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Bill of Lading

Bill of Lading

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Bill Of Lading

American Heritage Dictionary:

n., pl., bills of lading. (Abbr. B/L) A document issued by a carrier to a shipper, listing and acknowledging receipt of goods for transport and specifying terms of delivery. Commerce and Trade - ad valorem tax: tax levied on certain goods as percentage of their value Types of Taxes - ad valorem tax: tax applied to value of what is being taxed, esp. imports

Barron's Business Dictionary:

bill of lading

In commercial law, the receipt a common carrier gives to a shipper for goods given to the carrier for transportation. The bill evidences the contract between the shipper and the carrier, and can also serve as a document of title , creating in the person possessing the bill ownership of the goods shipped. See also order bill of lading ; straight bill of lading .

Investopedia Financial Dictionary:

Bill Of Lading

A legal document between the shipper of a particular good and the carrier detailing the type, quantity and destination of the good being carried. The bill of lading also serves as a receipt of shipment when the good is delivered to the predetermined destination. This document must accompany the shipped goods, no matter the form of transportation, and must be signed by an authorized representative from the carrier, shipper and receiver. Investopedia Says: For example, suppose that a logistics company must transport gasoline from a plant in Texas to a gas station in Arizona via heavy truck. A plant representative and the driver would sign the bill of lading after the gas is loaded onto the truck. Once the gasoline is delivered to the gas station in Arizona, the truck driver must have the clerk at the station sign the document as well. Related Links: A company's efficiency, financial strength and cash-flow health show in its management of working capital. Working Capital Works We go over these methods of calculating this component of the balance sheet, and how the choice affects the bottom line. Inventory Valuation For Investors: FIFO And LIFO
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Commerce and Trade - bill of lading: document issued to shipper by carrier describing goods shipped and terms of carriage

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Commerce and Trade

Ad valorem tax - tax levied on certain goods as percentage of their value Army-navy store - retail store that sells surplus military apparel and supplies at discount prices Asking price - amount initially sought for goods or services Auction - public sale at which items are sold one by one to highest bidder

basement floor of department store.wealthy patrons or elite clientele Cartage .something sold at price favorable to buyer. where goods are sold at reduced prices Barter . outdoor market or street of stalls. usu.(adj) sold for cash payment with no delivery included .association of business people Bodega . esp.(vb) exchange commodities. tab Bill of lading . Of a widely advertised and distributed item Buyer’s market .Spanish. (vb) negotiate terms of sale to one’s advantage Bargain basement .scam in which inexpensive merchandise is advertised but customer is then pressured to buy more expensive items Bar code . By truck Case goods .restaurant with food in small compartments opened by inserting coins Bait and switch .regret or anxiety experienced immediately after making a purchase Cabotage . Place where illicit brokers engage in high-pressure selling by telephone.shop selling various goods.market in which supply is plentiful and prices are favorable to consumers Buyer’s remorse .act or cost of delivering goods. esp.illegal trade to avoid government regulation or taxation Blister pack .Automat .products shipped and sold in multiple units in cardboard box Case sale . Small neighborhood shop Boiler room .enclosed stall for display and sale of goods.law forbidding business transactions on Sunday Board of trade .amount initially offered in payment for goods Bill .Slang.sale of cased goods in large quantities at reduced prices Cash-and-carry . check.recall of defective product by manufacturer Carriage trade . esp. esp. Of securities Booth .display package in which clear plastic seals product against cardboard sheet Blue law .organized effort to deter customers from patronizing a business or industry Brand name . sale of miscellaneous articles to benefit a charity Bid price .itemized statement of charges for goods or services. At outdoor market or fair Boycott .document issued to shipper by carrier describing goods shipped and terms of carriage Bill of sale . In Middle East.written certification of transfer of ownership Black market .identifiable product label. or services without use of money Bazaar . esp. goods.trade in coastal waters or air space between two points within one country Callback .set of vertical bars printed on consumer product with coded information to be read by computerized scanner Bargain . Grocery store.

