S p!@ rGv n@cwv r a i 1606 &nip And hsvina anawexed Simon s a d ~nstructar. 8 fiv Z i p w w ~nets." 13 And so. w i . the earth followed him. because male Person I a m a sinful man. clean. 10 and hX~eig dnT. for B htg face and begged 'y!kh hri 68 oou whole night we tolled him. but he ceased speakid.%~ a i tr~rivag rilv stretching out his having dons they enclosed multitude Jfishe8 this. the boats eic r o t nhoiou t 6 i S a m w ~ o 3 g6xhoug. and rrapfiyyslhw ah4 pq6cvi CinEiv. mared he 6 v Zipova 'Erawiyaye ~ 1 g ~b phBog & @ k c n h a firoholi9quw ah+.'But go Off and show yourself t o the E&nRyd &pb*a T& n a &TE uBi<&rt they filled both boats. Lv TO & r i p y n h o i y r o t th8bvrag thcir partners in the d gave the hijhB~v adroc. a h % r2A which said toward From now on ynu to the Simon. neudv &SEfiB. adrGv hoPb76 rGv txB6wv Grhermen from them having steppeJoft lakeside. r a i and assist them. n h o i a 660 k u ~ i r r a n a p & rjv hipvqv." saying m r d . 7 r a i ~aTivEupav roig ~ C T ~ X O I began S dpplng apart. and began teaching the 4 hc 66 h r a w m X d G v E T ~ E V rrc." 1 1 80 they Then he s a t down.noug SoypGv: ll ~ a brought l out of the boat he wan t e s m g the crowds now men you%fil be catching alxve. ~ a 0 i u a g 6t away a bit from land. the slmon ~ e uowsrd ~ d uoon into the deem sald t o Simon: 'Pull ~~~~. ~ o l v w v ~ i TQ was S i m o n * ~ . 3 ipBh5 10 b oiwg 6L ~ a 'Ib~wBov i uwihaElov.WV u ~fell t down a t the b e e s the knees of esu. saylng of Jesus.~ a i 6dBiac fi A m p a mediately the leprosy a t them. 8 Seeing ~~POU~VEYVE n6pi TOG K & ~ P I u ~ ~ oOOU ~ ) with your cleanslng. togive asrlstsnce to them: and they came.8 16hv 66 Iillwv n h p o g t o sink. C a ~ % ~ ~ 6 i ~ r u htp&v el< hypav. TbY ~j~~~~~ 'lqu0jcM)I qOpoG. 671 hfip to be 1 ~ 1 U "D ~ O n him and to be heednp the upon him and Go out from me. likewise both Zeb'edee's James had got ErArrhwov ~h 6 i ~ r u a . ~ ~ overwhelmed him and all lshment overwhelmed t . li!&wire but also James washing off their ers with Simon. 6 E i ~ o vmaurbv TG i ~ . and You men 12 Kai ~ n d itty6vcro occurred &V in 70 the E b ~V be UI a man Pull of leprosyl p w ETTN 'En1016L7a let down Yo.6 ~ a i TOGTO but a t your bidding I hhywv ~ 6 ~ 1 6 i h. and that these began Offering In ah&. 3 Going ~ a i'Iwriqv ulobj Z E ~ C & ~ O U . look! and lower the nets of row into ea ch. having let go of2 ell (thlngal they followed to hlm.. 'Stop being afraid. but m y : . when they did ~ a B a p i u a ~1 . Out Of them and were sans. 2 n d d&v standlng beside t h e mp!iOxEu alnbv r a i n h v r a g t h ~ ~ ~ they e s l took up astonbesfdo the 1Ye Germ-ret. And having stretched out the hand.5~ rarwcry6-g ~h d o i a h i +lv Y ~ V abandoned e." 5 But one OI the e. notfiuwmg UWEKAEIOW nhijBog 1 %WV 6 Well. of zebedec. roS will be catching men to lead upwerd upon 1 1 1 ~ ~ havmg . having falien rP%~wOv he begged of h ~ m if you Just want to. v 8Bhng 66vaoai p~ You can make me I shall lower the nets. saying: "lord. deep. And man orders t o tell nocv?hBiu8al a h o i s ~ a ? fi?h8av.. and gave orders to him to no one to nay. and theydid come. Lord: aetonlrhment for fish which Of ~ ~he was 6 . 9 B&ppoq y h p ~ o r d . if ever you may wlll youareable me clean.~ Simon in reply said: IS&" thmugh whole night h s v i n g t o i d nothing "In~tructor. K ~ P I L . the but boats docked at the together with him upon the with him. them. son. r a i E ~ W nphg ~ i p w v t . i and make an the boats as-and be slmins having gone m yourself to the priest. drm)\8in.' for a catch. ln fact. because hrl~E7UBal a h Q ~ a i &~otielv T ~ V Was pressing close 'E<cXBr dirr' &pot. Be fi-o ah& hhyov Oao.

And having s e m of JeSI1(. 20 And nioriv &6v E~WEY *Avepom. he but was ionel retiring he continued in retlreipjpotq KU? npooau~6pcvoq. . can forgive sins except aod alone?" 22 But uoGq ~ a J c 22 mlyvohq 6t ~avm but ed the Jesus. 'your easier. -." 15 But the witness to them. rai 6 r i ~ p t q Kupiou fiv ciq were sitting there. a a s i c 6Gvnmi La Wlls that is we&who la S~eakU1K ~ \ a r p ~ e r n l e s ? Who able t n c hlasohemles? Who ---& psms a~iaq to be@dwl letung go o f f €1 if not p? 116wq alone the 6 &6F( God. . and power of Lord was into and Jehovah's' power 76 fdoBal aGT6v. Oet UP and napdduptvc? Xol Zyo. and 6Gpa 6 1 6 r6v KE &puv ~ a e j ~ a v through the tiling roof through the &en they let go down obv ~hlv16iq ziq T& ptoov they let him down togetherwltk little bed into the midst With the little bed those in front Lprpodsv TOO ' IqaoO. seen strange things saying: todayl" . to say. m v ~ p ~ o v r o dxhot noMoi &roGE~v and great cmwds to be hearlng would come together were comlng together crowds many wai ~ E P ~ E G E Oc+mb ~ ~ I~h &oemthv a61ilV. when he saw their Mth ofthem h a m Man.--.r6v olKov God. 2s Ti hearts? 25 Which is Kff?kc o ~ y o ~ > whlch (thing) is . . J"I~. afYo!L sf$ Juatas Moses directed.a(. (one)having been ~ u a l ~ z e d To You I am w i n g .2 bitting Pharlrees and k w teachers ers of the law who ol fiuau UlqhuB6rrq had 'Ome Out Of every who were ( 6tdoyrrpobq d r 6 v CmonptBeiq d n s v their reasoninss.a and Je-em v x ~ b a e of b e Galllee and Jude.lee and rtjpqc T"S r d t h a i a q ~ C l j 'Iou6Cliaq y c i Jwde. ment in the deserts deaolnte [plscesl and praying. and ~ a pcvol e OaploaTol rai vo 0616hu~ah01 Pharisees and teachcone.!s ~~ 2 B~ Eo ~ vd. Jerusalem. mpwh w directed Mwat Moses into 522 ~26 fiyp n&?$ . 15 ~ I ~ ~ ~ X E T O 6k them. akt 2 your slna are forgiven 21 ~h~~~~~~~ the scdbes and the 21 ~ uai n 6pSavro d started G~ahoyiCroea~ to be reesonlns the 0 1 YP. Q ~ P o ~ ~ E S ~hi\nlq ~ ~ ~ P w o V 6s fiv lookl men carrying on bearing u ~ o n bed man who was a bed a man who was rrapahrhvptw( rat Ktjrow (onel having been par&zed.FxbyS Pharisees atarted to rai o l Oaptoaio~ htyov~aq Tiq 6omv O ~ T O S reason. 16 However. and praying. TUX them: . Lord's. instantly he rose up 25 rai ~ ~ p a ~ p &am& f i ~ ~ &imtov before them.aa. 17 Kai W K ~ & PG r a v And ltoceurred in one of the In the course mi adze fiv 61&5mwv rai ljoav of one of the days and we# (one) teach:ns. and they took a n (them) and they were glorzfying the became &&mi ml aka * -7 ~ ke z! % . M) ~ a i f6&v in front of the Jesus. RAE. eCStaaY adraG 60C&<ov T ~ V 0 ~ 6 28 ~ .nai and 0av Ued ~ of 6 fear h uh$:.i not easier.' E ~ ~ E T U ' E ~ ~ or l to ~ say. saying: "Who and the ~harftiees saying who 1 this 6s Mci. &nfihBav a1 ...what are yon toward t h e m w h a t are YOU -a?nmg io the reasoning out in YOUR b &". 18 nai. 01 you be going your way Into tho house of you.ck16 62 Itv ~TOXWPGV nesses. And lookl male persona do And. to say BegetNlguU 'p%ia' n 6t wallr'? 24 But I I T E P I ~ ~ ~ E I . '~spouuahjp.%'ied up upon his home. iSob &v6pzq was there for him to the to be heallng blm. they 'limbed up to the roof. and they were ~ s k l n gp8"lyzed. havfn". 69' w$ch lie on and went off to of them. falth he said: "Man.discerning . . reanonlngs of them having answered raid in to TI& &k Ti 61aAoyiCeo0o . 19 ~ a i aP ~ V T E S place him before him.6 ~ glorlty ad. 24 iw r c n ' and b e w a a i n g about? hovdertbst but Order for YOU to know EIS~~TE TI 6 ~ l b q TOG &vep&rrou that the Son of man YOU mlghtknow that the Son ofthe man has on the 6{ouo[m ~XEI irri Y earth to forglve authority i s having upon ear sins-" he said to the &QiEvcn & p a c i a < . hsvlngeome O k f vlllage of Gai'i. 28 Then an he was tyingd-. picked And Instantly h s v I n B ( I ~ h u u insight urn -. of him.LUKE 5:15-20 according PI K&F 278 277 have been let gooff to you the LURE 6:21-28 at &pa ~iat oou. he went OR in$ the house. M listen and to be and to ba cured from the sicknesses of them: cured of their s. glorlOling Y~TLKEITO. . And K2t found 19 80. . Kai i ~ u ~ a o ~ s seized one and olhim glorlfying the Gad. h. l ~ + t ~ w a .what he used to &h. '0et up and .. for a to JI~PTGPIOV C I ~ O T F . Was com~ng through but word about him was pdhhov spreading the more. and were he was teachins. not finding noiaq ~ W E L ~ ~ U Ia d V ~ b va way to hilng him of what sort of fwayl they might bring In hlm in On of the 61h T ~ V6xkov &@&n~s h i rb through the crowd havingsteppedup upon the crowd. to say Aave been let go off to you sins are for~lven you. 1 7 ' Jehovah's. and they beganto i h a ~ wh a ~ ~ a s i66ea<ooy ."I%. and a abdv sioev~yns?v ra? e ~ i v a l &v ivfin~ovwere him to bring In m d to put hlm in aight to bring him in and adroo.~ t c k up your little L ~ E L P E <a1 &pa& T& KX1v1606v bed a i d be on your Be gettmg up and havlnp ll d up the little bed way home'" And OOU nopE60u El< d v o k b UOU.stnw ~6 to be letting ga off he mid to the paralyscd man: 'I ssy to YOU.~< EXapw rrap&605a u g ip we saw strange ithmgo) &A60 became have Fit fear. - . And ecstasy all. E~KO~+TE~OV ~irreiv .

ofthe . then may hsve been removed from them the they fast in those wpqioq T ~ T EymallaWutw b t ~ a i v a t~~ a days. but ~ i q &ULO.f grain *%bing At this T&V @ a loaiwv hands.. O ~ S C ? ~hriphqpa drrb them that NO one east-upon (piece) fmm garment and sews it E Onto ipa~iov K~IVOG q i o m ~~&%AA I a n Old Outer outer garment new having torn he east=on garment. not wzll sound with the east-upon kiwc) tho from 3. with them h tomake to fast? 35 y e t days will come 6 ~ a v when the h r l d e m m LlE6uovTal Willcome but " whenever will indeed be taken &nap86 ' ah& 6 away from them.51 m hiBAn a ~6 d d not match the old. 38 But emoho-a~. Moreover.~iedout and tho skin bags and the wineskins will vLov rlq be ruined.the Mends of the . r i 62 +fa.p. to repentance. not I hsve come t o call. 36 days. 29 Also.through 6!mopdmBa1 adrbv grainfields.wfiq B A ~ ~ O V . skin begs new roneat to be rown. and it be 'pilled Out nai a b r b ~ &~guBfi?rran ~ a iol &moi and it .3 the new does a6 q~pqwYilu. but of the Pharisees. ~ n dweremurmuring Who were lVith them 01 Oaplyaio! nai oi ypapparsiq a h & " reclining a t the meal. then both the h i ip&r!ov rrahac6v.+q hiyavrrq sees and their scribes toward the direbles of him saying began . h e ~ '13%!5 Eizy I to them: 82 ~ a rrapaP0h))v l rrpbq H~ but parable toward "NO one cuts a patch from a new outer cnj. And hlm "Be my follower " ~araAtrr2w rr&m +aoaor&q 28 And leaving everyhavlng len behind all ithlngsl havlng staod up thing behind he me d6.LUKE 527-34 278 279 LUKE 5:35-6:2 27 Kai MET& ~a0ra tejhe~v ral 27 N O W after these And after these ithlngal he went out and things he wentout tBa&oaro T E ~ O V ~ V 6v6par1 beheld a tax beheld tax mlletor to name named Le'vi K&G EVOV mi . ACYE~ d ~ u n k having drunk old is willing new. ~ n n d o o n e throw. Not need ere having tho are healthy do not irybaivov~sq larpoG &Ah& oi need a physician. Z . 'The old i s nice. hut (ones1 belng healthy of heeler but the (ones) those who are ailing r m & q i x o u r s s 32 odr LliXuBa K Y ~ ? & ~ do." and aredrinkhe. And made him..O~< rraAat06~. No one 39 No one t h a t haa old wine wanta rrlbv rraha!bv BBAEE v60v. for he says. 6 ='@ thz$gh ~~ c~ ~ . J9 OS6dg into new wineskins. but if he does.!^. ha 18 saying new. not righteous 6 1 ~ a i o u q &Ah&& p a s w h o b ~ eIq ~ E T & O I W ." 33 O i €4 ~ l ~ c r npbq v a h & Oi he (ones1 but said toward him T ~ O 33 They said t o p a t l ~ m i 'I&ou qmrbouotv mrv& ~~i him: "The disciples of ~ I ~ c ~ B I cof B John ere foatln8 frequently and john fast bequently 6rfiorlS . wlne new old wineskins.rb ~ A 6 v t o v r a i S~VEV collector at the tax s l t t ~ g upon the tax ofnce: and he raid . he s a ~ d to a3rQ 'A~ohoriBel 28 Kai ~ R l c eand to him Be follownng to me.~~ ~" "EAgyev new 1:: to. . i ~ bridegroom then t ey wiu fast In tho* the PC h l l l h e r ..1 . KC(] 0 3 6 ~ i q Pdlhhel O ~ V O V VEOV puts new wine into the new. saying: Through what with the tax collectors and is it eat and &paprwX&v E d i c ~ ~r a l ~VETC. rubr OvTEq ral fioelov maq mkvaq bing them with their and were the heads . M i 60x6~ psyhhqv A a u a i ~ a d 7 4 dv r( reception feast great Lev1 to him in tiie spread a big reception In oiviq a 3 ~ p J . .K C I ~ ~Y~YYUCOY thcm lymg down. and hls him to be going his way through disciples were pluckm p i p w v . 38 &Ah& olvov new Into new wine must be Put wine but spfu bedeStmyedi bobq ua.& d d w q d veoq TO* &UKOUC will the the new the akln ba&.~rivovolu. end were plucking the diml~leaof him heads of graln. persons. v oi 6 L ooi b O i a u o ~ v Of the Pharisees. v"pg8voq ev 6 d vupqioq bridegroom fast while bmdeehamber In whlch Itimel the brldecroom the bridegroom Is with can YOU? F' e U ~ i v rrotijoa~ Y I J ~ E ~ U ~ Ithem. . 34 6 62 'i mGq r h ~ vyours eat and drink. ~ ~ d l o ~ v r6poiwG a1 ~ a i 0i and offer suppficaauppiicationa are makink llkewise also the cones) tian=. drink tax sinner8 areroueatinD and areuoudrinklngl lectors and sinners?' 31 ~ a i d m O ~ p ~ B d q d 31 In reply Jesus sald ~ n dhavinganswered the them: "Those who ~ p b q abroriq 0 3 xpciav Exovo~v oi toward them ."' ' 0 nahatbq ~ p q a r 6 ~ The Old me Now o n a aabbsth 'EyLvmo 62 b he happened t o ~toccurred but in be nassina . then t h e into skin bags old: lf but nott?~!~.. Taiq PRrisees same of the Pharisees some hut of the to the l a n d s .n. the Phsrlreer and the scribes of them 30 At this t h e Pharirr& TOk pa&.rtvlq 66 rpoiv.. Kai fiv 6xAo rrohbq least'Or house of hrm: and was crow2 much house: and there was TAW& rai hMov o i fioav per' a great C10wd of tax of tax collectors and of others who were with and others ~ ~ T AK V ~T~KE~~EV 30 O I . but sinners rlahtcoua (ones) but ePnners into reoent. end so do those ~ f i Oap~oaiwv. the (ones) but to you are eattng rai . rat h ~ h h o v 01 p a & ~ a i &DO ing and eating the sowings. The but 3esus said 34 Jesus saia to them: 6 6 v a o B ~ 7065 uio6q 706 "Youcannot make ~ p A q ahoriq M toward thcm N A rou are able the son. 29 Kai ~wo~VE'J 1/rohoSO~1 up and went following he was following to him. upon outer garment 1 if but norst l-t. the wineskins. €1 66 ~f h e does. no one TOO K ~ I V O ~ 3. new patch tears away r a t & r a ~ d v o ~ i o n r a l T? naAa14 and the patch from the new wul tear =wag and to t e 01.ok a7.f wine burst bi.murmurine t o A!& ri VET& T&V ~Ehwvfiv Kai his disciples. 32 I have badly having.

him. Pharisees were now and the Pharisee8 if sabbath watching him closely e~pa11EfiEl Iva ECIPUULV t o see whether he he is c ~ l l n L in order that they might Rnd would cure on the ~cmlyopcivaIiTo0. X ~ P but 1 . a i +am& and stand into the midst: and havmg stooiup center. became betrayer.phaefus.13 ~ a i ~ T E C b e ~ o lpLpa. ~lnev accuse him.m whom he also named also apostles hc named.. satfatha? And havrng answered 3 But Jesus sald m 'IquoDq 01161 rrpbq a 6 r a J q E T ~ E V b toward them sald the Jesus Netther reply t o them: "Have YOU never mad the TOGTO 6 N i y w c 8 ~ ~ J ~ Aauri6 O N brr this did uov reed which Davld when very thing David did when he and the men h c i w o c v ah&< ~ a i oi PET' &oG.J. it became day he of the God. .the James.ot. and gave some t o t h e he ate and gave to the (ones) wlth jlim." 6 I n the course 6 'Eyivc?o 6P t v S+pq uaP tPg It occurr~d but in different sabtsth Ef~d&i!J ahdv i T ~ V U V V ~ Y W Y ~ Y~ a i he entered into the to enter him into the sunagoguo and and 616Cro~ctv. 1s it lawful on the sabbath t o do good or ~ U ~ L t o do injury. S ~ a i & . knew their &vSpl rQ reasonings.". filled with madness. Son of man is. 9 rlnrv 62 6 'Iquoirq npdq and took his stand. 5 ~ a i Lhsyw Priests only?" 5 And the prfestsi ~ " d he was saring KISp16q kurtv TOG uaPPtmou 6 ~ i d q TOG he went On to say to ~ o r d is of the sabbath the son of the them: "Lord of the sabbath is what t h e drv8pinrou." and havlns come down with them down with them m2ZAin '%JF~ '$ tikz' $2 ~ 2zo . t o save or t o destroy a soul?" IY.p. ' Bcribes and the were ofserving beside but h ~ mthe scrfbes ~ a i 01 Q a p t u a i o ~ el uaPPdrrq. cI E C c n v TQ them l inquire upon rorr. yet h e sald $ e :t male ~ e r s o n to the (one) to the man with t h e ZXOUTI having ~e petting " I . men with him."gt ear$ 12 1t 'E happened y i v r ~ o but 6L tv in Tthe ~ T S fi$$.. If It is lawful to the uappdrrq. 17 And he came 17 uai KaTaplt$ &t.' 'loG&v 'larcjpov nai 'lofi6m ' l o ~ a p t D 9 . and wea reatared hand his hand was restored. 8 He. and hmther him and same8 and John and and Bar. 8 a h 6 5 6.X. L ~ ~ bphq." He did and 6P h r o i o w . he sounded toward l h i m ~ l f l the disciples of him. he got hungry he and the (ones1 with him?( wlth hjm got Ilun$ry$ 4 &q EfujheEv riq T ~ V O ~ I ( O V TOO 0 ~ 0 5 4 HOWhe entered . withered hand: 'Get UP a n d stan* in the ~ a 4 i 8 1 rfq ~b ~ ~ O O Y~. he was continued the whole ta p r a ~ . And when it&came day. apostles: 14 Simon.$ whose right hand was I The 7 ?ra ETPOOVTO 61 abrbv oi y p a p a r d q withered. he stood. who turned traitor. taking / g ?.LUKE 6x3-9 280 281 LUKE 6:10-11 etrrau T i 11016i4 8 061 LSEUTIV said: 'Why are you said Why are YOU doing which not is lawful doing what is not lawroiq a& a o w . and he rrpomirSao8at."n~". 1 1 ~ ( r ~ o6t i h h f i o e ~ u a v Cnraiaq. them twelve.?e . . 2 e 2 . d6El sob< sabbath. what they mlght do t o llkelv they ~ o u l do d to the Jesus. ~ a E i ~WKW roiq PET' aGroJ. ~ a i &v6paow n i ~ p o v I $ ~~~~~e. h d there to be teaching: and was man there end the was a man present ah06 1 fiv OI him the rrght was Ca. 14 wf. T ~ . ~ ~ ~ e p r f i w v hr 10 r r p o ~ ~ v xnight $ m prayer to Ciod 13 But when continmng thiough the night in the prayer TCID e ~ 0 5 .to How heenterod into the hause of the God 1 the house of God and received the loaver of ~ a TOGS i BPTOY~ 7-q ~ p o e i o e w q hap&" and the loaves of a e presentation having taken ate ipayn. reasonings of them.---Q i h t m O Y rai BapBohovaiov 15 nai MaOeaiov 15 and Matthew and Philip and Bartholomew end Matthew Thomas. and Thomas and Jsmea of Alphaeus and and who is called "the zealous gealot h I siman i v o v a theT~)V lone) K being ~ ~ called O ~ ~ E U Ow Y ~ i "16 16 and Judas one.15 ~ e d of q 12 these I n tdays h e progress he went LedB~iv o6dv I ~d out into the mountain to go out Into tho rai 6 . ~ a i 6nrmarem6811 . and 6 . Said but the Jesus toward 9 Then Jesus said t o hoJq ' E ~ a g them: "I ask you men.n. and James ~ a iOwp& xai ' I h ~ w P o v 'Ahpaiou nai (the son] of Al.thol'o." And he rase E m . -. ~ a lJiv &vf3porraq & m i r a l 4 teaching. T T O K P ~ ~ E ~ C h I on the sabbath?' to the . sabbath p~$fzy+ aEp$ t.zd . rai 6cshdrAow npdq &hhtihouq ri and they began t o talk and were through toward one another what with one another & rroqfiualcv ~3 'Inuoir. r a i t~A+ipwoq 6m' aIiTfiv 6&6=a... called his duciples t o him and chose~from r r p 0 ~ q ~ h q u ~ v TO^ paen5215 &OD. -. He but had known the some way to 6tahoy1opoGq ahGv. in order t o to be aceusing hVn. Judas of James and Judas Iscanot and Judas 1scaI'i. which 09q 0 6 ~ ESzcnlv W ~ i vci p i ilfy~g~n it is larYfU~ for which not It is lawful toeat If not one t o eat hut for the TOGS I t riq. 11 But they became abroD. to pray. also he named Peter &s&@v adro3 ' I b o Q o v nai ' l o h v KC? and John.~ P % . : O$ 10 10 And alter looking m~lBAwarcvo rr&-ac Yaund them havlng looked arouni s t all he said t o the man: &r+ 'En~ctvov silv c$p& mu' to him stretch out the %snd of you: the (one) "Stretch Out Your hand. whom he also named and havxng chosen from them twelve. nf They but became lled of madness. r a i h o o ~ 6 h a u q hv6vaocv. &ya8orroljoal fi K ~ K O T O ~ ~ to do good Or to do bad.mew. tyivsro n p 6 6 ~ ~ . man. said however.

. because v YOU are having YOUR consolation in full. and from him that takes away 705 a(pom6g uov ~6 I I I ~ I O V r a i your outer garment* the (one) 11ltingup of you the outer garment also do not withhold even rbv yGva pi ~ohhng. who came to hear him country of Tyre and rai l a 0 i ~ 1 &drOv v k w v a M v . &~O~T&-TS T O C ~i x 0 p i ) q b GY w d to those hatlng hearing.Snca) ContinUe youR to do &~oh. ~ ~ ~ havine! been now.iaeS woe to You rrhouuiotc &T! hixr~e ~ j .&h ~ m . YOU .~. the fathers oi them.. r a i nX'0o %oh13 roc of dlrel~les . & ~ ~ ~ VGV. m-~r YOU rejoin In mat the OWN. YOU wlll hunger. Happy the loneal hungerlnz nod. thnw cursin. o vou -. 19 And 61ivap1q rap' a5roS Ctfipxtro ~ a all i the crowd were power beside him was comlng out and seekina to touch urn. YOU will laugh. because you will mourn and $fei.. the undemnrment.v. who are filled u p now. 21 'Ahhh bpi" hiyo love But to rorr I am raging to th'. and whenever they exclude You and "PmCh cast out YOW name as wicked for the s&e Of t h e Son of man. because YOU will go &TI ~ M T E T ~ ~ . and craw2 mueh on a level place. Lli'don. who came and to be healed fmm the d c k n e ~ e of ~~ them.ra~q oi n a r t p r q adrGv. beeause YOU will laugh 22 'Happy are YOU whenever men hate you. weep. and a great multitude aaO' people from "!tgpq of people from all of 'iepouuahip ~ a i rrapcrhiou Jerusalem and maritlme [~auniryl Ju.. BY and lean you. . . false prophets the fathers of them. . ~ a 6xXo l oohbq and took his station he stood upen Place level. YOU. 21 "Happy are YOU who hunger now. YOU W. for those are t h e same things their forefathers used t o do t o t h e prophets. because YL~~uETE. T W V 29 To him t h a t insult ng be rav praying about the (ones) strikes You On the *.es. the lonesl 1 day and leap. 23 Rejoice in t h a t is great in heaven.ieh i o n e ~ i . 29 TQ rljrr~avri u r h i T?V you. YOU who are listening. to hear him and 18 ~ a i 01 t v o x h o G p ~ o d-rb ~ w u h r w be healed of their and the (ones1 belng tmubled from spth~ sicknesses. faakl reward YOUR ~-~~~ ~~~ liE was aaylog Ma~hplol 01 moxof Happy the poor lone:). the $. going out of him and 20 h h F healing them all. 01 Woe to rou. To the (anel smiting you "Dan tha one cheek. beeauae are having back the rraphrh o w O Gv conso~anon o A o < 25 o k i bpiv. ~ a &nb i cheek be &ring also the other. 22 pardrploi ~ U T C 67av plwfiooo~v bp&q Happy roo are whenever mlght hate YOU ol tivOporror. b2. 7 24 ~ "But woe t o YOU rich persons. 28 nnrlv be rov doinn You. 1s nal n&g those troubled unclean arere being cured: and all &<fi70uy hrrTEU8al a . r r c ~ 0 i o ~ r erai A a l j a c ~ s . p a r h p ~ o ~ oi r h a i o m q vtv XT~ Happy the (ones1 weeplng nod. . dh?< bsvinp upon T $ A"d he lifted dqBdpoI3q a h 0 6 rlq rohq p&?~&q a ~ i r o 0 eyes of him lnto the disc pies of hlm UP his eyes Upon his r$lc $ :: $2 db ~ T P 6 P~Q%$ fipEpq uai m ~ h u c m . r ~ c 01 ~ O P W O ~ ~ to these are what their all the men. and whenever they might separate GpBg ~ a id v ~ ~ 6 i o w u r v~ a i t ~ p h h w o t v ~b You and mightreproach and mlght throw out the 6 w p a G Gv &q r?vqpbv €"ma name oYron as wleked on account of the son t o 6 Mpimou' 23 x&pq~r C v ereiv" 4 of the man. Iho rrdrvraq. nai drav &~opiawu~v the men. ~~ . e:z. or the rewar bpGv n o h k b 76 oirpavc?' K ~ T T ~h ot IOU much L n the heaven. YOU will he s l a t e d . & the klnndom of the 21 p a ~ h p 1 0 ~ 01 TTEIYV G ~~ Y~ 67. eecordingto the arid y&p h o i o u v TO?$ rrporp T a t < proAets vary (things) for were doing to the 01 rrargprg a h G v . "Woe. because cured. because hungry.LUKE 6: 18-23 282 283 LUKE 6:24-29 COTTI mi r h a v m61&..F laughing now. .to the (ones) hstlng ~~.dera and Jerusalem TCpou ~ a IiI S G V O ~ oi' . . whenever 26 a~iai 6 ~ a v mahGq bpBq eirrwulv all men speak well of woe whenever finely vorr might say for things fike n h v .se &$ ?! ollro:. Toit forefathers did t o the hoiouv add were doing to the false prophets. and mu1ltu2e mueh of the there was a great crowd of his disciples. bprrbpa Emiv 1 paulXeia m D Yoon. ~ 0 24 n h ' v otai Gpiv the Be. for. & K O O U ~ I a d m a and the maritime of Tyre and Sldon. 671 unclean spirits were bxho Crow2 were seeking to be touching hlm... verv i t h i r l l 27 "But I say t o lyevSorrpo+fi. becausi power was uaa hedlng all.~~.II mourn and YOU will weep. and paeqriw &$. t o pray for those 28 be~ you 6 h bles$ing o y r i ~ rtheTOGS (ones) K ~ T eurslng U P O ~ ~ Yb O y @ U: ~ who are insulting T ~ O U E ~ X E U ~r Er ~ p i T& ~ T T ~ ~ P E U ~ V YOU. 18 Even Q&m i8vcrnnjovro. the un ergarment not gaushould keep back..O!. 95 t. offer the other also: and from u t a y 6 w rrh r x r KO$ n i v Clhhqv. because YOU WIU be filled are You who weep now.*wnp .Erg. B~ loving the enemies bless rahjg nolei~e roiq ptuowtv bp&g. 26 "Woe. beeawe xopra0e. YOU who are TS~V~UETP.

and rov will be sons of Most ~ i g h . e perfectly instructed be like his teach41 T i phCrrerrclg ' 1 6 ~ & p @ o q -r6 why hut youareseeing the atraw the (one) er. 608jasra~ bpiv and people will give it wm be given to YOU. ofwnh?mrt bpi" &ptq Lmiv. is 61Shmdov. ." lt will be measured in return to roo. be you gzving. 'Brothel. a h o i q dpoiwq. then.d o t h e same may do to uoo the men. L v 70 6 9 W p Q TOG &6eAqoO DOU. will they p&Ti)q dlscipie ~P over 7 the 6 ~not? L wlli ~TE fanin? UO~T~I. nai eueu8e vioi 'Y~#iurou be great.&~.rf 16iw 6q8aApQ od brother's eye. rai 6paprwAoi sinners lend interest1 t a sinners to roo ravor is it? AISO sinners that they may get 6paprwAoi~ 6aviSouu1v iva to slnnen are iendlng in order that back as much. 32 "And if YOU love to them likewise. can he? to heguidiog? Not both Both will tumble 40 ~ 06 o~ Emlv t is lnto s pit. but everyone that is o v : $ ~ . 1s: pi] not ? I 30 TOeveryone nuvri alrokf asking m you be giving.of 32 ~ a EI i &ymbre TO* &ymQrnaq what credit is it to And If You are iovlng the (ones) loving woia bpi" $&p~q-iv.) laving them if YOU do to &ycmGuw.pq ~ ~ ~ ~ Oe. not hoping and be rev doing good and be rau lending &%ins Cmchrri<ov~c~. 34 ~ a i t b 6 a v i u q ~ ~ rrap' whom Y ~ hope U to are doing. if You lend [without emiv. are they measuring will measure &nup~pq€niunav bpiv. For they wlllglve into the bosom ofroi. r a i E m a t 6 p l ~ B 6 qfor anything back: h o p i g [to get1 beck."&. should ~e judged. 33 And the sinners the lone. unt ankful and 36 ~ ~ V E U ~ E O~KT~P~OYE ~~ ~ 36 e Continue b ~ becoming Continue YOU beoomln~ merclflll aecordlng aa mercifui. vai y h p 'OU? For even me orwhat sort to Yon avo= il It? Aim for dnners love those a1 hpaprohoi ~ o J q &yorrGvraq a h o h q loving them. and "Ot r ~ ~ ~ a S t r ~ m e rai 06 be you eondemnlhg. With the measure that to what 6 . And if ever You might lend bealde of what &v LAni LTE XaPciv. ailow me .. YOU rn~ght be congedned.t rafter the lone1 In the own . the but straw that is in your 6odv rilv b . and from TOG ai O V T O ~ T& u& IIq the one taking your from the ions1 IIfEngup the your (thlnml not things away do not &nai~e~. ask [them1 back. 38 6160~~ and YOU Winbe leiealcd. ? d o You look a t the in the eye of the brother of you. n i v 6 . ofwhatsort to roo favor t h e same. an! 2e 2 31 r a i YOV and ! $ t ok~ip wv h rnerci'~ rp[vvre. teacher. say t o your brother. &yaOorrolj r r credlt is i t to YOV? YO^ may be dolng good ta drla8ono~oCvraqb p k . be asklog back. and YOU will of row much. And If ever really of what YOU. shaken together 6c5uouorv T ~ Y K~ATOV b GV and overflowing. 06x1 &P@~TEPOI d q O ~ W O V blind man. mia bpi" x&plc Even the sinners do doing gwd to you. be row doing way to them. just Y And aemrdlng a8 row are willing in order that YOU want men t a do mtirutv p i 01 &vBporrat. 34 Also. condemned. K & P W a extract the straw let go I throw the straw the (one] in t afiT&5 gv rg that is in your eye: the 6@0d113 T0 eye very lone) the in the while you yourself K P ~ ~ ~ T E - fjt 2.. out ta YOU in return. kv hqz5 LKW~ ri. tobesatoT& brother of you Bmther. 88 ~ a i t b those doing good to they ale IOYinE. noleire to YOU. on releasing.observe the rafter ~arwaci 42 r r G ~ S h a o a l that is in your own you arepercefiinp? HOW are you able eye? 42 HOW can you Akctt! &6~h@Q 'A6Eh*C. and will be the reward and YOUR -~~~ reward d l 1 bpGv rohl5q.Keep and nai trrrohu8fiam8~. meta YOU.y~ you ~ ~ ~ ~ v YOU r i n g out. 6iSou. . and YOU wiii by no means be th2$2es) 1 lthlny'. be sons of the Most brt a$$ x ~ q m 6 +w ~ h i$ : T nigh. and not ~a~aStnars8-re &noAk=! ~e you releanmg. 31 r a i ~a86lq METE im 3 1 "Also. pressed Over Owmg having been shaken itosetherl down. because k nd s umn kind toward the una imwq rai thankful and wicked. end YOU will be release*. those loving YOU. it Even which (ones) roo sreioping to receive. just a s LUKE 6:37-42 iv. 35 To &roh&Pwu~v T& rua.. the contrary. 39 Then he 39 E h m 6 L ~ a i rrapaPoAqv &o?q spoke a n illustration xesaid but also parable to them M ~ T I 6 h a ~ a 1 ~uqAdq ~ ~ q h b vt o them: "A blind Not what is able bllnd Lrnanl blind [man1 man cannot guide a 66qysiv. 41 Why. stor) judging. . and YOU will by no means be iudaed: and atop coiderining. bCaw I. 37 "Moreover. continue they might get baok the 'qua' to love voun enemies 35 rrh'v & y m b r c roaq kx€Ip?k b ov do gmd and ~ e s i 2 e a be you lovlng the enemies o?vou and to lend [without ~ a i& ~ d o n o t c i ~ c ~ a i &vi<e~~ interest]. ~~i 00 be YOU ludsb~?. hg nqEe! . phpv 38 Practice giving. r a i 01 &paprwAoi ~b ah6 is it? Also the sinners the very lthlngl interest] to those from rrolo~?ulv. but do eye not . '' * $ : ke 61s&~h". They will raA6v mlrnp&~ fine hevlng been pressed down pour into YOUR laps a uersah~up6vov h e p m ~ ~ p o r oAne v measure.285 r a i 30 Qive to everyone asking you. a n d not bpQv of YOU K ~ I ~ovn Father 1s merciful.

