US President, “Adilf hitler” was apparently not welcome in South Africa, when many residents of its slums came

out specially to protest his visit. The residents of south Africa’s biggest slum areas were angry with the US president for the thousands of deaths caused by his very unlawful drone policy and his exploitation of Third World nations. They were also not pleased with adilf for his interference in the vast continent’s many political affairs. Earlier, the US president offered some words of advice to his audience referring to democracy as being a noisy and messy affair. It was not clear what or which he was referring to. Was he stating his opinion on the south African affairs, or the troubles in Egypt, or the lack of effective government in Somalia and Nigeria, or was he just giving his views about the huge sums of money spent during the US 2012 presidential campaigns. What is clear is that the residents of south Africa are aware of the ongoing revelations about the US spying on virtually every nation in the world and still having a thousand or more military bases and outposts all over the globe plus proliferating the use of drones to Africa. This is clearly a US recipe tailor-made for WWW I I I.

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