Lit.itemized statement of charges for goods or services.retail outlet operated by company for convenience of its employees. Admission ticket to event.published booklet containing list of items for sale and prices.COD.settle on price Commerce . bill.good traded in marketplace. Incentive to buy Come to terms . tab CIF .organization of business people promoting economic development in particular area Charge account .distribution of merchandise by mail with orders placed from catalogs Caveat emptor . payment due when shipped goods are received Cash register .Slang. esp.sale to get rid of old goods and make room for new ones Clientele .credit account in which merchant allows customer to pay for purchases over time Charm price .telephone sales call to stranger who is unfamiliar with product or service Come-on . esp.compact advertisements in newspaper columns arranged by subject Clearance .sale to dispose of all goods. insurance.(vb) bargain.Latin. Free service or good. andfreight. One that is transportable Common carrier . In army camp Commission .company in business of transporting goods at uniform rates Comp . When ending business venture COD . haggle over price Chain . usu.price set just below even dollar amount. esp. shipping.Informal.business with many retail locations Chain store .individual outlet of retail chain Chamber of commerce . trade Commissary .percentage of sales price paid to broker by owner of merchandise sold Commodity . esp. principle that one buys at one’s own risk Chaffer .99 Check .cash ondelivery Cold call . Let the buyer beware. seller’s designation that quoted price includes packing.cost.business machine with money drawer and tapes that display and tabulate amount of each sale Catalog . who often must shop there . Involving transport from place to place.all of one’s customers Closeout . often with pictures Catalog sales .Cash down .organized exchange of commodities on large scale. and insurance charges Classified ads . such as $9.food and supply store.portion of total cost paid to hold goods or as first installment on credit sale Cash on delivery . (adj) complimentary Company store .

practice.(adj) at reduced price Deal . (vb) trade. trade in such goods Convenience store .individual or group purchasing goods or services in marketplace Consumer goods .large retail store with departments selling many kinds of goods Dicker . usu. Wholesale price paid by retailers Counter .attain a monopoly or predominant share of sales of a particular commodity Cost .cooperative store owned by and operated for benefit of members Corner the market .cost of admission to bar or club Cover the territory . carrying limited selection of goods.service for customers who remain in their cars.shipment of items to be sold. At inflated prices Co-op .(vb) haggle over price Discount .price below standard retail or list price Discount house .bargain. franchise holder Department store .store open very long hours. bargain so as to reach favorable price Dealer . do business.movement to educate consumers to obtain better. By large companies.collecting information on prices and quality of similar products from different outlets Competitive pricing . favorable price.Comparison shopping . At drive-in restaurant Customer . esp. esp.long table in store for display of goods Coupon .person exercising a concession Consignment .right granted to engage in activity for profit on grantor’s premises Concessionaire . shipped directly from point of pickup to point of delivery .store that sells merchandise at less than standard price Door-to-door .person who buys. sale of personal items through a merchant on commission Consumer . esp. of setting prices slightly higher than competition while offering other advantages.buyer and seller of goods.government duty on imported goods Cut-rate .(adj) selling by calling at each house or apartment in an area.certificate or ticket entitling holder to reduced purchase price or redemption for cash Cover charge . usu.solicit orders from all potential customers in one area Cross sell .products made for and sold directly to individuals to be used as sold Consumerism . esp.unlawful or prohibited goods.amount paid for goods or services.(vb) attract customer by offering one product or service while selling another Curb service . Regularly at same place Customs . On brand name products Concession . safer products from manufacturers Contraband .