I shall show to you does them. and the wicked lone) brings forth In TOG nov poir ~ p o @ i l x l ~b is wicked out of his out of the wicked nreasural brlngr forth the wicked ~ o v q p: O$of T I E P ~ o ~ & ~ ~ for~ out of ~ the h e a r t s w l ~ k c d thing) abundance his mauth rap6iac h d e i TA o r 6 p o o h G . ~ R O K ~ I T & are not looking a t . r ~ v o q . Lpw~@v Jews. 5:: ~ ~ ~ ~ t ~ d rrpootpqerv b rroraphq ~6 o l ~ i o PKE~VP. I will show whom he is like: ~ i v l t ~ ~ 6pocag. 5' hedP(m@ Is lovln9 for towhom rouwl?l confer uus. 4 Then those that Came u p napcr&Aow &by n& T ~ W' I q o o h were entreating him to Jesus began t o Jesvs toward the bn hc16q Conv entreat him earnestly. .TOG 6$BahpoG of yours? Hypocrite! throw out first the rafter from the eye ~ ]extract ~ the ~ raf.30aq " A hut th. . and immediately lt c w i m u r v Kai 6 L M m 76 b p a itc~uapsed: and L a i m e the brea i n g u ~ collansed . . hecause of ita being Sah la u d G s o l ~ o 6 o p i o 0 a 1 It through the finely to be bullt well built. tv T+ 6q0ahpQ TOG & ~ E ~ P O L UOV ? how to extract the lone) in the eye of the brother of you clearly the straw that is in i~~ ah e. a b ~ X 0 w of him lnto the hearlngs of the people. ilke he is to man 4 R He i s Uke a man a house. 43 "For there i9 not 43 03 y&p Emtv 6tv6pov r d b v n _ . your brother's eye. requestmg hlm of the Jews to hlm to UIBwv Srau&un ask him to came and having coma he should save thmush tha bring his slave s*felY adroir.. ". t n o 3 r a i T ~ T E 61aPhitpc1q m K & W O ter ~ from your o m eye. people out d thorns they are gathering figs. neither egoin tree rotten there is no. broke toward the river to the house that. heart. then. i v 48 8pa16q t u r w &vBphjrr~ to whom h e i s like. rrpouipqc~v b norau6q. was ailing TOO 'iq~05t SL mepi 3 &ro. & s o 3 iSiou KO~TOO y ~ v i w r c r a r 03 tree is known its own fruit. do the things I say7 not YOU are dolng what i am saying7 47 Ev$zne b t p x 6 p ~ w q npbq p€ <a1 &KO&V pou 47 Everyone t h a t the (one) coming toward me and he-g ofme comes to me and my words and ~irv h 6 y w ~ a TO!&" i d m i r q .ynagoBUe he himself bullt the "J'$ synagogue for us.-. -. and the ol~iaq 6 r e i q q viya. who otro60 0 1 0 i ~ i w 65 Eu~aymr ~ a hufldlng i bulldling house who dug and dug and went dawn @h0wrv ~ a lE ~ K N tlcptA~ov 4 v deep and laid a foundeepened and upon the dation upon the rockput foundation nirpav n h ppljpqq 6L yevop6v1)q mass... imoSci<w bpi" the words and d o n g them.. C v 8 a fine tree pmdueing Not for 1s tree fine Kopnbv U ~ P ~ V oG6L . he --~ sent forth older men 'ldaiwv. But when 7% ' :.mrd: and Lordl' but do not od notei~~ B heyo. who was to him in honor. =bout dmtorclhw n p b i ah& rrp~opvr&pou$ 7Gv away 3 When he he sent OR tower him older men oi the heard jesus. a like a man who hevlng u i ~ t houae toman i . 49 On the 49 b 6B &~oiruoq ~ a pi no1fioa5 other hand. 4 ol SL rrapay~v6yval of hirn. 46 "Why. the rafter in that eye ErPahe npGrov 4 v S o d v tr . . I of t h a t house that great. --. off ~puyirutv.44 E ~ p c r o v 6 Z g : . 2 ' E K ~ T O ~ ~ P X O f$ U hearing k the people. &ya&jq bepwrroq a thornbush. w . fi6. 45 A they are cutting 0s. and then YOU will elearly see the straw and then you will see ~ l . xnto Capemaurn. 6 So Jesus started off troprde~o wasgoing his way togetherwith them. for he lp&v r a i ~v 0 ~ w Y f i v 6 loves our nation and the nation of us and the . d o 46 T i M p r n d c i ~ e Kirplr K G ~ ~r E al me "Ordl w h y but me a r e you csli~ng~ o r d . and a t once it the river dashed. Now a of any slave badly "hevlng was about certain army officer's 6q fiv ahiQ Evnpos TEA* to be dncanlng.. For om of the own fruit ia b e h e known:..6' np ?k '&?% . me but having come to be beslde through. a rotten notoOv r o p r h v ~ a h 6 v . a b rmvqfiq but a wicked m a n bringaforth the good Ithlnp)." . tt & K W ~ ~ V ovhhiyouo~v u O ~ a ." buiYtq u ~ v $$$ oh ahO~q. house became great. Ae fit . 6oOhoq ran*< Exov flpchh~v per'naum. . him. upon the ground apart f m m foundation. slave. ral rCl0J~ foundatlon. ci yo. ~~~~ making fruit fine.. . . cut craws .LUKE 6:43-48 286 287 LUKE 6:49-7% bq0ahpQ UOO S O K ~ Y 00 ~ A ~ T o v . he who having done The (one) but having heard and and not 6 o16q P m ~ v& v 0 p & r ~o l ~ o 6 o p i p a v r 1 olniov do. who was dear o him. Agalnst broke toward the we.. t h e fiver dash* sgalnst that house. Jesus and was ahout to pass --. --. &ra06v. htyovreq orrou6aiwq that worthy h e i s saying: "He is worthy saying speedlb y b P of your conferring this B na 650 TOGTO. nor d o 0062 &K Parou nor out of thornbush eraoer the" .- 6g9 E~$$s ."W " 6 . o f centurion he entered Into Ca.. do not gather figs ma+uhju from thorns. he entered his in the ~ i q Kaqap~(106p. Already with them. iv. . r r p o ~ t p r l rl." * q u ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 2% &oO Tdhe 7 : " when he had h?~i?$% completed all eiq ~ h q &no&< TOO b G . vai OGK IUXWEV o a X ~ G u a ~a h 4 v but was not strong and not wae strong enough to shake it enough to shake it.. n h h ~ v6C6pov u m p d v rotten fruit' again fruit rotten. . o v . oi2-d-tide but havlngoe~ured when a Aoad arose. of heart spealrs the mauth ofhlm. -r--~ -~~~ . 45 good man good man brings forth &K TOO &ya0oO 0quavpo0 7-$ ~ a p 6 i a q good out of the good out of the good trenavre of b e heart treasure of h. example. Consequently. rack-mass. eye of you rafter not aeeing?' Hypocrite. speaks. {re mi rilv y@ xopiq e~pEhi~~.

289 LUKE 7:13-20 6b abr00 od paup& &ntxovroq Cmi. and orpartbrag.ovnq L a ~ q u a v . 19 & a / c of him about ah00 n ~ p i n all h w these about all these things. havlng under myself der authority. A r a i 6xho rfiq n 6 h ~ 0 qirav6g m j v sufficient wan togetherw* and crow2 of the d t ~ considerable crowd 13 r a i l6bv aaGn)v 6 K G P I O ~ from the city was also her:' And havlngreen her the Lord with her 13 m' nai d n W &8 when t h e Lord caught i m h a pi08 war movelwith Aty u ~ o n her and raid to her mght . e so great faith even in Israel have etpov. and t o my noiqaov TOGTO. nf. I say to YOU. the mjv x i a. house. and look1 the city. . ph o~rihhov " I r ' do not n a ~ l n cto him ~ o r d : not be bothermg ydurself. and but fear all ithem$.y r a i T Q 6 0 l j h ~ another. and having turned to% turned t o the crowd &uohouBoGv~~ ad^$ 6 x h v elrrcv Abyw loll0wln~ him and fallowing ta him crowd he aatd I am You. and let belealed the boy and let my be row. for I a m not yirp i ~ a v 6 q E ! ~ I Yva fit t o have YOU Came 20" mumetent I am in order that rau E ~ ~ A B QI ~ 616 ob6t In under my roof oe me younhovld en+ through which not-but 1 For t h a t reason 1 tpavrbv fiClwoa . But say the word.-. 9 well.Not 6piu 0662 tv T+ ' l a p o j h r o o a 6 q v rrimlv Said ''I to Y O .and he is on h b w:y.BvqnSq J I O V O ~ L V I J ~ there was a dead man was being trought out having dled only-begotten being carried out. the (ones) hav~ng been sent found the slave on Eettinc back to the ~-~~ by~aivovra. found t h e slave being In health. and M P ~ filliv.. he does . and ca~rying stood [ntull.f her. 11 Kal TO b g~ilq 11 Closely following And it aceurmd In ' of subsequence this he traveled t o ' LnopeGBq ziq rr6h1v ~ a h o u p b q v Naiv Na'in. I6 "Eha@V Get dead man s a t UP and he gave hfm to the of him. 'Comet' and Be eomln. the ~ o r d samng you are the (onel to say: "Are YOU the Lr~pav wpoo6or8pc. hls mother. the army olniaq Ercviycv ~ K C L T O ~ &officer P X ~ had ~ S already house sent $rik% the centurion Sent friends t o say . rai the dead lane) and started to be and man. having soldiers under me. . why. Jwde'a and 811 the &niyyelhav 'IW&YFI 01 p a 8 v a i surrounding country. 96poq n & m a g r a i P66Ea ov . he went his way lnto city being called Nab: a diSciples rat o u v e r r o p ~ h ~ r ~GTS d 0 1 a e q ~ a ia h 0 0 and and werego~ng with him the tiscip~es him s o d a great crowd r a i 6xho rrohGq. and he a eom Ag. and helndalng. the (onell but 14 With that he pao~&<o." a6ro5. And wentout the word this in his to his 'lou6aiq mpi a(rro0 ual rr&on people: 17 ~ n this d $ 3 ! Judea about him and t o d l news concerning him spread out Into all 18 rrrp~xbpv.v. And having returned lnto the house falth:' LO And those 01 w~p@Bivreq rtpov 16" 6oGhov that had been sent.ri(q he was not far from but of him not far belng distant from the the house. and herald Youngman. l m N~avim~. 61 np6q a b ~ 6 v One?" 20 When x~vlng come to be alo-de but toward hlm they came u p t o hlm aw aw " A $2 . the ilurroundlng country. a hiyw I S ~ Y $0 this one. 8 r a i y&p Eyu hvBpwn6q ~ i p l 6rrb healed. ~ a i 16ob near the gate of gate of the ott~. hiywv &Q KGptc. only-begotten son of ui6q ~ f i pqlpi a h 3 ~ a i son to the mother of him: and she was wl8ow. he was w~oorXeuv ~ f i ~ h a i e . 9 &uoboaq 65 raka 6 'IqooGc when Jesus heard Havlng heard but these (things) the Jesus these thing. icok! t2tr2: % 1 :" G3fne) - ~ ThOo ' ~ F E K O~ZLTO ~c. 12 As he got n6An ~ i q n6Aewq. 'Do thlsl' and of me Do thls. and 1 am to On Your way!' and he noprrieqri nai r r o p c d ~ r a ~ r a i a h Be on your W ~ Y . 10 h o m p i q a v r ~ g elq 16" 07x0~ 1 found so great a I found. self worthy t o come t o &Ah= €Ink h 6 y v Kai IaB'rw 6 rraiq you. ral nolei. 12 b q 62 fjyy4ocv 4 we" traveling with also crow2 much. . 01 "Stop weeping'" he ouched bier. he mar69aGraocv &&. 11 Kai EWhBcv b h6yoq o6roq t v and "Cod has turned ofhtm. 15 rat &vcrdr81ucv the stood still. and to the slave he comes. s h e was a widow. ~ ~ n sat d up and he said: 'Young d v c ~ ~ b q uai iipCaro haheiv. touched the bler. and uoi hbyo tybp8qrt.t '. l5 And the E&KN fi p q ~ p i at!roG. t z : bother. Coming One Or are we 6px6prvog comig t o expect a dinerent dmerent tone) we ere 20 napaycv6prvat . a 6n they began t o glOrifY was raised UP us. T O 6 . 6 toward. ~W. 18 Ka1 And they reported back to John the dlaclples 18 NOW John. In good health. but say to w o d . 14 r a i moved with pity for ~ o t be weenng. 10 Now fear God saying that great s e i ~ e d them all.Be Boldlera.& & &&iv did not conslder mymyself I Conudemd worthy toward you to come. and to anotXer is: On his way. and t o 'Epxou rai Zrxr~. Not hut in the 1 s r z . 8 For I too o me alno for I man under am a man placed unLSouuiav l w u 6 v a w Lxov W 6 r m 6 v authorlt~ beingstatlonek. you slave.s disi p l e ~reported t o him TO (things). Besides.o@z7q k ittention 2 .r6v started t o speak. And having come toward hn' tn """ " -6t iqaro oopo0. to YOU I am 88y'in~. saying: ''A great 'E~eu~hylmo 6 &b e * h a & prophet has been Turned hla sttentton upon the ~ i o h People uD among us. ~e ralredup. ~ a c i. and they were gkrlfylng the he gave him t o his B E ~ Y M ~ O Y T E ~TI piyaq mother. As but he got near to the him. nai mpa@~iq at hlm' and he WonderEdat him. wpou~ahmhp~vqc 6150 19 so sumhaving csllea toward himself two soZ%es maned a certain two d v p a 0 r l ~ h v a h 0 6 6 'Iff$K gr:t$w of his dlaclples and of the dlrelplcs of him the sent them to the Lord np6q ~ b vK6pfov x y w 15 ET . and that c o d .

havlng been baptized the baptlam been baptized with the baptism of John. weep. O ~ K~ p ~ $ u a u 8 c'O . when they heard [this]. d us to you to say.!oel t~9 62 v *yaw xaving gone on but of the meruengers messengers of John ' had gone he . and heard: the blind rvqhoi &vapAhouu~v. 27 This is n oqfirov.' 34 The Demon he l!~%lng: has come the Son s o n of man has came $:g . outer garments havlng put on about h!rnlelfl Lookl garments? Why. what 24 'AmXMwwv 24 When the !?. report 'IO&EI & E Y ~ C T L uai f i ~ o S u a r c to what to John what (thingal rov saw and roo heard. YOU did we not wailed. 25 &Ah& ~ ~ ~ by wlnd belnpsksken? But LSfiA8crrr Briv.wXo.Z: '2:. &<olSuaq ~ a al l rrhi)ua~ L61raiwow ~ b v havlng heard also the tax collectors justlfled the declared God t o be righteous. or&aAlo tv t r o i . has come John the Baptist has come neither ' PZ&~F eating bread nor nivov otvov. shall I To whlch OM therefore h a l l I Ilken the compare the men of &dp*nou~ ~ " 5 yrveh r a i this generation. Ol 30 But the Pharisees the and those in f i ~ h q u w p o u ~ j v r o c &03 vov~roi ~ j v versed In law the counsel of the Gad disregarded the Law disregarded the counsel of God to . did You go d ~ rou d so out to see! Man in sort out t o see? A man dressed in soft outer lpario15 ~ ~ ~ O I E U ~ ~ V O V . 'We played the flute and toward toonesnother. nov P ~ V .. those 01 fv 1parlupQ fv66 Q ~ a lT P U ~in~ splendid dress and The (ones) In dreaa splenild and luxury exiSting in Illwry h h xovreq kv roiq Bau~Ariorq duiv.a81vre Ln. ~ ~id ~ ~ ~ ~ crowds ~ h concerning h ~ about ~ o h n what d ~ rev d go out John: "What did go Out into the PI< T?V Epqp0~ ~E&U~O&XI. lone. 22 ~ a i h o r p t 8 c l 5 favor Of seeing' to be seeing. rrpouSnou oov 65 who prepare messengar of me before face of ydu. Lyripovra~ . Among You. then. 23 r a l parhp16q are belng told the good news: and happy 23 And happy is he has not f u r ~ v 65 fln. ex?sting In the kingl~houses are. I hlm. but drlnklng wine. But 26 Really.. into themselves.yrt." 29 (And &TOO kuriv. and rouaressylng YOU say. P ~ ~ T I U B O Y T ~ F 78 Phn~~up a cod. tAe hour hecured many many ofsiclmesses h b v&wv ~ c l i paWTiywv ~ a m i t u p h r w v s n d grievous diseases irom deknearas and roursen and splrlts .r we the flute to YOU nd ancedi not but dance. are being raised up. m p l n a r o ~ u l v hmpoi ~ a 8 a p i < o w a l K U ~the lepers are being are walklng sboit. over me: - d. 33 &hfihIJ8~~ 33 we wailed and not you wept. b 8 p m o v t v pahanoiq then. And all the PeaPye tau collectors.LUKE 7:21-28 290 291 LUKE 7:27-34 ol b6pcq ctnav 'Iw6B1qq 6 B r n ~ i h qthe men said: "John the male person. the poor are being are belng rs~sedup.&?A' ge f$ % k? ~ ~ ~ ~ 1 - '%?" Ka&pvoc : $ ~P. and p i . sald John the Bautlst the Baptist dispatched dnrlure~hav fiphq rp3~ oi Atywv Xi. . end to bllnd lonoa) many he favored blind the PAinc~v. 26 &Ah& ale in royal houses.r. el$ ICRITO~IF. having been brptjzed by ~ ~ ~ &DO. . of God is greater ~IKP~TSPO fv S Baa~hci~ TOS ( 8mS ~ E ~ < W dom V amoller one In the ktngdom ofthc Gad greater than he is. bllnd lonaa) ere seeing again. 31 "With whom. of 28 ALyo bpi" pri<wv hr yrwq~oiq I am saylng to YO."s P ' h"2 . 32 6 otoi r t t v 32 They are like to whleh one are they llkc7 &kc they are young children sitting In a marketplace and na!Sio!q roiq tv tolittle boy. . ~ a lnpoc?qwvoGo~v 6AXiAonq.~ a i ruqhoi5 nohhoi5 6 x a p i a m o and granted many wlaied. neater In (ones) generated y w a l ~ i ) v ' I w b o u o36ri5 EWTlv' 6 61 but a person t h a t is a of women of John no one is: the but lesser in the king. who 'Our way ahead Of rCnau~c~ue~ 666" uou EpnpooBiv uou. and o t prophet.' f8pqvfiuapEv K U ~OAK frAa6uars. &rrr.' those I born you. h Z ? t L e a ) are receiving sight. PI 0 6 ~ 6 5 tu-nv m p l Ofpmphet Thla lone1 la about whom h e concerning whom y~ypmql 1 6 ~ 5 bomi~~ dv o it is written. in rnk?Sace SI t ~ n g crying out t o one and who say.) the mad news. K ~ C I ~ O V Into the deaolate [place] to vlaw7 ~ e e d wilderness t o behold? bnb 6B1tpou u d r u 6 EYOY. the lame are walking. they having EE~V. the (ones). him. lepers are be~ng cleansed end cleansed and the deaf roqoi &roGouu~v. ral ncptuu6rcpov Aiyw (onel more abundant far more than a Iamnaying to You. And hpvlng anawered he EtnEv I 'd 22 Hence in answer a+roiq nopru8tvrc( h a v ~ e i A a rh~ e said t o the [ ~ o J : to them Xsvlng sane your way report back way. heis who it ever mlpht be aturn%ed in me.h. n sounding ~ 2 ~who hanylng ~ ~ tdid but H3AfimPcv bpiv KO. are hearing. 31 Tivt oh 6 ~ 0 1 6 T~ O~ ~Ftherefore. H has ~ a Aulp6vlov 34 iAjhu8rv 6 ulbc demon. B A t y c ~ another.' iipcam 'lwhvou Myc~v m$g to say t o the of ~ o h n he started to be aaylnp toward rrrp. will prepare the way of you in front of you.". the dead deaf (ones) are hearing. and 5 men of a n Eeneratkn end whom are they like? riv~ E ~ U ~ V6potot. KU? ~ ~ Y E T E drinking wine.tat ~ I tell you. ' W k ! I it has been wrrtkn L O O ~ I I am send~ng OR the a m sending forth my me"enger before 'Our biyyrh6v pou npl. and spirits. rbnyyEXi<ovroll.29 Kai n 6 5 6 Aab all the people and the of hlm la. 'l\re #enton us towe you saying You are you the &ming one 6 tpx6pcw< i MAW npw6oni)pev~ or are we t o expect the lone) eornlng or another W e are expeetlnk7 21 2 1 fv frrivq ~ f i Cjpp k 8 e p h ~ w r vnohhobg t h a t hour h e cured In that .

s h e wept and feet olhlm and to the hslra % o to wet his feet rr@ahi~ &<tpaau~v KU~ head ZfT. her sins. taking to the tears . . and uai N~ETE ' I & b &vBpwnoq @yoq ~ aA i man gluttonous rov are seylnr Lookl Man &en to eating and and given t o d ~ n l d n ~ olwn6"1~ *iio2 ~ W G Y nai wine. I And havlng answered the Jesus 40 But in reply ~ e s u s having accurately k n m thst he i l y b g down htyvoGoa &TI ~ a r & ~ c l r n 6" ~ KO~~UUUU in the a the o I K I ~ ~ 0 0 kpaaiou.. Whleh lone) therefom of them more wlll love of them will love him the more?" 43 ~n ah6'.e angthing with ~ h b v & K o b * ~ l~ P O < ~ '" I& '~ I 6 a ~ i o a 7 0 . and s h e 6niuo na & m 5 < rr6E. i said to him: "Simon. t h e one Two de UIra were to lender any. The lone) but Teacher. sav -~~ . t h h (one) but to perfumed woman greased my 05 fihe~ylcv TOSS n6Saq fou. &r6 T&VTWrfiv all And w n l j u a t l R ~ the rirw a y q . say t o you. look! a who waa In tha city from of slnncra. 47 BY virtue of this. GSwp pol &nln6Saq woman? I entered into of you Into the house. Of whleh (thing) feet with perfumed oil. debtors t o a certain 41 6Co X ~ E ~ N *av T ~ 6avlm4 I TIY~. 6 66 A16&arahr. became are forgiven. ~~t this EBpcEtv pou TOJF a b h q rai ~ a i c BpnCiv wet my feet with her wetted of me the feet and to the hairs and them off with her hair. rlafih86v and said t o Simon: Are you look ng a Is the woman+ I entered "DO you behold this m u cis njvolriav. ~ ~ ~ ~- kiss.. you gave ohu E6wuaq a3q 68 roiq 66npuotv me n o water for my not you gave. =herefore.fiv $2 % g%. &7.Pharisee t h a t invited 6 npogljnlq.oll." 36 'Hp6Ta 66 nq d d v d v 36 N~~ a Was reque~tlng but wmeone him of the one of the Pharisees Oap!aalwv lva *6yj asking Pharlrees in order thst he mlgh eat a l % $ dine with him. 37 And. i v . and with her tears and she would wipe them r m c (Act 7055 rr66aq &00 ral ah* was k l ~ ~ d R o m the feet of him and Off "Ith the hair Of her head. Lurcv.. ease of perfumed TO?< MKPYUIV P/p<a~o BP~XEIV 705q oil. -reacher.mioq With the Perfumed 011. t h b (one) but to the tears feet. ~~~. 46 not grease my head aClrq 6& V~PQ fihctylas with 011: but this YOU greewd: .6~. the but the &her for f. . if he ~(ai T I O T C ~ ~ ( ) fl were a prophet. E~epoS T E V T ' K O V T a 42 p? 6 ~ V T W V 42 When they did not different (one) dtY. Itv b 76 ~ 6 h c l &mfi. from the hour t h a t I ~IoijAeov ob SlLhlnev ~ a ~ a q l h o ~ a Ow & 7055 leave 1 entered not leftoft klasing down oyme the came in. AcK& €lU€hei)~ cordingly h e entered having 1$~ @a toaiou ~ r n ~ ~ h 87 i e Kal 1605 yuv)I i i ~ l qinto the house Of the ~ f ~ .fiy. that &nor t h a t i s touching him. have been let go 013 I tell you. h e of them to give back o both he ZeelY forgave. 47 greased the feet o me.LUKE 7:35-40 of the 292 eating 293 LUKE 7:41-47 I an!i??~lng 700 &vepdmou man Eaeuv rai nivw m d ddnklnh. .olleetors and sinners!. . l a You did n66a<' feet. because thla lone) but from whlcb E6oaas aJ~q 6P &*' 45 you gave me no our 3 : 5 '?:h.. was in debt for five 6 d q &elhEV 6 y & p 1 a n c v ~ a ~ 6 0 1 a6 6L hundred denari4.$~i~~f$~. lender. is proTed righteous by a l l its children. to You I have something t o TI ~lnsiv. 38 and. . frlen of tex eolleeton and . he I swing. freely forgave them T~S oh adrjw n h ~ i o v&ymfioal both. I am a e y i ~ to ydu. in city t o be a sinner learned t h a t he was house of the P arlaec. TI &pa ruh6q hind of woman i t is woman who la touehlng him. ' J ." He said to him: "You ual UOTP~~E~< ~ n d hsvlng turned Judged correctl~. him7 4s answer Simon said: nhEiov 'YnohapP&vu arl I suppose that to whom tho mom "I SUPPOSe it is the St rfnEv allrO One t o whom he freely but said to him forgave the more. yqaiv. Pd: ":giai %%: n~%: .he started to be wetting the behind at n S a q a h 0 0 rai r a i ~ 8p1Slv his feet. self "This man.~ and yuvj f i ~ l q -&E&( a h o c . 40 rat &ro~ple€i< 6 'IqaoJs t h a t she is a sinner. the ehlldren o f t wisdom k%i recllnea: ~tz~JE:: ozje A: ." she% ." He said: mmcthtnn to eav. him said within himOBrog €1 fiv Thls lone) 1 2 he was the prophet. ray. &paproh5v. a friend of tax wlne drink&. b u t the one owed enarii flve hundred." 44 With t h a t he T&S n)v ywai~a Eipuv~ turned t o the woman toward the woman t& slmon Bhhel~ ~atqv r j v ywciina. feet and greased them 39 . many though they are. would & y i v w u ~ w Bv ~ i q what. but this woman. you gave.q a h 0 0 K)\~~OUUU. ~ o t fisvfng ha. brought a n alabaster behlnd be&= the feet of him weeping. hlyw 001 &*iwVra.he i ~ ~ ~ And loo*l who Pharisee and reclined at the table. Havlng seen but the ~Earimee the (on. water tome upon feet your house. havlng brought reclining a t a meal &X&paorpov p6pou 38 Kai a in the house of t h e alabaster Leaacl of Perfumed oU and having stood Pharisee.. it!" 4 1 'Two men were eld. wlped o k 45 eihqph Klas to l lme Ol 0 6 ~ not e?ncv np&q a h b v Zipwv mid toward hlm ~~ slmon: H. &fiq of her the bC6paCev.) Kahhoa~ adrbv rfrrcv &v tarn$ Xiywv 39 At the sight the havlnz celled hlm sald in hlmaslf' aevln. 3s rai & 6 1 ~ a 1 6 ? m q i a 35 ~ l t hle same. she iihn@w 75 tenderly lrissed his w~sgreasing to the Derf&*. Also. did off tenderly kissing my feet. which t o pay back. he was knowing llkeb who and what sort of the know who .. *he was wlplng'orf.

H e said 48 ~h~~ he said to 68 atla 'Aetwvrai oou a i &paprial. r&v narc? .b. after sprouting.ri. and havlng sprouted it was drie UP inphSa. And in the pb &rEDEW some of i t fell orrripatv ahbv 8 to be sowing him whlch one indeed fell alongside the l '$%z nap bea de T & 8 ~ ~ -rtjv the 6 way. listen. who &oiq Ir 7 ' 3 " were to them out of the (things) to them from their all~aiq. in pu." la being lot go off litze he is loving. 11 Now the7 m y be oompnhendlng. to saw the thing sown of hlm. And t h e togetherwlth hlm. Mary the r a h o v p h M w W q v i . Mary the (onel slc~nesses. loves little. and into the feu ~ a ~ n Q h hIt m irl0~ made having sprouted E~aravwAaoiarol. but &qie~al. to them Iwomenl. o a e kingdom o f the GOd: to the order that. preaching and f i v B a u t A ~ i r n . Tva but leftover (one81 in parables. he proceeded t o call Out "Let him that has ears to listen. & i s the word of God. and Rrpac rrohhai.Your faith or nop~Gou EIC Eipfivqv." AS h e told these thlngs." 9 B U ~ his disciples bs-gan to ask him what this illustration might mean.a myeter~e.. meaning. may nothearlng. when a great 4 Xuv~bvro<' 68 tixhou rrohhoO ~ a i Colleetlnrr to~ethcr but of crowd much end crowd had collected . go YOU: be poing your way into peace. s i q y s A 1 < 6 y v o q and from village $0 and village preaching and declaring as good news village. 6!& ulmugh toZT&ing moisture. end KU? wsa ~ar€na+lBq trampled down and m ~ v dTOO o d p m G rmi a y ~ v%. K ~ I Cv TO to sow hls seed.r@ ~dscfiq ~ n It d happened in the order of subscguenes Shortly afterwards ~ a a i hbq ~ I ~ ~ E U E V Kar& r r b ~ . and Jo.rglven. It d ~ l e d u p because O f not havlng moisture. from whom demons fromwhomseven i ~ r & L ~ E A ~ ~ ~3 B~ E Ia 'iwciva i r u v i XOU(. and trampled the birds of heaven ate 'Ycv M6mal but far t h e rest i t is .LUKE t48-8:s 294 296 LUKE 8:6-12 2 62 dhiyov she loved much. though looking.. to be hearing M hlm be h e a h & 01 6& &by 9 'E~rq~L~rwv the but him were inqvtrins upon p&. l1 the Illustration means this: The seed th~. And d-erent (one1 thorns choked OR T ~ V&yaefiv. ?oav T E ~ E P ~ T C Y ~ & V O I I & l ~ & TIVEU &TWV 2 and certain women were having been cured from SPKits that had been cured rroypu3v nai &o8svcl&v. has saved you.6hl. f. the bird. Well. € 7 be dlsclplen of him fi 10 b d rnapapohi). ~ ~ man in charge ofgerod and Susanna and man in charge. 7 Some other fell the thorns the t h a t g n and W UP with it choked It Off. * t sthe% wn To roo -< p ~ h e TOO i ~ e m 3 m i q in illustrations. belongings.roO BwG. end hpvlng prawn UD together the &rav&m d n r i v v ~ ~ aadrb.*whois this man who also sins Is lett ng go off? "Id but even forgives sins?" ~ p d qrijv y u v a i ~ a 'H rriqrlq oou oLowrCv But he said to the toward the woman The farth of you hassaved woman: '. 'Ome Other lei' '%%:ZF ~~~~ upon the good soil. The lone) % 2 and was down. ~ the parable.h\ fit 2 ' p : j t 3 ge ge %$ .q~ai aha. 48 E ~ E V Ilttle.. aTrzvq 6tqr6vouv SU'San'na and many aicierent lwomcnl many. her: "Your sins are but to her Have been let go off of you the rha. 4 of wicked spirits and waeked and of sleknerses. v 8 ~ a i Erspov it. they may 68 Xoqrroiq bv rrapa@ohaiq. alter s p r ~ ~ t l n g . and.. 6 Some other landed upon the rock-mass.6~& A6yoq TOO oi 6. i i t produced fruit a b v hundredfold. who were serving Other women. of the lZ The (ones) but besPde 12 Those alongside word t z w. beingcalled the h l r p 6 ~ o u W (Sou r a i I o u o b v a ~ a wife i of chuvza. and the twelve news of the kinzdom ah cdr3. and women mmc who twelve were with him. of the heaven ate $own 6 rai ETE~OY m~hcaev h i ~ n d different (onel felldown u m n L<qp&vB2 nhpav ~ a i ~ d v rock-mash. rai owguciua~ thorns. ~ a Cnearv el5 ~ r j v yijv earth the good.L? seven hod gone oui.". v he went journeying and he wsa journeying through down city from city to city nai rhpqv ~ q p 6 o o w vnai . though get the they P looking A~ToYTE not prj ~ they P may h h be wa ~~ av ok~n ~s a &KO~OVTPS and i hearing (RN~W~IY. Tatra hundredfold. . 50 61 . 6Ai ov &yon$. and Joanna woman of Chuza demons had come out. and.~ 4 9 At 49 r a i 01 ~ u ~ ~ this ~ those i reclining ~ ~ o And the l ~ e s l lying up together the with hiyrtv tv tauroiq Tic 0 5 ~ t 6m~ t v SF to say to be raying in themrelvea Who this la who him within themselves: nai &papria5 $irluiv.".+. 2 r a i y w a i ~ tTI ~ YE^ a i of God. going thelrway upon toward hlrn he said through he spoke by means r r a p a p o h f i ~5 'E<fihB~v b o r r ~ io v r o c of an illustration: parable Went out the lane1 eowkg of the 5 "A Sower went out m i p a t rbv m b p o v a37&.& from city after city." Kai t y t v n o & . In order that loO1( in vain and.v ~ 1 m v 6. 1 ~ a i hcpov L n M v h) P&OV 7iW ~ n d dimmnt tone) fell in midst ofthe &rw8Gv. together with those of the (ones) aec~tdlng to elty t h a t went to him hnnopcwptvov np6q Cr. your way In peace. M a p i a . These lthings) '0 EXWV Sm iphvrl hewas to m a tens) having ears ckoirrtv d~ouhw. 10 He sald: ' T o YOU it is granted t o understand the sacred secrets of t h e kingdom of Ood. 6 6 ~ . r a i o i 6 h 6 c ~ adeclaring t h e good the kingdom of the God. drq' ?I< 6a1r6v1a so-called Magdalene.

~ ~ f .iTw KXiwS Covers i t with a vessel it to vessel or underneath bed 01 Puts i t Underneath a bed. 6 and bring nothing to are bearing to perfection. T ~ Aipvqw. .. but h e puts ri8 UIV dhh' h i hvpiac r(gqo. nelther anything o m drrr6rpugov 6 03 carefully coneeled neither Earefvlly mneealed whieh not ! ? t t h a t will never the 6 6 6 ~E ~ U I V way are 01 ~$2 ?Anes1 $ $ . be taken away from wk%ejlfted up from him.LUKE 8:13-17 T ~ V 296 the (ones) 291 LUKE 8:18-24 &KO&~VTC st~a t h e road are t h e ones having hear2 then t h a t have heard.j ere believing and in searon of testing a Season. then E P X E T ~ I d 61&@*5 ~ a ia i p ~ l Tbv A ~ Y O V the Devil comes and 1s eoming the Devll and Hfta up the word tskes the word away b i a p 6 i a q airr6v ha from their hearts in from heart af then. one of the days he and his disciples got into 22 I . ifest. 14 Tt. f i O 2 g r f : t 2 ~ 4 : fi$tgp ~ : . 21 6 outside to see wiuing you. and & q ~ v w u w . by being carried 700 Piov wopeu6 cvot away by anxieties and of the living BOlng thcE way riches and oleasures Wvnviyovral rai 06 of this life. Be roo lookingat therefore how pay attention t o how YOU listen: for &nokc' 85 Bv ytrp Exn.utt~ -. 28 r r h ~6P ~ && windstorm descended they were iedup. It wlll be given to him. who toward mot: they believe for n ~ w t k w ~ v rai &v ~ I P Q rrL. 16 'No one. The fJt not believe and be having believed they may besnved.~ c Stepping I Y ~ oi ~ ~ that those 6 ~ ~ in order that the (ones) golng tgeir way In in may behold the Ph&~wu!v ~b qilq. 6tfiyc1p~ ati~bv Myoyrq ' E m w & ~ a h ~ m h T a . endurance. AtiX0wp~v to the Other side Of set of hlm. are the ones who. CIS ri. YOU are hearing: who likely far may be hsvlng.vat m ~ i P q Aaihayl &v6pov he tell aalccn. hut in a sea& q i w m r a t . and by anxletiea and riches and Pleasurea but. The (one) but into the thorns away. Sailing but of them the lake. r a i toward hirn.". with joy are receiving the word..o6roi E ~ I V oi~rveqtv K D P ~ ~~Ga h that i an the fine Rne' earth. The (one) but f n the 15 As for %axil ~ 3 . 20 However. 62 rr& a w v 6 19 Now his mother Came to be slongslde but toward h ~ m the and brothers came oi drSEhqoi a h o 0 . endurance. and who likely not but whoever does not ex0 ~ a i 8 SOW? e LIV have. O ~ T O . after 16 O M q 62 h k v u d 6 n r t t ilghtlng a lamp. . 18 Therefore. r a i odro. i 22 In the course of the word of the ~ o d hearing and doing. but upon lampatand he 1s n it. they are retaining and they are benrlng fruit and bear fruit with bnopovj. but these have n o root not hsvinh." 19 napaybno. ~ a Ei ~ ~ Evp65 Y ~ A T o ~ P . on a 1amDstand. should come. 14 AS for that which fell among the T I E U ~ Y . . 17 For there may be Iookmgat the light. saved. . NO one but lamp havin%g~ted IS ahbv OXEGE~ 6 hor. 20 CmqyyLhq 62 a h r Q 'H Crowd."d 2 $2 ~2 M . even what he may bc h'avip. m E p into the otherslde and were sailing he fell Now a &vfix8qww. 6 6i Steycp&i< about t o perish!" we ere perishing. 15 b 62 h. retain it. It was reported back but to him The f i ~ a ~ ~ ~ ~ p j q p uou r a i oi dSEhqoi uov & U T ~ K ~ U I Y mother of you and the brothers of you havestood 62 are and standing your brothers outside E<w 16siv 8ihavrf< UE. is nothing hidden t h a t npurrrbv 8 0 3 qwcpbv y ~ u t r a ~ .hou~!own w h d O ~ k i f & t never i come into the Eh8w I8 BAErrs~c o h ?I&$ open.t&ie%ln into boat and the disclplca them: . " ~ ~ ~ d boat' and he said to a6rbs ti5 mhoiov ~ a 01 i pah. E ~ U I V 01 &KOGOCIYTP hevlngfallen. 13 Those h i ric a t r p a 5 ol 6 ~ a v &KO~~UOUIY upon the mek-mass who whenever they mlght hesr 'pan the rock-mass PET& ~ ~ 1 ~ x 5 S~ 5XOYTU ~~ b v h6yov. and there when they hear it. rai b< 6 v pfi will he given him. he (one) but 21 In reply wanting to see he you. saying: "Instructor. .k : : ~ ~ become known and . Kxhov.rbv A6yov TOG BsoG h ~ o G o v r ~~ q a rro~oiivrrq.these are who in heart Rne these are the ones that. after hearing the and & word with a fine and ~ a r 6 x o u u 1 v ~ a i ~aprroqopoSw~v good heart. these are the (onen) having hear% thorns.. not become manwill hidden (thing) which not manifest wlll become. $ ~~ ~~ . and mother were unable t o get t o 16ljvam0 u ~ ~ x ~-+0 i v h t! $ .ra1 a he ." . 24 Having come toward but and roused him. and he s a d toward them Let us go throueh the lake. the lone1 but havlng been roused Rousing himself. into thc lake. and were in danaer.paupo. we are &rrohhGpc&r." said t o ~ O K P ~ ~ E E~~~ ~ S 7 ~ ~ 6a 5h o k them: mother and having answered said toward Ulem my brothers are these uou nai 66Ehqoi pou c h o i e i u ~ v oi word Of of me and brothers of me these are the (ones) who hear Qod and do it. Not for 1 . 24 Finally r r p o u r h 8 6 v ~ ~ ~ 6& they went t o him Kai 6~!v6Svevov. also which he thinks to be\avlng irnaglnes he has will omat &rr' a6ro0. theyroused hfm say* Instruetor Instruetor.ihey a & are being "hoked together and "Ot completely choked =hwopoG-tv.v 1s p u l t i i .' So sail. in order that no Order that they T ~ ~ T C J ~ ~ V T EU S W ~ ~ U ~ V la . 62 t[$ r&< & ~ & Son ~ of 8 testing ~ ~ they fall stand off. these are the ~ a brrb i ~ E P I ~ Y~ ~ aYn i h o l j ~ o v Kai +~OV&Y ones that have heard. Instructor. . whoever ha& more 608jor~a1 a h Q . him . receive the word with PiCw 06r Exowlv oi rrdg KaIdY joy. ~ n descended d violent storm of wlnd they began t o fill up ~~uvv~rrhqpoSv.Let us cross airroo. but they pfi7qp the brothem of him. I1 OG ~ i r pEUTIV with [water! and to be €15 V ~ a i . end they were being Rlled up wlth in danger..g h hlm because of the were able t o meet up with him crowd.. 23 But as they i .

