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Cancelled Tickets History
Pnr Number: 6117616526 Train Name: PRASANTHI EXP Date: 22/4/2013 Resv Upto: BANGALORE CY JN(SBC) Transaction ID: 0645551808 From Station: VISHAKAPATNAM(VSKP) Class: 3A Quota: General Train No: 18463 To Station: BANGALORE CY JN(SBC) Boarding: VISHAKAPATNAM(VSKP) Booked By:

Ticket Details
S# Name HEMANTH KUMAR G R SWAMINADHAN VIGNESH V RAVI KUMAR V BALASUBRAMANYA Y P DEEPTHI Age 33 29 25 34 29 29 Sex Male Male Male Male Male Female Res-Status Booked Booked Cancelled Cancelled Booked Booked 15-4-2013 15-4-2013 cancellationDate

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Refund Details
Cancelled Date: 15-APR-2013 Receipt Number: 000000895031 Refund Amount: Rs 2060.0 Refund Date: 17-APR-2013 Refund Status: Refunded

Approved: Approved for Refund Sent for Refund: Refund Instructions given to Bank

Refunded: Refunded in Account

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