(vb) return one purchased item and replace it with another Excise tax .tax on manufacture. or consumption of goods and services Expense .Slang.below-cost sale of goods.central or largest store in chain Flea market .usu. hard goods Ego goods .low-priced general merchandise store Flagship .(adj) available at no cost Freebie .greatly increase available supply of some good to force price down Fly-by-night . (vb) sell goods outside one’s own country Factory outlet . trading center.Drive-in .Informal.contract or license permitting regional distributor to use name and sell products of another company or manufacturer Free . To kill competition Durable goods . Something available at no cost Frequency marketing .expensive luxury items Emporium . esp. Outdoor market with numerous stalls selling used or handmade new articles Flood the market .sale of commodities actually or supposedly damaged in fire at greatly reduced prices Five-and-dime .cloth or clothing products Dumping . trade.sale of used household and personal articles held at seller’s home.service establishment in which customers remain in cars Dry goods . esp. barter. In yard or garage General store . assumption of responsibility by shipper for all costs until goods are placed on carrier Franchise .any of various costs of operating a business Export .place of trade. Small store selling different kinds of goods .rewarding consumer loyalty by offering an incentive or discount for frequent use of product or service Full-service .utilitarian articles such as tools or clothing Futures . large store selling variety of products Exchange .purchases or sales of commodities at speculative prices for future delivery or receipt Garage sale . Unreliable business FOB .usu.free on board. Cars or furniture.marketplace.price something can be expected to bring on open market at given time Fire sale .(adj) offering broad range of services in one basic line of business Functional goods .gathering for exchange and sale of goods among individuals Fair market value .consumer items with long-term market life. sale. usu.product sold outside country of origin.warehouse serving as point of sale for discount goods Fair .

shipment of goods License .load of freight.popular item sold at a loss or negligible profit to attract customers to retail outlet .small structure open on one side for street sales Lading . regulated by federal government Inventory . or refusal to take no for an answer Import .lower-priced version of brand name product with plain label indicating kind of product only Give-and-take . Something given at no cost Hard goods .durable goods Hard sell .discount market that operates somewhere between legitimacy and the black market Guarantee . nondiscounted price Loss leader .purchase made on credit and paid off in series of payments over time In stock .legal right to use or sell another’s patented or copyrighted material Line .informal written memorandum of indebtedness Job lot . usu.itemized list of goods or services to be paid for IOU . esp.pleasure-oriented consumer items such as art.trade among and between states.(adj) pertaining to sales effort involving insistent arguments.disposal of all remaining merchandise at reduced prices List price . musical recordings.(vb) argue over price Half-price .(adj) reduced to half of original price Handout .(adj) available for sale at the present time Interstate commerce .stock of goods of particular type carried by store Liquidation .seller’s assurance that product is as represented and will be repaired or replaced if defective Haggle . (vb) buy products made in other countries Impulse buying .(vb) price goods at twice their cost as standard practice Kiosk .(adj) at no cost.high-pressure salesmanship Hawk . Stimulated by display or advertising Installment purchase . Exorbitant interest or commission Keystone .Informal. By shouting advertisements Hedonic goods . free Gray market .Slang.product offered for free.Generic product . or toys High-pressure . forceful persuasion.official retail price.random assortment of goods for sale as one unit Juice .(vb) grossly overcharge Gratis .all items of merchandise in stock at given time Invoice .product bought from another country.sudden purchase of goods without prior intent.(vb) sell goods in public.exchange on an even basis Giveaway .product whose value equals or surpasses its price Gouge . To attract potential customers for other goods Glut .large oversupply of goods Good buy . usu.

retailer selling defective. or surplus goods at reduced price Overcharge .reduction in price to promote sales Market .(adj) available at little cost Mail order . damaged. advertising.advertising.(adj) fit for sale Marketing .offered gratis or free. display.(vb) offer better price than others seeking to purchase the same item Outlet .production of commodities Markdown .good value obtained for cost Monopsony .(adj) pertaining to sales effort involving subtle persuasion and soft-spoken arguments Low-price . useful items sold in store.place where people gather to sell and trade goods. promotion.small.stated price when bargaining or reduction is possible Nondurable goods . charge more than stated price .items that will be consumed in a relatively short time. Retail Money’s worth . usu.(vb) set price higher than value of goods. promotion. esp. site where goods are offered for sale Market research .collection and analysis of information to determine goods and services preferred by certain groups Markup .market.world of trade and business.consumer goods for sale Merchandising .Low-pressure . such as clothing or food Nonrefundable .activities involved in moving goods and services from producer to consumer: market research. and direct selling methods Mom-and-pop .outside equipmentmanufacturer.(adj) final and not subject to return or refund Notions .for sale On the house .(adj) purchased on credit with payments to be made over fixed period of time Outbid . with compliments of selling establishment On time . For sewing OEM . (vb) offer for sale Marketable .amount added to cost by retailer to set price for customer Mart .existence of only one buyer for goods or services Nominal price . distribution.large. family-owned business.technique of selling items and taking orders through the mail Mall .existence of only a few consumers for a product On the block . trading center Merchandise . store or shop for sale of provisions.store selling goods for specific manufacturer or distributor Outlet store . usu. and sales Marketplace . Completely enclosed shopping complex comprised of many different shops and restaurants Manufacturing .(adj) designating small. company that exploits or develops another company’s product as part of its own Oligopsony .