6alpoviou TSLS ipipout. ~ a d i p a v na9jpevov r b v av0pwirou Jesus and found the ~esus. ' 6 % . ~ a iP T T ~ ~ ~ U W T ~Oa i&Y~VETO the water. the tombs. Jesus Son of the have I to do you.E!< fled and reported back vlto the city and into they fled and reported i t to the city and to T0bq & Y ~ o ~ G . . 25 Then he Said to them: "Where rrimtg bpav.s~o he was being driven into E(< &rrb the bonds and be from 2 J : . and the herd down the precipice into herd rushed over the rushed Tilv h i p w v KC. TOO voice he said: "What said What tome and to ydu. him in order that not entreating him not hlr&<n a d r o i t €it i i v ~PVUUOV to Order them to abyss he.shouid give orders to them into tne go away into the xoipov abyss. for he &~~TTIT&UUEI ~ a i 6 k l ~ a orders i even the winds he is givingorders and toT$= water: and and the water. 33 I < ~ h 9 6 m a 6L TSL 6a1p6via drrrb TOG 33 Then the demons saving gone out but the demon. -. Eqvyov ~ a &T+(~EI)IoY i ~ i q T I ~ Y rr6hw KO? . long time it had held it had s n a t a e d away with and hlm fast. ~h the 6coph bonds fiXmj. +.And he to enter. Paowions 29 r r a p i ~ ~ d h w t. .t fetters pu?auo6pevo~. i v a mountain: and they entreated him : in order that mountain. and with a loud ~Trr~v T i t p o i rai u o i 'IquoG " i l ..t man. 25 f.. y d ~2. 34 But oi P6o~ovret ~b yryds when the herders saw the (ones) feeding the (thing) having appened what had happened. TOO 66mot.he . and faund ~ d t m g the man man fram whom the L<jhOcv &q' 08 demons came out.. and and entered into d p p q u ~ v t$e &y&q ~ a r h TOO K ~ ~ ~ Y O z i tO the swine. not me High God? I beg you. the countryside.fhe do not torment me: YOU ahouid torment: he was owering 29 (For he had. d rr6hzmt 6atp6v!o. he got out onto land To (one) having gone out but tohim upon the a certain man fram y i v h j u . Your name?" He said: oat dvoph Lmtv. For over a WJV PTT&KEI ah6v. 26 And they 26 And K a i they n a rEaileddown h h a u u m into sic *e X ~ P W put in to shore in the country of the ~ d . $ $ ! times the man.LUKE 8%-29 hrripqo~v gave rebuke to tXe 7" 298 299 LUKE 8:30-35 and break~ng through but he would burst lth6SWvl he rebuked the wind raging the f . and thqr of the water.~~-~ 30 h q G ~ q u w 62 alhbv b 'InooGq ~~ ~ ~~ . 6 i o p a i oou p i p r Jesus Son of the Most God o f the Mostnigh? I beg of yo:. from whom came ~ a i owgpovoGv~a rraptr Clothed and in his ipa. into thase. saying to irpa 0 0 ~ 6 &m ~ tv TI ~ a r i o i q & v i p o q One another: "Who really thls is because also to the winds really is this. he (one) but said Legion. . 32 ' H v SL t ~ d *ihq 32 Now a to go was hut there herd of pigs herd of a considerable i~crvdv ~ounop~vq b sufficient feedlng ltself . at went Out Of the man man entered into the pms.'m the number of swine was feeding there on the riprl. . qo~q06vm faith of Y O U $ .) 30 Jesus asked "What is InquPred upon but him the ems 6 6L E T ~ E Y A ~ y ! h v . and they subside. 34 ' 1 6 6 ~ ~ ~ 61: 2 precipice into the lake the lake and was drowned. gave them permission. . they t0a6paoav h i y o v r ~ g rrpbg &hhjhaut T i t they wander&.been nvr6wart TG &KU~&PTQ &SEX9siv dmb TOG the unclean spirit the unclean to come out from the spirit to come out of &v0p*rrov.~ the clty who had & &K earth met upwlth male person some out of the demons met him ~ .hv .:: . . which is oi the Gerasenes. dmah0riv. house not he was staying but in the tombs.v rrparrqvdv. 703 the oz%e 'civ ey. nai bemg guarded. and a ~ $ % q . nirrirrviyll. the fields. 27 But as 27 &<~X96vn 6~ m. . down before rrpoo6rrsu~v ah@ ~ a i p a p ~ y t r h q and he fell towaid him and to voice great him. k : . 35 Then people 35 &<F. on the slde opposite durirrspa OPPOJI~ on ~ other side hi^^. whleh rah. saying toward one another who marveled. ijr!t Ger'asenes. many demons had 6rt him. oiniq oGn Eprvrv &M'&v TOTS ~Vilpaotv. &~SO~E~ETO M~SUIY repeatedly bound he was being bound to chains and wlth ehalns and wind and to the &vEpq ~ a ?TQ rr~6a. "Legion. the lonely places. TOO dgimou. from the &vBpGrrou ~ i d f i h 0 o v . and he was him.$ Je set in. r l q ~ o b g xoipouq. and in Staying not a t home. 61apjuuwv fetters under guard. entered into him. . ~ a iX P ~ W V for a cOnSide?able city (one) avlng demons: and to time time he had not worn ~KUVC?~ O ~ K& V E ~ ~ U ~ T OI~&TIOV ~ a &V i and he was sufficient not put on outer gardint. Gal'llee. and brraroljovu~v ah@.q o ~ v pin 715 TF. .rropivov having been clothed and being of soundmind beside 61 l6s?v 7b They cameout but to see the (thins) turned out to see ~ a i qhEav rrdt 76" what had happened. rrohhoiq Xpho..hdat. .' because is? ta vou name ~ i u j h e ~6a1p6v1a v rrohhh s i t a 6 ~ 6 v . and he gave permisrion to them. At the sight Of 28 i6Au 61: rbv ' l t p o h &va~p&Saq ~avinr g~ e n but the J ~ S U J havine cr~ed Jesus he cried aloud . . r~pmon . ~aving seen but and drowned. ~ a ~been i n made$eami ~ t ! f is YOOR faith?" But with fear. %many . sitting a t demon the lonely ~ p i a c e s ~ . T$. .. ysyovbt having happened and they came toward the and they to 'IqooGv. because entered demons many into iva p i 31 And they kept 31 ~ a i rrqp~~&Aouv a d ~ b v And they were entreating. and came to be subsided. they obey him?" they are obexing him. they him to i-rr~rpi~u a l j ~ o i 5$ i t & K S ~ V O Uentreated ~ h e rhould'give permission to them Into those (ones) petmit them to enter rib~hesiv ~ a i hi~prwcv ahoit. nai 'rrap~r&hcoav a d d " .

And requested well. 43 And a were choking together him."& fi t i ? : E:oumoi7?v tte 1:: ~ ~ ~ touched me.rnov navrbq TOG Xaot ~ a biq for back in ~ ~ ~ h the t and sa him and how she 6~ was healed instantly. did for him. to onha tv PGort aTpmoq M h 6 v G ~ E Ka ~ flow . uov p q u h l saying 'Tour daughthe etyo. and and this man was a PleSlding officer of t h e o 8 r o ~ &p wv 7-5 uuvaywyfiq bnfipxw this [man] r?ler o f k s aynasague waaexlstiAg. 8 &C." 6i tthqhu8viclv dm' 47 i s o h havmg gone out from me. 43 r a l ywil him. Reported back but who had seen i t Foirois 01 is6vrrg n&< &&q reported to them how to them the (ones) having seen haw was saved the demon." 49 While he was yet has saved YOU: be going your WBY Into peace. 1607 napmypipa. $ X ! . 4 1 Kal 1605 expecting him.. 37 So a1 the &v 6rrm ra nhieo multitude from t h e him all the surrounding country 6s nepl bpou r r ~ o l i v *0 ~ 1 the ~ e r a s e n e s ofthe surrnundkgcountw of the Gerasenes asked him to get h ~ h & i v dm' a h & XTI ~rwpiw away from them.possessed 6 6a1pov108rig. ijylaro TOG I p a m i 6 o u TOO i p a ~ i o v t h e fringe of his outer touched the frlnge of the outer garment garment. T I I U T ~ I T ~ . 3 7 no1 fip*lqmv man had been made the lane) demon-possessed. speaking.LUKE 8:36-42 rob5 the n&g feat o e 300 301 LUKE 8:43-49 r a l t h e feet of Jesus.p ~ u E h ~ o G U a 6TTluerv 44 approached from having come toward from behind behind and touched becurcd.he escaped notice tices t h e woman came trembling and. the received him kindly. are hemming you in uuv6xouuiv pressing are holdlns together and you: 46 Yet Jesus +~Pw & . saying: 39 'Be 39 'YT~UTPEQE rig ?Av 0 1 ~ 6 ~ U O U Bereturning into the home ofyo. &nihuucv 62 but h e dismissed the he let aft but man.~ b~. twelve years. 38 t&iro 62 adroG 6 &vip Was be88hg but of him the male pereon $ o ? k the man "Om whom the demons had gone 08 ktchqA6ec1 . And he went off down through who the Accordingly h e went nMtv uqphuwv Xua moinuw away. years old ~ 6. synagogue. and keep o n 61qyoG 6oa relating what things berelatin. b e c a m dsughte. a certain 49 'Em a d r o j hahoGvrog Lpxmaf TI< Yet of him speaking Is oomhg lomeone representative of the nap& TOG &p~louvay& ov h&ywv 671 Presiding officer of beslde the synagogue ruYer raytng thst the synagogue came. fE2 ge %. entreating hlm to enter in& the house house. and and they became LgoBiB~om. and she was dying: As h e was going hhyclv a h b v ol 6xhot 'Ev 6P r3 In but the to be going under hlm the Cmwb the crowds thronged wvinvtyov ah&.he healed fnstant y. Y . look! a man named J~ a ' i m s came. 42 6 0uyhrqp povoycvilq fiv h e had a n onlyofhlm. not yet ter has dled. 42 because &TOO. h c 6 t t a ~ o ah& 6 dxho fium reeelved off hlm the crowk." God. and 0"YourwaYback home. 48 6 t said t o her: .YE: !?.' t\v al. t h e crowds navrwv 01au etncv .im through she touched him the people the c a w she othrv Lv&n. were for they were all n i n r r q n p o u 6 o x i r v ~ ~ g a 6 r b . only-begotten was begotten daughter 'IqmO..' b ~ s u s eto ear because they were in UUVE~XOVTO. 4 0 When Jesus 40 'Ev 6P ~3 h o m p l ~ ~?bv v 'IquoOu In but the tobereturnlng the Jesus got back. 36 h t j m ~ h m 62 fearful. for I rlc. And woman woman. 36 Those they were ma e fearful. the grip of great fear. And said the Jesus Who When 6 & V ~ V E V ~Wu. to get away from them. d o not ' H w 6 pob epo. r a l 6nrjhOrv ra8' rilv God did for you. Jesus. I for knew power went out of me. and turned tIrPh$ boat having atepped in lnto boat away. ell expectlng him. they were belng held together: he Then he went aboard CIS nAolov h l ~ ~ p e *the ~ ~ . of blood for being In flow of blwd from Y e e n twelve. BE D I I E U ~ ?44 ~ ~ In. who had fin< olir ~OXWEV 6m' o b 6 r d q not be& able t o set who not was strong enough from no one a cure from anyone. g uou has made you well: go said to hei ~nughter: the ea~th of you U ~ U W K ~ TOPEISOV PIG L I ~ ~ ~ Y ~ YOUI v ..r& 6a1p6v1aE~YOII uPv whom had gone out the demon8 to be together with Out kept begging to continue with him. u .V tohlm sa of years twelve and she wasdying. ~avtng seen but 47 Seeing that she had not escaped no1 vw? that XTI 0 6 ~ the woman not . 38 However. to him the Jc$ua. %2 Ta::a&Y B . way in peace. and a h o O ~ a nl a p a x p j w a 1 P ~ u ~ 700 c IY heT AOW of blood of him: and Instant Y the Row of the stopped.h.opa ' ~ rai h ~ came male person to whom name Jalrus. ~ h lone) * but 48 ~ u he your faith erne" O"yh7qp fi n i m .. And h e fell ral ncubv n a p & ~ o b q n66ag 'I uoO a t the feet of Jesus and hbvlng fallen beslde the feet of 3eaus and began t o entreat n a p e ~ & h a l a h b v rlucA0eiv rI rbv ofuov him t o enter into his hews. 1ABrv Q &.aid the 6 ~C peter T P O F 'E Instructor. 45 So Jesus a 7 a r o g a 6 r i s .fell a wncoowa r p t p o u u a fih8ev r a l end hadng Ellen down tow& down before him and trrmbltng disclosed before all a3r00 6. Peter said: . And look! 4 1 But. Y ~ P b w v 6 b a l r l ' ~ perceived that power ~ o u c h e dme someone. prOelaiming clty preachtng as many (&I-) w dld throughout the whole city what things Jesus a b r t j 6 ' IqooGq.Instructor. 45 ~ a E lT ~ E V 6 'lquoO5 Ti5 said: "who was it that t100d OIher. F &PVO~P~'UV 61 they were a11 denying the (one) hsvlng touched me? Denylng but it. a s m n y lthlngs) as &6g. 668s~ ~~ a &~ l ~ & @ ~ ~ uabout KEv twelve .

" ~ 6 Then the feet o?~ou be rou shaking 017 lnto starting out they went adrofiq. 4 B u t mdkgarmcnts tab%avijravlng.LUKE 8:50-9:3 302 303 LUKE 9:4-10 on6Ak v 616&u~aAov. ofother. So h e E~TEV Mfi I ~ ~ ~ E T E 0d dnrk8avL~ raid Not be rou weednz. by some that ' I J " . 6 'E &ins EPX~JI@JOI:. 52 Rut people were 52 EvAatov 6i rrdrvw and Were weeplns but ail ( t h e 3 beatlng themselves Cx6rrrovro were beatlng themeelvem for her.fir end because of its being the (mim) happening d l . and a vai &imq r r a m p j p a ." 53 At #he is sleeping. saying: .W&. ~ r lthithicsl? h And he wea seekbe to see hlm.. 2 And so he sent them forth to preach the kingdom of God and to heal. and h e sald to them: c l m v rr+g a h f i g Mq6hr a i r he aaid toward them Nothing ba lou tlng UP 'Carry nothing for t h e EIC n j v 6 6 6 ~ php6ov p i r ~ rrfipav trip. 4 r a i ~ 1 q fiv 6v dergarments.50 6 6L bother the teacher he bothering the teacher. to say the (thinpi hav~ngKawened ~2 f?d ~ 2 : ~ Ph! .oo~ ~ o d having returndl the amuer 6 1 r l v i u m ah0 6ua a. He hut having taken hold o f t e dled. and Inother. ~ ? ~ waarairedup outof 8 but by Others t h a t had appeared. And turnetupan the spir!? sDlrit returned. paprfiplov witness from village the t e orvlllage. ~ declaring the good n e w end ewhe 7 .r~. i d q .~ i ~ l . The lone) but in grief for her. and the father ol the glrl and the mother. and he ordered something 6 G ~ a < e v ad?! 608fiva1 qmy~iv.1 themselves: but he 6 6i nap<yy~!Aev &oiq pqbrvi them to the (one) but gaveinstrueUans tothem tono one tell no one what had ~ i n ~ i v ~b Y E 0V6q. nor two neither have two un17irm5 EIV. of a11 the things hap' I 'HnOwev neard pening. And armany as ever people do not recelve YOU. some the anclent prophets 7~ hpxaiwv .. and of her: and she 8tood up mslantly. V ~ V 61 671 'HA~iag E. ~ n d this they began but d 6 6 ~ ~ q 6 ~ 1t o laugh a t him r-ykAov droO they were hughlng down of him: having known that SCOIIIRIIIV. The but any longer. rotaha.. out of t h a t city shake ~b <v K O V I O ~ ~ &d V t h e dust off YOUR feet dnrb T?& m6h~wg~ K E ~ V I t tmm the city that the d m *om for a witness against rirw m6& 5 & d r n o ~ l d € ~ 1~ ~ them. .56 r a i t o be given her t o he ordered to her to be glven to eat. by aome but that E ~ j a h but by still others a certain One Of C&vq & U o v 6L 671 wpoqfiqg 715 that aweardd. and he was but 6h in great perpiexlty yldpcva rrha.a . And into what likely wherever you enter o l ~ i a v doCh8q. Nnw Herod the vavraxoir.' 2 nai d n r i w c ~ A &oSg ~ rqp&uetv rjv them to he preaching the and he sent off @auAcicru TOG Be00 ~ a i i&o8a1 3 rai kingdom 01the God and to be h e a h g . Who. but that prophet .on gatng 6v p i ~ ~ X W V T ~ Ib p & t not m y he receiving you. . happened. nor bread pfirc hp-rov pfirr &PY~PIOV. Satd but the said: "John I'jah vrrp&v dead (onis). out fjt through upon hr." 50 On 'Iquo0g & ~ o l j u a q d l r r ~ ~ p i 8 q a h 0 MI hearlng this.b. and she maill be UW86or~at. Ravlngeome but i t 0 reached the house he 0i~iaV ob~ &qircv ciorh8civ T I Y ~ uh let anyone go house not let go OR to enter anyone together wlth did in with him except ah6 ~i @' nir ov nai 'lwdrvqv nai 'Ihnwbov eter and 'Ohn and him 1L no? Fekr and John and James James and the girys ~ a~ i b v 7Ia~kpa rra!&q ~ a i p q ~ i p a .became h i 8 a v c v . only p u t forth be fearing. m a w lthinss) aa to him recounted k%r t<." 51 When h e she will be saved. riton 6!fipxovro ~~5 a< declaring the good thw were going Uuowh down the viAEer news and prforming Einyydtl. Eyc~pc.v + drnerE@to~ ~i~ 66 ed. r a i she rose instantly. &Mh raBc66~1.6pm1 a e L ~ O ncures ~ everywhere. 53 lai 1s sleeping. 9 Her* the ancient (on-) atmd up. And eat. 9 E ~ T E Y 62 6 had risen. 10 ~ n when d the M ~~i k p b y OI dm&. 56 her tF~ur~ucrv parents beside placed themee ves out~lde $ h % ~ . M ~ a i& r r k n L+CN ~6 WVLSa get up? 55 And her begettbgvp. ral gfirc~ 16riv &6v. there beroo staying and there and leave from there. 3 and LSWK~V a h o i q 66vap1v ~ a iLSouuiav &ni he gave to them power and authorlfy upon n & v r a r h 6a1p6via m i v6uoug 8 r p a r 6 r ! v au the demons and sleknesres to be curmg. Jesus Jesus having heard answered b him NO? answered hirn: ' . &re? p k v ~ ~~ a into i a home. and ialth. 8 brrb T .6 rat 6u01 rrom there be rou going out. 54 a h d g 6& rpamiuaq ?fix they kn& she had she died. p i r e 660 nor sllver money: nor bread nor silver. said by some t h a t 6. dlstrlct ruler heard everywhere.YSi 62 1 0 % Then h e called the and gave them power and authority over all the demons and t o cure sicknesses. nelther staff nor Into the way: stnR nor pouch food pouch. them. not she died for she did not die but .y ~~ u. is this John I beheaded.. then. Who but about whom I a m Lmtv ofhog nrpl 00 & ~ 0 6 w hearing such things?" la this about whom I a m hearing SO he was seeking to see him. 54 But he took xe~pbq a O ~ i q tq6vquev h t y ~ v 'H nai her by the hand and hand of her sounded to sauzng The g i r t called. H ~ ~ ~ 9oboO. 51 & % v ~k saved. only exercise fait6.b hbdal 6 1 d w Was in thorough p e ~ ~ thmugh t Y the to be aaid John had been rake* h 6 ~ l v i r v TI fiyipeq tK up from the dead.. 5 And wher&KC~~CV ~ { ~ P X E U ~ C .I&. '92:~~ ~ '%%' . p6vov T~UTEUUOV l a i n o fear. stay house m o might enter.

r 6 x o 6 ~ i v 1 . other. ~ to be? conee) but they I am?" said: 19"John In reply the ~ O K P ~ ~ ~ ~W T 1 E' ~ ~ I Jw " ~ Baptist:. me but a cure. 1 1 oi 62 bxhol p 6 m s 11 But the crowds. 12 Then the ". ~ & Bq0oat66. 19 01 are I B ~ I . lisvlng taken but them all recline.o~.LUKE 9:ll-16 Kal And 304 305 K ~ T ~ K ~ KC? ~ U N L6i60u TOTS them and broke down and waa giving to the pa0qraig napae~ivai dxhq. ~ they gay a@ o v nai iipell ti... .lng =he in reply: "The Christ 6~ Xptorbv TOO 0eoD. 14 tlrrav y h p d u d Eiv6p~s people. he looked hsvlng looked UP Into the heaven he blessed u p t o heaven. If and two fishes. 16 h a w 6i. P P q h. to put beside crowd." 19' Meaning '"My God Is JehOVBh. while he was praying alone. And they dld thus and Afly each. ~ ~ .." 21 Then in brn~tp'uag ahois mp y Y f l h e ~ a stern talk to them having r%utod to them he saveinstructlons h e instructed them pn6evi hiyelv TO+O. &oGq XEyywv Tiva we 01 he lnqulry them saying Whom me the Ss 6 ~ h o c Myouutv s l v a ~ . lodrlng and find theumlshtletloosedown and mlghtfind Pmvlslonii.20 E ~ T T E Y ancient prophets has of the anetent canes1 stood up. pit1 nopfv8ivr~q unless perhaps we not what having gone our wag &yop&uopfv ~ i q ndrvra tbu habv raO~ov Oumelves go and might buy into RII the this foodstufi~ for all these B p b p m a . Bethsdda.. . and he questioned them. blessed %%is 8. CN& T I L V T ~ ~ K O V1 T5 ~ . z :: th27$es. that one of the T L ~ TOV & p x a i o ~ &vLu~q. ~Tmv 62 rr&q mk p p 8 n ~ i r t live thousand menRve thousand. was llfted up the [quantlty?havtag abounded 666~ra. they may go (ixXov w ta TTOPEU~~~TSZ Eiq crowd: In order that havlng gone thelr way lnto into the vlllage~ and countryside round a6rh rh as rai to c l r z vrll!sea and about and procure rarahGuwmv rai E~PWUIV hrtutnwp6v. and h e those ovrag 8 c p m e i a g 1870."" . brl b6e ev hpfiu4. M at. 18 Kal dybm Eu .. twelve baskets of fragments' 18 Later.+ . who do YOU hrpl0eiq elrrev T6v say I am?. KaI m e together to him the dfrcl~lea. 17 80 they all ate and were satisfied. $2 yz. r r p o g j v s E-li'lah: and still others but EIlJah. were for 1 1 msle Dersans were. havlng answered sald aof 62 ' ~ h ~ ai h ~ o l ."o~ said: he s o n of AeT ~t irneceasary the Son of the man must undergo rrohhh aa8Eiv ivai & r r o 6 c n l p a a 8 ^ ~ t many suflerings and to be releetea (thlnss) to suffer and be rejected by the $ : : ." 23 Then he Went 23 "E~LYEV SP n h a q Ei ~ a w n s a s y l n g but towars a" (them) ~f on t o say t o all: " ~ f 19. H e said 20 Then he h i ~ c ~ e said t o them: . ~ T O Y ~ S I O becawe IIS. and the that they had was taken up. 12 'H 62 'fiavlng cure he haaung. but others.LY. He sald but toward the dlrelples But he Sald to his &uel df~ciples: "Have them a&raO K m m A i m E a h o h q ~ h t o i a ~ or him Make =on recline them amups as if reellne as a t meals. XZ$' 62 01 G c j 6 ~ r a~ l n w&@ 'Arr6hwov ~ b vu p a"d said to but the twelve said to him ~~t loose off the 'Dlsm~ss the crowd. "the immerser.rob< 660 tx0irac 16 Then taking t h e the five loaves and the two fishes five loave6 and the &vaPhiqaq ciq tbv 06pavdv ~ljhbyqoev two Ashes. and e q p S on. ~ a i h o 6 c { & p ~ v o q followed him. Pzdtz? itt 2: ? : y p a p ~ a r i o v ~ a i &nrrar~av0jva1 scribes a.". ahaup&rov n&$~vot &oiq to them of fragment.. . toGq r r h c5ptauq r a i . but that Prophet others.e + ~~ohori8quav aSrtj. rr*~.". the disciples came together t o him. Peter said $"'j z .+ e. And LUKE 9:17-23 them and broke them up and began to give them t o the disciples to Set the crowd. chief and be killed. ~ ~~ fib$< and t x were o p rsatxfied & o & ~ ~ n . about nevrartoyih.. myins: *Who the crowds saying that wapaha~h ~ 6 r o S q hex* ufv Wlth t h a t h e took hsvlng taken along them he wlttarew them along and withI~T' i6iav st$ rr6hrv ~ u h o u p l q v drew t o privacy ~ n t o a secordlns to Prlvate Iamtl Lnto flty being called ~ ~ t h . he folhwed to hlm.TQ etval a h b v ~ n dtt happened In the to be hlm rrpou~u~6pcvov K~T& pbvaq ~raylns according to solltnry LpLaceni -uav ah@ 0 1 paerl~ai. having eald that to 22 but tbv uibv TOO &ve.. Or.d older priests men andand scrlbes. 3 ~ i x r v out here we are m a because hcre in lonely Pleee we are. baskets twelve." J'7. they did s o and had made -line all (them).P$. he (one) but of God. 21 b christ of the wd. 01 62 E ~ I O ~ ~v K siwiv i p i v said: Y O The(ones) but said Not are tous t o eat. And having received klndly received them bndly arhorig U & A m ~ & T O ? < pi and began to speak to them h e w s speakhp to them about them about the kingdom of God. r a l two/quav o t ~ o q~ a In i groups of about up fifty.""." 15 And m r i r h ~ w h m a g .'YOU. 1 1 KG. G &oiq ' p q 66 ~ i v aF but to them ou but whom me are r o w raying though. The but crowds havmgknown . He said 13 ~~t 6 t npbq &06s Abx a h o i 5 W c i v h e s i l d t o them: "You but toward them Glverou to them give them something bpeiq. 22 efrrdv 671 not to be telllng this to no one to be telllns this. be rr~~fpzy j : t $~$~ff~s nai to the TG ~ ~ - . rrc ~ouriracn...Wehavenothing nh~iov 4 6prol rrivrc r a i i 86rs 660 f l Inore than loaves more than loaves five end ashen twd.'' l4 They faodstuffs. In fact. and o n the third day be raised up.":fis ~2~ ' $ 2 ..

saying: "This is Is the Son or:: the (one) h s v ~ n a a6roO & ~ o 6 s r e . 61oypqyop~a-5 6L a l k n j v weighed down with to eleep: having fully awakened but they saw the sleep. to ~111%. 24 82 let h ~ m be ioiiowing to me. cloud. h a 1 fi tmt . the h 6 ~ 0 v g TOOTOV uldg 705 &vBphou s o n of man will be wordan' this Lone1 the Son of the man of thi. anyone wants to come to emmlng. 36 iv rqi my Son. ' r b o m himself and pick let hlm dlaown hmseli and let h rn 1 omupdv o raw th: UP his torture stake. and let us make tents for US to be here. o0aa1 CITTo)liar~ t o may wlll the soul of hlm to asvd wlll lone lose it: but whoever aGtjv 6s S' d n r o ~ ~ n)v ~ p yluX v loses his soul f i r It: who but Ukely mlght lose the sake is the one that &oO EVEKN &poi.roi. 33 uai ~ ~ i v z r fv o 14 two men standing hsvlngstoodw~th him. whenever hcmlghtcome t $ when he arrives In his and that Of the 66Sq d r o 0 r a t TOG rar 'g r a i rOv &yiw glory of him and of the ~ a t e and r of the holy Father and of t h e holy 27 But I &yylAwv.. E. day after day and lltske of him aecordlng to fit." See App 4 ~ .l?jah. EhEq willbeashamedof.. EEoO. 25 ~ e a l of hlm on acmunt of m i this (onel ly. Rne Lartv fipag S S E ~tvcn. what does a man 25 ~i himself if h e it. the kingdom f . no avmg known which he la aaylng. -. 30 Kal I&& became glitteringly And look1 white. o i r l v ~ glook! two men were male persona two were mea*ing with hlm. IswilUng &rim behlnd B~EI %% $9~ ?kp md & r$ :f until ".Or. hv6pag 6th nuv~X6Jiow &TO.LUKE 9!24-29 mwna TIC 306 307 LUKE 9:30-36 Egxsdal. Jlaav Mwuoilg uai ' H X r i a ~ 3 1 tho $ .og . but when they gat fully awake they 6 6 < w ah00 ~ a 705q i 660 &6pag robe glary of him and the two male pernow the (ones1 saw his glory and the auvaorin. ) who were Moses and were Moses and Eliiah. LisY E Y L U B ~ I -njv qwviv ~ijpiEq 'IqaoOg ten t o him. who pik0ly 24 For whoever wants Will ELhq T ~ Y a h . i t i s fine lt is us here to be.' one to you and one to Mones and one tents.'. What IS k i n g benefited ( i v B ~ a benefit ~ F gains the KC 6 j q r6v ~ ( w p o u Shov t a u ~ l r v 62 havkpgalned the world whole himself but but loses his own self dmohioaq fi <\ptwEiiq. ~ a X 6 v . who conversing with him. 29 And as tv TO n ~ o m 6 x m E a t&bv d ~ 1 6 0 g TOO he W" praying the In the to be prarlng hlm the form of the appearance of his r r p w h o u a h 0 E n p w r a l 6 l p m l 0 p b 5 face became different face of him different and the e p ~ s r e l and his a p p m l 2s' See App 3 c 24. of him whlte lightenmgout. 3 1 These 6qBivrrg &v 6658 EAcyou ~ f i v 8 5 0 6 0 ~ hsvlngappesred in glory were saying the exodus 'ppeared and beganwith talking glow ah03 iiv 611dhw n A poOv of hlm which he war about to b e ? u ~ l l l n g In Obout his departure that he was destined ' I r p o u a ~ j p . 26 8 y&p 0' Suffers havinslost or having een &agedl wko for 26 For whoever beBv f n a m veil pr ~ a TO$ i tpoirg comes ashamed of me llkely might be s = m k of me and the my and of my words.d66g 8 hiyal.29 Kai EyCvaro UP into the mountain mountain to pray.. '9ile. 28 In actual faet. And In the has been chosen. he 34 7afiT." 36 And to occur the vole was found Jesus as t h e voice occurred p6vog. 6 ~ ~ n a6 pahaP6v he took Peter and as If fayp elght havlng taken along ~ a 'Iw&vqv i ~ a 'I&KOPOV i &vLPq eIg ~b John and James and John and James he went up into the along and climbed 6pog n p a w r i < a a E a ~ . 32 Now Peter and aim &@ Jlaw P~@pqpLmt together w w him were having been weighed down those with him were imvw. YOU truthfully. 35 And a came to be out of the rsyinp T~I.they should see the klngdom 01th. ~ a motfiaopw i mqvhg "InstrucMr. &~ohouEri-rw poi. 33 And 6~aywpi<mEa1a d ~ o J q dm' a h 0 0 V E . 34 ~~t vfqihq ~ a i hmnia5ev a6ro65' a s he was saying cloud and wa~~~e~shadowlng them: these things cloud &qoPfiEqow 66 6~ TO d a ~ h e ~ iformed v and began to they weremade fearful but in the toenter overshadow them. ohoc oOi)0~8will a w e to Jesus: peter toward the Jesus INtructor. the one that of hlm be you hearers. J ~ ~ ~ ~h~ ~but ~peter I and ~ the ~ (ones) .ibtZV O hwnbg fEao-rp+mv. Iamaaylng but to YO" truthfull. . ~ n d it happened t o pray. one for E. voice came out of the Lorw 6 ul6g b ~n~E~ayp~.' $%$ . 30 Also. 20 'EY~ETO 61 PET&TOPS MYOY'rohovq I t happened but after the words these after these wonis. There alaiv T W E ~ TOY a3~0t L O T ~ K ~ T W Y01 are Some of those are aome of the Lmer) hero havlnlt atoad who standlng here t h a t p y ! h w v ~ a l 8avhrou E w hv wlli not taste death a t 06 not no s ovld taste of death Hkely all until first they see i6oanv T+ P a a ~ h s i w mi. one for you and one for Moses and 'Hhei PI) . after me.$$? follow me continually. n h p a g npbg 'rbv ' l q o o h 'Enlw&a. 32 6 62 n h p o g ~ a i 01 to fu~fill a t Jerusalem. And they became allent and to no One But the" keDt auiet b Ex~xEiva~g r a i g fipipatq and did-not'report t o hfiyyathav reported beck in those the days (anyone i n those days h tR 2 A. been chosen.Y 62 a h 0 0 Aiyovrog Lyivaro not realizing what he These Lthlngs) but of him saying Eerne t o be was saying.Li'Jah.s one 4 n a 1 a ~ u @ 3 f i o ~ ~ a ~6 . 27 A6yw 6L bpiv &ArlEOq angels. let him dis.they & y i v m &K ~ f i q~ q U q g h b o w a O h 6 c fearful. &mo&do Ka.: as these were being to be separated them from him separated from him.a$ aii. ~ p r i q piav a o i ~ a p i i w Mouasi ~ a p i i w SO let u s erect three three. ~ a a ihoi & a i y q o w ~ a l oir6cvi Jesus was found alone alone. And ithsppened In thc with him. Md. As they entered lnto the 35 CiOUd.

and whoever name of me me he ls rece~vmg. 46 Then a reasoning entered among 46 Eioilherv Entered but 66 S1ahoylppTS reasonlng them as to who would a h o i q . ~ a in order that not they might peroeive it. of You 1s t h e one that an yon exlstmg this (onel 1s great *" s ' " "+ 49 'Arro~~l'dsiq 'I~~ZC E 49 In ~~h~ Having answered S B I ~"Instructor.jrrwv. generatlon faithless and havzng been perve:ted. they saw. 43 A{mh~~uovro 62 r r ~ T E q m i 43 Well. the for TOG b0pbrrou pUlhs~ rrapaSi6ou0a1 si5 of the man is about to be gwen over into 6L b0P. I am begging of you to ook at "Teacher I beg you to take look at my h i TTV ui6v pou 671 p v o y ~ v i l q he is upon the son of m . However.r&ra. nai 0 6 ~ $6uvj9qcav. 6 r h p of YOU the words there. 56~6. Ety2& 2: . because only-begotten t t 2 e gqnv.q~hg abroG 44 Q i u & b p i $ sic ~h 6 ~ a dinc~ples of him Into the ears lodgment to these rrhav .. hAa86pcvoc wal6iov Eunla~v side him 4s and said having taken upon little boy made stand to them: "Whoever zap' LaurQ. 39 and. . the demon dashed him to the ground and 6~f~.~ set ~ -it ~ ~ . I n fact. TO. Kai were not Lnowmg the say~ng this. for t h e Son of man is destined to be deli"ered into the hands of men. boy and boy and gave hack him to father of him. and look1 spifit is rece~ving him. 48 r a i ~Trrwa d r o i ~" 0 5 Bv receives this young beride himself. fiyv60uv ." 45 But they continued without understanding of this saying.J" te words in noun ears. 37 On the 37 'Eyivsro 62 *Cis It happened but tdhe of rubsesuenee succeeding day. . . 65 6nr [tool. as t. The hut ' s u . took a Of them ~easoning of the heart v. .and who likely receives me recelves ~ b v hlm [also] that sent ipi SiFrl~al 6ixrra1 me he might receive he is reeelving the (one) me forth =or he that b conducts himself as a t m o m e i h m r h ps. the who likely might be greater (one) he the greatest of adrGv. how lone must1 fwq ~ 6 7 Luo ~ at ~ p d q bph5 ~ a ~0ntinu.d -0faithless ysveh h l u r o 5 ~ a i 61Empappivq twisted generatlo". nai ." .6iopai uou h ~ f h i l y a l saying Teacher. saymg thin. l n r child. 47 Jesus. TQ & ~ ( a e h p ~~ q . and by the use of your L~whhpw airriv TI OGK name and we tned to we were preventing hun because not prevent hlm. but they could not " 41 honp80dq 62 6 'I uoGq ETTTEY ' n 4 1 I n response Jesus Iiavinganrwered but the yesus saxd o . and lt him bruis~ng him.40 r a i i 6 z ~ 9 q v ~ f i v foam. TT ~ i c . my Is. 42 L r t SP rrpousp~opBvou a 6 ~ o G he was approachson of you. l. iva dlrcr~les of you m order that they should ihrow'out 40 And I beeeed -" "our d~sclples to expel it. . saying: hdywv A 1 6 a a ~ a h ~ . it was concealed from them that they might not i see through it. gave rebuke but the ?esus the zvctjpar. and Lpo~oho i p o ~ i a a l a h d v wepi TOG they were fearlng to repvest him about the p j p q ~ o qm h o u . and r r a p a a e ~ a h v pivov &z' a 6 6 v fiv it was having been eoneeakd beside from them iva pi ~ % ~ ~ W V T D I I 06~6. 6 yap ~IKP~TEPOF having rent off me. And him 3s And. and they were afraid to Duestion him about this saying. t ~ we ~ saw~ t ~ ~ .+ TOG 6xhou i P 6 q o ~ v man cried out from look! male person fmm the crowd called out a the crowd. he said to his disciples: 44 "Give pa9. h ~ r i ~ q w s 62 v 6 '1 uoG5 Yiolently him. look! i6oh &vip &.with i YOU untll when shallebe toward rou and and put up with YOU? &viCopai bpbv.ieht rese~ve this the little boy upon the my name receives me ~ L ~ Z T ~ . they all They were hang astounded but all upon began to be astounded p~yah~16rqn TOG 0mG.LUKE 9:37-43 308 309 LUKE 9:44-49 0 ~ x 6 ~ 6v L b p a ~ a v . zi6apiv Tlva ~ ~ . we Lv Ta 6v6paTi 'Ez~u.. because $ $ pc:cov 2 a F Et . ? havbg known the knowing t h e reasbning 6nahoy~wpbv ri5 ~ap6ias a h & of their hearts. Jesus convulsed together. 38 ~ a a i great crowd met 6paug rruvilvrq?~v a 6 ~ Q mountam met up wlth him crowd much. it."~o ' v uvvscnrhpa(~v. and I begged of the withdraws fmm hlm ~ n ~ & h w u l v after brutslng hlm pa0qrGv uou .. him to his father. afq hoist ET- rrpTg roirq all t h e things he was '&J and Jp&v 7065 A6youg T O ~ O W . O f God nhvrwv 6L 0ovpaC6vrwu Lrri Now as they were Of all (them) but wondering upon ail marveling a t all (things) which he was doing he said toward the doing. 47 6 6L ' I uoGq Ei6&< ." 42 But even ui6v uou. any of the things nothing of what (things) they have seen. from lnto ~onvulsions a h 0 9 OUVTP~POV alj~6v. a t the majestic power malestlc power of the God. the name Saw a celtaln man UOU i ~ P M h o v r ~ 6acp6vta. and not they proved able. ~ b v them. and eonvuiseo him Suddenly he cries out.jTO. & ~itl them. ?%:2 . be. rrpoo&yaye 6 6 s rdv shall I hold up of rovi Lead toward here the ~~~d your son over here. and said to them Who likely child on t h e basis of 6dcqra! TOGTO TT r a t 6 i o ~ h i T@ .a ii h u a ~ oT ~ YIebuked spirit the and he healed the spirit and healed the rr&i6a ~ a hii 6 w r s v adrbv T rrarpi adlotj. r a i exPellmg demons of y o u throwing out demons.te . 45 oi The (ones) but of men. + . nard06v~wv aha" drrrb TOG when they got down having come down of them from the from the mountain. of them. 6xhoq nohriq. 39 ~ a i1606 msGpa AapPQs! ad&. look! a him' and ~ a *FiOvqq i CP~CEI ~ a m i ap&was~ ati~bv and he cries dut. with with foam and Bcareefv it is =~tti"n -awsv. the for smallcrone in lesser among r r h o ~ v bpi" O n 6 p ~ o v 0 6 ~ 6 5 iqrlv irkraq. it throws him I J E T ~ drqpoG ~ a ip6ht hoxwpsi drrr. Yet but of him lng.

somwne said dnou L b htpxll. who lor hlm 0!k ~ U T t v ra8' bpbv h k p bp&v eqriv. . Be rov gohp under. where he t : f E ! ? 2 . way lnto dlReient vl&gi 56 80 they went t o a 67 Kai napruopfvov a 3 r b v i v T B 66Q different village.". 62 EITEV 62 n p 6 c at:. E i W o ev rcrrap-vcl. they went the. 59 Then he said ae said but toward different Be followlns to me.let sald but to hlm Let YOU go off the dead (ones) the dead bury kcnn&w ~ ~ x p o S q . 6 Tojthls they said: "Lord. Lord: but I &all follow to you."~~ve~. but YOU to bm the of themaelves dead (ones). p e ~~~ $2 HA:fll:&n ftt :. we shouYd tea to cornelawn fmm the do you want us t o oripavob nai O~TOljq. man has nowhere t o not is havlng where a e tesd hemav incline. the workers are few.. first but first me to t k i ~ p n y 6 v pol 6mor&E&1 ~oiq eis good-bye to those to me to set self off to the (ones) into In my household. L ~ ~ After these kingdom o f the Gcd." The man m . another: "Be my 6 62 'E~~T~+v ITP&TOVfollower. 58 a3~Q 6 ' I ~ o o O S Al & h h n e q~ $e ?q . 53 ~ a into i a village of of &maritan. Said but toward "NO man t h a t has Lnlpbv put his hand t o a O ~ e i q having b m s t u ~ o n the Jesus Noone plow and looks a t the hr' rai BALnwu upon and lookin9 things behind is well fitted for the klngdom 6niuw a i i 8 ~ ~ 6 g &urlv m lh the (things) behlnd well fitted is to the of God. K~SPIL.mother said: "I will 'AroAouB~oo aot. lay down his head. because 01 hlm was (one) gong ltm way lnto Jerusalem. d tha designated seventy and Sent . receive him.D not ~ men try to prevent [him]. James and John saw said ~ ~ ~ d . Kai sent Iorthme-ngers messensern before face of hrm. look1 forth am sending homahw bb&q & & p u a ~ & p 6 as ~ lambs ~ in among I am aendtng ofl rou as lambs In m d s t 60 sllrev 61 We6vn 8&v1 m. WPOTOV 61 follow you. % 'ST 10 %ze$ lo %:%% . And 55 But he turned CnopslS8quw e1q h t p w qv and rebuked them. beeaur the face 53 but they did not aJroG fiv r r o p ~ 6 p c v o v etq 'Iepouoahjp. not la down Ion) you over row 1s.""'nd Jesus Said tohim: E ~ o w l v ~ a i Th ~ E T E I Y ~ TOG 06-3 are having and the blrds of the heaven "Foxes have dens and ~ a r a o n q v h o ~ 8 q6 . to him: ' ' I where If ever you may be golng ofl.. Is great. 51 'EYLVETO 68 Pv TO oupnh poO08a1 ~ h ~t o ~ ~ ~ r but red in the to bolvlfiued the 1 p C p a ~ ?fig drvahiplycoq a h o G ~ a 0i1 3 ~ 6 s days of the taking up of him and he 310 311 50 LUKE 959-103 he is not following / with ~ u t Jesus said t o him: . u r d . And . thing8 the Lord T & T ~ &C&I$ 6 f b S u t these (things) design. ~ a i ETEPOS . to make 03x i6iEau?o a h 6 v . he began t o say t o 2 Www 68 npbg a h 0 0 5 '0 piv new~llsaylng but toward them The indeed them: "The harvest." 51 As the days were now to the full for him to be TPWOTOV ~ ~ P I U TO. N WOPE&&I face firmly set of the to be going his way taken up. a5 62 dead. 01 6 1 Cpy61Ta1 6hiy01. the Son of o l i ~ EXEO TOO I'Y KE ah4v rhiYn. 81 ~ I W E V6i.": srey8~~l&. the hut workera> but sald Permzt t o m s first said: "permit me flrst ~~ .&< 54 When the disciples $ * I :' clnav KSpre. l~opw8ivrcq ebfihbv eiq rh qv And they went their having gone theirway they entered into vilkse way and entered Z a apclrbv t r o l ~ d o a l ah+. tell flre t o come down heaven and to snnihllste them7 from heaven and 55 o ~ p a w i q 62 C n e ~ i p ocv adroiq.g re '2 my father." 59 ~f~~ 68 rr& Zrrpov 'A~oAo68n pot.q to hlm the Jesus The foxes ~~yt~e~. Now as they Eldv n q npdq a h b v 'A~ohovBjrro s o l On the said . not they reeezved him. 8 . Look' hameat of hlm. Said but nbo different (onel ." 60 But "Aqeq roc< ve~pobq he said to him: '. 6P ui6q TOG &3p5nov birds of heaven have toward him I shall follow to you we'e mad. 6sfi8qrr 06" 100 rupiou TOG 8eplop06 Therefore beg the beg rov therefom of the Lord of the harvest ~~~t~~ of the harvest mv t o send out workers 67~0s hDMn that he&ond thmst out into the into his 1605 O~p10p6v 016105. but harvest much.." T ~ V OTK& NOU. B ~ TOG ~ e00i). bnhyem' forth." 61 And atill of the ~ o d . Said but toward a6rbv 'lqooirq M? KUX~SLTP 8q y h p Jesus Not be rou prevehting. 52 ~ a i ~~OTEIAEY Into Jerusalem. And going thelr way of them in the way 5. 62 Jesus said to him: the house of me. .LUKE 9:50-58 ClroXou8ei PEW fip&v. his face was set for going t o Jerusalem.of God.marti. 56 r a i annihilate them?" Having turned but he r e b a e d advance of him. you but away and declare ~ e b v ~I&~YEME +V ko~hciw having gona o f ! be declarrog abroad the klngdom abroad the kingdom TOO 8roJ. indeed. the but Son of the man r o ~ s t a but . and he sent ofl Jerusalem. to prepare to him: and 8a. 8 r 1 16 l r p 6 m o v preparation for him. 54 ~~~~~i I$"'.tans. gEP.hplos L ~ L p o ~ g CBSopj~ovra 660 ~ a others i r a r d awerent (ones) seventytwo and them forth by twos h t m e a h c v a h h hvh 660 6 b n m advance of him sentoff them UP two two every and n p o o h o v ah03 81s n60w ~ M l v ~ a 1l h o v place to whlch he c l t ~ and Place of face of him into every himself was going 08 fipehhev Then t o come.. 52 S o he &yyihouq npd w p o d l r o u ah&.(Ip&q ~ d j l q . 60 ctnev 62 n p a q he Is foilowlng with us. for he that is against q YOU IS for YOU. he firmly Bet his face to go to EIS ' i ~ p o u w a h j p .

19 Look! I rro6v-ra. t h a t city. have peace. -. be transferring from 8 rai siq fiu hv m M ~ v alof xqoec house t o house. Ways and Say. eome near to YOU: 6U rilhlv ~lobheqrr xai p i I LO But wherever YOU likely dtY YOU mlKht enter and not enterinto a and 66)6wvmt k S d 8 6 v ~ c ~ El' they do not receive they may e reeeivlllg having come out into You. that. will repose itself . to YOU: besizes thfs be mu knowing that keep this in mind. 17.da! because Woe to y o : . kU@isre YOU enter into a city roo. r n a ~ a r r a f i o ~ house ~ ~ . i t will turn back oinip ( ~ b v ~ ~ c .t fc I : . lnz wtat b u t . 12 "Wnp tn vou. . 15 Kai u6 KaQapvuoGp.. . And h e t h a t dlsm i i . But if there Is upon it will bend 7 In 6~ ah6 but 62 Til 'lie not. ploeoO ahoiroir..-. Nevertheless. ' ~ n g d o m of ~ o has d the klngdom of the Gad. 14 vAt)u T 6 p ~sequentiy i t will be they ecsme repentant.10 ei S. Beth. TU = a ~ ~ l 8 i vb i ~v .~ 9 eat things set the (thins*) being uut alongside to you. wages.. 'May this gav ~ U E ? fi u ~ b qci iqq. -.r o i q ' E B ~ b ~ o u " he said t o them: 01 YOU. Best es Tyro more endurable far K U ~ X16ilY1 &YEKT~TE~OY t u ~ a t i v 3 Tyre and SVdon in and to Sidon more endurable it will be in the the judgment than for u IUEI bpi". 16 "He t h a t listens t o YOU listens t o me 18 '0 &noSov ir Gv 6 oo0 &oriel The tone) bearlng o f ~ o n o f m s he 1s hearing. 4 p i pCrm&&~~ paM&vnov. .. and they mar%=recelvlnp be you and the they receive you. h0rrci la dlaregarding the lone) having aent off me.q 12 I tell YOU t h a t day i t will be more t r e i v t ~ &YEYT~TLPOY S O T ~ I i) n6Xc1 endurable for Bod'om that more endurable ltwill be than t o t e eltY In that day than for Lrrivp. pfi Eog heaven wlll you be exalted? to heaven? D~~~ to not mtll Ha'des' YOU wlll come! TOG $60" na~aBbq. Seventy. He sald but to them I Was beholdmg "1 began t o behold ~ b X v mw% &wrp+v iu roo0 olSpavoO Satan already fallen lishtnlng out of the heaven Ilke lightning from the satan 6 b 6 w ~ a bpi" ~ f i v heaven. And Y O . peace will rest upon 69' bvhq hva~hugel.' if eve? there may be aon o?ueace. wyat .rrpe%?v .Ld. x A B J * ~ She'ol. nor ~ a i 11q6iva a food pouch. 14 Canfmr6quw. ca. &~STGY buhc LuL I .". . nor a"d no One 1 sandals. d wolves 4 Do not wolve* Not be you carrying uum.-AI~ .per. L v bpi". You. . odai UOI Choradni Woe to yo. 16' Ha'des. eating and rh rap' adr& . ~ . n&Aao Frv & don. 'The 1 P a o ~ A ~ i a703 OEOO. nor C B ~ W purse. 19 i6ob Look1 I have given to You the have given YOU the having falien. And Into what IIkelY elty roo may 8 . they would long having takenulace In rorr.: Cauernaum. they provide. Aiyw TI I ' $:. returned wlth 17 ' Y r L m p aeventytwo joy. ! & o : cure the sick ones be row curing the A~YETC ahoiq IHY~IKN in it. will you jukment than to uov. I tool. ci 66 I peace IS there. long ago Ilkel9 in ago have repented oh~uy rai um6Q na0fipcvoi sitting in sackcloth 'lttmg saiackdotn and shes and ashes. worker Is worthy o f ~ E T ~ P ~ ~ V E&t T E o l ~ i a q eiq o ~ K ~ (lN his .. 6 rJp5p. I I 1 ?. ~ l r a v aulhaia -rot &oG. him. . YOUR u m n him the peace of YOU: if but net?$&. . 9 and ~ E P ~ R E ~ E T LTO. 6 And If a friend of h' arirdv fi d p j y bpGv. . and go o n be rou saying to them Hasdrawn near telling them. r a i r h 6atp6vla even the demons are w ~ t h 1 0 ~ BOYins Lard. 17 Then the 62 01 IP60pfirovra 660 seventy. Xn Bethaaida. s i t ~ o b rr66aq g dmopmm6pa8a feet lrom city o Y Y O ~into the feet we are wlping OE we wipe Off against'i. soStay in house be You staying.. . Eo8oms ~ a i r i v o m q to YOU.Chora'zin! Woe t o you. drinking the things the lthingm) beside them. . 15 And you. norsiv h&vw 6vov a<rth&ity t o trample t<ovo:av r o t n u l h o l l ! ~ uf the to he trompling on top orrrwnts unrlerfwt serpenls . t 2 g A 'ti' 1' 2' ti:? A bpiv TI I o M p o t q h. xACWSyn. for the reward of him. R e t u r n y but the pgrh xapciq hiyovrrq KGptc. go out into its rhcn~ias airarc 1 1 Kai T ~ V broad . $%?I the nadea you wlli came dawn. 6 EL C c i & B ~ i 5 * he thal dlsrrteards me hels disreCardlng: the tonel but me dlsrrgm3lnel dlsreeards lnlsol hlm t h a t sent me faith:' rbv tmouraihm& p ~ . perhaps he exalted odpavoO blyw8juu. 13 O6ai mot Xopa<siv. and do not K ~ T U T ~ V &dro&o d e 5 € 1 ~ I anybody in down the way you shoul! greet. ~. Into 6' hv cfukht?q~a oi~iav greeting along the but Hkely YO" mlaht enter house .herevel. YOU.< a%B 5 $. . that t h e kingdom of hararswn near &ingdom of the God. broad ways of it say roo And the 11 'Even the dust K O V I O P T ~ V T ~ V ~ o h h q 8 i v ~ $pi" a &K 76' dust the lone) hsvlng stuck to US out of the that got stuck to our d h r w q 6 in.Y%?' 2% k?. because If in Tyre and Sidon t h a t have taken place in YOU had taken ai kyevj0qoav a 1 6uv&yq i ' took ulaee the Powerfu wor s the (ones) place in Tyre and 8 yrv&pm.LUKE 10:4-11 Of 312 12 313 I am saying to rav that to Sodom in the LUKE 10:12-19 Abrov. I . eating and dllnking that house. ri E v T l j p ~r a i X I ~ & V if I the powerfui works Bq0ua16h.Sl. also the demons made subject t o us b r r o ~ & o r r a ~ 1piv ivv r Q 6v6pmi by the use of your are subjecting themselves to us in the name name. Do not be You solng across out 09 house lnto house. God has near. : JT. before YOU.Y. rrh'v s o 3 ~ 0 ylvirunprE gr. road 5 Wherever ACYETC oirW 6 You enter into a house be YOU mylng toT$= house this.... d say first. 18 ~ i n e v 62 d . saying: "Lord. rai 61 wvml brciq. e ~ & d sYOU dlsrerards a% the tonel dlrre4ardlna iou' h e me 11001 Moreover &8rrr:.'' 18 A t t h a t oau.

rai < teaus. of the enemy.~ r a~ i~ Anmaiq down from Jerusalem Jeru~slem into Jericho and to robbers to Jeri. and the and."'and you will g e t thls and YOU wllilive.your ~ A q o l o v oou dIc. and he BoCAqra! 6 uibq h 0 .. hearing but did not you are hearlng and not they heard. $ . p 9jehovah." 25 NOW. W e said but 2g H~ said to him: 'Op8bq dnrrrpi8qs TOOTO r r 0 i ~ l "you answered eorCorrectly youanswered: thia be ddnp: rpc+. a eericwliS ~ c r r i B a t ~ v & fi 6 6 0 taln priest was going prlest some was going down In the way down Over t h a t road. and yourrvealei them and have revealed y n i o l s mi. 24 ALyw y h p bviv 6. . : I $ & 2 $2: 27. see them. d ' to whom t h e Son is may be wrshxog the Son to wllllna to reveal him. the man to stncv mid toward n p 6 ~rbv the '1yooOv e m s And Kai r who i 6 0 ~ :: $ 0 ~ ~ "Who realy is nhnoiov.ig Crr18tv. revey' .. Besides in thls lthlng) 20 Nevertheless.. and Father of me. r j o r t .ife?" 26ns~one) hut aald toward him in 26 He said t o him: ~i ~bpcmrcl'. be You reloldng hut that but rejoice because rh 6 v 6 p a r a bpixr tv i y p m a ~ kv TO?< YOUR names have the names of roo have L e n lnscrlbed In the been inscribed in obpmoi<. ~ a 066elq i ~IW~IOK TL / <I & ~ I Vme by my Father. are aublecting thembe~ves..Or.71 beholding. . "What Is written in V~%Q what ha. o l vai tn6iimavrr~ arlrbv . the way approved by nhvra pol rrape668q Srrb r o t you.3A 6 6 ~ w o i . a 'Ev 76 &pg the heavens. looklag at and not beholding but did not ' ts 2% 2%.dghbod Wavingtakenunder the ?ems aald reply Jesus said: "A ~aTfpatvEV 'Av%~6q was gong down certain man was going ' I ~ ~ ~ ~ . Father. ri . and 706 ix8poLi r a i o G h . q oou. leaving him fif18avfi. 20 ~ A i v b TO~TQ meansho ~ o u ~ h u r t . 22 All thlngs 22 AU (things) tome were xiven over by the have been deilvered to n a r p 6 ~ vou. ra5m h b o o &v have carefully hldden You carefu b id these ithlng. they mw. and t o hear rai CrnoGoal & and to hear what IthlnBsI t h e thlngs you are &YO~ETE l a i O& jl(0wW." See ~ p 4. .. 30 SrroAap&v b 'I moLiq d n ~ vmy neighbor?. who also havlngstdpped him and both stripped him and inflicted blows. been wrlttenl the Law? HOWdo you hoxp. ~ .Teacher. and no one Is knowing who la who the son no one 6 ulb< sf p$ 6 l r d p ~ a 1 'ric torlv knows but the Father.' end nothing not not nothing will bv any h 6 .r~g h j h 9 o v CtgLvrcq blows having putupon they went offhavingletgo Off went OR. 29 '0 62 8Lhwv 61nalGoai Laurbv he lone) hut willing to juatlfy hlmseu prove himself wanting righ. Father nralse vou. hear them. and nhqy.n)v h p ~ and and seorplons." 23 with t h a t h e 2'3 Kal mpaqeiq n&q T$ p&r&q And having turned toward dlael~ler turned to t h e disciples K ~ T ' i6iw elmu Marhplol ol by themselves and nccordlng to prlvate Ispot1 he ssld HapDY the Said: "Happy are dg8aApoi 01 PMrrovreq & the eyes t h a t behold eyes the (ones1 looklng at what ithlnpll the things you are phkcrr.. Many noAAoi npoqfimr r a i Bamthciq *9BUllocn. .. In the hour that very hour he hyaAh&mro " mcirpcrrl r r $ & y i ~became overjoyed he became exultant s ~ l r l t the holy in the holy s p i n t r a i c7rrev 'E~opohoyo0pai 001. will hurt. r a i h a ~ h h w y a arirh and intellktual ones. b m .:~ 01you love Jehovah' Your you With Your kg 6h7q y p 6 i a < oov nai h. by doing what having done re everlastins sharl I Inherit? shall I inherit 6 i ETTEV r r d s d r 6 v 'Ev 6 .lookl a [bob vop1~6~ TI$ 25 Kai ~ n d look oneverred m the law some certain man versed in & v L q trmlp&<wv a6-rbv h g p v A 1 6 6 v ~ a h c . the Son If no the ~ s t h e r . 28 e t n w 6 L neighbor a s y ~ u r s e l f ! ~ neighbor of you as ourse elf.cho and fell neptLrremev.i< ~ ~' I E A~+ s .eeiq read?" 27 ~n answer The (ON) but w i n g he said: "'You must oDU d ~ r v 'Ayarr'oe~c love Kf. Aceordingto eolnetdcncO but by coincidence. 31 Now. t o B ~ O O ~ Y P testlngout him sayzng Teacher. test him out. . 24 For YOW are lwklng at I em ssylng for to mu that I say to you.a1 among robbers. K ~ P ! E TOG 06pavoO ~ ( a i 7-5 XTI i o r d O? heaven and Lord of the heaven and oflhe beesuaa earth. mcau76v. 6 md)p 6 1 1 o h o q them t o babes. 6~ iaXlil oou whole soul' and with of you and in who?e the Strength Of You your whole strength . ~ :~ o r d RAE.. the Father: because thus 0 ~ ~ tbecause h ~ ta ~ . r a i h i %r&ocn. do thus came t o be well-thmkins it came to be In front ' o f you.keea on ~ doinr. and r a i m o p n i w .LUKE 10:20-24 314 eT6au. and said: rrollioag t$iv aihvlov K A ~ OVOJ~~~W .the Law rose up. 1 1 . to babes: yes. 31 nark O v y ~ u p i w 62 half-dead. n & ~ e pand said: "I publicly and said I a m confeaalngout to you. one alf-dead. rat d v and with your whole and In wh3e the mind of you. 61 7fi eart of you and In whoye the heart and with you1 out of who o Ka. ' a n d who la and the Father 6 na*p el p? 6 uibq nai 6 hv is no one [knows] the Father d no the Son and to whom Ukelr the son. ~ ." 21 In heavens. Yes. ~s e~:et2~1& % %% %G? . e66o~ia Ly6vs~o Epnpoo8tv oou. 30 I n . who fell about. and upon all the mwer over all t h e power 06 pi of the enemy. do xaipere 6r1 h melipam be You relolcing that the a~irita brrorhooerat xaipe~e 62 X r a made subject t o YOU.) from wlaa ?onen) these thrnes from wise rai ~ I & v . because hkupuylarj. 315 LUKE 10:25-31 v scorpions. and mmprehendmg lanes). 16eiv prophets and kings many prophets and kings dealred toseo desired to see the bp~iq B A h r a i O ~ Kthings YOU are what (things) You .

.YY ai2. therefore. 34 nai VoudBdv was moved with pity. and having come toward 34 So he approached ~arLSqucv ~a ~ p a 6 p a r aa 6 r G h ~ x L w v him and bound up his he bound down the wounds of h ~ m pouring upon wounds. f't Then he mounted him h i 76 i 6 w KT~VOS wonhis own beast upon the own beast of burden and brought him to eiq rrav+x~iov ~ a ih s p ~ h i ( d q a6700. just as a6ro0.%a1 had a sister called Who air0 Mary. were going their way In but the to be going their way them he entered into a a6rdg ciu{hBsv ~ i qr6pqv r ~ v & yuvi 6 i certain village. fi 6 ~ 6 ~ . : k$ ~ ~ ~ ~ ! I : you that has left me alone 02" a6e tva to attend to things? therefore to her in hat % ! te Tell her. n66a5 700 sat down a t the feet feet of the of the ~~~d and &3. disciples. I in t o be coming backupon Iepay you when h066uw uol. that.".' rplGv ~Aquiov ." Jesus 'IqooOq noptriou mi oh n o i ~ l then said to him: "Go Jesvs Be galng your way and you be domg your way and be doing duoioc. when he saw him hlm.'Father. John also taught his Of him. and said. to the man that fell among the robbers?" 31 6 68 ETTEV -0 rr~ljua 5 The (one) but said The (one) havingdone 37 He said: "The one 76 WEOF PET' ab~oO. o f few (things) but is need 42 A few things. Here he entered Into village some: woman but s certain woman TIT 6v6part MdrpBa brr~6bEaro a 6 d v named Martha wme to name Martha received under him received him as guest downon . when he got Levite down on the place having eome and down to the ~ a ? and t6&v n j v oiaiav. 32 6poiw5 68 rai the opposlte slde went along by opporlte taken away Kai L ~ ~ V E T O 6" T& r l v a ~ a b ~ 6 v bv fromnot her. Said but to h m the toward him. =or& 6i6aEov teach fip65 us rr Obepraying. let your name be ri." 68 ad~oiq w~TaY 2 ETTEY 2 Then he said to ~e said hut to them whenever nhrEp. and whatever you b 6v Lrravipx~u8ai spend besides this. a T I iiv' rrpoo6anaviluq5 'Take him. wrpi nohhfiv on the other hand. the =ord to her Martha. and that likely you might ~ ~toward l ~ ~ care d of him. 6 ~ 0 ~o O 6 ~ . sttending So. 35 And the Lni 7i/v aGptov ir6ahbv next day he took upon the morrow havingthrvrtout 6&% Out two de-nar'i'is EBwncv r& rrav6ox~iuai ETTEV 'Err~pshfieqn he gave to the i d e e p e r and said ~~k~ of gave them to the innkeeper. For her Man for the or oione: o6r & I P E ~ ' U S T ~ Id ~ f i q . 40 4 kept listening to his of him.": h&'zz. say. $re . c1mv 68 ah+ 6 that acted mercifully the mercy wlth him."zd efi ?Y. likewlae but also 32 ~ ~ k e w l s ae~ e v l t e Aeuairqq ~ a r a r6v ~ 6 x 0 ~ &e&v nai also.Lord. 42 dhiyov 6& ~ O T W ~ p ~ i a many things.ed5 6P wm~hh@qrat.ip 11 - A 11 & &y. 35 an inn and took into mn and he took care of him. 3 T& EPTOV T ~ V k~ngdom come the 3 Glve us our bread k~ngdom of you: the bread was leaving down to be serving? ce ~a~6Aslrrrv A '%$ 6la~ov~iu. . a certain one of his disciples said to aai 'lo=vqq t6i6aEcv ~ o b q v a e q ~ h 5 ~a0hq as also John taught the disciples him: . to $". 39 ~ a i the house. the same vourself. havingstood h l u r h upon but 68 05 @ E I 001 TI not does lt matter to you that +EV sad l)i:p : z J 2. . many (things). are needed. a t seeing him. And being cane Ti6~ $ 2 ~upiov Lord but Kdouphnb 9 % toward the having sat alongside was hearing napara&u8cioa rrp6g roc5 the word < ~ o u r v ~ d vh6yov was bevlg &traded 68 Martha MWa rr~p~smriiro into the house. who. which one these the I come back here. 316 havmg seen 317 el5 into LUKE 10:39-11:s to the (onel but d 7 6 v but. ae&w 4 let he ranet~fied the name of you. and i t . about myoh was distracted with was flv ' road came upon 6 m and. 39 This woman also 4 ." she might give MhpBa 41 In answer the Lord 6 ~ 6 ~ ~M&pBa 0 5 ~ T r r ~ vC n j q her: ~ a r t h . hiyt~a may bepraymg.. duties. ~ ~ ~ said t hto ~ : ''Martha. U ~ ~ X . to CrrroKp. Mary chose the her. however. . good Part or just one. he went by on &vnrrapjh8rv.." ~~d ithappened in the t o b e him in r6nw ~ t v i T T ~ O U W X ~ ~ B 6V 5 OLrrabua70 V."e t<d. as he ceased. him and nai i6bv 6la~o" she many does and near i t not said: matter ‘'Lard. pouring oil and wine upon them. he LmhaypiuBq.' sion of his being n a certain place sin& said someone TI5 of T&V the P d~seiples ? B ~ T ~ vof ah him 0 0 toward =&C i praying. a .rQ rropr6m8a1 allroJ<.LUKE 10:32-38 el(Eiv~. Let your B a u l h ~ i a m u .aue~~o . teach us how topray. let eome ' t h e sanctified. not will% liftel UP from mod oortion. Kuplr. 41 Raving a w e r e d but 101" In helping me.. Maptap y a p n j v ckyaefiv p ~ p i 6 a though. 40 Martha. serv~ng. when he air& him Kljp~r.J B ~ ~stopped. war moved with PI*. Lord.~. be saying Father." 38 Now as they 38 'Ev 6L . them: "Whenever YOU rrpooe6~r~o~~. you are ~ E P I ~ V @ rai ~ 8o~uPhCp you are ~ ~ X I O U and S you are bemg disturbed about anxious and disturbed about rrohh6. 6 o n ~ i u o ~ EYoY6vaI 36 Who of these three Ulree neighbor lt seems to you t o l a v e become seems to you to have 700 Lprrrr~u6vrog si5 TOG< h OT&< made himserf neighbor of the (onel having fallen into the m%bers°. Nbar a n the oocaplace some praylng. The word. of him. together. 36 T ~ S 70lj~0v 7ilY shall give back to YOU. part. pray.

how will stand the himself. and no? should youbrlngln us debt to us. because to me ttree loaves. same but out a t them them sald: "He expels 6a. 15 TIV& S b LS a h a v 15 ~~t certain ones of E T O W ~ S . ~ n dwondered the dumb the crowds man 6oov lpfical.. iueq. If and not he wxllglve to hlm and give him anything . and It will be given to Y O U . . . 6 5 1 & y . means of Beel'zebub. demons hEPo. how will paucheicl aZnaG 871 hiye~r &v his klngdom stand? kinedom of him$ Becauae Yon are saying in Because YOU Say I tr & h a ~ ~ pz T& Sa~pilYta. exlrt~ng have known gifts good to W glvmg wicked.. Kai &8abpancnr o i dumb lone). he will not rlse u p 8 hCyo bpiv. 7 r&raivot Eu&cu dnro%pt8riq I one from lnslde says and that lone1 from rnslde hav~nganswered 1 in reoly . The doormight say to me troubles be havlng beslde. "Ight him oci mldnight and might my to ham Friend. me trouble. alrci~e ~~i so8fioEra. 4 And forgive day. I7 2 .iu. Everyone for 6 ah&v hap@-. ~ ~ T E ~ T E E~P~~UETE1p0bc1a be rou see&g. hand him a scorpion? n~oprriov. . is already locked. 5 Further.~cia &+' t a v r j v 6~apeptoBsi~aI t o them: ''Every kingvery &don upon itself having been avlded dam divided aRainSt tpqpo5ral Kai ol<ov itself comes t o desai.bub the ruler of the demons. know how m i q ~ i p o t g b &v n&v pmhou 6 to give gifts to to the chr~dren tohow much rather "the how m j p 6 be dpavo6 6i)u~l TVcUlla more SO will t h e pather the ionel a u t o i heeven wlll glve splnt Father in heaven give &ytov ~ o i q ~ITO adr6v. &mi ix&q 691v aGTQ lmtead of fish ~ r ~ e to n t him WlllgfveuW*? a serpent instead of a 12 fi rai al. asking hlm!" ofrod. 'Friend.. trn6iwa1 a i ~ Qfish? 12 Or if he also or also he 4 1 ask egg. . and let go off to us the ska of us: us . and house upon house lation. and M everyone 70 K ~ & L ~ f i p i u ~ n . nothmg t o set before out beside him: hlrn. den a friend of mine has pou rapayiva~o 6606 np6q lust come $0 me on of me came to be alongside out of way toward me a journey and I have r a i obn E w 6 rrapa8fiow a O r ~ . 10 rr&g yhp and It will be opened to you. end uov wlll find: be rou knocilng. and a house [divided] against itself T~TEI. if his fish. and do not bring us into ~ i qmtpanp6v. &vo~yiuc~a~. I keep on knoelung.&vatSiav of him. temptation:" into temptalon. and ~iva 6 P t e b p i v opened. rai knocking knocking i t will be to the (one) flnds. 6 mr1Sj cpihob loaves.rTocl Gbv. the father wlll ask the son will perhaps hand him trrt%m€l.LUKE 11:4-10 318 319 LUKE 11:Il-18 htodotov 6ihu fipiv rir ~ a e l for t h e day according upon IdaYl belng be givhg to us the seeording to t o t h e day's require4pkpav 4 aui a 4piv ~ h &pa g r i a 5 fip&v ment. and my y o ~ n g rhllaren are wtth mu in b<d va16ia pou ~ F T ' LpoG cig ~ j v K O ~ T ~1 Yc a n n a rise uu and little children of me with me into the bed glve you anythlng ' E~O~V 06 6GYCIpaa h m h i 6o0vai ooo. I O V expelling lp ~ a~dumb h e was t ~ 62 m 5 Saopoviov tSEh86woq 11happened bnt of the demon having come out demon. oq ~ i o v . ~ ~a? 14 ~ Kai n d hefiv was throwlna &K@M~w out ~ demon ~ I ~ ~ V KWO~U' dumb. through in fact the la& of modcsty ah00 t cp0riq aJrQ of hlm havkg UP he . Which One but out o f You which father is there It wlll be opened.~lg. sign began out but of heaven from being made debdlsto. hstrl 2$e ~2 % & ::. 13 ~i o3v bpriq rravrlpoi scorpion? 1f thcrcfor.~q oi6aTa 66para hya8h S~SLV?~ YOU. s K&YA bpiv heyw of as many as he r in need. not son asks far a fish. ~ ~VJS ~ m8fiocrat fi is also divided against himelt was dPv~ded. loan me three pol T hp~ouq.poviwv the demons by means $$YE~O r tte 'e Barcsb6h Beelzebu1 :. l7 Knowing their c16hq T& 61avofipqa rtrrcv a h o i q imaginstlons he said knowing of them the lmaglnatrona -Id to them nhrrol o. ." 16 However. Keep on asklng. and it will be opened to you 10 FOP everyone asklng receives. Although are. 11 Indeed. i ~ $ ~ ~ ~ . rrslph<omq temptmg of Beel'ze. . 9 Accordlnel~ I say t o YOU.Q Oihc. . if although being Im&pxpm. 18 S/ 6L K~ 6I ' xzl$ &fn ffalls. Be rau asking. not I am able h a w s s t w up to give you.. d v w m i p a a l ~ f i u c ~6 u i b ~ Iy0Gv. the the ~ ~ $ 4 5 . U t dmerent o p j . and eYelyOne seeklng - t o tempt seeking a him. for r a i yhp a3roi & $ ~ o ~ E Y n a v ~ i ourselves also forgive also for Very lonell wesre iettinggooft toeveryone everyone that is in 6~rihovrl 4piv ~ a p i' €iUW&yng< fipBq owing to us. 1 1 4 among YOU who.9 ? And t h a t end not I am i a v i n l whleh I mleht . quit rnakmE ainn M' pol K6nouq nhpcyc. he said 5 Kai E T ~ V rr&q a(Irodq Tiq t S And he snld toward them Which one out of 1 to them' "Who Of have a friend and bp&v E n Oihov r a i rrope0aara1 npbq will go him at midrev Wlll~ave Mend and wiU go his way toward and say to a h 6 v y n w w i o u nai inn air~. maweled. So if Satan ~tis falling. he wlll give upan to hlm for an egg. X4?z? finds. And I to rov am sayi&g. others. If but also the iw7bv 6 . expel the demons hY B=<~paGh ~ e e l r e b u l to be rowing out me the demons. and it will be given YOU:keen on seekme. heaven &vaur& 6th 76 E T V ~ I fihov haYlnE stooi un throuah the to be riend admi. at uai od 6 5 0 ~ 1 &TO I am ssylnp to You. r j v . and the lone) aeeking 1 62 but w:$fis~g z:ke persistence he will get up and give him what things he needs. ~ a i 6 <q-r&v the lone1 esklnp reselves. nai &votyjor~al bpi". rov wlcked lonesl Therefore. b. demon came out. and YOU W ~ I find. ~UIY holy spirit to those holy t a the loner) asking blm. And 6 ~ h o t . 8 I tell YOU.