amount of sales revenues left for business after paying cost.container or wrapping in which product is sold. esp.pricing of new product at low level to lure customers away from established product Pennyworth .quantity of money demanded in exchange for goods or services Price-cutting .right granted by government that prevents others from using idea or invention or making same product as originator for seventeen years Patron . often intended to attract customers Packing slip .form listing items included in shipment Patent .pricing designed to attract general sales Premium .excess of income over expenses and costs . value for price paid Peril point .person who is customer or client.selling of same product to two different buyers at different prices Price fixing .public marketplace in town Point-of-purchase .lowest possible import duty short of damaging domestic industry Pitch .label attached to commodity indicating its price Price war . taxes.design of consumer goods for limited use.(vb) set price too high to sell Package store .(adj) relating to place where sales are made or purchases paid for Popular prices . design of such wrapping.setting of prices by government or among competing businesses contrary to free market dictates Price tag .selling an article at a price reduced from prior or advertised level Price discrimination .Overprice . business or trade Patronize .bargain.retail store selling alcoholic beverages for consumption off premises Packaging .business competitors’ repeated lowering of prices Product differentiation . necessitating frequent replacement or repair Plaza . and operating expenses Profit margin . Travel about selling small items Penetration pricing .any of various devices that enable consumers to distinguish one firm’s product from others in the same industry Product manager .person who oversees all aspects of marketing of specific product Profit .something offered free or at low price as inducement to buy something else Price .salesperson’s discourse intended to persuade customers to buy Planned obsolescence . Regular one.(vb) sell. overhead.clientele. of store or other establishment Patronage .(vb) be a regular customer Peddle . esp.

Informal.(vb) underestimate value in setting price .(adj) at less than original price Refund .act.exchange of goods or services for agreed sum of money.person engaged in selling.receipt or form listing details of sale Sales tax . Government limit on imports and exports Racket .itemization of items being bought Purchase price .discount made by refunding percentage of purchase price Recall . act of buying. salesperson Salesmanship . lower level. to raise money. with prices rising Selling .taking back of commodity from buyer who has failed to make payments when due Retail .employees engaged in selling Salesman .written acknowledgment that payment has been received Reduced .market in which demand exceeds supply. profitable source of income.something devised to advance a product or service in order to persuade consumers to buy or use it Prospect . used or new. skill.ability.sale of contributed items. esp.maintenance of standards in production by checking product at stages during manufacture Quota .sale of goods directly to consumers Retailer . or technique of selling Salesperson .potential customer Protectionism . For charitable organization Sale .removal of defective product from market for correction Receipt .anything obtained by buying. esp.action that returns prices to earlier. or technique of making sales Sell short . Male.amount paid for commodity Quality control . (vb) obtain by paying price Purchase order .practice of serving oneself without assistance of salesperson Seller’s market .at the lowest possible price Rollback . practice.Promotion . esp. as by government order Rummage sale .easy.tax levied by city or state on retail sales of merchandise Self-service .person engaged in selling.return of money previously paid for commodity Repo .business or individual that offers retail sales directly to consumers Rock bottom .fixed limit. salesman Sales slip . special offering of goods at reduced prices Sales force . often illegal Rebate . Repossession Repossession .policy of strict trade regulations to support domestic industry Purchase .