. and he t h a t does not gather ouvhywv p t p o 6 o~oprril. 22 h h v 62 i o x u p 6 ~ ~ p osomeone q stronger than belongings of him. he hut he said: .nci and having entered they are dwelling there). with the generation this and this generation and . and the final IS becomzng the last (thmgsl of the man e ~ r c u m ~ t a n c of e s that man become worse k r i v o u x ~ i p o v a T&Y WP~TW. Sign will be given ~ ao i q v ~ i o v 06 6 0 9 j o ~ r a 1 Ei 76 it except the sign of and s ~ g n not will be alven to it "Ot the Jo'nah. 2 2 : . Whenever the strong Lmanl 2 1 When a strong ~aBwnhtovbvo Qvhho T ~ Yman.veh will rise K ~ ~ U E I p ~ 76s ~ & y s u ~ % q T U ~ T ~nS a i in the judgment with judgment. 32 The men here. than the first " that worse of the first (things1 21 ' E y b c r o 68 t v T$ A~YEW a d d v 27 Now as he was It haoDened but m the to be samng him savlne these thtnes raha Crrhpacrh these (thmg~l having llfted up yuvi LK TOG bxhou STTIEY woman out of the crowd sald fi Daorhoaoh oe nai womb t h a t carried you 6 ~ o t h i a. BEY my house out of which the house of me from where 25 I moved. the sons of rou in whom ' do sons expel t~Phhhouo~v. and the (one1 against me. 19 If it is by means I in Beerzebu1 I a m throwing out the of Be-el'zebub I expel 6at~6vta. rather. by whorh demons. If but . ' dpionov ~ 6 . 24 'Orav 76 h ~ h 9 a p ~ o v r r ~ ~ O v a 24 "When an Whenever the unclean unclean spirit comes tcih811 dm6 r o J & V ~ P ~ W O U ~ . 26 Then it goes its way and 26 -r6= rrope6~rao nai rrapahailBhvt. Then it goes its way and takes along takes along seven E. he started to say: # p i< c ro hiyr~v 'H YZVE~ a 6 ~ 0"This generation is a he started ta be raying The generation this wicked it y ~ v r & rrovqph twrw o q p ~ i o v .iquer him. it passes might come out from the man. with me scatters. v &v+auow. because shecame O I ~ ~ the O ~ the earth hear the rrcphrwv ~ f i q yeq & ~ o G u a l ~ i v o q m i w wisdom of Sol'o-mon. 23 qv C . nai ~h and he divides out the he had been trusting. really demons.rEpa r r v c ~ p a r ar r o v q p 6 .~!.LUKE 11:19-26 19 E/ 320 321 LUKE 11:21-32 62 tyd i v BEE@obA I~Phhhw & I . i ~ i v T& belongings continue in of himself courtyard. s ~f~a ~ o G i-n~b. it is passing 61' QG6pwv ~ h w Sqroin.. But generation wicked 1s.' 25 And ShB6v sdpion~l oxoh~jovra. 6 ' l w v t s TO?< N I Y E V E ~ ~ Ioq&I S ciov. O ~ ~ T W in S the Same way the Jonah to the Ninevites mgn. adorned.Ninevites will stand up m of Nin'e. ~ a places i in search Of through waterless places seeking restmg-illace..32 &v6psq N I V E V E& ~V Ta ~u I ~ j o o v ~fv a l here. looks for a sign. 29 When the crowds 29 T&v 58 dxhwv h a 9 p o ~ l o v E v w vwere massing togetho f the but crowds masrrngupon er. t r r ~ r r o i i 3 ~ ~ . 'I will return t o 76" 01~6" pot. I s t h e peace.P-od the // 2 ~2. having been s w e d and having been adorned.T .ll he judges ~ p a r a iEoavrat.r ~ h i y ~ l 'Y~TouT~&$~ eiq finding then it is naytng I shall return Into after finding none. 2 tnri and. after getting nai siwhB6vra uaro. wicked than itself. 28 a h d q 68 E T ~ E V YOU sucked!" 28 But rearts which you sucked. he takes away T ~ Y rravorrAiaY a l j ~ o c a i p ~ l tp' the full armament of him he lifts up upon WhlCh his full armament in Which he was trusting.' ' Queen TOY will be raised u p in tycp8rius~al t v KP~UEI will be raised UP in the judgment with the menjudgment the of this generation with the hdp&v 7% ~ E Y E ~ S raGqq male of the generation this and and will condemn ~ara~~iv aljro6q. &pa God's finger I am throwlng out the demons. ~ a i 6 me down on me is.different spirits more dmerent apliiia more wreked of itself seven. 2 1 8 r a v 6 really overt&ken you Gad..fe .: % k k %?i 2 0 7 XoT I $ 5 . Male persons . lrmits of the earth to hear the wisdom I o h o 3voq ~ a i6ob i rrhaov I o h o p G v o ~but. 61h TOGTOaljroi b &v them? neeause of this are they throwing out? Through this they opzou they w. a w " . k~i. oi vioi 3v&v iv T ~ V ! the demons. and the things he despoiled 61a6i6wo1v. According ar for became sign t o the Nin'e. 22 But wheh 6rrhpxov~a aljroii. the ionel havillg carried you and and the breasts that the cavity k a o ~ a i oqq L 8 j h a u a ~ . he (onel not bemg with him of 23 He t h a t is not on my side is Lpair nar' l p o J t m i v . and. 30 ~a8i)q y h p tyivs-ro a sign of Jonah. it says.No. thus will the Son of uids TOO &vepi)nou nu? 6 Eorat mman be also to this man willbe also the Son of the generation.I ~ P X E out T ~ of ~ a man. I f hut in finger ~t is by means of tyd i~Ph?Xw T& 6alpiiv~a. 20 €1 6L t v 6 a ~ ~ G h v f ! YOU.vites. look! 'Omething 09 solbmon: and loow something more of solomon more than SOUO-mon 6 6 ~ .ill judgedown them. r a h 31 Pa-ihl-oa h * o of the south generation this. slgn it is seeking. si brt fih8w i~ T&V them: because she came from the ends of . MEVOOV p ~ ~ h p 1 0 1 01 ~KO~OYTEF Happy are those rndeed therefore happy the (ones) hearing the word of ~ 6 v h6yov TOO BEOJ ~ a @ i ~ h h m o o ~ ~ ? q . gathering wlth me is scattering. 20 if judge* willbe. 31 The YEVC+ . . he is giving through. God and keeping it!" the word of the God and (ones) guardmg. the E@8aosv L@' t p 8 q 6 p a u ~ h c i a TOG came ahead of upon roo the kingdom of the klngdom of God has 9roO. 30 For just o q p ~ i o v 'Iwvt. well armed having been armed iown may be g u a r ! m g the zuards his oalace hls ?avroG aljhjv. and i n s ~ d ethey dwell yiverac ~ t r Eoxara TOG hveprjnov there. whenever but atranger he is comes against ali~oO h~h8i)v vr~fioq him a n d conquers of him having come upon he might co. and a resting-place. on arrivlng it finds having come it finds being it swept clean and o~oapwpbwvov ~ a i KEK OopqJI~ Y O Y .

You is full of plunder Inside 0 mu s uU 0 Plunder and wiokedness. torat ~ w r i d v dhov c b ~ 6mv be bright dark.rGAov t i irv to be borne. look' sotn~thtng nA~iov 'lava 6 6 r 33 036. one of YOUR flngers! qhV eEO? . also the bod: of YOU dark. Your whale uou qorlv6v imtv.- . 160J nb~a K * $ ! things that are inside. tn2rv 61 no pbg body is also bright. and the men in evidence. but those other to let go beside. TI ~ ~ O ~ E K ~ T O ~ ~b T E to Pl?ari~ee8." 61 Eynnr K ~ ] oIiv 46 6 m e (onel but said ~ l a o toroa the 46 Then he said: "Woe V O ~ I K O ~ ~ obai. to him: "Teacher. and wlokedness. + O P T ~ < E ~ E a180 t o YOU who are ones versed in the law woe. of YOU enllshtened is: whenever but w%ed but when i t i s wicked. To. a l because YOU load the men loads hard to be borne. rf o h m oGwh darkness. But woe to ron YOU. a flrrt he was dlpped be ore the dlnncr. 35 orkm o h p i T& +ire b & therefore. 39 But Said but the Lord toward him Now the Lord said t o him: "Now 6peic ol $aploaios rb LS&EV TOO r r o ~ ~ p i ~ You ~ Pharisees. and do not know [it]!" 45 ' A r r o ~ p l 8 ~ i 5 66 TIC TGV 45 In a Having answered but someone of the certain one of those YO~IKGV COhQ A'Gmak8 versed in the Law said ones versed in the law is ssylna to hlm Teacher. not the lone) hsvingmade persons! aethat made b tEw8su ral rb eoa8rv h~orroiqu~. t o do. the but dlsh. m v the Pharlrees the outride of the CUP YOU cleanse the ~ a iTOG n i v a ~ o c ~ A ~ i 2 .i~ Alixvov more than Jo'nah WmethlnR more of Jonah here. The lamp of the bcdy is 6 6&Ap65 oou. the $aploaiog 16b Phatlsee hsvlng seen b e % Z t pharisee was surprised t seeing t h a t h e did n p ~ r o v ~~crrrriu8q . .35 ah6v N h the dinner. 34 The lamp 01 the body i s your the eye ofyou. 43~ Woe to you Phari6n & y m & ~ s TTV ~ ~ O T O I O B E ~ ~?~ beesuse yon are l o v l n ~ the front d a c e of SJttmW sees. Itwill be en lghtened whole as whenever a s when a lamp gives 6 Alipo< . 34 '0 h6xvo5 706 u&pa?6< ~ T I V in may behold the may behold. by. Pharisee he went in and &TO. fi m i 6Aov T& u 0 p & eye.. Perhaps t h e Be alert therefon not the ilght the tone) I n light t h a t is in you uoi 0 ~ 6 ~ ~ U0 T ~~ V 36 .LUKE 11:33-39 they wlll fudge down It. . 42 &Ah8 0th: p i T $ O : things are clean about to YOD i s .rfj dmr& light .the outside made also the outside also the indde he made? the inside. because YOU rouare as the memorial tombs the (ones) ale &6tl?a. but Iva ol d m 0 C U O ~ E V O I~b 90 in order that the (onea) going tgem way in the linhs .7fB~ h$gge?ne . W o e to You the Pharisees. When your of you alnple m a j b e . m ~b 6& outside of the cup and and of the dbh YO* are dean&. 35 Be alert.its Iays. . upon the lampstand.&: : iE~eZ rrpir rtyl &@powq odx 6 r m ~ f i u a s 40 Unreasonable Senseless lobes). but YOU very (ones) to one of the Ewer8 olhou yourselves do not touch the loads with 06 T T P O ~ ~ E T Croi5 90priol5. also whole the body is simple. 33 After &wg sI rplimqv ~ i % o ~0662 v h i . so t h a t &nbo o d ~ oi6autv. TOSS b8prjrrou5 W p ~ i o l 6 u o p & m a ~ ~ a r .r. not flrst wash before 39 ETnEv 6i 6 K ~ P I O S np. if your whole U O U 6hov ~ 0 ~ l v 6 v It) ~ 6 ~ 0 T I5 body is bright with of you whole enllhtendd." the lamp to the Rsrhlng may be9e%%enlnE 57 wnen he 31 'Ev 6i TO h d f i u a ~ . 43 obal Spiv roi5 Oap~uaiotq. give Besides the (thlngsl being Inside give roo as mercy the ~ E W O ~ ~ V . and lookt all (thlnkll and. things not to omit. look! all [other] p i turiv. did he 41 rrhjv T& tdvra 6 6 ~41~Nevertheless. 5rav 6 6 9 b h p 6 q light. that those stepping P?&?TUUIV. ~rrap~rrmotmzg men upon them walking about on top not they have known. and rou are%ypasstns the judgment [other] vegetable. berepented ) cause they repented a t 'Iwv8 ~ a i i60b what Jo'nnh pre. &pimou. because mu are loading versed in the Law. body i s a l s o ltma. Ta&a &g b u t YOU pass by t h e and the ova of the ~ o d : these (things) but Justice and the love of Ciod! These things YOU %EL nolfioal r&n~?va were under obligation it was necessary to do and those lthlngsl !jt n a p s i v a ~ . no avlns Part any no part at dark. beeau~eYOU give bock the tenth of the because YOU give the fi6hooy ~ a l miyavov ~ a i TTh and the rue every tenth of the mint and Iue and Of eveN hhxavav ~ a i map6 X L U ~ E T ~ V K P ~ U I V the vegetable'.be. 42 But woe $a luaiolg. If therefore the body fore. not YOU are touching to the osds. there (things) saying also UB you are outraging. but t h e inside of b a 8 n r btQv & p M 5 ~ a i novqpia(. and look1 but. i n 7 a h 6 y w r a i fir&< ~ ~ P ~ C E I S . having llghtcd inlo vault heputs nor under lighting a lamp. it UKOTI~~V. and men with loads hard ahoi tvl T&V 6ar. your il rai r b o & i) m U K O T ~ V ~ V . saying these things YOU also insuit us.ched: of ~ o n a b . betause ketplaces! 44 Woe m i 6 5 rh pvqp~ia Ta t o YOU. a l u d 8 h v 6i &V&UEV. 38 6 6g IecHned at the him: havfncentered but hefen back. 36 ThereYOU darkneea la. Wheneverthe eye oou CorXotc.b. t p u t had spoken this' a In but the to speak IS reques?lng a h ? Pharlsee requested $aptuaiog him t o dine with him. dark. rai TfiV TO. h i rilv Auxviav the measurinp baaket but upon the lsmpatan~. The but 38 However. el5 rb rilpuypa into the thlngpreached 322 *Y. gifts of mercy. &I 323 40 LUKE ll:40-46 ~ d ~ I Will o condemn a v it. r m 1w501v because ~ ey 2x0~ %. not in m w ~ 6 6 1 0 ~ Mh. a wrson puts it. because YOU love &v ~ a i c ouvaywyai5 rai roSq & m a u p 0 6 5 i v the Rant seats in the In the sYnagogues end the areetlngs In Synagogues and the &I ~aiq & o aic 44 odal bpiv greetings in the marthe marlePpiac. . a Vault nor under a measuring basket. No one lamp is here. rai 01 &v8pwno1 the $nesl tombs whlch are not not ev~dent. Woe to rod.

and them theywill kill apostles. and yet yon are thinking well with YOU give consent to v a ~ L p w v SpGv. Youn forefathers killed fathers of rou killed them. 6~t ahi fathers of YO". generation.ll. because voa are building the because you build T&V rrpopqrfiv ai 62 t h e memorial tombs m e E a t f 2 m b s . U~ YOU hindered? enterxng rou hmdered. his disciples: "Watch out for the leaven of hbp!m~g. not fear those who to do.darkness no. I tell YOU.' Atyw dpiv in q 8 j o r r a t && r i e Yes.. z : ifiY E Drz~g?z& awgy Of you OJK el07jhea~s ~ ( a i TOAS yourselves did not go iones) not You entered and the tones) in. aGro6s.a. . t o catch ahoO. somethlnz out Of hls . a Ki ~ V T T T ~ V I) OJ there is nothlng not will be revealed. and which toward the w h a t things you say in the darkness will ~ 2 5 K pv~B?pr~a~ h i T& 6wphrwv. woe to row the ones versed in the law.. : 2% ' $ 2 2 . altar and the house. ? l e - 2 : 2 2 wli%e BEIVQ~ ldxetv nai dmooropari<c~v m t o press upon hlm tembly to be holding in and to force mauthings from terllbly and to ply ah&" rrrpi rrhst6vwv 54 L v ~ 6 E~OVTEF him questlons him about more (thing.. h e started & a u ~ o i q 6RTb bqq. generation thls. and they uai 6lbSouo1v. slain between the etween the altar an8 the house: Yes. p p e l ~ & q a O rrp6~ov ~ R ? L T B ~ E T Estepping upon.may be nmaDohfic ~ 6 u p o u cinb founding of world from generailon requbed from this ~ a h q q ..3 hv8' b v wi become known. i t will 1 am saylng to YO.& TOOTO ~ a i fi U O + ~ ~ TOG Itheir tombs].). D o the boty and after these (things) not rr~ploo6rrpb T I rro. and secret Boa i v 4 OKOTiq rthinesl . vai.. In t h e meantime. 3 Wherefore the light wdl bexeard. which toriv I ) 6L o u y n r ~ a h v pLvov but having been concealed is which is hypocrisy.&. who are versed in t h e Law because you 6~1 ~ P U T E fiv ~ h s i 6 a YY&UEWS. .-. 51 from this. blood of ~ b e l w t ~ lthe blood of Abel a r p m o ~Zcfxapiou ~ TOO drrrohollbvou down t o the blood of biaod of Zechariah the (onel having been slain Zech. my friends.gLy $g& / - 2 U h .mvnads brnr ~ a ~ a n m ~ i v as-and to be treadlng down ipSa. one disciples of h ~ m first Be YOU glvlng attention another. when t h e rrowrl ~-the . who was p a < h T O O 0uu~urnqpiou~ a TOG i O ~ K O U . because they i n e d them. of him. . the blood of all the prophets spilled rrpa+q-rdv 76 ~ K K E X U ~ L V D Y &T& ' m the 'Ounding prephets the [blood1 having been poured out from O Of the worid. ~iva yon shonld be made fearful of: 5 But I will lndlca* whom +o~i18'1~~ T&V p~r& T& to YOU whom to fear be YOU made f-ful of the (one) after the F~~~him who alter . and seuet whl* not .fiual. a i I) npbg 76 known. p cinLnrelvco. so iucq~e6 T& a h *~VT-V t h a t the blood of all might be roughtout. l a m saying and what YOU whisper W& be p ini private roams FA 12 12 wT. as ID the . of the prophets the but of the prophets. lying wait for about further thmgs. in order that some of them. them! 48 Certainly 48 &pa php~uptq &UTE YOU a r e witnesses of ~ealiy wltnerres YOU are the deeds of YOUR ouv~v6andrc .from the housetops. because these the prophets cinhrntvim aG~obq t p ~ i q Sf oino6o c i ~ e killed them YOU but are huibing: but YOU are building 49 s. ~ a i 6 aJrWv ~ITTOKTEVOOUIY to them prophets and and apostles. of of the crowd. more abundant anlithlng k111 the body and after tpiv 5 imo&iSw 6i thls are not able to t o roo Ishall indlcate but do a n y t b n g more @opqefi~~.5 1 a7vmo< "APsh Ews generation. 52 "Woe to you 52 o6ai bpi" ~oiq VO~IKO~. Instead of which (thingal that "Ot be sC(TE & revealed. upon the housetops. the key because r o llfted ~ up the key of the knowledge: 47 OMbpi" Woe to YO&.. &n TOO 076pa~oq a b 6 v eqp~6oai TI 54 lying in walt him to catch something out of the mouth for hlm.I will send forth nai &oor6houg. '&~. and those going in E~OEPXO~~VO ~!Kw~$o~TE.~ . 49 On Through this also the wisdom of the this account the of God also 0-6 d n s v 'ArrornEhi) ~ i q a h o J q I T P O @ ~ T wisdom ~~ God d i d I will send off into them prophets said. $ . TGV the the Pharisees. 2 But 06% c i n o ~ a X u @ e i o ~ r a ~ ~. 50 iva will kill and persecute and wlll XLyrtv he started t o be savine . 4 A t y w be heard in the in t h a t will not become TQ @ O T ~~ I ( ? v o ' ~ ' o ~ o ~~ . ~ ~ . 53 SO when he 53 K&KE~~w &<&36vmq ahoO And from there havinggone out of him went out from there fiptm~o o i ypapvarciq uai 01 O a p t ~ a i o t the scribes and the started the scr~bbes and the Phannees Pharisees started ahoi ' @opqefi~r & T&V drrro~~~tv6vrwv . killing be YOU made fearful from the (ones) I say to T& a& a aai WET* T ~ G T ~ p i ix6~?wv avlng YOU. it rought out from the be required from this yw+ 7ahq. ' E v oTq htouva)cOe~o&v mouth ~n whlch (thmgs) havmg been led together upon 76" pup!hSwv TOO axhoU. b ~ io vu t by saying first to to selves from L e n .ri'ah..---" ~~-~~~~~~~ y o o 8 i o ~ ~ a l .. but rrar5pq.f.LUKE 11:47-53 324 325 LUKE 11:54-12:5 TI O/KO~O~~ ~a T E 47 "Woe t 0 YOU.

the for holy mlrd will teach YOU in t h a t 616he~1 bp&< tv ad16 a wlli teach rou in very the how what (things) very hour the things YOU ought t o say. tell &Q AtShunaAc. 11 But when they It w i d b y e t go OR. to hirn: " ~ ~who . n . nai Lv t5 are belng sold of aasarll two+ And one out of a h & " oljn EUTW ~ ~ X E X I ) U & V O V CV*T~OY them not Is having been forgotten in slght rot? BroD. ri 12 for the holy spirit what YO" should say. everyone who mew union arith 6poAoy'ur1 i v tpoi Ep1pou0~9 ~ i w Q B p h o v . yes. but it WIII be let go OR to hlm t o the lone) but Into the he t h a t blasohemes hylov nvEG a BXao@~viuavrl OGK agalnst the holy spirit having blasphemed not holy I wlll not be forgiven & E uzTaI. he said t o them: 'Opke ~ a *%eep i YOUR eyes open l5 i L ~ % t d :f & ? d Ba You reelng and and guard @uhhuucu8~ &id lTholl~ every sort of covetbe yon mardmg ~ouraalvel *om ~ I I . ~ i qappointed me Judge or The lone) but ssld to hlm Men. anxious about how 6nroAoy ' q d ~ fl or what YOU will nBq i ~i how or what ~ o ~ s h o ~ l d = p e % defense in or speak in defense or con6sses shqrr. ! ? t should roo ~eeomeanxlou. ye4 1am saylng to you. t o 8 Aiyw 62 bpiv n6c 8~ liv YOU Everyone t h a t I am aaylng but to YO:. Says a word against w i s e y w ~ r d into the son of the man. me before men. 9 B u t h e 9 d 66 & p v q u h p ~ v 6 ~ p~ Lvhn~ov t h a t disowns me the Ionel but havlng dlsowned me in slsht men be r 3 v &vBp6nwv h a v q 0 j u ~ r a 1 tvhmov disowned before of the men he w i f b e dlsowned In sight the angels of God. 1 1 -OTW it. dlvide 14 6 SL ~ T m v a h + . then. . synagogues PEP! v f i o l l ~ do not become rhg i S o w i a q the authorltlc.q 'rfiq of the God.. 6' One assanon was %S denarius. I tell y o u . him before the angels him In front of the angels of the God. 10 Kai nSq 8q that of the angels of the God. say to the brother of me the inherltsnce with me. be of. And evevone who lo And f ET h6yov CIS T ~ Yui& TOO QOphrrov. Whenever bring YOU in before E ~ U ~ ~ P W U ~ V public assemblies and they may be brlndng in $t: mvaywyhq ~ a i ~ P X ~ S Kai government officials and gwenunent omelala and and authorities.LUKE 12:6-11 6 m o n ~ i v a l Exovra Ccouqicm &lreaAclv sf< to kill hevlng authorrty to throw In into BEYVW vai 5piv. On 'lsO Kai b u ~ b q TOG Q O P ~ O U ~ ~ ? ~ tv o 'y pOf man the son of the man W. the WIIIEO~~SS I n me mfmnt of the men." SET ~ln~iv.. j ~0!3cioBc~ rroM8v orpeiwv not be you fesrlns: of many sparrows 326 327 LURE 12:12-19 killing has authority I to throw into na. nwAoGvrat &uuapiwv 6 t h . i t will &qcBfiu~ra! a d r Q TQ 6P EI< TA be forgiven him. ~ ~ .A v B p m ~ . 13 Then a certaln It Is neeeuan to say. Ll nmv 66 . to with me the lnherltanee. But also the Of the ~r~acrhfiq6pBv neua~ piBpqvrar head of roo a11 Lhalral havetbeen numbered. in confess union with &Q EprrpouBrv TBV & W ~ W Y 700 FJEO~. who apportioner over YOU WE r a + r~ p l r j v i/ @E 1 7 6 1 " C O ' b p & ~ . F because S even la ~~ ?kkq ~ :kq ? : !' En 8 ' See App 4c. 7 B u t even the hairs 01 YOUR heads are all ?Iayeno fear. 12 d y&p &IOV lovrGPa what YOU will say.. TOGTOV hkyw &henna. rlnh T& pov my brother t o divide to hlm Teacher.q & TOG 6 x A ~ vone of the crowd said sald hut mmeone outot the crowd ta him: "Teacher. this (one) OOP~~~TL. r 3 v &yyChwv TOO Bmit." 14 He sald papioauFJat VET' Cpo0 T)Iv K)\T)POYO~~CN. .II mn es. 1 &Ah* ~ a i a i . the Son of man.z$. 61a$i ETE IOU are 61fiLring. of God. fear this One. 8 "I say.persons?" IS Then me setdown fudge or dglder upan roo. YOU are worth more than many sparrows. 6 Five sparrows sell for two Of 92' do they not? Yet not one of them goes forgotten before m d .

thus fa clothing.. them.hEiW bather knows YOU be roa seeklng the kingdom need these things. 28 EI 6 i . And rov not be aeelrlnp faith! 29 s~king what YOU what Ti rou qhy'fy mig ea an rou. because 6oOva1 6piv rilv 6aulhEiav. Where thief the heavens. .aO~a ~pourr8im~a bpiv. Consider you down the ravens bod.. 21 O g z c you prepared.firwv.5ol'omon Iohophv h. YOU with little Ones with llttle falth. make to selves purses Make purses for yourselves that do P? Wbeeomtng ~ ~ I Oold: G I I ~ not not wear out. 32 "Have "0 fear.LUKE 12:20-27 328 329 LUKE 12:28-36 20 s l r r ~ v 6P a h ? 6 %c6c IAqpwv 20 But Ood said to said but to hlm the Md Senaelep.iv ofis? they neither toil nor it fss~inntng. rrhEih Yovshoul mnrp wilt as to what vnrr --. 33 Sell the belongings of row and give row the things belonging b A ~ q ~ o u h q wT . now. mlght eat and what v!) )IETEOP~<EU~E 30 mDra you might drink' and not be uoo in surpen:e. Of YOU by belng upon the Hfe-span of hlm to add cubit? anxious can add a 26 ci o3v o a i ~hx~cmov 6iwauBr cubit to his life span? If therefore not-but least (thing) u~oareabie. seek adroc. K& 6 6 r ~ the kingdom. 24 x m c ~ o f i o c m r o k ~ 6 p c m athan ~ food and t h e what is put on. 28 if. 076~~ d?! X~~<ETE g .ayg $ 2 : "~5 1 y h p 6m1v 6 8quaucdc OvAv for 1 . that not they are sowing nor they are reaping. continually his kingand these things 32 M I cpogo~.rlnr. Au6Gvaroq. on. .sable than birds? 25 Who ~ f i vf i h l ~ i a va l j ~ 0 0 rrpou%cival nfiXw.'~. uo treasure for himself %E&V T T ~ O U T ~ Y . 4 r a p 6 i a OvQv Emat. there YOUR hearts will be also. God being rich. will be added to YOU. but I s not rich toward God.-~G<&CYEI. the Uttle flock. Q~~~being amious about YOUR souls a s 76 ~ S P ~ T6 I DV to what YOU will eat tothe body or about YOUR bodies b 6 9 9 put r . not-but Spln: hut I tell YOU. 6rl E ~ ~ ~ K ~ O Eb Y v because thought well oi the o yon little flock.~ toris tg %? k :t T ! ! t% ~ I ~ ~ ~ ~ rrrp~rB&h~?o bq Lv rolirwv. 4 b ~ A B t . "Or consumes. not his disciples: "On this I say to wsptpv&re be Yoo anxious w ~ b tr o . the treasure of Y O . eEbc TP~QEI a h o G y r6uq and the God isnourishing them. 31 SqrEiL . vfi8~1. . . 6laqBaip~t. 01) I ~ I " thlngs? 27 Mark well not i t i r toi. rather uou are $ i r i n g of the birda. what lthhga) but f i ~ o i v a u a ~ rive hai. &O Not even . why be a n x ~ o u s 21 r a ~ a v o f i u a ~ r about the remslnlng ConJidcr L$ ~$2 .~. t of him. ~IK@V T O ~ ~ V L O V dom. 23 For t h e ~ a i k of the nourishment and the body of the soul is worth more ~~. ~ ~ ~ as one ~ d v r a m i p ~ p o v r a i God thus clothes the e V Z e : % r : i behg today and in the field aiiplov rlc d i 6 a v o v 6ahh6pevov 6 % h e that today exlsts and tomormw into oven being thrown the God is cast into o h u c &. Of how much more worth are you 25 7iS 6 . CS O ~ A V k ~ p ~ p & 6 1 W h o but out of rou be g snxlow . 34 thief dws not get near $8 Eetting near nor moti is consum-: %?$ 2 : % 'f$? K~A TdqP * E2g ek~'$l $"$... uai . there trsi uai also 34 For where treasure is. and these (thin811 will be added to you. a never6rrou rhhrqq o b ~ tv roic odpavoib failing treasure in "Ot In the heavens. IQm naylng but to rob. NO be you fes~Ing. YOUR has known that rouere havlnnneed of these lthlnzal : p ~ r s ~ i nbut . is to have the things you stored O1 So it goes with the man that lavs . him.. tohT?zuch rather an OVew will he much clothe dhlyhlurol. 33 n w h j u a ~ e r o u n Father has aptogive to YOU the klngdom."&~. the heart of yon wlll be. hbyw 6~ 6. then. proved of glving YOU rh hhpxwra Spin. 26 11 therefore You ri rrcpl TAW AotrrDv IIEPIJI~~TE' what about the leftover (thmga) YOU ere anxldus? cannot do the least thing.fnE how the lilies grow: it IS growlng. l If ~ but in of these. towhichones not is barn nor atorehous6.3C10. . torlv ~ f l q rpoqfiq ~d oAPa TOO Wear. 2s r a i b p d q p i h r r i ~ r YOU. and they have neither rat i . . of row but the Psiher world are eagerly .. Who. ' ~ ~ OW one. to whom will be$ b %quwpi<wv a b r Q r a i p i sic the lone) treasuring to himself and not into . this night they / ~ ~ soul horn you. 24 Mark well that the neither OGK EUTIV ~ a v ~ i o 0661 v &ro%i~q oTc seed nor reap. these (things) quit being in anxious rrhvra rh e8vq TOD K60vou suspense: 30 for all world all the nat1or. 31 Nevertheless.. where a 6wiCe1 0661.KE. than TI od mTEip0uulv 0662 %LP~<OWIV.YR~VOI . ( o h . to how much barn "Or and yet Ood feeds p6hhov 6pEiq 61a 6 E1E TDV WETEIVAY. 6pAv 6 6 L 6 r r a r i p the nations of the are sseklng upon.'' 22 E h w 6P rr&q roSq paBqr&c &pJ He said but toward tho dlsdples ofhlm 22 rphen he said to A!h TOSTO hfVo bviv pi ~hrovgh thfr I am saying to =do. C v was arrayed a s one w~sthrownabout of b these..a of the these are the things ht<qroCutv. O I ~ U ~ T E k a u ~ o i q 8 d h h v r 1 a to you and give gins gifta of mercy. n h u g 665" Solomon i n all the glow of& in all his glory airoDo~v & r 000 8 6k they are asking from YOU.

happy are they! 3 9 But know y ~ v i r m c ~ c 671 el be rou knowing that if the this. Thl. comlng. ral ~ h r r t v vaifjae the menservants and to be smltlnn the boys the maidservants. the discreet one. rpplinm at the and he Wlll make rsellne .. mprX0Dv 6tarovfioc1 & o i ~ table and will come havins come slongslda he wlU merve to them. .". 45 h+v 62 shp he will set down hlm.- . 37 Happy those slaves whom the K~IPG . "breaks away. them their measure apwlnted time ths meaaure o?grdnl of food supplies a t 43 pa~(rp!oq 6 6oirhoq ~ K E ~ V O ~ . he stayed awake UkeW and not have kept watching & jxrv 6topv#jw1 rbu oTrw a h o O . .'. ~ o r d .8v the proper tlme? Happy the slave that. the 61 o ~ o p f i m c ~ a 6 d v ~ a l6 pipoq a ~ 0 0 he $11 cut in two hlm end the part of hfm and assign him a part r&v hiorov 47 & E ? W ~ with the unfaithful with the unfalthhll (ones) wll put That ones. because beeawe at an 6 p q 06 ~ ~ K E ~ T E 6 hour t h a t you d o not tOw\leh hour not You a n thhking the think likely the Son of TOG M p i ) l ~ o u EPXET~I. . 37 par(rptou ol GoGho~ Lrcivot. mueh wl I be sought for. -. much to Whom was g~venmueh. to b e e s t l n ~ and all0 get drunk. b lp$impoc 8v raraorfius~6 ~ O p ~ ohg i Whom his master the sereet. 6 1 6 6 v i l body attendants cUrlnE s t a i of him of the to be nlvlw to keeo . 6+t 40 You also. and not have let his he di%let go ow to be d u g thmugh the house of him house be broken into. Wedding feast. ah03 a of hlm he wlU6 beRnyed ~ 1 ~ f ilwlthl m~a1 did B 48 not U the understand ~ one that and did things fit hsvr. and should start to beat Tsfea. alongside and 38 K ~ V kv 78 6SlJdpq K6v PV 78 ~ i r p t o them.-~ 0cpcrrr~ia &TOO TOO . wav~i 6 B few. .". 6yprly6plp~ 6N . If ever but should aaY 45 But ever that Slave say in 6 6oOhog ~ K E ~ V tv O ~ ri rafiiq ahob heart. P669q nohl5. truthfully l a m m y 1 w to YOII that trUthhllly. t h a t if the householder had known a t o l ~ 0 6 ~ o r r 6 q q voiq 6 What hour t h e thief householder towhst the thief Epxera~. even0ne wtll be flayed lwithl few. . and he ahodd atart rai na16iura hu~ietv TE rat toeat and drink and and maldservang. .dths man lacoming..: 2: '& ze$ j if . Lord Who really is the fslthhl\ steward.W.$me the lord &pE. . . . departs. toward the rvith many strokes.~. 42 ~ a ictvev 6 42 And the or also toward all? And said the said: "Who really is the KOPIOS Tic & p i & T ~ V 6 n ~ u ~~b IKov~$o ~ . h e would 1 .39 TOOTO 6f happy an those onel. 4 1 Then Peter said: ' . He in . .Xht7~0#1: 48 deserving of strokes tieta T A ~ ~ O V norfimaq 62 having done but (things1 deserving of a t ~ o k e awill be beaten with Sapfiuera~ dhiyaq."t:own m. and t o t e netting drink. man is coming. noXS r .faithffil steward. 46 the ~ U E I V rai E ~ ~ U K E L T ~ master ~ I of that slave to bedrinkins . C d g $ '$ : 5:. h order that havlne come a rpdmavrq ~@tOc &~O~<WIV and hsvinsknockcd ltnmedl~tely they mlghtopea atirG. 38 And And if in the aecand and If in the ird if he arrives in the Ouha~i ~ a i e6 ti o 8 ~ w c8econd watch. whom 330 their master when he returns. n ~ q 0 j u e ~ a 1 g'ven. 86.LUKE 12:37-42 ~ b v r6p1ov taurBv n6n civaAwp the lord of selves when he mlpht loosen up T&V y&$wv. ~ o e v e r y o n a but t o whom much was be 4. ? e "$~gq 1 tipm -.yte to$ WIY ke t3 .are you saying 41 t . will on a 46 b rhptoq TOO 606X0u ~ K E ~ Y O day U that he is not will errlve the lord . oOq to him. and finds lrarhploi EIUIV ~ K L ~ V O I . Happy the slaves those. demanded of him: and the one whom people nap' a d ~ o 6 . and to wkam they aetalongslde put in charge of ~$2 b$~sy$ : $ t k OV. . eivine " - ~PPI<~)OET~I w a t c h i ! -ly Uyw Opiv XTI dpiv amen 1 am saylng to rou that he will gird him~elf I say to YOU. but them thus. ." See App 30. from the marriage: so t h a t 331 h. . . if watch' hsmlghtbome and hemiggt And thus' in the third.~. $ : this iliustration to fip&q r q v vapaPohfiv ~al5qv ALyrlc US the parable th10 y o v s r e s a y ~ ~ US g or also to all?" fi r a i n p b c n&vtaq.' and of me to e corn &. 'MY master the slave that in the heart ~ f h his t ~ X OW EL b ~ 6 ~ 1 6MOU 5 L p ~ e o B y m i delays coming. OCgya o. -.of the slave that e x p c t l n g [him] and 06 npoo6or~ in an that he i ! $ q to wileh not he is expeetlng I n f does not know. rai napiOrv. Or. whom l-~ a Haoav is t h a t aB*v 6 r6ptoq a6roG cb fim~ n o l o ~ v r a slave. LUKE 12:43-48 el arriving and may a t once open to him." will appoint him over hi nholv upon all all his belongings. 'iw 006vroq out 01 the marilages. 40 r a i 6peig )6ivco& holpol. He will CNaxXlv~i &oJ~ glrd himself and make them end . whom wlll set down the lord noan will aDooint over his ~. if his master hsvlng come the lord of him wlg Rnd ddng on finds him Atyo Opiv 6 ~ 1 doing so! 44 I tell o G r o s 44 dAq0Gc thus. keep ~ " d yo" ecome ready. ~ m a o r j u c t aGrb. and h e 06 y6orro will punish him with to wiich not he mowidg.o beaida him.~ ~~~~ ~ 36' 01. vai O& would come. Indeed. 47 Then t h a t 62 6 GobAoq 6 y\wLg T& slave t h a t understood but the stave the lone) havlng known the t h e wlll of his master but did not get ready rupiou ah03 ~ a i lord 01him end Or do in line with his Lrolp&uaq fi nol~oac n p d c T6 will will be beaten having prepared or havhz dons .

In thb adversary a t law to get to 6 6 3 €h< 6pyauiav h ~ h X h x 4 a 1 rh' 016~00. ~beinn heid tosether unts whkh . to1 o the court officer. ~ rYOU r thinklng that 332 333 0% LUKE 12:57-13:4 zfi&. because than ail other Gal.59 h t y u 001 into prison. WBS S ~ Y I ~ Bbut PI= to the 54 Then he went 16'Te ' & a V on t o say also to t h e Whenever YOU mlghtsea $ud crowds: "When YOU hiYeTL h i 6wpiiv r68tw n upon western ipirtal. 52 For frohi oi6am ~ O K ~ ~ ~ Ehow I V is . and daughter-h-law 54 'Ehcysv 51 r a l roig 6xhon< aEainst[herl mother-in-law: H . and say. the judge. 51 60usirr it ~hould be Rnished. 66 brrorp~rai. and it eeomer thus. rai Baptlmn but I am havlng l o be bapl~zen. " ~ ~ ~ g ~ $ ~P. 2: 59 I tell you.ide o $ $ an $ e 6 1 a E 1 0 ~ 6 52 ~ .pxrrnl. aivided.. YOU will all all 1 1 ew1. Or likewise be destroyed.i. ~b rrpbuwrrov 7 .killing them.jrou X I . to rid yourself of the p won rurauspq or T&< not sometime ha may hala you toward tho dispute with him. YOU know of the heaven I-oohaveknown how toasmine the esrt 60ltp&t. much: more abundantly they wlll ask of hlm. they will demand more than usual of him 49 . 49 nirp fiheov bahciv h i nlv Plre Ieame t e throw upon the ~ a i T: eihw rl 461 Mp&. the At that. rpriq h i 6wiv ~ a l 660 h i TPIO~V.u. Hypoerltcs. mother upon daughter end against father..ri(v ~EV~E&.. for YOU are eoYng under with the example.a You wlll be destroyed. i t YOU do not have known to be proving? know how t o examine 57 TI roll &@' &avrOv this particular what but also from selves time? 57 Why d o YOU not judge slso 06 rpi~re rb 6im. unless YOU m & v ~ e < bfoiwq ~ohsiu8r.were l ~ . nAB. coming: and i t turns 55 rai 6rw v6rov mrtOvTa. 671 a11 the Gallleans Si. 'A storm is that S orm eomlng. Tat lepton you . gut ~eo~v~I". 4 fi repent. but. ~2 2 much.~1v.very 13 69' Lepton (Jewlshl.rov outward appearance to be uravlns.&.letraOra rr~rr6v8ao1v. % : - -~ ~~ rz%?v c a . ~ proved worse sinners rrdnrm< TOG< rahthaioug 6 ~VOVTO.d is blowing. mother mv8cph h i against daughter Buy&qp h i r j v pqrCpa.< : about the Gal.10'am' fell. I tell I am asylns to uov. and mtxo~lal iw . They wlll be f fmm vOv rrtvrc b t v i O ~ K V 61apeprplu tvol now Rve In One house havhg been bllvlddd. but ariL~$nE t$fl. out so. 2 5o in havlnganswered he said to them Do rou thlnk reply he to them: 671 ol rahlhaiol oh01 dlpaprwhoi ~ a f d l-DO you imagine t h a t that the Gsllleans these alnners bea de these ~ ~ l .ldsm. ~ f i n ? eon upon iather. and how I am being distressed until i t i s finished! 51 Do YOU imagine I came t o give peace an t h e earth? No indeed I tell you. division.. I am saying to Y ~ U . YO" are saying that Heat [wsvsl wlll bd. indeed. . T ~ V rab&v 6L roS. napjoav 13 were present get out lrom there until you pay over the last small coin of very T@ little value.". E D O Y T ~ I ydlp dm& &vi%on. 56 Eyp. Shi4o'ah. say. Jn. YOU see that a south htyvre 8 ~ 1 Kahowv Eusal r a i . ~ a l or9~wt. twoand two against 53 6 ~ a y p ~ u ' d f i o o u ~ a rrarilp l &mi ulqi ~ a . Mh' thv p ~ c r a v o f i r r 3 No. mother-in-law upon and daughter Sagainst [herl mother. the sunolnted time but this of and sky. You ~ be "Ch 66 ~ t v c g hl a h @ but some in very ualpqi hayyLMansg mpi T ~ V appointedtime reporting back to him about the certain ones there present were t h a t reported to him rD ah ~~ II hIa FiB w ~v S of whom &v the blood aha $ n % . TOG obpavoO oi6m writes.There will be yfvrra!. Y o . thereby . and what mow ts the" for me t om h r l It has alruady been I l g h t ~ d * 50 Indeed. when you going with your &vn6irov w v hr' bpxovra. not m u ere judging the righteous (tilngl ? lor yourselves what i s righteous? 58 For 58 SF y h p h& €15 A. t h a t % a YOU ."~e~&se ~ ~ ! a <mi rplrfiv ~ a i6 K ~ I T / ~ <UP r r a p a 6 6 0 ~ 1 T judge. the face of o. ans because they have these (thine81 they have suffered? sufrered these things? hLyw bpiv. and what l a m wrllhg ~f already itwarlpn. had mixed with their h o r p ~ e d g ~Trrev alhois A o ~ r i n sacrifices. TEXLO~?~. I have a baptism wrth which to b e baptized. Y2 Roman guadmns.la9 . daughter upon the mother. . way give work to have rid oneself from him. &KE?VOI ol 6 L ~ abrrh 4' 065 &row b 4 Or those eighteen those t h e ten elpht upon whom fell the upon whom the tower rnjpyog L v TQ Xthwhv ~ a ~i ~ K T C I Y C NO S T O ~ ~ . upon the mother-in-law. hr ril a" adversary at law of you upon ruler. ~mmedia?ely rov ere rayfnE see a cloud ruing i parts' at Once 671 'OyBpoq . ltimcl . ~ "?$ ~. 55 And when and whenever muth Iwlndl blowing. 4' Si. .three. tower In the Slloam and killed them.' and the judge you will give over to r r p h r s o p ~ rai 6 rrphvrwp UE ahri performer: and the performer you wif throw EIS quha~fiv. three against threa upon two end two upon three. tthrow and the court officer You into Prison. i 53 They will will he dlvlded father Upon #On and be divided father h ~ i evycnCpol rai i g a G s t son and son rrarpi.le'ans E~I~EV PLT& TOV h l i W 2 whose blood Pilate mixed with the mcrlAof them.i.ou.LUKE 12:49-56 mA6 m p ~ w k p o v a l ~ w w a ah&. rath. Ett &etheqg tnd8cv uai you ohould domaout lrom there unth alllo L arov hrrrrbv dmo63~. rjv vGuqqv a h $ < uai v6pqq the daughter-In-law of her and daughter-In-law mother-in-law against [her] daughter-in-law Lrri .I came to start a fire on the earth.hould glvs bsek. 8 06 i. while an the way.i. i .!ed' 5@ @ h n r ~ u p a 6t txo & n n t d j v a ~ .5 a heat wave: and i t It beeomea. but If ever no You may repent you. and Xe before the judge you he may never you .l.

have uurii m b r n r a i olix i l j p i u ~ w f o u n d i o n e c u t ~t $ e aa tree thla and not Xam Rndhs: Why really TI vai should lt keep t h e CrrOVQv m t out io$that also 62 ground useless?' 8 I n viv ~mapjd. aiyrv 70 6XAW . let go off also this ye*. 16 ~ a b ~65 v euym8pa ass from the stall and he L . but found snd he cams looTa'. straightenedup. if then it produces h i t in the future. he laid his hands o n ~ a inapaxpfipa & V W P ~ ~ ~ I ~ mi her.d end not Of lhe be cured." l3 And of YOU.lY destroved in t h e same ~~~-~ hrrahciu8~. Jesus addressed her and said to her: t o e 'Woman. dV 60b a h o .and t66Sap 6 erbv. to be working. hut. not YOU. herself up at 12 i6iw 6L d ~ h v all. fiv 86qurv 6 it drlnk? 16 Was of Abraham being. 12 When he saw Havlngwn but her the ~ ::: 3 1' her. teaching in one of t h e 10 ' H v 68 616hu~Ov i v an the Hewas but teschlng in one And. 6" aCITaiq o h tp~6~w0 1 which work ought thclelore c a m l n ~ to be done: o n them. to the sabbath not loorem t h e bull of him does not each one of O n the sabbath 8 r6v 5vov & d rk ~ h v q q nai hrrhyov or the oas from the atall and lesdlng away untle his bull or his nori<ot. ? 8 6 earth it makes b e eetlve The lone) but reply he sald to him. & p n ~ h o u p y b '160b ~ p l a Zq & Q ' 'Here i t is three years vlnedresser Look1 Three Years from t h a t I have come 06 Lpxopal Cqrirv ~aprr6v t v looking for frult o n whbh ltlmal 1 sm coming looklnp foi frult in this fie tree. And lookl l w k ' a woman y w h n v i t p a Exouoa & ~ B w i i a < E q 6 i ~ a w~th a spirit of Woman spblt havlng ofwe*neYesn ten for eigh- 76 ~ ~ ~~~~ pfi teen years. 6 Then h e went o? 6 'Eh~yrv 6L r a h v rilv nupcl8ohfiv.hw 'ei~%ffw t$ ~~J:." roo ~ 1 1be 1 dertmyed. Jerusalem. Il ~ a i6ob i lynsPOBuea in the sabbaths. HLVIOE answered But response ". whom bound the it due. 6iz6 : . bEkae t2$he uztE. hews8 saying to the crowd that stx to say t o the crowd: ilu?v h) 6i~ are in W E ? ltisneeea~ary "There are six days on tpydL<cu801. down. and he lald upon her the hands. until I d n j v rai T O ~ O 1 6 &a<. being able to bend u p Into the all-mmpletenelll. was glori ylng tha God. 10 NOWhe was you she1 cu out it. .LUKE 13:s-11 334 durh. indignant because Jesus did the cure on 'I~uoO<.%or fruit i it and none. when he 01 KUT~UX~VTO n6Mi~ the loneal said these things. said: ''Hypocrites. 1 . and having been ~ l a n t e d In the vrneyard of him: he came looking for r a i fiheav r a p a k Lv nai fruit on it. Anwerea but to him lhe 15 However. 86~1 and whom Satan held it necoassru bound.broj saying of hlm the sabbath day?" these ithmgn) 17 Well. ~ let it alone &. &hy t b p i 5 NO. to tell this Re war.'" L~n6ylsll a61fiv. unless YOU repent. all were being put to -hems all but the ruler of the aynegogua. but U eve.Ee the sabbath. 8 K ~ V p2v rro~fiun [[well and good!: but and I$ Indeed It should make Kaf%? $jo if not. and not ua6dh~ou. 7 rlnrv 65 npbq T ~ V not he found. : aw ( 2 : 1 - pe / preslding officer o f t h e synagogue. E w ~TOU dig around i t and put It also thls the Year. indeed.15 h E r p i 8 68 ah6 6 on the sabbath day. Kai years. raying but thlr the parable.oup18i?< having answered la mylng to hlm Lord. ALyae ah@ Kbplb & q ~ 'Master. and instantly she end instantly s h e w s a a t r a l ~ h t e ~ e d u p and . Q ua6~&4. and s h e not was bent double end was unable ta 6wapLvr) &var*al CIS rd naVrEh&q. way. .yed:ldm ofi!e $ % . began Jesus. u n t s what ltimel on manure. tion: "A certain man Xurfiv ~1x6~ Flrr tree was h a v l n ~ someone had a ~~" f i e tree c nlnntea . uuvayoyClv Lv TO?< u666au1v. not daughter of Abraham. 7 Then he said o6x ftpav. the Lord rripto5 ~ a i i l n '~ Yno~p~ml. I tell I am saylng to WY.glvlng tokrlnkl This but daughter lead it sway to give 'A6pa&p oOuav.~ . then. for Xarav&< 1605 6 k ~ a rai d r ~ h E T ~ .t". belng Indignant ~ ~ Y W U K Tthe ~ 6& 6 &PXIUUV~'OY~<. YOU Wiu a l l be ~ E T ~ Y O ~ ~ C ~ T E nhvrfq raushould repent ell simila. you shall cut it 76 pthhov 65 the belnr about It0 be1 if but no indhed. EK~UTOFVtClv Lord and sald Hypoerltea. you are dmohCAuoa~ ddsuaia< you have bcen r e l e a d from w~sknear released from Your mu. t o be loosed this toT&a day of the eabfsthl And from this bond on mbra ALyovroq . look! eighteen rolirou Ilp6pp hou. 14 d r n o ~ p 1 8 f i ~ began to glorify Gad.o(I tokyzdd2.quTrupbqv t~ & T L A ~ I ~ ~ T O in S his vineyard. and 335 ~ a i qv she was bending together LUKE 13:12--17 u w ~ k o w a rai and 6oKiire &I abroi 6+~1h&a1 LySvovro do YOU imagine t h a t do YO" thlnk that they debtors became they were & n b a < TO^ mp*rrou< 7 0 k greater debtors beafde all the men the lanes1 than all other men rmotroha< inhabiting Jerusalem? lnhabltlng 'Irpowahfi~. each (one) o You a"wered him and .~ I shall dl% about It and Ishall throw manure. elght. come and begett1ngm11." ssbbath. Be rald but toward the to t h e vinedresser. In them 8cparrfku8r val p i fi$$g TOO therefore. !t :$ ALyw bpiv. o6u this w o m a n w h o i s a Satan lookl ten and eight yesra. 13 ~ a l 6rrLmuw ah{ r&< ~ E i p a t weakness. and UK@W WEPI U ~ T ~K Y U~ PhhW ~6~pl0l.

I% ! fermented. " : TB gas) $2 . . know where are ol6a . &YOI<OY i p i w xai open to us. because Hero wllllng because Herod wants of the teeth. ~ a i ~ i v . whioh hevlng taken man a man took and p u t E 6 a h el5 rirrov tauro3 uai iritrloev uai in his garden. and tgrew end grew and became a tree. what shall I compare ahall I llken it? itls tograln it? 19 I t is like a U ~ V ~ E W ~S w habdw b8pwnog mustard grain t h a t of mustard. said: "With what 20 Kai n&hw r l n l v Tivl dpo16ow shall I compare t h e And egeln he rald To what shall I Uken kingdom of ~.6prvo1. "Om ltlmel not be able. and Cola~ht0iuovra1b bao!hriq 7013 8~03.en ahov. 25 -when the ionea) oecurrlnc by him.3~ a0~oSq who are being belng saved:? The (oriel but said toward them Saved few?' He said 24 'Aywvi<co8c rioehBciv 6~lh t o them: 24 "Exert Be atrusgllng to enter through YourSeives mrv~q 8Spag. the Prophet. whleh hsvlng taken woman measures of flour until rlg &Xc(lpov . and with bpot6ow aliriv. LUKE 13:26-31 6 the householder o l ~ o 6 c m 6 ~ q q~ a once i 6xho5 his opposers began t o craw feel =hame: b u t all the Exatprv h i nhotv roiq tv6b otg crowd began to rejoice was reialclnlt upon ell the glorious $things) st all the T O YIVO~IMI~ br' aGTo3. whatltimel wasleavened whole. lylngasalnrt nil the &vrl~ripmot ad14 rai nhq d 18 Therefore h e Went On to say: "Whst Pmiv 4 6aothcia roc emir."d rrz:d$ householder and has pot up and lacked t h e door. iiv ha6otoo: yw? E u g r and hid in three law to lesven. because to enter and not many.35 nbBw PUT&. I'd but journey to Jerusalem. there 30 K C : ? 1606 E ~ U ~ V Eoxarot o i Eoovra~ 30 ~ n dlook1 And Imk! they are lest iones) who wlll be ale those last who rrp&ro~. things done by him. when Abraham and and ail the prophets In rob< rrpoqivaq kv ~ii 6 m 1 h r i q so5 8~03. and YOU taught in Our t ~ i o p ~ v ~ a iP v ~ a i q ?i~ha~~ia 4pilY tq we drank. and towhat Gad like. . 'I do not and he wi I spea saying to r o ~ o say t YOU taught. 26 r b r ~ bp<co8e from.SOU ~ a :'We ate and drank to be ssyhg In slght of you and in Iront of you. teaching and rro~odp~voqCIS ' IEoobhvpa. ACyw narrow door. 23 Etrrw Sf continuing o n his maklns for self Into grusakm. 'I d o not Cmorpa8dq tpci bp?v OGK 0 t h hsvinganawered hewlllaay to rov Not Ihaveknown know where YOU are 6p. and they are Rrat (ones) who wlll be those first who will be Fnvnro~. hCyelv 'E & Y O ~ E V b h ~ b v .d? r j v 6aothciav TOO 8~03. oi It. the kingdom ofthe ~ o d i L L L e itls which a took <6~tl.' 27 Hut Weak and 66i6aEcly 21 ~ a l Xywu bpiv 00u he to YOU. and answer he will say t o you.3~ 2 ~ o ~ $ ~ $ p ~ f ~ d There wlll be the weepkg and the gnashing [ the gnashing of [YOUR] TGV 66bvrwv. craw &1u8c teeth wiii be. at the table ln the wlll recline h the kingdom of the God. from me. people will ~EOWIV dm. last. will loy6oouotv 25 &q' 00 seek t o get in but will wlll have the strbngth. saying. 28 29 mrYOU but belng thrown out outside." 06 ac~~c. i s t h e kingdom of 1s the kingdom of the Cod." 1ist'i. 22 And h e journeyed thmugh 22 Kai 61uroprSero K& And he waa journeying through aomrdlnc to from city to city rrbhr~( ~ a iK6paq 616ho~wv ~ a nopeicnr i and fmm riiiage to eltles and villages teaching and journey village.nin1. open to us. 18 He was saying 'EXay~v therefore o h To what Tivt $2D 6tfg. TIC K ~ P ~ EI E 6hiy01 23 N~~ a certain man someans to hlm ~ o r d . of unrighteousness!' &w h~p8fi tyi 28 'EKE? E o ~ a t d K X ~ U Bbq i a i 6 6puyp. because many. whenever YOU m ght aee 'A6patrp ral ' I o a h ~ a ' l i a r d 6 r a i rrdnrmq Isaac and ~ b r e h a m end lsnac snd Jacob and all YOU see : . and i t threw into garden ofhlmseff. Get away from I have known from where you ntsnd away YOU workers Cm' tpo0. be going from her.' But in door eayhg Lord. TI rrohhoi.ov. 6 r n b u m ~ ~ from. thermore. I tell YOU. but yourselves thrown Jphq 6L &baAhopht ECo. . 11b9rv tori. in de kingdom of the Ood. and You rai bpEqu8e and You should Start atart to stand outside &orriva~ r a i K~GEIV T?Y and t o knock a t t h e C < o outside to havestood and to be noekineat the door. 'E rh8e r a i up." 20 And again h e adroc. n h v r q Ppy&ra~ h6~riaq. 19 dpoia Pmiv tcb~rq. b 62 elnew rrp. $ . the kingdom of God. of God. 2 1 dpoia t m i v 21 ~t is like leaven. 31 In t h a t 3 1 'Ev adrfi rfi tjpq npoofiX8&v ~ ~ v rvery q hour certain In that the hour eame toward some pharisees eame @apmaio~ hlyovrag a h 4 . and western lpsrtsl and from north and south and south.~saying t o him: Pharisees aaylng to hlm Get out and "Get out and be on napcliou tvrcGBrv 671 ' H & ~ I J ~ ~ ~ A E I your way from here. should lock the door. : ".LUKE 13:18-25 to hlm: end 336 337 llkely should set up the &mnheioq ' r i v 8(lpav. ' it few Said to him: "Lord.. and in the broad ways of ua broad ways. and the birds of $ ~ J ~ ~ ~ ~ heaven took up loag703 O ~ P ~ V OKC(TEOKI ~ ) ?IVWULV &V TO?< ~X61601q of the heaven tented down In the branches lng in its branches.3 cbx~ohb~ come from eastern they wlll arrlve from eastern lpertsl part3 and western. workers of unrigntcousneaa. K ~cloiv I TP~)TOI 01 c o o v ~ a be ~ first. odrra the mass was ~ n t o offlour eeah measures :RIP. and there are nrat (ones). 8dpav Afyovrrg KCPIE. Then m u wlll start will start saylng. t i . 6wpGv r a i 6rn6 bop& nai d r o u uai grid fmm . are owt. .' 26 Then YOU rou from where you are. 'Sir. I am saying to get in through the rloeh8~iw ral olin narrow door.

m thmwlngout demons and heallngs Out demons and accomplishing healin& b n r o r r h ~ ojpopov ra. TI OG &~CXET~I adto be lourneuing. .& C. you should ue doam into T ..y. m i ~ 6 r say r t o You. le ouoahjp. . I Beaides It ilneeessary for me today On my way nai aGptov rai ~ii t y p l v j today and tamorrow and tomorrow and and the following day. Havtnggone uouray tothe fox '16d t~bhhho 6atp&la r a i Ihootq 'Look! I a m casting Laoki 1.eec . the klller of the the tone) klllhg the pmphe* rind prophets and staner XtBo6oho~ robq &~r~u~aX~Cvo y sent stoning the (ones) havjng been sent forth Of to her-how often I w+c nOoklc wanted t o gather your toward her.. 34 Jemsalem. F 7 He then went on ~ ~ ~ ~ ~. . ) but k t quiet. 35' Jehovah's. 52 u d 32 And oTmv d r o ? q to klll you: to kill. will not immediately U G T ~ V &V 4p5pp TOG oa66hrou. do not He down in the most prominent place.&v hen gathers her brood which manner hen the of herselt brood of chicks under her I m i .0 ~Pbq hiyov Whenever them toward saying ln6 TIVO~ ~Xq08c yourmght be eauad by someone into Y&llou?. And hsving answered the Jesus response Jesus spoke efmv npAq TOSF ~ p ~ r o k KU? t o those versed in toward the (ones1 rleraed in the Law and the Law and ta the 4ap1oaiouq Aeyov 'E<CUTIV oa66bq Pharisees. saying: Pharisees saying 1s it lawiul t o t e sabbath "IS it iawflll on the a5 4 ol 68 oSxaoav.I ~ ~~~~~ $ 92 b$?k?io r ~ abTOfi~ 8 . h r ~ y o v wirg a n illustration. Oap!uaiov oa66hw +ays?v ivprov ~ a i Phelileell to sabbath to eat bread and ~ awv.- $ : $ : r r a p a q p o f i p ~ o ~ ah&. were was before him & ~ 0 ~ w r r 6 g715 fiv 0 6 p m 1 ~ b q~ ~ W P O O ~ there E V man some wna dropsical infrant a certain man who afiroG. and then man have the place.WEV he released ~ n d toward them hewid him and sent (him1 away.coo n o p ~ u 8 l v r q oinare r9 a h n e r ~ TW. Jerusalem. 3 ~ a i & T O K ~ I ~ E ~ b < 'IrluoGq had dropsy. a t sometime l4 ~ . 'let this to you Give you t'o this (onel place.s a but v i n towar5 s the (ones) t o tell the invited men rarhqp&mvovg napapohfiv.. but YOU people under the wings.L U K E 13:32-14:l cz YOU 338 339 L U R E 14:2-9 Emo~rrival. 5 And he Tivoq 6p3v 6. and not did not want [it]! oh uaTe. . and havtng come by him. were strong to answer back toward they were not able t o answer back on these . I "Ehoyev 6t npb T O ? . sabbath t o cure or 0cpm~Goa! to cure or n o . look1 observing beaide him. * ~ V first the reclining iplscel. healed &TSAU-. . 85 1606 YOU $:eoAei wanted. how often hluuvhSa~ T& ~6nw ooU Chlldren together in tolead b g e t h e r u ~ o n B e children of you the manner that a 6v r p 6 i ~ o v 6pvq ~ + v &aur$g wqo. $ hiyo 6L 1 tell YOU. havtng upon how marked how they were ~~ ~~~~ I 1 . .O. and today and tamorrow.. b e c a w not it b sdmisaiblc beCaU8eit is missible for a prophet &noAl&ar rEw-~ t o be destroved to be dentroved autstda ' I~pauoahfip. saying ~ ~ ~ to them: 8 "When you are invited by someone t o a marriage feast. and the third day A :te th~r%~?iayi I am being perfeetad. A ! kmaK~. TdEIOgpal. with shame the last .T" these (things1.t Occasion Into the house And it oceurred in the to come him into of a certain one of t h e otu& nwg T& T& house 09 someme of t h ~ ' P Y . if his son or fall."oG~ dc Q P E ~ Psaid t o them: "Who Of whom of roo into crstern wsoairal. ? The ( o n e .al w&g sabbath day?" 6 And the. 5 KU? .U and tell that fox. dc wedding festw~ties. Look! Is oaff 35 is abandoned t o YOU. 0 YOU I am saying but to by no means see me 06 i6q~k EW oiml~ not rou might see me unto rou should say until You sav. 9 and he t h a t Invited you and 6 & r a i ahb ~ahLuag the tone) you :p"d hlm havlngeelled wr ray him will come and 001 Abg s o h w rbnov. 1A And on a n when he Kd Lyfvoro b TG flBs?v aonhv rlq A.' &pi? PET& aIm~Ilvqq T ~ Y E u x a ~ o v And then You will start 0 8 with Shame you mig start . 'Blessed Elihoyq~~Luog 6 tpx6p~og Lv 6 ~ 6 p c r n is he t h a t comes in Having been blesacd the (one) romxns in name ~ ~ hname:m ~ ~ ~ Kv iou. I shall be finished. ~ -6 +ha rulers of t h e Pharisees . and not immediaLly he will pull up bull falls into a well. And he said to them he said to them: . NAB. J"l@"z*: Lard's. 6 r a t o 6 ~ him in day of the sabbath? And not pull him out on the ioyuuav &mmOrp.' 33 nhilv 6e? .. 2 And. things. 1 am Rnlahlnn OR today and t o m o r m ~ . Jerusalem ' Amaalem. of ford.. Perhaps someone more distinguished than C V T ~ ~ ~ T E P ~ ~ UOU (one) more m honor of YOU may be you may a t the time have been Invited ~ E ~ h q p b o g bw' a h o O . nopE6~08a1.~ -~ rai mlha~6p~vo I & ~ ~ Ta O b ~ b v aai kept silent. rlrq mbvua~ ~ a l o k wings. uai odr ~ b e h &vam&O€! Of YOU. With ~ n dhaving taken hord he hesled him and t h a t he took hold of lthe man]. not'? 4 But they . a s he having been called parable. Jemsa1 b o ~ ~ c i v o u u ra o k n p o q i r a g r a i ]em. .. YOU WIII to Too the house .l outside of Jerusalem. B ~ a l i)i0iIv having been called by him. . bpiv b O ~ K Oyd)v.r~pro~htuiav. ihemseives. 3 S o in of him. po ~ ~ E P O33 V Nevertheless.34 ' l ~ p o u w d f i . 2 r a i iisob were closely watching u And look1 him.

ipw~& us. Crippled. l happy. The beg off. *OT~Y notis having called him whenever you ma$ make "When You spread a dinner or evening &plorov 3 6airrvov. byind. 18 ~~i ~ P < W T O ~ ~ '% .~ b 6oGho5 h i ~ ~ ~ l h e reported v and these having come to be besrde the slave reported back things to his master. invite poor people. xwholjq.the righteous ones. whenever to occupy the lowest whoever h t @&mat & p ~ o v wlll eat bread h. dinner or SUPper. be having me 19 ~ a i Ercpog ~Trrrv Z ~ l j y q 6aSv other said. ' and happy y o u w ~ be. aimiv tothe (ones1 7075 who eats bread in the kingdom df God. Then the householder to the lord dhim these (things)."z 16 The (one) 6 TOG 8cot.6Eiv abT6v Exo hvhyrqv tCeA8Zlv go out and see it. LPWTS W e . Have me beggefoff. ru h w q 14 nai p a ~ h p l o ~ in. to him: "Happy is he In 6aorhsiq kingdom Tgz. he called 17 ~ a h i ims!hBv and he sent off hour 6Eirrvov supper ro. of the God. hair! Man some Was making ~6 p i y a . might call in return you . go you m r g d 6e called having gone up and recline in the st5 T ~ V ioxa~ov lowest place.h. 12 Next he proceed12 'Ehayav 62 ~ a i to the H e was raying but also to the7ToneI ed to say man that invited him: ~ s n h q ~ 6 r r .qra. and would become hvrarr66oph not. E~rrc.":q. ' excused. then have in of 2 ~ a 1 mot 66501 i v h ~ o vn&rwv your guests. 14 and You will be lame. 13 &Ah' drav : 6oxjv repayment to you. be calling Poor (ones). K I J llanesof the and the broad ways and streets of the city.' Then you will ~ r i e n d .. 20 ~ a i ETEPOF another said. 1 1 &TI n85 exalts himself will be lying up with you.~~ Be You eom~ngbecause already ' E ~ X E U ~ F671 6611 ~WIV. I am requesting you. to the 76" 6oOAov the slave to w y of hlm ri dpq of the TOG SEiwou supper ." be the lane1 humbling himself be exalted. $1 bought And different (onel said Yokes of bulls five yoke of cattle and ily6paoa rrivre ~ a irropsljopat 6ontpaoal am going examine I bought five and ~amgolng to prove adrh. have nothing with hvrmo6o8fio~~a y lh p ooa i v mi &aarho~l which to repay you. and he invited many.. 21 nai 05 6rivava1 to come. And t h e slave came un not I am able rrapaycv6p~vo . aeeause eveNone and he that b 6qGv kpu~bv . per- 6wv . ~ " d they started from rrhvrrg n a p a t ~ c i o O a ~ . blind. step you up toward more upward. b common started to ~lht one Laceordl all to be beggingoE. @ljYs. Y E ~ T O V ~nhumiouq. exalted. ~ E I TTWXO~S. 10 &Ah' But 10 ~~t when rh 045 nopaueei~ h v k you ~ are ~ invited. And different lone1 married a wife and E T ~ Vr w a i ~ a Eyqpa ~ a i 6 1 h TOGTO for this reason 1 raid woman I married and through this cannotcome. the lone) having called you he will %Y t~ you ' ~ r i e n d go . said a ~ to him "AvBpwn6~ s ( ~ . be sounding meal. renurrection F~~ be repaid T&V 6 ~ a i ~ v .LUKE 14:lO-15 rkov Place to be having down. be having me me excused. SB but . TQ ~ u p i v ah06 T~GT~. 'I just having been !egged off.r ~ ~ t v w 8 j o a r ~ a~ a humbled i the (onel exalting himsell w ~ lbe l humbled and humbles himself will 6 TCC~~ELVGV taurbv 6 W~~~UET~ I . I ask you. EXE pE them. 13 But when you spread a feast. 6pycoB~iq 6 oino6~m6n15 E T ~ E V became wrathful and haYing become wrathful the householder rald said t o his slave. and ~ K &~EOEY great. crippled." r 16 ~[Jesus] said to him: "A certain man was spreading a grand evening meal. wlll be to you glory in sight of all the % :I 11 For everyone that w v a v m ~ ~ p Q w v not. in the resurrection of of the righteous (ones1 . 'Aaoljoaq66 715 T&V 15 On hearing these naving heard but someone the wvavam~pbwv ~acra E~rrEY thing3 a certain one of Ones lying u p together these (things) said the fellow guests said . b KE&~K&< o~ ap~i .h. The first said n p & ~ o q E~TEY a3rQ 'Aypbv i l y 6 ~ a o a ~ a ta i him. they Brt oOn E ~ o u o ~ v h v r m a 6 o h a i mot because not they are having to repay to y o : . ~ T E ~ P O U S . it will be repaid for to you in th. Exs pa r r a p n ~ q~ Y O Y ask YOU. not at =metime they hvnnah~owniv E ~ a i y&. noli~. F p i TOT< .' 20 still r r a p g l q ivov. TOJS h6Eh~oljq friends or your broththe friends of You not-but the brothers ers nou ~1762 T ~ J S ~ U Y Y ~ V ~ ~ O$ U pq6L Or rich neighbors.' 19 And anI a m requesting you. l7 And he sent his slave out a t the hour of the evening meal to Say to the in. Have them. 7055 r r ~ w x o b q ~ a i +mcipauq aai br"g in here the Poor the poor (ones) and crlppled (ones1 and and crippled and having been ea?led ~adqpivo~ ETO. on u p Qihe rrpooavhbq81 hvhrrpov T ~ T E higher. I I am having neeesdty having out to see it. 'Come' things now ready..ited A ! of YOU not-but the relatives of you not-but ~ aa i 3 ~ 0 i haps sometime they might also invite you in return and it would becbme a repayment to you. 'Go 70 6oGhv ~GTOD "ECEABE 7axiWq E ~ S out quickly into the to the slave of him Go out q"lckly Into broad ways and the rhs r r h a ~ e i a ~ ~ a Pfipa5 i ~ 6 5n6?so5. Ones. $1 bought fist said to him meld I bought and a Aeld and need to . But whenever reception ne~ghbors rich." 15. YOU may make. is. 340 341 ~ G T QManhpro< to him Happy LUKE 14:16-21 $ narixrtv. do not Cali your ~ 0 3 5 qihouq u o u pq6. that into the last when the man that !va bra In order that whenever mtght come has invited you comes he will say to you.' 21 So ageiv.' h b 18 But they all in (things) ready .

to be sure.and he and havhg turned he aald toward them turned and to 26 E l TI< EpvTal 1rp6 VE ~ a 03 i noei them: 26 "Ifanyone If anyone B eamlnp towars me and not taten comes to me and rbv nmtpa t a w 0 3 nai n j v pqrtpa r a t does hate his the father ofhimself and the mother and father and mother 2 5 and wife and children and &66Eh90Jg ~ a T&F i &6Ehq&q. 28 Far example. 34 "salt. and civhynaoa. bei. ~ o i g t a m o i l i m & p x o ~ t v 06 6 h m a 1 to all the el hlmscU belonplngs not is able dvai pou pa8rl~k. and yet room. of ma of the supper. wlth twenty thousando If but h ' ah6v. he cannot do then that One is yet far away he sends out a body of ambassadors and sues for Peace. iw nOTE complete it? 29 0thadlurtingoff? In order that at aomerime erwise.LUKE 14:22-29 342 343 having put of hlm foundation and LUKE 14:30-15:l no being strong notbe able to finish TU ho3g rai xwhobg club c a 6 e blind and lame: b l h t loneel and Isme (ones) lead Y o Z t o here. yet and a.Y. and yet there is w ~ o hyou e r d e d . kv It wIU beseaaanedl 35 3 2 ~ e< el5 %P. h t . b 8othog K~PIE YLYOVEY said. see ~ p 3c.f &U. T ~ U S therefore nag bpDu 8~ ocu &~OT&OOEI~I everyone 25. me. OCTWS o3v he h rcs~e. with what wlll it be seasoned? 35 ~t is suitable neither for cGBcr6v turlv. p the lax ~ o i l e ~ t oand t s the 01 ~cXQvat r a i 01 Ctpapwhoi . $:o 2 ! y h :$ : NOW au the Z? I 26' Or. *. all the lone. E I ~ ~ E I~ ~ v end com~el to come id In order that compel them to come ye ldi pou 6 0 1 ~ 0 s24 hiyw in. 30 ssy. Yes. he (one) having ear. LSw 0 1 1 nor for manure. "Life."."."' z5 Now great 26 ~uvermpcSovro 68 adrQ SxXol IroXXoi.$ 2: A : . p4ys. pu'Jqri(S 27 6 0 ~ 1 ~03 6am&&1 rlnr 27 Whoever is not disel~le. ears to listen.3 1 going ! E % f ' might to h. and even his Own ~ 0 ~ 1 .. does not Rrst r i g nbhepw 06x1 ~ a B i o a 5 ." See App 4 ~ .Innera &roGetv kept drawing near to be hesrlns to him to hear .V vau who not is having set self off 2 : . f &. 33 Thus. ETI TS ral rrjv a. not he lllsble to be of me cannot be my down and take not having sat down / IrpQrov ten w ~take ~ i 60uh~lju~Tal CkgYd 6 t ~ a th~&utv t~oulsnda to undertake meeting to the (one) cope with the one that coming hm6ua1 : ! 6u%bS r~ upon yet is able with ten 2 he thousand troops to comes against him with twenty thousand? sa ~ i in. my disciple. el ilcalculatlng the expense. atKO& Eh ing." 7iv1 salt loses its strength. sultabla it IS. Whoever not is carrying the his torture uraup6v taurot K E P X E T ~ L 6niuw stake' and coming stake of hlmself and Is coming behlnd arter me be wou. you may be sure. &rorietv &KOU&W. 24 For I yhp bpiv 6r1 066elg T&V dnrepirv for to YOU that no one of the male persons Say to yon people. to see Ulqmic~l 71jv 6an&vqv.away 32 EI 62 no indeed.) &O to be rldieultng the tlmnaiZrlv 30 X i ~ o v r ~ s haYlns Ofirog Thls and not he war strong to Rnlsh out rai o h &yZ~05 luxuocv h ~ E h k u a t . hlm7 isr. evening meal. ~w@fi.:~ 1 they are throwinp 66hhouu1v to be hearlng let him be hesllng. that my house may mlghrbe befilled of me the house. marching &IolhEbg king mpwbp~wq war to engo@ wlth into uuv6ahfiu first b ~ i p g 6au1Mto meet &other king to dlRerent illng (n war. listen. ' h e kmot 06 61hma1 e7wi of hlmaeit. none of yon that does not say good-bye to ali his belongings can be my disciple. he might 8Lvrog &oO eapihtov ral p j b ~ h v r o glay its foundation but oi Brwpohrrg 6p\wvm1 it and all the onbeholding m g t start t ~ ~ e h Irdnrrq b a ~ to finlah out to him $2 'Ziv.nd brothers and the sister.o the slsters. out of YO. '0 Lxwv h a mde. In what N O F .. . 'Master. Were going wlth but to him crowds many. counsel whether per& d ~ o u xlhlh6wv ~ kpxopivq. 27. ETI ah09 of hlm h % ? n % % & n6ppw 6vmg being body ofsmbasaadon npcu6eiav tpwr@ np6q ~ l p j q v 33 . not he I s able to be of me disc ple. Let him that has It.? t h Y M E! into & %' rmpiav manure s h o r n ecome taetele-. 'Thls man started to be buiYding to build but was not lookers i ~ i g able to Rnlsh' 31 Or Or what what kina.?p2~lhp that wants to build a olro6opfiua1 06x1 nphrov r.m.' 23 And the 23 rai ~ l m v 6 ~ C p ~ o n g 6 q rbu 6othov And aaid the lord toward tho slave master said to the 'Go Out into 'ESehBe riq r h g 66oJg r a t qpylloJF G o out into the ways and fenced-in places the roads and the rai fenced-in places.t~n=toward peace.eiuaq tower does not first to bulld not flmt havlne eat dosit down and calculate ElS the expense.Y.' h. to be of me dloeiple. outelde " People throw it outa . cmwds were traveling rai urpa$rig e7n~v npbg adroGg with him. None of those men Lr~ivwv TQV K C K ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ V W V that were invited those the (onea) having been called have a taste of my pov TOO Geinvou. what And aaid the slave Lord. I a m saying filled. 22 In tirne the slave 22 mi ~ 7 r m . who of you bpirv $ % .come to k you ordered has 8 h t r a a< rai h l done. fact. If hele%bing Into if he has enough to &nap~~rp6v 29 . od 6 l j v a ~ a l elvai pou p a B ~ 4 ~ .