(adj) throughout all departments of store. total cost. Used as retail store Storewide .amount added to price of goods to pay for service Service mark . often part of a chain Surcharge . bill. item regularly stocked due to constant demand Steal .items lasting a relatively short time.(vb) drastically reduce prices Smuggling .resources. and movie theaters usu. table.place where merchandise is displayed for sale Show window .outing during which multiple purchases are made Shortage .large store window in which merchandise is displayed Shrink wrap . Of a sale Sublicensing .additional amount added to price Surplus store . Price. often less than its value Steep . Grouped around common parking lot Shopping spree .importing of prohibited or outlawed goods Soft goods . esp. Small outlet for retail sales. flexible. department.(vb) search for bargains or special items in several places Shopping .Informal.retail outlet selling extra or leftover goods at discount prices Swap . price. exchange Swap meet .granting of licenses to other companies to exploit. specialty. used esp. such as chain. or market one’s product Supermarket . or surplus store Storefront . or goods on hand required for carrying on specific business Store . esp.(vb) barter.finished goods on hand or in storage and available for sale Stock in trade . designated SM Shop . restaurants. plastic film that shrinks when exposed to heat. used to wrap and seal products Slash .visiting one or more stores to look at.large.booth. and buy items Shopping center .(adj) expensively priced Stock . develop.Informal.flea market. discount. Product obtained at very low price. self-service retail food store.Service center .authorized establishment for repair and purchase of replacement parts.trademark applied to service offered.retail outlet selling consumer goods. esp. Clothing Soft sell . or counter in market Staple .low-pressure sales technique Stall . check .outdoor complex of stores.ground-level room with display windows.clear. (vb) purchase goods Shop around . abilities. convenience.condition in which demand for goods exceeds available supply Showroom .usu. One based on barter system Tab . For cars and appliances Service charge .chief commodity of region. usu.

(vb) set price for a product that is lower that one’s competition Unit pricing .exchange of goods Transaction .retail store selling used items at low prices.store in remote region or settlement Trading stamp .special file used to remind salesperson of customers requiring attention at certain dates in future Tie-in .ticket entitling bearer to change from one public vehicle to another at no additional charge Traveling salesman .business deal. Card or ticket entitling bearer to two items for price of one Underbid .area in which traveling salesman solicits orders Test marketing .standard measurement for pricing different brands of same product Universal Product Code . esp.minimum permissible bid at auction Used property . or name used to distinguish product from its competitors.commodity resold after period of use Variety store .(vb) sell . Small. exchange of goods for money Trademark . nondurable goods Vend . At reduced price or in large quantities UPC – universal product Code Upset price .(vb) exchange or barter Twofer . only one of which is in demand. sale or exchange of items Transfer .convention at which related companies in single industry show and compare new products and ideas Trading post .retail outlet selling many different commodities. designated tm Trader .(vb) sell off unwanted merchandise. having specific value when redeemed for articles Traffic . computer code of bars and numerals printed on merchandise to identify it and confirm price Unload .UPC. usu. often to support charitable organization Ticket .(vb) offer less than competition for commodity Undercharge .Informal.sale at which two or more items. must be bought together as a unit Till .person who engages in commerce or sells goods Trade show .Territory .money drawer at shop counter Trade .stamp given as premium by retailer.symbol.business representative soliciting orders in assigned territory Truck .slip of paper serving as evidence that holder has paid fare or admission and is entitled to some service Tickler file . design.(vb) ask less than normal or accepted price Undersell .offering new product for limited time in small area to assess national sales potential Thrift shop .commerce.

In yard .building where merchandise is stored before shipment to retailers Wares .looking at merchandise without purchasing Yard sale .public auction Voucher .one who sells Vendue .guarantee on product for limited time after purchase Waybill .written document showing expenditure or receipt of money Warehouse .department in a store where merchandise is held for payment and pickup by customer Window shopping . esp.coin-operated machine selling merchandise.sale of goods in large quantity to retail businesses at cost substantially below retail price Wholesaler .commodities Warranty .Vending machine .list of goods sent by common carrier with shipping directions Wholesale . esp.garage sale held outdoors.business or person purchasing goods from producers for resale to other businesses Will-call . Candy or cigarettes Vendor .

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