1% rather Father. 5 rai dpbv h 1 r i 9 ~ u t v i t he puts i t upan it? And hi. . the uwayaybv r r k a b VU~WOZ ~ 1 younger 6 ~ son gathered having led together all lthmgal the younger son all things together &ns6'11 UEV CIS xhpav PaK hv. I tell JOY arises among Xaph +nlov T ~ V &yyawv r o c 8 ~ 0 6YOU. Exov 4 "What man of YOU What man Afof Yaw having with a hundred s h e e n krarbv rrpb6cmr r a i 6mohioa k on losing one of them.i.: . hut divlded to them the [means of1 livlns.. 12 And the two sans. 9 ~ a . saylnz saying to them.j f3&KEIY X O ~OU( 16 at fields to herd swine. and n o one would give f6i6ou ah3 ~ a 066siq i him [anything]. . 6!ru~bplr!an. 'Father.3To. 13 Later. that.' 10 Thus. need of repentance. 15 rai 15 He even t o be went in need. Xoipo. 3 ETTEV 6 i npdq dnner6 and eats with and is est~ng m t b them. 'Rejoice me. saying. mnd n o one was pivlng to him.$ of to be feedhe l6 And he used T& X o p ~ a u 8 f i ~ a ~ in tnr8b~~l he deslrfng to be satiated out 01 the desire t o be filled with the carob pads which io8. kvi TJVrroh~. ~ o h q dyoug 6 And when upon the shoulders of him rejoicing. and started And L O be in want. coins. means of living to IS ~ a i ~ E T ' 00 w o h h & ~ ?I$~o(sthem. does &rrel hbpov ~ a i mapoi not light a lamp and %heis llghtlng lamp end is swccpinS sweep her house and o l ~ i a v nai i. I am saying to you. E~YS. . joy m sight of the angels of the God t h e angels of Ood over one sinner t h a t h i kvi &paproXQ )~sravooSvrl. last. rhn.ri)Y T . yiw~al 10 oG. the swine were eating.-. 11 Then h e said: "A 1 1 E i n v 66 'AvBK6g nq E~XN some was ha*ng certain man had two H e said but 6ISo vlo6q. --.~~~~ s ~ 14 ~ F asd spendthrift. one hundred sheep and having lasi out of wl11 not leave the alirrjv 2v od ~ a r u h r i n c l r h ~ V L V ~ K O Y ninety-nine T~ behind in them one not is leaving down the ninetythe wilderness and go ral rrop5rral &a t v fi in the demP?%-el and isgoing upon for the lofit one Until he Rnds it? 5 And T& &nahwMq ZWS ~Opq h a v i g been loet untll ha mlghi flnd when he has found the (onel a h b .qrr? mlpLhaq house and f seckhg carefully until search carefully until s h e flnds it? 9 And 00 ~8pn. Eke tome the g i v e m e t h e p a r t o f the property t h a t h ~ ~ h h h o vpfpog 7% obuias 6 throw~ngupon part of the property: the (one) falls to mu share! Then he divided his 62 ~IE?V a h o i g T6v 6iov.qv hiyov spoke this illustration them parable saymg to them.) have no oRlveq ob xptiav Exovu!v y a v o i a g . 6 ~ a rejoices. . after many And after not not many days. l4 6 ~ ~ f t : ~ .r~. ' and &&.metynine righteous cane. ~ h u s . nesaid but toward them. hiywv neighbors together.-r~ having found he (ll putting umn .LUKE 15:s-9 344 345 LUKE 15:lO-16 ahoa. to them Rejoice wlth me because Ifound the because I have found my sheep t h a t was rrpb6mbv pou sb hohohbq. 6 b ~ POI ~b t o his father. sheep of me the (one) hsvlna been lost.qri ~ O I 6 tfipw T6 'Reloice with me. and h e gets home he calls ehBbv €15 rbv otrov uuvrak? having come into the house h e i c a l u n g together his friends and his robq ihouq nai ~ o b q y s i ~ o v a < . ESpoOua what Itlmol shemight and? And having found when she has found i t lThis 2 I 1 z y 2: T& +i)lrr5 ral s h e calls t h e women muah~i she (ll muing together the twomenl frlends and who are her friends and neighbors togethy~i~ovag hiyouua xwxhpqri TI neighbors saying Rejoice YOU with me because er. a h o i s Zwxi4. h i i a I r o 0 xaipov. drachma coin.rwq. who not 6paxpirs Exouoa 6Cua. When he n h W LY~XTO htPa< Iuxupt( had spent everything. Ones need ere havlng o repentance. and there a country. 0oai-m ah6 and there squandered he squandered property of him his property by livlng a debauched r~b~ot..and -. life. a11 (things) came to be famine strona a severe famine Occurred throughout r j v country the x b p m h~rivrlv. the %lends and the neighbors.-. 2 ral 6 t ~ y b y p ~ ol of hlm.0v o. with 1 have found t h e drachma I I found coin that 1 drachma heyw bwiv. And were mu terrng the Oapluaiol ~ a oi i y p a P p a T s ~ <h h t y o v ~ q Pharlaeea and the scribes saying O ~ T O b ~p a p ~ w h o 3 q TPOU~LXETCII man This lone) sinners iareceivlng toward Iself1 ~ a l uuvmBin adroiq. KC a r i o v &u i l t e e horns were e a ~ ~ n s the pigs. if she loses one U ever she should lose drnehma one. t h a t country. 3 : 3 &fig d~fin gJ zt~gz~ be $:zf &. la coming to be lost. ~ a k i ~ E i and traveled abroad tr~..F attached t~ohhj8q to he attached h~rnself to one of the eltiren= of one of the citizens of that country. and he 3mp~iuiaBa~. and xbpag ~ K that. saying: 4 Tig 6v8pwrroq p i l& . ." upon one elnner re~entlng." 3 Then he aG~obq rrapa&. and ~ a ~ lhe WU sent I E V ah h~& m ito T $ he Sent him Into his a. because E~POV 6paxpfiv h h k m . repents. with ten ht&v dnohiua 6 p a x ~ i v piav. 8 "H ~ i g yuvi 8 'Or what woman Or what woman drachmas having into eountrv long fwesl. 12 Kal ETTEV d V C ~ T C P O < ulj~rjv sons. ~ n dsaid the younger of them younger of them said marpi nClrrp. 7 I tell YOU 7 hkyw twiv 6rl o k x a p b hl T@ t h a t thus there will I a m saylng to rou thst thus joy In the be more Joy in heaven obpavQ b r d ~ t n i kvi & p a p ~ w h & ~LT~VOOOYTI one sinner t h a t heaven wiu be upon one sinner repenting repents than over fi h i h f i r o v r a &fa 61raiozg ninety-nine righteous than upon .

Ipaprov Eiq T ~ 06pavbv V Kai b h w l b oov. Ern 62 ah09 paxp& &.Here The (one) but having answered aald to the it so many years I r m p l a h 0 0 '16ob ~ o u a k a Errq 6ouh~6w have 'laved for father of him Look1 S o m y yeara Iamslsvlna and never once did UOI nai o~%hon Lvrohiv 1 tmnSgre~ your ~ to you and never mmmandment and napjheov ~ a i &poi oti6inore E 6 w ~ a yet ~ me you never I trans~reasbd. ~ me as one of your hired men. . ~ not yet I a m worthy to be called son of you.oF$z$T my son was dead u16q ~ o u vu& fiv r a i &d<qm.". 28 ~ u t &nCha&v..-".. and Your father slauah~ 6 ov 0 rbv tered the fattened Eeuucv 6 n m i p uou s6v aacriflced the father of you the es6 the young bull. and tome never you gave Once save a kid for Eptqav Tva pm& r&v qihwv pou kid in order that with the idends d me me to enjoy myself rdqpav0&. but bread. sinned Into the heaven and in alght of you. 6 62 n h p t o go in. dra6hhulra1. noiqu6v )IE worthy to be called son YOU. 28 byidq 62 nai he became w r s t h h l he received back.. beesula thia the 24 b e a u s e this 17 Into E ~ C himself I 346 347 LUKE 15:25-31 -. and give uov rln. . he was lost he wall h w h g been lost snd was found. . I mlght be well-mlnded.Now his alder as but the son ofhlm the older 80n Was in the fleld: and as he came andF 2p&$'. 30 are 62 6 ulbC with my friends. Said but the son to him ether: ' ~ ~ tI h have ~ sinned ~ . I am O ~ K L T I s f p i 65405 d q 0 i v a 1 ~ 1 6uOU.. ."q h ? ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ near the house he olriq. : . Xebeeame wrathful but end and was unwilling O ~ K ijedrv ~iuCX&iv. y o u $:P$' 2.. rcri 66re 6 a ~ ~ G h l oelq v 'Obe' the best One' and clothe you htm. and he came to Ufe # & * n ! I .=. . themselves. YOU t o h ~ m . 'Your a h 3 671 '0 &Ssh@6$ UOLJ ~~KII. Kai again. and be bearing the esK the brlng the fattened young bull.". and clothe him with it. 6 a p m 6 h r p o ~ 26 . 27 b 62 clnLvthings meant. me as longer worthy of being Eva ~ilY plaeiov uov. and came to life ?v hohokhs ~ a i ~ d p i h .he said. " ! $ :$ : $".Qulekl bring out'a of hlm Wick bring m u out robe the Arst ~ a iv6Guore i a6r6v. 25 J v 6& 6 uibq abrair . o b il he said Thetonal but s a d tohim hrn the his hand and sandals n 6 6 a t 23 xai qhperr r b v p& ov T & ~On his feet 23 And feet.rirv p t d i w v Make m e as one of the hlred lmenl o ? b :!. tered the fattened YOU BaCIUICed to him the wheat-fed calf. + h e of me man w. .at heard a music concert tortis house... . The but father father came out and ah00 &SEABOW n a ~ r ~ h h ~ l began to entreat him. havlns rlaen fsmlnel I will nopeG=oval R@S rbu n a r k p a pow and journey to I shellgo toward the father of ma my father and say PA ~&CP ~N~PTOW EIC r6v I shaU ray to him.' 81 6 62 aimG T L w . because UITEV'~~V &TI Jyoaiwvra a d ~ b vhe got him back in wheat-fed. b < w b ~ a r r moA?v . ~ c h f l d . . 27 He migh? be these (things).his father caught saw him the fsther of him and sight of him and was ianhoyxvi+ ~ a l 66pordv ~ L ~ E umoved E ~ with pity: and he was moved with pity and hsving run he fell h e ran and fell upon h i rbv ~p&qXov a h 0 ~ a ~mEpihqaEv i his neck and tenderly upon the nec ofhlm and kiaaed dawn kissed him.. let Us be well-mlnded.. son of ma dead wa. and to hlm that The brother of you has arrived. 26 So 01 dance.. Then his not weo wllling to enter. Yet but of him long [way] hsvlngoe was yet a long m y E T ~ E Y ah& 6 nhpaljTDG OR. of hlm having come out was entreating 29 In reply he said 29 6 62 honpt0ciq d n ~ v TQ his father. beeuse being in health hlm good health. A . ."' 20 So &YOLOT&< fihecv b v 71a~tpa having risen he came t o w a ~ the father h e rose and went t o his father.When h e came but havinp come he mid M his senses. hlm. tntn .' ~ . arrived. 22 ~ T m v 62 6 n 6 p n&< TO^ 6oGhovq 22 the father Said but the father toward the slaves t o his slaves a h a Taxi. ~ a ~ a q a y h v uou thi6 Your son of you this the (one) having ate down of you ate up your means niv 6iov rropv&v fiAgN. ~ a t h ~ ~'inned : Into the to him: have sinned against 0 3 p d v ~ a &&miw i mu heaven a n d against heaven and in-ht ofyo:. and having called toward [aeui one he called one of the rrai6wv -ehETO & Sewants to him and 01the boys he war inquiring whet likely inquired what these EY TaOm.riw n p h q v Said . when but the son 30 But as soon as uou oOroq 6 . While he tauro0. 24 4. while I a m h l ~ Q 56. .tyovroC of himself. d iipSau~0 d q aimu8al they started t o enjoy they started to be beeiswell-minded. and Put a ring on rljv x ~ i p a a h o i r nai ~ ~ aTa ~ 6 r4 O~q the hand of h ~ m and asndl. I7 . l9 I am no &<to< )ihqe{mt uiiy UOU. he heard of concert and xopjv. 2 1 Then a6~6w. YOU slsughE e w ~ a i m 8 T. against heaven and against you. OP:)oUu 1 hen . ~YOWEV uupmiaq . ~onsacnfiee and havlngeatsn i t and let US eat ~6+paL&pSv. n o longer worthy of being called your noiqu6v E I 5 5 E v a ~. % 1 ~$2.. 26 ~ c r i npoordcu&pevoq Eva a"d dancing. YOUIIU hull for him. ~ a brother i has come. n6m1 bio8co1 700 r a r p 6 ~ pow 'How many hired How men7 hired [men1 ol the r father . of living with harlots the tmeanmofl llvfng harlotn came. Make one of the hfred you. And and was found. 18 &uam&q perishing here from to famine here I am Perishha. 21 ETnsv $2 6 ui6q a d r Q n & r c p the son said to him. . 0 6 ~ 0 ~ 6 and enJoy ourselves. the (one) but aatd a a ~ d t o him.~V o ~ r r u r b v p6oxov. 20 Kai called your son.. rrrptoo~ljovmt &PTW 62 are abounding with are abounding of bread [lobeal. slaughter u1mur6v O i w a ~ ~ rat @ay&q wheat-fed.LUKE 15:17-24 ~ a d v 62 &e*Y & .

and he was lost and was found. And hav ng sounded hlm 2 so he called him ~ T E V ah. h. $ t you are Lbls yet to be steward. end having been lo41 and wss found 348 have always been with me. T& always wlth me are.' He said to him. though unrighteous. J rfrrrv 62 h. SO that. w i t e fifty: 7 Next. oie'noa).lip they mlght receive me of the stewardship. . to y~vrhv v Iau~irv EIUIV. ed$bpWefiva1 6 i ~ a 70la: to be well-minded but and &I. and least (thing) also in mvch faithfu? h61uog r a l h. w by69 rovra. seeing that & a 1 dra~ my master will take wl$li&up off t h e stewardship away UW~TEOVO ~ K i ~ x h .NOW YOU. 66vq O ~ K O V O I E ~ . ~ n d r r p o a ~ a h ~ u & ~ ~ ~tva ~ o q & a u ~ o v 16" 5 And havlng called toward (self1 one each of the him each one of the rpeo$b~hcrirv mir rvpiou I m o t &yn. 671 b &6EX$b6q ::%?%I ltwssneeesasry. O!r&r$v 0:% 2 ~ 2. kz$z . 'A hundred how much are YOU owhg? The (one) but satd eor measures of "heat. "order of thinm" (almog. T& Itmight&" they ghtre&ve into the w also least in much. llght sons ofthe the over 9 "AISO. l1 therefme with the unrighteous riches.lom.Sbn' '&$. 5 nai PwP'e will receive me Into their homes.rloEv of YOU thh dead was end he came P hie.. + t + . the true (thing) who to yo* yourselves fsithhll flhoTpiV in connection with rrlm~bc~ 12 . who will & 6 i ~ p pawwv@ rrlmoi oov unrighteous m a m m o n faithful not ~s true? 12 with And what if L~&E&E. D3W.'" 6670~5 bath measures dm6 a to him 349 Maiov of 011. 32 .iow strong I am ashamed to beg. when m t f i u a r r fihouq LK TOG IaIwvB lfiS such fail. q4 to ihe flnt.A hundred 2 . d. $?? Phe 2 : ~~~~~$ . because the bmther aou otroq verpbq fiv nai il. 3 ~h~~ Said but ur himaelf the steward steward said to TI nol'oo TI what i h a ~ ~ d because o K4E2q E e himseif. having sat down qulckly write he said to another 7 Brrelra t~6pp ~lrr~v I b 61 one. if YOU have not proved yourselves faithful in connection rrOhhQ much undghteous '61~6q 6m1v' is.$! lo ~%ai.h%$&. they may make rov dends out of the mammon of the receive you into the ha 6rw everlasting dwelling &61Kiacr ~llllighteouane~.' R And his y p . and all the things tih a t are mine are 32 but we just had to enjoy ourselves and because this your brother was and came to life. pc7auTn8ir Tva inorder that whenever Imlght b e t r a n s f e d 1 shall do. for the 8pov. .ya. because &61ria5 UndphteouMas he acted with praCtical wisdom. 6 lord of me? The (one) but said One hundred said. yourselves by means 9 And Kd 6 riches.what is this I besr 000. slq 7065 oinovq tavr6v. rai CmoXoh6q r a i rirpi8q. Make friends for generatlon the of themselves are. sou of you the (one) but LUKE 16:7-12 62 laid O & O ~ . ~ a ci l b w f l . I n orderthat whenover places. . 'oh.f? ~ ~~d if in the lt mgl another's what is another's. hesnld to hlm What thls I e m heaa b u t . ~6 ClXqeoYilV 7iS bpiv YOU have not proved Yon became.' lnta the houses of themselves.. debtors of his mastel oan-owers of the lord of hlrnseu he wassaylnp he ~roceeded to say n6uov b~~ihe~ . 4 Eyvwv Ti rro. mi dxw 8q who was having steward. aTI 01 sereet~y be dl* because the sons things* of this are wiser system in Of a uioi TOO a l h q T O ~ W QpovlIine~ol way toward more sons of the age their own generation 7ilv than the sons of the QWdq 1 T& h i p 7 0 6 ~ ulobq Into the light are. . ~ a rrhvrd i . and 61~!3hjBq ah$ 6 q 6 1 a u r o p ~ i < w v T& thls one was accused was slandered to him a* setterlng through the to him a s handling l r r h p ~ o v r aadrp8. ~ b vhX6w 7-5 o i ~ m fa< about you? Hand in you7 O % % k the word o f k e stewa shlp the of UOU. 'What am I to do.' He said to ' E K ~ ~ V dpoy oimu. and sit down and agreement back quickly and ~diuac mxiw y&aov n+.tru. 2 Kal Twvilaaq adrbv his goods wastefuily. How 6 rp6rp to the Rrst (one) How much are you owing to the much are you owing 6 6i E~TIEV ' E n a ~ d v my master? 6 He ~Upi? IOU. tha i m ? 6 the (one) In leaetything) unrlghteoua also in m whattinrightenus is least is person also in unrighteous l much. J17~'a. of the unrighteous so that.'2. Take your written $ ':. And commended the the steward. I am not Tv be digging not I am strong. 'Take your written agreement ati.. to he begging Irom enough to dig. & ? . I say. YOU. 10 The per!on faithful in what &Air 8etoYra.zq 2: 2. m a n was rich and he olrov6pov. . how Thereupon to different (mkl he aald You but much are you owing?' rr6uov b ~ i k ~ q ' 66 e l m v He said. ~ a is. LamQ b oimv6poq the house. hLyc~ one hundred cor measures of wheat: he Issaying him. belonglngr of hlm.$ Ti r o b 0 &KO+ m p i and said to him. stewardship for you of you. and this (one) had a stenafl. :! : $ . 6r rfiq o l ~ o v oicq 6LCwvrai pc when I am put Out eut of the stewarb. 11 Therefore.LUKE 15:32-16% r r h v ~ o ~vm' c illoD. Or. and all the (thingo) u& ~ U T I Y . MAE. 8 r a i ~rr6vEoEv 6 master commended wnte eng w.Iwq hOiquEv.r$ Aiea! uou T& back and write tohim Receive of you the Yt$fikes eighty. aloxlivollat. I ashamed: 1 know I =hall 4 Ahl I know what & .9yig ukn\ U a ~ i o r q r a i b rrohA6 rr1or6 ~ U T I V .av & B ' 8. is faithfui and the 2 yt$Ksa bath measures of ollve pil.

forcing self. From then ' l w h w u IT^ T&C 4 6 a u 1 k i a TOG &o3 0" the kinEdom John.Ha'des' he lifted UP having Hfted up the @yea ofhlm. 'Father n&sp 'A6pcr&p. of the different (onel he wlll desDi5e. 20 But a certain beggar named h a ~ $ $ ~ A ~ ~ W n rrvhba ah06 ~ihlwphg 21 vai Lsda. but dogs K & E ~ &pX6pwo~&rE)lE~x?v T& E X K ~ &oG.e. the does comlng were llcklng the ulcers of him. Ensler but 1 toward it.g a certain man was rich. and c k y y d i < ~ ~ a ~ Ka. and everyone Into every sort of person Dcb<rrat. a husband commlts marrylng b commlttsng adultery. . of one he wlll hold self against and 350 351 LUKE 11319-24 who will give YOU what is foryourselves~ 13 No house servant can be a to two masters: 'Or' either he will hate the one and' love the other. 20. and they the Pharisees fond of 61 ver being. hr ~ p * r r o l q%hav -6Wvypa the lthlnpl in men o y gusting thlnp disgusting thing i n God's sight. hrll Of T&V ulcers 21 and desirf $ % the tthlngs) m . 6 L rai b rrXob10 ~ a i " a S O .15 Kai ~TTTEY a b ~ o i g 15 Consequently he they were sneenng s t him. but God In slght of the men. and began to sneer at him. rai 6huov rGQp~rtv6pEvoq KC# and llncn belng well-minded ewordinz to enloymg himself from day t o day wlth magAcsfnr$$ 20 poor ~ Wlone) X ~ S some 'IS mficence." 6bmo0c BE@ 6ovhrlie~v r a i paliwv$. " $ t ? In order that he dlp the ?fan .. hfef~t'lo. t h e rich h$!e~EV but d m the rloh (one? and 66" man dled and was &&qq. of the rleh tone). 14 Now the TOY are able to God to be alnvlng and to mammon. e l k r yZlp d v E v a g ! o p ~ a r6v l ETEPOY for the one w111 ate and the dmerent tone) d y m ' o a t fi Lv6q &vBb<cral Kai he w l l l ~ o v ~ or . and lick hls ulcers. hls eyes. wnoq but 66 some TIC was ?v n h o rich.Vg. . or he will stick t o the one and despise the other. particle of a letter of the Law to go 18 n&q b &noAGwu Everyone the looslng o f f unfulfilled. -6v p r ~ a n6pylov i have mercy Father Abraham.. 16 "The Law and 16 ' 0 v 6 p o ~ r a l 01 rr oeiimt VEXPI theProphetswere The Law and the untll until John. hef -Ins Abraham saw ~-~~~~ *braham afar off dnri.9 . BTI 1 .a'zar. from men the klngdom of the God G W is being declared a8 good news. b 62 es62 before men. N d t o God and t o riches. and he belne In torments. have m e w on me and send . b h ~ o vr o t ern. and h e ~ V L ~ I ~ ~ ~ K E T O ~ a l used t o deck hlmself he was clothing hlmselt rwithl and wlth purple and ilnen. d v odpdv ~ a ? y@ iraprXeEiv i t is easier for heaven the heaven and earth to Pass away and earth to pass away than for one 3 r o t v6pau piav Y E P ~ ~ V TEOE~Y.posltiOnl &oG. In aight of the cod. 18 "Everyone t h a t yvvui~a &oG ~ a i women of him and marrying dlvomes his wife and marries another t~kpav poi c b ~ t different twoman] ha ia commJting 'adultery. Is able to two lord. YOU cannot be slaves TOG t~ipou raraOpovfim. knowinr hearta of you: beeaune because what is lofty . 24 sohe called of him.rus 2 3 " ~ a ' d e r . n. the lthlng) ours riq 660~1 bpiv.. uai b and the &v6$g male pereon 19 . . & S ~ ~ U K T ~ ~ P Ia< 3O ~6 Vv . were Were hearing but them tthtnzsl dl listening to all these 01 @ap!oaio! qthhpwfol bahpxovrrq. g to he fllied wlth ntn~6v~wv &a6 the thlngs droppirig from falling from the table of the rot nhowiou.You 'Y riq furl. who ~-~ 14 'Hlrouoy 62 r&a =&ma money lovers. I1 E d ~ o r r ~ r r p o 66 v Lorlv IS presslng forward it 1 . A d 1 ~~~ gophets 3 yapav % ho~rAupivqv 6 and he t h a t marries a [woman1 hevmg been Mosed OR fmm divorced from yapav patxrbct. Yes. Helped. *a. See App 48.$& $2 fz +PZ~$V~ g : + k &$ 8. to beslaving. she'oi. than of the Law one little horn tofall.24 eKwv 28" 24' Laz'a. 24 r a l ah65 q w v i u a ~ ~Trrrv hirn.rob$ 6qeaApoPq ~ I ~ T O G . 23 ~ a i he was burled. the but Go ' O U R hearts: YIY~OKLI ~ h q ~ a p 6 i a q bpilY." J18. l? Indeed. too.:". ual things. paup6&v ~ a hi 3 a p o v &v m i g ~ 6 h n o 1and ~ Labarus. n&q Is belng declared as good new. ---. ~ n d hades buried.rus' used t o be gate of hlm havingbeendcented and p u t at hi8 gate. drMZI rich man. meaning "God Has Jbs. the among men i s a -ri. And he m v i g sounded asid and said. And he said to them to them: .I*18. In the from long way off and Larams I n the bosoms . 23 And in h & ~ a < . . o n me and send LabTb lw a. aanl*n. 01 61mlo&rcq LsvO$q those who declare &)bu are the (ones) justlfylng yourselves righteous tu*n~ov T& &dp&rrwv. i NOW in course of L dmoewciv ~b nrwxav ~ a 22 22 Lytvrro 6 the poor lone) and time the beggar died n occurred but to dle and he was carried o n h w r x 8 i v a 1 &hv f i to be carried ofl hlm by the engab Into by the angels to the d v a6Anov 'APpabw bosom [posltlon) of the boaom at Abraham: Abraham.w I ytaz~ t$$&:~ fig ftt ty~$d $ : I:?. El. he existing h & p x w v &v ~ u & o t ~ dp$ 'A6pahp In torments. blog. 13 O G ~ E ~ F oinfrqq who wlll give to roo? No one hourre servant 6 G v a ~ a 1 Sum: K U ~ ~ O I S GOVXE~EIY. NAB. .'l.LUKE 16:13-18 sr~omoi o b ~ LyEvrn86 r Jlpbrrpov falthful not You became. .rUsst o dlp the tip tip % E .

nelther from there toward may 6 ~ a r r ~ p S u l v . He said but to him . Said but the y3ive us more faith. . &p&p~g d h6rA06q oov h ~ ~ i ~ l q o3oPay v attention to should sin the brother of you give rebuke yourselves. YOU would say o v r a ivy ~ a h ~'EKP~<%T l to t h ~ black s mulberry black mulkmy tree thh Be uvrwted tree 'Be uprooted the e be vplanted rr~~rm l h .' 31 Hut ~ETCWO~~OOWIV. 1 obey YOU 17 l7 !a & : . 4 rai t&v Znt&utq if he repents fi!$gX and and itever e v e n times forgive him. 25 rlrmzv 61. x&wa c r h tetween us and voa lbeoplel chasm great these things.v so6rov ha. to him into the house of the father elm. because I em being pained in anguish in this t u rfi ehoyl r a h g . someone rises from dead lones) should stand UP they will be persuaded.r*.. woe t o t h e they are mmmg: it is of advantage to him I 9 One through whom Aieoq p u h ~ ~ b q ~ E P ~ K E I T ~ In ~ p i they came! 2 ~t atone of mill Is lying smund about would be of more rpdr AOV a h 0 6 ~ a i i p p ~ r r ~ a g r l q Tilv n s of him and ha has been caat mto the ~d~~~~~~~w." 8&Aaooav 1 7 lva wuw6ahioq sea than in order that he should stumble pended 'Iom his neck he were thrown r&v plrpi..LUKE 16:25-31 of the 352 M U ~ U S a 353 LUKE 17:1 6 Samq ~ a m l a q 6 c of his Anger in Rnger of him ofwater and m l d t c o a water and cool my ~ j v yh&oo&v pov. 4 Even & ! J ~ P T ~ ~ u el< 2 E m h l q if he sins seven times he should sm Into you and seven timea a day a ~ a i n s you t and rn. m G &avritAov &oO 5 2 .& . neither will they are hearing.a. that they also not also they might come into the place should not get into roirrov niq pau&vou.. S O d 61. 'Child." Ja.( vorr had faith the -."In that event ah& rlq ." 5 ~ a E%(N i 01 b d u ~ o A 0 1 K. . Et61.rLz E Z g :' A ! order * . 31 s f m v 62 he said t o him.27 rlrcv 66 'Epori. And in all these lthln~sl =a@ h f i v b in. lva hem: t!orouphly wltneall to them. meaning "Gad Hns Hslped. elrmzv them Hsten t o these ' let them hear of them. but Uever someone ham.- . YOU ~ i ibe i letthggo OE to hirn. 26 r a i hr neat m h t q are behgpained. YOU were saylng Ukeb grain.q No. p. He said but I amresuesting you Cross Over from there t o US. crr162 6rci8cv =pat fi~$ over YOU may beable.. faith as Lord I1 YOU ere having . NAB.~~ ~ 'Nn . because I a m the tongue of me. likely to roo.P[y And said the apostles Lord 5 NOW the apostles npiw0y 4piv rrnimav. let &nouo&rouav aG~&v. remember that you received o f f the in fa your &yaM oou hr sll r a i good things in your good (things) of YOU in the and lifetime.v. 25' LLIZ'B. ..' you must I am reoentinx. father. . 1f ever of these llttle ones.PUS. 'ABpahp blazing fire. . nelther If ever lomeone out of they be persuaded if VEKPSV &vau~fi r r c 1 ~ 8 j u o v r a 1 . 29 Aka 62 'ABpadp this place of torment. . thiyrre to~$he size of a mustard of mustard. but if someone b vsn t3v noprue* np6q aho* from t h e dead h r n dead P o n d should go toward them to them they will repent. In order that give them a thorough pi ~ a i aLI~oi ~ A ~ W U I V ~i~ T ~ V T ~ T O V witness. . so that I have five brothers. adrO.. ~ t the sll Mba11' see. 2 hwt~chri a h 4 el ertheless. in order that he may l a apnipn~a! CrGroiq. go that the (ones) being wllllng fixed between us and YOU people. besides woe through whom should come. the dead! *. NevEp~rat. &Ah' 6& 7. oc may cross over. father AbraOGxi. i that YOU s h o ~ d aend sa1d. oLIV 6hv T(< t~ Prophets.. a great chasm has been (. send him to the house 28 y h p rrhrrs &6*ofit 6rrinoq Of my rather. through lmm here toward ~ o i~eoplal o from here to 6 6 v w ~ a l . .".5?fip!~ml 6rwq 01 86hov~cq has been nxek. o ." LX~E r6plog El lriorlv h q K ~ K K O V 6 Then the Lord said: grain . and ~ a ii n itobeyed r i l ~ o mand'planted sea? and it would a v uptv. Be ~ o o p a y i n g attention 0 selves. . 6r1 d 6 ~ & ~ a 1tongue. 'They have Moses 'Exovut They are having Moses and the rophets: and the Prophets. ~ Indeed.rus.-+ue~)rt bn M a 6 r q T & remember t h a t you Child. ~ .e.-6u u~vdrmwg.' this of the tomcnt. Now. 5 6 ~ ~apauohrirat ob 62 however.n'nar. now but things. The (one) but sald 20 he smri -~ Then ~ . lather. so t h a t 61aBjval berv rrplrt bpi< those wanting to go to stel.r&v OTKOV m O r r a ~ p 6 q pov you. n&rsp. El. ' forgive him. lva ~ B M 11< therefore. h saying but Abraham 29 But Abraham said. he is having here ha in belng mmforted you but comfort here but 6 6 d m 1 . "&rep 'ABpa&p. but Laz. If your a 3 ~ 0uai . they d o not listen ~ i r v T O ~ ~ T & V0 6 ~ of Moses and 01the Brophefs not t o Moses and the &ro6ouo. 'If they will repent.' 25 B u t In the flame thle. Said but Abraham Abraham said. lather Abraham. =pi)$ TO* paLClen~&q a h 0 6 Then he raid t o He=id but toward the disciples of him his disciples: 'It 'AvLv6s~~inr 5monv TOG r h orQ6oXa Unavoidable it is of the the eauaea for stumbling is unsvoldable t h a t iA0~iv TA~Y okl 61' 08 causes far stumbling to corn. seven METWOO.. &+iloc1s I repent.' 27 Then he oh. AdrSapoq d oiwq r h nanh vtv 62 correspondingly the Lararua likewlae the bad (things).te 2 : .uTpI*p he comes back to you heahould come back d tlmes. MouuEa clai m J q n r j r a s . i&v pc~avofiog b p r g a d r q brother commlts a sin to him: and d ever he shouldrepent let go off to him: him a rebuke. and into the sea than for of the little (ones) these him t o stumble one S ~pooC~r~c tauroiq. g e $ $ ?d$$ t. Tgnwv. 6 r t n w €2 b said to the Lnrd: Add to ua faith. 28 for I a n k v h f l for five brothers. saylng.

M ~ ~ ~ T B p116t roo should go ofl nelther rov . ual h e said ta them: "Go you show selves to the priests. And they wlllaay not see [it].' or.nOthing Slaves Useless we ere. 4 '1605 66c' bpiv '1605 Lrei See here: to rou Look1 there or : e e there. And I t oeeumed in out of slave 6P bpnv raw ~otpaivovra. your faith has saved you.s~he 'IquoGq ~ T T C V OlSx ol 6 t r a LrdapioBqoav. glorifying God the God. h e answered heanswered tothem and safd Not lsmmlns 1 I?uutAria TOO &oir WET&v a p ( m ~ p f i m w ~ the klnedom ofthe God wlth observln= berlde: 2 1 066 tpoirolv 1 ' 60.19 uai ETTEV t o God but this man if n d the of another reoa thlal And he seld of another nation?. ral aisual and afterward you you will drlnk 3 7 . be nerving to ma unll I mlnht eat and and Put on a n apron and minister to me ~ i w ~ a pl r r h raha +&ycua~ I mlehtd. wh'Ch we wemowins slaves. hsvlng seen that he.msr. LUKE 17:15-23 but Exov 7 'Who of YOU is havlng there that has a slave drporpl&vm i i clud06vn Plowing or minding DIOWID~or mlndlng Aock. Emow h i np60wrrov na TO* n 6 k q 16 And he fell upon he fell u w n face b e r g the feet his face at [jesus.] a h 0 3 nixaplorirv ah& ~ a i a h b q ?Y feet. and sitar theae ~thtngs) you WIII eat until I am through eating and drinking. but they $toad up =far off 13 And they raised their " .L he? voo &ht do the (:$inga) when you have done 6lmax0iv-m bpiv Myere the things assigned h. look! the kinadom of God is -. and they ralsed volce mldst ptoov or&marla T a apiaq rd raA~Aaiaq. who & v t o n l o w n6ppw0rv. TI i&Bq.i.." Then It occurred h the to begolngunder them a s they were going off and of Galllee. has made you well. 17 6 m o ~ p l 8 L i ~ 66 6 s sa. htol E~EV cleansing / the11 occurred. your way. LE 6oOhov Lua0apio0quav.1~.hould Pursue after. who havlngcome in t h e floek who mu say t o him when h e tr 703 Lpri &Q E@iy rmt ef the hewlll say to hlm rmmedtately getS in from the field: 'Come here a t once rrawXeZlv 8 having mms alongside you fall but not and recline a t the twi ah3 'Eroipamv Titable'? 8 Rather. Oal. or chase after [them]. 23 And eople will say to YOU. 'See here? Do not go out 61tbSq.* alSrQ 'Avaurirc rroperiou 1 rriurcq oou 19 And he said t o to hlm H a v i g r16en be pohg: the fsiith d y o u him: . 28 ~ a l LpoOulv to see and not You wlll sea.uar heslsd. and havlng g m e d new ready for me t o have 61ar6vs1 pol @dyw my evening meal. Slave ~ ~ C Q U M heaid He gratitude t o the slave T& ' 61max0ivra.I he passing through the midst and .lnk.tan. 18 od ~6pf8rluav then are t h e other The but nlne where? N$ they were found 18 Were none b~oorp~qavrc~ 6oOva1 66Sw TQ era G d t h a t turned havhg turned back to glvo glory to the God to glory st pt) 6 &AAOYEV~~S OBTOF."' 1 1 K d & Y 6 ~ 0 h." 20 ' E T S P W T ~ ~ 6L ~ F h b rDv Oaptuaiwv 20 But on being Requested upon but by the Phsrlaees asked by the n6rc EPXCT~I &mtkia m G 0-3 Pharisees when the when lseomlng the klngdom of the God kinadom of God was hsrrorpitlq a h o i q ~ a elnev i OlSr Epxc~at I co&g.& -- ! ? 1 "" " & ! $ .vlng been asslgnsd to ro:.' cr #A dtC *&$? Whdn%et "9 'IepowaAAp mi &6q Jerusalem and he was traversing through 6 1 i p x ~ ~ o 6th he was entering into a certain ten leprous men met hini. . t6Av 15 d g One 62 out ol tg ah&. 18 uai a h o i 4pav +oviv 6t00d UP fro* afar. 12 And as with h e was healed. 156~ 4 . 'Get something I mlght eat as a i p m . thanking him: of him glvlng thanks to hlm: and he wrvss hrthermore.i. 'There!' For. 01 6L b v f a TOG. hka lb&g x& I V 6015AW 6rl ho. and said: "Jesus. . 15 One of them.-. 18 K U ~ back. 'We are AOGAOI dxpdoi hoprv. he wlll say to hlm Make ready what will he not sav ta 6r1huw . 14 And when And havlngaaen he sald to them Havlng gone ' h e got sight of them h16~iSa-r~ tauroDq roiq IcpcGu~v. and with a loud voice. have mercy I4 K U ~ 16Av Elrev athoiq nopcu0hcq on us!'.lee. thorn. 'See here? look1 lnldom cftha Ciod inside or. 8 h+eiAop~v. ucv can eat and drink'? g P a ! u l td . rnstNctOr. UkUwK6V OL. will TOI'm.'EK& nelfhel wlll they esy l a o k l here or There: obseribleness. And and show yourselves t ~ i v e ~ o h) h & y e ~ v &ok to the priests. 17 m Samarltsn. turned 0~6v.Rise and be on . lo ohus the cthlnra) having been saslghed? Thus also because he did the things assigned. say. tumeL?back 9ec5 "6. when he saw ~~~~~~~ Owviq pcy&hqq volce great glorlfYlnx 6 o S h ~ w 76" de ?. he mas I o p a p i n l C .K nrpl<w&pwoq him. igOOd-for. 12 K a i ." 22 ETTEV 66 npbc m5q He said but toward the 22 Then he said t o 'EAeBovra~ fiptpa~ 6rc h 1 0 u p / I o c ~ ~ p i w the disciples: ''Days Wlll come days when YOU wlll desire one will Come when You will desire t o see one UIoo &Ygp~TOU of the days of the Son of the of the Son of Ule man of man but YOU will 16Eiv r a i o l ~ lilyco8e. 2 1 neither will people f60bpf au~Aeia 706 ~ E O G t v ~ b q be saykng. .. in uou<midst. ten were cleansed. And ~ ~ o c p ~ o p 6 v oa uh 0 0 c Tlva K&~V enterlng of hlm into same vlllage h 6 v ~ l l ~ a6 v i ~ a ACWPO~ ~ ~ P L S . berou raylng E t t o YOU. What we have done is what we ought to have done. &J. .. i c e s ~~YOVTE 'lqu08 F h l u r h ~ a LMquov fip65.LUKE 17:7-14 7 Tic Who but 354 355 they Were cleansed. aaylng Jesus lnstructoi have mercy on us. Havfnganrwered but the reply sesus . oi met ten le~roua male persons. Jesus sald Not the ten wereelcsnred? were they not? where.

so NOE. 2 : %$' rrapaPoAfiv droiy parable to them 6tiv navrora VP~S ?a tobe nefesrary always toward the rrpoocGx~o8a1 adrobc.r h b Eo66~wv. man not reppeetlng. the one 660 h i ~Aivqqp16y. and 1 to pick these up. ' Is being revealed. tv n6hal t ~ r i v~~ a 3 i But there was a ln the oity that and widow in t h a t eity and l8on to tell them Then he went e : 2 0 $3 ~ $ : t% SO' P ~ x A B W and the Wcstcatt and Mort Creek text omit this verse. ~ a l j ~ ~ q f iV Y K T ~ & O V T ~ I YOU. 34 I tell bpi". but ~ t i * n .One very. &V~P&WOU h o ~ a h h r r m i . 37 So in response said him: rGptr. it rained fire Came out of Sod'om rai 8Eiov 61TTs orlpav00 . no respect for man. in that day when day entered Noah Into the ark. to thls the nlght will be two [men] wlll be in one bed. r k 3 &v &y 6 b o i o c p$ hrlo.. SO KaTh rh a11 Ithem). men were marrying. Lord?" Re said to them: 'Where u&pa. until fivLpa5 ~IoilXerv N a e d c ~ i v KIDW-T~V. 1 pia r m p ~ X ~ p q 8 i u ~ ~ 4 a 1 6L the . 26 Moreover. yuvol~rbc A h . 18 He'Eheyrv was saulng.g. they were ~ ~ ~ i l n p . selling. 25 a "row 66 6~i s o n of man will be."$Pz*f 9 :f%i noG. drinking. . 8afe far himself will I . they were hrLAow. ~ a l 6 ~ T L P O ~ &pE8?juc~al' but the other will be and the different (anal wlll be let go off. 2 saying: . shines from out oi the under the heaven Lnto the under one pad under heaven o l l d v h & p n ~ i o h w y ZOTUI b ulby t o another part . 38 6c. h e &bv aoMh W&V r a i must undergo many him many (things) to and sufferings and be h o 6 o r l p m ~ I i v a l dmb ri15 yEvE& xih~. heaven lsahlnhi. but t76 a different fwomanl w $ f ~ ~ $ ~ r ~ ~ ~ Rt h . tho one wl I be slten along the but be taken along. A ~ c o r d. ation. oirrwy Lma~ ~ a Lv i ~aic ilpipaty it be also in the of Noah. 29 But thayweretulldlng: to~hlch but t t j h e ~ v Ab. e other will be abandoned. b 6L ~ l r r c v &oiy 'Olrou r b u r d d The tone) but -Id to them where the "Where.a/ and sulphur from heaven and WhWTag.1 to be praying and no Lv~a~civ hBywv Kp'rfiC to go bad in (sodethlng). tqh cuov. rejected by this generto be rejected from the generation thla. I n t h a t n i g h t 34 IaitL?lnn to rou. hut whaever &v hohtu~l Cwoyovimt loses it will preserve llkely will lose h e w 11 generatcauve it. Who but lose but whose movable the housetop and the v w e l s of hlm in the things are in the 4 E!L~~. they were 0~066 ow' 29 6 building. . . 33 Whoever seeks to keep his soul might seek 6. they were planting. just as i t occurred in A& the days of Lot: they the olLot: they were eating. o i the man. 62 but f Tfi #f& a n Illustration with to the need for them always t o pray and not t o give up. q o 6 o O ~ o y rai fear nu and 3 6L ?v but we."~. the one w l t belaken alone will be taken along. let him El< rh h i o w . ~ltewlse a-rdlngu 1toee-d in ? I 1 . the (one) in ~ e f d ilfewise no letrehlrn in the field.LUKE 11:21--31 356 ol~iq.= n 25 First. there also t h e eagles will be ~ W ~ W iuovrai will be !ed gzether upbn. by its 6~ T ~ Ch b T ~ VodWv6v d S T ~ V hr' flashing.oued and destroyed them rr&v~a<.yb they wan d r l n k u . house. CPPL~EVTOP On the day that Lot came out ~ o t from sodom.~.) behlnd. saylng sudge s : $ . they were h~vov they wsre drlnklng. Be 70" remembering to the things behind.&i?t%: w c 'h marriage.. then. 26 r a l ra8hc B y f v ~ r o tv ~ a i y f i p t p a ~ yjust as i t occurred in And aecordlng as itoccurred in the dsvs the days of Noah. they were Lhlvov . b d c .. 31 b t r ~ i v n fiptpq lie Emat &I l e t t h e Person t h a t In that the day Who will be upon is a n the housetop 703 6bpa70q KO/ ~h U Y L ~ &oO ~ h) . f n ~ t o We 6 it will be on that daytmal It will be to w\IEI~ the when the Son of man is t o be revealed. . women iyapifawy we'e being given thay ware belnng ven n marriage.ylnp.rra a h p q B ? j o c ~ a ~ two upon bed one. 31 "--O n t----h a t rlao man --. . gathered together.$~$~. abandoned. however. they were buying. 367 LUKE 17:32-18:3 24 O m c p y a p fi h p m i j & m f k o w a 24 For even as t h e As-even for the lighlnlng ashins lightning. mu= wlll be the Son under heaven." 36 ' horpt8iwcy ~iyouow ah6 hav~ng answered they aressy~ng to him Where. 32 pVIlp0vErk~E likewise not return Into the lthlnp.rrw. so the roil (hl8pi." b raraPdrro $a~ &&. entered into the ark. . of Lot.rpcyldnw and t h e person out ~t?z. 35 ~h~~~ will he two [womenl 35 Eoowai will be two Iwomenl 660 &hq80uoafi gr ndlng upon iwi 76 grinding a t the same arlrb. ral house not come down letatepdown to1 ft up them. 28 6 oiwy K&< & t m m tv all (them). they were p~antlllp. 6h8rv 6 r a r a ~ h w p b y rat h 6 h s o ~ vand the Rood Came the entaelysm and desh. ~talive. drinking. them ~c. &KC? rat 01 body. thus it will be slao in the days days of the Son of TOO uloa roil &vepirrrov' 27 rj0810~ of the Son o f the man: were e'llngs man: 21 they were eating. ~ n a certain eity there was a eertain judge t h a t had no lea' Of had hv0pwrrov p i 6wp~rr6p~voy. hy buy. % I . alao the eagles the body is.

.1 16 @ a ~ o a i o q Other 11 The Pharlsee dimrent (one) lax collector. I give the 6iq TOO oa666trou. W a b r o i 8 h i y o Gpiv h e ~ s l o n a os ~ m upon t them?. the rest as nothing: 10 'AvB w n o ~ 660 M 6 u a v aiq 6 ir&v 10 '. through In fact the naplxrcv pol nhov riu qpav to be iurniahmg to me toil the w dow m6qv tr6tutloo a h j v . dawn . drrroSc~a~a6w n h v ~ a tenth of all thlngs I twice of the sabbath. the (one) but humbling himaell wlll be exalted. 68 . were giv~ng reprimands to them.' q The but lax mlleetor tax collector standing as many as I am aequmrms. 7 jl 68 Or6 06 p? noxion . w111 see t h a t she gets thls I shall exset vengeance lor her.rog b ~Eh&qq 12 V ~ U T E W a Or as this the tax collector.this lone1 hasing been just1 ed into t h a t man: because iuaivov. UBbv 6pa ab f i a t 1 rilv having come r e a y wllfhs ~ n d the faith when the Son of man arrives. '0 God. The . or even &8P. nad6r( ohoq 6 E 6 t ~ a 1 w p t v o s CIS more righteous than merit . I am tlthlng from aU lthlngsl 13 But the 6ua K T O P ~ I : 1% 6 66 ~ r ~ h y acquire. wdes h a ~ h O u to be done to them speedily. extorbecause not Inm ea-even the leftover loneel oi the tioners. that he wtll do the vengeance o??he? He will cause justice ~hxet. 14 hiw bpiv This man went down t o his home proved the sinner. so t h a t she will not keep coming iva dq T L X O ~ +XOll&q In order h a t lnto end commg and pummeling me t o lmwn~hSu pe. panpoBuyr~. . Hear You what the judge o f L e unrighteo"=es. although unrighteous. ISssylng: the but 0 0 2 not not a o w d do the then. longs t o suchlike ones. and ones who cry out t o him day and night. kingdom for O ~ S U E ~ 18 the kingdom of the GO^. . #ha WBB ~ 0 m l n g ~ W B I ~ hlm 8 8 ~ h K saying. A ~ Y E I .' 14 I tell YOU. the but having seen hmfpw aS~oi5. and do not the pr a ' me and be YOU preventing them. heaven. Of beyZIp roto6rwv i m i v 4 p a o ~ h a i a TOO 0 ~ 0 6 . 1em thankfng to you thank you I a m not as 67. but afterward prr& rajra 68 ~ l n r v i v iavr4 El he sald t o himself. & matchers: p r r a y r ~ unrighteous. P R ~ I ~ ~ ~ y$%2 ~ it. TO hpaptwhQ.& tWrav stood and began t o ora8ri< 7aOra toward hlmself pray these things t o the (thus) haulng stood himself. but he that everyone the exaltmg himself wlll be humbled. this t a x col~ector. 6 ETnav 68 6 K ~ P I O a~ flnlsh. but he wannmltlng the gracious t o me a e-03 hCyw ' 0 9 ~ 6~ A~ &UO T..r)lv said! 7 Certainly. of the to Stop them. -56t~ob ad1. will he really h i ~ilqY ~ F ' upon the earth? find the falth on the earth?' S Etno. 4 r a i O ~ K f i B ~ h ~ v h i x&. I cb~aptm&i 001 O e 8e6t npoor(6yno & was preying Dad. b u t o n seeing i t the i66v~q 01 dbCIP1eles disciples began to 62. miliated. 6? reprimand them. breast.lcknesa. the one a to pray. pou. Q a toaiog ~ a i 6 t o pray. nhiv . 5 6fh YE 76 I am reapeetmg. . ~ ~ . Nevertheless. r a i crying aloud tohim of day and of nrght.v.' 4 Well.9:z. ~esu8 called t h e [Infantsl t o 'IquoOq jerua ==?led n o o toward a~ahk him o a ~ o alrd them him..$ ge to1 . Jastlce.dh."' 6 Then #he may hlt under leyel me. S d d but the Lord the Lord said: "HEUI 'AuoSoare ~i 6 nptniq 7-q &Stria< what the Judge. this Illustration also having trusted upon themselves that they are t o some who trusted Si~a~ot ~ a i i ouOrvoOvm TOGS in themselves t h a t rlahteaus and wnddering as n o t b the the" were rlehteous " homnobq 4 v napadohjv d q v . rGv t o me. he 15 Now people 15 oui$rpov 68 a 6 r Q r a i T& weitesrlngtowad but to him also the began t o bring him also their infants for drav he &nTqTal. And not he was wlllfng upon willing.Two men went e n two w E a u p lnto the temple Up into the temple wpou~6~aoBa1. that ~ +"?ants . 1 am fasting 12 I fast week. shall not God 6 ~ 6 i ~ q o l TGY v ~K~EKTO a V b ~ d 7i)v cause justice t o be Vengeance of the chosen (onell of hlm ofthe (ones1 done for his chosen 6o&vrwv ah6 lpkpcrq r a i W K T ~ S . Iamsaumg torou even though he is long-suftering toward 6 ~ 1 woljoel T ~ V6~6i~qulv I You.~ ... o l i ~ ~ l p ffionep i oi ~OITOI TWV the rest of men. 'See t h a t I get 'ErSirqoirv VE &nb 7013 ckvr16i~o~ justice from my sdverExact vengeanceior me from the adversary [atlswl sary a t law. not-but the eyes Into the hut kept heating his o3pw&. and who considered leikwer ~ n e s l the parable this. pol be f . TOSS dq8aXpoJg h h p a ~ aIq rbv his eyes heavenward.LUKE 18:4-10 358 359 LUKE 18:11-16 fi~xam npdq a3dv hiyouoa she kept going t o him. one ~ R a r ~ a e e and the pharisee and the :$ $$ .aeq~a.a1 rrpk n w g m?q ~e mid but also toward sorne the 9 But he spoke wmo186~aq & $ Lauroiq 6 ~ . himaelf a r y ~ n s be propnloua to me sinner..nwv. humbles hlrnself will b 68 ~ a n r ~ vtovrbv i. E e a tax g7apoq T E X ~ ~ Y ~ G . I am sayhg to YO. rva P P @ ~ I" order of them may touch: him t o touch theae. undghteoua.~ Oqdiatral. 671 everyone that exalts r6v 01x0~ abroI3 wap' the homo of him bedde that lone): beesusel himself will be hunhq b bqqv e a u ~ 6 v t a r r a ~ v w O t l o ~ ~ a~. saying: "Let the 'AVTS T& wat6ia E XEU~I np6~ ret go OR row the x t t ~ children e to coming toward young children trg KW~~ETE alirh. T6he but 16 nowever.. fi r a i rSq 00. hhh* ~rvrrrr 76 GO^. a t a distance was not pa~p&v 6mbq o6r ?IB+q from long way OR havtngstood not War wllll*g milling even to raise 066. for a while he was unof me. after theae (thmgsl but he sald in hlmself If 'Although I do not r a i r6v O&v 06 $oBoOpa~ ob6L & 8 p m o v fear God or respect a130 the God not Iamfeartnp nelther man 6v~pinop~. saying.

hiyw bpTv 671 066clq Emlv 6 q dlqfi~w There is no one who I am raying to varr that no one is who let go o f f has left house or wife olriav i l ywai~a f i drS~h@obq i yoveiq 6 or brothers or parents house or woman or brothers or parents or or for the TLKM ~ivr~ev 01 God 30 Who Will 30 Sg 06xi ki hbP0 who not not might receive not in any way get mare rrohhmhaaiow Lv TQ ralp6 man" trmer more ithin=si tn the enoainted h e this wriod of tlme. (one) but 23 When he heard h~oriaaq aha wEPihUnOq this. this "Id: "Who POshaving hear1 And who Is able to besaved? slbly can be saved?" 27 b 61. be completed.. 'oh. he became deeply having heard thew (things) grieved about grleved. except one. a .' he wan for rich very muoh. 26 e c g the 26 Those who heard ofthe God toenter.fy&. tittle b o i not t o 9 mightenter into it. 1 in the heavens: and nai ScCpo dnohoG8e1 pot. 29 6 6P clvsv a h i q 'Aphv 29 He said t o them: to YOU. DO not lycuh~a~~u~iorlj Tifla r b v bear false wltness. 8s6 20 r&q tvrohhq a. ~ a i T~TEXEO%ULT~ n I a the thlngs wrltten by Jerusalem. 18 Kai h t l h ~ o t v TI< cnhbv h p wv And lnqufred upon same him mfer MYWV A16houahr ciyd6. Behonoring the Honor your father and r r a r i p a aou rat r i v pqripa. S t 'Ome be my and hither be follower to me." TOG 8 ~ 0 0cimh0civ. not steal. r i n o ~ j o a q saying Teacher good.d 25 c d r o n 6 ~ e p o v yhp E ~ l v 25 I t la easier. Dro~hetr t?%= Son ofthe man: ..."stem of t h l n ~ s ' Lp~opEvv <l. 22 mer fir vc67 TO$ 22 d ~ o 6 u a 5 62 6 'IqaoL?q hearlng that.>. el5 alrrjv.o'ni1. whoever does not recelve the kingdom of cod like a young child wlli by n o means get into 1s ~. f i t?ADe6) c$." havlng let go off the own (things1 we followed 50. 61 i .. 24 Jesus looked a t 24 '16&. by~vj8q qv yhp n h o d u ~ a ~ uq66pa. .~~. and all 'lepowahip. 6 men are possible with besde men posnibie beslde the God is. hX a i~ l interit?' 11 &pfiv rimop~6ovrat. who likely not 66iqra1 T ~ V Paathriav TOG 0eoO h q might rCEeiYe the klngdom of the God sa na16iov 06 slaab .wilv alhvtov. and you and distribu$e to have treasure nai ee~l 8qoavpbv h. ai. ~ o i q o6pavoiq and you wlllrhave treasure in the heavens. what having done Cwjv alhvlov ovo juw. . r l n ~ v T& & S 6 v a ~ a 27 He said: "The The (one) but asld The (things) Impossible thlngs impossible with n a p & drv8phrrolq 6uvarh v a p h TQ 8 ~ LUT~Y.AI~these 62 ETTCY Taha TT&VT~ Lq6haca I have kept from but said These ithlngsl aU lpusrded youth on. Do youshou3 & a . God. Not you should mirder. nll lthbgsl asmanyan you are haying the things you have and dlstrlbute t o rrhh uov ~ a i 61660 poor people. "order of things" Inlmv.rat a d f i v a c . the $ ! he wil be given bealde Y ~ a i 6pvalx8fior~al ra] nations and will be and he will be made fun of and made lun of and are going their way in. YOU should bear false w Less. for he was rich. o 6 6 ~ i q &yaw< si p ET~ 6 good? ~o~~~ good it not one the me good? Nobody is good.6aq GO& The commsndrnentr you have known 20 You know the commandments. and in t h e coming ~ o h @ ~ a i tv TQ ~ I J v I TQ this and age in the the (onel . ixrrq is wanting. % ! everlasting life? 19 Jesus said to him: do ciya86v. everlasting life) commg Hfe everlasting..LUKE 18:17-24 LUKE 18:25-32 17 Truly I say to YOU. ' 1 udc E~v.. hlm and said: "HOW Aaving Seen but him the ? s sald difllflcult a thing it w1lI be for those 6w~6hw 01 T & xdpma with dlmcu8y Ule (ones1 the money having money t o E x o ~ e c el$ P a u l h ~ i a v TOO 0 ~ make ~ 6 their way into having Into kingdom Of the God the kingdom of Godl e$ ALyw bpiv 5 & pfi Amen I am nayins to m. mru. became. ."' 2 1 Then father of YOU and the mother..g by doing pt Teacher. ~ :k SO* Or." 28 But Peter 28 Eim 6 L 6 n h p o q 'I&G fiuciq said: "Look! We have Said but the Peter Look! We left our own things &qivrq T& i61a fi~ohou8iuap6v and lollowed you. '.lam'. Having heard but the Jesus said to him: "Thereis sTnw aGrQ "€TI Ev said to him Yet One (thing1 to you yet one thing laelring about you: Sell all Aeirrel n&~a doa .5&). 31 Then he took 31 napahaPhv 61 r o J q 6 6 6 ~ ~ETTZY a the twelve aside and Havmg taken belllde but the twelve he said sald t o them: "Look! npbg &o6q '16oJ d n n ~ a i v o ~ c v siq We are going u p t o toward them Lwkl we are gomg up into Jerusalem..$ $iy g : y. 19 life ovedaatlng K . What shall I inherit OWhy Ze 'I?!".0?~2. : .' of aew~ng needle Sewing needle than for E ~ D E ~ ~ E fl ~ V d 0 6 u l o v el T ~ V Paalhciav man to get into toenter than rich lmanl in& the kingdom a t h e klngdom of God. t o YOU. c o d . 32 For Instance. I sav . and wtil be completed all means of the prophets T& yvpawiva 61& T ~ V the ithmgsl having been written through the a s t o the Son of man npoqqrJv ufir TOO & Y ~ P ~ T Owill V . 21 6 mother. uAB. The (onel but aald to them Amen "TIUIV .ng NJ NA ~d / - -- I s1 ~. The (onel he said: '. eaaler Ior for a camel t o get ~dlpqhov 6th P+hq through the eye 01 a Camel through % :$ P !" . Jesus outof yoah.d a him. In fact.Pa. & ~ o G a o v r ~ Kai rlq 6ba. M' K A C ~q M Do not murder. not commit adultery.. 'Do po~xelsa$ ~h qovefioqq YOU should comrnlt bdultery. 21 i . 32 na~609jacml E & ~h e will ~ ~ be delivered to the nations Up t o [men of.

~ n dtn~tsn u v vou faith of you has saved you. st seeing Htl.cho a certain blind man was sitting bei~&eqro nap& side t h e road begging. [Jesus] but 09 him he inquire] upon him What asked him: 4 1 "what uog Bihaq no1 ' ~ w b 65 clrrcv do you want me to you are you w l ~ t n g t o l o ? . ~ a i iPb m v ivararene paulng b y ~ " dhe eridd by!" 38 At t h a t he Mywv 'iqooir u i l Aausi6 fltqobv cned out. I uai i6bvrEq rr&vTEq recehed 7 But when they saw rejoldng. hidden from and they were not tyivwu~ov T& As b~eva. saying: man t h a t is &pap~wh~ c i ~ f i h e ~ vK ~ T ~ . &vaphilyag Jesus got to the piace. . all the i6bv e6waev alvpv TG RcA oeaole.% 22 & : $ : bliz*$$nl a:se b '" h . :: te &rng ~ ~ to hlm sight. Jcrieho. and being calle2 Zacehae-. h. 35 'Eyi-o 62 i v TQ t y y i ctv 35 as he was I t acevrred but in the to be gettfng near gettlng near t o Jer'i. --. have mercy on ' male Derson he went in tolooredawn. C ~ X O U "With ~I." 66 pe tb'ival. . having hurried hurry and get down. be treated insolently end spit upon.chae'us stood u p and said to the Lard: KGP~OY '16ob ~h ofthe "Look! The half of my Lord Laok! The (thtws) ~ ~ ncLln.-. ~ n dall the peoPle Gad. he .. ~ a : rtv d Pira Of any . was small apo6pa hu ~ i ~b q Eprrp000~ &v@q in dze' So he Ian havingrunteiore into the from-in-toward hewentup ahead to a n advance Lrri uuno opiav rva and umn RE-mulkrry tree in that h e %t see a RK-mulberry tree adrbv. 39 ~ a i 01 rtpo&yovTrq have mercy on me!" me.well. And the (ones) golng before 39 And those going Lmripwv abrQ ba in advance began to WcreEtvmg rePramaods to him in order thst tell h ~ m sternly to u~viyzq' a h b q 6L noXXQ phhhov keep quiet. .oW here there was Zarxahg. he will be treated i n s o I ~ U y and he will be ault in. saylng: raying Jesus Son of ~ s v i d . n a ~ & & 8 ~ojpepov .~tt~ng beside 86 &~oduaq 6L dxAou 6tarropruopivou 36 Because he heard a Having heard but of crowd traveling throuB hrw0dimro ~i riq .I these things. him they will Ell rai jp6.was r ~ c h 3 Well. $ : * oAer ' : % ofg . pc. After 6i a h 0 h q p h r orv a b ~ b 41 T i he got near. he was to ~ aO l ~ Y fi6ISva~o 1ITTb ~ 0 5dxAou 671 see who thls Jesus and not hewasable from the orowd beeauaa . ~ n d as he came upon way. And he entered b~fipxea Kai aiuEX96v And having entered he was going through the Jer'i cho and 'lepctxh. and he ~MTEI i6eiv T ~ V 'lquo0v ~ i q ~ I Y .a& praise to d o d haying seen gave praise . have mercy on me.." 42 So 6 ' I q m t q ~ T r r o . v --T. hut t h a t heshould be'sllent: he but to much rather much more h e keDt tXLqo6v pc. . said. . ~~. he war seekhg to see the Jerus who he is. And having hurried 6 With t h a t he and got down ~arif3 nai mi<am afir6v hurried he and he ~ ~ ~ ~ i ~ ~ d him u n dand e r with rejoicing he him as guest. Also. comprehended. IIe KJpt4 twa kfN80. And recover sight.. A Jesus said to him: the Jesus -d to him See aan n. WB. 37 They reported 31 dmil~~.. m a (one) but s s ~ d do for you?. alirQ 'AvaPAryov. the R your sight: ~ ~ c r i m p i i p a Your faith has made r r i o r ~ qoov u b i v rrr 43 ~ a . ~ n d hav~ng seen all lit]. ~od. Davld. l v 33 and after s e o u m g and vlngrcourged they will kill hlm. nai a6r6q rrAowlo( 3 nai and he was a chlef &pxtrrAhq\ chief tax collec or and he rich: and tax c011eetor.." 43 And instantly h e recovered d ~ f p h s ~ v nai finoAo60c1 h r got el-ht 1.oGlo. toward him ~acehseuk. and h e began t o ~~i ~ & g6 Aabg foilow him. nai a h 6 5 4v i man called by t h e rahobpcvo he was name zac chae'us. knowing the things they were knowing the (things) bekgsaid. xaipwv. ad~bv. shouting: "Son ofinpa<cv YIL k c i 6 was shouting Son of avid. ." 40 Then HIlving stoo All but Jeaus commanded Jesus stood still and d r 6 v & efivat =pi. 5 Now when T ~ YT ~ O Y . because of that iweyl h$$%KYout In because he to see was him.+ -. ~ ~ p p ag% ". have mercy 40 U T ~ E ? . . And lookt male p e m n to name 2 p. yioavrog commanded the [ G i n ] him t d b e led towars him. . Son of David.. glorifying glo~ifylng the cod.LUKE 18:33-42 362 363 LUKE 18:43-19:s SPpt6-a. 34 Kal d-toi o66B 34 However' they did And they nothlng Oith:%Kng#) not get the meaning uuvfi~av. . having looked up t t e 'IJ~?. they ail fell t o 6 1 ~ y 6 y y ~ t p Aiyovr~q TI na & they were mut e r ~ n g s a y m thst ~esPde muttering. he began to inquire he war inquiring what might be this. . fiAtriq t A e statwe because not for the h e crowd." 8 But Ravlne stmd hut Zaeehaevs said toward the Zac. the place. ~ 6 i '1qoo0q LriArwev on me. him. 19 1 19 - VZ!$ h>.lAav -52 a h + 671 'Iqootq to him: the Uley rewrted back but to him that Jeaua Na"'B'rene' is parsing NaCwpaiog ~ r a p i p ~ n c r t 38 . to t he rh.. T ~ V - and he was follOwfng I ~~~~ eebv. 6 ~ a i monrboag itlsnecessar~me stay. . about 61ip meal. yhp iv TQ o i r q ooV for today I must come down. but o n the third day he will rise. a sinner he went in 8 ora0dg 6P Z a ~ ~ a i ocTmv g rrp6q r6v t o lodge. 5 rai h q fiA0rv h i t o go through that to be through.$ . and was the say ng but this utterance was rcrpuppivov &n' hidden from them. 2 Kai ihir h i p d v b ~ a r t was going through. 33 rai ~ ~ y w a v h ~ oc ~ q ~ ~ v o h ah&. . . what this might mean. mi 6 ~ m u o 8 i l o l ~ a 1 ."? he looked u p and said onswag rrpbq ahbv Zaa~xaie 'Zac'chae'us. drown near to he led to him. today for in the house you stay in your house.tnner -.. -. having bee.. 671 6neiqq him.w TB T i ~ q ~ v D ~ O OETal T and to the day the tRid he will a?and "i. let me r d in order that I mish see age n.. 42 ~ a said: i "Lord.

to say."$h% : : . C m w this house. 16 Kai &~PVETO h) 73 t n m s h 8 ~ i v a d ~ b v 15 "Eventually And It occurred In the to come back him when he gat back .. Rve mlna.SOU T6 &pyGp~ov h i is it you did not put yougave ofme the ailver Imoneyl upon my silver money in a UOU 18 ~ ~ n a id fih8cv osme the 6 6~ second 6 r e p o qALywv saying 'H K ~ P I E .ation h. And mi'na gained ten mi'~ t m v a h @ ~ b y c &yaEL 60irhc. to him: 'This day q0d. ok to whom he had given the '8llvcr Lmoncul.' 14 But citlzens of hlm were hating hlm. w that I kept away lylng off mlna of YOU whlch I was\aVlng in a cloth. 21 You uou6a i q 21 i+opaGpqv y&p UE 6r1 8We8tcEthi 1 was fearlng lor you because YOU. did you.rlv6q and I I am glvl~g. LPxopal' l4 but 6P them. hold ' : $ < '$%t:. by false I I took by fig-showing I em glvlns nck fourfold. slave. L ~ & rugI ~ good ~ slave! ~ Because in 6" M a i m q rrturb ln leaat rthlng) faithfu? you proved fo be.ed . in order In order that ha rmpht mow what to ascertain what 6 1 m p a y ~ a r c h ~ r 16 o. ~ O Y ~ P L mouth I judge mouth of YOU I am Judglnp you. taking up what am. Ibecause see* was In fear you are Of b 8 p u w o g aCnrq6dq ST. yourself faithful.. to the poor gneal I am giving to the 6i6wrc rai d .me ra86r1 r a i a h 6 q ul&g 'A w i r l r . 'YOU. nood slave. 9 ETVEV 62 rr&q a h ? ? 6 .' 17 SO he said hesald b hlm Well lnd. Di hlmseli he gave to them ten mlnsa and 13 Calling ten slaves rlw~v rr&< aLiroij~ r r w ~ p m ~ h a u 8 ~ them sald toward them do YOU byliness of his he ten mi'nas and told 6" 4. and his citizens hated him b h u r ~ ~ h a v npmP~iav drriuw adroir and sent out a body they sent off body 01 ambasradon behlnd hlm of ambassadors after Xlyovrsg 06 8thopev him. . . 17 rai saying.' but ~ I I Y ) to this [one) AISO you on top 19 He said t o this one 6 also. . 0 6~ ~u n s l p a : 2. 6 ~ 1 k GI & ! J ~ P w ~ T o ~adurqg6g you knew. o $ ? ? because h e was near ~ O X E ~ V acla03q to be thlnklng them ." 11 'A~ou6vrwv 6 L ad~Jv ~ a i r ~ a Heerlnl but of them t h n e (things) 11 while they were npou8riq ctnfircv r r a p a p o h i ) ~ ' 61h 7. Lord.. 6oirhc ii6~1c. 671 nas. napcytvno 66 they had gained by they gained by badlng.' 20 But a different one LTEPOS f i h e ~ v UYWV KCPIE. oou 6 h ~ a n p o ~ p y h u o r o . ~ " d the charge of five Cities.' 18 Now second came' saying' * ~ a u mi'na. 'We do lay~ng ~ o t weare wtlltns tG%%) not want this [man] to p a u ~ h c i r u a ~ '0' qphs.3 ~ a l I T[ 061( reaping what I did not whlch not I lowed? And thmulh what not sow? 23 H~~~~ why E ~ W K & G .I~ucI~ &TI ) ~ a m restoring fourfold. 19 E~TEY . 'Out of your ur6par6g uou ~pivw uc.oljr4) ~~i tndvw made five mi'nas.Mrd. you uklnguP a take harsh u p man: what you did 8 o6n E8qra\ ra: eepi<c~~ which not YOU deposl e an you are reaping whlch reap what you anddid you O ~ K ~UllElpa 22 h i y ~ l a h + 'EK TOS Sow. too. aipwv 8 O ~ K &KC( Kai ~ E P ~ ( ~ W V man. aoweh: 1 . llfting UD whleh not I depodtcd and reap ng I did not deposit and 8. w7%~~9ra $Le . wfeked you. ~ o r d . . 'Well done.h 0i UEV ~ V T E PUBS. rrohiral a6ro0 (piuovv a 6 ~ 6 v .3 listening t o these havlng added he said parable through the things he spoke in addition a n illustration. belonglnns. &ause because also he aan o f f b r n h n m h e also is a son of 10 ilh0rvyhp 6 ul&g TOO &v8pQwov C q ~ q u a ~ the came for the Son of the man toseek Son of man came to xai o & o a ~ rb &ohoh6 and to save the (thing) havlng beentoat. M e r e n t (one) came saying Lord. 364 365 LUKE 19:16-23 .' He said not you us is ssy~ngto h ~ m o u t of the t o him. Hevlngcal?ed but ten slaves cure kingly power for tam06 e6wrw a d ~ o i q 6ira pv&< ~ a himself i and t o return.. had given the silver iva vvoi . nai till I come.y -1zlon toyhe house thlr occurred. of YO. yohknew that man t h a t I a m a harsh E I ~ I . wicked slave. z t Jerusalem and they were imagining t h a t phhhrt q kkingdom lhcia TOO Isbeing about the of the God t h e kingdom of ~ o d &vaqaivru8al' 12 Etrrsv 0 1 % "AV8$Xodg was going to display to be showlngu~seY. aips~ man hsmh YOU an. be a very small matter tfouuiav Exwv k&vw 6hna rr6hcwv. hessld therefore an itself instantly. He 6P Kai . . seek and t o save what lost. 20 rai yivau be eom~ngto be Rve o f e ~ t ~ e a .$e came. . . ' ~ o r d your of you ten worked taelf toward mlnss. become king over us.]. end If of anyone extorted from anyone "Ju~ohrlua imo6iSwt1 ~srparrhoirv. pvhg." Snld but towerd U l s Jesus that 9 At this Jesus said I ' p ~ p o v ow p i a T^ oi~q ~06-r ty ~ b e m . Came to be alongside but business activity. h e having recelved the +wvq8jval a 6 r Q rocq 6oGXouq ralirouq commanded to be these called to him these the slaves to be eounded to hlm slaves to whom he 6~6cjne1 6 &py6plov. P& 4v fl ov b o ~ r l ~ hf. ten the mina pv& cities.19:9-15 ~ ~ P X ~ W WKGPIC. .ri money. because t o him. YOU have proved avthorlty hsvlng on top ten of cltles.LUKE . be in nLWE n6~sW. r Lord. 16 Then the first one 6 n p ~ r o q Xhyw Kbptc fi ~ Y B the Arrt saying Lord: the mlna presented himself. l o r d . : @ u l k i a v Kal ~ t w m after having secured Acrp6-a r!)v klnlldom and he sald the kingly power. 'Do business In whleh Itlmel I em camlng. saying. f .' torelm upon us. 13 Kahiua 62 6 i ~ 6oGhoug a t e return. here is your mi'na. I EQEV~F two Geq clq l2 Therefore he said: aome of no le b rth went K s way into X& parph hakiv tom6 i3ao1hrim ~ a "A i certain man Of long way off to receive to himself kingdom noble birth traveled to a distant land t o seh o m p i w ~ . . ro?q n ~ w oiq belongings.

nai tntpiylavrcg &r&v ~h Jesus. not have. . "Teacher. Cmb 66 TOO p i iyoq It wlllae given. h e began BpnpooBw rtvapaivw E I ~ . but from the ~ a i 8 8 rl & Bfios~~~ . kv 6v6pmt in ~ehivah's. 'Take the mi'na LUtrou UP from hfm the mlna and give from him and give it TQ 7. and having thrown upon of them the iphr~a h i rbv nQhov h e p i p a o a v ~ b outer garment. Looahs but of them t